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  1. I said that I got the idea while warching re zero, it doesn't have to be an isekai or something similar to subaru or a crazy MC (maybe I shouldn't have mentionned re zero ^^'). I was somehow thinking that maybe it's better to give up/leave when nothing more can be done despite trying everything you can. I never expected there would not be any MC changing side though. Umineko is a good VN from what I heard but I prefer VN with choices and different end if possible.
  2. I played Rewrite already, it was a good read, thank you for the proposition ^^ Any idea @Clephas ?
  3. I was playing re zero novel and got an idea about a VN I would like to read. I would like something with a mood somehow silimar to re zero at the beginning, meaning that MC would tryhard his ass off for everyone, but seing that all his efforts aren't paying, he decides to leave (after getting affinity up with everyone). The reason can be either because he was too much disappointed, either because he gave up, either because he considers there is nothing more he can do, either because his mission is complete (I would like this to be part of the plot, so for example not the separation happening a
  4. The only related games with H scenes I saw are Muv Luv Supplement and Altered Fable, are those the games you were talking about?
  5. I still don't understand, I checked Photonflower and Photonmelodies on vndb and didn't see any h scene: https://vndb.org/v15238 https://vndb.org/v15239 Unless those aren't the orinals games?
  6. I saw @Clephas mentionning this game one day so I took a look yesterday. I saw that a bonus disk exists but could see what it was about?
  7. If you want the full experience you should wait. Why? First, fate extella link is the last game of the serie and goes by this order: Fate/Extra -> Fate/Extra CCC -> Fate/Extella -> Fate/Extella Link. Note that this serie is unrelated to fate Stay Night, Fate Extra CCC is not translated (yet?), and Fate Extra is having a remake on the way (no TBA yet), but here is a preview and their website: http://typemoon-bb.com/record/ It will be localised, but they are not even halfway through, and from what I heard, they don't plan to localise the sequel (CCC) beca
  8. Hi, as explained in the title I am looking for a walkthrough for this game. This my first Elf game, and the dating sim system is kinda new to me, and very confusing... For example, if you change the map 5min will pass (and you might encounter a character or start an envent only if you are at the right place at the right time), if you want to enter into a character route, you might need to up your affection toward another girl, etc etc. I would like a japanese walkthrough just for my first experience, if someone happens to know one, I would be very grateful. Thank you. PS: I alre
  9. But then the survey was for nuts?
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