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  1. Foreword: I'm sure that first brand's title bears a message of what kind of games it's going to make. Yuzusoft is a big player on the scene, it's good to know its roots. Synopsis: You play as part of the brass section of the school band. However, they have closed your school due to low student population and have redistricted all who went there to another school. That school's brass band has already been well established there, and your new school cannot have two brass bands. Not only that, but they ridicule you and your classmates and consider the lot of you untalented. To remed
  2. Foreword: Game opening is clean, heroines are pretty, and big swords promise good action, so I decided to try one game from nukige-maker May-Be Soft out of curiosity. Synopsis: Makito lives an ordinary life with ordinary parents. But one day, his father tells him that his family is a "Zaibatsu", a large family that controls banking and industrial combines. His father thinks that Kazuki has grown up enough to tell the secret and tells him to live at the main house by himself for a while to prepare for taking over the "Zaibatsu". He doesn't want to live alone but his father gets se
  3. Bra-Ban! is VN of the Month. I'm reviewing it as well as Maid-san to Ookina Ken 1. Souten no Celenaria ~What a Beautiful World~ 蒼天のセレナリア ~What a beautiful world~ [060707] Liar-soft 1 2 3 In a world powered by steam many advances have been made, even as far as steam-powered airships. Utilizing this technology, a militaristic empire has already taken over half of the continent. The story surrounds a freelance airship crew trying to make ends meet in this war-torn world. When Cony, the captain of the ship decides to save a girl from the ruthless imperial s
  4. Foreword: In June selection is so bad that I was choosing between erotic fantasy game in school environment and in fantasy environment, and the latter was chosen which is Hime-sama Ririshiku! Synopsis: He is wandering around the forest. He doesn't know where he is, why he is there. The only things he remembers are his name and his position that he is a prince of a country. The prince meets a mysterious girl named Chinaki. She has also lost her memory but it seemed she came from another world. There is one more thing that he is sure.... that he is lecherous. He doesn't know about
  5. H2O -Footprints in the Sand- is the only masterpiece of the month. I'm reviewing Hime-sama Ririshiku! just because it's fantasy'ish. 1. Iinchou wa Shounin Sezu! ~It Is a Next Choice~ 委員長は承認せず! ~It Is a Next CHOice~ [060602] Chien Kurou, in the second grade at Rinou Gakuen, is an inspector. Rinou Gakuen high school is a school of the committees, by the committees, for the committees. The general meeting is taken place once a year and there comes a mysterious mail that says "The school system will be destroyed by that day.". Rindou, who is a boss of the students, has an ide
  6. Foreword: First game by AXL inevitably piqued my interest. Synopsis: There is an old apartment, where nobody lives because there is a rumor that people who live there will be dogged by misfortune. The apartment is owned by Kouhei, a uni student whose parents passed away when he was a child. Kouhei has a special ability that he can talk to ghosts. By using this ability, he sometimes talks to his deceased parents so that he never feels lonely. One day, two students transfer to his class, Yuki and Akari. They are so pretty that every male student gets excited. However, Kouhei can se
  7. May is a relatively quiet month with few titles. The VN of the month is Hidamari which I'm reviewing, but there are quite many masterpieces including KimiKiss , D.C. II ~Da Capo II~ , Kishin Hishou Demonbane and finally Scarlett . 1. Samurai 7 [060524] Design Factory Co., Ltd. Visual novel based on the Samurai 7 anime. As usual, cheap anime spin-off. Game only covers 16 anime episodes and skips on epic ending. Moreover, it becomes a stupid dating sim as each samurai is available for developing relations. 2. KimiKiss キミキス [060
  8. Foreword: There are enough good reviews of this game (1 2 3 4). But I'm going to look at it as a pure love game neglecting all the H content. It's probably going to be weird and underscored because of that. Synopsis: Extracurricular club activities are the norm for Japanese schools, but an all-night movie event scheduled at school and in August still sounds strange/unusual, especially considering the tiny size of the Movie Research Club (merely six students). And indeed, the two teachers supporting this novelty have hidden motives/objectives, although also the six students themse
