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  1. JackJeanne JackJeanne is a special Otome Game written and illustrated by Tokyo Ghoul's Ishida Sui and it's everything I wanted it to be! My heart broke with the cancelation of Act-Age and A3! (English Version) so I had a mighty need of more theater fiction. Combine my desire for theater and otome games and anyone can see why JackJeanne had my entire focus despite drowning in games. I started with Suzu's Route and I took 1,5 weeks for it lol JackJeanne is just super long for an otome game (4-6 hours per route is what I'm used from Otomate). I really enjoy the preparations for the plays, finding out what kind of story we get to see this time and who will play who. Everyone doing their best learning their character, thinking about their role in the play and feeling like you're not good enough. When it comes to the plays themself, I like the Fall Performance for the quality acting and the Winter Performance for the feelings it gave me the most. The Univeil Performance was quite something too tho! Especially since it will differ in every route. I also enjoy when the "Girl protag pretends to be a boy" tropes come into play. Suzu catching feelings for his bro not knowing Kisa's a girl and the comedy that follows. It get's even funnier once he knows lol It's also funny how worried Kisa get's about hiding her gender when she absolutely has nothing to worry about. Rhodonite is femboy central and has boys much more feminine than she is! I can't wait to see how the other routes will go! I think I'm most curious about Neji and Kai. Neji for being a hot mess who really get's under everyone's skin. And Kai since I really sympathize with him. He's a good guy who deserves more than he usually get's. I want a happy end for him! I think I can already recommend JackJeanne to anyone who likes stories about making a play, stories about pretending to be a gender you're not and if you like femboys lol
  2. I'm glad Mangagamer will release the PC Version of Hana Awase! PC only otome gamers may have all the indie otome, but bigger releases are rare for them. Switch is still the strong hold for non-indie otome. I wonder how the price will be of the series. The Switch Versions together are pretty expensive. Which is why I only preordered the first two of four Hana Awase Games.
  3. Description: Hana Awase was originally released for PC in 4 parts starting in 2012. The last part was first released in 2019. Along with the usual visual novel and adventure game gameplay it also features a Hanafuda battle system. The Switch port will be released sometime in 2023. I don't know much about the game but have heard some things about it. Like that it was jokingly called Yu-gi-oh the otome game lol I will definitely get it. Whether I'll get the physical edition will depend on if they release all 4 parts in one game or not. I would rather not import 4 separate games... God 2023 is loaded with English otome game releases!
  4. So the Dessert de Otomate 2023 was yesterday and here are the announcements. I borrowed the summaries from this Gematsu article. Especially for Hakuoki they probably contain more info than I could give. Radiant Tale: Fanfare fandisc announced Radiant Tale's description: Summary: A fan disc of the May 2022-released Radiant Tale. Delivering smiling faces to everyone once more. Radiant Tale was announced to be relased in English as well this year in Summer. If it sells well we could get this fandisc too in the future. Hakuoki Shinkai: Manyou no Shou fandisc and Hakuoki: Sweet School Life port for Switch announced Hakuoki Shinkai: Summary for the fandisc announcement: A fan disc containing a number of spin-off stories and illustrations not included in the main story, such as a recollection of the events of Hakuoki: Zuisouroku. Hakuoki SSL: Summary: A Switch port of the 2014-released Hakuoki: Sweet School Life. The setting shifts from the Bakumatsu period to a modern era school, where you can enjoy a cheerful and slightly heartrending love story. Hakuoku SSL also got a fantranslation patch for the PS Vita in 2021. Collar x Malice: deep cover 2-part movie information: The two movies will open on May 26 and June 23, respectively this year. The movies will cover an original story and introduced a new character called Mitsuru Sowa (CV: Katsuyuki Konishi ) that will appear: They also announced that the protagonist Ichika Hoshino will be voiced by Kaede Hondo. Collar x Malice: I hope the original story will be interesting enough. I just hope they animate it properly, that Ichika is cute and that my favorite Shiraishi get's screentime. Cupid Parasite: Sweet & Spicy Darling