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  1. Foreword: Dropped this game a decade ago, but I played all other RococoWorks visual novels, so I have a history with this brand, and I quite like its works. Synopsis: A lot of invisible walls suddenly appear all around the world. The same phenomenon happens in Nanahama Town, but another phenomenon takes place as well... "Landforms and buildings have gone back to the past." People in Nanahama are confused, but they somehow keep on living there. Two years later, Kyouka, a TV reporter, and Tomaru, her friend, are sent to the town to investigate the cause of the phenomenon... Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_Q6BpbqxgMITmOnGkbtjir Game type: Atmospheric mystery game Character Design rating: 7/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 7/10 Game quality: 9/10 Overall rating: 7/10 I dropped this game once, but I still consider it a masterpiece. Nonsense? Not at all, because True Route elevated the score a lot for me. Basically, it's a nice even game with superb graphics and rather intriguing mystery. However, composition and concept are much more ambiguous. So Volume 7 has introduction called "Outer world", three romance routes with three different couples called "Inner world", and finally "True world" which includes all the couples plus new characters as heroes pursue the mystery of Nanahama. First part mainly draws the world, introduces characters and creates a slow-pace calm atmosphere with nice youth story. Romance routes.... well, I don't care about them at all. Romance itself is quite hasty, and I don't really like to see H scenes of these defenseless heroines. First route is with the same protagonists as introduction route - Tomaru and Kyoka - so it's more or less natural transition to romance, but Ryugo and Kotora route is what made me drop this game. It's painted in so boring traditional Japanese colors that it makes me want to sleep. Third Yashiro and Sakura route is kind of weird because of age difference and overwhelming amount of H scenes. So I don't want to see these two last romance routes at all. "True world" is what all those 20+ introductory hours were for - fast-paced chaotic story from some 10 different viewpoints as we're told the many mysteries of this world Shortcomings. Such structure is already flawed as different people like different things in games, and introducing alien elements makes them feel that their beloved element is sacrificed. Some want charage while others require plotge, so it's really easy to flame this game. There is little explanation. Setting is too elaborate for Outer and Inner World parts. These parts also have really slow pace while True World has aggressive development. Characters are too childish. Story is too polite and lacks excitement. There is no catharsis in the ending, so final impression gets dulled. There's a lot to look down to. But benefits are very similar. Character are childish, but not naive. They are reasonable, charming and defenseless. Atmosphere is really great and warm, so first half is enjoyable and comfortable no matter the pace. True World actually has a genius concept as it shows many old scenes from different viewpoints or with continuation, or with knowing who person is talking to at this moment. Scenes that looked like fillers suddenly acquire meaning. It's not a game about passion or burning, so why expect a catharsis. You get so many mysteries revealed, so what more do you expect? It's an absolutely lovely game, but one word constantly pops up in my head while I think of Volume 7. Refreshing...
  2. Yay, I finally reached the point where micchi started his blog. It includes many games from August-September with super brief commentaries and no synopsis, but it's a start. Volume 7 is VN of the Month, reviewing it. Concerto Note is another masterpiece. 1. To Love Ru Trouble: Doki Doki! Rinkaigakkou Hen To LOVEる -とらぶる-ドキドキ! 臨海学校編 [081002] Marvelous Interactive Rito and the To Love Ru cast are sent to an academy by the sea. With so many girls in bikinis Rito's luck, for once, is going to change for the better. Or so he believes. Taking his chance, he closes in on Haruna, his long time crush and hope to be able to complete his confession. However, more trouble awaits him as more alien girls are going to appear together with their traps. Like all romance simulation games, you win the girls' hearts by raising their level of awareness for you. Pay them compliments, depending on what you say, their expressions and the event scenes you will receive differs. Anime Spin-Off 2. Fairly Life FairlyLife -フェアリーライフ- [081010] Hooksoft 1 When Akinori and Minami, his old friend, are on their way to school, an artificial satellite falls down nearby. When they get to the site, a girl comes out of the rubble. Her name is Asagao and she is a personified artificial satellite, according to her... She also says she knows Akinori. Asagao carries on talking about herself and Akinori remembers the fact he wants to forget... Once Akinori accepts Asagao's hope that is to protect Akinori's peace, other stuff also personify themselves one after another.... Game positions itself as a bright fun miracle love comedy. But in this case it's of paramount importance to create lovely likable characters. And game has a problem with that since the only emotion many heroines produce is irritation. Endless slapstick imitation feels boring. 3. Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu 銀河英雄伝説 [081011] MicroVision Genius admirals Reinhardt and Yang face each other in an epic battle of minds and strategies. As many as 70 other old and new admirals help them. Anime Spin-Off Strategy 4. Concerto Note コンチェルトノート [081023] Applique 1 2 3 4 Shinya is stuck! He is forced to leave school when he comes back to school after long hospitalization. But one day, he meets his childhood friend, Rito, and she tells him about a new school and an western-style old house. Like this, he comes back to his hometown and meets Wakana, Shirayuki, Seika, and Sayori there. Kind people and new house... One night, a strange girl appears in front of him and says, "You'll die in ten days..." Her name is Tama and she kindly gives him the power to prevent it. However, this means he borrows luck from her in advance. From that day, various mishaps happen to Shinya and his friends. To stop it, they will need to get rid of other people's misfortunes... There are English reviews. 5. Volume 7 [080926] RococoWorks A lot of invisible walls suddenly appear all around the world. The same phenomenon happens in Nanahama Town, but another phenomenon takes place as well... "Landforms and buildings have gone back to the past." People in Nanahama are confused, but they somehow keep on living there. Two years later, Kyouka, a TV reporter, and Tomaru, her friend, are sent to the town to investigate the cause of the phenomenon... I'm reviewing it. Tried it a decade ago, but dropped it due to second route boredom. Still would like to see what's the game concept. 6. Engage Links [081024] ALcot Albireo is a teacher of swordplay. One day, when he and his company were visiting a neighboring town and they witness an assault case there. Together with his fiancee Fiona, his childhood friend Marina, his housemaid Helena and his friend Tia; they decide to search for the culprit. However, they don't know that there is a big conspiracy behind it. "I'll protect you whatever happens." A bittersweet love story now starts... Setting is fantasy RPG-like. SOL scenes take some 70% of screen time. Any serious development is resolved by opportunism, so it all dives into erotic comedy with occasional dip into moe and fighting. Game does not really focus on anything and basically fails at everything because of that. Or focus is on ero since number of H scenes per heroine is above average. 7. Kiss yori Saki ni Koi yori Hayaku キスよりさきに恋よりはやく [081024] SkyFish Blue sea and bright sky... Iku comes back to his hometown and starts working as a teacher. However, he doesn't remember any childhood memories. He is back to his hometown after an interval of several years and starts living with Itsuki. Like this, his new life starts... Good atmospheric moege. With family feel too as protagonist is called both "papa" and "oniichan". Pure love strangely coexists here with cheating as protagonist is in relations with Itsuki when other girl suddenly and fiercely appears in his life. I don't like it when heroine's charm is holding on moe, so no masterpiece this time. 8. Michikusa ~Loitering on the Way~ みちくさ~Loitering on the way~ [081024] Take Out One day, when Chiaki is on the train, the train suddenly stops for unknown reasons. However, all passengers remain calm since this kind of thing often happens. Of course, he is also calm and thinks about how he kills time. At that moment, he finds a girl walking along the train tracks.... Game consists of 5 separate episodes + bonus. Episodes can be considered as different points of view, but the situation and main heroine are the same. Bonus scenario is afterstory. Overall a simple and easy-to-read scenario with a charming heroine, but nothing that I would be able to enjoy. 9. Wizard Girl Ambitious [081024] Sugar Pot Kei is an apprentice knight, when his heart is broken by a failed romance he decides to go on a journey for training. As he was leaving the town, he encountered two beautiful girls waiting just outside the gates. While he was checking them out, he noticed that one of them is dressed as a wizard and the other as a priestess. At the same time he noticed that the priestess was waving a sign, saying help wanted, they noticed him as well and thought that he wanted to join. After talking with them a bit (and surviving their trial) he agreed to protect them on their journey. What starts as a simple journey changed into something totally different... something that would decide the destiny of the whole world... I remember dropping this game a long time ago, but impression is still fresh - Wizard girl is so ambitious that she sleeps over with anyone to reach her goal... Now I know a lot more shittier games, so I'd say this one is ok for those who like MMORPG setting like I do. Scenario is mediocre and stretched twice long than needed, but party atmosphere is what we need in such niche games, and it definitely presents. 10. -atled- [081030] Flat 1 Ishinomaki Aoba is a talented street musician. She really loves her best friend, Machi, who is an aspiring pianist and one day aims to join Aoba in her performance. One day while talking to each other on the phone, Machi suddenly goes silent. Aoba, fearful about her friend's welfare, rushes quickly into school - only to find her unconscious in a pool of her own blood. Machi lies in hospital, unconscious. Her life is safe, unfortunately, her hands are not. As an attempt to go save her hands, Aoba relied on a book about black magic and tried a ceremony to return to the past. The ceremony succeeded - but instead of sending her a few hours back, she got sent 17 years into the past instead... Amaterasu blog gone and with it the only English review, no even archive copy. It's basically a doujin game that got picked up by Flat much later. Furthermore, it's time leap nakige youth story, so 100% incompatible with me, won't even bother investigating. 11. Fuyu no Rondo 冬のロンド [081031] Diva There is a small country located in the Arctic Circle. The main character moves there after his father's remarriage. He is confused at first, but his new mother and four sisters take a good care of him. Actually, the sisters are princesses, but they live a simple life. Especially, Victoria always thinks about her citizens. He is attracted by her noble character and gradually falls in love with her... However, the princesses in his country usually get married to someone important in neighboring countries. The main character thinks it is wrong to marry someone you don't love, but Victoria accepts it for her citizens... Pretty calm and even work in the company of beautiful princesses. Story is divided in chapters, but it's strange that there are no individual routes of all heroines. We just go to some place at the end of common route and end up with a different heroine. First half is ok, then terrible. It's a game just for the pictures. BLOCKED 1. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou Series No.18: Kadan no Itte 探偵 神宮寺三郎 Series No.18 果断の一手 [081001] WorkJam Jinguuji observes a Shogi competition in the establishment "Tokin" when he is asked to find new acquaintance's lover. Consolve Exclusive 2. High Elf Domination 2 ハイエルフレイプ2 [081002] Goebbe Shop After being captured, High Elf was taken to the enemy military fort where hundreds of soldiers were stationed. There, she was forced to sexually satisfy the men. The numbers of CG in the content exceeds all the past volumes. (Animation parts CG total approximately 3000!) Furious Full Animation, Full Voice! High Elf's Domination Story "Hyper G" now supported! With the movie customization (G mode), you can edit/view the content along with the past products. Demo movie version available! For details, link CV: Yunagi Oto She was exposed to the animalistic desire of the soldiers. Now the supreme beauty, Elf, could no longer return to her former self... - No installation necessary for this game. (Both sales and trial versions) - Please run the trial version for an operational test prior to the purchase. Doujin Nukige 3. Kanuchi - Shiroki Tsubasa no Shou カヌチ 白き翼の章 [081002] Otomate Two thousand years ago, there were two big families, Takamahara and Yasuna, who fought against each other for a long time. One day, Kayana from Takamahara and Izusami from Yasuna fell in love. It was, however, strictly prohibited and they got forcibly separated.... Several years later, a huge battle between two families broke out. Kayana and Izusami also had a one-on-one battle and Kayana finally won.... Today, Kayana comes back to life. She, however, can't have a body, so she enters into Aki's body.... Otomege 4. Gokujou Chikan Densha ~ Kairaku Zecchou Rush Hour 極嬢痴漢電車~快楽絶頂ラッシュアワー [081003] ALL-TiME Tadashi is a high school teacher living a stressful life at school. "Ok, I'll leave my stress behind doing "this"...." It's train molestation in a crowded train. This is his way of relaxing and he has never got arrested. He suddenly comes up with an idea. "Right. I can make them my sex slaves like this...." He finally decides to take revenge.... "It's you who are at fault. I'll get even with you now...." Nukige 5. Ookami-san no Ongaeshi? おおかみさんのおんがえし? [081003] Kirue On a full moon night girl gives a healing to a weak wolf. But after some time grateful wolf returns... Doujin Otomege 6. Hito de Nashi no Rakuin ~Fukei Kankin Inukan Choukyou~ ヒトでなしの烙印~婦警監禁犬姦調教~ [081004] Limit-Max While patrolling on jurisdiction with her canine partner, Ron, policewoman Kasumi coincidentally runs into urrently wanted robbers. Unexpectedly, Kasumi is captured by the group of robbers who are at their wits end. The robbers confine her along with Ron, with no methods of communication. Doujin Nukige 7. Ryoujoku Shinpan Mahou Shoujo Sumire & Daisy ~Torawareta Seishoujo~ 凌辱審判 魔法少女すみれ&デイジー ~囚われた聖少女~ [081004] Magical Girl The magical girls, Sumire and Daisy belonged to church, protecting the world peace. People called them “glorious young ladies” as the girls were so sincere, pure and beautiful. Their duty this time was to rescue the young girl who was imprisoned by the crazed church members. However, that was a very clever trick on them… Doujin Nukige 8. Shoujo no Michikusa ~Maigo no Koneko-chan~ しょうじょのみちくさ~まいごの子猫ちゃん~ [081004] Sage Tama dresses always in cat style and really likes it. One day, she goes to a supermarket with her mother. However, that shop is not an ordinary supermarket; in fact, it is a very dangerous place for a cute Lolita girl like her. Tama happens to lose sight of her mother and gets lost. She starts looking for her mother. Then, the dangerous part of the supermarket attacks her. In the food court... In the bathroom... In the pet shop... And when she finally finds her mother... Doujin Nukige 9. The Answer [081004] Four Leaf Studios An instructive and uplifting tale for aspiring visual novelists. EVN 10. Yuri no Hana Tankyuu Club ~Kindan no Triangle~ 百合の花探求クラブ~禁断のトライアングル~ [081004] Shining Star Lily’s The "Lily Flower Research Club" in a prestigious all-girls school is actually the front for the lesbian affair of Mei and Mai, the only members of the club. But one day the two lovers receive a visit (and an application to the club) from Honami, the pure and naive idol of the school, who mistakenly believes their club is the real thing. Initially, and after some hesitation, both girls decide to (ab)use Honami for their personal (sexual) amusement, but things grow different and out of control in no time... Doujin Nukige 11. Docchikame: Choukou! Horegusuri どっち亀 超効!ほれ薬 [081004] RunningGirl Ryou*su stares down at the odd looking liquid in the flash, thinking. The users manual had been simple, and that's what it had said. Ryou*su: "Hmmn... But, what if this really works..." He can try all of his wild delusions one after the other. But because it's endlessly worrying and dreaming Ryou*su, his behavior will soon change. Kochi**me's RE*ko and Ma**i are forced to take the love medicine and are absorbed in lust! Please take satisfaction in the sight of the girls getting pounded and the ample ejaculation. Doujin Nukige 12. Yuna Yuma ゆなゆま [081005] Blue Devil Yuna and Yuma are sisters with good imagination. They are often daydreaming about having a "special" relationship. Doujin Nukige 13. Ai Suru Mono e no Chinkonka 愛する者への鎮魂歌 [081006] OzoneAsterisk Who are you? I don't know. Then I'll give you a name. Year 2008 April Fools Day story. Doujin Otomege 14. Kaite Aru 書いてある [081009] Tsuchikure The main character Yamadera Miyako is a normal middle school student. One day, the words "You will die after 4 days" appear in her room. Since that day, many weird things started to happen around her. The incident gradually start to involve people around her. Can you find out the truth, and disband from the curse of death? Doujin 15. Kawaii Hitozuma no Ureta ○○○ ni 13 Renpatsu! かわいい人妻の熟れた○○○に13連発! [081009] Ryuusen A man confesses his love to another man's loli-faced wife but she rejects him. To get back at her after her rejection he teams up with his friends to assault her. Doujin Nukige 16. Tetsudou Musume DS ~Terminal Memory~ 鉄道むすめDS ~Terminal Memory~ [081009] Tomy Company, Ltd. This is an adventure game inspired by the popular figure series Tetsudou Musume. As a cameramen of a traveling magazine, you are entrusted with the assignment of discovering and revealing the charms of the ladies working in the railway industry. Get to know them through conversing with them and the more they favor you, the better the poses and pictures you can take of them. Each of the ladies you meet on your journey has their story or troubles, some of them may be struggling with a railroad company that is loosing money, another may be forced to quit their jobs after their marriages. Solve their problems by your camera and gain their favor in the process. Console Exclusive 17. Will o' Wisp ~Easter no Kiseki~ ウィル・オ・ウィスプ ~イースターの奇跡~ [081009] Otomate 1 A fandisc set one year after the events of Will o' Wisp. Hanna was working everyday with all her might as a novice doll-maker, but sometimes she was tormented with feelings of loneliness. "I want to meet everybody one more time!" When that wish left her lips, a miracle occurred. The time frame is one week, how will Hanna spend it...? Otomege Fandisc 18. 3jigen Shoujo o Hogo Shimashita 3次元少女を保護しました [081010] Heat-Soft 1 Rokurou is a self-proclaimed "defender of my home" (in other words he's a hikikomori, and an eroge otaku to boot). One day, when he is at a book store, he meets a girl, Sara. She follows him around and finally comes to his house. "I'll be in trouble if my parents know it..." It looks like she never leaves. "This is why I don't like 3D girls..." He tries to get rid of her, but Sara always sexually seduces him... Will he be able to bear his libido and her sexual advances...? Nukige 19. Gakuen Pets 2 ~Pool Side no Shiiku Katsudou~ 学園ペッツ2 ~プールサイドの飼育活動~ [081010] Goku-Fero Madoka is a new member of the swimming club. She is the hope of the club, but she looks depressed.... Tetsuya takes advantage of this and tries to approach her. Yes, his purpose is to make her his sex slave.... Nukige 20. Marble Bloomers マーブル★ブルマ [081010] Noesis Hiroki loves bloomers and now works hard for preparation for sports day. Runa, who gets sexually excited when wearing bloomers, and Saki, who suddenly tells Hiroki that she loves him. Well, which girl (bloomers) will Hiroki choose...? Nukige 21. Nakadashi Oyako ~Manamusume ni Ippai Sosoide Hoshii noo~ なかだし娘妹 愛娘にいっぱい注いでほしいのぉ [081010] Hanimaru Main character's wife dies so he lives with her daughter. One day he witnesses her masturbating, and soon it develops in a forbidden relationship with the girl getting pregnant. His deceased wife' sister Mina is also in love with protagonist, so she is forced into a triangular relationship. Nukige 22. Oppai Tsuma ~Innyuu L-Cup Himawari Kirari~ オッパイ妻~淫乳Lカップ・向日葵綺彩~ [081010] MorningStar Himawari Kiaya is a wife with two sticky sweat-drenched breasts just dying to pleasure cocks. Her seductive clothing that always allows her chest to be seen catches the attention of Hayakawa Kentaro, making his body sore with desire. Her sexual insatifaction causes her to drown in pleasure after going behind her husband's back to give her body and mind-blowing tits to Kentaro in the entrance of the company dormitory, the dressing room, on a crowded train, and even in the same room next to her sleeping husband! Nukige 23. Rape × Gyaku Rape レイプ×逆レイプ [081010] Hechikanism Wife returns to her parents' house before giving birth. She receives an envelope with a photo from a home-made sex video from the past, and heartbeat intensifies. Doujin Nukige 24. Saimin Mesu Dorei Kishi Sofia ~Rezu Kishi Danchou, Saimin Choukyou ni Ochiru~ 催眠牝奴隷騎士ソフィア ~レズ騎士団長、催眠調教に堕ちる~ [081010] Software circle Mercure The kingdom is protected from demons' attacks by the knights led by Sofia and the mage Rick. But Sofia clearly hates Rick and shows it so much, that when they are asked to become more friendly, he decides to take decisive action. Using hypnosis and dark magic, he will turn her into his sex slave. Doujin Nukige 25. Soeur ~Shibarareru Ai, Chiriyuku Ai~ Soeur~縛られる愛、散りゆく愛~ [081010] Applemint Main character is in good relations with his sister and her childhood friend. Emotions for sister eventually overflow into forbidden love... Doujin Nukige 26. Tennen Yawachichi Megami Flora Ama Ero Shinkon Kozukuri Life ~Onee-san no Shikyuu ni, Suki na Dak... 天然やわちち女神フローラ・甘エロ新婚子作りライフ~お姉さんの子宮に、好きなだけ注いでもいいのですわよ♪~ [081010] Norn Kazuto failed to enter university and now does nothing. One day, he climbs up a mountain nearby to enjoy astronomy observation for a bit of relaxation and sees a meteor falls down. He goes to the site and finds three girls there. It seems they don't notice him and he eavesdrops that they are goddesses. They soon find him and get panicked because they'll be confined forever if someone else knows their identity. He decides to hide them at his house for a while, but an angel comes to his house and blames him for knowing their existence. He hears that there is an exception a goddess can tell her identity to her boyfriend and he tells the angel he loves each of them. However, the angel never trusts him and tells him to make baby as a proof. Like this, Kazuto starts living with them.... Nukige 27. Yumekoi Tensei 夢恋転生 [081010] TinkerBell Nanigashigumi 1 Hibiki is a university student. One day, he dreams of Sumiko, a girl who resembles him, and her fiance, Shuichiro, living a peaceful life. However, he dreams of them again on the other day and Sumiko and Shuichiro break up.... When he wakes up, he finds himself crying and is surprised to see his body. His body has changed to a girl's body! He wears his clothes and goes to his university as usual. However, Aya, his girlfriend, finds his secret soon. Like this, he lives a strange university life.... But one day, he meets a man who totally looks like Shuichiro and he gradually falls in love with him.... Nukige 28. Futari Gurashi ふたりぐらし [081011] Himemiya Yuuhi 1 This is a love story about living together with your niece. The couple's story starts in a normal, mundane town that you could find anywhere. They spend their days together and eventually become attracted to each other. But each of them has a wound from the past that keeps them from getting closer to each other. Though their bodies mingle, their hearts do not. This is a story about the relationship between an uncle and his niece, each carrying a wound that will never heal. Doujin 29. One Million Kisses [081011] ATP Projects There was a time when five sisters, the Seasons, ruled over the weather from their mountain. Their names were Spring, Rain, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. EVN 30. Edo Ranze ~Come on! Mito Hime-sama~ エドランゼ ~Come on!水戸姫様~ [081012] Alice Soft Shogun Tokugawa Masamune starts reforms, but it also gives way to criminals of all sorts, and Edo gets drowned in crime. A hunt for criminals with huge prize is announced while Shogun goes to hot springs. Mito princess is left in Edo, so she is a tempting target for all sorts of warring parties snooping around. Nukige 31. Kurenai Damashii 紅魂 [081013] Gun and Soul Simon decides to spend time with Kamina and friends, but situation takes an unexpected turn resulting in different outcomes depending on decision taken. Doujin Boys Love 32. Tsukiyo no Deai 月夜の出会い [081015] NYANKO Dokusou Kyousoukyoku A heartwarming story about a rabbit girl. Doujin 33. Common Sense コモンセンス [081017] Sanjakune 1 Main character is a painter, actor and guitarist who does not sell, so he parasites on his wife while not doing any work himself. But wife gets fired from her work. And rumors start to appear. Doujin 34. Inbou no Wakusei ~Hakai to Yokubou no Shoudou~ 淫暴の惑星~破壊と欲望の衝動~ [081017] Ankoku Gekijou Shin lost his parents when he was a kid and his uncle has taken care of him since then. Shin is a good-natured boy, but he is sometimes confused by destruction impulse.... "I wanna destroy everything...." One day, when he is dating with Mina, his friend, they are taken hostage by someone. By being confined in a small room full of madness and violence, his pent-up desire finally explodes.... Nukige 35. Succubus Yuuna no Gohoushi Lesson サキュバス☆ユーナのご奉仕レッスン♪ [081017] Gekidan Kinmirai Yuna is a cute but boyish succubus. However since this is her first visit to the human world the sum of her sexual experience is zero. To train and learn about sex, she chooses Masaya, the steadfast protagonist of this story. She tries to seduce Masaya by showing off her virgin vagina, but then gets a taste of her own medicine as Masaya plunges her into a hell of continuous orgasms! Doujin Nukige 36. Hana Usagi 花兎 [081018] DD-HOST While heading to his hometown, a man meets a strange girl at the bus stop. Doujin 37. Reitou Kizakura ~Ouka no Ken to Madoiryuu Shou~ 霊刀キザクラ ~桜花の剣と惑竜章~ [081018] Amagasa Higasa Jimusho Main characters is a knight. He meets a mysterious woman in a remote town on the border of the country. Together they set out on a dangerous journey to slay a dragon. Doujin 38. Taihou Daigaku Byouin no Kyouki - Dai Yon Ya 大鳳大学病院の狂気 第四夜 [081019] TKH Soft A wife comes home only to have a chastity belt put on her by a gross man. That was the beginning of an experiment to make her his lover. Doujin Nukige 39. Yuki no Imouto [081020] Team BG Short horror story made for Vjutsu contest. EVN 40. Heileen: Sail Away [081021] Winter Wolves 1 Heileen is a cute 18 year old English girl. She lives a quiet life, without any real problems. But one day her uncle Otto, a famous English merchant, decides that it is time for a change and forces her to follow him on a journey to the New World. During the voyage, she'll meet old and new friends and discover lots of secrets, and ultimately find out what she really wants for herself. Play along with her on this fantastic voyage through eight chapters of intriguing dialogues. Each choice you make will have consequences for your relationships with the other crew members and will determine which one of the three different endings you'll see. EVN 41. Kotou no Serenade 孤島のセレナーデ [081023] schoolzone Shoko is a student whose uncle works as a cameraman for the editorial department of a publishing company. One day she encounters the scene of a bizarre method serial killer. At that time, she and her best friend Asuka become wrapped up in an unthinkable event. One day the two of them go with cameraman Koji to a deserted island to shoot some footage of a rare hot spring. Although it was supposed to be a fun trip, the seal that has previously been locked on the island is released! A place that intersects with another world, strange changes begining to take place. What is the sad conclusion that awaits these two girls? Doujin 42. Amber Breaker アンバーブレイカー [081024] MorningStar 1 2 Amber Breaker infiltrates the enemy's lair in search of the missing Ruby and Lapis. However, she too gets caught in Zodiac's web and, at his mercy, is consumed, body and spirit, in an unimaginable maelstrom of agony, humiliation, and ecstasy. To make things worse, the allies Amber came to save appear before her, and at their hands, she suffers mind-breaking and body-crushing euphoric torture. Just what waits at the end of her journey? Nukige 43. Ashita no Nanami to Au Tame ni ~Ashita no Kimi to Au Tame ni~ Fandisc 明日の七海と逢うために〜明日の君と逢うために〜FAN DISC [081024] Purple Software One day, Shuji meets a girl in the music classroom. He doesn't know her, but she is Mina's younger sister, Manami. From that day, Shuji, Mina, and Manami's strange relationship begins.... Fandisc 44. Before Dawn Daybreak ~Shinen no Utahime~ Before Dawn Daybreak ~深淵の歌姫~ [081024] Black Cyc 1 2 Eiji is a drug smuggler. One day, when he stands in front of a building, something falls down. He unconsciously catches it and checks what it is. It is actually... a beautiful girl. She tries to run away from him at first, but she soon finds that he is not her enemy. She tells him, "Please help me..." Eiji hesitates, but decides to run away with her. At that moment, she mumbles, "I wanna be free..." This is her one and only wish... Nukige 45. Bigaku Yurika & Asuna 美学 YURIKA&ASUNA [081024] M no Violet There is a prestige school where rich and high-class students enter and Asuna, an ordinary and innocent girl, and Yurika, a super rich student, meet there. Their relationship generates black desire in the school and causes an insane world involving other students.... Nukige 46. Hara Kano!! ~Ano Ko To Lovelove Harabote Seikatsu~ 孕ら☆カノ!! ~あの娘とラブラブ孕ぼて性活~ [081024] Swaneye Yuichi lost his father when he was a kid. However, he now lives peacefully with his mother and younger sister. One day, his grandfather says to them, "Why don't you live with me?" Like this, he starts living with his grandfather, but his grandfather's purpose is to train him as his heir. He also orders Yuichi to make babies.... What will happen to Yuichi? Who will he make babies with? His new life now begins.... Nukige 47. Love Me Tender -Koyoi, Bar Alba de- ラブミーテンダー ~今宵、Barアルバで~ [081024] Vivid Color Yukihiko was playing the piano at Koichiro's bar as usual. Koichiro is Yukihiko's boyfriend and he is always kind to him. But one day, Yukihiko meets Ryosuke, his ex-boyfriend. Ryosuke tells him that he was looking for Yukihiko. Yukihiko was trying to forget Ryosuke, but he still remembers good memories of him. Even when Yukihiko sleeps with Koichiro, he thinks about Ryosuke.... Yukihiko, Koichiro, and Ryosuke. Who will Yukihiko choose or...? Boys Love 48. Midara na Mansion みだらなマンション [081024] Authoring Heaven Masaru had a quarrel with his boss and quit his job. One day, his uncle offers him to become a caretaker of his apartment and he immediately accepts it. However, it is harder than he expects and peculiar residents also annoy him. He wants to quit, but there lives some beautiful housewives. "Well, I hope something good might happen...." Nukige 49. Moonlight Wedding [081024] ERFOLG Usually, women got married at the age of 16. However, there was a 20-years-old woman in a village who didn't get married yet. She said that she didn't want to date any men, that she wanted to "go slowly". One night, some strange creatures bring her a letter from their master. That letter would be the one that changed her mundane life... Doujin 50. Mr.Invisible -Legend of Rapest- [081024] Re:verse The enjoyment of sightseeing impossible fear... The original situation and setting have now been revived!! The protagonist, having attained the power to stop time, once hunted down women to appease his own sexual desires. Now he's handed in that power for the ability to turn invisible. Starting with all the girls he went to school with, the number of targets is limitless... Go! Go! Go! Upperclassman - Underclassman - Childhood friends - Female teachers - Female nurses - the Weather Girl etc... Have a look at the Legend of the Rapist! Nukige 51. Onichichi ~Manamusume Kyousei Hatsujou~ 鬼父~愛娘強制発情~ [081024] Blue Gale Marina and Airi's mother divorced few years ago and got remarried recently to a young man. While Marina accepts her new stepfather, Airi detests him. Little do they know that really he's a pervert that sniffs their underwear and wants to make them his own by making a love drug that will turn Marina and Airi into a sex-hungry sluts. Nukige 52. Osawari Chikan Ressha おさわり痴漢列車 [081024] Red Zone The main character is a white-collar worker. One day, when he is on a crowded train, a girl next to him suddenly cries out, "What are you doing!?" He doesn't know what's going on, but he is taken to a station office. He is treated as if he is a criminal even though he tries to prove his innocence. Several hours later, he is somehow released and goes to his office. However, everybody knows what's happened to him and he finally gets fired.... When he is at a loss what to do on the street, an old man taps his shoulder and tells him that it was him who did train molestation on the train. He gets mad at first, but he soon realizes blaming him makes no difference. The man says, "I'm really sorry. However, why don't you take revenge on them...?" When he hears it, something flashes inside his head.... Nukige 53. Shokusou Tenshi Serika 触装天使セリカ [081024] Touchable A mysterious parasite, verminion, comes from another planet and Serika is parasitized by it. However, she transforms into a female knight using its power and fights against it every day and night. As time passes, her body and heart gradually get weak.... However, she still fights to protect people.... Nukige 54. Taimanin Murasaki ~Kunoichi Kugutsu Dorei ni Otsu~ 対魔忍ムラサキ~くノ一傀儡奴隷に堕つ~ [081024] Black Lilith 1 Enter Kiryuu, the evil, merciless witch doctor! This game is played from the perspective of a witch doctor by the name of Kiryuu. Kiryuu is a black hearted man who has produced countless female sex slaves, be they human or demon. Now he uses his skills to send Murasaki and Sakura to a private hell of their own. Kiryuu has more enemies than just the ninjas! A hell knight called Ingrid is on a quest to overthrow him, using methods such as a spectre's curse to weaken his body. Will he live or die? The outcome of the story is up to the player! Nukige 55. Tsuyoimo x Yowaimo 強妹×弱妹 [081024] Mischievous Main character's family is entrusted with two sisters because their parents can't pay their debt. Protagonist decides to start a cohabitation with his new sisters-in-law. Younger Izumi is a weak girl who is easily humiliated while older Miki has a bully personality, but she is very curious about men. Nukige 56. Yuurei-san to no H na Test Benkyou 幽霊さんとのHなテスト勉強 [081024] Kyapion Suddenly a ghost of beautiful girl appears. So let's start studying to get involved with her. Deep communication in a classroom makes "it" bigger.. This is an adventure game in a style of quiz. You have to write down the answer on her body. Multi-ending system has 8 patterns. Doujin Nukige 57. Alter Ego アルテール・エゴ [081025] winter sister Sengoku Era. War has been going for six years already, but two villages still continue to resist domination by powerful neighbor. Two young leaders of these two villages create a bond and become true brothers-in-war. However... Doujin 58. Juukan Ace No.07-3 獣姦ACE NO.07-3 [081025] yosino Hayate with the help of the priest girl Tsubaki learns about the location of his lover and silver stone from a fortune-teller. The destination lies across the sea, and heroes don't have money, but captain agrees to give a ride for a night with the helper Konatsu. Doujin Nukige 59. Kitsunebi 狐火 [081026] Cluster A novel game of a Shrine Priestess Lolita being violated by tentacles! This tiny girl has been chosen as the villages human sacrafice and is violated by tentacles! Doujin Nukige 60. Zuikou Shouwa 瑞香抄話 [081026] Sora Labo Main character is 25 years old, and works as a security protector in a private security company for the third year. He travels to Hong Kong as a guard of a VIP, but his client runs away from the hotel room, so first day is spent visiting tourist spots. But on the night hotel room is attacked by professional killers. Who is the target of assassination? Something is wrong here, but gears are only starting to move from here. Doujin Boys Love 61. Fuyu no Himegimi -Winter Princess- 冬の姫君 -Winter Princess- [081028] N/P Project Queen of the Four Seasons controls the world of spirits, but after 300 years she decides to retire. Main heroine Michele is the princess of winter and the most promising candidate as a successor, but disasters start to pile up around her. Doujin Otomege 62. Pure Blue [081030] a.m. Main character lies in the hospital for a long time, and only one person visits him. Protagonist's wish is to see the sea. Will his dream come true? Doujin 63. Vitamin Y [081030] HuneX Fandisc of Vitamin X. Console Exclusive Fandisc 64. Bikyaku Seido Kaichou Ai "Ko, Kono Hentai! Watashi no Tights ni Nante Koto o...!" 美脚性奴会長 亜衣 「こ、この変態! 私のタイツになんてことを……!」 [081031] Overdose Main character Yoshizawa Atsushi has a strong fetish for pantyhose. He instantly fell in love with student council president Ninomiya Ai's black tights, and joined the council so he could be closer to her. One day, he sneaks into the president's office and successfuly finds her weakness. He blackmails her and starts to train her into his sex slave... Nukige 65. Chuuchuu Nurse ちゅうちゅうナース [081031] Yuukari Soft Koichi is hospitalized due to a traffic accident and soon falls in love with Nanaka, a pretty nurse. One night, when he walks down a hallway, he finds Nanaka. It seems she does something, but he can't see it clearly. He approaches her and finds that she drinks someone's blood!? Yes, this hospital was established for vampires to be able to get blood legally. Nanaka notices him and tries to erase his memories. However, she is an unskilled vampire and mistakenly changes him into a vampire. He is now a vampire, but there is something wrong with his body. He needs to release semen regularly to prevent his sexual desire from exploding. How can he release his semen? Of course, having sex! It seems to take a week before his medicine is concocted. Nanaka, Reika, Nanaka's older sister, Kanade, a patient next room, and Mao, his old friend decide to take care of him... Nukige 66. Hitozuma Sentai Aisaiger Paipaipon! ~Chikyuu no Pinch da, Uchuujin Hitozuma Majo Shuurai!~ 人妻戦隊アイサイガー ぱいぱいポン! ~地球のピンチだ、宇宙人妻魔女襲来!~ [081031] Discovery One day, the members of Aisaiger have been taken hostage by someone.... It's the work of Gramajo. They are under a spell practiced by Gramajo and attack innocent people in evil battle costumes. To get back their senses, you'll need to get rid of their battle costumes!! When Naotaro is at a loss what to do, Kyuji, Gramajo's husband, offers a help. Magic for Magic!! Will they be able to make it getting back their senses...? Nukige 67. Idol Harem アイドル★ハーレム [081031] Ark Shell I'm Yura. I have a twin older sister. She is a famous gravure idol, but she always teases me. One day, she suddenly calls and tells me to come to an island where she is now staying for her next photobook. When I arrive there, there is nothing wrong with her except for being suntanned. According to her, she called me to replace her since she got suntanned too much. "We are twins. There'll be no problem." "Well, I can't.... Oh, please stop...!" Like this, I've now become a gravure idol though I'm a man.... Nukige 68. Ijou Chitai ~Kanojo wa Boku no Jikken Dorei~ 異常痴態 ~彼女は僕の実験奴隷~ [081031] Pin-Point A shared toilet room with no bath. A shabby wooden 1 room apartment... The main character is the sole inhabitant of that apartment, possessing a warped love. Big breasted student landlord, Azami Imano. Before too long the main character's feelings revolve around making the girl his own, becoming cross. "I'm thinking of leaving this apartment....." If the main character leaves there will be no residents, and Azami's beloved apartment will be taken away. "P-.. please! I'll do anything, so please don't leave...!" Azami will truly do anything to protect her apartment. The main character's conditions for staying? Azami must let him do something foul to her...! Taking a medicine, her breasts begin to leak and it becomes a milking play. Her clit swells. Vibe play. Group violation. Transformation into a hermaphrodite. Tentacles... Things usually never thought of, abnormal and perverse play. Azami will have to give up both her heart and flesh.... Doujin Nukige 69. Ikusa Megami Celest no Ikinari Kozukuri Shinkon Seikatsu ~Shikata Arumai, Ware o Shikkari Haramas... 戦女神セレストのいきなり子作り新婚生活~仕方あるまい、我をしっかり孕ませろ~ [081031] Norn Kazuto failed to enter university and now does nothing. One day, he climbs up a mountain nearby to enjoy astronomy observation for a bit of relaxation and sees a meteor falls down. He goes to the site and finds three girls there. It seems they don't notice him and he eavesdrops that they are goddesses. They soon find him and get panicked because they'll be confined forever if someone else knows their identity. He decides to hide them at his house for a while, but an angel comes to his house and blames him for knowing their existence. He hears that there is an exception a goddess can tell her identity to her boyfriend and he tells the angel he loves each of them. However, the angel never trusts him and tells him to make baby as a proof. Like this, Kazuto starts living with them.... Nukige 70. Injoku no Seiki ~Kaikan ni Ochita Hime~ 淫辱の性姫~快姦二堕チタ姫~ [081031] Studio e.go! Grados has a grudge against elves since his parents were persecuted by them. One day, he meets Norun, a monster. "Why don't you take revenge on them? I'll help you." Grados finally decides to take action... By using Norun's power, he and his company successfully take their castle. They soon excute the King and there are the Queen and her daughter... "Just kill us!" However, Grados says, "Kill you? No, I won't. I'll just humiliate you..." Nukige 71. Mama Mama Mama まままままま [081031] Rapapuru I live at Haruka's house since my parents got divorced. She is my aunt and has a daughter, Koharu, but she takes a good care of me. She is very kind and beautiful.... Yes, I love her. One day, a woman, Aki, comes to my house and suddenly hugs me.... "I really wanted to meet you, my son." On the next day, another woman appears, "I've got remarried to your father, so you're my son from today." Three mothers!? Like this, my strange life starts.... Nukige 72. Nekogahoratoori Gakuen - Mahou Gakubu Eishou Gakka 猫洞通学園 魔法学部詠唱学科 [081031] RISUSOFT Main character enters a law department in a university, but it appears to be magic department in reality. He does not understand magic at all, so needs help from another person. The girls around him are all strange and with unique personality traits. Will he find common language with them and pass the test in time? Doujin 73. Nekomata ~Futanari Hen~ ねこマタ~ふたなり編~ [081031] Sumomo Main character is a usual student who lives poorly since parents often vanish and go somewhere. One day he discovers two abandoned kittens and takes them home. Soon he gets hit by the truck. When he awakens, he sees a fantasy animal store owner Lyme who was able to save him, but the cost for that was turning two kittens into girls. From this day strange cohabitation begins. Nukige 74. Otomegari 処女狩~オトメガリ~ [081031] Anim 1 There still exist vampires.... Famous politicians, company presidents, artists, sports players etc.... The vampire society has a community in each country and they usually act together unitedly. But one day, Miwa, a vampire load, is captured and confined by vampire hunters. Yuto, Miwa's one and only son, decides to take over her position, but Katsuji, Miwa's right hand man, gets rid of him and takes the position.... Yuto makes up his mind to show his power to other vampires by creating a harem. Yes, there is only one way for vampires to show their power. It is to have sex with human girls and create a harem. The more they get girls and the more beautiful they are, they will be respected by other vampires and they can strengthen themselves by getting power from the girls. Like this, Yuto starts working at a high school as a teacher and hunts girls every day. But one day, he meets someone from Ban family at school. The Ban family is actually the ones who confined Miwa before. Also, Katsuji sends Nagisa to the school to remove Yuto.... Nukige 75. Rejuvenescence Rejuvenescence -リジュベネッセンス- [081031] WhiteMoor Furusuto Island where season anomalies exist. These anomalies are believed to be confrontation of two goddesses with silver and golden eyes, so people with such eye colors are worshiped here. At birth of such person mother always dies, and child lives a short life. Yamaki Subaru is current reincarnation of goddess, and this is her story. Doujin 76. Seidorei Onna Kyoushi 聖奴隷女教師 [081031] Liquid Main character is a trainer of women specializing in married women and clergy. He is offered a job to train females at school. He is about to decline it as he does not like young students, but instead he is asked to train teachers there. Protagonist smiles as he sees the ripe flesh of teachers there. Nukige 77. Twins Panic ~Onii-chan wa Watashi-tachi no Dorei~ ツインズ・パニック ~おにいちゃんは私たちの奴隷~ [081031] Shining Star The male protagonist, an university student named Kouji, has moved into an apartment whose landlady has two beautiful twin daughters, Yuumi and Yuuka, and of course both twins take an instant fancy to him (although not exactly with his best interests in mind, heh). You can imagine the rest, can't you? Doujin Nukige 78. Venus Blood -Chimera- ヴィーナスブラッド・キメラ [081031] Dual Tail 1 The Yupitel Empire is threatened by Taranis, a devil. People try to get rid of them, but they finally surrender... Some time later, a sacrifice ceremony is held. Three princesses go to the Taranis's castle as a sacrifice, but they secretly carry a weapon without knowing it will cause a nightmare... Nukige 79. Katakoi no Tsuki Extra 片恋いの月えくすとら [081031] Studio Ryokucha One day, some gears of "time" are found. They don't have any power now, but they might be dangerous. Members of a folklore research club start collecting the gears, but Yone accidentally gets hold of one of them.... Love romance, school exam, and club activity. Their story still goes on... Fandisc 80. Deathcraft デスクラフト [0810] Akatsuki This city on the bank of the sea is rich with resources and population. Renovation project creates a lot of inorganic buildings, neon lights and a railway line. Devils manipulating minds with witchcraft and preying on humans start to be seen in this city. As rumors spread, population flees and railway line gets closed. Now this city is a playground for demon hunters looking for vicious criminals. Doujin Boys Love 81. Magic Romanesque [0810] Mr,Escapism Beneath the "Human World" lies the "Spirit World". The protagonist works as a maid in a certain nobles mansion in that spirit world. Somehow the master of the house "Young Master" has taken an interest in her and chases her around everyday. Today she had to coldly chase away that merciless boy once again. She went to her sorcery master "Teacher" to complain, however... So... It's that kind of thing. In order to fight back against the young master who makes the maids have to put running away from him in front of their duties, Teacher has gone to have a talk with him. Probably. Doujin Otomege
  3. Foreword: Took Supreme Candy for review blindly, just because of the brand, so was not sure what to expect. Synopsis: Tonami Yuu is a somewhat awkward adolescent who keeps a certain distance between himself and others because of a traumatic incident that occurred when he was a child. One day he chances upon a jar of candy labelled 'Supreme Candy', a miraculous treat that allows him to change his physical age. Using this opportunity, he transforms himself into a child and enters the neighboring school's playground, where high school girls of his age play innocently with children. Yuu believes he has finally found something that will let him get close to other people again... Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv85qCUsIYLvIVTu6oZEdWpb Game type: Supreme Moege Character Design rating: 7/10 Protagonist rating: 6/10 Story rating: 6/10 Game quality: 7/10 Overall rating: 6/10 Game is a moege. A moege of very high quality, with twisted plot and True End, but still a moege. I'll never admit a moege as a masterpiece. I'm next to worst person to review a moege, so referring to other people's reviews might be more appropriate (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9). With that let's try to dissect our patient. Concept is quite nukige-looking as protagonist gets into younger version of himself with the help of magic candy and is able to infiltrate a long-sought girls' school. With first six heroines routes we basically ignore magic candy significance and just run after girls normally. Sometimes these routes are total crap plot-wise, but sometimes they may tackle protagonist's past and mental problems, so it's ok to read. There are many scenario writers, after all. Last two routes are totally different as they focus on magic side of the story, and many new characters suddenly jump out with a whirl of events and mystery revelation. My favorite part - downsides. The main word for this game in my opinion is "fatigue". There are as many as eight (!) heroines which is huge already, but each route on average took me eight hours to finish, pretty insane. But the main problem of the game is that there is nothing that makes all that time investment enjoyable. There aren't nakige elements. There is some perverted humor occasionally, but not the kind I can enjoy. Girls are cute, but scenario is not interesting till the very last two routes. Side characters are eyesores. And the last, but not the least - perverted protagonist. I can't stress it enough. This is what Supreme Candy is all about - sex talk. The number of H events is rather modest, 1-3 per heroine. But sex talk absolutely dominates in conversations and even normal SOL scenes. And it was absolutely killing me. I felt like reading a story written by a high school student with constant erection. And the upsides of the game are pretty much the same - an overwhelming amount of moe and sex talk. It's the first time I encounter anything like that, a very powerful mix able to drive crazy a beginner in visual novels or just admirer of moe. Superb graphics and character design emphasize the effect. We've already seen cute dirty minded girls in TV no Kieta Hi by Petit KeroQ, but quality levels of these two games are incomparable. In the end I see Supreme Candy as a supreme eroge. But I can't appreciate the best elements of it, so for me it's just a boring long game where nothing happens until the end where too much stuff happens, so it feels artificial and as an overkill. And only fatigue remains. At least I know now that Makura is the branch of KeroQ that specializes on pure love games.
