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  1. By the code given by our friend above, seems to be something by the AIR sdk therefore should not be useful the jpexs at all.
  2. I expect to be a custom file format, if the game is written with AIR, means it uses Action Script 3, therefore SWF, and they are pretty decompilable even when obfuscated, and that's good for us. The game should have some .air file probabbly, or at least you should find a .swf file somewhere, if you find the .air file try open as a zip and look for it. After that you can use a tool called JPEXS to deobfuscate and analyze the code, and you will probabbly find some code that handle the .dat file, allowing you inject custom file or extract it.
  3. the last public release that we did it was this one: https://www.mediafire.com/file/c9cukzajs2nys2h/Noratoto+Restoration+Patch+(Partial+2)+[C121B4AC].7z/file By the readme seems to be some minor bugs not fixed yet, maybe it was fixed in our lastest scripts but not sure, I would need to check our files.
  4. Translators in general does not like MTL, the translation quality is bad and that is a fact after all. Ideally the people will take our restoration patch and release their own translation.
  5. I can but I doubt I will do, I like more the kirikiri so for me is more cool port the removed content than that. Also, since this project isn't finished I'm not very interesed in try the same with noratoto 2
  6. I'm but I can't say that for the project, I said before that in case of drop I should create at least an MTL patch but the other members of group are against, so I didn't it.
  7. Hello, I used your Siglus Engine unpacker to edit some .ss files (and I reenpacked with SiglusExtractor because when I tried running your createpck.exe it didn't work, even though changed the key's numbers) of Stella of the End (2022), but unfortunately when I repack they look like this in-game, with spaces put randomly and letters shifted:
    Here also a screenshot of the edited .ss file: https://prnt.sc/a1AKZqPDQ3ki

    Maybe it has no solution, but thanks in advance.

    PS: I have the Japanese locale on, maybe that's the reason?

    1. Musrar


      Ok sorry for having tagged you, I solved it by changing the font in the game settings, some fonts work and some fonts do that thing you can see in the screenshots.

      Another issue, tho, is that the repacked .pck (I finally noticed I had to run the bat instead of clicking the. exe) is way smaller than the original one (2,1 MB original vs 1,7 MB repacked), which is quite strange.

    2. marcus-beta


      that's happens with non monospaced fonts.
      The reason of pck be smaller is the compression, some tools was a stronger compression level than the original siglus compression, that's make the repacked pck be smaller sometimes.

  8. I think can be a good idea try split the sprites in parts to use as Live2D models, since that will make you be able to create the same character with more positions.
  9. https://github.com/marcussacana/SacanaWrapper Or the online version of my tool that can edit direct from your browser: https://marcussacana.github.io/Sermone/
  10. Maybe, but the market still very small yet, and by nature, even though we have a lot of anime and manga consumers, visual novels have a negative stigma here, not as eroge, but as 'a pointless game where all you do is click and read', so even anime fans a lot Sometimes they don't go out of their way to give visual novels a chance, at least until recently, dokidoki literature club went viral and now visual novels are much more recognized by the general public, but haven't aroused as much interest in other titles. Currently the 'biggest' visual novel group in Brazil, as far as I know (If i'm wrong someone recommend me a bigger community, I really want join it), is the "Visual Novel BR" group, which has only 3,000 members, worth mentioning, a group that was created by Sid years ago. So, with such a small audience it might be the wrong time for companies to try to invest in our country, the biggest disaster would be to fail once and lose future interest. It is worth mentioning that even among the 3 thousand members, most of them know English, and just as Americans hear those who keep saying "Just learn Japanese", here the members usually say "Learn English" instead of trying to give national projects a chance. I'm also already a little away from translations, so I shouldn't invest so much time in projects now.
  11. Well, I was invited to left a comment so, I here I'm. I'm a hobbyist modder developer that act mainly in otaku games, My nick usually is marcussacana. but I'm not here to talk about me, so, let me complement somethings that only internal guys like me should know. As said in the post the brazillian visual novel community still small, one day, Me and a friend called Sid started a translation project, Katawa Shoujo, in that age it was my first contact with modding and renpy as a open source engine it was easy to someone like me begin, Initially our group name it was Katawa+, since we wanted translate katawa shoujo, and my friend Sid it was a big fan of the Nitro+, we called our group of Katawa+, just that. After 4 years more or less, your project it was almost ready to be published, but we didn't wanted stop with just katawa shoujo, and a problem... our group, Katawa+, translating nekopara or steins;gate? a bit strange, right? So, we changed our name for VNX+, VNX where X means "incognito", so, this is the begin of our group, after publish the Katawa Shoujo, we started 2 translations, Nekopara and Steins;Gate; Fun fact: We started Nekopara first, but we finished Steins;gate first. I and Sid are ambitious guys, we wanted one day became the first official brazilian VN localization group. And for that we found to need meet 3 requirements; - A bigger visual novel community in brazil - Contact with groups that already had experience in the market. - Money Maybe we are too naive and we should need many things to really do something, but we are really aiming to make that true. So, the first requeriment it was a clear path, we should keep making translation of big titles, such as katawa shoujo and steins;gate, and wait for the community expand himself. The second requeriment it was uncertain, isn't like we can just send a email for the support of a enterprise and say: "Hey, we want be friend to join in the market in the future". So, we tried a certain aproach, we started contact some developers and we offered to translate their games for free, and we really did that, we did 3 translation that it was officially released in the steam for example, the biggest title for example, Fault Milestone. Our objective here it was create a network of contact with developers that had success releasing things in the market. So, the thrid requeriment, I never had idea of why, but Sid said me to don't care for money. Yup, I never had idea of why. Sid passed away in the middle of our steins;gate project. Our group continued our projects since Sid isn't a active member since the Katawa Shoujo project, but he was the one that are really trying make a official localizator in our contry, after lose him I really don't tried continue with his plan. Our VNX+ group currently it was under administration of a new member, I gave the control of the group after IRL stuff take all my time, so the group still alive after all that. About my group is what I can say basically. Now, some curiosity about the fanTL community in brazil, the major part of the groups here are all friendly each other, with direct contact we helped each other when possible since our objective it was the same, share our love with visual novels with our contry, that's possible because our community isn't too large. Currently the brazil have a new group trying to be the first official brazilian localizators, but I'm not sure if I can say any names, and who know if it will really became true. The modding community in brazil is big, but major part of the modders don't care for visual novels, so, just look like we have few modders here.
  12. edit: i meant to PM yikes.

  13. If for some reason you can't open the .ks with your text editor, some few games encrypt the .ks script, you can use my SacanaWrapper tool in that case or use the KrKrExtract with Text Decryption feature enabled
  14. Well, if it's a legacy engine it's fine...
  15. Good job, very cool, write a disassembler isn't a simple job. While is cool a disasm tool, If don't have other tools to this engine, I recommend you write a simple string editor as well, because in long-term will be more stable, a disasm can break when the engine update with new opcodes after all. Just a hint, anyway, good job man, really.
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