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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Guilty Pleasures - FWBs

    All of them. At once. Except maybe Rei. (Sorry, Rei, you just don't do it for me >.<)
  3. So I Think It's About Time

    Rather than being supernatural, the horror in Kara no Shoujo comes from the gory murders and twisted things the killers do. And it's all wrapped up in a skillfully told whodunnit mystery in the awesome setting of post-war Tokyo. The story absolutely hooked me, and it's also great if you're into gore and psychological thrills
  4. hello, im a newly awaken trap lover

    Hi & welcome to the forums
  5. I really wish they had as much for Android as they do for iOS.
  6. Saya no Uta on Android

    I don't think the Google Play store allows 18+ content, so they will have had to censor the H scenes. The English translated Mangagamer version is completed uncensored, even without pixels.
  7. Religions

    I'm not religious. I used to attend church as a child (Christian, Church of England), but when I got older I realized I didn't believe any of it, and my parents didn't really either, they were just going because it's what they thought they should do. People can believe whatever they want, but religion (at least the kind which requires faith in a higher being, God, etc) isn't for me. I know it helps some people immensely and really enriches their lives, but I've also seen people for whom it's caused them immense pain and psychological torment. In a way though I do envy those who believe, it must be nice to feel like your life has a definite purpose and meaning.
  8. Japanese Blood Types

    Hmm I thought I was most like AB, but my boyf says I'm definitely more B... XD
  9. hello everyone

    Hello & welcome to the forums~~
  10. Hello

    Hi Isis, nice to meet you too
  11. Hello!

    Hi & welcome to Fuwa~!
  12. Greetings & Salutations

    Hi there, welcome to the forums! I used to read/play the Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone choose your own adventure books XD
  13. dramatic entrance

    Hi Juniper, welcome to the forums~!
  14. So I Think It's About Time

    Welcome to the forums~! It depends on what kind of stories you like, but I would suggest Kara no Shoujo for a good horror/mystery, or Kanon for a more slice-of-life story that will bring fluffy feelings and tears.
  15. Japanese Blood Types

    Here in Japan I get asked my blood type ALL THE TIME and people are always shocked that I don't know it. I really need to find out somehow D: Maybe I can ask at my next health check.