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  1. Data extraction thread

    Yes, works, but after extract I found the style of script who I hate work (Must be fully decompiled to translate), If wanna translate the LB I included in my Specific-Games repository, The Font.pak contains the font of the game, I'm not too hyped to work in the LB and study the font, maybe if i'm free a day, but for now, i will wait to see if someone try create a tool the the new font format. (WTF Key, why not allow change the game font? Siglus>Luca :V)
  2. Let's finish this question forever, Okay, Included a shit string reorder sample in my tool, if you wanna try fix to your own usage it's in my git the sample, good lucky. You don't know how to devloper? okay i will list soluctions to you Use this inedit above, i don't know if this tool update all offsets but he can analyze all bytecodes, i think is safe to translate it he Use this new branch of my tool: https://github.com/marcussacana/KrKrZSceneManager/tree/Brute-Reorde Open your game and inject the AGTH/ITH into him, make your hook tool copy to the clipbard the dialog. After this, when you skip the dialog in the game, the shit of the sample gui will seek the string in the list to you. Use this tool: https://github.com/number201724/psbfile this tool is a open source PSB decompiler If by some reason you wanna see only the string and not the fully script, do this: Decompile your PSB script Recompile the PSB source (Yes) Open the source with a old version of my tool. (The last contains this sample reoder, will not help if you use it) And it's this, No reasons to anyone continue worry about this, personally i don't like use decompilers because can cause unexpected erros in the game, I don't know if this PSBFile is safe to publish, maybe if you know programation you can use he as way to generate a order database and export to use with a string only editor...
  3. Script Extraction Thread

    Are you with problem to repack? I have created a simple encryption bypass patch, just use extract to the game directory (english ver. unc) and translate files in the VNX+ Directory this VNX+ Directory works as patch.xp3, you can append any file you like. here: http://www42.zippyshare.com/v/DIn1Hv5V/file.html
  4. Script Extraction Thread

    Of course, Chinese not being "useful" to me does not mean that I would refuse to help one, in the time I was learning I got a lot of help from chinese hack xmoe (if I'm right) so even not being "useful" I still have one debt with the Chinese who gave me a hand when I needed it many times.
  5. Script Extraction Thread

    Yeah, in my case any language with exception of chinese, it's good... It's obvious my english isn't good, so... why help english projects? I only know my native language but I know how to edit scripts, A part of my tools is to my own usage as a alternative of the 'Visual Novel Reader'... The "TLBot" in my git is to this, i create all tools as dll to insert into him, he send the entire game to the google translator and i read the game with a fully shit machine translation (Yes, i do) And the google isn't good with asian language, so, I only do this with vns who have a non-chinese translation.... ... And that's my reason "selfish" for trying to help with projects, but it's something that everyone wins so there's not much of a problem.
  6. Script Extraction Thread

    Send the original script and use tools like winmerge to compare the changes made by it and apply it yourself. I personally do not like private tools because someone might fail to start a project by need a tool that haven't been published ... My tools are mostly open source and public, currently only my "SRL" is in closed code because I myself have some problems with the dependencies, it was so annoying that once I deleted one of the dependencies and I almost lost the project all because I could not reinstall in a way that compiled as I wanted ... Until I don't removed the more boring dependencies of installing I will not publish the source code ... Funny is that it got so complex the dynamic data interpretation that the dll in some decompilers believe to be obfuscated but are not haha Well, although I do not like it personally, but if someone entrust me with a tool I would not share without permission
  7. Script Extraction Thread

    the "easy" way, yes... if you have a true hacker into your team you can ask to him....
  8. Script Extraction Thread

    Ohh sorry, for some reason i don't recived a notification, hmmm In the true i never touch before in a kirikiri game without default wordwrap, since the kirikiri is a open source engine if i'm the one who wants disable the kirikiri wordwrap, to me, looks more fast change the source and rebuild... Isn't garantied because is possible disable using only .tjs scritps or a plugin? The problem of this is the kirkiri encryption, some .tmp plugins verify a checksum of the main executable, and to bypass this you need crack the checksum validation manually or remove the plugin (looks easy but you need decrypt every .xp3 and is impossible to create a small patch, you need upload the entire game) In the second way is possible create a setup who decrypt the .xp3 automatically and remove the encryption plugin (tpm) to apply the patch/modify the executable... But is slow to install... In the really if the wordwrap is a problem of the main executable, if you manually patch the executable to works the wordwrap, the exe checksum will mismatch, so... no escape
  9. Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana Translation Project

    I see, thx, I tried not read before to prevent possible spoiler.
  10. To me, while isn't chinese is good to see a translation project So, good lucky
  11. Script Extraction Thread

    Really? so i don't know too... but he says works after redownload.
  12. Script Extraction Thread

    I think he tried run a python script with wrong version...
  13. Karenai Sekai to Owaru Hana Translation Project

    This project is alive? I found the emoticon OriginalRen and is love at first sight, For some reason he is a meme, i hope isn't a trap! but no spoiler, if have a surprise i will recive hahaha About the Wordwrap, acutally the kirkiri have native wordwrap feature, if the game don't have a encryption you can just use a newer executable of the engine (maybe the kirikiriz)
  14. Script Extraction Thread

    O caminho "relativo" a pasta atual, geralmente quando começa com .\ ou sem sem C:\ Isso indica que minha pasta atual é a C:\Users\Marcus Vamos supor que eu tenho uma pasta com nome "Exemplo" dentro da área de trabalho e queira me referir a ela sem digitar o caminho completo, Pra isso usamos o caminho "relativo" a pasta atual, se o caminho completo seria C:\Users\Marcus\Desktop\Exemplo E o prompt já está aberto na C:\Users\Marcus, posso então apenas digitar ".\Desktop\Exemplo" que vai ser equivalente ao caminho completo... Anyway, se o caminho que tu digitou no parâmetro está correto, o problema não esta ai... se tu tiver espaço no caminho por exemplo a Program Files pra passar o parâmetro, tu precisa por ele todo dentro de aspas, por exemplo C:\Program Files ficaria "C:\Program Files"
  15. Script Extraction Thread

    Tente por um caminho relativo da pasta, como .\Out e [] Geralmente sugere que o parâmetro em questão é opcional, tente sem ele.