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    Veshurik reacted to Marcus in VN Collection Post   
    Let's revive this thread! I posted my collection in 2016, but here it is as of 2018. It'll probably be a while before I can take a photo again.  

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    Veshurik reacted to Fred the Barber in VN Collection Post   
    I already posted this over in the "Recent (Japanese) stuff you bought" thread, but here's my modest VN collection:
    Most of that is probably unreadable, and I'm way too lazy to take a bunch of close-up pictures, so here's the legend for the map:
    (top row, left to right)
    G-Senjou KonoSora Swan Song (hidden by camera angle) F/SN + F/HA Cross Channel MajiKoi Kanon Air Little Busters! Rewrite Angel Beats! 1st Beat first 3 Steampunk Series Symphonic Rain HoshiMemo Complete KoiChoco Grisaia (Sekai Project release collector's box - so it only has Fruit of Grisaia, at the moment) Ever17 White Album 2 Clannad (second row, left to right)
    Steins;Gate OST Grisaia OST Clannad OST Kanon OST Million Star single from Angel Beats! 1st Beat F/SN OST Comyu OST Symphonic Rain "Rainbow" vocal album To Heart 2 Comyu Like Derg, a fair number of my VN purchases are digital.
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    Veshurik got a reaction from yelsha57 in SakuraGames announced Midori no Umi   


    Wonderful. Just wonderful...
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    Veshurik got a reaction from yelsha57 in SakuraGames announced Midori no Umi   


    Wonderful. Just wonderful...
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    Veshurik got a reaction from Antera in Hello, Goodbye Steam Storepage Removed   
    Well, I just really don't understand, for what it's all about. For trolling the customers? Developers? Huh?..
    Oh my gosh, sometimes I just wanna buy the game from their site, even if it doesn't have regional prices, because they (Nekonyan) deserves it...
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    Veshurik reacted to Plk_Lesiak in Suki Suki aka If You Love Me Then Say So Released   
    It took me a while to realize this is different Suki Suki from the one NekoNyan is releasing next year... I will probably wait for that one. Which, btw, is in no way connected to the fact it has two separate incest routes.
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    Veshurik got a reaction from Happiness+ in What’s the longest Visual Novel?   
    M... Maybe, tone works games?.. 
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    Veshurik got a reaction from bakauchuujin in Kickstarter up for Loca-Love: My Cute Roommate   
    I was wondered why central heroine is only Hiwa, then I saw that it is again episodic game. I am sorry, but 50$ for standard DVD-case box for 1 part of game is terrible for me. No...
    Unfortunately, no. I can think about full edition, but... Really, I can get nice wonderful package of eroge from Japan for the same price... Even buying physical Japanese edition would be costs less...
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    Veshurik got a reaction from Karin in What do you do to motive yourself to continue reading   
    That feeling when you can't read one VN, and start to read another for rest.
    Then another... and another...
    Every month - new VNs... You don't know what to pick up. You don't have a time absolutely.
    Eroge market is shrink... Too many titles, not enough time and money. Sigh...
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    Veshurik reacted to bakauchuujin in Nekonyan's Two August Announcements   
    SG+Sekai+Moenovel combines their power to destroy visual novels outside of Japan.
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    Veshurik got a reaction from HoplessHiro in MAITETSU 18+ DEMOSAIC STEAM-FAKKU PATCH [COMPLETE]   
    Oh... Well...
    As I can see, uncensored art really important nowadays. Usually I don't care, but always for that!
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    Veshurik got a reaction from Silvz in Newton and the Apple Tree Finally Releasing on the 15th August 2018   
    They really make a honorifics on-off option? wow.
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    Veshurik reacted to Decay in Mangagamer Otakon 2018 Announcement   
    To be honest, I'm still pretty skeptical that Kotonoha Amrilato will turn out okay. I usually don't fall for the "impossible to translate kamige" meme but the very nature of this game makes it extremely hard to translate. It's not just about overcoming a language barrier, but it's very specifically about approaching and learning Esperanto from the perspective of a Japanese speaker, and the similarities and differences between the two languages. There will be a lot of rewriting involved. Like, a whole lot.
    I feel like it's the kind of work that only means anything when read in the language it was originally written in, and that any "proper" translation for it would just be a completely different thing. It's a rather confusing choice of license for MG when you consider that.
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    Veshurik reacted to SeniorBlitz in D.S. -Dal Segno-   
    D.S. -Dal Segno-
    Manga Gamer
     Kazana Island... A cozy, cool paradise where summer never ends.
     The protagonist finds himself stepping foot into this island paradise as a transfer student, greeted by a mysteriously glittering sky, as well as the energetic island caretaker Ame, a girl-type AI.
     After a bit of a rocky start, he settles at the dorms where a handful of new female friendships await.
     She's a tomboyish beauty, but a bit of a loner: Himari Asamiya.
     The manifestation of brains and beauty, and also student leader: Hazuki Murasaki.
     The self-proclaimed "Daughter of Darkness", with a normal side too: Io Kouzuki.
     Always trying to act the grown-up, but still a tease (your cousin): Noeri Fujishiro.
     And the girl who embraces her role of making everyone happy: Ame.
     How will you sculpt your everlasting happiness here in paradise?
     A new love is about to begin...
    *Ending Guideline / Suggested Route-Ending Order*
     Dal Segno has 7 different endings, which include routes for 5 different heroines (Himari, Hazuki, Io, Noeri, Ame), a Normal End and a Grand End. Ame's route is only available after the first four heroine paths, and after getting all endings you'll unlock the ~Grand End~. You can follow the order bellow for a better flow in the choice making aspect of this novel or you can also do:   
    Hazuki --> Noeri --> Io --> Himari --> Ame Alternatively if you're looking for a different route order.
     Choices marked with a star (*) only appear when you’ve finished the first 4 heroine routes. They’ll be skipped otherwise. Notes are left inside the spoiler boxes in case you follow the order bellow (for a minimal backtracking experience). Remember to save before making a choice!
    *Route-Ending Guideline*