fandisc updates: Cupid Parasite: Summary: A fan disc of the goddess / marriage hunting love comedy game Cupid Parasite. The story follows the good ending of the previous game. In addition to the hidden romanceable character Peter Flage (voiced by Nobuhiko Okamoto), Melenis Levin (voiced by Yuuto Uemura) the Fate Parasite appears as a newly romanceable character. Japanese band The Biscats will once again perform the opening and ending theme songs. Melenis Levin (new love interest): I sure wonder what kind of a mess Melenis will end up being? "Fate" doesn't tell me too much. What made him a Parasite? OP video and more revealed to Alice in the Country of Spades: Wonderful Black World: Summary: A sequel to the September 2021-released Alice in the Country of Spades: Wonderful White World. The opening movie and shop-specific bonuses have been newly revealed. Alice in the Country of Spades The good old Heart no Kuni no Alice series! The Anniversary edition of the first game in the series has an English fanpatch for PC. A very unconventional series which most might know from all the manga adaptions this series spawned which got localised around the world (I have quite a few of them in German). Cast announced for 9 R.I.P. 9 R.I.P. Summary: A slightly strange omnibus romance visual novel that unfolds in various “other worlds.” Announced cast: Kureha CV: Toshiki Masuda Hibiki CV: Toki Shunichi Kouyou CV: Suzuki Ryota Sena: Kakihara Tetsuya Minami CV: Okamoto Nobuhiko Seiya CV: Tachibana Shinnosuke Yukimaro CV: KENN Koharu CV: Azakami Yohei Very interested in this one. I remember it having to do with urban legends and I like my otome games a bit spooky. I don't know about the large number of love interests tho. Quality > Quantity for me. My9Swallows TOPSTARS LEAGUE: My9Swallows TOPSTARS LEAGUE: Summary: A new professional baseball league has been organized, and a team of newcomers who passed the Yakult team auditions is formed with the goal of making it the league championship. This is the story of the romance between the protagonist put in charge of the team, and the players on the team. The story summary, first characters, and stage portraits have been newly revealed. Well. This is quite something. Tfw you have to be a baseball star aiming to win the league championship AND be an idol. I do not know how that works but alright. Could be funny to watch honestly. There is also something about them recruiting for the newest Altergear (non-romance branch) title. I would be surprised tho if any of the titles from this branch end up as a success. I haven't heard anything good about the title that was already released. Doing romance-less joseimuke visual novels only works with good characters and story. I guess we'll see...
  5. It is time again to make your wishes heard! I personally wished for Club Suicide, Hana Awase and Blackish House. I'm thankful for any otome or BL game they pick up tho! Good luck to everyone! (Also Mangagamer only picks up PC games. Otomate and Rejet games are hopeless choices here for otome games just as a heads up)
  6. Team Asahina has released a complete fantranslation for the Vita otome game Brothers Conflict Precious Baby! In order to play this patch you will need a jailbreaked Vita. Brother Conflict was originally released on the PSP in two parts (Passion Pink and Brilliant Blue) each having different love interests. In 2016 Otomate then released the PS Vita port Precious Baby which combined both games into one.
  7. I usually don't focus on OSTs much but when it comes to OST I still remember and always like to hear then I would say: The Psychedelica games (especially Ashen Hawk): Bless the great setting of Ashen Hawk and the soundtrack they created around it! (Also Hikage's character song still has me in its clutches after 4 years) And Cupid Parasite: Every main character has a theme with and without English lyrics in-game! And they are really good! I might have spend a lot of time listening to the theme songs... I like Glamor Parasite, Thieving Parasite and Sensitive Parasite the most btw.
  8. I will definitely make a Let's play of it once I'm done with two other fangames. I hope more chapter will be out by then~ I did hear that this game had quite a troubled time behind the scenes. So I'm curious how it will end up in the writing department. There were major disagreements over direction of the characters, the director being hard to work with etc. There was an entire big document full of discord messages about the drama. I don't remember the resolution of the drama, but I guess it must have worked out. At least one of the writers I follow who posted the document is still in the project.
