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  1. With below *research materials as reference, i would like to request all nukige experts to share their pervy wisdom (─‿‿─) Icha Love Dousei Seikatsu Osananajimi ↓ (https://vndb.org/v21302) Sure is pouring down there (¬‿¬) Kyuukyoku Mahou Shoujo Zettai☆Aneki ↓ (https://vndb.org/v6554) If something beats NTR as truest badass of all, Its this!!! (no wonder monster girl games R infamous!!!!) ( ͡° ͜ ͡°) Tight n Intense! ( ☆ ͜ʖ ☆)
  2. https://vndb.org/c69588 You can always go for the dragoness. She's probably the most selfless woman of all as she likes him even without that pitiful excuse of squeezing his sperm for gaining strength. She is blunt, clingy, simple, doesn't uses protagonist as a mere tool for gaining more energy, unlike other heroines. She likes him just the way he is, whether he has any specialty or not. That feels more natural and not forced and repetitive like in vampire/yuki onna and oni route. There is no pointless melodramatic emotional baggage in her route + she's fun to be with. The Protagonist doesn't have to pretend being "always a nice guy" around her, and thus can honestly express himself. Regardless of human or non human heroine, in the end, their traits makes them most unique. You can choose either sly, manipulative, over-controlling ones or, the free-spirited, easygoing one. Of course, for those who aim for a harem route even in Nakige, "i want 'em all", is sort of an unavoidable regret. However, this game in particular gives much more satisfaction in individual routes, as its not porn without plot, or without negative after feelings (cheating yuki onna heroines, the protagonist being used, abused and subjected to forced memory loss etc).
  3. That's the stuff! From yogurt to cream on the cake (with a bit strawberry), bring it on~
  4. An Erotic game... with all ages version only....! Damn makers... If they wanna make gamers depressed to death, atleast offer some H scenes like in https://vndb.org/v264 but nope. do they ever listen~ Is it similiar to Grisaia ? https://vndb.org/v5154
  5. Ah, so you fap logically ? got it~ I don't wanna get NTR'D anymore than.... what's already been done ((-_- ;)) So i'd appreciate if you don't
  6. So i'm tired of my heroine gettin' pumped full of white cream n stuff on daily basis from morning to night with no side-effects. If done this in reality, someone will definitely be knocked up. So there should be the same appeal in Visual novels too. Sure, there is that - "Naka wa dame~! aka-chan dechauuu!!!!" (not inside! i'll have a babyyy!!!!) or something similar i heard heroine moan in many visual novels but no matter how much MC shots his load in, nothing happens/or effects the ending. Hope some Preggy specialist here could guide me more on finding this specific debauchery simulation ┬┴┬┴┤ ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. I'm playing this game \(≧▽≦)/~
  8. But of course! Thank you very much (⌒^ ▽ ^⌒)
  9. The moment when u realize there r BIGGER pervs than u (guess I've been out of touch lately) Thx senpai! I'll make good use of that info ( ͡° ͜ ͜ʖ ͡°)
  10. Occasional Nakige+Occasional Nukige may be the right term for it. No harem ending though (- _ - ; )
  11. (Though there are nakige with deaths too.) https://vndb.org/g693 Terminal illness or something??! nOOOO!!! In the beginning i made THE blunder.... of playing Dangan Ronpa https://vndb.org/v7014 (thought it as another casual survival game where after some melodrama, the MC escapes with his destined heroine/harem) DAMN....
  12. S*xless salaryman ending (quite realist and fitting for Modern Japan but not quite what one expects from so looong nukige) There ought to be some way to choose VN with longer endings (Like Grisaia)
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