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  1. I havent actually seen Spice and Wolf in context of your recommendation. I did read one volume of the manga in Polish *gags on vomit* but thats about it. Its on my list though
  2. Yeah I decided to two time actually getting Tomoyos good ending in Clannad and G-Senjou. Thanks guys <3
  3. Damn Chewy you fine! xD I wanna steal that rose and put it in my hair thou
  4. I had no idea this is coming, it looks <3 <3 <3 Im terrible at the Total War games but Ill still buy it :3 As for Paradox games, own all of them, have hundreds of hours on all of them, am burnt out on all of them xD maybe with the next Stellaris expansion
  5. My favourite route was probably Kyou just because you had to...
  6. I never managed to get her good ending even though shes my favourite character because I am a failure That being said some of clannad's routes are so arbitrary (like the dorm mothers SAY THESE THREE THINGS IN THE RIGHT ORDER) and I didnt want to use a walkthrough
  7. Everything is too long and I have too little time and am too apathetic. Similar to the entry barrier to long running series of movies/shows/books but x10 because its a slow paced unique medium.
  8. yeah my friend got them all for me at steam sales. That being said it still ended up being like 15£ which is 15£ more than they are worth
  9. I personally hate Undertale for personal reasons and I was too ashamed to mention forgot to say I played all the Sakuras. My friend made me do them drunk
  10. *coughs* theres a lot of new rap out there hhihihihihihi *coughs*
  11. Yeah Grisaia is there. I think im actually a couple of hours into it, although I dont remember what happened xd This is what happens when you drop a hobby
  12. I have done 3 routes of Clannad, half of Flowers, 100%ted VA-11 Hall-A. What to play next?
  13. Hi I dont think Im who you think I am but then maybe I am? Or maybe I can be Idk what im saying Hi
  14. Could you link me babe? ^.^
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