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  1. Foreword: Game looks like a parody chunige with dimension shifts, so I'd like to know the story. Synopsis: The story takes place in the near future, when monsters frequently appear in the town. Hiromi has just moved to another school because his previous school was closed. The monsters used to be dangerous creatures before, but they are now like crows or stray dogs thanks to high-quality monster exterminators. But one day, Hiromi is suddenly attacked by a monster when he meets Kiku, who has just come to the town from deep inside the mountain. Hiromi and Kiku strangely get a special power during battle and get rid of the monster. After the battle, they meet a group of girls called Shinsengumi. Hiromi and Kiku finally join the group after twists and turns. However, they conflict with another monster buster group called Kaientai, which is an official group. Also, a girl named Hiromi, who is totally the same as his deceased twin sister, appears in front of him. Moreover, they find Monster King sealed up in the basement. Like this, their three-sided fight begins now.... Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv9ZY_y6AM3ARuIGmeHpTFQ8 Character Design rating: 6/10 Protagonist rating: 6/10 Story rating: 7/10 Game quality: 6/10 Overall rating: 6/10 A decent game overall that could be even called a masterpiece it it was reworked and reassembled. But guess I have a lot of explaining to do for each element. As usual, let's start with the concept. Main character transfers to a new school and meets Kiku who claims to know him. Monster attack alarm starts to sound, kids get attacked by a monster, but fight him off with some unsealed powers. Three shinsengumi girls from the same school show up to deal with the rest of the monsters, and protagonist with Kiku join them for future fights. Then rival Kaientai group members join the fun, and everyday slapstick comedy begins with various dimensions cut-ins. In the second part various heroines problems show up, and a lot of dimension travel is used, but ending is not necessarily happy. After three main Shinsengumi heroines routes we move to three Kaientai sub-heroines routes, then director sub-heroine Regeneration route. And finally there is True Reincarnation route which reveals piled up mysteries, connects previous disjointed parts and moves in a cohesive way without weird cut-ins that happened all the time during common route. The dimension shifts is the thing that makes game incomprehensible for all the first half. There is the current world, past world tackling previous lives, alternative reality worlds for each heroine with own future, also future parallel world of Michelle's coffee shop that serves as kind of base of operations. There is also interdimensional world with only black squares and some places of unknown location or time. All these dimensions switch without warning, and furthermore heroines can have changed personalities. It all makes head spin which renders common route to be the worse part of the game. Game does not have a real protagonist, and Hiromi is not present in most scenes at all. But luckily it all starts to make sense in the True route. Let's turn to discussing flaws. Lack of explanation is the biggest one. Game is in dare need of glossary. Directorship of common route is horrible. Production values are rather sober with few patterns. All males are unvoiced. Game features a lot of elements unacceptable by certain types of players like me - notably, loli, incest and yandere personality. Four sub-heroines endings are super-short totaling less than an hour time and with a distinctive H tilt. There is a lot of unneeded text which makes it tiresome to read - with 2/3 of the text cut this would be a masterpiece game. As for strong sides, True route mends story in a lot of ways. Slapstick comedy moments are nice. Heroines are rather attractive even though almost all of them are loli. Among them Kiku especially shines. She is the mysterious heroine from the start with common past and she is voiced by Mia Naruse with her cutest voice that I adore since the times of Sae from Nijuuei. Overall, as I said earlier, Reincarnation ☆ Shinsengumi feels as a decent game after completion, but only a minority of players can make it to the end due to numerous production failures.
  2. Foreword: A nice otaku game always catches my attention. Synopsis: Kenjiro is lazy and has no job. One day, his mother calls him and tells that she asked his aunt to hire him at her school. However, Kenjiro is a hardcore otaku - he has no social skills to speak of, can't get along with people, and has never dated a girl... When he arrives at the school, he is shocked to find out it's an all-girls' school, and has no idea what he should do! Luckily he meets up with Nanase, his cousin he used to play together with when they were young. She, however, suddenly says to him, "Are you still an otaku? Don't talk to me at school." When he is down, he suddenly hears a familiar melody, a BGM from some famous game. He enters the classroom and finds a girl playing the game. She introduces herself as Asuka, and she happens to be the one and only member of the Comic Club.... Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_bK0MS_DGj0C_UvdauhF91 Character Design rating: 9/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 7/10 Game quality: 8/10 Overall rating: 8/10 I tend to undermine slice of life games since these games don't give me new stories. The more the importance of those ones that I can call masterpieces. And this is exactly such case. Concept is fairly simple - an otaku becomes a temporary intern at a girls school and also an advisor to a comic club. Since it's a charage, it's natural to discuss heroines. There are five of them, but only four are geeks. The last one is our tsundere cousin Nanase. She is kind of main heroine because of her special status, but her route is the most boring one as it focuses on isolated from other members romantic relations. I was seriously disappointed by her route as there are lots of such developments in any charage. There are three authors in this game, and common route together with Nanase route are written by Hasegawa Ai, an AXL scenario writer whom I seriously dislike after Shield 9 and Like a Butler. Shinobu and Mashiro routes are written by Toki Houou who did mostly eroge, but participated in script creation for Sumikko Soft first game. Shinobu is the cutest heroine who tries to hide her otaku habits and leave a normal school life. Her route is the shortest of all and becomes a poor tennis spokon with the only bright spot is common for all heroines comiket participation. As for Mashiro, her route is quite fun, but focusing on emotions, realistic problems and worries, and thus leaves a somewhat heavy impression. The last two routes - Asuka and Shima - are written by Himenogi Aku who hosted a lot of moege/charage as a scenario writer. And his lively approach actually saves this game. Both routes are light, otaku-heavy and really fun. Incidentally, H scenes are also the most lively in the whole game. Finishing with one of these routes generally provides a better overall impression, so there is some evaluation split. As for the flaws, can't say there are many. Protagonist is perverted and insensitive, but for a wild otaku it's a normal state. I did not like side characters, but they rarely show up. There are a lot of net and anime parodies and references that were incomprehensible without wikipedia even in 2009 due to aged material and letters omission, but those don't really obstruct experience. Of course I'd prefer a circle of friends story without individual heroine routes, but joint activities are also plentiful, so I did not feel locked up with a single heroine even in Nanase route. I ended up praising the game even in flaws section. So let's continue with the praise. Otaku protagonist playing eroge is easy to sympathize with. Some nerd jokes were commonplace, but there was enough unique discussions. Sheldon Cooper would want to watch Shima route who is toy trains enthusiast with ability to discern them by the sounds made. But the deciding factor for me was circle of friends atmosphere. Zettai Karen! Ojou-sama does not live up to Genshiken as ultimate otaku heaven, but it is a a properly done and amusing dive into otaku atmosphere with unusual otaku heroines, and every such success counts.
  3. I'll call Zettai Karen! Ojou-sama VN of the month, but can't say if it is a masterpiece yet. Same refers to Reincarnation ☆ Shinsengumi! which I'm reviewing to find out its merit. Micchi doesn't see anything worthwhile this month, but Zen is enthralled by yanderege Oni Uta 1. Juusei to Diamond 銃声とダイヤモンド [090618] SCEI Onizuka Youichi - the negotiator from New York - has contracted with the Japanese police and is working for Zero Department, which had been newly formed to specialize in hostage negotiation. However, when another department request investigation of stalker case due to being short-staffed, Onizuka is unaware that it is sign of series of dangerous events soon to follow, where he and his co-workers must struggle hard to keep everyone alive, even that of the criminal. Basically, it's different detective cases with negotiation drama parts at PSP. Not my cup of tea. 2. Shihen II ~Saitan no Сatastrophe~ 詩篇II~再誕のカタストロフ~ [090619] Gesen 18 20 years have passed.... The country is governed by Felix and every citizen lives a peaceful life. One day, Jan receives a job offer that is to steal a holy sword. Jan soon accepts the offer lured by extraordinary reward. But this is just the beginning of massive disturbance.... As Jan is involved in the wave of fate, he meets five girls, which causes another great social change.... What will happen when it ends...? Shihen 69.... A forbidden power is now released again.... RPG 3. ~Pantsu o Miseru Koto, Sore ga...~ Daiuchuu no Hokori ~パンツを見せること、それが……~大宇宙の誇り [090625] Wheel 1 A meteor struck Mamoru when he was a kid, but he didn't get injured at all. That's why he was called "Miracle Meteor Boy". Seven years later, a beautiful girl surrounded by noble aura suddenly appears in front of Mamoru and he is taken to a strange place. Yes, it's inside a spaceship and there he can see beautiful girls showing their underwears... "Show the Holy Ball." He doesn't know what she is talking about. According to her, they are from another planet to get the "Holy Ball", which is a key item of succession battle for the throne. To show underwear is also a proof of the royal family and the pride of the grand universe. When they check Mamoru's body, the Holly Ball is found inside his body. As a matter of fact, the meteor which struck him is the Holly Ball. To get it out, Mamoru needs to reach a universally stunning climax. Like this, a battle for the Ball begins... There is an English review. 4. Kuru Kuru Coeur くるくるくーる [090626] Axis The protagonist visits his childhood friend Kirara at the prestigious Extraordinary Science Laboratory, or Exlab. On one of her lab's table lies a mysterious and suspicious-looking device. As the protag activates the machine, it turns out it actually is a mechanism capable of changing the gender of a person! Unlike most gender change visual novels scenario is not opportunistic, but gender is changed multiple times with different characters. There is no drama, but enough comedy. Result is really rough. 5. Nidozaki! Tartelette 2度咲き!タルトレット [090626] Shiratama Akito has just returned to Japan after finishing patissier training and goes to a cake shop called October Cherry he frequently visited before. However, he is surprised to see the shop, "Oh, it can't be true...." The shop is totally dilapidated. It seems the previous owner passed away and his daughters are now running the shop. But it doesn't go well and the shop will be closed soon. Akito decides to work with the daughters to pull together October Cherry and save it from closing down.. SIM 6. Oni Uta. ~Oni ga Kitarite, Amaesasero to Notamouta.~ 鬼うた。 ~鬼が来たりて、甘えさせろとのたもうた。~ [090626] 130cm There is a small village located far from the town. The main character is Akito, who lives at a shrine. His current concern is that he has only few friends. He has an older sister, Koharu, who excessively relies on him, and an old friend, Ayako, whom he is in love. One day, he encounters an offering box burglar and is killed by him... It looks like his life is finished, but Himeka, a demon princess, suddenly appears and saves him. Himeka loses almost all of her power for that and orders him to take care of her for a while. Since Himeka actively approaches Akito, Koharu gets jealous and conflicts with Himeka. Like this, Akito gradually gets involved in an epic battle between Himeka and Koharu... It's a Yanderege, and it deals with madness a lot. It's rare to see crazy protagonist who mumbles stuff all the time. First bigger half is positive school everyday, but about a third is supernatural and depressing. Suicide is commonplace, and salvation is not prepared for all the heroines. 7. Primary ~Magical★Trouble★Scramble~ Primary ~Magical★Trouble★Scramble~ [090626] SkyFish 1 2 3 Everything starts here... There is a school where you can learn how to use magic. The main character is Kohaku and his goal is to cure Hinana's poor eyesight. Once he enters the school, he meets various people. On the first day, he successfully soothes a wild spirit during a lesson and a rumor spreads around school, "The new student is strong!" In springtime, there is a regular test at school. It's no exaggeration to say that their future is determined by this test. The test is to complete a variety of missions. New school and new life. Friendship and love. The story goes as Kohaku overcomes various troubles to be a magical knight. There are English reviews. 8. Reincarnation ☆ Shinsengumi! りんかねーしょん☆新撰組っ! [090626] Libre The story takes place in the near future, when monsters frequently appear in the town. Hiromi has just moved to another school because his previous school was closed. The monsters used to be dangerous creatures before, but they are now like crows or stray dogs thanks to high-quality monster exterminators. But one day, Hiromi is suddenly attacked by a monster when he meets Kiku, who has just come to the town from deep inside the mountain. Hiromi and Kiku strangely get a special power during battle and get rid of the monster. After the battle, they meet a group of girls called Shinsengumi. Hiromi and Kiku finally join the group after twists and turns. However, they conflict with another monster buster group called Kaientai, which is an official group. Also, a girl named Hiromi, who is totally the same as his deceased twin sister, appears in front of him. Moreover, they find Monster King sealed up in the basement. Like this, their three-sided fight begins now.... Parody bakage with individual routes tackling different problems arising from previous life. Due to these previous life adventures, time axis gets shifted a lot, and different parallel worlds change rapidly, thus making it difficult for understanding. To make it even worse viewpoint changes constantly. Story has nothing to do with historical Shinsengumi, just using their names. Quite an interesting yet difficult to grasp work overall. I tend to favor such works, so reviewing it. 9. Sabae no Ou Scenario II 蠅声の王 シナリオII [090626] Lost Script The protagonist's name is Es. He is an official vampire hunter and belongs to an organization called Spook House. Hunting vampires by non-human hunters... Yes, Es is non-human, a sleepless hunter. Through various battles, open up your future! Heavy gameplay elements game, just as previous ones. Introduction of voicing does not justify the pain. 10. Sakura Sakura さくらさくら [090626] Hiqo Soft 1 2 3 The Dorm Guardian vs. The School Guardian Inaba Tooru has always dreamed of living a co-ed life. That’s why, when he finally managed to transfer into the renowned Rintoku Academy, he immediately fell head over heels for two Sakuras! Sakura Nanako’s classes are strict, but at home, she turns into an overbearing mother. Kirishima Sakura may seem cold and unfriendly, but she is always ready to lend a helping hand as the class representative. These two girls are outwardly indifferent to Tooru, but put the three of them together and sparks begin to fly. In the sakura-colored season of spring, two fussy Sakuras have been caught in a light-hearted love triangle. The Internet Friend vs. The Childhood Friend "You know how romance games always give the main character that best friend who tells him about the girls? I want to be that guy." Fuse Naoki, the self-proclaimed best friend, is always ready to tease Tooru about his situation with the two Sakuras. But, unbeknownst to him, he is one side of yet another light-hearted love triangle. Nitta Akira has been Naoki's friend since before they could read and write, and is now finally living under the same (dorm) roof as him. Tachibana Kurumi used to be Naoki's MMO raiding partner, but they were separated before she ever got a chance to meet him in real life or tell him how she felt. "I understand him better than anyone else." Akira and Kurumi have Naoki stumped for the first time in his life. And so, Tooru finally gets a chance to see things from the other side. The curtains rise on this desolate showdown for love. Game is localized and has English reviews. 11. Stellar ☆ Theater [090626] Rosebleu 1 Aliens exist for sure. Even a child knows it. The world is protected by a group of aliens with special power. Daichi lives in such a world. He terribly got burned five years ago, but it's all cured and he now lives a peaceful life. But one day, he meets one of the aliens and his life slightly changes... He is forcibly appointed as to be an examiner of the next protector test. There are also three girls who move to his school to take the test and one of them is his childhood friend. He still doesn't know that there will be a big event, which will change his future, in the not too distant future... There is an English review. 12. Zettai Karen! Ojou-sama 絶対可憐!お嬢様っ [090626] Sumikko Soft Kenjiro is lazy and has no job. One day, his mother calls him and tells that she asked his aunt to hire him at her school. However, Kenjiro is a hardcore otaku - he has no social skills to speak of, can't get along with people, and has never dated a girl... When he arrives at the school, he is shocked to find out it's an all-girls' school, and has no idea what he should do! Luckily he meets up with Nanase, his cousin he used to play together with when they were young. She, however, suddenly says to him, "Are you still an otaku? Don't talk to me at school." When he is down, he suddenly hears a familiar melody, a BGM from some famous game. He enters the classroom and finds a girl playing the game. She introduces herself as Asuka, and she happens to be the one and only member of the Comic Club.... Opportunism element is quite high, so it soon becomes a variation of harem. A good otaku story with colorful heroines and refreshing ending. I'll actually take a bite of it since Genshiken spirit runs in my veins as well. BLOCKED 1. Majo ni Naru. 魔女になる。[090611] Tamsoft Corporation 1 Witch's Wish is an adventure game that tells the tale of Vicky, a young witch in training. Vicky wants more than anything to be a witch, but in her town, only rich girls can go to witch school. Her dream seems hopeless until she meets a mysterious girl who shows her how to unlock her remarkable magical powers. Vicky will use her magic to solve puzzles, help out her friends and neighbors, and uncover the mystery of the dark force which threatens to tear the town apart. Will her magic be enough to unite and save her troubled town? Console exclusive, only including it because of missable review. 2. D.C. II ~Da Capo II~ To You - Side Episodes D.C.II To You ~ダ・カーポII~トゥーユー サイドエピソード [090626] Circus 1 2 3 A collection of 4 short side stories. The first one tells about the events of a decade ago, when Yoshiyuki was adopted by Asakura family. From the second story we'll learn how Yoshiyuki became friends with Wataru and Suginami, and how the Setsugekka trio was formed. The third story is about a close friendship of Miki and Mahiru, when she was still alive. The fourth story is an alternate reality, which tells how in one rainy day Sakurai picked up a broken "μ", who was thrown out by heartless owner, and how strongly he became attached to her. Fandisc 3. Mugen Kairou 2 ~Rasen~ 夢幻廻廊2 ~螺旋~ [090626] Black Cyc 1 2 One day, Taro falls in love with a girl. Her name is Shiro and she lives in a big house. There also live four sisters. Taro often visits the house to meet Shiro at first, but the sisters propose to him he should live in the house. Like this, he starts living at their house, but what he experiences there is.... Another fantasy causes a whirl of spiral.... Are you happy now...? Nukige, only including it because of missable reviews 4. Sumaga Special スマガスペシャル [090626] Nitroplus 1 Sumaga Special mostly focuses over the certain chain of events mentioned in Sumaga which took place eight years ago... But it also features events after the ending of Sumaga... Not to mention that it also has two new heroines... Fandisc
  4. Foreword: A localized chunige with intriguing concept, can't miss that. Synopsis: When a chance encounter drops him into the middle of a war between a secret organization of superheroes and the shadow creatures known as schatten, Himehagi Aisaku must awaken the hero within if he hopes to protect all that he holds dear. Together with the valiant princess Keziah, Aisaku will don his blazing armor and shine a light on the shadows that infest his city. But the darkness he uncovers may be deeper than anything he imagined. Courage! Conviction! Friendship! Love! Will Aisaku find the strength to see him through the rising night? Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_8eyqu1zvK7ojhhaYm4dhc Character Design rating: 8/10 Protagonist rating: 6/10 Story rating: 6/10 Game quality: 7/10 Overall rating: 7/10 There are many English reviews (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) , but all of them fail to structuralize all the game chaos and explain what this game is about. So I have to return to basics all by myself. Naturally, I can't avoid spoilers, but without it can't even show the gist of this game and will end up like any other review out there. Trample on Schatten starts as a shounen bakage focused on kamen rider superheroes. Protagonist is attacked by a shadow and is imbued with a white ball on his palm by a doctor. This sphere both protects him from becoming a shadow himself and grants powers to fight shadows along with other Zelcraters. And after that we're given a flowchart with lots of dots to trigger events with different characters happening in reality or alternative reality at different time. There is no real purpose, no mastermind or evil organization during the mid-game, so we just get to know characters and protagonist while trying to discover superpowers based on love and fight overpowered shadows Schatten. And this is where game changes a lot. There's a lot of darkness behind heroines and protagonist past, plus all the violation IF scenes add roughness. Eventually we get prompted to enter individual sub-heroines routes that are merely excuses for H events. But when we decide to move forward with the story, sub-heroines get to die in some way or another, so each time you dump a heroine it's a death sentence. Death in Trample on Schatten is not necessarily final as there is a story mechanic to return some characters, but it's limited only to a few characters. Only by the very end of the game we enter true Keziah route , learn the mastermind identity, have a battle , and only after the battle learn about main mysteries. That's a very unexpected sequence of events. Let's address the flaws not already mentioned. I absolutely hate flowchart mechanic as it's a lazy writer's choice to give disjointed events without proper reasoning or logic. It's a huge mess. The world is not really attractive, and there are few characters in it with the absence of charismatic enemies. Battles are directed good, but they give a cliche manga feeling with all those kamen rider kickse etc. Game system has few options, and I had to go with text appearing gradually due to lack of autoreading speed adjustments. And yet in some scenes text flies like crazy and in others moves slower than desired. There are few normal CG. Gags are either based on crazy situations or rather simplistic to my liking. But I still call this game a masterpiece, and I'm really glad this game got localized because it broadens our horizons. It manages to keep reader's attention through this chaos. A presumably shounen bakage changes a lot during the course of the game and manages to make sense of eclectic pieces scattered around while provoking serious questions. Most of H events are optional and bearing zero meaning for the story, so don't see a point discussing them. The story itself is not really attractive and conveyed in a poor manner, but unusual character personalities and unexpected plot twists make it a worthy experience to undertake and remember.
