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  1. It's becoming a tradition, but there's again just one candidate that fits to run for game of the month and wins by default - Unless Terminalia 1. Ai Kiss 3 アイキス3 [220325] Giga Arimori Gakuen is an art school . Two years have passed since enrollment and relations with different girls around. This year two new girls Maniwa Karin and Ikenaga Avrola enroll , so new story page brings even more fun. Moege sequel 2. Himemiya-san wa Kamaitai 姫宮さんはかまいたい [220325] Prekano Main character was looking for a new school club to join when Tsubaki Himemiya forced him into joining tea ceremony club. Soon it turns out that it's full of ghost members , so it more and more starts to remind a date. Not a month without vanilla nukige. With so few titles can't just strike it out. 3. Hokenshitsu no Sensei to Gothloli no Koui 保健室のセンセーとゴスロリの校医 [220325] Citrus "I, may have been looking for spring." "Maybe I was looking for love." Kazami Sora is still working as a nurse at Saika Girls' Academy as planned after the first semester has passed. His traveling companion, Shirobana, works as an assistant, but they no longer live together at their hot spring resort, Shikisai-no-Sato. After seeing his sister off peacefully, Sora has decided to lead a life not for her anymore but for himself. Shirobana, who knows this better than anyone else, decides to step aside and watch over Sora from afar, just as Sora's older sister did in the past. Autumn is the season of school events, including a field trip to a lavender field and a school festival held jointly by the schools. As time passed by, one day, a new mystery was added to the Seven Mysteries of the school. It is said that oni (demons) appear at night, and they ravage the school grounds. Sora, who thinks it is the work of the Tamabito, is starting to investigate the case as an Okuribito. He is accompanied by Otohime, the school doctor, who is also a reliable coworker and drinking companion. The language of cherry blossoms is the language of beauty. And that of purity. ---- It's more of a fandisc as it's a rather short kinetic story focusing on a side character introduced in the previous work 4. Unless Terminalia アンレス・テルミナリア [220325] Whirlpool High school Morinomiya Gakuen is located in the deep, deep forest. Neighboring towns consider this place a sanatorium. Boys and girls with extraordinary abilities are gathered from all over the world at this school. The "Yuzuriha Institution" protects them and researches the "gift" bound in them. The "gift" is considered to be of heavenly nature. Main character is cursed to forget everything except for one chosen memory, so he is placed in this school to find that most important memory to carry over. One day he meets a transfer student Mikuriya Ren who wants to experience the joy of youth in this place, but who is about to die soon by a wicked twist of fate. This is a story about the meaning of fate. God certainly exists and keeps asking boys and girls about it... Good to see Whirlpool following the flow of Pieces rather than some other its infamous projects. Individual elements are fine, so if you can stand all this heavenly providence and resurrection themes, could be more entertaining than Pieces.
  2. The good news that there is still a release that qualifies to run for the game of the month - RE:D Cherish . The bad news that it's again the only one that fits the criteria for me. 1. HEAVEN BURNS RED ヘブンバーンズレッド [220210] Key 1 The setting of this game is girls being in several military units. 31A, 31B, 31C, 31D, 31E, 31F, and 31X, each with their very own motto and motivation, which all serve as humanity's last hope against "Cancer", an interstellar force which is laying siege on humanity. Bleak future aside, Heaven Burns Red tasks players with the role of fighting against Cancer, by recruiting and sending off girls to fight them. Characters in the game wield Seraph—weapons that can harm Cancer. Mobile Exclusive RPG 2. 1/1 Kareshi Kanojo 1/1彼氏彼女 [220225] SMEE Main character is in love, but romance is difficult for him because of three reasons: 1. Encounter is difficult even with effort applied and happens mostly due to pure luck 2. Even upon meeting timing to show affection may easily turn wrong 3. What if she rejects? One must be extremely lucky for all three points to coincide. With such thoughts protagonist spends winter days of the second year of high school. Moege 3. Boku to Kanojo no Kojin Lesson 僕と先生の個人授業 [220225] Azarashi Soft+1 "...What should I do in the future?" Kido Yusuke was worried. He studied hard so that he could go on to any job in the future. And he also worked a part-time job to supplement his living expenses. But he don't know what his want to do in the future. And he couldn't talk to anyone about that problem... One day, the teacher came to the student dormitory where he lives. "I'm living here from today. We're a teacher and a student, but I'm glad if you'll get along with me." Tsukimori Misaki, an elder teacher who suddenly decided to live with him. Yusuke casually asks Misaki. --How can I find my future goals? "You just have to spread your insights. Like a student, play a lot and experience a lot." He don't know what to do even if he's told to play and experience--. Yusuke didn't feel like that until now. "Then... may I cooperate for you?" The days when the teacher and the student spend time under the same roof. Times that were unthinkable in my life will change every day little by little--. Usual share of vanilla nukige 4. Ever Maiden ~Daraku no Sono no Otome-tachi~ エヴァーメイデン ~堕落の園の乙女たち~ [220225] Liar-soft This story is about "Puerarium", a school isolated from the outside world by fog and thorns. Here strict discipline is always in effect, where the air always tense and time never disturbed. However, one morning a girl was found unconscious in front of the school gate. This gate is always closed and should only open on special occasions. The guards, on alert, asked her to name herself to which she replied "Alouette." At that moment, the bell of the clock tower, which was rusty and always silent, rang out. "When the bell of the clock tower rings, the end of this school will come soon." Like the gossip had hinted, it was the beginning of a nightmarish turmoil in Puerarium. Alouette who had became a student after many complications, violated curfew and left her room. What she saw there was a school that had turned into a different world, and a strange shape that wandered around with a murderous intent. With determination she called out to the girl in front. Yuri 5. Grisaia: Phantom Trigger Vol. 8 グリザイア ファントムトリガー Vol. 8 [220225] Frontwing At last, an all-out war is at hand. The battle against the religious organization, The Fatal Answer (TFA), has entered its final phase, with CIRS and SORD preparing to send all of their troops into TFA's stronghold. The battlefield soon descends into total chaos. Black rain pours down, civilians become desperate for water, and shots are fired at friend and foe alike. Not even the trenches are safe from the anti-aircraft guns TFA employs, the explosions bombarding the combat zone that the girls are tasked with invading. Such a feat is not unlike invading the depths of hell itself. The underground base is quickly being suffocated by gunpowder, and the dark forest that surrounds the battlefield reeks with the stench of death. But both contain within them the faint yet tenacious flames of life; will those flames be able to withstand the harsh realities of war? This must never, ever be repeated again... "Listen up, everyone! Final equipment checks!" "Yeah, there's nowhere to retreat to." "Is it okay to kill them?" "We can die happy." "Thank God! I'll never let you go again!" "Life itself is war..." "Prepare for close-quarters combat!" "Holy crap! Look! They're charging right at us!" "They've completely lost their minds..." "Well then, I guess it's time to end this... What are you going to do, Enishi-san?" The girl places her finger on the trigger of fate... "Why... Why do you fight?" Great news for those who still follow 6. RE:D Cherish! [220225] CRYSTALiA 1 Time is 206X, place is resort island "Eruteria" that advocates "freedom for all." Main character arrives here having lost his hometown and everything he had. There he meets a white-haired girl Unika who also was robbed of her family restaurant business run by her father. Her dream is to restore the diner. Together they try to make this dream come true in the atmosphere of total freedom bordering with the state of lawlessness. There is an English review
  3. Nothing unusual, sadly as I don't favor jrpgs aside from Trails series. Expeditions: Rome keeps me fascinated for last couple weeks. Modded Fallout 4 and Witcher 3 are stopped midway and await their turn. Atom:Trudograd is installed yet needs some inspiration for it. After first satisfyingly modded game might glance at Oblivion (for the story as never finished) and Skyrim. Cyberpunk 2077 still lacks mods in my opinion, so checking once in a year the state of mods for it.
  4. Just one game qualifies to run for game of the month and it becomes winner by default - Hentai Prison 1. Shiori no Kotoha - Dark Reflections - シオリノコトハ - Dark Reflections - [220118] CyberStep, Inc. At the end of a deep forest, there was a large library with European-style architecture. Kenji Azuma drops by the library whenever he finds time. The reason why Kenji, who doesn't usually read books, comes by so much is because of the girl who works at the library, Shiori Tokita. Kenji falls in love with her at first sight, and spends his days in the library reading and watching Shiori. One day, Kenji falls asleep and is awakened by the sound of an emergency bell... The area was pitch black and the doors would not open...the library had turned into an inescapable prison. Within the locked down library, Kenji and his friends are tossed about by the mysteries hidden there and the murders that occur... All-age B-class horror remake with vtuber gimmicks instead of seiyu 2. Kurokami-sama no Bansan クロカミサマの晩餐 [220121] Minato Carnival World 1 Domaru is a young manga artist just trying to survive after his work was discontinued. He joins a group dedicated to learning about spirits, yokai and the occult in order to find new material for his next story. But, there is one urban legend that especially catches his eye – the tale of Kurokami-sama. Domaru's curiosity takes hold, but he quickly learns there's wisdom to the phrase "be careful what you wish for" when his investigation leads him to the real Kurokami-sama. She spares his life on one condition – he must hunt down the other yokai, slay them, and bring them back to her. But Kurokami-sama is as capricious as they come, and she won't hesitate to send Domaru to an early grave if he makes even a single mistake. Subject to the whims of a powerful yet beautiful creature, what will Domaru do? Serve her eternally, or fight for his freedom? There is an English review 3. Needy Girl Overdose [220121] WSS playground Needy Girl Overdose is a “multi-ending ADV” depicting daily life with “OMGkawaiiAngel-chan”, a young girl with a rather extreme need for approval attempting to become the #1 “Internet Angel” (streamer). SIM 4. U-ena -Toohanabi no Shoujo- U-ena -遠花火の少女- [220121] Hemiola Studio 1 ―Far fireworks― That flash orange and white in the sky, and bloom blue flower at the end. This celestial event has recently begun to appear and people call that "Far fireworks." The story is set in nondescript rural junior high scool. Tomoki belong to a club that mix literatureclub and tea ceremony club. That called "Kotonoha Circle." It was the night he saw Far fireworks. He meets soaked girl in the center of lake. He spend usual days with Yuena and club president of Kotonoha Circle, Utano Shinonome,but suddenly accelerated unreality approaches the peaceful reality. An unreal secret that approaches when you meet someone you thought you couldn't meet. ― ■■ in the world. Even if taking her hand will eventually change the world, I am ー. A summer seem to prolong the moment cross between two people for all eternity. I'm still praying in the sky that time should continue forever. There is an English review for Early Access game 5. Magatsu Barai マガツバライ [220127] light “Spiritshine” is a mysterious power that has long-existed in humanity and nature. Hayato Isurugi—the apprentice of a “Spiritualist,” whose livelihood is to master the use of that power and exorcise demons—was enjoying his peaceful young life at Shinwa Academy. Working part-time making charms to earn money; enjoying silly, lighthearted conversation with good friends; and secretly planning out a gift for his older sister as thanks for all that she does for him… But his ordinary, albeit pleasant routine is shattered by the arrival of an unforeseen assailant. While the Academy falls into pandemonium, Hayato is deathly injured trying to protect his friends. But just as he is about to die, he encounters a young woman named “Magatsu,” the incarnation of an evil spirit sealed by his ancestors. It was 1,000 years ago, during the Heian era, that the city was shaken by the 13 Demon Generals. Taking the appearance of a beautiful young woman, the Calamity Shion smiled. “Well, now… do you want to live, fool?” “Here is the deal. Free me thyself.” “And I will give thee strength.” And thus the story began. The glistening days of youth. “Even a little rock can make something happen if it starts moving!” Like a clear sky, Magatsu Barai. Console exclusive 6. Hentai Prison ヘンタイ・プリズン [220128] Qruppo -"Tulip Prison". This is a prison where only sex offenders who are judged to be "impossible to rehabilitate" are imprisoned nationwide. The ninth correctional facility is a prison built on an isolated island in middle of an ocean, where no one can escape. Minato Shuuichirou is a boy who lives in Tokyo. He got the nickname of "naked man" from the police. He couldn't tolerate the existence of clothes and couldn't stand being clothed. He repeatedly kept exposing himself everyday on impulse, even risking his life. On one day with beautiful illuminations, he was arrested for public obscenity and obstruction of official duties. He defended himself in court pleading that his exposure was an act of art, but his claim was never accepted. He was found gulity of assault on the police and repeated obscenity. And he was sentenced to ten years' imprisonment. He was also judged to be "impossible to rehabilitate" and imprisoned in the Tulip Prison. Can an exhibitionist survive in this prison haunted by demonic prisoners? This prison of sex offenders called "HENTAI" is by no means a paradise. Third attempt of Qruppo to mix nukige theme with a plotge, but if earlier healthy people were put into lewd atmosphere, this time it's the opposite. 7. Kami no Kuni no Mahoutsukai 神の国の魔法使い [220128] NekoNeko Soft Main character comes with sister to Tokyo for a sightseeing trip. At a mysterious shrine they get back in time to Japan 1000 years ago. They start to get along with the villagers and even meet a cute wizard girl, so adventures begin! Partially released so far 8. Tomodachi Kara Koibito e 友だちから恋びとへ [220128] Azarashi Soft Main character is forced to participate in speed dating by his boss. There protagonist meets two girls he already knows and decides to spend more time with one of them. More vanilla nukige 9. Venus Blood: Savior [220128] Dual Tail The continent of Levancia, where humanity enjoys prosperity under the blessing of Harial, the goddess of the sun. The goddess of darkness, Ishtar, was sealed, and the dark demons were squeezed into the frontiers and the bottom of the earth. Because of the era full of light, the demons seek a savior. An old demon king who once followed Ishtar. His resurrection was the long-cherished wish of the demons. Time has passed and the Demon King finally makes his resurrection. Regius, the hero of the demons. And confronting him are the heroes of the sacred treasures of this world. "Now is the time to create a demon paradise ──!" The battle to bring about change in the age of light and darkness is about to begin. SIM BLOCKED 1. Houkago Cinderella Mini Fandisk ~Anata to Kaeru Saigo no Gekoudou~ 放課後シンデレラ ミニファンディスク ~あなたと帰る最後の下校道~ [220128] Hooksoft After-stories with each heroine after graduation. Fandsic 2. Gekko no Sword Breaker - Minato-hen 月光のソードブレイカー ミナト編 [220125] Iron Sword Modern time. The largest machine product company "Imperial Heavy Industries" gets the control share of "Automata" and starts producing cyborgs for households. High school student Yuto gets caught up in an automata runaway incident, but soon the third-generation automata Nova saves his life. Yuto was taken to Nova hideout and given a serious assignment - to fall in love with five school idols to defeat "Mugen Tukuyomi". First target is student council president Minato. Doujin
