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Merry Christmas Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve Eve!

As always, it's time to add Santa hats to our avatars—by which I mean I add Santa hats to your avatars, because apparently you people are too lazy to do it yourselves.

In case you don't remember how this works: you select one of the numbered Santa hats below and I'll put it on your avatar. Optionally, you can also ask for one of the flourishes at the bottom. If you don't select a number, I'll choose one for you, which you may regret.


Rules (I'm copying and pasting these rules from last year, because I can rewrite the same thing with new prosaic flourish only so many times):

  • Make sure your current avatar hasn't already been Santified last year or a year before that.
  • You can make a special request or ask for a Santa hat you found somewhere on the Interwebs, but it might be difficult to implement on your avatar. (Translation: I might be too lazy to accommodate your request.)
  • Some avatars won't look very good with a Santa hat, either because the Santa hat is cut off from view or for other reasons.
  • I probably won't be able to do animated avatars.
  • If you get a Santa hat from me, I'll save your original avatar somewhere and @ you after Christmas to remind you that it's time to de-Santify your avatar.
  • For every day beyond liturgical Christmas in which your Santa hat is still on your avatar, I will be mildly enraged.
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11 minutes ago, Emi said:


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What a beautiful image! I would make a new version with this higher-quality image now, but somehow I already can't find where I got that Santa hat.

So I simply ask that you reposition your current avatar without the black line.

2 minutes ago, Silvz said:

forgot to update my pic last year, now I can't find the two-hat version of it.

Would you, pretty please, put two hats on my picture? ❤️


Look harder, nerd.

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Apologies for the double post. (Actually, nevermind, I'll double post as I damn well please.)

I just realized that the Santa hat template hasn't changed since I started this in 2014, so I updated it to include a WHOPPING 21 HATS, all of which are high resolution and have a fully transparent background, PLUS other Christmassy embellishments, if you're into that sort of thing.

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