  4. Sumaga is the only masterpiece, but it's not really a Nitroplus game in spirit, so I'd rather review game from KeroQ sister brand Makura Supreme Candy 1. Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu: Cosplay, Hajimemashita♥ 乃木坂春香の秘密 こすぷれ、はじめました♥ [080925] Vridge Inc. 1 "You know, cosplay is really good!" When Haruka, Yuuto, and Shina are at a cafe, they meet Rio, Shina's old friend and Rio invites them to take part in a cosplay event. "Well, I'll take part in it." "It should be fun!" "How about you, Haruka?" Haruka seems to hesitate to answer. At that moment, Yuuto notices that she stares at a pamphlet of the event... Anime Spin-Off 2. AliveZ [080926] Alice Soft 1 2 3 Fifteen years ago, a mysterious shrine suddenly appeared. It emitted an evil air and people were transformed one after another.... Yin, a group of evil people, and Yang, a group of people who has an opposite nature to Yin. The story takes place in the midst of slaughter happened in the town.... Game feels outdated. Structure is simple. There is no normal romance depiction. There's little explanation for those who did not play AmbivalenZ 14 years before. Everything is painted black and white. It's boring no matter how you look at it. 3. Inumimi Berserk イヌミミバーサク [080926] Chise Urato has a younger sister, Yuro. One day, dog-ear-like objects suddenly appear on her head and she refuses to go to school. He somehow takes her to school by using the carrot and the stick. However, when they get home, they find their house being destroyed and in rubble. When they are at a loss at what to do, a woman suddenly attacks them. Just when they are about to get killed, Hazumi, Yuro's classmate, saves them. Why do they get involved in a battle...? First half is funny, but the second is terrible. There is a big number of H events for a non-nukige game. Scenario has next to zero change for in different routes. In the end it's just a fetishist moege with cute nekomimi and inumimi girls. 4. Kurukuru Fanatic くるくる・ファナティック [080926] Chien 1 2 3 What!? Am I dead yet!? The cause of my death was probably a heavy blow on my back..., not sure. What I know now is I once died, but came back to life. However, I'll die again if I don't find the cause of my death in five days. "Well, good luck. I don't think you make it...," Fanuru, an angel who raised me from the dead, says to me. Anyway, I'll just do it! I have reliable friends, Wazuka, Matsuri, and Otogiri. I can do it! What? What is it...? Do you have something shining...? You're not the one who killed me, are you...? There are English reviews. I don't favor yandere, but can't block them either. 5. Mahou Senshi Lemmtear Knights ~Hikari no Otome-tachi~ 魔法戦士レムティアナイツ~光の乙女たち~ [080926] Triangle "In Roa, Metzer was fighting against the leader of Goddess Imperial Guard, Queen Tearna, while on the terrestrial world Falke and Silva used the granted power to fight against the organization called『Hakubara』(White Rose). One day, Metzer has detected the reaction from the new Seireiseki (Holy Tear Stone) and went to the surface world to determine its value. However, when he arrived, in front of Metzer is the a girl who had already picked up the stone. 'Does this thing belong to you?' The girl's name is Ayahime Kurumi. She is a student of Kokusaikyoudou school. Kurumi sense the 'evil' within Metzer and decided to prevent him from getting the stone. At the same time, Seireiseki entered into Kurumi. Power flowed through Kurumi's body from her womb and transformed her into a warrior. However, Kurumi was still inexperienced and while she was in a dire situation, Symphonic Sugar appeared to rescue her. After Kurumi joined Hakubara, Ruruka, Symphonic Sugar, and Elixir Rose combined their knowledge and power together and developed 'LEMM' , a multi-purpose combat system. Kurumi who received Tearna's power from Seireiseki and LEMM system was born as the 9th Mahou Senshi (Magical Warrior) 'Lemmtear Theta' and began her fight against Metzer. On the other side, Metzer planed to corrupt Lemmtear Theta with sexual means as well as sexually train her in order to capture her and use her for his scheme. Can Metzer corrupt the new warrior, Lemmtear Theta, and the Hakubara members and use them to fulfill his ambition?" RPG 6. Shin Genre Esudere!! 新ジャンル えすでれっ!! [080926] Kur-Mar-Ter The main character moves to a boarding high school. However, the school he enters is a girls' high school!!! It seems the school recently became coed, but there are no boys yet. His new school life now starts surrounded by a little bit sadistic girls.... Protagonist loves tsundere more than rice, so it becomes a sado-maso adventure of a boy in a tsundere girl school. Also a borderline nukige with the big number of H scenes. 7. Sumaga スマガ [080926] Nitroplus 1 2 3 The protagonist regains his consciousness to find himself falling down from the sky. As he realizes that he doesn't know why he's here, even more that he doesn't remember anything at all, three girls flying on brooms appear in front of him. Shortly after as he keeps falling he witnesses a tragic battle between these girls calling themselves Etoile and the monsters they call Zodiac take place. Then he dies... and wakes up in front of a TV, that has "Kamisama" (God) written on it, with a little girl inside. She asks him "Do you want to be reborn?"... There are English reviews. Will include it in the end of year poll, but don't feel like playing some rebirth loop mindscrew game right now. 8. Supreme Candy ~Oudou ni wa Oudoutaru Riyuu ga Arun Desu!~ しゅぷれ~むキャンディ~王道には王道たる理由があるんです!~ [080926] Makura 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Tonami Yuu is a somewhat awkward adolescent who keeps a certain distance between himself and others because of a traumatic incident that occurred when he was a child. One day he chances upon a jar of candy labelled 'Supreme Candy', a miraculous treat that allows him to change his physical age. Using this opportunity, he transforms himself into a child and enters the neighboring school's playground, where high school girls of his age play innocently with children. Yuu believes he has finally found something that will let him get close to other people again... There are English reviews. But I want to see in what way Makura differs from KeroQ, so going to sample it. 9. Toppara ~Zashikiwarashi no Hanashi~ とっぱら~ざしきわらしのはなし~ [080926] Caramel Box 1 2 3 4 5 The player takes the role of Itsukaichi Keiji, a teenager that lives by himself in the town of Tokieda, with his closest living relative being his grandfather, an author and researcher of the paranormal. Our protagonist has the peculiar ability to recognize supernatural beings with ease as well as the ability to see ghosts and other entities not visible to normal humans. Due to a complicated set of circumstances, Keiji has a strong hatred for ghosts and phantoms (also known as youkai), blaming them for the problems in his life. Keiji's life has taken a bit of a downturn since the death of his parents, and is generally seen as a loner that makes little effort to interact with others. His life suddenly changes direction when a kage-onna by the name of Mikage appears in his house one day, claiming that she is bound to him and that she will be keeping him company. Mikage's appearance is only the beginning, as our protagonist crosses paths with eight heroines in total as he discovers love, learns why things are the way they are and grows to accept his reality. There are English reviews. 10. Twinkle ☆ Crusaders ティンクル☆くるせいだーす [080926] Lillian 1 2 3 4 5 6 Sakura Shin is a hard-luck high school student. One day, he becomes the student council president of Ryuusei Academy, a position which he thought is given free meals from the cafeteria, as he has been raised in a poor family and is in need of money. But his job as president includes getting rid of mazoku (denizens of hell) that appear in his town as well. Also, he is informed that his father was the former Maou (king of demons) and he is supposed to succeed to his position. He has to fight against mazoku as the president but he is the Maou. Well, will he be able to keep it a secret and enjoy his school life? There are English reviews. 11. You! Apron Chakuyou 要! エプロン着用 [080926] Highsox Kazuto is a high school freshman. He is a little bit timid and indecisive, but he wants to change himself. However, his decision disappears soon. He is forced to join a club by his old friend.... He is forced to become a class president.... His older sister, a teacher of his school, excessively takes care of him.... He feels depressed, but he tries to stay positive. However, he'll soon find the truth of his school life.... Long common part is followed by fast development individual routes. Content is school that loves festivals, so it ends with a grand festival (hero is not apron maniac, so title is inappropriate). Heroines are nice and varied with only Satomi route lacking in power. Lots of bully heroines, so good if you like tsundere. Still game lacks polish and overall quality to be called a masterpiece. BLOCKED 1. Gakuen Love Fu-Shi-Gi ~Honey Bitter na Koigokoro~ 学園 恋 不・思・議~ハニィビタァなコイゴコロ~ [080901] ROYCE; "Dad decided to go on a overseas business trip". From these words, my dizzying school life begins! The boys boarding school with exceeding standards "Eiurei? Academy" started accepting female students because of a student shortage. And so I entered this school that my dad's friend is at by myself. I met some handsome youths for the first time at this vast academy. A bittersweet and heart-wrenching slightly ecchi love story starts with these men of various characters. Doujin Otomege 2. Maruo-sensei no Nayami Soudan 丸尾先生の悩み相談 [080903] Gorioshi Kyoudai Main character comes to doctor to discuss his troubles and depending on choices faces one of seven endings. Doujin Boys Love 3. ThisArmor Kaisetsu 5 Shuunen Kinen Game ThisArmor開設5周年記念ゲーム [080904] ThisArmor A short game to commemorate ThisArmor's fifth anniversary. An erotic romance between sempai and kouhai. Doujin Boys Love 4. Osawagase! Kaitou Cure Flowne おさわがせっ!怪盗キュアフローネ [080905] Karen Soft There is a famous thief group, Cureflone. The members are White Flone and Black Flone and they fly around the town in search of a precious stone called Pure Stone every night. Shoutaro is a private detective and he tries to catch them using a robot he invented. Also, Dr. Chan takes part in a battle for the Pure Stone.... An exciting three way fight now breaks out! Nukige 5. Cold Sleep [080906] ThunderSonia Main heroine is picked unconscious by the cult and brought up as exorcist. But now five years later she does not remember the cult and just lives as an exorcist. One day she meets a boy and experiences a mysterious headache, so she decides to learn more about her past. Doujin Otomege Fandisc 6. Inma no Fuuin ~Zekkai no Kotou ni Kodaibunmei no Dai Injuu no Sugata o Mita!!~ 淫魔の封印 ~絶海の孤島に古代文明の大淫獣の姿を見た!!~ [080906] CARYO Across a vast expanse of ocean lies a solitary island that time forgot... A forbidden land where descendants of an ancient civilization dwell along with fearsome hypersexual monsters!! The sex-hungry monsters on this solitary island just happen to have been wanting to use a human woman to breed, and the island is teeming with these monsters!! The target of the deviant monsters is naturally the heroine's womb!! Doujin Nukige 7. Life School [080906] Studio Akadou Split your sides laughing, cry your heart out, lose something, gain something new, think of something dear to you. This is the school of life, and it's about to go in session. Doujin 8. Mugiten! むぎテン! [080907] CREO software Summer vacation. Main character sees a girl on a roadside and can't forget her. He approaches her and asks to stay in her house even though he has no reason. This way a new season of his life begins. Doujin 9. Hoshizora no Comic Garden 星空のコミックガーデン [080909] Affect Airi is a university student. She enjoys her school life, but she has something else in mind. Yes, she wants to be a manga artist. Ryou, her old friend, knows it and tells her to go for it. Airi makes up her mind and starts working as an assistant to a famous manga artist. However, her parents learn about it and they are opposed to it. So Airi starts living with Ryou's friends at Ryou's house... Otomege 10. Shien no Hitsugi 紫園の棺 [080909] RandomWork In order to search for a friend who disappeared three years ago, Chihiro and her friends go to a village that isn't shown on any map - Kasumi village. However... Doujin 11. Kehen II 刻痕II [080909] Angels Blue Digital Entertainment Main character finds himself trapped inside a city district with many different people. Love and hate, belief and morality, conspiracy and hope - everything knit together in a complex set of human nature emotions in pressing circumstances. Chinese Doujin 12. 6nin no Onna Kyoushi 6人の女教師 [080912] Black Package I'm now on winter holiday. I plan to go travelling and playing with friends... I'll never study! But one day, my mother sends me on an errand and I come to a prestige high school where my aunt works as the school president. "Well, I don't like her.... Ok, I'll just complete my errand soon and go buying a new CD." I didn't even know if a tragedy would happen inside the school... Nukige 13. Ano Ko wa H na Shousetsuka あの娘はHな小説家 [080912] Moe Hina Akihiko is an editor. One day, he takes in charge of a rookie writer, Shizuka. She is good at writing erotic novels and is popular on the internet. However, she is now in a slump and can't concentrate on her work. She tells him that she wants to experience various sex techniques to improve her novel writing. Akihiko is confused to hear that, but they finally sleep together.... Nukige 14. Hiyoku wa Azami no Kanata e -Renri no Yume- 比翼は愛薊の彼方へ ~連理の夢~ [080912] SandalDash Despite keeping the saga title, this game stars a different protagonist in another country. Our dear boy, Soujo, would serve the youngest of the three princes, Keika, while admiring his brother Byuken who was special enough to be close friends with their lord. A year would peacefully pass, as Soujo would grow more and more attached to Keika, until suddenly the king summoned his three sons to make an announcement – Instead of the elder brother Syoyo succeeding the throne as had been planned, the brothers are to do a battle royal amongst themselves with the winner receiving inheritance to the throne as the prize! Suffice to say, Keika being quite a pacifist isn’t exactly thrilled at the idea and chooses to stay out of it after making an agreement to ignore their father’s order with his brothers. However, unluckily for him his elder brothers are more than happy at the idea of breaking the promise and using this chance to get rid of Keika, thanks to the other being ”daddy’s” favorite… Boys Love 15. Princess Body ~Netorareta Oujo no Haramase Chijou プリンセス・ボディ~寝取られた王女の孕ませ痴情 [080912] MorningStar The knight of the guard Herriam repeatedly dates the fourth princess Arin in a quiet church. But this time they are ambushed by mercenary Sirocco who violates Arin right in front of the lover. Will Herriam live in shame or avenge offenders? Nukige 16. Uruwashi no Dorei Hime Tiaris ~Nikuyoku no Jutai Settai~ 麗しの奴隷姫ティアリス~肉欲の受胎接待~ [080912] Cybele Xizaroff is a King of Deyan who like to devise a stratagem and pillage. One day, beautiful Queen Tiaris from Louse, a small country comes to ask for the financial support. Xizaroff proposes a congress which gathers kings from several countries and demand Tiaris to entertain them using her body. Nukige 17. Doukan Haruhi Burst 動姦ハルヒバースト [080916] Mousou Web A collection of short erotic animated scenes with Haruhi as lover. Doujin Nukige 18. Hakuouki ~Shinsengumi Kitan~ 薄桜鬼 新選組奇譚 [080918] Otomate 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 The Bakumatsu period, a gap between the past splendour of the Shogunate era and the modern glamor of the Meiji period, is one of the most violent and intriguing places to start a romance. Chizuru Yukimura has set off for Kyoto to find her missing father, but accidentally gets herself wrapped up in the intrigues of the Shinsengumi, a group of warriors who defends the fading powers of the shogunate. The men in Shinsengumi are not merely fighting Emperor Meiji's forces and the strange demons, they are also hiding a terrible secret. They are hiding something among them. Otomege 19. Ayashi no Miya 妖ノ宮 [080919] Kogado Studio Ayashi no Miya is a princess whose father met an untimely end. In the game’s world, humans and demons lived somewhat side-by-side… that was until the king’s death. The king had 4 trusted generals; in the wake of his death these generals started to drift apart and had conflicts arising from differing interests. Just because the king managed to establish his kingdom so that humans and demons lived together it didn't mean all of the generals liked it, and in the middle is the Ayashi no Miya; she has no power, no authority or influence, but she’s the daughter of the previous king and she’s half-demon. In other words, she’s an excellent political tool. Otomege 20. Chokotto! Fandisc ちょこっと!ファンディスク [080919] Cotton Soft Fandisc contains is a bonus story for heroine Yukako for Natsumegu and also short episodes with heroines of Nagisa no and Reconquista. Fandisc 21. Eldora Lyon to Meikyuu no Shuujin エルドラ リヨンと迷宮の囚人 [080919] Blue One Lyon, son of Lord Gilbert, is in love with Marco. Marco finally accepts his feelings, but the pair gets interrupted and ridiculed by cousin George. Then mysterious middle-aged man appears and captures cousin Klaus. Will there ever be private time for these two people? Doujin Boys Love 22. Himemiko Sengetsu 姫巫女・繊月 [080919] Yukari Here comes summer.... I lost my older sister several years ago. My partner asks me, "Do you think of her...?" I'll never forget it. I can't forget it. She was everything to me because she always protected me from cruel reality. "I don't need to remember it." Yes, there is no need to remember because I still remember everything. "Let's go, Richard." I have to understand the meaning of fight. I don't know yet, but I only fight.... Nukige 23. Injuu Souki ~ Aka no Oukoku 淫獣争記~紅の王国 [080919] Goku-Fero There is a continent. It is divided into four countries and they peacefully coexist. But one day, one of the countries suffers from a mysterious phenomenon all of a sudden.... People living there disappear one by one and in one case, one hundred people go missing at the same time. What's going on there? Jennifer, the princess, starts investigating it.... Nukige 24. Metamorphose ~Henyou! Henshin! Daihentai!?~ めたもるふぉ~ぜ ~変容!変身!大変態!?~ [080919] Re:verse * People who can transform aren't always heroes! The protagonist has the ability to transform. As for the use of the transformation... Transform into other people and do whatever you like! Put the blame on others! To undo the transformation you have to have sex! You have to assault women to return to your own self! Transform into other people to commit crimes? Is it okay to frame others for it? This is a comical adventure game about transformation and rape, with a new sensation to it. * Use your transformation ability at will to sexually assault three sisters! * Features smooth erotic animation made with AfterEffects. Nukige 25. Nurse Shimai no Yoru no Gangu wa Boku! ナース姉妹の夜の玩具はボク! [080919] Heat-Soft Masato is now in hospital. Nurses think he is unconscious and they often play with his dick. However, he is totally conscious. He just can't move. The nurses who always play with his dick are Nozomi and Yui, beautiful sisters. He wants to say no, but he can't. One day, he decides to run away from the hospital. However, he hears Nozomi talking to herself.... It seems she uses his body to cure her younger sister's androphobia. Masato is in love with Yui, so he changes his mind and stays in the hospital... Nukige 26. Tsuugaku Sharyou ni Hisomu Chikan Mania 通学車両に潜む痴漢マニア [080919] SCREEN Main character notices a beautiful girl and follows her to the train car. Her timid gestures seem to invite him for the hunt. Doujin Nukige 27. Yuumi no Roshutsukyou Densetsu 優美の露出狂伝説 [080919] Will Tame Main heroine is an exhibitionist. Once she reads a book about it, she can no longer control her habits. It starts with light exposure at empty areas, continues as masturbation in the classroom and eventually oversteps all the barriers of public morale. Doujin Nukige 28. Onna Senshi no Kutsujoku -Ishu Kan Renzoku Koubi no Ki- 女戦士の屈辱 -異種姦連続交尾の記- [080920] Dieselmine Dragon Quest III Female Warriors were challenging various monsters. However, they ended up being defeated! All familiar monsters had no hesitation of showing their abnormal sexual desire, and attacked the female warriors. How did the monsters manage to attack these tough warriors? The female warriors were under repeated attacks by the relentless monsters; with tentacles, with stones, with elephant-nose-like creature. Doujin Nukige 29. DOAX2 ~Inyoku no Vacance Shima~ D○AX2~淫欲のバカンス島~ [080921] SABER FISH This is a "Group Attack" novel adventure game based on "DOAX2 (Dead or Alive Extreme2)" Game. Zack won with DOA again. He was hoping to get along with Niki and to spend a great life together. However, Zack was troubled as he had too much sexual desire. He could not bring himself to approach his girlfriend, Niki, just to satisfy his sexual urge! Because there's no love by doing so! He thought about the participants of DOA; Kasumi, Ayane and Hitomi. He attacked and humiliated Kasumi and Ayane then. But they escaped when the island sank. Hitomi did great in replace of Lei Fang. Zack decided to invite all three of them. Doujin Nukige 30. Kankin Shoujo ~Nama Sounyuu Jigoku~ 姦禁少女~生挿入地獄~ [080921] Courreges Ace Animated story about a girl being forced into prostitution and violated each day and night. Doujin Nukige 31. Riapsed Erised ~Lost Arcadia~ 절망희 1부 ~잃어버린 낙원~ [080923] Team Basilisk The girl who calls herself Riapse. By her hand the world is destroyed. But story does not stop here. It only begins. The story of despair and desire after losing the paradise. Korean Doujin 32. Switch - Fluch oder Segen Switch - Fluch oder Segen [080923] RosaArts When Tomoya Okazaki fell in the hot spring of his family he didn't know that this would be the end of his normal life. Due to a curse he is now forced to make a decision: Boy or girl? Switching back or deliverance from the curse of his family? The choice is up to you. German Doujin 33. Dreams of the Skies [080925] IDHAS Studios The story is about a one-winged angel on his quest to restore his other wing. EVN 34. Gyakkyou Burai Kaiji - Death or Survival 逆境無頼カイジ Death or Survival [080925] Compile Heart Itou Kaiji is a bum who steals car emblems and slashes tires on a regular basis. However, one day, this routine changes when a man in a trench coat pays him a visit. The man reveals himself as Endou, a debt collector, who has come to claim an unpaid loan of 300,000 yen, which Kaiji had previously co-signed with his co-worker, Furuhata Takeshi. Because of Takeshi's disappearance, Kaiji is left with an overwhelming balance, but is given the chance to gamble against other bankrupt bums aboard a boat — each gambler is loaned additional money, giving them a chance to pay their dues or become in even deeper debt. Kaiji accepts the challenge in hopes of repaying the compounded debt of 3,850,000 yen and, with luck, winning additional cash... Console Exclusive 35. Minzoku Injou 民族淫嬢 [080925] Akatsuki Works Black 1 2 Izanagi has a special ability. That is a poison.... He can send a woman into a trance by kissing and making her drink his saliva. Using this ability, he's got a girlfriend who is from a rich family. One day, a big event called the World Cultural Exchange Expo takes place. His girlfriend's father tells him to send all girls who take part in it into a trance and offer them to him. It's a big chance for him to ingratiate himself with him.... Izanagi rapes girls one after another for his secret ambition.... Nukige 36. True Fortune トゥルーフォーチュン [080925] Enterbrain! 1 I had a dream. A dream I had many times before. A sad parting dream.... "I'll give you these cards." "Oh, beautiful cards. Thank you." She was my best friend... I was very sad... but I still remember her last words. "Well, when you get older, these cards will be useful. Don't lose them!" "Ok, I'll surely keep them!" An alarm clock rings and I wake up. "Oh, where did I put those cards? Well, maybe here...." They are called True Fortune Cards and each card has a face of a boy. She still doesn't know that the boys she will meet in the near future have the same faces written on the cards... Otomege 37. Ane wa Kyoushi de Shinjin Maid ~Lovely Haramase Seikatsu!~ 姉は教師で新人メイド~ラブラブ孕ませ性活!~ [080926] Swanmania Tomoki and Nanami, his older sister, start living at their father's friend house since their parents have gone abroad on business. However, his house is a huge mansion. Nanami says, "I wanna work as a housemaid for his kindness." and starts working there. Sawa, a housemaid, teaches Nanami everything required as a housemaid including erotic things...? Nukige 38. Cosscos! ~Anatagonomi no Cosplay H Shite Ageru~ こっすこす! ~あなた好みのコスプレHしてあげる~ [080926] Clock Up team Anise Yuu is an university student. He looks outwardly normal, but he loves cosplay. His dream is to get a girlfriend and to enjoy doing H-cosplay with her. One day, when he wakes up, he finds two beautiful girls giving him a blowjob.... He doesn't know their names.... He doesn't remember their faces.... "Who are they...?" He asks them their names and one of them says, "Arte. My name is Arte." and the other girl says, "I'm Toria." "Well, listen. we are magic girls from a magic world." "What? Magic girls...?" "Hey, can you hear me?" Like this, Yuu starts living together with them.... Nukige 39. D.C. Girl's Symphony ~Da Capo Girl's Symphony~ D.C. Girl’s Symphony~ダ・カーポ~ガールズ シンフォニー [080926] Sanctuary On Hatsune Island the cherry blossoms bloom year-round without withering. On that island lives Kojou Shio, a high school student. Her parents are abroad on business, so she lives with her step-brother, Takaaki. One day, twin brothers, Ryouhei and Kouhei, and their older brother, Aoi, transfer to her school. All girl students are excited to see their handsome faces. So is Shio, but her first impression towards Ryouhei is very bad. Their school life starts like this... A while later, Shio decides to hire a home tutor. However, the home tutor is Kei, an older brother of Ryouhei, Kouhei, and Aoi.... Otomege 40. Doki Doki Rooming Doki Doki る~みんぐ [080926] Gash One day, the main character receives a letter from his aunt. She is a caretaker of an apartment building and the letter says, "I've got badly injured, so please work as a caretaker for two weeks as a replacement for me." When he reads it, he doesn't want to accept it, but the letter also says, "There lives a lot of pretty girls and they'll be waiting for you." He finally accepts it and comes to the apartment.... However, the apartment building is very old. "It doesn't matter! Pretty girls must be waiting for me!" Nukige 41. Dress Wizard! ドレス・ウィザード! [080926] Tryset Shirou is a high school student and lives at a school dormitory. He enjoys his life there with Yoriko, Aoi, Haru, etc. One day, he meets a monster and a soldier girl called the Blue Empress on his way home. He gets involved in their battle and gets badly injured. When the Blue Empress tries to cure him, a bright light surrounds them and they lose consciousness. When Shirou regains his consciousness, he finds Aoi lying beside him. Shirou and Aoi come back to their dormitory and he is told that Aoi and Haru are the Dress Wizards and fight against monsters for world peace. He is also told that he has a special magic power. Several days later, a monster appears and they fight against it. "If I have a special magic power like they said, I must do it!" Haru gives him an item and Shirou finally transforms himself into the Walser... Nukige 42. Haramase King 孕ませ王 [080926] Frill There is a kingdom that has two princes. One of them is Cliff, an older brother, and he is liked by citizens. On the other hand, Yuri, a younger brother, is a debauchee and is disliked by everyone. Every citizen thinks Cliff will take over the throne, but Yuri knows that there are some rules regarding throne succession handed over for generations. It says, "The one who makes a princess of a neighboring country pregnant becomes the next king." Yuri now takes actions for the king... Nukige 43. Immoral Empire [080926] Oyama Dennou Giken Holy City Eruku, an eden of holy maidens. On the much-awaited day of Queen Sophia's coronation, a sudden and tragic trap is sprung. An ADV about the tentacle assault of holy maidens. Part of the original fantasy series "the Legend of the Deep". Doujin Nukige 44. Inraku no Ketsuzoku ~Kindan no Jubaku~ 淫落の血族~禁断の呪縛~ [080926] Rose Tiara 1 Hayato is a high school student and lives at his school's dormitory. One day, he hears about his father's death and comes back to his hometown, his mother, sisters and aunt are waiting for him, for a long time ago. But he don't feel comfortable, he has every nigth a erotic strange dream with all his family members, and because of that he wanna rush out from that place, but his mother stop him and forced to stay, they tell him that he must inherit the herency and traditions and became the head of the family... Nukige 45. Kichiku Otoko wa Masochist ~Kyuukyoku Higyaku Shikou~ 鬼畜男はマゾヒスト~究極被虐嗜好~ [080926] elle-murakami Main character is a masochist who masturbates every day. One day he finds a bag in a classroom and a cellphone in it belonging to a popular honor student Marina. Phone contains girl's naked photos. He invents a plan to involve submissive Marina and bully girl Saya into an eternal paradise of S and M. Doujin Nukige 46. Mama Goto ママごと [080926] Trance Soft Tetsuya's father is dead.... His father recently got remarried to Hazuki and Tetsuya is in love with her. "I'll live with her from today...." One day, a girl moves to a house next to his house. Her name is Yuka and she is actually Tetsuya's mother. Like this, Tetsuya starts living with two mothers.... Nukige 47. Okaa-san wa Ore Senyou! ~Anata no Hajimete o... Okaa-san ga Moratte A-ge-ru~ お母さんは俺専用!~あなたの初めてを…母さんが貰ってア・ゲ・ル~ [080926] Willow Soft Kousei flunk from university entrance exam. Prep-school did not do much help because he does not like to study to begin with. He is living alone trying to be independent and works few days a week to support his financial needs. But such work only make him nothing more than a half-NEET. Yuiko, the youthfully energetic mother of Kousei, always come to pay him a visit to help in household chores and give moral support. Just like a good mother she is, she's concerned with her son's status so Yuiko hired a personal tutor to help Kousei enter a university. He is bewildered at first that Yuiko hired her own self. Yayoi, a co-worker of Yuiko in the same tutoring company, is also hired in of. Now begins the tutorial... but seems like Kousei wants to "learn" something else as well. Nukige 48. Onsoku Hishou Sonic Mercedes ~Futago Heroine Choukyou Shirei!~ 音速飛翔ソニックメルセデス~双子ヒロイン調教指令!~ [080926] Lune The Ars Magna, an evil group, ravages around the world to get the Elemental Core, a secret treasure. However, there are two heroines who fight against them! They are twin sisters, Sonic Mercedes and Sonic Gisele. They transform themselves using the power of the Elemental Core and beat all their enemies up. One day, Max, the main character, and Tesla, his partner, are ordered to get the Elemental Core. "Get it within a week! If you fail, you'll lose your lives!" They don't know what to do, but they are given a homunculus called Mattel. Mattel has the Elemental Core inside his body and its battle power is higher than Mercedes and Gisele. Max successfully takes one of the twins hostage and tries to get the Elemental Core out of her. However, he can't make it. It is said that the Elemental Core belongs to people who have pure souls. "If that's true, I can get it out of her by dirtying her soul...." Nukige 49. Period Sweet Drops ピリオド sweet drops [080926] Littlewitch In this fandisc for Period you can play new stories with all the main game's girls as well as Arisa, Hatsumi and Chitose, who didn't have their own stories in Period. Also, various fan materials are included. Fandisc 50. Peropero Sasete ~Mimikko Maid Hatsujouki~ ペロペロさせて~みみっこメイド発情期~ [080926] The main character has a bitter tongue, but he is actually kind in heart. One day, he finds some animals being in trouble. He can't leave them like that and helps them. Several days later, the animals he saved the other day suddenly visit his house. In his amazement he can only ask "Why maid uniform? Oh, how did you become human...?" He tries to refuse, but he finally allows them to stay at his house. At first, he doesn't know what to do and just gives them simple requests. However, his requests gradually get bolder and bolder.... Nukige 51. Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! G.P. FD Pia▼キャロットへようこそ!!G.P. FD [080926] Cocktail Soft This is a fan disc of Pia Carrot e Youkoso!! featuring Hina, Miu, and Aoi. It also includes original wallpapers. Fandisc 52. Royals ~Itoshi no Ouji-sama~ ロイヤルズ~愛しの王子さま~ [080926] Tiaramode 1 Once upon a time our heroine, Himemiya Nagisa, remembers meeting and exchanging rings with the ”Prince of the white roses” after accidentally getting separated from her parents during a festival. Still treasuring and always carrying with her said ring with the white rose she received, she accidentally drops it while onboard the ship heading for where her father lives outside of Japan. Falling overboard when trying to catch the ring before it drops into the sea, what will await her when she regains consciousness on an unfamiliar island…? Otomege 53. Ryoujoku Hitozuma Club 凌辱人妻倶楽部 [080926] Strikes Main character works as instructor at a membership fitness club "JOY", but his clients are all old women. However, his colleague Mizuho has young beautiful women as customers. Eventually Mizoho gives up and agrees to give three of her clients to protagonist. And he enthusiastically starts their training. Nukige 54. Touki Reijou Asuka Saihuu Shou Owarinaki Oyako Shujuu Kaizou Sanran Jigoku 闘姫隷嬢アスカ最終章 終わりなき母娘主従改造産卵地獄 [080926] MorningStar Asuka managed to hold out and keep her mind intact as she faces Girudea’s ministrations, but he has a new plan in mind to break her spirit once and for all. Tentacles, futa, egg-laying, and boundless expressions of pleasure await in this hot conclusion to Asuka’s final defeat! Nukige 55. Tsuma Kai - Tsuma Gai - 妻買い -ツマガイ- [080926] Blue Topaz Seiji used to work as a servant at Sakuya's house, but he was suddenly fired. Several years later, he gets rich and comes back to Sakuya's house to financially help her family.... He tells her to marry him and.... Nukige 56. X-Change Alternative 2 ~Kimi no Hitomi ni Utsuru Kimi~ X Change Alternative2-キミノヒトミニウツルキミ- [080926] Crowd Yuki is a high school student. One day, his mind and his female friend's mind suddenly exchange because of a strange machine invented by his friend. Yuki is totally confused with a female body... On the other hand, he enjoys erotic things only women can experience... Like this, his school life as a girl begins... Nukige 57. Haramasete Seiryuu-kun! ~Jinginaki Onna no Tatakai~ 孕ませて青龍君!~仁義なき女の闘い~ [080927] Lilith Soft It seems that everyone is fighting over the main character Seiryu-kun's genes!! They've even made a competition out of it! However, little do they know of the suspicious plot behind the whole situation. In any case this is a crazy school love comedy adventure! An adventure of an upperclassman and her friend trying to be impregnated! Nukige 58. Moribito no Uta モリビトノウタ [080927] sec44 You drifted into another world. It was a different world; the world that did not belong to humans. The part of your memory was gone when you woke up in the new world. This is an original digital novel about your interactions with Moribito people. We have introduced, for the first time, the ADV system allowing you to select one of the two stories. When you were consumed with the thought of being lost, would you attack the girl then, or ...? Doujin Nukige 59. Gabyouden 餓猫伝 [080928] Shinjita Baka ga Ore Datta Humanity advances into space, builds new civilizations and attracts attention of aliens. Girl Eko suddenly speaks to girl Kinu and announces that aliens start to invade the planet, but to oppose them girls need to perform a synchronized special attack to target limited wavelength. Will life on the planet persist in the end? Doujin 60. Adamas Zero II [080928] MNJ A parody game featuring Gun*am SEED DESTINY. Features the coupling of Ne* and Kira, and Asl*n and Kira. What destiny awaits the three? This is the final volume of the novel adventure! Doujin Boys Love 61. Good-by to You グッバイトゥユー [080928] Sawayama Software Main character is a part-time detective. There is enough confidence in own powers, but case evolves in an unexpected and dangerous direction, so safety is no longer guaranteed. Doujin 62. Hitozuma Swapping Game 人妻スワッピングゲーム [080928] Tamamo Studio Two young wives play a "king says" game and end up being swapped out for each other. Okuda Hiroyuki and Shimamoto Shohei have been close friends ever since high school. One day, Shohei asks Hiroyuki how he feels about swapping his wife for Shohei's own. Hiroyuki refuses at first, but Shohei's wife Kumi manages to get him interested after all. However, Hiroyuki's wife Utana is diligent and proper, and she does not care about the idea at all. Because Hiroyuki knows she is weak to alcohol, he drives her drunk and plays a king says game with her, gradually heightening the erotic atmosphere... Doujin Nukige 63. Myway na Kimi Mywayなキミ [080928] Eroge Honpo I became a private detective after quitting my previous job, a police officer. However, I haven't received any job offers yet. I wanna become a great detective like my father.... However, I couldn't expect I would get involved in that happening. My life.... My girlfriend, Chigusa. It started when I met my younger sister, Mai, for the first time in ten years.... Nukige 64. Tsuma Kyoushi 妻教師 [080930] STARWORKS Tomomi always has her students best interests in mind. She is a wife who has a strict attitude when she is in the classroom. The main character is very proud of her as his wife... but she neglects making efforts on their relationship and instead spends all her time on her students. Trying to help with their home and school problems, Tomomi tries to guide her students that appear to want to drop out of school. However, that ambition feeds into her students endless lust for her. Doujin Nukige 65. Hadaka no Okurimono 裸のおくりもの [0809] Monbahara "Naked Gift" is a fancy nampa adventure game where main character goes to different locations in the city and talks to various people to find himself a company. Doujin Boys Love
  5. Foreword: The only chunige of the month, so I'll even overlook the fact that the last game of White Cyc I evaluated as 2/10 Synopsis: Tsukasa lives a peaceful life. However, he has a totally different personality at night. He is called Shade and fights against monsters from Hizumi (strain). But one day, his life turns around. He meets his old friend for the first time in seven years. He also becomes friends with other girls and enjoys his life. However, each girl gets involved in an accident and Tsukasa uses his sword for them just to make his peaceful life last forever.... Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_OZRl4YMDn6L-tzFe6ez9k Game type: Chunige Character Design rating: 6/10 Protagonist rating: 5/10 Story rating: 6/10 Game quality: 6/10 Overall rating: 6/10 I neglected the original work due to card battles, now it's basically the same work, but without card battles and with main Kiara route split by three with two new main heroines. There is also a new side route. There are many reasons for such mediocre scores. As usual, let's start with the concept. Main character studies at school and flirts with girls, but at nights transforms into a shikigami and fights monsters. Generally monster violation scenes are omitted or described without graphics, just once such light scene is shown. Of course eventually he draws a fish that he can't chew, but with the help of girl's awakening he totally rules. Quite an ordinary school battle chunige concept. And if you read the game just once it may seem to be a masterpiece. But then... Getting to drawbacks. My main grudge is about game being too sleepy. I already used words mediocre and ordinary, and I can't stress them enough. Heroines don't really have outstanding personalities, and I still can't stand this Black Cyc character design. There is no humor. The flow is the same for all routes with a lot of scenes repeating. Text is plain. There is no reality feeling. Without battles focus on action scenes is pretty much gone. Battles have few CG. Seven routes is way too much for me. There is no integrity in the game. It's like a set of of stories with different endings. But of course game is not that bad. Couple routes endings were really nice. CG are not bad. Story is good enough to keep going. I failed to get motivated by it, but I've got a difficult history with Black Cyc and White Cyc. Don't take my word for granted, try it if you like the concept.
