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  1. Kids were complaining about that here too. They were bitching about how we have a genetics test after spring break and how they didn't want to study over break.
  2. It's the same account as http://e-hentai.org/, so trying there would be the right place to start. I don't know the specifics since I have google save my passwords I don't really care about.
  3. Never play any of the earlier games then. They don't give you that option. It's always permanent death and normal difficulty. It's only after you beat that do you get the choice to "level out" the stat growth to be predictable and make the game harder. Though, the gba games had a soft reset trick to roll the game back a few turns provided you saved. Can't remember if game cube games allowed it.
  4. Couldn't have gotten much worse. I don't envy those of you who were looking forward to this. Do you see his soul in those dead, dead eyes? I certainly don't.
  5. So I decided to pick up where I left off of Grimgar. LOL You can totally see the theme shift after episode 5 in episode 6. The opening went full fanservice. I don't know the ratings, but I can only assume Grimgar went down and they were desperately trying to keep it up. Unfortunately, the issue I had with the show from before still stands, and I'm forced to rename the show Grimgar: of Hymns and Arias. I had a few other joke names too, like Arias of the Opera, of Hymns and Psalms, and Stills and Songs. Seriously, that last one is this show to a fucking tee. How many times ar
  6. Pretty much yeah, and for sure don't turn on the AC as that will only make the engine hotter.
  7. Clearly you have also been reading Murcielago. Personally Yuusha ga Shinda has been entertaining me lately! Kneesocks \ /
  8. Me and my friend researched this game briefly last weekend. The big reason why we ultimately decided to not try it was because the Korean game already had it's support dropped. The game is pretty much dead over there and it will most likely not receive updates in the NA release. This is the reason for the buy-in.
  9. And I'm justified. Thank you. Christ this is a cluster fuck of an idea. FACEPALMDESK As an afterthought and rereading your post, I feel I should clarify that the talk about bandwidth was the idea that you were doing this to save money for bandwidth on your end.
  10. Christ, people these days can't stick to their opinions and can't damn everyone else's while their at it. I just find it amusing that I'm the only person here who has wished him ill and didn't get railed for it
  11. Unfortunately, in the current market, it isn't a right because it isn't a good. It's a license. By using their service you agree to a EULA which basically says that you don't own jack shit. This is a whole other can of worms which we probably shouldn't derail into.
  12. The reason I refuse to believe it is bandwidth costs is that if they are doing digital distribution then this is the FIRST thing they should have sorted out. If they can't even deliver things properly to the consumer then they shouldn't be selling them in the first place. And if they wanted to limit bandwidth costs, there would be much better ways of doing so, such as a refractory period where you can't download the game again if you downloaded it recently. In fact, this is a better solution if you also consider the idea of selling copies of the game via selling accounts that someone brough
  13. I would be inclined to agree with you if they didn't do something that literally hurts only people who pay for a copy. As I pointed out in the third post, the game is already DRM free, so adding this purchasing layer of DRM does absolutely nothing to curb actual piracy. The only things this accomplishes is to stop people from downloading from official sources and reduce their server costs. Sure, Sekai Project/Denpa Soft may know what piracy is, but they clearly lack understanding of what it is, and why DRM is used. Think about if steam limited you to 3 downloads, I can guaruntee you the
  14. The execution and plot do it for me. It fully felt like the show thought every last detail through from start to finish, which makes sense because it was a book, but it also didn't compromise on the rest of the values as well. That dark perspective actually comes from what I believe was HG Well's The Time Machine if I'm not mistaken(it was some notable work of that era), from which Shin Sekai Yori novel was almost a rehash of.
  15. Another silly stupid move from people who don't understand what piracy is. All I can see this doing is forcing people who have legitimately bought the game to torrent it after they use up their download limits. As it is already DRM free, it would be faster to pirate it via torrent than go through their servers already.
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