  5. Despite all the looks I still find as many as ten games to be great. And still 50 openings to enjoy Visual Novel Openings 2021 . Since I prioritize chunige , my choice for the year is Waga Himegimi ni Eikan o . As for plans, hardly anything has changed except that I'm first going for Sakura, Moyu. -As the Night's, Reincarnation- , but so far only recorded common route over last three months, so useless to plan further. Will definitely get more active when I finish all the postponed RPGs , six titles accumulated so far. My list of masterpieces in 2021: Buddy Mission Bond Fuyukara, Kururu. Genpei Ryouran Emaki -Gikei- Kunado Kokuki Madohi Shiroki no Kamikakushi Meikei no Lupercalia Monkeys!¡ Sousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushiki Umi to Yuki no Cyan Blue Waga Himegimi ni Eikan o
  6. Kunado Kokuki is the only big title in December. 1. Star Melody: Yumemi Dreamer スターメロディー ユメミドリーマー [211202] Kogado Studio Yumemi Nanahoshi is an ordinary middle school student who lives in the small suburban seaside town Hoshimaki. However, one day a creature named Kirara—the princess of Little Star, a planet destroyed by a monster called Muma—appeared before the ordinary Yumemi. Muma—who manipulates nightmares to devour people’s souls—followed Kirara to Earth in pursuit of her. To save everyone, Yumemi must become a “Dreamer” and defeat Muma with “Purification Songs”! With the support of her childhood friend Kanato, Yumemi becomes a Dreamer and continues to fight against Muma. To protect the peace on earth. And to protect everyone’s dreams! After all these years Kogado Studio still parasites over rhythm games. Stability. 2. Vtuber Maid Ramie Vtuberメイドラミエ [211216] iMel Inc. It all started when the protagonist randomly came across a video of the newly debuted maid Vtuber "Ramie Amatsuka." Our lonely hero was tired of his job and lost his lust for life, his only comfort being Ramie Amatsuka's live streams. At first, she was just an illustration. However, through the wonders of technology, she started to be able to truly come to life. Eventhough it was through the screen, just by watching her channel grow and how enthusiasticaly she chatted with her audience, he felt his spirits lift. One day, Ramie Amatsuka, a former citizen of the virtual world, appeared in front of the protagonist by jumping through the screen... "Spend time with the cheerful maid Vtuber who wants to take care of you. Your fun and raunchy room-sharing life begins now!" Not the first fanservice work milking vtubers, not the last. 3. Kiss Kara Hajimaru Gyaru no Koi ~Kurumi no Uwasa to Honto no Kimochi~ キスから始まるギャルの恋 〜くるみのウワサとホントのキモチ〜 [211224] Prekano Second-year student Tsutazawa Hiroki has a disposition to want to help people in trouble and his interest is directed at the girl sitting next to him in class: Hiiragi Kurumi. If she was just a simple kogal with a flashy hairstyle, then perhaps he would've treated her as just another classmate. But, people told bad rumors about her. She looked resigned to her fate, always gazing out of the window, putting a wall between her and the rest of the class – if anyone was not meant to be there, it was her. Hiroki's relationship with her was triggered by a chance encounter. Being aware of the face she's always making, Hiroki starts questioning her on her situation. Kurumi is touched by his meddlesomeness and gradually becomes more interested in him... Concealed behind her appearance, there hides the pure and vulnerable love of a Kogal. It began with a teasing kiss and then rushed past like a spring breeze. Can't block it with PS4 release coming. Can't bother discussing it either. 4. Kunado Kokuki クナド国記 [211224] Purple Software 1 One day, metals have gained a will and randomly began to attack humanity all over the world――― Without knowing the cause, all the civilization and history on the earth were destroyed, and mankind has been hit by unprecedented catastrophes for about 1,000 years. Humans drastically reduced their numbers and managed to survive while resisting the attack against the metal with will Tetsuoni. Many of the remaining humans have awakened to their supernatural powers, and devoted themselves to the days of battle. Meanwhile, a girl named Natsuhime, one of the warriors belonging to the frontier country of Kanto, defeats Kurokami, the greatest threat of Tetsuoni. The people of Kanto who survived are shaken and rejoices the disappearance of a thousand-year-old threat to human existence. This story revolves around the boy Kurotetsu Shin, who has no memory of being found in the remains of Kurokami after the battle. It is a story of mankind's revival and how it reconstructs history from the former civilization that humans lost to Kurokami. There is an English review 5. Lunaria -Virtualized Moonchild- [211224] Key 1 The Moon and Earth: a love story spanning 384,400 kilometers. Skyout is a cutting-edge VR action-battle race. T-bit is not your ordinary high school student. He's also an undefeated genius gamer. Day in and day out, he logs into Skyout, winning lots of prize money. But one day he ends up wandering into a mysterious area. Lunar World, a Moon server whose existence no one knows about. There T-bit meets an AI avatar who introduces herself as LUNAR-Q. It turns out that she's a rejected mascot character for a lunar terraforming project, and she dreams of seeing the Earth some day... There are English reviews 6. Princess ☆ Sisters! ~Yon Shimai wa Zen'in Anata no Iinazuke~ プリンセス☆シスターズ!~四姉妹は全員あなたの許嫁~ [211224] Princess Sugar The main character, Kaburagi Ryou, once lived a wealthy life. But after his father, who had a business for many years in the Republic of Kynesburg in Western Europe, died of illness, Ryou became bankrupt and struggled to survive while working part-time. One day, a mysterious maid "Sakura" appeared in front of him and said - "I want to support you.", and asked him to sign a contract as soon as possible. But why me...? Despite thinking that way initially, the request was somehow related to the Republic of Kynesburg, and thus, was sort of related to his father, and so he decided to accept it. Soon, there came a phone call from Sakura to Ryou to meet her at a specific location. When he went there, alongwith Sakura, there were four sisters "Flora", "Anise", "Cheryl", and "Eimi" with her, and Ryou had to take care of all four of them. The truth behind all this was that the King, who felt gratitude towards Ryou's father, wanted to invite Ryou into the royal family. Therefore, he decided to carry out a big matchmaking project in which all the four sisters, who were also his daughters, were made Ryou's fiancee, and the princess chosen by Ryou as his wife, was to become the number one successor to the throne. Thus, "the matchmaking project and a new life for Ryou, with the four princess sisters", has begun. If pure moege still exists, this is the closest thing to it. BLOCKED 1. Nanagane Gakuen -Ryokou Bu- 七ヶ音学園 -旅行部- [211230] Luna System Main character Kei Tokisaka, is a second year student attending a travel club. He is an ordinary student, but he has a secret that he can't tell anyone about. He adores club members who are all beautiful girls: the beautiful head of the club, the idol girl, the honor student's childhood friend, and cute younger students. The life of the club is filled with excitement , anxiety , humor and romance. Fandisc
  7. There are as many as two games about GameDev, and since there's not much else to look at, one of them Sousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushiki becomes game of the Month. 1. Yuru Camp△ - Have a Nice Day! ゆるキャン△ Have a nice day! [211111] MAGES. GAME Take on the roles of Kagamihara Nadeshiko and Shima Rin, and enjoy a branching story where the camp contents change in a big way based on your choices. With “what if” scenarios not depicted in the TV anime, this is a game Laid-Back Camp fans will not want to miss. The game features various "what if" scenarios. What if everyone went to the Takabocchi Highlands, where Rin originally went solo? What if Rin camped solo at Shibire Lake, where she originally went with Nadeshiko? What if Rin brought a portable grill to Lake Motosu? Despite featuring the same scenes as the anime, you can still enjoy a fresh camping experience! In Laid-Back Camp: Have a Nice Day!, you can relive the Laid-Back Camp experience by visiting Lake Motosu, Fumoto Campsite, Eastwood Campsite, Takabocchi Highlands, Shibire Lake, Jinbagatayama Campsite, and Fujinomiya. Furthermore, Lake Tanuki Campsite, which only appears by name in the original comic, has also been added as a campground. But whether you are able to camp there depends on your actions. Anime Spin-Off 2. NinNinDays 2 [21118] qureate A young man is dazing off while working the night shift at a convenience store, when a girl stops in to ask for a meat bun. The one next to her appears to be her boyfriend, and after doing their shopping, the two of them link arms affectionately and take off. Just when the young man is thinking how nice it would be to have a girlfriend, a pair of girls in ninja cosplay show up. The girls just stare at the shop goods without buying anything in particular. Even worse, they're even chatting about ninja techniques or something along those lines. When he calls out to them to prevent theft, it becomes apparent that they have no money. Despite suspecting that they might try to steal something, he gives in and buys a bento for the two desperately pleading girls. The life of that young man is turned upside down from the moment of his encounter with the two young women. A roommate life with two female ninja, one a Chuunibyou, and the other a fanservice machine, is about to begin?! And so begins a new love story with two ninja girls! Sequel is released in English 3. Asatsugutori アサツグトリ [211125] Nippon Ichi Software Hibari wakes up in a strange room alongside seven other girls. An announcement from above confused the girls. "Only one person who survives till the end can leave the building." "We recommend that you give it all your best to survive for as long as possible even just for one second, and you may be able to use magic." A few days after the girls' mysterious communal life begins, an incident finally occurred. Hibari regrets not being able to stop the scene of death that happened in front of her. "If only I could go back before she died…" The next day, when Hibari wakes up and goes to the cafeteria, she saw the girl who died the day prior. The ability to travel back in time "With this power, you can start over as many times as you like. No one will ever die again." Console exclusive detective 4. Hoshi no Otome to Rikka no Shimai 星の乙女と六華の姉妹 [211126] ensemble Main character Yuki is a popular streamer. Despite his cute looks he is actually a man. He impersonates as his sister to attend top high school for idols that is forbidden for men. Traps is not my thing 5. Sousaku Kanojo no Ren'ai Koushiki 創作彼女の恋愛公式 [211126] Aino+Links 1 Our protagonist, Toshiki Kagami, is headed to Tokyo, where he will begin living with his cousin and her family. Unbeknownst to others, he harbors a desire within himself. He wants to rekindle that creative spark he all but lost now. He had a childhood friend, Aisa Ayase. They were two peas in a pod, always competing against each other, seeing who could create better stories. However, as they grew older, their thoughts and mindset slowly started differing more and more from each other. In the end, Aisa moved with her family to Tokyo. The now separated Aisa and Toshiki would still send letters to each other, talking about their current lives and, of course, sending each other stories for the other to read. However, once the prospect of entering high school drew ever so closer, the letters from Aisa all but disappeared. Nonetheless, Toshiki continued writing stories, making doujin games and eventually, he would debut with his first commercial light novel. And while the cultivation of his creative prowess was growing steadily, he hit a slump half a year ago. And so, he postulated that perhaps spending time with similarly aged creators would help him break free of his slump. Steeling himself, Toshiki enrolled in Saika Private Academy, a school designed for creators to gather in one space. With that, spring rolls around and Toshiki is in Tokyo, ready to start his new school life. And it is there that he reunites with Aisa once more. There are English reviews 6. Uchi wa Mou, Enki Dekinai. ウチはもう、延期できない。[211126] Sonora 1 Spring break. Miyamura Miku, a hobby writer of light novels, is approached by her older sister Miyamura Karin, who reveals to her that she's working as a voice actress for erotic games. "The company I am working for right now needs someone to assist with writing the sex scenes!" Karin asks for Miku's assistance. "Wait, I'm still a virgin, you know? I have no clue how to write such a thing!" At the same time the protagonist, Shiiba Masashi, is getting a sudden call from his big sister. "Jeez, we can't! We're delaying. Can't. Impossible. We delay." The one who keeps repeating these phrases like a broken record, is the protagonist's older sister, Shiiba Sayaka - CEO as well as scenario writer of the popular upstart eroge brand "Hades Soft". "If we delay now, then we're done for. The sponsors will be chasing us for the rest of our life in order to reclaim the cash. We have to find a solution or I'll be to the neck in debt! I'll come haunt you if this kills me, okay?!" And so, Masashi ends up being roped into helping them with their eroge development?! This game is centering around eccentric heroines like the key animator Suzumoto Chisa (pen name: Suzuse Akiko) and the reclusive graphic designer Sakakibara Ai. Here comes an ADV about creating eroge that's a little on the weirder side. IF YOU LOVE EROGE, DON'T JOIN AN EROGE COMPANY! There is an English review
  8. Monkeys!¡ is the only bright spot in October. 1. Archetype Arcadia アーキタイプ・アーカディア [211021] Kemco Corporation 1 The world has fallen to Peccato Mania (original sin), which causes the victims to have urges of harming themselves and others. To save his younger sister Christine, who has been afflicted with the disease, Rust logs in to the full-dive online game “Archetype Arcadia,” which is the sole means of stopping the disease’s advancement. Hope, grief, joy, betrayal, and inescapable “death” are found in this game, where players convert their memories into avatars and fight. This is a fully-voiced text novel adventure game that tells a ghastly story of overwhelming volume, guided by memories that should have been lost. There is an English review 2. Maoujou Re:build! 魔王城Re:ビルド![211029] Astronauts: Sirius A year has passed since the Demon King Gibeon, the embodiment of tyranny, was defeated by the Six Heroes. King Gortain, one of the Six Heroes, saw the surviving demons and numerous demi-humans as a threat and suppressed them through cruel persecution and discrimination. The Demon King's daughter Lapis, the last survivor of the royal lineage, visits a man living in the royal capital outskirts together with her maidservant Kalmia with the intention of restoring the now-ruined demon capital Margurd. The shopkeeper of a run-down fruit store Shigure has another side to him; A "fixer" who will take on any and all commissions provided the price is right. "Lend me your strength and help me gather the seven Mara Crystals!". The desires of the demon King's orphaned scion and the ninja from distant lands entwine with each other. And thus, the rebuild of the demon king's castle at the hands of Lapis and Shigure begins. SIM 3. Kochira, Haha Naru Hoshi Yori こちら、母なる星より [211028] Daisyworld A virus that is said to have come from space brought unprecedented damage to earth. A long time has passed since that catastrophe, and now there are only the six of us in Ikebukuro. The city has shrunk in size, and its buildings have been toppled and decorated with green grass and blue water. The scent of an air conditioner comes from somewhere… “This is Mother Earth!” And we’re doing good today! Yuri romance does not hit the mark for me 4. Keiken Zero na Classmate Pi 経験ゼロなクラスメイトπ [210806] Prekano Your classmate Hoshina Risa is a bright student who treats everyone equally. Misaki Kazuma, who sits in the seat next to her, has fallen in love with her. Unable to control his feelings, Kazuma made up his mind to confess his feelings to her. But when he looks up, Risa is gone. As it turns out, she is extremely shy! Even when he tries to chase after her, he cannot catch up to the former ace of the track and field team. With the help of Risa’s best friend and foul-mouthed classmate Miyazono Mikumo, Kazuma chases after her by all means possible… A hot day in the middle of summer. The runaway drama to hear her reply to your confession is about to begin. Vanilla nukige 5. Kemonomichi ☆ Girlish Square けもの道☆ガーリッシュスクエア [211029] Whirlpool The protagonist, Nakamori Taiga, is an idol otaku working at a curry shop in Akiba. His current obsession is an indie idol group active in Akiba, “Animal Trail ☆ Girlish Square”! They’re still fresh on the scene, but one day their dedicated fans will take them all the way to Japan’s most famous arena, the Budokan… In pursuit of this noble goal he spends his days with a select group of elite comrades (status ambiguously assigned) to fulfill their otaku endeavors. One night in Akiba, on his way home after the last train of the day had departed, Taiga sees the members of Animal Trail practicing. As any fan would, he tries to sneak a peak. To his surprise, the girls are covered in sparkles as their transformation comes undone. Magical beings that he’d never seen before appear out of nowhere. That’s right! Their stage outfits are actually magical girl costumes. Not only are they idols, but they’re also magical girls! Of course, he gets caught and those magical beings give chase, ready to put him out of his misery. It is then that it’s revealed to him that they come from another world and in order to save it they need to gather up energy from humans. And for that purpose, they’re working together with the girls to realize their dream of becoming idols. However, Animal Trail ☆ Girlish Square is still a largely unknown idol group. And thus with little hesitation, Taiga begins his journey as their producer and manager. The stage is set (hopefully) for a magical girl idol success story! Gao~! Our tale starts off with a roar! Niche fetish moege 6. Monkeys!