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Anime of the Year 1972 - Dokonjou Gaeru




Dokonjou Gaeru is a great comedy series and the only masterpiece in 1972 for me.
1. Muumin (1972) ムーミン [1972-I] Mushi Production (Dropped 3/52)
Tags: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Slice of Life
A remake of the 1969-70 Moomin series. This version is more closely based on the books by the Finnish illustrator and writer Tove Jansson.
Can only say the same as of the original.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
2. Kashi no Ki Mokku 樫の木モック [1972-I] Tatsunoko Production (Dropped 3/52)
Tags: Adventure, Fantasy
This version of Pinocchio tells a story of an extremely gullible, naive and morally confused wooden doll brought to life by a mystical blue fairy. Pinocchio (Mokku) is characterized as having many character faults which he must learn to overcome in order to be worthy of being granted humanity. Some of these character faults include selfishness, rudeness, insensitivity, indolence, obstinacy, over- trusting, self-pity, stupidity, disobedience, compulsive lying, arrogance, greed, cowardice, recklessness, cruelty, foolishness and an inability to learn from mistakes.
Throughout the entire series Pinocchio (Mokku), partly due to his own delinquency and repetitive disobedience, must undergo other costly ordeals of hardship and pain in which he is continuously tormented, persecuted, bullied, humiliated, tricked, ridiculed, ostracised, beaten, downtrodden and subjected to degrading and inhumane treatment. Its plain depiction of the austere reality of what it would be like to be literally subhuman growing up in a world of danger and hardship, makes this another good example of traditional Japanese stories, which teach moral observance through tough endurance.
Once again no coherent plot aim, so it's just observation and watching different situations happen. Can't rate that higher than average.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
3. Seigi wo Aisuru Mono Gekkou Kamen 正義を愛する者、月光仮面 [1972-I] Knack Productions (Dropped 3/39)
Tags: Action, Mystery
Moonlight Mask's identity has always been a mystery (which is why the Moonlight Mask persona is credited as being played by "?" in the original series).
Decked out in white tights, white & red cape, white scarf, yellow gloves & boots, dark glasses, face cloth and Indian-style turban (pinned with a "moon" ornament), Moonlight Mask is armed with a whip, two six-shooters, shuriken and moon-shaped boomerangs. He also rides a motorcycle.
However, only audiences know that Moonlight Mask could very well be detective Juurou Iwai who seems to disappear from his friends before the caped crusader rides to the rescue in his motorcycle! Even his comical assistant Gorohachi Fukuro, his friend Inspector Matsuda, and children Shigeru, Kaboko and Fujiko are oblivious to Iwai's secret identity.
Another simplistic superhero title. This time there are quite some colleagues too to add some comedy, so it's not too bad, just bad.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
4. Umi no Triton 海のトリトン [1972-II] Animation Staff Room (Dropped 4/27)
Tags: Shounen Adventure, Fantasy
5000 years ago, the Triton Family was living peacefully in Atlantis until the Poseidon Family destroyed them all. Triton, of the Triton Family line, embarks on an adventurous life in the sea fighting the Poseidon Family.
I don't understand shounen adventure titles as boy just travels and sometimes helps someone with the ultimate aim to find and destroy Poseidon. It's random and going nowhere for the most part.  
Overall Rating: 4/10
5. Akadou Suzunosuke 赤胴鈴之助 [1972-II] Tokyo Movie Shinsha (Dropped 4/52)
Tags: Historical Adventure
A young swordsman finds himself involved in a plot to overthrow the shogunate.
Edo period. Suzunosuke-kun tries to be as great as his father and learns kendo. Pacing is slow and basically each episode Suzunosuke is shown his new weakness and he trains hard to counter that weakness. Also there is usually a bit of action with his kendo rivals or masked evil ninja and accomplices. The whole coup theme starts also further that the first four episodes.  
Overall Rating: 5/10
6. Anime Document: München e no Michi  アニメドキュメント ミュンヘンへの道 [1972-II] TBS, Nippon Television Network (Dropped 0/16)
Tags: Sports
A short series based on volleyball at the Munich Olympics. The series features a mix of live action blended with animation.
Not found (God bless)  
Overall Rating: 0/10
7. Devilman デビルマン [1972-III] Toei Animation (Dropped 3/39)
Tags: Mythology Action, Horror, Supernatural
Devilman features Akira Fudo, a shy and timid teenager who has gone mountain climbing in the Himalayas with his father. While in the middle of the expedition, both father and son are killed in a tragic accident. Akira's body is found and possessed by the demon soldier Devilman, who uses his new human form as a disguise in order to fulfill his mission of causing chaos on Earth in order to pave the way for a demonic invasion of the planet.
Before his mission can begin in earnest, Devilman meets Akira's childhood friend Miki Makimura and quickly falls in love with her. Devilman resolves to protect Miki and humanity as a whole by battling against his fellow demons. Demon Tribe leader Zennon becomes greatly angered at Devilman's betrayal and is quick to send Devilman's former comrades to destroy him. The other demons soon learn that Miki is precious to Devilman and he must now work to protect her, as well as protect himself. Will the power of love be able to overcome that of true evil?
