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  1. Foreword: Clock Up team Dyo creates pretty conventional SF games unlike its older brother, so Zwei Worter is a good time to get acquainted with it to get ready for Rune Lord. Synopsis: In 2005, a group of meteors deals a big blow to humanity. But thanks to advanced science and technology, mankind overcomes extinction by creating new intellectual living creatures called "Dissolve". In 2007, incredibly powerful outer space creatures called Elcid launch their onslaught against earth. Extinction is only avoided because of the advances made in the recovery of the pre
  2. I only consider Zwei Worter a masterpiece in April. 1. Setsu no Hi セツの火 [070404] Media.Vision Another world is discovered. Creatures there look a lot like primitive human barbarians, so discoverer names it "Inferior". The only link between the worlds is a 5mm hole, so government establishes trade and keeps its existence in secret. But "Inferior" starts to pierce reality of human world, and monsters start to show up. A group of young people with special powers stand up to oppose this threat. Game is royal road and genre is called "digitized drama" which justifie
  3. Foreword: After these two great reviews (1 2) I could not miss the birth of this multiverse. Synopsis: She is a battle heroine Valkyrie. There is an ancient ruin called Time Ship, in which Berserk is sealed tightly. But one day, Berserk comes back to destroy the world. A boy meets Valkyrie, and the story starts... Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcJ3y0BmyNY&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_BSM1nzcW4i0ja49_nCPA9 Game type: Scandinavian myths Valkyrie fantasy story Character Design rating: 8/10 Protagonist rating: 6/10 Story rating: 7/10 Game quality: 8
  4. Shirogane no Soleil -Successor of Wyrd- <> is the only masterpiece of the month. 1. Keitai Shoujo ケータイ少女 [070302] Kogado Studio Chihiro is a second year high school student. He is a bit impatient since he's got no girlfriend even though he gets closer to Christmas. One day, while he is on the mobile phone internet, he finds an interesting web site and downloads it. When he finishes it, his phone suddenly flashes..., and a tiny girl appears in front of him. "I'm Rin. What's your name? You have no girlfriend, don't you? I'll be in trouble if I don't make you happy." S
  5. Foreword: Caramel Box is loved by me for rich in detail worlds, so I'm approaching Utsurigi Nanakoi Tenkiame with high degree of skepticism as this is just a story of seven school wonders written by four different writers. But Caramel Box is full of surprises. Can it redeem even this setting? Synopsis: There is a school in town. The story of seven mysteries is told among students from generation to generation. Ren is an ordinary student except for the fact that he has a mysterious childhood friend. Triggered by meeting with a witch, he gets to know a little bit about the
  6. Cheat Engine + HAT ("Hook Any Text" script published at github) worked great for me. As for emulator, it does not really matter, I tested it on all the popular PS1 emulators of different versions with the same success. I prefer using emulator xebra because it's the most precise one managing to launch everything while popular emulators failed to launch some 20% of visual novels. There are cases when there is no renewable thread, just a wall of text. At rare cases no threads are found at all. I experienced some 2/3 of success cases.
  7. Utsurigi Nanakoi Tenkiame can be called VN of the Month, but I'll decide whether it's a masterpiece or not in the review. 1. Natsumegu ナツメグ [070202] Cotton Soft Atsushi is in his second year of high school. His school is going to get merged with another school after the end of the first period, so this is his "last" summer holiday. He enjoys it spending with his friends. One day, the news comes out that Yukako is going to transfer to another school. He decides to gather his friends, and set up a club to make memories for Yukako... Heroines are attractiv
  8. I waited for like 5 days while was busy with other stuff, and at that time there was just one vote for H2O. I even noticed that first three days are most important for taking a decision. So there is no room for H2O. It's still curious to watch how votes change over time. E.g. Fuuraiki 2 beat Toki no Kairou to dust over time. But it remains only a matter of curiosity.