  6. Another August, and another record of over 140 visual novels. Amatsukaze contains serious gameplay elements, so I don't include it in the race. I'll name Koisuru Otome ~Shikigami 2008~ VN of the Month, but will have yet to decide whether it's a masterpiece. 1. Back Stage BackStage -バックステージ- [080808] TJR Mitsuaki wants to be an actor. One day, he joins a theatrical group called "Back Set". The boss of the group is Kyouka, a stage director, and she is a little bit odd. Members come and go... "It's hard to lead the group..." She tries her hardest to gather members and somehow makes manages to reel in a voice actress, an idol singer, and a dancer. Kyouka says to Mitsuaki, "Mitsuaki, I want you to be a cast leader. Well, take care of other members." He is surprised to hear that, but he does his best... Comedy is good, but created via cliche elements mostly. Of course we're solving everyone's problems, but no drama involved. Development is more or less the same for routes, but cast varies. OK pure love game, but not my type. 2. Shouryuu Senki Tenmu 昇龍戦姫 天夢 [080809] LiLiM Naomichi met Tenmu the other day. When he was on his way home, a man suddenly appeared in front of him and said, "My name is Kenshin. I'll need to erase you because you saw my face...." Just when he attacked Naomichi, he heard something and Tenmu came down. "You might be the one who gives me power. Please take my hand." He didn't know what to do, but he grabbed her hand. "Armor change!!" When she said so, Naomichi transformed into her armor. It seems Tenmu is a battle princess who fights against Kenshin.... I did not block the prequel which was a bit more reserved, so I'll have to tolerate this borderline nukige till the end of the series here. Flow is pretty much as Beat Blades Haruka - boring and repeating battles three times a day. 3. Kamiten -Futari ga Ore o Neratteru- かみてん-死神と天使(ふたり)が俺を狙ってる- [080815] F&C FC01 I'm Masato, the main character of this game. One day, when I walk down the street, a girl suddenly points a gun at me and says, "Please die for me." Why!? Did I miss something? One the next day, when I wake up, a different girl lies beside me. What!? She is actually the grim reaper and tries to get my soul, according to her. Also, the two girls transfer to my class and my peaceful life turns into turmoil.... Competing angel and devil move in to live together. It's such an ancient eroge setting that it's not even funny. Low price and quality F&C product. 4. Memories Off 6 ~T-Wave~ メモリーズオフ6 ~T-wave~ [080821] CyberFront 1 2 3 Shio is busy preparing for the school festival. In the morning, when he opens a door to wake Ririsu, his old friend, up as usual, she is still asleep. He tries to wake her up, but she gives him a strong kick... On their way to school, Shio thinks, "Ririsu used to be pretty..." She is, however, now an egoistic girl... One day, Ririsu suddenly introduces Chisa to Shio. "Will you please dance with me at the school festival...?" Shio is confused what to say while Ririsu shows mixed feelings... There is an English review. 5. Secret Game [080821] Regista 1 2 13 people are locked inside an abandoned building, none of them remember how they got there. Each has a PDA representing a playing card from A to K and a collar device locked around their necks. Each of the 13 PDAs correspond to a different set of objectives ranging from simply surviving to eliminating everyone else. If a player fails to fulfill their PDA's objective within 72 hours or breaks any of the game's rules, their collar will activate and they will die. There are English reviews. And I hate all such escape concept games. 6. Amatsukaze ~Kugutsu Jinpuu-chou~ 天ツ風~傀儡陣風帖~ [080829] Ninetail 1 2 3 4 5 6 When Mochizuki Hidemitsu, Lord of Azuma and head of one of the great 13 Houses, dies under suspicious circumstances and the lord governing the neighboring Asaka, Ashiya Tatsuyoshi, tries to force Hidemitsu's daughter, Sayo-hime, to marry him, she asks the shinobi of Kasumidanishuu to investigate the death. While they manage to uncover the truth about the death, this ultimately leads to the annihilation of Kasumidanishuu on the hands of the Meigokutou, a group of Shinobi allied to Ashiya. The survivors rally around Yashiro Jinma, who becomes the leader of the group that Sayo-hime dubs the Yamabukigumi. Asaka has one of the largest army in the Dragon Realm as well the support of the Meigokutou and apparently the tacit approval of the shogunate. On the other hand the retainers of the Mochizuki house are split on the question whether to fight or to negotiate, is much less militarily focused and the Yamabukigumi is small and disorganized. But they have even stronger cards... There are English reviews. Tried to find a way to skip SLG and Card battle parts, but to no avail. 7. Hime nochi Honey HimeのちHoney [080829] ASa Project Because my family were poor, I've always wanted to live in the glamorous city with Shintarou. A certain incident occurs and I get to know the board chairman of a gorgeous school, and fate lets me get into the same school. Great! I hope to start my new life here with Shintarou, but the students are from another world. All the heroines are beyond reach. Despite this, I hope love will overcome. Harem environment borderline nukige. 8. Koisuru Otome ~Shikigami 2008~ 恋する式(おとめ)~SHIKIGAMI 2008~ [080829] White Cyc Tsukasa lives a peaceful life. However, he has a totally different personality at night. He is called Shade and fights against monsters from Hizumi (strain). But one day, his life turns around. He meets his old friend for the first time in seven years. He also becomes friends with other girls and enjoys his life. However, each girl gets involved in an accident and Tsukasa uses his sword for them just to make his peaceful life last forever.... Guess it's time to give White Cyc another chance. Reviewing it. 9. Pikopiko ~Koisuru Kimochi no Nemuru Basho~ ぴこぴこ~恋する気持の眠る場所~ [080829] Age The story takes place in the near future. As globalization swept the world, almost all of industries in Japan declined. One and only industry that survived is moe industry and Japanese people get together and work hard to develop moe industry. Meanwhile, a consumer game console is invented. That is called "Consumer Doll". It is just a game console, yet it has a lot of functions... Moege parody with Muv-Luv Alternative references. The beginning is ok, but it gets only worse. Even gags aren't funny. Can't see how this can interest anyone but Age or Muv-Luv Alternative fans. 10. Suiheisen made Nan Mile? - Deep Blue Sky & Pure White Wings - 水平線まで何マイル? - Deep Blue Sky & Pure White Wings - [080829] Abhar 1 The Space Science Club famous for constantly loitering about has finally exhausted student council's patience. Now in order to stay active it has to participate in the world's first contest themed "flying using electric and wind powers only". To do so, protagonist and his friends must win a competition with aviation club which is one of the best in their academy. They have no choice but to start modifications on a light glider under the leadership of their new adviser. The summer they won't be able to forget starts now... Setting of aviation club competition is quite beaten. The whole competition thing is poorly depicted, so it's just running after girls. Game fails to impress. 11. Te to Te Try on! てとてトライオン! [080829] Pulltop 1 There is a high school located in the country. The school is full of equipment created by the newest technology. However, almost all of functions stop when a typhoon comes and system troubles happen one by one. There is no electricity and water. Students have no time to study, but they somehow enjoy their school life. Shinichirou is a transfer student and joins the School Retrieval Committee. Their mission is to repair system troubles for other students. There is an English review. BLOCKED 1. Akumakko wa Ijippari ~Anta nanka Atashi no Asoko de Sugu ni Toriko ni Shiteyarun Dakara!~悪魔っ娘は意地っ張り~アンタなんかアタシのアソコですぐに虜にしてやるんだから!~ [080801] Norn Shota, the protagonist, is a lazy college student who lives his days in self indulgence. One day a demoness called Claire appears. She tells him she'll grant his wish in exchange for his soul. Shota immediately realizes that Claire is ignorant about the ways of the world, and seizes his chance! He makes her swear to capture him by means of sex! Nukige 2. Chiin no Kyoushitsu ~Onna Kyoushi to Sono Musume ni XX Suru~ 恥淫ノ教室 ~女教師とその娘に××する~ [080801] Eroge Honpo Ryou is the vice principal. He hates Yuna, an English teacher, since she is popular among the students and threatens his position. One day, he accidentally sees Suzune, Yuna's daughter, shoplifting and tells her, "If I tell what you've done to your mother, she'll be in trouble...." Suzune yields to his threat and accepts his order.... Nukige 3. Dream Hacker -Musouban- Dream Hacker -夢操犯- [080801] Parthenon -Zero- It seems there's a way to control dreams. You create the image in your head of the dream you want to dream beforehand, but the details are unknown. You would be free to change what happens in the dream to whatever you would like and it would feel just like it was the real thing, or maybe even better. That's right, it's a dream so you can do whatever you want. You can totally let your desires run wild. Doujin Nukige 4. Gosudou no Otome-tachi ゴス道の乙女たち [080801] 01-Torte It has been a week since the case of gothic loli rape case. Multiple loli have been assaulted at home and outdoors by either criminals or imitators. Main character is a former basketball player with mediocre wits. He can't solve this case on his own, so he asks Erica, gothic girl with scissors, for help. Doujin 5. Yuutousei na no ni Kouen no Are ga Hairu made Hirogechaimashita ~ Koukakurou Nikai 優等生なのに公園のアレが挿入るまで拡げちゃいました~肛拡樓 弐階 [080801] MorningStar Madoka Arisugawa is an honor student whose social disposition is sort of her weak point. One night she comes across a spectacle in the shopping district. It's the figure of a girl, naked, and able to take not just an arm but a wide car stop pole into her asshole. That scene, so far removed from her own sense of reason, makes her heart tremble even long after she returns home, sending ripples through her settled lifestyle. How many times now has the image of that chalky pale body taking in that silver pole come to her mind? Nukige 6. RenAi Blogger [080802] Hinano Play as a young man named Chase who recently moved to New York to study Japanese language and culture. A short dating-sim/visual novel involving certain popular figures in the anime blogosphere and the task of getting a date to an anime con. EVN 7. relation [080803] Kaerinokai2 Main character's wife leaves the house without her daughter Misaki. Protagonist does not know how to deal with children, so as a first step he invites Misaki to go shopping. It's a story about strange parent-child relations where sides don't understand each other. Doujin Nukige 8. Natsuyasumi Dayo! Oyakodon ~Mama mo Issho ni Vacance Nikki~ 夏休みだよ!親子丼 ~ママも一緒にバカンス日記~ [080804] Shining Star College student Hiromu is returning home to parents for summer vacation. Meanwhile, he takes a part-time job in near the holiday villa, where he meets beautiful mother and daughter Misao and Misaki. Despite defiant attitude Misaki is very curious about sex. And Misao, who is sexually frustrated, will start be a very spirited. Spending one week with these two Hiromu will experience a lot of sweet temptation every day. Doujin Nukige 9. 1K [080806] cocoscocos "1K" is an omnibus boys love visual novel with the theme of two people living in one room. There are five different episodes. Doujin Boys Love 10. Manatsu no Ao, Gin'iro no Kimi 真夏の青、銀色の君 [080806] TEAM HATSUSHIBA During summer vacation Gaku comes to a remote island where his grandparents live, There he meets a silver-colored boy who does not know his name or where he lives. Boys spend summer vacations together, but eerie incidents start to occur on the island. Doujin Boys Love 11. Gakkou no Kowai Uwasa Hanako-san ga Kita!! 学校のコワイうわさ 花子さんがきた!! [080807] Arc System Works There are lots of horror stories, but "Hanako-san" is one of the most popular ones. Is it just a rumor? When wet footsteps are heard or there is silence during telephone call, it may as well be Hanako-san. But she also helps children who are in dangerous situations. She has youkai rivals called Yamiko-san and Yomi-san, so her life is never boring. Console Exclusive 12. Soukoku no Kusabi Hiiro no Kakera 3 蒼黒の楔 緋色の欠片3 [080807] Idea Factory Co., Ltd. One year after the sealing of Onikirimaru.... Tamaki, a Tamayorihime, and her Shugosha (protectors) live a peaceful life. But one day, all villagers except for Tamaki's relatives suddenly disappear and they are confined inside the village. They investigate what's going on and find out that the phenomenon is caused by a mirror.... Otomege 13. Zerotsuka.~Another Storys~ ゼロ使。~Another Storys~ [080807] Pham! There are three erotic animated stories with Zero no Tsukaima heroines. Doujin Nukige 14. Dadaama Kyoushi だだ甘狂姉 [080808] Momo-Fero Masato's parents passed away two years ago and he now lives with Saki, his older sister. Saki is a teacher and takes a good care of him. She is always kind to him and he gradually falls in love with her.... One day, when he gets home, he hears someone having a shower. Yes, it's Saki and he finds her underwear in the laundry basket. He can't stop his sexual desire and starts masturbating using it. However, the bathroom door suddenly opens and Masato runs away into his room.... A while later, Saki enters his room without saying a word. She is naked and suddenly pushes him down on the bed.... Nukige 15. Do S Ane to Boku no Hounyou Kankei ドS姉とボクの放尿関係 [080808] Erotica Peach Kei is living together with his elder sister, Rei. Their parents are working abroad so they are left at home, just the two of them. But instead of helping each other, Rei just bully her younger brother pressing all the household chore to him and doing some other nasty stuffs when she is at bad mood. She also bully him at school like taking away his lunch and etc. Kei, just as a nice guy he is, however never complains and accept all of the cruel things done to him. But all of these are about to change... One day at school, a foreigner girl starts coming to their school as a new transfer student. She gets along well with Kei like she know him long before. Nukige 16. Messiah Paranoia Paradox メサイア~パラノイア・パラドックス [080808] CORE This official fan disk is an alternative setting that takes place after the Messiah original story, which makes it also a sequel to the story. After a fight with his lover, Takuto goes to a bar for a drink. To his surprise, Alice and Veronika are working at that bar. They offer him a drink, and after he drinks it, he wakes up in Wonderland. He now has to remember the quarrel he had with his lover, solve it, but other characters from Wonderland need his help to. Each character from Messiah corresponds to one from the book Alice in Wonderland by Carrol. Boys Love Fandisc 17. Saimin Kyoushitsu 催眠教室 [080808] eclat Yoshiki spends his days as commonplace, everyday student. But one day, his teacher, Miss Ando Noriko, changes his life forever through a hypnotism experiment. Through the abilities granted to him is by the hypnotist, he gathers popularity as both an excellent student and athlete at his new school. It is also there where he spends his days as the sex slave of the lustful Noriko both on and off campus! However, the relationship between Yoshiki and Noriko becomes clear to the student council head Tsukata Miki, and to Ueno Masae and Tanimoto Ayumu, who witness the two in action! Doujin Nukige 18. Tsuyoane 強姉-つよあね- [080808] G-Work@mi Main character has a strong and strict sister who scolds him all the time for behavior and poor grades. And he so wants to please her. This thought eventually overwhelms him and sneaks into her bedroom at night. Doujin Nukige 19. Attorney D [080809] F.I.A's Sanctuary You play the role of a prosecutor in this microgame created to try the style of Phoenix Wright. EVN 20. Kakutou Hime Leia ~Chijoku no Arena~ 格闘姫レイア ~恥辱のアリーナ~ [080809] Crepe The beautiful grappling princess Leia is holding a magnificent grappling tournament. When she's mercilessly violated by a group of monsters, her pride and sense of reason are destroyed and her shameful shrieks resound through the arena... Smeared with disgrace, and even so continuing to fight, is there any way Leia can prevail now?! Doujin Nukige 21. Masoluv マゾラヴ [080810] Hiyokobanchou Aoi-kun is enrolled in an all girls school when his mother plays a trick on him. At that school, female activists make boys become the servants of girls!! Of course there's sure to be mature situations in this role-reversal school!! Doujin Nukige 22. Shoujo no Michikusa Pico ~Inmai Baby~ 少女の道草ピコ~淫・妹・Baby~ [080810] Sage This work's theme is "forbidden love with lolita sister"! Make your dream of "taking away the virgin of my sister" come true with this game! How to make the dream come true is depending on your choice! Please enjoy the thrilling and exciting life with your sister! Doujin Nukige 23. Mai SEX 妹SEX [080810] Harinezumi Koubou One night, our main character sneaks into the room of his sleeping little sister Yui for a bit of fun...once you stray from the path, there's no going back. This is an incestual story that unfolds in a love nest. Their love story is one which cannot be forgiven by anyone. Doujin Nukige 24. Majo no Kusari 魔女の鎖 [080812] Nanika-Modoki Main character goes to the tower in the forest on the outskirts of the city. A beautiful androgynous witch lives there. She teaches boy the transvestite love. Doujin Nukige 25. Nyotai Kyouran ~Kore ga Watashi no Nozonda Body~ 女体狂乱~これが私の望んだボディ~ [080812] Valkyria Saya strikes down with incurable illness. She is extremely depressed and just spends her time vacantly. However, she still wants to tell her love to her old friend. One day, Kouji, a doctor, tells her that he might be able to cure her illness by fulfilling a certain condition. That is to have a newly invented operation. She desperately accepts it.... What will happen to her body? Will her love reach him...? Nukige 26. Bounce [080813] Ashen-tan A very short kinetic novel in the style of Adagio, you have an energetic art teacher who never seems to quit being helpful. Then comes his retirement after 40 years of teaching, and he makes a speech during your graduation... EVN 27. Hime Kishi Kainin ~Shikyuu Seifuku Keikaku~ 姫騎士壊妊~子宮征服計画~ [080814] Ponyori Legend Carlo, an alchemist in the Mario Kingdom, is a capable man with great things expected of him. However, when he is persecuted by the Princess Knight Alessandra for creating a creature of taboo, the Genome, he is run out of the country. Several years later... Thanks to the work of Alessandra's little sister Laura, he has a chance encounter with Alessandra. His plan is to use the princess knight as a nursery for his Genome and have her bear their children... Doujin Nukige 28. Kira☆Kira Curtain Call キラ☆キラ カーテンコール [080814] Overdrive 1 2 3 4 5 This is an after story of Kira Kira. It has two parts: First and Second Stage First stage concentrates on hotblooded young guy named Souta Honda. He loved two things in this world: rock and his childhood friend Yui Hoshimoto. But attempts to improve relations with both always turned out a total disgrace for him. After one more fail he promised Yui that he'll form his own band and became "bright like the sun" to make her love him... Second stage is, in a way, a continuation both for Souta's story and original Kira Kira story. It tells about preparations for the large concert celebrating the 5th anniversary of Murakami's group, Happy Cycle Mania and bonds all old and new characters together. Fandisc 29. Akeiro no Hi 明色の緋‐あけいろのひ‐ [080815] studio24 Hijikata x Gintoki fanfic. Doujin Boys Love 30. Altered Pink ~Tokumu Sentai Duel Ranger~ アルタードピンク~特務戦隊デュエルレンジャー~ [080815] Black Rainbow There are monsters who suddenly appear in the city and destroys everything. To deal with it, a special soldier group is formed and they work hard every day. One day, a monster comes to the city and the soldiers fight against it. However, while a battle is taken place, the Pink Ranger, Hikaru, goes missing.... They need a replacement and Kurumi, the Yellow Ranger's younger sister, is picked up as the Pink Ranger. Several days later, a monster appears again and the Yellow and Pink Rangers are held hostages.... When Kayoko, the boss of the group, doesn't know what to do, Shiori, her daughter, volunteers as the Pink Ranger. However, she is also held hostage during the next battle.... Nukige 31. Asahi to Tsugumi no Shinkon Seikatsu ~Osananajimi wa Bed Yakuza! - Another~ あさひとつぐみの新婚生活 ~幼なじみはベッドヤクザ!・アナザー~ [080815] Nounai Kanojo Main character enters summer vacations and enjoys his freedom. But then his friend Tsugumi comes over and says that she's invited to take care of protagonist's parents. Then another childhood friend Asahi volunteers to help, and it turns into a suspicious cohabitation.... Nukige Fandisc 32. Circus Magical Box 2008 サーカス まじかるぼっくす2008 [080815] Circus A collection of six episodes: 1. Sakura blossoms night「夜桜挿話」is a story of a girl who starts solitary battle to protect her everyday. 2. Amber Dream「琥珀色の夢」is a story of a solitary killer who seeks his way in life 3. Tsumaki Dachirudoru「つまさきだちちるどれん」is a heartwarming love story set in an elementary school student council 4. Circus expedition「サーカス探検隊」is a story of a newcomer as a Circus company employee. 5. Memochi no Guru Guru Shinkei Suijaku「めもちの ぐるぐる しんけいすいじゃく」is about idol Memochi running through the wilderness, crossing the skies, jumping over the heavens and aiming for the Moon. 6. Soma Ijiri「相馬いぢり 」is a Soma photo album with some reaction upon clicking on photos. Fandisc 33. Docchi ni Suru no!? ~Onna Kyoushi to Kouhai to ...... Tokidoki Hitozuma~ どっちにするの!?~女教師と後輩と……ときどき人妻~ [080815] Heiantei While a student, Shigaki tried to ask his teacher out on a date, but she refused because of her position. Disappointed, he accepted the confession of his junior instead. Then, after graduation, the teacher asked if he was still interested.... Doujin Nukige 34. Mahou Shoujo Miruku vs Mahou Seibutsu Nunuru ~Chijoku no Neneki Shokushu Seme!~ 魔法少女みるくVS魔法生物ヌヌル~恥辱の粘液触手責め!~ [080815] MorningStar Monsters have escaped from the magical world into our world, so Alf follows them and seeks help from the former magical girl Miruku who lives an ordinary life now. Monsters counterattack Miruku, and tentacles crawl into her body. Nukige 35. Nee ♥ Summer! ~Nee ♥ Sama!~ 姉♥Summer! ~ねえ♥さまー!~ [080815] Artemis. 1 Yuuta wish to attend a certain university so he can impress the girl he likes. But the entrance exam won't be that easy so he has to exert effort in studying while it is still summer. For that reason, he go to the house of his cousin named Kei for study assistance. And since his uncle is out, they'll be living together... just the two of them. Nukige 36. Prism Ark Minimini Fandisk "Lovely Hell-tan" プリズム・アーク ミニミニファンディスク『らぶり~ヘルたん』 [080815] Pajamas Soft Fandisc is devoted to love with Teresa, also known as Sister Hell, who won popularity contest among fanbase. Fandisc 37. Sukumizu Chikan Densha スク水痴漢電車 [080815] Gekidan Kinmirai A super high energy new orgy story for summer! A tanned young girl in her school swimsuit is completely covered with cum, a competitive swimming suited princess loses her virginity and is trained how to give blow jobs. Both the school and competitive suited girls are subject to a massive orgy that breaks out on the train! The celebration of these summer girls deflowering continues along with the ride! Doujin Nukige 38. Ame de wa Naku, Yuki de Naku 雨ではなく、雪でなく [080816] Yamainu Works Sato is in charge of network management for insurance companies. His cousin and childhood friend Miyuki calls him with words "I'm getting married..." Doujin 39. Apathy - Midnight Collection ~Vol. 2~ アパシーミッドナイト・コレクション~Vol.2~ [080816] Nanakorobi Hachikorogari Apathy - Midnight Collection ~Vol. 2~ is comprised of two stories: -the original version of Apathy - Gakkou de Atta Kowai Hanashi ~Visual Novel Version~ -a sequel to Apathy ~Narugami Gakuen Toshi Densetsu Tanteikyoku~ Doujin 40. Coffee to Chocolate Parfait ~Kanojo to Watashi no Dog Days, Moshikuwa Hajimete no Shigyaku to Kyo... コーヒーとチョコレートパフェ ~彼女とわたしのDog Daysもしくは初めての嗜虐と恭順~ [080816] Stray Moon Rika grew up in an overprotective environment, but now she enters university and starts to live alone. But when Eriko suggest her a surprising part-time concerning Eriko's younger brother Hicky, Rika accepts it. Doujin Nukige 41. Daytime and Night [080816] Utsukiyo Two years have passed. The four people gather at a forgotten deserted island. Calm days shift interchange crazy nights. Darkness comes to hearts at night, and murderous impulse can no longer be controlled. There must be a way to end these nights. Doujin Boys Love 42. Hime-sama Hakudaku Lesson 姫さま白濁レッスン [080816] X-BangBang Teach a pure princess the life of commoner. She does not know anything so she accepts any humiliation. Training of a pure girl. Doujin Nukige 43. Imouto ni Boukyaku no Shitone o ~Kenbou Ryoujoku~ 少女玩具に忘却の褥を~健忘陵辱~ [080816] Parthenon Assault on a younger sister suffering from the amnesia and her counselor! Her immature undeveloped body gets thoroughly developed into the full woman. A submissive sister heroine Hikari and her counselor, Aoi, who keeps an eye on Hikari However, Aoi cannot go against the main character, for a very good reason. Aoi must face the main character who assaults Hikari. She is troubled because of this dilemma. As a compromising solution, she decides to surrender her body to the main character. Doujin Nukige 44. Izuna Tsukai イズナツカイ [080816] Progress Wing One morning, a girl woke up to find fox ears had grown on her head. As an additional surprise, she found she had gained other strange abilities such as superhuman visual acuity. She also felt a strong impulsion to murder. And then a mysterious man appeared... Doujin 45. Kandata Monogatari カンダタ物語 [080816] Inspire Champani tower stands in the sea of grass. Leader of thieves Kandata govers this place, and the policy is to steal, but not kill. A group of adventurers is sent to the tower to recover recently stolen goods. But thieves rub aphrodisiac in bugs' shells, so adventurers start to shake their hips violently in search for satisfaction. Doujin Nukige 46. Kimi no Tonari ni Boku ga Ikiteiru 君の隣に僕が生きてる [080816] Aya no Kuni The protagonist visits a laboratory in the mountains where a laboratory is located. There, she meets a strange boy with cyan hair... Doujin 47. Knight of Lelouch [080816] Rebellion Knights Suzaku studies alongside Lelouch. At first he dislikes the guy and the company of friends around him. However, after a certain incident it turns out that there is much in common between them. Doujin Boys Love 48. Koenchu! Yonogi Seiyuu Monogatari ~Sora to Kimi to Ano Natsu to~ こえんちゅ!代乃木声優物語 ~空と君とあの夏と~ [080816] Zero Zigen 1 Souta is a voice acting student at a technical school in Japan. He aspires to be a great voice actor one day, but it's turning out to be a lot more complicated than he planned. Girls, festivals, plays - aliens?? Lead Souta to his destiny! Doujin 49. Ludesia Spidering with Scraping ルーデシア Spidering with Scraping [080816] 1 2 3 In the year 3000, at the giant closed institution, LUDESIA, a distinctly original culture called TECHNO-GOTHIC was developing. It was a combination of the medieval times gothic and the highly scientific technology. The main characters, Yao and Kurusu, the town residents, were two of the best bounty hunters. Ludesia, Yao and Kurusu were living like a family every day. However, Yao and Kurusu made a terrible mistake, lost Ludesia and ended up losing everything as a result. In their deepest despair, they were contacted by the most powerful group in the giant closed institution LUDESIA, Kyokai-tokui. The group made a request for them to investigate the living-dead zombies who had appeared in town... Doujin 50. Mr. Moon Light [080816] Shinkeishou Lab It was an evening of the bright moon. Ryoji, after drinking heavily, passed through the park under the cherry blossoms on his way home. He sat on the bench alone, and was enjoying the cherry blossoms in the nice evening. Once in a while, the wind blew, flowers flew. "Hey, you looking good.", said one young boy, approaching Ryoji. The young boy looked so beautiful, standing under the cherry blossom, in the background of the shining moon. However, the young boy soon disappeared. Ryoji began searching for him, then the fate had it; they met again. The real image of the young boy was quite different from what Ryoji had imagined in his head, however. That was a big reality check for Ryoji. "My name is Nagumo Koichi. Call me Koichi." Ryoji was disappointed, however as the time went on, he began to realize who Koichi really was as well as Koichi's strange power. Doujin Boys Love 51. My Pet Lenna マイペットレナ [080816] MOON GODDESS Princess Lena goes to the Temple of the Wind according to her father's will. However, Lena gets kidnapped by two goblins and is deprived of her virginity. After that Lena finally gets help and arrives at the Temple of the Wind. But she does not yet know what tragedy awaits her there. Doujin Nukige 52. Myth [080816] 1 2 3 4 A world of light. A world where no person has a shadow. In this world was a boy. Because he lived in this world, he too had no shadow. Then, one day, the boy met a girl, a girl who did have a shadow. The girl invited him to come with her to a world of shadows. Doujin 53. Nakadashi Hara Maid 2 なかだし孕メイド2 [080816] Chain-Reaction Yoshio has been living in the mansion with his personal maids for several months now. One day, a little girl comes to the mansion. She actually was the head maid of this mansion, now returning after a long absence... What changes will her arrival bring? Nukige 54. Night and Day ナイ・アン・デ [080816] NonLinear This story has many hidden mysteries. And several hidden lies. "Night and Day" is a nasty little puzzle game novel. In this story, you are not a detective. Someone else is the detective. Solving the mystery is not your job. You are only the detective's assistant. You can only help her gather hints. Or... you can try to solve the mystery before she does... Doujin 55. Noah Garden Noah Garden -ノアガーデン- [080816] Monochro Antenna There is only one huge continent on this planet. Originally there was only one nation "Loxen", but it collapsed into five empires. Magic prospers as it can substitute anything that science can produce. But still lost knowledge technology artifacts can be found in the ruins. Hibiki studies at Tenmai school with childhood friends. They will need to overcome multiple challenges in this world of turmoil divided between five nations. Doujin 56. Nozomi Kanaetamae -Who Dreamed It?- ノゾミカナエタマエ -Who Dreamed It?- [080816] Vallel There is a book in the second-hand bookstore that can make all dreams come true. It opens way to a magnificent world full of mysteries and wonderful beings. Three girls turn over the page with this world and become part of it. Black can on the snow guides them into this fleeting dream. But this world needs protection as monster whispers in the center of this place. Doujin 57. Queen of Darkness [080816] Heterodoxy Risty is the youngest princess of the royal family in the demon world, however it turns out that her brother Garum (who she isn’t related to by blood), is going to be the next demon king! Having betrayed Risty before, Risty just can’t imagine the things he can and would do to her if he is to be the next king. And so not wanting to have to deal with him, Risty leaves the demon kingdom and into the human world to establish her own kingdom, and make herself the Queen of her kingdom. Doujin Otomege 58. R24/7 -Twenty Four/Seven- R24/7 -Twenty Four/Seven- [080816] Soft Circle Courreges "You just a sex slave for many men for the next 7 days. Perhaps, a word 'used' would fit better. We will provide you the basic needs for living, but you are prohibited to have any contact with outside. You are also not expected to have a right to your basic humanity. Please be aware of that." Game System You live in the basement of sealed space for the next 7 days, with couple men. For 24 hours, you can enjoy being fucked by men, or rest and eat. You can live freely as you wish. If you get tired, you eat. If you feel tired, you sleep. You can enjoy having conversation with men, and you are sometimes allowed to go out at night. You can go out only if you want to. You can also set a time for sleep. However, if any man wants to use you for his ejaculation, you will need to obey his wish. You can never resist their request. Doujin Nukige 59. Rin ga Utau, Mirai no Neiro 鈴が歌う、未来の音色― [080816] Supplement Time 1 Your dream is to become a professional composer and you’ve worked hard to realize this dream by yourself. Since you manage by yourself, there’s no reason to rely on anyone else. However, you’re not sure if this is really what you truly want to do. Coming home one day, you find a young girl sleeping in your bed. After managing to wake her up, she requests you to write a song for her… a song only for her. Thus begins your journey together, as partners. Doujin 60. Senoo Kunpuu Butousai -Menuet- 妹尾薫風舞踏祭 -Menuet- [080816] Fusyro Main character is a son of a leading conglomerate. He lives a normal college life with two people - his friend and butler. But one day he notices friend going out on his own. And strange rumors start to spread... Doujin Boys Love 61. Shokushu To LOVE Ru 触手とLOVEる [080816] Dieselmine The being from Tentacle planet's objective is to violate Lala, and impregnate her with his own child. Sukekiyo's objective is Sairenji's body. With common interests, the two of them unite body and hearts..... And so, the veritable feast of tentacle sex begins. Doujin Nukige 62. Totsugeki! Ningen Sensha =War of the Human Tanks= とつげき!人間戦車 =War of the Human Tanks= [080816] Yakiniku Banzai! 1 2 War of the Human Tanks pits the group of Human Tanks commanded by the player against the opposing Commanding Officers and their forces in a campaign fought on a series of grid-based maps. Players will have to use their wits to upgrade their units and utilize them to the best of their abilities in order to progress throughout the game. This story takes place in a land vaguely reminiscent of modern-day Japan. In the twenty years since the first Human Tank was developed, the war raging between the Empire of Japon and the Kingdom of Japon has turned into a proxy war fought between Human Tanks on both sides. The Empire of Japon once ruled the entire land of Japon. Now diminished and cornered, the Empire prepares to make its last stand as the tanks of the Kingdom of Japon draw close to its capital. Shoutaro Daihon’ei, Lieutenant of the Imperial Army moves out to the battlefield, followed closely by the loyal Human Tanks in his company. Doujin 63. Tsuki to Taiyou no Raksharuki 月と太陽のラクシャルキ [080816] Ambivalence In this Desert world death threatens all living beings. Main character is a trader who with brothers surfs between different nations selling goods. One day brother gets into an incident during the banquet, and king orders protagonist to retrieve a certain magical lamp within a year to save brother from punishment. Doujin 64. Wish -Tale of the Sixteenth Night of Lunar Month- Wish -Tale of the Sixteenth Night of Lunar Month- [080816] Migiha 1 The protagonist, Tenka Kurono, is an adopted son of the Kurono family, who has been managing the Kuromiya Shrine for several generations. His older sister Mutsuki and upperclassman Rinna are runemasters - prana users who have been defending the land of commoners since ancient times. Alas, Tenka himself has no special powers, but his daily life is about to be shattered when he starts hearing his name being called in a dream... Doujin 65. Wrigglui リグルイ [080816] Mousou Elixir Game centers around Wriggle Nightbug of Touhou fandom. Doujin 66. Itsuka Yumemita Fuukei de いつか夢見た風景で [080816] Arbitrage The day the promise was given a bridge united two people. They continue to live far away from each other, but beautiful and ephemeral memories live on. Unfulfilled promise makes them guess what's on the other side of the bridge and keeps drawing people to this starting point. Doujin 67. TAIHAism タイハイズム [080816] Giant Ant Unit Machines do all the work in Taihaism world, so people are burdened by their freedom to do anything. Over 50 years world's population has halved due to suicides and loss of survival instinct. But one out of 10,000 people is blessed with proactive attitude. Main character is such a boy. One day he meets another girl unaffected by this passiveness disease, and his self-centered life starts to change little by little. Doujin 68 Onitori+ オニトリ+ [080816] Nekomarudou A collection of short stories for Oni no Warau Koro and Tori no Naku Koro. ・Saturnus Rooute 「サトゥルヌスルート」 ・Onikoro Gaiden: Mixed-Blood girl 「オニコロ外伝 混血の娘」 ・The circumstances of the Oni family 「鬼流サン家の家庭の事情」 ・The cherished tea party 「気になる御茶会」 ・Writing activities 「執筆活動」 ・Kureha and Otake -Encounter- 「呉葉と大嶽ー出会いー」 ・Jabberwock -Angel- 「ジャヴァウォックー天使ー」 Doujin Fandisc 69. Second Restart セカンドリスタート [080816] Sora no Namae Koi no Mebaeta Toki is an introduction for never released Second Restart game. It gives a layout of events one year before the main story and provides introduction to the characters. Situation is shown from the viewpoint of main heroine. Doujin 70. Zero*Tsukaima ~Sanbiki no Rinkan~ ゼロ○使い魔 ~三美姫の輪姦~ [080816] Team-Tanabe This is the last day of Trista*n. It's a day where 3 girls lose their virginity. Louise, a noble girl, Tifania, an elf girl and Henrietta, the princess of Trista*n. Penetrate, eat, splash over their pretty body as your desire demands! Doujin Nukige 71. Aksius no Himekishi アクシウスの姫騎士 [080817] Urayoroduya Princess Knight Sedilia leads an army against the invasion of demons, but army gets overpowered. Demon prince gives woman a choice where stakes are too high to ignore. Doujin Nukige 72. Another Dolls アナザードールズ [080817] Sherbet Soft A To Heart 2 fan-fiction eroge featuring Komaki Manaka, Komaki Ikuno, Yuzuhara Haruka and Yuzuhara Konomi. Doujin Fandisc 73. Bare Dolls ~Shiro to Kuro no Sono~ Bare Dolls ~白と黒の園~ [080817] Koban-neko Two girls are brought to an unknown monastery. First one requires bride training. The other one is sold out after father's bankruptcy. Tomorrow, the training of these girls begins. Doujin Nukige 74. Chicchai Miko-san SOS ちっちゃい巫女さんSOS [080817] Sol-fa-soft One day, Chihaya, who is a shrine maiden, has been possessed by an evil spirit with tentacles. She goes to town and starts raping the girls, but is confronted by her senpai Mitsuki. Doujin Nukige 75. Chijoku Tsuma Mayumi ~Musuko no Katei Kyoushi~ 恥辱妻・真由美 ~息子の家庭教師~ [080817] Tabito Mayumi was not satisfied with the tutor of her a foolishly loving son, Masanori. She tried to discuss the problem with her husband but he was no help. For several years, they had no sex life to speak of. As she had not experienced the man’s touch for sometime, Mayumi began to lose her inner sexual desire. One day, out of nowhere, she was held tightly from the behind by her son’s tutor, Shinichi. From this moment on, Mayumi’s daily life changed suddenly. Doujin Nukige 76. Crucifixion Knights 2 ~Haritsukerareshi Otome-tachi~ Crucifixion Knights 2 ~磔られし乙女たち~ [080817] Sankaku Doumei A collection of short erotic stories where heroines from Mahou Senshi Sweet Knights 2 are crucified and violated. Doujin Nukige 77. Gishi Nishinomori Natsuki 義姉 西之森奈月 [080817] Will Tame Main character gets a ripe sister-in-law after parents' remarriage. Brother desires to learn more about his new sister, so his desire overflows into proactive forms. Doujin Nukige 78. Hajimete no Ofuroya-san はじめてのおふろやさん [080817] Sol-fa-soft Souji is a university student who went back home during the summer vacation, only to discover that there is a foreign girl living in his house. He takes the foreign girl Lena and his childhood friend Miyuki to the men's public bath, where they all will have exciting experiences. Doujin Nukige 79. Imouto Pet ~Repure~ 妹ペット ~repure~ [080817] Shiritsu Sakuranbo Shougakkou You've been asked to take care of your younger sisters who haven't seen you in years. When you arrive at the home of your mother they're waiting for you in the living room wearing nothing but ribbons! Dressed as sweet little presents for you to unwrap they beg you 'Please onii-chan, make us your pets!' Doujin Nukige 80. Inaka de Shiyou! 2: Hakata Hen ~Boku to Imouto-tachi no Hanayome Shuugyou~ 田舎でシよう!2 博多編 ~ボクと妹たちの花嫁修業~ [080817] Clic-Clac A bright story about a summer spent with two sisters speaking in kansai dialect. Doujin Nukige 81. Kareshi ni Naisho de Dorei no Watashi 彼氏に内緒で奴隷の私 [080817] DIGITALG Tsukasa is finally rescued from her everyday slave training at school. Now she is a lively, grateful and skillful lover of main character. Doujin Nukige 82. Omega no Shikai -Aki Kaketa Shiki no Ai- Omegaの視界 アキかけたシキのアイ [080817] Nekobanana Main character heads for the northern countryside in order to investigate the mysterious group. One by one group members come to the stage, and soon protagonist is put before a terrible and cruel choice... Doujin 83. Onii-chan Daisuki! お兄ちゃん大好き! [080817] Babel The love between a sister and brother is sacred. watch sister show brother her love! Doujin Nukige 84. Shinmon -examintation- 審問 -examination- [080817] PHASE The small country of Resaria has been overrun by the empire of Irul. The beautiful knight, Eriru has been taken captive and is subject to unspeakable torture. She does not know that the princess Firie who she has sworn to protect with her life is receiving an even worse violation. The trials continue without ceasing... Doujin Nukige 85. Shiro Arc 白濁アルク [080817] PERCEPTRON Arcueid is confined into a cellar together with Satsuki and Sion. First she just watches at how other girls are violated, then comes Arcueid's turn. Doujin Nukige 86. Tinkle Poetry てぃんくるぽえとりー [080817] Ochin Kodomokai Main character returns to his home town where he had many precious memories. He meets a beautiful child Nagisa, and the two have sex due to a misunderstanding. Young people become lovers, but protagonist also seeks for the past love of his memories. Doujin Nukige 87. Under Blue アンダーブルー [080817] Gintou Summer. There are people who can't enjoy the blue sky because their bodies start to lose mass due to an unknown disease. Such people attend local school. Some say there is no hope for the afflicted. But two students continue to seek their own way in life. Doujin 88. Joshuu Kishi Selicia 女囚騎士セリシア [080818] Kuro Hina Description Selicia is a strong female knight. However, she is taken hostage and sent to a brothel. What await her there are Zogem's sexual assaults. His endless sexual assaults gradually change Selicia herself and she finally... Nukige 89. Explicit Proposal [080819] Kuroi Games 1 Rei is a lusty manager at a small advertising firm in Tokyo. She is deeply devoted to her job but still finds time to have some fun. She loves sex and isn't above mixing business and pleasure. Rei prides herself on seducing both men and women into her bed. However, when her firm's largerst client ends it's advertising contract, Rei's company faces the possibility of going out of business. The responsibility for saving the company falls to Rei. She must travel to Fiji where the advertising manager for the international corporation, Lambert Industries, is having his vacation. Rei is to do anything she can to convince the man to accept her companies's advertising proposal but will Rei's charms be enough to save her beloved company? Nukige 90. Majo mo Arukeba Akuma ni Ataru 魔女も歩けば悪魔に当たる [080820] Hachiiro Inko Main character is a witch who is sentenced by a devil to rob her soul in seven days. Defeating the devil is the only option to break free for her. But can she really do it before the deadline? Doujin Otomege 91. Uwasa no Midori-kun!! 2 Futari no Midori!? うわさの翠くん!!2 ふたりの翠!? [080821] Design Factory Co., Ltd. A popular manga has come to the NDS world! You take control of Midori. She is actually a girl, but she joins a boy's high school without telling her secret to anybody. One day, Midori and her friends carry out a training camp for a next soccer game. But, she meets Tsukasa, her first lover, there, and their checkered school life begins... Console Exclusive 92. Aa, Subarashiki Haramasekai 嗚呼、素晴らしき孕ま世界 [080822] Softhouse-Seal The decreasing birthrate becomes the major problem in 20XX. Especially, the number of men sharply decreases. To deal with it, the government sets up a new law called "Sex New Law". The law bans: - from masturbating. - from using contraception. - girls from refusing when asked to have sex by boys. Yasuhiro turns 20 today and he can now have sex with any girls freely. "I don't wanna have sex for my country. I just wanna have fun!" Nukige 93. Henshin Kanojo ~Haruka ga OO ni Kigaetara~ へんしん彼女~はるかが○○に着替えたら~ [080822] Flap Shunichi and Haruka used to be good old friends, but they gradually grew apart.... Several years later, Haruka becomes pretty and is liked by every student. On the other hand, Shunichi is a cosplay maniac now. He really wants to become friends with her again, but he can't do that. But one day, Shunichi's parents and Haruka's parents go on a trip and Haruka stays at Shunichi's house for several days. He feels awkward with her at first, but she suddenly wears his maid costume and says, "Well, what's up, my master?" Shunichi doesn't know what to say.... She also says, "What shall I do for you, my master...?" What will happen to them...? Nukige 94. Kyouiku Shidou ~Yamato Nadeshiko Saishuu Keikaku~ 狂イク指導~大和撫子再生計画~ [080822] Goku-Fero There is a secret organization. The purpose of it is to train girls and make them modest and obedient. Girls who are regarded as violators are taken to a secret base and sexually assaulted in various ways. It never ends until they change... Target girls this time are a rich wife and a cheeky student. Nukige 95. Lilith-Izm02 ~Nakadashi/Haramase Hen~ LILITH-IZM02 ~中出し/孕ませ編~ [080822] Lilith Soft This time, the theme is "Internal cum and Impregnate"! The creator, full of confidence, is so passionate and is eager to make a story! "Taimanin Asagi outer story the Nightmare" I have included story that did not make it into Taimanin Asagi and Taimanin Asagi 2. "Please enjoy the Asagi slave slut mini-mini-system", mortal Taimanin and Asagi finally fell into a slavery....and forced to be impregnated...!? Unexpected another story awaits! "Virgin boy Shimobe-kun" Story!" "Again, the main character was captured. It was all because of Nanaori, Yuna and Haruho's misunderstanding... New comical, impregnate story. "Let's Lose Virginity this Summer Plan" leads Shimobe-kun a difficult situation!? "You must make us pregnant!" Doujin Nukige 96. Tennen Kyonyuu Dojikko Nurse! ~Mainichi Ama Ero! Nakadashi Kango Life~ 天然巨乳ドジっ娘ナース!