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  1. There aren't masterpieces this month for me. But if I still had to choose, I'd probably point at Innocent Bullet -The False World- . Clephas decided not to choose anything. Zen picks Aozora Stripe and fandiscs while Micchi adds Hoshi no Ne Sanctuary and PriministAr to already tremendous wishlist. 1. Senjin Otome ~WOTAKU ni Yadorishi Kokoro ni Negau wa...~ 戦刃乙女 ~WOTAKUに宿りし心に願うは…~ [130808] Debo no Su Seisakusho Nanahana-senpai has a breakfast as usual when she is told about a powerful mysterious creature that showed up, destroyed nothing, but supposedly kidnapped local engineer. Journey awaits her. RPG 2. Fault Milestone One [130812] Alice in Dissonance 1 2 3 4 5 END OF PEACE. BEGINNING OF A JOURNEY. Launched as a throwback to the Science Fiction genre in the 80’s, fault - milestone one is a Science Fantasy Kinetic Novel which depicts the story of a princess named Selphine and her Royal Guard Ritona. While attempting to make an escape from a brutal assault that’s devastated their homeland of Rughzenhaide, the two mysteriously teleport to an unknown forest surrounded by vegetation not native to the surroundings of Rughzenhaide. The atmosphere is thick and heavy and no sign of life can be found, which is particularly unusual for such a lush forest. Sign of life isn't the only thing missing though. Something is odd about this land - something is amiss - but Selphine and Ritona are too startled to notice the obvious. Who were the assaulters and what was their goal? Where did Selphine and Ritona end up traversing to? Will the two make it home safely? And more importantly, what will they come home to once they do? Follow Selphine, a bubbly, happy-go-lucky Princess and her sharp-witted but slightly misanthropic Royal Guard Ritona, in their journey of a lifetime as they head back to their homeland of Rughzenhaide. There are English reviews 3. Disorder 6 [130822] MAGES. GAME One rainy night, a young man wakes up in what appears to be a warehouse. On his right arm is an attached handcuff. The chain is connected to the left hand of a mysterious girl named Shiina. She seems to call him by the name Joe, but she doesn’t remember anything. In fact, neither of them have any recollections of anything prior to their awakening. “What exactly am I?” Without a single idea of what’s going on, the two of them search for an exit. Before long, they come across the corpse of a woman wearing a white robe. “… Who killed her?” Appalled by the situation, the fire they were using as light began to engulf their surroundings in flames, as the mysterious characters make a run for their lives. Once they make it outdoors they begin to wander around, until they encounter a female detective by the name of Kobayakawa… As any good detective would, she tries to apprehend the potential witness of the crime. However, without any memories or clue of what’s going on, the two panic and escape from her. The handcuffed pair are now suspects to a crime and are on the run. A boy and girl who are bound by cuffs. Memory loss. Escape. What truth lies behind their lost memories? Detective mystery? Memory loss? Escape? That's combination of elements I seriously don't like, sorry. A lot of people who liked Dunamis15 actually disliked Disorder6 . The reason is weak characters (eternally frustrated MC and S heroine with multiple personalities) , escape events trying to substitute for story , lack of excitement. 4. Innocent Bullet -The False World- イノセントバレット -the false world- [130823] Cinematograph 1 2 In 2013, with the appearance of a next-generation terrorism threat known as ‘living weapons’, the myth that Japan was safe had been shattered. So too had Yuuji’s peaceful life, as he encountered death traps beyond reason. In the face of death, a group of gun-toting girls appeared before him, telling him that if he refused to accept death as fate, then they would protect him. After that, he learned about the other side of the world, the terrorism attacks, the girls’ reasons for fighting and their special abilities. Soon he decided to fight alongside them. There are English impressions 5. Negai no Kakera to Hakugin no Agreement 願いの欠片と白銀の契約者 [130823] Propeller 1 2 3 4 5 6 For as long as anyone knows, beings called "Puppets" have been an invisible part of our world. They operate in service of a force unknown, quietly manipulating the course of history. Hajiro Mina is an ordinary high-school girl and the protagonist of this story. One day, she has a chance encounter with one of these Puppets, setting her on a trajectory to meet three girls—and ultimately changing her life forever. The girls belong to an organization that specializes in the extermination of Puppets. They have been granted extraordinary powers by a doll named Ruka, and their job is to locate and eradicate the inhuman enemies lurking in the crowds. As Mina finds herself entangled in this supernatural conflict, it becomes clearer with each passing day that there are greater forces at play. There are English reviews 6. Aozora Stripe あおぞらストライプ [130830] Astronauts: Spica 1 Shinya is working as a cook-in-training. One day, his mentor and employer Daigo told him that his old acquaintance Kyouko badly needed help at her restaurant since she was injured. Daigo sent him to save the restaurant Marine House Aqua and informed him that it would serve as the final test of his training. Shinya was elated that this moment of his dreams had finally arrived. He struggled in his new position, but the girls in the restaurant all try to help him out. His relationships with them grow closer and his summer love story has begun. There is an English review 7. Battle Force バトルフォース [130830] 5bit 1 Everyone all over the world is enjoying a super popular card game "Battle Force". Main character was called a genius of "Battle Force" in his school, but one day he lost a series of matches to an amateur, and former friends turned away from him. But one day he picks up an unfamiliar card picturing a beautiful blonde girl on the roof of the school. Suddenly in a flash of light the card turns into a real girl. "Nice to meet you, my husband~! I'm Rize~. Please use me to become a battle master~!" Card game something 8. Girls Be Ambitious! ガールズbeアンビシャス! [130830] Score 1 Kaidou Gakuen was located at the foot of a mountain and it was split into two by a huge wall. One was a celebrity school for children from the upper classes, while the other was a school for the common people. It was forbidden for the students from each school to intermingle with the other. Haruto attended the common school and planned to sneak into the celebrity school to get a glimpse of the hated upper class students. However, he got lost in the darkness of the night. Following a light, he came upon a botanical garden and had a fateful meeting with a girl from the upper class. Can one’s life be determined alone by where they were born and what titles they have? There is an English review 9. Hoshi no Ne Sanctuary 星ノ音サンクチュアリ [130830] Marmalade 1 2 3 Even in a world where science has vastly progressed, people still wish upon shooting stars. Masato was in danger of dropping out of school, but his wish may have come true. Intra-class and intra-year teams were created for a special exam and if he makes it out on top, then he would be able to stay in the school. Moreover, his teammates were all beautiful girls. However, all of them have personalities which make them unsuited to teamwork. Hisui doesn’t like interacting with others, Yomi has a sharp tongue, while Ria is a hopeless brother complex. He even has the milady Serina proclaiming herself as his rival. Even though great difficulties lie ahead of him, he vows not to give up. It is up to him to make this peculiar team work as one! There are English reviews 10. Love & Piss ~Shoujo no Gaman ga Sekai o Sukuu~ Love&Piss ~少女のガマンが世界を救う~ [130830] Bonbon Company In this world, your magic power increases by holding your pee. Yurika is a magician who severely lacks pee and decided to summon a guy who is able to store a lot of it so that he can supply her with it through a special ceremony (sexual intercourse) and allow her to pass the make-up wizard test. Yoshifumi was the chosen one and was forced to help her out since he couldn’t return to his own world until she becomes a wizard. Also, his childhood friend Yumari was also brought to this world at the same time, and for some reason she is also taking the wizard test with Yurika. Game is really mostly about pee fetish, so is rather a borderline nukige 11. Nyan Cafe Macchiato ~Neko ga Iru Cafe no Ecchi Jijou~ にゃんカフェマキアート ~猫がいるカフェのえっち事情~ [130830] SkyFish poco 1 Kouya’s life is full of misfortune. Every company he works for ends up going bankrupt and his apartment went up in flames. Now he’s a lecturer-in-training at Kaminekosaka Academy and also helps out at his grandfather’s neko café Nekotama-ya, which is staffed by three beautiful girls: the energetic Mike, the timid Ameri and the milady Persia. All three of them had feelings for him, and due to his misfortune, they all confessed to him at the same time. He didn’t want to lose this lucky chance and they all ended up spending the night together as a foursome. The next morning was the beginning of a new relationship between the four of the them, with all three girls being his lover at the same time! There is an English review 12. PriministAr [130830] Hooksoft 1 It was a beautiful spring afternoon, and the melodies from the music room and the shouts from the athletic clubs filled the air. Each club has recruited their new members, and everybody was excited for the upcoming school year. In particular, the boys in the culture department were devising a (stupid) plot to make it mandatory for all girl members to wear school swimwear. Of course, all the girls were vehemently against the idea and chased all the guys out. The remaining boy was Haruchika, who was planning to join the tiny handicraft club. Thus begins his lively days in the handicraft club surrounded by girls. There is an English impression BLOCKED 1. Maro no Kanja wa Gatenkei 2 麻呂の患者はガテン系2 [130808] Elf 1 Maro has resolved to find an eligible marriage partner and sets his sights on new heroine Yukina. Meanwhile Sakimi is still around and is trying to resolve some marital distress caused in no small part by the events at the end of the first game. Sakimi’s relationship with Maro has gotten complicated because of those same events but she decides to help Maro in his newfound love, maybe because at least then he won’t rape her anymore. Nukige, but with an English review 2. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai ~Houkago Shippo Days~ 大図書館の羊飼い~放課後しっぽデイズ~ [130810] August 1 2 The story follows the protagonist Kei Kirishima and his childhood friend Nozomi Toki who are part of the Cat Photography Club where they take pictures of the cats who have set up a nest close to the school. The two of them, along with Sakuya Fujimiya grew up together on the countryside before they moved to the city to study, but since Sakuya was too young and her mother had forbidden her from leaving, she had to stay behind. One day Kei's doorbell rings... It's Sakuya and she has ran away from home. Fandisc 3. Ourai no Gahkthun: Shining Night 黄雷のガクトゥーン:シャイニングナイト [130823] Liar-soft This is the fandisk for Liar-soft’s 2012 steampunk title Ourai no N’gha-Kthun. It takes place a year later in Marseille Floating Academia and follows an omnibus format with over 100 episodes selectable from a map system. More Tesla and Neon for all. Fandisc 4. Saki Achiga-hen episode of Side-A Portable 咲-Saki- 阿知賀編 episode of side-A Portable [130829] Alchemist The Achiga Girls' Academy in Nara once defeated regional mahjong powerhouse Bansei High School. It advanced into the national team semifinals but lost to the eventual champion, and the mahjong club was later disbanded. Six years later, elementary school student Takakamo Shizuno befriends transfer student Haramura Nodoka. The two eventually enter Achiga Girls', but Nodoka transfers out of the school in the second year. When Shizuno sees Nodoka on television the following year as the national middle school individual mahjong champion, she decides to revive Achiga's mahjong club. Anime Spin-Off Fandisc 5. Tsujidou-san no Virgin Road 辻堂さんのバージンロード [130830] Minato Carnival 1 This is the fandisk for Tsujidou-san Jun'ai Road. In addition to the after stories for the 3 main heroines, it will add routes for the most popular subheroines, Azusa and Yoiko. Fandisc
  2. XBlaze Code: Embryo is VN of the Month for me due to personal reasons. Other masterpieces are Seihou no Prismgear and Tojita Sekai no Tori Colony . Clephas liked the last one and also Otome Riron to Sono Shuuhen -Ecole de Paris- . Micchi in addition to Otome Riron is interested in Amairo*IsleNauts and Gleamgarden no Shoujo. 1. XBlaze Code: Embryo [130725] Arc System Works 1 2 3 4 5 6 The protagonist, Touya Kagari, is a resident of Shin Yokozaki City and a sophomore at the prestigious Hakuou North Academy. An earnest and responsible young man, Touya appears to be no more than your average high school student. While returning from his part-time job, he heard a mysterious sound coming from the depths of the Restricted Ward, an area off-limits to unauthorized personnel due to a horrible disaster that happened there ten years ago… His curiosity having gotten the best of him, Touya ventured ever deeper into the ruins of the ward, eventually coming across a man who appeared to be gravely injured. Concerned, Touya rushed to his side, asking if he was okay and if he needed any help. But as Touya approached, the man suddenly stood up and attacked, screaming, “You’re an enemy!” And in the midst of invisible ringing bells, psychotic strangers, exploding walls of flame, and almost certain death, a small, cute girl with an enormous sword came charging in… And despite her frilly, fragile appearance, her battle prowess was beyond reason or doubt. The name of Touya’s savior was Es, a soldier belonging to the Mitsurugi Agency. Seithr, Drives, Unions, and secretive organizations… Yanked from the comfort of his everyday life, Touya was forced head-long into a world where the threat of death was everywhere and even allies could be his downfall… The wheel of fate has begun to turn… And the story of the Azure, and that of Touya Kagari and the mysterious girl Es, began. There are English reviews. This game inspired me a lot, so I wrote the following mini-review back then: I initially picked this game after reading gangrelion review on it where he basicly said that no game would ever be the same after trying Xblaze Code: Embryo. This game upturned my vision on visual novels completely for a number of reasons 1) Good action and great story plot 2) Voiced protagonist and every single sub-character 3) Animated faces 4) Characters talk to each others interactively so that one usually stands with its back to us 5) Great built-in encyclopedia and online news determining future element 6) Long enough length to get good impression and short enough to not get boring 7) No 18+ content so no temptation to skip scenes This game actually gave me a kick to seriously play visual novels and when I'm serious I always use system approach when studying my object of interest slashing through each title from each year. I usually find a base of objects of my interest and explore every single title that I get interested in. This is how this blog started. 2. 3-nin Iru! ~Happy Wedding in Livingroom~ 3人いる! ~Happy Wedding in Livingroom~ [130726] Riffraff In the midst of a recession, Atsuyuki spent every day attending university and doing part-time jobs to pay off his tuition and living expenses. Of course, he had no time to get a girlfriend nor go out with his friends. However, his part-time job suddenly disappeared and he no longer had a source of income. He was at a loss of how to accrue so much money to cover his expenses. Returning home for a visit, his uncle recommended a live-in part-time job to him. He quickly jumped at the opportunity which offered both money and a place to live. Arriving at a fine new single house, he was greeted by three girls who introduced themselves as his wife! Just what kind of part-time job was this!? It was for researching newly-wed families, but what was he supposed to do!? Moege 3. Amairo * Islenauts 天色*アイルノーツ [130726] Yuzusoft 1 2 3 4 5 6 Even though he had secured a teaching job after graduation from university, he was unsure if he wanted to continue being a teacher. One day, he was invited to be a teacher at a girl’s school… on the floating island!? Raizerg has streets reminiscent of Europe in the Middle Ages, employs fantasy technology and is inhabited by various races only thought to exist in a dreamworld. How will his new teaching life unfold in this fairy tale-like setting? There are English reviews 4. Amane Switch ~Yamanai Ame to Yanda Kanojo Soshite Ore~ 雨音スイッチ ~やまない雨と病んだ彼女そして俺~ [130726] Kokuchou 1 2 Mizushima Shinji lives a normal school live being even forced to become class representative. He even has an ex-girlfriend Minegishi Youko who still keeps approaching him with her bright and cheerful personality. Then one day transfer student Amane rolls in and falls for protagonist. But this school has many her old bully acquaintances, and her life becomes a deluge of misery. There are English reviews 5. Ashita mo Kono Heya de Aimashou 明日もこの部室(へや)で会いましょう [130726] Milk Pudding Hikaru is the deputy leader of the photography club at Nikongahara Gakuen. He had started liking cameras 5 years ago, but he still wasn’t sure if was the hobby for him. In particular, he wasn’t able to take any good pictures in the past half year. One day, the student council notified the club of their impending dispandment due to their poor results, low member turnout and high usage of space. To avoid its dissolution, the club leader Azusa assigned ‘goals’ for each members. However, Hikaru was to decide his own goal himself. Azusa and the club advisor told him that he should aim for the grand prize at a contest or the school festival. Not only that, but it should be a portrait of a girl. They told him he had the ability to capture the charms of a woman, but he had never succeeded before since he was so shy that he couldn’t even talk to them. He only has 2 months to find a subject and overcome his nervousness. Very weak debut work, selected as kusoge of the year at some popular poll. 6. Gangsta Republica ギャングスタ・リパブリカ [130726] Whitesoft 1 There once was a relatively unknown rumour that those who cannot cast aside the dirt from their hearts should visit that shop and they will meet friends one day. Most people did not pay attention to this vague rumour, but for those who hold a different disposition, this was how they found friends. Kanae was in the "Charity Club" room at Seitengi Gakuen, wondering if there was anything bad that was going to happen. The students and teachers did not view the noisy club as an official one, especially since he calls it the "Gang Club" himself. The club’s slogan was to "change the world with evil". For example, to play with kids and steal their valuable time as a child, or to help an old lady with her moving and to cheat her out of candy in return. That is their "evil" and it is this "evil" that makes the club members friends. Welcome to their gangster republica. There is an English impression 7. Gleam Garden no Shoujo -Witch In Gleamgarden- グリムガーデンの少女 -witch in gleamgarden- [130726] Cosmic Cute 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 There are girls in the world known as ‘witches’ who have the ability to bring disaster to their surroundings by merely wishing for something strong enough. This ability known as ‘gleam’ is said to be caused by a mental abnormality. Their numbers had increased rapidly over the past few years and society has gradually become more chaotic as a result. The ‘gleam garden’ is a place where witches are interned and where they are taught how to control their abilities so that they do not harm others. Touji is a ‘protection controller’, supporting four girls who had been cast off by society for being witches. He wants to lead them to a new life, and also to find out about the truth of his own past. There are English reviews 8. Koi Saku Miyako ni Ai no Yakusoku o ~Annaffiare~ 恋咲く都に愛の約束を ~Annaffiare~ [130726] Hearts 1 2 In the near future in Japan, Annaffiare is a theme park located on a giant floating man-made island where dreams come true. There is also a separate ‘city’ on the island where the employees and those related to the theme park reside and go about their lives. Kazuomi was born on Annaffiare and attends a school specializing in management and administration of entertainment facilities. One day, he undergoes on-site training at the theme park and learns about the feelings of the girls, strengthening the bonds between them. There are English reviews 9. Mizukano! ~Mizugi no Kanojo to H Shiyo~ みずカノ! ~水着の彼女とHしよっ~ [130726] Etoiles In the future, the ice in the South Pole had melted, causing the global sea levels to rise. The popularity of swimsuits had exploded as people got accustomed to a life next to the sea. One of the top-selling swimsuit makers bought one of the new islands Takaojima and built a research school there. At this dormitory school, those who help out with creating new swimsuits do not have to pay a portion of their tuition. Kaito returned to Takaojima, where he had once lived on when he was a child, on a personal request from his father to help collect impressions from girls trying out a new series of swimsuits planned for a competitive show. The results would be used to help develop better swimsuits. His father lent him a cat-shaped robot called Noritama, which is connected to the company internal network and has the special ability of breaking down swimsuits to the particle level and reforming them into new ones. Will he be able to create the best swimsuit ever with the girls’ help? It's not a full-scale moege or swimsuit fetish work due to substantial common route and individual routes, but it's still somewhere near. 10. Namaiki Delation ナマイキデレーション [130726] Madosoft Shinjuurou managed to avoid supplementary lessons by passing the make-up test. However, his joy was fleeting, as he was tricked by his teacher to be a member of the cultural festival committee. Since there was no one else there, he had to find other members to join as well… but why are all those joined so cheeky? Scenario is subtle and routes vary in quality due to six writers. It's possible to find one or two good enough routes, but overall it's average. 11. Ore to Kanojo ga Mystery na Ken ni Tsuite 俺と彼女がミステリーな件について [130726] P.W. Ayumu is able to see and hear things that other people can’t. He used to be bothered by it as a child, but now he has become used to it. When his father got a long-term overseas appointment, they sold the house expecting that he would naturally come along with them. However, Ayumu told them that he would rather stay in Japan. They relented only when they found him a place at his aunt’s apartment in the countryside where he had lived as a child. Ayumu reunited with his cousin Touka and joined her mystery circle club at his new school. Every one of its members are quite interested in various mystery elements, from black magic to UFOs. The warmth and enjoyment that he felt in the club made him at ease and soon it became an irreplaceable thing to him. Picture is cute, but routes are unbalanced and each focusing some weird thing like UFO or demon summon and done poorly. 12. Otome Riron to Sono Shuuhen -Ecole de Paris- 乙女理論とその周辺 -Ecole de Paris- [130726] Navel 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 This is the sequel to Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou, taking place in Paris with imouto Resona as the main heroine. It continues from the bad ending in the original game, with Resona and Yuusei moving to Paris to attend École de Philia girl’s school after he could not longer attend the one in Japan. Once again he dresses up as the maid Asahi, although this time serving Resona. He gradually meets other girls there: the pure Meryl with promising talent, the welcoming ojousama Bluette, classmate Liliane, and fellow foreign student Dietlinde. Yuusei/Asahi chases after his dream, while Resona wishes for the courage to be independent. But can they achieve those goals in a difficult new world and their older brother possibly after them? In addition to the new story, the limited edition version includes after story of the 4 main heroines. Luna, Minato, Ursule, and Mizuho also appear as subcharacters. There are English reviews 13. Seihou no Prismgear 星逢のプリズムギア [130726] Elysion The floating university town of Nikkou Gakuen is located in Tokyo Bay. It is a place where researchers and users of ‘power gears’ train hard night and day. Power gears are a new type of energy, allowing users to change into power assist suits. Shuu attends the school, aspiring to be an engineer. Joining up with the failing student Satsuki, will they be able to make it to the top at the school’s gear battle tournament? Setting is complicated enough and story good enough to enjoy till the end. SOL scenes are boring, but battle scenes compensate for that. Writer is a professional novelist. Momentum dulls by the middle and there may be lack of excitement, but it's still a very good game. 14. Senjin Otome -Makina ni Yadorishi Kokoro ga Negau wa...- 戦刃乙女 -マキナに宿りし心が願うは…- [130726] Debo no Su Seisakusho Takato lives alone since his parents are hardly in the house due to work. He enjoys a pleasant school life with his osananajimi Akane and best friend Shuuichirou. One day, he received a delivery the size of a coffin from his parents, inside of which was a sleeping naked girl. She was accompanied by a note telling him to seek out the truth with her. At that time, the girl opened her eyes and his fate began to change. Action 15. Tojita Sekai no Tori Colony 閉じたセカイのトリコロニー [130726] Tiny Bell 1 2 3 4 This is the first game by Tiny Bell, a sister company of bonbon-company. Minato was confessed to by the new transfer student Nodoka who he had just met. This day was one that he had been longing for. There were awkward and embarrassing moments at first, but he gradually became charmed by her and enjoyed a comfortable relationship surprising to his classmates and osananajimi. A month later, they spent the night together and they promised not to forget each other since they loved each other so much. When he woke up, he found himself back on the morning of the confession. There are English reviews 16. Yes, Your Highness [130726] Tiny Bell 1 A war had continued for a long long time in a certain country. With peace and order lost, it was no longer the happiest country in the world and poor people filled the streets. It had become difficult for people to see hope in their futures. At that time, Munakata was called the hero of the country – never having suffered a defeat in any battle. The new post which was bestowed upon him was not in the blood-stained and mud-caked battlefield, but rather in a faintly-fragrant and extravagantly-decorated mansion. His duty was to protect the royal princess Sakurako while she spends her days sheltered away from the outside world. There is an English review BLOCKED 1. Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! A-2 真剣で私に恋しなさい!A-2 [130712] Minato Soft 1 2 3 A fandisc featuring routes for Seiso and Cookie 4 IS, as well as an after story for Monshiro. Fandisc
  3. Gensou no Idea ~Oratorio Phantasm Historia~ is my choice for the month with another great titles being Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi. and Futagoza no Paradox . Clephas backed the last one back then and also Natsukumo Yururu which is too loli to even consider for me. Micchi throws four more colorful titles in. 1. Rou-Kyuu-Bu! Himitsu no Otoshimono ロウきゅーぶ! ひみつのおとしもの [130620] Vridge Inc. Continuation of basketball team struggle. Anime Spin-Off 2. Bunny Black 3 [130621] SofthouseChara 1 2 3 After marrying the maou, the adventurer Darks became a maou himself. One day, while he was doing his job as a maou, an observer Macdo came from the demon world. She deemed his abilities to be insufficient and ordered him to build a town to prove himself. It was an arduous task, but with the help of his numerous wives, daughters and other girls, and his deep desire to do it for them, he was determined to get the job done. But with attacks from resistance forces and scheming from the heavens, will he be able to succeed? RPG has English reviews 3. Date A Live: Rinne Utopia デート・ア・ライブ 凛祢ユートピア [130627] Compile Heart 1 Thirty years ago a strange phenomena called a "spacequake" devastated the center of Eurasia, claiming the lives of at least 150 million people. Since then, smaller spacequakes plague the world on an irregular basis. Itsuka Shido, a seemingly ordinary high schooler comes across a mysterious girl at the ground zero of a spacequake and learns from his sister Kotori she is one of the "Spirits" who are the real cause of the spacequakes that occur when they manifest themselves in the world. He also learns that Kotori is the captain of the airship Fraxinus, crewed by the organization Ratatoskr, and is recruited to make use of his mysterious ability to seal the Spirits' powers thus stopping them from being a threat to mankind. However, there is a catch: to seal a Spirit, he must make her fall in love with him and kiss her. Anime Spin-Off 4. Akabanzu ~Real na Sekai de Boku ga Kimi ni Dekiru Koto~ あかばんず~リアルな世界で僕が君にできること~ [130628] Bonbon Company 1 Kenta was a normal guy until he was introduced to the popular MMO Alpha. Since then, he’s been totally addicted to it, glued to the game except when he is sleeping (at school). The game basically took over every minute of his life. All his friends and classmates, and even his childhood friend, didn’t talk to him any more. However, this didn’t concern him as all he needed were his friends on Alpha, the ‘god players’, who are just as addicted as him. One day, the GM offered a special mission to the players and he pulled an all-nighter and cleared it. His satisfaction from completing the quest was quickly replaced with despair as a voice told him that he was too addicted to the game and his character was deleted. The fruits of 3000 game hours had been wiped out in an instant and he felt as if his soul had left him. Suddenly, a beautiful girl appeared before him. She introduced herself as a civil servant and that he will be enrolled in a rehabilitation program for people addicted to MMOs. Of course, he was angry that his precious character had been deleted, so she told him that if he completed the program, he would be able to get his character back. Immediately, he agreed to join without fully understanding what lies in store for him. There is an English review 5. Berry's [130628] Sphere 1 2 3 It's almost the summer holidays. The protagonist, Houkou Hayao, decides that he wants a part time job, and accepts a job interview at the family restaurant, Berry's. On the same day as the job interview, Hayao has a chance meeting with a certain young lady. That young lady- whose shoulders were trembling in fury- bursts out of the job interview room, and binge eats at Berry's. She drags him around and he ended up hanging around with her for a while, but he never found out what made her so upset. On top of that, when he gets home, he finds out that his younger sister, Yuuka, has found out that he got a job without permission. On the day of the job, he learns that there is another new employee. It turns out to be the binge-eating girl he met on the day of his interview, and she is introduced as Morikubo Yuna. A variety of other unique co-workers come to introduce themselves. The petite twins, Satou Haruki and Natsuki. There's Makinosawa Ena, though younger, is fine with bantering and teasing Hayao. Then there's the athletic and energetic Izuno Youko. That is the start of Hayao's hectic, but fun work life. The summer holidays is just around the corner. Surrounded by gorgeous girls in uniform, so begins Hayao's summer story. There are English reviews 6. BRAVA!! [130628] Sweetlight The previous theater owner had once said that heroines are on the stage. However, now the seats are mostly empty (aside from couples making out in public) and the schedule remains unfilled. Sisters Shizuku and Minamo inherited the theater and wished to bring it back to its glory days as they promised their grandfather on his death bed. They asked their childhood friend Hiroto for help in bringing back the ‘heroines’ on stage. However, the gathered theatrical members are all peculiar in their own ways… Will he be able to successfully lead them to a box office hit? Light fun youth growth success story. Overall it's a high quality game with nice atmosphere, but that alone without outstanding features is not enough for a masterpiece. 