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    Visual novels of course, especially otome games.
    But I like any game with good story and/or character writing. I have a great weakness for RPG Maker Horror/Story games.
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  1. Let's see... I played Seduce Me The Otome a very long time ago. All I remember is that it's about incubi, that it's surprisingly tame (my sex repulsed ass could read it in high school) and generally felt unexperienced in many ways (writing, tone, etc.). I put it in the category of an okay first otome game when you don't want to spend money. I never read the sequel. I played Retrace which is a narrative RPG Maker game. I really liked the graphics and the concept but the characters and story had no room to breathe. The pacing was WAY too fast! I played a bit of This World Unknown
  2. I'm currently playing Amnesia Later x Crowd. I'm stilll at the beginning of Later to be precise. The game starts with a scenario about the entire cast wanting to find fireflies and going on an outing together to watch them. All this is still set while the protagonist lost her memories (in a more peaceful world it seems) so she is still mostly silent at this point. Then you can choose who to talk to which opens their actual Later scenario. In addition to the five guys you also get a scenario with the three girls and Waka, the manager. Shout out to Mine for being very cute in her littl
  3. After the first English release on PS Vita and Steam in 2015 Amnesia finally made the jump to the Switch! We also get the fandiscs Later and Crowd for the first time in English in one port. The two fandisc were first ported as one game on the Vita and originally released on the PSP as two games. I'm super happy to finally play the fandiscs after 7 long years of waiting! I heard a lot about them and they have a lot of content that appeals to me: - The protagonist finally talks and has a personality! - Quality time with my best boy ura!Ukyo! - Swe
  4. I love it when VNs get an all in one Switch version that supports English! I will never run out on VNs to play on my Switch it seems lol I barely even touched all the galge or yuri on Switch I want to play! Besides AoiShiro I'm also interested in The Trolley Problem and Chigau!!. Gotta keep them in mind and hope for an English release...
  5. Operetta Due and Dramatic Create announced that Koezaru wa Akai Hana (en: The Crimson Flower that Divides: Lunar Coupling) will be released on Switch and Steam in Japanese, English, and Chinese next year. Here is the announcement on Twitter. Koezaru wa Akai Hana was originally released in 2012 as an 18+ Otome Game. Two years later an all-ages version (17+) was released for PSP and later for PS Vita as well. We don't know yet if the Steam version will be the original 18+ version or the all-ages version. But to be save we should expect the all-ages version. Still, as th
  6. From all otome games I have played I think Taisho x Alice could be called a masterpiece. The way it used fairy tales to tell the character's problems was really remarkable! I knew when I played Cinderella's route that it was something special. And then almost all routes hit so strong in the character and thematic department! Not to mention the plot twist which was something I never saw before, but thanks to great foreshadowing slowly managed to piece together myself. It's really a game where you have to play every single route because the truth builds on everything. Also Yurika is a
  7. 9. R.I.P interests me the most from the new games! I like Yuuya's artwork and quite a few of her designs here are again winners! Urban legends is also an interesting theme. I'm hoping for some horror vibes! I want to feel afraid again playing otome games. Other than that the fandisc for Virche will be interesting. So now it will focus on salvation, eh? I'm waiting for the English release next year to play the game so I only know what I heard about it second hand. The likelihood of me liking Virche is pretty high (the writer is one of my favorites + I like darker stories) so this is also s
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