~毎日甘エロッ!中出し看護ライフ♪~ [080822] Norn Protagonist Ryuya Yuki is a student who is not quite a lover with his childhood friend and next door neighbor, Mami Mizuse. One day he eats a boxed lunch that Mami messed up while making and his body collapses. Mami, crestfallen, confesses her feelings up to that moment. They come to realize each other's feelings and become lovers. And then Mami dresses up in a nurse's uniform, and the too-sweet lovey nurse lifestyle begins! Nukige 97. Kin'iro no Corda: The Rhyme of a Love Song 金色琴弦 The Rhyme of a Love Song [080822] RLS Production Commitee Chinese fangame for Len from Kin'iro no Corda. Set after his good ending in the first game. Doujin Non-English Otomege Fandisc 98. After School ~Houkago no Himitsu~ After School~放課後の秘密~ [080823] Circle Al dEnte Someone has committed suicide by jumping off a school building. Hinata, Madoka, Ritsuka, and "the girl." What is the secret that is surrounding these 4 classmates? Won't you have a peek at what they are up to after school? Doujin 99. Momoiro Jouwa 桃色情話 [080824] AbelCain Momoha was one of the first-year-students at Reimei High School. He had a crush on the third-year student leader. His heart was pounding of the excitement and the anticipation of having a trip together with his crush; in an all night stay trip! Dressing in Yukata, in the hot spring, on the futon.... Their passionate evening together. Enjoy! Doujin Boys Love 100. Yutori Kyouiku ゆとり教育 [080825] Travelmin One day, near the very end of summer, a friend and I set out for a place that the locals rumored to be haunted. Doujin 101. China Armor [080826] Arekara4nen Monsters and humans were continuously engaging in the battles. The stage this time was an isolated rural village. As there were so many dungeons occupied by monsters, there were frequent fights between monsters and people. Because of it, there were guilds whose main purposes were to hunt down the monsters. So, a little foolish martial art beginner, Haruna, was leaving for tentacle hunting. However,… Doujin Nukige 102. Kairaku: the broken hearts Elysion 壊落 the broken hearts Elysion [080827] Sharp Edge In a red and black ballroom someone's heart is broken, tormenting them into madness until they fall apart. This is the story of a boy and a girl driven wild by madness. A story painted with a crazy passion as well as a sadness that tears everything apart in its chaos. A story about standing up against cruel fate. This is their story. Doujin 103. Katensai Jikkou Iinkai 夏天祭実行委員会 [080827] Water colors -games- Main heroine is appointed executive committee chair of the culture festival. For the time being she becomes school's most important student. She supervises work done by other committee members. Doujin Otomege 104. To Love-Ru Trouble: Waku Waku! Rinkangakkou Hen ToLOVEる -とらぶる- ワクワク!林間学校編 [080828] Marvelous Interactive This time the To Love cast is stuck in a school located in the forest due a landslide that cuts them off from civilization, to keep them safe, the principal decided to let them live in the old mansion within the area. As a lone teenage male, stuck in an enclosed area with 11 girls (aliens or not) can be heaven or hell, depending on the circumstances. Console Exclusive 105. Beniiro Tenjou Ayakashi Kitan 紅色天井艶妖綺譚 [080829] LoveDelivery Humans and youkai (monsters) co-exist in the same world. They sometimes fight each other, but for the most of the time, they live peacefully. Ranmaru, half-human and half-monster, runs a jack-of-all-trades shop. One day, he receives a job offer, "Please find my missing husband." Ranmaru and Raiou visit the client's house and find that some mysterious phenomena happen there. "Humans disappear and get crazy one by one as if being attracted by a sword..." As Ranmaru investigates it, he gradually gets to know the fact... Boys Love 106. Binkan Athlete "So, Soko Dame! ...Oshio Fuichau!" びんかんアスリート「そ、そこダメっ!……おしお噴いちゃうっ!」 [080829] Marine Shigeru is a university student. He likes to play sports and works at a sports gym part-time. One day, Ayako, a massager, suddenly tells him, "You've got golden fingers! You must have a special talent for massaging!" He is taken to a massage room and ordered to give Asaka, a famous beach volleyball player, a massage. He doesn't know what to do, but he gives her a massage. However, she suddenly goes out of the room angrily. He has no idea what's wrong with him, but Ayako says, "Why don't you get her to reach orgasm?" and she gives him erotic massage lessons. Like this, his life as a massager begins.... Nukige 107. Doppuri Nakadashi Gakuen Sensou どっぷり中出し学園戦争 [080829] SQUEEZ Seiya has never had sex. One day, his anxious father puts him into girls' high school. On his first day at school, he meets Kotone, his old friend, but he feels ill. She gives him a medicine and he takes it. However, the medicine is not for cold. It was invented by her and once he/she takes it, his/her every body part will be reinforced. "Ok, I'll dominate this school!" A battle for Seiya between teachers and students now starts!!! Nukige 108. Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia エーデルワイス 詠伝ファンタジア [080829] Overdrive 1 2 3 5 6 7 8 On a desert island in the south there lies an all-girls school where students learn the mysterious art of alchemy. This strange academy, known as Eiden Academy, is the setting of Edelweiss, a tale of laughs and tears shared between the heroines, who lived their lives free of men on this island, and Haruma Kazushi, one of the silly boys who came here to score. This is an all-new game which picks up where Edelweiss ended. The heroines of this new story are Takase Sakura and Fujisaki Rin, two background characters who dominated the popularity polls and conquered the original heroines. This fan-disk will present an all-new story full of laughs and naughty things. One scenario begins when Sakura, the girl many people suspect is a lesbian, is hanging with the guys and evaluating other chicks with them. When Kazushi says there’s no way he would ever fall for Sakura, Sakura puts her pride as a girl on the line and their competition begins. If he falls for her, he loses! As their classmates start a betting pool to see who’ll win and interfering to better their chances, who knows what ending awaits, let alone how Eiden Island’s power will affect the outcome! The other scenario begins when Rin and Kazushi are both elected as their class representatives. As the two grow closer together, Kazushi winds up in an accident trying to save her. As a result, he suddenly finds himself with something that speaks residing in his crotch. Fandisc 109. Furifuri ~Futsuu no Mainichi ni Warikondekita Fushigi na Rinjin-tachi no Ohanashi Ohanashi~ふりフリ~ふつうのまいにちにわりこんできた、フシギなリンジンたちのおはなしおはなし~ [080829] 130cm There is a small town. The town is famous for meteorites, which fall down quite often. One day, Haruaki sees something falls down nearby. What he finds is a small shining object. However, it gets dim when he touches it. "What's wrong with it?" He puts it into his pocket and heads home.... At that very moment, two lights suddenly appear. "What's that?" Two girls in odd costume stand in front of him. Like this, his strange life starts... Nukige 110. Girigiri Scoop ~Sennyuu!! Kindan no Joshi Suieibu~ ギリギリ☆すくーぷ ~潜入!! 禁断の女子水泳部~ [080829] Ulala The boss of the newspaper club suddenly says, "Let's sneak into the swimming club!" The swimming club has many talented swimmers such as Tomoka and Honoka. However, it seems the boss wants to disclose their secrets because there are some rumors about them. 1. They take erotic medicines? 2. They masturbate using swimming equipments? 3. A motor sound comes from their skirt? Ropemarks on their thighs? The main character follows them and tries to find the facts. However, his mission goes in a different direction.... In the pool, club room, and classroom! He enjoys lovelove sex with them! What will happen to him in the end of the story...? Nukige 111. Hitozuma Onee-san to Tsundere Osananajimi no Haranda Kankei 人妻お姉さんとツンデレ幼なじみの孕んだ関係 [080829] Swanmania Kouki has two old friends, Yukiko and Rio. When he was a university student, Yukiko got married and left the town.... However, she is back to the town now. Kouki still loves Yukiko and his pent-up sexual desire explodes. Rio, who loves Kouki, notices it and approaches him in various ways.... Nukige 112. Imouto ga Neteiru Aida ni.... 妹が寝ている間に…… [080829] Heat-Soft Genya has a younger sister, Yumemi. One day, he can't stop his sexual desire and secretly gropes her while she is asleep. He feels sorry to her and starts living alone. However, Yumemi comes to his apartment and sleeps together. He gropes her every night and his demeanors get bolder and bolder.... And he finally has sex with her.... Nukige 113. Incest Lover ~Mama to Haha no Himitsu~ Incest lover ~ママと母の秘蜜~ [080829] Medusa (Doujin) The protagonist (Tatsuya) lives together with his stepmother Aya... He's an ordinary graduate university student. When he was still a child, he was told by his father that his mother had died. At present, his father is so busy with work he rarely has time to come home... Along with his stepmother who kept waiting...life moved on. The empty days kept passing until one dark day. They met the beautiful woman(Sumire) ,who claimed to be a widow and had moved into the house next door. Looking from his mother's face, to the woman's... Doujin 114. Inchiki Reibaishi インチキ霊媒師 [080829] Waffle Takumi is a while-collar worker, living a boring life. But one day, he hears that his friend gets married to a beautiful woman using feng shui. "That's it! Spiritualism! I'll be able to have sex with any girls using it!" He immediately decides target girls and takes action.... Nukige 115. Inu/Extra+ 犬EXTRA+ [080829] Yagitei A Dead or Alive doujin, wherein Leifang was captured by the organization. She bravely handled herself under the difficult situation. However Leifang began to fade tragically as she was being drugged...with a secret drug. The noble spirited female warrior turned into a mere female dog after repeated assaults. Doujin Nukige 116. Kan'in Tokkyuu Michishio 姦淫特急満潮 [080829] Tsurumiku A rumor spreads among young people that if a person gets on "that" train, he/she will disappear.... Most of them don't believe it, but it exists.... It's called Michishio. Michishio was invented to train young girls and make them sex slaves. At first sight, the train is completely the same as a normal train. However, it shows its true self once in a few months. The girls who get on the train are severely trained and become sex slaves.... Seiji is a train conductor. He can do whatever he wants to the girls on the train since he has a special training ability. And another Michishio now departs.... Nukige 117. Konayuki Fururi ~Yuzuhara Machi Curling-Bu~ Gaiden Saeko no Omoizuma Nikki こなゆき ふるり~柚子原町カーリング部~ 外伝 冴子の通い妻日記 [080829] Bloom Handle Main character starts to live with Saeko. At first two friends are shy about holding hands and going on their first date, but soon their flirt is noticed by the acquaintances, so relations continue openly though not without teasing. This is a happy couple communal life diary. Fandisc 118. LIFE with IDOL [080829] Trinity Tower The entertainment agency "Izumipro" is searching for new stars. A young female ghost woman possesses agency's president to get in touch with these young talents and remember about her own past... Doujin Otomege 119. Mamapuri!? ~Wagaya no Dousei Tsushinbo~ ママぷりっ!? ~我が家の同棲通信簿~ [080829] Yuukari Soft One day, my father suddenly says to me, "I think you'll need your mother, Keita." My mother passed away when I was a kid. I was sad at first, but I somehow managed to accept it. But why now...? Anyway, my father brings four ladies in front of me and says, "The girl who goes with you the best will become your mother. You live with them for a while and score them." I don't need my mother anymore, so I just give them low scores. Like this, I start living together with four ladies... Nukige 120. Marionette Zero [080829] Tail Wind Several thousand years ago, a secret plan called "Heaven's Stone" was carried out. A "Heaven's Stone" was an artificial stone created by extracting a special power out of a certain stone. As a result, an unexpectable phenomenon happened and some reinforced their bodies and some felt no pain. Therefore, only a few people were allowed to carry the stone. However, a dreadful plan was being proceeded underwater.... Nukige 121. Onee-sama no (are) ~Moegi Shinku no Junan!?~ お姉さまの♂(アレ)~萌木深紅の受難!?~ [080829] Luchs Moshon Shinku is a high school student and respected by other students. But one day, she suddenly gets a dick!? She is confused what to do, but her friends welcome it! Like this, her harem life starts all of a sudden. What will happen to Shinku's school life...? Nukige 122. Otto no Tonari de Yobai Sareru Hounyuu Nikubenki Tsuma Yuuki Chigusa 夫の隣で夜這いされる豊乳肉便器妻 結城千草 [080829] MorningStar While her husband sleeps besides her, this large breasted married woman becomes the object of other mens sexual fantasies! She is a dumpster for all their white sticky cum! Nukige 123. Ouchi de Kurasou! おうちで暮らそう! [080829] Flora*Float Main character lives with three brothers-in-law and two sisters-in-law while parents are working abroad. But one day brother-in-law suddenly confesses, and ordinary Japanese man's life gets crushed. Doujin boys Love 124. Saikyou Chikan Densha ~7nin no Emono-tachi~ 埼狂痴漢電車~7人の獲物達~ [080829] DMM DMM's 10th anniversary work consisting of seven episodes about molesting and public humiliation. Nukige 125. Sakuranbo Strasse さくらんぼシュトラッセ [080829] Palette Fandisc presents four summer after-stories with heroines of Sakura Strasse. Fandisc 126. Seirei Kishi Aqueal Reizoku no Hanayome 精霊騎士アクエアル 隷属の花嫁 [080829] Mille Feuille Aqueal is a spirit of water knight summoned from a mysterious fountain during the crisis in a human kingdom. She loses power in the process, but she can regain the power if she drinks body fluids. There are a lot of male volunteers to provide her with as much sperm as she needs. Nukige 127. Shinseiki Ijitte Princess Next 2 ~Kunoichi Hime Kasumi Sanjou!~ 新世紀いじってプリンセスNEXT2~くノ一姫カスミ参上!~ [080829] Vitamin Sin, the prince of the Supple Kingdom, and Janne are invited to a ceremony taken place in the Granju Kingdom. The ceremony finishes with no problems and they enjoy their time there for a while. However, a girl comes to see Janne. It is Kasumi, a Janne's old friend. Kasumi was also invited to the ceremony and she now looks for something. Kasumi asks Sin and Janne to help her and they accept it. According to Kasumi, what she looks for is somewhere around the town.... Nukige 128. Shirogane no Cal Digital Performance 白銀のカル DIGITAL PERFORMANCE [080829] Kuma-san Team Akatsuki no Amaneka to Aoi Kyojin's heroine Cal Ruslan got so popular that her story is transformed into a new separate game without gameplay elements. Fandisc 129. Shojo Gentei! ~Risou no Otome no Tsukurikata~ 処女限定!~理想のオトメの作り方~ [080829] Gatsun Soft Tsubasa has a dream. He wants to train a girl as he likes and keeps her as his girlfriend. He gets a teacher licence for the dream, but he can't get a job. He really wants to work at girls' high school.... As a result, he comes up with the idea. He disguises himself as a woman and has a job interview at the Virgin High School. He successfully finishes the interview and starts working there... Nukige 130. Totsuzen Hen'i - Ikenie Sanshimai 突然変異 生贄三姉妹 [080829] schoolzone Mysterious half beasts realize the desire to play with woman body. Rooftop with a pool becomes their cage where three beautiful sisters are humiliated over and over. Doujin Nukige 131. Wan-kuri わんくり [080829] Nekokoya While at a dump, you pick up a thrown away dog-human creature called "Mikku". Your warm and delightfully naughty cohabitation with your new pet is about to begin! Doujin Nukige 132. [Rensa] [080831] N.A.G. Small encounters and connections can lead to a miracle. Summer begins, and encounters with four girls await. Doujin 133. Shi no Yobu Mono 詩の呼ぶ物 [080831] Hikagedou Client visits Detective Hayakawa and asks to investigate the truth behind his friend's suicide. How can this case be connected to the urban legend about a poem that causes brings death upon reading? Doujin 134. Asakura Ryouko no Hangeki 朝倉涼子の反撃 [0808] Kasugachou Asakura fails to kill Kyon and get closer to Haruhi Suzumiya this way. But now she aims at Kyon's life again. Next victim will be Nagato, the greatest enemy due to her superb skills. Doujin 135. Morioni 守り鬼 [0808] Yohakuya Main character is a normal student, but one day he awakens in a strange forest. A demon-like existence with a horn leads him to the demon village. On the road a person appears who claims that protagonist is the "king" who is summoned to protect this world. Is there a way to get back to home world? Doujin Boys Love
  7. Foreword: I'm not a big fan of raiL-soft, absolutely hate Albatross Koukairoku. But their first game Kagerou Touryuuki is probably the best game ever done by them. Synopsis: The main character regains his consciousness and finds himself being on a small boat. A girl on the boat tells him, "You're going to the place you wished." Where he arrives is an old hotel. While he stays there, he meets various girls. And as time passes, he needs to decide if he stays or leaves there.... Just when he makes up his mind, the girl appears and says to him, "You ran away and came here. Well, what's your decision? Stay here or go back?" Which will he choose...? Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv98cUGnpMBgqPtjTTH6P_Uk Game type: Fairy Tale Character Design rating: 8/10 Protagonist rating: 9/10 Story rating: 7/10 Game quality: 8/10 Overall rating: 8/10 Yet another game that's difficult to evaluate. I always wanted visual novels to be interactive literature books, and this is the closest attempt to that concept up to this point, real literature and not ranobe-like writing. It determines some irregularities in the scores. Like story being mediocre and below overall score and protagonist score being highest of all, above general score. I owe a lot of explanations here. Concept of the game is rather simple, actually, and plot is not super important, so some light spoilers are necessary for understanding it. Woman in demon mask takes main character to the city of Hatago, non-existing town with absolutely grotesque architecture (like a huge Colosseum with actual dwellings in each window). There are also multiple other unrealistic features of this world, so it should not really come as a surprise when we get confirmation that it's not a real world. But everything in this world is described very realistically. The effect can be described as drunken state. There is basically one branch for three routes - Librarian, Priest and Young woman, then True Ferryman route opens up. Through these routes main character tackles different own emotions before facing reality. Librarian route differentiates from the rest as it contains several short stories in it with own symbolism. Through a series of mysterious fairy tales we deal with protagonist's problems in this game, and main theme is "I can't escape myself". So why 8/10. Game resembles Kusarihime and Forest the most by the atmosphere, but it lacks their catharsis. The plot itself is mediocre. Ending is sudden. Flow is slow and often boring. There are system problems as vertical text is placed on the image and thus requires darkening the image. Horizontal text is pretty much impossible to read as letters become twice as small. Text speed is adjustable by constant values and not by text size, so at slowest speed those walls of text still flew too fast on the video. Graphics... exist, that's the least offensive description that I can afford. I consider Priest heroine ugly by character design, and it strips much of charm from her route. With such an impressive list of downsides is there something to like here? Lots of things. But primarily it's text that's possible to fall in love with. It's the first game where Mareni is solely responsible for scenario, and his writing style became admired since then. The whole concept of inner world exploration culminating in true route is brilliant even though lacking in excitement. Atmosphere or decadent Japan mixed with fairy tale motives really impresses. It's a genius game, but it does not suit everyone since there is no excitement, distinctive plot and almost no features that we usually see in visual novels. It's also a nice siscon game, but you'll have to figure out yourself, why.
  8. Foreword: LiLiM is an old and curious brand that produces high quality works of different genres. This work is chunige, so I can't pass by it. Synopsis: "The bizarre murder which continues happening in a town. The town close to you. It is another world. And I meet you." Waking up in a tranquil town, there is a bizarre murder case. The atrocity of the reoccurring homicides is revealed as it comes to this town. But in this town lives a student who goes out to meet the monster. He swings an invisible claw, and strikes the monster. In an instant, he swings again and pierces the monsters arm and finishes him. As a gust of wind blows, the girls appear. Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv99gFiC7n4livqX3x2j4GR6 Game type: Action chunige Character Design rating: 7/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 8/10 Game quality: 7/10 Overall rating: 7/10 Let's start with the world view since story direction is not clear from the synopsis. Main character witnesses a mass killer incident consequences in his class and transferres to another school. But eventually he gets attacked by another mass murderer boy who belongs to Aion creatures. It appears that Aion killed people for generations - and currently Aion are countered by two organizations Rachelwood (Yukari) from the West and Samurai from the East (Ayami). Rachelwood eventually defeated Aion, but its pieces possessed six humans. Anything more than that would already be in the spoiler range. Traditionally, let's focus on downsides. First of all, game is short and could fully fit into one 12-hour video. I still split it to show the turning point between the routes (to treat or not to treat crepes to the girl, lol) and separate two big routes. It would be too much of a mess with all the four endings smashed together. And a lot of shortcomings come from this short length. Like there is no time for romance, so after telling the story it's it's H closely following confession. There is also lack of explanation like protagonist being ordinary student and desiring to protect peace of all people with his wooden kendo sword. I personally found text good, but it may appear monotonous at times. Graphics can be rough at times with CG looking different from standing character sprites (poor Madoka). Finally, good points! I found battle scenes well done, with enough sound and visual support, tempo. The story is not complex, but is clear for understanding and nice. There are two big routes where we get assisted by one of the organizations representative - Yukari or Ayami. But each of those routes has a side-heroine with her own ending - Madoka or Yume. There was also antagonist Yoriko end, but it was a bad ending with sudden death after H event, so did not insert it. There are also quite a few mysteries to uncover. Like origin of main character and his parents that he never knew. Also things like Rachelwood sudden personality change from extremely cold to cheerful wordy one. And we arrive to the question why this game is rather poorly evaluated. And I did not find an answer to this question. Japanese reviews name the same shortcomings which I see as nitpicking. Some mention that they had supreme expectations after strong promotion campaign done by LiLiM. But I had no expectations at all, so was rather surprised with the good quality of the game. As usual, I blame prejudices over chunige and excessive quality demands towards this genre. I enjoyed the game and definitely recommend it as a rather traditional Fate Stay Night variation chunige.
  9. Kara no Shoujo is VN of the Month. Other masterpieces are Sora o Tobu, 3tsu no Houhou and Kagerou Touryuuki and also Aion Garden. Reviewing last two. 1. L no Kisetsu 2: Invisible Memories Lの季節 2 invisible memories [080702] 5pb. Games 1 One year has passed. Similar incidents start to happen again in the real world at the same school, so our heroes decide to start an investigation. This series known since first game was PS exclusive original concept game and quite a breakthrough for the year 1999, but this sequel comes 9 years after and requires to know the original. It uses already outdated graphics and devilish flag system that contemporary users aren't accustomed to. As a sequel it's not bad, but focus is tilt for the heroines as even after clearing all the endings it's not possible to solve the mystery. 2. Kara no Shoujo 殻ノ少女 [080704] Innocent Grey 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 March 1956. Tokyo; a metropolis finally starting to recover ten long years after Japan's defeat in the War. Private eye Tokisaka Reiji accepts a strange request from a girl in Inokashira Park. "I want you to look for something. Me. My true self." Meanwhile, a series of bizarre murders is plaguing the area, one where young women are disappearing, only to turn up dead and maimed with their wombs torn out. Seeking assistance on the case, Detective Uozumi Kyozo called up his old friend and former coworker, Reiji. Ouba Girls Academy, a school on the outskirts of Hoya City. Reiji's little sister attends this school, where two young women have mysteriously vanished. Saeki Tokio, the vice-principal, calls in Reiji to investigate their disappearance, giving him his third case. Reiji infiltrates the academy as a substitute teacher to glean information from the students - but that's when he meets her once again. Kuchiki Toko - his first client, the girl who asked him to search for her true self. Her manner is distinctly boyish as she remarks: "Heya - so we meet again, Mr. Detective." The body count continues to rise. What should be a simple search for some students is starting to grow out of control. For some reason, the number of missing people and unidentified bodies don't match up. Who will be chosen as the next victim? As the endless cycle of tragedy continues, what mysteries lie behind these new cases? Behind a similar series of murders from six years ago? Perhaps one girl's smile might await beneath the shell of tragedy... Game is localized and has English reviews. 3. Magica Ride マジカライド [080704] Studio Ryokucha Haya is a high school student who likes being alone, but she is surrounded by male students every day. One day, a stuffed toy suddenly appears in front of her and takes her to an extraordinary world. The toy is actually the best magician in the world, being transformed into a stuff toy. Also, evil men run after him and her classmates and teachers get involved in it.... "What? Am I a talented magician? Am I the only person who can save my school? So what? I don't care!" She reluctantly follows him and recites a charm... A flash of light surrounds her and she becomes a magician! Will she be able to save her town? Platformer 4. Sou, Atashi-tachi wa Konna ni mo Rifujin na Sekai ni Ikiteiru no dara yo 3 * Kono Sekai de 2 no H... そう、あたしたちはこんなにも理不尽な世界に生きているのだらよ3 ※この世界で2の発売予定はありません。 [080705] Jitensha Sougyou Kako becomes Nozomi permanent partner for defusing magical bombs. All the bombs in the current world have been defused, but there is still a threat coming to the neighboring world, so our team sets off there to eliminate the threat. This company fans know the drill already. Solve puzzles and gather pieces of memories via ANOS system. Guess someone did not have enough bomb defusal in prequel. 5. Tayutama -Kiss on My Deity- タユタマ -kiss on my deity- [080711] Lump of Sugar 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Yuuri is a high school student and his father runs a shrine. He is interested in cars and motorcycles, but he thinks of succeeding him after graduation. One day, an old piece of pottery is found at his school. Students don't know what it is, but he's seen it before at his shrine. His shrine has a local legend called Tayutayu. He used to rule this area and he brought misfortune when treated badly. Yuuri, Ameri, and Sankuro think something bad will happen if they treat it mistakenly, but nobody believes them. A while later, a girl, Mashiro, comes to his school and she suddenly says to him, "Well, we can now make a dream come true!" Like this, Yuuri's school life dramatically changes. Who is Mashiro? What will happen to Yuuri? There are English reviews. 6. Aion Garden [080718] LiLiM "The bizarre murder which continues happening in a town. The town close to you. It is another world. And I meet you." Waking up in a tranquil town, there is a bizarre murder case. The atrocity of the reoccurring homicides is revealed as it comes to this town. But in this town lives a student who goes out to meet the monster. He swings an invisible claw, and strikes the monster. In an instant, he swings again and pierces the monsters arm and finishes him. As a gust of wind blows, the girls appear. I'm reviewing this game since synopsis looks appealing enough. 7. Infinite Loop ~Kojou ga Miseta Yume~ インフィニットループ ~古城が見せた夢~ [080724] Nippon Ichi The story is set in a medieval European kingdom being torn apart by a mysterious plague. This disease starts immediately after the king's death and as the crown prince, you have to discover the truth behind it. However, a few days before your coronation ceremony and marriage to a princess, you see the eye of death and are met with the same fate as your father. Your quest officially begins at your death. Possess the people in the castle, listen to their conversation and carry on with your investigations. Possess all sorts of people and discover their hidden agenda that will eventually lead you to your answers. Basically, game concept is told in the synopsis. Possess different people as a ghost and learn new information. There is also dream intervention system when we come to the dreams of possessed characters and can say a key word to advance our investigation. And of course there's loop after hitting dead end. Basically, a detective game. 8. Ainsworth no Mamono-tachi エインズワースの魔物たち [080725] Ail Kraus wanders around deep in the forest where people think monsters often appear. Why is Kraus there...? Several days ago, a bishop, his grandfather, passed away. All his fortune was supposed to be inherited by Kraus, but it was confiscated. Kraus lost everything and decided to meet his mother, who lives at the Ainsworth's Mansion that is located deep in the forest.... It's a quirky erotic occult comedy with warm atmosphere. Heroines are all loli, but vary by nature - demon, ghost, doll, witch, zombie. Content is silly, and volume is not big. 9. Ars:Magna! あるすまぐな!-ARS:MAGNA- [080725] light The story takes place in the near future. Magic is used as next generation clean energy and the government sets up the National Magic and Science Institute. Tsukumo, a high school student, is offered to enter the National Magic High School since he has a special power and he immediately accepts the offer. On his first day at school, he meets his old friend, Noeru... Common route takes at least 70% of screen time, then there is branch between sets of characters equaling 20% of time, and actual individual routes are left with nonsense 10%. Scenario is subtle and dwells on normal school life with cultural festival and such. Plus, there are almost no references to magic usage, so magic is only for show. There is hardly anything worthy of notice in this game apart of nice graphics. 10. Eternal Kingdom ~Horobi no Majo to Densetsu no Ken~ ETERNAL KINGDOM~滅びの魔女と伝説の剣~ [080725] Studio e.go! There is a world colored by swords, magic, and traditions called Avilion. There was once a war against evil witches. It lasted for a few centuries and humans somehow won the war. Several hundred years later, another threat appears..., a resurrection of evil witches.... Allen is a boy, living in the village. He lost his parents long ago, but he lives a peaceful life with villagers. One day, he goes deep into the forest with his friends as if led by an aube he's been wearing since he was a kid. What they find there is a sword laid in front of a big statue. When they pick it up, the statue turns into a monster and attacks them. This is just the beginning of a long-lasting war.... RPG 11. Eve Jan EVE雀 [080725] Tyrell Laboratory Inc. Private detective Kojiroh Amagi was playing mahjong as usual when he realized that here was not enough tiles. A girl standing next to him handed him one tile. But when Kojiroh tried to talk to her, another guy appeared, took away the girl and suggested to forget everything seen just now. It was the beginning of a series of horrific events and card battles. I dislike card games, but I need to see all the misery that EVE series comes through. And... there's nothing good in this game for EVE enthusiasts at all, just a strip mahjong, sadly. Being based on the ugliest game in the series New Generation, it's also questionable even for H scenes. 12. Five ファイブ [080725] Ram 1 "five little love tales which are likely to be buried in snow" The main character visits a town covered with snow. He stays at a farm with his sister and some girls, enjoying his life there. However, they face various fates as time goes by and try to go forward... What will happen to them at the end of the story...? There is an English review. 13. Kagerou Touryuuki 霞外籠逗留記 [080725] raiL-soft 1 2 3 The main character regains his consciousness and finds himself being on a small boat. A girl on the boat tells him, "You're going to the place you wished." Where he arrives is an old hotel. While he stays there, he meets various girls. And as time passes, he needs to decide if he stays or leaves there.... Just when he makes up his mind, the girl appears and says to him, "You ran away and came here. Well, what's your decision? Stay here or go back?" Which will he choose...? There are English reviews. But game is so strange that I want to try it myself. 14. Sora o Tobu, 3tsu no Houhou 空を飛ぶ、3つの方法。 [080725] La'cryma "Can you fly? Can I fly? How do you fly?" Kakeru is an ordinary high school student. One day, he was going to school as usual, but as he got there he saw lots of toy soldiers storming the building. He is lead to a classroom with some other students, still baffled at what was going on. Suddenly, a schoolgirl storms into the classroom and says "Sorry, we've occupied your school. If you don't want to die, please fly in one month." Everyone is shocked, but take the news enthusiastically. They have a party to get acquainted, and their month starts... Game world is pretty much like real world... apart of sudden appearance of toy soldiers and flying, of course. It develops like a parody with focus on geek activities like manga, anime and games. Basically, common route is mostly bakage while individual routes turn into a nakige. Development is opportunistic. True ending is rather questionable, but overall concept of two worlds allows for more interesting scenario moves. A nice small masterpiece. 15. The Rising Sun [080725] SGP Software There is a luxury passenger ship sailing gracefully. However, a strange atmosphere fills the ship. A famous nobleman, an unidentified group of people, three Japanese people, and a mysterious parcel.... And Bake and Milia get involved in a theft that happened on the ship. As they get close to the point of the case, the existence of another crime comes to light. Who is the culprit...? What's going on in the ship...? Pretty much a suspense detective game with all the Tactical Motion Talk (choosing posture and emotion) and stuff. 16. Verdia Gensoukyoku ヴェルディア幻奏曲 [080725] Escu:de The main character is a musical instrument tuner, who just comes back to his hometown for the first time in ten years. The city is vibrant with life, preparing for a big festival. One day, he loses his consciousness due to hunger and tiredness and is saved by Fina. Fina has a special power that she can call musical instruments. At the festival, there is a music contest and he decides to take part in it with her.... Escu:de were never good at romance, and with such a fluffy synopsis they failed big time again. Neither participating in musical festival, nor shift into fantasy by the end can mend things here. Well, music is pretty good, and moe level is quite high. But that's not even remotely enough for a good game. 17. Kanokon: Esuii かのこん えすいー [080729] 5pb. Games 1 The main character and his friends come to an isolated island in the name of extra lesson. One day, a girl suddenly appears in front of Kouta and tells him, "You might lose someone important to you in the near future...." "Lose someone important to me?" He can't forget what she said. At the same time, Tayura meets a mysterious girl in a cornfield. A mystery invites another mystery.... Will they be able to get out of the island safe and sound...? Anime Spin-Off 18. Haruiro Ouse 春色桜瀬 [080731] Purple Software There is a love cherry tree and it has a local legend handed down for centuries. A boy and a girl who meet under the tree fall in love. However, it makes no difference to Riku. But one day, he meets a girl under the tree in full bloom. "I'll tell you what." She smiles and says, "You'll fall in love with me..." Scenario is a mess beyond repair. Midway it turns into a harem game. Comedy gets increasingly frustrating. All heroines are naive idiots. Endings are predictable early, so can just skip, confirm your guess and uninstall. BLOCKED 1. Animate 兄メイト [080701] Jojoen Main character is asked by mother-in-law to take lessons from his brother-in-law. Protagonist goes to relative's house, but faces a big problem there. Doujin Boys Love 2. Kimagure Furyou Dou きまぐれ不良道 [080701] Black Tale School gangs set up a fight. The winning side mercilessly establishes control by violating school girls. Doujin Nukige 3. Shokushu Byoutou [-666-] 触手病棟 [-666-] [080702] Dieselmine The main character is a young girl. From the outside she appears to be normal, but she has an unfortunate disease which causes her excrement to turn into tentacles within her own body. Every day they attack her driving her to the brink of madness... she finally can't take it anymore and throws them off of her and into the road where she beats them until they stop moving. At that time her condition is discovered and she is put in to a "care ward." Contained in room 666, the tentacles being to overrun her body, making her scream and moan in pain. As she daily gives birth to them from her anus they continue their relentless violation. As she completely loses her sense, she starts to believe that the tentacles are really a part of her body. What is the the sad fate of this unwilling captive? Doujin Nukige 4. The Clean [080702] Mistik On a floating island (Kiri), a utopia for evil geniuses, upon coming of age this one apprentice has been sentenced to die, unless He can make a girl fall in love with him with in 7 days. He must make her fall in love with him then bring her back to be killed and sacrificed for his evil genius inauguration ceremony. English Doujin 5. Hitozuma Koukan Nikki 人妻交姦日記 [080704] Anim Kouichi lives a happy life with his wife, Kanako, and daughter, Nao. But one day, Kimihiko, his neighbor, says to him, "Do you wanna fool around with a married woman?" "What?" What Kimihiko suggests Kouichi is to swap their wives. Kouichi doesn't take it seriously at first, but.... Nukige 6. Okitsune Nakadashi Ongaeshi ~Onee-san no Naka de Ippai Kimochi Yoku Natte ne~ おキツネ中出し恩返し ~お姉さんの中でいーっぱい気持ちよくなってね~ [080704] Norn Our hero is a college student who lives in a rural town. One day he comes across a wounded fox, which he treats. Then a naked woman appears before him, claiming she is the fox and that she wants to return the favor. That is the beginning of a life with the big breasted fox girl, who repays the favor by letting him ejaculate inside of her as much as he wants. Nukige 7. Tsuyu Daku Kanojo 汁だく彼女 [080704] Karen Soft One day, when Keita plays with Saya, his old friend, as usual, she accidentally gets a bucket of water over her head. He gets sexually excited to see her drenched body and pushes her over on the bed. "Ok...." They finally have sex.... However, Yukie, their classmate, sees it all. Keita invites her to join them and they enjoy 3P sex.... Nukige 8. Milk Bound ミルクばうんど [080705] Sponge Teikoku Ease the lonely heart (and body) of your neighbor's wife, Midori-san, with sweet and rich sex, squeezing her breasts until milk comes out. Doujin Nukige 9. Vocaloid Story ボーカロイドストーリー [080705] Sweet Tales Vocaloid girl Miku sings her energetic songs every day until bug infestation hit the town. Miku got kidnapped and another vocaloid girl Rin got a parasite in her body. Rin begins her adventure to rescue Miku. Doujin 10. Touhou Makura Shikyou 東方枕紫境 [080709] PHAN-MMK Main character is summoned to the Touhou world via a summoning ceremony by a girl Patchouli who is in trouble with a vast collection of books. Protagonist helps her arrange the books, but not only that. Doujin 11. Radio Caroline ラジオキャロライン [080710] Ochanomizu Electronic Manufacturing A road movie-inspired visual novel. Doujin 12. Hana yori Dango -Koi Seyo Otome!- 花より男子 -恋せよ女子(おとめ)!- [080710] Konami Hanayori Dango is a modern, comical retelling of the Cinderella tale that has captured the hearts of many shoujo manga lovers. The series have been made into an anime, several live action series and feature length films. Now this romantic comedy becomes available to the gamers. Koi Seyo Otome is a dating simulation adventure where you become one of the "commoner" students enrolled into Eitoku, the school for celebrities. Befriend you fellow commoner, Tsukushi and the F4 members. The F4s are the blue bloods amongst the celebrity kids in school, although their king Doumeishi ended up with Tsukushi in the manga, in this game, you are the protagonist, so feel free to pursue anyone you wish. The game is split into morning, noon and nights, get ready for school in the morning and make sure you look good as you are going to meet the F4s. Go ahead and bump into them during school time and score lunch dates or get their email addresses. Make use of these contacts and ask them to dates at night. Increase your affection level with them during dates, know their favourite pasttimes and cater to them and you will have them wrapped around your little finger. Console Exclusive Otomege 13. Shokushu ni natte Machi o Shuugeki Shi Onnanoko o Ryoujoku Suru Game 触手になって町を襲撃し女の子を陵辱するゲーム [080710] Studio Ero House Assume the role of a tentacle monster and attack the town! Subdue the fleeing townspeople and the fighters who try to slay you, and thoroughly assault the women! This is a game that plays similar to a famous action RPG. The goal of the game is to defeat the soldiers defending the town and to sexually assault the girls who live there. The game can be played with only the cursor keys, so it's very simple. There are 8 targets in total. There is a village girl as well as a housewife and a rich lady. All erotic scenes feature full voice acting for the female characters. Doujin Nukige 14. Aru Fukou ni Miirareta Seinen to no 7 Kakan ある不幸に魅入られた青年との7日間 [080711] FUNKY☆CANDY Main character awakens in the field with amnesia. He starts to work on a farm and talk with villagers in attempt to restore memory. Doujin 15. Bishoujo ga Kuru! ~Yarareru Mae ni Yatte Yaru~ 美少女が来る!~ヤられる前にヤってやる~ [080711] Heat-Soft One day, a pretty girl suddenly appears in front of Toru. Her name is Iori from another world. She chops at him with a sword! He doesn't know what's going on, but he somehow runs away from her.... On the next day, Iori appears as a transfer student and moves into a room next to him. She also persistently tells him to become her boyfriend.... Will she just try to kill him? He tries to escape, but she runs after him. Well, will he be able to run away from her...? Nukige 16. Chou Man'in ~ Binyuu Shimai Shanai Choukyou 超満淫~美乳姉妹車内調教 [080711] Kuro Hina The main character is a private detective. One day, he receives an offer, "Please give sex training to two girls.... If you are interested in it, please call me." He calls the client and promises to visit a specific place. And a beautiful girl appears there! He immediately decides to accept the offer.... Nukige 17. Hare Hare Harem 晴れハレはーれむ [080711] Smee "Several girls will love you at the same time and you wil be in trouble." Akihiro's fortunetelling goes like this... The fortunetelling is right and his life dramatically changes. Three girls suddenly say to him, "Please let me be your wife!" And Kotoko, his old friend, takes part in it and they start living together... Nukige 18. Imouto mo? Akumakko!? Manyuu Henshin! Yo wa Aniue Senyou no Mazo Chichi Dorei ja! 妹も?悪魔っ娘!? 魔乳変身! 余は兄上専用のマゾ乳奴隷じゃ! [080711] MorningStar Takemi is an ordinary guy. One day a demoness appears out of the blue, claiming to be his older sister, and forcing him to let her stay in his home! Then a little later, a younger sister shows up! Ista's claws draw closer to Takemi's nether regions! Nukige 19. Ryoushuu ~Kinki no Mesuniku Jikken Chousho~ 凌襲~禁忌の牝肉実験調書~ [080711] Black Package Try In near future science becomes dominant eroding ethic and moral values. Main character is a scientist conducting cloning experiments for an illegal company. Women from "Valkure" government special affairs agency storm this facility to put an end to this organization, but fall prey to set traps just as previous invaders. With such excellent new "material" experiments get much bolder. Nukige 20. Yuukyuu no Kanon 悠久のカノン [080711] Imaginary Garden A romance training simulation game where girls battle with other girls and monsters to collect the "ore" necessary for growth of magical flowers. Doujin Otomege 21. Shikkoku Yuugi 漆黒遊戯 [080715] RAPESEED A late-night school cruel and absurd game where victim bleed and can even lose liver... Doujin 22. Gakkou no Kaidan DS 学校の怪談DS [080717] Compile Heart Based on the anime of the same name, a friend has dissappeared mysteriously. Console Exclusive 23. "ppoi!" Hitonatsu no Keiken!? 