¡ [211029] Harukaze 1 2 The protagonist Saruyoshi, a delinquent attending an all-boys school, will attend a ladies' all-girls school as Julia to save his alma mater from being closed down. In the neighboring town from his current school lies the tall and proud Garasunomiya Girls' School. Ever since the Taishō Era, even now are distinguished daughters of noble families currently enrolled there. In other words, it is an ultra-prestigious ladies' all-girls school. And transforming this ultra-prestigious school into a coeducational institution is the sole means to save the all-boys school. So to protect his school filled with memories with his mates, Saruyoshi, with the aid of a refined young lady of a noble family Tsukishima Karasu, enrolled alone in the ladies' all-girls school to improve the optics surrounding males. With the extensive use of the boons of delinquency to solve the young ladies' problems, the protagonist slowly becomes the heartthrob of his new school! On the other hand, since Saruyoshi is also refining his feminine grace and dignity, the guys also developed the hots for him?! With the goal of a symbiotic integration between men and women, this is a slapstick love comedy set in the ladies' all-girls school! There are English reviews
  9. For me only Fuyukara, Kururu. makes a stand in September. 1. Makimura Hazuki no Koigatari 槇村葉月の恋語り [210924] Azarashi Soft+1 The protagonist Kayabuki Akira is troubled by the fact that he has no dreams. After an unfortunate accident in which his apartment was trapped under a fallen tree, he was forced to leave where he was living and was introduced to a rundown apartment called "Shoufuku-sou" with a rent of 20,000 yen as a temporary residence. However, his misfortune is far from over. On the night he moves into the apartment, the wall connecting his room to his neighbor collapses due to a noise problem he caused. Until repairs are completed, he is forced to live with his neighbor, Makimura Hazuki. At first, they are confused by the unfamiliarity of living together (and with the opposite sex), but as they get to know each other, they lose their reservations and gradually grow closer. One day, he is asked to help Hazuki with her hobby of making movies. The wheels of his lost youth slowly and quietly begin to turn. Our usual single heroine vanilla nukige 2. SINce Memories: Hoshi no Sora no Shita de シンスメモリーズ 星天の下で [210916] MAGES. GAME 1 The story follows Mizumoto Jun'ya, a college student who works at his family’s general store Mizumoto-dou. The only thing in Jun'ya’s mind is the death of his older brother Takaya who passed away the year prior. He asks himself every day why he was the one that got to live while his brother passed away. One day, Jun'ya meets a girl who tells him, “You should’ve been the one to die,” before vanishing. Jun'ya ends up taking on the task of renovating a traditional Japanese manor belonging to the family of Houjou Chihaya, your typical flawless ojou-sama and who happens to be his childhood friend. Since he has no idea how to even start, he’ll need to get help from various people, and he’ll need to get out of his funk to do so. Jun'ya will also have to learn how to deal with all of the emotions and problems along the way. Will he succeed in renovating the old Houjou residence? And who was that girl who told him that he should’ve been the one to die? The fate surrounding the death of his brother will soon begin. There are English reviews 3. Omoide Kakaete Ai ni Koi!! 思い出抱えてアイにコイ!! [210924] Hooksoft 1 Spring, the season of encounters and partings. It's spring break, and Sakawa Haruki is about to go into 3rd grade. His childhood friend group includes: Kuriyama Tomari, Tokorozawa Iku, and Sugou Chisato. 2 new girls just joined the group: Harunohara Yuuna, who lives in the next town over, and Nishitani Shizuru, who just moved into the neighborhood. Ironically, at the same time these 2 girls joined, Haruki had to move away from home and his childhood friends. During spring many years later, Haruki's father gets transferred to work overseas. Haruki decides to stay in Japan to concentrate on university entrance exams, and ends up living in an apartment owned by a relative. This apartment happens to be in the same town where he parted from his childhood friends. Thus, the rails of fate cause Haruki and his childhood friends to meet once again. Haruki was worried that the girls wouldn't accept him in the group like they did in the past, but despite the long gap, they were happy to see him and welcomed him back warmly. However, the fact that these girls have grown into beautiful women has caused Haruki to feel more embarrassed than happy. As they reminisce about the past, filling in the blanks between the time they parted, he'll get to know them and perhaps enter into a relationship with one of them... There is an English review 4. Einstein Yori Ai o Komete: Apollo Crisis アインシュタインより愛を込めて APOLLOCRISIS [210924] GLOVETY 1 2 It's been about a year since he returned from Ogasawara. It's the start of summer. Aiuchi Shuuta, who's now a third year at the academy, was lazily watching the seasons pass-- his carefree classmates, his peaceful day-to-day life... and his love who hasn't returned, Arimura Romi. He simply vacantly watched and continued to wait. And to him comes a letter from the head of the Comet Organisation's leader, Miko. Once again, along with his comrades and the rest of the world, he gets caught up in their ambitions regarding the comet. The final summer was about to begin. There is an English review 5. Planetarian ~Snow Globe~ planetarian~雪圏球~ [210903] Key 1 This story occurs before the events of the war that brought the world to ruin; at this point, Yumemi has been working at the Flowercrest Department Store's rooftop planetarium for about ten years. One day, Yumemi begins to act strangely, culminating in her simply walking out and wandering around the town. The staff of the planetarium are bewildered, and one of the workers—a woman named Satomi Kurahashi—is ordered to go follow Yumemi and bring her back. Before long, Yumemi begins to run out of battery power. There are English reviews 6. Fuyukara, Kururu. ふゆから、くるる。 [210924] Silky's Plus 1 2 "Eh? What do you mean that Shihon-chan might die? Eeh? Shihon-chan's head has gone missing?" It seems Shihon-chan's headless body was found in the meditation room. "B-but, the neck can still be reattached within 48 hours right? Eh? The head can't be found!? S-somebody hid it? And you don't know who? B-but that's..." A murder isn't unusual. After all, there's at least one bloodthirsty killer at school. Murdering people is fine and all but it's considered a taboo that must be never violated to decapitate and hide their head. Because one can never be revived if so. I can't believe someone resented Shihon-chan enough to kill her in a way that would prevent her from being revived. If her head isn't found within two days, she'll really kick the bucket! That's a reality I absolutely refuse! Now's not the time to cry or be confused! There should be something that I am capable of! "That's something I haven't done yet but... I-I!" I'll find Shihon-chan's head without fail! "Say hello to the great detective, me!" A boarding system school isolated from the outside world. --And there do the immortal girls live. The time it takes for them to become an adult is the same time it takes for them to deage and become a baby, they grow up until they become an adult once more and then do they deage again⁠—a cycle that's being repeated. There's only one condition in order to graduate from school. One needed to be deemed a prodigy by someone observing from the outside. The moment that verdict be handed down, the girl's graduation would be recognized and she would disappear from school. The immortal girls' peaceful school life would be greatly disturbed by a certain murder case. Why are the girls immortal? Why do they grow up and then age backwards? How long were they locked up inside the school? Why can they be resuscitated even if their heads are decapitated? What happens to girls who were never deemed a prodigy? What is happening in the outside world? Why are there only girls? Where are the males? What does it mean to die? What does it mean to live? What is life? For what purpose does life exist? --the key to this case is a needle. Wool needle. Knitting needle. Sewing machine needle. Silk needle. Pongee needle. Gas needle. Futon needle. Western-style clothes needle. Bait needle. Marking needle. T-Pin. Triangular leather needle. It is the needle that would weave the immortal girls' death. There is an English review 7. Ore no Cupid ga Ponkotsu Sugite Kowa~i. 俺の恋天使がポンコツすぎてコワ~い。 [210924] Hulotte 1 In the midst of an ordinary everyday life. About the time for the yearning for love to sprout. I somehow was unable to take the first step. Such a day has come to pass. "What's this thing?" Before my eyes is a fallen notebook. "Hey, hey, you there!" "Why won't you try picking it up?" A human in presence but not in appearance popped up in front of me. What a strange girl. "I am an angel of love! Got any girl residing in your heart?" How suspicious no matter how you look at it. I tried ignoring her to her dismay as she thrust the notebook at me. "Love Note! This is called the Love Note!" "It possesses the power to fulfill your romantic endeavors guaranteed!" It seems that when you write down the name of your crush, it can gauge the destiny level between her and the current you and it can even provide you ways to improve that level. "By the way, I'll even act as your assistant!" However, 「 If the owner of the Love Note isn't able to find his destined bride-to-be within 90 days, his sex organ is forfeit. Nonreturnable. 」 "Which is why you should do your best, okay?" Thus, while having the support of the love angel, I brandish the power of this so-called Love Note all in the name of fulfilling love. There is an English review 8. Heroine wa Tomodachi Desu ka? Koibito Desu ka? Soretomo Tomefure Desu ka? Second 彼女は友達ですか?恋人ですか?それともトメフレですか? Second [210924] DESSERT Soft 1 2 Tomefure is a new kind of friend relationship between students in which boy gives runaway girls in trouble free housing. Main character lives alone at a big house, so he goes to the site and opens reservations. To his surprise, all the volunteers are his beautiful classmates. There are English reviews BLOCKED 1. Waga Himegimi ni Eikan o: Shogun no Yuuwaku 我が姫君に栄冠を 将軍の誘惑 [210930] Minato Soft A standalone route for Escudo Pagan. Fandisc
  10. New August, new portion of pain and shame. Princess x Princess wins by default as the only title that qualifies for competition. 1. Hajimete Tateta Ocha ga Coffee no Watashi wa, Hachamechana Otemae de Sadou Taikai Yuushou o Mezasu. はじめて点てたお茶がコーヒーの私は、破茶滅茶なお点前で茶道大会優勝を目指す。[210801] EXLIGHT 1 Amateurs who can't even make the difference between tea and coffee aim to win the tea ceremony tournament! Extraordinarily "ABSURD"・Tea ceremony Adventure! Game is released in English ... and one day someone might even bother to review it 2. Princess x Princess [210827] Navel 1 Autumn has arrived at Verbena Academy. This summer, Lithia was able to become lovers with Raito Aioi, who had dreamed of her since he was a child. There was a figure of Lithia, the princess of the divine world. She experienced the autumn of the human world and was immersed in a melancholic mood. "I know what Raito and I need the most now... and that's a concubine!" When love comes to fruition as love and becomes marriage. Whether or not they should have a wedding ceremony with Raito...Lithia is indulging in future delusions. While worried about the difference in values between humans and the divine world, which is polygamy. After all, if you want to get married, polygamy may be better!? Unknown to Raito, the search for Lithia's wife begins! On the other hand, a mysterious airplane suddenly appears on the grounds of Verbena Academy! "Raito-kun's father, maybe he's alive...?" A mysterious journey begins at Verbena Academy in the fall, triggered by the sudden appearance of an airplane and the girl who lost her memory as a passenger...!! For those who could not have enough of Shuffle 2 3. Tsukihime -A Piece of Blue Glass Moon- 月姫 -A piece of blue glass moon- [210826] Type-Moon 1 2 The first half of the remake of Type-Moon's classic doujin game Tsukihime, featuring a rewritten scenario with major differences in its setting and plot, as well as several new characters. Remake
  11. Nothing good comes out of July. But if I had to play one thing, it would be Fuuraiki 4 1. Amayui Labyrinth Meister 天結いラビリンスマイスター [210721] Eushully After a great adventure over the giant moving weapon ‘Gualacuna Fortress’ Avaro finally acquires a workshop he once dreamed of, but fortress can not move on its own anymore with the magic in its core lost. One day a ghost of the fortress appear, Fia calls her "Kuna" and welcomes to the family. However, spirit is constantly worried about magic anomality on the north-eastern border. So our heroes decide to spend honeymoon investigating the source of trouble. SRPG 2. Fuuraiki 4 風雨来記4 [210708] FOG The player is a mid-level reportage writer who participates in “NohiCom,” a reporting competition between magazine publishers, and hunts for stories in Gifu Prefecture. During the day, you will travel by motorcycle and experience the beauty of nature and the different lifestyles of the people. At night, you will camp and write about the things you saw. Discover more of Gifu’s charm, write the best articles, and aim to win the competition within the four-week deadline. Tourist tour adventure is back 3. Fuyu Kiss フユキス [210721] Giga Japan was in the midst of a record setting cold wave. My city - Uetsuruto - was no exception, as we were beset by day after day of freezing weather. Then, one night, I received a text from an unknown number. "Look outside your window! Snow! It's snowing!" Sure enough, the world outside my window had been transformed into a white wonderland. "I'm sorry to text you so late. It's just... you were the first person I wanted to tell." That was the final message they sent me. I had no idea who the sender was. Yet I had the strange feeling that, very soon, I might just fall in love. In a world of snow, a warm and gentle love story is woven. When seasons are over to put in the title, there are still twelve months to use with Kiss 4. Parquet [210731] Yuzusoft SOUR 1 2 3 In the near future, a technology called Brain-Machine Interface connects the brain and machines. This technology brings about a new paradigm and opens the gates to the digitization of human memory itself. From these new discoveries, "he" is born. An illegal experiment mixes thousands of memories into a single vessel, creating a wholly new being. Having only the memories of others, doubts about who he truly is start arising in his mind, until he gathers the courage to go out into the world in search of his true self. As he steps into the real world, he meets two girls, Kido Tsubasa and Ibaraki Rino. Both kind souls whose lives have been touched by unscrupulous BMI experiments, just like him. Learning to live together with their secrets, "he" and "they" will bring about big changes... Game is released in English and has English reviews 5. Asagao wa Ai o Shiranai. アサガオは夜を識らない。 [210730] MELLOW Main character travels on a train with a remote island as a destination place. That dream of a rainy night will come true... Middle price work that tries to create a mysterious atmosphere, but gets boring from the middle unless you can appreciate all the beauty of living creature death nonsense. Not a plotge for sure. 6. Shin Hayarigami 3 真 流行り神3 [210729] Nippon Ichi Software A new set of occult incidents are investigated by police detective Houjou Maki and her partner Sena. Detective 7. Ore-tachi no Tatakai wa Kore Kara da! 俺たちの戦いはこれからだ! [210714] Vridge Inc. 1 Get ready to be reborn into a fantasy world, just seconds before the last boss' demise! You have no memory of your adventure or heroic strength, and yet the people celebrate you as the Hero who saved the realm. This is just your typical adventure game filled with heroes and heroines... except it starts where games usually end. Game is released in English and has English reviews 8. Houkago⇒Education! ~Sensei to Hajimeru Miwaku no Lesson~ 放課後⇒エデュケーション!~先生とはじめる魅惑のレッスン~ [210721] Escu:de Rurinofune (lapislazuli ship) Academy –– The school where ambitious young students from all over the country gather day after day in the pursuit of knowledge. It's not a boys school per se, however, the student body consists of 100% males, which makes people refer to it as the "aromantic stone ship." However, lately the principal has been employing more professional women teachers, who are adept in many fields. Those women have been enjoying reverence and popularity as though they were idols by the male student body. Our protagonist, Arato Kanata, had been moving away from his prestigious hometown and came to Japan and attends Rurinofune Academy as an off-season transfer student. In order to have a chance at graduation, he has to take some after-school remedial classes for several months. And the girls responsible for these classes are those cherished girls that all the students yearn for. Being closer to these teachers than the average student, the character of Kanata's relationship with them soon turns intimate... SIM 9. Yuukyuu no Campanella 悠久のカンパネラ [210730] Windmill Oasis The kingdom of Atlastia -- North of the world, there's a group of flying islands - this is where the flying continent of Atlastia and its well-known titular kingdom is located. And not only in Atlastia itself - everywhere across the flying islands - the legend of a particular clan is being passed down from generation to generation. The legendary heroes clan, "Oasis." Even though they had saved the continent 100 years ago, their sub-commander Chester Silver has laid dormant for ages now. Now, about 100 years have passed and as Chester wakes up from his long arduous slumber he... ...bears witness to the Idol Princess Claria singing her songs to entertain the public. He wakes up as being one of her supporters cheering her on. And then -- Spurred on by Claria's admiration for the Heroes Clan "Oasis," Chester Silver gathers his former companions, the twin sisters Angelique and Juliet Gilbert, to embark on a new adventure. At the same time, a mysterious woman who had woken up from her slumber in the crypt of a ruin, Colette says: "Now that Colette has woken up, this world's fate is sealed." Strange incidents begin to occur in the world and with the causality of 100 years past intertwining, the adventure Chester seeks is closer than he thinks. For those who liked prequels
  12. I'd rather nominate an absolutely incomplete title Ryuusei World Actor: Badge & Dagger than choose from several moege-like games. 1. Toshishita Kanojo 年下彼女 [210625] Azarashi Soft 1 "When I grow up, I'm going to marry you, Onii-chan!" This kind of promise is the least likely to be kept in the world. At least, the protagonist, Yunagimoto Yuusuke, believed as much when he thought back on the distant memory of that promise. Then, one day, a younger female relative of his showed up at the apartment where he was living alone and said "I'm old enough to get married now. Will you keep your promise and take me as your wife?" Vanilla nukige 2. DraPri Guu-ta-life 2 竜姫ぐーたらいふ 2 [210625] Whirlpool It has been a few weeks since Judgment Day, when dragons filled the skies of the world. People were trying to adjust to a new normal life. However, in the distant skies of the… Star world, a situation was brewing. The dragons are split in half over the treatment of humanity. In the midst of this, the king of the dragons of the “sea” and “water” factions descends to earth (at his own discretion). In the blink of an eye, he chases humans away from the world’s oceans and declares, “This ocean belongs to us,” and “Humans are off limits." The world, deprived of summer resorts, fishing rights, and even the right to travel freely between nations, is in a state of great weakness. And a few days later… Takeshi and Haru are still lazing around, and Suzuka is taking care of them, when Dorami comes to invite them for a sea vacation. Although they feel some kind of suspicion, they can’t resist the temptation of the sea. What awaits Haru and her friends when they stand in the sea, which has now become a magical land ruled by the sea dragon tribe? (For now, we’ll have a barbecue and fireworks.) For those who liked prequel 3. HajiLove -Making * Lovers- ハジラブ -Making*Lovers- [210625] Smee 1 "Dating someone that's not your soul mate is a waste of time. The only kind relationship I'm interested in is one that's sure to have a happy ending. If you're going to fall in love, fall in love once. Find your ideal partner, a person that you love so much that it feels like you're burning up inside." My beliefs about love were abnormal, clearly. My classmates certainly seemed willing to hookup with anything that walked, and they appeared happy enough. But I realized something in my 2nd year of high school. My soul mate wasn't going to just fall out of the sky into my lap. I wanted to experience a real, flesh and blood love, not some made up fairly tale version of it that only existed in my head. -The childhood friend that wants to spend her life at your side- -The classmate that dreams of meeting her knight in shining armor- -The underclassman that wants to become an expert at romance- -The upperclassman that longs to bring happiness to the family she holds dear- My meeting these girls was nothing but a series of coincidences. But if what happens next is up to me, then maybe I can decide it starts right here, right now. I won't know if I'm making the right moves or not until this is all over. All I know is that the only one that can turn a chance encounter into true love is me. ---- The heroine and protagonist suddenly start dating, and as they spend time together, they fall in love for real. This work inherits the concept and world view of its predecessor, "Making*Lovers". It is a student version with all the heroines attending a school, with the concept of the shape of love that develops after a relationship is formed and the element of "shyness" is strengthened. There are English reviews 4. Lilium Wedding Plan リリウム・ウェディングプラン [210625] Barista Lab Goddess promised marriage when she was young. Main character returns to grandparents' house for a short time. There he is met by the goddess Lilium who calls herself his wife. Vanilla nukige 5. Ryuusei World Actor: Badge & Dagger 流星ワールドアクター Badge & Dagger [210625] Heliodor 1 2 3 The Seventh Republic—the city despised by the sun. Sunlight hasn't reached here since the last great war, and the shadows teem with vicious criminals. With evil threatening on every side, the National Police Agency is a stronghold of justice. Detective Ruka Hiryu belongs to the 13th Division, nicknamed the Sideliners, and treated like shit by the rest of the force. With no major incidents to keep him distracted, Ruka has been investigating the sealed Cult Massacre case in secret. Things change when the 13th picks up two new members. The agency is shaken with unreliable rumors about the semi-mythical Shining Union, and as suspicions and conjecture fly like bullets, will Ruka, the 13th, and the NPA be unscathed? There are English reviews 6. IdolDays 愛怒流でいず [210617] iMel Inc. 1 A young man working at an Akihabara-based agency that manages underground idol groups has been ordered to discover new idols by his boss. Now, he's at the end of his rope. The protagonist is at a loss, finding that girls with the talent to become the kind of idol he's picturing are few and far between. He's sitting defeated on a park bench when he comes across a girl singing to herself while feeding some cats. The girl's song is delicate, but her voice shakes him to the core. His heart stolen in an instant, the protagonist turns to the girl and tries to scout her to become an idol. However, the girl flatly refuses him, saying the idea is stupid, only to then disappear. The next day, the protagonist gets called into the office, where he learns that the daughter of their sponsor has been hired as a member of staff and gets assigned to be her training supervisor. The girl who appears before the bewildered young man is the same one who turned down his scouting offer the day before. The girl's name is Tsubaki Akanesaki. Though she's had several jobs, she got fired from all of them for getting into fights. What does fate have in store for a young man who's been assigned to train a girl whose a total delinquent?! Game is released in English and has English reviews
  13. Madohi Shiroki no Kamikakushi is the only decent game I see in May. 1. Osananajimi no Iru Kurashi 幼馴染のいる暮らし [210430] Azarashi Soft In spring main character decides to confess to the childhood friend girl he likes. The feeling is mutual. Girl suggests to kiss and start dating right away like a real pair. Vanilla nukige 2. Amairo Chocolata 2 あまいろショコラータ2 [210528] Cabbage Soft 1 Yunagicho, a town lined with Western-style homes. The previous autumn was when Yuzuki came to this town and met the animal eared girls and started working with them at Cafe Setaria. The day after Christmas, he meets a lost girl looking for a traditional sweets shop. He finds the shop, which is run by her sister and that’s when he realized that they sported magnificent rabbit ears! Suddenly, Yuzuki finds himself working at both the cake shop, Sweet Tail and the newly opened sweet shop, Mochizuki and his days just keep getting busier. But he continues to do his best in the fun and lively days he spends with these animal eared girls. There is an English review 3. Happy Live, Show Up! ハッピーライヴ ショウアップ! [210528] Favorite 1 The long, harsh Russian winter had ended, and Spring was in the air. On one particular day, Laikask Academy second-year Akito Yukihara was walking down the street when he stumbled upon a crying lost child. He decided to help the child find her parents, and was joined by Sofia Tulina, who happened to be present at the scene. Also, to get the child to stop crying, he put on a small magic show for her. After reuniting the child with her parents, Sofia turned to Akito and said: "Would you teach me how to use magic?! I want to be like you!" He agreed to teach her, a fellow Laikask Academy student, until they could find a proper teacher. Then, while the two of them were practicing magic in a local park, they ran into a girl named Roo Mao, who was doing a street performance. "Let's put on a show together!" she said. In this country, street performances were called "shows." At Roo's suggestion, the two joined her and all three of them entered the upcoming tournament for performers. Will they be able to accrue enough members to form their troupe by the day of the tournament? And will Sofia be able to learn magic? "Happy Live, Show Up!" This is a tale of these friends and their quest to shine brighter than the sun. There are English reviews 4. Loopers [210528] Key 1 Let's set out to find a real treasure. Tyler is a high school student who is obsessed with geohunting, a GPS-based treasure hunting game. One day during summer vacation, Tyler and his friends get drawn into a mysterious incident while out treasure-hunting. The real and imagined become interconnected. Thoughts are thrown into chaos. Tomorrow becomes today. Swallowed up by a time vortex, they are trapped in a never-ending time loop, repeating "today" again and again. Then they meet other "loopers." Simon, the leader, and the mysterious girl Mia. If they join forces, will they be able to break out from this eternal prison...? There are English reviews 5. Madohi Shiroki no Kamikakushi まどひ白きの神隠し [210528] Lump of Sugar 1 2 One day during winter. It all started with a flickering mirror inside a certain house. From that flickering mirror came out Roka, a girl with fox ears. The protagonist, Takuto, and his younger sister, Shiina, threw themselves in to the mirror following Roka, and wandered into "the other side." In there was a world similar but still different to the human world. Spirits, demons and all other sorts of non-human beings, a world of gods. "Welcome to the hidden world of the gods" Mikoto, the otherworldly girl with rabbit ears. Chiyo, the tsukumogami running a teahouse. Roka and her mom, the nine-tailed foxes. Shiina, who got spirited away together with her brother. Takuto will work together with these girls to find a way back home, but... Through these intereactions, he will learn the true nature of gods, and about secrets between siblings. Humans and gods, 2 worlds, 4 girls. He stands in the snowy land of the gods, and wonders- "Where do you belong?" There are English reviews 6. Parallel Akiba Gakuen ぱられるAKIBA学園 [210528] Panache Our protagonist is an otaku and game creator specializing in support, who is suddenly summoned to another world. There he finds a fantasy world of swords and magic. With the help of the hero and her party he somehow manages to defeat the demon lord. However, the goddess who summoned him tells him that she isn't able to return him to his own world. As an apology and a reward, she summons his house, which is filled with otaku goods (she also succeeds in summoning all of the packages that were delivered while he was away). He spends everyday having watch parties and discussions. The heroines' reactions are so favorable that he comes up with the idea to create a school that can educate people to become creators, and bring Akiba culture to this world. Will the protagonist be able to realize this ambitious dream together with the heroines, who have become thoroughly steeped in otaku culture thanks to his tireless teachings? Harem moege 7. Tantei Bokumetsu 探偵撲滅 [210527] Nippon Ichi Software “Yatsuzakikou” is a serial killer who has killed more than 100 people and thrown the country into chaos. To put an end to his murder spree, the finest members of the “Detective Alliance,” an organization made up of only the top detectives, launch a joint investigation. Around the same time, an ordinary boys’ high school student named Wato Houjou, who longs to become a detective, arrives at a remote island where the Detective Alliance is headquartered under the guidance of a mysterious man named “The Sage Detective.” On the island, Wato could not hide his excitement at meeting the Detective Alliance he so admired. However, when the detectives suspected him to be Yatsuzakikou, he was at a loss for words. Yatsuzakikou had already infiltrated the island, and many detectives have been murdered. To clear his name, Wato and the Detective Alliance leader, the “Ideal Detective,” launch an investigation. 14 detectives remain alive. And Yatsuzakikou is among them. Gameplay heavy console exclusive 8. World's End Club [210528] IzanagiGames 1 2 In an elementary school in Tokyo, there's a group called the "Go-Getters Club," made up from oddball kids from all over Japan. Reycho and the other members are somehow different than the other kids around them. Then, one day, during the summer... While on the bus for their class trip, they get into an accident. When they wake up, they're in a theme park under the sea. Reycho and the others are trapped inside this strange, long-abandoned place. Suddenly, from out of nowhere, a mysterious clown appears and orders them to play a "Fate Game"! Before any of them can figure out what's happening, they're fighting for their very lives. Will they be able to survive and make it out of this weird place? The kids are all lost and confused... But then, extraordinary powers begin to awaken within them. While at the same time... Abnormal events are occurring all over the Earth. Game is released in English and has English reviews
