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  1. I only used it with some Grisaia's scenes, cuz' they were all too good and funny to read. But usually I'm not a huge fan of H-scenes so I stick to reading it once.
  2. I'm not sure how popular this game is, but I hope enough for me to get help. So, I'm like 10 minuts away from being done with Poyo's route, however the game stops before I can reach the good end. It's like I'm getting a bad end but it isn't even the canon bad end with a CG etc, no, it's a random bad end and the game just stops. My almighty power is.. normal I guess? and my affection with Poyo is full. Though, I tried to get the canon bad end and it seems that I can't even reach that... I didn't see anyone with the same problem so I really hope someone can help.
  3. Yeah, yeah, I know many people already asked questions about the VN due to the last plot twist, but I have a question myself and never saw anyone asking about it, which is weird so maybe I missed something idk anyways : -In ch3, when Kanon was living with Kyousuke, I remember that when she was taking a shower, Kyousuke got an headache and quickly switched to Maou, we had the CG confirmation of it, and he was clearly in the appartment considering we heard Kanon asking for a towel. How the hell is that possible considering that Kyousuke isn't Maou? It's not like it was in Kanon's side chapter, it was rlly during ch3, the main route. I never saw anyone asking about it but it bothers me a lot, I don't see how it can make sense.
  4. Is Princess Evangile worth it?

    Thanks for the replies. Maybe I'll take it when on sales then, but it won't be my first priority at the moment.
  5. Cuz I disliked Magical Marriage Lunatics, it is the first VN that I dropped. I read through the common route + Luluna's route, then I read a bit of Yohirime's but dropped after her first H-scene cuz I couldn't stand it anymore, the thing was incredibly boooring. When I was reading through the common route, I wanted it to end because it started to become way too long and it wasn't a good long common route, but actually I think the it was the best thing I read in the game. Though Luluna's was decent too. i think my main problems were the lack of interesting things happening and the fact that when you're into a girl's route, the other heroines completely disappear. So, is PE worth it? (just to mention, I have 0 problem with SoL genre, only MML managed to bore me to death)
  6. Code;Realize FDs have all been localized or are confirmed to be in the near future, but what about Collar x Malice? Did it sell well enough for its fandisk to be localized?
  7. VN to read after senjou no maou

    I'm joining everyone here ; read Grisaia No Kajitsu. Plus, it is considered a VN "similar" to Senjou No Maou because of the MC, the plot isn't similar at all, but the protagonists are a bit similar, though, I prefered Yuuji (Grisaia's) by far.
  8. Is there any romance in Chaos;Child?

    Alright, thanks ! Yes I know, I didn't read it for that purpose at all, I just liked the dynamic MC had with some of the girls, but now that I'm in the last chapter of the common route, I lost all my interest for any potential romance aha
  9. I don't really care either way, but I am curious, it is always pleasant to have a bit of romance with an heroine you like.
  10. Personally, I can't read any nukige, really, I already find most H-scenes in eroge boring so you'd understand I'm not exactly fond of reading a story who only revolves around the sex. Also, eroges with rape scenes. I can handle a lot of things, but that makes me extremely uncomfortable.
  11. Grisaia no Kajitsu denpasoft vs Steam

    The Denpa version is far better. In a game with themes like Grisaia's, the H-scenes are never the only things to be removed. Take the Denpa version and skip the H-scenes if you really want to, though some are hilarious (Amane's and Michiru's) and the others show new sides of the girl which, I think, are always cute to see, and it usually develop the relationship between Yuuji and the girl too. But if you really don't like them then just CTRL key through them.