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  1. Nekonyan's Two August Announcements

    Those are some sweet ass announcements.
  2. Oh yea I think I remember Suina getting absolutely destroyed there for me
  3. You can probably level whoever you want, but the ones I felt were especially strong(possibly becasue I leveled them more) was Yuela, Emilita, (and around chapter 7 spoiler maybe?)
  4. I don't remember when you could get what, but the "Prevail" skill is really good, especially on Yuela. It's on her earth outfit if I remember right.
  5. That's right. Wanko from Majikoi too.
  6. I tire of the word tire.
  7. What is the best looking visual novel?

    I would say Mahoyo. You could probably watch some of the fight scenes without text and it would still work, cause they have so much animation. Spoiler warning on that video though.
  8. Not hearing from fanTL projects for months at a time is pretty much the norm isn't it?
  9. Variations Of VN Opening

    Mahoutsukai no Yoru has a pretty unusual opening with no vocals and a lot of scenery shots.
  10. Haven't read the English version, but there are some examples of mess ups posted here.
  11. Favorite Tsundere?

    Aozaki Aoko (Mahoutsukai no Yoru)
  12. Does this become the 4th, 5th? Mahoyo translation project? It did make it on Mangagamers 2017 licensing survey: NSFW possibly.
  13. So what you are claiming is that you don't belive they will provide a free patch for the people who bought the game, and instead release a separate V.2 which you have to buy again? That would indeed be a scummy move, but I very seriously doubt they would do something that ridiculous.
  14. And how does this scheme work? They aren't selling the fix?
  15. Are you implying that they get more money by releasing it broken first and fixing it later? How would that even work?