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  1. Do you have a source for this? I really want to see the quote specifically because it sounds interesting. I heard the cinematics in Planescape Torment when you cast certain spells take influence from the summons from Final Fantasy 7. That's another JRPG influence that appears in his work.
  2. I beat Fallout: New Vegas. The reason why I think he could do a good VN is because his games tend to feature tons of branching paths which could easily be adapted well into a VN format and I think he could bring something intellectual and memorable to visual novels.
  3. He also wrote Planescape Torment, which is an RPG but has tons of dialogue and narration not unlike a book. It was even jokingly added to VNDB 7 days ago.
  4. I've been thinking about this since yesterday since I saw someone on here suggest that maybe a VN could more popular if a famous writer wrote a VN. While I'm not entirely convinced this is true, I do find it an interesting thought experiment and I've thought about writers that I think could write cool VN's. I've included both western and Japanese authors in my personal list: ・Murakami Haruki (Norwegian Wood and Kafka on the Shore) ・Itoi Shigesato (MOTHER trilogy) ・Oowaku Hiroyuki (Silent Hill 2) ・Chris Avellone (Fallout: New Vegas and Planescape Torment) ・J.D Sallinger
  5. This doesn't seem like a VN. There doesn't seem to be any ADV/NVL presentation.
  6. I never tried to accuse you of saying it was bad, all I said is that other people exarggerate how same-y the games supposedly are (in comparison to eachother, not other JRPG's in general).
  7. While I do think this is true, I find that a lot of people tend to exaggerate this to an extent. While the games never lose their core appeal, I don't really feel that the games really all are the same as people make them out to be in the same way people often accuse the Pokemon series of being too same-y. I often see Dragon Quest VI often accused of being too same-y by people who also established Dragon Quest fans. A good example of a Dragon Quest game that has tons of differences with the rest of the series is Dragon Quest IX. It's very different for many gameplay and
  8. I wanna read a visual novel that has segments where the player plays a simulation game where you increase stats. There must be significant amounts of uninterrupted story with ADV or NVL presentation with frequent narration, so stuff like Huniepop, Long Live the Queen, and the Persona series is out. Also my Japanese isn't the best so the game has to be translated if not in English originally.
  9. I recommend adding Cupid. It's an amazing gothic Victorian horror VN. It's free on steam if you want to check it out.
  10. Very good. I finished the first route and I wonder what will happen next, though I already prematurely seen some (admittedly contextless) spoilers such as the fact that I hope that's not all of the major spoilers.
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