  9. I consider Tenshitsuki no Shoujo to be VN of the Month. I promised one person to review Kansen ~Inyoku no Rensa~ , and this time has come. 1. Kou Ki 紅姫 -Kou Ki- [060403] Saga Planets It's a short era in China history that disappeared from memory of successors. Main heroine is a princess who rides horses and handles sword and bow skillfully. She gets her marriage arranged. She wants to see partner, so under hidden identity visits her partner's town. But at this time conspiracy rises against future fiance family, and two young people flee together. Main heroine maintains fa
  10. Foreword: Game interested me mostly as supposed sequel of Abandoner. Synopsis: After disaster in 2024, seven years ago rain has never stopped in this city. As of recent, nightly serial killings have infused fear in human hearts. Injured by monster attack and dying, student Shouji meets girl Ai who binds a contact with him and gives him power to use mighty claw in battle. They promise each other to survive no matter what, but it might be the first step to brighter future for the humanity. Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8jSx5cHExE&list=P
  11. Lost Child is VN of the Month, review incoming. Guess Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o can also be called a masterpiece. 1. Spitan Spirits Expedition -in the Phantasmagoria- スピたん Spirits Expedition―in the Phantasmagoria― [060303] Xuse 1 There’s a mountainous crag to the northeast of the Continent of Dragons called Dragon's Claw Marks. No one in the recorded history has been able to cross that area safely. However, they did not have a newly invented airship! You play as the aspiring and newly appointed captain of this vessel, Loty Eiblyss, but you didn’t exactl
  12. Foreword: Circus makes either serial works of flying whales (hello, Saishuu Shiken Kujira). This is exactly such case of flying whales. Lots of mist and epicness summoned to cover dirty rags. Synopsis: The memory that was forgotten somewhere, the feelings that were sealed in it ... The memory of green, wandering eyes. I forgot summer sky refection in the puddle, drops of tears, small lips and whispering voice. This world is beautiful - gentle fragrance, soft warmth, protected sleep, gentle embrace, innocent smile. All of these things are waiting for me a
  13. Muv-Luv Alternative definitely makes the winner of this month and, despite my worries, I enjoy it a lot so far, somewhere between 9 and 10. The only other game that can be called a masterpiece this month is Moshimo Ashita ga Harenaraba . I'm choosing AR ~Wasurerareta Natsu~ for review just in order to reveal its very vaguely described plot. 1. Dra†KoI 竜†恋 [060203] Nitroplus 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A boy-meets-girl story in a world under attack by dragons. Game is translated and with lots of English reviews.
  14. Foreword: I was choosing between booby fighting action, PS2 juvenile investigation game and SF game in January 2006, so I chose SF one, of course. I also quite liked Setsuka character design, so decided to try Horizont for her alone at least. Synopsis: The Earth has suffered from terrible wars, and the United Nations' World Federation Government was formed as a result. 33 years later ULF (United LUNA Front) has emerged and declared inter-planetary war to UNWF. The Moon gains initiative and transfers battlefield to the Earth. In the meantime, there is a group of self-
  15. The VN of the Month is I/O, but that's a great start of the year. I also consider Fragments Blue a masterpiece. For some reason I chose Horizont for review among games without English review. 1. Fragments Blue [060119] Vridge Inc. 1 2 This novel-type adventure begins when the main character Kaname Ousaka takes delivery of a letter and a key. In search of the letter's source, he heads back to his home town of Shimizu and learns of a quest to collect a set of such keys in order to open a box that will lead to happiness. The game includes love elements and interactive conve
  16. kivandopulus


    Finished updating old posts. Nothing really interesting is added, so added games comments are very scarce. Main changes are mostly about descriptions for games that did not have one, over 500 new descriptions. Some review/opening/image links changed. Finally, I can move on now. This is the early draft of changes, stopped updating it midway. VN of the Month December 2005 - Aekanaru Sekai no Owari ni https://vndb.org/v22685 - Power Pro Kun Pocket 8 https://vndb.org/v23599 - The Noroi no Game https://vndb.org/v27013 - Sugar Sugar Rune: Koi mo Oshare mo Pick-Up! https://v
  17. Realize is the biggest surprise and win of the month. I'd also call Uminomichi a masterpiece. And no, I hate Clannad too much to enroll it here. 1. Hanakyuu はなきゅ~ [040402] Megami 1 The main character is Toshiaki Uemura, a typical university student living alone in the big city. The story begins in Christmas night, when Toshiaki and his girlfriend Sumomo fulfill physically their love for the first time. Their future seems now firmly set, but the next morning, while Toshiaki and Sumomo are on the way to their university (in Japan, Christmas is not a holiday), an unknown wom
