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  1. First I want to say that I respect you and I understand how some of the things you talk about can mess you up, but I can't agree about some of the things that you said. I think that most of the pop/hip hop/rap music and most of the celebrities are hurting people by depicting things that are bad, but I have no choice because I am unwillingly exposed to that things every single day while walking on the street and while I'm at my workplace. Should I hate all of the people who worship that things, quit my job and escape society by building a shack in the woods and living there for the rest of my life? You are not hurt, you are offended. Some people are offended by cars and fast driving, does that mean that I'll have to quit loving cars? If people can't make a difference between fast driving and unsafe driving and claim that they are hurt because I love cars, I don't care, because it's their fault, same with that loli stuff. I'm not here to talk about lolis and they're not my kind of thing, but I have almost never felt exposed to them against my will. I just ignore topics about those things. About hurting people who have been subjected to child sexual abuse : So does that mean that people who have been hit by a car with some moron driver inside are hurt by people who love cars and people who are racing drivers? For me, a VN enthusiast is someone who will never use VNs for something bad, so I refuse to believe that there's a real VN enthusiast who has abused children because of the VN community. Just like a real car enthusiast will never hurt anybody by driving. People who love driving fast, are the opposite of people who drive recklessly and reckless driving is shunned in every real car community. You are also confusing pedophiles and child abusers, these are two very different things (both not good, but one is less worse) because most of the pedophiles hate sexual abuse. Please don't talk about driving if you don't understand it. All people think that they can hate on fast driving just because they don't know any better and are totally ignorant about driving (all of the people who aren't interested in cars and driving should burn their driving licenses, but thats another topic). Just yesterday I drove fast on the highway on the most left lane and someone cut infront of me (while driving way slower than me), to overtake a lorry. If my car wasn't equipped with very good braking discs, brake pads and rotors, I would have crused into him and we would both be seriously hurt and maybe dead. Who is at fault in that situation according to you? Is it me for driving fast in the empty, unoccupied lane on the safe, smooth and straight highway road, or is it the driver who cut infront of me for being an a$$ for not checking his mirrors before moving in front of me?
  2. What are you playing?

    I just want to thank you for the amazingly beautiful song. I finished Fata Morgana almost a year ago and I loved it (ofcourse).
  3. What are "Classic" VNs?

    Good to know. Higurashi does something similar, right? I get that the point is to mess with our expectations and build investment first, but it's not exactly compelling in massive dosages. As a person who finished it, I confirm that it's exactly like what Stormwolf said. The first chapter is relatively short, so if you bear with it, you will be happy later.
  4. What are you playing?

    I just finished Lucia's route in Rewrite and I found one funny thing (for me) at the ending of the road (which is a spoiler).
  5. What are you playing?

    I'm at the beginning of the second route. Thanks for answering. I wondered if something was wrong with me, because I catch on slowly sometimes.
  6. What are you playing?

    I'm playing Cross†Channel, I've played for more than 12 hours and most of the time I don't know what is going on. Is it normal? Myth is truly unique and I haven't seen anything like it. I love the concept.
  7. What are you playing?

    The insane dude also wrote a book titled "On Cross Channel" which is more than 400 pages long. I don't know which translation did I get. I like to gamble. When I opened the "readme" file I was greeted by that :
  8. What are you playing?

    I finished Planetarian today. I'm amazed that I didn't like it, so many people do. That is probably because I haven't played short VNs for a long time and I have become accustomed to longer VNs. The best part is that it's short, so I didn't lose valuable time on it. After more than 2 years of trying and failing to get Cross†Channel to work on my PC. I was on the verge of buying a second PC just for playing it, because I'm in love with the description on VNDB. I'm very happy now, because I just got it to work on my PC and I'll probably spend all my time (when I'm not working) on that and finishing Rewrite.
  9. Last visual novel

    When I was driving my car, my front left tyre blew suddenly as I entered a corner. The car suddenly spun out of control and I crashed sideways into a pole. there were two of my acquaintances in the car, and the boy in the back seat didn't wear a seatbelt and he died on impact. The one on the passenger seat and me were totally unharmed, but the passenger started spewing lies about me to the police and the parents of the boy who died (they were cousins). He lied that I was going way faster and he told that I wanted to drift the car, that I had a street race with some guy and some other lies like that. The deceased boy's parents believed him and bribed the people involved in the investigation and now they say the same things and don't even acknowledge that I had a blowout. Now I have two choices : 1. To plead guilty about all charges against me and to hope for less time in jail. 2. To try to fight the corrupt system, but that will probably make my sentence longer. I plan on reading it very soon.
  10. Visual Novel with best BGM

    I don't see Subarashiki Hibi's BGM here. I loved it and I think that it fits the atmosphere of the novel. I like the BGM of Katawa Shoujo very much. Lullaby of Open Eyes and Aria de l'Etoile work great as wake up alarms for me.
  11. Last visual novel

    I played it quite a while ago, and I loved it. When I first saw Chaos;Child, it wasn't translated yet and I decided to watch the anime. I don't know when, but I'll play it. I'll add the others to my "to read" list.
  12. Last visual novel

    Thank you all for the wonderful recommendations! I'll read as many as I can. I have been wondering if I should read these for a long time. I guess that the time has come. I dropped G-senjou no Maou a while ago, but I was probably in the wrong mood at the time, so I'll give it a second chance. I'm glad that someone liked my comments on the list. I'll play SeaBed. Considering the guy is going to jail, that VN may either put a really positive or a really negative effect on him, tbh. I'll take the gamble.
  13. Last visual novel

    I will probably go to jail for 2 to 6 years soon and I probably have around 3 months to read visual novels and enjoy freedom and I want the last visual novels I read to touch my soul and to be special. So please give me your recommendations. Sadly I can't read (or speak) japanese (yet), so I can only read translated VNs. Imagine that you have only 3 months left, which would be the VNs that you would read? PS : I'm not a criminal or anything. I just want to read visual novels, work and live peacefully with my cat. I don't need anything more. It was just that something bad happened exactly when I was in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people, but the system in my country is far from good so I don't have hope for evading it. To reduce the spam to a minimum : Feel free to ask me anything more on PM.
  14. Anime with ultimately satisfying endings

    I'm happy that somebody else on fuwanovel enjoyed that anime as much as me.