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  1. I think can be a good idea try split the sprites in parts to use as Live2D models, since that will make you be able to create the same character with more positions.
  2. https://github.com/marcussacana/SacanaWrapper Or the online version of my tool that can edit direct from your browser: https://marcussacana.github.io/Sermone/
  3. Maybe, but the market still very small yet, and by nature, even though we have a lot of anime and manga consumers, visual novels have a negative stigma here, not as eroge, but as 'a pointless game where all you do is click and read', so even anime fans a lot Sometimes they don't go out of their way to give visual novels a chance, at least until recently, dokidoki literature club went viral and now visual novels are much more recognized by the general public, but haven't aroused as much interest in other titles. Currently the 'biggest' visual novel group in Brazil, as far as I know (If i'm wr
  4. Well, I was invited to left a comment so, I here I'm. I'm a hobbyist modder developer that act mainly in otaku games, My nick usually is marcussacana. but I'm not here to talk about me, so, let me complement somethings that only internal guys like me should know. As said in the post the brazillian visual novel community still small, one day, Me and a friend called Sid started a translation project, Katawa Shoujo, in that age it was my first contact with modding and renpy as a open source engine it was easy to someone like me begin, Initially our group name it was Katawa+, since we wanted
  5. Lol, someone managed to port new scenes to the siglus? first time that I saw that in this engine, good job. Maybe, the Vita version uses siglus too? I don't remeber of a public .ss compiler, only diassembler tools.
  6. edit: i meant to PM yikes.

  7. If for some reason you can't open the .ks with your text editor, some few games encrypt the .ks script, you can use my SacanaWrapper tool in that case or use the KrKrExtract with Text Decryption feature enabled
  8. Well, if it's a legacy engine it's fine...
  9. Good job, very cool, write a disassembler isn't a simple job. While is cool a disasm tool, If don't have other tools to this engine, I recommend you write a simple string editor as well, because in long-term will be more stable, a disasm can break when the engine update with new opcodes after all. Just a hint, anyway, good job man, really.
  10. They're all waiting for me, since I got a job my time is gone, at least for now.
  11. https://github.com/marcussacana/StringReloads just read the text
  12. This engine accept extracted files while the .dat don't exists, if you extract everything should works... That said have a good time that I didn't touched in this engine, so not sure anymore if still possible do that
  13. My StringReloads tool can help you, I'm currently in the phone then I can't pick up a link, Google it you can found in the GitHub
  14. We just need to check what we will do to the h-scenes... Yeah, some files is a 'partial' copy of other .scn, usually when I want add new dialogues in the .scn I split then in 2 files to insert in the end of the original the dialogue that I want, then I jump to the new .scn with the reaming scene content.
  15. 1 - Yeah, that _ep.txt.scn is just a .scn created to redirect to the given txt script, those 'ep' files are 'entry points' basically, the game .scn script can jump to a .txt file then at first looks that looks useless, but the memories aren't able to jump to the .txt file directly, then I created those "Entry Point" files that just redirect to the correct .txt 2 - about the k2_01b.txt, hell yeah, that's wrong, Looks like I keep an old script in the release, I will fix that. 3 - Yep, it's possible off course, just a error Yeah, I think the project is a bit stopped just
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