7. Drapeko! ~Onedari Dragon to Oppai Yuusha~ どらぺこ! ~おねだりドラゴンとおっぱい勇者~ [130628] Alice Soft 1 2 Mermaids, ogres, unicorns and other fantastical beings are much stronger than humans and possess abundant knowledge and wisdom. They lend their aid and guidance to human beings, who in turn worship their benefactors. One of the human nations, the Dragon Valley, reached power and prosperity via the blessing of the strongest of the fantastical beings – the dragons. One day Esto, the prince of the Dragon Valley, had a fateful encounter with a nameless dragon girl. He named her Kuu, and she promised to aid him in time of need in exchange for his help in granting her most important wish. Years later, when coup d’état put an end to Esto's carefree life, Kuu came back to fulfill her promise. There is an English review 8. Fureraba ~Friend to Lover~ フレラバ ~Friend to Lover~ [130628] Smee 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Springtime. The season of cherry blossoms, and a time of new beginnings, new encounters, and new people. For Aoba Kyousuke, this new season marks the start of his second year in high school, and after taking a moment to reflect and looking at the friends around him...All he can find is a dumbass too horny for his own good, and can't get over his strange fetish for lizard-humanoid creatures. Sure enough, he enjoys hanging out with them, and he wouldn't even think of giving it up, but something feels missing. A precious, valuable part of everyone's adolescence, and something he might just miss out on at this rate... What is that something? Why, love of course. So upon realizing this, he shouts to the world- "I WANT A GIRLFRIEND!" He'll need to give it his all, of course, because he knows that love does not just come to those who wait. Game is localized and has English reviews 8. Futagoza no Paradox 双子座のパラドクス [130628] Cotton Soft 1 2 3 4 Eiman Gakuen is the only school which has a program to help develop the special abilities of the students. A pair of twins Souji and Souichi attend the school with their childhood friends Natsuki and Haruki, as well as other friends. However, their normal days came to an abrupt end when one day after school, a thunderbolt struck the school and sent Souji, Natsuki, Ao and the entire school itself to another dimension. There are English reviews 9. Gensou no Idea ~Oratorio Phantasm Historia~ 幻創のイデア~Oratorio Phantasm Historia~ [130628] 3rdEye 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Seven years ago during the great disaster Naglfar Night, a shift in the Earth’s crust caused the land to be inundated by the sea, washing away the soil and drastically altering the world. A great tear in the crust known as the ‘parallel out’ emitted noxious gases which hardened the skin of humans, causing them to crumble into dust. This spelled the end of tens of thousands of people. Those that were not affected moved away from the capital, which was ravaged by the disaster, to rebuild. After some time, they created a cure known as AS9 for those who were affected by the noxious gases. This allowed people to move back to the capital. Yuuma is one of those who now live within in the capital, while Akashi is a mysterious boy who lived in an area abandoned after the disaster. Their fated meeting would bring forth many unfortunate events. There are English reviews 10. Grimoire no Shisho 魔導書の司書 [130628] Astronauts: Alya 1 Magic exists in the world of Grand Esteca. There’s a magic library in the town of Altrium where all books of sorcery are kept. There resides a closely guarded book 30 floors underneath the library: the powerful book of sorcery, Grimoire, within which was sealed the demon who unleashed his fury in a war long ago. However, now he is merely a perverted demon with no dignity whatsoever. The librarian Mihai loves reading books and came upon and became friends with Grimoire. He respected the demon despite his current situation due to his immense magical knowledge. However, one day, someone stole these pages of knowledge from Grimoire and they ended up dispersed in other continents. It might cause a new world war to break out. Concerned about the situation, the sage Maynard ordered Mihai to recover the pages. There is an English review 11. Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi. 君と彼女と彼女の恋。 [130628] Nitroplus 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Life is like a staircase. You just gotta keep climbing. Otherwise, if you start to overthink it, you'll have trouble taking the next step. Shinichi wants nothing more than to lead a quiet life. Though he was once close friends with Miyuki, the most popular girl in school, his desire for normalcy now keeps them from being anything more than classmates. Everything changes, however, one day on the roof, when the class oddball, Aoi, suddenly tries to kiss him. Miyuki appears just in time to stop her, but afterward, Shinichi feels the urge to bring some light to this friendless girl's eyes. He enlists Miyuki's aid, and thus, a trio is born. The days pass, and little by little, Aoi learns what it means to be friends. But at the same time, long-dormant feelings awaken in Miyuki's heart. As the distance between her and Shinichi shrinks, the hard-earned bonds the three share begin to fray. Miyuki or Aoi-when the time comes, which will Shinichi choose? Game is localized and has English reviews 12. Natsukumo Yururu なつくもゆるる [130628] Sumikko Soft 1 2 3 4 After an outbreak of a new strain of pharyngoconjunctival fever, a group of students at boarding school are ordered to stay within the school facilities for two weeks at the beginning of summer vacation, as the virus may still be residing in their systems. Touma Shin, one of the students forced to remain at school, soon finds himself cast out of his room in the dead of night over something petty. Wandering around the campus in attempt to calm his nerves, he is suddenly threatened by a mysterious gothloli girl brandishing a shovel. Now, here's the thing - all of the girls being kept at the school come across as extremely young in terms of both physical appearance and height. What exactly is the meaning behind this? Well, the answer will become clear in due time... There are English reviews 13. Nosferatu no Omocha☆彡 ノスフェラトゥのオモチャ☆彡 [130628] ICHIGO Fizz 1 Due to the pandemic ‘bloodlust’, 99.9% of the world’s population had become ‘spirit takers’. Hibiki is one of the remaining humans spends every day in fear of the predatory takers. One time he was saved by the Nosferatu, the divine ancestor of the spirit takers. He enrolled in the Ashina First Girl’s School, where the Nosferatu family attends, to pay back their kindness. However, all the students and teachers are takers, so it was an extremely dangerous place for him. The Nosferatu asked him to teach them about love. Then, he found out that his scent and bodily fluids attracted spirit takers and made them excited, and this effect extended even to the Nosferatu. They made him live with them at their dorm in order to ‘protect’ him, but in reality… has he become their toy? There is an English review 14. Otome wa Karen ni Koi ni Mai! 乙女は可憐に恋に舞いっ! [130628] Klein During one lunch break, Tomoki dozed off in a corner of the school courtyard and woke up on the lap of a beautiful girl he hadn’t seen before. The next day, the girl Naori joined his class to retake the second year of school which she missed due to illness. Not soon thereafter, his friend Minagi and kouhai Hazuki joined the ‘ruling party’ that Naori revived to keep the over-earnest student council led by her best friend Erika in check. He finds himself unwillingly caught in the middle of all of this. An ordinary school club story with weak writing and lack of explanation. Only worth playing for particular heroines. 15. Prestar ~Precious Star's Festival~ プレスタ!~Precious☆Star’sフェスティバル~ [130628] Atelier Kaguya Fortissimo FF Hibikinomori Gakuen is a huge school with a wide variety of specializations, some of them quite different from standard ones. Yoshitaka is in the general education curriculum, but he felt like he had made no precious memories since entering the school. His best friend Suminao jokingly suggested that he be the producer for this year’s Precious☆Star’s Festival (also known as Prestar), the flashy concert which is the focus of the school festival. He was able to get the position with some difficulty, but what surprised him was that all the performers were all-stars: a highly-popular top idol, a world-famous pianist, a pro mangaka/illustrator and a promising Olympian in rhythmic gymnastics. Will he be able to make Prestar a success? Atelier Kaguya always bears strong nukige tilt, but with enough cuteness poured in they made a moege out of this. Still nothing to boast of. 16. Sensui-bu! せんすいぶ! [130628] Escu:de In this country where it’s slightly warmer due to global warming, the hottest thing is a new female-only water sport called "sensui", where girls ride torpedo-like high-performance mini-subs called ‘MAV’s and try to knock down their opponents by shooting special water attacks at them. The sensui team at Aosaki Academy doesn’t have enough members nor do they perform well in competitions. However, the club leader Maasa is determined to turn around the fortunes of the school by enlisting a sensui ace Mito to the team. The four girls (Mito, Alice, Maasa, Rikoko) are managed by a male coach, Riku, whose dream of becoming a sensui player was dashed due to the gender restriction. Together, they aim to compete and win the national competition, the Wassergrahl. TBS 17. Zutto Sukishite Takusan Sukishite ずっとすきして たくさんすきして [130628] Onomatope* 1 2 3 Tokito borrows a book from the library about how to make any girl your girlfriend. Stare at them with confidence for 10 seconds, and they will become yours! But will it really work? Can anything be that simple? And who will Tokito choose? He tries it out on every girl he knows, his childhood friends Koharu and Raika, the quiet librarian Serina, the wealthy and beautiful Touma, even the mysterious girl Kokona, whom he only knows online. It really works! Now that Tokito has so many girls hearts, who will he choose to make his girlfriend? There are English reviews
  4. Foreword: I know I'm supposed to be finally reviewing Second Novel, but I give up. It has heavy gameplay elements and I'm stuck there at some point even with walkthrough, so I probably need to waste 10 more hours brute-forcing it, which I totally don't intend to do. Wanted to record at least short stories, but they aren't in the form of visual novel - just scanned light novels or whatever in vertical format and manual page flipping, no text hooking for them. As for Astelight games,I recorded all of them in just one day (and a week more for copyright clearing), so it's a breather compared to the horrible mess of Second Novel. Synopsis: In the midst of a deep fog shrouding a ‘station’ somewhere in the barren wasteland of an unknown world stood a strange giant machine. Two people traveled around the universe in it and gave dubious performances until the carriage stopped. The two people are chairman of the group Okikaze B. and his companion Sharue . One day they tried to make the station go again and could not stop it anymore. It was difficult to maintain the station at first, but they managed. From then on days of turmoil began for them. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwGwDxf37gEm8QcMtHn0ivhFpQC5Tgq1v Character Design rating: 7/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 7/10 Game quality: 7/10 Overall rating: 7/10 Last raiL-soft works are difficult to talk about. First of all, they are quarter-price and very short. Debut story is less than 5-hours long while biggest last one is sitting around 9 hours. But the main problem is that game is a bakage in its ultimate form. It does not really try to tell a coherent story, so it's just a pure fantasy flow with synopsis as a starting point. Setting is made crazy on purpose to erase all possible boundaries. All characters are weirdos without exception, so any kind of empathy or character development is not possible. Debut game was announced just two weeks before release. With this kind of attitude, Mareni had all the freedom he needed. Protagonists are actually different for every game, but a lot of characters are inter-exchanged, and Okikase appears in every game thus creating continuity. System is traditional raiL-soft, so if you played one their game, you know them all all system-wise. H tilt is really big, and pretty much any scene can spontaneously turn into such situation. By the end of the third game even some corruption themes flash. Astelight games are a fusion of Albatross Koukairoku and Seven-Bridge. Albatross comes up naturally as it's the same writer, the same company and same unbounded craziness. But I absolutely can't stand Albatross and like Astelight. The reason is that Albatross is gloomy, repulsive, dark. Seven-Bridge is same adventurous, light and crazy while sharing the same flying railroad theme, but there are also a lot of differences like writing and especially concept. Seven-Bridge had a clear concept divided by chapters and moving to a set goal while Astelight does not care about such trifles as structure. As for humor, in Astelight I felt like watching a series of perverted sketches with only part of them being amusing. As a result, I can't rate a game with such vague concept more than a minor masterpiece, but it's perfect for times when I just want to turn head off and see something light, but not stupid, sweet or vulgar.
  5. With PSP titles there are over 20 normal releases in May. I doubt anything can overshadow finale of Grisaia no Rakuen . Jesus 13th -Ushinawareta Gakuen- , Reminiscence , Tsukiakari Lunch and ChuSinGura 46+1 make fantastic debuts. Clephas highlighted Reminiscence . Micchi adds Magical Charming and Yumekoi to the mix and Zen among others seems to follow Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica F . 1. Grisaia no Rakuen グリザイアの楽園 -LE EDEN DE LA GRISAIA- [130524] Frontwing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A boy trying to find the paradise he once lost arrived in a secluded garden at the end of the world, where he found five girls. Not knowing himself what the result would be, he took out five seeds and distributed them to the girls, driven by a sense of duty and perhaps even the faintest murmurings of something like hope. One by one, the girls planted the seeds they had been entrusted with in the ground around them, waiting for the day when they would bear fruit. But whether or not this day will come remains to be seen - everything hinges on one final struggle to learn where a true paradise is to be found. Our story picks up immediately after the events of Grisaia no Meikyuu, with Kazami Yuuji having been detained for suspected involvement with an international terrorist organization, lead by Heath Oslo, that has managed to enter Japan's borders with a devastating new weapon of mass destruction in hand. Meanwhile, at Mihama Academy, the remaining students find themselves with time running out - due to financial issues, the school is set to close within the month. Over the past year, though, the girls of Mihama have finally begun to find their own legs, thanks to Yuuji's involvement - are they really just going to bury their heads in the sand and let the world change around them? And are they really willing to let the man who changed their lives slip away without so much as trying to win him back? As the end of their time at Mihama Academy approaches, Amane, Makina, Sachi, Yumiko, and Michiru find themselves arriving at a single conclusion. How much a group of students can do in the face of countries and organizations far bigger than any individual could hope to be remains to be seen. In the first place, Yuuji's position is far more complicated than any of them could have imagined, as he finds himself embroiled in an elaborate game of super-political chess revolving around both himself and an inconceivable new system slumbering in the depths of CIRS - a system that Yuuji may have more of a connection to than he thinks. One thing is for certain, though - the girls of Mihama are no longer willing to let the world steal things away from them without at least a bit of resistance first. And with help from a mysterious individual known only as Thanatos, they may just achieve their goal... The final chapter in the Grisaia series, featuring Prologue De La Grisaia, a prologue set before Yuuji's arrival at Mihama; Blanc Aile no Tane, the overarching story's grand conclusion; a smorgasbord of bonus eroscenes; and an after story to the events of Blanc Aile no Tane. There are English reviews 2. Koi Shiyo? 恋しよっ? [130524] Triplethreat 1 The government took drastic measures to combat the falling birth rate and created Kukuri Gakuen, nicknamed ‘Renai Gakuen’, as a model case to promote love between students. Yuuki’s parents did not outwardly show their love towards each other, so he was never interested in love. However, he was suddenly chosen to attend ‘Renai Gakuen’ despite his wishes. In this school, students receive bracelets, called "rings", which they must exchange with another student they want to date. Their exchange is like a confession and the evidence of shared love. There is an English impression 3. Ojou-sama wa Gokigen Naname お嬢様はご機嫌ナナメ [130524] ensemble 1 2 3 4 5 Hajime had been Nanami’s loyal servant ever since her family took him and his younger sister Hana in after their parents passed away. Every day, he fends off the succession of men from noble families who come to propose to her. One day, Nanami came to their run-down apartment and asked him to teach her the life of the common people. At the same time, a fellow student at Tenshouin Academy, Otoha, asked for his advice in becoming an idol, and Nanami’s cool friend Touka also started acting weird. Then the daughter of the Naname group’s rival corporation, Shiaya, proposed to him all of a sudden. What will happen to him? There are English reviews 4. Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica ~Farewell Song~ 神曲奏界ポリフォニカ ~Farewell Song~ [130524] Ocelot A cave-in at a certain ruins resulted in the complete loss of the excavation party affiliated with Maynard University. It happened when they took out ‘something’ from the sarcophagus deep inside. Afterwards, two young girls who were actually founder spirits, Richelie and Esther, visited Phoron and Corticarte and warned them that the spirit-eating ‘harvester’ has awakened. I lost count of Red Polyphonica titles and plotline a long time ago 5. Shitsuji ga Aruji o Erabu Toki 執事が姫を選ぶとき [130524] PeasSoft 1 2 The private Katsuranomiya Academy is a school full of girls from noble families. Naoya enrolled in the school as a butler on a scholarship and met five rich ladies known as the ‘cinq roses’. They came from different backgrounds, from being a princess to being the daughter of a famous acting family, but they all had something in common. They all are either S or M! Which of them will he choose to serve? There is an English impression 6. Touhikou Game 逃避行GAME [130524] Ex-iT One day during class, Akito gazed outside the window and mumbled to himself: “… I want to run away somewhere”. “That sounds good, where shall we go?”. He was surprised by the response and looked over to see his classmate in the neighbouring seat smiling at him. He had never talked to her before, but those words made him want to attain his hidden wishes. His life changed greatly from that day on. He met a strange girl Nia who seemed to be chased by someone in an alley, was approached by a foreigner Norm who took a liking to him, made friends with a traveler Korone who was passing by on a trip, and was closely monitored by his imouto Mirika who thought he was acting suspicious lately. Thanks to this ‘running away game’ which his classmate Renna had proposed, there are no more boring days. However, he still had a wish to find someone who he loves and run away together to somewhere far away. Escape game with a girl divided into two main routes. The gist of the game is to realize girl's circumstances and help her fulfil her need. There's not much happening, and scenario feels half-finished without the strong core. 7. Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient コープスパーティー 2 [130529] Grindhouse 1 The nightmare has returned five years after the events of Corpse Party: Blood Drive with an average junior high school student, Ayame Itou, suddenly finding her life turned upside down in the most unsettling way possible. Upon waking from a coma strapped to an operating table in a ransacked and seemingly abandoned hospital called “Amare Patriarcha Crucis,” Ayame realizes she’s locked in without any means of escape and with virtually no memories of her past. She is, however, not quite as alone as she first thought. Others occupy the mysterious hospital, but whether they are friend or foe remains to be discovered. Remains to be discovered… Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient takes players on a dark and mysterious journey with Ayame and any other friendly faces she can find. Through the deserted halls of Amare Patriarcha Crucis, the party will solve inventory-based puzzles, collect medical charts of deceased patients, and avoid terrifying zombie-like pursuers in order to find much-needed answers, as well as—hopefully—a way out. Titled Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient NEUES in Japan, Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient is the definitive version of Dead Patient with updated graphics and additional scenarios. Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient exists as a standalone story within the Corpse Party series, allowing players to jump in regardless of their experience with past titles. Game is localized and has English reviews 8. Haiyore! Nyaruko-san Meijou Shigatai Game no You na Mono 這いよれ!ニャル子さん 名状しがたいゲームのようなもの [130530] MAGES. GAME The story of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san centers around Nyaruko, a formless Cthulhu-deity of chaos (Nyarlathotep) who can take on the shape of a seemingly ordinary silver-haired girl. Yasaka Mahiro is a normal high school boy who is being chased by a fearsome black alien one night, until Nyaruko saves him. She explains that the creatures from H. P. Lovecraft's works are actually races of aliens, and that she has been sent to Earth to protect him from being kidnapped by an alien trafficker. Eventually, Nyaruko and two other Lovecraft-creatures, Cthugha and Hastur, end up being freeloaders at Mahiro's place. Anime Spin-Off 9. Jansei Utahime Chrono★Star 雀聖歌姫 クロノ★スター [130530] BOOST ON Legendary idol Chrono used to fascinate people without revealing her personality and then retired. A few years later idol production "El Sista" is rumored to belong to the same branch as Chrono did. Girls start to compete as winner can learn the secret of Chrono. Again Mahjong PSP something 10. ChuSinGura 46+1 [130531] inre 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 The protagonist Fukami Suguha visits the historic graves of the forty-seven Akou rounin on New Year's Day, but suddenly blacks out while observing the solar eclipse. He wakes up in the body of an Edo period samurai with the same name and face. Suguha is forced to adjust to life in the year 1701 as history unfolds, while getting to know the forty-seven rounin, whose personal details closely match history--except that many of them are women. There are English reviews 11. End Sleep [130531] Lilac Soft Kazuki has lived an unlucky life. His parents passed away when he was young and his relationship with his adoptive parents did not last long. Now an university student, he took up a high-paying live-in part-time job in a mansion deep in the mountains despite being suspicious about it. When he got there, he met a beautiful girl who wondered if he would become her older brother. Not knowing what she meant by this, he chased after her into the mansion where many other people had gathered, all but one of whom were around his age. Their task was explained to them there: to live there while playing their assigned role. As foreseen by the girl from earlier, Sui, he was given the ‘older brother’ role, while she was the ‘imouto’. This strange life began without any problems, until one rainy night when the sound of glass breaking echoed through the mansion. They hurried towards the sound and found one of their own had been brutally murdered. The secrecy atmosphere is great. Hints are scattered in bad endings and afterstories. So good murder suspense story if you like this genre. Still setting could be utilized better, especially compared to Ashita Deatta Shoujo. 12. Fuuraiki 3 風雨来記3 [130531] FOG Chihiro Sakiki is a rookie reporter who’s still getting his feet wet. Enamored with the land of Hokkaido, he finally makes his way there in order to participate in the “Eimeiten,” a beginner’s division that’s part of a major contest in the publishing world known as the “Shinkouten.” Considered to be the industry’s equivalent of the Olympics, after an article produced for the Shinkouten catches his eye, he finds himself drawn to join the fray, thereby entering the world of publishing. While not without his worries, his excitement at the new adventures awaiting far outweigh those other sentiments. Unable to hold himself back, with his trusty camera on tow, he hops aboard his trusty motorcycle and heads off in search of the best photo he can take. As the third part in the series, you know what to expect - a melancholy road-trip with seeing real sceneries and meeting nice girls. 13. Jesus 13th -Ushinawareta Gakuen- ジーザス13th -喪失われた学園- [130531] Xuse 1 2 After a war which wiped out more than half of the world’s population and threatened the existence of the world itself, humans have become a bit kinder. Technology innovations from the war and the discovery of new resources helped overcome the scarcity of natural resources. The black ‘wall’ which had risen to the skies has disappeared, allowing people to return to their hometowns and rebuild their lives. This was when Makina was born. Many years later, Makina came to the elite private school Wadatsumi Gakuen perched on a cliff on the Bousou Peninsula’s large school town Yatoura-shi. He had been personally scouted and passed the entrance examination. Most graduates end up as part of the Amanor Group, which controls almost every industry in the post-war world. He had planned to be a lawyer, until one day he received a letter telling him that the school’s board chairman and his grandfather, David Almatar, had died a suspicious death. As the acting board chairman, he learned about the existence of the chosen ‘pearl princess’, who is to take the sacrament from the witch’s cave. However, many mysterious beings stand in their way. There is an English review 14. Love of Ren'ai Koutei of LOVE! らぶおぶ恋愛皇帝 of LOVE! [130531] Harukaze 1 2 School president (emperor) Lukina wins at everything no matter what it is. However, there’s one exception: love. She proclaimed her love for her childhood friend Akito in front of the whole school, and now many other girls are after him as well!? There are English reviews 15. Magical Charming! [130531] Lump of Sugar 1 2 3 4 Ritsu Natsumoto was unhappy because he had an unproductive summer vacation. One day he wakes up in a strange room where he meets a girl called Orietta, she reveals he is a magic user and takes him to Wizure Mahou Gakuin, a magical school. However, only girls should be able to use magic! Ritsu starts his new school life while investigating the reasons behind his power. There are English reviews 16. Matsuyuki no Hana ~Snow Drop~ 待雪の花 ~snow drop~ [130531] nostalabel Already fatherless and with no relatives, Kazushi and his sick younger sister Miyu move to a rundown apartment after the death of their mother. Kazushi then leaves school and seeks employment to pay for rent, food, and the medicine that allows his sister to carry on. Depressing work with H tilt amidst despair. 17. Qualiaffordance クオリアフォーダンス [130531] Shelf Kazuki is your typical shy boy who couldn’t turn down a request nor doubt others. However, after one summer vacation incident, he became able to see the ‘colours’ of other people’s emotions. Something deep in his heart warned him not to look at it. However, as he became closer to the heroines, the ordinary becomes the extraordinary. Game is animated and has four-episode hentai, so you can guess where its merit lies. With that cast aside, game has little to offer - rapid development, opportunism, sudden end. 18. Reminiscence レミニセンス [130531] Tigre Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Shimazu Hidetaka is the very definition of a broken man — the events of five years ago have left him with a broken family, a broken mind, and a broken spirit. And to add icing to the cake, he's pretty much broke. But a proposal from his saviour makes him decide to put the pieces of his life back together. Little did he know that he'd also start putting together a much larger jigsaw puzzle: one of Hopes and Dreams, lies and deceit, and the remnants of a long-forgotten era. There are English reviews 19. Shirogane Otome シロガネオトメ [130531] MANATSU_8 On a small hill located on the outskirts of Ibushi-chou stands the Shirogane Shrine. It is owned by the Hisakawa family, who take care of two girls… or rather, one girl and one trap. Yuki is a boyish maiden who is very popular among the students at Akishino Central School. Tsubasa is cute enough to be granted entrance to the girl’s school as an exception. They have been together since they were kids, so one can never find one without the other. Despite their genders, they sleep in the same room and play together. Even though Tsubasa viewed Yuki as being more than a friend, he would not let their relationship go beyond that. One day, while they were walking home, they came upon a starving miko Sarasa. She told them she was an exorcist who was chasing after a powerful apparition called the ‘maou’. Since there was a high possibility that the maou would infiltrate the school, she temporarily stayed at the shrine with them. She had Yuki’s full support since she wanted a change from everyday boring life. When Sarasa found out that there were students (including Yuki’s friends) who were possessed by other powerful apparitions at the school, she asked for Yuki’s help. Yuki gladly obliged since she loves bishoujos, and she even has a special ability which no one knows about. Yuri harem comedy parody. SOL scenes are somewhat boring and serious part remains a parody. Yuri harem is a rare genre on its own, and realization is worthy if you can stand all kinds of trap jokes that are inherited from previous trap game. 20. Tsukiakari Lunch 月あかりランチ [130531] Ex-One 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 One day Shiki Haruhiko came to his senses in an unknown place. Soon he learns that this is the Starlight Academy that exists only at night, and that it is impossible to escape from here. He comes to know four girls who came here from different worlds, and becomes their teacher. Another girl who calls herself "witch" suddenly appears and tells him that he must make the four girls graduate to fulfill their wishes to be able to return to his world himself. A girl from a world of endless war, Migiwa Fuyu. A girl from a world where machines manage humans lives, a world without any conflict, Sumeragi Natsuno. A girl from a world where people fight demons with swords and magic, Avril Poisson. And a girl who lost her memories, Aki. His four students are different from ordinary humans, with disordered senses of values and self-awareness. It may be more than Haruhiko can handle, so in order to gain confidence he declares: "I, the wizard of Oz, will grant your wishes!" There are English reviews 21. Yumekoi ~Yume Miru Mahou Shoujo to Koi no Jumon~ ゆめこい ~夢見る魔法少女と恋の呪文~ [130531] Parasol 1 Akira takes care of his younger sister Kurumi while their mother is away on business. One day a girl named Kurumi arrives and claims to be a magical girl from the magical world parallel to our own. She's the alternate reality version of his own sister Kurumi. Kurara, Kurumi's guardian mascot character arrives and explains to Akira that Kurumi has actually run away from home and she must bring her back! To make matters worse three Dream Flowers have followed her to our world. They have the power to make ordinary girls into magical girls and they must retrieve them at all cost. It's too late however because the missing Dream Flowers have already entered Akira's sister Kurumi and two of their friends, Sakuya and Mei and because our world is a world of science the magical power in them is out of control, they cause the girls to have overwhelming sexual desires. Now they must use their magic to make the flowers bloom in order to graduate from being magical girls and return the Dream Flowers to the magical world. There is an English review BLOCKED 1. Muv-Luv Alternative - Total Eclipse マブラヴ オルタネイティヴ トータル・イクリプス [130516] Age 1 2 Total Eclipse is set in the same world as Alternative, at Alaska's Yukon base, test site 18, where first-class staff from all over the world regardless of country gather to work on new Tactical Surface Fighters. The main characters are engineers and pilots and it features many TSFs that failed to show up in Alternative. Fandisc 2. Hai ka Ochiba ka Nakigara ka 灰か落葉か亡骸か [130519] Nekojita Renmei 1 The protagonist is a girl who has lost her father and she feels kinda crazy about it. She can't play her piano because she would remember her father and tremble in fear over it. But she meets a novelist in a park where supposedly the dead come to lay rest. They become friends, but the novelist seems to harbor something far deeper than the protagonist's angst. So she wants to help him instead. Doujin, but with an English review 3. Josou Kaikyou 女装海峡 [130531] Nounai Kanojo 1 Tajima Yukito needs to collect plant specimens for his research. Asking help from Hibiki. He comes to the island where Hibiki was born, but suddenly a storm causes their ship to crash. They awaken on an unknown island. They find two of Hibiki's friends who had gone missing, Fujikiri Nao and Munakata Meguru. Nao and Meguru say that they are trapped at secret location by the power of God. Possibly because Nao and Meguru did a ritual halfway. It's made it impossible for them to leave without finishing the ritual. According to old tradition in order to finish the ritual Yukito must mate with one of 3 traps, but Yukito is too embarrassed to do it. Now he must do it or they can't leave the island. Boys love trap game, but realized it too late, and there's kind of English impression