    Asamiya Himari

    Murasaki Hazuki

    Kouzuki Io

    Fujishiro Noeri

    ~Normal End~

     You need to complete all heroine routes to unlock her path, you'll have to start from the beginning this time.
    ~Grand End~
     You need to beat all of the above for this end to unlock.
    Extra: scenario recovery
     This walkthrough is based on info attained on Otaku Lair with some adjustments made by me.
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    Veshurik got a reaction from arosia in The State of VNs   
    Wagh, what a hot discussion!
    Sometimes I also think, that writers just should write something just because "need", and in total we usually have 30k lines of absolutely boring text. That's awful.
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    Veshurik reacted to VirginSmasher in What are your least favourite things that VN localization companies do?   
    Hello again, you degenerates. Today, instead of trashing one specific part of VNs, why not tackle everything wrong with VN localization companies in general? Mainly doing this because I feel like shitting on the reason I even get good VNs in the first place. 
    Well, here we go. No turning back from here
    Mangagamer is easily my favourite localization company, yet this doesn't mean they don't have problems. First of all, the low pay that their editors apparently get. Editors do a lot more work than they're given credit for and unfortunately, they don't get enough respect and it shows in their paychecks. Also, maybe respect the opinions of beta testers more than you actually do. Damn, Mangagamer isn't that appreciative of jobs that catch mistakes before release, huh. This last one is a personal complaint for 2018. Stop flooding the market with so much moege. I get that you need to make money and all, but seriously. The amount of companies popping up that have been dedicated to this stale genre is quite appalling. I do respect this company the most though. My many complaints will be saved for later.
    JAST is my second target and there's a lot to talk about with these guys. So much so that I'll split them up into numbered sections.
    Make a damn release schedule. This company is the epitome of dropping a VN on people without so much as a release date at times. They're an incredibly unreliable company when it comes to knowing when things will come out. Hence all the memes about them. Check their translations before putting out terrible demos. The Flowers debacle definitely didn't put the company's image in a good light and made us question whether or not Makoto was their only competent translator that they have hired at the moment. Luckily, they added Meru to fix up the next edition in that series. #FreeMakoto Release another worthwile Nitroplus game in this century. They've got such an amazing license in them and it's completely wasted on such a botched company. #FreeMakoto Hire more worthwile translators for their projects. Then maybe we'll get more than 1 or 2 VNs a year from them. Sekai Project. Well well well. There's a lot to complain about here. I'm sure @Barry Benson would agree. Well, let's get on with it.
    Stop using Kickstarters as a safety net. It shows that they clearly don't believe that the VNs you localize will sell well and that doesn't give VN companies a very good image of them. Make an actual release schedule. Same criticism as with JAST Check their translations. The fact that two botched translations came out in the same month is telling of how much they care about quality, and that needs to change. Manage their localization projects better. It's because of these recent blunders that shine light on how terrible their project management is at the moment. If they're not gonna be able to handle projects well, why get so many licenses? There's no point in handling as many projects as they have when they can't even properly release a quality translation. SoL Press and NekoNyan Soft
    Make sure to earn our trust. I'm usually extremely pessimistic about new VN localization companies popping up with some sort of ambition and both SoL Press and NekoNyan (God I hate that name) have questionable English in their demos and/or synopsis' and a certain reputation of certain people involved in said new companies. Mikandi is associated with SoL Press and we all know how botched their first release was. NekoNyan has people involved that worked on the botched releases of Saku Saku and Hoshimemo and that makes them untrustworthy to me. Sure, none of these companies have currently released a full fledged VN yet, but it's hard to trust them knowing the reputation behind both companies. If your companies really want to show ambition in your aim to localize VNs, maybe focus on more than just moege. It's hard to see any sort of ambition if all they're trying to localize is something the VN market is already oversaturated with. Even 1 or 2  more VNs with more of a plot emphasis would definitely show me that you're targeting more than just one audience. To me, it's hard to care about a company that only has VNs of one genre planned for release at the moment. I'm hoping they improve on this in the future, but at the moment, this is a major problem with these companies. Well, that took me way too long to write, but my negativity knows no bounds. Post your criticism of VN companies as well because I may have missed some points in my tangents. 
