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  1. How to handle .scn files?

    https://github.com/marcussacana/KrKrZSceneManager/ https://github.com/UlyssesWu/FreeMote/tree/master/FreeMote.Tools.PsbDecompile https://github.com/xmoeproject/KrkrExtract
  2. look this, the manga gamer waiting everyone forget the hype of the evenicle 1 and even the people opting to read with mtl, they're just losing a massive amount of possible clients. About your question, sorry, i have no idea, i don't use such tools.
  3. What still untranslated after the interface + text patch?
  4. Release a patch for a porn game in the Christmas? ahuehaueahueahu
  5. Utawarerumono - PS3 ENG

    Isn't what I did? the first 2 links is to a patch with a port of the english translation, but have many errors that needs be fixed manually, then I didn't released as a patch. but to reply you anyway, I did a tool before to help the import, I just can't publish it because in order for it to work I ended up breaking some legal terms for some online services, so I can't publish it, but as you can see, I think you can use my patch as a base and just review it where I get it wrong. I patched both utawarerumono ps3, and the second has more to fix than the first.
  6. Lamunation Release

    I really don't planned bought, but the low price make me think 2 times.
  7. Rejet translation

    the 80, (0x80 or 80h) is the charset encoding to the font, you can change that but this don't will change the game character support in the most part of the cases because usually a visual novel use the 932 charset to their script, and the 932 charset don't have many special chars that isn't to japanese.... Anyway, the 0x80 iCharSet given to the CreateFontA/W or CreateFontIndirectA/W If you just want change the font charset, there are many tools that can do that: For example, my StringReloader, FontMod and ETC
  8. Well, at least they don't asked when the project had a good progress...
  9. Amatarasu Riddle Star fonts?

    I'm sure yes, but not too easy, this game use renpy, a open source engine, then if you research the renpy documents i'm sure you can do a mod to 'fix'
  10. By this extension, Maybe this is just a bpp4/bpp3 files, that can be open with tilemolester or crystaltile2... well if isn't encrypted.
  11. who is the woman who would want a geek who stays every day of the week in front of the computer fiddling with japanese porn games? Frankly, I'm curious how I would be with a girlfriend, I personally recognize myself as a short tempered person, I don't have much patience and get angry very easily, I don't think in me as the best of people to have a relationship. On the other hand when I like something I have a good patience, no... Maybe weird persistence, for example, I've had games that only got a translation tool working after a year of trying (of course, not every day), me too I completed translation projects that took more than four years, I think this is due to the fact that I like visual novels, so I wonder if if I like a girl it would look like this too ... Well, whatever, no need to comment more, i don't want make this a offtopic.
  12. if you choose a vn with a already dropped translation, try search why they dropped, it's rare but sometimes the japanese developer can try take action against the translation and you will just lost your time. other very important point, USE CLOUD BACKUPS, EVER. With all respect, but when I see a project leader saying 'sorry but my hd died today and i lost the translation' I can just react with facepalm. Choose your game with carefull, Your first translation project is something that can affect your life in a long-term, One translation project is something that can take years, choose one like when you choose a wife... Well, I never get a girlfriend then not sure if it's right compare. Anyway, ensure you will have time, in the next years something relevant to your life that can take time will happen, like college or university? Then isn't a right choice choose a long game right now.
  13. How to translate SEEN.txt files?

    You need the rldev tools, he can have a .txt extension but isn't a text file.
  14. Hi guys, new member here from Brazil

    Bem vindo a fraternidade.