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  1. What are you listening to right now?

    Not the kind of thing I usually post here but damn, this guy was so far ahead of his time. Such a talent. And if course, he ended up being forgotten and died before he could get back to the top. Fate truly is a b.....
  2. Summer Anime List 2019

    It's quite a contrast from the last season, isn't it? Senko-san is quite lovely though, I like where I think its going with the neighbour character. :3 I also quite enjoyed the opening episodes of Hitoribocchi, although I guess most people are sick of those intensely moe middle school comedies...
  3. Fuwanovel Confessions

    Hope it works out for you. I'm still under strong impression my gaming habits can only be controlled through (relative) abstinence. The only non-VN game I'm allowing myself nowadays is one of those browser/mobile idle MMOs. It's pretty great for my predicament as there's simply not that much to do there beyond a fixed, daily routine and you are rewarded for consistency and planning rather than sheer time investment. And the stream of rewards and possibility of interacting with guildmates are still decent enough. At least it's enough most of the time - my RL friend recently ressurected the WoW account we shared in the past and even though I still really like that game, I felt little temptation to join in, as I know I'd just burn tons of time and end up with huge hangover, while the thing I play now is just way more manageable and guilt-free. In general, I find my relapses into gaming rarer and less severe nowadays, but that's pretty much only through abstinence. I wouldn't trust any of it just on my willpower or discipline, as I have none.
  4. What's the point of editing it though? You'd just make the thread even more confusing. You should just properly respond to what other people wrote (other than Kiri, that is). I agree with most points others made here BTW. While Yuzusoft is definitely a company creating top-quality VNs and winning over audiences with just how memorable and fun their games are, Nekopara and HDN are meme factories that appealed to a more mainstream crowd and managed to go viral. If there are lessons in them that could help VNs be more successful... I'm not sure if they should be learned. It's not like those games don't have their appeal points (I've recently played the first Neptunia game and it was extremely cute, while Nekopara, while I find it intensely creepy, is undeniably stunning visually), but I wouldn't want most of my VNs to be like them. :< And from these companies, only NEKO WORKs did the "unusual" thing by releasing Japanese and English versions simultaneously from the very beginning. It worked out for them amazingly, but I don't think many companies would be able to repeat this kind of success and good-quality translation is still a large investment.
  5. An attempt at classifying protagonists

    Wouldn't Fate's Shirou start as a full-on useful idiot, getting more competent over time? Another thing coming to my mind are some protagonists in comedy anime, especially Konosuba's Kazuma. There would probably be some kind of equivalent of that in VNs?
  6. VN from the perspective of gender rebellion

    Nah, I think a good portion of Asia is like that. That's how people explained Barbie flopping spectacularly in China for example, while the super-cute brands like Hello Kitty sell wonderfully.
  7. Sable’s Grimoire was, in my opinion, one of the most interesting and enjoyable OELVN releases of 2018 – the expansive, story-driven VN with a very unusual approach to the theme of monster girls impressed me both with the sheer amount of content and the stories it told. Featuring various mature themes but essentially devoid of sexual fanservice (if you didn’t read my original review, check it out here – it also includes a lengthy interview with the game’s developer, Zetsubou), it was a rare kind of uncompromising project, which didn’t really cater to the reader’s expectations or insert elements that would help it become commercially successful, but rather followed its creator’s particular vision, to a very compelling and fresh-feeling effect. Even with the basic premise – a human student entering a magic academy dominated by demi-humans – sounding relatively standard, the VN itself was, in many ways, unlike anything I’ve read within the EVN scene. Another significant detail about the Sable’s Grimoire, signifying its relatively non-commercial nature, was the promise of free updates from the developer, which would expand significantly on what was already an impressively-sized VN (over 20 hours of content) with additional story routes. First of these was meant to be the story of Tix, a short-tempered, but cheerful pixie, who because of an administrative mistake becomes the protagonist’s roommate – a route originally planned for the main game, but cut out because of the already-prolonged development cycle. In January 2019, 8 months after the game’s initial release, the promised update was finally made available, adding around 4 hours of new content and full heroine arc for Tix. So, how does it compare to the rest of the game and how much does it add to the already awesome value-proposition of Sable’s Grimoire? Read the full article at evnchronicles.blogspot.com
  8. VN from the perspective of gender rebellion

