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  1. Non TL'd is OK, thanks! That looks amazing, will give it a try Yeah, I'm looking more for what you describe in karakara, some sort of love triangle/quadrangle/Xangle lol, will look at it. Absolutelly agree, that's why I need help maybe there is some hidden gem!
  2. So I was talking with a friend and realised I've never played a VN with a nicely done harem. What I mean by "nicely done harem" is a non-nukige, plot based (not magical shit "we've to fuck the MC collectively for mana" thingy, but realistic) harem route where 2 or more heroines end up with the MC without it looking stupid and out of the blue, but rather they being at the very least skeptic about it, maybe not wanting it at the start, etc. Any tips?
  3. Which is training your patience over meaningless dialogue for hours right?
  4. Kara no Shoujo series, MC is the detective. Also, be wary of Umineko. It has a LOT of filler, and it's very, very meaningless at times; IMO the most overrated VN ever by a long way, and again IMO it is TERRIBLE (just an opinion don't nuke me).
  5. Are you a super human or a monster? lol just kidding, to each their own I guess~
  6. https://vndb.org/v136 Heart de Roommate I've no comments really, just play it if you feel like wanting to die
  7. Well that depends on you. Steins;gate suffers of the same malice 99% of VN's do: pointless filler sol content. You'll go through hours and hours of pointless conversation that you've seen virtually unchanged in the past 300 VN's you've played. If you are new-ish to VN's though, go for the VN, I guess, for the reasons the others have given.
  8. Couldn't think of a better one really, such a classic.
  9. Absolutelly agree. It wouldn't make sense to ban cars because some people is irresponsible and kill others with them. It wouldn't make sense to ban violent games because they make people violent towards others. And it wouldn't make sense to ban some VN content because of whatever. If the problem is the people we could talk about education or culture or other stuff, but censoring everything is not gonna help reaching a good society.
  10. No worries, sorry if was too crude too. I believe this stuff harms you, if it wasn't the case we wouldn't be having this discussion. What's more, I respect you for being hurt and I understand your point and it makes total sense, and I believe many others do judging by the replies. But people appreciates things like respect, I'm sure you do too even if you didn't care much about respect because you are hurt. Trying to "educate" others from a self percieved "higher" moral highground is also not respectful. Luckily, most people would agree to a respectful discussion even with people they disagree with, where they give facts and explanations and talk to each other peacefully. Everyone here shares a lot of things with you. They like visual novels, some the same genre you do. Everyone hates actual abuse. Everyone would preffer no one got hurt by anything, believe me, even if they think you had no reason to get hurt. If you find it within yourself to do so, maybe you could leave as you say, and then come and enjoy the part of the community and novels you like. You could even make a post explaining why you think some content is bad, many will join you.
  11. Sorry, I'll get serious for a second, because you are being frivolous and (I hope) you don't realise it. You say you could've been "traumatized" by posting online because you've seen "extreme" stuff. Earlier you felt entitled to say that things like loli content can make abuse victims re-traumatized. Due to the environments I've lived my life in, I've known victims of abuse and some of them I've loved and called them my friends (and one of them my girlfriend). I can tell you neither of them would give a flying fuck about loli, or whatever "extreme" thing you've seen while posting. This is because this kind of people is either 1, strong and 100% over it (two girls I've known actually even enjoyed loli themselves) or 2, too busy dealing with their actual real issue every day and every second of their lives inside their heads to fucking care about what you call offensive or harmful. Please, do not speak for them. Do not call whatever shit you have seen online "enough to traumatize" you. Do not pretend to understand what you know nothing about. You are being really, really disrespectful doing so, way more than anyone else here. /seriousmode
  12. I feel really sad for you... That's a lot of hate to endure living with... I hope you can find happiness in the future. It'd be nice if, at least out of respect to yourself, you could keep the discussion polite.
  13. People is and always will be so different and have many different opinions, we cannot avoid this. Despite that, we must try to respect each other and allow everyone to express what they think. We must protect the right of everyone to stay away from things/people they dislike too, that way nothing is forced upon no one and everyone is happy and everyone is free to voice their opinion on stuff. Someone can hurt you with words. You can ignore this someone then and befriend others whose words you like. No one forces you to share their views, and no one forces you to argue with them about how yours are better. If this hurts you, you can just ignore it. If you feel the psychological NEED to impose your morals upon them despite being able to ignore it, it is you who is making a problem for yourself. Please think about it coldly, realise you can just ignore the people and the VN's you dislike, and enjoy what is good for you and be happy.
  14. lol, 怖ー! I just hope he can keep enjoying VN's despite anyone's opinions or tastes, because there are a lot of VN's that OP would enjoy.. He doesn't have to like every VN or share tastes and opinions with everyone..
  15. No worries I get what you mean, but I believe the difference between someone getting killed and suffering and making this persons family and friends suffer is not really comparable to someone fapping to drawings in her/his room even if you call it an hyperbole. You say japanese culture has a problem with this stuff. Statistics say otherwise; it would have a problem if there was a lot of child abuse, if actual people suffered, but that is not the case, as shown by statistics comparing to more moralistic countries. I understand you (or anyone) favours loli drawings rather than a lot of child abuse in their cultures, right? Given the statistics you could even think that in fact, giving those people loli content is helping on making less people suffer. As you said in a post before, the influence of this content on people is hard to determine, but looking at the statistics censorship is not making the black sheeps behave, but the contrary. Anyway don't want to deviate the thread from OP's original intent, I'll be happy to talk about this with you on discord if you want @Plk_Lesiak !
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