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  1. I have an ATI card, but Windows 7 and encountered a few issues with full screen on never7. I vaguely remember fixing the issue by changing one of the settings, I think it might of being bit rate or colour bit rate and initially launching the application minimised before changing to full screen. This also fixes any issues people might have with it crashing in full screen mode. Although my version was bought from Gameliner, doubtful it makes much of a difference though.
  2. If possible adding in system specifications, and what folder you have the game installed into, can help. Since (I'm very doubtful on this), but it's possible that it could be a GPU-related problem , as if I remember right that's around the point they start using some sort of 3d rendering process.
  3. Except that the game is out of print, thus the reason for high prices is from individual sellers who want to make a profit on an item that is fairly rare. Especially for the English version, in comparison to a Japanese version. The publisher doesn't get any money from the copies you would purchase nowadays, unless you bought one of the newer re-releases, and even then KID died as a company, and their property is now owned by Cyberfront.
  4. You could always sell them on the steam marketplace for a cent, I just did that since I couldn't find anyone to give the extra few i had away.
  5. I went through and edited Popotan, although there are some lines I found a bit odd which I marked. I'll have a look over those a bit later. Also I'm not a massive fan of using all-caps for certain words, but I'll keep them in if it fits the style of the source material, and how you want it to be translated.
  6. I don't mind helping out with editing/QC, although I know basically no Japanese. I have a reasonable amount of time that I could use to edit for you, and if you need it you can trial my editing with a few lines or so.
  7. You can tell they're a tad stretched. Although I didn't have any issue with them throughout the game, the art in general is quite good.
  8. If you're still going to check this thread or for anyone else, go into krkrconf in the game folder. and go to the setting with -fsres written in english just scroll down through them. Change the setting to nearest and it should remove black borders from most setups, if not check the other settings and see if any works. I got it to work without borders on my 16:9 monitor at 1920x1080p.
  9. Gotta agree with Lily for Katawa Shoujo, best girl in the game imo. Although Kenji's route gotta be the second best
  10. sent Well I've played dota for a bit over 8 years now and I'm probably pretty biased. But in general I like the mechanics the look, and for some reason i don't mind the overly aggresive community. The game might be tough at first but it's a pretty good feeling once you get pretty competent at it.
  11. If anyones interested I just got six dota 2 invites, and since most of my friends already have an invite or aren't interested I want to see if anyone else wants them. If you're interested just pm me, or add me on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/archa1c I'm also interested if anyone wants to play a few games together too. Although I'm from Australia so ping could be an issue.
  12. Hey, I've been browsing the site for a while now and I thought I may as well join. I only started reading visual novels last year with Katawa Shoujo being my first one, like many others. So far I've gone on to read Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime, G-senjou No Maou, Kagetsu Tohya and Nacissu. So far I've found visual novels to be a great medium, and I've got a lot more of them to finish reading too. Maybe one day I might think of properly learning Japanese, but I think I'm too lazy right now. Thanks, and I hope you're happy to have me in your community.
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