  5. Trample on "Schatten!!" ~Kagefumi no Uta~ is the only masterpiece this month. And I'll actually review its untranslated and uncensored version. Micchi mostly observes delayed and gameplay visual novels while being expectedly fascinated by Tenshin Ranman and Tayutama fandisc. 1. Boku no Oukoku ぼくの王国 [090501] Finish! Kane is a shepherd. One day, he meets Elith, the spirit of the earth. Kane follows Elith's prediction and saves Princess Sharlot, who has been kept hostage by bandits. His brave action is highly appreciated and he becomes the leader of Norland... MeiKing anime remade as game 2. Horizon no Ue ~Yogen no Sho~ ホリゾーンの上~預言の書~ [090501] Hecate This happened a long, long time ago. There was a world covered in thick dark clouds. But people from far-away lands came. They were treated like gods, and rid the world of the dark clouds. The ground overflowed with light, and new life sprouted. Trees. Animals. Fish. Birds. The gods had changed it all. But there were people who instead embraced the darkness. They were sent down, to the centre of the world, to a place called "Est". The rest united for a place called "Kaerum". Over time, the two words grew apart and a name was given to the boundary line... "Horizon..." Short boring yuri story with same development for all heroines and zero enthusiasm even in fighting scenes. 3. Rakugaki Overheart らくがきオーバーハート [090501] Chien 1 The main character is back to his hometown for the first time in several years. It seems the town hasn't changed at all. His life is boring just like before...? No, it's wrong. He finds a lot of graffiti at school, on the desk, at the corner of the classroom and so on. He soon joins the Graffiti Research Club, which does research or investigate the graffiti found at school. Through various activities, he becomes friends with a lot of students and gradually falls in love with a girl... There is an English review. 4. Alter Ego [090529] Kiss 1 Nagare Hiiragi used to have a special power. He lost it a while ago and now lives a peaceful life as a student. He has a secret ambition to destroy the Hiiragi family and be free from their curse. To achieve it, he needs to erase his father, but he can't do that... One day, he gets involved in a trouble. As he beats demons using his new power, he is saved by someone unknown. He finally gets to know the fact that the root of every evil is his father and he makes up his mind to take action to free himself and his older sister from the Hiiragi family... SRPG with an English review. 5. Cruise☆Cruise ~Shoujo no 10nen to Chiisana Yakusoku~くる~ず☆クルーズ~少女の10年とちいさな約束~ [090529] Guten Tag A young girl fell in love with a young boy and made a promise with him. But as the years passed, he soon forgot about their promise. On his graduation day, Kaoru receives a ticket to a mystery tour aboard the luxury cruise ship Trident, along with his childhood friends Chihiro and Akane. He thought it was suspicious, but he decided to go anyway. When he boards the ship, he meets his classmate Kiriko and notices that he knows most people there. It's not exactly a kusoge, but an extremely plain cruise voyage graduation story. First half is about introductions, second half about getting to know heroines, remembering and fulfilling promises made long ago. 6. Don-chan ga Kyuu どんちゃんがきゅ~ [090529] light Noriko is not immune to perverted things. She soon feels dizzy. She's recently got a boyfriend, Toshio, a talented doll modeler. He is gentle and kind. Yes, they are a good couple. Toshio worked at an amusement park nearby, so Noriko often visited there to give him a lunch box. In return, he gave two free tickets for the amusement park to her. "You can come with your boyfriend." "Well, I need only one..." Like this, they started dating... Second bullet in light low price series about side-heroine of previous work. There's very little value without playing the prequel. 7. Hana to Otome ni Shukufuku o 花と乙女に祝福を [090529] ensemble 1 The protagonist Tsukioka Akira is a normal guy living his usual life, except for one thing. His twin sister is sickly and is in the hospital and can’t go to school. Problem is that she’s been sick for too long and she may have to repeat the year, or worse drop out of school. So their parents being the most clever people in the world, decided to send him, the splitting image of his sister, over to the all-girls prestigious school to go undercover as his sister, and live her life for a while so that when she comes back, she can take his place without dropping out of school or repeating. Of course it’s a stupid idea and he resisted, but him, being someone who is easily swept away, gave in. So thereon starts his incredible life in an all girls school. There is an English review. 8. Stellula Eques Codex ~Tasogare no Himekishi~ ステルラ エクエス コーデックス~黄昏の姫騎士~ [090529] C: drive. Akira is an average guy. But one day, Izayoi, his classmate, suddenly seduces him and they have sex... After having sex, big white wings come out of Izayoi's back and she transforms herself into a soldier called Stellula Eques. An evil group also appears and Akira is attacked by them. Izayoi and other soldiers know about their conspiracy and try to stop it. What exactly is Akira's power?! What is Stellula Eques' role?! What will happen to them in the end!? Another sequel. This time it does not try to be serious and throws various parodies at the reader. There's NTR, cosplay, tentacles, even time loop. Basically, we get defeated and return back through time. Branching happens early and leads to three heroines. It's a weirdly enjoyable work with poor scenario and abrupt ending. 9. Tenshin Ranman Lucky or Unlucky!? 天神乱漫 LUCKY or UNLUCKY!? [090529] Yuzusoft 1 2 3 4 5 6 Haruki has very bad luck. A lot of trouble always gathers around him, or does he invite trouble? One day, he receives a parcel. No sender name, no address. The only thing written on it is "creature". He wasn't expecting it. It's a girl. According to her, she is a goddess and came here to remove his misfortune. Like this, she starts living at his house. However, her personality causes various troubles, involving other people. Will he be able to live a fortunate life amid such a confusing situation? What is her purpose? Will his misfortune disappear? There are English reviews. 10. Trample on "Schatten!!" ~Kagefumi no Uta~ Trample on "Schatten!!" ~かげふみのうた~ [090529] Tail Wind 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 When a chance encounter drops him into the middle of a war between a secret organization of superheroes and the shadow creatures known as schatten, Himehagi Aisaku must awaken the hero within if he hopes to protect all that he holds dear. Together with the valiant princess Keziah, Aisaku will don his blazing armor and shine a light on the shadows that infest his city. But the darkness he uncovers may be deeper than anything he imagined. Courage! Conviction! Friendship! Love! Will Aisaku find the strength to see him through the rising night? Game is localized and has English review. 11. Valkyrie Complex ヴァルキリーコンプレックス [090529] Circus 1 2 The story takes place on the continent which is divided into seven countries. Leo was born and grown up in a small village in the Reysol Kingdom. He, who is involved in a battle of Gods, leads his beloved people as a substitute soldier for Goddess that he believes in and keeps on winning battles against other substitute soldiers. From the earth to the celestial world where Gods live... Leo and his company also visit the underground world where giants, who plan to destroy the earth, live. What they see at last is... SRPG 12. Zettai Shougeki ~Platonic Heart~ 絶対衝激 ~プラトニックハート~ [090529] JIN Products The story centers on the Platonic Heart, a jewel that—according to an old urban legend—can grant any wish when collected. Only a chosen few are allowed to compete in the Platonic Heart hunt, and high school junior Aya Iseshima is one of 11 girls and women who are taking part. Anime spin-off BLOCKED 1. Shinsetsu Ryouki no Ori Dai 2 Shou 真説 猟奇の檻 第2章 [090501] Caligula Soft 1 Tsuyoshi works for a conglomerate company. One day, he is transferred to the Fantasien Department. The company owns a theme park called Fantasien and his job there is to work as a security guard in knight costume. Though he is confused at first, he enjoys working with pretty co-workers. But one day, one of his coworkers dies because of malfunction of the facilities and a strange message is sent to them something like a claim of responsibility. Is it Souichiro's work who created all systems of the theme park, but went missing just before it opened. A roaming white shadow. Is it a girl who committed suicide inside the theme park? Another murder case happens... All systems are controlled by someone unknown and a murderous battle now breaks out. Who? For what? Will Tsuyoshi be able to solve the mystery? Remake 2. Tsukumono ~Yadorigi Romance~ つくもの ~やどりぎロマンス~ [090501] Xuse 1 Meguru is an average student. He just enjoys his school life with his cousin Sae and his childhood friend Amane. But one day, when he gets involved in a trouble, something unseen tells him, "You wanna be saved?" The voice seems to come from inside himself.... When he nods, there suddenly happens a change in his body. Since then, he starts living together with a strange creature.... Nukige, basically, only including it because of review 3. Isogashii Hito no Tame no Koumakyou 忙しい人のためのこうまきょう [090519] Kasuga Soft 1 A doujin AVG based on the Touhou Project series, specifically, the 6th game The Embodiment of Scarlet Devil. Doujin, including it just because of missable review. 4. Gyakuten Kenji 逆転検事 [090528] Capcom 1 2 3 4 5 Gyakuten Kenji is a spinoff game starring prosecutor Miles Edgeworth and detective Dick Gumshoe. The investigation portions are presented using a third-person camera view. The game takes place before and after the events of Trials and Tribulations. Localized console exclusive, including it just because of missable reviews 5. Myself;Yourself: Sorezore no Finale Myself;Yourself それぞれのfinale [090528] Regista 1 The game features four new scenarios with Nanaka and Asami getting separate scenarios, and there are two duel scenarios with Syuri and Aoi in one, and Hinako and Yuzuki in the other. Several new characters are also introduced. Fandisc 6. Tayutama -It's Happy Days- タユタマ -It's happy days- [090529] Lump of Sugar 1 2 Hello there, I'm Yuri. One day, Mashiro wins a lottery and the prize is a three-day trip ticket. It's a big surprise, but bigger accidents happen to me one by one later. For example, Mashiro asks me to marry. Well, it's an extreme choice. While I live a busy life, I finally decide which way I should go in the future. I also get a partner whom I'll walk together for the rest of my life. As you can see, the trip ticket is a tiny tiny thing. Though summer holiday starts, I still live a busy life and I get tired. Yes, my partner seems to be tired as well. When I think about having a rest, I remember the trip ticket... Fandisc
  6. Foreword: CGs of this game look perfect, so I decided to check out why evaluations are so different. Synopsis: There is a mysterious phenomenon that some people are given a divine power, but cursed instead. Yes, those people are found all around the world. Yashiro is negative and withdrawn. One day, a girl suddenly appears and gives him a sword called "Laevatein". Like this, he gets involved in a battle. As being in a battle, he gradually gets to know what's going on around the world. A battle for the mysterious island.... A guerrilla group called "Banner".... A mysterious girl called "Iris".... Yashiro's new life starts when meeting Yuzuka, who is a member of the new Japan army. Mitsuba, a member of the Banner, plants herself in front of Yuzuka... Yuzuka, Mitsuba, and Yashiro. What will happen to them in the end...? Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_MbMHhm_eh5a7TFMvFd2kb Character Design rating: 8/10 Protagonist rating: 6/10 Story rating: 7/10 Game quality: 7/10 Overall rating: 7/10 There are English reviews (1 2 3), and Micchi review is so detailed in all aspects that's it's seriously difficult to add anything new or say it better. With that in mind it's going to be a very short impression trying to sum things up. Concept is rather interesting as orphan protagonist goes to school while at same time participating in battles at nights during sleep with the same heroines from his school life. Eventually it's time to decide the side and make the other heroine an enemy - Yuzuka vs Mitsuba. These two routes are basically the same with just the outcome observed from the different point of view. Iris is half-human dweller of the island, but a big chunk of her route is the same repeating parts of previous routes with a new perspective opening up in the second half. Grand route is continuation of Iris route, but with an alternative detail that got changed during Iris route. I actually liked both the story and the concept, that's why I consider Heliotrope a masterpiece. But there are multiple concerns that can easily ruin this experience. So, the downsides. Orphan hetare protagonist can irritate, but we know already that weak protagonist is often necessary. This time super-protective Mitusba personality would not be able to shine without it. There are huge chunks of repeating scenes in three routes, but - again - this effect can be nullified if you only read common route and Iris route (you have enough of Yuzuka and Mitsuba during long common route, anyway). There are a lot of plot inconsistencies. Starfish character ruins all the atmosphere of seriousness. There are a lot of meaningless battles that end with no result. In battles characters are constantly crying out names of their weapons and strikes which makes it look like a cliche anime. From the middle of the game sub-characters without faces start to show up, and it felt absolutely ugly to me. All the endings are variations of open endings and thus feel unsatisfying. It's possible to find much more flaws here, and each one of them can ruin personal experience. But I urge to look at it differently. Despite the perfect graphics (except for faceless characters!) Hatena is a new brand, and it is prone to many newbies mistakes. If you come here to find mistakes and get offended - that's one thing. But I come here for the story and characters. And Heliotrope has seriously attractive heroines personalities and nice complex story. A bit of forgiving mood and focus on strong sides can make miracles there. Hatena's greatest fault is it made such cool beautiful heroines, world and story that we inevitably want to compare it with the best chunige done so far, and Heliotrope can't stand the comparison due to quality dent. It was a great experience, and haters gonna hate anyway.
  7. I'll only name Heliotrope -Sore wa Shi ni Itaru Kami no Ai- as masterpiece this month. Micchi finally has Zen to join with his ever-sarcastic comments, and they don't seem to be hyped much about anything this month. 1. Fukai Kiri no Naka de... 深霧の中で… [090403] Caricature One day, Yuma, who belongs to the Japanese archery club, receives a call from his uncle, the chief of his hometown village. "We've just built a sports training facility. Do you wanna stay there before it officially opens?" "Yes, let's have a camp for training there." Like this, Yuma and other members visit the town. Yuma has a girlfriend, Ogino. He thinks about being more intimate with her during the camp. At night, he takes her to an empty room and says, "I wanna be more intimate with you... What do you say?" "Yes, me too." They kiss and finally sleep together... Five students get involved in a bizarre murder case. Overall, it's a low price story about tragic love in mysterious circumstances. Nothing really fascinates here. 2. Hyakko: Yorozuya Jikenbo!ヒャッコ よろずや事件簿! [090409] 5pb. Games 1 Torako and her friends find a room of the group called Yorozuya at school. According to rumor, what Yorozuya do are to look for the thing someone lost, give an advice to someone who has a concern, and do research on someone's affairs. Yes, it's more like detective's work. Torako is attracted to Yorozuya and decides to join it (Of course, her friends are also forced to join it). They soon receive a message from the boss of the group, "I'll test your ability. If you fail, you'll be strictly punished..." Well, will Torako and her friends make it? Anime spin-off 3. Hanafubuki ~Sennen no Koi o Shimashita~ 桜吹雪~千年の恋をしました~ [090424] Silver Bullet 1 Kazunari joins a school as a scholarship student since he lost his parents a while ago. His school is, however, super-rich and he feels somewhat out of place. One day, he saves a female student, Akasha, who was being chased by someone. Akasha is actually from a rich family and now works as the chief manager of school festival. Like this, he starts working with her... There is an English review. 4. Hara Miko はらみこ [090424] Selen 1 Haruhito starts living at his old friends' house, a shrine, because his parents traveled abroad on business. His old friends, Mai and Yuu, are pretty sisters, but he have never fallen in love with them since they are like family members to him. One day, Miharu and Iori, Mai and Yuu's cousins, start living at their house due to some circunstances. Miharu and Iori are also pretty, so Haruhito is happy to live with them. However, he soon gets involved in troubles.The god enshrined there suddenly appears in front of him and gives him the power of making babies. What will happen to Haruhito, who's got a strange power, and the heroines...? There is an English review. 5. Heliotrope -Sore wa Shi ni Itaru Kami no Ai- ヘリオトロープ-それは死に至る神の愛- [090424] Hatena 1 2 3 There is a mysterious phenomenon that some people are given a divine power, but cursed instead. Yes, those people are found all around the world. Yashiro is negative and withdrawn. One day, a girl suddenly appears and gives him a sword called "Laevatein". Like this, he gets involved in a battle. As being in a battle, he gradually gets to know what's going on around the world. A battle for the mysterious island.... A guerrilla group called "Banner".... A mysterious girl called "Iris".... Yashiro's new life starts when meeting Yuzuka, who is a member of the new Japan army. Mitsuba, a member of the Banner, plants herself in front of Yuzuka... Yuzuka, Mitsuba, and Yashiro. What will happen to them in the end...? There are English reviews. An obvious review candidate for me. 6. Himegari Dungeon Meister 姫狩りダンジョンマイスター [090424] Eushully 1 2 3 4 There used to be a war between Maou (king of demons) and humans. The Maou advanced on the territory of humans, but he finally lost his life... "I'll never die. I'll be back soon and get even with you..." Though humans won the war, they fearfully confined the Maou deep down underground. World peace was back... Until one day..... "Oh, great. I'll take revenge on humans using this new body!" He was saved by a monster, Lily. His body that Lily chose was, however, too weak to fight alone, so he and Lily decided to go down into the underground labyrinth to get back his real body... RPG is localized and has English reviews. 7. Maji Suki ~Marginal Skip~ マジスキ~Marginal Skip~ [090424] Moonstone 1 2 3 I didn't forget... That night, under a bright moon. I made a promise with a single girl. That girl was... One spring night, I met the girl again. In order to meet again, the princess had run away from home. That single girl, who was like a childhood friend. She hadn't changed a bit; she still looked so young. There are English reviews. 8. Natsuiro Sagittarius 夏色さじたりうす [090424] Bloom Handle Just before summer holiday... Oujiro is told to join the Japanese archery club by Aika and Airi, his old friends. As a matter of fact, they are the only club members. There is no choice for him. There are now three members in total though five members are necessary to carry on the club. Will they be able to get two more members to join? Despite normal synopsis it's a sure nukige. It starts with lesbian mother molesting every morning and ends up with a full-scale incest harem depending on route. 9. Natsuiro Straight! 夏色ストレート! [090424] White Cyc There is nothing special at my town... Most people might say it is boring and uneventful. Our friendship is, however, irreplaceable... One summer day, his peaceful life suddenly changes because Tsumuji, a transfer student, says to him, "Anyway... marry?" Her word puts his life into turmoil involving his friends... Wow, White Cyc went for a normal moege. So common and cliche that it's sickening. The only thing that stands out is a serious approach to baseball. 10. Seigi no Kyoushitsu 正義の教室 [090424] FlyingShine Ken In some near future, a biological agent released by terrorists has brought humanity on the verge of annihilation. The disease has the particularity of having prominently acute effects on adult beings, causing the life expectancy to drop greatly. The story begins with two youth groups arriving at a deserted school. The two communities are suspicious of each other, but somehow manage to cooperate and live alongside. Close by is a shopping mall, and they think of settling down for a while. Yet, on their first day at that place, a radio broadcast from the Shinjuku Tokyo Metropolitan Government prompts whatever human being still alive to join them. This announcement stirs conflicting discussions on whether to go, since the place is nearby, at most two or three days away. They fail to reach an agreement, the opponents being reluctant to take unnecessary risks now that they've found a relatively safe haven. The day after, several members leave. No one knows what happened to them thereafter. Apocalyptic setting is once again used... just to show violence between two groups of youths. So it's basically a nukige about girls humiliation in somewhat elaborate setting similar to Kansen. 11. Shinigami no Kiss wa Wakare no Aji 死神の接吻は別離の味 [090424] Alcot Honey Comb 1 2 3 "Is there something you want to leave behind for your loved one?" A young boy and girl lived in a small seaside town. One day, the boy invited the girl to the sea to convey his feelings to her. However, she lost her life in an unforeseen accident. Months and years later, the boy continues to live in the place where his memories with her remain. He can't forget her, yet he must. Our protagonist, Amamiya Makoto, spends a peaceful everyday life with his younger sister, Shizuku. One day, he meets a mysterious girl, Kohaku, who has deep blue eyes and carries a giant scythe. "Can you see me?" she asks. None of the people around him notice her. "Oh. You'll die very soon, then." She is a shinigami. Game is localized and has English reviews. 12. Sumairu Cubic! -Suiheisen made Nan Mile? After & Another Stories- すまいる Cubic! -水平線まで何マイル?アフター&アナザーストーリーズ- [090424] Abhar 1 2 "The unforgettable summer, starts one more time" We will Launch with our new wings on this summer again. There are English reviews. 13. Tsun na Kanojo Dere na Kanojo ツンな彼女 デレな彼女 [090424] PeasSoft 1 Hiroki has a childhood friend, Misato. She always takes a good care of him. He also has a childhood friend like younger sister, Tsugumi. She is a little bit childish, but cute. He lives a peaceful life with them. But one day, his school merges with a girls' school nearby. There is some confusion among students, but they are back to peaceful life soon. However, a big change happens just before summer holiday. A girl suddenly comes to his house and says, "I'm your fiancee...." Triggered by this, his friends who secretly love him change as well.... There is an English review. 14. Narcissu 3rd -Die Dritte Welt- [090427] Stage-nana 1 2 3 A Sequel of Narcissu Series. In this game, there are four scenario which is available to play. In each scenario, a new character will be introduced as well. There are English reviews. 15. Katawa Shoujo [090429] Four Leaf Studios 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Nakai Hisao is a normal high school student, currently in his final year of high school. One day Hisao finds an anonymous letter in his math textbook, directing him to meet the sender at a given location. The sender turns out to be his crush, however, as she confesses to him, he suddenly collapses. He awakes in a hospital bed, and is told by the doctors that the reason he collapsed is due to arrhythmia, a rare heart condition that causes his heartbeat to sometimes become irregular. Due to this, his parents have enrolled him in Yamaku, a school for (physically) disabled students. EVN with English reviews. 16. Gachi Otome Quintet ガチ乙女クインテット [090430] Team It's Mint One day, a strange girl wakes the main character, Kanata, up in a strange room. He is taken to school, but he doesn't remember it at all. A while later, he remembers the girl introduced herself to him last night, "I'm Ayari. My job is Santa Claus!" Kanata now completely remembers why he came here and feels down, "Ah, I really ran away from that home...." Game takes place at some kind of fantasy island, but does not really utilize this setting much. It's used mostly to justify H events in different uniforms. Easygoing moege. 17. Toradora! Portable とらドラ・ポータブル! [090430] guyzware 1 You play as Takasu Ryuuji in an alternate memory loss story with many different endings than the original. The game also features a minigame where Taiga is the playable character fending off lovesick guys. Anime spin-off. BLOCKED 1. Furifureフリフレ [090403] Noesis 1 2 Yui Kurahashi was an innocent young girl born and raised in a rich family that didn’t treat her well. After getting into a fight with her parents, Yui wanders the town at night. A friend suggest she join a message board called Free Friends. With nowhere left to go after running from home, she turns to the site called “Free Friends” looking for help–unknowing that it was a site for hook-ups. The one who offers his hand to her is a teacher at her school. When her teacher meets her and forces himself upon her, their relationship of depravity begins. In Free Friends you play the role of Yui’s teacher, and the choices you make determine how dark a road the two of you travel. Will you walk the path of darkness and continue coercing her through blackmail and other means? Or will you try to play the savior Yui hoped for? A variety of corrupt and twisted endings await exploration… along with one of hope. Nukige, only including it because of missable reviews. 2. D.C.I.F. ~Da Capo~ Innocent Finale D.C.I.F.~ダ・カーポ~イノセントフィナーレ [090429] Circus 1 2 3 Alternative setting to Da Capo staging Kotori Shirakawa as the main heroine, with a completely rewritten scenario. The scene takes place after the graduation ceremony. After being crowned at the school beauty contest, Kotori confesses to Jun'ichi, or rather, she intends to. At that time, something happens to Nemu... Fandisc
  8. Foreword: It looked like a chunige with some badass weapons. And I know that I rated previous Disabel "chunige" as 5/10... Synopsis: This game contains strange love stories of five couples. You can enjoy various stories of mysterious heroines at school in the country. Five stories are connected to each other and it affects your ending. The story grows deeper as it goes and becomes one grand story.... Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv8tOGPirOP2RDdFQNPnRpQl Character Design rating: 7/10 Protagonist rating: 6/10 Story rating: 6/10 Game quality: 6/10 Overall rating: 6/10 There were too many bad signs. Previous Disable chunige experience. Poster disguised as Ef series. Composer in charge of scenario. Absence of opening. Omnibus story format. And result was partly enjoyable, but not to the level of masterpiece. Composition and story. There are five stories with different protagonists and heroines, but they happen over the same 10 days, and some characters interlap. Before the selection of four stories we watch the prologue where after some introductory scenes some Sci-Fi girl points a gun at us with intention of killing. The four following stories are basically about some guy meeting some girl who usually has transformation power of warrior of justice. Basically, these are romance stories with very little fighting action. Then finally 5th story opens up where we try to arrest a dangerous impostor from another world with two agents from the same alien world as well. And it's basically the only piece that shines here. Game's pretty short, so let's jump to negative points at once. Text is monotonous and only becomes interesting in the final story. Answers input at the end of this True route feel unnecessary. Plot feels like deteriorated version of 11eyes with first four stories introduced to disguise lack of volume. Five different protagonists don't help to familiarize. And - seriously - what kind of professional visual novel does not have an opening nowadays? But I picked this game mostly for cool CG of battle heroines, and I'm not disappointed with that. Character design feels old-fashioned, but good. I also liked the fact that there are exactly two H events for each heroine, bare minimum. Final route has funny enough heroines, good humor and some cool development. I don't really see much meaning in reading first four stories, but final story is pretty nice and short, so why not, really.
