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VN of the Month April 2021 - Umi to Yuki no Cyan Blue




Umi to Yuki no Cyan Blue is the winner by default.


1. Yubisaki Connection ゆびさきコネクション [210430] Hooksoft 1
Nurture your love through a messaging app--
This is a work in which the heroine and the deepening of your relationship are enjoyed with the help of a messaging app.
Get the contact information of the girl you are interested in,
Have conversations through the app and get to know each other,
Make date arrangements...
Enjoy a thrilling game of love that fully utilizes the unique elements of messaging apps with the same romance that you know and love from previous HOOKSOFT titles.
We placed a strong emphasis on capturing the thrill that only a messaging app can give you during the course of a relationship!
Talk late into the night, just the two of you...
Unexpectedly receive a message asking for advice,
"I'm in the bath..." Have moments when you can get a glimpse into her life,
And times when she doesn't reply for a long time...
A game of love between two people using a messaging app.
Enjoy a romance with the heroine that feels more "real" than ever before!


2. Haishin 廃深 [210415] qureate 1 2 3 4 5
Online streamers Ikoma Mio, Sakurai Nana, and Shiraishi Azusa travel to the locally famous haunted resort, the Hotel Izanami, at Nana's request to shoot a video there.
It would be a film shoot at an average haunted location with no particular legend attached.
To finish shooting without a hitch and get an end result that was vaguely horror-esque...was all they wanted.
During filming, Mio gets separated from the group, and suddenly gets attacked by a mascot costume that has come to life.
From that point on, the trapped girls are at the mercy of numerous horrors throughout the hotel.
Why is a mascot trying to harm them, and why have they been shut in to the hotel with no escape?
Can the three girls escape from the hotel with their lives?
A livestream set in an abandoned hotel begins...
Game is released in English and has English reviews


3. Kanda Alice mo Suiri Suru. 神田アリスも推理スル。[210428] El Dia
Kanda Alice was worried about her first year at Miyukinomori Girls' High School. Her best friend Hodaka Akira stopped attending their archery club for a while due to an incident. She is said to have wrecked the archery club's championship cup, but Alice didn't believe her best friend could do such a thing. Despite of Alice’s worries, her best friend decided to leave the archery club...
"There is an amazing fortune-teller in this school!" Alice heard from her classmates. Alice told her best friend about the rumored fortune-teller in the tea ceremony club, located in one of the club buildings in the back of the schoolgrounds.
When Alice and her best friend headed to the tea ceremony club after school, they were greeted by an unbelievably beautiful, black-haired girl—so beautiful that you'd question whether she really exists. Her name: Sawaragi Houju. Houju asks, "What don't you want taken away from you?"
Their encounter in the twilight restarts a heart that had come to a halt.
Girls Love


4. Umi to Yuki no Cyan Blue 海と雪のシアンブルー [210430] CUBE 1
At the end of autumn, I got a younger sister. She is someone who has never seen the ocean.
I didn't know what to say, so I took my sister to the beach.
And so our daily lives began.
The protagonist Aono Shion lives in the countryside where the city is snowy.
He will soon leave the school which he used to attend.
―― "Graduation"
After graduation, he will move to Tokyo for higher education.
The younger sister who will no longer lives with him―Aono Nana,
The classmates who will no longer be with him―Sumiki Kotoha, Hagino Yume, and Chigira Shuuto,
The underclassman who will no longer with him―Nabatake Inaba, and
The homeroom teacher who will no longer with him―Matsuki Ira.
Farewells are bound to come, be it to shallow, or to deep relationships.
As he prepares to graduate and move to Tokyo, Shion takes his goodbyes to the place he grew up at and everyone he grew up with. While he's at it, he also recalled the bonds he had forged, the feelings he realized for the first time, and the signs he was finally able to notice. He spends his remaining days with the feeling of loneliness on leaving his hometown, mixed with the feeling of excitement of new world he's about to go, eventually, the day comes.
This is the story about Shion and his friends about what "graduation" means.
There are English reviews


1. 9 -Nine- Shinshou 9-nine- 新章  [210423] Palette 1  
This is a standalone version of the "New Episode" chapter added in 9-nine- Complete Edition (r74265). The new episode ties up the loose ends from the previous 4 chapters, and contains after stories for each heroine (the scenario part totals about 230kb). It contains 10 CGs.


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It was this month that I found out about your blog. I immediately stared reading all the reviews you had on so many interesting vns as well as starting your vn of the month from the beginning to see what I can find there, but eventually decided to go on my own journey of searching untranslated vns (that hasn't stopped since). I still go to your blog when I want more info on a certain vn that is hard to find any so thank you for your work and effort you've put into this all this years. I will hopefully go back to this in this future once i read the stuff that i want so i can see what you said about them.

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Yubisaki Connection has a good graphic, while for Umi to Yuki at least it's quite well received from what I see (I wonder though if Nekonyan and Shiravune will localized those two VNs respectively). The only title that I recognize here is Nine Shinshou in that Palette did sell it as sequel in which to be fair it is because it resolve the remaining plot. That said though, other than the remaining plot the rest of it is indeed fandisc just like you say because we'll going to have the after stories for all of the heroines. Oh yes somehow Palette decided to make this as all age VN, as in they prepared this to be sold on Steam which as we know can be quite strict with the review. As for the chance of this will be available in English, I assume that Sekai will be the one to localize it if they can and I guess that their secret project might be Nine Shinshou here. That's all for what I can say in regard of April 2021 releases.

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