Not the worst superhero series for sure. Miki-chan helps to an extent. Still after first unusual episode all others feel roughly the same with just a new enemy each time. 
Overall Rating: 4/10
8. Mon Cheri CoCo モンシェリCOCO [1972-III] TBS (Dropped 0/13)
Tags: Shoujo Romance
A young woman aims to become a famous fashion designer.
Not found, lost media.  
Overall Rating: 0/10
9. Maken Liner 0011 Henshin Seyo! 魔犬ライナー0011変身せよ [1972-III] Toei Animation (Finished 1/1)
Tags: Mecha Action, Sci-Fi
A medium long anime movie (50 minutes) released as one of the programs of 'Toei Manga Festival', and screened with a live-action film "Kamen Rider vs. Ambassador Hell" and others.
A near-future Sci-Fi mecha action film featuring four cyborg dogs. An original story based on the concept from Hiroshi Sasagawa's manga "Maken Goro" (serialized in the magazine "Weekly Shonen King" in 1963).
A boy named Tsutomu and four cyborg dogs (Queen, Ace, Jack and Joker who coalesce and transform into the spaceship "Liner") fight against aggression by insect-type aliens from the Planet Devil.
50 minutes is kind of small for something big. So it is a shrunk aimless animation without strong characters or aim. It targets audience who like spaceships and fighting aliens with miraculous transformers. Very boring and perfect boy protagonist aggravates the deal.   
Overall Rating: 4/10
10. Kagaku Ninja-tai Gatchaman 科学忍者隊ガッチャマン [1972-IV] Tatsunoko Production (Dropped 3/105)
Tags: Shounen Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Due to dangers of decreasing resources and growing pollution, the International Scientific Organization (ISO) is established to improve environmental conditions throughout the world. But an international criminal group, Gallactor, tries to achieve world domination by taking control of the ISO. Gallactor was created by a mysterious being from outer space known as Generalissimo X, who gives orders through its chief commander on Earth, the masked Berg Katse. To fight Gallactor and its robot monsters, the ISO's Dr. Nambu enlists five brave youths into a combat squad called Gatchaman,the Science Commandos. Special scientific powers and dramatic birdlike costumes make the Gatchaman Squad a match for Gallactor, wherever on Earth it may strike. Ken (the Eagle) is the wise leader, assisted by sometimes-foolhardy Joe (the Condor), pretty Jun (the Swan), eager little Jinpei (the Swallow), and strong Ryu (the Horned Owl). Each has individual scientific weapons, but their main power lies in their aircraft, the Phoenix, which can transform itself into a fiery arrow capable of piercing the most massive threats. GATCHAMAN is a series of dynamic action and tension as Ken, Joe, Jun, Jinpei, and Ryu hold themselves in constant readiness to meet each new threat by Gallactor to conquer the world.
There's next to zero humor, so all these serious space ninjas are super boring. All the stereotypical laughing enemies aren't funny at all. I can imagine few things worse than that.  
Overall Rating: 2/10
11. Dokonjou Gaeru ど根性ガエル [1972-IV] Tokyo Movie Shinsha (Dropped 22/103)
Tags: Shounen Comedy, Slice of Life
When Hiroshi was fighting against his rival Gorillaimo, he stumbled over a stone and fell on to a frog. To be surprised, the frog was still alive and it named itself Pyonkichi.
What a hilarious comedy. Great characters, every single one of them. Humor is just right, absolutely clear one. If it had a full English translation, I'd even give it an 8, although translating 103 episodes is definitely not an easy thing to do. Still there are some 21 episode translated, and that's almost two contemporary seasons to enjoy. I especially appreciate as events pile up and affect next series unlike, say , Simpsons.  
Overall Rating: 7/10
12. Astroganger アストロガンガー [1972-IV] Toei Animation (Dropped 3/26)
Tags: Mecha Action, Sci-Fi
An alien woman named Maya crash-lands on Earth. Her homeworld was destroyed by the Blasters, a cruel alien race who steals the natural resources from other planets. She falls in love with a scientist and gives birth to a human boy named Kentaro. When the Blasters invade the Earth, Kentaro must defeat them by fighting with Astroganger, a robot made from living metal.
As primitive mecha superpower action as one can imagine, with very few unexpected findings. Still, I've seen even worse, so can't give it the worst score.   
Overall Rating: 2/10
13. Ryuuichi Manga Gekijou Onbu Obake おんぶおばけ [1972-IV] Eiken (Dropped 0/52)
Tags: Supernatural
The mischievous antics of a ghost in an ancient village.
Not found  
Overall Rating: 0/10

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Mon Cheri is quite unusual because it only has 13 episodes which to say is stand out because usually 1970's anime here would have more than one season, although of course had it aired nowadays with the same episode number it should be not unusual anymore (Like I say before nowadays anime only has 12 episodes per season, with some of rare cases has 13 episides). As for Gatchaman, it's another anime that was aired in Indonesia back at 2000's (And yes there's quite a number of old anime aired back then) and it's more serious than Yatterman despite from the same studio (Well Hutch is quite serious and it's also from Tatsunoko studio). No much to say here, so that's all for my comment on 1972 anime.

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