  9. Outside gameplay titles I'd only call Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star- and Boku no Te no Naka no Rakuen (because it's tsundere fantasy!) mastepieces. I'll review School Five ~Itsutsu no Himitsu no Monogatari~ since it has battle heroines and kind of obscure. I've always been shocked by the fact how untranslated moege Flyable Heart got so many reviews. I guess there was some horrible English translation, because otherwise it's super suspicious. Michi is pissing rainbows with this number of moege, but it's sad that comments did not survive. 1. Galaxy Angel II Eigou Kaiki no Toki ギャラクシーエンジェルII 永劫回帰の刻 [090312] Broccoli 1 2 It's been three months since the events in Mugen Kairou no Kagi. The Rune Angel Troupe and the Moon Angel Troupe meet at Juno, where the 5th anniversary of its liberation it's being celebrated. Suddenly the Will makes its move, though, attacking nothing less than Val Randal, and the Luxiole must rush in its defense, marking the first act of the greatest war ever. There is an English review. 2. Corpse Party BloodCovered コープスパーティー ブラッドカバー [090313] 5pb. Games 1 2 3 4 A group of high school students stayed after school to tell ghost stories. After a good scare one of them revealed that she is going to transfer school, everyone got sad but then another one told them there's a spell to make them always remember each other. Then everyone agreed to do it, each person hold a part of human-shaped paper and to pull it at the same time. One, Two, Three! They pulled it together and about to went home but soon after something like earthquake happened and all blacked out. When they woke up they found that some of them are missing but that's not all, the school became a ruin and they couldn't get out. Then they noticed that they are not even in the same school anymore and there is something lurking in the dark school not wanting them to leave... Game is localized and has English reviews. 3. Amagami アマガミ [090319] Enterbrain! 1 2 3 Christmas Eve is around the corner, and it may very well be your last chance to ask the girl, you had a crush on since the beginning of high school, out. There are English reviews. 4. Flyable Heart [090319] Unison Shift 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 ――It began with a single envelope. One day, an admission pamphlet to a famous academy arrived, containing an “all-you-can-eat” cafeteria pass. That alone was enough to lure our hero into visiting the super-prestigious Otori Ryouran College Community, home to students who excel in a variety of fields. Offbeat and unique students like a robot seem natural at Otori Ryouran. Organizing this odd student body is the responsibility of two groups ―― the Student Council and the Ryouran Society. I was so happy to change schools, so why is a fortuneteller saying ominous things the moment I step out the door! Why did all the fireworks explode on the bridge!! And why was the only available room in the women’s dorm!!! “Be wary, boy who carries an exceptional fate. Misfortune awaits you beyond here.” There are English reviews. 5. Momoero Noumu Chuuihou! ももえろ濃霧注意報! [090319] Lapis Blue. Taichi and Nazuna, his younger sister, have transferred to a new school. On their first day at school, a rumour spreads that Taichi slept with Nazuna because of her brother complex. A strange girl named Yuiri also appears in front of them who just set up the Edo Customs Research Club. Taichi is forced to join it.... He meets other club members, Saki, Suzuka, Kazuha, Shouta, and Ruka there and lives an eventful school life. One day, a mysterious mist that arouses sexual desire suddenly surrounds the school. When it happens Taichi and Yuiri are together. "Stop it! Don't look at me!" "Well, you are looking at me with erotic eyes." "Don't say that! I'll never...." "Oh, it's no good...." They finally sleep together. On the next day, Yuiri and other club members decide to examine how the mist appeared. But one day, another mysterious phenomenon happens and Taichi is forgotten by his friends... Despite rather nukige-ish synopsis it's a rather serious story. We get to the past to prevent all the stuff in the synopsis. But development is looped, and from the second lap it really starts to get boring. Protagonist is nothing good, and number of H scenes is above average. 6. Musou Tourou 夢想灯籠 [090319] FOG Musou Tourou focuses on the concepts of death and rebirth and its story is separated into two main branches, the present branch and the history branch. The story starts with the hero Shuji's encounter with demons . As an excellent swordsman, he took it upon himself to defeat the creatures from the netherworlds. Although he won, he reckons that the demons are not to be looked down upon, and this proves right as he is knocked down by a strong adversary in his second fight, only to wake up in the presence of a strange girl Kagami. Between life, rebirth and time travel, you have to protect your love from the menaces. PSP all-ages title with card battles. Story is thin, and instead of events there are endless psychological descriptions. Heroines fall in love at first sight. Seven endings actually all fall into two patterns. There's nothing to really praise except for graphics. 7. Sui Supe Kawanoguchi Nobu Tankentai ~Kore ga Hikyou da! Jinseki Mitou! Tachifusagaru Shoutengai! ... 水スペ 川野口ノブ探検隊 ~これが秘境だ! 人跡未踏! 立ちふさがる商店街! 八鏡大学に隠された地球最大の謎を追え!!~ [090319] Liar-soft Nobu Kawanoguchi leads a freshly formed expedition to discover new locations and reveal forgotten mysteries. Bakage strategy. 8. Canvas 3 ~Hakugin no Portrait~Canvas3 ~白銀のポートレート~ [090320] F&C 1 2 Yamabuki Manabu made a promise with his father - If he managed to get first prize in the Sakurabana art competition, he can continue learning art; If not, he must forgo his dream of becoming an artist, and continue his studies as a normal person. Accompanied by his friends in the art club, and the addition of a new club member, plus the miracles that are said to exist around the city where he lives, can Manabu find inspiration to draw an art piece capable of winning the competition? There is an English review. 9. W. L. O. Sekai Ren'ai Kikou W.L.O. 世界恋愛機構 [090326] Akabei Soft2 1 2 3 Yuuki just lives a peaceful life. But one day, his classmate says to him, "Congratulations! You now have the rights to love someone." He is told about the W.L.O. (World Love Organization). According to his classmate, the purpose of the organization is to help people achieve their love to deal with a decreasing birth rate. He also says, "Use your natural born strong semen to save the world." His partner is Aina, his neighbor and childhood friend. With the support of Hotaru and Ina, members of W.L.O., his project starts. Arisa, a girl from another organization called NOA (Nothing or All) and his underclassman Yuriko also get involved in the project. A grand love project now starts... There are English reviews. 10. Areas ~Sora ni Utsusu Kimi to no Sekai~ Areas~空に映すキミとのセカイ~ [090327] Lapis Lazuli Yuuya and Konoka, his younger sister, live homeless due to various troubles. One day, Yuuya gets an illegal job to get out of homeless life. The job, however, fails and he is captured by the group. He is ready for death, but the boss of the group says, "I like smart boys. I wanna you to be mine." Like this, Yuuya and Konoka are sent to an isolated island. "It's warm here! There's no cold wind!" The island is like a paradise under the clear sky and surrounded by beautiful sea. Yuuya and Konoka are ordered to live there and enter school nearby. Yuuya and Konoka's school life on the island now starts... It's near future where some people participate in an experiment to develop in a closed community and hopefully find something useful for stagnant civilization. What a stupid endeavour. It's all just to introduce normal school setting in a small town. There are some spectacular developments in the middle, but basically it's just a nostalgic thing. After five romance routes the true one opens up which finally has something to do with future. 11. Baldr Sky Dive1 “Lost Memory” [090327] Team Baldrhead 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 While Kou is asleep in his bed, the scream of a girl wakes him up. He rises to see in front of him a battle full of gunshots and flashing bombs exploding. He realizes that he is wearing an iron armor. "What's this?" He doesn't know what's going on. He leaves the virtual world with Rain, who says she is his junior partner. They arrive in a ruined city, and Kou learns that he is a special Simulacrum user who graduated from school several years ago. He has forgotten his memories that may have had a significant impact on his life. The name of the case that slowly materializes from his lost memory, "Gray Christmas." "What is Gray Christmas? Why was I investigating the case?" He comes to remember the whole story of the case and its meaning. A peaceful life that was meant to last forever, which however, suddenly comes to an end... There are English reviews. 12. Boku no Te no Naka no Rakuen ボクの手の中の楽園 [090327] Caramel Box 1 2 3 In the year of Waldemar 343, a devastating six year war makes a truce by argument. Two el sabios, however, go missing in the sea when a big storm strikes and the world stagnates as if frozen. Korn in the west declines because a lot of soldiers lost their lives during the war. People in Middleton that is located in the east of the world suffer from tyranny. On the other hand, Edel, an isolated island, is lively thanks to rotten silver found in the remains. However, as the town gets lively, the number of mysterious murder cases increases.... In the year of Waldemar 347, a boy is drifted ashore. Though he's lost all his memories, he is attracted to the mysterious cases and gets to know the legend of a butterfly, which is handed over from generation to generation. He gradually steps into dark clouds that cover the world.... Four years have passed since the end of the war. The world frozen on the stormy night quietly and slowly starts running again.... There are English reviews. 13. Daisounan [090327] SofthouseChara 1 In the future, when interplanetary travel has become common, a spaceship accident leaves 9 people trapped on an unexplored planet. The survivors have to find a way to escape the planet (which in the worst case might only be possible for two of them, while the rest are left behind)) while battling the Fauna and Flora of the planet (and possibly each other) Strategy 14. echo. [090327] Sputnik This story takes place in a mountain town surrounded by the sea. Ryouichi is sent everyday to the town where the summer sun shines brightly upon it. He meets up with his sister, who is in the Swimming Club, and a quiet childhood friend. The town holds a summer festival in their school, and it seems like life will continue as it always has. There, a rumor of a strangely dressed girl slowly spreads around the town. A girl with a white dress and a blue ribbon. She is searching for them... An emotional thing that aims to be like Air, but ends up disintegrated with forced development and bad aftertaste. Too much ambition for the unrefined first work taste. 15. Hoshizora no Memoria -Wish upon a Shooting Star- 星空のメモリア-Wish upon a shooting star- [090327] Favorite 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 After their mother passes away, Kogasaka You and his younger sister, Chinami, pack up and move out of the city back to their hometown of Hibarigasaki to live with their aunt Shino. Before making the move to the city, You spent almost every single day after school playing with a girl up at the town observation lookout; she was You's first true friend. And when she learns of You’s upcoming relocation to the city she becomes very upset…so much so that she makes him promise to her that one day he must return to Hibarigasaki to marry her. And with a final departure she kisses You on the forehead. Years later, upon returning to Hibarigasaki, You comes across a now abandoned, fenced-off observatory lookout. It is at this lookout where he encounters a mysterious scythe-wielding girl named Mare who looks strangely like his childhood friend from years past. But as You's life back in his hometown progresses, he is able to make new friends both in the astronomy club at school and while working at a local restaurant, all while still attempting to seek out his childhood friend. Intrigued, he continues to visit with this mysterious girl at the lookout, but who is she really, and will he ever be able to find his childhood friend and make good on his promise? Game is localized and has English reviews. 16. Koko Yori, Haruka -Surrounded sea in the world- ここより、はるか - Surrounded sea in the world - [090327] Pleats soft 1 "Junki, wake up!" A strange girl shakes Junki awake. "Well, who are you? I'm just sleepy.... What? Where am I?" A place he doesn't remember. A voice he doesn't remember. However he knows this girl who woke him, as Urara, his classmate. She looks at him anxiously flapping her small wings. It seems he fell asleep during class. As he looks around, there is a fairy and a girl carrying a sword. There is nothing wrong even if you see a girl with wings, but he feels somewhat out of place... A place he doesn't remember. A voice he doesn't remember. However he knows it. He is the only one that knows... There is an English review. 17. Princess Party Princess Party ~プリンセスパーティー~ [090327] Circus 1 2 The main character has transferred to a new school. The atmosphere of the school is lively and cheerful. His happy school life has just begun.... But one day, the school buildings are suddenly destroyed and new school buildings like castles appear.... "This is my gift to you as a greeting." She also says, "No adolescence from today!" There are English reviews 18. School Five ~Itsutsu no Himitsu no Monogatari~すく~るふぁいぶ~五つの秘密の物語~ [090327] DisAbel This game contains strange love stories of five couples. You can enjoy various stories of mysterious heroines at school in the country. Five stories are connected to each other and it affects your ending. The story grows deeper as it goes and becomes one grand story.... After seeing this kind of huge weapon on CG, you know I can't just skip this game for review. 19. Seiken no Fairies 聖剣のフェアリース [090327] Littlewitch Velvet 1 Sacred Mark. Those who have this mark possess a special power. The protagonist, Narumi, is a teacher who bears a strange mark on his right shoulder. It appeared when he was a child and various unfortunate incidents have occurred since then. Despite it being a nuisance to him, it has a significant meaning in the world. It is said people who have such a mark have the ability to train "knights". Because of the mark, Narumi is involved in a battle between two groups, the Big Angel Religious Community (BARC) and Sacred Mark Knight Community (SMKC). Now a SMKC member, his mission is to train three girls to become powerful knights. A battle that has lasted over 1,000 years now enters a new phase... There is an English review. 20. Sekai o Seifuku Suru Tame no, 3tsu no Houhou 世界を征服するための、3つの方法 [090327] Crowd It tells the story of a devil king who, in the midst of a battle with a hero, somehow turned himself into a female by taking a secret medicine, which was supposed to give him extraordinary strength! This sets the stage for a love comedy... Do you remember Crowd making comedies? Well, I don't. What I remember is Crowd making all those X Change nukige series all the time. Basically, it's the same kind of sex exchange "comedy", just in fantasy setting . And before you you can familiarize with the setting it's already H scenes time.
  10. Foreword: It's Akatsuki Works. Do I need to add anything here? Synopsis: Human, monsters, and beasts... The world doesn't forgive them... There is a town where mysterious cases often happen. The ones who have special ability called Enja. The origin of Enja is "devil". They get together as if led by something unseen and kill each other. Sora is an Enja boy. He lost his parents several years ago and now lives alone. His life is full of peace, rest, and destruction. Peaceful school life with friends. Strange dreams he has every day. Battles against devils that appear in the town at night. His "contract" leads him to a hell of sadness, fights, and carnage. He also meets some girls along the way. Love, obedience, subordination, immorality, and desire. Sora, who doesn't know how to love, is a broken human. What does Sora get, what does Sora lose through contracts with the girls? At the end of the contract, he meets the last devil... Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv-jYx7aFo_S2dhjAFrqQIaq Character Design rating: 9/10 Protagonist rating: 8/10 Story rating: 8/10 Game quality: 8/10 Overall rating: 8/10 Game has good English review coverage (1 2 3 4 5 6), and mine is not really needed. Still, will at least give impression, explain the score split and maybe nitpick a little. Concept is the most curious thing here as it does not really look like anything I encountered before (which is not necessarily a good thing). Can't understand anyone who'd compare this game with FSN, because the only common point is that protagonists attend school and have superpowers, but it's basically what almost every chunige has. FSN is actually an absolute opposite, because Devils Devel Concept is about a non-human protagonist involved in an eternal war between two factions of omnious moral principles. In this regard it looks like Gekkou no Carnevale or abominable Mindead Blood. But these games again can't be compared, because Devils Devel Concept MC is basically a super-entity, on an absolutely different level than anyone else. And I can't really remember similar visual novels. What comes to mind from recent anime is One-Punch Man and Overlord. But DDL stands aside even from them because Sora is basically a villain, a broken creature. He is an emotionless man of simple wishes a pleasures despite his power, just as Saitama. Both of them want to lead a quiet life and ideally not get involved in any fighting, but people around them try to motivate them to fight the greater evil. But Saitama is an otaku who joins a superhero league, and Sora is a primordial beast with lowly instincts and destruction urge. That's one huge difference that determines the whole flow of the game. And when we speak about the flow, I always try to understand what moves the game and makes us want to read it. In this regard DDC is again something unseen before. It's not about romance, not about battles, not about daily conversations in the company of friends, not about grand mystery, not about confrontation with a big baddie, not about jokes, not about masterfully written text, not about moe, not about sex. Wait a minute... it seems that we exhausted all the possible known options. Not really, because I deliberately mentioned conversations in the company of friends, but Devils Devel Concept is about tête-à-tête conversations with various heroines, plus a bit about other things. Heroines don't really communicate with other girls in this game. Different characters are from different strata, and explaining their beliefs to each other takes the bulk of game time. Basically all we do is learn about protagonist gradually and in each route about girl's visible side and then concealed side. All those talks seriously hurt the tempo, plus there are constantly hyperlinks to terminology that can be checked either right now or in the glossary later in the same manner as it was in Saihate no Ima and I/O. I love such info-dumping layers and they allow to tell a lot more details about the setting. With such an omnipotent protagonist fighting can't really be an option as battles end in an instant or move to spiritual world to cut all regeneration attempts of the adversary. Only exploration of the world, heroines and protagonist mysteries remain as viable options. And that brings us to the most important feature of the game - protagonist. I know I already took a lot of time with him, but now we need to assess his moral side as the whole game assessment depends on whether you like protagonist or not. And I don't. I absolutely understand that his unrivaled power is something very unique in the medium. I absolutely like his direct honest emotionless attitude and lack of interest in the bigger schemes. But power tends to corrupt; and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Sora is an abominable, unpleasant person and a rapist with destruction urge. His simpleton nature leads to satisfying only lowly desires - to rape and to kill. He takes what he wants when he wants. I see zero reason how such unpleasant person can be liked. And I believe that heroines to not really like him let alone love. They basically are hunters who know or guess about Sora nature, so they are sent to observe his behavior. And - as I see it - they agree to be raped just to lean to his immense powers and try to manipulate him. They may have own lowly desires awoken at times, but it's still a calculated approach deprived of any romance, at least from the start. And in this regard Mutsuki looks like the most interesting heroine. She is a cynical smoking sex-friend who does not belong to any organization and does not really need anything from Sora. Basically, she shares his outlook in many ways despite her innocent look. Oh, and since we're talking about heroines, I absolutely can't understand why Misora has the same look as Yuuga from Bokutsuba. Let's talk about some technical details. Character design is mediocre. CG vary greatly by quality. H scenes look like more like animals mating. There is an abundance of blood which makes me sick, personally. Despite installing the latest 1.03 patch I could not get normal speed and instant text drawing, was way too fast this way, so had to put up with text drawing gradually, and that's bad. Battles are basically decided in one blow and concentrated in couple routes. I already mentioned the good things, but to sum it up it's thoroughly developed setting and personalities of protagonist and heroines. There are a lot of interesting discussions about morality and just atmospheric decisions with different cut-ins. But outside the context and the mystery game does not really have a strong story. And that's why it tries to impress and shock with aesthetics, invincible and immoral protagonist. And the true Mia ending falls into the same category. It's the worst ending, so it can not leave any reader indifferent. Such beast as protagonist does not really deserve a truly happy ending. But did I really like this concept? I did not. The novelty, coolness and impact are great. But both Saitama from One-punch man and Ainz from Overlord are examples of how it's possible to create positive image of a super-enitity while imbuing them with same moral hesitations and adding actual intelligence. And I like both of those cases much more.
  11. Foreword: A translated fighting focused vn, don't see significant reasons to skip it. Synopsis: The story takes place on a small fictional island in Japan called Rokushiki Jima (6 Ceremony/Equation Island). In this island, there is a festival held every year called the Rokushiki Sai where young girls on the island borrow the power of God and fight each other. There are 6 head families on the island, who succeeds individual fighting techniques and manages the festival tournament. The Day-side scenario is the original part, featuring the visible side of the tournament. The main character is Rokushiki Nanaki, who’s the new head of the Rokushiki family and the Miko arranging the tournament. She’s irritated because she can’t enter the tournament herself because of her position and tradition. She was so confident about her fighting skills that she was certain that she will win if she participated. She even beat her own parents, but that doesn’t change anything. However, her 4 friend were the participants of this year’s tournament. The girls are put into a cage surrounded by a magical barrier and with the divine power borrowed from God, fights until one loses consciousness. The new evening side scenario features some of the other family members and the hidden bloody side of the festival. Other than the 6 major families, the island had 4 sub-families, which were replacements in case something happens to the 6 families. And addition to that, there was a system called the Shadow Sakura Festival, where the 4 family member can challenge the head of the 6 families and can replace them by force. Misakura Tomoe is the main character of this story. 10 years ago, she was challenged by Toritari Tsubasa, in the Shadow Sakura Festival. Everyone acknowledged Tsubasa’s strength and the battle between Tomoe was held in form of just custom. However, using dirty tactics, 7 year old Tomoe defeated Tsubasa who was 10 years older than her. Tomoe remained to be the head of her family, but because how she fought was unfitting for the head, her skills were sealed with a magical rope wrapped around her leg by the Rokushiki Miko. Tsubasa’s sister, Toritari Kaina also despised Tomoe, and swore to defeat her in a justified battle. 10 years after that incident, a new Shadow Sakura Festival was taking place. Misakura Tomoe was challenged by all the four sub families. Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wS_8fRlnxbg Character Design rating: 6/10Protagonist rating: 6/10Story rating: 7/10Game quality: 7/10Overall rating: 7/10 There are very few Japanese reviews for this game, and just one (1) English review. And the reason for it is pretty simple - there is nothing really to write about. Initial Carnival Eve story from 2007 is very short, less than 2 hours long. It's a brutal story of mortal combat between four girls with monstrous power. Main heroine Tomoe has traditional shounen spirit as she has all relatives killed and her power is suppressed. She needs to use different strategies to beat stronger enemies and prevail despite all the odds. Cool story, bug - again - super short. Carnival Day story is introduced to explain context of the first fight and to present a slightly different type of battle. Here reward and reasons for participation are explained. It's sub-competition, so it's much less brutal. Moreover, girls start to act as friends who care about each other. There's less strategy involved, but what's added is God powers as maidens are ritual vessels for Gods this time. But text becomes stiff and messy, and action pales in comparison with EVE. There are enough downsides. Very few blood depictions. No voicing. Short length. Characters aren't really depicted let alone developed. CG quality is uneven. Moreover, I consider Carnival Day edition being a useless filler with so so stupid dip into moe at the end. So, what about good sides? BGM is great, it suits the game. Fighting is generally well written. Tomoe as protagonist is quite charismatic. That's basically it. This is why it's so difficult to discuss the game. It's all about fighting. It's nice. But is there a real story? Sure, if you consider Mortal Combat to have a real story. It's possible to tie it all together and even add some everyday scenes, but we watch Mortal Combat for coolness. And Shinjisougeki Carnival has this thing all right.
  12. Can't say Shinjisougeki Carnival is bad, but it's a huge quality downshift from normal titles with its short length, absence of voicing and simplistic CG. Maybe I should still pick Ludesia as well. As for BL , Yuri and Otome titles, I don't think I'll include any at all since I sabotaged all the specialized review sources and followed only those that were reviewed alongside usual titles by authors such as liemyx, so it's very incomplete assortment, and there is zero will to travel through specialized sources. Some nukige reviews feel totally useless and saying nothing new or interesting, so not including some of those. Basically, blocked stays just for somewhat interesting reviews and fandiscs as they often have openings.
  13. There are only six titles this month to choose from, but four of those are masterpieces - Shinjisougeki Carnival, Devils Devel Concept, Like a Butler and Tapestry -you will meet yourself- . Reviewing first two. Micchi has pretty much the same, plus three vns that I block as nukige, but what's really funny is that he considers only delayed game Areas and Yoake fandisc big titles. Expectations and outcome don't necessarily coincide. 1. Shinjisougeki Carnival 神事双劇カーニバル [090203] Talestune 1 The story takes place on a small fictional island in Japan called Rokushiki Jima (6 Ceremony/Equation Island). In this island, there is a festival held every year called the Rokushiki Sai where young girls on the island borrow the power of God and fight each other. There are 6 head families on the island, who succeeds individual fighting techniques and manages the festival tournament. The Day-side scenario is the original part, featuring the visible side of the tournament. The main character is Rokushiki Nanaki, who’s the new head of the Rokushiki family and the Miko arranging the tournament. She’s irritated because she can’t enter the tournament herself because of her position and tradition. She was so confident about her fighting skills that she was certain that she will win if she participated. She even beat her own parents, but that doesn’t change anything. However, her 4 friend were the participants of this year’s tournament. The girls are put into a cage surrounded by a magical barrier and with the divine power borrowed from God, fights until one loses consciousness. The new evening side scenario features some of the other family members and the hidden bloody side of the festival. Other than the 6 major families, the island had 4 sub-families, which were replacements in case something happens to the 6 families. And addition to that, there was a system called the Shadow Sakura Festival, where the 4 family member can challenge the head of the 6 families and can replace them by force. Misakura Tomoe is the main character of this story. 10 years ago, she was challenged by Toritari Tsubasa, in the Shadow Sakura Festival. Everyone acknowledged Tsubasa’s strength and the battle between Tomoe was held in form of just custom. However, using dirty tactics, 7 year old Tomoe defeated Tsubasa who was 10 years older than her. Tomoe remained to be the head of her family, but because how she fought was unfitting for the head, her skills were sealed with a magical rope wrapped around her leg by the Rokushiki Miko. Tsubasa’s sister, Toritari Kaina also despised Tomoe, and swore to defeat her in a justified battle. 10 years after that incident, a new Shadow Sakura Festival was taking place. Misakura Tomoe was challenged by all the four sub families. Doujin, but there is an English review and translation. It had pretty much zero attention since English patch release, so reviewing it. 2. Devils Devel Concept [090226] Akatsuki Works 1 2 3 4 5 6 Human, monsters, and beasts... The world doesn't forgive them... There is a town where mysterious cases often happen. The ones who have special ability called Enja. The origin of Enja is "devil". They get together as if led by something unseen and kill each other. Sora is an Enja boy. He lost his parents several years ago and now lives alone. His life is full of peace, rest, and destruction. Peaceful school life with friends. Strange dreams he has every day. Battles against devils that appear in the town at night. His "contract" leads him to a hell of sadness, fights, and carnage. He also meets some girls along the way. Love, obedience, subordination, immorality, and desire. Sora, who doesn't know how to love, is a broken human. What does Sora get, what does Sora lose through contracts with the girls? At the end of the contract, he meets the last devil... Game has many English reviews, but there is no video playthrough, so I'm in for review. Naturally. 3. Dareka no Tame ni Dekirukoto ~Innocent Identity~ 誰かのために出来ること~Inoccent Identity~ [090227] Giga A boring life. Takaya always thinks, "I hope something interesting happens..." One day, a girl transfers to his class. Her name is Aya and she came from a small town in the country. Also, she starts living at an apartment Takaya takes care of. Her presence is a symbol of changing life. Aya is always cheerful and his school life gradually changes. "Is this my school life I wanted?" Because of Aya's innocent behaviors, he also gets to know different characters of his classmates. Yes, this is just the beginning of his new school life. Development is long and super dull. It takes a lot of time to figure out who is that someone referred in the title, but it does not make it worth it at all. Typical Giga. 4. Like a Butler [090227] AXL 1 2 There is a super-rich school. It is really hard to pass the entrance exam. Yes, it is a common knowledge the chosen few are allowed to enter the school. But one day, the school announces that they are accepting in a tuition-exempt student. The main character is Kazuki. He hears the news as well, but he is not interested in it. Several months later, the result comes out. The student who passed the entrance exam is Kanade, Kazuki's old friend. "Oh, what should I do...?" She never expected she would pass, so she is totally panicked. When she receives a document from the school, she gets surprised again, "Students are required to have butlers." Kanade says to Kazuki, "Please be my butler!" Like this, he reluctantly becomes her butler... On their first day at school, they enter a completely different world from their old one. Kazuki and Kanade's new school life now begins... There are English reviews. As promised earlier, not reviewing it. 5. Mikoko みここ [090227] Citoron Soft Takeru lives a peaceful life with various attractive girls. For your information, they are all miko. But one day, his life suddenly changes. A mysterious creature and a girl with black hair appears in front of him and says, "You'll need to choose a next Miko God and live with her as a partner!" "Miko God? Choose someone? Can I really do that?" When he is at a loss what to say, the girls around him give the answer to him, "Choose a girl you like the best." Well, a new love story starts now... Basically, a moege with very long process of getting to know a heroine and over 10 H events per heroine. 6. Tapestry -you will meet yourself- タペストリー -you will meet yourself- [090227] light 1 2 3 Hajime is a member of the handicrafts club. He's the one and only male member, but he's an expert at it because his father taught him so well. He enjoys his school life with other club members and classmates, but his life dramatically changes one day. He suddenly falls down unconscious and is sent to hospital. A while later, he learns that his days are numbered. Hajime decides, "I'll die without ever showing a sad face to my family and friends. I won't tell anybody about my illness." But his childhood friend, Hikari, finds out about it anyway. It isn't long before all of his friends know. Nobody wants to believe it, but... "We'll just pretend we don't know about his illness..." They decide to smile in front of him and cry inside their hearts... There are English reviews. BLOCKED 1. Meitantei Conan & Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbo: Meguriau Futari no Meitantei 名探偵コナン&金田一少年の事件簿 めぐりあう2人の名探偵 [090205] Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. 1 2 After receiving a distressing correspondence from a former classmate requesting his presence, high school detective Hajime Kindaichi travels to Twilight Island to investigate the anguish behind the letter. Meanwhile, as fate would have it, Conan Edogawa has been introduced to a modern folktale by Professor Agasa, on an island in the south that serves as a premiere tourist resort, inhabitants have been mysteriously disappearing for extended periods of time before suddenly returning without explanation. What's more: When they disappear, they are transported to an alternate version of that very same island. Intrigued, Conan consents to investigate the case while his companions go on a vacation at the tourist trap known as Twilight Island. As the mystery deepens and it becomes clear their two cases are more related than it first seemed, a grand case unfolds that requires the unmatched reasoning powers of both young detectives. Console exclusive, including it just because of missable reviews 2. Another Code: R Kioku no Tobira アナザーコード: R 記憶の扉 [090209] Cing 1 2 3 Set two years after the events of the previous game, a now 16-year-old Ashley is invited by her father to visit the campground of Juliet Lake. As the story progresses, Ashley attempts to find the truth about her mother's death. Console exclusive, including it just because of missable reviews 3. Chaos;Head Noah [090226] Nitroplus 1 2 "If you were God, and your delusions could become reality. What kind of delusions would you imagine? A sensual world? A dystopic society? Destructive punishment? Or..." Nishijou Takumi, a shut-in gamer and anime otaku, spends his days locked away in a shipping container while occasionally attending classes. In his place of residence, Shibuya, a bizarre string of serial killings are set in motion as he is dragged into the ordeal. Chaos;Head NoAH is the Director's Cut release of Chaos;Head, adding 6 new routes, changes to the story, new CGs and a revamped True Ending. Fandisc 4. Sara Sara Sasara さらさらささら [090227] Atelier Kaguya 1 One day, the main character gets involved in a mission to save God due to some reasons. To save God, he needs to unite with miko both physically and mentally in his dream using the power given from God and strengthens bonds with them. Of course, he can do anything he wants in his dream.... At a different place in a different costume...? He strengthens the bonds with miko like this, but the bonds that only exist in his dream gradually affect his real life...? Nukige, including it just because of missable review 5. Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na -Moonlight Cradle- 夜明け前より瑠璃色な -Moonlight Cradle- [090227] August Called the last part of the Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na story; -Moonlight Cradle- follows the ending of the expanded storyline of the PS2 version Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na -Brighter than dawning blue-. It tells of a new story involving all the heroines from the original as well as Estel Freesia and Tooyama Midori who made their first appearance on the PS2 version. Also included is a brand new heroine Cynthia Marguerite. Fandisc
  14. Foreword: Cotton Soft chunige are always welcome by me. Synopsis: There used to be a group of friends. They really trusted each other and their relationship never seemed to end. However, they gradually split up as time passed. Seven years later, Subaru now enjoys his school life with his friends and classmates. But when his old friends appear in front of him, his old memories come back... Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv8Tvl8lGdGmpP2hldkNAWbe Character Design rating: 8/10Protagonist rating: 8/10Story rating: 9/10Game quality: 10/10Overall rating: 9/10 It took me a lot of time to settle with the score. I evaluated Reconquista as 8/10, so had to compare these two games narrowly. Reconquista has its charm, but Amber Quartz is more mature almost in every field. Thus the result. The two games both focus on memory restoration in a non-trivial story while handing battles in the process, but approach is totally different as mystery tilt is exchanged for traditional chunige elements. Reconquista is also mentioned directly during history lesson about crusades. But need to explain Amber Quatz conception before further speculation. Premise is not too difficult. Game starts with Nayuta confessing to protagonist Subaru, and he he invites the girl to become friends to know each other better. And all the first chapter is full of gags as Nayuta roleplays Subaru's future wife. But very soon shrine maiden Miyako appears and kills a dear person to Subaru. And that dear person becomes a puddle of goo who was actually a monster. Soon protagonist discovers his own power after being cornered by one of such monsters. From this time we search for strange behavior of familiar people, fight these monsters and discover memories about the rest of six childhood friends. Heroines also participate in battles which is cool. I'd say that concept is not as complex as in Reconquista, but the friendship times and lesser mysteries make up for one big mystery. On top of that we dip into history 1000 years ago just like in Air, so there is enough to look forward to. As for downsides, there is not much I can recall. Most Japanese reviewers feel betrayed by not being warned about chunige nature of the game and thus lower scores deliberately, but it's not the point for me. Sarina route is objectively weak. Scenario is unjoined and with some nonsensical conversations especially when realizing that she is presented as ojousama. Sudden shift to SF with lasers and such also is only seen in her route. But her and Miyako routes are written by outsource writers, so it was expected. Miyako route feels so-so as well compared to the rest. Game has rather difficult structure. Game is divided into eleven chapters while there are only four heroine routes. It could be done more neatly. Protagonist is rather weak, his only reliable technique is middle range and can't be used often. So battles generally lack excitement except for some final battles. There is not much romance development. Just spending time together and then expression of mutual sympathy that leads to H scene. But for me it's rather a plus. So let's see game's strong sides. Scenario gives a good feeling since individual routes are longer than common route, and no one of friends gets forgotten, all problems get solved. There are no useless side characters - all of them are immersed greatly in the world. I have absolutely zero complaints about production. Everything is great, and I'd only wish for bigger number of CG which are 94 or so. I always try to ask myself what the title means. And in this case Amber Quartz is used as title just because most battles happen in the evening during sunset. It provides warm orange impression. But despite all the praise I can't call Amber Quartz a full 10/10 masterpiece, because such game must have characters and situations that burn in memory forever. And I'm not really sure I'd remember these characters in a month's time. The one thing that definitely burns in memory is recurring Tama pee theme and corresponding scene. But it is not something I'd want to remember a game forever for!
