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  1. The google translator is paid in the true, he block you because detect you are using software that automatically use him. To fix this the way is pay the translator api and search for a way to use the paid api with what you want. You can use random proxy too, but this is very slow
  2. Search for the kdays patch or AlphaRomDie
  3. Help needed.

    Other possibility is the windows defender blocking.
  4. Questions about Kirikiri repacking

    My ScnEditorGUI isn't intended to translation, it's a example usage, plz use my SacanaWrapper to translate it. https://github.com/marcussacana/SacanaWrapper
  5. It's more like a 'patch' than a tool? Well, Looks like I forget to explain, just extract to the KNR game directory and run the game normally. The source code is here: https://github.com/marcussacana/StringReloads You can setup the font in the SRL.ini, I don't created a documentation yet but here is where the tool do the font modification: https://github.com/marcussacana/StringReloads/blob/master/StringReloads/Engine/Match.cs#L45-L154 Anyway, about the lines, Looks like I can debug the game after all, thx for our friend binaryfail.
  6. Well, i'm testing a new version of my stringreloads, if you want test, here: https://www42.zippyshare.com/v/gFZSI8Wd/file.html Just open the SRL.ini and remove all lines that have "Gothic Modded" or don't will work well because you don't have this font probabbly. (ohh, just take care if you have a directory with the name patch, because this will force the game read all files from this patch directory too, just like the english version of the kamidori) anyway, if you don't know, no problem, this engine have a DRM protection, i don't even want try debug it... just forget. And i'm playing the KNR now based on your translation, thank you.
  7. @flamepaladin I'm playing with the game files here, and I managed to reduce the font size Okay, no problem, but maybe you know if the line height is inside a .bin file? ... if is hardcoded in the executable this will be a pain to edit because of the game DRM; Anyway, I wanted see if I can add new lines after reduce the font size...
  8. How to handle .scn files?

    https://github.com/marcussacana/KrKrZSceneManager/ https://github.com/UlyssesWu/FreeMote/tree/master/FreeMote.Tools.PsbDecompile https://github.com/xmoeproject/KrkrExtract
  9. look this, the manga gamer waiting everyone forget the hype of the evenicle 1 and even the people opting to read with mtl, they're just losing a massive amount of possible clients. About your question, sorry, i have no idea, i don't use such tools.
  10. What still untranslated after the interface + text patch?
  11. Release a patch for a porn game in the Christmas? ahuehaueahueahu
  12. Utawarerumono - PS3 ENG

    Isn't what I did? the first 2 links is to a patch with a port of the english translation, but have many errors that needs be fixed manually, then I didn't released as a patch. but to reply you anyway, I did a tool before to help the import, I just can't publish it because in order for it to work I ended up breaking some legal terms for some online services, so I can't publish it, but as you can see, I think you can use my patch as a base and just review it where I get it wrong. I patched both utawarerumono ps3, and the second has more to fix than the first.
  13. Lamunation Release

    I really don't planned bought, but the low price make me think 2 times.
  14. Rejet translation

    the 80, (0x80 or 80h) is the charset encoding to the font, you can change that but this don't will change the game character support in the most part of the cases because usually a visual novel use the 932 charset to their script, and the 932 charset don't have many special chars that isn't to japanese.... Anyway, the 0x80 iCharSet given to the CreateFontA/W or CreateFontIndirectA/W If you just want change the font charset, there are many tools that can do that: For example, my StringReloader, FontMod and ETC