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  1. Sony New Censorship Of Everything

    I think it's more they've gone from no nudity, to any bare skin beneath the neck is unacceptable. They seem to be censoring swimsuits too.
  2. Favorite BGM/soundtrack of a Visual Novel

    Hanasaki Work Spring!'s ED is really nice imo.
  3. Hmmm. Well how about you imagine a movie that you liked, but all camera work is replaced by a static 45 degree downards facing camera 3 meters above each scene, for the entire movie. Nothing about the story or characters would have changed, it would still play out the same. Would your enjoyment be the same? Would that emotional scene still have the same impact if it's kinda hard to make out the characters expressions and body language because of the awkward angle? Would that blood pumping action scene be the same with you stuck up in the corner? The prose of a piece of writing serves a similiar purpose to what camerawork does for a movie, it's about the framing of the story and characters. It can make the mundane gripping for a moment. The fantastical, dry and boring. Compared to books, visual novels have a bit of a crutch for poor writing in the form of BGM, voice acting and well, visuals, the writing however still holds significant power, even should you not notice it.
  4. Fan Translations Are Nearly Dead?

    If you haven't seen it, this thread probably lists most of them.
  5. I was suprised I didn't see anyone mention this until now, considering how people go off on comparatively smaller issues with some of Sekai's TLs. The TL for Hapymaher and Magical Marriage Lunatics aren't unreadable, but they read poorly enough that it had a negative impact on my enjoyment at least. I also saw some TL errors in Hapymaher pretty much making someone say the opposite thing, "reappear" becomes "disappear", "unsuprising" becomes "suprising", "had me guide" becomes "I was guided". Those are probably noticable even if you don't know japanese, since they contradict the surrounding conversation and/or context. So it's a bit suprising they made it through QC and such. Overall I also quite liked Hapymaher though, and my opinions on it are pretty similar to yours.
  6. Maitetsu VN Discussion (Released at June 29th)

    The protagonist is an emotionally stunted, traumatized kinda person. Other than that, he is very straightforward and serious I suppose. Maitetsu is kinda unusual I would say, I haven't finished all the routes yet, but it's heavily focused on business operation and politics, also kinda unexpectedly I don't remember there being any comedy whatsoever. It's also involves trains of course, and some drama. If you just want to romance trains, and think cute girls talking business strategy, funding options, shareholding companies, election stratagies, train repairs, etc. sounds boring. It might be a hard sell, but if not, I think it worth a try. I suppose "Maitetsu" has a bit of that sense of building towards something that "If my heart had wings" has too. Gliders in the later and economic stimulation in the former.
  7. Nekonyan's Two August Announcements

    Those are some sweet ass announcements.
  8. Oh yea I think I remember Suina getting absolutely destroyed there for me
  9. You can probably level whoever you want, but the ones I felt were especially strong(possibly becasue I leveled them more) was Yuela, Emilita, (and around chapter 7 spoiler maybe?)
  10. I don't remember when you could get what, but the "Prevail" skill is really good, especially on Yuela. It's on her earth outfit if I remember right.
  11. That's right. Wanko from Majikoi too.
  12. I tire of the word tire.
  13. What is the best looking visual novel?

    I would say Mahoyo. You could probably watch some of the fight scenes without text and it would still work, cause they have so much animation. Spoiler warning on that video though.
  14. Not hearing from fanTL projects for months at a time is pretty much the norm isn't it?
  15. Variations Of VN Opening

    Mahoutsukai no Yoru has a pretty unusual opening with no vocals and a lot of scenery shots.