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  1. But then the survey was for nuts?
  2. Didn't they carry a survey some months ago about what game to release to the english community next? Weren't they about to work on Kiminozo or Schwarzesmarken? I completely lost track of it.
  3. Nice work. It may be a dumb question but could you do the same restauration patch for the sequel?
  4. Yes, do that, and try to load the ISO to your computer before loading, in case it wasn't a full installation
  5. I tried to download their patch, but I couldn't, this said, I have the instruction: First you should instal the game, if you have the download version, you should be fine. Now you should use the installer (it will overwrite the japanese content) but don't forget that you don't need the no cd patch, don't use it, just use the installer!
  6. Can you show a screen of your game folder? What did you try and what didn't you?
  7. It may be a stupid question but there were a member some years ago that used the same avatar here, are you this person? Always good to see old members here. If not, sorry ^^'
  8. I am trying to interpret here, but doesn't the other Michiru switch with Michiru in common route? I have in mind, the scene where Sachi wants to make the thing (I forgot the english name) for Yuuji waist, Michiru takes the initiative to manipulate Makina at the last second to save Yuuji, doesn't that look like more the other Michiru? Plus, when Yuuji thanks her, Michiru doesn't seem to understand what she is thanked for (maybe another swap?). I am still not sure, because as far as I know, the other Michiru swap only to help Michiru, and doesn't have any affinity with Yuuji, so why would she do that? To be honest I am not sure. I wanted to know if someone had an idea?
  9. I am not even sure we see this picture in Makina route, but you confirmer what I though, thank you
  10. I just finished Grisaia no Kajitsu, I took a look on vndb, and it is mentionned that Asako "makes an appearence", but I never saw anything like that. She was only mentionned from time to time. Did I a miss anything?
  11. Don't wanna crush your hopes, but you should take it with a grain of salt... Investigate a bit and you'll understand why...
  12. What do you mean if this still works? It is outdated?
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