  9. Foreword: I see girls crying as disgusting, so I'm ill-suited for reviewing nakige - checking out different reviews might be a better idea (1 2 3 4 5 6). However, Dear My Friend by the same scenario writer and artist left a lasting impression on me, so I don't mind checking their new work that even contains fantasy elements. There are several heroines who don't cry all the time, anyway. Synopsis: To Hatoba Kazuki, Nonosaki Akiho had been an irreplaceable being. For as far as when she and her sister, after the loss of their parents, were taken in long ago, she had taken the role o
  10. Foreword: All the previous complex meta-textual intellectual novels got the highest score from me. Itsuka, Todoku, Ano Sora ni is exactly this kind of novel. So... is it 10/10 for me as well? Synopsis: In this town, there are "clouds" covering the nightsky, that the starlight won't even pierce. Because of this, constellations would always be too far. Born and raised in the Tatsumi noble family, Saku has failed to meet the expectations that lie on every male member of the family. One day, he receives word from his strict grandfather "to live life the way he wishes.
  11. Foreword: Year 2006 had like only three chunige, so I'm starved for any action by now. But there are great reviews out there (1 2 3 4), so I can give just personal impression and be done with it. Synopsis: The story is set in Belmonte Calabro in Italy. Belmonte is the city of filled with Automatas and boasts the biggest number of Automatas produced a year. Automatas are androids. Mechanical beings created from nothing. Most Automatas can be easily distinguished from humans due to their robotic faces but there are the Antique Dolls, which looks exactly the same as humans with only
  12. Wow, seriously, every unblocked game this month already has an English review. Finally there's a good coverage and less work for me. Anyway, VN of the Month is Itsuka, Todoku, Ano Sora ni . Gekkou no Carnevale , Hotel Dusk: Room 215 are masterpieces. I'm reviewing first two games. Games with active gameplay like Koihime Musou aren't considered. 1. Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu イリヤの空、UFOの夏 [070111] Netchubiyori Ltd. 1 2 Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu is a story revolving around a secret war that has been going on below the public's eye since 1947 and a group of people involved
  13. Year 2006 did not bring any full 10/10 masterpieces, sadly. There were few chunige as well. I already see that year 2007 offers a much wider diversity, so placing great hopes on it. New portion of Visual Novel Openings 2006 with songs. My list of masterpieces in 2006: D.C. II ~Da Capo II~ ef - a fairy tale of the two. Eve ~New Generation~ Fragments Blue H2O -Footprints in the Sand- Hidamari I/O KimiKiss Kimi no Koe ga Kikoeru Kishin Hishou Demonbane Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku o Lost Child Moshimo Ashita ga Harena
  14. Foreword: Unlike Hidamari this AXL work has no superficial elements, so I'm starting it with heavy heart. Can AXL pull it out with a SOL story? Synopsis: Naoya fails the university entrance examination, and starts to study at a preparatory school. He meets Sakura, Miyuki and Ouka there and enjoys his life. On the other hand, his father tells him to go and help the hotel, owned by his father. He also meets beautiful girls including Izumi, his childhood friend, there and enjoys his peaceful life. Naoya is busy with studying, loving and working! Sakura, Izumi and Miyuki... Love with
  15. Kimi no Koe ga Kikoeru is the VN of the Month, and I'll state my position in the review of it. ef - a fairy tale of the two. makes the second masterpiece. And no, Edelweiss is NOT a masterpiece - it's one of the most stupid games I ever played. 1. Kimi no Koe ga Kikoeru キミの声がきこえる [061201] AXL 1 Naoya fails the university entrance examination, and starts to study at a preparatory school. He meets Sakura, Miyuki and Ouka there and enjoys his life. On the other hand, his father tells him to go and help the hotel, owned by his father. He also meets beautiful girls including I
  16. Yuuna route was the last from branch routes for me, so I basically ignored it with all the irritation accumulated. Surprisingly worthy and unusual story with a fresh horror feel. Thank you for pointing it out. Still can't understand how it's possible to enjoy Pulltop games after playing AXL games that feel revolutionary even nowadays, let alone in 2006.