  15. OreTsuba almost certainly gets into the end of the year poll as untranslated skipped masterpiece (unless there are over 5 skipped masterpieces that are all more suitable for me), so there is still a solid chance to witness its appeal for me. Looking back at poll history, main consideration is not my feelings, but something that would make a nice video to watch sometime. That's totally fine, I'm just somewhat stressed about finding remotely praising words for that extra review.
  16. Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai - Under the Innocent Sky. and Amber Quartz are the only masterpieces this month. I'm reviewing the latter. micchi has all the same titles, plus some delayed and one nukige. 1. Saiki Kanpatsu Saishoku Kenbi no Kimi-tachi e 才気煥発才色兼備の君たちへ [090122] Applique -Imouto- There are two schools adjoining each other. They are big rivals and often have a fight. In the schools, there are four girls admired by other students. Though they have special ability, they are a little bit peculiar. The main character is Yuki. He has an old friend, Nanatsu, who is one of the admired four girls. "I'll become prime minister in the near future!" "Oh, you're great." He gets involved in various troubles, but he enjoys his school life with his positive personality... It's a school story that lacks excitement. Game tries to be a moege, but heroines are just not likeable. Heroines are proactive while protagonist hardly shows signs of existence. 2. Amber Quartz アンバークォーツ [090123] Cotton Soft There used to be a group of friends. They really trusted each other and their relationship never seemed to end. However, they gradually split up as time passed. Seven years later, Subaru now enjoys his school life with his friends and classmates. But when his old friends appear in front of him, his old memories come back... Despite appearances, it's actually a battle game that supposedly has references to Reconquista, so I'm sold here for review. 3. Kikouyoku Senki Tenkuu no Yumina 輝光翼戦記 天空のユミナ [090123] Eternal 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 "The Student Council Election is your only hope. Fight, win, and change your destiny!" Midorishita Yumina is a junior at the prestigious Jinbu Academy. Far from being a model student, Yumina skirts the precarious line between barely passing and failing hard. One day, a young man named Akashima Ayumu transfers into her class. Ayumu claims to have been sent by his father, an eccentric and possibly delusional man who ordered Ayumu to find and protect Yumina, whom he believes will one day save the universe. Ayumu and Yumina are at odds from the moment they first meet. They bicker endlessly, day after day, until finally Yumina goes too far and starts a fight just before a critical test. Her failure dooms her to repeat the year. But just when it seems all hope is lost, a mysterious girl named Kurokawa Kirara appears and invites Yumina to run for Student Council President. According to Kirara, whoever wins an Election War and becomes President will have the power to change any school rule he or she likes. Realizing that this is her only hope of becoming a senior, Yumina agrees to join the race, and drags Ayumu along for the ride! Thus begins an epic tale of love and friendship in which youthful passions run high and debates shake the foundation of the heavens. Who will emerge victorious!? RPG is localized and has English reviews. 4. Kokoro Hokenshitsu ~Kimi to Naisho no Counseling~ ココロ保健室~キミとナイショのカウンセリング~ [090123] Custard There is a boarding school in the town. It is well-known as a prestige school, but most of the students have complicating family problems. Yes, the school was actually founded by the government for those students. One day, a transfer student comes to the school. He is quiet and polite, so he soon becomes friends with other classmates. As a matter of fact, he is an efficient counselor sent by the board of education. He acts as a student outwardly, but he secretly starts counseling to the girls in trouble.... It's actually a concealed nukige since first choice leads both to choosing a girl and H scene with her. Very simple approach. 5. Mystereet ~Other Side of Church~ミステリート~アザーサイド・オブ・チャーチ~ [090123] Abel Software Akito, who has a special ability, is in pursuit of Rei, a mysterious girl. One day, he is told a shocking fact from a mysterious thief called Sapphire and he decides to work with him. Sayaka, a private detective, also joins them and they try to solve a huge mystery and find another fact... It's another mystery solving game in Mystreet universe to such an extent that full picture won't be understood without playing Fukagyaku Sekai no Tantei Shinshi. 6. Tokino Senkaトキノ戦華 [090123] Studio e.go! Tokiwakoku. It is located at the southern edge of Toki no Kuni. They are now at war against Honohara no Kuni. Honohara just tries to get a precious stone called Tokigane, which exists only three in the world. Princess Ruri owns one of them, Soun, king of Honohara, also has it, and the last one is now missing. Soun tries to collect all of them to prove himself as a unifier of the continent. Most of the territory of Tokiwakoku is invaded by Honohara and the main base is about to be destroyed. Their one and only hope is Tokigane Ruri owns because there is a local legend that the stone will save the country when it is in danger. When she uses it, a convulsion of nature happens and a boy appears in front of them. "I don't know. I don't remember anything except for my name, Hayato." Like this, Hayato's battle starts... RTS 7. Akimaho!あきまほ! [090130] Klein Кazumi lives near Akihabara. One day, he gets involved in an accident and becomes a magical girl!? His mission is to save Akihabara?! This is a story of love and courage in Akihabara... It is a doujin level game about flirting in Akihabara. Weird bakage about otaku culture appeal. 8. Maou to Odore! 2 ~Change of the World~魔王と踊れ!2~change of the world~ [090130] catwalk There is Libfar Kingdom located at the center of the continent. It is a small country surrounded by beautiful lakes and mountains. The country is between two big countries, but they keep balance and peace using clever diplomacy. The main character is Soron, a soldier of Libfar. He is an old friend of Marie, a princess. He is not satisfied with his life recently. "Am I on the right track?" He decides to leave the country and go on a journey. But one day, an evil religious group invades Libfar. Soron tries to stop it with Marie... RPG 9. Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai - Under the Innocent Sky.俺たちに翼はない ―――under the innocent sky. [090130] Navel 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 This might just be a "what if" but, A certain day, Gretagard's pure white sky was overrun by winged ones. Now, the sky extends just about anywhere and everywhere, right? So no matter how far you run, you can't escape those white wings of theirs. And that's why the people without wings went looking for a sky of their own. Their prayers were listened, and they are now listening to "Jingle Bells" in a calm country--- This might just be a "what if" but, What we will tell you about now, is such a fairy-tale. There are English reviews. 10. Pygmalion ~The Dark Romance~ [090130] Stronger 1 Johann, a doll artist, lost his fiancee, Gulietta, due to illness. He is now extremely depressed and stays in his studio all day. In the studio, he secretly creates a doll... that resembles his deceased fiancee, Gulietta. However, the doll never heals his sorrow.... "I'll give anything if someone gives life to this doll!" A girl, Bell, suddenly appears in front of him and says, "I'll do it for you. However, you'll need to give me "the ties of friendship with your friends" in return." He has nothing to lose. He doesn't care what will happen to the world as long as Gulietta comes back.... Like this, a tragic rondo starts now.... There is an English review. 11. Shukufuku no Campanella 祝福のカンパネラ [090130] Windmill Oasis 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 The story takes place in Ert'Aria. The city is called "the city of treasures" and people are now busy preparing for a harvest festival. There is a mysterious power called Ale. If you gather Ale and crystallize it, it turns into a jewel. Once in every seven years, the harvest of Ale increases. The main character is Leicester. He is an item engineer and belongs to an adventurer group called Oasis. He also looks forward to the festival. A group of shooting stars fill in the sky in the year when the harvest of Ale increases. Yes, today is the day. Carina, Leicester's old friend, can't wait for it, so she takes him out into the town. At night, when Leicester and his friends have a party, a shooting star comes towards them! It passes them and falls down nearby. They rush to the venue and find a secret room. The room is filled with mysterious atmosphere and a girl sleeps in the bed. When Leicester looks at her face, she wakes up and says, "Oh, you're my father!" Her name is Minette and she leads Leicester and his friends to an adventure... There are English reviews. 12. Suzunone Seven!スズノネセブン! [090130] Clochette 1 2 There is a prestige school called Suzunone Magic School in the world where magic is established as one of the energies. However, the school has some dropout students. The worst seven students are forced to take part in a studying camp called Suzunone Trial. They take exams and they will be dismissed from school if they fail. It's time to decide the worst seven again... There is an English review. BLOCKED 1. Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel ~Maboroshi no Shoujo~ 快盗天使ツインエンジェル ~幻の少女~ [090101] Kuroneko-san Team 1 Cheerful and energetic, but sloppy childhood friend Haruka and young lady Aoi transform into twin angel thieves of justice at night to regain precious stolen treasure. Fandisc 2. Mikuri Makuri みくりまくり [090123] Hooksoft Fandisc of Fairly Life focusing on the heroine Takaoka Miku. Fandisc 3. Heileen: A Trip to Bavaria [090129] Tycoon Games Heileen: A Trip To Bavaria tells the story of a trip Heileen did for her 16th birthday to a small village in Bavaria. There she will met Magdalene and they will become very good friends, but… what are Magdalene's real intentions? EVN
  17. After each my hiatus blog composition changes. This does not really need to be true, but something always happens that forces me to do it. Last time my youtube channel got deleted. This time I'm forced to drop ambition in the basis of this blog to provide descriptions for as many obscure visual novels as possible. What changes this time is that I will no longer write any descriptions for doujins and nukige with nsfw covers, will not update recently added visual novels for previous years and will not update vndb pages myself with those few leftover descriptions for non-doujin sfw covers visual novels. The reason is stated by me in this thread . You can say hi or vote there yourself. Finishing filling in youtube requests, so will return to updating this blog very soon in cut format.
  18. As far as I know, there is none. But all Tama revelations are concentrated in Rito route.
  19. Foreword: I guess Concerto Note won the poll for extra review, because of partial English release that turned out to be a total scam covering literally only the first three minutes of the game where absolutely nothing is told, and no introductions are made. A lot of years ago I took this bait as well. Now it's time to satisfy that curiosity. Synopsis: Shinya is stuck! He is forced to leave school when he comes back to school after long hospitalization. But one day, he meets his childhood friend, Rito, and she tells him about a new school and an western-style old house. Like this, he comes back to his hometown and meets Wakana, Shirayuki, Seika, and Sayori there. Kind people and new house... One night, a strange girl appears in front of him and says, "You'll die in ten days..." Her name is Tama and she kindly gives him the power to prevent it. However, this means he borrows luck from her in advance. From that day, various mishaps happen to Shinya and his friends. To stop it, they will need to get rid of other people's misfortunes... Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv9VENhmo_xhRdI9BEcFEP8I Game type: PlotgeCharacter Design rating: 8/10Protagonist rating: 6/10Story rating: 6/10Game quality: 7/10Overall rating: 7/10 As usual, if game has review coverage, I'm happy to present it (1 2 3 4). I did not pick this game on my free will earlier, because I'm strongly prejudiced against games revolving around luck concept. It's just so unrealistic that it makes me want to facepalm. Concept is rather simple and it's all in the synopsis. Tama prevents death and that eats up all protagonist's luck. Concerto Note is called a game for Rito and Tama for a serious reason. Other four main heroines have rather simple personalities and routes composition. In those routes H events are piled at the end, and luck mystery is resolved half-heartedly or even susbstitured with love, so protagonist can't see Tama anymore. Rito route on the other hand only has short H scenes in the middle, but the focus is on resolving the mystery up to the end of the route. Basically, only Rito route makes Concerto Note a plotge. Rito also has outstanding personality being an excessively rational genius and a childhood friend. But if you think that game revolutionarry breaks with tradition starting from ToHeart to present childhood friends as boring vegetables, you're only half right, because Wakana plays this role here just fine. Don't have much to say about this game, so let's see its downsides. Graphics is rough in many CG. Flowchart is pretty much useless as its only meaning is to present routes in forced order. Game has little humor in it. True End reminds me of Air too much, and I hate Air. Main character produces positive impression in SOL scenes, but suddenly becomes abuser in H events. Other four main heroines did not impress me, even Seika failed to meet expectations. I evaluate the whole luck concept really low. After Rui wa Tomo o Yobu approach to dealing with the curse is much weaker in Concerto Note. Basically, Rito is the only element that makes game memorable and outstanding. Interaction with her is always interesting, so I'll let the game slip as girigiri masterpiece. But there are other good features as well. Three male sub-characters are actually depicted rather well, not like usual placeholders for classmates. But what allows to keep reader's attention is good tempo and absence of forced scenes. Flow feels natural. So I'd say that text is skillfully written as it manages to advance story painlessly without tilt into humor or parody. I'd say that Concerto Note is a good game for beginners or those who can accept such concept. I could not suppress irritation during the read.
  20. Year 2008 started with two failed months, continued strong, but by the end lost a lot of appeal for me. There is not a single full 10/10 masterpiece (although technically Dies irae reworked version may be counted), but the overall number of masterpieces is again 20, exactly the same as in 2007, so can't complain here. New portion of Visual Novel Openings 2008 with songs. My list of masterpieces in 2008: 11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo- 12Riven -The Ψcliminal of Integral- 428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de~ Aion Garden Aoishiro Bifronte ~Kugaitou Kitan~ Chrono Belt ~Ayakashibito & Bullet Butlers Crossover Disc~ Concerto Note Eien no Owari ni G-senjou no Maou Gouen no Soleil -Chaos Region- Kagerou Touryuuki Kara no Shoujo Nidaime wa ☆ Mahou Shoujo Princess Frontier Rui wa Tomo o Yobu Sora o Tobu, 3tsu no Houhou Sumaga Tri☆Stars Volume 7 A number that becomes magical for each year. Wanted to catch up with micchi blog that started monthly overviews in late 2008, and I'm finally there. As for VN of the Year, i'd nominate 12Riven -The Ψcliminal of Integral- . Covered three years in visual novels over these eight months, but now I'm taking a month or so break from new posts - will rest, update old posts with newly added works and fulfill a number of youtube requests to add leftover routes. See you somewhere in October. But last post before the short break will be extra review for the year 2008, of course. Traditionally, adding here untranslated masterpiece games that I did not pick up for review throughout the year, and if five slots aren't filled, getting some curious non-masterpieces in addition. Let's choose an EXTRA review for 2008 in this poll: Concerto Note Sin Kurotoki Iro no Shoujo Sora o Tobu, 3tsu no Houhou Sumaga Wizard Girl Ambitious
  21. Foreword: There was very limited selection of games to choose from in December, but I chose Eien no Owari ni because of phrase unfinished masterpiece that I glanced in some review. The fact that Tama-Soft made Lost Child also matters a lot for me. Synopsis: There is a high school that will be closed down soon - one day, Keisuke transfers to that very specific school. On his first day, he visits the newspaper club, but Ryo, the club's leader, acts very coldly towards him. He soon finds out that the club has been doing nothing due to lack of club members. For some reason, the members are also very distant from each other... He gets interested in their strange relationship and decides to join the club. After joining, the atmosphere of the club gradually changes and their new relationship is established. However, he accidentally gets to know the reason why the members used to be distant to each other. It happened just when he transferred to the school... Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv9HyOG7idnOMuKaGgSeqEFs Game type: Growth mystery nakige Character Design rating: 8/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 7/10 Game quality: 5/10 Overall rating: 7/10 In the end it's a SOL nakige with a twist of mystery, so just not a fitting genre for me, but still a masterpiece! It usually says a lot. It's rare to find something original and with human-like heroines in nakige, but it's exactly such case. But let's not jump to conclusions before the main part. Concept is actually unusual. I can't avoid minor spoilers which are needed to promote uniqueness of this game. So Keisuke comes to school and tries to unite newspaper ghost club who suddenly broke apart after some incident last year. And first week of the game is just perfect, a supreme masterpiece. Then during second and third week nothing really new happens, and at all ends in super aggressive development and denouement. As for scenario parts, we start as Keisuke, but then after flagging a heroine we suddenly turn into past with another protagonist Keiichi. And we already know that something bad happened to Keiichi, which resulted in club stopping activities. And we eventually get to the point when this something bad happens. But afterwards we get to present already, but we can't be sure of protagonist identity anymore. It might be Keisuke, might be Keiichi, might be the same person. Keisuke disappears from everyone's memory. It remains as a big mystery. And basically in this game past determines future. Past incident is different for each heroine, so future differs greatly, but considered the bad incident it's unwise to expect a happy ending. There are a lot of downsides of this game, hence the unfinished masterpiece label. Engine is even worse than in Lost Child in my opinion. I did not find text speed settings, so in the end text drew not instantly for me, and with higher than needed speed. Scenario is not impressive and has inconsistencies of common route with individual routes due to multiple scenario writers. Heroines are not flashy and lack charm. There are a lot of colorful side-characters, but none of them has voicing, so silence can last for a long time. Hozuki route is significantly shorter than the other two, and since Hozuki route is supposed to be the last, it creates a bad aftertaste. Absence of happy ending does not help evaluation either. There are only three routes which is below standard of four-five nowadays. No true route. In game's defense, it is able to nurture sense of uniqueness and present great nostalgia atmosphere and bgm. First week is the paragon of an inspiring beginning. Game is able to remain mysterious thanks to the false protagonist move. Heroines in this game are very human-like, not tied by any cliche. Clumsy relations with these heroines are really cute. It's very rare nowadays when creators realize the inevitable bad impression, but stay true to their concept and don't introduce standard elements to appeal to everyone. Eien no Owari is the last and lesser known game of Tama-Soft, but discovering such gems is twice as pleasant.