  6. Shoujo Shin'iki ~ Shoujo Tengoku -The Garden of Fifth Zoa- is the only thing that stands out in April for me. Clephas featured Windows release of Yaneura no Kanojo . Micchi in addition promotes Hitotsu Tobashi Ren'ai , Unmei Yohou o Oshirase Shimasu and even dating sim LOVELY×CATION2 1. Jansei Gakuen Chrono★Magic 雀聖学園 クロノ★マジック [130418] BOOST ON There is a legend in a public magic school that whoever enters an underground warehouse loses consciousness and awakens with time rewinded to the moment of entering the warehouse. Does monster Chrono-san really exist? Mahjong PSP something 2. Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon Portable 境界線上のホライゾン PORTABLE [130425] Tenky 1 In the far future, humans abandon a devastated Earth and travel to outer space. However, due to an unknown phenomenon that prevents them from traveling into space, humanity returns to Earth only to find it inhospitable except for Japan. To accommodate the entire human population, pocket dimensions are created around Japan to house the populace. In order to find a way to return to outer space, the humans begin reenacting human history according to the Holy Book Testament. But in the year 1413 of the Testament Era, the nations of the pocket dimensions invade and conquer Japan, dividing the territory into feudal fiefdoms and forcing the original inhabitants of Japan to leave. It is now the year 1648 of the Testament Era, the refugees of Japan now live in the city ship Musashi, where it constantly travels around Japan while being watched by the Testament Union, the authority that runs the re-enactment of history. However, rumors of an apocalypse and war begins to spread when the Testament stops revealing what happens next after 1648. Taking advantage of this situation, Tori Aoi, head of Musashi Ariadust Academy's Supreme Federation and President of the student council, leads his classmates to use this opportunity to regain their homeland. Anime Spin-Off 3. Guardian ☆ Place ~Do S na Imouto to 3-nin no Yome~ Guardian☆Place ~ドエスな妹と3人の嫁~ [130426] SkyFish In another world, beings known as ‘guardians’ live in harmony with humans. Since those who have the best guardians have the brightest futures, everyone wishes to have the best guardian. Yuuki doesn’t have any relatives, working part-time day and night just to make enough money to attend school. One day, a maid who called herself his imouto appeared before him and abducted him into a waiting private jet. There he was greeted by a stern-faced old man on the monitor, who revealed that Yuuki was actually the grandson of the head of the industry leader of the guardian industry, the Ootori Group. After the death of his son a few years ago, he wanted to pass on the Group to Yuuki, since he was the only remaining male relative. Yuuki was excited at his sudden good luck, however he was told that incompetence would not be tolerated. He was enrolled into the extremely famous guardian school Suzakukou to become a ‘guardian master’, but… isn’t this a girl’s school? Three girls Ouka, Itsuki and Neon all claimed to be his future wife, and they all ended up living together with him at the dormitory. The sharp-tongued imouto maid Aoi was also there, and she told him that in order not to disappoint his grandfather, he should win the school’s upcoming guardian tournament. These guardians are only featured in the beginning and lose meaning afterwards. Story is fast-paced without explanations, so all those battle, summoning and romance elements become a mess. H tilt is also excessive for me (there is even one case of tentacles). 4. Hitotsu Tobashi Ren'ai ひとつ飛ばし恋愛 [130426] ASa Project 1 2 3 4 Kazuki returned to his hometown after three years away accompanying his father while he worked in another city. He was excited to reunite with his sisters, osananajimi and buddy, but moreover, he wanted to get a girlfriend! It is the goal of every young boy. Maybe his wish was heard by the heavens, but he met four bishoujos… all of whom were friends of his friends and family!? There are English reviews 5. Hyakka Ryouran Elixir 百花繚乱エリクシル [130426] AXL 1 The ‘patrolling messengers’ monitored the feudal lords in the kingdom for the emperor. They were orphans who were raised personally by the emperor himself, and only the best of the best were able to be named as one. However, the feudal lords knew that so long as they did not commit any grave crimes, the messengers would not take any action. Moreover, since they were not related to the royal family, they were easily coerced by others’ political strengths. Bloom had been a messenger for the past 3 years and he finally had been assigned to his own area, but it was in the middle of nowhere. This was because a great noble had bought the lands out of spite after he was reported for illegal gathering of wealth. Nevertheless, he still accepted his position and vowed to do the best for the kingdom. The area he was to patrol was an idyllic village, with friendly people and a proud princess living in a crumbling castle. At first, he earnestly did his job, increasing the taxes and investigating any secret contact with neighbouring countries, but he gradually he felt like he wanted to live in this town with them. Moreover, he wanted to bring great wealth to the town and revitalize it. There is an English review 6. Koiseyo!! Imouto Banchou 恋せよ!!妹番長 [130426] Latte 1 After his father’s death, Jin was separated from his 365 imoutos and ended up living overseas. He told them to live ‘strongly’ until he comes back to them. Ten years later, he reunited with his imoutos in Japan… and they are all banchous!? Not only that, but it was said that the strongest imouto will become oniichan’s bride. Could it be that they misunderstood what he said? There is an English review (luckily, because such setting is the new bottom) 7. Love La Bride ラブらブライド [130426] ChuableSoft 1 Kenji accidentally kissed Misaki and that meant that he had to marry her according to her family’s customs. However, she had no intention of marrying someone who she did not love and moreover, is a commoner. She suggested to live together for 3 months, after which she’ll tell her parents that she tried to live with a commoner, but it was impossible. However, four other girls also ended up living with them: his imouto Nao, osananajimi Hitomi, senpai Haruka, and Misaki’s maid Sasha. Moreover, they’re all pretending to be his fiancée. What will happen in these upcoming 3 months? There is an English review 8. Lovely x Cation 2 [130426] Hibiki Works 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Spring has come again and the protagonist has moved into a new home by himself after his parents transfered elsewhere for their jobs. Everyone went smoothly until he received a prediction at a shrine which he had come upon: “Go find the one who will become your partner for life. Otherwise, you will live a cruel life”. However, a non-assertive man like him didn’t know anything about love. At such an critical juncture in his life, will he be able to summon up the courage to find himself a girl? There are English reviews 9. Madou Koukaku ~Yami no Tsuki Megami wa Doukoku de Utau~ 魔導巧殻 ~闇の月女神は導国で詠う~ [130426] Eushully 1 2 3 4 Melkia empire is one of the five great countries in the middle of the continent, ruled by an emperor and four skilled field marshals. Its east provinces are constantly under attack from an old enemy, Yun Gasol alliance. When one of the four marshals dies in a battle, enraged emperor sends reinforcements to the region, and being a part of it Weisheit, the protagonist, now have to defend his homeland as a military commander. RTS has English reviews 10. Nai Mono Nedari wa Mou Oshimai ナイものねだりはもうお姉妹 [130426] Aries Musashi lives with his older sisters Nanami and Misaki, who often use him to their advantage. Lately he’s been getting closer to his cousins Kazuha and Honoka who live next door. It’s like they’re part of his family, or are they like lovers? Either way, every day is full of happiness. One day, Honoka suddenly confesses to Musashi that she loved him ever since she was born, asking him to become her groom! Suddenly, the delicate balance has been broken and each girl aimed to claim him as their own. Game's short and scenario non-existent. It's everything you expect of a moege. 11. Shoujo Shin'iki ~ Shoujo Tengoku -The Garden of Fifth Zoa- 少女神域∽少女天獄 -The Garden of Fifth Zoa- [130426] Lass 1 2 Shun has always wondered what was on the other side of the stone walls surrounding and beyond the tunnel out of Kaijou-shi ever since he was a child. However, he never ventured out since every time there was an opportunity to do so, he fell ill or there was some family business. After he graduated from Seihoukan Gakuen, he decided right then to leave his hometown. The next spring, he received a call from his mother, asking him to come back for the Seikousai festival which he had always attended since he was small. His family kept the items for the festival, but this year’s event will be even bigger than normal. His imouto Sana and osananajimi Yuki both had been chosen as the miko for the kagura dance. As he was returning back to Kaijou-shi on the train, he reflected on why he left his hometown. He had found nothing special on the other side, just the beginning of a new life. However, it felt like he had lost something along the way. Then he could hear his osananajimi’s gentle voice: “Shun-chan, it’s been a while since you’ve been back”. He felt like those words livened his spirits and comforted his heart. Another controversial work from Lass. World-building is great, and characters are inspiring. What everyone blames is scenario as there is very little explanation for this dark setting, and a lot of elements develop randomly in disjoint till the end. As any mystery work, it's more interesting while mystery lasts. I might review it myself if there is nothing in 2013 in more dire need of a review. 12. Unmei Yohou o Oshirase Shimasu 運命予報をお知らせします [130426] Yonaki Uguisu 1 2 The ‘red string mail’ is quite a popular good luck charm among the girls at Shimei Gakuen. If one sends an e-mail to a certain address, it would be received by someone else in the school. It was said that the receiver is the fated partner of the sender, and if they ended up together thanks to the ‘red string mail’, then they would be happy together forever. One day, a request was sent to the executive club to find out the truth behind this rumour. The girls happily obliged and sent out a ‘red string mail’. At the same time, Souichirou decided to run for the school’s general election, not for the school or the students, but to put an end to his boring school life. He then received the ‘red string mail’ from the girls. Not just one, but every single one which was sent by the girls in the executive club went to him. The girls played it off as just a joke and they all continued on with their own lives. It’s just a simple good luck charm after all, isn’t it? But having known who their fated partner is, they couldn’t help but start to have feelings for him. There are English reviews 13. Yumeiro Alouette! ゆめいろアルエット! [130426] Mana 1 2 3 A long time ago, Kaname had a pendant which could grant any wish, but he has since forgotten what he had wished for. Now he is enjoying a busy student life at Zuichou Gakuen. One day, his osananajimi Yuu ordered him to sneak into the student council room at night to falsify the news club’s budget. However, he was busted by the student council leader Yuzuki herself. Then she said something strange: “Ah I see, you’re the first one”. From that day on, his surroundings began to change. The new transfer student Suzume claimed to be his fiancée, his kouhai Mihane became his imouto, and a maid Kirara came to serve him. There are English reviews BLOCKED 1. Horobi Kuchiru Sekai ni Tsuioku no Hanataba o ~ present for you ~ 滅び朽ちる世界に追憶の花束を ~present for you~ [130402] Kyoushuu Hanaya 1 I've decided to throw it all away. My riches, my standing, my glory - and my beloved family. I shall leave them all behind, taking my leave of this era. *** This is a bouquet of memories in remembrance of a broken, decaying world— A collection of tales of glorious times to come, and the people who live there— And the tale of a foolish man who shall travel through time to see them all, driven by a burning wish. The lives of the women he shall meet are but mayflies in the inexorable flow of time - but how did they live, in those fleeting moments? What did they think of, and what did they try to accomplish? To me, people's lives are like precious flowers; people spend their lives trying to reach full bloom. I have tried to infuse these stories with the beauty and vivacity of such flowers - welcome to my nostalgic flower shop. Doujin has English reviews 2. Tsuisou no Augment 終奏のオーグメント [130419] Jirai Soft 1 A fandisk of Tsuisou no Augment. Written in different kanji but still read "Tsuisou no Augment". The game features after stories for each 3 heroines, and routes for Kawashima Hideya's older sister Kawashima Youko, Susonobe Nami's older sister Susonobe Minami, and the Shinigami Augment. Fandisc 3. Maro no Kanja wa Gatenkei 麻呂の患者はガテン系 [130425] Elf 1 Hikomaro works as a doctor. He is also a pervert. One day, Sakimi came to his doctor's office asking about a small pain. Over time he gained her trust and began giving her advice about marriage life, specially about making children. Being the pervert he is he takes advantage of her trust and begins sexually caressing several parts of her body during examinations... Nukige with an English review 4. Steins;Gate Senkei Kousoku no Phenogram STEINS;GATE 線形拘束のフェノグラム [130425] Nitroplus 1 2 You followed Okarin through the labyrinth of time and space; now relive the twists and turns of Steins;Gate through the eyes of Kurisu, Suzuha, Daru, and the rest of the Future Gadget Lab members. See how they faced the startling events of the game; hear their thoughts and experience their battles firsthand. This incredible visual novel gives you the rest of the story, with new revelations that will amaze even the most jaded Steins;Gate fan. The drama of Steins;Gate continues. Don't miss it. Fandisc has English reviews
  7. Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsuyasumi is my choice for March, another nice one is Lovesick Puppies -Bokura wa Koi Suru Tame ni Umaretekita- . Clephas backed the second one. Micchi actually supports both of those, plus Ryuusei☆Kiseki -SHOOTING PROBE- 1. Pocket ni Koi o Tsumete ポケットに恋をつめて [130315] Aozora Biscuit The gender split in Sayahama-chou’s Kouchourinkai Gakuen is greatly imbalanced, with 2 boys for every 8 girls. However, it’s not like a harem situation for the boys since they are treated as nobodies. Faced with a dimming future, the boys decided to create an unofficial ‘hero club’ with the aim to become people that everyone will want to have around. Game suffers from average production values and poor common route, but is experimental in that heroines are unique and have very unusual problems to solve. H tilt is high. 2. Tiger & Bunny ~Hero's Day~ TIGER&BUNNY ~ヒーローズ デイ~ [130320] Witchcraft Tiger & Bunny: Hero’s Day lets you follow different characters in the anime series and you get to choose how events unfold, and also features a talking battle system. Players have to select choices to defeat an enemy. These scenes are timed and if the clock runs out you lose stamina. You can also lose stamina if you pick an incorrect choice, so be careful if the stamina gauge runs out the game ends. Anime Spin-Off 3. Lovesick Puppies -Bokura wa Koi Suru Tame ni Umaretekita- LOVESICK PUPPIES -僕らは恋するために生まれてきた- [130322] Cosmic Cute 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Kotarou is a normal student at Hatao Gakuen who is a member of the ‘counselling room’. The ‘counselling room’ was viewed by many as a place for complaints and random requests. Even though he was pitied by them for being part of some a troublesome place, he didn’t mind it since he naturally liked helping out with other people’s problems. One day, he was entrusted with a girl named Orie, who had committed a crime which almost got her expelled from the school. Even though her attitude was difficult to deal with, she earnestly completed all the tasks which he assigned to her. When she found out that he was living in an apartment, she implored him to let her stay there. After finding out the reason why she was so insistent, he agreed to take her in. But not soon thereafter, his uncle informed him that the apartment will be demolished. He didn’t want to lose his home filled with memories, while she didn’t want to lose her newly found place where she could restart her life. With the mascot-like Maruna and transfer student Sonya moving in, and classmate Isami and trusted osananajimi Yuuki’s also showing up often, the apartment became more lively. Even if only for a limited time, their ‘family’ bonds strengthen. There are English reviews 4. Fate/Extra CCC [130328] Type-Moon 1 2 3 4 Head to the other side of the Fate Extra, the secret place where only the privileged few are allowed to enter. Because of a bug in the system, the Holy Grail wars is mutated. A new game starts, its lure and power draw magicians from across cyberspace. Players are exposed to new dangers and the girls reveal a side of themselves that they have kept hidden in the first game. The person who knows the truth is Sakura, and the servant waiting to be claimed is Saber. Full of tension and seduction, this is an adventure that simply could not be missed. RPG has English reviews 5. Rebellions: Secret Game 2nd Stage リベリオンズ Secret Game 2nd Stage [130328] Flat 1 Remake of Secret Game Code: Revise with 80% altered story. 14 people have been abducted and confined to small rural village . Each one has a metallic collar around their neck and a PDA representing a playing card from Ace to Joker with unique special function and clear condition, which they have to fulfill before the last day of the game. Clear conditions range from "simple" ones like "Survive until the last day of the game" to more complicated ones like "Clear conditions of all players with cards that represent a prime number are fulfilled". If anyone tries to leave the designated area, breaks one of the game's rules or fail to achieve their clear condition in their own PDA, their collar explodes killing them. This is the "game" of death, where mistrust and manipulation runs rampart and death is common and when "rain starts to fall" ... Remake 6. Bokura no Ue ni Sora wa Mawaru 僕らの頭上に星空は廻る [130329] Polarstar Hitoshi had been in Sakimihara Gakuen for three months and he still hadn’t joined a club. The astronomy club was in danger of disbanding due to the graduation of the third-year students and retirement of their advisor. He ended up being half-forced to join the club by the scheming of his older cousin and teacher Sakura. He met the other members of the club: energetic transfer student Supika, gentle neighbour Kano, shy senpai Sari, childish-looking but reliable Ayane. They were all new to astronomy as well, so their first outings were full of fumbles. However, as time progressed, they gradually began to change. A normal simple youth romcom. Drawing is rather weird during SOL scenes, but becomes erotic during H scenes. 7. Himawari no Kyoukai to Nagai Natsuyasumi 向日葵の教会と長い夏休み [130329] Makura 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Yousuke returned to his hometown of Oboshiro-mura after 8 years in Tokyo and Osaka. He had received a letter from Father Arakawa, who had raised him up as a child, telling him that the Oboshiro church will be closing and merged with a larger church in a neighbouring town, and inviting him back for one last summer together. He reunited with his childhood friends Yomi, Daiya and Ruka, and also met a little girl named Hina who reminded him of himself when he was a child. This is the beginning of a cheerful and refreshing, yet sometimes painful, summer tale. There are English reviews 8. Mirai Sekai no Planeta ミライセカイのプラネッタ [130329] Libre In the near future, technology has progressed to a point where people can live both in reality and the internet world, Planeta. Satoru came to Planeta to enjoy a school life in the virtual world. But he was recruited to work for the detective team Sprites after meeting their leader Ayaka. At the same time, there was a terrorist attack in Planeta, caused by a hacker who went by Irurihito. Intriguing setting and opening turn into a fluke. Virtual school feels very much like normal school, main character is a weak cheating disgusting shota and mystery is not that great to gather its pieces from individual routes. World-building is done well in the first half, but there's just not enough development or interesting events happening in the second half. 9. Ryuusei☆Kiseki -Shooting Probe- 流星☆キセキ -SHOOTING PROBE- [130329] Unison Shift: Accent Due to many satellite accidents, the world was littered with countless space debris. Space development had been suspended and people’s dreams of reaching the stars were stalled. Hayato decided that he could not wait such a long time for all the space debris to clear and development to resume, so he set out to build a model rocket which will be able to pierce through the debris. He continued to try despite repeated failures and the cool gaze from those around him. On his 99th try, he thought he had finally attained success until his rocket collided with something. Running to the crash site, he found a naked girl holding a rocket. She opened her eyes and introduced herself as Twink, a space probe who had come to investigate Earth. However, she was unable to break away from Earth’s gravity due to the collision with his rocket. He promised to help her return to her home star. Not bad good-natured royal road game with Twink pulling the blanket in her direction. But we've seen a lot of rocket-building games already, and this one focuses exactly on that and friendship rather that going for romance or humor. It treads on difficult ground competing with Rocket no Natsu and Robotics;Notes , and those are serious rivals. 10. Shukusai no Utahime -Kimi to Tsumugu Asu e no Uta- 祝祭の歌姫 ―君と紡ぐ明日への歌― [130329] More Kaito spent peaceful days in the musical capital of Wolfburg with his childhood friends Rio and Graf. However, his wish for this to remain unchanged was shattered one day when he heard a girl cry for help in a corner of the old town. He brought the girl Yuina to his house and after talking to his father, allowed her to temporarily stay with them since she had no place to call home due to strife. Thus began his life together with Yuina, whose values were quite different from his. One day, his friends and Yuina heard about a recruitment for performers at the music festival and decided to join it. They worked hard together to make the best memories of their youth, but there were sinister things which were creeping towards them: the late witch, the hidden treasure, and the problem of the eastern district. It's a middle price low budget work, so CG pattern is narrow and scenario feels chopped at times. Despite the witch death day hook thrown at the beginning, it's a normal youth pure love game with discrimination in focus. With better quality and proper protagonist it could be a thing, but in this state - alas. 11. Unmei ga Kimi no Oya o Erabu Kimi no Yuujin wa Kimi ga Erabu 運命が君の親を選ぶ 君の友人は君が選ぶ [130329] Whitesoft The quiet town of Tounoyama-chou was full of shrines and churches, stone circles and other ruins, as well as an underground labyrinth which was built during the war and other historical structures. It was known as a spiritual place, where many believed in fortune telling and miracles. The protagonist transferred into Tounoyama Gakuen and the fortune-telling deemed him as the ‘destined boy’ upon which the school’s future rested upon. However, a great uproar ensued when they found out that he was just a normal person. During that time, he met many girls and his osananajimi Riri revived the occult club as the ‘destiny research club’ and proposed to see their futures together. Game tries to be philosophical akin to Nekonade Distortion and has good atmosphere, but occult fortune telling tilt takes away a lot of charm for me. Individual routes take only 10 minutes, and the point of the game and title can only be understood after getting True End. If that does not scare you, scenario can actually be worth the effort.
  8. Komorebi no Nostalgica is VN of the Month. Hapymaher , Boku ga Tenshi ni Natta Wake , Kara no Shoujo - The Second Episode are also good choice. Clephas thought highly at least of first three. Zen also expects a lot from the last one, and Micchi seems to be a fan of Pastel Chime franchise while Prism◇Recollection fills his cuteness meter this month. 1. Kara no Shoujo - The Second Episode 虚ノ少女 [130208] Innocent Grey 1 2 3 4 Prewar-era Japan. Deep in the snowy mountains of northwestern Japan, there exists a settlement called Hitogata, the Village of Dolls. On the night of the festival honoring the clay idol Hinna-sama, a girl is murdered. The villagers all blame Hinna-sama's curse. One outside the faith has joined in the festival of Hinna-sama, and brought the painful death of the curse down upon themself. October, 1957. Two years have passed since Kuchiki Touko's abduction from her hospital room. Tokisaka Reiji's younger sister saves a man who had tried to commit suicide. He, too, is the most recent victim of "Hinna-sama's curse"—— Tokisaka Reiji begins his investigation, clinging desperately to the hope that Touko can be saved—— And at the same time, a strange religious group said to have dissolved six years ago begins to move again, to put a certain plan into motion—— The curse will be carried out, whether by the gods or by human hands. There are English reviews 2. Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo さくら荘のペットな彼女 [130214] Netchubiyori Ltd. 1 2 Sakura Dormitory is a dorm of the high school affiliated with Suimei University of the Arts (often shortened as Suiko), which hosts the strangest, trouble-making students. After being kicked out of the normal dorm for keeping a stray cat, Sorata Kanda moves into Sakura Dormitory. As he starts to get used to the life in the dorm, Mashiro Shiina, a world famous artist who cannot even take care of her daily life, moves in. Sorata is forced to become Mashiro's handler. The story is about their daily life as well as mental growth. Anime Spin-Off 3. Pastel Chime 3 Bind Seeker パステルチャイム3 バインドシーカー [130215] Alice Soft 1 2 One day, during a mission with a 0% danger probability, an A-class adventurer Kaitos comes across a mysterious witch and accidentally disrupts her ritual. As a result, many evil spirits called Binds are released into the world and Kaitos, being affected by the ritual too, doesn't have much choice but to start helping the witch in sealing the Binds that have been set free. Enlisting the support from his friends both new and old, our hero sets out on a quest which ends up being much more complicated than a simple Bind hunt... SRPG has English reviews 4. Toaru Majutsu to Kagaku no Ensemble とある魔術と科学の群奏活劇(アンサンブル) [130221] Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. In the "Magic (Surface)" story, the Gate of the Gods Descended from Heaven, a Magic Cabal, whose existence is wrapped in a veil of mystery. This story is the one that is featured in Toaru Majutsu no Index: Road to Endymion light novel. In the "Magic (Hidden)" story, the Venus Probe Contest, is a contest in which rockets are launched throughout the world to probe Venus. An event related to that project called the "Venus Probe Project Race" is being held on the Academy City SNS Rondo Net. Here, an incident begins when Kamijou Touma applies for the race. Finally, in the "Science (Hidden)" story, the Academy City SNS Rondo Net is a type of SNS that has grown popular among Academy City students, where registered users can not only communicate amongst each other, but can also acquire things like coupons and for buying things. The number of users of the service has grown explosively. Saten Ruiko has an eye for the current fads, so she tries out the service. Anime Spin-Off 5. Komorebi no Nostalgica 木洩れ陽のノスタルジーカ [130222] Strega 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 In the distant future, humans live together with AI and history had been forgotten. Youta enjoyed his quiet life even though he was often manipulated by his genius programmer (but also extreme troublemaker) imouto Akira. One day while accompanying Akira, he came upon a hidden room. With the help of some old friends, they managed to open the door. Inside they found a pretty android girl in a deep sleep. Her body and her heart was broken. Akira decided right there that she wanted to fix her and her words fired up everyone’s curiosity, just like when they were kids. Thus begins their heart-warming days with the android girl Cinema. There are English reviews 6. Mote Sugite Shuraba na Ore モテすぎて修羅場なオレ [130222] Praline Hayato was the smart and attractive vice-president of Kamijou Gakuen’s student council. Kind, considerate and reliable, he was naturally quite popular among girls. However, he secretly was in four separate relationships due to various circumstances! So far nothing bad had come out of it… until the new school term this spring. The student council president Aoi joined his class! His osananajimi Saki enrolled in the same curriculum! His former tutor Shiho became his homeroom teacher! His cousin Hinano who lived in the countryside joined his school! With all four girls in the same place, how could he keep his secret intact? He wouldn’t dare think about what would happen to him if his strict mother found out about it. Moreover, blood would likely be shed if the girls themselves found out. Harem titles are usually crappy. This is exactly such case. 7. Prism ◇ Recollection! プリズム◇リコレクション! [130222] Clochette 1 2 3 In the year 2040, there have been considerable technological advances, especially in city centers like Tonan. One day in late August, Masanobu returned to his hometown after being away in Tokyo for about 3 years and transferred into Kujougaoka Gakuen. After meeting Sayaka and getting a short tour of the city, he later joined her club, ☆☆☆ Club (Three Stars Club). Its primary function is to guide tourists and it is pretty well known both within and outside of the school. He got to know Sayaka and fellow club member Hinano well, and his classmate Aina and imouto Konoka also joined the club which became an oasis to him. There are English reviews 8. Royal Duty / Flush!! [130222] Lime Yuuma attends a school for the elite and wealthy and does not have any relatives. He spends his days like a commoner as much as possible, while quite aware of the elite status of those around him. However, one day he was proposed to by a transfer student who was the princess of a small country! It was their custom to find a marriage partner as part of their coming of age ceremony and she had come to his school to do just that. His objections fell on deaf ears and when he looked to his childhood friend for help, she confessed that she had always loved him. Scenario is too short and does not feature anything out of expectations league, so it only gets a chance if you get to like one of heroines. 9. Seisai no Resonance 星彩のレゾナンス [130222] Yatagarasu 1 2 Otofuse Island is a remote island located south of the mainland. While it is a beautiful sightseeing place surrounded by clear seas and lush forests, it is also bound by tradition. A long time ago, a giant fireball came down from the sky, burning the island for three whole days. Since the men were out fishing, it was up to the women to control the flames and protect the island. They sealed the fire so that it would not ravage the island again. Even now, a sealing ritual is performed by a selected pair of mikos. Kanae came to Otofuse Island looking for her mother who was formerly a miko there, but had went missing 7 years ago. She also had an acceptance letter into Sakihana all-girls academy. However, she was attacked by a girl from the island’s secret organization Shouraikai which is in charge of the rituals, then found out that her enrollment had been revoked. Leaving the school grounds, she noticed something amiss and came face-to-face with a giant monster. Suddenly, the amulet which her mother had given to her for protection lent her fire powers to defeat the beast. Her power was sensed by the miko candidates and she was taken in by the school. She also became part of the otome-kai and a miko candidate herself. It is the otome-kai’s duty to put their lives on the line to fight against these strange beings known as ‘impurities’. They have to train together to strengthen their bonds while cleansing the impurities using their powers. There is an English review 10. Ai ♂ Mai ♀ Misuto あい♂まい♀みすと [130228] Hakudakukei 1 Ikumi's childhood friend Mana has a father who's a scientist and inventor. One night Ikumi goes to his laboratory to check on him for Mana's sake and is accidentally caught in the Ai Mai Mist. The Ai Mai Mist changes him into a girl. While Mana's father searches for a cure Ikumi lives with Mana who watches over her. Adjusting to life as a girl will she want to remain that way forever or change back into a boy? Will she date other girls or fall in love with a boy? The future contains many possibilities. There is an English review 11. Boku ga Tenshi ni Natta Wake 僕が天使になった理由 [130228] Overdrive 1 2 3 4 5 Nestled between the mountains and the ocean somewhere sits the harbor town of Inogo City, a prosperous place with an atmosphere of the exotic. It is this city, watched over by the church at the summit of the highest mountain, where a boy and a girl first meet. The boy's name is Kirinokojima Tomoe. A lonely young man, who believes neither in love nor in happiness. The girl's name is Aine. One who sings of love to fill the world with happiness, who was born for that very purpose... an angel. To anyone who saw him, Kirinokojima Tomoe would have seemed to lead a singularly boring life. He didn't even attempt to befriend others, nor did he have a girlfriend, unsurprisingly. He was involved in no hobbies or interests to speak of. Waking in the morning only to go off to school, returning home only to sleep. An utterly ordinary, routine life, each day no different from the day before or after it. But he was not in the least unhappy with his life. For him, a life of "nothing" was also one of "nothing to lose". Wish for something, and you would only end up getting hurt. After all, he'd already sampled enough of the world's bitterness for one lifetime. Until, like a herald of the end of that tranquil existence, an angel appeared. "Angels". The protectors of human loves. The ones who spin the "red thread", and those who play its melody. "Love can never bring people happiness.", said Tomoe. "That's not true at all! Falling in love makes your heart feel all light!", Aine replied. Tomoe, who soon found himself aiding the "acting angel" with whom he couldn't see eye to eye on anything in her work, is is drawn alongside Aine into deep involvement with others' romantic lives... The many shapes of love, and the forms of happiness that pass before our eyes every day. This is their journey to find the true meaning of happiness. And at that journey's end, his own reason for living on... Game is localized and has English reviews 12. Hapymaher ハピメア [130228] Purple Software 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Lucid dreams. Dreams where you know that you're dreaming. After an accident in his youth, Tooru Naitou began to have nothing but lucid dreams. Always being aware of when he's dreaming meant that his mind could no longer rest when he was asleep. Only when he collapsed from utter exhaustion does he finally get a reprieve. Lucky for him, he has a childhood friend, Saki, who insists on calling him 'Nii-san' that tries to do what she can to support him. In his science club, his senpai Yayoi is endlessly amused by his awkward way of living. And he has an underclassman, Keiko, who likes to sing in front of the station and likes to call him weird for his less than normal attitude towards life. Tonight, Tooru dreams again. But this dream is different from those that came before. "Maia...? Why are you in my dream...?" A girl he hasn't seen ever since he started having lucid dreams, and to Tooru, this was the very worst form she could take. But Maia wasn't the only one who appeared. "I'll put an end to bad dreams right here." With those words, a girl who calls herself Alice rescues Tooru from Maia's grasps. Alice says that she's a traveler of dreams, and now she's come to Tooru's dream. What could all this mean? The anxious Tooru certainly has no answers as Maia softly whispers into his ear: “This is the story of a sweet, happy nightmare.” There are English reviews 13. Inpyuri -Hito to Anata to Ayakashi to- いんぴゅり -ヒトとアナタとアヤカシと- [130228] Rosebleu 1 2 Strange other-worldly beings known as youkai have existed in Japan since ancient times. Not too far in the future, humans lived together with youkai harmoniously and studied their mysterious abilities. Kazuto lived in the research city of Byakuya-jima and had grown up with youkai by his side. Following his motto of enjoying every moment of life, he enrolled in Shiramine Gakuen with his osananajimi Shizune. However, on the day of the entrance ceremony, he reunited with a girl who he used to play with and who had saved his life: the oni girl Miyabi. That spelled the end of his normal days as many other youkai and humans flocked to his side. There are English reviews 14. Koi no Hanashi to 恋の話と [130228] I.D. When Hajime was small, he had an older sister who he often played and slept with, even though he didn’t quite remember that time in detail. It had been many years since their parents had suddenly divorced, but one day, he was reunited with his sister and they lived together once again. Even though she was quite grown up now, she still doted on him greatly, as if to make up for lost time. Sensing an opportunity, the popular class rep and his quiet and mysterious classmate also got closer to him, and he also met a national singer-songwriter. Cuteness and tension are on max levels right from the start, but scenario is short and mostly neglected in favor of emotions, so impression is poor. 15. Loveressive ラヴレッシブ [130228] Smile 1 On Valentine’s day, Kaname was confessed to by four girls at the same time: carefree childhood friend Kotora, blonde rich transfer student Reo, airheaded genius kouhai Ryou, and small meddlesome senpai Mao. They vowed to try to make him love them before White Day. His objections would not waver the resolves of these aggressive girls who are after their man. There is an English review
