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VN of the Month February 2021 - Meikei no Lupercalia




Two releases... just wow. And one is a gameplay title, so guess who wins - Meikei no Lupercalia , which is also a masterpiece.


1. Senkou no Clarias 閃鋼のクラリアス [210226] Team Baldrhead 1 2
While on a field trip to London, Nagai Towa gets lost in the city at night.
After he finally makes it to the train station, he finds a mysterious egg.
"What's with this egg? It's really pretty..."
And then right before his eyes, the egg shatters into pieces. His consciousness fades away...
When he comes to his senses, he finds himself standing in an unfamiliar place. It has the appearance of London, but it's a completely different world.
----Royal Capital Salem
There, he meets a girl named Shelly Linestad who is searching for her father who has been accused of murdering the king.
For the sake of returning to his original world and helping the girl who helped him...
He continues pressing on while wearing the Dragon Armor "Clarias", and at the same time gets ever closer to the truth hidden within this new world.
Beat 'em UP


2. Meikei no Lupercalia 冥契のルペルカリア [210226] Uguisu Kagura 1 2 3
"There is only one method to equal gods.
It's to become cruel like gods."
Salvador Dali
A prodigious young actress passed away.
At the end of the magnificent play, the highly esteemed girl found a kernel of truth.
Years pass and spring arrives.
In a freshman welcoming party, a certain program will catch the protagonist Sewa Tamaki's eye.
"Welcome to the Lampyris Troupe!"
A guerilla public performance that would be held by a student theatre group.
The protagonist, once debuted as a child prodigy but now left the path of the theatre arts, indulged in nostalgic memories.
"Let's peek in for a bit"
An irrational story born out of curiosity.
Once the curtain for the tale unfolds, it probably won't stop until the very end.
An airhead girl who loves to act, Kakehashi Kohaku.
Theatre arts' poster child, Nionomiya Meguri.
A net idol currently rising in popularity, Amatsuka Nanana.
The girl working behind-the-scenes who gave up acting, Hakadori Rize.
"Let's make it the best play!"
They would perform a public play based on Norse mythology entitled "Philia".
While bathed under the dazzling spotlight, they who dance the tale are beautiful.
The white hair with red eyes leads the way.
To a convenient conclusion for you.
There are English reviews


1. D.C.4 ~Da Capo 4~ Fortunate Departures D.C.4 ~ダ・カーポ4~ フォーチュネイトデパーチャーズ [210226] Circus
A direct sequel to DC4 that tells after stories with the heroines.
The player will once again assume the role of Ichito Tokisaka, a student at Kagami Academy who will enjoy the Kagasai autumn festival with the girlfriend he fell in love with last Spring. The available heroines in this visual novel are Arisu Sagisawa, Nino Tokisaka (Ichito’s stepsister), Sorane Oumi, Hiyori Shirakawa, Shiina Hojo, Miu Mishima, and Chiyoko Hinohara.


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Recommended Comments

Clarias - Another attempt from GIGA to write another robot story after they decided to self-destruct(?) with Baldr Bringer, and this time they mixed isekai element along with bring Niijima Yuu to the table. And apparently it didn't work because apparently Niijima's writer here might be not fit for this VN seeing that it has sci-fi setting while Niijima previous works here are the best when it come to involving magic and fairy tale. Then again though, perhaps this time he has more problem with the writing the story according to the review. Oh yes there's also complain that there's no new game plus in this VN, so GIGA decided to patch it later which obviously would raise a lot of questions.

Lupercaria - The most well received VN in this month (And perhaps for the whole 2021) in which it has a lot of technical writing in regard of opera and drama. Of course there's more than that, namely that the director manage to pulled the best of the VAs performance so much that it said that it's quite intense when the VAs acted. Other than the good performance from the VAs, this VN also has several backstory which to say can be quite dark to several degree. Lastly I want this to be localized, although looking at the current situation I suppose it's only possible if Shiravune somehow can convince the company to localize it.

That's all for what I can comment in regard of February 2021 releases.

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