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  1. ( https://vndb.org/v18734 ) It feels beyond frustrating for a Nukige to have a PLAIN vanilla ending for individual character route. Why is it that almost all the H-Scenes in the game are filled with pointless activities but are lacking almost entirely where they matter the most. The biggest disappointment are both main character's individual endings ( https://vndb.org/c41893 and https://vndb.org/c41892 ), in which they are just chatting, nothing else. Not even two or three *activities* as lovers or married couple. INCOMPLETE! I played Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ (https://vndb.org/v11856) and really felt satisfied (Especially since they released after-stories of each character). It matters not if H-content is delayed a bit, as long they are displayed according to every possible situation. Just bunch of mindless scenes mid-game, but little to no *consensual activities* after finally getting engaged/married feels waste of game potential.... Therefore, I am looking for games (especially tsundere-oriented) that offer proper consensual H-content, if not earlier in game, then at least after finally getting engaged and lastly as married couple (with optional character development like going to dates and good confession scene) Suggestions/recommendations are appreciated
  2. Its a bit unique feel when a Hard Nukige thus far suddenly turns into a Heavy Nakige (- _ - ; ) Nakige is best known for character development by making characters go through difficult situations. The characters solve their problems, together, even though sometimes, they themselves are responsible for their depressing lifestyle and poor relations, like in this game (https://vndb.org/v18734), the male protagonist casually left adult magazines piled up in the living room of his house, which caused friction between him and his family. He often claimed himself as healthy young man as excuse for everything but ignored what others had to say entirely, yet, blamed others for not understanding his feelings. He also openly hurted his elder sister's feelings who later on revealed that she loved him too much, forgave all his unforgivable misdeeds, even though she personally suffered most of them (as they lived together), and made clear to him that she was going to die silently as single if he never paid attention to her.... Initially, Her attitude was very cold towards him but, that was mostly because he only thought of himself, but never about her and his future. The MC even mentioned mid-game that only because of her strict guidance at home, even though he used to sleep inside his classroom every day at school and almost never self-studied at all, yet, somehow managed to clear class tests with above passing marks.... clearly, a blatant waste of potential. He could have used the guidance his studious sister provided as as an opportunity to earn respect he desired so much and, to improve his family relations. But he didn't, for the maximum part of story and as result, felt lonely and depressed outside as well as even inside his home.... To all those tsun-tsun heroines and heroes (who i mistook as villains for a long time) forced to use hard measures to make their loved ones seriously improve their social awareness, fulfill their responsibilities properly and, to finally change their donkan/hetare attitude for good, respect Comments/suggestions are appreciated.
  3. Title - https://vndb.org/v2302 I have both GARBro and KrkrExtract but can't extract anything
  4. OST Request

    EDIT: SOLVED Thank you very much.
  5. Data extraction thread

    Hello. I have this game https://vndb.org/v2302 that i'm trying to extract OST from, using GARbro. It has a file format of .XP3 Any help/recommendation would be appreciated
  6. OST Request

    Hello. I have this game https://vndb.org/v21530 that i'm trying to extract OST from, but it has a file format of Root.pfs. Also, i found a baidu link of it. But it is hard to download from it outside China. https://pan.baidu.com/s/1Gm3PswqM9YivwafaVf6Jlg password: 52qc Any help/recommendation would be appreciated
  7. Afternooon~

    They know what's good for them
  8. Afternooon~

    Oh! what a coincidence i got smitten by Idol girl Michiru some time ago. She is quite something, isn't she. Just right 4 mad scientist! Well, we'll just have to see about that, won't we. Chiru-chiru is an alien too, y'know~
  9. Afternooon~

    Morninng~ It's like reading a novel or an interesting story book. Once started, i can't stop myself
  10. Afternooon~

    Thankz! I'm also learning Japanese so, there's that too Go furigana!
  11. I prefer Vnstat as it's more quick to display tags and images. 60% of time, it's the impression of title image of Visual novel, the rest depends on tags. Apparently appearance of a Visual novel is the most deciding factor behind their popularity. Maybe that's why Moege R super popular. Just cute comedy without any deep story, like https://vndb.org/v11856 will most definitely gain major attention and has huge possibility of getting official English translation, as in https://vndb.org/v12559, even though guys at Vndb complained of feeling disappointed with story, but as it's all cute stuff with giggling girls so, sooner or later it was meant to be translated. It's possible that translators personally favor moege over intense story based VN as they r fun and easygoing and, above all are the anime version of classic Japanese romantic comedy
  12. Afternooon~

    Hallo! alien51 here, lurking around quite casually~ I'm an alien otaku. My whims n fancies revolve around Japanese BGM(visual novels n alike), mad scientists, star wars, and moege. My VN reading speed is around 31 visual novels in one month(sometimes i surprise even myself). Now i'm learning how to extract music from Visual novels. That chuunige music(occasionally utsuge too), i tend to hear that at dinner, depending on mood. My favs R Cartagra, Umineko, Kara no Shoujo, Nekopara, and Yandere Happy Sunday~