  18. Foreword: Toki no Kairou wins marginally in the joint poll of the year. It's quite curious to see what White Cyc first game is like compared to games of the big brother Black Cyc. Synopsis: Main heroine Izumi is an ordinary student. But peaceful daily life starts to crumple with the visit of a boy in school uniform. Brutal murders and signs of supernatural forces pierce the reality. At the same time the story of girl Saya begins. She is saved from death by a man, so she fulfills missions for him now with the current one being watching after Izumi. She witnesses human sacrifice
  19. Year 2005 was awesome. It's the golden age for plotge. Plots have become so diverse and complex that a lot more time is required to crack them up. My new approach to pick up all the titles I like doesn't help to move faster either. In addition, my base corresponds VNDB base of 2017, and it's time to synchronize. There are 230 new titles to add from 1980 till 2005, plus a dozen of old titles that I found out over time and finally can describe properly, let alone the need to refresh openings links. So Till January of 2020 there will only be Extra review of the year, then I'll be updating old art
  20. Foreword: Yatohime Zankikou has an absolutely starry staff, great chuni story, astonishing visuals and lots of fighting girls. Everything promises the ultimate score, but why average scores are just between 7 and 8 then? Synopsis: A god called Yatonokami who is worshiped by men is now sleeping. Or is he? Somewhere, somewhat, something arose and its manifestations are possessing people and turning them into 'oni'... You're Nagamine Yuuma, an ordinary student, the one who is woken up by his cute female neighbor friend every morning... But in truth Yuuma isn't really a normal
  21. Foreword: Finally a Caramel Box game with a plot that I can actually enjoy. But online RPG development took me by surprise, so I'm totally sold here. Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A7fKvuknkmk&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv9n5v_LWmKrdNPv96DDFnW6 Synopsis: The protagonist, having lost his family because of the faulty A.I. of a machine, makes his living as a professional player of a game called CQ shot. Suddenly your friend requests you to be a bodyguard for a strange girl who is getting stalked. The protagonist doubt whether or not there actually is a stalker but since the girl s
  22. Foreword: Dragonia remains in obscurity while being localized. That's a strange situation, so I wanted to check why. Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=40ois_GrS5w&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv8rKP5oDa1nzt0KevjFrmhw&index=31 Synopsis: In ancient Dragonia existed five orbs that could be used to make dragons do one's bidding. However, as time passed, the stories of these orbs faded from collective memory becoming mere legend. However, one day a man appeared and hatched an evil plan to take control of Dragonia using these very orbs. Yet the powers of the orbs could only be harnessed by
  23. New December brings over 100 titles again. I consider Aekanaru Sekai no Owari ni to be VN of the month, while Yatohime Zankikou and Yume Miru Kusuri are masterpieces. I'll review the first two as well as Dragonia 1. Kino no Tabi II -The Beautiful World- キノの旅 II -the Beautiful World- [051201] Tycoon Kino travels the world looking for his friend. Game continues to cover material from the light novel series and includes a new scenario "Various stories" written specifically for the game by the original author. Story is good since it's literature adaptation. The nu
  24. Foreword: I was choosing between a moege and a nakige in November, so just went for the first SF looking work which by chance turned out to be Terrible Future. I wish I chose anything over it, really, like anything. Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2mluk-y9Bg&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv9k1HWgnRrjgH1amhusrT-d Synopsis: Main character Ikki Minakata is a student who aims to become a civil servant to have a stable life. On the summer vacations he is suddenly attacked by a girl who comes from the future to kill him and prevent inventing of the device that put the world to chaos. However
  25. Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo is VN of the Month. Nursery Rhyme and Tomoyo After ~It's a Wonderful Life~ are masterpieces. For some weird reason I chose Terrible Future for review. 1. Hime Musha 姫武者 [051104] Tomato Main character is a student who has to babysit three sisters after parents' death. The mysterious beautiful girl trio called "Hime-hime" becomes the talk of the world as they are rumored to prevent the assassinations of government officials every time. But main character himself becomes that target of attacks of a girl in battle suit. He can't hide his su
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