  14. Umi to Yuki no Cyan Blue is the winner by default. 1. Yubisaki Connection ゆびさきコネクション [210430] Hooksoft 1 Nurture your love through a messaging app-- This is a work in which the heroine and the deepening of your relationship are enjoyed with the help of a messaging app. Get the contact information of the girl you are interested in, Have conversations through the app and get to know each other, Make date arrangements... Enjoy a thrilling game of love that fully utilizes the unique elements of messaging apps with the same romance that you know and love from previous HOOKSOFT titles. We placed a strong emphasis on capturing the thrill that only a messaging app can give you during the course of a relationship! Talk late into the night, just the two of you... Unexpectedly receive a message asking for advice, "I'm in the bath..." Have moments when you can get a glimpse into her life, And times when she doesn't reply for a long time... A game of love between two people using a messaging app. Enjoy a romance with the heroine that feels more "real" than ever before! Moege 2. Haishin 廃深 [210415] qureate 1 2 3 4 5 Online streamers Ikoma Mio, Sakurai Nana, and Shiraishi Azusa travel to the locally famous haunted resort, the Hotel Izanami, at Nana's request to shoot a video there. It would be a film shoot at an average haunted location with no particular legend attached. To finish shooting without a hitch and get an end result that was vaguely horror-esque...was all they wanted. During filming, Mio gets separated from the group, and suddenly gets attacked by a mascot costume that has come to life. From that point on, the trapped girls are at the mercy of numerous horrors throughout the hotel. Why is a mascot trying to harm them, and why have they been shut in to the hotel with no escape? Can the three girls escape from the hotel with their lives? A livestream set in an abandoned hotel begins... Game is released in English and has English reviews 3. Kanda Alice mo Suiri Suru. 神田アリスも推理スル。[210428] El Dia Kanda Alice was worried about her first year at Miyukinomori Girls' High School. Her best friend Hodaka Akira stopped attending their archery club for a while due to an incident. She is said to have wrecked the archery club's championship cup, but Alice didn't believe her best friend could do such a thing. Despite of Alice’s worries, her best friend decided to leave the archery club... "There is an amazing fortune-teller in this school!" Alice heard from her classmates. Alice told her best friend about the rumored fortune-teller in the tea ceremony club, located in one of the club buildings in the back of the schoolgrounds. When Alice and her best friend headed to the tea ceremony club after school, they were greeted by an unbelievably beautiful, black-haired girl—so beautiful that you'd question whether she really exists. Her name: Sawaragi Houju. Houju asks, "What don't you want taken away from you?" Their encounter in the twilight restarts a heart that had come to a halt. Girls Love 4. Umi to Yuki no Cyan Blue 海と雪のシアンブルー [210430] CUBE 1 At the end of autumn, I got a younger sister. She is someone who has never seen the ocean. I didn't know what to say, so I took my sister to the beach. And so our daily lives began. The protagonist Aono Shion lives in the countryside where the city is snowy. He will soon leave the school which he used to attend. ―― "Graduation" After graduation, he will move to Tokyo for higher education. The younger sister who will no longer lives with him―Aono Nana, The classmates who will no longer be with him―Sumiki Kotoha, Hagino Yume, and Chigira Shuuto, The underclassman who will no longer with him―Nabatake Inaba, and The homeroom teacher who will no longer with him―Matsuki Ira. Farewells are bound to come, be it to shallow, or to deep relationships. As he prepares to graduate and move to Tokyo, Shion takes his goodbyes to the place he grew up at and everyone he grew up with. While he's at it, he also recalled the bonds he had forged, the feelings he realized for the first time, and the signs he was finally able to notice. He spends his remaining days with the feeling of loneliness on leaving his hometown, mixed with the feeling of excitement of new world he's about to go, eventually, the day comes. This is the story about Shion and his friends about what "graduation" means. There are English reviews BLOCKED 1. 9 -Nine- Shinshou 9-nine- 新章 [210423] Palette 1 This is a standalone version of the "New Episode" chapter added in 9-nine- Complete Edition (r74265). The new episode ties up the loose ends from the previous 4 chapters, and contains after stories for each heroine (the scenario part totals about 230kb). It contains 10 CGs. Fandisc
  15. Genpei Ryouran Emaki -Gikei- and Waga Himegimi ni Eikan o are both good games, yet the first one has too many downsides this time. 1. Go-toubun no Hanayome ∬ ~Natsu no Omoide mo Go-toubun~ 五等分の花嫁∬ ~夏の思い出も五等分~ [210325] MAGES. GAME In the game, the Nakano quintuplets, protagonist Uesugi Fuutarou, and Fuutarou's younger sister Raiha went to the Nakano's private island during the summer break only for three days and two nights. But due a heavy storm, the group is unable to going back and has to spend 2 weeks in the island. Anime Spin-Off SIM 2. Genpei Ryouran Emaki -Gikei- 源平繚乱絵巻 -GIKEI- [210326] inre 1 2 3 The latest historical adaptation from Inre, focusing on the late Heian period. Protagonist Kanou Yoshitsune is the son of Kanou shrine keeper's family. He is going to a school with other two. One is his sister Roko, and the other is childhood friend Shizuka. They go to Kyoto with school trip, but Roko goes missing in Kuramadera. Yoshitsune and Shizuka goes to Kuramadera to find her, but they loses consciousness in the main hall. When they woke up, they were still in Kuramadera but something was different. They were in Heian period, which is about 850 years ago. There are English reviews 3. Isekai Sakaba no Sextet ~Vol.3 Postlude Days~ 異世界酒場のセクステット ~Vol.3 Postlude Days~ [210318] iMel Inc. 1 2 Much time has passed since our hero, the chef at an Akihabara maid cafe, got transported to another world. One day, a lone girl storms into the tavern, crying, "I'm here to inspect hostile activities!" The girl in question is Anzu, the top-ranking maid from the maid cafe our hero used to work for in his home world. It is revealed that Anzu arrived to the other world after our hero, and has been working for the Stray Sheep's rival tavern. Following her unexpected arrival, Anzu and Lupine talk things out, which for some reason leads to Anzu starting work at the Stray Sheep?! In the midst of this chaos surrounding our protagonist, Plumeria joins the fight for our hero's affections, escalating the girls' battle to win his heart even further! Our hero's daily life in a fantasy world at the mercy of six otherwordly beauties will forever be changed when a certain hero's vassal pays the tavern a visit... Game is released in English and has English reviews 4. Island Diary [210319] Watakubi 1 2 3 On an isolated island, a distant tropical wonder serves as home to the bear eared girl Momo. Despite the beautiful scenery in this seemingly idyllic paradise, she still experiences a sense of loneliness, as her only friends on this island are the cat eared Kuro and the rabbit eared Moka. However, they have slowly been drifting apart from one another due to the existence of a certain diary. But one day, a young man washes ashore, unable to recall any detail of his past beyond his name thanks to a few of his belongings being with him. Momo discovers Ryou in his daze as he wakes up on the beach unable to grasp how he ended up in this strange little paradise, and with her help begins to shape together what is now to become his new life. With the positive energy of Momo and the help of Ryou, the three girls and the lost young man find themselves building a new day on the solitary island together full of excitement and titillation. Game is released in English and has English reviews 5. Yukiiro Sign ユキイロサイン [210326] Wonder Fool 1 A story about the coming days in the winter. The city of Minami-Ose is one of the places where it snows the most every winter in Japan and has one of the lowest population densities in Japan. With the first snowfall in the last few decades, I have noticed that something is going to change. But I’m not sure if I’m really capable of preparing for such a change. Winter is only about two months away. Munefuyu Hazome’s spends his daily life with his friends. There's his childhood friend, Nakoso Miku, who is quite serious, quiet and a bit timid, but has a good heart. There's also the foreign student from Russia, Svetlana Gurchenko or nicknamed (“Sve”), who is shy and but also quite assertive. Then there's Takahagi Kako, his long forgotten childhood friend who moved away long ago and transferred back recently. And finally there's his closest and most understanding childhood friend, Usuki Hironaka. This is the story of the wonders of everyday life in the winter. This is the story of a time that is not long, and not light. This is a winter for the future and the past. There are English reviews 6. Waga Himegimi ni Eikan o 我が姫君に栄冠を [210326] Minato Soft 1 2 3 4 The protagonist, Shaon who grew up in a remote area, taught a technique called Tenken by his teacher. The teacher hopes that Shaon will pass on his abilities to his descendants. When he is old enough, he needs to left his home to find a bride. How you live your life, who will you marry? It all depends on your choice. There are English reviews 7. Jack Jeanne ジャックジャンヌ [210318] Broccoli The game's story centers around protagonist Kisa Tachibana, a girl who had given up a career in theater, but receives an invitation to attend the Univers Drama School, an elite drama school for male actors, where students play female roles (referred to as "Jeanne" roles) in addition to male roles ("Jack" roles). However, to maintain her enrollment, she must land a starring role in the school's play at the end of the year, and also hide that she is a girl. Console trap SIM
  16. Two releases... just wow. And one is a gameplay title, so guess who wins - Meikei no Lupercalia , which is also a masterpiece. 1. Senkou no Clarias 閃鋼のクラリアス [210226] Team Baldrhead 1 2 While on a field trip to London, Nagai Towa gets lost in the city at night. After he finally makes it to the train station, he finds a mysterious egg. "What's with this egg? It's really pretty..." And then right before his eyes, the egg shatters into pieces. His consciousness fades away... When he comes to his senses, he finds himself standing in an unfamiliar place. It has the appearance of London, but it's a completely different world. ----Royal Capital Salem There, he meets a girl named Shelly Linestad who is searching for her father who has been accused of murdering the king. For the sake of returning to his original world and helping the girl who helped him... He continues pressing on while wearing the Dragon Armor "Clarias", and at the same time gets ever closer to the truth hidden within this new world. Beat 'em UP 2. Meikei no Lupercalia 冥契のルペルカリア [210226] Uguisu Kagura 1 2 3 "There is only one method to equal gods. It's to become cruel like gods." Salvador Dali A prodigious young actress passed away. At the end of the magnificent play, the highly esteemed girl found a kernel of truth. Years pass and spring arrives. In a freshman welcoming party, a certain program will catch the protagonist Sewa Tamaki's eye. "Welcome to the Lampyris Troupe!" A guerilla public performance that would be held by a student theatre group. The protagonist, once debuted as a child prodigy but now left the path of the theatre arts, indulged in nostalgic memories. "Let's peek in for a bit" An irrational story born out of curiosity. Once the curtain for the tale unfolds, it probably won't stop until the very end. An airhead girl who loves to act, Kakehashi Kohaku. Theatre arts' poster child, Nionomiya Meguri. A net idol currently rising in popularity, Amatsuka Nanana. The girl working behind-the-scenes who gave up acting, Hakadori Rize. "Let's make it the best play!" They would perform a public play based on Norse mythology entitled "Philia". While bathed under the dazzling spotlight, they who dance the tale are beautiful. The white hair with red eyes leads the way. To a convenient conclusion for you. There are English reviews BLOCKED 1. D.C.4 ~Da Capo 4~ Fortunate Departures D.C.4 ~ダ・カーポ4~ フォーチュネイトデパーチャーズ [210226] Circus A direct sequel to DC4 that tells after stories with the heroines. The player will once again assume the role of Ichito Tokisaka, a student at Kagami Academy who will enjoy the Kagasai autumn festival with the girlfriend he fell in love with last Spring. The available heroines in this visual novel are Arisu Sagisawa, Nino Tokisaka (Ichito’s stepsister), Sorane Oumi, Hiyori Shirakawa, Shiina Hojo, Miu Mishima, and Chiyoko Hinohara. Fandisc
  17. Traditional visual novels once again show full impotence thus leaving Buddy Mission Bond winner by default. 1. Glass Hime to Kagami no Juusha ガラス姫と鏡の従者 [210129] Giga 1 MC is in the lineage that served aristocracy for generations. He meets a blond royalty girl who is crying, and he plays with her a short while. Girl's bodyguards take the MC away thinking he was a bad person, and while being taken away he promises to be by her side whatever it takes. A reverse Cinderella story is such a great metaphor. Setting is super unrealistic, plus everyone went to the same school. Usual Giga trash. 2. Isekai Sakaba no Sextet ~Vol.2 Adventurer's Days~ 異世界酒場のセクステット ~Vol.2 Adventurer's Days~ [210114] iMel Inc. 1 One day, several days after our protagonist the young cook in the back of an Akihabara maid cafe got transported to another world, our hero gets paid a visit by the lady knight Dahlia at Lupine's tavern. Dahlia proclaims to the hero, "I want you to make me a woman," which leads to all kinds of misunderstandings with Lupine and Daisy, who have a barrage of questions! After getting filled in on what she actually meant, it's revealed that Dahlia's aim is to defeat a monster who only preys on women. However, for Dahlia, who has only ever lived by the sword, femininity feels like an alien concept. To help increase her feminine charms, Dahlia becomes a waitress at Lupine's Tavern, and her inexperience leads to all kinds of trouble with the guests! Our hero has no idea that this turn of events will lead him to help Dahlia and Veronica take down their archnemesis from the past... Game is released in English and has English reviews 3. Gohoushi Akuma to Oshioki Tenshi ごほうしアクマとオシオキてんし [210129] Quince Soft A world not too far from ours... In this world, apart from the human world where people live, there existed a heavenly world and a demon world. People live peacefully without knowing about such things. Doumae Reiya, is a student who lives in a hot spring inn on a remote island, and is the son of the inn's proprietress. However, he and his childhood friend, Kohanai Touka, are worried about the depopulation of the island where they were born and raised. –But as ordinary students, they can’t do anything about it. Today, the two go to the familiar shrine to pray. Suddenly, they are surrounded by a bright light. The next thing you know, there are three girls in strange outfits in front of you! He is forced to do a mission that he doesn’t understand: “Rehabilitate the demons." He finds himself tasked to be the demon’s chaperone; the angel “Cial”, the demon king’s daughter “Luciela”, and his handmaiden “Matty”. Will the interaction with these sudden visitors go well?... Just a cohabitation moege with SOL taking majority of time and an abrupt end. Multiple writers don't really add credibility. 4. Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - Itsuwari no Ousen Kouho Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 偽りの王選候補 [210128] Chime Corporation 1 2 One month after Subaru’s new life in another world began, an emissary sent by the royal castle suddenly appears with news that the royal selection has been postponed, but offers no reason as to why. The postponement of this grand event that decides the next ruler of the Kingdom of Lugunica stirs Subaru and his friends into action. They return to the royal capital only to find that a sixth candidate has claimed their stake for the throne. But the Dragon Stone prophesizes that only five candidates would be chosen. With one candidate being an imposter, suspicions are immediately cast toward one woman in particular: Emilia. What answers lie beyond the mysterious web of assassinations, betrayal, and conspiracies…? SRPG is released in English and has English reviews 5. Uchi no Aruji wa Youkai no Joushiki o Shiranai うちの主は妖怪の常識を知らない [210129] Azarashi Soft+1 There are six rules that were established so that humans and youkai can co-exist: You must never harm a human. You must never show your true form to a human. You must obey the laws that humans have made. You must never enchant a human. You must never have children with a human. You must never bring a human into youkai territory. The Minatsuki family has existed peacefully in the human world and has prospered by obeying these rules. This is a story about Airu, the only daughter of the head of the Minatsuki family, the Minatsuki family butler, Raito, and his co-worker maid, Fuuka. Amanojaku Airu can't honestly express her feelings and bosses people around. Fuuka has a stiff exterior but can't help teasing whenever she sees an opportunity. This is how they spent their peaceful, everyday life. One day an incident occurs in the town where they live. Minatsuki Onizou, the head of the household, asks Raito and Fuuka to protect Airu. The two of them must now stay by her side day and night. They accompany her, not just inside of the mansion, but at school as well. Low price work that's much more about the little youkai lady and maid than about youkai and the six rules. 6. Buddy Mission Bond バディミッション BOND [210129] Koei Tecmo 1 2 Close in on the truth with your partner. Luke, a police officer aiming to become a hero like his late foster father had dreamed, and Aaron, the “Phantom Thief Beast” whose total damages are said to amount to several hundred billion. A strange encounter will greatly change their fate… This is the story of teamwork—and at times disparity—between dependable partners, the mystery of Luke’s father’s death, and a fiery friendship that confronts an earthshaking conspiracy. The story is set on Mikagura Island, the metropolis for international show business. To fight against the criminal syndicate “DISCARD” operating in the shadows, four people each with their own intentions come together to form an undercover investigation team. That team’s name is “BOND.” It consists of the police officer Luke (voiced by Ryouhei Kimura), Phantom Thief Beast Aaron (voiced by Takashi Kondo), vivacious ninja of many loves Mokuma (voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa), and cool-headed swindler Chesley (voiced by Daisuke Namikawa). Will you be able to uncover the truth on this island swelled with light and darkness? The game’s key feature is forming a team of two buddies to investigate and infiltrate. Choose two out of the four team BOND members and switch up partners often while solving the problems that block your path forward. Verifying the traits of each BOND member, and being able to properly investigate with the appropriate members is the key to obtaining information. Depending on the information you obtain, the route when you infiltrate the enemy’s hideout will change. It is important to think about and choose the optimal buddy for the job. Character designs are handled by Yusuke Murata, who is known for Eyeshield 21, One-Punch Man, and more. The game incorporates comic-like presentations during story and dialogue developments, allowing players to enjoy a digital comic-style story. There are English reviews
