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  1. Event news. http://cms.fate-go.jp/app/2017/fojhrv/ MHX Alter lmao. Oh and the CE look quite nice.
  2. Forgot to post this earlier. And I also struck gold. Based singles.
  3. This is the worst time to be a broke NEET.... Tried with the 10 tickets and well that didn't exactly go good. Good luck to you guys hope you at least get something you want.
  4. Damn that's unlucky. He only casted it like twice for me. Can't think of any that come to mind unfortunately.
  5. Those last couple fights and ending were pretty crazy. It's been quite the ride. F/GO 2 when?
  6. Whelp my bad luck still holds up too it seems. Did a 10 roll and 10 singles and only gold servant I got out of it was shitty Astolfo. Should of saved my last 30 for King Hassan. At least the raids aren't difficult to do so I can make do with the servants I have right now.
  7. Rad Taiga is great. Pretty good skill set too.
  8. This is prob the best order yet. KING HASSAN is here.
  9. Babylon talk right now is crazy. Seems Chapter 7 unlock servants are 5* Rider Quetz, 4* Avenger Gorgon and 3* Lancer Jaguar Man.
  10. Everyone but me Only got one of the new CE. Feels hella bad man.
  11. Babylon looks so hype. I hope I can at least roll Lancer Medusa.
  12. He looks like he's straight out of Magi lol. Looking forward to that CM.
  13. I'm on like the 6th box and only have like 4 of the CE with no drops as of yet. I've done the 40AP(2) one over and over the still no drop but the gems from the lottery are quite nice to have.
  14. Thats FGO for you about 5 rolls and 3 tickets is all I had in me not even a single event CE so that's unfortunate.
  15. He should be appearing in Babylon which is due sometime December. Also, @Jade that is correct pretty much the same as last time.
  16. More news is here... Ishtar Rin is here and I'm all out of quartz so that hurts me. Tickets soon though I hope luck is on my side.
  17. I believe the Christmas event is later this month so probably won't affect Babylon which should come out in December. There's suppose to be another stream on the 6th so they might have the Babylon CM there. At least that's what I'm hoping is the case.
  18. News for the Christmas 2016 event is here! http://cms.fate-go.jp/web/2016/x6hlfj/ The welfare this time around is a Lancer Jeanne Alter. Pretty cute~ And about time we got a lancer.
  19. A lot of interesting stuff about Altera today from Extella. *Spoilers*
  20. I believe its some sort of OVA so nothing big, but its something. Maybe it'll escalate into a full length anime at some point which would be quite nice.
  21. Extella CE, Extra gacha, new Mystic Code, Babylon in December and a F/GO anime. Pretty good stream. From what I hear it's really simple like the Halloween one. A comfy one from what I was told.
  22. The first page one is the limited gacha for the current Halloween event. If you want to try your luck at getting Cleopatra(the limited time servant for this event) go ahead. The second one is the story gacha which never really changes well except you have to go through the main questline to unlock some servants in that pool. Oh and you can still get other servants from the limited time gacha btw. Really up to you I'd say.
  23. Added ya! Names Tsugumori. Hopefully my servants can be of help to ya. As for tips on EXP, don't expect to really get anything good from the main storyline well at least I don't recall getting golden exp cards. Do the dailies in the Chaldea Gate and you'll be pretty good. The green ones are for ascension/skill items and the red ones are the exp quests. Good luck to ya and looking forward to working with ya.
  24. Reminds me more of the map from Ghosts 'N Goblins.
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