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  1. I want Jeanne account, my lucks sucks way too much ;_; I have Emiya+Kaleidoscope+Stheno if someone wants it(prologue finished through)
  2. So chu2, even him says you need to be abused
  3. Everyone that exists in this momment and going to exist in the universe
  4. Patting=Not abusing HMN You need to be abused to continue living
  5. Because of things like this you get kicked from groups :3
  6. Hey i'm dead but zombies can still rape you know?
  7. Solo esta haciendo publicidad para que gente conosca que se estra traduciendo ya de ingles a espaƱol. Ahi dice que no ocupa ayuda. Buena suerte con el proyecto.
  8. Likes to read lights novels Likes Neptunia Series Likes Noire Stops lurking and logs in. Anyways nice to meet you, i'm fan of the things you like too, so let's get along~
  9. You're going in places, leave before you lose your humanity
  10. I did check it but when i execute it, it doesn't let me put commands
  11. https://vndb.org/v12863 trying to tl this game as a project to learn japanese(shitty tl, probally not going to be finished or published) I tried the xp3tools and viewer but then don't work, like they execute but it doesn't appear nothing and closes itself Using win 7+ The files are .xp3
  12. According to HMN: https://gyazo.com/1b331a0d414050771a896a8448541f92 Not sure myself idk japanese Jokes aside try tl some rpg maker games, i think they are easy to extract and can be used as practice so you don't go green intro tling
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