  9. Traditional January with just 6 normal releases. Natsu no Owari no Nirvana is VN of the Month while Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai is also good within its genre. Clephas had the same favorite. Micchi likes Shiro no Pikapika Ohoshi-sama in addition to Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai 1. Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai 大図書館の羊飼い [130125] August 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 When he was young, Kyoutarou wanted to read all the magic books in the world, but they were all in the magic library. Someone told him that to get there, he must be kind to everyone and bring happiness to their hearts. He received a bookmark, which was his entrance ticket to the magic library. One day while heading to school, he received a text from the ‘shepherd’ (hitsujikai) telling him that his fate was going to change. He had a vision of an accident at the tram station and helped prevent any injuries by calling away a nearby girl. That girl, Tsugumi, later came to the Library Club room, which he was a member of, to thank him and also to ask for his help to make Shiomi Academy more fun. It seemed that she had also received a text from the shepherd, who is rumoured to appear before people who try their best to grant their wishes. One by one, other students also join their group with the shepherd’s guidance. There are English reviews 2. Gears of Dragoon ~Meikyuu no Uroboros~ GEARS of DRAGOON~迷宮のウロボロス~ [130125] Ninetail 1 2 3 4 A new land, Elysium continent. Many dangerous monsters lurk on its surface, but plentiful resources and artifacts attract numerous treasure hunters. Being one of them, the protagonist starts his adventures. He wants to earn enough money to cure his younger sister's illness. But even the most innocent goal can be achieved via different means. Righteous light or merciless darkness? The choice is yours. RPG has English reviews 3. Natsu no Owari no Nirvana 夏の終わりのニルヴァーナ [130125] Pajamas Soft 1 2 3 4 5 Four girls who lost their memories. In order to judge the girls' held sins, the protagonist Karma is sent to Yamashiro academy. What greeted him who was trembling with expectation and anxiety, The girl who wants to die, Mihaya. The girl who bears a sin from birth, Nayu. The girl who rejected the world, Reia. The girl who could not save the person she loved, Nono. The peacefully calming, somewhat fleeting transient school life he spends with the girls... That is, the last moratorium given to those girls who hold secrets in their souls, and at the same time to Karma a time of trial. With his childhood friend Kuon who watches over Karma, he personally abides and rises to his task. The souls which bear sins, will they return to the continuous flow of life? Or will they fall towards hell...? And what is the true reason Karma was entrusted to the girls' judgments...? Everything has been entrusted to the Karma's own decision. There are English reviews 4. Princess Kiss! ~Shoujo 1000-nenki Monogatari~ プリンセスキッス! ~少女1000年紀物語~ [130125] Princess Sugar A great disaster will befall the island nation of Grande Yakumo on its 1000th anniversary. A large tectonic shift caused a giant relic structure to suddenly appear out of the ground. After a difficult journey, an investigation team arrived at the ‘first room’, where they found Akira in a cold sleep. They wondered if he could offer a hint about the pre-collapse era, but no one knew if he was alive or how they could wake him up. One day, three friends Himari, Fiora and Luka snuck into the research lab where Akira was being held to take a look at him. Suddenly, there was a large quake and the princess Himari accidentally kissed him. Her kiss woke him up, just like in Sleeping Beauty except with a reversal of roles. Later, they found out that when he fell asleep, someone must kiss him to wake him up. Since Akira was essential to the search of the ruins and understanding what caused the collapse of the previous world, the three girls were also brought along to give him kisses. Even though setting is quite elaborate, scenario remains shallow with individual routes very weak. 5. Shiro no Pikapika Ohoshi-sama しろのぴかぴかお星さま [130125] Sweetlight 1 2 ‘Fairyland’ is like a heaven for animals after they die. Shiro waited for her master Yuki to come take her home since she had seen other pets meet their masters after waiting for dozens of years. However, she was an impatient puppy and decided to call for him, wishing from the bottom of her heart to meet her dearest Yuki again and to see his smiling face once more. Ten years passed and the Fairyland granted Shiro’s wish with a miracle. She was given a human form and her calls finally reached him. Even though he didn’t recognize her at first, she knew him right away even though he had grown up. She was so happy to finally reunite with her master whom she loved so much. So, Shiro lives together once again with Yuki, but this time as a girl. There are English reviews 6. Tokeijikake no Ley Line -Zan'ei no Yoru ga Akeru Toki- 時計仕掛けのレイライン -残影の夜が明ける時- [130125] Unison Shift: Blossom 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Michiru and Ushio continue to spend their days solving problems at Tenbinruri Academy as part of the special investigation office, otherwise known as ‘Tokusa’. One day, a foreign girl named Adelheid came to seek their help in looking for her grandmother’s memento. Along the way, will they find out more about the link between the day and night worlds? There are English reviews BLOCKED 1. Sono Hikari Sono Tsubasa ~Azathoth no Isan~ その光その翼~アザトースの遺産~ [130107] T no Nijou 1 2 Since he was young Kisaragi Touma had been sick from an unknown disease. The doctors who gave up one after the others and a life of being continually hospitalized forced him to face this battle alone. But after being contacted by his father he hadn't seen in years, Touma moved to a huge medical facility in Hokkaido. Finally making two friends, Yui and Marcus, his heart began to heal little by little. But the facility hides a big secret that unravel little by little and trigger an event that could influence the whole world. Doujin game has English reviews 2. Offline Shoujo オフライン少女 [130111] Chainsou 1 Nayuta lives with his mother in the not-too-distant Nipponbashi in Osaka while working on creating apps for smartphones. The Nipponbashi Street Festival (Sutofes) has had growing attendance over the years, but it has particularly garnered a lot of attention this year with the expansion of the underground shopping centre, being featured in the world’s premier internet company Eagle-sha’s real map web service Roadview and also being supported by the mayor. Nayuta and his friend Hajime went to the underground idol concert and met the idol Rikka, and he was charmed by her song. He also happened to met a new system engineer from Eagle-sha, Chisato, with whom he had often chatted online. While set in Den-Den Town, the focus of the game appears to be rather on family relations. Nayuta dropped out of school in order to help out his divorced mother. Chisato gave up everything she had to become an engineer in order to gain her parents’ love. Rikka was raised by a foster father and doesn’t know her true parents. Doujin game has an English review 3. Jitaku Keibiin 自宅警備員 [130115] Beelzebub 1 2 3 He is a private home security officer with 20 years of military experience. Exceptionally trained in technology and intelligence gathering, he perceives and records the smallest of details of the home to which he is dispatched. His new assignment is directly from his father, Takao Kareki. He must look after his father's new lover, a potential bride. Nothing but the best professional will do to keep her safe. But in her home, he sees all. Nukige has English reviews 4. Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! A-1 真剣で私に恋しなさい!A-1 [130118] Minato Soft 1 2 3 A fandisc featuring new routes for Benkei, Azumi, and Sayaka. Fandisc 5. Gakuen NTR ~Boku no Shiranai Kanojo no Kao~ 学園NTR ~僕の知らない彼女の淫顔~ [130125] Atelier G/H 1 Yuuto, a high schooler, is sick of being a virgin. He wants to have a girlfriend before the end of the summer term. After getting rejected by his classmate, Maina, he wants to aim big. His future girlfriend has to be one of the school's idols. Luckily there are Hina and Miya, his classmates who work as bikini models for cheesecake advertisments. Yuuto is not the only one who has taken an interest in them, though. Nukige has an English review 6. Kikouyoku Senki Gin no Toki no Corona -Fortune Dragon’s- 輝光翼戦記 銀の刻のコロナ -Fortune Dragon’s- [130125] Eternal 1 2 3 One year has passed after the day when this world was saved from destruction. Tokino and Akane graduated, and with no imminent threat all member now enjoy their long awaited carefree days. But on a certain night of falling stars a new force has begun to move, and once again Touka's exceptional sense warns him about danger. Fandisc 7. Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete Flight Diary この大空に、翼をひろげて FLIGHT DIARY [130125] Pulltop 1 2 This is the fandisk for Konosora, featuring a before story for the Soaring Club (after Amane’s route), an after story for the Soaring Club (after Kotori’s route), as well as if stories for subheroines Hotaru and Kanako. There’s also some additional ecchi-focused side stories for twins Asa and Yoru, and siblings Ageha and Hotaru. Fandisc 8. Material Brave Ignition マテリアルブレイブ イグニッション [130125] Team Baldrhead 1 This is the fandisc for the action adventure Material Brave, consisting of after stories for the 5 heroines, as well as a new story for the childhood friend Ena. There are additional dungeons during the ADV/ACT part, with new weapons and outfits. After an all-out battle with Ena, Ayumu lost his unleashed powers and Ena fell into a deep sleep as a cocoon-shaped enigmatite. He set out to recover his powers and bring Ena back to normal, but hurried back to Kamioshiro-jima when he heard that the research facility where Ena was being held was being attacked by a new type of Neoplasm. Ayumu suffered serious injuries while trying to fight them off without his powers. He touched Ena's cocoon and there was a flash of light, with Ena's pained voice warning him about a new enemy which would be the beast of the apocalypse. His unleashed powers returned to him and his teammates were happy to welcome him back as their leader, but many mysteries and challenges await them. Beat'em Up fandisc
  10. Year 2012 is probably the last great year, at least it looks like that to me now. Extended list of masterpieces includes as many as 33 titles this time which is more than ever. But at the same time private stories more and more substitute epic stories, so I actually have trouble choosing one representing the year. Visual Novel Openings 2012 as usual. My list of masterpieces in 2012: '&' - Sora no Mukou de Sakimasu you ni - 1/2 Summer Aete Mushi Suru Kimi to no Mirai ~Relay Broadcast~ Astelight Jourantan Astraythem Chuuning Lover Dolphin Divers Dracu-Riot! Fata morgana no Yakata Grisaia no Meikyuu Gun Knight Girl Gurenka Hatsuyuki Sakura Harumade, Kururu. Kimi e Okuru, Sora no Hana Kono Sekai no Mukou de Kouyoku no Soleil -vii’s World- Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! S Namima no Kuni no Faust Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas Owaru Sekai to Birthday Re:birth Colony -Lost Azurite- Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- Rose Guns Days Sakura, Sakimashita. Shinigami no Testament ~menuet of epistula~ SINCLIENT Strawberry Feels Tiny Dungeon ~Brave or Slave~ Tokyo Babel Tsuisou no Augment Tsukumo no Kanade ~Kaketsuki no Yasoukyoku~ Zero Infinity -Devil of Maxwell- It does not have that huge of a meaning which one to chose, so I'll only give CG to show my preference. And I guess I need to choose at least one game for review from 2012 and it will be Astelight Jourantan , hopefully the full trilogy.
  11. December expectedly attracts many publishers and can boast of such masterpieces as Gun Knight Girl , Kimi e Okuru, Sora no Hana and Fata morgana no Yakata . Micchi is also interested in such lovey-dovey titles as Ima Sugu Onii-chan ni Imouto Datte Iitai, Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to and Natsuzora no Perseus while Zen for once also finds something to play - Ourai no Ghakthun and a fandisc. 1. CrossQuartz [121214] Flatz Miyu was cursed with having the people that she likes die. She had been careful with not having any guy get close to her, but one day she felt her heart beat fast for her best friend Riko. In despair that she may get Riko killed, she intended to hang herself. That’s when a magical cat named Yuu appeared. It revealed to her that she wasn’t actually cursed and that she was able to sense people who have their souls stolen by evil spirits. Miyu decides to become a magic girl and capture the Castle of Blandulg in order to retrieve Riko’s soul. Platformer 2. Ima Sugu Onii-chan ni Imouto Datte Iitai! いますぐお兄ちゃんに妹だっていいたい! [121214] fairys 1 2 3 Rikuto had a new younger brother Ayumu after his father’s remarriage. However, little did he know that Ayumu was actually his younger sister and it was under her mother’s orders that she pretend to be a boy to him. Every day, his heart beats a little faster around his overly cute ‘otouto’ (imouto), while her heart aches in having to hide her true identity from her kind brother. With the arrival of spring, Rikuto and Ayumu begin attending the popular private school Asaoka Academy, with Ayumu dressed up as a girl. As he became friends with his classmates, he noticed that they all had something missing. His friend from middle school, Matsuri, has lost sight of what it meant to be a girl. The cool-mannered Mao dresses as a boy even though she is a girl. The extremely shy class rep Kimika wishes to change herself. With Ayumu by his side, he sets out to help them seek out what they are missing. There are English reviews 3. Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to. 彼女と俺と恋人と。 [121214] Pulltop Latte 1 2 3 4 Haruto saved Ayano when he jumped out in front of an errant vehicle that was heading for her, but he got hurt in the process. She came to visit him every day while he was in the hospital and they gradually got closer. Even after he was discharged from the hospital, she helped take care of him until his injury was fully healed, spending every day like lovers. On the final day, he walked her to the train station and thanked her for everything she did for him. She responded by kissing him and saying that she didn’t stay with him only because he saved her. The next day, she came once more to his place, but this time as true lovers. However, their sweet time together was soon interrupted by his childhood friend Yuuko, Ayano’s best friend Tsukushi and her younger sister Konoka. There are English reviews 4. Kiss Bell キスベル [121214] Giga 1 It was nearing the end of autumn when the volunteer Christmas club started up at Academy Ekoda. It has been a tradition that it will be run by the newly-appointed student council president. Ichio decided to help out with the club to make amends for causing trouble at the culture festival. He gradually got to know the other members better: the hardworking and reliable student council president Chiharu, her quiet best friend and class rep Yumi, carefree senior Ayano who understands him well, and earnest kouhai and public morals committee member Eri who keeps a watchful eye on him at all times. How will their relationships end up considering they all joined the club voluntarily? Surely, their future will be one that is full of joy. There is an English review 5. Sengoku Hime 4 ~Souha Hyakkei, Hana Mamoru Chikai~ 戦極姫4~争覇百計、花守る誓い~ [121214] Gesen 18 1 The fourth installment of the Sengokuhime SLG series takes place after the death of Oda Nobunaga and features 65 female generals and 35 male generals, based both on famous and minor historical figures. New features including naval battles, new battle and domestic affairs skills, a training system and an easy mode for beginners. Strategy has an English review 6. AKB1/149 Ren'ai Sousenkyo AKB1/149 恋愛総選挙 [121220] Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. The ban on romance is lifted once again. And this time, the stakes are higher than ever, all the pretty girls in Japan are vying for your attention. Choose your girl from 149, they come from AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 and HKT48. Find 1 and reject all the other 148. May the goddess of romance smile on you. As the third game in the AKB series, everything is new, from the voice clips, photos, movies to the scenarios. To those of you who adore Maeda Atsuko, the eternal center girl in AKB48, this might be the last time you strike up a romance with her, as she is graduating from the group. When the girl falls in love with you, you will be treated to the Kami Kokuhaku scenario. A special scene where she confesses her love to you. Unlock this for all 149 girls. It's the third visual novel about AKB, cut it out already 7. Yaneura no Kanojo 屋根裏の彼女 [121220] F&C FC01 1 Towa is a second-year student at Tenjin Gakuen, who liked everything related to the occult. One day, he got involved in a fight with a vampire at night and ended up being cursed and left to die. He was saved by another vampire Francesca, but was turned into a vampire in return. He greatly hated being a vampire with eternal life, so he wished to return to being human. Will his wish come true? There is an English impression 8. Chaos Labyrinth [121221] Debo no Su Seisakusho When he woke up, he was in a room he didn't know. The only light in that room was the moonlight coming from the window. When he raised the upper part of his body, the body creaked as if he had been bedridden for a long time. He didn't know what place it was. He didn't know who he was. He couldn't remember his name. When, bearing the pain, he descended from the bed, the dust, thinly piled up, was whirled up. When he went outside, that place looked like a section of a castle somewhere. But nearby there was nobody and at the windows there weren't lights. Only, in the far zenith, the full moon was shining. Suddenly a restless chill took possession of him. The world was softly distorted, the sound of a bell reaching him from far behind resounded in his head. How much time had passed? The chill and the sound of the bell had already gone away. To take their place, in front of his eyes there was someone's shadow. But ... it had something fantastic. RPG 9. Gun Knight Girl ガンナイトガール [121221] Candy Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 In the year 2034, a large war had been going on for 4 years. Ever since a military accident near Ayato’s hometown last year, the townspeople had been fleeing the town due to fear of the army and encroaching battle lines. Now only those who are too old to move or had to stay in the town due to connections remained. With most of the students gone, his school was closed down and taken over by the ground self-defense forces as an engineering school for the girls-only #0 squadron of the 2nd ward. He didn’t like danger, but he was a bit curious and ended up joining their school as an outsider along with his two friends, Kentarou and Yuina. His views change when he realizes that even though the girls are in the army, they are still just girls. However, when gunfire soon broke out in the skies overhead and the oldest member of the squadron Sayaka went missing, the peaceful rural life that he once knew was no more. There are English reviews 10. Himegoto Masquerade ~Ojousama-tachi no Tawamure~ ヒメゴト・マスカレイド~お嬢様たちの戯れ~ [121221] Escu:de 1 Shizunari Itsuki doesn’t have any relatives, lost his memories and even has a fear of women. In order to overcome this fear, which was causing problems in his adopted family, he was enrolled into the Saint Tiphereth Girl’s School as a girl under the assumed name Shirahane Itsuki. However, any hopes he had of an uneventful school life were destroyed when model student and star of the school Hirasaka Eri, known as the "Holy Mary", found out his secret. Luckily for him, he also discovered her true nature in turn, and so they agreed to a mutually beneficial partnership. They would not reveal each other's secrets and would support one another to the best of their ability. And in order to help him get rid of his gynophobia... "I, Hirasaka Eri, offer you my body." She would help him get used to seeing and touching a woman's body, but it was yet another secret that nobody could find out. Yet his problems didn't stop there. With him and the famous "Holy Mary" spending so much time together, it was only natural that other girls in the school became jealous of their close relationship. He soon had many enemies, but then another girl vowed to protect him. That girl was Mitsurugi Maya, who was known as "Arthur", and was the head of the school's disciplinary committee, The Chivalric Order of the Church. She was the only one at the school considered a rival to Eri in terms of popularity. "Don't worry, Itsuki, I will keep you safe!" With Eri and Maya competing over him in a war of charisma, the school itself split into two factions, and all eyes on him, will it be possible for Itsuki to achieve the goal he came for? There is an English review 11. Hyakki Yakou 百機夜行 [121221] G.J? 1 The plot takes place around the time of the Sino-Russia war, although it doesn’t attempt to recreate any historical conflicts and instead does its own thing. The plot is filled with political maneuvering, but also a more personal story about what “duty to country” really entails. Strategy 12. Justy×Nasty ~Maou Hajimemashita~ Justy×Nasty ~魔王はじめました~ [121221] Whirlpool 1 2 3 4 The school for heroes, Sousei Academy, and the school for devils, Zouma Academy, are within a stone’s throw of each other. Obviously, this led to daily fights between the two schools. Lately due to declining birth rates, it was decided that the two schools be merged together and Souseizouma Academy was constructed. However, this only led to increased skirmishes, especially when the two principals don’t like one another. Kiyoharu was enrolled at this school by his father to become a dark lord. He was awakened one day with a girl on top of him, vowing to defeat him. Later at school, he was challenged by this girl Mana to a duel, but he managed to overcome her even though she was one of the strongest heroines-in-training since he was not going to die a virgin. When he revealed that his mind was not set on becoming a dark lord, she and other students from both sides tried to persuade him to join their side. There are English reviews 13. Kimi e Okuru, Sora no Hana キミへ贈る、ソラの花 [121221] Cabbit 1 2 3 4 Shuuya has been able to see ghosts ever since he was a child, but he kept it a secret from everyone. One day, he noticed a girl wearing winter clothes even though it was warm outside. She noticed his gaze and happily said ‘I found you!’. The girl Matsuri was a ghost who was scouting people who could see spirits for a new private school Suou Academy. Since he wanted to find out why he had this special ability, he decided to join the school where ghosts and those who can see them both attend. There are English reviews 14. Koiken Otome 恋剣乙女 [121221] Eufonie 1 2 3 4 5 6 A long time ago, unknown beings known as Kotona invaded Earth in search of food. Humans were unable to repel them until after a few years, some people gained special abilities known as ‘douryoku’ which allowed them to exterminate the Kotona and return peace to the world. Now, Seiichi attends the super-elite Kashinomori Academy which trains people with douryoku in preparation for another attack by the Kotona. However, even though he has great power, he doesn’t have the ability to manifest it, leading to him being labelled as ‘most useless one’. The rest of the students in his class all had great skill, but in particular one girl caught his attention. Akane had average powers even though she came from a distinguished family, so she trained hard daily to improve her skills. Watching her, he can’t help but want to help her[...] There are English reviews 15. Natsuzora no Perseus 夏空のペルセウス [121221] minori 1 2 3 Shinra and his younger sister Ren have the ability to transfer ‘pain’ on to themselves by touching someone. Ever since they were young, they have been used by their foster parents for this ability. Tired of constantly moving from place to place, they decided to leave together to the rural mountain village of Tenryou-mura with the intention of not using their powers again. Even though they can temporarily lessen pain by taking it from someone, they are unable to cure whatever is causing the pain. However, his mother had told him that his ability is a gift for someone special in his life. Their distant relative Sui greeted them and showed them around the school, where they met the bookworm Ayame and Touka, who had an angelic smile. They are the only students at the school and this suited the siblings just fine since they wanted to avoid contact with people as much as possible. Gradually, he learned about the ‘pain’ that each girl had. Sui had an injured leg, while Ayame suffered from her parent’s deaths in a traffic accident. His own sister Ren didn’t trust anyone, relying only on him. However, Touka’s pain is on a totally different scale – just touching her had pain shooting through his body. This is the beginning of a tale of love and sacrifice. There are English review 16. Ore to 5-nin no Yome-san ga Raburabu nano wa, Mirai kara Kita Aka-chan no Okage ni Chigainai!? 俺と5人の嫁さんがラブラブなのは、未来からきた赤ちゃんのおかげに違いない!? [121221] Onomatope* 1 2 3 The protagonist was living a relatively normal school life when one day, a baby appeared together with thunder! He didn’t believe it, but it was his own daughter from the future. Forced to take care of the baby, a ‘baby club’ was created at school with his classmates, kouhais and teacher helping him. That’s one problem solved, but then he inherited a large enterprise. Due to countermeasures against the declining birthrate, the rich must have multiple wives. So, he proposed to all the members in the baby club. There are English reviews 17. Ourai no Gahkthun ~What a Shining Braves~ 黄雷のガクトゥーン~What a shining braves~ [121221] Liar-soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 The year is 1908. The 20th century is still young. An unfamiliar 20th century - in an unfamiliar world. This is a world that experienced a 19th century very different from our own. A world filled with innumerable steam-powered "Engines." The unnaturally rapid development of this steam civilization has left the world's skies shrouded in grey... and its seas dyed black. "Sea" - Once, the word suggested an expanse of blue. Today, it refers to something dark and putrid. The former harbor city of Marseille in the European Kingdom of France looks out on a sea as black as any other. But these particular waters are home to something that can't be found anywhere else on Earth... A massive artificial island, solid and imposing as a fortress. A city in its own right, but also a school; a place bursting with life and color. Its formal name: The Marseille Offshore Academia. In the spring of 1908... A single young man appears within its walls. After declaring his intent to wage war against its powerful Governing Council, he introduces himself in this way: "Nikola Tesla. 72 years old. I'm a transfer student." "Students of the Marseille Offshore Academia. My hundred thousand young friends, cursed by fate." "...I will save every last one of you with my own two hands." And at the summit of Château d'If, a bell rings out. The Bell of Gahkthun, announcing that the time of rejoicing is at hand... Game is localized and has English reviews 18. Fata morgana no Yakata ファタモルガーナの館 [121227] Novectacle 1 2 3 4 You awaken in a decrepit old mansion. A woman with eyes of jade stands before You, informing You that You are the Master of the house, and she Your Maid. However, You have no memories, no concept of self—or, indeed, any certainty that You are even alive. The Maid invites You to join her on a journey through the mansion's lifeless halls, to behold the numerous tragedies that have befallen its residents. She suggests that among them, perhaps You will find some trace of Yourself. Beyond the first door lies the year 1603. It is an era of unparalleled beauty, where art and theatre flourish. Roses bloom abundantly in the garden where the inseparable Rhodes siblings play, and though they appear to be free of worry and strife... not everyone is content to see them happy. Beyond the second door lies the year 1707. In this era, the mansion lies in ruins, and a beast dwells within. He claims to yearn for a life of serenity, but it is not long before he yields to his innate savagery and a massacre ensues. Beyond the third door lies the year 1869. In this technologically advanced era, people are always on the move. The mansion's master is an ambitious businessman who has invested in the rail industry. However, his obsession with wealth and power leads him to neglect and mistreat his wife. Beyond the fourth door lies the year 1099. The Maid tells You that this is the final tale. In this era, You see a young man who claims to be cursed and a girl with white hair, called Giselle, who has been branded a witch and marked for death. Having borne witness to these four tragedies, each set in a different time and place, You are now free to choose whether You wish to end Your story here... or press on. But there are those who would say, "You were able to bear them because they weren't your tragedies." Game is localized and has English reviews of which I listed only early ones BLOCKED 1. Tasogare no Saki ni Noboru Ashita -Applique FanDisc- 黄昏の先にのぼる明日 -あっぷりけFanDisc- [121214] Applique 1 Fandisk for Applique’s Miageta Sora ni Ochiteiku, Concerto Note and Tasogare no Sinsemilla. There are three after stories (one from each series), as well as three side stories and online mahjong. Fandisc 2. Appare! Tenka Gomen Matsuri ~Koi to Arashi wa Ooedo no Hana~ あっぱれ!天下御免祭 ~恋と嵐は大江戸の華~ [121221] BaseSon Fandisk for Appare! Tenka Gomen, featuring some new characters and of course lots of icharabu scenes. With the world finally at peace, the students at Ooedo Gakuen prepare for the school festival. However, an inspector from the education head office arrived at the school with ill intentions. Fandisc 3. Guro Dere グロ・でれ [121221] Cyclet 1 2 3 One day, on his way home, Komura Kazuto ran into a girl from his past; a girl he had not seen in 10 years. But this was no normal reunion. The girl was standing in the middle of the road, about to be hit by a truck. Kazuto rushed to her side and pushed her out of the way, then... everything turned pitch black. When Kazuto regained consciousness, the girl was by his side. The girl's name was "Ilmi." She had apparently saved Kazuto at the last minute. Ilmi asked Kazuto if he could let her crash at his place for a bit, and he could not find it in himself to turn her down, bringing her home with him. That night, Ilmi snuck into Kazuto's bed, and the two ended up sleeping together. For some reason, Kazuto lost consciousness right after. And the first thing Kazuto saw when he woke up again was Ilmi sitting naked in front of him, holding her own severed head in her hands. With a bright smile, Ilmi then said: "You really know how to punish a girl." Shocked and confused, Kazuto asked her how she could possibly still be alive, and with a brilliant smile, she answered: "Because I'm a vampire, duh!" This was the beginning of Kazuto and Ilmi's lovey-dovey, lewd and grotesque relationship. Nukige, but with English reviews 4. Mushi no Me 蟲ノ目 [121229] Yotsutsuji Echo 1 2 3 Nijoukubou and her best friend Sanbara travel to a village found at the very center of Japan to unravel its myths and legends that all focus on insects. But they both get dragged in a battle royal between 9 people and the insects within them. Armed with a power that can only allow her to run away, Nijoukubou tries to survive during this game of death. Doujin, but with English reviews
