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  1. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    he don't load the save game of the patch off for prevent corruption, isn't a bug.
  2. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    The Animations problem it's simple the "Wait" timmer comand of the script isn't the same of the eng engine, To fix this I will need restore retail eng scripts, I will do this after the manual restoration project ends... The project it's this: I tried releasing this patch to attract attention to someone who can translate the h-scene, after translated i will create a proper patch... This patch is really unstable and don't recommend to play the game for now... This project above will create the patch to the japanese version... and I will try export to steam version without lost the achievements, On/Off Feature and etc... This my export will exclude any translation fix (i don't know if will have, but if have will exclude...) and just inject the h-scene... by this project. So... it's this, I don't recommend play the game with this my patch He is more for "testing purpose" now....
  3. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    If you want somthing "100%" it's better wait the manual unc project, this works but is automatically generated... have some problems...
  4. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    How our friend says, don't support pirate version, But in your case have other problem, the "+18 Version" Subdirectory isn't present... you have extracted it? When I released the v0.1 I don't found a cracked api compatible with my modded executable, Today I know about one API from certain group who can run the game with my patch, If you have lucky maybe is your api, or not... Anyway your case is the "+18 Version" Isn't present, you need download the patch v0.2 and after this the "v0.2 => v0.3", Is needed use both, first the v0.2 and after the v0.3 upgrade patch... I'm using upgrade patch to who already downloaded a older version, isn't good needs download the fully patch again.
  5. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    send a screenshot of the main game directory
  6. Saves plz

    No, i don't reply the guy above because i'm thinking is a troll Rewrite have parts to browse the map, and nier isn't a novel Anyway, I know about the ctrl, in the true it's obvious, but Chrono Clock: i don't play only one route, skip the game fully again i'm not into it... Princess and Otome Domain, i will not read now, i lost the game and i need download again, I will not download just to press ctrl... I'm requesting the save to upload to my private onedrive and use when I need.
  7. Okay, I have updated my git, working here, Srry for make you wait, I'm late, but it's done ...
  8. I have wroted a algorithm to decrypt, I remember of your request... I will do some tests, if everything works i will publish. I just need test the regeneration of the .dbs
  9. He is half readable because the tool is outdated?/unfinished The DBS have 2 encryptions and 1 compression First encryption is xor with 0x89f4622d for every 4 bytes of the file... (dword) Now you can see a compressed content, Very simple, is a 8 bits flag, 1111 1110 he will loop bit per bit if the bit is equal to 0, he will use the atual byte in the buffer as a count of how many times he need copy certain byte in the decompressed buffer to the top of the buffer... if the bit is queal to 1, means don't have repetion and just copy to the decompressed buffer After decompressed is the last encryption, this crass just do a xor in everything with 0x7190c70e, but this isn't right... This encryption have a randomic "static" switch who select bettewen the key 0x499bf135 and 0x7190c70e I don't have fully analyzed this randomic switch in the key, but if someone wants try here is the tool to create the dbs https://comfy.moe/vhmmim.rar and here is the part where he select the key: (He have 3 buffers, one with the original file, one he using the 0x499bf135 key and other using the 0x7190c70e key)
  10. This is my first time who I see a obfuscated ks script...
  11. The sacanwrapper is a tool to import/export a script text, you need give to he a .ks/.psb/.scn/.tjs and not the .xp3 --edit Sorry this is the reply of the PM message, I opened the post and message at the same time and got confused.
  12. A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration

    Yeah, if someone translate a .lst file you and your advance this project, I can help exporting the LST text to your tool file format anytime, just ask.
