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  1. Even if it's fallen onto the floor?
  2. I think my post format may have scared some people off so thanks for actually contributing!
  3. I think it's no secret I like food after a previous thread I have made so today I wanted to share some of my favourite foods in hopes others can show me theirs! Since the day I realised my metabolism was higher than those around me, I began to test all kinds of foods that were recommended to me or I stumbled upon (I still watch my weight just in case)! Forgive me for using stock images, they look so much better than my own ones Tonkotsu Ramen with Chashu Pork What isn't there to love about this dish? The rich flavour of the thick tonkotsu soup, the Japanese soft-boiled egg, the juicy pork. Simply one of my favourite foods! (btw I like my ramen slightly harder for that extra bite to the dish) Chicken Pad Thai There's something special about this stir-fried dish. The first time I was recommended this, I was a little skeptical about the incredibly dull colour and blend of ingredients I couldn't quite make out. However, the balanced flavour of slightly sweet and slightly savoury made me a quick fan of this fairly popular Thai dish. Filled Pide Again, another food that, at first glance, I was quite skeptical about. However, upon my first bite, the hot bread, filled with aromas, coupled with the rich flavour of the beef and mushrooms within my pide opened my eyes to what would become a weekly delight. Mushroom and Bacon/Smoked Salmon Boscaiola I think we can see a pattern by now... This incredibly rich and creamy savoury dish is something I crave eternally whether the flavours or the feeling as if the sauce was still melting, even when it reaches your mouth. Whether it's the fattier bacon or lean and slightly more refined smoked salmon variant, I can not do without mushrooms in my boscaiola as they add what I have come to know is one of the most important parts of this dish. (btw I like using linguine for this dish the most) Wild Berries Belgian Waffles It's only fitting I end with my favourite dessert and guilty pleasure.. The Belgian Waffle! The combination of the steaming hot waffle with my cold berries and cream/ice cream creates something that brings me indescribable joy. This combination also combines the sweet and the sour, bringing quite a bit of depth to a fairly simple dessert. There would have been way more things I could add to this list but I think that's enough for now. I might add things later but in the meantime, please tell me some of your favourite foods and why you love them P.S. The making of this post made me hungry...
  4. How do you stop a creepy stalker mimicking you? Asking for a friend.
  5. Only because I've rejected you a little too much today ok?
  6. Congratulations on becoming Entry number 2 on hitlist!
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