    (I realize that this was a massive waste of time, but oh well)
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    Veshurik reacted to littleshogun in The future of different western eroge publishers   
    To be honest I didn't care much about physical release, because the contents would surely very similar to download edition of the VN. Then again, many people were interested with KS tier in regard of physical release so there's that. As for why the release was have very long delay, if we look at JAST case it mean that they usually have additional necessary deal with the factory for the packaging, and usually it'll take a longer time - not to mention there's should many people who pre-ordering that edition, so I think they would prepare a lot number of that. Keep in mind that it was just my speculation though. As for mosaic, well it's the very least of my concern and in my opinion it's not quite worth to be debated. In the end, from what I saw I think Sekai KS was quite a double edge sword (Same goes to any company really) - on the other hand you'll get easy money by throwing some hard to fulfill promise, but on the other hand they have obligation to fulfill the promise to the backer.
    As for my opinion about the company, here's what I'll think in regard of the company and my hope for them.
    Mangagamer - In the past they more or less was scorned because of some questionable decision (See Kara no Shoujo voice and Higurashi BGM), and not to mention their bad translation. Although by now they already improved a lot by accepting many good translator into their staff, and their release nowadays tends to be varied. I hope that they keep the good work and did less release to nukige, although I guess hoping for the latter would be equal to decreasing Mangagamer primary income source which in turn would lessening the chance for good announcements from them.
    JAST - I understand that if they want to stubbornly keep their tradition to release a VN along with physical version (Actually Mangagamer should improve in regard of physical version, because I saw a complain Mangagamer didn't have many physical release), but at the very least they should improved their lineup because to be honest their most current lineup was sort of lame imo - they either not quite good like Ryoko or Home Sweet Home, or redundant like Majikoi and Eiyuu Senki. Also I hope that by AX they should announce something interesting, because they only announce something once a year at AX. Oh, and they definitely need to release their Nitroplus VNs.
    Sekai - They reliant to KS too much, and there's already the case that the translator for them already left them and established their own company (NekoNyan). So I didn't have many much to say other than they should fix the communication to the fan, or even better take Dovac and the team into public relation course because I'd heard that they have quite a bad reputation in regard of public service.
    Fruitbat - I'm more or less neutral against them, so I don't have many to say to them. Just keep their usual pace should be good for them I guess. They usually localized doujin VN by the way for the info, like Seabed and Enigma.
    MoeNovel (Or should I say Pulltop) - I just hope that they keep pumping Lovekami short goddess VN thing, because at least there'll less bad taste compared to when they released a big release censored (See both of Konosora and Miagete). For more serious answer, I hope that they don't insist to release their VN for overseas without 18+ content anymore ie prepared 18+ patch for their release, because even new company like Sol Press and NekoNyan did make the promise to localized 18+ content as well.
    Frontwing - Well they may be content with their Phantom Trigger chapter based release, although it might be not the ideal way though if the consumer want one VN that contain all story. Although seeing that they probably still pulling their resources after they safe from bankruptcy back at 2013 thanks to Kajitsu, I'll cut some slack to them. Regardless, I hope that they managed to release Sakura no Uta now that they managed to release Subahibi, and of course the rest of Frontwing VNs. Although if I want to be more realistic, then I just hope that they'll managed to release Island when the anime aired.