  9. I got inspired by @otomeaddicted on Twitter. Questions like this are really nice to round out the year so why not post it here too? So of all VNs you played 2022 which are your favorite protagonists? The VNs don't need to have been released this year. For me it would be: Hibari Tojo from Variable Barricade for being the very opposite of a self-insert character as a tsundere ojou-san. She was packed full of personality and with her flaws she powered entire routes without being annoying. She also made different and interesting relationship dynamics possible per route. I did pity her poor suitors sometimes. She is not an easy one to win over lol And: I also really liked Tamamori from Hashihime of the Old Book Town. My guy is a mess and is in an even messier situation. The way he interacted with the world around him made the game feel like a fever dream. He truly defined the atmosphere and plot of the game. I can't think of one thing I would change about him. Truly a pathetic guy I want to study under a microscope!
  10. Truth be told everyone had already given up on this anime project actually happening since we heard nothing about it for years. So it was more recent when they first announced it, but they only made it real now.
  11. Preview of the movies theme song "Ningen×Shikkaku" (No Longer×Human): An anime project for the otome game Collar x Malice was already announced 2019. This year in September they revealed it as a movie to be aired in 2023. Today they revealed that the movie will air in two parts under the title "Gekijōban Collar×Malice Deep Cover". The first part will air summer 2023 and will be animated by Studio DEEN. The key visual suggests that it will be an adaption of Yanagi's route, which is the final route of the game. Collar x Malice was first released in Japan in 2016 for the PS Vita. In 2017 it was also officially released in English by Aksys Games. In 2020 Switch ports for the original game and its fandisc Collar x Malice Unlimited were released in Japanese and English. Description: I'm glad it's a two parter because now I can at least have hope that the pacing won't be a complete disaster. This way they should be able to convey the central plot well enough. Still a bit miffed about it being Yanagi's route since it was my least favorite. However, for stand-alone movies it is the only sensible choice. It answers the big questions, after all. I just have to hope for as much Shiraishi screentime as possible. And I demand Ichika to be animated with all the love in the world!
  12. Announcement on Twitter: Queen Beast was released on December 5th for free on Steam and Itch! Here is the intoduction: This looks really good and I hope that the devs will get all the support they deserve!
  13. There is one other otome game I know that is close to the villainess trope: Rika from Amnesia Memories. She is the leader of a fanclub of one of the guys and she can get very scary! Thankfully she's more than just a crazy yandere villainess and she just rules in the fandiscs lol I hope I come to like the villainess in Lover Pretend as well~ There are some Aksys otome games that got switch ports (Psychedelica games, 7'scarlet) but yeah those were made by other companies. I would be nice if they at least got someone to port the games after a year on console (then piracy shouldn't be such a concern anymore if it is one).
  14. Description: Lover Pretend was originally released in Japan in March 2021 on Switch. Aksys is also holding a giveaway for the game on their Twitter. It will close on the 14th December. In reviews it is described as a k-drama-like romcom. So it might be something for those that want more romance in their otome games! It's a breath of fresh air in the localised otome sphere since it's still pretty rare to get romance focused ones. I'm also curious how I will feel about the k-drama-ness of it all. My sister loves them but I haven't watched much myself. I also have it on my desk already but it will have to wait until I'm done with Pokemon lol
  15. Aksys Games recently announced the most elaborate limited edition they ever gave to an otome game! This limited edition for JackJeanne will come in bronze, silver and gold editions. They can already be preordered in the Aksys US-store. On the 11.11.2022 the EU-store will follow as well. JackJeanne will come out in June 2023. The bronze edition costs 99.99$ and includes: The silver edition costs 119.99$ and includes: And lastly the gold edition costs 139.99$ and includes: So basically the bronze edition is the main limited edition with silver and gold being upgrades. This is very different from what we usually get with Aksys's otome limited editions. We usually get cards, maybe keychains, buttons, recently soundtracks. We never got artbooks, scarfs, enamel pins etc. before. (edit: It seems we already got an artbook and enamel pin for the Piofiore: Episodio 1926 Limited Edition this year) The artbook also seems to be the same that was in the Japenese limited edition of the game. I think they know that the western otome community is pretty interested in this game. As for me I will get at least the silver edition. I could use the new bag and I really want to support this!
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