『っポイ!』ひと夏の経験!? [080717] Otomate The protagonist Sawahara Asumi is a 3rd year middle school student who is part of the basketball club at her school. Taking a break from studying for her entrance exams she goes to hang out with her older sister at her apartment for summer vacation. But she accidentally runs into an unknown girl and they switch bags, in a panic Asumi runs after her and ends up lost. She ends up running into Taira and his friends and they end up finding her bag, but then Asumi notices that her precious wristband has gone missing. Taira's group helps her again to try and find it and they have a fun time together, but Asumi can't stay too long. While dealing with various happenings will she be able to find her wristband? Otomege 24. Summer Session [080717] Hanako Games Your cute classmate, your sexy professor, your secret admirer - can you win their hearts? Lift weights and buy new clothes to impress the ladies, but don't forget your schoolwork! In Summer Session, you must balance your schedule to raise your stats and pass your exams. Meet unique characters, make friends, and find romance, then play again to unlock all the endings. EVN 25. Orukojin 織香神 [080717] Notako A boy gets lost in the mountains. He finds a cabin and starts to live together with an old man and another boy. But difficult times approach, and hardships await ahead. Doujin 26. Instant Shiyoujo いんすたんとしようじょ[080718] Puni-Soft Main character sees a strange flying in his post. It says that if you pour semen in a special container, the result will be an "Instant girl". No harm can come out of that, so why not try and see for yourself. Doujin Nukige 27. Ban'yuu Inryoku Shoujo 万有引力少女 [080718] Sherbet Soft Pharmacy clerk catches three shoplifters who are all girls from a prestigious princess Sakura High School. He uses tricky interrogation methods to improve their attitude, learn three mysterious stories and possibly even get laid. Doujin Nukige 28. Giri Giri Sisters 義理☆ギリ しすたぁ~ず [080718] Re:verse Family Planning begun out of duty Immediately after beginning to live on his own, the protagonist Kaoru's home is destroyed in a fire. Gazing, dumbfound, as his apartment goes up in flames, someone calls out to him. "Um, excuse me?" He turns towards the voice with a sullen expression on his face, only to find himself looking at his dead mother.... "Um... You're Kaoru, right?" This was the first meeting of Kaoru and his aunt. The sudden sister-in-law Doujin Nukige 29. Hara Hara Fiancee ~Anata o Soudatsu! Hime-sama to Onee-chan no Kainin Race!!~ はらはらフィアンセ~貴方を争奪!姫様とお姉ちゃんの懐妊レース!!~ [080718] Norn Yukiya is a university student. One day, a girl called Eleonora suddenly appears in front of him and tells him that she will marry him. It seems she is princess and comes from a different world. According to her, she will need to have his baby to show her attractiveness. He doesn't know what to do, but she approaches him. However, Kotono, his old friend, takes part in it as well. Nukige 30. Shiiku Hakusho ~Kusari ni Tsunagareta Doukyuusei~ 飼育白書 ~鎖に繋がれた同級生~ [080718] Delta Keiichi is from a rich family. He's got everything he wanted, books, toys, pet animals..., and girls!! He now goes to school just for a girl, Sarina. "I just want her." He confines her in his secret room and rapes her in various ways. She gradually gets addicted to it and.... Nukige 31. Shiritsu Onsen Gakuen ~Sukumizu de Ofuro ni Haiccha Dame Desu ka?~ 私立温泉学園~スク水でお風呂に入っちゃダメですか?~ [080718] Nail Sharp There is a prestige girls' school. Granting a founder's intention, there are baths on the school premises and students enjoy having a bath. However, the number of students who wear swinsuit when having a bath increases. The ringleader is Karen. She tries to change the school rules and allow students to wear a swimsuit when having a bath. Yukako, a teacher, objects to it and she orders the main character, a rookie teacher, to stop it. If he fails, he will be fired... Nukige 32. TsunaBan ♥ Love Mix ツナバン♥らぶみくす [080718] Windmill This is a fandisc of the game Tsunagaru Bangle, featuring 6 after stories, one for each heroine. There is also one story in which every heroine appears at the same time. Fandisc 33. Tsundere de Yandere na Osananajimi - Takanashi Futaba-san to H na Koto o Suru Game ツンデレでヤンデレな幼馴染・小鳥遊双葉さんとHなことをするゲーム [080718] Fenrir Futaba is a high school student. She is smart, good at sports, and liked by everyone. One the other hand, Michiru, the main character, is just mediocre.... They are promised to marry..., though Futaba doesn't want it. One day, Michiru meets a beautiful girl, who has just transferred to their school. Futaba accidentally sees it and runs away angrily, but she stumbles and almost falls down the stairs. Michiru narrowly saves her, but he gets injured. As Futaba takes care of him, they gradually get closer and finally.... Happy ending? No, no. Hinako whom Michiru met the other day and Chidori, a school doctor, take part in the story and various H happenings and events happen! Also, Futaba is found to be yandere.... Will Michiru be able to get back a peaceful life? Nukige 34. Yokorenbo ~Immoral Mother~ 横恋母~Immoral Mother~ [080718] Guilty+ Junko lost her husband about ten years ago and she has been bringing up Ryouichi, her son, alone since then. One day, when he is asleep, she secretly gives him a blowjob and has sex with him. Two years later, she gets remarried.... One night, he accidentally sees Junko and his new father having sex. He remembers what happened two years ago and feels an irresistible impulse to get her back.... Nukige 35. Desmios [080719] StudioTiara Half-beast Sara lives in a village deep in the forest. She spends days peacefully on fresh air with her lover. But one day she gets captured and is tortured by countless humans and strange creatures... Doujin Nukige 36. Itan ~Fuminijirareta Hokori~ 異端~踏み躙られた誇り~ [080719] Will Tame Humans and elves live in their respective territories after the Great War. Humans find devices that neutralize elven magic and capture all the elves in the hideout. From then on the history of violation and torture begins. Doujin Nukige 37. Curse [080721] Aim Two hundred years ago after the war a contract with the demons was signed. But now contract expires, so humans send a wise emissary to prolong the contract. Demon agrees on humans terms if he is shown the power of love on example of princess Milia who turns 16 now. Four princes offer themselves as spouses and compete for 10 days after the birthday. Will the contract be signed? Doujin Otomege 38. Bokura no Sekai ぼくらのせかい [080722] RAPESEED Everyone has his own "world". But it's ephemeral. The more you try to protect it, the more insane it becomes. It's a story of one such boy and his classmates. Doujin 39. Inutomo - Aka Inu Kanchi no Meimou イヌトモ 赤犬カンチの迷妄 [080724] Blue One Kanchi drives to the mountains at night with friends. But they discover something unusual, and strange events start to pile up... Doujin Boys Love 40. Asaki, Yumemishi あさき、ゆめみし [080725] Mio I am a high school student. This summer, I am visiting a small town in the country. The town is surrounded by mountains and people peacefully coexist with ayakashi (ghosts). I don't remember this place, but I feel like there was something I cherished there. The people I spend my time there all feel somehow important. They are Giou (an ayakashi), Shinonome, Shu, Takatora, and Chihaya. I get involved in a trouble due to appearance of an another mysterious ayakashi. Mysterious phenomena.... Nightmare.... I don't wanna remember that thing, but I have to.... When the moon becomes full, what will happen to me...? Now, my summer starts.... Otomege 41. Bible Black -The Infection- [080725] Kururi Active Upon its release in 2000, Bible Black -La noche de Walpurgis made history with its tale of black magic and immoral situations wrapped in an occult setting. Now a sequel to that famous game has been announced! This new tales begins one month following the events of the earlier game, with the revelation that Kitami Reika, who should have died, has reappeared?! The protagonists are once again assailed by a nightmare! Nukige 42. C.D.C.D.2 C.D.C.D.2 ~シーディーシーディー2~ [080725] Circus Fandisk for several Circus games. First story is about the positions in which the newlyweds Nemu and Junichi liked to have sex. A close-to-nukige story with the heroes of "Da Capo". Second story tells us what happened to a man who lost everything in his life except for a faithful maid. It's a very psychologically difficult story about the characters of "Home Maid" vn. Third story may slightly recover your mood with a small fantasy on the theme of uninhibited relationships of Yoshiyuki, Nanaka and Koko, the heroes of "Da Capo II". Last story is a variation on the theme of "Beauty and the Beast," where the main character is Euretta from "Eternal Fantasy". Here you'll find an unexpected plot twist and shocking events that will happen to the main heroine. Fandisc 43. Class Zenin Ore no Yome ~"Watashi-tachi no Karada wa Anata no Mono" Joshi Zenin Pet Sengen~ クラス全員オレの嫁~「私達のカラダは貴方のモノ」女子全員ペット宣言~ [080725] MBS Truth Fuyuki is a high school student, living alone. One day, he accidentally calls a devil, Mel, to his apartment. She says, "Give me your life!", but he refuses it. As a result, they have a battle and he wins by chance. She accepts defeat and tells him she will make his wish come true. He says, "Well, I want you to make a girl I love love me." But she misunderstands it, "Make any girls who like Fuyuki love Fuyuki!" and casts a magic spell... On the next day, all girls seem different... They try to press themselves against him... They gather around him all the time... According to Mel, all girls like Fuyuki...? No way! Like this, his extraordinary school life starts.... Nukige 44. Ecchi na Maid-san wa Suki Desu ka? エッチなメイドさんは好きですか? [080725] Custard The main protagonist lives alone as he goes to university. As his graduation is close by, he decides to get a job. It has been a few years since he saw his parent's house, so he goes for a visit. When he gets there, he is amazed by the huge mansion that has been erected. He enters the mansion, and finds beautiful maids forming a line... Nukige 45. Hanamaru! 2 はなマルッ!2 [080725] TinkerBell Aoi lives a peaceful life. His school actively accepts students of different species and the city is famous for it. One day, he remembers his dream that he wanted to be a hero like a superman when he was a kid. The next morning, the noise wakes him up, coming from his desk. When he opens the drawer, a girl is inside.... Nukige 46. Happy Princess ~Another Fairytale~ はっぴぃプリンセス~Another Fairytale~ [080725] Terios In this fandisc for Happy Princess you can play new stories with the main games heroines as well as a unique story with a new heroine, Nikita. Fandisc 47. Himi Tsui ひみ☆ツイ [080725] West Vision Yuuta loves "bukkake". He waits for Ringo, his girlfriend who allows him to do bukkake to her, coming back from trip. One night, he gets excited to see Miu, his sister, sleeping on the sofa and does bukkake to her. He tries to wipe it up, but she wakes up. He apologizes her, but she says, "I'll keep it secret, so please do it again tomorrow..." Nukige 48. Inkou Oyaji to Shoujo 淫行おやじと少女 [080725] Matsuri Kikaku The main character is a middle-aged man, who has been just fired. He frequently visits a town he likes to look for a job, but actually he just watches girls in school uniform on the road. As time passes, he can't stop his sexual desire and decides to follow target girls. And he luckily gets their personal information and secrets.... Nukige 49. Jukujo Kyoushi wa Mitsu no Aji 熟女教師は蜜の味 [080725] Uresen I'm Tomoyuki, a high school student. I'm not interested in female students. I just love older women. There are two attractive female teachers at my school, Ayame and Hitomi. They are beautiful and have big breasts.... But I couldn't imagine I would have a connection with them that way. One day, I was beaten up by bad students, but they saved me. Since then, their secret private lessons began.... Nukige 50. Katei Kyoushi wa Majo Sensei! ~Kojin Jugyou wa H Juushi de~ 家庭教師は魔女先生!~個人授業はH重視で~ [080725] MorningStar Conglomerate's chief officer behaves outrageously selfishly. Leader sends two tutors to get him back on track. But the problem is that officer can't study unless he's involved into something naughty. Tutors have no way out, but to provide lessons alongside sex services. However, they have a great secret... Nukige 51. Kiss x 500 Kissken Hatsudou KISS×500 KISS権、発動 [080725] Winters 1 The main character lives on an island. There is a unique unwritten law that a person who kisses is arrested and imprisoned for five years. Kissing is strictly prohibited on the island. He always thinks of living a life full of kisses. One day, his pent-up desire to kiss explodes and tries to kiss girls around him, but he fails... "We have the right to kiss!!!" He decides to leave the island... Why is kissing banned on the island...? Nukige 52. Mainichi Kedamono!! Love Ero Momoiro School Life 毎日けだものっ!! らぶえろ☆ももいろ☆すくーるらいふ♪ [080725] Bishop 1 Kouichi has a unique constitution that when he excessively gets excited, he makes girls around him get sexually excited. Also, when he extremely gets excited, he rapes any girls like a beast. On his first day at school, he gets involved in various accidents with girls.... Like this, his school life with his classmates and a classroom teacher begins.... "Not enough!? You beast!!!" Nukige 53. My Pet Caster マイペットキャスター [080725] MOON GODDESS Chapter 5 of My pet series Fate edition. Caster betrays her master and is captured as a result. She is led into the torture chamber, and violation begins. Doujin Nukige 54. Nozokima ~Final~ NOZOKI魔~ファイナル~ [080725] Maika Kensuke is a specialist of peeping. He obtains a secret of target girls and rapes them using it. An OL, a housewife, and a student.... Get their secrets and make them your sex slaves!!! Nukige 55. Onee-san x Scratch お姉さん×すくらっち [080725] Hadashi Shoujo This is a spin-off item, focusing on onesan. Three onesan take care of you sweetly, but sometimes severely.... Full of onesan H!!! Just enjoy lovelove H life with three onesan! Nukige 56. Pastel Nanana ~Mahou Shoujo wa Otoko no Ko!?~ ぱすてる☆ななな~魔法少女はオトコノコ!?~ [080725] Applemint Soft skin, glossy long hair... getting envious stares from the girls, being forced to wear cute clothes, even receiving love letters from other guys! These are everyday events for the lead character Narumi Nanakawa. Suddenly, an angel named Liliy Lyndgren falls before him. Without realizing that he is a boy, she entrusts him with the mission of preserving justice in the world as an an angel substitute, Pastel Nanana! Doujn Nukige 57. Samayou Midarana Lunatics ~Tsuki no Hime Otogi Zoushi~ 彷徨う淫らなルナティクス~月の姫お伽草子~ [080725] Lilith Mist Eifa loves her brother, Alois, but due to their status as royalty they are unable to express their love. One day Eifa was tricked and cursed by a witch seeking to become the new queen. Due to the curse Eifa can only exist at night and when it is day, her body is replaced by Alois. Their incestuous love is also exposed, and together they are banished from the kingdom. In desperation to break the curse Alois decides to seek the help of another witch, named Yorandel. Nukige 58. Seinarukana Special Fan Disc 聖なるかな スペシャルファンディスク [080725] Xuse This is a fan disc of Seinarukana -The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2-. The disc features three afterstories and a quiz game with more scenes.. Also, a maxi single CD is included. Fandisc 59. Shouki Letitia ~Koyoi, Oujo wa Haru o Uru~ 娼姫レティシア~今宵、王女は春を売る~ [080725] catwalkNero Estor Kingdom is blessed with rich nature. It exists in stability for over a hundred years until king falls ill. At this time minister's coup breaks out. As a result, king is imprisoned and the princess and queen are captured. But minister can't reign himself as people would overthrow the usurper. He blackmails princess and queen with king's life and coerces them into being trained by protagonist who is a high class courtesan trainer. They can only leave this building as complete whores. Doujin Nukige 60. Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Anata o Suki na Shiawase その花びらにくちづけを あなたを好きな幸せ [080725] Fuguriya 1 2 Reo fails her classes and Mai helps her to pass. To reward Reo for passing her quiz, Mai agrees to go on a date with Reo. One day during class, Reo is called to the school office. She returns acting strangely. After a lot of worrying and probing, Mai still does not know what has happened. This results in a huge fight between Reo and Mai, because Mai feels that Reo does not trust in her enough to share her problems… They eventually make up and ends in love. Doujin Girls Love 61. Sukusuku Mizugi ~Nusunda Mizugi wa Karukishu~ すくすく水着 盗んだ水着はカルキ臭 [080725] Abogado Powers Tamafumi is a university student. One day, he is asked to work part-time as a pool guard at girls' high school. He accepts the offer, but he is a little bit concerned.... When he was a kid, he was mistakenly stigmatized as a swimwear thief. On his first day at school, he meets Sakura and Chika, members of the swimming club and Sakura says to him, "Did you belong to the swimming club of Uzushio High School?" Actually, Tamafumi was a famous swimmer when he was a high school student. Sakura and Chika ask him to give them a lesson. He doesn't want it, but he finally accepts it... Nukige 62. Tonari no Onee-san wa Kyonyuu OL となりのお姉さんは巨乳OL [080725] Swanmania Main character joins a company with the help of his sister working there, but gets a job at the secretarial department. He gets confused with the neighbor and is seduced right at workplace. A fun life begins for him with two friendly big breasted office ladies nearby. Nukige 63. Toumei Ningen The Game 透明人間 THE GAME [080725] Cyon One day, the main character picks up a medicine bottle full of pills. When he takes it, he becomes invisible! He immediately goes to a public bath.... After that, he goes to a girls' high school.... Nukige 64. Tsuki no Kanata de Aimashou 月の彼方で会いましょう [080725] Classico One day, Ryosuke suddenly has a strange feeling.... "Where am I...?" His surroundings change something like Edo and Tokyo mixed together. "Yes, this is where I used to be...." He is moved and shed tears. "But it's not me...." His spirit comes and goes between previous world and this world.... Nukige 65. Utsugi Tomoe ~Kaigyaku Choukyou Seitokai~ 空木巴~壊虐調教生徒会 [080725] elle-murakami A training battle which has the player trading off between both characters in one day cycles. Competing with her sister, the heroine must perfect herself as the more obedient slave. Caught up in a sibling battle, a family living on the dark side of society. The peaceful days for virginal, beautiful, and talented student body president Tomoe are at an end as the game to tailor her into the perfect servant begins. Train her with different types of sexual play! Group sex, breaking in both holes, torture and humiliation exercises, urination, enema play etc! There are a variety ot training methods to choose from! Doujin Nukige 66. W Shokku ~Shin Gakuen Youshokutan~ W触区~新 学園妖触譚~ [080725] Lusterise A monster was sealed off by a monster buster long time ago. However, the monster still waits for his chance to get back. He tries to capture the monster buster's descendants, twin sisters, but he is defeated by the monster buster again. He somehow runs away and comes up with an idea that he disguises himself as a teacher and approaches them.... Nukige 67. Yamitsuki! やみツキ! [080725] Nounai Kanojo The protagonist has a feminine face, and his childhood friend, Tsuzuki Mikoto, always made fun of him until it became more like everyday life. An unexpected thing happened, he wanted to confess to the most beautiful girl at school, Minomura Tsukasa. But his love letter got into the hands of another girl by mistake, Yagami Kihiro, the only daughter of a yakuza, and she fell in love with him. As he tried to shake of Kihiro's "love attack", he tried again and confessed to Tsukasa. Tsukasa accepted his confession. He was happy for the time being, but for some reason she began to make him wear women's clothing. Actually, at last year's school festival, she fell in love with the protagonist who was cross-dressing then. Surrounded by these girls who love him in a somewhat warped and tumultuous way, the protagonist and the heroines begin to chase each other. Nukige 68. Yuukuri Panic Dokidoki Oyakodon ゆーくりパニック どきどき親子丼 [080725] Shining Star Kinuka and Sayaka compete with each other over Hiromu. Both mother and daughter grow jealous of each other and strive for more pleasure from Hiromu. Doujin Nukige 69. Bestie Walzer ベスティエワルツ [080728] Suiren Two sisters get trapped in the mansion by a tentacle monster. They have their body parts transformed and get coerced into having sex with each other over and over. Doujin Nukige 70. Imouto Shiru to Mama no Oppai ~Haramase Haha Imouto~ 妹汁とママのおっぱい ~孕ませ母妹~ [080729] Studio-74 On a day where a brother and sister play TV games while mother is away, it should have only been a TV game, their hearts were moved by each other. Moved by the pure joy of the pleasure in each other. What should have only been once, became twice, and 3 times, eventually it was happening at any where, around the clock. In a house, everyday, where parents were away, the sweet scent of a younger sister intertwines with her brother. What would be the fate of the two siblings, whose secret should never be known, if it were to be found out by their mother? Doujin Nukige 71. Love Life ラブライフ [080730] Pearl drop Newcomer boy gets sandwiched between molesting attempts of his childhood friend and teacher. Doujin Boys Love 72. Yuzutte! Neenee! ゆずって! 姉ねえ! [080730] Arkham Main character's sister is voluptuous, and every day she performs seduce attempts. But why resist? If she does not mind, then why he should. Doujin Nukige 73. Doki Doki Majo Shinpan 2 Duo どきどき魔女神判2 Duo [080731] SNK Playmore Akuji, the previous protagonist, returns with a new spirit companion, the demon Kuro. The game expands the infamous "Witch Checking" system of the last game by adding more animations and allowing players to check anyone (including random classmates). It also includes more minigames, chapters for the game's side story, and a dating system for the story. Console Exclusive 74. Drastic Killer [080731] Tenky On her sixteenth birthday, she meets a mysterious man called Gleude and he tells her that she is a princess candidate and has a special power. However, she needs to improve her power to become princess. She makes up her mind to improve her power by attracting target boys and love stealing. Otomege 75. Gaki no Chinpo ya Arahen de! ガキのチ○ポやあらへんで! [080731] Doujin3aries A collection of five erotic stories united by shota getting seduced by experienced women theme. Doujin Nukige 76. Moe Nikki 萌日記 [080731] Puzzlebox 1 Secret place... There is a comic club, but only two students, Yamato and Moe, belong to it. One day, they find a secret room and an old diary full of H things... Their relationship changes since then and they have sex in the secret room every day after school. Their demeanor grows bolder day by day and finally gets bolder than what is written in the diary... Nukige 77. Tokyo Alice 東京アリス [080731] Kyoushuu Hanaya 1 2 Outa is your typical no nonsense guy who looks firmly towards reality… Too bad his air headed childhood friend, Arisu, can’t be as serious as him. Their lives go about as normal, until Arisu has been absent from school for a total of three days. As Outa wonders what’s wrong with her, she drifts past him in odd clothes with a mysterious look about her. Outa is then pulled into Wonderland along with her. His mission? To save her, and drag her out of there no matter what. Amidst a mysterious world filled with talking rabbits and bickering flowers, why does Arisu insist on being called Alice? What’s her purpose there? And, does she even want to leave Wonderland? Doujin
  10. Foreword: Took this game for review because could not understand the gist of the game from synopsis or reviews. Synopsis: The magical world, Ninkyonasa. That existence of this peaceful world relied upon the kind heart of the people in the real world. But in the present time where people only thinks of themselves and losing their thoughtfulness: Otokogi, this magical world was in danger of vanishing… In order to save that world, a magical girl was sent to the real world. She gathered the little Otokogi that was left in society and saved Ninkyonasa from destruction. A couple of decades has passed since then. Ninkyosa was in the verge of destruction again. Not only was Otokogi scarce, the Demon World Mafia was after their world. The Demon World Mafias were raising the price of land in different worlds one after another and make them their own. Hearing that Ninkyonasa was in danger, they have come down like hyenas. However, the magical girl in the past has already passed away, and her only child in the real world was a boy. At the time of the biggest crisis of Ninkyonasa, an appearance of a girl full of Otokogi was strongly wished for. …Meanwhile in the real world. Without knowing about a crisis in such alternate magical world, Buntarou Sugawara was living his laid back life. Although he had no parents, he was living a super positive life with his natural passion for girls. But one day his apartment burned down as a result of a fire. The daughter of his landlord, Hana Kiryuuin asks him nicely if he wants to stay at their house. He couldn’t refuse an offer from a cute girl, and he follows her to her house, just to find himself inside a home of Yakuzas! Although he was surprised at first, he finds out that this Kiryuu clan was fatherless, and he quickly decides to stay. However, the former head just passed away and the Kiryuu clan was in the middle of a war against another clan. In order to protect his dream life with a cute girl, Buntarou stood up even though he was weak. …Even then, Buntarou lacked experience in a fight and gets beat up by mugs. As Hana ran up to him for help, Buntarou’s momento strap from his mother started glowing and Hana turned into a magical girl!! Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv-FLPl2vDaaLHIjGVgSYuVU Game type: Comedy growth story Character Design rating: 8/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 7/10 Game quality: 7/10 Overall rating: 7/10 A difficult game to review, because each of four routes is very different even genre-wise, so it feels like four different games. Which is surprising since there is only one writer. Common route develops as a comedy, even as a bakage, but there is enough seriousness in the second half of individual routes. So let's overview these routes. Tsubasa route usually stands first in the walkthroughs, but it's the weakest routes of all. Our classmate turns into a loli magical girl, and development is boring taking place in the flat for the most part. This route also exists in isolation from other heroines, and there is no yakuza or serious conflict. Also it's the route just for the lulz, so ends as a real bakage. Sunao route is same short as Tsuabasa, but Sunao is the only heroine who can not transform into a magical girl. So this route focuses mostly on peculiar personality of Sunao and the importance of family. Quite an amusing route, but Sunao feels like a sub-heroine overall. Fiore route is about duality and conflict as she can be treated both as friend and enemy. A most touching and delicate story. Finally, Hana route feels like the True route as it has a complete ending and revelations about the concept of the game as a story about the second generation of magical girls. Hana also has a tremendously amusing personality, so it's a pleasure to read. Time to talk about disadvantages. Character designs are inconsistent, and some characters are pain to look at. Story is basically nothing extraordinary that actually can go without the magical girl part. There's no real excitement. Some parts are not explained like why MC faints or why he is so strong. Protagonist also is not too bright with main feature about him being quarelling with the girls and also being kind to girls as his mother taught him. There's also deficit of CG. But there are also many good sides. Game breaks aside from usual magical girl cliche and absolutely does not focus on moe. Text is easy to read, and tempo is good. Humor is great. There is enough passion and variety. What's most important for me is that atmosphere is light, and reading is really enjoyable. As a result, it's a very enjoyable light comedy with enough depth. I still think that Tsubasa route must be skipped as it does not contribute to the concept, ends up boring and finishes in a disappointing way making it droppable. But I don't remember the last time I read such a light-hearted yet absolutely clever game. And I treasure each such occasion. It might be not the most complex or exciting game, but I can easlily recommend it to everyone.
  11. Foreword: Game looks like a chunige, so why not try it. Synopsis: Shinobu Shindou was an ordinary highschool student. Except for the fact that he lost his memory 3 years ago. He heard that it had to do with an accident that occured back then. The shrine that he lived in burnt down, his parents passed away, and he was heavily injured. But even though it was a big incident, no one knew what caused it. Shinobu didn’t remember what happened either, and he wasn’t even certain that his real name was Shinobu Shindou. Losing his memory, losing his parents, he was only left with a feel of loss… The people who supported him in such situation were the members of the Morisaki family who had relationship with him since his childhood. Thanks to them, Shinobu was able to live a fairly normal life. He passes a peaceful time with Chisato Morisato, supposedly his childhood friend, her mother who was the head of the Morisaki family, and his other friends. But Shinobu feels he somehow doesn’t belong to this peaceful life. “There should be something I must do…” In order to ease his frustration, he heads to his home shrine where there is only a small monument left. This was where he always came when he had things to think about. When he swept the site while thinking about things, he felt relaxed. While doing that, a mysterious girl visted the site and left after telling him it’s dangerous here. When he was still wondering what that was all about, something attacks Shinobu. That didn’t look like a human or an animal, …but a monster. Even though Shinobu practiced swords with Chisato, he couldn’t do anything with a bamboo broom and was quickly cornered to the wall. When he thought it was all over, the sacred tree left in the Shrine gave off a shining ray of light. “Sigh, I can’t sleep when it’s so noisy here” A girl who appeared from the light and spoke in an proud tone said she was a god worshipped at this place… Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv89vaz_V27rB7frcjdRGaG8 Game type: Cliche chunige Character Design rating: 5/10 Protagonist rating: 4/10 Story rating: 5/10 Game quality: 6/10 Overall rating: 5/10 As usual, took the game for review blindly due to synopsis, but game already looked fishy with no scenario writer name and a total number of Japanese reviews being less than fingers on one hand. It's a deeply flawed game that's really hard not to drop, so I'll give away some plot spoilers. So main character returns to the place of the shrine where his parents died in a fire only to find an army of evil spirits led by Rasetsu who appeared in nightmares and Nayuta to take revenge on protagonist. But MC has amnesia (of course) and can only survive with the help of a goddess of a sacred tree who appears naked (of course). For some absolutely unexplained reason a whole bunch of warrior girls pour into the scene - Chisato, Rei and Ran. And since it's too troublesome to give a normal outcome, MC just faints and regains consciousness when everything is over. Convenient. Then SOL segment begins which is suddenly interrupted by appearance of Church agent Alice Crawford and sudden defeat of one of two enemies - Rasetsu. Individual routes vary to some extent, but eventually Nayuta awakens dreadful God of Destruction... who gets defeated in one hit just because MC remembered some deadly technique. SUPER convenient. Scenario is a hell of a mess. But I was also irritated by normal battles during patrol sequences. They use some rock-scissors-paper system for attacks and blocks and timings to take decisions, but they have absolutely zero meaning and can all be lost without any consequences. In this regard game really reminds me of Tamayura by Akabei Soft2. These battles bring nothing but irritation. By the way, spirit of the game also resembles Tamayura as both games center around shrine maidens that strive to strengthen spiritual barrier. Samayou Mitama ni Yasuragi no Toki o actually has much development for that minuscule length of 3 hours for common route, plus just 2 hours for each individual route. If there weren't five heroines, it would fit in just one video that's limited at 12 hours for youtube. Tempo is really bad. Explanations are scarce. Heroines are neither developed, nor moe. There's no humor worthy of mention. Game is so cliche and bland that there is basically nothing to talk about. Oh, and I hate all the stupid epicness. Well, art is actually pretty good. Wow, I have not encountered such trashy chunige for a long time since Toki no Kairou, Answer Dead and Ochiba no Mau Koro. What unites them is that they are unpleasant to play and also leave a bad aftertaste. Still, even such experience is useful as we need something to compare normal games with.
  12. Foreword: Took this game blindly for review just because I consider Coμ a full 10/10 masterpiece and want to see what games preceded it. Synopsis: Wakutsu Tomo was brought up by his mother as a girl due to a small mark he has on his body. After his mother's death, he discovers via her will that she emphasizes Tomo continue to live as a female, and following this, Tomo starts to go through more troubles in his life. Tomo soon discovers that he is linked with five girls who are around his age as a second year high school student. These girls happen to have the same mark he has, and also have been going through hardships in their lives. Tomo and these five girls decide to form a pact to stay together and support each other to solve each of their problems and to bring peace to their lives. Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_TqnQaJbD5FGO4x3Ng7Tiq Game type: Character mystery story Character Design rating: 9/10 Protagonist rating: 5/10 Story rating: 5/10 Game quality: 10/10 Overall rating: 7/10 As you see from the scores, I'm angry about this game. I'm too irritated by inconsistent story, trap protagonist and his bully behavior in H scenes. Impression may change later as it did with Clephas two reivews, but it's where I stand by now. Read other reviews (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9) if you want a more positive approach. With that handled, need to remind what this game is about. It's a metaphor on our reality, a cruel world that does not tolerate delinquents. Moreover, these delinquents' situation is aggravated by constant fear of breaking conditions of their curse, different in each case. So no one can trust anyone. Still, people are social beings, and they seek for soul mates. Normal people are too different, so cursed characters look for alike persons, bounded by curse. Such people can assess risks adequately and maybe even provide some support. As a result, we get a bunch of bitter sarcastic delinquents who don't mind teasing each other. The good thing is that all these people become mature very early. Even though communication attempts are rough, it's always good to see adult people talk. For the same reason there's no romance in this game. Everyone hides in his shell, there can't be even thought about getting defenseless in front of another person. The same goes about trust. It's a given that no one can be trusted. And the whole point of every route in this game is to pierce through this trust barrier. This process can differ substantially and be even rough like in Atori case, but it's what this game is about. And that's why each route is not about a certain heroine. It's about some trip or lasting event that bonds people together. Trust is not something that can appear overnight, that's why each route is really long, often with a lot of repeating common life events. The bulk of the game is just these everyday life events. Pacing is really bad, and no end to these seemingly boring events is seen. Nothing really happens on a grand scale. So reading this game is a huge pain for plotge enthusiasts. First three routes are just fillers from usual reader point of view. But this is not a normal visual novel, it can't be dragged to conventional genres. That's why I called it character mystery story. Every character is a mystery with his gift, curse and anxieties. It's not just usual hair color and personality differences. Every character is a whole world of mystery here. And if you don't want to solve this mystery, then you don't follow writer's concept and won't be able to enjoy the game. Each heroine is equally important, Rui is same important as Akaneko in True route with all the final revelations, that's why (and also for the pun) Rui name is in the title despite her route being as plain as possible. Another important trait of these game is that everyday life events only seem pointless, repeating and random. In fact, each single event has a meaning, and as such is a very important brick in building this ever fleeting trust. So, this game has a pretty shallow story. Characters might be interesting and all, but what can draw reader's attention and make these heroines alive? What makes us want to solve these characters mystery with concept being this dull? Basically, it's text. Text is super solid and mature, but it's also a great comedy based on puns and broad cultural references rather than usual perversion. Remember Saihate no Ima and Cross Channel? Text is this good. For me nothing can beat Youko talk, but Akaneko is a worthy rival as crazy generator of puns, teases and references. But why those games are 10/10 for me and Rui wa Tomo o Yobu barely makes it to the masterpiece level? For me it's trap protagonist. He makes every scene physically painful for me. His female voicing and proactive behavior during H scenes make things only worse. Rui wa Tomo o Yobu is the ultimate trap game. Never again trap protagonist will be portrayed with equal appeal and complexity in a game with this high text level. Tomo lacks usual stupid trap anxieties and behaves absolutely normally as it's his natural state, he is raised like that for all this life. It's the best game for breaking trap prejudices. But I can't put up with it now. Maybe, later.
  13. I'll call Rui wa Tomo o Yobu the VN of the Month for now. Reviewing it as well as Nidaime wa ☆ Mahou Shoujo and Samayou Mitama ni Yasuragi no Toki o . 1. Nanashi no Game ナナシ ノ ゲエム [080603] Epics Inc. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Rumors have been circulating about a cursed role-playing game; anyone who plays it and does not complete it dies seven days after starting. You are one of the victims playing the game; having started playing it several days after your friend recommended it to you. You visit your friend’s apartment to discover he is already dead. Starting that day strange things happens to you; everything you experience in the game resembles something in real life, and so-on. Game is localized and has English reviews. 2. Palmyra ~Nessa no Umi to bi Naru sen Hime~ Palmyra~熱砂の海と美なる戦姫~ [080606] Ohgetsu The main character suddenly warped to a battlefield in the ancient Arabian country of Palmyra. Will he be able to survive the war taking place against his will and return to his home one day? Palmyra is located between two big countries. When Princess Waba is on her way to one of the countries as a delegate, she sneaks out of the delegation. She enjoys freedom for a while, but she is captured by slave traders. What will happen to her...? 3rd century A.D. around modern Syria. And main character is our normal modern student warped there. And for some unexplained reason protagonist feels stronger in this world. Here is our wonder waffle. There are three chapters each roughly two hours loss with focus on different heroines in each chapter. Narration is fragmentary, and many characters remain poorly developed. Scenario feels like an unfinished product. 3. Ikusa Megami Zero 戦女神ZERO [080613] Eushully 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 After fierce battles between gods, two different worlds joined to become a new one. Celica was born there and to protect innocents, he battles against monsters as a paladin of Barouhart, god of storms. With a clear sense of justice and great skill with the blade, some call him a Hero. However after he meets a wandering seeker of knowledge and is tasked with purifying an ancient evil artifact, he begins to question his beliefs as he is drawn and more into events involving ancient prophecies, ancient gods and demon gods. This is the prequel to the Ikusa Megami Series and covers the events that led Celica to be known as a God Slayer. There are English reviews. 4. Komusume コムスメ [080620] Undel There is a big military country, feared by surrounding countries. One day, the country receives a report that there is a military training facility in one of the surrounding countries. They immediately decide to send two undercover soldiers there, Iriya and Kurosu. They are sent to high school, but there is nothing suspicious.... Students are happy and full of smile. Anyway, they change their names and join them. However, they are gradually influenced by freedom and peace as time goes by.... This setting was used quite often later on (I remember at least two cases). But this time it's just a romance comedy. Main heroine is taking the bulk of attention. Sol scenes constitute for 90% of the game, and humor here is akin to bakage. 5. Aria The Origination ~Aoi Hoshi no Il Cielo~ ARIA The ORIGINATION ~蒼い惑星のエルシエロ~ [080626] Regista 1 It is the year 2301. Man has terraformed Mars into a beautiful water planet, and has renamed it "Aqua". Built upon it is Neo-Venezia, an exact replica of old Venice, with beautiful waterways, palaces and plazas. Akari Mizunashi, a 15 year old girl arrives from Man-Home (formerly known as Earth) to become a gondolier trainee at a company called Aria Company. The company is lead by Alicia Florence, one of the three best gondoliers, also known as the three Water Fairies. Trough hard training, Akari aims to become a Prima herself. Many encounters and mysterious events are sure to follow on this planet of miracles. Anime Spin-Off 6. Rui wa Tomo o Yobu るいは智を呼ぶ [080626] Akatsuki Works 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Wakutsu Tomo was brought up by his mother as a girl due to a small mark he has on his body. After his mother's death, he discovers via her will that she emphasizes Tomo continue to live as a female, and following this, Tomo starts to go through more troubles in his life. Tomo soon discovers that he is linked with five girls who are around his age as a second year high school student. These girls happen to have the same mark he has, and also have been going through hardships in their lives. Tomo and these five girls decide to form a pact to stay together and support each other to solve each of their problems and to bring peace to their lives. There are English reviews. Don't think I can pass any Akatsuki Works game without my review though. 7. Amakami Vampire あまかみバンパイア [080627] Grooming Reiju is a high school student. One day, he saves a vampire bat. He digs the ground as told and finds three coffins. When he opens them, he is surprised to see that.... Three vampire girls are inside.... The next day, they suddenly come to his school and treat him as their slave.... Will his peaceful life come back...? Pretty much a bakage since there's hardly any seriousness left. Heroines are in love with protagonist at first sight. They eventually face some problem at their route, but even that problem lacks treatment. Half-baked work that lacks impact. 8. Coming x Humming!! [080627] Saga Planets 1 Sophomore student of Suzaku high school, Kirigaya Haruto stayed at a small country inn along with his childhood friend. Although he was worried about the monetary support from his parents that stopped and the accumulating rent, he lived a laid back life beneath the spring warmth. While wondering one night, Haruto meets a beautiful girl called Yoshino-Hime. Since that day, something changed within him. Preparing for the biggest festival of the year in 2 weeks, the quiet rural town started to become active... Game feels like an average moege with H tilt. There are many heroines, so each route is rather short and unimpressive. Bonus 3P route kind of pulls the last coffin into game's coffin for me. 9. Dokodemo Sukishite Itsudemo Sukishite どこでもすきしていつでもすきして [080627] C: drive. Kou Amano was an ordinary high school student. However, worried about ending his school life without anything fun, he begins approaching the 5 girls he liked. He succeeds as a result and develops a overly romantic relationship doing this and that, here and there!! After prologue we get to choose one of five heroines, and it's not cool already. Monotonous moege with HCG occupying almost all the gallery. Borderline nukige. 