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  1. Thanks xions~ But becoming a wizard requires me to be a virgin.
  2. Worry not. As your general, I will lead our team to victory. FOR KAGUYA!
  3. Yeah, I know. It would be nice if those changed to match their new art, but alas, we can't have everything.
  4. Sure you aren't. I totally believe you. Also, I've finally gotten to my first evolve too. Mine is snowflake. Dem stats.
  5. In case anybody is curious, these are my current in-game squads!
  6. Didn't see a topic about this game, so I decided I would make one! This game has just recently been released in English here*, and is free to play for everyone who has an account. Making an account is completely free and just requires an email address. This is a gacha-based game kinda like fate/grand order, where you spend "flower gems" for a chance at rare and powerful girls, or spend "gacha seeds" for a chance at more common girls. Flower gems can also be used to increase your unit limit or equipment limit, or to restore your stamina or raid points. You earn flower gems by completi
  7. Don't worry, I'll make sure to drop kick you extra-hard if I ever meet you on the battlefield.
  8. By my blade I shall mete out death to all whom dare to stand against our glorious leader, Kaguya. Come, fools, and see how I shall paint the land red with your blood! (Was that chuu2 enough? )
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