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  1. How to Repack .xp3 files like original

    As the original one? Are you asking about the encryption or the format?... If is the encryption then you are searching for the KrKrExtract, if is the format then the AETools
  2. Converting any image file back to .tlg file

    The kirkiri support .png image as well, it's a lost of time change to tlg back, if the game don't load the .png is because he is giving priority to the .tlg extension, you can change this in one of the many .tjs scripts, try search in the directory for '.tlg' in the notepad++ and where you found a list of extension is probabbly what you need. Anyway, if you want the tlg for compression or any other stupid reason, you will need the 'offical kirkiri tools', the toolset can be found in many places, a english version as well can be downloaded from the tlwiki.
  3. Hmm, I think is better you ask the If My heart restoration team, the if my heart use the same engine.
  4. Create a open source project and I want see who will takedown.
  5. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    My most relevant point in use the steam version is because the Kirikiri is a engine that use UTF-8. While JP release of the game use the SJIS encoding that support only Japanese and english, the Steam release use the UTF8, and this encoding is universal, this means the game can be translated to any language in the world, I'm giving priority to the steam release because I plan translate this game to my language, then this is the most important point in use the steam version to me. My secondary reason is the multi-language in the english release, this feature is very cool and is one of the best points in the english release. Also I really understand we have some people with rage of the localization team releasing the game with censor, but please guys, they aren't our enemy, they can did the wrong thing with the censor but they allowed us to enjoy the game without need know Japanese, I'm sure no one here is a idiot like some protestants in my country that burn wheels against the forest clearing. I'm petty sure the staff of the english release love this game too, they aren't a enemy, so please guys we don't need a useless thing like boycott this game, this is just shooting yourself in the foot and may affect the possibility of the second game being released.
  6. VN with both english and japanese text

    the recent released Noratoto
  7. I tried contact the Astro before for other reason but no lucky.
  8. Conjueror passed away

    May he rest in peace.
  9. You can use this too: https://github.com/guquabc/eushullyNoMsgBox
  10. How is the dracu riot fan patch?

    I recommend get my copy, have some fixes based on the leaked patch: https://github.com/marcussacana/Specific-Games/tree/master/Others (Like remove that wtf weed background and remove obvious shit in the text too)
  11. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    Well, me too but... I don't think many people will see you recruiting here.
  12. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    Maybe it's better create a proper topic to the project, isn't? @Infernoplex
  13. I have experiencie porting game to kirikiri engine, what I can say is: - You need a way to extract everything, image, sound, and scripts. - You need a way to get the script source if the engine use binary scripts then will be a much hard task port to other engine, There are 2 ways to you port the game, one is the automatically way, that is what I did. I wrote a tool to convert the script, and I need say, it's hard to do a automatically accurate conversion, Then basically after the conversion I spend a time searching and fixing bugs manually, with this with a 50h vn I did in 3 weeks a entire funtional port. and this is the result: The automatically port it's like magic, but this is possible only if your game have non compiled script, and this include scripts like the catsystem2 that is binary but isn't compiled in machine code, then it's easy to 'understand' the script and convert to a kirkiri equivalent. I allways want port to kirikiri because is a engine that support many languages, and is open source. If your game script is compiled and is impossible to get the source of the game script, then the way is do everything manually basically play the original game while writing a script to do the same thing of the game. We have a example of this method, what this spanish group did, https://vndb.org/r30006 but they don't know how to extract the game assets then used fucking screenshots in their game by what I know, then, don't do this! I think it's what I can say, if the script can be extracted to plain text it's better try do a conversion tool that do the port work to you, then what you will need do after tis is just convert the game image, sound and videos, and to finish, test it.
  14. Data extraction thread

    Under "KiriKiri Tool\KrKr2", the "Internal Package Tool.exe" https://drive.google.com/a/student.sbccd.edu/uc?id=1NuJTjsGx7pcdfeLR5J1zK6EkE3lr8Hp5
  15. Noratoto - 18+ Restoration Project

    Try contact that guy just to ensure before, don't will be fun we lost a translation project for misunderstanding