  12. Aete Mushi Suru Kimi to no Mirai ~Relay Broadcast~ is VN of the month, and Kono Sekai no Mukou de is another masterpiece. Mitchi favors Witch’s Garden and Kurano-kunchi no Futago Jijou 1. Novel Game no Wakugumi o Kaeru Novel Game. ノベルゲームの枠組みを変えるノベルゲーム。 [121118] Jitensha Sougyou 1 The world's resolution has fallen from VGA to QVGA, an obvious sign that the end is near. To solve this crisis, the Automatic Hero Provision System is used to summon the main character from the outside world. Now, he must borrow the unpredictable power of his home world to somehow fulfill his task. The last game of notorious doujin maker and even localized recently still without a single English review. Remains a doujin at its core. 2. Witch's Garden ウィッチズガーデン [121121] Windmill Oasis 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Yousuke came to the bustling tourist city of Kazashiro to attend the school there. The Western-style houses lining the streets and the townspeople’s attire give the city an exotic charm. To top it off, a ‘witch’ named Ayari will be living with him at the boarding house Oasis, which is owned by his aunt Yuuko. Later, he meets two other ‘witches’ Suzuno and Misumi, and reunites with his older sister-like childhood friend Ririko, who is a ‘knight’. Every day is full of exciting events and before long, they are brought again into a different world. Surely this is the world of love. There are English reviews 3. Kokoro Connect Yochi Random ココロコネクト ヨチランダム [121122] 1 Based on the popular anime and novel series, this PSP visual novel features an original scenario in which the members of the Cultural Research Club begin to experience visions of the future. Interact with your favorite characters as you try to solve the mystery. Features multiple endings, beautiful character art with dynamic, changing expressions, and a "zapping" system that lets you decide from whose point of view you follow the story. Anime Spin-Off 4. Maou to Odore! Code:Arcana 魔王と踊れ! コード:アルカナ [121122] catwalk This is the final game in catwalk’s Maou to Odore! RPG series. There once was a maou who led the demons into a war, but he was defeated, had his powers taken away and sealed. However, he proclaimed that he will return a thousand years later in another form. As the time passed, so too did the rumours of the maou’s resurrection. The prince of the small kingdom of Libfarl, Alec, was suspected of being the new maou and was thrown into prison. One day, his childhood friend and the princess Tiana came to visit him and that was the beginning of a dramatic plot which engulfed the continent. RPG 5. Ping Pong Pantsu! ~Yugawara Gakuen Bishoujo ☆ Onsen Takkyuubu~ ピンポンぱんつ! ~湯河原学園 美少女☆温泉卓球部~ [121122] Actress Takuya is the son of a famous ping pong player, but he doesn’t have any interest in the sport since he felt it was boring. One day while trailing a girl in a yukata in hopes of some upskirt, he ended up in what seemed to be a traditional Japanese inn. Actually, it was built for the onsen ping pong club. The club leader Kanako asked him if he wanted to join the club, but he didn’t have any interest in it… until he was lured by a promise that he could feel up her breasts if he beats her in a match. He vows to train hard so that he can one day go to the nationa… no, so he can have her voluptuous breasts in his hands! Pretty much a nukige from nukige maker company 6. Aete Mushi Suru Kimi to no Mirai ~Relay Broadcast~ あえて無視するキミとの未来 ~Relay broadcast~ [121130] Alcot Honey Comb 1 2 3 4 Takurou can see the future. No matter if it’s in his dream or as an image that suddenly comes to his mind, it will certainly happen. However, having this special ability isn’t without its demerits. He knows how he will end up after graduation, as well as for the rest of his life. He cannot bring himself to be excited about anything since putting in effort is futile when the end result is already decided. One day, a peculiar transfer student Souka appeared before him, something that he had not seen in his future. She told him that his future is his own creation and it isn’t something that is decided from the beginning. Then, Takurou saw a future in which she became his girlfriend. Which future will be his? Is it already decided? There are English reviews 7. Gensou Douwa ALICETALE 幻奏童話 ALICETALE [121130] Galactica 1 2 Ginta has a special ability which allows him to transform into a wolf. He doesn’t remember when he gained this ability, but since he is a righteous person, he uses his powers to help others. However, no matter what his intentions are, he still looks like a wolf. One day while saving a young girl in distress, he was suddenly attacked by three girls who had fairy tale powers known as ALICE. After they realized that he wasn’t a bad person, they decided to bring him to Grimm Academy and recruit him into their group which operates under the guise of the student council since they recognized that he also possessed the ability to detect trouble. However, it seems that there is someone out there that is trying to sabotage them. Thus begins the first page in a new fairy tale. There is an English review 8. Himitsu no Otome ~Boku ga Onna no Ko ni Natta Wake~ ヒミツのオトメ ~ボクが女の子になった理由~ [121130] Etoiles 1 One day Kazuki Kurachi, successor of a dojo and the protagonist of this story, is made to wear female clothes by his sister. While doing so he witnesses a bank robbery and saves a girl who was taken hostage. Impressed by his abilities and not seeing through his disguise, the girl makes Kurachi her bodyguard, and the protagonist starts to attend all-girls school as a female student Natsuki. There is an English impression 9. Kono Sekai no Mukou de この世界の向こうで [121130] Orange Yell 1 The protagonist of this story starts having been left behind by his parents with an enormous amount of debt to some rather nasty collectors. Just when he thinks his life is over, he meets the proprietor of a shop known as the 'Regret Store'. She tells him she is a being of the world after death and offers him a contract, for which he will receive a chance to turn his life around in exchange for performing a task of her choice. This task is to 'save' a girl with only three months to live... There is an English review 10. Kurano-kunchi no Futago Jijou 倉野くんちのふたご事情 [121130] CUBE 1 2 3 The 8-person Kurano household that runs the cafe Apple Pie has three sets of twins. The oldest pair is the reliable Izumi and the sporty Mikoto, followed by Kazuya and his tsukkomi-type twin Tomoka. The youngest twins are the Yamato Nadeshiko-like Yae who’s great at housework, and the ‘so cute you can’t help but hug her’ Ema. They get along well even if their parents fight constantly. However, one summer day, their parents’ arguments had escalated to divorce! His mother gained custody of Kazuya and only one of the 5 daughters. Thus begins the struggle among his sisters to be with the brother that they all love so very much. There are English reviews BLOCKED 1. Kansen Ball Buster 姦染 Ball Buster [121102] Speed 1 Kansen Ball Buster is split into two different scenarios titled "The Other Aspect" and "The Chronicle Teller." "The Other Aspect" features Senoo Kazumi who is currently living alone and job hunting in Tokyo. One day his sister Tsugumi comes to visit him to make sure that he is still alive, since he has not spoken to his family in a while. On the same day, the virus known as Unknown LV4 breaks out causing panic and mayhem across the city. Kazumi becomes determined to save both his sister and his childhood friend Shizuka from their summer camp at the all girl private school. Will he , his sister, and his childhood friend make it to safety in the city or become just another infected individual wandering the city in search of prey? "The Chronicle Teller" is a collection of 10 - 20 scenes from each of the first five Kansen games. It also explains how each outbreak started, some explanation of the different virus mutations, and a little bit of background information for each of the first five games in the Kansen series. Nukige, but with an English review 2. Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas ~Futari no Gallery~ 乙女が紡ぐ恋のキャンバス ~二人のギャラリー~ [121122] ensemble This is the fandisc for Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas. It features after/another stories for the top 5 in the character poll: Rena, Chiharu, Shizuku, Yuki and Akie. Fandisc
  13. Can point out only Chuuning Lover this month, and Chuunibyou topic flourishes with the anime airing. Micchi , on the other hand, has lots of appealing works like Koiiro Marriage , Shukufuku no Kane no Oto wa, Sakurairo no Kaze to Tomo ni , Tsuki ni Yorisou . 1. NOeSIS02 -uka- NOeSIS02-羽化- [121024] cutlass 1 A continuation of NOeSIS ~Uso o Tsuita Kioku Monogatari~ Doujin, but from rather known series and with kind of English review 2. Kono Bushitsu wa Kitaku Shinai Bu ga Senkyo Shimashita. Portable - Gakuen Dog Ear Hen この部室は帰宅しない部が占拠しました。 ぽーたぶる 学園ドッグ・イヤー編 [121025] BOOST ON Main character comes to club of going home as usual and finds that all his friends have animal ears and tails. If they don't find hidden spellbooks within two weeks girls will have to stay this way forever. Light novel spin-off 3. Anata no Koto o Suki to Iwasete あなたの事を好きと言わせて [121026] Praline 1 Kousuke is the only son of the noble Wakamiya family and has lived a life with no worries. His wish for an ordinary school life was shattered when his grandfather suddenly appeared, displeased that Kousuke didn’t have a girlfriend and threw him out of the mansion until he learned how to be dependable to girls. Now living alone in a single detached house with only the bare necessities, he was at a loss at how to fulfill his grandfather’s requirement. He asked his friends at school for their help and their only suggestion was for him to get a girlfriend and naturally he would become more dependable. However, Kousuke did not have any dating experience, so he thought that this would be an impossible task. That’s when the school idol Yukino, having overheard his conversation, asked him if he would like to become pretend-lovers with her. There is an English impression 4. Chuuning Lover CHU→NING LOVER [121026] Sugar House 1 2 You missed the first school term of his second year at Academy Shibagami due to an accident during spring break. To avoid being forced to drop out due to attendance, he ended up joining 2-C, the class of problem children. All the other students were chuuni in their own way: a delinquent that claims to be the school’s hero, a cloaked ‘eternal dark end magician’, a rich girl who acts like a ruler, and her android maid. There are English reviews 5. Hanairo Heptagram 花色ヘプタグラム [121026] Lump of Sugar 1 2 3 4 Hisaya had been living in Tokyo since leaving his hometown of Goshiki-mura when he was in elementary school. Lately in his dreams, he often saw a young girl who seemed to want him to return to the town. So, he headed back to his hometown since he felt that he was more suited to the rural lifestyle. After reuniting with his childhood friend Tamami, enrolling in the local school and settling into a ryokan managed by Tamami’s parents, he was ready to resume his small town life. There’s a legend that the local onsen grants special powers to people. One day, he saw a naked Tamami in the onsen, her whole body glowing in a strange light. Then a strange cat being convinced him to sign a contract and he was led to broadcasting room at the school. The school principal Mao explained that this was actually the secret club Heptagram gathered. Lately, there have been many mysterious incidents (arch) happening around town and it was up to the Heptagram members to use their anti-arch powers to solve them. Of course, because he found out about Tamami’s secret, he was recruited into Heptagram to assist the girls. There are English reviews 6. Koi Iro Marriage 恋色マリアージュ [121026] Marmalade 1 2 3 4 Nao works at the Kotoshiro ryokan, which is managed by his grandmother after his parents’ deaths. It’s not a profitable business, but one day he got a loan from the Morikawa group... And also a bride!? Sure, his fiancée Mihono is extremely cute, but both of them are still students. They knew little about love, much less marriage. Their personalities don’t seem to be a good fit and their time together was strained from the start. Under the eyes of his classmates and the ryokan’s staff and guests, will they understand the true meaning of love and marriage? There are English reviews 7. Otama! ~Otaku Nakama wa Chikkoi Mania~ おたマ!~おたく仲間はちっこいマニア~ [121026] Unison Shift: Accent 1 Hiroaki is an almighty otaku, well versed in everything from anime and manga to games and special effects, and is called ‘sensei‘ by his online friends. One day, they gathered together for an off-kai and he was surprised that most of them were cute little girls! Even though he is good at taking care of others, he doesn’t do so well with girls. But they all adore him and drag him from one otaku shop to another. Will he be able to satisfy their otaku and ero curiosities? There is an English review 8. Pajama-san Konnichiwa パジャマさんこんにちわ [121026] Emu As a result of a request from a distant relative, Masato became the manager of the orphanage Yuriorien. He didn’t know that it was located in a remote part in the mountains and began to regret his decision, but he was soon taken in by the warm hospitality of the people in the orphanage. Thinking that it wouldn’t be bad to work in a job where you were needed by others, he began to live with the girls who all had their own peculiarities. At that time, the girls still had not realized the dark side which lied within their hearts. Art and atmosphere are old-fashioned, so don't expect moe. Story is not bad, but lacks weight and exposition, character description. The process of darkness removal is just too short. 9. Ryuusei no Arcadia 流星のアーカディア [121026] Dandelion 1 2 3 Due to repeated mis-governance, the central government lost its power and it was instead transferred completely to the hands of the regional schools. This in turn led to a struggle for power among the schools, with the government sending spies to each school with the intention of re-obtaining some of its lost power. There was a particular school which did not strive for power and was on good terms with the government, however it was hiding a large secret. It had the ability to destroy the world. The government found out about this and plotted to take the ‘school’s treasure’. What exactly is this treasure and who is the mysterious transfer student? There are English reviews 10. Shukufuku no Kane no Oto wa, Sakurairo no Kaze to Tomo ni 祝福の鐘の音は、桜色の風と共に [121026] Studio Ryokucha 1 2 3 4 5 6 Shuuji lived with his musician father Yuuhei, but the family debt had gotten to the point where it was impossible for them to pay it off. They had prepared themselves to run away at a moment’s notice, but one day Shuuji’s grandfather Genzou appeared and wanted him to succeed the Ootori family line. Since the Ootori is a famous family which has great influence in many places, their debt would be fully paid off should he agree to Genzou’s request. Shuuji consented to it, but that was not the end of it. As a successor to the Ootori household, he must have a wife, so it was arranged that he be married to his cousin Maria. Of course, both of them opposed the engagement. Genzou told him that he should find himself a wife instead, but he only has one year to do so, otherwise the engagement will continue as planned. So begins Shuuji’s search for a bride at Minami-Sakuraoka Gakuen. There are English reviews 11. Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou 月に寄りそう乙女の作法 [121026] Navel 1 2 3 4 5 6 Coming from a prestigious family, that didn't want him, in the financial world, Yuusei had been home-schooled strictly and sheltered all his life. Even though he excelled at everything, it was his dream to live a life of a commoner. One day his chance came and he changed his identity to Asahi and entered Fairy Girl’s School, which specializes in female fashion for the rich. As part of his plan, he became the maid of his classmate Luna and worked at her home Sakura-yashiki. Also living there were a proud exchange student from Switzerland, Ursule, a Yamato Nadeshiko, Mizuho, and his childhood Minato, who had feelings for him and was also the only one who knew his true identity. With her help, will he be able to manage his double life in the school and his new home? There are English reviews
  14. Zero Infinity -Devil of Maxwell- is VN of the month with Re:birth Colony -Lost Azurite- , SINCLIENT and Tsukumo no Kanade ~Kaketsuki no Yasoukyoku~ rivaling it. Zen was also interested in Tsujidou-san no Junai Road while Micchi unexpectedly adds Tsuisou no Augment to the area of interest alongside expected LOVELY QUEST and Pure Girl 1. Dungeon Breaker 2 ダンジョンブレイカー 2 [120902] Tamamo Studio Alex Rudolfi is a monster tamer. By violating monsters he learns to use their skills. He saved the kingdom once, but now he is very bored as he is asked not to go adventuring till the coronation. So he goes to another country Dumanria on the invitation of his acquaintance Roy. RPG 2. Elminage Ibun Ame no Mihashira エルミナージュ異聞 アメノミハシラ [120913] Starfish SD A boy and a girl from high school are suddenly surrounded by a mysterious fog and attacked by unidentified objects during night camp for newspaper club. They need to find weapons, friends and explore these circumstances. RPG 3. Tsuisou no Augment 追奏のオーグメント [120914] Jirai Soft 1 2 3 4 5 Kawashima Hideya is an 80-year-old man who has lived an unsatisfying life. Having lost sight of the purpose in living, he finally decides to commit suicide. He had wished to return to his youthful days for a second chance at life. Just before he sliced his own throat, he heard a little girl's voice - "I'll grant that wish". To his surprise Hideya woke up 60 years in the past, reborn into his teenager body. As it turns out, the one who called out to him and granted his wish was a shinigami... There are English reviews 4. Under Night In-Birth [120920] Ecole Software 1 Under Night In-Birth is a visual novel and 2D fighting game co-developed by Ecole Software and French-Bread, known for the Melty Blood series. It features a brand new cast of characters and a story that spins around modern fantasy. Fighting is localized and has an English impression 5. Ano Ko wa Ore kara Hanarenai 彼女はオレからはなれない [120928] Giga 1 2 On his first day since transferring to Shihouin Gakuen, Hiroto happened to watch a girl confess to her senior in the courtyard. He wondered if this was what a riajuu was like. “Do you envy them so much?” Next to him was a blushing girl who then offered to make him into a riajuu, which he said yes to in surprise. But how does one become a riajuu? Make friends and go out together? Or be all lovey-dovey with a girl? Is it possible for them to be like that? There are English reviews 6. Kamidere かみデレ [120928] Candy Soft 1 Shinya is a 2nd year student at Nijiuki Gakuen, who also takes care of the family shrine. One summer day, he awakened as one of the Seven Gods of Fortune (shichifukujin), Hotei. Lucky thing for him as the other six gods were all bishoujos at his school! However, they don’t seem to get along well with him, calling him a monkey and shaming him endlessly. The principal Youko, who was the goddess Amaterasu, instructed them to work together to restore the people’s faith. There is a short English impression 7. Lovely Quest [120928] Hooksoft 1 2 3 Summer is the season of love. There have been many cases of ‘impure’ relationships at Academy Amanotogawa and the “Lovely Smile Committee” was started to promote ‘pure’ love. But what is pure love? Is holding hands after school ‘pure’? What about feeding a homemade bentou, giving a lap pillow or going to the bath together? Zenichi was chosen to be the lone member on the committee and sets out to search for true pure love. There’s no time to be embarrassed, the future of the school has been entrusted to you. There are English reviews 8. Mistake x Miscast [120928] mignonne 1 Itsuki occasionally has dreams about a lover from his past life, Suou-hime. One morning in homeroom, a new transfer student named Rin who looks just like her appeared in front of his very eyes and he embraced her, happy that he finally met her again. “What are you suddenly hugging me for… What’s wrong with you?” Well, it’s natural that he would get hit after that doing that to someone who he met for the first time. However, that isn’t what shocked him the most. It was that the cute Suou-hime that he knew was now a tomboy. Meanwhile, her twin older sister Yui, his osananajimi Kuu and the rest of the class watched dumbfoundedly. Scenario is mediocre. Nothing really shines here, and even art is dubious. 9. Mon o Mamoru Oshigoto 門を守るお仕事 [120928] SofthouseChara 1 The powerful Lycana Kingdom and Grafford Kingdom constantly fight for control over a small country between them. Lilzo is a small trading post which grew into a large town due to the increased traffic from the war. The town employs a group of mercenaries led by Heat to protect the town at all costs. Of course, that means lots of money is required. The mercenaries gather funds by all means, for the ultimate goal of protecting the town. Strategy has an English review 10. Pure Girl ピュアガール [120928] Frontwing 1 2 3 Satoru and his younger sister Sora had to find a new place to live when their parents decided to go on a long trip and also renovate the house at the same time. They ended up at the "Dream House". With an open-concept design, a spacious interior, a large pool with jacuzzi, as well as an outdoor bath with a mountain view, it’s everything you could have wanted from a home. The landlord Kei welcomed them and the three other residents Yogiri, Miyako and Suzu: “Perversion is something you should hide, but not something you should be ashamed of!”. Satoru immediately refuted that they were perverts, but he did not yet know at that time that the girls all had hidden fetishes. There are English reviews 11. Re:birth Colony -Lost Azurite- Re:birth colony -Lost azurite- [120928] Applique 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Five hundred years ago, the 5th star rain plunged the world into a deep winter, forcing humans to flee underground, under the sea or in man-made structures called arcologies. At first they waited for the day when the Earth would return to normal, but soon they lost interest in the outside world and were content living in their miniature peaceful worlds. The arcology Aquarius was founded as an international research institution on a man-made island, but now it is a segregated city with distinct rich and poor areas. Souji was an orphan living on the edge of the poor area of town. He owed his life to a blue-haired woman who saved him and his sister Ruri, but one day she disappeared. Helpless to save her, Souji vowed to become stronger. One day, a girl appeared before him. She looked exactly like the woman who disappeared and also had the same name – Azurite. There are English reviews 12. Ryuuyoku no Melodia -Diva with the blessed dragonol- 竜翼のメロディア -Diva with the blessed dragonol- [120928] Whirlpool 1 2 3 4 5 Over a thousand years ago, there was a large battle against an evil dragon. With the help of a holy dragon, they managed to defeat it, and then founded the Kingdom of Vestoria. The princess’ song has the power to grant miracles and as such, people who engage in music are highly respected in the country. Lute is a student at the prestigious Ertmail Music Academy, where young people gather to pursue their dreams of becoming a musician. One day, he met a mysterious girl in the street and ended up spending the day with her. Before leaving, she said that they will meet again. He was about to have dinner with his imouto Mel when he heard a loud noise outside. There was a giant hole in his garden and in the middle of it was a small dragon. There are English reviews 13. SINCLIENT [120928] BOOST5 1 2 3 4 5 6 Tooru lost his memories and roamed the street of Yokohama searching for his identity and past. There were many contacts on his cell phone and his room was full of weapons and fake passports. Men in black suits chased after him and his body instinctively knew how to fight. It was obvious that he was not a normal person before losing his memories. He also had a room key in his pocket and when he found the hotel and entered the room, he was appalled to find a murdered woman with the word ‘Pigrizia’ written on the wall in blood. This was part of the ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ murders that the public had been abuzz about. Finding a memo on his cell phone that looked like a murder plan, he began to suspect whether he was the serial killer. Then he met a man that looked like the spitting image of himself. There are English reviews 14. Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road 辻堂さんの純愛ロード [120928] Minato Carnival 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Hiroshi was a student at Inamura Academy in Kanagawa Shounan and became interested in his delinquent classmate Tsujidou-san after seeing her help a kitty in the rain. But everyone around her are also delinquents, including her rivals Maki and Renna. The life of an ordinary guy like him just got a lot more troubled! There are English reviews. I remember starting this game several times, but could not attach to the concept of bullies becoming cute and embarrassed 15. Tsukumo no Kanade ~Kaketsuki no Yasoukyoku~ 九十九の奏~欠け月の夜想曲~ [120928] SkyFish 1 2 3 Hifumi returned to his hometown Tsuzuraori village with his friends Aina and Touma for the summer to help with the town revitalization project. The town has a few legends associated to it, one of which is the tsukumogami, spirits that reside in old items. They bestow blessings to humans in exchange for their memories and life span. And during the night with the ‘broken moon’ which happens once every hundred years, those that are haunted by the tsukumogami will be taken by it to the world of the dead. He thought that this was merely a fairy tale, until he met a ghastly girl wrapped entirely in bandages who said she had been waiting for him even if he forgot about her. She gave the tsukumogami Hakujasei to him, and it morphed into a giant snake and attacked him. Cornered, he was saved by another girl with a handgun tsukumogami, Fusehime. Afterwards, Fusehime revealed that she did not have any memories of her past, except that she made a promise to protect someone. There are English reviews 16. Yasashii Mahou no Tonaekata 優しい魔法の唱え方 [120928] Felicia 1 Even though Tsukasa lives in a world where magic is recognized, he still doubts its existence since he had not seen it with his own very eyes. One day, the magic club and science club at his school had an argument, ended up with a competition where the loser would have to disband their club. The magic club believes in magic which grants wishes, while the science club believes that one must gradually work towards realizing their wishes. Tsukasa thought that even though their methods were different, in the end it was all about fulfilling one’s dream. He was asked by his childhood friend Ibuki to help out the science club, but that’s when he met Mashiro who was a true magician. There is an English review 17. Zero Infinity -Devil of Maxwell- [120928] light 1 2 3 4 5 In 1968, the city of Yahiro had undergone rapid development after the war. Ryouga lives with his imouto Takane, accepting everything that happens in life as he believes that everything in the world exists for a reason. After meeting a man Rei who did not remember anything but his own name and helping him out, they became friends. Later when Ryouga found Rei being beat up, he tried to help but instead got caught up in the battle-to-the-death world of the Imaginators, individuals who have machine hearts that make them into super-powered beings. There are English reviews BLOCKED 1. Oyako Rankan 母娘乱館 [120914] Alice Soft 1 2 After a fire destroyed their village and killed their parents, Mamoru and his elder sister Kotone were adopted into the opulent Kamishiro household. Years later Mamoru now works for the family as a butler. Yet the Kamishiro household holds a dark secret: its riches and influence stem from a ritualistic orgy known as the "Feast". Kamishiro ladies are fabled for their amorousness, fertility, and the unmatched quality of their offspring, and during the Feast influential men from all around pay handsomely to inseminate these peerless wombs. Meanwhile the bedridden Kamishiro head Ikki faces exile if he can't impregnate his wife, the lovely Saya, with the next heir by the end of the month. Pressured by his clients and his scheming lieutenant Shinohara, Ikki calls a new Feast with Kotone as the offering. With clients swarming to the manor like locusts, Mamoru finds himself plunged into a nightmare. Can he protect the family he holds dear--Kotone, Saya, and his younger stepsister Ririko--from the ravages of the Feast until the end of the month? Nukige with an English review
