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confession: IM GAY.   Okay, im not gay, im bisexual, but I have fallen in love with another guy for the first time ever and its mutual. its pretty wierd tbh, but it feels really great,

Confession: I was one with the puns today.  We went out whale watching, and for a period of five minutes or so, I only responded to people with pretty awful sea-related puns, like "I a-grebe", "I need

I finally moved my computer into my room.  I have a black desk, a black computer case, a black leather chair, a black minifridge, and all black accessories.

Confession: I feel like a mother fucking boss right now.  Quite literally.


Taken from a black Nexus 4.  My camera somehow got screwed up.  Not sure how to fix it.

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Look~  a restaurant for single people  ^_^



I'd totally press no. I dunno why but eating alone in any restaurant puts me at ease. That's why when I am really hungry, I go to restaurants during the morning when there's no one there and if there is anybody there, it would be like someone who has a work and is taking a break or one or two dumb couples. Why would you want to eat with a stranger in the first place? Then again I would still press yes because of curiosity who kills my cat everytime. This muderer....
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