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  1. Thx for all opinion i will keep that in mind
  2. I'm thinking about getting window 10 tablet i don't know if this spec is enough to play every vn game out there
  3. Like title i'm looking for one i don't really know which one are worth buying I already have ipad but trying remote play option it good with the recent release game but it go horrible wrong with older game ( low/forced resolution so when it full screen it end up with something like this )[https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/486516664033345568/591242612581728276/image0.jpg?width=750&height=563]
  4. Usually don't post here but damn thank for translating really love this series
  5. Misaki are kinda tricky most question are totally random and she just angry at your question out of no where so i end up with tons of save scum ignore romance topic i think she barely gave a positive reply until stage 3 Rina are super easy i dont even need save scum just straight ball with her and pick ecchi topic also stare at her work every time
  6. i'm on 4 playthourgh already NG+ even easier since i have so many op skill for use i only use thalia and ruputna on early mission that all since there not enough member in the field and how do you all-red anyway since there only 2 red and crystal red suck because low stat so no count for me i always use sorluska + nozomi + jatzieta another team would be narukana solo or anyone with naya for finish any mission for speed run all the side path for SS rank after i got all relic from first and second playthrough i just use the same team to breeze though objective sorluska has highest IP and good dmg ( percent ) skill combine with sand of time can even move 2-3 time before enemy act nozomu are beast when solo but also pathetic act ip he sooo slow the soluska team sometime get double turn before he can act so i usually left him with some high ip team or use him when boss battle only ruputna & thalia also has really low act ip salles has the lowest ip but he useful
  7. Yes those girl thalia and ruputna especially ruputna are really bad later in the game satsuki also fall the same line even her are one of the main heroine if it not her route it not really worth using it at all her own route got combat mana 5 i think that make her good but when it 0 it really suck all of her good skill are need 3-4 mana and yep euphoria are really good but i don't group her with blue character though lol look at her skill 90% of her skill are white haha i mean later in the game i'm not bothering banish skill anymore if you can heal 50% or even 90% the entire team or just go with red character it can break they formation in one turn force them to left the support open or recieve critical dmg
  8. Hm maybe becuase i start with satsuki route so after try nozomi hard mode it still kinda easy since you got immortal will from satsuki route super op skill for nozomu atleast for boss it just breeze through everything til the end wish there were more red character it really useful for clearing trash mob and mini-boss but instead there so many useless blue character
  9. Well you should read the tutorial it doesnt take long for me to fully understand this game i don't even need walkthrough for the first run btw side story route are not that bad glad i'm try it before skip currently playing katima route it has her own story line atleast i like it more then nozomi route ( it so weird especially ending are really weird and awkward wtf with that epilogue after that what will happen bloodbath? battle royale? ) compare to satsuki ending and epilogue are pure badass
  10. You has to use banish skill from thalia or satsuki and you really need to learn how it work too since soon you will be need it for second boss there no way you can pass this on first run without banish/setup skill icicle arrow just set her to support slot the early good banish skill would be energy leak I from satsuki or ice banish II from thalia
  11. Finish nozomi route now i think i have every skill from relic now third run probably faster since i can just use strongest team rush into destination ignore all the side path Now to Katima > Naya > Narukana i heard ruputna route unfinish should i skip it? ( and what unfinish mean? cliffhangar or untranslated or something? )
  12. Sigh i wish i can skip all the battle second run guess not even change battle to show only result still quite sometime the battle are getting easier anyway immortal will just wreck any boss face right now combo with jatzieta/naya lighting fire any boss end in 1-3 turn
  13. Nozomu around 26 but the skill are op enough so it not much a problem it just tough that all ( 26.5k hp ) immortal will are too op it just keep draining mana they can't even use strongest move on me even without combat mana 5 it still fine with celestial skill from nozomu
  14. Chapter 12 43 hour playtime now i guess it pretty close to ending now narukana op af really she can solo almost everything by herself and her personality surprise me but it not a bad thing it quite refreshing actually EDIT: Finish satsuki route now the last boss are really strong but nozomu also seriously power-up aswell immortal will are too good they just wreck shit and keep drain mana I kinda disappoint no thalia route but when i saw bonus extra well okay i guess nvm lol
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