    For the rest, seeing that they still new I couldn't make sure what they capable of. But my hope for both of Sol Press and NekoNyan is simple though, just prove that they'll managed to have the release at March later and let the fan know that they're indeed quite capable at localized VN. For Mikandi, let's just hope that they would use more trusted translator or just leave the translation to overseas team. Not interested with Cherry Kiss seeing that all they got is nukige, but I guess I could hope PQube to have their VN released at Steam in order to accommodate PC gamer.
    Well, that's all what I could say in regard of the localization company, and generally I hope that they'll improved in their own way at the future.
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    Veshurik reacted to bakauchuujin in The future of different western eroge publishers   
    Sekai Project is using kickstarter a lot, that in itself isn't really too much of a problem. The problem is that they have poor communication with both the fans and the developers. They are often not able to answer simple questions like whether a title will have mosaics or not. From what I understand they outsource their translations and as of late haven't bothered checking if the translations were any good or done a proofreading of them to remove spelling errors, or you know translate untranslated lines. They also make a lot of promises that they have a hard time keeping. For example they have had long delays in regards to getting things on ps vita which they have promised on a lot of kickstarters. They are also known to delay their releases by quite a lot. Probably the most notable is their delay is grisaia which was planned to be physically delivered october 2015. This physical edition is still not sent to their backers, though I do think they have mentioned it being this or next month, still quite a while. The last of the grisaia VNs was also released last desember, as you can see these dates are quite far from October 2015. While this is one of the worse cases, their kickstarters are filled with similar problems. Their 18+ page that sells 18+ editions as well as patches also sucks. There is a download limit on their titles, which is annoying and the acces to the games are given trough email and you need to keep the email or email their support to get to download it again. They are also usually slow at releasing 18+ versions as that has lower priority for them. They don't care about removal of mosaic, something that was quite appearant in regards to the Chrono Clock release. Lastly this is more of a personal thing, they don't release physicals outside of kickstarters, which I have already explained to you why isn't a good option to buy the VN from them. These are the main complaints I can think of at the moment, though there probably are more.
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    Veshurik reacted to Dergonu in A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration   
    It's 7.5k lines in H. So yeah, I got lots of moaning to look forward to, lol. 
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    Veshurik got a reaction from Novel21 in NekoNyan, New Localization Company from Saku Saku Translation Team   
    Guys, why are you so sceptic?
    Maybe, someone can explain, what's wrong? Staff has a bad reputation in community or what?
    I hope that they will be a lot more communicative with their customers, not like Sekai Project...
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    Veshurik reacted to littleshogun in A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration   
    As for that, even though they cut 7,500 lines in regard of H scenes, they still need to do much work for the translation alone because the line count for Miagete was very huge according to a source - between 100,000 and 150,000 lines for the uncut version. So I would say that Pulltop didn't really cut much content in regard of H scenes, or at least from their perspective. But still of course we should have the right to chose between all ages version (H scenes was cut) and 18+ with H scenes intact, which unfortunately Pulltop was quite clueless and stubborn about that.
    Edit (1/18) - Turned out that there's new info that said the original script size was only at almost 46,000 instead of 100,000. So yeah, Pulltop did cut quite a lot of content (At around 16-17%) for their stupid and stubborn policy.
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    Veshurik reacted to voidpointer in Tayutama 2 -You're the Only One- on Steam   
    Excellent news. Maybe the phantom thieves will target moenovel next for a change of heart! 
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    Veshurik reacted to Xander in Omoi o Sasageru Otome no Melody TL Project   
    As far as I can see, the russian project is ded 
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    Veshurik reacted to Fred the Barber in Majo Koi Nikki Translation Project   
    We have not died in the last three weeks. We just also have not made any progress to speak of in the last three weeks. Hopefully my translators come back from their paid gigs soon so we can wrap this up. Believe me, I'm much, much more anxious than you are about it.