  22. 428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de~ is VN of the Month. But since it's translated already, will review Eien no Owari ni . micchi focuses mostly on gameplay visual novels, but there are lots of comments to enjoy. 1. 428 ~Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de~ 428 〜封鎖された渋谷で〜 [081204] Chunsoft 1 2 3 4 5 A present-day story about a detective, a young man, a virus researcher, a freelance writer, and a cat mascot character who are brought together by bizarre events with worldwide implications in the Tokyo neighborhood of Shibuya. The narrative is presented using a combination of scrolling text and live action video sequences, also contains a bonus chapter courtesy of TYPE-MOON. Game is localized and has English reviews. 2. Yosuga no Sora ヨスガノソラ [081205] Sphere 1 2 3 4 5 6 Two twins - Haruka and Sora, his younger sister, are going back to grandfather's house. They visited this house many times when they were kids and they still remember it. A while ago, they lost their parents in a car accident and they decided to move and live at their grandfather's house.... Nao, their old friend, Ryouhei, his classmate, Akira, a miko at a neighboring shrine, and Kazuha, Akira's close friend, welcome them. Nothing is changed. His good old memories and silent atmosphere heal his sadness.... However, his peaceful life gradually changes.... A secret promise made long time ago. A lost treasure. A real reason for moving to the town. Real feelings. The story now starts under the summer sun... Game is localized and has English reviews. 3. Dungeon Crusaderz 2 ~Eigou no Rakudo~ ダンジョンクルセイダーズ2~永劫の楽土~ [081219] Atelier Kaguya 1 2 3 There is a city called Glaciest at the northern edge of the continent. The city is famous for a mysterious phenomenon in which people's dream realizes and a crystallized dream called Evil Ice Stone. Glaciest is always full of people who come to see the stone or to investigate the phenomenon. Also, there is a rumor that a lot of treasures are hidden inside a tower, Horn of Revelia, and the top of the tower is connected to a promised land, Eternal Paradise. Allion is a member of a special group that is organized to mediate wars between countries. One day, he and his company are ordered to visit Glaciest. With different purposes in their minds, their adventure now starts.... There are English reviews for this RPG 4. Minna no Uta ミンナノウタ [081219] Meromero Cute Takuto is a university student and lives a boring life. His parents were a famous musician and a music producer, but they passed away several years ago. Since then, Chika, his older sister, runs the company.... But one day, Takuto receives a call from Chika, "I'll need to declare bankruptcy!!!" Like this, his life changes completely and he starts working as a music producer. Will he be able to save the company...? Light comedy about music. Scenario is worthy, but not interesting to read, and endings are often not really happy. Protagonist is pretty bad and an amateur. Heroines do not have good enough personalities to captivate. 5. Eien no Owari ni 永遠の終わりに [081226] Tama-Soft There is a high school that will be closed down soon - one day, Keisuke transfers to that very specific school. On his first day, he visits the newspaper club, but Ryo, the club's leader, acts very coldly towards him. He soon finds out that the club has been doing nothing due to lack of club members. For some reason, the members are also very distant from each other... He gets interested in their strange relationship and decides to join the club. After joining, the atmosphere of the club gradually changes and their new relationship is established. However, he accidentally gets to know the reason why the members used to be distant to each other. It happened just when he transferred to the school... Reviewing it blindly. 6. Hoshiuta ほしうた [081226] Frontwing 1 2 3 4 In a rural hot spring town, a grandmother lives with two children, an older boy and a younger girl. As the boy has no relatives, the grandmother tells him "I have a favour to ask, grow up so that you can make our lives comfortable". But it was only an idea, while life continued. After that, several years passed... After passing an exam, he entered a new school. Having achieved the highest grades of anyone, the grandmother was overjoyed, but she suddenly died. He hadn't finished her favour. About a year later, it's the start of the summer holidays. A "lying girl" appears, and his surroundings start to become noisy... There are English reviews. 7. Kimi ga Yobu, Megiddo no Oka de 君が呼ぶ、メギドの丘で [081226] Leaf 1 2 3 Beigel finds a girl lying unconsciously at the desert. Her name is Rinon. According to her, she came from the edge of the world to stop the God's clock... RPG. There is an English review. 8. Maple Colors 2 [081226] Apricot Soujiro gets involved in an accident on his first day at school and he is transferred to a class full of problem students. Also, all students in his class will get suspension from school due to him... However, if they win the school sports festival, the penalty will be cancelled. Like this, Soujiro and his classmates decide to unite... No, no. The story doesn't go that easy.... There are a lot of problem students in his class... No one likes the words, "cooperation", "team spirit", and "friendship". However, they need to stick together to win the festival!? Soujiro works hard to achieve their goal... An ordinary school SOL game with focus on atmosphere. Scenario flow is the same as prequel - persuading friends to avoid a catastrophe. It feels more like a fandisc than a sequel. Mobile RPG view and mini-games don't really help. There are some elements inherited from Ayakashi, but game can't boast anything but atmosphere. 9. Shin Koihime † Musou ~Otome Ryouran ☆ Sangokushi Engi~ 真・恋姫†無双~乙女繚乱☆三国志演義~ [081226] BaseSon 1 2 Timeslip!? Kazuto is sent to the other world one night when he is sleeping back in his own world... He wakes to find himself in the Koihime Musou universe. The adventure continues in this alternate version of the classic Chinese historical novel "Romance of the Three Kingdoms". Shin Koihime † Musou has all the characters from Koihime † Musou as well as new ones that make their first appearance in this game for a total of more than 50 characters. Strategy. There is an English review. 10. Meri☆Chri ~Juu Nen Buri no White Christmas~ メリ☆クリ ~10年ぶりのホワイトクリスマス~ [081228] Whirlpool Touma Shinya has always been indifferent toward the Christmas holiday nor does he believe that Santa exists for the past ten years. However, his resolution is put to the test when he notices a strange girl trying to find the mother of a lost child. Because he witnessed her magically henshin into a Santa outfit plus give an early present in an attempt to cheer the child up, he is now a potentially dangerous target to Santa society. Luckily for him, he manages to escape her terrifying wrath with his speedy legs. Later while visiting his neighbors, the Seiya’s, he recounts his experience and to his surprise, they were taking his ludicrous-sounding story seriously. It was at that moment when the crazy Santa girl enters through the window and demands to know why the Seiya’s were not delivering gifts to children as they were assigned to do. Because of their actions, the “snow of happiness” has not fallen for over ten years. Shinya now realizes with great disbelief that his neighbors are Santa’s as well. And so marks the beginning of a skeptic becoming a “Santa’s helper” for the goal of spreading the Christmas cheer. Light comedy with a different crisis in helping Santa in each individual route. Volume is rather small, a half-price game. Just a balanced work that aims to create feeling of warmth. BLOCKED 1. Days of Memories ~Sekai de Ichiban Atsui Fuyu~ Days of Memories 〜世界で一番熱い冬〜 [081201] SNK Playmore 1 The protagonist is a third year kendo student who is energetic and reckless. He has to decide who he wants to spend his Christmas party with this year. Console Exclusive 2. Real Rode [081204] HuneX Nina is a high school student. Like other girls, she is interested in fashion and enjoys dating with her boyfriend Naoya. But she also has a secret - Nina is a closet otaku who loves to play video games. Her favourite game is Real Rode, a game that she knows very well from completing it several times. One day when playing in her room, Nina is drawn into the game itself. When she wakes up she finds herself in the story she knows so well, but she is also disappointed to realize that she is not the heroine of the story. And as times passes, she notices even more inconsistencies in the world around her...... Otomege 3. Futanari Kanon-chan ふたなりカノンちゃん [081205] Delta 1 Kanon is a normal student with cute eyes and beautiful long hair. She is very popular among male students. She is, however, has a secret.... Yes, she is a futanari girl! Involving her friends and teachers, her strange school life goes on.... Nukige 4. Gakuen Club Triangle ~Seifuku to Shojo to Amai Kaori~ 学園クラブトライアングル~制服と処女と甘い香り~ [081205] Maika Jin is a head of a detective group and solves various problems asked by female students every day. Like this, he becomes close with a lot of pretty girls, but they never allow him to have an affair with other girls.... Well, will he be able to live a happy school life without being detected...? Nukige 5. Hakiwasure Aikoukai はきわすれ愛好会 [081205] Sol-fa-soft Three girls get excited, while conversing about their no-panties experience. They decide to go out without panties and expose themselves. Their activities range from trying out skirts in various places to taking off bathing suits on the beach and showing off to the boys in the park. Doujin Nukige 6. Hitozuma o Ecchi de Kudoku Houhou 人妻をえっちで口説く方法 [081205] Lilith Soft The protagonist of this story is in love with Kiyomi, the mother of one of his friends. In other words, he's in love with a woman who is married with children. His passion turns into a sexual drive, and he attacks her in a frenzy! What methods will he use to seduce and woo her!? Miyo, the self-styled elder sister of the protagonist, appears on the scene to erotically harass him. Her plan is to take his virginity! She throws the relationship between the protagonist and Kiyomi into disorder, both as a supporter of their love and as an erotic assailant! Nukige 7. Shakkin Bunny no Nakadashi Hanjouki 借金バニーの中出し繁盛記 [081205] Gekidan Kinmirai Ayumi is a hard luck girl. One day, her father suddenly died and she starts working at a brothel to pay off the debt he left. All girls at the brothel wear a bunny costume and sexually entertain customers. In addition to hard and erotic work, her boss's maniacal sex training awaits her. It also affects her school life...? Well, will she be able to live a happy life someday...? Nukige 8. Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Kuchibiru to Kiss de Tsubuyaite その花びらにくちづけを 唇とキスで呟いて [081205] Fuguriya 1 Sweet, cute and erotic love comedy between two girls! Nanami's love affair with one of the school's idols, Yuna remains a secret. But they're having trouble concealing their true feelings from everyone! Doujin Girls Love Nukige 9. Guren no Shugo Tenshi Falna ~Injuu no Kokuin~ 紅蓮の守護天使ファルナ ~淫獣の刻印~ [081206] Parthenon -Zero- Main character is a high class demon Asimov who is trying to conquer the world. Guren's guardian angel Fala fights day and night to prevent it. Fala must be turned into sex slave for the sake of a grander ambition. Doujin Nukige 10. Lovecha. Full Anime Shokkan Game Osawari Chikan Densha らぶちゃ。フルアニメ触感ゲーム おさわり痴漢電車 [081206] Applemint Manami is on her way home from school. When she's on the train, someone suddenly slides their hand into her panties. She was never molested on the train before... She is too embarrassed to call out, and the situation begins to escalate. Doujin Nukige 11. Yuri no Hana Ren'ai Jijou ~Tousaku Shita Pure Love Story~ 百合の花恋愛事情~倒錯したピュア・ラブストーリー~ [081206] Shining Star Lily’s Mizuha is a popular student in a girls school, but she wants some change in monotonous life. One day she argues with her fan Nina, and that leads to kissing and then romantic relations. Then one day teacher nicknamed as "Queen" approaches the girls and introduces them into the world of humiliation. Doujin Nukige 12. Bamboo Blade ~Fukushuu no Houkago~ バンブーブレイド~復讐の放課後~ [081207] SABER FISH This is a novel adventure game based on the series, "Bamboo Blade." The main character decides to revenge against Kendo Club who took Tamaki away. His vengeful thoughts turn into desire and starts violating other female members of the club. Doujin Nukige 13. Koyoi Santa wa Machikado de. 今宵サンタは街角で。 [081210] Aihara Mahiro A Christmas-themed VN containing four episodes: 1. "Good night, Santa" 2. "Santa's Promise" 3. "Santa Call" 4. "Santa Caught a Cold" Doujin 14. Scapegrace 困り者 [081211] Knumonmaster Old Japan about 1610: Goro is a scapegrace. When his father forces him to go with him to Edo he does not know that he will not see his family in a long time. Goro has to grow up. EVN 15. Bichiku Oyako Chijoku Rankou Kareshi no Mae de Kegasarete...... 美畜母娘恥辱乱交 彼氏の前で穢されて…… [081212] MorningStar Yuka decides to seek a sugar daddy to earn money to buy a present for her boyfriend on the condition that she only masturbates before the man. Her boyfriend, Masato go to the spot to make a protest but Yuka is raped by Shuzo, her sugar daddy before her boyfriend's eyes. Shuzo takes her photographs and threatens her. And this incident involves even Kaoruko, Yuka's mother. Nukige 16. Custom Sister ~Orechin no Iinari~ かすたむ☆しすたぁ~おれチンのいいなり~ [081212] KISS-MA Seiya and Yukine finally start to go out after being friends since childhood. While they were shy about it first and had their doubts, their relationship quickly turned into a passionate one and led them explore their sexuality to the fullest... Which even included Amane, older sister of Yukine later on... Custom Sister ~Orechin no Iinari~ allows you to customize Yukine's appearance before you start the game. Nukige 17. Hindo no Yakata 牝奴の館 [081212] Black Package Try Sousuke is from a rich family and well provided for. But he loses interest in money all of a sudden. At the same time, he takes part in a sex slave exhibition party and gets interested in it. He, however, trains girls too severely and ruins them.... One day, Hitomi, a freelance journalist, visits Sousuke's house. Yes, she tries to disclose what's happening at his house. But Sousuke decides to train her next.... Nukige 18. Hitozuma Onsen 2 ~Kozukuri Onsen Ryojou~ 人妻温泉2~子作り温泉旅情~ [081212] Gyuunyuu Soft Jun is now with Akira's mother, Misako. A year later, while he begins to think about the marriage, Misako brings up an idea of going to a hot spring for 3 days. However, at the meeting spot on the departure day, he finds both Misako and Akemi waiting... Doujin Nukige 19. Kiss yori Amakute Fukai Mono キスより甘くて深いもの [081212] Cyon Are you happy now? Do you have someone to kiss? Have you ever been kissed? Have you ever kissed? I really like to kiss. Yuki loves to kiss. She not only kisses but also... has a boyfriend, but she has sex with someone else. One day, when she is having sex with her father, her younger sister sees them and says, "I wanna do it!" She is confused what to do... Not to mention her ex-boyfriend forcibly tries to have sex with her and her current boyfriend gets jealous. Her happy school life gradually breaks down... Nukige 20. Koibito wa Yawachichi Onee-san Hoken'i ~Tomecha Dame yo? Watashi ga Suki nara Ninshin Sasete~ 恋人はやわちちお姉さん保険医~止めちゃダメよ?私が好きなら妊娠させて♪~ [081212] Norn The protagonist, Souichi, is a plain and sickly school boy. Chitose is the nurse at his school's infirmary. She's also an old acquaintance of his, and Souichi is in love with her. One day, both of his his parents are suddenly appointed to work overseas. Chitose agrees to become his guardian, and they start living together! The two of them become lovers, and a new life filled with sexual indulgence and child making begins. Nukige 21. Kowareru Kokoro ~Reizoku Choukyou~ 犯ワレルココロ~隷属調教~ [081212] Tail Skid A naked girl appears in front of Shuji... When he is confused what to do, he hears his mother's voice. "Do whatever you want to her..." A scream of pleasure resounds through the room... Nukige 22. Mei Shoujo 姪少女 [081212] Tanuki Soft The main character lives a vacant life. But one day, his sister calls and asks him to take care of her daughters, Aya and Saya, at his house because they just enter school near his house. Like this, he starts living with two girls. However, it is impossible for him to stop his sexual desire... Nukige 23. Soushinjutsu 3 操心術3 [081212] Studio Jaren 1 Takaki lives a peaceful school life. There is also his cousin, Haruki, at his school. She is a teacher of biology. One day, Haruki tells Takaki and Rei, his classmate, to assist her experiment. However, the experiment fails and Takaki accidentally gets a special power that he can control other's mind. At the same time, an odd group is formed. Nobody knows what they do, but there is a rumor that participants can become happy. Also, participants are all female students. Saori tries to disclose the secret and she meets Takaki along the way.... Accident, necessity, control, compulsion, and.... Nukige 24. Sukumizu x Otome = Koigokoro すくみず×乙女=恋心 [081212] ALL-TiME "I'll become a teacher!" Misao starts working at school he graduated from. He works hard and gradually gets used to his school life. One day, he is offered to take in charge of a coach of the swimming club. He accepts the offer and starts giving lessons to the students. Several weeks later, two students suddenly tell him that they love him at the same time. As a matter of fact, he really loves sukumizu (school swimsuits)... Nukige 25. Sumeragi Ryouko no Bitch na 1 nichi 皇涼子のBitchな1日 [081212] CODEPINK On the surface, Ryoko Sumeragi seems to be a dedicated teacher at a private academy, but in reality she's a nymphomaniac who loves to have as much sex as possible, from morning till night! Ryoko starts her day by doing naughty things with her brother Akito, who she likes to tease, then it's off to school, where she'll probably fool around with her male colleagues, or even get into some more serious "trouble" all over the school, with students or other teachers. Nukige 26. Watashi no Karada de Tsugunaimasu ~Niizuma Michiko no Baai~ 私の身体で償います~新妻美智子の場合~ [081212] Heat-Soft One day, Shinichiro is hit by a car and gets badly injured. Michiko, the driver, sincerely apologizes him, so he thinks about forgiving her. But she says, "Please don't tell my husband about this...." "Well, is she just trying to protect herself...?" He tells her to give him a blowjob if she wants to be forgiven. She says no at first, but she obeys him. His demand gradually gets bolder and he finally rapes her... Nukige 27. Crimson Empire ~Circumstances to Serve a Noble~ クリムゾン・エンパイア ~Circumstances to Serve a Noble~ [081213] QuinRose The heroine is a head maid who has sworn absolute loyalty to Edvard, a prince, and would do anything to assist him to the throne. There are 2 princes who are fighting for the throne, Edvard and Justin. But because Justin's mother was of a lower rank, Edvard has more of a right to the throne. Therefore, Justin plots to assassin Edvard to get to the throne. The problem though, is that every time he sends an assassin, the heroine would defeat the assassins. Otomege 28. Saimin no Kyoushitsu 催眠ノ教室 [081213] Dieselmine "With the art of hypnotism, you can bent your friends and acquaintances to your will!" This is the slogan for a suspicious looking ring in a mail order catalog. The protagonist takes note and decides to buy it. He reads the instruction booklet during class. It says: "However, the effect lasts only for one day, and only once." As he ponders on what to do, his eye falls on his English teacher. He decides to go for it, and tells her she's suddenly extremely sleepy. She promptly falls asleep. As the classroom becomes restless, the protagonist awakens to a new sexual desire. ...With this thing, he could do a lot of things he never dreamed of... What will happen next? Nukige 29. Hakudaku Innyuu Chart ~Seieki Chuusha Lesson~ 白濁淫乳カルテ~精液注射レッスン~ [081215] Courreges Ace A big-breasted nurse comes to a hospital as a trainee, and a blonde twin-tailed genius loli girl doctor is dispatched there from city center. But director of this place deals in human trafficking for politicians' entertainment, and very soon sex slave training begins. Doujin Nukige 30. Christmas Color クリスマス・カラー [081215] +tics The heroine wends up working part-time at the restaurant run by her cousin during the season of Christmas. It’s the story of the 3 busy yet fun days spent while surrounded by her overprotective cousin and the ill-tempered cook… Doujin 31. Hitozuma Gui ~Manbiki G-man Chijoku Nikki~ 人妻喰い~万引きGメン恥辱日記~ [081216] Guilty Yuichi was fired because he slept with a secretary to the company president. Several month later, he was fired again from another company because he shagged a customer who was a housewife. One day, he meets Mansaku, his cousin, and Mansaku takes him to a supermarket. Mansaku now works there as a shop security guard to catch shoplifters and he offers Yuichi to work there in place of him. Yuichi tells Mansaku that he wants to think about it for a while. Before leaving, when he walks around the supermarket, he meets Midori, a housewife living nearby. He can feel his evil desire gradually arouses.... Nukige 32. Battle Four [081218] Tsugihagi Project Every day is the same, peaceful day as before. It had always been and would always be, or so one thinks. There comes...... a distortion that engulfs everything. The unexpected death of one's parents. How to possibly survive from now on...... A letter arrives at the height of grief. It's an invitation to "Battle Four". When you have nothing to lose and money is everything, would you put your fate in a game? The winner receives a lifetime of wealth. The very words sets the heart trembling. Doujin Boys Love 33. Power Pro Kun Pocket 11 パワプロクンポケット11[081218] Konami New baseball team runs in the championship this year, and main character joins the draft. But after two months of training he receives a mysterious parcel with an old lamp inside. Rubbing the lamp results in demon appearance who asks to name three wishes to come true. Protagonist wishes for huge annual salary, getting to the higher league this year and winning a prestigious prize in two years. However, because of a curse inability to reach either of these goals would result in death, so struggle for success and life begins. Console Exclusive 34. Be, Betsu ni Anta no Tame ni Oshiete Agerun Ja Nain Dakara ne! べ、別にあんたの為に教えてあげるんじゃないんだからね! [081219] Swan Hiroto failed university entrance exams. When he is down, two girls visit him all of a sudden. They are Tsukushi and Yui. They are sisters and hired as Hiroto's home tutors. He is encouraged to study hard again. Tsukushi and Yui, however, gradually fall in love with him and their battle for Hiroto now breaks out.... Nukige 35. Chichi Ninja Revolution ~Kanojo-tachi o Choukyou Seyo~ 乳忍者レボリューション ~彼女たちを調教せよ~ [081219] Ja no Michi wa Hebi Soft The main character is a public officer. One day, he is suddenly transferred to the international information department. He doesn't know why, but he is ordered to take part in honey trap practice as a practice partner. Also, he gets to know that Akira, his cousin, is kidnapped by their enemy. He is given a new order and starts working on it.... Nukige 36. Chikan Sharyou Sangousha ~Midousujisen~ 痴漢車両3号車~御常筋線~ [081219] Matsuri Kikaku Akihiro is a white-collar worker and lives a boring life. One day, he finds a website that features about train molestation. It seems they enjoy train molestation in a group. He is shocked to know that, but his sexual desire gradually arises.... He sends an email and tells them he wants to join them. The website is, however, closed when he visits on the next day.... He doesn't know what's happening.... A while later, he receives a reply from the group and it says, "If you want to join us, do train molestation by yourself. We'll, of course, help you." He decides to do train molestation as they instruct.... Nukige 37. Dark Elf Pregnant ダークエルフ・プレグナント [081219] Norn One day, the main character of our story decided to summon a demon on a whim. The demon who appeared turned out to be a cute little girl. He was blown away by her and ended up being turned into her servant! He is immediately told that his first job is to have sex and bear her a child! Told it's necessary in order to go back to the world of magic, our main character quickly agrees! A stupid but sexy main character and a tyrannical demon girl and a masochistic slave elf with giant breasts make up this funny and sexy child bearing story! Nukige 38. Gakuen Saimin Reido -Sakki made, Daikirai Datta Hazu na no ni- 学園催眠隷奴~さっきまで、大嫌いだったはずなのに~ [081219] Silky's Futoshi is fat, smelly, and ugly, so he is teased and bullied by other students. But one day, he receives a parcel from his father who is an inventor. He opens it and finds a cell phone. According to his letter, he can hypnotize anyone using the cell phone. He is doubtful at first, but he visits a woman, Sayuri, who lives next door and tries it.... Yes, it works perfectly. He now plans to take revenge on the students who tease and bully him.... Nukige 39. Gakuin Seikatsu no Shiori ~Sensei ga Midare o Tadashimasu~ 学淫性活の栞 ~先生が乱れを正します~ [081219] Morning Tomoki is a PE teacher. He has a crooked sexual desire and is disliked by all students. One day, he takes charge of the student's discipline. "Great! I'll punish bad students!" On his first day as a teacher in charge of the student's discipline, Nao comes late to school. Since then, Tomoki persistently finds fault with her.... Mayu, Nao's close friend, tries to stop him, but.... Nukige 40. Hakudaku Miko ~Lolita Miko Shimai Inraku Choukyou~ 白濁巫女~ロリータ巫女姉妹淫落調教~ [081219] Pumpkin At one village, "Prayer festival" was held once a year. However, it was a festival in name only. It was, in fact, a wild feast of sexual assaults by men of carnal desire. The player began giving the special training to the young girl, Karen Miyashita, so that she would become their sacrificial victim. She was on the receiving-end of the repeated such acts. The items and the reactions will change according to your SELECTION with our "Chokyo simulation" feature. It is all up to you to decide what type of Chokyo you like to perform. Doujin Nukige 41. Joyful 女医ふる [081219] Juice "Teacher!" Yui calls and smiles at me in a friendly way since I saved her when she was being molested on the train a few weeks ago. I always try to control my libido, but it's really hard. One day, Yui slips off the top of the stairs. I try to catch her, but we both fall down on the floor.... "Are you alright...?" I hear a beautiful voice.... Yes, it's Ayano, a sick-room doctor. She is very popular among male students because she's got big breasts, an hourglass waist, and a beautiful body shape.... Yui and Ayano.... They gradually change my life.... Also, Ayano sometimes speaks to me purposefully. A small mystery. What's Ayano's intention...? Nukige 42. Koibito = Love x Sex 恋人=らぶ×せっくす [081219] Amagami Dou Sweet love & sex between lovers! The protagonist starts going out with a girl in his class, Rikka. However, she is self-willed, loses her temper easily and acts big. So their physical relation hardly advances. The protagonist makes up his mind and invites her to his room... Doujin Nukige 43. Koitsuma Biyori ~Yukino-san wa Hitozuma Kanrinin~ 恋妻びより~由希乃さんは人妻管理人~ [081219] TinkerBell Takuma Yanase is a university student. One day, the factory the main character's father runs suddenly goes bankrupt. He can't pay a rent for his apartment anymore and decides to leave the apartment. "Well, I need to look for somewhere to live at first...." When he is at a loss what to do, a woman talks to him, "Are you looking for a place to live? Let me introduce an apartment. I'm actually a caretaker of my apartment." The apartment is very old, but he feels happy..., a strange feeling.... Nukige 44. Mahou Shoujo Ai San 魔法少女アイ参 [081219] Colors Ai and Akitoshi lose a battle against Sin and Megu, their friend, is kidnapped by him. They try to find her, but she is still missing.... One day, Yukari, Akitoshi's friend, appears in front of him and the story gradually goes forward.... Nukige 45. Manbiki Hitozuma no Yawahada Nikukei ni Shosu!! ~Manzoku Suru made Hansei Shimase~n~万引き人妻の柔肌 肉刑に処す!!