  18. I was never fan of Purple Software yet as of now I claim Realive to be VN of the Year 2019. Curious, right? Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwGwDxf37gEkRtsaFVrm8TiT95cw_g3Lz Character Design rating: 9/10 Protagonist rating: 10/10 Story rating: 9/10 Game quality: 10/10 Overall rating: 9/10 I did not expect much of this game, to be honest. And the way it began did not fascinate at all. Bunch of kids without any real need to change themselves for some stupid reason decided to follow instructions in an unknown mobile app to be reborn as a stronger version of themselves - and those orders of course had to be somewhat perverted leading to etchy situations. There's absolutely no sense in that, just an opportunistic moege setup pretext. But system started to get more and more complexity steadily, so soon I started to feel very involved - each of six players got different RPG-like classes , different lvl 1 tasks, after that different lvl 1 skills and so on on up to lvl 5. At that time I took the bait firmly - that creates myriads of variations to apply various skills for various situations. And tasks were only partially H-oriented and only for classes that suit the theme like idol. Most of tasks were formulated rather neutrally, especially for traditional classes like knight. So first element that lured me was gamification. Another appealing element was flexible protagonist concept. Chihaya is only nominally protagonists. There are a lot of scenes with different girls alone or communicating with another girl. For those moments game naturally takes any other girl as protagonist or just watches the dialogue from aside. Again, it all happens very naturally and this way we don't get our share of usual irritations because of protagonist. This leads us the the third element that I adore. Horizontal communication. I address this issue again and again in different reviews because it's that important. And Realive is the king of horizontal communication because of flexible protagonist. It's done so vividly that we can define relation between each pair of girls let alone observe numerous jokes applied to each other in conversations. And that brings us to humor. I can't say game is humor-oriented. The bulk of humor is sekkuhara jokes and quite some teasing. It's enough to recognize its strong presence , but not to fall the level of bakage. I'd like to return to plot again, because with explaining the setting, five tasks for each girl and receiving five skills for everyone there is just no time to spare on meaningless filler scenes. Realive basically does not have SOL scenes. Even if some scene resembles one - it's story driven and needed to gather together or prepare for task etc. No room for fillers at all. Because of this story density there's no desire to skip any scene in common route. And thanks to that there was next to zero romance during common route. I usually rate individual routes lower than common route, and, frankly speaking, this game did not overturn the tendency. I still found myself skipping parts of individual routes that developed in an evident way to me. But this time it was not just about romance and sudden drama as there was a twist - how would heroine use rebirth chance as I did not believe they would selfishly magically get reborn themselves. And they did not disappoint. Oh, and I sincerely enjoyed Kaya route as gothic loli tsundere never gets old - and her reactions at gaming center were purely hilarious. But what's more important - individual routes feel like continuation of common route with the humor, horizontal communication and dating openly happening naturally and only gradually overflowing into individual romance. As for true route , it was foreshadowed by multiple hooks that it would be devoted to Levi's identity. I still hoped there would be RPG-like action story on top of that, but instead identity theme just got developed deeper. Why not 10/10 then? For me the primary criteria is whether I skip some parts or try to catch every word. Realive is not such a genius game that breaks conventional rules, but rather a skillfully crafted well designed hand-made masterpiece. If follows a set of rules that I advise for all visual novels to use to make it deep: Flexible unfixed protagonist Gamification Additional complexity layers that do not leave time for fillers Just romance is not an option, need additional element to focus during individual routes Horizontal communication should be in the center Mild humor and teasing is generally better than gags and bakage tilt Forget about pure SOL scenes without plot meaning
  19. Somehow both number of masterpieces (14) and number of openings I am able to collect in Visual Novel Openings 2020 decreases yet again. Silverio Ragnarok symbolizes the whole trilogy for me, so I consider it to be the winner in 2020 , but I admit It can change after I review Hakuchuumu no Aojashin . Also plan to do the same with Hoshizora Tetsudou to Shiro no Tabi just because I did not find an English review. Then it will be Tsui no Sora Remake 's turn, next undecided, probably something from 2009 and further. My list of masterpieces in 2020: 9 -Nine- Yukiiro Yukihana Yukinoato Adabana Itan Akatsuki Yureru Koi Akari ATRI -My Dear Moments- Hakuchuumu no Aojashin Hokenshitsu no Sensei to Shabondama Chuudoku no Joshu Hoshizora Tetsudou to Shiro no Tabi Kami-sama no You na Kimi e Kara no Shoujo - The Last Episode Marco to Ginga Ryuu Secret Agent ~Kishi Gakuen no Shinobi Naru Mono~ Seishun Fragile Silverio Ragnarok Tsui no Sora Remake
  20. Tsui no Sora Remake is more than just a remake and is VN of the Month. Other worthy competitors include Akatsuki Yureru Koi Akari and Hoshizora Tetsudou to Shiro no Tabi . Kara no Shoujo - The Last Episode is also supposed to be good for those who care about depressing games. 1. Akatsuki Yureru Koi Akari 紅月ゆれる恋あかり [201225] CRYSTALiA 1 2 3 Jindou-- it's a near-future sport where you fight with real swords that's really hot in Japan in the 2040s. Two girls enrolled into Murakumo Academy, where said Jindou is taught-- One is "Kazamine Setsugekka", a rough and emotionally-driven girl who bolsters her blade with the unparallelled strength within her. The other is "Suzakuin Momiji", a cool headed and incredibly precise girl with a prodigious sense for swordplay and a frightingly sharp mind. These two, whose circumstances and personalities are completely different, both aim for the the title conferred upon the strongest in the academy-- the "Toujinegi". The protagonist, Muragaki Iori, is invited to the academy as a temporary teacher and is ordered to be the sub homeroom tutor of the special top class "Takamura", which Setsugekka and Momiji are a part of. However, the students in this Takamura class... turned out to all be incredibly troublesome kids! There's "Kuki Asahi", a girl who has a serious and calm personality, but goes on fanatical rampages when it comes to Iori; and "Tobe Ririmu", an incredibly selfish gyaru who believes her "self" only belongs to herself. Just will Iori be able to successfully guide these incredibly "unique" students? Just who will receive the title of the strongest in the academy, the "Toujinegi"? And in whom will the light of love for Iori be lit? There are English reviews 2. Akita Oga Mystery Annai Kogoeru Gin Reika 秋田・男鹿ミステリー案内 凍える銀鈴花 [201224] Happymeal Inc. 1 You've been chasing the leader of a special fraud group that's expanding its influence. You and partner Ken, a junior detective, succeed in arresting him after a stakeout. As a result of a house search, you discover the existence of the group's leader, Zero, and where he is hiding out. You and Ken head to Akita prefecture to arrest "Zero". With the help of the local police, you find Zero and hunt him down. However, the chaotic investigation eventually leads to the confusing investigation eventually leads to the truth of a cruel case that went cold in the past. The forgotten memory of the flower is quietly waiting for the time of revenge. There is an English review 3. Gensou Rougoku no Kaleidoscope 幻想牢獄のカレイドスコープ [201217] 07th Expansion 1 Four girls, locked in an unfamiliar and ominous room. When, how, by who, and to where were these close friends kidnapped? It was all unclear. None of the girls have any recollection of a place like this. At some point, an iron collar was attached to each of the girls' necks. Those collars were connected to chains, and each chain was connected to a chair at one of the room's four corners. These were torture chairs that give off an ominous impression. Four girls frightened in an ominous room with no exit. There, a large cage appeared from the ceiling. Inside, a boy was trapped. The white-robed boy is unable to communicate, and even his emotions show no variation. He, too, must likely be a "prisoner" such as the girls… "In any case, we need to think of a way to get out of here…!" "Let me tell you how to escape." An ominous voice echoed throughout the room. "I have prepared two fates for all of you. One where everyone in this room dies. The other where only three girls are saved. This is a trial to test the fate of you four. When the time limit expires, everyone in this room will die." A group of girls, suddenly attacked by a deadly premonition and hair-raising horror… There is an English review 4. Hoshizora Tetsudou to Shiro no Tabi 星空鉄道とシロの旅 [201230] Shiratamaco The steam train I jumped onto pulled out of the darkness of the night, and ran beneath the starry sky. It's been a good trip. I was right to have taken this tour. A pleasant night breeze blew as I continued my carefree solitary journey. I met kind passengers and a cute conductor. As well as... a girl with cat ears? What will this journey leave behind inside of her? And what might it give to me? A short all-age work lasting for some ten hours along one road with choices not affecting anything serious. It's a gentle world, but characters are interesting and there are a lot of small mysteries scattered around. By the second half tempo improves and Unity engine stops to bother. A wonderful heartwarming tribute to Miyazawa Kenji's Night on the Galactic Railroad. 5. Ichizu na Kanojo to Koi Shitai 一途な(処女→)彼女と恋したい [201225] Windmill Cosmos Girl overhears that boy loves her in the talk between classmates. They talk it out and start dating. Holding hands and shy glances gradually lead to the point where line is crossed and lovers get absorbed in each other. Our usual share of vanilla nukige has arrived, and that's even without counting Aibeya 2 that I blocked. 6. Koinoha -Koi no Share House- コイノハ -恋のシェアハウス- [201225] Sky Rocket 1 Because of his cowardly nature, Kousaka Iori never had a girlfriend, let alone a friend. Now that he was entering high school, Iori decided to attend a school far away so he can start fresh and make some friends in hopes of leading a better, happier life. First things first, Iori chose to move into a share house for fellow gamers, since it would be easier to improve his communication skills with people who share the same hobbies as him. If he manages to gain enough experience from this, surely Iori would get a girlfriend. Iori had high hopes that everything was going to go swimmingly, from his new school life and his new living situation. He'll be able to meet people with the same interests as him. And a willing opponent to play against will always be nearby. He would be able to talk to his heart's content. With a spring in his step and a gleam in eyes, Iori opened the door to his new share house, excited to finally fulfill his dream. But alas, as Iori opened the door and walked into his new home, his eyes jumped... As before him was a group of beautiful girls, something he was only supposed to encounter after he leveled up. There is an English review 7. Kokoro no Katachi to Iro to Oto ココロのカタチとイロとオト [201225] Hulotte Roi 1 Shiki Tsukimori was born with a mysterious power that allowed him to see and hear the minds of others. It could be a direct voice, a mood, or a color, but in any case, Shiki was able to see things that should have been invisible, and as a result, he has had a rough childhood. One day, he meets Harune Hoshina, who's heart he can't read. Shiki becomes interested in Harune, and the two eventually become lovers. This is the first time Shiki has been able to feel truly happy. Shiki wants to know more about Harune's heart but he's also afraid to know more and it ends up affecting his relationship with Harune. Will Shiki and Harune be able to overcome this ordeal and be truly happy? There is a nice Indonesian review 8. Ryuuou no Oshigoto! りゅうおうのおしごと! [201217] Entergram, Inc. Kuzuryuu Yaichi is a prodigy shogi player who won the title of Ryūou at the age of 16. Following his victory, he has been in a slump until he is approached by Hinatsuru Ai, a 9-year-old girl who begs him to make her his disciple. Astonished by Ai's potential, Yaichi agrees to become her master, and the two then brave themselves together in the world of shogi with their friends and rivals. However, this comes with the condition imposed by Ai's mother that Yaichi is to marry Ai if she does not become a major player before graduating middle school. Anime Spin-Off 9. Kara no Shoujo - The Last Episode 天ノ少女 [201225] Innocent Grey 1 2 Discovery of Kuchiki Toko's remains didn't leave Tokisaka Reiji any time to grieve. Chasing Kuroya Naori who took the infant and concealed his whereabouts, is the mission left for him. At the same time, the creator of「Kara no Shoujo」, Mamiya Shinzou gives out his last breath. Heart failure without a cause. But it became a trigger for another incident. Corpses looking as the angel in Mamiya Shinzou's unpublished work 「Divine Punishment」, are being discovered one after another. Masaki Tomoyuki's former colleague is one of the victims. Two Paintings. Without saying anything, the girl in the painting kept talking, in a voice that could not reach. ...No. I can't come with you, Makoto, because you have done bad things. But still... I think Toko wants to see you. Because she was a lonely person. Don't forget. The blue bird of happiness will be reborn any number of times. The blue bird that passes through heaven will sweep down once again. There are English reviews 10. Altdeus: Beyond Chronos [201203] MyDearest 1 2 A VR visual novel set about 300 years after the events of Tokyo Chronos, in a world where humanity seeks refuge underground from deadly creatures known as Meteora. ALTDEUS: Beyond Chronos has more player interactivity than its predecessor and features full voice acting in both English and Japanese. ---- The year 2280. Chloe, member of the Anti-Meteora military organization Prometheus, defends the city in her Makhia, a massive battle robot. Though her foes are formidable, she survives with the help of her companions. Prometheus fights to protect the city from the Meteoras and retake the surface one day. However, that is not why Chloe pulls the trigger. No. Everything she does, she does for her fallen friend. Her dearest friend. Coco. The blue flame of vengeance that burns within her is never extinguished. It sears Chloe's heart as she thinks of the choices she faced and decision she made, back in that moment. And then, the gears of fate begin to turn at a screeching pace. A Meteora with Coco's form attacks. This is Chloe's reality. Game is released in English and has English reviews 11. Tsui no Sora Remake 終ノ空 remake [201225] KeroQ 1 2 3 A remake of Tsui no Sora included in the 10th anniversary Subarashiki Hibi package, including a fully rewritten script that is 1.5 times the size of the original and a "whole new work of its own". There are English reviews BLOCKED 1. Dasoku 蛇足 [201225] Waffle 1 A group of young people come to an isolated island to look at the start in the observatory. Impressed by the fabulous night sky they fall asleep after a lot of talking. Upon waking up five people are discovered hung dead. This is how it begins. Nukige listed because of an English review