  17. Foreword: Every time I start a slice of life charage I really want to like it. But too many companies follow the same trends and present the same product. For praising reviews please refer elsewhere 1 2 3 4 5 6 7. Synopsis: Tsukasa starts to work at a girl's high school after graduating from university. But the school is located at the edge of peninsula, no house around. On his first day of work, he gets out of a bus and walks to the school. And he is surprised to see the school building, a huge western building. Soon after he knows several facts, that this is a branch school, an
  18. Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no is VN of the month, but I'll review it myself to determine whether it's a masterpiece or not. 1. Moon Strike [061102] Vanaheim Main character decided to undergo an operation and become metanoid because of revenge. Afterwards he fought on as a warrior of justice as "Silver Blast" for the Future Hope Foundation. After the fight with criminal organization Django there were no longer serious threats for the city, so he retired. But there is a new danger now. Does flame of justice still burn in his soul? Card battles adventure. Developers
  19. Foreword: Choosing a chunige from Caramel Box can't be wrong. Synopsis: In 2022, the world is afflicted with a mysterious phenomenon. Adjoining multi-dimension world assimilates and becomes another space, dimension assimilation phenomenon called "Petulation". Humans can't approach these areas and their number keeps increasing... One day, Kuroudo receives summons from the government to help the related scientific investigation at Shin Shinonome Academy located on the newly reclaimed land in Tokyo bay. He has no idea what is going on. But the world gets closer to th
  20. Shuumatsu Shoujo Gensou Alicematic is the only masterpiece of the month. 1. Mahoutsukai no Mita Yume 魔法使いの見た夢 [061001] Project Lips 1 At a young age, Yuu Kisaragi received magical powers from a mysterious old man. He longed to use them to defeat evil, but in the end, he was never given the opportunity. Cut to the present. Yuu is living as a perfectly ordinary young guy, until one day he rescues a beautiful girl. Her name is Michaela, and she is a witch with a sorrowful fate. From that day on, Yuu’s life starts to change for the weirder. There are sorcer
  21. Foreword: I planned to skip Pianissimo since I don't like concept of both Cartagra and Pianissimo. But game does not have real English reviews and is really beautiful. After New Generation I need such kind of injection. Synopsis: Place: Tokyo in the year 1936. Kudou Sousuke is a pianist, usually plays at a jazz bar. One rainy day, he gets involved in a peculiar case: he is suddenly attacked by a woman on the way home. He defeats her although he gets injured. The following day, the master of the jazz bar he works at tells him "You are fired. I don't want to employ a murder
  22. Foreword: It's the second fandisc that I'm taking up for a review after Nijuubako. Both have a real story involved, and I wanted to check how far story dimension goes and where it stops for Ayakashi H. Synopsis: This is a fandisc for Ayakashi taking place one month after the ending of the original. Somewhere in a forest, three people -- one man and two girls -- arrive to the Akino residence. They ask to meet her but are denied so by the guards, for it is late at night and they weren't noticed of any visitors. Trying to chase them away, one guard summons his Ayakashi but i
  23. Gameplay intensive visual novels don't participate in the race, so VN of the Month is PP -Pianissimo- Ayatsuri Ningyou no Rinbu. I'm reviewing it as well as Ayakashi H 1. Love+Laby らぶ+らび [060901] Le.Chocolat A planet similar to the Earth of the 18th century. There is no electricity there, because there is magic and alchemy. Weird monsters become active and attack human communities. Main character is a warrior who stands up to protect these people. RPG 2. Men at Work! 4 ~Hunter-tachi yo Eien ni
  24. Foreword: Loving the series. Nothing can stop me exploring it further. Synopsis: Kojirou, a private detective, meets a girl when he is on his way back to his office. Once she finds him a detective, she brings him an offer. "Please find my memories...." That very moment, a man gets off out of a car and takes her away.... He finds out her identity and some keywords.... He is led to a certain place.... Marina, an agent of an information research group, finds a boy who is about to fall off at the top of a building. She tries to stop him but he commits suicide.... There is a tattoo of
  25. Eve ~New Generation~ is VN of the Month. I'm reviewing it. Katahane makes a second masterpiece. 1. Boku no Miko wa Chiisana Koibito ~Chouai~ ぼくの巫女は小さな恋妹~寵愛~ [060804] Haoh Hikaru is living in a dormitory being apart from his family. He doesn't visit his house because he had an affair with his brother's wife, Kiriko and he doesn't want to meet his brother. One day, his brother and Kiriko had an accident and passed away... He adopted Shion, who left alone, and comes back to his house. Days to raise Shion as an older brother... Arranged fiancee, Tomoyo. Mai
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