10. Lucky x Crosse ラッキー×クロス [080627] Kotonoha A beautiful port town, Kitadate town, where the ocean can be seen from the top of its hill. It was almost July, and a late summer was about to arrive in this northern town. The main character, Keito Kitami, was a freshman at Kitamizora Highschool in Kitade town. Kitamizora Highschool was a renowened school with a dorm. Since it used to be an all girl’s school, there isn’t that many boys and Keito lived in the girl’s dorm as well. Since Keito had interest in Lacrosse from the beginning, he joins the Kimizora Highschool Lacrosse club. But he ends up being as the only guy in there. To Keito’s disappointment, what all the extraordinary girls in the club do is just fool around without competing seriously. While being pushed around by the girls in the club, Keito meets a girl called Fuuka Asahikawa, and somehow falls in love with her. A Lacrosse club that only consists of six members and can’t even play a real game. Keito and the girl’s first summer was about to begin… Lacrosse in this game is nothing like in real life, more like stylized fun activity. Just couple months of school life, then proposal and H. Comedy is just in situations, hardy worth a mention. Period is rather short, so game does not really deliver anything special over this time. 11. Nidaime wa ☆ Mahou Shoujo 二代目は☆魔法少女 [080627] Sumikko Soft The magical world, Ninkyonasa. That existence of this peaceful world relied upon the kind heart of the people in the real world. But in the present time where people only thinks of themselves and losing their thoughtfulness: Otokogi, this magical world was in danger of vanishing… In order to save that world, a magical girl was sent to the real world. She gathered the little Otokogi that was left in society and saved Ninkyonasa from destruction. A couple of decades has passed since then. Ninkyosa was in the verge of destruction again. Not only was Otokogi scarce, the Demon World Mafia was after their world. The Demon World Mafias were raising the price of land in different worlds one after another and make them their own. Hearing that Ninkyonasa was in danger, they have come down like hyenas. However, the magical girl in the past has already passed away, and her only child in the real world was a boy. At the time of the biggest crisis of Ninkyonasa, an appearance of a girl full of Otokogi was strongly wished for. …Meanwhile in the real world. Without knowing about a crisis in such alternate magical world, Buntarou Sugawara was living his laid back life. Although he had no parents, he was living a super positive life with his natural passion for girls. But one day his apartment burned down as a result of a fire. The daughter of his landlord, Hana Kiryuuin asks him nicely if he wants to stay at their house. He couldn’t refuse an offer from a cute girl, and he follows her to her house, just to find himself inside a home of Yakuzas! Although he was surprised at first, he finds out that this Kiryuu clan was fatherless, and he quickly decides to stay. However, the former head just passed away and the Kiryuu clan was in the middle of a war against another clan. In order to protect his dream life with a cute girl, Buntarou stood up even though he was weak. …Even then, Buntarou lacked experience in a fight and gets beat up by mugs. As Hana ran up to him for help, Buntarou’s momento strap from his mother started glowing and Hana turned into a magical girl!! Game starts as a bakage with a lot of parody, but more serious and dark themes eventually show up. Scenario is not bad, but text is amateurish. Hana and Tsubasa routes are the only normal ones, the rest are pretty ridiculous. Taking it up for review. 12. Prima ☆ Stella プリマ☆ステラ [080627] Atelier Kaguya 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Kousuke Sakaki was a student and a swimmer who was hoped to participate in the world tournament. However, Kousuke was involved in a big accident trying to help a pedestrian. He was put into a coma as a consequence, but he miraculously regains his consciousness. Even though fate was against him, Kousuke starts moving towards his “dream” again. Although he miraculously awakened, he couldn’t put strain on his body. As the Winter season was about to begin, Kousuke’s environment kept on becoming tough. At such time, a certain person comes to his school. The person was related to the Saint Etwarl Girl’s Academy, full of students from powerful families. That person tells Kousuke, “If you wish, our school will do what we can to help you” Supposedly the person who Kousuke saved during the accident was a noteworthy figure in the Saint Etwarl Girl’s Academy. Kousuke makes a decision. Nothing will change in this situation, so he decides to do what he can. He accepts the invitation and transfers to the all girl’s school, Saint Etwarl Girl’s Academy. It was also the first time for the cloistered girl students to be so close to a guy of their same age… There are English reviews. 13. Princess Lover! プリンセスラバー! [080627] Ricotta 1 2 Kobayashi Teppei was an ordinary student, but that suddenly changed when he lost both of his parents in an accident. His grandfather, Arima Isshin, appears in front of him and demands he be the successor to his famed family which has influence over the entirety of Japan's economy. An aristocratic life begins for him that he’s only heard about in stories. A gorgeous house, outstanding servants. And life at the richest school in Japan, “Syuuhou Academy.” Everything is different from before and he is still troubled with his daily life. There he meets the elegant ladies: Charlotte, the self-centered cat like princess of another country. Silvia, the serious minded successor of an aristocratic family who carries the blood of a knight. Seika, a member of a social club that only a chosen few can join, a fashion model and designer, she doesn’t like to lose. And Yuu, his devoted personal maid. He ends up being part of his school's society club that which only a chosen few people can join. Who will Teppei choose to dance with at the ball held by the school society club? Arima Teppei’s trial to become an established gentleman has just begun! There is an English review. 14. Samayou Mitama ni Yasuragi no Toki o 彷徨う魂に安らぎの刻を [080627] DisAbel Shinobu Shindou was an ordinary highschool student. Except for the fact that he lost his memory 3 years ago. He heard that it had to do with an accident that occured back then. The shrine that he lived in burnt down, his parents passed away, and he was heavily injured. But even though it was a big incident, no one knew what caused it. Shinobu didn’t remember what happened either, and he wasn’t even certain that his real name was Shinobu Shindou. Losing his memory, losing his parents, he was only left with a feel of loss… The people who supported him in such situation were the members of the Morisaki family who had relationship with him since his childhood. Thanks to them, Shinobu was able to live a fairly normal life. He passes a peaceful time with Chisato Morisato, supposedly his childhood friend, her mother who was the head of the Morisaki family, and his other friends. But Shinobu feels he somehow doesn’t belong to this peaceful life. “There should be something I must do…” In order to ease his frustration, he heads to his home shrine where there is only a small monument left. This was where he always came when he had things to think about. When he swept the site while thinking about things, he felt relaxed. While doing that, a mysterious girl visted the site and left after telling him it’s dangerous here. When he was still wondering what that was all about, something attacks Shinobu. That didn’t look like a human or an animal, …but a monster. Even though Shinobu practiced swords with Chisato, he couldn’t do anything with a bamboo broom and was quickly cornered to the wall. When he thought it was all over, the sacred tree left in the Shrine gave off a shining ray of light. “Sigh, I can’t sleep when it’s so noisy here” A girl who appeared from the light and spoke in an proud tone said she was a god worshipped at this place… Looks nice, guess another review candidate. 15. Yumemi Hakusho 夢見白書 [080627] H-do-C 1 2 Yuuto Yumekawa was about to confess his feelings to his childhood friend, Tamaki Amanogawa. However, even though he wanted to take her out to the park for the confession, he couldn't, and quickly ran off after fabricating a story. And then, it happened. On her way home from the park, Tamaki got in a car accident and passed away. If only he would've had confessed his feelings back then… If only he would've had confessed his feelings back then… All he could do was regret, and Yuuto fell in despair for not being able to confess to Tamaki ever again. That moment, a girl who calls herself a God of Death, Koyomi, appeared in front of Yuuto. She tells him a wacky story that Tamaki's soul isn’t able to rest in peace so do something about it. And right next to the God of Death girl, he sees Tamaki. Koyomi explains to the confused Yuuto that their strong feelings for each other became a cursed bind holding back her soul. Supposedly if she remains in the real world in this shape, she’ll become an evil sprit and won't be able to reincarnate. Yuuto thought for a moment, and asked the God of Death. “Is it possible to revive Tamaki?” God of Death passed Yuuto a book as an answer to the question. The book's name was the Dream Watcher's Notebook. A method to return the ghosts that remain in the real world. That is, to release the bind and write the name of the person on the notebook. She tells him when the soul is released from the real world, the Dream Watcher's Notebook will make a miracle occur. Will Yuuto be able to return Tamaki to life? Good scenario if you like the synopsis. Reincarnation is not really explained though. Don't expect a happy end. I really can't stand such stories. BLOCKED 1. Haikoujou ni Mayoikonda Lolikko o Ninshin Suru made Okashitemimashita 廃工場に迷い込んだロリっ娘を妊娠するまで犯してみました [080601] Ryuusen Momo and Tsukushi, full of curiosity, go out on an adventure into an abandoned factory when they hear the rumor that ghosts may be haunting it. At the same time, our hero, a part-time security officer, and his superior head out to the same factory to patrol it and keep an eye out for any illegal dumping of garbage. The 2 girls and the lusty 2 men become trapped in a tight space in the factory, and the men violate them, and of course, cum inside them! Doujin Nukige 2. The3Days - 15-nin Renzoku Rape- The3Days -15人連続レイプ- [080601] Dieselmine A man sneaks into a strict missionary school and violates 15 girls to the very bounds in this hardcore penetration and violation ADV! Doujin Nukige 3. Zodiarc Ring ぞでぃあーくりんぐ [080601] Circle Gorichu Two additional stories focused on Zodiarc's protagonists Chapter 1. "Arcana Gakuen" is a prequel drawing school life before the main events. Chapter 2. "Mephistopheles" is about main character getting involved in an incident of Mephistopheles waking up every night. Doujin 4. Shoujo no Michikusa “Pico” ~Lolikko Dousei Taikenki~ しょうじょのみちくさ“ピコ” ~ろりっ娘同棲体験記~ [080604] Sage It is the first in the Pico series, guaranteed to please! The game is about a thrilling life under the same roof with a cute, innocent, slender lolita. The erotic scenes range from gentle love making including blushes to hard forced sexual conduct. There are even gang bang scenes, including all the good bits. Doujin Nukige 5. Taihou Daigaku Byouin no Kyouki - Dai San Ya 大鳳大学病院の狂気 第三夜 [080605] TKH Soft The punishments being doled out to Rieko's beloved Kaho just keep getting worse. Finally, Kaho becomes the property of a rich family...by having a mark burned into her flesh with a soldering iron. Doujin Nukige 6. Boku Dake no Nurse ~Hakui no Gohoushi 2~ ボクだけのナース~白衣のご奉仕2~ [080606] Ume Soft The main character is company president. His life goes well, but he can't get along with girls. One day, his friend introduces him a special hospital called Healing Clinic "Avalon". He is skeptical at first, but he visits there. What await him are three nurses, Yuu, Ritsu, and Shinome. According to his doctor, he is lack of power to love people and a special treatment is necessary to cure it. He doesn't know what's going on, but he chooses nurses as told by the doctor.... Actually, the treatment is just having sex with them. He gradually gets addicted to it and decides to stay in the hospital for a week. Well, will he be able to cure it...? How about relationships with his nurses...? Nukige 7. Kunoichi Gokumonchou くノ一獄悶帖 [080606] Arkham A female ninja is caught after sneaking into an enemy castle. Can she endure torture even after approaching her limit? Doujin Nukige 8. Majokko Tricolor 魔女っ娘とりこロール [080606] Moe Hina Takuya is a cult maniac. One day, when he tests some magic, three girls suddenly appear in front of him! It seems they will need to sexually satisfy him to go back to their world. Girls reluctantly accepts it.... It's time for Takuya to blast off his sexual desire! Nukige 9. Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Itoshisa no Photograph その花びらにくちづけを 愛しさのフォトグラフ [080606] Fuguriya 1 2 A love comedy about two very sexy and loving lesbians living together. Kaede and Sara one of the school's official couples. The girls are all over each other, both at home and at school. Doujin Girls Love 10. Soul Calibur ~Kegasareru Tamashii~ ソオルキャリバー~穢される魂~ [080606] SABER FISH This is a novel adventure game about sexual abuse and domination based on the 3D fighting game Soul Calibur. There is a nameless swordsman from the east who wanders from battlefield to battlefield. On one of these battlefields he finds a special sword that corrupts and consumes him. Then, to draw more strong souls towards itself, it crosses the ocean to the mainland. The curtain rises on the violation and disgrace of women whose souls are pure and untainted. Doujin Nukige 11. Surikomi Shoujo ~Hontou ni Kimi wa Boku no Kanojo Nandayo~ 擦り込み少女~本当に君はボクの彼女なんだよ~ [080606] Heat-Soft After an accident in school, the heroine suffer from amnesia, and the main character pretend to be her boyfriend at that time. Superposing lies, fighting against contradictions, he's trying to force her into believing his lie, both in mind and body. Nukige 12. Yuki Sensei no Jissen Sex Jugyou ~Minna Oshiete Ageru~ 優希先生の実践セックス授業~みーんな教えてあげる~ [080606] Under Lip Yuki likes handsome boys and starts working as a teacher. She enjoys her school life, but one day, Taiki, her student, confides his concerns to her.... That is about sex. Her pent-up sexual desire finally explodes and says to him showing her breasts, "Well, it's normal, right?" Taiki gently touches them.... This is just the beginning of her sex lessons.... Nukige 13. Only You [080607] Soft Circle Courreges "I don't want to end up with you like this" My girlfriend revealed that she had been cheating on me. "Because you have been cold to me lately..." "So if nothing changes then there's a good chance you'll cheat on me again?" She wouldn't state that she wouldn't. Fine then, but I won't break up with her yet. First I'll totally break her in, giving her the ultimate pleasure. Soon she won't be able to think of anything other than having sex with me. Doujin Nukige 14. Windy Capital [080607] Router-Jax You play as the character Merlandi Hertova, a war relief raised in another country. Now she's finished high school and is thinking about doing something for her war torn homeland. Consequences has lead her to hosting a docudrama series intended for studying the human nature, the Windy Capital. English Doujin 15. Yarisugi! Sekuhara Nurse ヤりすぎ!セクハラナース [080607] Dieselmine An experienced nurse, who despite her age is somewhat strict, and a new nurse who has come to the hospital as an intern. Our main character is under these two completely different girls' care, and every visit sets his heart racing. One day, the experienced nurse asks a favor of our main character when the two are alone... "I want you to sexually harass our new nurse..." Doujin Nukige 16. Yuukuri Panic Escalation ゆーくりパニック エスカレーション [080607] Rolling Star 1 2 3 4 Rie Komatsuzaki has just transferred to the prestigious St. Yale Academy, a Catholic school for girls, but it's not her choice. After finding her mother's romancing her private home tutor, she is now forced to attend this boarding school to keep the incident secret. Sad and confused, she finds herself alone and without friends. Looking for some peace from all her troubles, she she enters the school chapel. Within the holy sanctuary she encounters Naomi and Midori making love. She's immediately taken aback -- “What are they doing? Girls aren't supposed to touch each other like that!” Yet, she can't find the willpower to look away, and a warmth fills her panties as they grow increasingly wet. Before she knows what's happening, she's becomes the new plaything for the two girls as they teach her about the wonders of sex. Nukige 17. FighTension School ファイテンションスクール [080608] master K Tsubasa Chronicle fan game taking place at high school. Doujin 18. Breath: Toiki wa Akaneiro Breath 吐息は茜色 [080612] Beyond Interactive 1 The protagonist of the story is a 21-year old Hibiki Akimine who, after finishing high-school, didn't have any plans for the future which resulted in him doing various depressing part-time jobs. But the luck was smiling down on him and something new was about to enter his life. One day, while walking through town, he noticed a girl in trouble and saved her from an unknown man. Her name was Akane Nagumo, and she is a number one idol. He didn't know anything about her, but reluctantly, offered to help hide her at his place for the moment. Thus, the strange new cohabitation of Hibiki and Akane began... something that could turn his life upside down and pull him out of his brooding and lack of optimism. Console Exclusive 19. Magus Tale Infinity [080613] Whirlpool In this Fandisc for the Magus Tale players are able to play new stories with the games characters as well as a full story for a previously sub character. Also included are various fan materials such as wallpapers, musics etc. Fandisc 20. Mimikko Yomekko ミミっこ ヨメっこ [080613] Applemint He woke up and the puppies he had picked up off the street turned into dog-eared girls!? Common sense doesn't apply to girls who used to be puppies! This is the strange but sweet story of two cute loving puppy girls with dog ears who are all over you as they do whatever they like with you, just lapping you up. Doujin Nukige 21. Oppai Hitozuma ~Binkan J-Cup Minase Miyuki~ オッパイ人妻 ~敏感Jカップ・水無瀬美雪~ [080613] MorningStar Main character starts to work at female underwear company with the help of his uncle after graduation. Aunt asks protagonist to have sex with her friend living in the same women dormitory, but there is a secret in her rocket tits. Nukige 22. Seima no Tenbin 聖魔の天秤 [080613] Erotica Black The holy war between the Kingdom of Eltoria and exotic Mughals has been lasting for many yeas exhausting both populations. Saint girl Riviera could not sit still and went to the battlefield to pray for the dead, but she did not notice an ugly shadow creeping behind her back. Nukige 23. Yokubou no Rougoku 欲望の牢獄 [080613] Puzzlebox Main character was a salary-man but got fired after revealing machinations of his boss and could not find a new job in his mid-30s. He is thinking of committing suicide, but since he does not value his life anymore he decides to take revenge on his offenders instead. President's wife, daughter and co-worker who directly betrayed him are chosen as victims. Nukige 24. Oyako Ryoujoku Maid Kissa 母娘陵辱メイド喫茶 [080614] Mischievous There is a small cafe. One day, the cafe is renovated and opened. As a matter of fact, Kenji, the main character, planned to change the cafe and collect customers by giving physical services without telling Ryoko, an owner of the cafe, and Megumi, Ryoko's daughter, about it. Just one day before its opening, he tells them about it and they agree to it. Like this, the cafe opens.... Nukige 25. Takuhai Maid Shiiko & Nono 宅配メイド椎子&のの [080614] Terios Another round of otaku celebrity lottery is held with the winner getting authentic maid experience provided by Shiiko and new intern maid Nono. Fandisc 26. TrickCall [080614] RUCCA* A wolf man and a vampire enter the human realm from the realm of demons to play around. After arriving at a school they meet one of the students. This is a story about the three, and their slightly erotic and sorrowful meeting and farewell... Doujin Nukige 27. Aoiro no Epitaph 青色のエピタフ [080615] Nyaa Nyaa Koushinjo This world is full of pain. Marika was always bullied at school. To break from that past she passes Kunihiko to the ruler of the class. From this moment Kunihiko gets caught in a distorted vortex that overturns the world... Doujin Nukige 28. Junsei Tenshi Primity☆Noel ~Chijoku ni Ochita Shoujo~ 純聖天使プリミティ☆ノエル ~恥辱に堕ちた少女~ [080615] Magical Girl Kamina Shiori is a reserved and shy girl with a kind heart and empathy for others. Awakened to her true identity as the Pure and Holy Angel, Primity Noel, she purifies and saves the hearts of humans who have become demons through the forces of evil. Having experienced many battles, and just when her holy power was at its height... Azazel senses that the time to strike is now, and binds Noel. An unwanted deflowering, anal violation by demons, and exploitation by tentacles... In an unending parade of lust and desires, what is it that resides within her womb...? Doujin Nukige 29. Otakiba! オタキバ! [080615] The Flyers Main character is a member of the Otaku family. One day he falls in love with an ordinary girl and tries to get over this feeling, but his family support him and push him towards pursuing these relations. Doujin 30. Days of Memories ~Kaze Mau Miyako de Tsukamaete!~ Days of Memories 〜風舞う都でつかまえて!〜 [080616] SNK Playmore 1 This game concludes the previous two titles and is staged at a place similar to the last two entries. The protagonist is a third year kendo student who is energetic and reckless. He has to decide who he wants to spend his Christmas party with this year. Console Exclusive 31. Futago + Kango ふたご+かんご [080616] Kidnap Company A hot midsummer day. Main character gets taken to Enoki Clinic by an accident. Lovely twin nurse sisters greet him and promise to take good care of onii-chan. Doujin Nukige 32. Juukan Ace No.07-2 獣姦ACE NO.07-2 [080617] yosino Main character enjoys a sweet cohabitation with his lover, but she gets kidnapped by a mysterious secret society, so protagonist goes to a hidden priest village to gain power and recover his love. Doujin Nukige 33. Wings II: Fragments of You [080618] Green Fairy Games This is a short-story narrated by an unnamed protagonist, a mysterious journalist with an ambiguous age who wanders about a fictional town called Pairizia in search of information about a girl who died four years ago named Eri. The story uses other mini-stories written by the unnamed hero which subtly reveal tiny details about the true identity of the main character and Eri. Since the hero is a journalist, this story also uses interviews from the point of view of people who had known Eri in Pairizia to reveal more about her personality in contrast to the protagonist’s vision in the mini-stories. English Doujin 34. Harukanaru Toki no Naka De 4 遙かなる時空の中で4 [080619] Koei The heroine Ashihara Chihiro is a normal high school girl until one day a mysterious man informed her that she is a princess from Toyoashira. Following this alarming piece of news, a battle with a monster ensues where she discovers her powers as well as that of her teacher and best friend. More discoveries about her past and her fallen country are made when she wakes up in the world she fled from when she was a child. After battles against monsters she realized her role in this calamity as "Ryuujin no Miko" and that to revive her country, she has to go to war with the enemy nation that has invaded hers in the first place. During her adventures, she met up with a number of charismatic men, starting with her teacher and her best friend. But as a princess, falling for these men is prohibited. Together with the troubles that romance brings, Chihiro has to face the final battle with her bow and arrow as her only true ally. Otomege 35. Sorayume ソラ*ユメ [080619] Takuyo Morinaga Satsuki is the only daughter of a family that owns an antique store, with no special redeeming features she is an extremely normal 2nd year high school student. It's the 24th of August, with one week left in her summer vacation. On the day that her parents leave for a business trip she spontaneously finds a sparkling yellow ring, the "Chrysoberyl". When Satsuki took that ring and put it on, the man sealed inside was summoned into this world. He called himself a demon called "Ruen Egrandin". He semi-forcefully asked her to help him find the "Thing he was looking for", and as a reward he would grant her a "wish that wasn't particularly a wish". The thing the demon was looking for was the demon stone "Heliotrope" which was set in another ring. "That is a ring of destruction. Right after you put it on, no matter how much you struggle, you will easily lose your mind and go insane." It's that kind of frightening ring. However as long as you don't put it on, nothing bad will happen. Under pressure from Ruen, Satsuki took on the request to find the Heliotrope ring without taking it too seriously. From that day the demon and human would start working together. Since meeting Ruen, No, More like since finding that ring, It seems like the world has been swallowed by a dream. Otomege 36. Bokura no Himitsu Kichi ボクらの秘密基地 [080620] Harinezumi Koubou Room 202 of Apartment complex is used my Miki and main character as a secret base for sex experiments. Doujin Nukige 37. Elf Hime Nina ~Jutai Juurin~ エルフ姫ニィーナ~受胎蹂躙~ [080620] Black Lilith Kyle, the protagonist of this story, is one of the 7 heroes who defeated the evil overlord. After that battle he starts a conquest of the continent in order to unite the humans who live on it. Standing against Kyle is only his younger brother Syll, who is also one of the seven heroes. Kyle stole his throne, but failed to kill him. One day, another of the 7 heroes appears before Kyle. She is Nina, an elven princess. Kyle knows that Nina and Syll are lovers, and a dark desire begins to burn inside of him... Nukige 38. Hakudaku Miko ~Miko Inma Sou Joku Gishiki~ 白濁巫女~巫女淫魔双辱儀式~ [080620] MorningStar Village where a powerful monster is sealed gets on the verge of collapsing. Shrine maiden volunteers to reforge the ritual to keep the barrier, but for that she has to spend two nights with village men. On the other hand, there is a succubus who starts and obscene performance to obstruct the ritual. The tensions rises... Nukige 39. Heroines Nightmare Vol.1 ヒロインズナイトメア Vol.1 [080620] Mille Feuille An omnibus story where three different fighting transformation heroines are violated by tentacle monsters. Nukige 40. Hiru wa Idol, Yoru wa Ai Dorei! ~Konya no Maiku wa Anata no Seiki~ 昼はアイドル、夜は愛奴隷!~今夜のマイクはあなたの性器~ [080620] Softhouse-Seal An idol singer... I close my eyes and look back the day I first met her. She was singing on TV. Her name is Kurumi. Since then, I've been always thinking about her. She just grabbed my heart. I fell in love with her at first sight. I don't need to be her boyfriend, just wanna stay with her... Nukige 41. Innyuu Famiresu ~Shinya no Bounyu Service wa Ikaga? 淫乳ファミレス~深夜の母乳サービスはいかが? [080620] Erotica Peach Family restaurant "Flowers" values service quality above all. Only cute big breasted girls in mini-skirts can become waitresses there. But one store of the chain hits all records with its sales, and the secret lies in midnight menu. A vast list of sexual services are presented in the menu for a substantially higher price. Nukige 42. Kusaka Soujirou no Yabou 草冠宗次郎の野望 [080620] PROJECT.S A short "Bleach" quiz game with comedy scenes with kisses as awards. Doujin 43. Back to the Daily Life [080621] Project Lips An online visual novel by Project Lips. Doujin 44. Anecos あねこす [080622] Neko Bokujou Company While our parents are abroad, I'm house sitting with my easygoing and huge racked older sister. After discovering her weak point I'm able to make my fantasy in to reality as I force her to cosplay for me. Seeing her dressed up like that... makes me wanna do such bad things to her! Doujin Nukige 45. Konna Watashi o Yurushite こんな私を許して [080622] Meiousei Presents Lately the protagonist's wife Kanako has not been herself so he asks his childhood friend Misaki who is a detective to spy on her. Turns out she is having an affair! The protagonist cannot believe this. What will he do? Doujin Nukige 46. Battle of Love [080622] +tics "I’m kinda reluctant about the idea, but I like you. I’m kinda reluctant, but please go out with me" The heroine,Maiko, was suddenly confessed to by her glasses-wearing classmate, Shimizu Junya. Since she had never thought about any stuff involving that when it comes to him, she rejects him with a "No, I refuse". Junya, who didn’t like the reply, asks her out on a day long date with "I demand a one day long date from you, who responded like that!" "Hmmm, well, if it’s just one day…" The irresponsible heroine accepts that date, but… This is the story of that date, that was done while having an unclear relationship. Doujin Otomege 47. Secret Home 2 -Kare no Na wa Tsundere- Secret Home 2-カレノナハつんでれ- [080623] Kihara Corp Secret Home 2 is a BL-style produced visual novel. It is a story of a young boy who is taken in by a strange home and have various things happen to him. Includes 60 pieces of CG and 25 insert illustrations including content cuts and backgrounds. Juices and wetness are featured predominantly. Also includes many images featuring nude and muscular characters. Doujin Boys Love 48. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou Series No.17: Akenai Yoru ni 探偵 神宮寺三郎 Series No.17 明けない夜に [080625] WorkJam Investigation of client brother's disappearance leads to the shady business conducted by a big company. Console Exclusive 49. Konboku Mahjong ~Konna Mahjong ga Attara Boku wa Ron!~ こんぼく麻雀~こんな麻雀があったら僕はロン!~ [080626] Akabei Soft2 You can enjoy mahjong with Konnako ga Itara Boku wa Mou!! characters! There are the Story Mode, the Battle Mode, the Beginners Mode, and Omake Mode. Cards 50. Ookami to Koushinryou - Boku to Horo no Ichinen 狼と香辛料 ボクとホロの一年 [080626] Netchubiyori Ltd. The player assumes the role of an unnamed young man as he travels around with Holo for a period of one year in the game. The story differs from that of the original novels or anime and is presented as an additional Spice and Wolf world. Console Exclusive 51. Apathy Rental Kazoku アパシー レンタル家族 [080627] Nanakorobi Hachikorogari A man who seeks a family. A girl who remembers father only in her memories. A young man who is entangled in lies. A child who has no place to return to. This is a story where these people meet and find happiness in each other. And thus a small miracle is born. Doujin 52. Biniku no Kaori Bangai Hen 媚肉の香り 番外編 [080627] Elf In side story protagonist gets a bully personality, so girls reactions change drastically for 28 sex scenes. There are also two extra stories - "Ritsuko's sigh" and "Yuki's scent". Fandisc Nukige 53. Haramasete Valkyrie ハラマセテ戦乙女 [080627] Matsuri Kikaku The main character is a low-class male angel. But one day, he is expelled from heaven. He meets Eleanor, a valkyrie, and begins to serve under her. A while later, he hears a rumor that one can get power by learning a special magic. However, he isn't strong enough to learn it.... So he decides to make Eleanor his sex slave and uses her as his tool. To do that, he thinks of confining Sigurd, Eleanor's ex-boyfriend. He successfully catches and confines Sigurd and calls Eleanor, Iris, and Eunice, Eleanor's daughter, to his fastness.... Nukige 54. Jingi Naki Otome Koikoi Zanmai 仁義なき乙女 恋恋三昧 [080627] Mirai This is a fan disc of Jingi Naki Otome, featuring Another Story, After Story, Drama CD, and Desktop Accessories. Fandisc Otomege 55. Leotard Fairy ~Shoujo-tachi no Himitsu no Lesson~ レオタードフェアリー ~少女たちの秘密のレッスン~ [080627] Shining Star The male protagonist, Yahagi (a teacher of MEN's rhythmic gymnastics), is hired to help two troublesome FEMALE students who suddenly dropped a promising career in rhythmic gymnastics. But this is an erogame, and therefore the only effective solution to the girls' problems is... Doujin Nukige 56. Majo Shinpan -Injoku no Judgment- 魔女侵犯 -淫辱のジャッジメント- [080627] Blue Topaz Lawrence has an inferiority complex over his face. But one day, a turning point of his life happens and he starts working at a church. And he is ordered to interrogate a girl, Alicia. "Make her admit that she is a witch...." Nukige 57. Makai Tenshi Djibril -Episode 3- 魔界天使ジブリール-episode3- [080627] Frontwing Naoto lives a peaceful life after he saved Rika. But one day, Misty May suddenly appears and Hikari is abducted by her. They are depressed because they can do nothing... When he has a bath at night, a girl, Nagi, suddenly appears in front of him. Actually, Nagi is an android. The next day, Misty May appears again. Rika has a battle against her and Naoto has to make up his mind to have sex with Nagi to save Hikari..? Or is it already too late? Lolicon 58. Naze ka?! Sweet Home なぜか?! すぃ~とほ~む [080627] Tryset Kazuya starts living at his brother's house. His brother, Tatsuya, is busy with working and always comes home late. Kazuya gradually gets close to Tatsuya's wife, Minami. As a result, Kazuya sleeps with Minami.... But it is Tatsuya's trap. He wants Kazuya to lose virginity early. And one day, Miyuki, Minami's mother, comes to his house and it does not take long before Kazuya has sex with Miyuki.... Also, his aunt, Kasumi, joins them... Nukige 59. Oppai Teacher ~Muchimuchi Seikyouiku~ おっぱいティーチャー ~むちムチ性教育~ [080627] Swan The main character is a bad student and is about to get kicked out of school. To stop it, two female teachers decide to discipline him, but... Nukige 60. Shakkin Shimai 2 借金姉妹2 [080627] Selen Hiroyuki is a high school student. He happens to know that Kaho, his classmate, and Kasumi, Kaho's sister and his classroom teacher, have a lot of outstanding debt their deceased father left. He feels sorry and offers Kasumi to lend some money, but she refuses it. He negotiates with a creditor about it, but their debt is bigger than he expected. To pay off their debt, he starts day trading.... Nukige 61. Unity Marriage ~Futari no Hanayome~ ユニティマリアージュ~ふたりの花嫁~ [080627] Unison Shift Yuutarou Tachibana was an ordinary highschool student. Except that when he was little, he made a promise with two of his childhood friends, Yuno and Marie that he will make them his bride. One day, an organization who distrupts peace makes an appearance. They are the Army of Darknesss, Machine Empire. Lead by the evil leader, Machine President. “My objective is to find a bride! An bigamous marriage obviously!” In order to protect Yuutarou’s peaceful daily life, the girls transform using the mystical power of the rings! They fight as the Bishojo Bridal Warriors! “I will never become Mr. President’s bride. I’m gonna be Yu-chan’s bride!” “Uh, I’ll be Yuutarou’s bride too!” “Transform! Unity Marriage!” And so the two brides crashes into Yuutarou’s house. School life in the afternoon, and a very sweet time together during the night. Surrounded by two brides, a newly married life begins. Nukige 62. Wana II ~Gang Rape~ 輪罠II~Gang Rape~ [080627] Guilty Kanade has a brother, Hibiki. One day, she accidentally finds a picture of Hibiki raping a girl. "What is it...?" She doesn't want to believe it, but it is obviously Hibiki. "What should I do...?" She decides to go to his school in the disguise of Hibiki and investigate the facts. However, it is just a trap.... Nukige 63. Xalynne's Twins [080627] ParsonSyunOwen I used to know a woman named Xalynne, would you like to know her story? Xalynne is a short novel told in a unusual way, in a medieval setting with a pregnancy fetish. Characters and 3D graphics by Mark Volk. English Doujin 64. Blumen Kranz [080628] Satoutosio Main heroine gets married to lord Jeed. She sees a nightmare about a disastrous result of her pregnancy, so she goes to the forest to prevent the crisis. There she meets a nobleman who calls her princess and says strange words. Heroine starts to have a mysterious dream from that night... Doujin Otomege 65. Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai ~Prelude~ 俺たちに翼はない ~Prelude~ [080628] Navel 1 Prelude to the main game released on January 30th 2009 by Navel! - Three short scenarios with Watarai Asuka, Yamashina Miyako, and Hayashida Misaki as the protagonists - Prologue of the chapters starring Shuusuke Chitose and Hayato Narita as the main characters. - A bonus scenario featuring Karube Karuo as the main character. The story takes place in the urban city of Yanagihara full of weird and unique people. The tale of the young boys and girls who each have worries on their mind under the colorless white sky of winter. Anthology 66. Ayu Mayu Alternative アユマユ オルタネイティヴ [080630] Age 1 Ayu Mayu Alternative is a fandisc for Muv-Luv Alternative, which consists of two halves. The first half, titled "Ayu Mayu Alternative", is mainly about the events taking place around Ayu and Mayu (characters who first appeared in Kimi ga Nozomu Eien), the two waitresses from Sky Temple. It is inspired by the anime Ayu Mayu Gekijou which had its fourth episode as a parody of Muv-Luv Alternative. The second half, titled "Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles", consists of two side stories of Muv-Luv Alternative: "Atonement" which tells Sgt. Marimo Jinguuji's past, and "Succession", about three sisters in the aftermath of a major event in Muv-Luv Alternative. Fandisc 67. Niizuma wa Mahou Shoujo 新妻は魔法少女 [080630] Terios Mai comes to the human world to make 100 people happy and thus become a full-fledged witch. She only has 5 people left! One day she gets spotted and prepares to erase memories as usual, but Koutarou sincerely encourages her instead of behaving creepy, so she does no such thing. Mai helps to solve Koutarou's problems with classmates and teachers, but eventually the bond intensifies, and they start to live as a couple. Fandisc
  14. Foreword: I was impressed with art and dark atmosphere of the game, but chose it because wanted to know the plot. Synopsis: There is a small island called Kugaitou. Several decades ago, a man moved there and secretly formed a religious group. He was soon revered by people on the island and the group got bigger. Souichirou, the main character, was born and grew up there.... Time passes.... Souichirou is about to move to Tokyo. Just a few days before he leaves, he and his friends plan to explore an old house without knowing what will happen to them.... Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv8s0uoouOjgOkHpYK_vbA7V Game type: Suspense supernatural mystery Character Design rating: 7/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 7/10 Game quality: 8/10 Overall rating: 7/10 It's natural to expect horror from this game, but it's not horror at all. The light half of this game is devoted to fun life with twin sisters as neighbors (hello, Aster). The dark side of the game is about one sister dying and reappearing as a ghost (hello, Moshiraba), but also about the atmosphere of craziness that fills the air and that can pierce anyone's mind. And actually everyday depictions are more interesting than the suspense parts. First half of the game is really great and fun because of that. But naturally we're here for the darker side. Crazy murders start to get committed by religious group (70% of island population) that aims to save humanity. But - sadly - game lacks scale. All those murders happen around protagonist, but not unilaterally across the island, so it becomes just a suspense mystery story rather than survival or something like Kansen. Moreover, many characters obtain crazy personality at night as if possessed by evil spirits. All this tilt into ghosts actually hurts atmosphere of the real world. There are as many as 7 endings, and some can be rather brutal like bad endings, but that's it for the darker side. There is not even enough gore CG. As for characters, twin sisters are actually cute and lovely portrayed. But due to short length there is no time to develop characters or romantic relations. As a result H scenes in this game mostly present consensual sex rather than romantic encounters. Protagonist also remains static as a personality. Art and BGM are excellent, though. So, game is very ambiguous. I strongly dislike suspense and occult themes in games, but even I enjoyed Bifronte substantially. And the reason you may see rather low scores for this game is because it absolutely does not try to appeal the public and breaks all conventional rules. Among seven endings there is no perfect true happy ending. Endings are scattered among all four chapters. There aren't distinctive heroine routes or traditional romance. It introduces a ghost into a perfectly normal story based on real world. It pursues mystery of murders around one character rather than rise the stakes and enlarge the scale. The four endings piled up in the fourth chapter divide reader's attention and leave him rather confused over what he just read. I'd rate Bifronte even higher if I liked such genre.
  15. Foreword: Never faced crossovers in visual novels before, so expectations ranged from weird fandisk to something like Soukou Akki Muramasa since I rated both original games high. Synopsis: Depending on which route you choose, you start out as either Alfred Arrowsmith, after his united front with Rick against Gustave, or Kuki Youkou after his final confrontation with Soushichi. Ungaikyou (literary means the mirror beyond the clouds), a youkai made from the failure attempt of the mirror of the three artifacts belonging to Amaterasu (the Sun god in Japanese mythology), has chosen these two to help them create a world of their own. In exchange, Alfred and Kuki are temporary exempt from going to the netherworld and finish their lingering desires…in their non-respective worlds. After the completion of the two stories, the final route—Chronobelt—unlocks. Almost immediately after Kuki and Alfred finish dealing with their lingering desires, invaders have slipped through the portals and into the Infinite Corridors (the space connecting the two worlds). Before long, team Ayakashibito is in a constant war with team Bullet Butlers in what can only be described as the city of Chaos. Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv-PwZGYTHAmfELzDEYeRcXZ Game type: Supernatural action fandisc Character Design rating: 6/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 6/10 Game quality: 8/10 Overall rating: 7/10 There are three English reviews (1 2 3) which actually portray the nature of the game vividly, but I could not understand some things from them, like length, structure of all three parts and how H events are incorporated. Basically, I needed decide for myself whether it's a fandisc or stand alone complex story. So, there are three parts - Ayakashibito where Rick helps to prepare school festival with Ayakashibito characters, Bullet Butlers where Kuki fulfills his revenge wish, and Chrono Belt where Soushichi gets in a time loop and faces antagonist together with other heroes. And I already see a problem here. Three separate episodes mean an anthology, and I seriously don't like anthologies. This time it's all familiar characters already, but three loosely connected stories with three different characters is not how a normal game should look like. If it's an integral work, then is there a connection between these stories? There definitely is. Basically, all three happen in different worlds, and there is a travel between these worlds by a means of some mirror or something. That's a very loose link. We basically destroy two perfectly normal worlds with additional supernatural elements just to satisfy our need in crossover. Are first two stories really needed for Chrono Belt? Actually, nope. These stories are introduced just to give Rick happy childhood that he never had and to show coolness of Kuki as he fights enemies of his specialization - youkai. How long are these stories? Rick episode has a lot of characters communicating with each other for some time, so it takes it rather slow ending up at 8 hours. Kuki episode is shorter and more straightforward, so it ended at 4 hours for me. Chrono Belt took 9 hours for me. These are pretty short lengths for finished stories. As for endings, there are just two branches at the very end with the final decision. It looks less and less like an integral game to me. There is also one unskippable bad ending linked to the nature of time loop. And it's a very bad ending when you need to do same things like 10 times over and over and get tentacle rape scene. Good job, Propeller! What are the most distinctive traits of a fandisc? Random H scenes, naturally. And Chrono Belt route is full of them. It all follows the same flow - Soushichi decides to go to some place - there he meets and spontaneously violates a girl - time loops back to where it started. Rinse and repeat with all the available girls. It's an absolutely disgusting move to introduce travel between worlds, time travel, get two rather conventional routes for each of the game just to throw in a nukige at the final True Route. I absolutely can't stand game's structure, nature and concept. Oh, and H scenes are same ugly as in original games. Hey, but did not I just put a masterpiece score for Chrono Belt? I did. The reason is that whenever I start to actually read those routes, they are really great. Not all heroines got much screen time, but writer really tried to saturate every second of gameplay with awesomeness. Dialogues, events and battles are top notch. I seriously dislike this stupid time loop as well as some innate murderous intent against characters of opposing game, but it's a very enjoyable read with nice additions to characters' personalities and cool ending. So, in conclusion, Chrono Belt is not a sequel or an integral game. It's a fandisc from all the sides - structure, length and H events. But it's a fandisc of two fantasy fighting plotge, so there is enough extension into chunige to appeal to all fans. I can't rate a fandisc any higher than that. I would not even recommend reading it if you don't want to see such detailed and finished stories to erode with sudden time and space continuum shifts. But if you liked both games and can get over some conventionality, then it's an enjoyable read and worthy addition to original games, though not outstanding as a separate product.