~満足するまで反省しませ~ん~ [081219] Pin-Point Main character begins part-time work in a supermarket. As a measure against frequent shoplifting, a legendary shoplifter is employed, and protagonist is assigned as assistant. Protagonist falls in love at first sight with a married woman, and to his joy woman is caught red-handed at shoplifting. Woman gets intensely humiliated as a punishment. But she comes every day and continues stealing attempts as if she craves for more and more punishment... Doujin Nukige 46. Mare Mare Mare メアメアメア [081219] Mana One night, a succubus appears in front of the main character, but she is a rookie succubus and doesn't know anything. Also, when he touches her, her knees crumble under herself. However, she still tries to draw energy from him. He sympathizes with her and decides to give her sex lessons. His younger sister and her younger sister succubus also join them and their succubus life begins... Nukige 47. M.E.s -Doukyuusei Maid Choukyou- M.E.s. -同級生メイド調教- [081219] Ceres Juichi is from a rich family. One day, he plans to have his personal maids and chooses seven target girls. He soon gets their secrets and makes them his sex slaves. The girls get mad at him at first, but they gradually feel happy to obey his orders.... Nukige 48. Musumaker むすめーかー [081219] Digital Cute 1 Itsuki is a university student. One day, his father suddenly dies and he takes over an orphanage his father once ran. There live various girls in difficult circumstances. The orphanage looks normal at first sight, but it is actually a brothel. He needs to train and make them sex slaves to pay off the debt his father left. His new life as their "father" and "trainer" now begins.... Nukige 49. Niizuma to Yuukaihan ~Netori Haramase Keikaku~ 新妻と誘拐犯 ~寝取り孕ませ計画~ [081219] Guilty+ Shunsuke failed university entrance exams six consecutive times. He lives alone and does nothing now. One day, he falls down due to malnutrition. He tries to go to hospital, but he faints at the entrance of the hospital. While everybody ignores him, a girl saves him. Her name is Mizuho. She works at the hospital. He soon falls in love with her and visits the hospital to see her every day. But one day, she disappears all of a sudden. There is a rumor that she elopes with someone. He is shocked.... Several days later, a miracle, however, happens to him. Shunsuke meets Mizuho on the road. "What a coincidence. We are born to be together...." But there is one thing that interrupts them. It's Takashi, Mizuho's husband. "What should I do...?" He finally decides to kidnap Mizuho and brings her to his room. Like this, his "newly married life" starts.... Nukige 50. Ookami Tokidoki Santa おおかみときどきさんた [081219] Kirue Santa comes before Christmas and destroys the house! Main heroine and wolf boy need some crisis management! Doujin Otomege 51. Oto☆Puri ~Koiseyo! Otome Ouji-sama♪ Dokidoki Wedding Bell~ オト☆プリ~恋せよ!乙女王子様♪ドキドキウェディングベル~ [081219] Shakunage Not very careful with money and used to an extravagant lifestyle, Rui's mother has thrown them into terrible debt. To fix this, she has decided that he will be marrying one of four girls, each from a wealthy influential family. Unfortunately, they are all currently going to a girls' boarding school. Fortunately, Rui has an appearance very much resembling a girl and his mother has already taken the liberty of getting him a uniform. He quickly ends up discovering that the girls he is fated to marry one of are all part of the same group that have been chosen by the school to behave and dress as Princes, idols for the rest of the student body to fawn over. And ends up becoming their maid. Nukige 52. Semen Security 2009 ザーメンセキュリティ2009 [081219] C.C Clock Up One day, when Tasuba turns on his PC, a lot of virus mails arrive and a PC monitor suddenly flashes. A while later, it disappears and a pretty girl comes out of the monitor. According to her, her name is Meira and she comes from his PC mail software. Due to his virus mails, the PC is now unworkable. To get rid of them, he needs to shower his semen to her.... Like this, his semen vaccine life with her and other virus-infected girls starts.... Nukige 53. Sweet Pool sweet pool[スウィート プール] [081219] Nitro+Chiral 1 After yet another long stay in the hospital, Sakiyama Youji hoped that things would finally get back to normal. But shortly after returning to school, his world begins to change — and no one seems to notice. Bizarre symptoms plague his body, and vivid hallucinations of blood and flesh stalk his every waking moment. At the same time, two fellow students — the stoic Tetsuo and the notorious troublemaker Zenya — begin to take an intense and inexplicable interest in him. What are Tetsuo and Zenya after? Are his hallucinations really nothing more? Everyone seems to know more than they’re letting on — but by trying to put the pieces together, Youji may be sowing the seeds of his doom. Boys Love 54. Yubisaki Annainin Shirudaku Settai Okawari Sanhaime ~Inwaku, Seikan Kaihatsu Esute Hen~ 指先案内人 汁だく接待おかわり三杯目 ~淫惑、性感開発エステ編~ [081219] Waffle Nero is still on the run. One day, he rapes a woman. Her name is Erika and she runs a beauty salon. "Oh, I can have sex with a lot of beautiful women if I take advantage of her salon." He pretends to be a beauty salon worker and leads women to the world of sensuality.... Nukige 55. Ane to Imo あねといも [081220] ATS This is a short story about two sisters who are in love with each other. Elder sister cannot refuse the favors that her sadistic younger sister asks her. Younger sister's friends join the party and the situation becomes like an orgy. Doujin Nukige 56. Hop☆Step ホップ☆ステップ [081220] Dear Gourmand Members of drama club work hard every day to prepare for yearly competition. Will performance be a success? Will love be found? Everything depends on choices maid. Doujin Otomege 57. My Sister, My Strength [081221] Z-Projects A fan story for Kana: Little Sister, continuing the game after the Ending 1 ('The First Farewell'). EVN Fandisc 58. Lilith-Izm03 ~If Story Hen~ LILITH-IZM03~IFストーリー編~ [081222] Lilith Soft The theme is "story of WHAT IF"!! Lilith / Pixy has gathered "what if" stories of "Kangoku Senkan (Inescapable Battleship)" and "The Group Sex Club." You can see another development or ending with this collection! The Group Sex Club: Maki and Shiori Edition "What if Maki and Shiori are attacked by the evil desire in the future where the hero is gone?" The Group Sex Club: Tomomi Edition "What if Tomomi, designated as a shrine maiden, could live through the gangbang?" The Group Sex Club: Chiaki Edition "Sister's ending. What if the brother tries to make up with the sister?" The Group Sex Club: Aiko Edition "What if Teacher Aiko, designated as a shrine maiden, visits the school to see a doctor?" Kangoku Senkan "What if Bohgan has finished the perverted brainwashing of Rieri and Naomi, completed the mission and was to marry Rieri?" Nukige 59. eX=psY-Progress [081223] 6COLORS What is happening!? I should have been a boy! But I became a girl! Since that day, his body comes and goes between two genders. A hilarious transsexual comic in school. Doujin Nukige 60. Ikusame Kari Dai 1 Shou ~Toraware Ryoujoku no Tifa & Aerith~ 戦女狩り第1章~囚われ陵辱のティファ&エアリス~ [081223] Kyoubou Joucho Tai Tifa gets captured by enemies during the battle with Shinra. She is shown previously captured Aries humiliation, and then it's Tifa's turn. Doujin Nukige 61. Shijimi Shounen no Shuuitsu na Shi シジミ少年の秀逸な死 [081223] Nightmare Syndrome A classmate killed himself less than two months ago, kicking off an inexplicable chain reaction of suicides that gradually decimates your class, including the teacher. Several days later, the school announces that class of remaining students will be temporarily suspended, kept at home where they might be safer than on campus. “Then today’s the day to die,” Pronounces your childhood friend. In school, on a violently rainy day, in a remote village of past days inching along in its modernization. Doujin 62. Boku to Iu Mono ぼくというモノ [081224] 1010 Main character and Sae are close friends. Today they go to play hide-and-seek in the park. It's a dark story of one day. Doujin 63. EVE [081224] F.I.A's Sanctuary It is the night of Christmas Eve. Edmund is sitting alone on a bench, waiting for the one he made a promise with. EVN 64. Ruina ~Haito no Monogatari~ Ruina ~廃都の物語~ [081224] Dannbouru no Kamisama It's a fantasy world where orthodox religion dominates. Main character finds a mysterious cave entrance near the town and starts exploring the cave. He can fight alone or find allies in its depths. Doujin 65. Watashi no Tonakai わたしのトナカイ [081224] Aya no Kuni Nina is a female Santa Claus, and her dear partner for work is the deer named Kai. With the support of Kai, even while experiencing loneliness after the death of her grandfather, for the sake of scattering the ‘powder of wishes’ on Christmas, Nina spenr her days endeavoring herself into work at the sacred grounds. On a day like that, suddenly, a naked young man appeared before Nina. "I seem to have become a human." Of all things, it was Kai who had gained the appearance of a human. However, since he isn’t able to fly in that form Nina is unable to do her job even though Christmas was already as near as 2 days later. Well then, what should Nina do…? Doujin Otomege 66. Akatsuki no Goei ~Principal-tachi no Kyuujitsu~ 暁の護衛~プリンシパルたちの休日~ [081225] Syangrila 1 2 3 4 This is a fan disc of Akatsuki no Goei, featuring six short stories. The game includes a Reika & Kyouka story, Tsuki story, Aya story, Moe story, Tae story, and an Anzu story focusing on Kaito's past that is unlocked after the previous five are completed. Fandisc 67. Macross F ~Rinkan Kangoku no Riiminsen~ マク○スF~輪姦監獄の離移民船~ [081225] SABER FISH A Macross Frontier fan-fiction nukige! While waiting for Galaxy to be saved from the shock of Bajura a rumor starts to go around about the Galactic Fairy with a SMS member. The main character sees a face of the Galactic Fairy he had never seen and asks her not to change anything for the sake of her fans, but he is rejected. After hearing that, he snaps and sexually assaults her, riding her rough and pushing her body to the limit through hard sex. After knowing the pleasure of having one of the girls, he becomes a slave to his lust and sets his sights on other girls he can abuse. Doujin Nukige 68. SkyFish X'mas Present SkyFish X'mas ぷれぜんと [081225] SkyFish Fandisc presents three layers of content: 1. Talk between characters from SkyFish past works 2. Erotic scene for heroine ranked first in popularity vote 3. New work Primary ~Magical★Trouble★Scramble~ introduction. Fandisc 69. Tentacle Master ~Kyou Yoku no Shihaisha Sebun~ Tentacle Master ~狂欲の支配者セブン~ [081225] Parthenon -Zero- Main character is the tentacle master with the highest level rank 7. He only gets poor requests lately, but finally there is a request to train a princess girl Ellis into a first-class sex slave within a week. Nukige 70. Akai Ito DS 赤い糸DS [081225] Alchemist Based on the hit cell phone novel by Mei. A legend claims that lovers are tied by a red thread that can't be severed or tangled no matter what. Mei is a high school student who longs for the handsome Atsushi, and she believes the red thread of destiny has them connected. However, many obstacles will stand in their way, such as drugs, suicide and abuse. Will Mei and Atsushi live a happy ending? Console Exclusive 71. Boku Dake no Nikuyoku Figure ~Hakudaku no Cosplayer~ ボクだけの肉欲人形 ~白濁のコスプレイヤー~ [081226] Cowper Michitaka is an otaku. He is a member of the Visual Art (VA) Club. One day, a girl talks to him. Her name is Satsuki. It seems she is interested in anime, manga, game, and cosplay. He falls in love with her at first sight and asks her to join the VA Club. She finally joins the club, but he feels jealous with her because she is liked by other club members. When he is down, he receives a mail with a photo. It is a photo of Satsuki having sex.... Michitaka feels betrayed and gets mad. His love towards her gradually goes outrageous and he plans to rape her at an upcoming cosplay event.... Nukige 72. Chijoku Koukyuu ~Kegasareta Ouzoku~ 恥辱皇宮~穢された王族~ [081226] Gracious There is a small country at the edge of the continent called Alcberde. Big countries around it are now at war, but Alcberde is protected by Veldor, a neighboring country, and people in Alcberde live a peaceful life. But one day, Kainz Heiz, the biggest country in the area, invades Veldor all of a sudden and easily occupy the country. Kain, the first prince of Veldor, heads for Alcberde with conspiracy in mind.... Nukige 73. Flash of the Blade [081226] Holocaust Beach Flash of the Blade is set in sixteenth century Florentia, and takes place during the week of Carnival. You will decide the fate of Pietro diBiaggo, a disgraced swordsman who fights to restore the honor of his family name... Who are his allies and who are his foes? Depending on your choices, they may switch sides but you will eventually unravel the intrigue surrounding Pietro, unless you send him to an early grave first. EVN 74. Gakkou Mizugi ~Semen Pool de Oyoidara~ 学・校・水・着~ザーメンプールで泳いだら~ [081226] Valkyria Because of a certain experience, the protagonist has an abnormal attachment to swimsuits. He ends up raping a girl in a swimsuit! He is arrested, but gets released the same day. The reason behind that is a dark syndicate who need his powers... The man becomes a dark sexual trainer, and to fulfill his mission as well as satisfy his lust he rapes, tortures and ejaculates over the girls from a reputable swimming club. He repaints their blue swimsuits white, and they moan feebly as they lie covered in his semen! Women who don't wear school swimsuits are worthless! Will the girls be buried beneath the cocks of the men abusing them? Or will they drown in a pool of semen before that happens? The choice is yours. Nukige 75. Itazura Mahjong 悪戯麻雀 [081226] Interheart Katsuhiko is a white-collar worker and enjoys train molestation every day. One day, when he is on the train, he falls asleep and forgets to get off at his station. "This is the end of the line...." He wakes up and gets off.... There is, however, no wicket. He looks around and finds a gate. When he goes inside, there is a house with a sign "Mahjong Parlor".... As if led by an unknown power, he enters it.... Nukige 76. Palais de Carnaval [081226] Kogado Studio Princess Filia disguises herself to sneak into the festival and has a lot of fun there. From tomorrow boring court life begins again. However, the next morning it's again the day of the festival. The repeating time loop gives a lot of opportunities to get to know all interesting persons and possibly even approach the mystery of phenomenon. Otomege 77. Shinseiki Ijitte Princess Next 3 ~Mazoku Hime Labis Kourin~ 新世紀いじってプリンセスNEXT3~魔族姫ラビス降臨~ [081226] Vitamin Sin and Toto visit Tyron to take part in the cease-fire ceremony. Everything goes well and the war between Tyron and Caseri ends. But Labis, princess of Caseri, falls in love with Sin. Like this, another war between Toto and Labis begins now.... Nukige 78. Shoukan no Emily 娼館のエミリー [081226] Teardrop Four years and two months have passed since the war of humans and demons has begun. It started with a group of sorcerers opening a portal to another world. But humanity acquires foreign technology and moves steadily towards reconquering its land. Behind the scenes prostitutes heal hearts of warriors and extend comforting techniques with the use of new technology allowing to grow a third breast and the like. Main character is a mercenary who opens a door and sees such a prostitute asking for shelter. Nukige 79. Zenra de Enkaigei o Saserareta Tsuma 全裸で宴会芸をさせられた妻 [081226] S Soft A talentless designer named Tanaka is the lead character of this story. He brings his wife along to a party of a company he works with in construction and engineering, but knowing he's a man who can't turn anything work-related down, the men of that company ask that his wife become the party's entertainment. Doujin Nukige 80. Zettai Fukujuu ~Houkago no Boku wa Goshujin-sama~ 絶対服従 ~放課後の僕はご主人様~ [081226] Teardrop Main character is a sociable young man who helps porn writer Hitomi living next door and thus has a lot of free time. This time Hitomi invites him not to do cleaning or shopping, but to broaden horizons of her imagination with the help of an invited girl Suzuka. Suzuka dreams of becoming a protagonist of a porn novel and being trained accordingly. Nukige 81. Zettai Nakadashi Keihou! -Nakadashi Shinaito Jinrui Metsubou!?- ぜったい中出し警報!-中出ししないと人類滅亡!?- [081226] Softhouse-Seal The main character is Shouichi, whose father is a scientist. One day, he visits his father's laboratory and accidentally drinks a liquid. The liquid he drinks is a newly-invented virus. It emits strong poison when touches the air. Also, you'll sexually excited once infected. To cure it, you'll need to mix it with a female's body fluid. Shouichi explains it to his father and a group of specialists is formed to deal with it... On the next day, when he goes to school, Jody, a beautiful girl, is there. Also, Maiko, a transfer student, and Hanna, Jody's younger sister, join them and they start having sex... Actually, they are secret agents. Motoka, his childhood friend, also takes part in it and an exciting battle breaks out...! Nukige 82. Akui no Keshin ~Denshi Umare no Goukan Oni~ 悪意の化身~電子生まれの強姦鬼~ [081227] elle-murakami A strange feeling that has been written onto the world of the internet. As the news is slowly piled up, it begins to take on its own will and becomes a living being with the ability to enter the real world. With countless points of hatred within it, it begins to plan revenge from with in the sea of the internet. It has selected 20 "men enemies": - A female train conductor with a warped sense of feminism - An adulterous wife who has lost her chastity and now prowls for men - An idol singer who makes fun of her fans behind their backs and more.... 20 total characters! You can't forgive these female who use and deceive men as their way or life! Doujin Nukige 83. Biribiri Panic Lolikko Kunoichi Midara Ninpouchou ビリビリパニック ロリっ娘くのいち 淫ら忍法帖 [081227] Shining Star The time is Japan's Edo era - an age where the culture of the towns people flourished. The events of the tragic event of 2 years ago have been forgotten and Sakura and the others sing of "Taihei no yo." However, a new incident is about to unfold... Lee suddenly goes missing! Also Sakura and Momo feel that the magistrate who hid the details of the criminals two years ago has a big plan in action. The two girls fall into the plot and once again the doors of the Edo era are opened to the darkness of sexual assault. Doujin Nukige 84. Magical Change Haruna-chan ~Mahou no Candy wa Tottemo H na Koi no Aji!~ まじかる☆ちぇんじ はるなちゃん ~魔法のキャンディーはとってもHな恋の味!~ [081227] Magical Girl A big breasted young girl, Haruna confessed her love to her tutor. He was her idol. However, the young man's type was a small framed girl. The broken hearted Haruna wondered around the city. A mysterious fortuneteller approached her, and handed her some candies from the beautiful bottle. "Those are magic candies. Your wish will come true, although it is up to you to believe it or not." Still doubtful, but Haruna ate the candies. Then, she turned into a small young girl. She looked exactly like the girl in the heroine in Musashi's favorite Anime! Now, can she be the ideal young girl for the young man with the help from the magic candy? Or is she going to use her great assets (big boobs) to lure him into her? A brother-complex, love-struck and highly sexual Musashi's sister Mizuru also gets into the action. A love and sex story are about to begin. Doujin Nukige 85. The Fucking Question [081227] Mugenjohncel A parody of the demo included in the current build of ren'py. Short, nicely drawn, and extremely offensive. Not for those with tender sensibilities. EVN 86. Twinkle ☆ Crusaders - Miracle Disc ティンクル☆くるせいだーす ミラクルディスク [081227] Lillian 1 Fandisc to Twinkle ☆ Crusaders (Twinkle ☆ Crusaders). The game is a side story staged at an onsen with no relation to the main plot and does not feature any battle scene. Contain a Harem Ending and Amylina Route. Fandisc 87. Onna Kishi Sofia vs Nikuyoku no Orc ~Chijoku no Ishukan Tougijou~ 女騎士ソフィアvs肉欲のオーク~恥辱の異種姦闘技場~ [081227] Squeeze All Sophia battled monsters heroically to save her prince, but underestimates her final enemy: an Orc with a massive special gift. Now the poison of the lovebeast will seep into her pleasured body. Doujin Nukige 88. Geheime Basis [081228] Fusyro Main character lives a normal college student life and goes to part-time job. Depending on his choices during the day he can opt out for romantic relations either with Keiichiro or with Nishikori. Doujin Boys Love 89. Invisible Desire [081228] PROJECT.S Ichimaru becomes a subject of the 12th Division experiment. He visits Hitsugaya room at night to test acquired abilities. Doujin Boys Love 90. Owari Yuki 終雪 [081228] S+COURT The heroine lost her memory when she was a child so she doesn't know anything about her childhood. She was invited to come back to her childhood home by her aunt. Doujin Otomege 91. Prince Panic DX [081228] Leda Main heroine is still in training to become a maid of Alstroemeria Castle. DX version increases number of characters for capture to seven and includes bonus content. Doujin Otomege Fandisc 92. Risei Houkai りせいほうかい [081228] Meiousei Presents Moonburg is destroyed by a sudden attack in one night. On the day of the destruction a feast of humiliation recurs in the castle. Doujin Nukige 93. Sword World 2.0 Ike! Ken no Sekai de Boukensha ソード・ワールド2.0 行け!剣の世界で冒険者 [081228] Ejimaadaa Kenkyuusho Game provides Sword World 2.0 tabletop experience in the form of a game scenario. In episode 1 "Requiem for Battle" main character is unable to buy a map of an unexplored dungeon, so he goes to an already explored by veteran adventurer dungeon in hope to find leftover or concealed treasure. Doujin 94. The Second Reproduction Queen of Darkness 暗黑女王外传 the Second Reproduction [081228] Heterodoxy 1 2 3 Christina was the third princess of Almenan, and born in the era of war against the Demons. Having the status of a “Champion”, Christina had countless battle victories upon her shoulders and was feared by the Demon race. Being the most successful of her three sisters, her mother the queen sent her on a secret mission to assassinate the Demon Lord Gardis in return for his ruthless annihilation of the Kingdom of Crofts. Obeying her mother’s orders for the sake of her kingdom, Christina set out alongside with her most loyal knight Lezette to take the Demon Lord’s head, and to bring peace to the land. But they soon discover the Demon Lord and his people are not as ruthless as they have been told all their life. Doujin Otomege 95. Toki-Hako -Time Capsule- 時函 -Time Capsule- [081228] Ray [rei] A summer vacation day. Main heroine digs up a time capsule buried as a child with two friends. Surprisingly, there is also a fourth person belongings inside the capsule, and none of the three friends have any recollections of that person. They start investigation to find out the shocking truth. Doujin Otomege 96. Yukiwarisou 雪割草 [081228] Tatewaki Muromachi period. Main heroine is a daughter of a small rank samurai. She visits autumn festival at Inari Shrine and meets a mysterious person wearing a fox mask. Next day messenger from the left minister arrives and demands protagonists' departure to Kyoto to become left minister's wife and serve the princess. Family decides to accept the favor. But story only begins to unfold around her. Doujin Otomege 97. Chibi Kagura no Bouken ちび神楽のぼうけん [081228] Pajamas Soft Fandisc is dedicated to Kagura who has the leading role as chibi character in yonkoma episodic story featuring over 50 CG images. Fandisc 98. Prism Ark Minimini Fandisk "Spring Has Come" プリズム・アーク ミニミニファンディスク『すぷりんぐ・はず・かむ!』 [081228] Pajamas Soft A silly after-story with Kagura and Hayaway's sex. Of course the original picture is "Tetsuya Ohno"!! Fandisc 99. Kaidou ni Kisu 灰瞳に機す [081229] Ocha Midori Main character meets a mysterious girl Hiro at a ryokan and gradually becomes friends with her. Every day passes with joy, but eventually it's time to say "goodbye". The time to choose between two paths has come. Doujin 100. Memory Load. メモリーロード。 [081229] Teireikai Game Club Man character wakes up with amnesia. Two girls are around him. Gradually pieces of memories start to collect together. And when truth is revealed, there is an important choice to make. Doujin 101. BrownLover~Kasshoku no Koibito~ BrownLover~褐色の恋人~ [081229] sec44 BrownLover Girl with brown skin is trapped in a small room. She is going to experience lots a lots of love from her oppressor this day. Doujin Nukige 102. Gakkou de Atta Koii Hanashi 学校であった恋い話 [081229] Nanakorobi Hachikorogari A parody of the Apathy series that combines the saga's traditional horror and murder with romance elements. Doujin 103. Adazakura 徒咲昏 -アダザクラ― [081229] NonLinear Spring. That meeting season. Well, the season of promise. "I'll wait here always." Promises to be fulfilled. Our friends were reunited. Then a bizarre murder occurred. Doujin 104. Ane x Osa あね×おさ [081229] Schwarz Lanzenreiter Because of an accident a year ago, the main character Yuuki developed a mistrust of women. Fortunately, it was actually a misunderstanding that was cleared up by Sakuya, so that Yuuki could get together with his childhood friend Eri. But as a price for her help, Yuuki was forced to have sex with Sakuya. Ever since then, while trying to be Eri's lover, he's also been forced to continue his relationship with Sakuya... Doujin Nukige 105. Catastrophe [081229] Hyperiyon Main character finds himself without memory in an inorganic enclose d room with unstable furniture and no door. There is a girl nearby who says "Glad to meet you". What's going on? Is there a way out of this 20 cubic meters space? Doujin 106. Doki Doki☆Halloween Night! ドキドキ☆Halloween Night! [081229] Kisekiya That is the dream of sweet love that a Halloween night shows you... You, whom became the newest member of the Millefiore Famiglia. Your days have been busy, yet fulfilling, when spent with your wonderful comrades. On the night of Halloween, an informal party is held where the "White Spell" members and the "Black Spell" members gather. Maybe this is just your chance to get closer to the gentleman you've had your eye on... Doujin Otomege 107. Eien no SO no Moto ni 永遠のSOの下に [081229] NonLinear A mock dating sim game. Doujin 108. En☆Sama ~Koi no Endless Summer~ エン☆サマ~恋のエンドレスサマー~ [081229] O.M.D Tajima x Hanai fanfic. Boys Love Doujin 109. Hitozuma Senshi Feria 人妻戦士フェリア [081229] Will Tame Planet "Glassques" is in war with space life form "Rays" for many years. But Rays aim to conquer the Earth this time, so female warrior Feria from Glassques flies to help defend the Earth. On the scheduled day Rays don't show up focusing on Glassques instead. Feria can not return home, so she starts living a normal life, falls in love and even gives birth do a daughter. And then the signal of new threat arrives again after so many years. Mother and daughter need to fight or be tortured to death by Ray beasts. Doujin Nukige 110. Inugamizukai to Shounen 犬神使いと少年 [081229] Katsudou Mangaya So many sakura petals fly during the opening ceremony. Main character meets a mysterious boy under sakura tree and then experiences a visage of a hanged girl. Is it illusion, dream or some kind of reality? Doujin 111. Junketsu no Sophia ~Yami no Seieki o Seijun Naru Elf no Chitsu Ana ni~ 純潔のソフィア ~闇の精液を清純なるエルフの膣穴に~ [081229] Parthenon An evil shade gradually invades peaceful country. Demons and their king are awaken from the seal that was casted upon them 1000 years ago. Sophia, a child of elf, together with Tanya decided to form a group with humans to fight with this invasion. An evil king Galdo (a main character controlled by yourself) tries to make every human under his control by taking Sophia's body with evil pleasure. Doujin Nukige 112. Maiden Panic! [081229] Vallel Maiden Panic! is a yuri VN where the player takes control of Hinoka, the student council president of an all-girls school. She and her classmates will live some hilarious situations while taking care of the school. Girls Love Doujin 113. Otona wa Mou Neru Jikan 大人はもう寝る時間 [081229] X-BangBang Four people have been playing together since small age. But Mari starts going to school, so group can't get together. But they gather together to observe a meteor shower and decide to gather every night waiting for new mystery. The story of four curious children begins now. Doujin Nukige 114. Shojokan Hatsutaiken o Ryoujoku Sareta Otome-tachi 処女姦 初体験を陵辱された乙女たち [081229] MorningStar In Tokyo disease "XUM" with no cure starts to spread rapidly. Main character decides that he is infected. Internet rumors say that "XUM" is actually a curse that is lifted upon violating three virgin girls. Protagonist finds three virgin girls, but continues to violate them even after their virginity loss, just in case. Nukige 115. Songs of Araiah [081229] Team BG Jason runs away from his home in search of an elusive mansion beyond the forest at the base of a mountain. He seeks its sole resident, a lady believed able to grant any wish. However, she isn't one to deal out favors for free. Is Jason willing to pay the price, even if it's eternal servitude? And what secrets and histories does the mysterious lady possess? EVN 116. Tenkuu no Hanayome Erabi 天空の花嫁選び [081229] Inspire Main character is invited to millionaire house and suggested to choose a wife from the three beautiful girls living in this place. There is so little time to prepare for the most important decision of his life. Doujin Nukige 117. This Will Never End [081229] Soft Circle Courreges Aya is drowned in lust, so she does not even come out anymore. Mikage spends day in the mansion masturbating like crazy. The two girls are alienated by this world due to peculiarity in their bodies. Ejaculation becomes the main aim of their lives. Doujin Nukige 118. Totsugeki! Ningen Sensha Alter とつげき!人間戦車 ALTeR [081229] Yakiniku Banzai! 1 Human Tanks - ALTeR is the second installment of the War of the Human Tanks series, and sequel to War of the Human Tanks. This time you assume command of the enemy of the first game, the Royal Army, and fight back for all you hold dear! War of the Human Tanks is a story driven strategy game with a gameplay reminiscent of Battleship and Chess, featuring a story of war, loyalty, sacrifice and human shaped tanks. Following the events of the first War of the Human Tanks, the land of Japon is in chaos, with the embers of the war between the Kingdom of Japon and the Empire of Japon still burning bright, as new factions emerge onto the battlefield. Assume control of Alter Matsuyukishiro and lead the Matsuyukishiro Company of the Royal Army on a mission to eliminate a traitor to the Kingdom. But not all is as it seems in this war. When the guns fall silent, is tragedy all that awaits? Doujin 119. Tousei Nikki Winter 桐青日記winter [081229] RE: A collection of short stories dealing with baseball practice, Valentine day, New year's Eve etc told from the viewpoint of four characters from Big Windup! Doujin 120. Zodiac -Kouhen- ZODIAC-後編- [081229] ACT-ZERO This year spring Erimo Kiyoshi and his family moved to the Mi-jo Island School life without any problems , mediocre life that friends are in its own way But since he came to the Island, he often see a daydream Suddenly you will not have anyone in town and school, the only thing there is......You While it is not now what it is, but Kiyoshi spend every day without stopping to care. Early summer one day, Kiyoshi meets a girl a silver-haired red eye called " Minamitsume spiral " . Also in the real world and even in the world of dreams . From that day, surrounding from Kiyoshi transformed Doujin 121. Asappara kara Hatsujou Kazoku 朝っぱらから発情家族 [081230] Sol-fa-soft Takumi was taken over to the Takamuras' home due to some circumstances. On the first morning, Touko and her twin daughters suddenly start seducing him. Doujin Nukige 122. Critical Bad End [081230] Yuukyuu Shinden The town is destroyed by the invasion of Despire and people are in an abyss of despair. There is a last hope; Angels, who fight against the force. But Angels lose one by one and are violated. What awaits them is a bad end without recovery. CG image collection with short stories featuring Magical Angel Misuki. Doujin Nukige 123. Hitozuma no Himitsu Aya no Jouji 人妻の秘蜜 アヤの情事 [081230] Tange Kentou Kurabu Aya is beloved and kind wife. Main character finds a link to the AV video with a woman looking exactly like Aya. But it can't be his deaf wife. Still, an investigation is needed. Doujin Nukige 124. Idol Yukiho no Wan-chan Panic! アイドル雪歩のワンちゃんパニック! [081230] Fluorite Idol Yukiho runs away from a dog and gets abducted by a UFO. Moreover, she is merged with the dog during teleportation. She gets cute dog ears, but also beast estrus. Main character is her producer who needs to promote her as idol with dog ears and also deal with her intimate problem. Doujin Nukige 125. Imouto Pet ~Premo~ 妹ペット~premo~ [081230] Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou Your father left his family when you were young, just after your three younger sisters were born. Able to take care of yourself your mother left you alone while she cared for your younger sisters. Now your mother has died leaving your estranged father the only person who can take care of your sisters but he's overwhelmed with work so he asks you to take care of them instead. The park, the playground, the elementary school. You search for places around town where you can 'play' with your sisters who love you so much. Because what better way to reconnect with your loving little sister than through sex! Doujin Nukige 126. Niizuma wa Tifa に~づまHAティファ [081230] Fan-na A doujin game featuring Tifa Lockheart from Final Fantasy VII. The protagonist fell in love with Tifa in the popular game. When he was about to finish the game for the 100th time, the display started to glow and Tifa came out from it! She had lost all her memory. And so he said: "I'm Cloud, and you are my wife!" A bittersweet and hardcore newly-wedded life with the protagonist and Tifa started! Doujin Nukige 127. Pudding Pudding Shake プリンプリンしぇーく [081230] PHASE Once upon a time, in a certain kingdom, there were two very beautiful princesses. Rent is a servant to these two. He tries to do his best to pay his debt, but the job is very hard. Because these princesses are.. naughty more than a bit. Doujin Nukige 128. Senjou no SOS 戦場のSOS [081230] Nijigen no Fuefuki S.O.S brigade members take part in the battlefield and control tanks, assault soldiers and anti-tank units. If they are defeated, humiliation awaits them from enemy forces. Doujin 129. Shiro Ren Actress Again 白濁レン Actress Again [081230] PERCEPTRON Ren's days in captivity are not over yet. Second part of Ren humiliation adventure. Doujin Nukige 130. Studio e.go! Ryoujoku Kaisou Shuu スタエゴ陵辱回想集 [081230] Sheemaya Fan created additional violation scenes for Natsu Kagura. Doujin Nukige 131. Aradono Ecchi na Kami Shibai あらどのえっちなかみしばい [081230] Katsuma Gokurakudou Dungeon Fighter Online world. Main character meets a girl there and starts dating her. Doujin Nukige 132. Watashi ni Saku Hana o Mite Kare wa Waratta [Seishin≠Genjitsu] 私に咲く華を見て彼は笑った 【精神≠現実】 [081231] NeOres What's the "Truth"? Is there anything absolute in this world? If you're tired of abstract answers, welcome to this world of thought, reality and science. This is a philosophical story with horror elements told from one boy's and one girl's perspective during later half of Showa period. Doujin 133. Hitozuma Onna Kyoushi Seiyoku no Kyoushitsu 2 人妻女教師 性欲の教室2 [081231] Mocking Soft This is an adventure game where the hero sexually dominates his milf teachers. A great item for those who are into wives and married women, senseis, mamas, mature women, big asses, and big breasts! Enjoy two characters: serious and gentle teacher, Misuzu and the strict public health teacher, Aya. Doujin Nukige 134. Kyuuketsuki Quiz de Nogarero Ryouri! きゅうけつクイズで逃れろ料理! [081231] Tabun Osoraku Kitto A quiz game on Tabun Osoraku Kitto's games. It stars Ai-chan from Kyuuketsuki no Yomichi and Sayuri from the Ryouri series. Doujin 135. Okatai Ojou-sama Kyoushi wa Kyonyuu Tsuma ~Fuufu no Akashi ni Anata no Seishi de Haramasenasai~ お堅いお嬢さま教師は巨乳妻~夫婦の証にあなたの精子で孕ませなさいっ~ [081231] Norn A student named Kyosuke has been dating a teacher named Miss Marina, whom everyone calls 'the tight-ass princess.' One day her parents inform her that if she doesn't marry someone she won't inherit her parent's home and fortune. They even said they would disown her! Kyosuke proposes and encourages her to marry him right away. She is moved by his proposal and becomes his wife, and he starts to ask her to have his child. This is just the beginning of her days of indulging in hot and sticky baby making Nukige 136. Shoujo Kanyuu 少女姦遊 [081231] Kagura Dou On a holiday, when I was walking around to shake off sleepiness I found a girl masturbating in the grass. And my reaction was... This is the circle's 5th digital novel. A lot of naughty thing including training, violating, gangbanging the pretty girl. Please watch the girl becoming more and more sexy. Doujin Nukige 137. Suzumiya Haruhi no Sounan 涼宮ハルヒの遭難 [0812] Kasugachou One day Haruhi with friends go out to the sea for fishing. But no fish is caught on the shore, so Haruhi rents a boat. Weather changes, and boat drifts to an isolated island where strange things happen. Doujin 138. 180 Degrees [0812] Pixæl Works You play as a college student, going to visit his long-distance female friend after five years since meeting each other. However, things don't seem to go well with the two of you... EVN 139. Dating Sim [0812] Pixæl Works You play as a guy who is conflicted between fantasy and reality, and tries to get a girlfriend. There are three girls and three endings. Who will you end up with? EVN 140. Koro v Love ~xshitai Hodo Aishiteru~ ころvらぶ~×シタイホドアイシテル~ [0812] Gemini Works Main heroine is a death applicant. She wishes to get killed by a person she loves. Six types of endings are prepared. Doujin 141. Mousou Kyoushitsu 妄想教室 [0812] RAPESEED Main character is an ordinary student. Boring days keep flying by. One day after school a child who claims to be a teacher offers to give a lesson. The topic of the lesson is "death". Doujin 142. Oku-sama Uchuu おくさま宇宙 [0812] Haraiso Marionettes The protagonist works at a liquor store, delivering booze to the customers. He is attracted to alcohol. On the address of delivery, he meets three beautiful women. It is the first act in a grand love attack by the beauties. Doujin 143. Seijo ni Akaki Kuchizuke o 聖女に紅き口付けを [08] Think-a ltd. Seira was confessed to by Keisuke, her childhood friend, On the way back home, Seira saw Keisuke with a beautiful young man, and is seized by a strange deja vu. That night, she went to the park again due to an invite, and again met a young man. The young man kissed Seira on the neck, and she felt a curious feeling of euphoria… The next day, Seira could no longer be out in the sun. Seira closed the curtains, and could not leave the house. Father Kamishima told her she was being targeted by a vampire… Otomege
  23. Foreword: FlyingShine was never a good brand, it only flew and shined with invited writer stars like Tanaka Romeo, Setoguchi Ren'ya and Takemiya Yuyuko. But its works always try to seem more mysterious than they are. Kokorono is just like that - a game that I can't see through from the start, so yet another time I try even though nothing good can come from it. Synopsis: Just before summer holiday, Ryouta lives an uneventful life. Uneventful days, uneventful life, and uneventful surroundings... However, he still doesn't know he creates a delicate balance.... He still doesn't know what other people think... When Ryouta behaves differently, his uneventful life will end... Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv9rY9puxqH_u7FByl4ecrie Game type: Distorted yanderege Character Design rating: 6/10 Protagonist rating: 5/10 Story rating: 5/10 Game quality: 5/10 Overall rating: 5/10 Really low scores. But you should mind that I was not even sure about this game genre. It turned out to be a mix of yandere and utsuge, two genres that I detest. If you fancy such games and come with this idea in mind, it might even be a masterpice. But I'd like to say that I absolutely don't understand the meaning of yandere games. They look like side-genre from NTR as general idea that girls loves main character, then another girl shows up, and out of envy some bad deeds are done. But 2008 is the very beginning of yandere genre, at least outside of nukige niche, and Kokorono is a distorted yandere as there is no rival and no jealousy. So let's speak about concept. Main character basically lives with two childhood friends - Yuma and Makoto - who spend most of their time in his apartment. These friends also become main heroines of the game. There are also three side heroines that we meet at school and outdoors. Even after meeting these women, we still spend most of time with childhood friends. These side heroines have distinctive personality features and traumas that become basis for their corresponding routes. And these routes feel absolutely like normal galge, just with slightly strange girls. But what makes the essence of this game is main heroine Yuma and bad endings. As for the second, every story moves in a similar flow as main character meets a slightly crazy girl who moves towards destruction downhill. If we encourage her behavior, we inevitably see some bad ending. If we ignore the girl at some point, we get an empty neutral ending. And only if we balance attention with forbearance we can get to a good ending. It resembles training a pet, to be honest. And those bad endings can be both humiliating and bloody. But the second pillar of the game is Yuma. She is basically the only true yandere heroine, but she fills all the space around her, so she is very important for game concept and attractiveness. Basically, you can't like this game if you don't like Yuma. And this girl is nuts. Main character does not consider her a lover material, and just this makes her increasingly unstable. She is also the heroine who puts on her crazy face all the time even in everyday scenes. After that you can't really look calmly at her innocent face. Suffice to say that her story is the darkest one. And after clearing four heroines Makoto route opens up. He is actually a male, but for true route he magically turns into a girl, it's this stupid move. He is the lighter variant of Yuma with a transvestite twist, and considered the magical transformation he's introduced just to add more weirdness to the concept and leave at least something memorable (his bad male ending is more memorable, though). As for the downsides, for a game with score of 5/10 I can name many. CG are horrible. Characters are not attractive enough (except for Shizuko-sensei, she is the bomb). There's too much darkness and depression on a large scale. Content is subtle. Madness is better shown in Bifronte. Writing is mediocre. Protagonist is useless. There's no real mystery or story. What is to like here at all (except for Shizuko-sensei, naturally)? That was easy. But I'll try to name something good as well. Shizuko-sensei. She is sexy, but her personality is also great and positive. She is mature, and she does not mind sex education session if homework is done well. Can't stand Yuuko as she is a cheater. Miki is kind of antisocial tsundere with some serious brain damage, so not really cool. Character design is not bad... at least for the time heroines wear normal faces. Crazy faces look like ahegao to me, and ahegao is the absolute worst thing for me. Personal trauma stories are rather good. Yuma has some seriously twisted personality which draws most of emotions, and most yandere fans usually like her. As for me, I can't see the point of this game. It brings zero satisfaction and only negative emotions. Shizuko-sensei does not make reading worth it, but other heroines just suck, so it's a single heroine gallery.
  24. With gameplay pieces taken aside, there's nothing else to call a VN of the Month but Shikkoku no Sharnoth -What a Beautiful Tomorrow- . Still don't consider it a masterpiece, though. I'm taking Kokorono for review because... don't know why, really. At the very least it poses some mystery for me. Does not look like micchi had a favorite this month either. 1. Zero no Tsukaima -Maigo no Period to Ikusen no Symphony- ゼロの使い魔 迷子の終止符と幾千の交響曲 [081106] Marvelous Interactive Louise and her friends are taken to a big library. It seems some ghosts often appear these days and they are asked to examine it. However, while they do examination, Louise suddenly disappears. She comes back a while later, but she becomes just a shy girl without heart.... They need to go into books and collect fragments of her broken heart, according to the caretaker. Like this, they decide to enter the book world.... Anime Spin-Off 2. BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger ブレイブルーカラミティトリガー [081119] Arc System Works 1 2 3 4 Prior to the events of BlazBlue, humanity was on the verge of extinction from the "Black Beast", a creature of Darkness. The world was saved by six heroes who wielded magic. They helped humanity create "Ars Magus", a fusion of magic and technology, to defeat the Beast. After the war, the Novus Orbis Librarium (the Library or NOL for short) was created to govern the world with the use of Ars Magus. A great deal of dissent was caused by the Library, partly due to Ars Magus' use in nearly every facet of society, and the widening socioeconomic gap between those who could and couldn't use Ars Magus. This dissent would eventually form years later into The Ikaruga Civil War, when the Ikaruga Union openly rebelled against the Library. After the war, the Library imposed a harsher rule on the world, punishing any rebellion against the Library with the death penalty. In December A.D. 2199, several years after the Ikaruga Civil War, a branch of the Library was utterly destroyed by an SS-class rebel named "Ragna the Bloodedge" also known as the "Grim Reaper", in an attempt to destroy the entire Library. The Novus Orbis Librarium, hoping to stop him, immediately announced the largest bounty ever, available to anyone who could capture him. Interestingly, Ragna possesses a powerful form of Ars Magus known as the "Azure Grimoire" (Grimoire of the Blue in Japan), also known as the BlazBlue. This led the Librarium, as well as the Ikaruga Union and other fighters, to hunt Ragna not just for his bounty, but also his grimoire. Game is localized and has English reviews. Fighting. 3. Sengoku Hime ~Senran no Yo ni Honoo Tatsu~ 戦極姫~戦乱の世に焔立つ~ [081120] Gesen 18 1 After a big war, various feudal lords gain power. Hojo, Uesugi, Imagawa, Mouri, Otomo, Oda, Shimazu, Satake, Date, Takeda and so on.... They fight each other and sometimes ally with others to expand territory for one and only goal.... Every feudal lord's ultimate goal is to conquer and unite the country.... TBS 4. Colorfull!! カラフル!!~colorfull!!~ [081121] Klein The main character has come back to his hometown after an interval of several years and he is excited about a new life. One day, he visits a hill by the sea and meets a girl there... Game has a normal rather long route of over 10 hours, but what absolutely shocks here is that individual routes are like 10 minutes long... And you know what's the feature of this game - it's undressing system. You can choose in what order to undress the girl, so all game budget went to rewriting same CG with different garments over and over, it seems. There's no even moe element here. Just a kusoge. 5. Shikkoku no Sharnoth -What a Beautiful Tomorrow- 漆黒のシャルノス -What a beautiful tomorrow- [081121] Liar-soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 The year is 1905 in the capital of the British Empire, the Engine City London, where the air is so thick with smoke that a mere glimpse of the blue sky is considered a miracle. The protagonist, Mary Clarissa Christie, is a girl living by herself while her mother works abroad. She attends university with her friends, Angelica Derleth and Charlotte Bronte, and lives a peaceful life. However, through a chance encounter, she finds herself drawn into another side of London- spoken of only as rumors of "Metacreatures" who roam the night and attack people. She forms a contract with a strange man in a black suit, known as 'M', and begins to help him hunt these creatures... Game is localized and has English reviews. 6. Chaste ☆ Chase! ちぇいすと☆ちぇいすっ! [081128] Fountainhead Yuu just lives a boring life. But one day, he meets a girl on his way home from school. "Don't you know me? I'm the Land God of this area." She possesses Mana, his childhood friend, and tells him, "I want you to catch my followers. They went downtown to take part in a festival. Of course, I'll give you a reward!" However, he is totally confused because he doesn't even know their faces. Therefore, she gives him power. Well, will he be able to catch all of them? Also, what will he get from the God as a reward? Despite Land God heroine, story is nothing special. Basically, it's a moege with a distinctive tilt into H as some fetishes like bloomers, beast ears and some more hardcore ones are exploited. 7. Idol ☆ Revolution あいれぼ~IDOL☆REVOLUTION~ [081128] Siesta Yuji works for a talent agency. One day, he takes in charge of a new project called the "Idol Revolution". His mission is to train five rookie idols, Misaki, Sayaka, Kana, Momoka, and Ayano. Surrounded by five unique idols, he works hard every day. As he himself grows up as a project leader, the idols gradually fall in love with him.... Work is indeed as simple as it presents itself in synopsis. Idols will attract some minor audience, anyway. 8. Kokorono ココロノ [081128] FlyingShine Black Just before summer holiday, Ryouta lives an uneventful life. Uneventful days, uneventful life, and uneventful surroundings... However, he still doesn't know he creates a delicate balance.... He still doesn't know what other people think... When Ryouta behaves differently, his uneventful life will end... Not really sure what to expect, but reviewing this game as my farewell to FlyingShine. 9. Otome Smile オトメスマイル [081128] Atu Works Kamiya Yuuki came back to his hometown after being away for five years. There he is reunited with his childhood friend, Hinano. Since he is still a student, he transfer to a school in the locality for convenience. Sharp glares, hateful attitudes, others fear... all of this are what welcomed him on his first day as a transfer student. Apparently, the school he enrolled is an all-girl school. Ye-ye, boys are constantly invited to study at all-girls schools by accident, we know that already from so many games. It's a reasonably good romantic comedy work, but I'd not expect a breakthrough. Three of five heroines are tsundere, so protagonist is forced into a weakling state. A mediocre work only for those who like such setting or heroines. 10. Sakaagari Hurricane - Let's Pile Up Our School!! さかあがりハリケーン [081128] Giga Takumi transfers to a new high school where Yukari, his old friend, goes. He visits the school for preview and meets a girl there. On the next day, when he goes to school, there is that girl in his class. He is appointed class president and ordered to take care of an opinion box. One day, a piece of paper is put in the box and it stimulates his curiosity. From that day, his boring school life gradually changes... In this plain setting we do what we always do in all school games - prepare for school festival and overcome sudden difficulties on our way. Charage from Giga is almost a guaranteed kusomoege. 11. Sin Kurotoki Iro no Shoujo SIN 黒朱鷺色の少女 [081128] Studio Mebius One day, Kou meets a demon king... which is a fatal encounter for him. Who can expect a demon king comes to your room? "I'm Cruel. You don't need to know who I am. You'll die soon." Kou can't understand what's going on.... Cruel's magic power devides into two and one goes to her and the other enters Kou's body. "You're now my follower!" On the next day, Cruel suddenly transfers to his class and his new life begins... Story is super boring despite introducing fantasy elements. Heroines are unattractive. 75% of the game is taken by long same-looking battles as we try to counter some powerful enemy. Battles are redundant, but without them game is super short. Protagonist is useless. 12. Toushin Toshi 3 闘神都市III [081128] Alice Soft 1 Toushin Tournament -- an annual event held in the Toushin Toushi. All contestants are required to register with a beautiful female partner, and the winner of each battle gains the privilege of doing anything they want with the loser's partner (except harming them). The final winner of the tournament earns the title of Toushin, and gets to live freely in the Toushin District of the city with his partner. Five years ago, Nakuto's father participated in the Toushin Tournament, saying he'll be back when he wins. That was the last Nakuto ever heard of him. Now, having grown up and hoping to discover the fate of his father, Nakuto sets out to enter the tournament his father disappeared in. RPG 13. Zettai Joshi Ryouiki! 