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  1. My opinion which is basically a fact is that the genre is overused and literally everyone and their mother just shit out their own version of the same thing and somehow the turd is still popular. Sure there are some gems at the bottom of the cesspool but overall the genre is still shit.
  2. I would vote Ren but I think I will get nuked before 2020
  3. All these fictional characters in the Chinese porn games you masturbate to or what you weeaboos call "waifu" or "husbando" are simply tools for you to escape the reality in which your pitiful autistic existence doesn't even the the capacity to have friends and you are just using them to fill the empty void in your heart which can never be filled just like how you will never learn real Japanese with your Rosetta Stone and Memrise like how you never accomplish anything in your meaningless and disgusting life which you spend masturbating to the same fictional character as thousands of others disgusting weeaboos which makes your "waifu" or "husbando" a loose slut that everyone basically used to satisfy their lust and it disgusts me to even think about how many of you denies that you have a problem and that you are a pedophile while masturbating to clearly underage Chinese cartoon characters and I hope that the government will one day finally ban all your Chinese cartoon shit and arrest all you pedophiles, sayonarai you disgusting weeaboos.
  4. SENPAI NOTICED ME I'd be up for a game or two.
  5. Screenshot: For some reasons these symbols replaces the Japanese text. I tried this with both Konosora (JP version) and Flight Diary and it won't work. Also KonoSora crashes after first 2 lines but Flight Diary doesn't. My PC always has Japanese locale and other unTL'd vn worked properly. Thanks for the help!
  6. This is clearly another one of the many amazing projects kickstarter has provided us
  7. Dont let all these fools fool you, learning hiragana is absolutely not necessary to read a untranslated vns. I find it more efficient to just go to a casino to win big and use the money to hire groups of translators to translate raw vns 24/7.
  8. I think the problem is that not many people in the West knows about it and therefore I developed a great idea. Just yell "Visual Novel!" while attempting to assassinate President Obama. I am pretty sure the event would be spread everywhere and everyone in the West will know what a visual novel is. And everyone would jump in the VN train when they learn that such a beautiful thing where you can date cute anime girls exist.
  9. It is having problem loading the data
  10. alright good luck mitchy 知徳学院 is the school name. Chitoku Gakuen?
  11. not really, but I would never get another chance to fuck a 2D girl. I would choose fucking a 2D girl and die instead of living the rest of my life
  12. tbh I would even do it if it is for a month
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