    I think there's more than that to characters such as Arcueid or Rin... But I guess I'm making assumptions, didn't go through the VNs themselves, only the associated media.
  9. VN from the perspective of gender rebellion

    Well, it definitely wouldn't hurt your case. I think [redacted (:p)] break these stereotypes to an extent, as do many other chuunige with proactive, strong heroines. Plot-oriented yurige like Fatal Twelve or Shadows of Pygmalion also create a different dynamic, from the sheer lack of male leads. Many otome VNs are, in a way, mirroring eroge, trading the passive heroines for a passive, spineless protagonist (but also, the heroes in them are often absolved from moral judgment, even if they're literally rapists or murderers - yandere love interests are plenty in otomege). There are important exceptions though, like Code: Realize or Cinderella Phenomenon (the last one being an EVN and those generally treat female characters differently). Maybe I'm fixating on agency a bit too much, but I see it as a broader rule. Wherever characters are just romantic or sexual objects (most moege and nukige, and also most otomege), they'll be absolved from everything as long as they love the protagonist and stay faithful to them (I mean... The romance wouldn't really work otherwise and most VNs go for wish fullfilment over anything else). When they're actors influencing a (proper) plot, what they do and how they behave will have a lot more weight.
  10. Site Work 03/17/19

    In what way? It works fine for me... At least as fine as it always did. ----------- This whole thing is sad, isn't it?
  11. VN from the perspective of gender rebellion

    Uhhh, this might be true if you just look at moege, but in better plotge, some otome and much of yuri you'll easily find female characters with actual agency and whose actions have clear moral weight. The picture is not this black & white. Just don't expect a "breakthrough" when it goes to typical eroge - those games are like this because they cater to very specific needs of a very specific audience, and deviations from the formula rarely pay off for them.
  12. Is Euphoria worth it ?

  13. Is Euphoria worth it ?

    I'm pretty sure no one missed it. No one even said it's incomprehensible, it's just... Dumb and unconvincing. A good setup drowned in ridiculous, overly convoluted sci-fi dribble and over-the-top plot twists. I understand people loving this game for its atmosphere and the psychological parts, but I find the overarching mystery plot absolutely indefensible. It doesn't make the game awful IMO, but doesn't deserve to be treated seriously.
  14. Is Euphoria worth it ?

    Well, it's supposed to be better than euphoria and this VN was already not all bad (even though I agree with all the criticism you gave here). I'm personally still very curious about it, but I guess I also never believed the hype and there was nothing I could be disappointed about. Clock Up VNs are just a curiousity to me and even if they end up being memorable for all the wrong reasons, they're at least something different... ;p ---- And as a bonus, an extremely unpopular opinion from me: The longer I think about euphoria, the more convinced I am that Rika's route is my favourite, and possibly the best one in the game. Rika starts as an awful character, but thanks to that has a lot of growth potential and receives a ton of that later on. The arc shows the surreal horror of the surface parts of the story, but doesn't go into all those dumb explanations for it (cool mystery >>>> stupid reveals). And the creepy Stockholm syndrome aspect of it all is only fitting considering the primary theme of the underground parts - Makina is the perfect counterpart to the protagonist, drawing out his worst instincts and confronting him with them, and in the end they both receive redemption of sorts. In a way, it stays most fateful to the psychological horror aspects of the game.
  15. What are you playing?

    Well, yeah, but the game never really suggest he's average or not very capable. He would like to be average because of how messed up his life has been and he's occasionally resigned/brooding because he considers himself a murderer. I don't think these are even spoilers, it's established quite clearly early in the common route of Kajitsu, later parts only explain the details of his past and the work he does.