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  1. Contact me on discord: Marcus André#0956
  2. if you just wanna translate we have many tools, even one that I created, by example: https://github.com/marcussacana/KrKrZSceneManager
  3. The points we considered when selecting the steam version - Contributing to the global VN market. - The English version, which uses kirikiri, supports Unicode and therefore is more suitable for translations into any language, unlike WhaleEngine (From the Japanese version) which uses SJIS and supports only Japanese / English characters. - The English version is already in English (obviously), so instead of translating the entire Japanese game, it seemed more practical to just import the h-scenes and translate them. - Translating the steam version does not prevent you from translating the Japanese version, so even if we do not translate the Japanese version, someone may take the trouble to import the translation. I considered making an automated port of the translation, but that would greatly increase our work because even the automated port would require manual work in order to adjust the sections of the scripts that have changed, after all some dialogue was removed and / or changed in the English version. We can't just to do a ctrl + c ctrl + v, the higher we try to go, the harder we could fall. So, the project is basically and exclusively focused on translating the h-scenes already ported. Some more adjustments are expected later on, for quality control and to ensure stability of the 'mod', because the scripts were literally rewritten and complex binaries edited by hand. I personally expect to have some bugs to fix later.
  4. Since the patch use some few hacks don't expect to works like a charm in other environments
  5. KrkrExtract, psbfile, and Paint.DN Freemote Plugin and a lot of patient + one temporally private tool to do the whale engine script conversion, anything else is done manually. it's already using kirikiri
  6. the xp3 is encrypted, you can extract all xp3s and repack then use a deprotected kirikiri executable or you can just use tools like KrKrExtract, the name is extract but can repack as well.
  7. No point in have many things installed that you don't will use. I think have 2 games, in the max 3 downloaded is enough to survive by a internet apocalypse for some days.
  8. Hmm, you will need a disassembly of the BGI scripts, find for the font face name, usually MS ゴシック or メイリオ or MS Pゴシック Then around the string see if you found any number bettwen 24-36, maybe will be the font size. By the way, is most probabbly to you found the correct file in the sys???.arc
  9. Try this, you need found the game key before, this have a tool to that too. then put the game key using the command line arguments https://github.com/marcussacana/MwareStuff That said, maybe don't works, the VNDB said the engine isn't the mware...
  10. I think the question is somewhat vague, there are several steps to create a Visual Novel, from programming to drawings or audios. Frankly, it is difficult to say that a certain program is used to create a visual novel, because there is not just one program for any of the functions. When it comes to the engine, we often see the use of KiriKiri, but there are also several other engines such as CatSystem2, SiglusEngine, MwareEngine, LucasEngine, YuRIS Engine, WhaleEngine, Buriko General Interpreter (Aka BGI) and etc, I can keep listing engines of visual novel for a good time... Basically, I think the most relevant program is the engine, but the question is, "What they use to create a VN", then just a example, for the audio we can use tools like Audacity or Musescore, To the Art they should use Photoshop, Corel or who know private softwares that help they draw more fast? And as for writing the scripts, this must be the most vague of all, there are engines that have their own IDE (Integrated Development Environment), Some can be done directly on Notepad or any other text editor, such as Notepad ++, Visual Studio Code (I very much doubt using these 2), It is difficult to say for sure which one, because certainly the Japanese have their 'favorite' programs in general, as well as other countries have their own, for example, If I'm not mistaken it was just in Japan they used Yahoo Search more than Google, something that seems very questionable in our point of view. Interestingly what we can say with precision is the program used to make highly animated Sprites (like nekopara for example), because, at least as far as I know, there are only 2 of them on the market, which are Live2D and E-Mote; Since E-Mote is a Japanese software for their own use, so no documentation has been translated, so much so that normally you find E-Mote being used in Japanese Visual Novels, and Live2D in the others. Also note that this is just my personal opinion, I never got involved with development or contacted anyone involved with Visual Novel development in Japan, so everything I said could be wrong. --Edit I just saw the "Japanese programmers" now, well... but since I already wrote this walltext I'm keep it :V
  11. I already tried touch in this engine before but I didn't a good progress after some tries... This Minori Engine and Yuris Engine is the two engine that I don't like to lost my time. That said probabbly I will need deal it they one day when a game that I'm interesed be released.
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