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  1. Winter 2020 Anime Discussion

    this season will be superb for 5 years ago me, but i dont see any particularly interesting titles but i will watch OPM once its ended
  2. Do you play with walkthrough?

    always, dont have time to pick choices one by one and see what i get. i play vn for the story however i did play charage/moege from time to time so the decisions part is unnecessary
  3. How much do you play VN a day/a week?

    damn, i think i should really try to play VN in long amount of time for once
  4. How much do you play VN a day/a week?

    there is definitely days when i dont want to play too
  5. Im interested to know how much you guys play visual novel a day/a week. I play like 30-60 minutes a day and someone said its very slow. Really curious how the avg was.
  6. I wonder how i can explain this but i want a school life visual novel with abnormal rules,power,etc. Think something like Majikoi. I'm not into sci-fi though so robot and stuffs is out of the question. Good art and likable characters is a plus, but good main or true route is a must. i'm fine with anything as long as it has things i listed above. thanks for replying. big boobs is a plus too
  7. so i just noticed that konosuba has VN and wondered if there is any something like this more. Thanks
  8. switch is out of my budget and i dont really have money to buy visual novel, maybe gonna considering it first
  9. well basically tittle, i know sony has cut support for vita, just wondering if it's worth it, or if you have other console recommendation, i will gladly appreciate it. PS: I will use it mainly for visual novel, but not close the possibility that i will play other weeb games.
  10. Milf Heroine

    It can be nukige or not but give me something with milf as an available main interest. No NTR or blackmail and something like that. Thanks
  11. What is your favourite VN store?

    Steam because it's easier to use especially when you are from 3rd world country like me
  12. Romance VN with poetical and good quote MC

    hmm maybe gonna try Hello Lady since i dont really like trap, thanks for your reply
  13. Romance VN with poetical and good quote MC

    seems promising, gonna try it. thank you.
  14. So i want a mc that actually know how to talk and has good quote or poetic, and not getting embarrassed by anything. And i want the heroine to have a "reason" to like our mc since im getting sick with harem girls. Any genre should work but no gore and horror please. Thank you