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  1. Don't skip anything. Alternative wouldn't have the same impact without the first two parts.
  2. It's an otome game so probably not what you're looking for exactly but Collar x Malice's heroine, Ichika, drinks in pretty much every route.
  3. I like first love fluff but I'd like to read a VN with adults who had previous love experience and stuff. I don't want some nukige, I'd appreciate a typical SOL eroge (or not ero it's fine too). I'd prefer translated ones if possible, but Japanese works too. Thanks in advance.
  4. Clannad, well-written protagonist, who is not dense and has actual issues of his own Hoshi Ori Yume Mirai, nothing too special but the protagonist has his own dream Fureraba, I remember this one being a dumbass but I actually found it absolutely hilarious, it was too much so I kind of thought it was to mock actual self-insert protagonists but I may be reading too much into it
  5. Fureraba Collar x Malice If my heart had wings
  6. Danganronpa series. Used to be a huge fan, I was obsessed by the series and its characters for years, then I read other things and I don't like it much anymore...
  7. Little Busters had me crying of laughter with some scenes. Norn9 was quite funny too. And like was said before, 9-nine Episode 2 had the funniest H-scene ever, it was hilarious.
  8. For me; Takeru x Sumika (Muv-Luv) is my all time favourite. Kyousuke x Haru (G senjou no maou) is a really close second. Also; Takeru x Ichika (Collar x Malice) Zakuro x Kimika (Subahibi) Riki x Saya (Little Busters!) Kotarou x Kotori (Rewrite) And a lot more.
  9. Ehh I tried to make a poll but apparently I fucked it up Mehh no big deal I guess
  10. I was surprised to see that this question hasn't been asked yet (or at least, couldn't find it) I personally loved Looking-glass but damn it was hard to read. It's my own invention was awesome too but I despise Takuji, he ruined it for me.
  11. Yeah definitely check out Subahibi, it was genuinely terrifying at times. I can also recommend G senjou no maou, not as horrific as Subahibi and a different atmosphere as well, but it's really dark and may be to your liking.
  12. Collar x Malice it's an otome game with a whole criminal mystery (the MC is a police officer), it has a lot of heartwarming moments too and I loved it.
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