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  1. Hello, it's me again, here to shill for my company Please support us if you like imoutos and twins!!!
  2. It would have been nice to just stick with Siglus, but the cost of the license was prohibitive. One of the main things we had to forfeit is the Twitter integration, which was a fun gimmick in the original version. Other than that, we've had to scale back some of the menu options such as skipping back a line or changing opacity of the text box. Of course these are things that could be implemented in Kirikiri with enough time and resources, but the cost was out of the scope of this project. Still, I think the game looks great and functions well, especially for this price point Edit// I just saw that Wildbreed responded above, and their post answers most of the questions! Thanks! ^^
  3. Thanks to everyone who has bought the game! The release is going really well so far!! Regarding the price, we set it so low for two reasons. 1) As adamstan said, we're hoping to appeal to the Chinese market, as well as to more casual fans/newbies to visual novels who are more likely to buy at a lower price point. 2) We ported the game to a new engine, which meant some of the QOL features had to be cut from the original version, so we thought it was fair to reduce the price accordingly. If anyone has any questions, drop them here and I'll do my best to answer
  4. We made it!!! The game is out now on Steam as well as Mangagamer, JAST, and Denpasoft. Enjoy!!!!!!
  5. The Steam store page is live! ^^ https://store.steampowered.com/app/1025140/LAMUNATION_international/
  6. Thanks guys!! I'm personally working through the editing now, and I have to say our translator has done a fantastic job! Programming work is also ongoing at the same time. I'll keep everyone updated as things progress. For the time being, we just released the OP movie
  7. But translating what a character is literally saying is not the same as translating the meaning of the text into an equivalent in English. To illustrate: I saw an example somewhere (not this game) of someone complaining about お邪魔します being translated as something like "So this is your home". The Japanese literally says "I am intruding", but who says that in English? No one! In this case, "So this is your home, huh" is not a wrong translation, it's an equivalent phrase that reads naturally in English; it coveys a similar intent without coming off as awkward. And for people who argue that "well they say it in Japan!"; sure, but they also speak Japanese in Japan, so if you're looking for that level of equivalency you're better off just reading in Japanese. That being said, I don't necessarily agree with all the localization choices my fellow translators make, and I'm sure they don't agree with all of mine! I just think that as fans we're better off focusing on complaining about genuinely bad translations, rather than throwing around insults (actual constructive criticism is fine!) over things that basically amount to personal preference.
  8. Basically some art is more... detailed underneath the mosaics than others. Some artists don't draw detailed genitalia if they know that no one is ever going to see it. In this case, it would require substantial image editing on our end to make the mosaic-free images pleasing to look at. Another factor is that our company is based in Japan, and therefore has to adhere to Japanese laws. My comment about de-mosaiced releases was for any potential future games we work on. It's not completely off the table, but not something we can offer at this point in time or with this particular title. I know there are a lot of people who will only buy releases without mosaics, but I'm afraid that's just not something we can do right now.
  9. I'm not sure if you are referring to a specific incident, but he has never been anything but respectful toward me.
  10. Thank you! Lamunation appealed to me because of the art style (I loooove muku's art), and because I think the content could be a hit not only with people who are already into visual novels, but also with other people who are new to the genre. For our first project, we wanted to go with something a bit crazy and different that could get our name out there to a wide potential audience. Also the writer/developer, kepposhi, is a really cool guy who was very enthusiastic about working with us! And yes, we hope to translate other visual novels after this! But it really depends on how this first project goes. If it sells well, then we can invest the profits into getting more licenses Nope! We're funding this ourselves. Yes, we will be keeping the mosaics as the game was never designed to be uncensored. We may consider un-mosaiced releases in the future.
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