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VN of the Month March 2022 - Unless Terminalia




It's becoming a tradition, but there's again just one candidate that fits to run for game of the month and wins by default - Unless Terminalia


1. Ai Kiss 3 アイキス3 [220325] Giga 
Arimori Gakuen is an art school . Two years have passed since enrollment and relations with different girls around. This year two new girls Maniwa Karin and Ikenaga Avrola enroll , so new story page brings even more fun.
Moege sequel


2. Himemiya-san wa Kamaitai 姫宮さんはかまいたい [220325] Prekano 
Main character was looking for a new school club to join when Tsubaki Himemiya forced him into joining tea ceremony club. Soon it turns out that it's full of ghost members , so it more and more starts to remind a date.
Not a month without vanilla nukige. With so few titles can't just strike it out.


3. Hokenshitsu no Sensei to Gothloli no Koui 保健室のセンセーとゴスロリの校医 [220325] Citrus
"I, may have been looking for spring."
"Maybe I was looking for love."
Kazami Sora is still working as a nurse at Saika Girls' Academy as planned after the first semester has passed.
His traveling companion, Shirobana, works as an assistant, but they no longer live together at their hot spring resort, Shikisai-no-Sato.
After seeing his sister off peacefully, Sora has decided to lead a life not for her anymore but for himself.
Shirobana, who knows this better than anyone else, decides to step aside and watch over Sora from afar, just as Sora's older sister did in the past.
Autumn is the season of school events, including a field trip to a lavender field and a school festival held jointly by the schools.
As time passed by, one day, a new mystery was added to the Seven Mysteries of the school.
It is said that oni (demons) appear at night, and they ravage the school grounds.
Sora, who thinks it is the work of the Tamabito, is starting to investigate the case as an Okuribito.
He is accompanied by Otohime, the school doctor, who is also a reliable coworker and drinking companion.
The language of cherry blossoms is the language of beauty.
And that of purity. ----
It's more of a fandisc as it's a rather short kinetic story focusing on a side character introduced in the previous work


4. Unless Terminalia アンレス・テルミナリア [220325] Whirlpool
High school Morinomiya Gakuen is located in the deep, deep forest. Neighboring towns consider this place a sanatorium.
Boys and girls with extraordinary abilities are gathered from all over the world at this school. The "Yuzuriha Institution" protects them and researches the "gift" bound in them. The "gift" is considered to be of heavenly nature. Main character is cursed to forget everything except for one chosen memory, so he is placed in this school to find that most important memory to carry over.
One day he meets a transfer student Mikuriya Ren who wants to experience the joy of youth in this place, but who is about to die soon by a wicked twist of fate. 
This is a story about the meaning of fate. God certainly exists and keeps asking boys and girls about it...
Good to see Whirlpool following the flow of Pieces rather than some other its infamous projects. Individual elements are fine, so if you can stand all this heavenly providence and resurrection themes, could be more entertaining than Pieces.


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Interesting to see that some of Ai Kiss 3 heroines are also Vtuber with one of them did stream her Baldr Sky gameplay (Which make sense because both of Ai Kiss 3 and Baldr Sky were developed by GIGA), and turned out that Hokejo is only the first part of a serial VNs with the second part here is Hokeloli (Good to see that the writer here is very frank with his taste seeing that he did work in FAVORITE which as we know like to have loli heroine). Lastly there's Unless Terminalia in which it's another Whirlpool VN that can be interesting to see in English instead of their several short moege series that they decided to localize, but I suppose the latter is cheaper to localize. No much to say here, so that's all for what I can say in regard of March 2022 releases.

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