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  1. Some of the people i would like as best mate include Hisoka, Jenzard, Joukyuu and probably more but i guess at the moment i would like my best mate to be this old young boy name Morito Hayama just so i can laugh at him.
  2. Humans to me can be rotten than trash and lower than animals & insects or pure and beautiful, although i haven't seen anyone like that - Beautiful and pure. Anyways back to the question. To me, what defines a human is how they live their life and their purpose of life. From what i've seen, majority or almost all my life that humans are very selfish. (Yes, i know everyone is selfish, but i meant it as a negative selfish. For your own gain or to satisfy your own goal and desire while not caring about what happens to other people/friends/family. Not the positive selfish where you do it for an
  3. It's one of those typical shounen manga where the main character make a comeback when his losing, etc. I think it's alright. If you like comedy you should read/watch it.
  4. Welcome to the average Fuwanovel and hope we get along well. We both like Majikoi which is a good thing. Have a image gift.
  5. Oh. Quite a very long and detailed series you choose.
  6. Welcome to this average forum. Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  7. I wish A-4 just get released already... Waiting every Friday at 12:00am (Saturday), for new information of A-4 to come out is such a pain.
  8. What was the reason for it going offline?
  9. I got that out of some site or something, can't remember. You should just edit the image and then somehow make it larger yourself. You probably won't find it anywhere on Google. Anyways you can have this bibliography as an apology for not being much help. P.S Looking for images of yourself. Are you a narcissist?
  10. If your gonna play Eden Eternal, then go for Mabinogi. Although i don't like their baby graphics (both of those games graphics are quite similar if you ask me). Leaveing aside graphics, the gameplay is good, mabinogi that is. i got bored of Eden Eternal once i reach level 10. You can play Age of Wushu if you like to get killed once you've gone out of the beginner level (This game is a PVP. Once you've gone out of your beginner zone, every player is for himself. You can go around killing random people if you like or they can do that to you.)
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