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  1. Where are you going to find so many translators? Impossible task.
  2. Don't worry, if no one ends up joining I'll learn the hacking by myself. It should be doable. It's just that it would be easier if there was an expert to help. It's not a role I desperately need, but rather a role that would be convenient to have. The goal is not to make friends but to get things done. I want to see bm3 finished and spread Happoubi Jin's art everywhere within the western communities.
  3. Google still has the best text to speech compared to other free sites such as https://ttsmp3.com/, https://www.readspeaker.com/, https://www.ispeech.org/text.to.speech, https://www.verby.co/tts/japanese, etc. For when you want to use your ears to read instead of your eyes. My eyes get pretty tired sometimes glancing at the dense Japanese characters. To prevent yourself from "cheating", all you have to do is switch the translated language to something other than English such as Traditional Chinese or something, then you don't have to worry about being ruined by machine translations. I've
  4. I'm already Dorothy. Android, high performance, maid...
  5. America is very good at smearing other countries' reputation. Well, it's to be expected when your biggest export is propaganda. It's not scientifically confirmed for covid-19 to have originated in China, there are no facts backing up that claim, yet Americans somehow managed to burden China with the reputation of causing it. Just like what they did to Mexico/Spain with the Spanish Flu, does no one remember how it started in America and yet westerners somehow managed to blame on others? The video in question of the woman eating a bat came from nearly 5 years ago, the time spans don't even match
  6. I've been watching Redo of a Healer, I particularly like how the MC gets to have revenge on everyone.
  7. I recommend biman3. The protagonist gets discriminated against just for being Asian. As an Asian-American myself I found it to be very relatable. The author must have lived in a western country as an Asian to be able to write that kind of story, or at least visited for a while. It tackles problems such as racism and the alienation of being a minority very well.
  8. Scenario Kichijouji Dolores Artist Happoubi Jin Composer Akiyama Hirokazu MUNYOT Moriai ChizukoLyrics and composition of ED "Iki to Shi Ikeru Mono" PopanArrangement of ED "Iki to Shi Ikeru Mono" Vocals Amamiya ErikaED "Iki to Shi Ikeru Mono" Director Rokudou Rinne Staff Aoki TenguAnimation, movie FumiProduction, script Happoubi JinPlanning, color design Hiro HikoProduction management Imuraya AyukaLayout Ko-TaInterface programming MARSHANGraphics, color design MGProductio
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