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  1. Hello all, After many many years of rust, I've recently revived my Japanese studies and I'm looking to tutor/guide someone to help me refresh my basics. Reason being I'll be going to Japan for the first time next year. Specifically looking for someone ranging from fresh beginners (we're going to gloss over basic grammar mostly) or intermediate (going to go over jlpt N2 grammar patterns). I will try to teach these and in the process help me de-rust. As they say, teaching is the best way of learning. We can hold voice/text sessions on discord, where I'm most active. I am by no means a great educator but I can show you the steps of how I approached learning Japanese. This is going to be reading-focus, as my speaking skills are bad atm, so it's good if you eventually want to read a VN. PM me to exchange discord/contact infos and scheduling.
  2. Confession: Wow I have no idea how long I haven't visited this site. Surprised this thread is still alive and kicking
  3. First learn how to read. Unless you learn by speaking. Plenty of online resources out there. There's a pinned topic somewhere with a list of websites that can help you with grammar, etc.
  4. I've always used jars of sauce when cooking pasta... I'm too lazy
  5. Almost done with English-TL 11eyes myself. Overall not fond of it after 1st pass. I can see the issues with TL though not sure if it'll be much better reading it RAW. Maybe but I won't bother though. As for OP: Go for Kara no Shoujo, my two cents.
  6. My company laid off people last week, including a supervisor that's been there for years. Tough times~
  7. Out of all the regions you're going to the South. Well I guess I'm prejudiced but I can't imagine it being great in there. I do love seeing nature though and that's why I'm glad I'm out of the urban Northeast.
  8. You learned enough japanese? I'm proud of your self-studying! Sorry I couldn't keep up with our sessions! 許してください!
  9. The science in this thread is 9/10. I'm proud of you guys
  10. I might not have doe, but I spent time and energy on the grill, while the grill spent the last two weeks on Digimon World and became a Master Trainer. I shall become the best loan-paying corporate-working Digimon ever existed.
  11. I bulldozed through it. I did flashcards on the side but I learned most of my vocabulary by looking up words over and over until it clicked. Selectively choose which ones to focus on. Glance on the complicated ones just to get the gist (or save them in anki for later) and focus on basic looking everyday words. It's going to be HELL the first several hours of gameplay. I remember having to constantly look up most of the words in a sentence to being able to read 40~ lines without needing a dictionary (within maybe 10+ hours of doing the method). If that gets tedious vary your methods for learning the vocab. Maybe watch a video or do pictographs. The VN method is hardest in the beginning so do your best to get out of the hump. After I finished my 1st VN, which took me a year, I knew as much as half of level 2 JLPT (around 600 kanjis maybe).
  12. My life of a working man straddled with student loans: \(^o^)/ (^o^)/ ... (°o°) (°-°) (°.°) ... (・.・;)(・・;) (°°) (´・ω・`) ( つ Д `) Sayonara $$$
  13. Merry Late Christmas and a Advanced Happy New Year!! Woohooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.. ded
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