  15. Tokyo Babel is VN of the Month while I also acknowledge Rose Guns Days as a masterpiece. Micchi is interested in Sakura, Sakimashita, some fandisc and some imoutoge 1. Corpse Party -The Anthology- Sachiko no Ren'ai Yuugi♥Hysteric Birthday 2U コープスパーティー -THE ANTHOLOGY- サチコの恋愛遊戯♥Hysteric Birthday 2U [120802] MAGES. GAME 1 2 Sachiko Shinozaki, tragically murdered at age 7; such a sweet girl, taken away at such a young and tender age! Sure, she may have reacted by becoming a bloodthirsty, vengeful spirit responsible for the deaths of countless other children, as well as their erasures from history, but everyone knows that in her heart of hearts, she's just an ordinary, innocent little 7-year-old... right? Well, no. Because you see, today is her birthday! She'll be turning... 7 again, naturally. But in celebration, she's decided to grant all her victims 24 hours of amnesty from their suffering by gathering them all together for a...hysteric? birthday bash. (What makes it “hysteric,” again?) There will be party games, entertainment, adventure, and most of all, romance! Why romance? Well, that's simple. Sachiko has only one thing she truly wants for her birthday, and that's to see all the students she's killed (and re-killed, and re-re-killed) put on a romantic comedy show for her amusement. Whether it be a movie, a play, or just some off-the-cuff party hijinks, Sachiko had better see her ships come to pass... or else! Join Sachiko and the lovable cast of damned souls from previous Corpse Party games—along with a few new faces—as they take the very concept of genre and toss it aside. Prepare to experience terror, discomfort, joviality, and confusion in equal measure as Heavenly Host Elementary plays less-than-heavenly host to cooking contests, co-ed mixers, interpretive stage drama, traditional party games, and Lovecraftian horrors alike. Because you know what they say: Hell hath no fury like a 7-year-old girl bored... There are English impressions 2. Kono Bushitsu wa Kitaku Shinai Bu ga Senkyo Shimashita. Portable - Gakuen Summer Wars Henこの部室は帰宅しない部が占拠しました。 ぽーたぶる 学園サマー・ウォーズ編 [120802] BOOST ON A group of energetic students not belonging to any club (going home club) goes to a field trip during summer vacations and skirmishes in competition with the club of military enthusiasts. Light novel spin-off 3. Rose Guns Days ローズガンズデイズ [120811] 07th Expansion 1 2 3 4 5 6 Taking place in Japan at the end of World War II. Devastated in the aftermath of defeat, the Japanese government complies with the Allies' reconstruction plan. Japan begins to recover from the loss after a few years, but America and China intricately divide the nation on a municipal level. Eventually, China's military districts become Chinatowns, and places controlled by the United States are Americanized. The many Chinese and American immigrants make Japanese people the minority in their own land. Some Japanese are unwilling to accept this fate and secretly gather their strength to challenge the new system. A girl named Rose Haibara works at the club Primavera and lends money to Japanese people so that they can rebuild their lives. Meanwhile, Leo Shishigami is best known for his reputation among women. Everything begins to change when that legendary man meets Rose in the spring of 1947. Game is localized and has English reviews 4. Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 2 探偵オペラ ミルキィホームズ2 [120823] bushiroad More adventures of detectives Milky Holmeswith with new protagonist Ellery Himeyuri now. Anime spin-off 5. Tokushu Houdoubu 特殊報道部 [120823] Nippon Ichi 1 Nipponichi, the developer that brings the world all sorts of wacky games are celebrating their 20th anniversary. And instead of doing it with a cake, they do it with Tokuhou, a game that aims to show you the real world, from reality to beyond. The gamer becomes the Assistant Director of the Tokuho Show, Yuzuhara Ryo. He's sent to all sorts of regions in Japan to find explanations for what appears to be supernatural occurrences. The cases you investigate in might include mysterious fires, poltergeist reports, kappas and all sorts of chilling crimes. But you don't have to head into the dark unknown alone, the mysterious co-workers and the cute assistant are all behind you. There is an English impression 6. Fushikitan Kyuukon Sennen Shoujo 不死鬼譚 きゅうこん 千年少女 [120824] Ocelot Motoki belongs to the news club at Yuzuhara high school. One day, his kouhai Kaede confessed to him and he accepted it, becoming lovers. They started to investigate one of Yuzuhara-chou’s seven mysteries, about the fenced fields, but the club leader Maki started to look like she was being possessed. A mysterious girl who thy met at the dam, Mitsuki, told them that it all stemmed from a bulb (kyuukon) that he had buried. Novel adaptation rather than a usual game. Should be fine for those who like bizarre mysteries. 7. Hin wa Bokura no Fuku no Kami ~Binbou no Kami-sama Datte Shiawase ni Naritai to Omotteiru no da~ 貧は僕らの福の神~貧乏の神さまだって幸せになりたいと思っているのだ~ [120824] Bonbon Company 1 2 3 4 A beautiful girl Yoshino transferred to Academy Touju, attracting the attention of many boys at the school. But rumours spread that any boy that gets near her will fall into financial misfortune and they began to distance themselves from her. Some kind girls offered a helping hand, but were struck extremely hard into poverty. Soon she found herself isolated. However, Yoshino’s curse doesn’t scare Daichi – he’s already as poor as he could be. She wondered if he was fated to be with her and revealed herself as the god of poverty. She used to be a zashiki-warashi and believed that if the aura of poverty around her were to be completely cleansed, then she would return to normal. He agreed to help her out by staying by her side so that no incidents would happen, but she also wanted him to help those girls who she had unwillingly cursed. Thus begins his life together with the girls at the run-down Sanshunkan dormitory. There are English reviews 8. Sakura, Sakimashita. さくら、咲きました。 [120824] SORAHANE 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 The year is 2238 and due to newfound technology, humans now can choose not to grow old. It is a world of eternal life. Tsubasa readied himself for another school year, the only difference this year being that the swimming club he was part of had been disbanded. His childhood friend Tsubame encouraged him to join the life club, a peculiar club dedicated to searching for ‘life energy’. While he wasn’t sure what that meant, he ended up joining anyway. The club spends its days digging for treasure, eating desserts at Shitoran-tei and running a cosplay fashion show. Most of it was quite random, but it was quite enjoyable. After another day out with Tsubame, he returned home where the streets were eerily quiet. There was a special TV broadcast announcing that there was an asteroid headed on a collision course to Earth and that there was practically no chance of survival. There are English reviews 9. Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai. あの日見た花の名前を僕達はまだ知らない。 [120830] guyzware 1 6 girls and boys create a group called 'Super Piece Buster'. They were unseparated until one of them, Honma "Menma" Meiko passed away and separated her 5 friends. 10 years later, Menma appears in front of her now grownup friend Yadomi "Jintan" Jinta. Menma asks Jintan to fulfill a wish that she can’t remember to move on to the next life. That’s where you come in. The PSP game has a branching story and multiple endings made just for the game. On top of the visual novel component, this game has a communication mini-game where you can talk to a 3D model of Menma everyday. Anime spin-off 10. Fragment's Note [120830] Ullucus Heaven 1 "I-I can't, you're like a little brother to me. Besides, I already have a boyfriend..." "... I'm sorry." One not-so-special afternoon, I, Tenjou Yukiha, confessed my love to my childhood friend and got turned down. But before I have any time to grieve, a girl suddenly appears right in front of me. "Nice to meet you!" "I'm your daughter from the future, and I traveled all the way back in time to change your life for the better!" That's how I met my self-proclaimed daughter-of-the future, who changes my entire life. That was the beginning of it all. The beginning of my new future. Mobile game has an English review 11. Yami Kara no Izanai Tenebrae I 闇からのいざない TENEBRAE I [120830] BOOST ON 1 Tenebrae is a horror adventure set in a fictional futuristic place called New Island City where a huge incident occurred involving multiple people, some of whose stories the player can experience by playing through each of their perspectives. This game is a first out of planned but cancelled four episodes, and though each episode work as a standalone story, they all share the common core which helps bind the overall story. In this first episode, the story follows a reportage writer, Seiji Inugami (犬上 征爾) who one evening receives a phone call prompting him that something big is going to happen in New Island City. While reluctant to take a commission to collect the data onsite at first, he ends up coerced into agreement by the caller who blackmails him with something from Seiji's past which he was part of 15 years ago where he witnessed something he shouldn't have. On his way to the city, he ends up meeting his old friend, police detective Kaoru Saegusa who is working on a case involving a series of disappearances. While friendly chatting, they hear what sounds like a sea of screams in the distance. As they look toward it, they see a huge black fog enveloping the area. Thus, the search for answers and uncovering the mystery behind it begins. PSP exclusive mystery 12. Dai Ni Ongakushitsu e Youkoso!! 第二音楽室へようこそっ!! [120831] Wheel Masato returned to Japan after 3 years in Vienna with his parents. Immediately after his first day of class at Yonamori Gakuen, his osananajimi Kana grabbed his hand and dragged him to the second music room in the old school building. She welcomed him to the music club, which everyone in the school dismisses as just a group of weird kids playing together. What will happen to his new school life? Banal charage with tilt into H and bakage 13. Imo-bilizer! 妹びらいざー! [120831] Silver Bullet 1 2 The protagonist has a younger sister named Saki. She’s cute, great at studying and excels at sports… pretty much the perfect sister. They aren’t closer than any normal siblings would be. It’s not like he’s a siscon nor she’s a brocon, or at least that’s what he thought. He wondered if he should fall in love with someone, perhaps his older sister-ish childhood friend Izumi, her baby-faced but big-breasted younger sister Mizuumi, or maybe Saki’s cheeky tsundere best friend Yui. But something seemed to be missing. Something that, unbeknownst to him, had always been close to him. There are English reviews 14. Imouto no Katachi イモウトノカタチ [120831] Sphere 1 2 3 4 5 Yukito doesn’t have a single relative after a great flood which claimed the lives of his parents when he was small. That was also when his younger sister went missing. One day, he happened to hear in the news that the past records pertaining to the disaster would be available to the public for the 15th anniversary of the event. He decided to return to his hometown of Kugumi village, holding on to the belief that if he checked those records he might be able to reunite with his long lost younger sister that he only faintly remembers. There are English reviews 15. Mahou Shoujo 魔法少女 [120831] Shinjita Baka ga Ore Datta 1 2 One day monsters appear in Kakyou City. The school Chiyoko and Haruka are in shakes like during an earthquake and the window panes shatter all at once. During the commotion, the two rush to the rooftop. They see bodies lying in the street and smoke in the distance. A strange talking cat approaches them and asks them to become 'warriors' in order to fight against 'Biomonsters'. Panicked, Chiyoko is first to agree. She receives a round gemstone-looking transformation device along with a rather painful needle in the back. She suddenly finds herself able to travel faster than the speed of sound. Together with Haruka they are barely able to fend off the Biomonsters. The cat tells Chiyoko and Haruka they have to search for more students with the potential to become 'warriors' like them. Over the next few weeks they continue searching for members, however, Chiyoko's reputation as a dangerous person and her lack of common sense causes her to be misunderstood frequently. Beyond that, not everyone isn't so willing to risk their life. Why should they be? This isn't the army. No-one is there to force them to join, or to keep order. Some reach out to others. Some reach out to their friends anew. Others sit back and watch anxiously or with disapproval. Even as the threat of annihilation grows, their personal worries remain in the air. The days ahead lay filled with turmoil, large and small. SRPG 16. Naka no Hito nado Inai! Tokyo Hero Project 中の人などいない! トーキョー・ヒーロー・プロジェクト [120831] ALcot 1 2 3 4 5 6 The Tokyo Hero Project was a plan which was implemented two years ago, placing cosplaying heroes in each of the 23 wards to promote public order. But not many people knew that they actually possessed special powers and fought against the secret evil society Black Outsiders (BO) at night. Koutarou is a poor student who lives by himself. One night while he was making his way to a part-time job, he saw a fierce battle between a cosplayer and someone wearing a kigurumi. Due to the incident, he ended up missing his part-time opportunity and his friend Nagahiko suggested a new one for him. A young girl with a black manteau welcomed him: “How wonderful it is to have you here at the secret society BO group!”. From that day on, he battles against heroes while wearing a mascot character powered suit. Do your best, Koutarou! There are English reviews 17. Revolver Girl ☆ Hammer Lady リヴォルバーガール☆ハンマーレディ [120831] Kai The world having turned into a barren wasteland after The Crash, humans now live in small colonies, spending their days in fear of monsters called Deadhezz which roam rampant outside. However, there are those known as ‘Hunters’ who eradicate these monsters as a living. Maria and Kiriko are two such Hunters who are based in Carrier Town. One day, a girl named Nena requested their services as her bodyguards. They readily accepted, excited for a new adventure with high reward, but what lies in store for them? Despite normal synopsis it's actually a nukige with lots of corresponding fetishes included 18. Shiromiko 白神子 ~しろみこ~ [120831] Exception Kouta was an unattractive soccer club member. After his classmate and childhood friend Youko was suddenly hospitalized, he learned from his mother Fumiko that their family holds a secret power that can cure any disease. Again, a seemingly normal synopsis holds a dark H-tilt bullying story from a nukige maker company 19. Tokyo Babel 東京バベル [120831] Propeller 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 The gates of Heaven are closed shut; the realm of Hell consumed by flood. And in their wake, countless parallel worlds wither away, one after another. The surviving angels and demons gather at the city they believe to be their final chance at salvation: the floating purgatory of "Tokyo Babel". Joined by humans, they embark on a pilgrimage across the seven layers of Babel, hoping to ascend Jacob's Ladder in an effort to re-open the gates of Heaven. Their journey would be an atonement toward the heavens. And yet, their plans fall into ruin as a group of pilgrims -- their minds consumed by madness - set out to lord over the numerous layers of Tokyo Babel with the intention to wreak complete and utter havoc atop the floating purgatory. Amidst this neverending impasse, a lone youth is saved from the ruins of his devastated world - Tendou Setsuna, a man denied human treatment since birth. Joining his savior, Lilith - known as the Witch of the Night, he begins his journey across Tokyo Babel... ...yearning for an answer to a single question: Why he still possesses the will to keep on living. There are English reviews BLOCKED 1. Episode: Ave Maria ~Alphabet Children~ Episode: Ave Maria ~アルファベット チルドレン~ [120810] Studio Beast 1 Additional Scenario Disc for JQV that covers Natalia's character history. Fandisc with an English impression 2. Irotoridori no Hikari いろとりどりのヒカリ [120831] Favorite 1 2 Now finally together in a new world, Yuuma begins living with Shinku. Even though they both love each other greatly, they become flustered when they try to convey their feelings across. There’s also after stories for the other four heroines, along with a side episode for Shinku’s younger sister, Ai. Fandisc
  16. So far can only call Tiny Dungeon ~Brave or Slave~ and Astelight Jourantan a masterpiece, and in second case in advance for the series, so not going to extend evaluation to sequels. Micchi finds a lot of imouto games to play this month. 1. Time Travelers タイムトラベラーズ [120712] Level 5 1 2 One particular day in 2013, a mysterious hole, called "Lost Hole", emerged from the sky, and along with it, came an enormous explosion that devastated the central Tokyo area and claimed the lives of many. Eighteen years later on April 28, 2031, in a newly rebuilt metropolis, a new event is about to occur, one that could change the fate of the world forever. There are English reviews 2. Astelight Jourantan 星継駅擾乱譚 [120720] raiL-soft In the midst of a deep fog shrouding a ‘station’ somewhere in the barren wasteland of an unknown world stood a strange giant machine. Two people traveled around the universe in it and gave dubious performances until the carriage stopped. The two people are chairman of the group Okikaze B. and his companion Sharue . One day they tried to make the station go again and could not stop it anymore. It was difficult to maintain the station at first, but they managed. From then on days of turmoil began for them. It's an absurd story from Mareni, and everyone by now should know already what to expect. I personally find it adorable, but three works are supposed to be played in complex. 3. Guilty Crown Lost Christmas ギルティクラウン ロストクリスマス [120726] Nitroplus 1 2 Takes place during the "Lost Christmas" incident, ten years before the setting for the Guilty Crown anime. In 2029, an experimental subject codenamed ‘Scrooge’ escaped from a certain research facility. He was a powered up version of a past failed work and used the ‘powers’ which he was given to eliminate those that were chasing after him. During his escape, he met a strange girl named Carol who was also an experimental subject. Surrounded by his pursuers, the three 'ghosts' Present, Past and Yet to Come, Carol told him to ‘use her until she’s about to break’ and took his right hand and thrust it into her chest. There was a bright light and a strange weapon came out of her body. What hidden power lies within Scrooge’s right hand? Anime spin-off, but with English reviews 4. Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena ペルソナ4 ジ・アルティメット イン マヨナカアリーナ [120726] Atlus A fighting game spin-off to both Persona 3 and Persona 4, set immediately after Persona 4, featuring characters from both games. The story starts 2 months after the events of Persona 4 and roughly 2 years after Persona 3 FES' The Answer. At the start of Golden Week, Narukami Yui returns to Yasoinaba and reunites with Dojima, Nanako and his friends. But soon Chie hears a rumor that the Midnight Channel is airing again and tells Yosuke and Yukiko. The three of them and Yu (coincidentally) see it. At the same time, Rise, Kanji and Teddie go missing and Naoto is busy on a mission. The following day, they head into the TV world and find themselves stuck in a tournament held at their high school where they must fight each other to advance, but during the tournament they see a mysterious girl who claims to be their student council president as well as three Persona-users they've never seen before. Fighting 5. Super Dangan Ronpa 2 Sayonara Zetsubou Gakuen スーパーダンガンロンパ2 さよなら絶望学園 [120726] Spike Chunsoft 1 2 3 4 5 6 Takes place after the first game. This time, 16 new high school students are trapped on a tropical island and told that if they want to escape, they have to kill one of the other students and get away with it. Game is localized and has English reviews 6. Faint Tone [120727] Reon Yuuya was just your typical guy living a very ordinary life. However, that all changed one day with his parent’s sudden announcement that they’ll be living apart. Faced with his first life choice, should he follow his father or his mother? Should he remain in the city and continuing living this normal life, or head to the countryside and maybe find the girl that he often appeared in his dreams? After giving it some thought, he decided to lead lives in both places. Meeting the girls who were waiting for him in each place, he slowly began to remember the faint memories from his childhood, including that most precious person from his past. Doujin level work. Story is thin, and SOL scenes are crappy. But Otoha is nicely written among the heroines. Can't think of other reason to try this work. 7. Furuiro Meikyuu Rondo ~Histoire de Destin~ 古色迷宮輪舞曲 ~HISTOIRE DE DESTIN~ [120727] Yatagarasu 1 2 Yukito worked part-time at a tea house called the Fairy Tale Forest at the corner of a quiet residential street. Fairy tales and picture books, along with music boxes lined the antique interior with the sweet aroma of black tea in the air. One day, a giant wooden box was delivered to the store. Inside were a lot of bunny dolls… and a mysterious silver-haired red-eyed girl. The girl Saki told him that the wheel of fate was out of whack and that he will die after one week and that he will bring misfortune to anyone near him. While he did not believe her at first, accidents happened around him just like she had warned. Will he be able to fix the wheel of fate before the week is up? There are English reviews 8. Hiragumo-chan -Sengoku Gekokujou Monogatari- 平グモちゃん ―戦国下克上物語― [120727] Liar-soft 1 In the merchant city of Sakai during the Sengoku period, the peddler Kyuu-chan spends his days sleeping after his wife left him. His senior Dou-san and his younger brother Nagayori were worried about his future and organized a formal marriage interview with the daughter of the famous Jouou-san. He decided to attend to avoid losing face, but he fell in love with Hiragumo-chan at first sight and married her. They start a new life together, but since his credibility as a merchant was lost during his dark days, he couldn’t find a job. Nagayori recommended that he work for his lord Miyoshi Nagayoshi. Nagayoshi took interest in Kyuu-chan and made him a samurai under his command. Will he be able to survive in his new role during this period of strife!? There is an English review. I tried to play it several and hated it each time. 9. Kurenai Kagura 紅神楽 [120727] Debo no Su Seisakusho The link between the human world and the youkai world has weakened in recent times. The demon-vanquishing Isami visited the Takemori shrine deep in the mountains, carrying a talking rock, who is actually a youkai Masaru who had been sealed inside. The miko sisters Mamori and Inori told them about recent events that they thought were caused by the youkai. They were sent to investigate, but instead found Himawari, the youngest of the three oni siblings who lived in the nearby castle stronghold. She accused Masaru of being a traitor and killing his own father, who was the past leader, three years ago. Isami reluctantly released the seal on him so that they can repel the youkai forces. After doing so, they continue to proceed towards the castle stronghold in order to bring peace to the area, and also for Masaru to clear his name. RPG 10. Owaru Sekai to Birthday 終わる世界とバースデイ [120727] Cotton Soft 1 2 3 4 On September 29, 2012, the world will end. The majority of people did not believe in this internet rumour, but many were still apprehensive as the date approached. Kazuomi was not one of these people. To him, the most important thing is to protect his late best friend Touya’s younger sister Iri whose eyesight is close to blindness. She had mistaken him for her own brother since Touya’s death in a motorcycle accident two years ago. Later, his classmate Mikaeru enlisted him into her unofficial circle, the ’9.29 countermeasures group’, which investigates whether or not the rumours are true and plans ways to prevent the end of the world. September 29 is fast approaching. It is the date when Touya died, and also Iri’s birthday. There are English reviews 11. Sangoku Hime 2 ~Tenchi Tairan Ransei ni Kirameku Arata na Haryuu~ 三極姫2 ~天地大乱・乱世に煌く新たな覇龍~ [120727] Gesen 18 Tactics sequel TBS 12. Sousei Kitan Aerial 創世奇譚アエリアル [120727] Akabei Soft3 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 In the year 2040, global warming has caused the poles, glaciers and mountain ice caps to melt and submerge the entire world. The surviving 100,000 inhabitants now live aimlessly on the manmade Aquapolice City which floats on top of the ocean. Lately, they have come under attack from an unidentified robotic life-form called SPOOK. It is up to the Aquapolice air defense force to repel the invaders, but their overwhelming numbers are too much and gradually they are being pushed towards defeat and annihilation. That’s when a mysterious girl named Nagi appeared with the super-weapon robot called GrandBlue Aerials. There are English reviews 13. Tiny Dungeon ~Brave or Slave~ [120727] Rosebleu 1 Final Game for The Tiny Dungeon Series, In the last game Shirasagi Hime, our protagonist was left with a miraculous decision. Now, it is time to let all the dreams and hopes be answered in the Final Stage. There is an English review 14. Tokeijikake no Ley Line -Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen- 時計仕掛けのレイライン -黄昏時の境界線- [120727] Unison Shift: Blossom 1 2 3 4 5 6 In a mysterious school where day and night are two separate worlds, a mismatched trio works to resolve magic-related incidents. Michiru is a newly enrolled first-year student at a boarding school with a notably large clock tower, located deep in the mountains. Unfortunately, on his first day of school, he gets caught up in some sudden trouble, and accidentally breaks an expensive-looking statue. In order to compensate for the broken statue, the principal orders him and the boy who caused the incident to work for the school’s “Bureau for the Investigation of Special Affairs.” When they arrive at the Bureau’s headquarters, a room situated in the school’s enormous underground library, a girl is waiting for them there with an apathetic look on her face. The girl informs the confused pair of the situation: Magic exists in this school. When the clock tower chimes, the “Realm of Night” appears, and merges with the school building. The Bureau’s job is to take care of the supernatural problems that arise. And so, Michiru struggles to protect the school from troublesome magical items known as “Mists”... There are English reviews 15. Yome Juu! ヨメ充! [120727] Nounai Kanojo 1 After the passing of his mother, Eiji became the owner of Hakuyoudou, a store for old books. Spending his days studying and working, he was unsure if he was satisfied with such a life, even if his childhood friend Ikuno helps out around the house and he’s worked to death looking after his younger sister Shiori. Suddenly one day, a princess Lieselotte came to his house, kissed him on the lips and proclaimed that she’s his fiancée, causing an enraged Ikuno to slap him in the face (with raw steaks and fish). With his trickster trap friend Kanata, mysterious upperclassman Kouzaki, ultra-negative maid Donnerstag and other peculiar characters in tow – what lies ahead for him? Scenario is bad and frustrating, so there is only point to play for nice SOL scenes and characters. BLOCKED 1. Elf no Shugosha エルフの守護者 [120707] Cheris Soft 1 2 The Silver Darkness brings about the awakening of the Guardian of the Elves… that’s a saying passed down for generations in the elven society, but at least for Yuuto, he only remembers his name and the phrase “Guardian of the Elves” as he wakes up in an unknown forest being carried by people who he doesn’t know. His lack of memory will be the least of his problems as a large army from the Thousand Empire invade the forest, but he’s luckily saved by a group of elves who repel the fiends. He meets a beautiful elf named Siris who decides to take him in as a hostage, but finds out that he has the seeds to the World Tree, which bewilders everyone at the Elven camp. That night, however, the same army invades the Elven Camp, and completely outnumbered, Yuuto steps in and offers to surrender in exchanging for no one being killed. While enraged at Yuuto’s actions, the chief of the camp decide to place Yuuto in charge of their town as he knew about the “Guardian of the Elves”, and Yuuto agrees to assist Siris in any way he can to restore the former glory that the elves once held. Doujin TBS, but with English reviews 2. Rewrite Harvest festa! [120727] Key 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Fandisc for Rewrite consisting of six heroine scenarios and an RPG minigame entitled Rewrite Quest. Fandisc
  17. There are as many as four masterpieces for me in June - Gurenka , Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- , Astraythem , Dolphin Divers . With a difficult choice like this I just go for the preferred genre, so it is Gurenka. Zen supports my choice and also suggests Namima no Kuni no Faust while Micchi seeks cuteness in Hatsukoi 1/1 and 1/2 summer 1. Root Double -Before Crime * After Days- ルートダブル -Before Crime * After Days- [120614] Regista 1 2 3 4 5 6 September 16, 2030 - 6:19 AM. At "LABO", a giant scientific research facility built by a lake on the outskirts of "Rokumei City", an "incident" occurs...! And thus, nine souls are trapped in LABO's basement. A world where death eats away at every passing moment. The way out, shut. Frequent inexplicable phenomena. Countless mysteries. And... a bizarre murder that occurred right in that closed space. There are two routes out of this extreme situation: An amnesiac rescue squad captain in LABO- Watase Kasasagi. A nine hour escape drama unfolds from his viewpoint. A high school student trapped in LABO- Natsuhiko Tenkawa. A journey into his memories of the six days leading up to the incident starts from his viewpoint. When two intentions and two sets of memories overlap... all will be revealed. In the end, is there a route for all nine to escape with their lives? Game is localized and has English reviews 2. Phenomeno - Mitsurugi Yoishi wa Kowagaranai フェノメノ 美鶴木夜石は怖がらない [120616] Nitroplus 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Yamada Nagito, a university student living away from home, needing a cheap place to live he finds out about a mysterious “House that grants wishes” on the market for a ridiculously low rent; he snaps up the house and starts living there. Afew nights in he starts hearing strange creaking noises. Each and every night he’s assaulted by these torturous noises. The last straw is when he finds the number 7 carved into the wall, as if counting down to something. Yamada having an interest in the occult seeks help from a website he frequently visits: “Ikaigabuchi”, which specialises in occult topics. Game is localized and has English reviews 3. Robotics;Notes [120628] Nitroplus 1 2 3 4 "The Science itself may prove cynical. However, one mustn't forget that there is a scientific element in all things. The important truth is this: I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul." Science Adventure Series #3 "Robotics;Notes Elite" Divergence: 1.048596. In the near future, the PhoneDroid--a device which features augmented reality--has risen in popularity in Tanegashima. On that island, Central Tanegashima High's "Robot Research Club" is about to have their club disbanded. Despite their predicament, Kaito Yashio, one of only two members in the Robot Club, couldn't care less and would rather play a robot fighting game. His counterpart, the reckless club leader Akiho Senomiya, ignores Kaito as she strives to keep the club from being disbanded by completing their giant robot. One day, for some odd reason, Kaito finds an A.R. (augmented reality) annotation titled "Kimijima Report." It contains details about a plot involving the entire world written by a man named Ko Kimijima. There are English reviews 4. 1/2 Summer [120629] Alcot Honey Comb 1 2 3 4 During the summer vacation, Kaname was asked to help out at his family's inn in Tohoku. He had expected it to be a refreshing change from the sweltering heat in Tokyo, but when he arrived at the train station with his younger sister Kazuha, he was surprised to find that the town he once lived in, now have a huge school built in it. Boarding a crowded bus and traveling out of the city to Kusanagi Inn, he was relieved to see the familiar country scenery once again. But why are there schoolgirls in the inn? The owner told him that they were students from Jinza Gakuen in the city, but due to an incident they couldn’t stay in their dormitory, so she let them stay at the inn for the summer. That’s why he was needed there: there was a need for more staff to look after the girls. Furthermore, he had one more thing on his mind. The mischievous Zashiki-warashi that lived in the inn, because of whom he ends up returning to the countryside for good. There are English reviews 5. Aorio アオリオ [120629] ad:lib 1 2 This spring, Satou Daisuke matriculated to Shikisaka. Just before the school entrance ceremony, he was visited by bad luck and was hospitalized because of a stomach ulcer. After one month, he finally started attending school. Daisuke, who had dreamt of a brilliant school life, was not able to become familiar with anyone in his class that had already split into social groups. He was isolated in the class on his first day of school. He held no expectatons for what afterschool would be like, and was discouraged at the thought. Unexpectedly. he was invited by Yamabuki Rio, a beautiful girl (?) of his class to enter a certain club. Daisuke, who had no interest in club activities, was elated by the invitation of a classmate (moreover a beautiful girl). He talked with her for the first time that day without ascertaining what club she was in and signs the registration form to the club. But the club he had entered was the unpopular "Theatrical club," which no adolescent male student would like to enter ... There are English reviews 6. Astraythem アステリズム -Astraythem- [120629] ChuableSoft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 I love my elder sister.. My love belongs to my elder sister... I'm in love with my elder sister... Sakurazuka Tsukumo has fallen in love. His beloved one is his elder sister, Sakurazuka Natsuki. When he was a child, she risked her life to save him in front of Death's scythe. Her face on that rainy day has carved into his heart and he swore to protect her forever, to ensure that she would never have to suffer again. Time went by, while he got stronger and stronger, she became more and more beautiful. Will Tsukumo be able to confess his feelings to her? Will they ever be able to become a pair of lovers? "My answer had already been decided on that day." There are English reviews 7. Colorful☆Cure カラフル☆きゅあ~ [120629] Etoiles Demons pose a threat to mankind and it is up to mahou shoujo to defeat them. However, they gain impurities as they use magic, destined to become demons themselves one day. Kureha is a student at Mizukikou Gakuen who awakened as a saint who can cleanse the impurities of mahou shoujo by touching them. After that, demons and other beings attacked him constantly with four mahou shoujos protecting him. They were the school idol Aoi who he had saved earlier, his osananajimi Hanatsu who made a contract to become a mahou shoujo in order to protect him, the robot Ars who travelled from the past to meet him, and the blonde vampire Vermillion who came to be purified by him. Scenario is weak, by the middle becomes sleepy. 