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  1. When they closed down they cancelled Extra 2 and Zwei. After opening up again they announced they were taking up Extra 2 again, no word on Zwei yet. The only "info" released on Zwei that I know of is the old announcement image:
  2. It was very long ago I played but if it's the one I'm thinking of aren't you supposed to race her towards the exit not beat her? There are lots of secret passages around I believe?
  3. The events where you choose a girl at the end of each part and the cross-view sections have no lasting effect from what I've seen.
  4. You get extra dialogue in the cofession scene if you didn't give that heroine the most points. It's a bit counter intuitive but I'd say you generally want to avoid giving points to the heroine you're going for since the confession gets kinda cut in half if she has the most points.
  5. I think I had the same issue with the original game in JP. But I can't remember how I fixed it right now.
  6. If they put out good stuff I would want to support those creators, even if the management people are like that.
  7. I would put that mostly on the management and not the IP and creative staff themselves though.
  8. Poking Kiriya on the NekoNyan discord server might be the quickest way?
  9. Mangagamer releases an VN that interests me, I buy it just as always. On the points in that thread. Dude can definetely work as a TL in the right circumstances but it was kinda blanket TLd which isn't really optimal, the pressure the translator felt could probably have contributed to forgoing a more nuaced approach. Lot's of TL criticisms are rather uninformed imo, when people kick up a fuss about a noun -> noun TL choices and then point to some stilted TL that include all their favorite Japanisms but bungle the JP grammar and context in ways that completely change what's being sai
  10. If I'm not remembering wrong S takes place after Agave. Except the orignal heroine after stories ofc.
  11. Amatsutsumi has already been picked up by Sekai Project.
  12. Well they are "wrong" if you want: otherwise no.
  13. In addition to that guide I could say that if you pick the "right" conversation choices on the second date, the girl
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