絶対女子寮域! [081128] Highsox Ren lost his foster father.... What he has now is his house full of good memories of life with him. However, he needs to pay inheritance tax to succeed it. To get over this difficult situation, he finally joins a girls' high school that is run by his deceased foster father's close friend after twists and turns.... He is excited to join the school, but what awaits him is female chauvinism school life. He now has one and only hope.... "I just wanna live peacefully...." As usual, protagonist joins a girls school. So sick of these cliche settings. And of course we dress as a girl, so more trap stupidities to face. Usual silly comedy piece with humor focused on sex. BLOCKED 1. Higan Shinjuu Fractal 悲願心中フラクタル [081103] Pancake The beginning of Taisho era. The Kashima family mansion burns down with owner, wife and six servants inside. Hard evidence on criminal is not found. Three years later interviewer girl takes this case personally and starts investigation with new energy. Doujin 2. You Are My Home ユア・マイホーム [081103] Utsukiyo Lockon, Allelujah, and Thielia live in the same orphanage while maintaining delicate relationship. Suddenly a ruthless runaway boy Setsuna joins their company. New story of four people life begins here. Part-time work, house chores, and love, of course, await them! Doujin Boys Love 3. Shugo Chara! Amu no Niji-iro Chara Change しゅごキャラ! あむのにじいろキャラチェンジ [081106] Konami It's a raising sim where Amu must develop her relationship with any of the available characters (the Guardians, Ikuto, Utau, Nikaidou and Nagehiko) during three months, with the target of bringing a partner to the "Best Friends Festival". Console Exclusive 4. Houkago no Manager Hakudaku Rinkan no Ground ni Chitta Shojo Ikenie Saotome Chizuru 放課後のマネージャー 白濁輪姦のグランドに散った処女生贄 早乙女ちずる [081107] MorningStar Manager of student baseball team gets raped at night. A few days later rapist who is also a pro baseball player comes to volunteer to the team with manager's body as condition. Girl decides to become a sacrifice, but hell is only starting for her. Nukige 5. Inchuu Reiki Erenowa 淫蟲隷姫エレノワ [081107] Goku-Fero Erenowa is a beautiful princess and is liked by every citizen. She is now on vacation just before her marriage. However, Victor, a prince of Grimoire, secretly plans to sexually train her using a parasite... Nukige 6. Karen Naru Daraku 可憐なる堕落 [081107] Akiyama Production The Chinese Federation have captured Karen, and interrogate her to find out the secrets about Zero and the Knights. However she stubbornly refuses to talk, and the Federation subjects her to gruesome torture. Doujin Nukige 7. Megami Myuriel wa Kyonyuu na Osanazuma ~Oiya de nakereba Anata no Aka-chan Umasete Kudasai~ 女神ミュリエルは巨乳な幼妻~お嫌でなければ貴方の赤ちゃん産ませてください~ [081107] Norn 1 Kazuto failed to enter university and now does nothing. One day, he climbs up a mountain nearby to enjoy astronomy observation for a bit of relaxation and sees a meteor falls down. He goes to the site and finds three girls there. It seems they don't notice him and he eavesdrops that they are goddesses. They soon find him and get panicked because they'll be confined forever if someone else knows their identity. He decides to hide them at his house for a while, but an angel comes to his house and blames him for knowing their existence. He hears that there is an exception a goddess can tell her identity to her boyfriend and he tells the angel he loves each of them. However, the angel never trusts him and tells him to make baby as a proof. Like this, Kazuto starts living with them.... Nukige 8. Norukasoruka ~Tanpenshuu~ ノルカソルカ ~短編集~ [081107] Kyoushuu Hanaya 1 A collection of short stories for the game Norukasoruka. It includes a prequel centered in Shiawa and Tengu, origin stories for the Yokai, and an epilogue of sorts. Doujin 9. Yuukuri Panic Lolipara! ゆーくりパニック ろりぱら! [081107] Shining Star The protagonist from Lolipara continues to watch as his younger brother Hiro and his friend Susumu have sex with their girlfriends Ayumi and Reika. Doujin Nukige 10. To LOVE re! ~Rakuin Abduction~ To LOVEれ! ~烙淫アブダクション~ [081108] Team-Tanabe Princess Lal* is madly in love with Ri*o, who is her unwilling fiance. But Haru*a Sai*nji is harboring a secret love for Ri*o as well, though she has hidden it deep inside of her. Can you capture both of their hearts? Doujin Nukige 11. Kemonomichi -San- けもの道-参- [081108] Rascou Magic warriors arrive at the village where they agreed to a request for monster extermination. But there they find another hardship.. Doujin Nukige 12. Seieki Tairyou Chuunyuu! ~Ore no Kodane wa Biyaku Iri~ 精液大量注入! ~オレの子種は媚薬入り~ [081112] Dieselmine The day after the protagonist was bullied by a dominant classmate, he finds that suddenly his testicles and penis have grown to enormous proportions! He rushes to the the infirmary, where he is told they will need a sample of semen. However, he ends up ejaculating an unbelievable amount. When the nurse sees this, she tells him: "Why don't you take revenge on the girls who bullied you with your new toy?" Doujin Nukige 13. Ikamono Tantei -Ikatan- いかもの探偵 -IKATAN- [081113] CyberFront In this comical mystery adventure, the protagonist will have to interrogate and crossdress to find the truth behind several "squid cases". Console Exclusive 14. Imouto いもうと [081114] IRON PRIEST One day, the main character, Ryota, made a bet with the fellow band member, Hideto. The bet was about who would lose the virginity faster. Yes, it was a very silly contest. Six months later, the step sister Ririka returned to Japan from America. Ryota could not conceal the excitement and the confusion about how much she had grown up. Well, now it looks like Ryota is going to have some unbelievable school summer vacation in his last year in high school. Doujin Nukige 15. Konna Suteki na Megaphone de Kawaii Ano Ko o Mechakucha ni!! こんなステキなメガホンでかわいいあの子をメチャクチャに!! [081114] Harinezumi Koubou One day, Minoru's grandfather gives him a megaphone that can make one's desires come true. His grandfather cautions him to never ever use it for dirty things, but Minoru promptly does exactly that. His target is Akari, the prettiest girl in his class. He uses the megaphone's power to unleash his boundless lust on Akari! Minoru thoroughly assaults every part of Akari's immature body, and she writhes in pleasure! Her cute, pink voice resounds as she moans in ecstasy! Saliva drips out of her mouth as she reaches her obscene climax! Doujin Nukige 16. D.C. II C.C. ~Da Capo II Character Collection~ Otome Sensei no Dokidoki Tokubetsu Jugyou D.C.II Character Collection ~ダ・カーポII~ キャラクターコレクション 音姫先生のどきどき特別授業 [081114] Circus Extra stories to D.C. II ~Da Capo II~ Spring Celebration - about Otome as teacher and about Tsukishima bathroom. Fandisc 17. Jikan Fuusa 時間封鎖 [081114] ALL-TiME Shouta lives a boring life. He has no hobbies nor specialties. However, his life gradually changes.... His parents get divorced and he starts living at his neighbor's house. There lives Hana, his classmate, and Rinko, Hana's older sister. He also becomes friends with a pretty girl at school. One day, he hears a voice saying, "I'll give you a power...." and time stops.... Everything is stopped except for him. He doesn't know what's happened, but everything starts moving several minutes later. "Well, I can stop anything I want...?" Nukige 18. Kangoku S ~10 Days~ 監獄S ~10DAYS~ [081114] Gyuunyuu Soft The main character is arrested after trying to sneak up on a girl and take dirty pictures of her. He is detained for 10 days, but the prison he was taken to turned out to be under the control of two females that appear to be female officers!! Doujin Nukige 19. Kanjuku Jokyoushi ~ Nikuyoku ni Nureru Wana 姦熟女教師~肉欲に濡れる罠 [081114] Kuro Hina Takaya is a practice teacher. There is Yumiko, his ex-classroom teacher, at his school. He used to love her when he was a student. Of course, he still loves her.... Yumiko's daughter, Akane, is also a student of the same school and she is popular among male students. One day, Akane suddenly tells him, "I really love you. Do whatever you want to me...." Nukige 20. Kimi no Iru Musou 君の居る夢想 [081115] Sakaji Mono Setsu gets involved with a bad company at class. When he starts an argument with the only childhood friend, the worst personality traits come to surface. Then a long-haired man appears and criticizes Setsu's point of view. And it helps to escape from reality. Doujin Boys Love 21. Beach-ku Volley ~Massive to Miniskirt to Sperma~ ビーチ区バレー ~マッシブとミニスカとスペルマ~ [081116] Bonnou Honpo Under the sun, the couple plays among the waves on the beach. The healthy tanned girl overflowing with beauty is Hinako and her boyfriend is Kaname. These two lovebirds are brimming with youthful charm and are the envy of many on the beach! In Bonno Honpo's 4th Product, this boyish girl and her young looking boyfriend, and a busty secretary fall pray to the lecherous old man. Enjoy the corruption of this poor sporty girls mind and body! Doujin Nukige 22. Nora! [081116] Studio Beast Main character lives all alone in a 6 tatami room in gloom doing nothing but playing games and surfing internet. No real friends and love exist in his life. On one such day he plans to play online games all day long when a UFO crashes into his apartment. And this encounter changes greatly the depressed owner. Doujin 23. The Case of the Missing Bracelet [081117] Marcelo Orlando The main character is Ichigo Naro, upon arriving at school one morning Nanako (a friend) comes to him with a problem, she has lost her favorite bracelet and she believes it was stolen. Now it is up to him to find out who stole it, if in fact it was stolen at all. The story is pretty simple and the puzzle or mystery may be easy or difficult depending on your deductive ability. EVN 24. Inkou Gakusei 淫行学生 [081118] Studio-Sakura Main character goes to boring school. One day he stays after classes to try and solve the problem descried in print-outs. But class watchdog girl Miko who has excellent grades stays with him at the classroom this day. Why is she interested in an ordinary lazy guy like him? Doujin Nukige 25. Taisen Gakuen Touhakuden 大戦学演 董白伝 [081120] Cheris Soft Guo Jia leaves sister and hometown to join the army and become a warlord. He falls in love with a noble girl from enemy ranks, and story rivaling that of Romeo and Juliet develops on multiple battlefields of the Three Kingdoms period of China history. Doujin 26. Rinjin -Neighbor- 隣人 -Neighbor- [081121] Rosalia 1 Sometimes, in life, there are places where the rules of reality just don't apply. Sometimes it's the one place where you ought to feel safe. Like your house. Freelance designer Yuuki Kae has just moved into a new apartment. On her move-in day, she decides to introduce herself to her new next-door neighbor... but something isn't quite right. Static over the intercom... A violently rattling doorknob... And a ghostly pale hand reaching out through the crack in the door... They said the apartment next to hers wasn't for rent. It was supposed to be empty. Through a series of strange events, Kae meets Hisamatsu Daigo, a fellow tenant who lives above her on the 3rd floor. Together, they must hunt for clues to solve the mystery... Doujin 27. Boku ja Nai Dareka no Ude ni Dakarete Iru Kanojo 僕じゃない誰かの腕に抱かれている彼女 [081121] Will Tame Girl confesses first to the boy, and they start dating. Classmates, friends, teachers, parents - all oppose these relations and try to separate the children. Envy and betrayal awaits at every corner. Why reality is so cruel? Is there hope in the end of the way? Doujin Nukige 28. Chikan Play Densha no Naka de OO ya XX na Koto 痴漢プレイ 電車の中で○○や××なこと [081121] Eroge Honpo Toru has a girlfriend, Yuu. They keep good relationship and often have sex. But one day, when they are on the crowded train, their sexual desire suddenly explodes and they start having sex.... "It's great! More comfortable than normal sex...." They are gradually addicted to it.... Also, Yuzu, Toru's friend, and Sakura, Yuu's friend, get involved in it and a circle of train sex widens.... Nukige 29. Kemopani! けもぱにっ! [081121] Puzzlebox Main character's childhood friend is a class chairman, and she drags the boy to vice-chairman position, so he basically serves and helps her every day. But transfer student Manami with cat ears rivals their positions and behaves chaotically. With a whirlpool of events peaceful days are over. Nukige 30. Kenjutsu Kyoushi to Konzen Kozukuri Gasshuku ~Motto Dase! Haramasete Omae no Mono ni Shite Hoshii... 剣術教師と婚前子作り合宿~もっと出せ!孕ませてお前のものにして欲しい…~ [081121] Norn Our hero, Makoto, is a weak student learning kendo (Japanese fencing). Makoto and a teacher at his academy, as well as his kendo instructor, Aoi, are secret lovers. However, when their relationship becomes known to the dojo leader, Aoi's father, he demands that if Makoto loses in the kendo match 2 weeks away, he must break up with Aoi. In order to give confidence and courage to the fearful Makoto, Aoi arranges for them to stay the night alone together and makes him make love to her! Nukige 31. Kyuuryuu no Alfheim 穹窿のアルフヘイム [081121] MorningStar From the ancient time, the Alfheim Continent has Urad, deep green stone and Scar, purplish red stone. Both act as a catalyst for different magic and they make two kingdom prosper. When the king of Xicu passed away, King Edeara of Priddat started a war to dominate the whole continent. And Year 665 in Continent calendar, armies from the both side fights over a magic rock quarry in the Xicu territory.. Nukige 32. Momoiro☆Planet! -Kono Wakusei no Juunin wa Erosugite... Ore no Karada wa Mou Motanai!!-ももいろ☆ぷらねっと!-この惑星の住人はエロすぎて…俺の体はもうもたないッ!!- [081121] Softhouse-Seal Akira, Fiore, and Yukino are out of the earth and look for somewhere to live. One day, their spaceship lands on a planet that quite looks like the earth. When they at a loss what to do, Natasha and Ereonora appear in front of them. When they tell something to them, Natasha suddenly kisses Akira... Fiore and Yukino are surprised to see that. Natasha also snuggles herself against him, but Fiore shoves Natasha aside... However, they soon find out that physical contact is the most important way of communication on this planet. "When in Rome, do as the Romans do..." Nukige 33. My Sweet Home 2 [081121] Mischievous Main character's mother dies early and father gets in a fatal incident lately. Protagonist graduates from school with the leftover money, but he can't afford university or even dormitory. Father also had adopted daughters of his colleague who died in a joint travel trip. So now adopted daughters who inherited most of father's funds invite protagonist to live together as they want to pay back the time, care and love they got. Nukige 34. Shoujo-tachi no Saezuri 少女達のさえずり [081121] Momoiro Gekijou Shinya likes to masturbate in a school toilet. One day, when he sneaks into a school toilet for girls, he hears someone breathing hard. It's Kouko, his classmate. Also, he sees Rii kissing someone. After school, Rii suddenly says to Shinya, "If you keep what you saw secret, I won't tell anybody that you often sneak into a toilet for girls." Several days later, Satsuki asks Shinya about a relationship between Shinya and Rii. He soon finds out that the girl Rii kissed the other day was Satsuki... Nukige 35. Rinjin -Neighbor- 隣人 -Neighbor- [081121] Rosalia Sometimes, in life, there are places where the rules of reality just don't apply. Sometimes it's the one place where you ought to feel safe. Like your house. Freelance designer Yuuki Kae has just moved into a new apartment. On her move-in day, she decides to introduce herself to her new next-door neighbor... but something isn't quite right. Static over the intercom... A violently rattling doorknob... And a ghostly pale hand reaching out through the crack in the door... They said the apartment next to hers wasn't for rent. It was supposed to be empty. Through a series of strange events, Kae meets Hisamatsu Daigo, a fellow tenant who lives above her on the 3rd floor. Together, they must hunt for clues to solve the mystery... Doujin 36. Houkago Ryoujoku Seitokai ~M Kaichou no Hakudaku Bukkake Gekokujou~ 放課後凌辱性徒会~M会長の白濁ぶっかけ下克上~ [081122] Kannazuki Seisakusho Student president Sera is the main character, and he has a secret crush on Ryou, the vice president. One day Sera finds Ryou's gym suit and can't help but start masturbating. After getting caught in the act by Ryou, the secretary, and the accountant, Sera becomes the sexual target of three other people. But then through special circumstances the roles are reversed... Doujin Nukige 37. Inutomo - Aka Inu Kanchi no Tasogare イヌトモ 赤犬カンチの黄昏 [081122] Blue One Kanchi is getting closer with his seniors, but there is one mystery that keeps bugging him. Is there something that he can do about it? Doujin Boys Love 38. Marune Iyagi “Tales of Maru” 마루네 이야기 “Tales of Maru” [081122] Team Basilisk Quiet Korea village. Main character is an aspiring and diligent actor in the theater club. There is also a freshman who goes with the flow and enjoys every moment of life. These two persons going opposing ways participate together in preparation of the play, and opposing objectives start to gradually overlap. Doujin 39. Truth and False [081123] Shinen no Niwa A 34-year-old lawyer is back on stage. Meet different people and get information, then state your case and prove client's innocence. And maybe in the end of the way a new emotion is born. Doujin Boys Love 40. DISCODE-lo [081124] Soft Circle Courreges "I'm not really satisfied..... After all, just having a fantasy isn't enough. It is not real." I want a real, hard penis. I want hot flowing semen. I want a strong man with powerful arms. "DISCODE-lo "is a game, allowing you to become a heroine, lure the men into the sexual temptation at various places, and experience all kinds of sex acts. Play with the foolish yet cute boys, and enjoy what kind of reactions you get from them. Doujin Nukige 41. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou Series No.19: Rensa Suru Noroi 探偵 神宮寺三郎 Series No.19 連鎖する呪い [081126] WorkJam Man commits suicide leaving only words "I am cursed". Lover asks Jinguji to investigate this death to find out the true reason of suicide. Console Exclusive 42. Junjou Romantica -Koi no Dokidoki Daisakusen 純情ロマンチカ ~恋のドキドキ大作戦~ [081127] Marvelous Interactive 1 Usami is a famous novelist. He somehow finishes his novel just in time and he is about to start his next work. At the same time, Misaki is told to control Usami's schedule. "Well, no problem! I'll do it!" Will Misaki be able to successfully control Usami's schedule and make him keep a deadline...? Boys Love 43. Shi no Homura 紫の焔 [081127] Bmate ★ 1 Our protagonist Takashi Akito is the young heir to a large conglomerate. He just came back to Japan after graduating from an English university so he can take the ropes but... his father's will is hiding several secrets! What will be of Akito and the men he becomes entangled with...? Boys Love 44. Monochrome Factor Cross Road モノクローム・ファクター cross road [081127] 5pb. Games 1 Haruno Serina is a 1st year high school student. One day she is saved by some monsters by her upperclassman Asamura Kengo and gets wrapped up in a fight between light and darkness. Based on the anime 'Monochrome Factor', but with a new original main character and storyline. Otomege Anime Spin-Off 45. Aido Hentai Choukyou Club 愛奴変態調教倶楽部 [081128] Ail The main character is interested in abnormal sex. However, there is no one whom he can talk about it, so he just reads abnormal erotic magazines every day.... One day, when he is at school, he accidentally drops the magazines and some girls around him find it. When he is at a loss what to say, they suddenly say, "We are all interested in abnormal sex as well. Can you become our master...?" Like this, he becomes their master and starts abnormal sex life.... Nukige 46. Chou Gedou Yuusha 超外道勇者 [081128] Nomad Lux is a knight and he is about to hunt down the devil. Just when he gives the devil the final blow, he suddenly says, "You're pretty as I heard. You just entertain me more...." "What!? What are you doing...?" Like this, he rapes the devil.... The devil says, "Just kill me...!" However, Lux is more cruel than the devil.... "Do you think I'm already satisfied? This is just the beginning...." Nukige 47. Extravaganza ~Matsuro no Hate ni~ EXTRAVAGANZA~末路の果てに~ [081128] Black Cyc This special edition presents Miyaka and Ayaka bad endings and shows as they grow up. Nukige 48. Hara Miko Shimai 孕ら巫女姉妹 [081128] Swanmania The protagonist, Akira Yamanabe, after graduating from university, set out on a journey by himself. Somewhere along the road of that journey, around an unfamiliar rural area, he accidentally arrives upon a shrine, where he gets possessed by an evil perverted spirit that should have been sealed away. Soon after, dirty thoughts start running wild throughout his mind and in order to exorcise the evil spirit, he asks the local shrine maidens, sisters Hazuki Kagura and Uzuki Kagura, for help, to try and purify it, so as to further prevent it from engaging into any perverted acts... Nukige 49. Inugami no Tsuma 犬神ノ妻 [081128] Nanika-Modoki Sakuya is sent to ask forgiveness from a guardian god due to never ending snowstorm. She is ready to get eaten, but the dog god has different plans on this girl's body. Doujin Nukige 50. Kansen 3 ~Shuto Houkai~ 姦染3 ~首都崩壊~ [081128] Speed 1 Four years have passed since the terrible events narrated in Kansen 1 and 2, and the terrifying plague which depopulated the Tohoku region of Japan has been reduced to a mere (bad) memory, thanks to drastic quarantine measures coupled with an effective vaccine. But the Unknown virus is not dead yet and soon, very soon, an unescapable doom will fall upon Wataru Ayase and his family and friends, trapping them inside the "Hell on Earth" madhouse which originally was their home city, Tokyo... Nukige 51. Kounai Ecchi Cosplay Kaichou Rinkan Club 校内えっち コスプレ会長 輪姦クラブ [081128] Rose Tiara Saori is the president of the student council. Her mission is to take part in various club activities and make her school more active. She has, however, a secret... When she gets attention from other students, she gets sexually excited... Will she be able to complete her mission...? Nukige 52. Kyou kara Prince 今日からプリンス [081128] Vitamin The main character lives in a poor area. He is called the black prince because he resembles the prince of the Supple Kingdom. One day, he is abducted by someone from the Nordia Kingdom. They disguise him as the prince of the Supple Kingdom and send him to the castle of the Supple Kingdom while the king, the queen, and the prince are away. However, the prince comes back to the castle earlier than they expected while the protagonist is also there. After a serious crisis, he successfully manages to exile the real prince.... He enjoys his life there, but he hears the king and the queen are coming back in three weeks. He decides to conciliate three princesses to his side to get through his difficult situation. Like this, he pretends he is the real prince and approaches them.... Nukige 53. Love Death 3 ~Realtime Lovers~ らぶデス3~Realtime Lovers~ [081128] Teatime 1 2 When Lid regains his consciousness, he finds himself being in an old Western-style house. "Where am I...? Who am I...?" He only remembers his name. He walks around the house and meets three girls. It seems they've lost their memories as well. Like this, Lid starts living with them to look for their memories, past, and fate.... Their names are Lisa, Urara, and Folne. What they remember are two words, "maiden" and "10555". Strangely, when he hears the words, his head starts aching... Nukige 54. Magical Jukujo Kamiogi Yoko マジカル熟女・神荻葉子 [081128] Red Zone Yoko used to be a magical girl. She is, however, now married and lives a peaceful life with her husband and a daughter. But one day, she gets involved in an extraordinary life all of a sudden... Nukige 55. Mainichi ga M! 毎日がM! [081128] Atelier Kaguya The main character starts working at a girls' high school. He gets involved in various accidents on his first day at school and he is finally considered as perverted. However, he has an ability that he can change bitterness to happiness. His masochistic situation life now begins...! Nukige 56. Manin Chijo Densha 2 ~Ane to Futago to Hitozuma to~ 満淫痴女電車2~姉とふたごと人妻と~ [081128] Erotica Peach Main character has a beloved sister, but relations never crossed the taboo line till twin sluts on the train abused him. Now fires of jealousy burn fiercely as three girls compete over Ma-kun! Nukige 57. Naisho Shishunki ~Himitsu ni Koisuru Imouto-tachi~ ないしょ思春期 ~ヒミツに恋する妹たち~ [081128] Hamham Soft My first kiss was with my younger sister-in-law.... I thought about our relationship after we kissed.... However, she told me with tears of joy in her eyes, "Well, it's our secret, right?" Like this, our new relationship begins.... "There'll be no problem if we just keep them secret!" Nukige 58. Nekomata ~Kuroneko Hen~ ねこマタ~くろねこ編~ [081128] Sumomo Riku is a university student. One day, he picks up two stray cats and starts living with them. He enjoys his life with them, but one night, he is hit by a dumper truck and loses his consciousness. When he wakes up, there are two girls in front of him looking into his face. "We're your cats. Please take care of us with responsibility." Yes, his cats have become humans. Like this, their strange life begins... Nukige 59. Oppai no Ouja 48 ~Nani mo Kangaezu Me no Mae no Oppai Zenbu Shabure!~ おっぱいの王者48~何も考えず目の前のおっぱい全部しゃぶれ!~ [081128] OLE-M The other day, when I was reading an adult book, I thought, "I can tell whose breasts they are by just looking at them. Well, am I a king of oppai?" However, there was no way to prove it.... But one day, I receive a letter and it includes a bunch of free sex tickets! Also, the reverse side of each ticket has the photo of someone's breasts. When I'm confused, a girl, Nil, appears in front of me. According to her, I'm qualified to take part in a game. It seems the tickets aren't fake. My mission is to look for a girl who's got the same breasts printed on the ticket. Like this, my search for oppai begins.... Nukige 60. Otome 2 堕姫 2 [081128] Riddle Soft Mikio used to be a great alchemist when he was a kid. However, he now lives a boring life. He just works at his father's company every day.... But one day, his life changes all of a sudden. He is ordered to transfer to a different department that is located at the edge of nowhere.... Nukige 61. Ren no Koi 恋の恋~れんのこい~ [081128] Mink Nanase Ren.... I used to love her.... I'll never forget her.... I still remember the day when she moved.... I'm Takeru. I'm a high school student and live a happy life with my classmates. However, I sometimes feel empty.... I still love her, but can do nothing.... But one day, Ren suddenly comes back to my hometown and transfers to my school. I'm really happy and decide to tell her that I still love her. However, what if she doesn't love me...? I don't wanna break our relationship.... I can't.... Finally, I make up my mind to tell her my love.... Nukige 62. Ryoujoku Celeb Tsuma ~Kutsujoku!! Niku Dorei e no Daraku~ 凌辱セレブ妻 ~屈辱!!肉奴隷への堕落~ [081128] ZION The main character was fired several days ago. When he walks around the town, he meets a beautiful girl. He then finds out that she is actually the wife of the company president he used to work for. He gets mad and decides to rape her... "I'll just take my revenge on her..." His crooked desire now explodes... Nukige 63. Broken Sky [081129] denzil You lived your whole life around this place and you really like it. But now you have to leave. It's time to say goodbye... EVN 64. Mizutamari Refrain みずたまりrefrain [081129] Himeshibori This is a game in an adventure style on the theme of wetting the pants. Enjoy the shameful figures of 2 heroines. Doujin Nukige 65. Heroines Nightmare Vol.2 ヒロインズナイトメア Vol.2 [081130] Mille Feuille A new omnibus story where three different fighting heroines are violated by tentacle monsters: 1. Alice -fallen blader- 【Alice -fallen blader-】 2. School Exorcist Akane Mido 【学園退魔師 御堂茜】 3. Female ninja Inouden Satsuki 【くノ一淫舞伝 沙月】 Nukige
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