8. Dolphin Divers [120629] AXL 1 2 3 4 In the near future, countries focused on marine development to accommodate the growing population, need for increased food supply and environmental control, creating many floating cities. With the industrialization of methane hydrate and a vast amount of ocean as part of its territory, Japan was viewed as a leading country and attracted many overseas students. The small island of Naginoshima was once popular with tourists, but now it has been mostly forgotten. To bring the island back to its past glory, a marine training school was built using a government subsidy. With the financial support of the national and local government, the tuition was kept low in the hopes of attracting many trainees. However, only 15 people joined the school and they had problems not only with the training, but with the outdated equipment as well. Their goal was to achieve the highest ranking in the national exam for marine rescue. If they succeed, it would bring much prestige to their new school. At first it seemed like they could not be relied upon, but surrounded by the kind islanders and with the great efforts of the protagonist Takeru, they gradually overcome the numerous challenges in their way. There are English reviews 9. Erect! えれくと! [120629] Astronauts: Spica 1 2 3 Lilythtia International School is located in Mitsuoka-chou where Kento lives, attracting many students from overseas. He helped out every day at his father’s flower shop Florist Ogiwara in the shopping area with the intention of carrying on the family business in the future. One day while he was on an errand, he was assaulted by a beautiful girl who he had seen at the school before. When he woke up in the hospital afterwards, her servant Riel told him that she was Runastia, a succubus ‘princess’ who has a weak body. She asked him for help since his life force was special and it may be able to cure Runa. After giving it some thought, he decided to transfer to Liliythtia, which was actually a school for succubi. Surrounded by ero classmates, will he be able to graduate from the school without being sucked dry? There are English reviews 10. Fortissimo EXS//Akkord:Nachsten Phase [120629] La'cryma 1 2 3 New phase of La'cryma's fortissimo//Akkord:Bsusvier. Contains three new routes for fortissimo's heroines: Sakura, Kurobane Sayuki, and Satomura Momiji with H-scenes. Moreover, there are three new characters: Loki, Schwarzritter, and Himeshiro Kuri. Remake has English reviews 11. Futsuu no Fantasy フツウノファンタジー [120629] Ex-One 1 2 3 4 “The demon king who brought darkness and chaos to the world will be defeated by the hero who is chosen by the goddess.” That’s what the legendary grimoire Libra told the maou Jade. Not wanting to meet his demise so soon, he seeked out the chosen hero, Hisui, and her party and joined them under a false name, Jay. But with Libra’s omens always being correct, is it possible for him to change his fate? There are English reviews 12. Gurenka 紅蓮華 [120629] Escu:de 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Ryouji lives in the secluded mountain town of Sakai-chou. One day, he received a message on his answering machine not to let anyone into the house no matter who it was. In addition, there was something about the letter on the table, but he couldn’t understand all of it due to the static. He opened the letter anyway and inside was a old sepia-coloured letter, with a strange mark that he recalled seeing at the local abandoned shrine. There was a large stone in the middle and when he approached it, he heard a female voice and he felt a pain in his chest. Returning later due to curiosity, he noticed that the emblem on the stone was glowing. All of a sudden, he was dragged into a dark world and a naked girl Kuon was standing in front of him. She was a spirit that was sealed within the stone hundreds of years ago and she decided to thank him by tearing him to pieces and eating him. Just as suddenly, they were back in the real world and all his injuries were healed. It appeared that he had gained her powers which were within the keystone and so he was thrust into battle to retrieve all the broken shards. What is the other world and the village legend which has been passed down? He set out with Kuon and three other girls to seek the truth. There are English reviews 13. Hatsukoi 1/1 初恋1/1 [120629] tone work's 1 2 3 Yuuma is a second year student at the prestigious public school Hoshioka Gakuen. It is known for offering a fulfilling school life, but he has yet to experience love and spends his days lacking any satisfaction. He hasn’t made any progress with his classmates nor his osananajimi. All he can do is look at his love interest, the student council leader Midori, from a distance. One day, he saw her with a troubled face. It seemed that the remaining members of the school cafeteria improvement committee had resigned. After giving it some thought, he volunteered to lead the committee. After that fateful moment, his surroundings became a lot more lively and before long, his first love had blossomed. There are English reviews 14. JOKER -Shisen no Hate no Doukeshi- JOKER -死線の果ての道化師- [120629] Akabei Soft3 1 In a fenced-in school, an unthinkable game has begun under the watch of a man known as the Joker. Each person is given a card and the one with the Curse card will be killed by the Joker. The only way to avoid this fate is to pass the card on to someone else without them knowing it. With no hope of being saved, their desire for survival leads to lies and deceit among the students. Girls are raped and their minds broken. Is the culprit in their midst? What is the purpose to this terrible game and will they find out the truth within the sea of lies? Will they be able to escape from the cursed school? There is an English review 15. Namima no Kuni no Faust 波間の国のファウスト [120629] bitterdrop 1 2 The President of Chronos Investments, the company that stands at the very top of a world where money really does make it go round, also inherits a second title - that of 'Hagetaka', a vulture that picks mercilessly at rotting meat and still finds a use for it. It takes becoming a candidate in the exam that will determine the next Hagetaka to convince Yuuki Ritsuya to return to his homeland. To succeed, however, Ritsuya must overcome his childhood friends. Those who resent him for leaving them behind in search of money, another that continues to live in pursuit of a long-forgotten dream and finally, another that has become a completely different person from the one in his memories - Naoshima SEZ's current Queen Vulture. Most importantly, he also needs to deal with his own motives for returning to the island. A broken smartphone, and a hostile takeover of epic proportions. There are English reviews 16. Natsuiro Asagao Residence 夏色あさがおレジデンス [120629] Kuuchuu Caricature Kei was asked by his childhood friend Akuru to help her with something. The Fuminoe Academy’s executive council had decided that the dormitory where she was living, Dormitory Asagao, would be closed down starting that day. He thought that she was going to ask for his help in moving, but actually she wanted him to join her opposition towards the plan, the ‘ATM (Asagao-ryou o Tokoton Mamorinuku) resistance’, and occupy the dormitory. Conflict between executive council and ATM is poorly drawn. And instead of developing heroines their behavior fits the common scheme. It becomes a childish boring development. 17. xxx na Kanojo ga Inaka Seikatsu o Mankitsu Suru Himitsu no Houhou ×××な彼女が田舎生活を満喫するヒミツの方法 [120629] Lime vert It’s basically about some country “otaku club” where fans of anime and manga gather. However, since it’s in the country the magazines arrive late and there’s not very many tv channels to watch. This means that they generally just help out around town and talk about anime occasionally. Due to this, they get called the “Cat’s hand club”. One day, a cute girl called Riko from the city transfers to their school in the country with her cross-dressing butler. She ends up joining the otaku club. Since it’s so unusual for people to transfer to this school, everyone fusses over her. With summer and the town’s annual festival approaching, what will happen to the club now? Otaku in the village does not look truthlike. There's no momentum in this story. BLOCKED 1. Princess Evangile W Happiness [120629] Moonstone 1 2 3 Fandisc of Princess Evangile, composing of 4 after stories for the heroines and 5 short stories for the sub-heroines. Includes part of the original game's common route as a refresher. Fandisc
  18. There are no masterpieces this month. I feel deep aversion towards flight clubs, but if I was forced to choose among these variants, Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete would still win by the sheer quality. It's also backed by Zen while Micchi prefers Supipara and Shiawase Kazoku-bu 1. Supipara すぴぱら [120518] minori 1 2 3 4 5 6 The protagonist, Sanada Yukinari, has returned to his hometown in Kanagawa Prefecture, Kamakura City, for the first time in seven years, and is greeted by his older cousin, Narumi Sakura (complete with maid outfit). He wanted to live in peace, but his life at the academy placed on the coastlands becomes bustling and brilliant while surrounded by a lineup of members with booming personalities like Amano Hotaru, the sharp tongued, half-Japanese beauty, and Alice Kamishiro, the lazy witch who loves modern-science and mail-orders. Eventually, Yukinari is coaxed into joining the action committee for the academy's traditional beauty contest by his close friend. He interacts with the heroines participating in this contest who are cute but each have an idiosyncrasy or two. Fun events (with their own difficulties) pop up again and again. Your story with "her" about smiles, peace, passion, and love, all while borrowing the power of a witch, is about to begin! There are English reviews. 2. Fortuna Rhapsody [120525] Symphony 1 In the town of Hazama-chou, legends about a goddess have been passed down through generations and there was a shrine dedicated to her. Returning home one night, Kouhei saw a winged girl descend from the sky at the seaside. It was late and she seemed to have taken a liking to him, so he brought her to his osananajimi Kiyo’s house. Later he found out that the girl Fey had lost her memories and he ended up taking care of her. Even though she didn’t appear to be from this world, she was readily accepted by everyone and joined him at his school. There is an English review 3. Ibuki no Kiseki ~Kohaku no Omoide no Naka de Seirei wa Yume o Miru~ イブキノキセキ ~琥珀の思い出の中で精霊は夢を見る~ [120525] Milk Crown Hiroki met a mysterious girl named Ibuki by the large tree on a hill behind the school. She had saved him when he was about to fall from a branch. They became close friends and soon had feelings for each other. One day, his family was forced to move due to a large-scale urban redevelopment plan. After settling down in his new home, he attempted to find Ibuki, but was unsuccessful. Many years passed by and he had forgotten about the events from his childhood. Having returned back to his hometown, he accompanied his childhood friends Ichino and Mikan on a visit to places from his childhood. The large tree was no longer on the site of his old school which was now demolished. He wondered if it was chopped down. The next day, the tree stood once again on the hill. Sitting on a branch waiting for him was Ibuki. I doubt it's possible to play it without lolicon affinity 4. Kamigakari Cross Heart! 神がかりクロスハート! [120525] Windmill 1 2 3 It’s been ten years since Shougo had seen his childhood friend Anzu in the rural town of Amamisaki. Her body has rounded out nicely, with her chest being quite large. But why was she naked in the ofuro with him!? “See, your wish has come true, hasn’t it?” It was a mysterious puppy by her side that said that. The puppy was a divine messenger that can bestow divine power on the someone so that their wish can be fulfilled. Shougo was quite confused, but before he could figure it all out, his classmate Koneko and cousin Hijiri also have their own divine messenger. There are English reviews 5. Kessen! Otome-tachi no Senjou 3 ~Dengeki Sakusen! Senka wa Ace no Na no Moto ni~ 決戦!乙女たちの戦場3 ~電撃作戦!戦果はエースの名のもとに~ [120525] Gesen 18 1 After the end of the second World War, a scientific experiment by the leading post-war nation went terribly wrong, annihilating most of the country. With the world balance suddenly in tatters, countries once again began to fight each other for supremacy. Out of this new war emerged three nations: the Republic of Japan, the Howell Kingdom and the Schwarzwald Empire. Strategy with an English impression 6. Koiimo Sweet ☆ Days 恋妹SWEET☆DAYS [120525] Parasol 1 2 Yamato looks like a typical guy, but being surrounded by one older sister and two little sisters, he greatly loves his sisters a lot. One day, his older sister Azusa informed that he will be transferring to a girl's boarding school as part of a test case for coeducation initiative. He also has to help the school board chairman's daughter Yurika with various duties. Reluctantly he heads to school and waiting there was his little sisters Aoi and Akane who lived apart from him, as well as his childhood friend Ena who’s like family to him. His little sisters shower him with pent-up love, having not seen their older brother for so long. There are English reviews 7. Kono Oozora ni, Tsubasa o Hirogete この大空に、翼をひろげて [120525] Pulltop 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Aoi returned to his hometown of Kazegaura where a gentle breeze blows through the streets, having lost his direction in life. On the hill lined with windmills, he met a wheelchair-ridden girl Kotori and watched the gliders overhead in awe. With his childhood friend Ageha in tow, they resurrect the soaring club in order to fulfill a childhood dream: to fly on a glider. Game is localized and has English reviews 8. Sakura No Reply 桜ノーリプライ [120525] Onomatope* 1 2 3 When Ichigo was small, he lived with his grandmother on a small island surrounded by the ocean and mountains. Due to his parent’s work, he moved away, leaving behind his sickly imouto Minto and close friends. He did not have any plans for his future, but then he was chosen to be part of a student exchange with their sister school. So he returned to the island and reunited with his now grown-up imouto and childhood friends. On this small island where the sakura do not bloom, will the hope and love in their hearts blossom? There are English reviews 9. Shiawase Kazoku-bu しあわせ家族部 [120525] Purple Software 1 2 Kazuki transferred to Amanogawa Gakuen in the middle of the school year. His childhood friend Honoha invited him to the unofficial ‘family club’ where the members pretend to be a family. In addition to the club leader Ougi and imouto-like kouhai Runa, they are soon joined by a robot Misora, the student council leader Mikage, his classmate Yuuki and energetic kouhai Suzu. For Kazuki, who had lost his family at a young age, he did not understand at first the meaning of family nor the purpose of the club, but he felt at ease with kind people at his side. Gradually after spending more and more time with them, they become precious to him, just like ‘family’. There are English reviews 10. Sora to Kumo to Kimi no Koi 青空と雲と彼女の恋 [120525] Klein A few days into the new school year, Takayuki gazed at the clouds in the sky from his favourite spot on the roof and drifted off to sleep. When he woke up, he noticed a boy about to confess to a girl. Unable to leave, he ended up watching as the boy was quickly turned down by the girl, who he recognized as the new transfer student known as the ‘one with the steel skirt’ since no one has been able to win her love. However, she turned to him and kissed him to his utmost surprise. Commonplace scenario, boring conversations and unmemorable heroines don't leave this game a chance. BLOCKED 1. Oshiete Ecchi na Recipe -Anata to Watashi no Ama~i Seikatsu!- おしえてエッチなレシピ -アナタとワタシのあま~いせいかつ!- [120525] Hiyoko Soft Momogumi 1 The protagonist, Sakura is cool and there was an actual goal in the story. Namely to revive the cake shop Aurora that is on the verge of going bankrupt after Sakura’s teacher in patisseries died to a sickness while he was out of country working. In the end he was too busy to even attend her funeral and all so in a sense it’s a way of paying back for what she did for him. That is, at the start. Sakura may be missing a few screws in his head but he’s still a very talented patissier. Invited back to Japan by his junior, Rui from back in school. He started working at the cake shop Aurora Nukige, but with an English review 2. Katsute Arishi Hi かつてありし陽 [120509] Check&Stripe In a world full of violence, nations have lost their meaning and a group of geniuses created the ‘World Commonwealth’ with the goal of uniting the entire world in the name of peace. It’s been seven years since they began taking over each country and Japan was the first, falling in roughly half a year. Kazuya was one of the few survivors of the battle. He fled with his osananajimi Setsuka and sided with the rebels against the Commonwealth. Then he heard about a rumour that there was a school for captives established on the Commonwealth’s floating base Aegis Zeus. While not sure if it was true or not, he made his way there with the aid of the rebels, with the aim of bringing back the good old days. Doujin, but there is an opening 3. J.Q.V Jinrui Kyuusai-bu ~With Love from Isotope~ J.Q.V 人類救済部 ~With love from isotope~ [120519] Studio Beast 1 2 3 4 Mankind has vanished. Uninhabited town, uninhabited school, uninhabited classroom. In this world where no other humans exist Shimaji meets a young girl. And from this girl flows words that don't fit this world "I will make a club" A club to save mankind. But in this world where humanity doesn't exist anymore, who can be saved? Doujin, but with English reviews and an opening 4. Yojouhan Princess 四畳半プリンセス [120525] Paraiso The small European country of Hoegaarden is abundant in resources and rich in history and culture. It has great influence on international affairs despite its size. A poor student Hibiki watches the news about the princess Pecheresse coming on a visit to Japan in place of her sick father. When he was a child, his family was quite prosperous and he had played with her while accompanying his father on a visit to Hoegaarden. It was a very precious memory to him, even if she had forgotten about him. Then when he was about to leave for his part-time job, standing there was the princess. “It’s been a long time, Hibiki. I’ve come to fulfill our promise.” Nukige, but with an opening.
  19. I'm leaning towards Evolimit, Sukimazakura, Asairo, Tokyo Babel, Ayakashibito.
  20. Foreword: It's always nice to read a work with a fresh concept Synopsis: You start out in a flashback, the last remaining two humans fighting against him. Of course, after that you wake up in a place unknown to you along with a bishoujo and you lost all your memories. The girl with you explains that this is no longer a world you once lived in, a world where trains, bus and bicycles no longer exists. People travel by flight, literally. Not only that, but people transforming into colossus form, reading invisible books, and opening doors that cut through space continuum. Yep, welcome to Planet Mars. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwGwDxf37gEkgI9_JS3fmEW88IUR_XqcZ Character Design rating: 9/10 Protagonist rating: 10/10 Story rating: 9/10 Game quality: 9/10 Overall rating: 9/10 It's my first reading of Evolimit, so it's much better to read reviews of people who have at least two readings (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10). But since recording is done from the third try (first recordered with free BGM samples, but got so many copyright claims that re-recordered without BGM, part of second try got lost somehow) I should provide at least a short impression. Protagonist here is outstanding and trustworthy. But can't call other elements perfect. I don't understand Lidia as romantic interest. The evolution element of the story freaks me out to an extent as any game about genetics and mutations. As for game quality, my complaint is more about pace of writer Higashide Yuuichirou as well as his extensive worldbuilding. Yet again there are a LOT of sub-characters, and everyone is given proper time to develop. But my problem is that I don't like some characters like Renato, and I don't want to see them at all let alone suffer during very long tête-à-tête dialogue scenes. I really believe that game would only benefit from smaller size, but there are some industry and some quality standards, and it's a rule of the thumb that it's best to increase than decrease, so it's just my taste. Game is not that much about story as it is about worldbuilding and characters in this unusual world even though theme is really fresh. Those who played and liked Ayakashibito and Bullet Butlers already know what to expect. Those who did not like either of those, probably won't be able to enjoy Evolimit, and no praise would change that, won't even try.
  21. April is busy as usual even without couple nukige skipped by me. Kouyoku no Soleil -vii’s World- is the only game that I acclaim as masterpiece. Zen is justly fascinated by Mahoutsukai no Yoru, but I have a difficult history with this game and I loathe it. Micchi is dying for D.C.III and lots of other sweet stuff that I avoid listing in fear of getting diabetes. 1. Mahoutsukai no Yoru 魔法使いの夜 [120412] Type-Moon 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 “Near the end of the Showa Era. (Late 1980s) In the old mansion rumored that a witch lives, Aoko Aozaki who just started learning sorcery and her teacher, a young mage Alice Kuonji, lived together. But as if he was guided by an invisible string of fate, a young boy called Soujuurou Shizuki joins them and a strange communal life begins…” “Late 1980s. The golden age full of brightness and spirits. The boy who came to the urban city passes by the two witches who live in the present” “The boy lived a really normal life She lived with pride and confidence The girl lived hidden as if she’s asleep” There are English reviews. 2. Ciel Nosurge ~Ushinawareta Hoshi e Sasagu Uta~ シェルノサージュ〜失われた星へ捧ぐ詩〜 [120426] Gust 1 Ciel nosurge, full name Surge Concerto: Ciel nosurge, is a life simulation video game for the PlayStation Vita developed by Gust. The player is introduced to Ionasal (shortened to "Ion" in the game), a girl with amnesia; the player's objective is to help Ion regather her memories by entering her mind, which is shown as a broken world which the player can repair (in order to recover Ion's memories). Although not a continuation of the Ar tonelico series, it takes place in the same universe with many of the same elements and expands on the series mythos. The game is notably the first game to be developed by Gust after their merger with Tecmo Koei. Dating SIM has an English review. 3. Game demo, Papa no Iu Koto o Kikinasai! ゲームでも、パパのいうことを聞きなさい! [120426] Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Segawa Yuuta is a university first year student who was looked after by his older sister, Yuri, but decided to live alone when Yuri got married. One day, Yuuta is asked by Yuri and her husband to babysit their children, Takanashi Sora, Miu and Hina, while they go on a trip. However, during this time, the plane Yuri and her husband are riding crashes and they are both reported missing. In order to prevent the girls from being separated from each other, Yuuta takes it upon himself to look after the girls in his small dormitory apartment. Thus begins Yuuta's life of sharing his everyday life with three girls. Anime spin-off 4. Phase-D: Shuki no Shou Phase D 朱姫の章 [120426] BOOST ON The last chapter in the four-volume Phase D sci-fi visual novel series. There are four phases of human existence. From conception to birth is called Phase A. From birth to death is called Phase B. From death to disappearance of the corpse is Phase C. And last, remnant after the death, separate from the corpse, is referred to as Phase D. As with the previous chapters, the general story is very similar but revolves around a new protagonist, Ren Ichishi, and features new characters and places. The anticipated grand finale of the series (NOT). 5. AngelGuard [120427] Athena 1 This is the first title by Athena. Lisa’s father is the chairman of the military conglomerate ‘General Technics Group’, which plans to build an oil pipeline in central Asia with the backing of the U.S. government. However, they are opposed by the rival Russian financial group ‘Arsenary’ which will use any means to secure the deal. Ryou is an agent of the private military company ‘GMSS’ who is designated to protect Lisa with the help of fellow agent Reina. At the client’s request, he has to do this while undercover as a teacher at Lisa’s school Seika Gakuen. There is an English impression 6. D.C. III ~Da Capo III~ D.C.III ~ダ・カーポIII~ [120427] Circus 1 2 3 4 5 6 The sakura that bloomed year-round are now a thing of the past and Hatsune Island is now known as an island that shows that beauty of each season. Kiyotaka is a second-year student at Kazami Academy who is part of the news club along with the school idol Rikka, his younger sister-like childhood friend Himeno, his mixed-race cousin Charles, hard-working junior who skipped a grade and is in his class Sara, and energetic in spirit but weak in body Aoi. Unlike in the past, there are no more mysterious things happening on the island. That was until one winter day when the sakura began to bloom. All the news club members got a message on their cell phones telling them to do something at a promised place when the sakura begins to bloom. They couldn’t make out the rest of the message, but are surprised that it was dated 1951. Rikka was extremely curious about the message and the sudden blooming of the sakura, so she called on everyone to solve the mystery with her. There are English reviews 7. Futari wa My Angel ふたりはマイエンジェル [120427] Crowd A long long time ago, angels and demons fought against one another on Earth, resulting in demons being sealed deep underground. Now over a million years later, two students attend Amatsuka Gakuen. Kou was the student council president who was famous around the school, while Ruka didn’t stand out at all even in his own class. Other than being in the same class, they shared nothing in common… until they were caught up in the battle with the demons which was started up again, turning them into girls. An angel appeared and bestowed magical powers on them, turning them into Angel White and Angel Black! Crowd keeps kicking the dead horse of sex change. As usual, ecchi comedy is the best readers can hope for. 8. Grand Libra Academy [120427] FOUNDATION Grand Libra Academy is a school with the most powerful magicians and those who possess special abilities and aim to become magicians. With such a high concentration of magical prowess in one place, it is entrusted with maintaining peace in the world. People from all countries come to the school for different reasons – some to bring back their newly acquired skills, others to satisfy their ambitions – but the main objective is to find someone to marry! Enter Akihiko, a boy coming from the bloodline of a famous onmyouji from the Heian Era who is now responsible for bringing his family which has fallen on hard times back to its prominent status. Will he find the girl that’s right for him among the many peculiar girls at the school? Boring and unfinished moege borderline with nukige. 9. Hanachiru Miyako to Ryuu no Miko 花散る都と竜の巫女 [120427] Debo no Su Seisakusho One day, something went wrong with Ein’s alchemy, causing him and dragon girls Lime and Sheena to be transported to the Far East. They were surprised to find themselves in an unfamiliar place and were invited to meet the castle lord. He sensed their dragon power and asked a favour of them: to rescue his daughter Kukuri-hime who was kidnapped last night. After successfully bringing her back, they return to search for a way to return to Erile. RPG from endless Kagura franchise autors. 10. Harumade, Kururu. はるまで、くるる。 [120427] Sumikko Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 For some reason, the protagonist ended up spending his spring break with four girls in a remote area that had no wireless reception and didn’t even have a convenience store. There was only a school building that seems to be on the verge of closure, a large dormitory that looked like a hot spring hotel and a chimney that stretched up to the sky as far as the eyes could see. He thought that he would just spend some peaceful days here, but that’s when one of the girls Shizuka declared that they will make this place his harem, and started stripping in front of him in his bewilderment. There are English reviews 11. Hyouka no Mau Sora ni 氷華の舞う空に [120427] Rosebleu 1 2 Suou lived in a small town blanketed by snow every winter. One day, his cousin Shiina moved in with him after her parents went overseas. Her transfer into the school so close to the winter vacation was the talk of the school. It had been a long time since he had seen her and their time together is quite different from back then. Then a rumour spread that the school might be closed down… There is an English impression 12. Kouyoku no Soleil -vii’s World- 虹翼のソレイユ-vii’s World- [120427] SkyFish 1 It is a battle royale between seven battle maidens from seven different worlds. Touya is the master of one of them, Linaswell, who resides in the center world. Will they be able to live through the battles? There is an English review 13. Monobeno ものべの [120427] Lose 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 After six years, Tooru returned with his imouto Natsuha to the remote village of Monobeno deep in the mountains of Kochi prefecture. They reunited with the Akashaguma (child-like Yamori Youkai) Sumi, the Kasayou Hishakaku and his osananajimi and self-proclaimed fiancée Alice. They played in the mountains, visited the shrine and were visited by the Ushi Oni Tooko just like in the past. Just as they were getting used to living in Monobeno, it was time for the Shichi Seisai summer festival dedicated to the local deity Himemiya-sama. The festival was lively, concluding with the masked dance. While watching the dance, Natsuha suddenly started shaking, complaining that her body felt cold. Tooru quickly took her to the doctor, but nothing seemed to be wrong with her. They went to play in the nearby stream the next day. Hearing the waterfall caused Natsuha to panic and run off in fear, but once again they couldn’t find a reason for her peculiar actions. That night, she appeared in front of them very much an adult, and she bled in her nether regions for the first time. Unable to figure out what caused these inexplicable changes, they could only calm her down and watch over her. Another shock awaited them in the morning when they found Natsuha had returned back to her normal size, but without any memories of the day before. They decided to head back to the city for a proper examination. Unfortunately, there was a major landslide which blocked off the only world into the village. Natsuha wished to leave badly, saying that something scary is coming for her. What was causing Natsuha’s changes? Was it a disease or a curse? Tooru was determined to find the cause and a way to save Natsuha. There are English reviews 14. Muriyari!? Otome Days むりやり!?オトメDAYS [120427] Nyann. Makoto is a boy with pure and cute looks that rival the prettiest girls. He has a complex about his looks and trains to become more manly, but has nothing to show for it. His osananajimi Kiyora asked him to help out at her family’s shrine. Since he cannot turn down a girl’s request, he ended up working there as a miko. He became popular among the shrine visitors and with Kiyora planning more things, how far will his cross-dressing go!? How did we even live before all those trap games. Anyway, scenario and heroines individual charm are weak to stand out. 15. Ore no Kanojo no Uraomote 俺の彼女のウラオモテ [120427] Aries 1 It's the end of July and the summer holidays have begun. Takaya, the protagonist, has decided to announce his candidacy for the executive committee of the school festival. The president of the committee is Miyabi, his classmate he is attracted to. The day he thought the distance between them has diminished, he sees that there is something different in her. In the same period, the match of the basketball club of his younger sister Akeno has come near. And then there are Nazuki, his childhood friend, and Kanna, a girl he gets to know by chance. He feels that the summer of the last school festival he wanted to pass with his friends will be different. And finally, the second marriage of his father. It seems like that the spouse has a daughter. Is it ever possible that she is someone close to Takaya? There is an English review 16. Soukoku no Arterial 創刻のアテリアル [120427] Eushully 1 2 3 Shuuya lives with his younger sister Mirai and attends Academy Tengyou Daini. However, their peaceful days come to an abrupt end as their world is taken over by an alternate world called Waibin Sekai – one where angels and demons battle each other and monsters called ‘creators’ roam freely. The students are forced to decide to ally with the angels, side with the demons or do neither. No matter which choice they make, they would be hard pressed to survive in this dangerous world. RPG/Card game has English reviews. 17. Venus Blood -Frontier- ヴィーナスブラッド-フロンティア- [120427] Dual Tail 1 2 3 ...Gods in heaven, demons on earth, and a giant floating continent for humans. The continent that is known as the "Floating Continent of Yggdrasil". That is, a floating miniature garden of the gods. A place where the human survivors of the great war live, the continent closest to the realm of the gods. The Demon Emperor Surtr who has his eyes set on that continent said this to this heirs. "The one who brings me the Heart of Yggdrasil said to be safeguarded by the goddesses on the Floating Continent of Yggdrasil shall be the heir to my throne. As long as you get your hands on the Heart of Yggdrasil, I will not question your methods nor your past transgressions. You are free to make alliances between yourselves, sabotage, or even 'remove' your fellow heirs as you would any obstacle. Kill and rampage as you wish and prove to me your strength and worth" Hearing those words, Surtr's heirs, all having motivations of their own, began their invasion of the Floating Continent of Yggdrasil. Among them, an ostracised member of the demon nobility, Loki, has also decided to participate in the feud for the throne. To become the Demon Emperor is to stand above and at the very top of every demon. If corrupting the goddesses said to be as beautiful and elegant as a flower in full bloom will be the key that leads to him gaining the throne, he saw no reason not to participate. He, who desires the divine, beautiful goddesses. He, who lusts for power to obtain everlasting freedom. He, who wishes for the neck of the Demon Emperor who took everything from him. 5 invading demons, and 5 goddesses fighting back. All the pieces have fallen into place. All that remains is for him to wager his own existence in this battle and fight. In a continent caught in a whirlpool of chaos and ambition, Loki's own ambition burns brightly. RPG has English reviews 18. Yukiiro ~Sora ni Rokka no Sumu Machi~ ゆきいろ ~空に六花の住む町~ [120427] NekoNeko Soft 1 2 It’s a city that is adorned by snow. Snow preoccupies the landscape 5 months of a year. Within those months, people’s relationships also changes bit by bit. As far back as I can remember, everyday of my childhood was fun. But the truth is, even a tiny difference in how I ran my life, perhaps a mismatched button and I would probably not have arrived at the present me at all. The November of this year will see snow start to fall like every other year. But this year… this year perhaps maybe somehow, something about us will be different… There are English impressions. BLOCKED 1. Shindan no Kekka, Sore wa Koi no Yamai Desu 診断の結果、それは恋の病です [120413] Artemis. 1 Tatsuya is a NEET otaku living in Tokyo. One day Tatsuya and his older sister Rikka, who’s a doctor, travel to a small village in Hokkaido to work at a clinic for a short time. There he meets Nana, a nurse who has likewise come to the clinic as a temp worker. Nukige, but with an English review 2. S.I.S.T.A.R.S: Kiss of Trinity ひよこフェスティバル! [120418] Hyperiyon 1 Older brother (nameable) has two younger twin sisters, Luna and Sol. Luna is a brocon who wants to have sex with her onii-chan while Sol is high spirited and enjoys teasing both her siblings. The twins both propose to onii-chan to become his lovers. Doujin, but with an English review 3. Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi AA 星空へ架かる橋AA [120427] feng 1 The fandisk for Hoshikaka, containing after stories for the 6 heroines and another stories for new heroine Seira and subchars Senka and Yocchan. The new routes take place one year after Kazuma first came to Yamabiko city. Ui and Hina’s Valentine’s Day routes from the special patch will now be fully voiced, with episodes for other characters coming out too. Fandisc 4. Imouto ga Boku o Neratteru 妹が僕を狙ってる [120427] ALL-TiME 1 Keita has three imoutos: Erina, Tomoka and Yuzu. They may seem to be normal siblings, but he actually lusts after them, sneaking into their bedrooms at night and masturbating to their cute sleeping faces. At the same time, the oldest imouto Erina had fallen in love with him since he had always been by her side since she was born. However, she felt that there’s no way she could admit to having these feelings and continued to hide her true feelings. One day, a girl named Saori joined their family via their father’s remarriage, becoming their older sister. She was beautiful, kind, smart, great at housework and cooking – perfect in every way. Saori quickly became close with his imoutos and Erina found someone that she could confide in. Following Saori’s plan, his imoutos begin to launch a full-on assault on him. Nukige, but with an English review
