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  1. Maitetsu Kirikiroid2 Error

    No need proof, I'm really supresed that have e-mote in android... Well, If he support the e-mote, supports the psb, then .scn isn't a problem... If you said the japanese version works, but the english nop... Maybe, maybe the tool to port the game are using the encryption of the japanese version, and the english scripts has bad extracted.
  2. Maitetsu Kirikiroid2 Error

    Are you really trying this? The Maitetsu uses E-Mote and SCN (PSB/MDF) and TJS2 As far I know the krkrdroid only reads the KS and have few plugins included E-Mote is windows-only, no way to run in the android. The PSB/MDF is from the m2tools and I don't think is supported by the krkrdroid. Basically, Incompatible... Well, no idea about this Splashtop, but probabbly it's the same. --Edit Seens have nekopara to krkrdroid? wtf, Well I think it's manually converted... because no way to the e-mote run in the android...
  3. no, free user can download but more slow
  4. Data extraction thread

    @able1214 Fixed, thx for the feedback @RazoR If you will translate the dangopedia, use this lastest update to solve a problem
  5. Utawarerumono - PS3 ENG

    Well, I just want publish my 'automatic' buggy port of the PSV/PS4 translation to the PS3 version. This isn't to you play, but for someone who know english (I don't know) and wants review this patch and release as proper patch. So, it's here the files: https://anon.to/QC0YuM, ver 1.2: https://anon.to/FlasTZ Why port? Well, We can play with RPCS3 :V I don't have a ps3, so... no idea if works with a real console Keep in mind, it's very buggy and this patch only translate the text!, here is my tools to translate it: https://github.com/marcussacana/AquaPlusEditor
  6. Data extraction thread

    My tool use both, utf8 and utf16... https://github.com/marcussacana/SiglusSceneManager/blob/master/SiglusSceneManager/DBS.cs#L370 About the problem, I need the file to analyze
  7. Data extraction thread

    @able1214 https://github.com/marcussacana/SiglusSceneManager
  8. Hatsukoi 1/1 Laucher start Problem

    Try apply the kdays patch, here: https://megaupload.nz/FfCeMcgdbe/Siglus_Patcher_rar If not works, try delete the savedata... If not works, well... (Marcus André#0956) Add-Me on discord and I will help you with anydesk (like teamviewer)
  9. This is the steam version rigth?... well strange, I will restore my instalation and try the apply the patch again. --edit Yes, everything working here... --edit 2 We can't do a proper talk here, if you don't found the problem of this (I don't think is my fault) anyway, Add-me on discord: Marcus André#0956
  10. Okay, I do this to help you. https://megaupload.nz/NcLb89gcb5/Maitetsu_Steam_External_Patch.rar When you apply this patch the folder "Patch" will act like a patch.xp3, just put your patched files inside this directory and the game will read it.
  11. You keep with this problem? I think already said to you what you can do...
  12. Romance VN with good plot and feels?

    Isn't nothing at the clannad level, but I liked this one: https://vndb.org/v4806
  13. Well... As a next project I really think nekopara will be good to see without mosaic, it uses the e-mote but not for the h-scene The nekopara in h-scene contains pre-rendered videos in AMV format, it will be a problem to remove the mosaic from each frame ... One scene has... 100 pictures? I have no idea, I do not remember... (This in nekopara vol.1 but not in all volumes use the AMV Format) So, although beautiful, I do not think nekopara feasible. And there is another important factor, who remembers the old Imouto Works? If you do not remember, well ... basically it was a group that worked creating unc patch for English visual novels in the steam, but after they tried to create a patch for the nekopara version steam and karakara, sekai overthrew the group and today it does not exist anymore, so be very careful not to irritate these children. If you want to do the nekopara unc despite the drawbacks, then: - Do it secretly, a project underneath the reels only revalued when released, there is no way to remove content from the internet once posted, so usually takedown is done before launch. -If you need help modifying the Nekopara files, come to me. Well, that's it ... it would be great to have nekopara without censorship but unfortunately there are many problems if you want to deal with it or it's not up to you to decide. Tip: Try to do a patch to games where they are not officially located. Others games: Well ... I do not know much what to recommend because I read a few VNs, and also do not know what your taste for visual novel is. @HoplessHiro
  14. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    This patch is for testing purposes, not to play