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  1. A VN That Gives Me A Hug

    Fureraba Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai
  2. What are "Classic" VNs?

    Subahibi Muv Luv Both of them are school-setting but if you can tolerate it like you said, you'll love these. Especially Subahibi I think.
  3. VN with strong romance plus fantasy/SF story

    you may like Code;Realize if you don't mind it being an otome.
  4. I'm getting kinda tired of every heroine being submissive and shy in bed while MC becomes quite sadistic out of nowhere even though most of the time it doesn't even fit his personality. I'd like to see an heroine teasing the guy in the H-scenes for once. I've read Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road and there some H-scenes like that.
  5. pick one for me

    Steam Prison is an excellent otome with a badass MC, the story is really really good and it's a rather quick read.
  6. VN recommendations for a newbie

    G Senjou No Maou : It's an amazing VN, the story is sooo good, there are so many plot twists, and the characters are all well written imo. Fureraba : Classic SoL but a really sweet story. 9 -Nine- : A VN mixing romance, superpowers and mystery. The art style is really cute too. Grisaia No Kajitsu : If you don't mind long common routes, Grisaia has an amazing story, the routes of the heroines are all extremely good as are the characters themselves.
  7. Have you ever read a VN twice?

    I read Danganronpa 2 twice, otherwise no I don't really reread VNs. However what I do is rewatching scenes on YouTube. And I plan on rereading G Senjou No Maou with the voice patch.
  8. Is Euphoria worth it ?

    I mean, I usually dislike nukige but this one seems to have a rather good and interesting plot so I don't mind it however my main concern is : I really really hate rape in VNs, I can handle it but if it's just that then I won't enjoy it and will probably skip the H-scenes (which is dumb considering it's a nukige), I obviously expect some but is it really only non-con?
  9. Going back to VNs?

    I do that all the time except when the VN is fairly short. I always download new stuff and start it before finishing what I was reading first, that's why it takes me months to finish some VNs even though I consider myself a fast reader.
  10. How do you choose your first route?

    It depends. If it's a plot heavy VN with probably a recommended route order, I either follow it or guess it myself (it's usually not that hard to guess tbh), and when it doesn't matter, I do my best girl first so that way I won't be thinking about how much I want to read her route already when I'm on someone else's route. And sometimes, I just choose on the spur of the moment, like Grisaia, I was hesitating the whole common route between Sachi and Michiru only to end up on Amane's first.
  11. I'm not sure if it exists, even in animes I never found any relationship like that. I know that usually after the romance develops they live happily ever after but I'm still asking because who knows. It can also be just a difficult relationship to handle, with many issues. Idk something close to that at least. I'd rather it to be translated but Japanese's fine too.
  12. PC. There are more VNs available on that platform, it's more comfortable, best suited for the medium and overall offer a better experience, imo. Though, even though the console is pretty much dead, I like playing on my PS Vita too.
  13. Cliches in VN's You Wish Would Just Die!

    The pervy best friend who is in pretty much every eroge.
  14. Inoue in Rewrite. Seriously, she already had a great dynamic with Kotarou in the common route and it would have been easy to add a route for her.