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  1. But guys, those hot discussions are very nice, but the game already released... Any opinions about translation quality? Etc?.. Hah? Would be nice to hear.
  2. AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements

    Oh, please, say, will be some broadcasts of live recording after panels? Thanks!
  3. Hm... Interesting, Xiaomi MiPad 2 Windows Edition can be used? I don't know... It is stupid Windows 10 on it...
  4. This time Sakuragame decided to kill Hakoniwa Logic

    Game released on Steam as "Logic of the miniature garden". Not 2$, but 10$... Do you think translation will improve? Ahaha. How naive. NO. But thanks to SG, Cabbit can now produce their 4th game... Finally, it releases that summer. Ahah... SakuraGame saved them... Buying all 3 licenses...
  5. This time Sakuragame decided to kill Hakoniwa Logic

    Game released on Steam as "Logic of the miniature garden". Not 2$, but 10$... Do you think translation will improve? Ahaha. How naive. NO.
  6. I wonder how they still have motivation... Eeew, really like robots, wah! Scary to imagine what can be if they will go in official translation.
  7. Data extraction thread

    Oh, I think, extracting files from PSP, PSVita, PS3/PS4 eroge is terrible... Even harden then for PC... If you are totally noob.
  8. Nekomiko in a nutshell

    Those game was deleted in Steam or... it's not Tenkiame? Or something like that
  9. So, I extracted the files. If someone interested, you can dig in them. Overall there are 40 CG arts in Moenovel edition. Link for download Well, I didn't play in game, and in original game, so, I hope some guys can help with differences between the versions. Script: AFT - 5922 lines BEF - 3915 lines HOT - 3160 lines HUS - 641 lines KAN - 3654 lines NOV - 324 lines Overall - 17516 lines
  10. By the way, porting Akari route from PS3 to PC is difficult?..
  11. Another name left the scene - RIP minori

    Kemono flopped in sales? I just can't believe in that... Seriously... I saw ton of photos in Twitter who bought collector's edition for 40k yen... And... really their budget for last game was so high, that they just can't... Oh... I'm so sad. That is really frustrating... such a big name just poof... and that's all... wow...
  12. It's somewhat true... But I don't wanna dig in that topic, sorry. Anyway, I just discussed the problem with our community, maybe, that's not right topic, but still. But yeah, full price eroge (they usually costs 8800 yen in Japan) is really difficult to afford for even Western users, as I can see? Well, all that I have are rumors about that - "20$ is like usual pocket money for 1 day". Maybe, you also have some rumors about out country, but some can be true, some can be not... Sorry for my English again. For example, if we talk about Steam, we usually have 1/4 original price of game. If VN costs 40$, we can buy it for 10$, and 10$ is already high price for the game in our comparison. But console games are really costful (usually 60$ for any PS4 new game), and that is... Well, yeah... Because it is console games? If I ever will create VN, I perfectly understand, that it won't sell well in Russia, because that country has really low solvency. Only if 1 hour game for 1$ or something like that.
  13. Well, you know, about toxic VN community... For example, Russian VN community (I was born in Russia) is completely terrible in those terms, if you even try to discuss something, there are always some shit on your head, neither you are right or not. You are a lot better, to be honest. At least, you are not be rude with everyone near. So, I don't know English very well, but at least I can express my opinion here, and I won't be blamed or something else for that. What's about sales on the West... To be honest, I thought, that your audience is a lot more solvency than in Russia. I don't wanna talk about wages etc, but piracy in our country is already a normal state, and I understand that. Thanks to Steam and regional prices, because, for example, I can't afford myself to buy 40$ VN, just because usually it's 1/3 of montly wage. But on the West? When other wages exists, and paying 20$ for you is like going to cafe (I just only heard that, if it's not right, please, correct me). That's why I'm surprised that big VNs doesn't sell well even on the West. 40$ for full price (4 routes, for example) VN is normal for you, right? I'm sorry to bringing that topic to such a thread, but I'm just interested, what the differences. Maybe, that's one else reason, why we are (maybe never) won't get any official releases of VN in Russian, because it's absolutely not profitable. We don't have any company who can be worked on that. Well... We have a market for manga and ranobe, and anime also, but... Everything related to that is also not so easy to discuss, because at least we should stabilize things about that mass-media, before going to VNs... If it even will be profitable. As I can see, even titles on the West can be a flop, so, what did I even try to say... And, by the way, we also have some fan-translation VNs in Russian, but the worst thing is that community usually "blame" almost every translation (well, not community, but some people always), even if it is very good. I really don't understand what's wrong but sometimes I just wanna leave that country.
  14. Is it sells of English version or Japanese?.. UPD. Ah, English sells... I wonder why sales on West can be worse than in Japanese market, when everything is terrible because competition...
  15. Encoding thing

    Can you help me, how?
  16. They said "please" ton of times. It means that they put the lot of money in that license? Oh-uh... Hope it will go well.
  17. Well, at least I can extract new CG if it is ported PS4 version... But would be great if 18+ patch also will be.
  18. Under One Wing (Hitotsuba) Steam store opened

    Oh, we have enough VNs about planes, please... We also have Maitetsu about trains. Where the VN about ships? It would be very interesting!
  19. Can I just cry? Seriously, I waited so long! It is my lovely Nora! But... Even if English isn't my first language... I can't understand anything from the description on site. I wanna cry. Please, wake me up and say it's a dream. I don't want Noratoto to be like... SakuraGame or MoeNovel. It is terrible. Let's pray that it is just promo materials, which Harukaze translated themselves... And the game is good... I just remember Moonstone with Love Sweets, when they got opinions, then we never hear anything from them about that game for already two years? ;( I am just... Ah. Why Harukaze don't want to share their profit with Mangagamer, Sol Press, Nekonyan?.. Agh... I'm feeling down...
  20. Script Extraction Thread

    Well, GIGA tools doesn't work or I can't understand how it works? It is not for translation, just to count the words and lines of text in scenario. I use blfpactool, but usually got something like that... But .bin files extracted with GARBro works with Marcussana line editor. But I can't count the number of lines and symbols with such program... I can't understand the instructions, to be honest. Maybe, any have video instruction or something? Thanks.
  21. SakuraGames announced Midori no Umi

    Wonderful. Just wonderful...
  22. Maitetsu VN Discussion (Released at June 29th)

    No, my birthday is August 20th
  23. Something happened at Sekai Project?

    Communication of Sekai got even worse after layoffs. Seriously... I just don't see any news from them. Only from Denpasoft about Majo Koi Nikki and Nanairo Reincarnation. That is all... It is just terrible
  24. Maitetsu VN Discussion (Released at June 29th)

    Oh, guys, I had a strange dream, when Sekai understood that they failed with Maitetsu release, deleted all releases from all shops... And on site I saw the new release date - 28.03.2019... Like nothing wasn't released earlier