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  1. I'm releasing a NekoNyanDatTool update (previously known as AokanaDatTool, but renamed because several games now use this engine). It can now (un)pack Parquet (Mobile/Unity) and Senren Banka Switch/Unity files. Both games use the "aokana_switch" format; I've added aliases for those for ease of use, "parquet_mobile" and "senren_switch" respectively. The reason it couldn't before was because the tool tried to decode the file names as ASCII, but Parquet Mobile and Senren Banka Switch have UTF-8 paths (due to japanese filenames). This has been fixed. Binary: https://www.mediafire.co
  2. I've updated the Linux patch for AokanaEXTRA1 to include the patches from the official 1.01 update, which fixes some small bugs - official note: The Linux patch is to be installed after installing the official 1.01 patch, either automatically by Steam (make sure you don't have any pending updates) or by using the installer they provide (to avoid going through Wine, the installer can be manually opened with tools that can open NSIS installers, for example 7-Zip, then it's just drag and dropping into the game's root directory). If it works correctly, you should see "1.01" or "1.
  3. Hey, thanks for reporting this. The bug was caused because the paths were being written with a trailing \ into the .dat file when packing them, because my code is removing the base path without considering that and just removing what you give it in the --input. If you use --input "unpacked_root_folder\" with the broken version, you will notice it will work properly. I used this tool like that while making the Switch +18 patch. This is clearly not the intended behavior, so I've fixed it: Updated download links: Binary: http://www.mediafire.com/file/0zgkf38g3dswoy6/AokanaDatTool.zip/fi
  4. I heard that some were having trouble extracting .dat files that come with Aokana and AokanaEXTRA1, despite it apparently being based on another known format from what I've heard. Here's a tool that allows you to both unpack .dat files to folders and folders back to .dat files that will work with the game if you decide to modify its contents. It supports both the PC and Switch formats. Early versions of this tool were used to make the Aokana +18 patch for the switch, which consisted in simply unpacking the PC +18 files and pack them into the Switch's version format. Binary: http://ww
  5. The patch is done! Only minor C# script patches were needed, it was just a matter of carrying over what I did in the original game to EXTRA1, so nothing interesting to tell. I'll try to edit the main post to make it look cleaner when I have time. In the meantime there's good instructions on the README file that allow you to even run it under Steam on Linux with full integration working. NOTE: The Linux patch is to be installed after installing the official 1.01 patch (which was released some days after the game's release), either automatically by Steam (make sure you don't have any pendin
  6. Oops, that's what I get for not really checking the audio files in the .dat files... thanks for the hint. I'll just reuse what I did for the previous patch then. I get why you would use opus on the Switch, since it has a hardware accelerated decoder for opus. I had to use this for a port of an old game, it had performance issues with the original mp3 files, while wav was ok but wasted too much space, so hw accelerated opus was the perfect solution. The game is now running on Linux, and now including a little guide to have full Steam support, something I couldn't really test because I
  7. Poking at my freshly bought copy Aokana EXTRA1 copy, it now includes a native ogg/opus decoder alongside the .NET-based ogg/vorbis decoder. Asset system is the same as the original Aokana PC version. While reversing it, I found what seems to be a small memory leak with it: the opus file and pcm buffers do get freed, but the library's own pointer does not get freed (the one where the opus file and buffer pointers are stored)! The source code would resemble something like this - if you notice, "decptr" never gets freed. Might be good if someone informs the engine dev at Discord about t
  8. Thanks for all the hard work! I don't have much time to maintain stuff like that, but it's amazing that someone picked up what I did and made it a simple one click install for Lutris users. I'm not keeping track of the changes in the Unity assembly, just edited the binaries in dnSpy and wrote all the custom Linux code there (on second thought, I probably should... it'll be for the next time then). I haven't created a GitHub account for all this stuff, but I probably will when I find the time to make one and upload the sources there. Feel free to redistribute it wherever you want, the vers
  9. H-Scenes are part of the story, just like the PC version. The only exception is one additional Misaki H-Scene that gets unlocked after finishing her route.
  10. I figured. The issue was that the PC targets 1440p, while the switch version targets 1080p, and scale textures accordingly on the screen. The packed hi-res assets as such were made with 1440p in mind for PC and 1080p for the switch. Using the 1440p assets on the switch caused stuff to scale incorrectly on the switch. I've resized all hi-res assets to 75% of their original sizes (1440 * 0.75 = 1080) so now they'll scale properly. The patch is also now smaller because of that (~52mb smaller). I've updated the main post with more screenshots and the new download link. New download link:
  11. Hello, I've finished the Aokana for Linux patch: This patch allows Aokana to run on Linux natively, without any compatibility software like Wine/Proton/etc. This eliminates most of the bugs related to these compatibility solutions and I guess it removes the overhead of such a compatibility layer if this was of any concern to you. Videos had to be transcoded to webm (vp8/vorbis), because Linux can't play the already-present mp4 videos. The file sizes are very similar for English videos (~16mb bigger) and I didn't notice any visual deterioration. The Chinese videos on the other hand ar
  12. Hello, sorry for the late response, as well as for the graphical issue. I could swear I tested this scene though, but I didn't test docked mode, are you using it? I'll look into this in these days.
  13. I've been working on a patch to make it run on Linux natively (i.e. without Wine, an actual Linux executable) with the Linux build of UnityPlayer + patches to the code. Images below (no actual spoilers, just to prevent from cluttering the post) It works great so far, fixes some issues Wine apparently had (missing text on some parts), but it still has a couple of issues (no mp4 player on linux -> op/ed and chapter videos refuse to play so they have to be transcoded + some platform specific stuff stubbed for sake of testing) that need to be fixed before releasing this. Since it's
  14. I think it should, but you'll have to change the folder structure of the zip apparently. Try this: Go to the "sxos" folder on the root of your sdcard, if it doesn't exist create it Go to the "titles" folder inside the "sxos" folder. If it doesn't exist, create it Open the Zip file and find the "0100990011866000" folder inside "atmosphere/contents" and drag it into the titles folder The "0100990011866000" folder should be now inside the "titles" folder which is inside the "sxos" folder on the root of your sdcard (so the folder structure should be "sxos/titles/0100990011866
  15. To be honest, it really was helpful that the engine was written in C#/Unity, it made the stuff a lot easier since you can navigate through decompiled source easily (i hope this doesn't change lol). Usually I only reverse engineer stuff because of necessity (i run a server for an closed source mp mod for a game, also closed source). As for other vns, it might be harder since some (like maitetsu) use custom stuff like e-mote, and unlike Unity, I'm not very knowledgeable in KiriKiri stuff. That said, no promises, but I might take a peek into maitetsu since that one would be actually one that I ha
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