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  1. We believe that video games are meant to push the boundaries, both technological and of the way we experience stories and beauty. We are passionate about every magical gem that comes from our fiery forge. The road from an idea to a final product requires patience and hard work but what an adventure it is! Hello everyone Most of our graphics are made on Procreate - our artist Michalina simply can't imagine working without this splendid tool. In previous articles, we wrote a bit about the process of creating graphics for our game (mostly backgrounds and renders), but today we
  2. Hello everyone We are really happy, that we can join Fuwanovel community As a Polish game developer we believe that video games can convey strong emotions while at the same time push the boundaries of technology. We are currently preparing for the PC release of the long-awaited second episode to the mystery-horror visual novel - Perseverance: Part 2. Perseverance: Part 2 is a mystery horror visual novel, inspired by series such as Walking Dead, Revival, and Scandinavian crime stories like "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" Hope you will like it! So! Once again, hello
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