  21. Hokenshitsu no Sensei to Shabondama Chuudoku no Joshu is the only game I can point out. 1. Ai Kiss 2 アイキス2 [201127] Giga Same art school, same two female childhood friends and many new acquaintances. Summer comes, and girls start to compete for popularity. I'm speechless 2. Dohna Dohna -Issho ni Warui Koto o Shiyou- ドーナドーナ いっしょにわるいことをしよう [201127] Alice Soft 1 Asougi City, a company town facing the Seto Inland Sea- Though a single corporation controls every aspect of their lives, the citizens live without any kind of worries or doubts, and enjoy the peace that has been given to them. However, within this pristine city lurk pockets of unrest. Known as “Clans”, these groups repeatedly perform acts of civil disobedience, including “Hunting”, armed theft of people and things, and “Hustling”, the selling of bodies for profit. With clans growing in influence, the corporation motioning to stop them, and the "Memorial Festival" fast approaching, the city is soon shaken by conflict, consuming the lives of all within it. SRPG is localized and has English reviews 3. Hokenshitsu no Sensei to Shabondama Chuudoku no Joshu 保健室のセンセーとシャボン玉中毒の助手 [201127] Citrus 1 "Say, Sora" "An Okuribito may perhaps be the school nurse for a Tamabito huh?" Sora Kazami, along with a girl who wears a straw hat around her neck and is always blowing soap bubbles Shirobana, is on a journey to send off Tamabito. A Tamabito is more commonly referred to as a ghost and people like Sora who send them off to the afterlife is called an Okuribito by some folks. Sora had a purpose. It is to find his missing sister who already lost her life and became a Tamabito. He wanted to happily send off his beloved sister, who had raised him as a parent, with his own two hands. And then come this spring. While in the middle of their journey, Sora and Shirobana stopped by Saika Town. It is a peaceful rural town known for its field of dandelions and natural hot springs. They were told by an acquaintance that many Tamabito are gathering in this town. And within those Tamabito, Sora's sister may be one of them. While staying at a hot spring inn, Sora makes use of his Okuribito expertise as the health teacher of Saika Girl's School, where the headmistress is his acquiantance, in order to earn for the expenses of their stay. All the while interacting with the female students as the school nurse. All the while attentively listening to their concerns as a part of counseling. Together with his partner Shirobana, they solved various incidents that occur in the school. Dandelion symbolizes a love so sincere. But also that of separation... There is an English review 4. Isekai Sakaba no Sextet ~Vol.1 New World Days~ 異世界酒場のセクステット ~Vol.1 New World Days~ [201105] iMel Inc. 1 One day without warning, a young cook working behind the scenes at an Akihabara maid cafe suddenly gets spirited away to another world! The new world he finds himself in is one of fantasy, where magic exists and monsters run wild. Without a way to return to his own world and at a total loss, a monster appears out of nowhere and is about to attack him when, at the last moment, Lupine, the owner of the tavern “Stray Sheep” appears and saves his life. Brought to “The Stray Sheep” by his lifesaver Lupine, he finds nothing but a sad empty tavern with not even a single customer. With nowhere to go, the main character decides to aid Lupine in reviving The Stray Sheep, knowing that if enough adventurers come by, one of them may know a way for him to return home. Utilizing the cooking skills he cultivated during his time in the maid cafe, can he be the one to save the tavern from its precarious management situation?! You’ll laugh! You’ll cry! Set against the backdrop of a fantasy world’s tavern, this slightly naughty, slapstick love-harem drama is about to begin! Game is released in English and has English reviews 5. Kangokutou Mary Skelter Finale 神獄塔 メアリスケルターFinale [201105] 1 2 3 The Jail—a living prison that feeds on the humans trapped within its confines. The Jail appeared a number of years ago with the caving of the city around it. Now twisted creatures known as Marchens and treacherous Nightmares roam its halls. The Blood Maidens, reincarnations of old stories and folk tales led by Jack, successfully escaped the Jail and managed to make it from the underground prison to the surface… Although they had hope for the surface, the scene Jack and company first saw when they emerged… was thousands of dead bodies submerged in a sea of blood, and the maniacal laughter of “Genocide Pink” (executioner girls). Scattered by the overwhelming slaughter and mayhem of Genocide Pink, their only ray of hope was seemingly destroyed. Scorched Pillar, a member of Genocide Pink born to kill humans; Jack, a Blood Youth who would give even a drop of a blood to save a friend; Mary, a match girl who plays the light of the meaning of life; Zyu, a mysterious boy who calls himself “Tower Base”; Red Riding Hood, a Blood Maiden distressed about her father; and Clara, a regular old nobody. Everything leads to the “Foul Feeding Overseer Tower” that floats high in the sky… This is the finale of the prison break drama of the girls who follow the lights of hatred and friendship in attempt to escape the tiny earth star. RPG sequel is localized and has English reviews 6. Ren'ai x Royale 恋愛×ロワイアル [201127] ASa Project 1 2 3 "I, the new transfer student Hanamaru Mari, like Komachi Hirotaka! Please go out with me!" Being agitated by his juniors; Hitting on the student council president; Chasing after idols. The protagonist who lives every day carelessly, Komachi Hirotaka. In the midst of that kind of daily life, a sudden confession... Her brief statment became the impetus which started the conflict that would engulf the dumbfounded protagonist. "Why are you ignoring me and being lovey-dovey with these random women!? Are you saying you don't care about me anymore!?" "Senpai... you know you can always tell Renna anything... anything at all." "Is the reason Onii-san won't pay attention to me because of all these floozies surrounding him?" Largely without the person being fought over knowing about it, an underhanded and petty battle royale for true love unfolds between the 4 girls! Whom shall the Goddess of Victory smile upon!? There are English reviews 7. Suiren to Shion 水蓮と紫苑 [201127] Hibiki Works Minase ── an isolated island due to its poor accessibility. However, the protagonist used to go there a lot in his childhood. After entering medical school, his parents were worried about him losing his edge due to the daily study schedule. They wanted to refresh him. The protagonist comes to the island again after being advised to visit his cousins during his summer vacation. He remembers his childhood with them, and being treated like a real family member. Suiren was beautiful when she was a child, and she was very kind and was like a real sister to him. Shion was like a tomboy little sister and used to follow him around. The protagonist wonders how the two of them have grown up. He can hear their voices afar from their house. Upon his arrival, he reunited with the two grown-up sisters. Suiren has become a gorgeous woman with a beautiful feminine body overflowing with tolerance and kindness. Shion, who has grown into a pretty girl, has a somewhat disgruntled look and only talks to the bare minimum necessary. An older sister who never changes and a younger sister who has changed. Feeling puzzled, as recommended by Suiren, who seems to have been waiting for the main character, the protagonist stay at their house for a while. How will he spend his time with them on the island under the summer sun? Only slightly better than Natural Vacation, but without animation. 8. Hibikino-san-chi wa Eroge-ya-san! 響野さん家はエロゲ屋さん! [201122] Sonora In the residential district Kamiitsukomachi's old shopping district lies Hibikino Shop. This general store closed down after the grandfather owning it finally retired. His three granddaughters, attached to it, and unwilling to let it disappear, decided to renovate it. Hibikino Shop, loved by its community since 50 years, under the pressure of Yukari, the good for nothing of an eldest sister, became... an eroge store! Hibikino Shop finally reopened. A store of this size being too much for only three sisters to handle, and with only Yukari to know about this peculiar kind of products, they asked the second daughter's childhood friend Kurama Ren, our hero, to help them, as a part-time worker. This is a story about the eroge industry from the perspective of a salesclerk. Due to setting humor feels fresh and good, some aggressive characters fascinate, yet story-wise it's all about opportunism, so nothing to write home about.
  22. No masterpieces as usual. Einstein Yori Ai o Komete is better than others. 1. DraPri Guu-ta-life 竜姫ぐーたらいふ [201030] Whirlpool 1 2 The main character is a sprightly young NEET who lives in a dilapidated dojo. He and his family are known martial artists, but his father is a deadbeat; a gambling drunkard constantly getting into fights. Meanwhile, he refuses to work, claiming it to be part of his training. Ichinose Suzuka from the neighboring sweets shop often takes care of him. One day, he picks up a strange, lizard-like being on the side of the road. At first, he planned to cook it, but Suzuka vetoes the idea. Instead, he names it "Haru" and keeps it as a pet. As he grows fonder of Haru, dragonkin suddenly invade from space! The dragons are about to take over earth, but Haru suddenly transforms from a lizard into a beautiful lady and persuades them! Wouldn't you know it -- Haru was actually the princess of the dragons! Mankind somehow avoids total subjugation, but now Haru joins the protagonist in his NEET lifestyle. Meanwhile, Suzuka is on pins and needles as they try to avoid the spotlight. Even now, dragons can be spotted here and there around town. Here begins their bizarre, yet down to earth daily life. Game is localized and has English reviews 2. Kirakira Stars Idol Project Reika [201029] sushi_soft 1 After experiencing joint lessons with DivaFes and Uesugi Produce. Ai and Nobuyuki have taken another step forward as idol producers. What awaits them at the time when they thought their normal life was about to start again is an encounter with new idols. 'I'll take care of you from now on as an idol candidate! Nice to meet you, juniors. It's nice to meet you. A dormant senior idol and a junior idol candidate. Will they bring a new wind to ODA? Game is released in English and has English reviews 3. Einstein Yori Ai o Komete アインシュタインより愛を込めて [201030] GLOVETY 1 2 They say I'm a guy who doesn't understand human emotions at all. But really, who actually does? The start of summer: Aiuchi Shuuta, a second year at Hokumakidai Academy, is the smartest student in his grade. However, he loses this title for the first time. A girl, Arimura Romi, climbed her way to the top, while continuing to publish cutting-edge research papers online. She's a very mysterious girl: the textbook definition of an enigma. And thus, Shuuta seeks Romi's help on a certain matter. "Aiuchi Shuuta" and "Arimura Romi" It all started from the meeting of these two geniuses-- a distant summer adventure begins. There are English reviews 4. Sis△Camp シス△キャン [201030] Onomatope*Raspberry My hobby is solo camping. Lately, I've been into staying in the car. The company I was working for went bankrupt and I had to take a break for a while. During this period of time, I was able to fully enjoy the life of camping, which I hadn't been able to do due to my busy schedule. I had a lot of fun camping with my sisters who were worried about me after I lost my job. Meet my twin sisters and sister's friends who met at solo camp: ...... It's the start of the flirting outdoor life that winds up in such a life recharging time. Moege
  23. Hakuchuumu no Aojashin is the clear winner in September. 1. Amamane 2 アママネ2 [200925] Prekano 1 Daiki Matsuzaki is said to be a candidate for the ace pitcher of the baseball team, but due to a trauma caused by an injury, he can no longer throw the ball. A younger childhood friend, Yuri Nanami, stands up to help Matsuzaki. [Onii, you pushed yourself too far. That's why I'm going to pamper you!] With advice from senior manager Suzumori Satsuki, Yuri supports Matsuzaki, sometimes by helping him with practice and sometimes by giving him skin-to-skin contact. Yuri and Matsuzaki are gradually drawn to each other, but for both of them, both love and baseball are important... However, both love and baseball are important to both of them... The clumsy and sweet coming-of-age of these two is about to play ball! There is an English review 2. CLEARWORLD -クリアワールド- [200925] Clearworld Project 1 Utopia, the shadows of truth hidden in this clear world. Utopia—an ideal said to have now been realized through the evolution of science. However, it isn't open to everyone. There are those who are chosen, and those who are not. There are those who will accept new values as part of this evolution, and those who will still cling to old traditions. Do you have the courage to search for the truth amidst this ideal that evolution has given you? There are English reviews 3. Hakuchuumu no Aojashin 白昼夢の青写真 [200925] Laplacian 1 2 All of humanity has come to share the same dreams. Some nights, a tale of adultery between a teacher and his student. Other nights, a romance between a commoner playwright and a noblewoman actress. Yet other nights, a story of burgeoning love between a truant young man and a teacher-in-training. Again and again people see these same three dreams. Why does everyone now endlessly experience these dreams? This is the story of the girl who's called the world. There are English reviews 4. Hamidashi Creative ハミダシクリエイティブ [200916] Madosoft 1 2 At the end of June, the seasons come to a standstill. Widely known to be of asocial character, Izumi Tomohiro is quietly spending his day in the corner of their classroom... or so it should have been. "Congrats on being elected! It has been decided that you are now the next student council president!" By the school's initiative, an election via lottery took place. And Tomohiro is the lucky bastard who won the prize! Suddenly placed underneath the spotlight, he unanimously became the talk of the school. Unable to back down, he started hunting for fellow members with the help from his advisor. However, the candidates his advisor nominated are his classmate Kano, his junior Asumi, even his own little sister Hiyori, and the lot of them doesn't even come to school!? And in the midst of the chaos, even the former council president Shio who came from whereabouts unknown suddenly appeared! Is this fate? Is this inevitable? Unprecedented. Unparalleled. The battle of our new (un)lucky student council president starts now! There are English reviews 5. Honey*Honey*Honey! [200925] Ouchi Jikan 1 2 3 It's been 30 years since sexual harassment countermeasures changed our way of life. Our day-to-day is governed by strict regulations dictating the appropriate distance between men and women and the various ways in which they can and cannot interact. As a result, direct interpersonal contact has been painfully reduced... In a society where male and female members must always be six feet apart, even dating requires authorization. But not in these hallowed halls! Can you keep a respectable distance with three dauntless heroines horning in on you? And in a world where distance relationships are the new normal, how long will you be able to keep yourself from getting up close and personal? Game is localized and has English reviews 6. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku o! ~Kono Yokubou no Ishou ni Chouai o!~ この素晴らしい世界に祝福を! ~この欲望の衣装に寵愛を!~ [200924] MAGES. GAME The story of Kono Yokubou no Ishou ni Chouai wo features the KonoSuba party, who during one of their usual quests, find a cursed tablet that lets its user freely generate clothes. The cast all get cursed with personality-reverse. Darkness turns into a sadistic queen, Megumin turns into a lolita and starts a Lolita Alliance, and Aqua turns into an actual goddess-like person. The characters will need to make and wear specific clothes with the tablet to break the curse. It’s a game where you can enjoy typical comedy situations of KonoSuba along with the cast acting out of character and wearing different costumes. Hence the Japanese subtitle, which can be translated to “Love For the Costumes of Desires". Sequel based on rather average anime 7. Kagi o Kakushita Kago no Tori -Bird in Cage Hiding the Key- 鍵を隠したカゴのトリ-BIRD IN CAGE HIDING THE KEY- [200925] Cabbit Touko was taken into custody on suspicion of committing murder and testified that she was the culprit. However, she was subsequently released due to insufficient evidence. The general public did not approve of this, so she ended up being imprisoned in a large mansion. Youta was once saved by Touko when he was young, and he decided to live with her in the mansion after his grandmother was hospitalized, leaving him all alone. They were joined by Touko’s friend Mion, the class rep Yoru, and their eccentric classmate Izuru. He felt that it was a pleasant life, cooking together, chatting about random things and having the occasional argument. But who is the true culprit? And why did Touko confess to the crime? Can the caged girl be saved? Cabbit is a unique brand that specializes in mystery. And in this regard game disappoints as mystery is half scam and does not come even close to Hakoniwa Logic. Only main heroine has resemblance of story. But if you look at it as a harem cohabitation game, it's decent among its rivals as does not fall into degeneracy. 8. Loca Love - Jinja x Senpai ろけらぶ 神社×先輩 [200925] Frontwing 1 2 Tsukikawa Shrine has become strangely infamous as a place that supposedly spreads misfortune - a rumor that Shizuki Yachiyo, the daughter of the head priest, is highly concerned about. When Ichitaro ends up living at the shrine for a while, he starts helping his childhood friend out on the job, and eventually, he realizes something. While Yachiyo is a diligent, hard-working priestess, she doesn't actually seem to believe in the shrine's deities, or the effect of their charms, at all. She also doesn't smile as much as she used to, almost as if she's given up on all hope in life. Without any friends at school, she always appears to be rather lonely. Then, one night... Ichitaro wakes up sensing a strange presence, and finds Yachiyo perched on top of him, peering into his face. She looks almost like an entirely different person "You know... I actually wish I could..." The small priestess reveals to him her deepest feelings - her worries, and her hopes. Now that she's opened up to him, and only him, Ichitaro feels like he must console her somehow. "Dear gods, please tell me this is the right thing to do..." "Yep!" "...Huh?" Game is released in English and has English impressions 9. Sakura no Kumo * Scarlet no Koi さくらの雲*スカアレットの恋 [200925] Cabbage Soft 1 "1920 ...?" Tsukasa Kazami, a young man who lives in 2020, sees himself travel back in time 100 years ago after sitting under a cherry tree. -- Tokyo, the Imperial Capital. Full of hopes for the future, it's a brilliant romantic city where the flowers of culture are in full bloom. "Elementary, Tsukasa. The last thing left is always the truth." A mysterious British woman who runs a detective agency alone in the imperial capital. Under her lack of money, Tsukasa is involved in numerous incidents ...? "--Now, let's find out the answer". Which era will awaken his true potential, Reiwa or Taisho? The curtain of this retro mystery among cherry blossoms lifts! Detective has an English impression 10. Date A Live: Ren Dystopia デート・ア・ライブ 蓮ディストピア [200924] Compile Heart 1 A night spent with everyone, unevenetfully and as always. Shido has a strange dream. In the darkness, he hears someone’s voice. When he wakes up in the morning, he sees an unknown box with a picture of a snake on placed at his bedside. Wondering whether this is somebody’s joke, Shido checks with everyone. Then when he opens the box—. There is an English review
  24. Seishun Fragile still takes the upper hand, yet for me it's the month without masterpieces. 1. Ano Hi no Tabibito, Fureau Mirai あの日の旅人、ふれあう未来 [200828] Pulltop 1 Yuuri arrives at Chichijima island, looking for his former girlfriend Tamaki, seeking closure to their withered relationship. After entering the high school Tamaki became an actress, and they slowly drifted apart, but never said proper farewell. Then suddenly she has retired, and apparently retreated to the "Sunset station" hotel on Chichijima. On the way to the hotel, Yuuri meets Eri - a shy girl who dreams to be voice actress. In order to pursue that dream, she wants to try working at local radio. Indeed - former "Sunset Station" hotel is now the home of the Bonin FM station. And it seems that station is on the verge of closing down. Tamaki is also there, but she's in pretty miserable state. Yuuri needs a place to stay, Eri wants to be VA, and Tamaki needs a place where she can recover - so in order to keep the station alive, three young people start to live there together, and make their own radio show.Yuuri arrives at Chichijima island, looking for his former girlfriend Tamaki, seeking closure to their withered relationship. After entering the high school Tamaki became an actress, and they slowly drifted apart, but never said proper farewell. Then suddenly she has retired, and apparently retreated to the "Sunset station" hotel on Chichijima. On the way to the hotel, Yuuri meets Eri - a shy girl who dreams to be voice actress. In order to pursue that dream, she wants to try working at local radio. Indeed - former "Sunset Station" hotel is now the home of the Bonin FM station. And it seems that station is on the verge of closing down. Tamaki is also there, but she's in pretty miserable state. Yuuri needs a place to stay, Eri wants to be VA, and Tamaki needs a place where she can recover - so in order to keep the station alive, three young people start to live there together, and make their own radio show. There is an English review 2. Kakenuke★Seishun Sparking! かけぬけ★青春スパーキング! [200828] Saga Planets 1 The protagonist, Toono Yuu, is a junior at Kazami Academy, At the age of puberty and youth. But... "Youth? What's that? You know I'm busy with my part-time job." He's an extreme realist who devotes his youth to his part-time job. He's does well with his schoolwork and spends all his free time earning money at his job every day. His hobby is checking his bank balance. His childhood friend Hibiki who couldn't overlook this and his classmate Riri who looks up to him decided to try to put him in a club and change his life. Hibiki, a lively girl, recommended to him the Activity Club, commonly called the Act Club, whose slogan is "Let's have fun enjoying our youth in school!". Riri, a serious girl, recommended to him the Volunteer Club, commonly called the Negative Club, whose slogan is "Let's spend our youth making the world a better place". Each club persistently tries to recruit Yuu. "I'm not interested in either club. In the first place, youth isn't necessary for me." Disregarding what Yuu wants, the girls drag him around each day. Why in the world did things turn out this way? "That type of thing hasn't been decided yet has it?" "Get ready! Soon you'll enjoy your youth!" Just what type of youth is awaiting him!? There are English impressions 3. Seishun Fragile 青春フラジャイル [200828] Purple Software 1 2 Shiki Yuuto is normal student living with his imouto-like maid Toune in a big Europe residence built by his ancestors from long time ago. However, he hides a big secret from everyone. He is actually descendant of branch family from a lineage of high class wizards which moved to Japan hundred years ago. Despite being a shabby wizard, he used to help people with magic while chasing the "Bad Wizard" as duty given to head of clan, but now he is just lazy around and doesn't care much about magic anymore. One day, while he is cleaning the old church behind his house, a mystery blonde wizard suddenly crashes into the church and is helped by his classmate Setsuna who "happens to be there by chance". The wizard introduces herself as Riz Mathers and claims to be his relative from the head family in British who comes to be his master. This fateful encounter between the three of them will unfold a bitter sweet story about their youth. There are English reviews 4. Houkago Cinderella 放課後シンデレラ [200828] Hooksoft 1 "After school, I think that girl might be waiting for me..." "If she's able to, I want to be friends with her and go home together." "I might be able to go home together with her after we have a chance meeting with each other." A feeling of love awakens on the way back home from school. In this work, you will enjoy a romance with the heroines while fully enjoying the romance situations/events which occur on the way back home from school. What I cherish is the "excitement" that occurs when I leave school, The excitement of finding the girl I'm interested in on my way home, The excitement of the two of us going home together, And the excitement of confessing. Hooksoft presents a school romance with the theme of "excitement". There is an English review
  25. Root Film is nowhere near masterpiece, but I'd still rate it higher than others this month. 1. Kanojo ga Aitsu de, Ore wa Dare!? 彼女がアイツで、俺はだれ!? [200731] Praline I (Kazuharu Shimozono) is an ordinary boy student with no special abilities. One day, I was called to the student council room by the school broadcast. Waiting there was Oria Kirishima, the student council president, and as soon as she and I were alone with each other, the student council president said, "I was Nobunaga in my previous life! I will attack you!" I didn't know what was happening but I knew I was in danger and I ran out of the room. Then an outright gyaru, Karan Yuki, appears, holding my hand and saying, "Are you okay?" and took me to the rooftop. With her hands on my face, she looked into my eyes and said "It looks like we finally met...?" and she began to take off her clothes. Apparently, they have memories of the past life... but I have no idea what it means. And, I think it's normal, but I have no memories of my childhood, let alone my previous life. Low price game with story being short and indefinite. It's a gag game with constant flashes from the past lives with the color changing only by the end of individual routes. Only two heroines, but harem is an option. 2. Root Film ルートフィルム [200730] Kadokawa Games 1 2 Spirited young filmmaker Rintarou Yagumo is involved in a new TV project—a mystery drama production set in Shimane that also served as tourism promotion for the prefecture. It has been 10 years since the original pilot was shot, and while the project was discontinued for unknown reasons, plans for a revival seems to be in place. One of the characteristics of this project is that it is a competition between three filmmakers, and each filmmaker shoots using a different actress as the protagonist. Yagumo is excited to learn that the other two filmmakers are famous directors. Before long, Yagumo and the staff members head off to go pre-location scouting, but a murder occurs at their destination… Yagumo and Riho are the two protagonists. As you progress through each of their stories and unravel records of the past, you will witness the truth… Root Film is a mystery title developed with realistic and beautiful backgrounds from data that was carefully gathered of Shimane Prefecture, which is where the story is set. Enjoy the deep story written by Hifumi Kouno, which points to the catharsis of art and madness in the darkness of today’s internet society. Game is localized and has English reviews 3. Yoru, Tomosu 夜、灯す [200730] Nippon Ichi Software 1 Taisho era. This is the story of a boarding school for young ladies that stands quietly on the outskirts of town. The students there are “caged birds,” restricted from leaving the school grounds even on days off. The girls shared everything, from their loneliness and joy to their teenage melancholy. Eventually they created the “Pseudo Sisters” system—a special relationship in which two girls would exchange each other’s most valued possessions and form a sister contract until graduation. But one day, two girls who formed a contract to become “Pseudo Sisters” committed a double suicide. The two died holding the “valued possessions” said to be a symbol of the bond between them, but the teachers returned those “symbols” to their original owners and treated it as an accidental death. If we die, we can stay together forever. The wishes of these two girls who committed suicide were trampled so easily. Console Yuri Taishou horror is as far from my tastes as possible 4. White Wings ホワイトウィングス [200717] Pureworks 1 2 This is an agonizing wintertime love song. At Shoba Senior Middle School in Shizuoka Prefecture, the stress and tension of preparing for Shoba Senior Middle School entrance examinations affects those in their later teenage years. They might encounter a life of separation from each other. Some of them may meet again, while others may never see other again. Secrets that are covered by rapidly falling snow are interwoven with a sorrowful rhythm. Broken families, Experiences of bullying, Tears concealed by smiles. Is the taste of first love sweet or bitter? Who will be redeemed, and who will enter the abyss? Attracted, estranged, separated, hurt. Young men and women, three encounters, each carries sorrowful secrets in the cold winter. Embracing each other and absorbing the earth’s final, small bit of warmth. During the last winter before Shoba Senior Middle School entrance examinations, Shoba Senior Middle School welcomed a pretty transfer student named Moe Miyazawa. She was assigned to sit next to Hiro Fujiwara, and had a heavenly appearance as well as an unapproachable air. She looked like an ice-cold snowflake and indifferently floated into Hiro Fujiwara’s heart. It seemed like a romantic beginning. Moe Miyazawa looked pretty and had outstanding grades, but was very cold and detached. Her classmates did not welcome her, and did not develop close relationships with her. However, her talent and beauty touched Hiro Fujiwara, whose family had already been broken. Furthermore, she also seemed to regard Hiro Fujiwara as someone unique. He couldn’t help but feel moved by Moe Miyazawa, but it was just that when he tried to get close to her, he found that it was really too difficult to get close to this girl. At the same time, Reika Fukihara, a charming girl with a warmhearted smile, also had a chance encounter with Hiro Fujiwara. She was outgoing and magnanimous, had a warm personality, and was also a bit bizarre, which gave Hiro Fujiwara a feeling he had never previously experienced. Hiro Fujiwara was obviously attracted to Moe Miyazawa, while Reika Fukihara’s vitality and uninhibited personality as well as her enthusiasm may have caused other people to see her as stubborn and unyielding. However, Hiro Fujiwara thought that Reika Fukihara was just like an angel opening up her wings in front of him. Reika Fukihara’s warmth and radiance sparked enthusiasm and hope within Hiro Fujiwara, who seemed to treat others with kindness, but actually was afraid of interacting with others. Reika Fukihara was too enticing for him. He couldn’t hold himself back, and was fatally attracted to her. On one side was the unapproachable ice-cold beauty, and on the other was the unfathomable elfin girl. His heart drifted between these two girls and remained indecisive. How could he choose between them and make sure that it was the right decision? Game is localized and has English reviews BLOCKED 1. Genjitsu ga Mietekita node Lolicon Yamemashita. 現実が見えてきたので少女を愛するのを辞めました。 [200731] Kaeru Soft 1 Tanaka Mikio has been obsessed with girls whose age is far below him. Be it real life or 2D girls. Having been a virgin all his life, he decided to quit. He wanted to get married and establish a family. In the process, however, Tanaka got rejected 108 times. Afterward, he meets Enomiya Mai, a lady who can cure his recurrent heartbreaks. Unfortunately, despite Tanaka's genuine affection for her, Mai can't sexually arouse him. Still, he decides to marry her anyway. However, destiny does dirty on him; Enomiya Mai has two lovely daughters. Only listing lolicon nukige because of review and opening
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