  22. There are two masterpieces - Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas and '&' - Sora no Mukou de Sakimasu you ni - , but my personal preference leans to second one. By the way, one is supported by Zen and the other one by Micchi . They also anticipate Dracu-Riot and some other stuff. 1. Friends [120323] Aile Soft Hashirajima Gakuen is a historic girls’ school which turned co-ed due to the declining birthrate. However, the school remained overwhelmingly female. Kei is a boy who transferred into the school and started living at the Saiunryou dormitory for out-of-towners and students with special circumstances. The girls at the dormitory had been preparing for a cute new kouhai to join them and were shocked to find out that the new resident was a boy. Scenario is short, uninteresting and unfinished, with horrible conversations. No cuteness can save that. 2. Material Brave マテリアルブレイブ [120323] Team Baldrhead 1 2 3 4 5 Kamioki-jima is an island close to Japan which was recently formed due to volcanic activity and is home to one of the rarest minerals, enigmatite. Living beings which fuse with enigmatite gain great powers. Such humans are known as "unleashed", while animals and plants are known as "neoplasm" (NP). To research the hidden powers behind enigmatite, the island was designated a special area with a school to train the unleashed, called the "Unleashed Nursery". Ayumu is a rare male unleashed who has a special ability, ‘engage’, which boosts the powers of his female partner. However, to activate his power, there must be an exchange of bodily fluids. The school president pairs him up with the most powerful student, Kanae, who always maintained her distance from him. One day, the island was attacked by NPs and in order to defeat them, they activated his "engage" ability with a kiss. Action has English reviews 3. Mizu no Miyako no Patisserie 水の都の洋菓子店 [120323] Studio Ciao Jun was a pâtissier who opened a sweets shop L’Oiseau Bleu in his hometown, the water capital. The future looked bright with a dependable staff and positive reviews, but there was one obstacle which he could not overcome. The memory of the sweets created by the late pâtissier Koutarou, which were said to bring happiness, still lingered on the minds of the town’s citizens. One day, Koutarou’s daughter Mika, who worked at L’Oiseau Bleu since it was in the same building of her father’s shop Abeille, revealed to him the secret behind the candy: they were enchanted with a magic which brought happiness to people. She also told him that she was a witch and that she could use some of her father’s magic. Atmosphere and setting are plausible, but heroines lack individual charm, so it becomes a usual moege. 4. Sousouki Reginald 葬送鬼レギナルト [120323] Ocelot 1 Black shadows lurk in the smog-filled city of Fatedelhi. They are known as pagans (ghosts), beings who were not able to be reborn and remain on Earth without a soul. Reginald Urbane is a vampire who joined the pagan-hunting group Twanbach after meeting two mysterious twins Vanessa and Veronica. There is an English impression 5. Phase-D: Kokusei no Shou Phase D 黒聖の章 [120329] BOOST ON 1 Phase Kurosei no Shō is the third chapter in the four-volume Phase D sci-fi visual novel series. There are four phases of human existence. From conception to birth is called Phase A. From birth to death is called Phase B. From death to disappearance of the corpse is Phase C. And last, remnant after the death, separate from the corpse, is referred to as Phase D. Protagonist in this chapter is a young woman, Sachika Kuze (久世幸花) and the story revolves around her as she starts to uncover the strange power she possesses. Did you miss new episode of phantom limbs drama? Well, it came, anyway. 6. Dracu-Riot! [120330] Yuzusoft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 The story begins with Mutsura Yuuto accompanying his friend on a holiday to Aqua Eden, an artificial island city where gambling and the sex industry are legal. However, his holiday plans are laid to waste after he gets involved in a kidnapping; to make matters worse, he ends up getting turned into a vampire. As a vampire, he can no longer leave Aqua Eden; so with nowhere else to go, he decides to enroll in a special school for vampires on the island — and thus, his new night life begins! Game is localized and has English reviews. 7. Eiyuu*Senki 英雄*戦姫 [120330] Tenco 1 2 3 4 5 In a world where powerful nations run rampant and heroes battle one another for supremacy, the great nation of Britannia seeks to unite the world through peaceful means while the European Union had adopted an aggressive policy and the seafaring nation of Vinland thrives on pillage and plunder. Far in the East, the small nation of Zipang is stuck fast in a quagmire of civil unrest. In the midst of all this, our memory-loss stricken main character has a fateful meeting with a hero of Yamatai, Himiko. Together, they settle Zipang's internal disputes and set off into a world covered with the burning embers of war. TBS has English reviews 8. Koi Mekuri Clover ~Itsuka no Kimi e, Yakusoku no Ashita o~ 恋めくりクローバー ~いつかの君へ、約束の明日を~ [120330] Clip☆Craft Arata returned to his hometown due to his father’s work and was reunited with his three osananajimis after 10 years apart. They were the cheerful and innocent Yuuka, the reliable ‘onee-san’ Ayami and the once-small Mikana who had now grown to be very beautiful. Adding another osananajimi Yuusuke and his moodmaker imouto Mahiru, his school life is full of enjoyment like in the past. Then they received a strange e-mail inviting them to play a game. If they did not accept it, they will lose something precious. There's no distinctive story, and scenario is so banal that it makes readers want to sleep. 9. Okujou no Yurirei-san 屋上の百合霊さん [120330] Liar-soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Kokonotsuboshi Girls' Academy of Commerce, a school built on the site of an old castle, nicknamed "Shirojo." One day, the timid Toomi Yuna, who had been living a quiet life at this school, suddenly met two ghosts on the roof during lunch: Enoki Sachi, who died in an accident before the war, and Nagatani Megumi, who died of illness 30 years ago. The two "kindred spirits" died with unrequited feelings in their hearts, met, and fell in love. They ardently wish to experience their "first time" together before their eternal rest. ...But they don't know how. The two who are bound to the site of the school enlist Yuna to help them create more "yuri" couples at the school so that they can glean some sexual insight from observing them, and to assist the girls struggling with their hidden feelings Game is localized and has English reviews 10. Otome ga Tsumugu Koi no Canvas 乙女が紡ぐ恋のキャンバス [120330] ensemble 1 2 3 4 5 6 Shin was instructed to record a TV program as usual by his sister Hatora, who was a famous artist. When he turned on the screen, he saw a photo of himself dressed as a girl being auctioned for lots of money. Hatora quipped that next time she’ll take a nude photo of him. Sensing danger, he ran away from home... only to realize later that he was still dressed as a girl. He ended up in front of the art gallery and a seemingly rich girl Rena asked why he was there so late at night. Mistaken for a student at the nearby girls-only art school Oukou Gakuen, he was taken inside to observe a bunch of paintings being brought into the gallery. Suddenly, he noticed some thieves and ended up getting taken hostage. After being saved by Rena’s bodyguard Chiharu, he thought he was free to go... but then Rena ushered him into the waiting limousine and took him to her mansion! Rena questioned him how he had known that the paintings were fake and demanded to know his name, upon which he replied Mizuki, which was his surname. With the help of the head maid Akie, he managed to not have his identity fully blown. Then Rena presented him with a school uniform and told him that she had signed him up at Oukou Gakuen after hearing that he didn’t attend school. He will also serve as her maid. Unable to return home, how will Shin..., no, Mizuki fare in this new setting!? There are English reviews 11. Princess-Style [120330] Meteor 1 Madoka’s family were descendants from the nobles, but they have fallen on hard times. However, due to his father’s financial successes, they’ve regained some of their wealth. His old-fashioned father was strict about speech and appearances and arranged his transfer to the prestigious Ookusu Gakuin to help him become a proper man. On his way to the dorms on the first day, he came upon a beautiful girl in the school’s courtyard, who looked like a princess straight out from a children’s book. While he was entranced by her beauty, she suddenly opened her eyes, looked at him and let out a scream, causing him to run away startled. When he reached the boys’ dormitory, he found the same girl from before, Orfina, in his room. She is the princess from a small Northern European country who came to study at the school. However, she refused to live at the embassy and snuck into an empty room (which was now his) with her servant Kanon. Even though it was against the rules, she was determined to stay there and ends up taking over most of his room. Thus began his strange co-living with a proud princess. Over time, he became closer to her. Madoka had a difficult time adjusting to the high culture at the school. There is a group known as the Reijinkai where those in the nobility gather. They invited Orfina to join them, but were turned down. After some commotion, he ended up creating the Shakoubu with Orfina to oppose the Reijinkai. Which group would be able to gather more members? There is an English review 12. '&' - Sora no Mukou de Sakimasu you ni - ‘&’ - 空の向こうで咲きますように - [120330] Akatsuki Works 1 2 3 4 5 6 On a summer night, a bunch of kids ventured out by themselves on a big adventure. Not just around the city, but into the mountains… no, to the other side of the mountain! Reaching a clearing, the self-proclaimed ‘Kaerangers’ saw two beautiful moons in the sky. That was the last time they would explore together as they all went their separate ways. Eight years later, Kou looked up at the night sky and once again saw the two moons. No one else seemed to be able to see them. Searching for an explanation, he returned to his hometown and reunited with his childhood friends who had all came back for the same reason. But eight years is a long time and some of them weren’t as close as they used to be. They gathered underneath a strange tree that they remembered from the past and a magical glow enveloped them. Soon after, each of them received a magical item. Kou’s item, ‘Grayswandir’, allowed him to grant someone else’s wish. However, one day it was stolen from him and he vowed to get it back to prevent it from being used improperly. And so their new adventure begins… There are English reviews 13. Strawberry Feels [120330] Rose Liese 1 This is the debut title by Rose Liese. Natsuki attends Ryoutou Gakuen, the lone school on the distant island of Harumi-jima where students are free to attend at their leisure. He mainly goes every day to chat with his classmates. His class is full of students with special abilities and is watched over by Mayuki, who he lived with since he was small and is like an older sister or mother to him. Also around him are his boyish osananajimi Kotori, his kouhai Aoi who is quite attached to him, and the somewhat unsocial genius Kanna. Five people with five different viewpoints of love and so begins this romantic tale during his last spring at the school. Love is like a strawberry, sweet but also slightly sour. There is an English impression BLOCKED 1. Remember Saiai no Tsuma ga Hoka no Otoko no Ude no Naka de Hohoemu, Mou Hitotsu no IF Remember 最愛の妻が他の男の腕の中で微笑む、もう一つのIF [120323] Atelier Sakura 1 2 When he was in college Kotarou’s fiancée, Maki, was hit by a car and killed. With time he is able to eventually get over her death, mostly. Ten years later he’s married to another woman, Tomoka, with whom he has a daughter, Moeka. On the ten year anniversary of Maki’s death Kotarou himself is hit by a car. He wakes up in the hospital, in a world where Maki is alive, and where he’s married to her, rather than Tomoka; Moeka is nowhere to be found. Nukige, but with English reviews
  23. I'll name Hatsuyuki Sakura , Grisaia no Meikyuu are Shinigami no Testament ~menuet of epistula~ as masterpieces with chunige taking over. Both Zen and Micchi support first two choices and also Tsukumo no Tsuki 1. Photo Kano フォトカノ [120202] Enterbrain! 1 2 3 Kazuya Maeda is a second-year high school student who takes pictures of girls with his camera that he received from his dad. The game focuses on his romantic encounters with various girls at his school. There are English reviews 2. Kyokugen Dasshutsu ADV Zennin Shibou Desu 極限脱出ADV 善人シボウデス [120216] Chunsoft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Virtue’s Last Reward follows the trials and tribulations of Sigma, who is drugged and kidnapped from his university. He wakes up in an elevator with a girl named Phi. After discovering they are unable to escape the elevator, a strange rabbit appears, introducing itself as “Zero III.” Zero III explains that they are about to play the “Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition,” a deadly game of life and death. What’s in store for Sigma, Phi, and the seven others they eventually meet? Why have these nine been chosen, and most importantly, who will they ally with and who will they betray? Game is localized and has English reviews. 3. Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Portable 僕は友達が少ない ぽーたぶる [120223] Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. 1 Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai is the popular anime, manga and novel series about a boy who just transferred school and is having trouble making friends who teams up with loners Yozora and Sena to form a school club for others who don't have many friends, either. This PSP game will bring the story to many new places, with all original content. Also comes with a fun eroge style visual novel called Kirameki School Life, the game Sena plays in the anime, that you can play too. Anime spin-off 4. Ore wa Shoujo Mangaka オレは少女漫画家 [120223] Giza10 1 Lighthearted comedy and romance await in this PSP visual novel about a young man chasing his dream - to become a top shoujo manga artist. Kamio Kenji made his pro debut at the extraordinary age of 13, but now finds himself in a slump. Desperate for a way to regain his popularity, he decides to reinvent himself... as a cute girl! Join Kenji on a hilarious crossdressing adventure, seeking fame and fortune in the world of shoujo manga while building relationships with five lovable girls. There's your classmate and pro manga artist Rinna, your sharp-tongued assistant Hisui, editor and older sister Chika, idol voice actress Haruka, and the bookish Kaede who doesn't like manga at all. While romancing your favorite heroine, you'll also be able to engage in fun activities like learning manga industry jargon and designing your own manga covers. You can even import your own images into the game for a personalized manga experience! Live the wild life of a manga artist today, with this great game from Giza10. There is an English review 5. Phase-D: Shirokage no Shou Phase D 白影の章 [120223] BOOST ON 1 Second chapter in the four-volume Phase D sci-fi visual novel series. There are four phases of human existence. From conception to birth is called Phase A. From birth to death is called Phase B. From death to disappearance of the corpse is Phase C. And last, remnant after the death, separate from the corpse, is referred to as Phase D. Protagonist in this chapter is a man called Yukito who lost his left arm in a car accident. But he started feeling severe phantom limb pain. As he cried for help in his mind, he heard a female voice in his head telling him to extend his new hand if he wants the pain to stop. Another short nakige about phantom pains and ghosts. 6. Touch Shiyo! ~Love Application~ たっち、しよっ! ~Love Application~ [120223] Compile Heart You have been selected to test the amazing yPhone, a magical device that not only finds your perfect romantic matches for you, it also reads their minds and can even make your darkest fantasies come true! With the power of the yPhone at your fingertips, you will work to win the hearts of four cute girls, each with her own unique quirks and vulnerabilities. Who will be your first conquest? Enjoy fun events like beach dates where you get to rub suntan lotion on your girlfriend's back. Touch is an important part of communication, so try not to click on any... naughty areas. Unless you want to! PS3 exclusive dating SIM where protagonist learns girls' thoughts via smartphone app... 7. Grisaia no Meikyuu グリザイアの迷宮 -LE LABYRINTHE DE LA GRISAIA- [120224] Frontwing 1 2 3 4 5 6 Roughly a year after his arrival at Mihama, Yuuji makes the unexpected decision to pursue promotion within CIRS. The action resumes with Yuuji in a meeting with JB at "corporate HQ," discussing the documents he submitted for review as a part of the promotion process - said documents pertaining to none other than Yuuji's own past. Meanwhile, back at the dorm, the girls find themselves unwittingly following along after Sachi and Makina restore the shredded rough draft of said documents. The irony, of course, being that prominent figures in Yuuji's past may just be continuing to exert their influence upon the present... Game is localized and has English reviews. 8. Hatsuyuki Sakura はつゆきさくら [120224] Saga Planets 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Kawano Hatsuyuki is a third-year student, one of the rare delinquents at Shirosaki Gakuen. He reluctantly shows up in order to fulfill his graduation requirements. It's December, and the first snow of the year has fallen. In one lot of the old town, Hatsuyuki encounters a beautiful girl wearing a white dress. She's wandering the streets under the falling snow, in search of her rabbit. A few days later, the girl in the dress, Sakura, transfers into his school, in order to take Hatsuyuki along towards the last winter. With the turn of the four seasons, 1095 days come to an end. Soon winter will pass, and spring will arrive. Embracing memories of snow that never accumulated, the youth stands perfectly still. From the first snow (Hatsuyuki) to cherry blossoms (Sakura), congratulations on your graduation. Game has many English reviews 9. Hotch Kiss ホチキス [120224] Giga 1 Shigeru is a smooth-talking 2nd-year student at Tsunekusu Gakuen, which prides itself on offering an enjoyable school life for all students. To this end, there is a shop that almost every student knows about, selling everything from exam cheat sheets, scouting reports for upcoming matches, photos of girls, and even things that look like love potions. In the past, good luck charms for attaining love were also sold there and were quite popular. This shop is known as ‘gakuen seikatsu sougojo kenkyuukai’ (research society for helping each others’ school lives), shortened as ‘gojoken’. Shigeru went to check it out of curiosity and instead found the school idol Yukino there as a replacement salesperson for the leader. Irritated at her awkward service, he decided to help himself, but ended up being mistaken for a salesperson by the other students. One day, Yukino called him up to the rooftop and gave him a stapler. She told him that it was a stapler of eternal bonds. There is and English review 10. Kaminoyu かみのゆ [120224] light 1 My apartment blew up, completely at random, without warning. This, to me… is a death sentence. Call me crazy – but I’d much rather go hungry than live without my Ofuro !!!… and so I got a recommendation from a friend and began to work at a bathhouse… only… It’s a bathhouse for Gods! At my job, bishoujos can turn into monsters… the small one turns into a violent onee-san and the brute girl turns into a shy girl… and then my friend who recommended me the job turns into a girl. The best part… they are all trying to blow up the bathhouse to prove their worth!! …Not to mention that guy workers do the job of washing female customers… where did my sanity just go? There is an English review 11. Nekonade Distortion Exodus 猫撫ディストーション Exodus [120224] Whitesoft 1 2 The sequel to bestselling eroge Nekonade Distortion, Nekonade Distortion Exodus continues the story of the Nanakase family, which consists of one lucky guy and four moe girls. But this is no mere "moe game", as fans of the series know. Exploring complex themes in science and philosophy, Exodus is sure to give you much food for thought as you experience the moving story of a family struggling against the omnipotent "system" that runs the world. Of course, there's plenty of moe content too! Each of the game's five heroines gets her own romantic story packed with lively dialogue, cute scenes, and tons of fun and varied sex - twice the sex scenes of the first game! There are English reviews 12. Shinigami no Testament ~menuet of epistula~ 死神のテスタメント ~menuet of epistula~ [120224] 3rdEye 1 2 3 A long time ago, there was a magic book called the ‘epistula’ which was able to grant any wish, whether it be great wealth or eternal life. However, a sudden mysterious death befell all who had their wishes granted. It was believed that a shinigami came to take their lives. Over time, this tale gradually disappeared from people’s memories. Now, there are reports of a mysterious serial hunter and whispers of an urban legend around town. Rui watched as a student from his school disappeared in a back alley. Standing there illuminated by the moonlight was a shinigami. There are English reviews 13. Shojo to Maou to Tactics ~Maou Soudatsusen~ 処女と魔王とタクティクス ~魔王争奪戦~ [120224] Chariot Tatsuya, Marie and Saya returned to their world after defeating the armies of the Goddess in Cielo Pantasia. However, Tatsuya, on a whim, pulled Elis into the magical circle while they were teleporting, so now the four of them are at Tatsuya and Marie's house, with their parents. There Tatsuya tells them that he thinks of leaving this world once more and remain in Cielo Pantasia to live there with Elis, everyone is surprised, but accepts it. Then Tatsuya tells Elis that as she had promised before, he wants her to make him the new Maou, and after making her agree in the bed, they return to her world. There, in front of a huge crowd of Demons who came to welcome Elis, Tatsuya shouts he is the new Maou, but of course none of them agrees with it. So in the end Elis decided to have all the Demon leaders battle each others and the winner should be the new Maou, also, the Oracle Knights see this as a chance to fight Tatsuya once more, fair and square, so each of them decide to lead their own armies. Now Tatsuya has to fight all these enemies to add them to his army as he did before, because for now he can only count on Elis and Amoe. And he intends to show all of them who is worthy of becoming the new Maou! The only good thing is that he won't have to fight Marie and Saya because they remained in their world... or did they? SRPG 14. Tsukumo no Tsuki ツクモノツキ [120224] Sugar Pot 1 2 Keita lived together with his weak imouto Maya while being supported by their relatives. He didn’t have any memories prior to his childhood accident, but otherwise he’s enjoying his life. Lately he often had a strange dream about a girl dressed in white – a dream which seemed to grip his heart tightly. One day at Maya’s suggestion, they headed to a place they’ve been to in the past, which he didn’t remember due to his accident. They reached a small shrine on a hill where a mysterious girl named Tsukumo appeared. She embraced him and said, “I’ve been waiting, onii-chan”. There are English reviews BLOCKED 1. Twinkle ☆ Crusaders -Passion Star Stream- ティンクル☆くるせいだーす -Passion Star Stream- [120210] Lillian 1 2 3 4 A Fandisc for Twinkle Crusaders, comprising several scenarios. Venus Embryo is a sequel of the original story, adding 2 new heroines: Lullshare and Illear. The Queen of Witches is a crossover with Princess Witches. In Ku RUKU-ru! a new character, Shel, tries to get Synn hook up with the heroines. After Stories include the scenarios from the Miracle Disc, after stories for Melilot and Amyrina, and a scenario with the Seven Great Demon Generals. Naze Nani KuruKuru briefly presents the characters and story of the original game. Fandisc 2. Hatsukoi Zensen. 初恋前線。 [120224] I.D. This is the fandisk for I.D.’s debut title Hatsukoi Yohou., containing after stories for the main heroines, as well as another stories for the subcharacters Haruhi, Kokoa, Megumi and Tatsumi, along with new heroine Miyuri. Fandisc 3. Navel*Plus ネブ*プラス [120224] Navel 1 A fandisk for 3 Navel characters from character poll: Yae Sakura (Really? Really!, SHUFFLE! Essence), Watarai Asuka (Oretachi ni Tsubasa Wa Nai), and Munemoto Tsubakiko (Sekai Seifuku Kanojo). Fandisc 4. Taiyou no Promia Flowering Days 太陽のプロミア Flowering Days [120224] Seven Wonder This is the fandisk for Taiyou no Promia, taking place a few months after the closure of the original. Kodama gets to spend his summer with the ‘six flowers’ (and Promia) at Reno-Leno’s suggestion. Fandisc
  24. Just 7 titles... but at least we've got Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! S . Zen sees eye to eye with me while Micchi craves for fandisc and Dousei LoverAble 1. Phase-D: Souka no Shou Phase D 蒼華の章 [120126] BOOST ON 1 There are four phases of human existence. From conception to birth is called Phase A. From birth to death is called Phase B. From death to disappearance of the corpse is Phase C. And last, remnant after the death, separate from the corpse, is referred to as Phase D. In this, the very first chapter in Phase D sci-fi visual novel series, the protagonist with the ability to see Phase D which is otherwise invisible to other people is Ayana Fujishiro. Ayana lost her left arm in an accident, and the strange sensation followed by an unbearable phantom limb pain. The game plays like any other visual novel with limited player interactivity, containing several different endings, only some of which are happy endings. Player can adjust the on-screen text speed and turn on/off voice individually for each of the characters. Protagonist girl loses a hand and starts to see ghosts, and authors try to squeeze a tear from readers with the little volume they provide. 2. Bunny Black 2 [120127] SofthouseChara 1 2 3 4 The adventurer Dachs had been bestowed great magical power and eternal life by the maou, and in return he serves as her underling. However, he was dragged into a revolt by the maou’s army and ended up becoming the new maou. He made the previous maou his wife and brought peace to the labyrinth known as the ‘maou’s forest’… but it was soon shattered by some unknown troops who quickly took over half of the forest. After he found out through captured warriors that they were under the command of a group of three women from the heavens, he gathers his troops to launch a counterattack at the angels’ base. RPG has English reviews 3. Dousei Lover Able 同棲ラブラブル [120127] Smee 1 Sequel of Lover Able. The focus for this game is on Haruki living together with the heroine that he fallen in love with. In each of the 5 after stories, it’ll just be the two of them – that means no affairs with other characters (including subheroines). There is an English review 4. Gaku ☆ Ou -The Royal Seven Stars- 学☆王 -THE ROYAL SEVEN STARS- [120127] Lump of Sugar 1 2 3 4 Hiroto is a prince from the Kingdom of Eleutheria on the small far-away planet of Fadenfrus. He was tired of spending his days in the royal palace and yearned for a school life like those on Earth, where his mother had once attended. His wish came true when he was allowed to attend Konoegahara Gakuen in Junesis, a country well known for its superior education system. However, the school only had 7 students (including himself) and was on the cusp of closure since it was being targeted by officials. He decided to oppose the country to save the school and protect the school life that he had longed for… but moreover, the ulterior motive for him being sent to Earth was to take over Junesis! There are English reviews. 5. Hiyoko Strike! ひよこストライク! [120127] Ex-iT The usual classroom. The usual boring lesson. Shin stared outside blankly and then suddenly a girl appeared… outside the 2nd floor window! She jumped in from the window and introduced herself as Utakata. Everything else was just as illogical: taking her clothes off while standing on the desk, sticking her finger up his nose, and having things that look like animal ears and tail. His head hurt from all this, but at the same time he was also a bit excited since the world that he knew became more vivid. Siscon fetish moege 6. Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! S 真剣で私に恋しなさい!S [120127] Minato Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 Majikoi is back and better than ever in this sequel to the hit 2009 visual novel. Majikoi S takes place after the events of Majikoi and lets you choose which of Majikoi's many endings to proceed from. Choose your favorite heroine and enjoy new romantic events with her, or choose to start with no commitment and romance one of 5 new heroines. There are English reviews 7. Sutadoru! すたどる! [120127] Abelia The protagonist is the producer of the 5-person idol group ‘Cinq Doll’ and anticipated great success for them, however the group’s popularity remained low. He was convinced that this was because there was no clear leader among the group, so he decided on a leadership competition where they will tour the country and the girl with the most fans will become the leader of the group. Idol moege BLOCKED 1. Prismatic Princess ☆ Unison Stars プリズマティックプリンセス☆ユニゾンスターズ [120127] Unison Shift 1 One day, the heroines were transported to a strange place. They only found a living animal Uni, the mascot of Unison Shift. Uni explained that they can go back to their original worlds by 'unison power', a power that can be formed by singing together in unison. By ChuChu's advice, they decided to form idol groups to form 'Unison Power'. Fandisc
  25. Year 2011 is a hurricane of great titles. My initial pick contained 20 masterpieces, but had to widen this selection up to 28 with some additional feedback since I can't sample it all on my own at the moment and there are genres I just can't force myself to play. Visual Novel Openings 2011 with songs just because. My list of masterpieces in 2011: Aiyoku no Eustia Bloody Rondo Dengeki Stryker Duelist engage Dunamis 15 Grisaia no Kajitsu Hanachirutani Sanjinkou Hotel. Hyper→Highspeed→Genius Irotoridori no Sekai Izuna Zanshinken Kajiri Kamui Kagura Kamikaze ☆ Explorer! Koi de wa Naku - It's not Love, but so Where Near Koikishi Purely ☆ Kiss Legend Seven ~Shirayuki Hime to Shichinin no Eiyuu~ Manatsu no Yoru no Yuki Monogatari Midori no Umi Mirai Nostalgia Onigokko! Otomimi ∞ Infinity Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi Taiyou no Promia Tenshi no Hane o Fumanaide Tiny Dungeon ~Birth for Yours~ Vermilion -Bind of Blood- Walkure Romanze ~Shoujo Kishi Monogatari~ Yurikago yori Tenshi made That's a huge number. I know I say it each time that this is real golden age of visual novels, but that's how I feel. I'm on lookout for changes to the worse, but no signs of that as of yet. With this great selection choosing one does not come easy, but I choose light over blackness (meaning Akatsuki Works Black) , lol. Does not matter which one of light's two works of the year, actually.
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