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  1. http://testyourvocab.com/result?user=9521029 Not sure what everyone is so disappointed about... I actually expected a lot less. I consider myself to be fluent when it comes to speaking English, but I'm not nearly as confident when it comes to reading. High school Latin helped, I suppose. For a lot of these words, especially some of the 'easier' ones I don't know, I feel like I'd be able to judge what they are if I read them in context, like atorq mentioned.
  2. As it stands now, I think anime/manga becoming more and more mainstream is the main reason visual novels as a medium have grown the past few years. I think all of us were happy to see big titles like Grisaia and Clannad appearing on steam. When it comes to that, it's honestly gone a lot faster than I anticipated, which is great. I do, however, feel that we're going to stagnate, as Lesiak pointed out. To make this medium work for a western audience... I think we simply need to wait for a few good, radically different OELVN's to be written. Something, preferably, with western art and themes
  3. Since he's getting somewhat desparate, I figure I'd help a friend out. Here's your ship, @Chewy
  4. That's a good point, that distinction is there in Japan. We're stuck with the blanket term 'visual novel', on the other hand... never thought about it like that.
  5. Thinking about it, I have two reasons to think the image visual novels won't change. The first one is, again, the fact that sex sells, being the tried-and-true method as it were. In order to avoid confusion, let me be specific that by 'h-scene' I mean any sort of pandering material unnecessary to the plot in the following. Even if many more visual novels appear which don't rely on h-scenes, I think there'll always be at least as many that do. As was mentioned in the podcast, it is fairly easy to write in h-scenes after the story itself has been written down, too. Inserting h-scenes seems
  6. This was a nice listen, thanks for making this. One reason I like visual novels is that they don't shy away from, well, just about anything. The roots of that are, no doubt, in h-scenes for the simple reason that sex sells. I don't think the image of visual novels as glorified chinese porn powerpoints is one that'll ever be really changed for the better - I've tried introducing friends to visual novels, with mixed results. I'm sure I'm not the only one who is somewhat unwilling to mention it to people due to the prevalence of h-scenes. Still, with there being a good number of vn's without them
  7. Allow me to second what Plk (Plk? Lesiak? How do you shorten that?) said. Personally, I'm fine with it if it stays in the coliseum of chatter, but if that's not the case it is problematic. It's fun and dandy when you're in the loop (and to get back on topic, yeah, lately it has been fuwaspammers), but to the outsider it's not. If it actually affects whether people want to post proper content, like a blog in Zander's case, then I can only hope it stops.
  8. Is this the real jinsei? Is this tada no fantajii? Tsukamaeta in a jisuberi Open o前 no megane 見re up to the soras and mire... I'm tada no a kawaisou 坊ya, atashi iranai no shinpashii, Because atashi ha kantan kuru, kan単 ike, Chiisai ハイ, chiisai roo, Any shi方 the kaze 吹kus, shinai tokuni atashi ni, atashi ni... Kaasan, ima koroshita a hito, Oita a 銃 taishite aitsu no atama Hiita atashi no TORIGAA, ima ha mou s h i n d e i r u. マma, jinsei ha shita bakkari 始まtta, 🈓も 今 atashi きた to nageta ito subete away... Kaamama, oをOオ, し
  9. 「人生は選択の連続だ」なんていうのは、失敗してから振り返って思う、後悔の絞りかすみたいなものだ。過去の少し先にある、当たり前の明日へ。
  10. i didnt know u write something in ur 'About me" page...gratz

  11. Sheesh, this is dangerous... I'll make sure to keep my eye on you guys from now on... For the record, the whole thing is a sham, I've already found nine duplicates in there. Back to you, Nagi!
  12. I'm bumping this for the same reason I made this thread; to recruit people. The past three weeks, the courtroom hasn't been going on as a result of people being busy with other things and people taking showers, but I think it'd really be a shame if this were to die out so easily. For those interested, we're currently somewhere in the middle of the third case (Turnabout Big Top) in Justice for All, just after the first day in court. If the time is inconvenient for you, then it can be changed as long as everyone else agrees, but it might be hard to do so since there's people from all sor
  13. Final report... The Sootopolis gym went surprisingly well - it wasn't all that easy, but there were no casualties. Afterwards, I'd gotten to training Bresaris the Lanturn but, well, let's just say it was bad luck... I blame my own carelessness. In its place, I introduced an old 'friend' to the party: the Voltorb that had slaughtered Penguin, and I aptly named it Tenkuru. When I entered the Victory Road, everyone was about lvl 48. I'd like to say that it, too, was easy, and it was, until I ran into the very last trainer. Poor Kosaki, the last member from the original team, fell unexpectedl
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