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  1. Paradoxically, I never feel the need to play the demo when a game looks this promising. After all, I will buy it anyways so there's no reason to spoil myself on any part of the experience (unless the demo has some exclusive content, what barely ever happens in VNs). Anyways, enough rambling. Good luck with the development, I'll surely grab this as soon as it comes out.
  2. Sup.

    Welcome to our glorious forum full of awkward nerds. I'm sure you'll fit right in!
  3. Highway Blossoms Remastered is live on Steam

    I don't know, but surely it will never reach KARAKARA's levels of excellence. ;p
  4. Starting a blog about western VNs and VN developers?

    Hello there, brave soldiers of Fuwa! This was a rather insane week for me personally, but not without some cool developments on the blog. When it goes to minor announcements, I've added VNDB links to all the old reviews and gave a slight editing run to some of them. I'm not sure why I didn't do it in the past, but it's fixed now and I will obviously keep adding the links to all future posts. Also, if you started following the blog later down the line, this might be a nice moment to check out the things you've missed. This week I've tackled a game development of which we could observe on Fuwa pretty extensively - it's always really cool to see project in which you interacted with the developers, and maybe even left your small mark on, coming into fruition. It's also a game that tackles topics that I'm personally really interested about - that of more "human" aspects of war and totalitarianism. Panzer Hearts by HELYEES proved to be both a flawed game and a very interesting one and was definitely fun to review - hopefully that's also visible on the reader's side of things. I really encourage you all to read the post and if you're not sure if the game might be to your liking, there's a pretty large free demo available on Steam. Next week, I might tackle one more fresh release before I venture into the world of gameplay VNs - it mostly depends on the time at my disposal. Whatever happens, I hope you'll continue to follow my blog and have a wonderful week everyone!
  5. Not true (nsfw), Yurirei is actually a relatively tame 18+ VN with sex scenes and went to Steam uncensored. It might actually be more appropriate target for the purge than most of the stuff that was hit, even if I very much disagree with it being categorized as porn.
  6. Yup, I know, but notice that Valve's request was to censor the targeted games, not just a notice of taking them down because they're pornographic filth - I haven't played this one but all others I know and were targeted had nudity (and not much more, if speaking about Steam versions). If you say that TL was well-censored in its Steam release, then maybe they're randomly going by user tags without looking at the actual content, it's possible that even now I was giving Valve too much credit.
  7. That's because I'm pretty sure Valve went after anime games with partial nudity (just like the bare breasts in Huniepop and Yurirei) and not the actual porn games that "properly" gate the hentai behind patches, like MonMusu does.
  8. Still, porn without actual depictions of sex isn't much of porn. Making sex a goal in the narrative is a bit too little - and I don't say it to claim HP isn't porn after all, just that defining porn by sex being the main theme is a shitty definition. Plus I don't envy anyone desperate enough to fap to the kind of material that HuniePop offers...
  9. Indeed, I actually forgot about the explicit CGs you get after the "bedroom" puzzles. Still, for the most part it's just fanservice, especially in the Steam version, calling anything in there porn is quite a stretch. And you spend most of the time on puzzles that are completely non-erotic in nature, so calling HP a pure porn game is really not accurate - you could maybe say that about Monmusu, where gameplay is non-existant and a very poor excuse to make you pay for hentai scenes (and it wasn't targeted by Valve so far).
  10. [redacted] I actually remembered it wrong, but Huniepop is not really a "pure porn game", it has actual gameplay and was properly censored in the "clean" version - in a way that was widely consider as appropriate in the past (with only bare breasts in the "erotic" CGs and "sex-related" puzzles) but suddenly became "pornography".
  11. There's a petition on change.org to make Valve reverse their desitions on HuniePop and other affected games. It obviously is extremely unlikely to work, but the more people show explicit discontent the more Valve will have to think about what they're doing. Also, Thank God for Jim Sterling.
  12. Highway Blossoms Remastered is live on Steam

    I wonder... It had a partial voiceover in the old version, if I remember well? I surely didn't have a huge budget back then, so probably the cast they used back then was fairly cheap and recording additional lines could be worth the added appeal (after all, more conservative/JP-centric VN fans ofter really care about VA). I do hope they'll make some decent marketing push though, a post on Reddit rather won't win that many new sales for a two-year-old game. :]
  13. Highway Blossoms Remastered is live on Steam

    You can always mute it. ;p
  14. Because that's their original niche? I assume that eroge fans in Japan want porn (if we can believe Dergonu, they even care about it way more than most of us Weebs do, and many of us care about porn a whole lot) and all-ages titles are mostly viable on the console market (and those are often just censored versions of originally 18+ titles, just like those that appear on Steam). I think this is a bit like asking while PornHub doesn't produce comedy skits - it's not what its customers want and even if they want it in general, they already get it from other places.
  15. Most VNs are eroge. Eroge, by definition, have porn. We get a decent number of all-ages titles (like Fatal Twelve or Chuusotsu lately), but the majority of what Japan produces have hentai. So that's what we get. Plus Steam have problems not just with porn, but also nudity, so games that don't qualify as porn by any reasonable standard can also get targeted by this. It can. But it doesn't want to. Because it wants to have kids on its platform and parents ready to spend money on games for them and porn is a big Boogyman in 'Murica (and to a lesser extent in many other parts of the world). Even having a "Steam 18+" as a seperate platform would, in Valve's perspective, ruin their "family friendly" image and make them vulnerable to all kinds of attacks and bad press. I don't really think that's the case, but it seems to be the line of reasoning they consistently follow. It's just like Twitch don't want to make a seperate 18+ section and just bans all games they find questionable (including Yandere Simulator, for no fucking reason or Sakura Santa, which is btw a tame and even fairly amusing fanservice game, solid 5/10).