  13. WAIT, This isn't a release! A Sky Full of Stars - +18 Restoration [Open Project/Startup] Yo, First of all, keep in mind my intention here isn't publish a +18 Patch... First of all, I can't... Since i'm not good in english and don't know japanese I will not touch in any text of this game. So... what is this post? I'm trying give a hand to anyone who wants create a proper unc patch to this novel... To "help" I'm sharing a patch to you who wants translate the h-scene or wants create a patch to restore the unc content... This my "patch" don't import the english translation to japanese script, all scripts in this patch is fully japanese and have nothing changed, what this patch contains is my StringReloads with a fully database of the jap script content. This database is just a .txt with .lst extension, with all text using the same pattern: This can be used my StringReloads tool generating a Database and replacing the original dialogue when the game read the script dialogue. For now I don't know about the stability of this patch and I'm sure, since i have not tested yet, exist bugs who we need found... And in the last case if you have a problem with my SRL (StringReloads) mod, any random newbie devloper can modify a tool to read my .lst and import to the japanese script, So if you don't know nothing about the devloper scene but wants help you can just play this "patch" and search for problems, You can install the DEV version and fix manually, after this just upload and comment here and will be linked in this post. We have 3 Versions included in this "patch": The JAP version: This will include my semi-automatic generated database with the moenovel translation only, All jap exclusives dialogues (like h-scene and ecchi momments) continue in japanese without changes, this option don't is to who wants work in the h-scene restoration project, since i'm publishing a "patch", I'm sure some guys will download just to "play", this option is to you, good lucky your masochist. The ENG version: The double-masochist version, Include my semi-automatic generated database with the moenovel translation and in all jap exclusive dialogues (like h-scene and ecchi momments) is included in english by a fully unrevised machine translation, good lucky your masochist² The DEV version: Hoho, This is what we need, Install it!, this version is to you who wants search for problems in the patch or maybe fix the moenovel translation or revise the google translation in the h-scene. the world counts on your help. I'm linking too my tool who I created to generate all .lst files, If you want fix a voice sync problem it's beter recreate the .lst, to this you can use the tools inside this stuff, and is included too screenshots about changes and missing content in the moenovel tl. All Strings-???!.lst (have a !) is to keep atention, this .lst is missing dialogues or isn't fully dumped, the TLDump can be used to compare all scripts and generate a .lst the LstClearner is a command line tool who can remove duplicate entries in a .lst and generate all "Strings-MissXX.lst" files including all dialogues from the japanese script who don't have translated in any .lst before. How to install: Download the patch in this post Extract it using winrar 5.0 or newer to the game directory [C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\A Sky Full of Stars] Execute the "Apply Patch.bat" and type what you want Run the game In the "Language Pack" change to "+18 Version" and press OK Download the lastest update in this post Extract to the game directory Run the "Apply Patch.bat" again and finish the instalation. Play the game. Possible Problems: >Some parts the can dialog shows out of the time/voice >Missing Files Log Alert... >No show the HCG in the Extra Menu... >Untranslated Character Name... >Untranslated Images... Knowed Problems: >No Achievements unlock (This can fixed restoring the english scripts...) >No works with any pirate copies (This patch include a retail modded executable of the game, if you have a cracked copy can not works) >Up CPU Usage at 5~10% (Tested on i5) (This can "fixed" changing the SRL Injection point more after read the string) >Translation matches in the dialogue of the wrong script (Only this problem will be fixed by me soon...) Patch: Patch v0.2 Update: v0.2 => v0.3 Tools: LST Gen Stuff Warning: This patch isn't tested yet, can contains crash, voice and dialogue out of sync untranslated images... This patch is to the steam version! FAQ: Q: Why you use this SRL if he increase 5% of the cpu usage? R: Because can be used to translate to any lang who can use unicode + monospaced (russian, portuguese, spanish, english, french... and more) Q: What i need to help the project? R: Nothing, just fix a problem, upload it and say what you have fixed. Q: I can test the lastest update of the SRL in your git with the patch? R: Yes, and maybe is better... Q: Any prevision to final release? R: WAIIIT, You're misunderstanding, You read my post? I don't have a proper english to create a project like this, I'm trying give everything in the hands of anyone to see if someone create the patch! Q: Why you post in 'fan tl discussion' and not 'fan tl projects'? R: This is something like a "startup" to create a project, not the project itself. in the true i think very before publish, this is good? maybe can be useless and make peoples works to nothing? But if someone wants import the moenovel tl to the jap script this lst file can be used to import a big part of the translation automatically! I'm sure will help someone. Good lucky to everyone!
  14. in this case, Add-me on discord: Marcus André#0956
  15. @Infernoplex this screenshot is from the new moenovel game? You are trying restore the h-scene? if yes, send me a pm... i'm trying too and have a progress, since i don't know jap i can't complete it, my idea is just import the moenovel tl to the +18 version of the game and share to someone who wants translate it... No idea if you will use my ready work, but if yes, will need just review somes changes and translate the h-scene...