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  1. Yes, and I have also tried moving the folder/reinstalling the folder in all every place I could think of. I have also tried renaming the files with Japanese names to English as well.
  2. Are you running your computer with Japan system locale?: YesGame Name: Koi to Senkyo to ChocolateDescription of Problem: Right after opening the game an error appears with the only readable English text (The rest is messy Japanese) is: "...R...g.exe.........B" With the title ".....R...g"Your Operating System: Windows 10 HomeIs your Operating System 64 or 32 bit?: 64 bitWhat did you already try? (Uninstall/Reinstall, Re-download, Run as admin, etc): I've tried downloading the game from several sites and repeating the following: I've started with and without the English patch (V1.1) with both admin and non-admin versions of the Japanese locale emulator, and with or without the KoichocoHook. I've always started from scratch when something new (A new download). I've tried installing the 1.01 English before the 1.1 English patch. I've tried deleting various files in hope they would so something new (All of the versions I have downloaded so far come without the "KSC license" file). I've tried triple checking to see if my computer is properly in the Japenese Locale (I was). I've made sure that the other games that require Japanese Locale were still working (They were). I've tried waiting until a new windows and a new Graphics card update (Nothing changed). I've tried moving the files to a new hard drive (Nothing again). I've tried changing the order I install the English patches and the Hook (Nothing again)... Lastly, I have experimented with the "advice" I got with other people with the same problem, like "move the files from the backup folder into the main directory" and stuff like that. At this point, I am at the end of my patience, if getting help from someone somewhere doesn't do anything, I will have to give up on this one. I am hoping I am just making a stupid mistake that I just haven't noticed. If this ends up being because I have AMD's Radeon along with an Nvidia Geforce graphics card, I might just jump out the window. Edit: I have given up on this game working on my computer, I will still respond to this topic as I don't know how to delete it though.
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