  16. G-senjou no Maou is VN of the Month. Aoishiro , Chrono Belt ~Ayakashibito & Bullet Butlers Crossover Disc~ , Bifronte ~Kugaitou Kitan~ are also masterpieces. I'll review Chrono Belt and Bifronte ~Kugaitou Kitan~ 1. Aoishiro アオイシロ [080515] Success 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 The Seijou Girls’ Academy Kendo Club is traveling to Shoushinji for a Summer training camp. Near there is an island, Urashima, where legend has it a demon extermination took place long ago. They arrive around the time of a festival which honors a god that is worshipped by the people of Urashima; it celebrates the onitaiji and ensure another year of health for the people. Around the time of the festival, the weather around Urashima worsens and storms will come. A few days into their training, Osanai Shouko finds a girl washed up on the shores near the location of the training camp. She cannot speak and doesn’t seem to know much about herself... Game is localized and has English reviews. 2. Bifronte ~Kugaitou Kitan~ BIFRONTE~公界島奇譚~ [080523] Lapis Blue. 1 2 There is a small island called Kugaitou. Several decades ago, a man moved there and secretly formed a religious group. He was soon revered by people on the island and the group got bigger. Souichirou, the main character, was born and grew up there.... Time passes.... Souichirou is about to move to Tokyo. Just a few days before he leaves, he and his friends plan to explore an old house without knowing what will happen to them.... Somehow I feel that I need to review it myself. 3. Chrono Belt ~Ayakashibito & Bullet Butlers Crossover Disc~ クロノベルト -あやかしびと&BulletButlers クロスオーバーディスク- [080523] Propeller 1 2 3 Depending on which route you choose, you start out as either Alfred Arrowsmith, after his united front with Rick against Gustave, or Kuki Youkou after his final confrontation with Soushichi. Ungaikyou (literary means the mirror beyond the clouds), a youkai made from the failure attempt of the mirror of the three artifacts belonging to Amaterasu (the Sun god in Japanese mythology), has chosen these two to help them create a world of their own. In exchange, Alfred and Kuki are temporary exempt from going to the netherworld and finish their lingering desires…in their non-respective worlds. After the completion of the two stories, the final route—Chronobelt—unlocks. Almost immediately after Kuki and Alfred finish dealing with their lingering desires, invaders have slipped through the portals and into the Infinite Corridors (the space connecting the two worlds). Before long, team Ayakashibito is in a constant war with team Bullet Butlers in what can only be described as the city of Chaos. There are English reviews, but guess I should review it as well. 4. Natsuzora Kanata 夏空カナタ [080523] Yuzusoft 1 2 3 There is a small island. Souta visits his aunt's house located on the island. She runs a hotel and he starts working part-time there. One day, he meets a girl, Chihaya, at the coffee shop. They become friends soon and gradually fall in love... However, this is just a beginning of a tragedy. A while later, he meets Chihaya at the coffee shop. There is nothing wrong with her, but she doesn't remember him... There are English reviews. 5. G-senjou no Maou G線上の魔王 [080529] Akabei Soft2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 You play the role of Azai Kyousuke, the son of a legendary gangster infamous in the underworld. You spend your time listening to Bach, playing God at school and covertly working for your stepfather, a ruthless financial heavyweight. This idyllic existence is broken when two individuals appear in the city - a beautiful girl named Usami Haru with hair you could get lost in for days, and a powerful international gangster known only as "Maou". Almost without delay, the two begin a deadly cat-and-mouse game, bringing you and your friends into the crossfire. Plotting, political intrigue and layer upon layer of interlocking traps are the weapons in this epic battle of wits. Game is localized and has English reviews. 6. Akatsuki no Amaneka to Aoi Kyojin ~Pashiate Bunmei Kenkyuu kai Koubouki~ 暁のアマネカと蒼い巨神 ーパシアテ文明研究会興亡記ー [080530] Kuma-san Team 1 Amaneka is a student of the Empire Junior Academy. Everyone in the country is excited because the 1st International Exhibition will be held there soon. Students of the Empire Junior Academy are excited as well. Only one club can take part in it, so students are now busy preparing for it. Amaneka and her friends also set out on an adventure for a secret treasure.... SIM/RPG 7. Furufuru☆Full Moon ふるふる☆フルムーン [080530] Little Princess This is a story taken place in a little bit different world. In this world, everyone has the other self called Halo. Halo is born from the holy stone, Mana, when they are born. Yuu's parents passed away, so he now lives alone. One day, he receives a letter. It says, "We've got something important for you." He follows the letter's instructions and comes to a high school. What he faces there are his old friends and secret of his birth.... Don't like trap protagonists, so I'm biased towards this game. Another downside is that girls in this game feel the same to me - too similar personalities. 8. Prawf Clwyd プラゥヴ クルイード [080530] Shakunage Yuji is from a famous sorcerer family, but he is unable to use sorcery. One day, he takes Rikka, his younger sister, to entrance ceremony of her school. Her school is a privilege school where talented sorcerers gather from all over the world. His new life as her guardian begins now... Even though it's magic school, there's hardly anything magical in here. Three main heroines have similar shallow personalities, and two side-heroines hardly have anything to do with the plot at all. I'd label it a moege, but due to short length, heroines don't even appear attractive. So, kusoge. 9. Sakashiki Hito ni Miru Kokoro さかしき人にみるこころ [080530] light 1 "Can you get that book for me?" "What?" My name is Kazushige. A girl suddenly asks me to help her when I am in the school library. "This one? Sure." "Yes, that's it. Thank you." However, when she turns around and sees my face, she gets surprised. "What's up? Did I miss something?" "No, but... I just hate you. I hate your name." She walks away... Well... what's wrong with me...? There is an English review 10. Wizard's Climber ウィザーズクライマー [080530] SofthouseChara 1 Lazlocke is a wizard belonging to the Wizard's society, the organization that manages the affairs between wizards. One day while he was going home he stumbled upon a girl being bullied by magic students. He decided to intervene but before he manages to do so, the other party lost interest and left. He then went to the now alone girl and apologized on their behalf as a wizard. The girl asked if he's a wizard and implored him to teach her magic. Naturally he refused and told her to go enroll to the magic academy. She told her that she was a student there but was expelled due to a lack of magic potential. Since magic potential is innate and can't be changed he told her to give it up and went back on his way home. While thinking during his way home, he realized that girl look tattered and is standing near a Wizard's society building. Thinking that the girl must have been standing there for days in order to find a mentor, he decided to go back to her. Seeing the girl still on the same place, he asked her if she really wanted to become a wizard no matter what. But before she can answer she collapsed due to exhaustion so Lazlocke took her home. He nursed her back to health and completely recovered several days later. He then asked her to explain her situation. Her name is Celestine Rococo, her father is the head of the Rococo family, a prestigious magic family. One day his apprentice killed him and took over as the head. In order to avenge her father and take her rightful position as the family head, she vowed to become a wizard and enrolled at the magic academy. Unfortunately she had no magic potential and the academy kicked her out after not showing progress for 3 months. Pitiful of her plight, Lazlocke asked the society to look in her situation. The society responded by saying that the apprentice is only taking the head position temporarily and promised to step down once the rightful person has shown talents befitting that of a head. Furthermore, the society promises to acknowledge Celestine's capability as a head if she manages to win the Queenberg magic rally due in 3 years. And thus begins Lazlocke and Celestine's mentor-apprentice relationship. Will she manage to win the fated tournament? Raising simulation by Softhouse Chara. Train Celestine in the arts of magic and combat, explore dungeon and towers for experience and treasures, and participate in the tournaments for glory and honor! SIM/RPG BLOCKED 1. Boku no Ue ni Yuki Furitsumoritsu ぼくのうえにゆきふりつもりつ [080501] Nanda*Panda Sora lives a miserable life in a cruel world. She has food and a place where to sleep. Her memory is blurry and she wants to have fun from time to time. Is there an end to this misery? Doujin 2. Shinju no Moribito 神樹の守人 [080501] Water colors -games- There are three worlds - Heaven, Underground and human one. Humans gets sandwiched between two warring factions as devils decide to crush humans and attack Heavens from there. The earthlings are ignorant about the other two worlds, so angels decide to plant sacred trees everywhere in human world and use their divine energy to exorcise evil. An angel guardian is appointed to protect these forests from destruction. Doujin Otomege 3. Dutch Wife ~Omae no Tsuma wa Ore no Mono~ 奪痴人妻~おまえの妻はオレの肉人形~ [080502] Marry Bell One day, Masaki's mother tells him that he actually has a twin brother, Masaya. Masaya was adopted by a rich family when they were kids and he is now married to a beautiful woman, according to her. He gets mad to hear it and makes up his mind to destroy their happy life. At first, he plans to abduct and confine Masaya and rape his wife... Nukige 4. Hapihosu! ~Osewasaremasu Nyuuin Seikatsu~ はぴほす! ~お世話されます入院生活~ [080502] Shiratama Ryousuke regains his consciousness in the bed. According to his doctor, he got involved in a traffic accident. On the next day, Asami, who hit him, comes to his hospital room to apologize. As he recovers, he gets attention from girls, including Asami, his doctor, nurse, other patient and so on. His erotic hospital life now begins...? Nukige 5. Mousou Taiiku Kyoushi ~Bloomers no Suji wa Tooshite Moraimasu~ 妄想体育教師~ブルマの筋は通してもらいます~ [080502] Heat-Soft The main character becomes a PE teacher just to see a girl wearing bloomers. If things go well, he wants to touch it. However, the reality is hard.... He can't take in charge of a girl's class. But one day, a female teacher who is in charge of a girl's class gets injured and hospitalized! His wish now comes true! At first, he chooses a target girl, Orie. He gives her a private lesson after school and touches her body. However, she still believes he does it for her. Well, his lesson gradually gets bolder and bolder... Nukige 6. Souin Ningyou ~Obieru Shoujo-tachi~ 操淫人形~怯える少女たち~ [080502] Eroro Main character was sorry for classmates bullied at former school, so in this new school he decides not to allow it. His former bullied classmate Marie transfers soon as well, but the victim starts to act like a bully for another girl this place. Protagonist arranges a seminar for both girls, but at some time he starts to violate them for his own pleasure. Nukige 7. Clear ~Crystal Stories~ Clear~クリスタルストーリーズ~ [080503] Moonstone This is the fandisc for the original Clear, featuring new stories for each of the six heroines. Fandisc 8. Hachi no Soko 鉢の底 [080503] Pancake Mid-1950s. Spring. An abduction of a girl has occurred. Victims'mother receives a letter with ransom demands and immediately contacts police. She brings ransom to the appointed place while police lie in ambush, but no one comes for the money. Two years later. Spring. A new girl has disappeared again. Doujin 9. Spring Flower [080503] Fusyro Main character is first year high school student, but he gets fascinated with third year high school student from athletics department. Persistence gets fruitful, no matter the same gender or two years difference. But they have not yet crossed the lover borderline. This spring protagonist prepares thoroughly for his friend's birthday to spend together at his apartment. Doujin Boys Love 10. Yuuguredoki no Setsu-nyan 夕暮れ刻のセツにゃん [080503] Utsukiyo Setsuna is a cat shaped android. He gets picked up by Lockon. But things get confusing when another person looking just like Lockon appears! Doujin Boys Love 11. Twin Soul [080503] Raisin Pie Why monsters and humans have to fight each other? Aren't monsters being just manipulated by the mastermind? Main heroine is a demon who has both human and demon traits. She is sent as a spy to the camp of the heroes of Dragon Quest 4. But maybe we can all coexist happily together. Doujin Nukige 12. Amaranto [080505] Trifolium Garden 1 2 3 Amaranto is a yuri visual novel by Trifolium Garden. Set in a post apocalyptic world, the plot has a somewhat fantastic and mysterious vibe. The story follows Mio, who tries to unravel the rumors behind several murders happening in her district. Set in a world split into various districts, the story begins with Mio and her childhood friend, Shizuku, going to school. At school, they talk to their friend, Yuki, about rumors regarding several recent “vampiric” murders and a girl in white. Doujin 13. Chounaikai Shufu Rape ~Kaigou de Yowasarete Kawaru Kawaru Okasaremashita~ 町内会主婦レイプ~会合で酔わされて代わる代わる犯されました~ [080505] Bishamon A beatiful big breasted housewive joins a neighboorhood meeting. However, after the meeting the other members get her drunk and then have their way with her, cumming so much inside her that they turn her body into a dripping cum bucket! Mitani Noriko had just moved to the neighboorhood and didn't know the ways of the neighboorhood association. When she went to the meeting in the place of her husband, she had no idea how much her voluptuous body would turn on the men at the meeting. After the meeting they get her drunk at a drinking party as they chat with her, and before she knows it she's totally drunk and surrounded by men. Doujin Nukige 14. Eldora Lyon to Konton no Kakera エルドラ リヨンと混沌のかけら [080505] Blue One Lyon, son of Lord Gilbert, is in love with Marco. But he faces a catastrophic crisis under delusion set by a mysterious man. Lyon's adventure to regain his lover Marco begins. Doujin Boys Love 15. Oneshota DX3 ~Otoko no Ko x Toshiue no Kyonyuu Oneesan~ おねショタDX3~男の子×年上の巨乳お姉さん~ [080506] Doujin3aries A new set of episodes united by shota heroes: 1. Boys are squeezed! 「少年達からツンツンされるッ!」 2. After a swing with a beautiful boy 「ブランコで美少年のち○ぽをシコシコ」 3. Two boys in the mountains「山の中で2人のワンパク少年のち○ぽをッ!」 4. Cute boy met again on the veranda 「町で再会したかわいい少年を縁側で…」 Doujin Nukige 16. Abunai Kojin Satsuei Kai 危ない個人撮影会 [080507] Bo-ya The main character is a guy who makes a living taking firsthand videos of sex and selling them. This time his target is a normal girl named Mika whom he fell for after getting to know her as a model on a cell phone website. He calls her for a one on one photo shoot in order to set up the camera. At first he just takes normal poses, but slowly he makes her expose more and more skin until she finally ends up baring it all. Thanks to all the multiple choice selection screens, the developments in the latter half vary greatly. Will you continue with your original intent to deceive and threaten her in order to nail her, or do you embrace her loving heart and head toward a path of true love? It might just show you how much of a sexual beast you are! Doujin Nukige 17. Ryoujoku Shuuyoujo -Zetsubou no Mirai- 陵辱収容所-絶望の未来- [080508] H:O:T(Kari) Main character abducts women who betrayed him and puts them in his custody. What's on the other side of despair? Hatred? Revenge? Forgiveness? Doujin Nukige 18. Gokkun Mama o Kyouiku Shiyou! ごっくんママを教育しよう! [080509] Biidoro Staff While cleaning up her son's room one day, a mother finds porno magazines and semen-covered tissues. She then searches through the tissues thrown away everyday into the wastebasket in his room, finding semen and licking it all up. A short story featuring 7 different multi endings. Female perverted ness, slave mama, queen mama, scat mama... We'll introduce you to any mama that you fancy. Doujin Nukige 19. Inshoku no Taima Miko Kaede 淫触の退魔巫女 楓 [080509] Erotica Black Kaede is shrine maiden who comes to a distant eastern land to practice demon extermination. She meets Ayane on the way to travel together. But Ayane hears rumors of huge treasures in a mansion and sneaks inside only to get caught by a villain owner accompanied by his tentacle beast. "I'm sure Kaede will come and save me". Doujin Nukige 20. N to Iu Na no Otoko, B to Iu Na no Onna Nと言う名の男、Bと言う名の女 [080510] agony/Kinshiiku A lonely, bullied girl opens up to a male teacher who was newly appointed at her school. What she doesn't know is that he's got some plans concerning her... Doujin Otomege 21. Palmarosa パルマローザ [080510] "A prohibition order on going out!?" "Hey, you're too loud." Fiona covers her mouth in a hurry, that volume right now had to be loud enough to echo down the corridor. It's a bright afternoon, the bright sun is beckoning from beyond the window as if giving no cares to the current situation. --This is the Grand Duchy of Relm. Master, that is, the Duke or by another name the Archduke rules this country. It's small but peaceful, I don't know any other country besides it. I have the privilege of living here and taking care of the Duke's daughter, Fiona Amalick. Fiona has reached that appropriate age and it's been about one year since suitors have started appearing one by one to show their worth. Fiona's future husband will equal the power of the next Archduke, and so this betrothal affects the Archduke's position. Even more, Fiona is a beauty, this is surely a situation of riches upon riches that no suitor would want to waste. However Fiona, the essential factor, is not interested in meeting anyone, much less getting betrothed. In spite of the fact that obviously all the suitors are the heirs of noble families. But there is a reason. Fiona fell in love with a youth who runs a bakery in town. On one hand she is the daughter of the Duke, on the other hand he's the son of a commoner. Their social status' are not in harmony. Of course their love is a secret from everybody, Fiona often sneaks out of the mansion to have secret meetings with her sweetheart. Of course I help her with these things but... but, It's been a year and the fact that Fiona won't pick a suitor is driving the Duke into a rage. And so going out is forbidden. Poor Fiona, Until she decides on a suitor it's forbidden for her to leave the mansion. And so, just when I'm thinking what to do Fiona calls me to her room and says, "I'm leaving this house *grin*". Ahhhh what should I dooooo! I don't have the time to sit here holding my head. There's nothing else I can do here. The fact is, for Fiona's sake I must do whatever it takes to deceive everyone and let Fiona escape! Doujin Otomege 22. Little God [080513] Septimus An action packed short in the vein of a supernatural anime. English Doujin 23. Yoshikawa-san no Junan 吉川さんの受難 [080513] sec44 Yoshikawa is a quiet girl who responds to an invitation for a part time job. However, she is put to sleep with a drug. During her sleep she is raped by a large number of men, who ejaculate into her mouth and onto her face until she is drenched in semen... This is an original short story about gang banging a sleeping girl. Doujin Nukige 24. Days of Memories ~Boku to Kanojo to Koto no Koi~ Days of Memories 〜僕と彼女と古都の恋〜 [080515] SNK Playmore 1 The seventh chapter casts you as a member of Iori's band, with younger versions of most of the characters, including Athena, Leona, Kula, and Angel. Whip shows up as a teacher. Also new is Tsunami, who was originally introduced in that Iroha maid game for the mobile phones and DS, as well as a green haired girl named Misato. Kojiroh and Setsuna from Last Blade make an anachronistic appearance, along with Haohmaru, Genjurou, Ash, Kyo, and K'. Console Exclusive 25. Yaminabe! やみなべ! [080515] Gemini Works A yandere game where main character eats from a "dark pot" and this way approaches fateful moment... Doujin Boys Love 26. Android Maid no Nanami-san wa Gohoushi Daisuki de Goshujin-sama wa Sugu ni Icchau no. アンドロイドメイドのナナミさんはご奉仕大好きでご主人様はすぐにイっちゃうの。 [080516] FlyingShine Kotobuki One day, the main character purchases an android robot. "Well, I hope it comes soon...." Finally, his maid android robot arrives... Nukige 27. Injoku Studio Saishuu Take ~Usugitanee Cinderella~ 淫辱スタジオ最終テイク~薄汚ねえシンデレラ [080516] Kuro Hina "So you have been sold." Sayoko, my sex slave, coldly tells Emiri, who is from a rich family. Her father used to run a big talent agency, but it went bankrupt and he went missing with his wife. I worked with Emiri several times before, but she was very selfish. But it is different this time. She comes to me as a voice actress. Well, I'll make her my sex slave.... Nukige 28. Kokuhatsu no Daishou Saeki Kazumi 告発の代償 佐伯一美 [080516] Will Tame Kazumi gets a job at a major food company after graduation. But after she gets promoted to food control section, she fiercely opposes violations, which often results in firm closure. Main character's food factory gets closed down because of Kazumi's accusations. He has nothing to lose now, but he knows the exact person who is responsible for ruining his life ... Doujin Nukige 29. Milky Cheerleader ~Bakunyuu Futanari Musume no Shirudaku Days~ ミルキーチアガール~爆乳フタナリ娘の汁だくDAYS~ [080516] MorningStar Cheerleader club member gets fascinated by newcomer. But new member has a secret of having both male and female genitals, being a futanari. Masturbation soon grows into passion. Nukige 30. Injuu Kuma-tan no Genei Vol. 04 淫獣くまたんの幻影vol.04 [080517] Idle Fancy Hikari is a girl living in the neighborhood. When we were young, she and I used to play together. But when they grew up we drifted apart. One day, there is a break from school. That day she showed up in my life again. This is the start of a heartful sex animal story between the boy and the girl! Doujin Nukige 31. Fami:Liar? ふぁみりあ - Fami:Liar? [080521] Yumemisou Hayakawa Ayato has been living on his own since both of his parents passed away. While looking for jobs on day, 2 girls (sisters) claiming to be his father's bastard children, appear out of nowhere and begin stalking him... Doujin Nukige 32. Twinte Bukkake! Miku ツインテぶっかけ!ミク [080521] @mt She should have thought twice before telling her producer she was willing to do anything for her career! Before she knows it she's dripping in his sticky, hot cum. A short visual novel showing just how far Miku's devotion to work can be pushed. Doujin Nukige 33. Bukkake!! 2 ~Rimi-chan Chako-chan Milk Mamire~ ぶっかけ!! 2 ~りみちゃんチャコちゃんミルクまみれ~ [080523] Morning "He's mine!" "What!? Don't steal him!" Kensuke and Rimi are old friends and boyfriend-girlfriend now. But Chako cuts in between them! "Well, it's my fate. Get out of my way!" "What are you talking about!? Get out of here!" "Well, don't fight..., please." "No!" "No way!" Like this, a battle for Kensuke begins.... Nukige 34. Hangyaku no Beretta ~Ingoku ni Dachiru Senshi~ 反逆のベレッタ~淫獄に堕散る戦士~ [080523] Black Lilith Enter a future world ruled by the culmination of biotechnology, which has its roots in the second half of the 20th century. Mankind aspired to become gods, and so they created the replicants, artificial copies of themselves, whom they put to manual labor, sent to war as expendable soldiers and used at obedient slaves. Then, the appearance of a single man changes everything. That man is professor Albert, who instigates a rapid evolution amongst the replicants. The replicants revere him as a god and declare war on what they call the "worthless humans". A great war erupts in which the replicants attempt to erase the utopia the humans created for themselves. Before long, the entire world lies at their feet. Then a savior appears who stands and fights for humankind. This savior is Beretta, the only replicant who was not driven mad by professor Albert. Her battle is about to begin! Nukige 35. Inshoku no Jokumu 淫触の辱夢 [080523] Es-pot Nobuo is a high school student. He is quiet and teased by other students - mainly girls - at school. One day, he decides to order a pillow. It seems people can have a good dream using it. A several days later, it arrives and he immediately uses it. He dreams of the girls who always tease him. It goes like this: Some tentacles suddenly appear from his body and start raping them.... On the next day, the girls he raped in his dream are absent. He doesn't know why... Nukige 36. Kankeizu ~Yutori-kun no Gyakushuu~ 姦系図~ゆとり君の逆襲~ [080523] Plum Zero Yutaka's father gets remarried and his new mother, Fumio, and sister, Kaori, come to his house. He does not agree with their marriage because his ex-mother committed suicide due to Fumio's existence. "I'll never forgive them...." He plans to rape Fumio and Kaori.... Nukige 37. ~Koidamazume~ ~恋魂詰~ [080523] Lover Soul This is a fan disc of Step x Steady, featuring lovelove H scenes with heroines. The game includes a new story of Miyako and additional scenarios of other heroines. Also, Sunao from Harumoi appears. Fandisc 38. Manin Chijo Densha ~ Hosoi Yubi de Shigokamaide 満淫痴女電車~細い指でシゴかないで [080523] Erotica Peach Main character is a normal, slightly short boy. One day he is late for school and in a hurry jumps into a female-only train car. Two women attack him there and make him ejaculate. Next day same two women sandwich him again, and this time they allow to insert. Crying boy tells it all to his beloved sister, and sister promises to find and the abuser and take revenge. Nukige 39. Mezase My Home! ~Niizuma o Mamore~ めざせマイホーム! ~新妻を守れ~ [080523] Tamamo Studio Rentaro is a salaryman. He hears rumors about a beautiful girl on a train, so he takes the same train. He meets Erika there and falls in love with her at first sight. Surprisingly, girl agrees to go on a date. But Erika's father refuses to recognize seriousness of relations unless there is a wedding, a house and a common child. Protagonist promises to become worthy of Erika in two years time. Doujin 40. Selfish Prince -Kingdom of Barbaroa- [080523] Akatsuki Selfish Prince Lesciel lives in the kingdom of Barbaroa. He tries various dangerous things like jumping from the tower via towel without taking in account feelings of his butler and ninja servants. When will he grow up already? Doujin Boys Love 41. Sugar+Spice! Party☆Party Sugar+Spice! Party☆Party [080523] ChuableSoft This is the fandisc for Sugar+Spice!. Fandisc 42. Tsuma Karu ~Hitozuma Ryoujoku Culture School~ 妻カル ~人妻陵辱狩ルチャースクール~ [080523] Pumpkin The protagonist of this game is a man who has a thing for older women, especially married ones. A cooking school aimed at housewives sends him a request to become a teacher. The man considers that this could be the ideal way to find his ideal housewife. Thus he accepts the offer, looking forward to what is to come. However, it turns out the school's attendants are all old ladies who are far from what he had in mind. The man is about to give up when two women appear at the school who meet his ideals perfectly. Nukige 43. Tsuma Youji 2 ~Boku wa Hitozuma Tenjouin~ 妻ようじ2~ボクは人妻添乗員~ [080523] Shiratama The main character is a tour conductor. One day, a group of married women boards his tour bus. But they never listen to him, touring around as they like. What should he do? Will the tour end safe and sound...? Nukige 44. xx na Kanojo no Tsukurikata Happening ××な彼女のつくりかた ハプニング [080523] Kiss Expansion of KanoTsuku: 1. Adds a multitude of date spots (and hscenes) 2. Full voice acting (of females) 3. Adds a bath hscene at home 4. Imouto personality type added 5. Adds a couple of heroine custom parts like new hairstyles 6. Adds a couple of buildings 7. Adds various events Fandisc 45. Nightmare Forest ~Injuu no Seiran~ ナイトメア・フォレスト ~淫獣の聖卵~ [080524] Rolling Star Deep in the forest unfolds the feast of demons and goblins! From giant hills to Orochi, an eight-headed serpent, and even more mysterious and vile creatures attack our heroine! Anne and Io, full of the eggs of vile beasts, are invited to the feast of voluptuous tentacles... Girls impregnated with eggs. A mysterious boy. And a beast called "Nightmare". The lewd and tragic incident that occurred deep in the forest would lead Anne and Io to a surprising conclusion... Nukige 46. Race Queen Hitozuma Ryoujoku Rinkan レースクイーン人妻凌辱輪姦 [080524] Applemint BLACK Main heroine is a former popular race queen who is now just a housewife. She is asked to take a photo session with the junior race queen. But it turns out into a humiliating experience... Doujin Nukige 47. Shinsei [080525] Radical Dreamers 2002 Shinsei is a very short, minimalist, non-branching visual novel created within about four hours. After much deliberation and guided by some insightful opinions I bring you this short, unpolished and very abstract piece. English Doujin 48. Houkago no Ane ~Hakudaku Rinkan Ryoujoku no Wana ni Ochita Amemiya Mana 放課後の姉 ~白濁輪姦陵辱の罠に陥ちた 雨宮真名 [080527] MorningStar Mana Amamiya, the most beautiful girl in the entire school. Her beauty is the envy of all her female classmates, and her large breasts are enough to excite all the boys with a single look! However, her beauty and her large breasts were every day under constant assault from the teacher "Tatsuya Katsuragi". It all started when her little brother "Jun" became a bullying target. She consulted with Katsuragi on how to get her classmates to stop bullying her brother... ...but in order to help her, he wanted her body! Doujin Nukige 49. Onna Kyoushi Otoka "Midara Nawa" 女教師音花「淫ら縄」 [080527] Kuroi Kyoshitsu The clever and beautiful Miss Otoka decides to try and solve some bullying going on in the classroom, but her plan backfires and she ends up the victim -- and violated by her pupils! Even worse, the whole thing was witnessed by Kobayashi, an academic advisor! Kobayashi brands Otoka as a "teacher who entices and seduces her students" and orders a background investigation on her when she denies it. However, little did she know that it was all a despicable trap... Doujin Nukige 50. Fushigi Yuugi Suzaku Ibun ふしぎ遊戯 朱雀異聞 [080529] Otomate Ootori Madoka falls into the hands of The Universe of the Four Gods along with her friend Himuro Masaki, same as how Miaka and Yui entered. While Masaki goes missing, Madoka is fortunate enough and ends up in the emperor's palace, safe. The story of the series continues allthroughout, following the milestones unless the player chooses different options. Depending of the player choices, some characters who didn't survive in the original series can be saved. Otomege 51. Hanayoi Romanesque~ Ai to Kanashimi - Sore wa Kimi no Tame no Aria 花宵ロマネスク 愛と哀しみ―それは君のためのアリア [080529] Vridge Inc. The player character, Kirihara Tamami, is a teacher at the historical Gekka Academy, where various male members of the Houshou family reside as staff and students. This family has the 'Logos' curse on them, and Tamami is able to see this curse. Gameplay revolves around Tamami taking various forms of the curse and hopefully releasing them in the correct way to free the guys from it. Otomege 52. Shi no Reien 死の霊園 [080529] Tsuchikure An accursed cemetery that places a curse on those who visit. To the people who come visit on a dare, a fear unlike anything in this world lies in wait... Will you be able to leave this cemetery alive? Doujin Nukige 53. Zetsubou no Fuchi 絶望の淵 [080529] STARWORKS Sevina, the main character, is determined to stand up to the demons, even if she has to do it alone. Until now, she has fought countless battles in her home country. In order to complete her mission, she crosses the border to another country, and fighting in an unknown locale will prove to be... Doujin Nukige 54. Reimu & Reimu Mousou Lunatic 霊夢&霊夢 妄想Lunatic [080529] EARNESTLY JET CITY Reimu twins compete in many fields, but they aren't good at sex. But the more they fail, the harder they try. Doujin Nukige 55. Akuma no Tesaki ~20 Nin Renzoku Goukan~ 悪魔の手先~20人連続強姦~ [080530] elle-murakami Through a chance occurrence, a vagrant, Kariya Hiroshi, who is just as evil as the devil himself, ends up sealing a contract with a demon. And the price for making one wish come true is...his life?!! When Kariya tries to repeal the contract, the black demon possesses the body of a traveler and tells him to go and violate girls. And Kariya, feeling sorry for himself, takes the demon up on his proposal. Will Kariya be able to extend his life by doing as the demon bids and capturing, then violating virgins?! Doujin Nukige 56. Chikan Densha Otoko 2 ~Densetsu e no Liner~ 痴漢電車男2 ~伝説へのライナー~ [080530] Guilty+ Ono belongs to a molestation network group. But one day, other members get arrested and the group breaks up. He has lost his passion for molestation, just doing train molestation by habit. One day, he meets a man who is called the king of train molestation on the train. He is surprised to see his molestation techniques and decides to improve his techniques.... Nukige 57. Chikan Sharyou Nigousha ~Inokashirasen~ 痴漢車両2号車~井の顕線~ [080530] Matsuri Kikaku One day, when the main character is on crowded train, a beautiful girl comes near him. He tries to keep his self-control, but he gradually loses it and finally touches her body.... His subconscious desire arises and he starts train molestation from next day. His target girls are Izumi, Selma, and Renge.... Nukige 58. Choukyou Injoku Hime Sylvia ~ Majuu Seidorei no Rakuin 調教淫辱姫シルウィア~魔獣性奴隷の烙印 [080530] MorningStar Princess Sylvia's daily job as a ninja consisted of defeating monsters while wielding a giant sledge hammer. However this time when the Princess goes into the village to defeat the monsters which have appeared, she and her lady-in-waiting, Paratua, are caught in a trap by the demon Marz. What waits in store for them is a repulsive and lecherous violation banquet held by the monster hordes themselves! Nukige 59. Hara Min!! ~Saimin Nakadashi Kozukuri Sengen~ 孕ら☆みん!! ~催眠中だし子づくり宣言~ [080530] Swaneye One day, Haruto suddenly gets the ability to use hypnotism. He tests it without intention and successfully has sex with a girl. He gets addicted to it and plans to have sex as many girls as possible. Also, he has a desire to make them pregnant.... He keeps ejaculating inside. He never stops it! Nukige 60. Hikikomori Muke Hitozuma-sensei ひきこもり向け人妻せんせい [080530] H+ My mother passed away half a year ago. I am a university student and currently live alone at an apartment. After her death, I decided not to go to university, so-called NEET. I seldom go out and just play games all day. But one day, when I go to university for a change, I see a female teacher masturbating... Nukige 61. Hitozuma Sentai Aisaiger Flash 人妻戦隊アイサイガーFLASH [080530] Discovery Miku, Naotaro's wife, gets pregnant. But eight months later, her belly suddenly gets shrunk. When she is at a loss what to do, a monster appears in front of her. "I'm the one who erased your baby. I'm sorry, but there was no other way to achieve our purpose." "What!? No other way? Do you mean you erased my baby only for that?" A big battle between Aisaiger and monsters begins.... Nukige 62. Kanojo x Kanojo x Kanojo ~Sanshimaitono Dokidoki Kyoudou Seikatsu~ 彼女×彼女×彼女~三姉妹とのドキドキ共同生活~ [080530] ωstar Haruomi lives peacefully on a small island. But one day, a volcano erupts, so he gets out of the island and temporarily stays at his relative's house. He meets Natsumi, Akina, and Mafuyu there. They are sisters and all pretty. His peaceful life suddenly turns into an exciting erotic life... Nukige 63. Little Piece Vol.2 [080530] Studio e.go! Fujimino High School. It looks normal, but people with mysterious power sometimes appear. This is a comedic but a little bit serious story about these people.... Anthology 64. Lyrical ~Dramatic Stories~ リリカルDS [080530] Marmalade Lyrical DS contains eight after stories of the Lyrical Lyric heroines. Also, heroines from Miraroma and Konneko appear. You can enjoy dramatic love stories with them. Anthology Fandisc 65. Majodou ~Ano Chirigiwa no Utsukushisa~ 魔女道~あの散り際の美しさ~ [080530] G.J? 1 A story taking place in an alternate world where witches co-exists with ordinary people. But according to their code, they must compete with each other and must not love anyone… Although competition meant a real war in the old days, it has now become a civilized sports tournament?! Nukige 66. Maneji! Ikimasu!! ~Chitsuyosen ni Kaketa Natsu 2008~ マネジ! イキます!!~膣予選に賭けた夏2008~ [080530] Gekidan Kinmirai Nagisa is a high school student. She falls in love with a male student, who is an ace pitcher of a baseball club, at first sight. One day, she promises with him that if he throws a good pitch in the next game, she will give him sex massage. And he does it! The rumor spreads among other members and.... Nukige 67. Metorase ~Dokilove ☆ Shinkon Iinkai~ メトラセ~ドキらぶ☆新婚委員会~ [080530] Undead Haruto is just perfect. He is good at sports, smart, good-looking, gentle, and from a rich family. Every female student loves him, but he can never trust others. That is his one and only weakness. One day, a competition is held at school. That is to decide Haruto's bride and five girls go to the final, Kanae, Yumiwa, Yuino, Mimi, and Aika. They all love him from the bottom of heart. Their final battle now starts.... Nukige 68. Obscene Service 2 [080530] schoolzone Yumi, cultivated as a mistress, and her daughter Sayaka are trying to escape their life on the edge, having to perform so-called "services". They cooperate and try to run away, but fail, and are subjected to severe training as punishment. Violation at their home, gangbanged by company employees, prostitution at a corporation, defecating in bathrooms... And finally, outdoors sexual intercourse. After this hard training, what feelings do the girls harbor in the hearts...? Doujin Nukige 69. Rinjoku no Shiro Kairai no Ou 凛辱の城 傀儡の王 [080530] Clock Up There is a kingdom where the king takes good care of people. Seemingly, it looks peaceful. However, there is a castle owned by evils floating above them. They are connected with each other through a gate and they can come and go freely. The ones who go through the gate usually carry weapons, so a terrible battle often takes place. The main character is a soldier. He joins a battle against evils and enters the castle. But there is no one inside, just the devil appears. He finally kills the devil and happily comes back to his troop. However, other soldiers see him and say, "Oh, the devil! We'll kill you!!" He doesn't know what is going on, but he defeats them and runs away.... A while later, a girl appears in front of him and says, "You are the devil now. Attack people and rape girls to keep on living." He has been transformed into the devil.... Nukige 70. Seiin Ningyou Hime Rizell 精飲人形姫リゼル [080530] Software circle Mercure Princess Liselle of the Kingdom of Gardenia is assassinated at her birthday party. Sorcerer manages to bind her soul to a homunculus body, but to maintain the body princess needs to drink a lot of semen every day. Girl initially thinks that such fate is worse than death, but eventually will for life takes over. Doujin Nukige 71. Shinigami Milk♪ ~Dojikko Kyonyuu Shinigami to Eroicha Bonyuu Seikatsu☆~ 死神ミルク♪~ドジっ娘巨乳死神とエロイチャ母乳生活☆~ [080530] Norn The protagonist is Shingo, a college student who isn't popular with the ladies. One day, the shinigami RyuRyu accidentally shears off half of his soul. Now that Shingo is in danger of dying at any moment, he demands RyuRyu lets him have his way with her breasts until all his attachment to this world is gone! He also wants to make the shinigami pregnant... A sweet time of sex with mother's milk is about to begin. Nukige 72. Yu-Para! ~Tadaima Nyuinchu~ ゆ〜パラ!〜ただいま乳院中〜 [080530] Hakudakukei Kazunari is from a rich family. He is good-looking, smart, and rich, being chased by girls every day. But one day, he has an accident and is hospitalized. Girls think it is a great chance for them to get him! Will he be able to run away from them...? Nukige
  17. Foreword: Could not miss probably the best game in the series. All conceptual things are given in a different review (1), so I'll slack with just an impression. Synopsis: There are two different worlds... They are quite similar, but conflicting with each other. One of the world is called the World of White Silver that exists independently. However, the other world coexists with other worlds, closely affecting each other. People of these worlds hate to be invaded by others. And this power invites another chaos... Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_krD6OdwnhHB-nWGXn6p2t Game type: Chunige Character Design rating: 9/10 Protagonist rating: 8/10 Story rating: 9/10 Game quality: 9/10 Overall rating: 9/10 To explain score split I need to return to Shirogane review. I disliked protagonist, unnatural romance, harem relations, focus on ero, obsession with loli heroines there. And now imagine that all that is fixed in the second game without adding new flaws. And that in short is why I'm so excited about Gouen no Soleil. Even worldview is better. It used to be pretty much usual world with school, childhood friend, older sister teacher and all that boring stuff while gradually trying to become powerful enough to oppose berserks. This time only very start happens at school, then strange girl comes to school with a humanized toad, and they teleport protagonist to a different world - world of chaos - in sister's body. So first of all all the conventional life ties get torn, plus chaotic nature of this world promises a lot of excitement. And excitement we get. There are some outstanding characters and scenes including battles to encounter in this world, but everyday scenes still take the bulk of time. And what game really excels at is everyday scenes. Most of them happen in a mansion with all cliche attributes - sadist blonde mistress, butler and maids. Tempo is really good, and humor is everywhere, even in battle scenes. There's not a grain of boredom in this game, unless you play for the second time for a different heroine since many scenes are shared due to limit of two route branches. Let's say couple words about characters. There's no centerpiece heroine like Hagar this time, but heroines are nice and varied. It was strange to see both of maids get their endings, but maids personalities are also distinctive. Even Rin does not look like a loli most of the time, to my relief. As for protagonist, he/she is surprisingly decent as he/she familiarizes with this new world pretty fast. Most of the time protagonist spends time as a girl, and that girl has a face, so we don't associate ourselves with her, and it allows to skip all the horny-ness altogether, let alone think about harem. Apart of repeating masturbation scene in the bathroom there is hardly any cliche trap/body transfer moves. Finally we can focus on the story and heroines without persistent goal to get them in bed. H scenes are mostly focused in boss battles after defeat, so I absolutely did not feel any irritation with them. There are no those weird zooms, camera moves in H events from Shirogane, and length is short. Oh, should also mention that I've no complaints with art. I wish other Soleil games had the same style as Gouen. But what I describe looks very much like perfect 10/10 score. So what kind of flaws do I nitpick over this time? Well, setting is indeed chaotic, and it does not bother to give proper explanations to the reader. But there is another technical flaw - number of CG. The total number is 74 with variations which diverges from common case of around 100 CG. I don't really care that there are only 1 or 2 HCGs per scene, but game would really benefit form normal battle CG. As of now, all battles happen in text dialogue mode with some rare slashing effects laid upon character sprites. Heck, I barely scratched enough CG for this review. Oh, well, and I believe that perfect 10/10 visual novels should be serious stories. And given all the moe and comedy tilt I just can't call Gouen no Soleil a serious story. What we get in the end is a surprisingly appealing mix of genres. I'm weak to games relating in metafiction, and this time there aren't only references to Shirogane no Soleil, but also to Harukazedori ni, Tomarigi o let alone references to future games. I still intend to skip Skyfish SOL games, but perfectionist in me realizes how satisfying it is to unwind such complex web of ties in each game.
  18. Gouen no Soleil -Chaos Region- is VN of the Month that I take for review. 11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo- is another masterpiece. I consider Chaos;Head so bad that it's nowhere near masterpiece material. 1. Boku Dake no Kajitsu 僕だけの果実 [080403] JIN Products The story of a man and three women and the training they partake in... "Come on, I will teach you true love". Just R15 PSP short romance SIM 2. Hyouka no Genya -Eternal Waltz- 氷花ノ幻夜-Eternal Waltz- [080411] Gimlet Main character temporarily returns to his icy hometown after two and half years. He reunites with childhood friend and goes to the closed school which bears so many nostalgic memories. Protagonist's frozen heart starts to melt little by little in the familiar classroom. They young people meet a strange girl in this abandoned building, and it becomes a turning point in their lives. It's not a doujin anymore, so it deserves a second look. Main difference is that in past work protagonist was alone and now he is with childhood friend already, and they face strange girl together. It's a heartwarming work about tragic love. Many elements like voicing, background graphics and BGM are upgraded, but overall graphic level remains low, and main song is unchanged. Structure becomes super complex after incorporating content from past side stories. Kokomi route is most impressive as it deals with paranormal stuff. 3. Osouji Sentai Clean Keeper お掃除戦隊くりーんきーぱー [080424] Idea Factory Co., Ltd. 1 Kurou is a high school student. One day, he is appointed as a representative of a clean up group. A few days later, when he cleans up his classroom, he meets Mary and she says, "Someone is trying to mess up our school!" All he needs to do is to find cleaning spirits confined somewhere in school and their partner girls. Will he be able to find them all and keep the school clean? Bakage with mini-games for revealing CG. Story is more or less solid, but very short. 4. 11eyes -Tsumi to Batsu to Aganai no Shoujo- 11eyes-罪と罰と贖いの少女- [080425] Lass 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Kakeru lost his older sister five years ago. He tries to get back to normal life, but he still lives a vacant life. He has a childhood friend, Yuka, who goes to the same high school. She always tries to cheer him up and he gradually gets better. One day all of a sudden, the sky turns red and the moon becomes black. Everyone besides Kakeru and Yuka disappears and monsters start roaming the streets. All they can do is just to run away and hide. A while later, it all gets back to normal. But when they start to think it's all passed, the Red Night happens again. They find out that there are four more humans who get involved in this mysterious phenomenon. They get together and try to survive, but six shadows appear in front of them... Game is localized and has English reviews. 5. Asanagi no Aquanauts 朝凪のアクアノーツ [080425] Fizz 1 2 3 One day, a girl asks Aki, the main character, to come out behind school building after school. He never expected such a thing would happen to him. Her name is Mio. She is a little bit strange, but pretty enough. "She'll tell me she loves me!" But he is wrong.... "Well, it's all your fault. Yes, there's no other way..." She pulls out a golden hammer. "You saw my secret!" Is this a dream? Or was what I saw the other day a dream...? Pretty neat charage with main themes of motherly love, friendship, eternity and romantic love. Routes vary significantly, one even includes real drama. The end of each route becomes serious. 6. Chaos;Head [080425] Nitroplus 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Takumi is a high school student. He is withdrawn and is not interested in 3D things. In his town, a mysterious serial murder case happens and people get panicked. One day, when he chats on the internet, a man suddenly contacts him and gives him a URL. He goes to the website and finds a blog image that suggests a next murder case... On the next day, it really happens... Game is localized and has English reviews. 7. Colorful Wish ~12ko no Majikyun!~ カラフルウィッシュ~12コのマジ★キュン!~ [080425] Giga A world where magic commonly exists. Children who have a special ability enter boarding magic school. The ability usually appears only to girls, but it appears to Riku. He joins the school and somehow lives a peaceful life with female students. School festival is hold every winter and there is magic competition. It seems the winner is given a special present from the school principal. He and his classmates get together and practice hard to win the competition. No use even investigating it. Moege from Giga. 8. Fantasical ファンタジカル [080425] Unison Shift: Clear Hiromu is a university student. One day, when he goes through the gate of library, he suddenly moves to another world, Fantasical. When he regains his consciousness, he finds a girl, Mary, standing in front of him. He wants go back at first, but he gradually gets accustomed to it. He starts living at Mary's house and enters high school. As he enjoys his life there, he starts thinking about staying there forever... Mimikko comedy in first half, clumsy opportunistic attempt to focus on protagonist's past in the second half. Atmosphere is cozy, but there's nothing really deep in this game. 9. Gouen no Soleil -Chaos Region- 鋼炎のソレイユ-ChaosRegion- [080425] SkyFish 1 There are two different worlds... They are quite similar, but conflicting with each other. One of the world is called the World of White Silver that exists independently. However, the other world coexists with other worlds, closely affecting each other. People of these worlds hate to be invaded by others. And this power invites another chaos... There is an English review. I'll review it since I can skip card battles. 10. Haruiro ☆ Communication ♪ 春色☆こみゅにけ~しょん♪ [080425] Terios I'm Haruka. I'm studying hard to become a doctor. It'd be best if I could devote myself to my study, but I was in love with a boy. However, I couldn't understand what he thought! Why was he so popular among girls? Handsome? Well, maybe... One day, he suddenly left school. According to a rumor, he currently stays at a hotel in the country. It's spring vacation now. I've made up my mind to meet him again... Just as prequel, H tilt Moege. 11. Stellula Eques ~Shokuzai no Himekishi~ ステルラエクエス~贖罪の姫騎士~ [080425] One day protagonist sees a beautiful girl being attacked by monsters. When he saves her, he realizes that she is an old childhood friend. She tells him that she is actually a magical knight fighting to save the earth. They can't help but fall in love with each other. Now she must keep her sense of duty and not lose herself in his love giving up the fight. Is it still possible to save the earth ? Game is basically a magical girl pure love nukige with tentacles and cosplay fetish. It actually tries to bring more heavy atmosphere, but lack of explanation ruins any attempt of serious story. Lack of funding is also felt, game is sold for half-price. 12. Tsuyokiss 2gakki つよきす2学期 [080425] Candy Soft 1 A retelling of Tsuyokiss which takes place a few months after Otome has started living together with Leo (before the game enters any routes) and introduces the transfer student, Celeb, who joined Leo's class. There is an English review. BLOCKED 1. Agnus Dei [080401] ZIGZAG A crossover game that ZigZag released for its previous titles for the April Fool's Day 2008. Doujin 2. Heart of Fire [080401] Love Conquers All Games The three travellers had never met each other before being captured by monsters, but they now have one thing in common: their struggle to escape from hostile lands together. A goofy overblown love story about killing orcs and letting the fire in your heart keep you strong. English Doujin 3. Lady Sugarplum's Bad Day [080401] MrSulu Productions Not-for-kids comedy puzzle game in the visual novel style This is a puzzle/adventure game. It's a bit like a visual novel, but has puzzle segments. Gameplay can be considered similar to Phoenix Wright, although with less mystery. The story is a short comedy about two children's TV show hosts. One is a buxom blonde named Marie St. Marie, freshly hired and very friendly; the other is an excitable chipmunk puppet named Miss Bandit who has been on the show for years. With her boss out of town, Bandit has cooked up something... special for Marie today. This game contains some NSFW dialog and art. Be warned. It's rated "OT" on the manga scale, PG13 on the MPAA scale, and Extremely Silly on the MrSulu scale. English Doujin 4. Next Station 080401] Mr. E You've just been rejected by the girl you had silently loved for so long... Now you embark on a journey to nowhere in particular, in the subway's circles and cycles, trying to deal with the pain everyone feels at least once in their lives: rejection. English Doujin 5. Star Story Saga: Renaissance [080401] MAB Studio A tale of love. A tale of loss. A tale... of rebirth A student of Magicks has to stop an evil presence of an admiral, who started an intergalactic war three hundred years ago, from being resurrected. English Doujin 6. Subete ga Uso ni Naru すべてがウソになる [080401] Aihara Mahiro An April Fools' Day themed game. Doujin 7. The slave contract second stage [080401] Souju This is a light adventure game written about a beautiful young wife who falls into a trap and becomes a depraved sex slave. Doujin Nukige 8. Tokyo Conspiration [080401] WiLL-Uiru The Kizuna satellite from Jaxa, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, promises to give Asia a 1.2 Gbps bandwidth connection, anywhere and anytime. Be BiFrost, one of the biggest hackers in the world, and help a strange guy who seeks the development secrets of the Project Kizuna. English Doujin 9. ALTOR [080404] Naka An unofficial, fan-made game based on the successful shounen anime and manga series, Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Doujin 10. Eden -Saishuu Sensou Shoujo Densetsu- EDEN -最終戦争少女伝説- [080404] Last White 1 Ichinokura Ryuu and twenty-so others stand on an inevitable point in life. Rather, it’d be more appropriate to say they are currently standing on that point quite literally as they gaze at the incoming nuclear missile head about to dissipate them wholly. To think they’ve narrowly escaped from many bad situations today, one of which being the prevention of rape of Kurisu Kanu from the very army who vowed to protect their country, only to face impending doom so soon. It all started in Minkei Gakuen, on a regular day. Ryuu was asked by his teacher Oogawa to join the student expedition team for Mirokujima, a recently discovered unknown island that never appeared on maps before. The trip which normally would be viewed as “lame” is fueled by the one fact that the “cool, mysterious and beautiful” school, no district idol Kurisu Kanu is participating. At any means it was supposed to be a healthy and safe trip as Ryuu convinces his childhood friend Tsukimura Emu to stay put at home. The next day Ryuu left for Mirokujima: A supposingly uneventful journey. Doujin 11. Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 ~Onna no Sensou Konzetsu Keikaku~ 機動戦士ガリダム00~女の戦争根絶計画~ [080404] SABER FISH A certain organization attempts to brings an end to all wars by means of military intervention. In the midst of this conflict, a young princess seeks the help of other nations to save her country, which suffers from the depletion of its oil supplies. She wishes to save her country without fighting. For this she is willing to even sacrifice her own body... That is the extent of her determination. However, her noble intentions are abused by a group of men, who turn the poor princess into their plaything. For her as well as for a number of other young women, the curtain rises on a life of sexual insult. Doujin Nukige 12. Souin Ningyou ~Inran Kaunseringu~ 操淫人形~淫乱カウンセリング~ [080404] Eroro Main character is a novice counselor. Yet another female patient complains about his advice not helping, so he violates her in anger and then tries to persuade her that it was required for treatment. Surprisingly, patient believes and recovers, so this technique gets applied to the next female patient... Nukige 13. Uchuu Keiji Soldivan 宇宙刑事ソルディバン [080404] Maika One day, a group of UFO suddenly appear and they order people to join the Galaxy Union. After some twists and turns, they decide to join it. This is a story about the space police, fighting against criminals who ran away from other planets.... Nukige 14. Zetsubou Shoujo ~Fukushu no Seisai Kyoushitsu~ 絶望少女 ~復讐の性裁教室~ [080404] Ankoku Gekijou Takashi starts working at a high school and meets two girls there, Mikie and Kiyomi. He still believes that Mikie's father and Kiyomi conspired together and ruined his girlfriend's future. Revenge.... He decides to take revenge on them.... Nukige 15. My Pet Illya マイペットイリヤ [080405] MOON GODDESS Chapter 4 of My pet series Fate edition. As soon as Sakura gets destroyed, Saber, Rider and Shiro are hunted down. Ilya attacks the abandoned ruins where enemy resides with the help of her mighty berserker. But she loses and meets the same fate as previously captured girls. Doujin Nukige 16. Hiki Sakareta Kono Sekai de 引き裂かれたこの世界で [080406] RAPESEED 3008 A.D. After defeat in World War III Japan lies in turmoil. In such circumstances survivors are on their own. Akira sells parts of his body. Shizuku works as a prostitute. Say kills people for money. Three people form a "family" and support each other. But it all comes to an end one day... Doujin 17. Kaze no Kuni no Oujo-sama -Dai Ni Shou- 風の国の王女様-第二章- [080409] Si-G The Princess of the Land of the Wind - Chapter 2 is the visual novel of the Amazoness Queen of Sei*en Densetsu 3 who is brutalized in her sleep by a brute beast. Doujin Nukige 18. Fami☆Resu ~A~ ファミ☆れす~A~ [080411] Sage Kosaku has come to Tokyo because of certain circumstances. He is charmed by a cute girl who leads him to a family restaurant in Akihara. Unlike a normal family restaurant, this one not only caters to satiate the desire to eat and drink, but also to the desire to copulate. In fact, customers are allowed to have sex with the waitresses as much as they like. Doujin Nukige 19. Futari no Erika ~Osanajimi to Ima Kanojo to~ ふたりのえりか~幼なじみと今彼女と~ [080411] Alamode Kentaro had an old friend, Erika. She used to live next to his house, but her family went abroad on business. Just before she left, they promised to meet again and marry. A few years later, he is now a university student. He lives alone and has a girlfriend. Her name is also Erika. He enjoys his university life with her. But one day, a girl suddenly cuts in. Yes, it is his old friend, Erika. Their battle for Kentaro now begins.... Nukige 20. Suiei Choukyoushi ~Oyako Shuuchi Lesson~ 水泳調教師~母娘羞恥レッスン [080411] Kuro Hina I am a swimming instructor. Actually, I just enjoy watching girls in swimsuit every day. There are two girls, Mizuki and Ryouka, who take part in my swimming lesson. You know Ryouka is Mizuki's mother. I am in love with Mizuki, but it seems she hates me. Ok, I will get you somehow. I just starts spying on Ryouka... Nukige 21. Trepanation [080411] Ryo Irisawa A rash of recent suicides and the only clue are these mysterious death organs. A man with no purpose to his life tries and prevents these people from killing themselves. He teams up with another hostel resident who has her own weird gift, but first he must undergo a strange procedure called trepanation. Some doctors believe that trepanation can increase your brain power and improve academic and career performance, as well as give heightened consciousness. But unconscious starts to take over, giving a strange kind of clarity of the world beneath what we interpret with our eyes. English Doujin 22. WET BLUE ~Poolside no Tenshi-tachi~ WET BLUE~プールサイドの天使たち~ [080411] Rolling Star Sera opens her heart and body to two girls who are full of mysteries... Deep blue sadness brings back memories of an ugly incident in the past. These girls in school swimsuits have souls in pain and are waiting for pleasure to bring them sexual healing. Doujin Nukige 23. Violate Mind [080412] Will Tame Taku had a quarrel with childhood friend Minako, but after sneaking in her room to make amends, he witnessed a shocking scene. Soon Taku went to study in Tokyo. Several years later married Minako stays at Taku's place during her stay in Tokyo. Her panting voice does not let him sleep. He decides to apply to her a hypnosis technique he picked up from a certain web site... Doujin Nukige 24. Dying With Cry [080413] Brave Esprit Noah, a private investigator, reflects on an old case while searching for a missing family. Six years ago in Najamo he was involved in a dispute between a shady organization. Things went bad and there was a terrible explosion. The case was closed, but his gut never let go. Now, he returns to Najamo in search of his lost partner, Ukon, who was as close as a brother. Noah meets a man named Marley, an old agent of the NSA who he thought had died six years ago. If Marley is alive, then so is hope. So is Ukon. Marley begins to tell him the whole, true story. And Noah has a revelation of sorrow. Doujin 25. Akuma no Meikyuu 悪魔の迷宮 [080415] Kitsunemimi Manjuu Shion is trapped in a dark maze, inhabited by various demons and monsters. She doesn't have any special powers, wisdom, or courage, she's only a weak, little girl. All she has is a dim light of a lantern. Now, will she be able to slip out of this Devil's Maze...? "Gently take this little hand and please lead her the way out of this nightmare." Doujin Nukige 26. Nu! Toraburu Jan 脱!とらぶる雀 [080416] Yaoyorozu-Kobo La**, Haru**, and Ya** are infected by aliens parasites who feed on pleasure. To purge these parasites, you must beat them in any game to exhaust them into starvation for sex. So you, as Ri**, must play a game of undressing mahjong and have sex with them! Doujin Nukige 27. Futanari Clinic Karte #3 Fujiwara Akiha ふたなりクリニック カルテ#3 藤原秋穂 [080418] Akiha masturbates while witnessing a lesbian scene. But participating girls turn out to be futanari. It becomes and important turning point in Akiha life. Nukige 28. Kokou Kishi Melissa ~Hangyaku Onna Kishi Ishukan Kanraku~ 孤高騎士メリッサ~反逆女騎士異種姦陥落~ [080418] MorningStar The royal capital is occupied by magical forces when the royal forces are absent. Royal Guard Melissa, in reaction to the princess and her subjects being taken hostage, tries to assassinate the ringleader while acting as a sex slave, but fails. For her betrayal, a ghastly hell of rape awaits. As her body is tampered with, her sprit crumbles while the demons feast on her... Nukige 29. Nise Kyoushi ~Seikatsu Shidou ADV~ ニセ教師~性活指導ADV~ [080418] Nomad One day, Masato receives a misdelivered parcel. But he gets interested in it and opens it. There are some medicines, an envelope, an ID card, and a password inside. He opens the envelope and finds a paper. It says, "The right to work at Hakuyo High School". "What? Can I really work at Hakuyo High School? I see. Girls, I'll severely discipline you!" Nukige 30. Nurse no Obenkyou Ouyou Hen ~Uke Shichu Igai wa Zettai Kinshi!~ ナースのお勉強 応用編~受けシチュ以外は絶対禁止!~ [080418] Atelier D The second semester in a nursing school with boarding system begins. Main character is a boy who aims to become a nurse with impure motive to create a harem as the only male there. As soon as he gets allowed to live in girls dormitory, air becomes filled with scent of lust. Nukige 31. Souin Ningyou ~Oshiego to no Inkou~ 操淫人形~教え子との淫行~ [080418] Eroro Main character used to direct AV films, but was overwhelmed with this industry and quit. But as he runs out of money, he returns to the idea of filming such movie again with a weak-willed actress. He organizes brainwashing seminars and tracks down suitable candidate for actress at a certain school. After infiltrating the school he is severely questioned by female teacher there. Luckily, he happens to have teacher's naughty photo from past life, so he intimidates both girls into shooting as shameless actresses. Nukige 32. Tokumei Sousakan Mai ~Mi mo Kokoro mo Otosarete~ 特命捜査官 真衣 ~身も心も堕とされて ~ [080418] Goku-Fero In the near future... Mai, an undercover investigator, is captured and confined by a crime group. The group decides to make her their spy and hires a professional trainer. From that day, a series of erotic lessons is given to her... Nukige 33. Yuukuri Panic Choukyou Diary ゆーくりパニック 調教ダイアリー [080418] Rolling Star The sadist protagonist meet the submissive Kyoko and her smart little sister Choko. Doujin Nukige 34. Zetsubou no Kotou 絶望の孤島 [080418] Gyuunyuu Soft It's a jailbreak. Kijima sneaks out of prison during a storm and captains a boat to escape. The boat would be no good before the storm. Caught up in the storm, Kijima loses conciousness. When he comes to, he finds he has washed up on some unknown island. He soon realizes to his annoyance that it is a deserted island, bringing absolutely no change from the sexless prison life he had before. However, 2 beautiful women end up coming to the island. It seems that they were tricked by some criminals and deserted on this island. They were like deer released in front of a starving lion. A suppressed evil instinct inside of Kijima is awakened. "Now normally I don't thank nobody, but I gotta hand it to these guys. Thanks for going to all the trouble of bringin' me some easy prey." In the setting of this crazy world, the story of Kijima begins. Doujin Nukige 35. Intruder Lalka ~Kangoku no Kotou~ イントルーダー・ラルカ~姦獄の孤島~ [080419] CARYO The stage is set! A solitary island ruled by tyranny and assault, in the middle of the southern sea! A spy adventure game following a female agent's lonely battle for justice! Raruka, an international terrorist, has been imprisoned during a mission, and has been declared as killed in action. However, the economical leader of Europe, duke Elberich, appears before her and declares that he has bought her life. Her life saved because of her skills as a terrorist, Raruka is sent to a solitary island in the southern sea. She is assigned the duty of rescuing a genius scientist held captive in the military complex Avalus Ypsi. At first glance, it may look like a grand resort island, but in reality it is a giant weapon, stained by the taint of cruelty and violence. Will Raruka be able to fulfill her mission without ending up dead!? Doujin Nukige 36. 'S [080421] WLC Soft After the disaster people hide in underground colonies, and now return to recolonize the Earth. Treasure hunters exploring territories become top needed profession. A training school for treasure hunters is established. Young adults get practice skills there. Doujin 37. Banbian San 半边伞 [080421] KCDDP It's a rainy day. Main character sees a girl without an umbrella hiding under the roof as train station is 5 km away. Protagonist only has a half-broken umbrella that can not cover two people, but he offers help anyway. Chinese Doujin 38. Dream Savior Gakuen [080422] illuminate001 1 And you thought High School romances got complicated! As the doors open, welcoming you to your first year at an elite Art College, you wonder...will the pieces you create here have the ability to amaze? You never thought the guys you met here would be the amazing ones. Welcome to Dream Savior Gakuen. English Doujin 39. Edel Blume エーデルブルーメ [080424] Otomate The time is the middle ages, the place a remote region of Europe, in a small village surrounded by mountains. There is a village that is ruled by a heretic noble, in an impassable region. The protagonist is a young nun named Mary who doesn't know her parents, she can't remember her childhood and was raised at the church. Getting closer to her 16th birthday she starts having nightmares every night. They seem like memories of a person that is herself, but not herself, she can't remember the contents very well but she can tell they are dreams about that 'other self' doing something frightening. And so, on the night of a full moon the noble Gerald who lives in a castle at the summit of a mountain comes to the village with a request. On the day of Mary's 16th birthday he want's her to offer herself up to him in marriage. From that day, strange things start happening in the village... Otomege 40. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou Detective Story: Kienai Kokoro 探偵 神宮寺三郎DS きえないこころ [080424] WorkJam Jingūji is asked to investigate the suicide of an elementary school girl from 20 years ago. When he visits the girl's school, he meets the school principal, who demands the investigation of another new case... This story is DS exclusive hence no numerical. As a bonus it also includes five previous mobile line games (6-10) and six chibi style minigames. Console Exclusive 41. Boin Shimai no Kojin Jugyou ボイン姉妹の個人授業 [080425] Frill He failed university entrance exams. Also, he has never had sex with a girl. His sisters now stand up for him! "Ok, we'll give you a lesson!" Like this, they work as his tutor during a day and give him a sex lesson at night... Nukige 42. Dorei Shoukou Claris ~Hakudaku no Glory~ 奴隷将校クラリス〜白濁のグローリエ〜 [080425] Dual Tail 1 In 20xx, the world is divided into two groups and they hold the world balance of power. But one day, it changes after one group captures and imprisons several important people of the other group, including Claris, a general officer, and Sonia, a princess. And an order is given to Marquis, the main character. That is to make them sex slaves.... Nukige 43. Heartbeat Bullet [080425] Dear My 1bit Heartbeat Bullet is an unofficial doujin dating sim based on the Katekyo Hitman Reborn shounen anime/manga series. Doujin Otomege 44. Inshoku no Byoutou ~Kinki no Ikenie-tachi~ 淫触の病棟~禁忌の生贄たち~ [080425] Riddle Soft The main character is a university student. One day, he is hospitalized for stomach trouble. A few days later, he sees a strange shadow several times. It looks like a human, but he is not sure. He suddenly remembers a bad rumor about his hospital. He decides to examine it, but... Nukige 45. Jukuzuma Toushi Claudia Chijoku no Rinkan Kyousei Chitsunai Shasei 熟妻闘士クラウディア 恥辱の輪姦強制膣内射精 [080425] MorningStar Claudia, a former gladiator, throws her body into the underground fighting arena in order to get information about her husband Lukius, who was known as the invincible gladiator. As a condition for the cooperation of Albino, the owner of the underground fighting arena, Claudia must 'win' while wearing special armor. She then heads alone into the arena to get that information. However, the underground arena is caught up in a storm of sexual desire and big breasted gladiator Claudia is attacked, violated, and humiliated! Nukige 46. Kasou Party ~Mofuku Miboujin no Innyuu Shibori~ 火葬パーティー ~喪服未亡人の淫乳搾り~ [080425] Pin-Point The gentle and big-breasted widow Yoko goes from bereaved widow to down and dirty sexual slave in the painstakingly drawn "Breastmilk Spurting, Multiple Orgasm Naughty Widow AVG"! Set at a cremation, our widow is violated, performs exhibitionism, has food eaten off her body, is anally penetrated, breasts squeezed, group sex, bukkake'd, and more! In our virtual cremation location based off thorough research into actual facilities, you can engage in all the cremation play you like! We've taken our animation to the next stage using even more brilliant "ultimate silky smooth animation"! We've evolved and precisely re-created the fluid movements and soft qualities of the characters' skin. Yoko is violently active in this production and her orgasms are must-see!! Get a feel for the heat of her body with this production!! Art provided by the popular big-breast artist Sumeragi Kohaku! We've left nothing out of this huge 120 page collection of art and insert graphics and animation! King Pin, the brand created to surpass Pinpoint! Our first production at last makes its appearance on the scene!! Doujin Nukige 47. Kenjutsu Shoujo Izumi Rei to Mujintou ~Ouchi no Okite da... Omae to Kozukuri ni Hagende Yaru~ 剣術少女和泉令と無人島~お家の掟だ…お前と子作りに励んでやる~ [080425] Norn The protagonist is a school pupil, and the successor to the Yashima school of martial arts. This year, he' is determined on getting a girlfriend to enjoy summer with! But just as he has made up his mind, his father sends him to a remote uninhabited island to duel against a student of a rival martial arts school. On the island, he meets Izumi Rei, a cool and beautiful girl. They duel, and Satoshi narrowly emerges victoriously. The girl then tells him that since she lost, by the rules of her house, she must accept Satoshi's children. Nukige 48. Kichiku no Sato ~Inran Gibo to Yandere Imouto~ 鬼畜の里~淫乱義母とヤンデレ妹~ [080425] DMM Main character returns home for the first time in 10 years after death of his autocratic father. He is welcomed by widow and sister-in-law. Girls are afraid to be thrown away, so they offer their bodies to protagonist. Nukige 49. Maid Unmeiroku ~Shokuzai no Nie Ryouki no Wana~ メイド運命録~贖罪の贄・猟奇の罠~ [080425] Yamitsuki Koubou Dad is dead. Upon hearing the news, the son of the wealthiest man in town, Shinji, hurries back home to his mansion. After the funeral, there to greet Shinji in the mansion still with the faint fragrance of sadness are: Nanako, the daughter of his father's lover and his old childhood friend from long ago... Kumi, an older woman whose voluptuous body and warm smile make her all the more beautiful and radiant... And his father's strict butler, Kuroiwa. Shinji, though glad to be reunited with so many he knew and loved, must tend to the inheritance his father left him as well as his father's company, a task which leaves him confused and lost. All the while, none of them yet realize the evil which is penetrating their lives... Doujin Nukige 50. Niizuma Ikasete Milk! Danchizuma, Hirusagari no Kahanshin Jijou 新妻イカせてミルク! 団地妻、昼下がりの下半身事情 [080425] Atelier Kaguya The main character comes back to his hometown after an interval of several years. He hears that Misaki, his classmate, gets married and lives nearby. Also, he meets Yuzuki and Rina, and becomes friends with them. He works at a product research company and the items he is currently in charge are "adult goods for married women".... Nukige 51. Ryoujoku Scout ~Idol Dokusen Keiyaku~ 凌辱スカウト〜アイドル独占契約〜 [080425] Trust Yukio is a talent scout, but it doesn't go well. To make a breakthrough, he comes up with an idea: "How about making a girl my sex slave at first. I will be able to have sex with a beautiful girl and get promoted!" He now decides to put his plan into motion... Nukige 52. Shinseiki Ijitte Princess Next ~Namaiki Hime Bee Toujou!~ 新世紀いじってプリンセスNEXT~鬼(なまいき)姫ビィ登場!~ [080425] Vitamin Bee comes to the Supple Kingdom! Air and Bee are old friends and cousins. Air remembers good old memories. "Wait. Only good memories? Didn't she steal my treasures? Well, is she trying to steal my husband this time?" The main character welcomes Bee as a guest without knowing Air's anxiety. Air somehow tries to separate them, but.... Nukige 53. Temptation Naked 2 [080425] Parthenon The youkai camera named Behold has finally found another lustful and weak soul, and now poor(?) Yoshifumi is confronted with two choices: to use his newfound power, turning the beautiful Chitose into a slut (and also satiating Behold's evil appetites in the process), or to get his own soul sucked off. For Yoshifumi, the choice is simple... Doujin Nukige 54. Tonari no Sekai -Fumihazushita Inbi na Nichijou- トナリの世界-踏み外した淫靡な日常- [080425] Love Juice Main character is depressed after astronomy club gets closed due to lack of members. He gets consolation sex from a childhood friend. Then upon entering a classroom he sees a student girl sucking on teacher Kanae. And from this moment protagonist's thinking stops and libido prevails. Nukige 55. Tsuma no Haha Sayuri 妻の母さゆり [080425] Cattleya The main character is a white-collar worker. He has a wife, but she runs away from home. When he is at a loss what to do, Sayuri, his wife's mother, reaches out for him, "I'll replace her... Please..." As he lives with her, he gradually falls in love with her, and so does she... Nukige 56. Ura Saiminjutsu 2 裏・催眠術2 [080425] Black Rainbow This is the first fandisc of Saiminjutsu 2, featuring an original story with new protagonists (the Kirishima twin sisters), 4 situation stories with the original characters of Saiminjutsu 2 and a bonus scenario with a girl from Soukan Yuugi. Nukige 57. Zettai Karen Chil*ren ~Kankin Ryoujoku ESP~ 絶対可憐チル○レン ~監禁陵辱ESP~ [080425] Team-Tanabe Doujinshi eroge based on Zettai Karen Children setting. Doujin Nukige 58. Oshare ni Koishite 2 ~Oshare Princess~ おしゃれに恋して2 ~おしゃれプリンセス~ [080426] Culture Brain Excel Either improve fashion sense and become charismatic coordinator or conquer entertainment world and become an idol. Console exclusive 59. Touma Ninden Haruna to Maya ~Inshokuchuu ni, Kunoichi Otsu~ 闘魔忍伝 ハルナとマヤ ~淫触蟲に、くノ一堕つ~ [080426] Crepe Two kunoichi sisters headed off into enemy territory to asses the strength of the enemy troops. However, they were ambushed by the enemy shortly after infiltrating their lands. The sisters had been through countless battles before, but the enemy shinobi were simply too many, and they were captured before they could fight their way out. Their enemy was not dumb, they realized that they could use both the sisters' strength, and the information they held. And thus the interrogation began. And thus, the trampling of the two kunoichi began... The actions were numerous and neverending. Assault, violation, gangbang, inter-species violation... Will there be an end to the sisters' torment...? Doujin Nukige 60. Inma no Tane ~Fukushuu no Shokushu Kan~ 淫魔の種~復讐の触手姦~ [080427] Schwarz Lanzenreiter Main character lives a normal life with annoying sister and unfriendly classmates. One night he has a dream about having sex with the classmate he loves and then some voice asks him whether it's what he wants. The next morning protagonist wakes up obsessed with obscenity and having ability to summon tentacles... Doujin Nukige 61. Josou Shounen Mega Ecchi 女装少年めがえっち [080427] Circle Oshare Indulge in idle days spent having anal sex with cute young boys dressed as girls… Understand that you’ll love the young boys as you would a girl, and submit to the idea of anal sex… A visual novel depicting the sweet and perverted daily life of young boys dressed as girls. Doujin Boys Love 62. Noir -Wiz Koi no Mahou- ノアーる -wiz 恋の魔法- [080427] Luna System Final exams of high school are approaching. Main character makes a wish under a shooting star to date a classmate, and a magical girl falls from the sky! The girl urges to let her live at boy's house. And in return she is going to help with love affairs. Doujin 63. Omoide Archive オモイデあ~かいぶ [080427] RIFF*RAFF Main character's school gets closed. Only two childhood friends still play at this place. Meanwhile, a constantly missing student girl shows up and establishes Memories Department to preserve memories of this school. She wants to recreate all notable school events throughout the year. Doujin 64. Zodiac -Zenpen- ZODIAC-前編- [080427] ACT-ZERO This year spring Erimo Kiyoshi and his family moved to the Mi-jo Island School life without any problems , mediocre life that friends are in its own way But since he came to the Island, he often see a daydream Suddenly you will not have anyone in town and school, the only thing there is......You While it is not now what it is, but Kiyoshi spend every day without stopping to care. Early summer one day, Kiyoshi meets a girl a silver-haired red eye called " Minamitsume spiral " . Also in the real world and even in the world of dreams . From that day, surrounding from Kiyoshi transformed Doujin 65. Ace Bug [080428] CREO software A huge war divides humanity to two camps. Each side decides to play the trump card to take the upper hand. And the trump card is human-shaped androids, a perfect weapon to decide the fate of this world. Doujin 66. Fest Trip [080428] The story focuses on a guy on way to Animefest which takes place in Brno. Czech Doujin 67. Clepsydra ~Hikari to Kage no Jujika~ クレプシドラ~光と影の十字架~ [080429] Ribbon Magic There is a world called Sheol between this world and the other world. There stands a church of light with a church of darkness underground, Clepsydra. One day, a girl, Eve, strays into the church. She doesn't know who she is and why she is there, but she gradually becomes friends with other residents. A while later, a deader appears in the church and the last judgement is about to take place. Using her ability, she reads the deader's mind and reveals his secret. Will Eve be able to lead the deader's soul to heaven...? Otomege 68. Miracle No-ton ~Negai o Buchikonde!~ みらくるのーとん 願いを打ちこんで! [080430] Tennenouji A fool's day themed typing game. Akira loses memory, but he still has the notebook that grants any wishes written. Conversation, event and attack modes are presented. Doujin Boys Love 69. Rape Onigokko レイプ鬼ごっこ [080430]Masukuinu Main character gets ordinary operation instructions from Noa, but devil changes the rules and makes protagonist tag three girls including Noa and violate them forever. Doujin Nukige 70. Aoi Sora ni Kimi no Kanata 青い空に君の彼方 [0804] RAPESEED Main character has only one last summer to live due to a disease. He invites best friend to keep him company. How will this last summer go? Doujin
  19. Foreword: Fighting heroines are inspiring, but I also wanted to pursue possible connections with Zwei Worter. Synopsis: Luinstellar High School is a prestigious high school located in a magic world. One day, Kazuma, a student of the school, accidentally finds three statues of the Magi. He takes off jewels embedded into a chest of the statues. At this very moment.... The jewels go inside his body and three girls appear from the statues. Also, space-time suddenly strains and some shadows come out. One of them attacks Kazuma and he loses his consciousness.... He gets back his consciousness a while later and finds three girls lying nearby. According to them, they need the jewels to keep alive, so Kazuma decides to beat up the shadows and get back the jewels for them.... Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv8C_f1kq2IJFkWcXvpoXekn Game type: Fantasy action story Character Design rating: 7/10 Protagonist rating: 5/10 Story rating: 7/10 Game quality: 8/10 Overall rating: 7/10 That's a severe scores split which basically tells that there are both good and rough points. But first let's see if there is something in common with Zwei Worter, previous work of another Clock Up side team. Style is very similar. There are also 10 episodes with small episode preview before each episode. BGM and art very similar (CG are surprisingly beautiful, including HCG). Engine seems to be the same. We're also shown a huge red robot-like enemy as antagonist Diablo in the beginning. But similarities end there. Tri☆Stars does not want to repeat the same mistake of Zwei Worter to be compared to Evangellion, so game tries to create a unique and original setting that would not be confused with anything else. Main character studies at a seemingly normal school in the year 2008, but he falls down and re-animates figures of three girls who appear to be magical girls sealed in stone in 996 year. And it's not A.D. chronology, but timeline starting with some ancient conflict of the magical church with the devil. The three awakened girls are actually Tri☆Stars - all of them become main heroines, as well as another magical girl and a childhood friend. Heroines are varied personality-wise - clingy Myulius, tsundere Victoria, serious and smart Liselle, genki childhood friend Tifaria, pragmatic and mysterious Zero. We soon realize that we attracted attention of the Seven servants of Diablo (First, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh - naturally), and those become our main antagonists for the time being. Story is rather interesting as it's unclear why principal uses powers of Diablo, what power protagonist acquires, what's the deal with eternal confrontation. By the end of the game things escalate rather direly, so final conflict is interesting to watch. Of course there are a lot of "buts". Story is the same for all the heroines. Battles are poorly done. Everyday life scenes dominate from the start almost to the end, and these scenes are sleepy, with bad tempo and absolutely not enough good humor. Mid-game is rather painful because of that. Protagonist actually acquires serious power, but he becomes useful only in the childhood friend Tifaria route since other heroines are magical girls and can fight themselves ok. But he's pretty weak in other routes, plus he hooks up with Myulius in the common route, so going for other girls feels like cheating already. There are two writers, and some heroines routes feel somewhat underdeveloped. Like Liselle gets pretty much zero bonding before H event, and Zero has only one H scene in her route. Routes of three Tri☆Stars feel similar, and only additional heroines Tifaria and Zero actually add some twists. So, I still see enough merit in this game to call it a masterpiece since I even called Zwei Worter one. But its main problem is failed mid-game and lack of twists or surprising moves. Some feel that game would benefit from violation scenes and bad endings since it's a magical girl story, others feel sorry that one of antagonists with particularly well developed personality - Fifth The Tseito - can't be captured. Tri☆Stars plays it safe, but even if individual traits are good, there aren't outstanding elements to remember the game by after a passage of time.
  20. Foreword: Fantasy AXL work. Of course I'm in. Synopsis: Ryu is a practice knight. One day, he accidentally stumbles during an important ceremony and his life turns around 180 degrees. He is degraded to a boss of a security group stationed on the edge of nowhere. A few days later, when he arrives the village, his coworkers welcome him. And he somehow enjoys his country life there through various troubles and accidents. One day, a boy comes to the village. He is arrogant and unyielding. He turns out to be the princess who shunted him.... Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv9wgTC9rvOcsjNvddNrT6i8 Game type: Fantasy romcom Character Design rating: 10/10 Protagonist rating: 9/10 Story rating: 8/10 Game quality: 10/10 Overall rating: 9/10 Fantasy makes every work better, so it's usual score + 1... I might say that, but it's not that simple. Moreover, I start to see disparity among AXL works. Princess Frontier scenario is written by Kitagawa Samui, author of Kimi no Koe ga Kikoeru. These two works are different from other two AXL works of Hasegawa Ai by number of heroines and side-characters. As for me, five heroines is a bit excessive and more difficult to focus, but four heroines much easier to process. It's a minor difference, but side-characters make a huge difference. Kimikoe and Princess Frontier have absolutely superb male side-characters. In kimikoe there were nerd friend, simpleton powerhouse friend and bad aristocratic friend/rival. Princess frontier has equally colorful side cast - simpleton knight Tristan, pervert oyaji Homero and bad noble friend Jin. This makes Kitagawa Samui games really lively comedies in contrast to Shield 9 that astonished me for the lack of humor. AXL is back on track and kicking. While we're still at humor part, I should note wide and clever usage of SDCG for comical effect. But for me it also means that I'd want to avoid Hasegawa Ai, especially if work is centered on real world nobility, butlers and maids, all the stuff. I'm inclined to skip "Like a Butler" unless there is like nothing else to play in February 2009. AXL games excel in creating pleasant atmosphere, but here there is also focus on friendship and cooperation. It may be called our usual overcoming problem with heroine trope, but the difference is that it's not girl's innate personal problem, but it's external problem arising from girl's background. And it's not that protagonist does all the work, but problem solved in tight cooperation. I also appreciate that four girls are from different professions in contrast to everyone being just high school student in Shield 9. Game system is inherited from Shield 9 with the same options to skip general route pieces inserted into heroines routes, but it's done so much more clever this time. There are like only 2-3 skips incorporated compared to dozens encountered in Shield 9 inside every individual route. This is also achieved by rather late branching so that common route takes over 60% of total screen time. In result common route took me almost 12 hours to play, plus some 7 hours on average for each individual route. That's quite a lot, and story can be called extended. But Princess Frontier is not that much about capturing a heroine or getting to story climax. It's mostly about enjoying humor, and it can be done at any point of the game, so I don't consider big length a problem. Princess Frontier is so far the most enjoyable AXL work for me. It amplifies all the best parts and learns from dubious experiments of Shield 9. AXL fans will love it, and if someone expected revolutionary changes or different genre elements - it's their problem, not brand's.
  21. High popularity raises demands for the game. So popular games should not be afraid of some criticism. For me Sayoshi is one of attempts to create a meaningful and interesting corruption nukige. I used to search for such game as well. For Elise, euphoria , Maggot Baits, Kansen series... I did not find a single one that I would like, so I lost any hope in nukige. But prologue of Sayoshi is absolutely magical. I can rewatch these two starting hours over and over. Video of prologue got 36k views and 24 comments which is an absolute record for my tiny channel. If only the rest of the game was like that.
  22. Foreword: I fell in love with this game after reading a long French review a long time ago (1). Imagination went wild back then, but only now I can finally play it. Synopsis: The story of 12Riven takes place on May 20, 2012 with Renmaru Miyabidou biking his way speedily towards the abandoned Integral building after receiving a message on his cellphone that Myuu, an old friend of his, would die at the building's top level today at noon. When he gets there, he checks his wristwatch and sees that it is 11:24 AM. Elsewhere, Narumi Mishima is on her motorcycle heading towards the same location. She has received a request from a friend and coworker asking her to help save a girl named "Myuu" at Integral. Narumi must save Myuu to prevent the execution of the "Second Eclipse Plan". Narumi has never heard of this phrase before, moreover, the message was sent with the "XXX Lv6" marking. This was a rating scale for the severity of a situation and a level 6 marking has never been used. Even a large scale terrorist threat was set at level 5. The message also indicated to Narumi that someone named Renmaru may be there, that he will be on her side... Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv8qu5583tbxBSfzQvCgFn2k Game type: Time paradox mystery Character Design rating: 9/10 Protagonist rating: 9/10 Story rating: 9/10 Game quality: 10/10 Overall rating: 9/10 It's difficult to talk about this game without spoilers, but the whole point of the game is in gradual solving the mystery, so I refuse to talk about game concept or story in detail. So let's just settle with my impressions and focusing on game's strong and weak points. Concept of the game and main scenario are prepared by Uchikoshi Koutarou who is one of the best known and most acclaimed visual novel scenario writers. But what interests me a lot is not Infinity series, but his previous game which is Eve Zero. I rated game really high, but it had several dire flaws including horrible graphics, failure to keep preset personalities alive and introduction of supernatural elements. Back then I said that it would be a superb story if it was set in original setting and aided by a competent artist. And, basically, it's precisely what happened to 12Riven. I feel strong continuity with Eve Zero. It's again supernatural mystery story that's told not by professional detectives, but by hot-headed action police woman (again) and a genius amateur detective with strong guts feeling (again). Renmaru only looks like an incompetent boy - his abilities and intuition are on par to dreadful Kojirou. But since it's original setting, it's free from predecessor boundaries. Protagonists swap naturally, there's no point and click horror, there's no limit on participating characters. And it yields fantastic results. Apart of great main mystery of the game, it astonishes with very likeable characters. All the female characters (apart of Maina, since she is used for infodumping function all the time) are really attractive and charming the way heroines can be only in All Ages game. We don't expect any bed scenes, so it's a rare opportunity to get to know girls while in the process of solving a mystery in contrast to usual cheap tricks. Everyone is voiced, so male character for once aren't just side characters, but equal actors. But why is not it perfect score then? Well, first of all, it's a traditional flaw of "mystery" games that as soon as main twist is revealed, excitement is gone, and thus final impression gets dulled. Next, there are three routes - Renmaru, Narumi and Integral. And each of those routes has 2-3 endings. Naturally, many elements get shared, and by the Integral route it may even feel sleepy at times. This Integral route is also twice as big as personal routes, with many explanations, so it requires more endurance. And finally there is roughness in in time paradox and integral concepts. Mystery is great, but Uchikoshi never tried to explain every nook and cranny like Steins;Gate did, so an attentive reader can find some loopholes and inconsistencies. These aren't decisive downsides, but perfect score game must bring excitement, and there's not enough of it in the game. 12Riven is an absolutely superb mystery game. It's very pleasant to read and explore step by step in the company of really nice characters without the need to capture any heroines. It's the pinnacle of Infinity series and just a game that proudly presents the medium to the outer world without usual cliche or perversity elements. It's what I always wanted visual novels to do - combine serious literature and modern technologies presentation.
  23. 12Riven -The Ψcliminal of Integral- is VN of the Month. I'll also call Princess Frontier and Tri☆Stars masterpieces. Reviewing all these . As for Akatsuki no Goei , it does not bear much value in isolation, just an incomplete story leaving mostly disappointment feelings. 1. Naraku no Shiro Ichiyanagi Nagomu, Nidome no Junan 奈落の城 一柳和、2度目の受難 [080306] FOG 1 After solving the Amagoushi no Yakata case, Ichiyanagi Nagomu receives an invitation from his friend Hiori to go to the Ruroi castle in Europe. The construction is hidden deep in the valley and the only way to enter is through a rope bridge. Nagomu learned of the history of the castle during dinner with the current owner of the castle. The ancestor of the young nobleman has been studying black magic and satanic rites. He has been trying to summon a demon by offering youths as sacrifices. After numerous failed attempts, he finally managed to call upon a demon to possess his sacrifice. The castle is then built in the valley to keep the possessed youth from escaping. The youth's mother has entered the castle to find her son, but she too disappeared not long afterwards. According to the rumors, the ghost of the mother is still in search of her son and the youth is still somewhere within the castle. During the conversation, the castle is blacked out, and in the darkness the occupants can feel the evil in the air. Detective game 2. Mato Kenkyouden Masked Shanghai 魔都拳侠傳 マスクド上海 [080307] Liar-soft Shanghai 1938. Shunsaku is a cyborg. His mission is to seal evil spirits. He comes to Shanghai to battle the increasing number of monsters in town. It is all due to a new corporations meddling with powers beyond their control in their pursuit of money and power. But the city is filled with the kind of people he never fought against before and he has a hard time understanding who is a friend who is an enemy spy. In the back alleys a nightlife filled with prostitutes, drug addicts, murderers... Will he be able to survive and complete his mission? Alternative history bakage with strange action battles inserted. Fights remind card battles with high luck factor and get more and more painful. Battles take away a huge chunk of game's charm. 3. 12Riven -The Ψcliminal of Integral- 12Riven -The Ψcliminal of Integral- [080313] CyberFront 1 2 3 4 5 6 The story of 12Riven takes place on May 20, 2012 with Renmaru Miyabidou biking his way speedily towards the abandoned Integral building after receiving a message on his cellphone that Myuu, an old friend of his, would die at the building's top level today at noon. When he gets there, he checks his wristwatch and sees that it is 11:24 AM. Elsewhere, Narumi Mishima is on her motorcycle heading towards the same location. She has received a request from a friend and coworker asking her to help save a girl named "Myuu" at Integral. Narumi must save Myuu to prevent the execution of the "Second Eclipse Plan". Narumi has never heard of this phrase before, moreover, the message was sent with the "XXX Lv6" marking. This was a rating scale for the severity of a situation and a level 6 marking has never been used. Even a large scale terrorist threat was set at level 5. The message also indicated to Narumi that someone named Renmaru may be there, that he will be on her side... Surprise, there is just one proper English review. I wanted to play this game for a long time, so will review it. 4. Reitetsu Reisei Shikashite XXX!! 冷徹冷静しかして×××!! [080314] Chien Hyouma is a high school student. One day, Touko, his classmate who runs for the position of student council president and boldly declared "I will make this school my kingdom.", comes to his dormitory room and tells him that she is his fiancee. There is also a girl who stares at her. She is Sou, his bodyguard sent from his parents' home. "You can never become his fiancee...!" Like this, his new school life starts and he find himself sandwiched between the two parties racing for the student council presidency. Well, previous Chien game was about school elections, and this again. There is even more comedy this time with all the kingdom creation. Heroines now have more feminine charm. But protagonist is totally will-less. Text and tempo aren't bad, but there are many similar events and scenes. The conflict bears unrealistic parody feeling. So far I feel that Chien is trying to boost comedy and kill seriousness. 5. Soukai no Oujo-tachi 蒼海の皇女たち [080314] Anastasia A long lasting war depleted all the resources even the manpower. To break the deadlock, a new submarine called Uldiana is launched. There are only female soldiers on it and Arl, the captain, is one and only man on board... Military worldview is fresh, but game lacks excitement until the very end. Battles are rather simple as you need to dive deeply and wait for the right time to counter-attack. There aren't distinctive heroines route, just need to hit certain heroine's flags between battles. Story is short, and price is relatively cheap. 6. Time Hollow ~Ubawareta Kako o Motomete~ Time Hollow ~奪われた過去を求めて~ [080319] Konami 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Life is full of regrets...if only we had the power to change the past. Ethan is a perfectly ordinary high school student who lives with his parents. The day before he turns 17, he has a strange dream... when he awakes he is separated from his parents, but in possession of a device that can control time. Game is localized and has English reviews. 7. Rosario to Vampire: Tanabata no Miss Youkai Gakuen ロザリオとバンパイア 七夕のミス陽海学園 [080320] Capcom 1 Main character chooses one of four main heroines and supports her in the contest. Anime Spin-Off 8. Ouka Ryouran 桜花繚乱 [080321] Es-pot After the era of Warring States peace was reinstalled. But there are still people who plan revenge. Shogunate establishes "special police office" to hold warriors with great authority and mobility to crack down on vicious bandits. The story begins after protagonist gets appointed to this unit as new enforcer. Synopsis is neutral, so can't just block it without explanation. Atmosphere is historical, but clothes, hairstyles are rather modern, so it's much more fantasy or at least alternative history. Protagonist's childhood friend is already married, so he has to focus on catching two rebelling ninja and dealing with co-workers. And game is pretty much a nukige with NTR tilt as marriage of childhood friend is not that big of a problem. There are plenty of violation scenes. There are some three battles on the way, but even battle CGs have naked versions. The story is short and rather boring, and heroines lack attractiveness. 9. Akatsuki no Goei 暁の護衛 [080327] Syangrila 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 We find ourselves in Japan, in the not too distant future. Crime runs rampant as an impotent police force looks on, powerless to effect change. Enter Ren’ou Academy. Within these walls, first-class bodyguards are reared alongside the daughters of the nation’s richest families. It is here that we meet our protagonist, Kaito Asagiri. After completing a year of intense training, he is to be awarded with the right to act as a bodyguard for one of the Ladies that attend Ren’ou. However, as the new school year is beginning, Kaito finds that his feelings differ from those of his peers, who are all ready to embrace their new lives. On the day of the opening ceremony, he, reticent as always, attempts to leave by delivering a letter notifying the school of his withdrawal. And all is going according to plan… that is, until he meets one particular girl. The winds of change are beginning to blow. “I’ve taken an interest in you. I’ll let you revel in that for a moment,” she said, not caring to hear his opinion on the matter. “What about this am I supposed to ‘revel’ in, exactly?” There’s a quiet passion in his words, a passion that his deliberately indignant tone can’t quite conceal. He hadn’t thought it possible, but she has charmed him. He wants to protect her. There are English reviews. 10. Code Geass ~Hangyaku no Lelouch~ Lost Colors コードギアス 反逆のルルーシュ LOST COLORS [080327] Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. 1 The story begins after episode 8 of the anime. you play as Rai, another young boy with a geass ability, who ends up at Ashford Academy after losing his memories. Anime Spin-Off 11. Lux-Pain [080327] guyzware 1 2 Lux-Pain is set in the historical Kisaragi City, a town plagued by mysteries from small mishaps to murders - with no logical explanation as to why these events occur. It seems "Silent", a worm born through hate and sadness, has infected humans and forced them to commit atrocious crimes. The heroes' parents, Atsuki, are the victim of such crimes. To avenge his parents, Atsuki goes through a dangerous operation to acquire Lux-Pain in his left arm, a power so strong that it turns his right eye golden when using it to seek and destroy Silent for good. Game is localized and has English reviews. 12. Kamipani! かみぱに! [080328] Clochette 1 Tomoyuki has moved to his hometown in the country and started living alone. He meets his childhood friends, Megumi, Nonoka, and Amane, and enjoys his life there. But one day, a girl suddenly comes to his house. She calls herself god, and begins to live at his house. He doesn't know what's going on...? Something new now starts at his good old hometown... There is an English review 13. Konayuki Fururi ~Yuzuhara Machi Curling-Bu~ こなゆき ふるり ~柚子原町カーリング部~ [080328] Bloom Handle 1 2 There is a small town located in the country. Tetsuya lives a boring life there. One day, he is appointed to a coach of a curling team. He doesn't want to do that, but he reluctantly accepts it. His players are all pretty, but older than him. Also, they are beginners like him. Like this, his busy life begins.... There are English reviews. 14. Little Piece Vol.1 りとる・ピース vol.1 [080328] Studio e.go! Fujimino High School. It looks normal, but people with mysterious power sometimes appear. This is a comedic but a little bit serious story about these people.... Game is super short, like one hour long, and development is absolutely predictable. It's pretty much useless to talk about this game till the issue of Volume 2. 15. Magical☆Prince まじかる☆プリンス [080328] Roll The story takes place in a different world. Magic exists there and magic power is commonly used. Also, there is another world called the Magic World and the Magic King rules it. The main character is Yuki. Though he can't use magic, he is put in a magic school. As expected, it is hard for him to keep up with other students. One day, when he has a rest in the park, a girl, Mira, suddenly tells him, "Please take over the throne." He says yes without taking it seriously. On the next day, when he wakes up, she stands beside him. It seems the promise they made is true!! She says, "If you break a promise, you'll be erased..." He reluctantly accepts it, but he will need to find a queen... This game is mainly famous for unfinished release distribution. Basically, 2ch users had to finish story themselves and edit game files for it or apply user-made patch. There are five heroines, but content is nothing special apart of one violation scene. 16. Otome Crisis オトメクライシス [080328] Team Baldrhead 1 This is a story of Laurier, who makes girls small like dolls and add them to her collection, and Hiiro, who pursues her across dimensions. Just when Hiiro captures her, she tries to go to another dimension. Hiiro tries to stop her, but Laurier disappears. A while later, several girls suddenly come out of a crack! They are the girls Laurier keeps in her collection. She jumps into the crack to save them... Fighting 17. Princess Frontier [080328] AXL Ryu is a practice knight. One day, he accidentally stumbles during an important ceremony and his life turns around 180 degrees. He is degraded to a boss of a security group stationed on the edge of nowhere. A few days later, when he arrives the village, his coworkers welcome him. And he somehow enjoys his country life there through various troubles and accidents. One day, a boy comes to the village. He is arrogant and unyielding. He turns out to be the princess who shunted him.... It's fantasy setting and different from usual writer, so I'll give it a try. 18. Tri☆Stars とらい☆すたーず [080328] Clock Up team Lilac Luinstellar High School is a prestigious high school located in a magic world. One day, Kazuma, a student of the school, accidentally finds three statues of the Magi. He takes off jewels embedded into a chest of the statues. At this very moment.... The jewels go inside his body and three girls appear from the statues. Also, space-time suddenly strains and some shadows come out. One of them attacks Kazuma and he loses his consciousness.... He gets back his consciousness a while later and finds three girls lying nearby. According to them, they need the jewels to keep alive, so Kazuma decides to beat up the shadows and get back the jewels for them.... Don't see a reason why I should not play it myself. BLOCKED 1. Tram City Roulette [080301] End of Summer Shojiro Oe is a detective in a city surrounded by a circular railway. One day together with assistant he rescues girl Akane attacked by thugs. Girl is the granddaughter of the president of a powerful Mikage zaibatsu controlling the railway business. Who and for what purpose attacked the girl? Doujin 2. Tsukiakari no Raspberry ~Tsun★Dere II~ 月明りのラズベリィ~つん★デれII ~ [080301] TinkleBell Himezaki Orie is still anxious about her first love with new teacher. She gets a new best friend and together with it a sweet, fully and slightly painful feeling. And her love story continues. Doujin Nukige 3. Gensoukyou Labyrinth - Welcome to Lunatic Festival!! 幻想鏡らびリンス Welcome to Lunatic Festival!! [080302] Jimoto Seinen Dan A collection of Tohou fan materials from 35 participants gathered at "Luna Festival" held on March 2, 2008 and distributed as one piece. Doujin 4. Kehen 刻痕 [080302] Angels Blue Digital Entertainment Main character wakes up in a closed space after a traffic accident. He meets different characters there, and together they search for a way to escape. Chinese Doujin 5. Mousou Iinchou 妄想委員長 [080305] Hanjuku Nora Childhood friend Sana is a a strict glasses wearing student. But protagonist knows her secret. As soon as school attendance check finishes, her secret habit starts to take over. Doujin Nukige 6. Buru x Karu ~Sensei! Kakugoshite ne~ ぶる×かる ~先生!カクゴしてね~ [080307] Rolling Star Four friends Haruka, Natsuo, Akina, and Fuyuki are in the volleyball club at school. They love bloomers more than volleyball! One day a new teacher Daisuke-sensei becomes their new volleyball coach. Afraid that he'll ban their favorite bloomers they come up with a plan. They'll tempt him with their bodies and when he crosses the line they'll have him fired! But their plan has a flaw. Sex feels amazing! Doujin Nukige 7. Dark Carnival [080307] Sethaniel They said the carnival was different after dark. I wanted to see if that was true. But which attraction should I visit first? English Doujin 8. Harem Hospital [080307] Momo-Fero The main character is hospitalized for slight sickness. He falls in love with Sanae, a nurse in charge of him, and they start dating. But there are two girls who try to disturb them. One is Megumi, a hospitalized girl, and the other is Kana, a rookie nurse. They try to tempt him in various ways. What will happen to him? Their battle for him gradually gets bolder and bolder.... Nukige 9. Kidou Shoukan Victoire 機動娼艦ヴィクトワール [080307] Liquid A prisoner's camp, Port 12. Some girls who are members of a battleship called Victoire are imprisoned there. The boss of the camp is Michael. His mission is to give various sex training to them and make them sex slaves.... Nukige 10. Shojo no Shimobe-kun♪ 処女のシモベくん♪ [080307] Lilith Soft It's summer! It's the sea! It's a summer camp! Your virgin childhood friend puts the moves on you in her sexy swimsuit. Your upperclassmen are dangerously horny virgins to be around. They pretend they have experience, even though they're virgins, and try to abuse your body! The new school love comedy begins here! The protagonist is invited along to the school student council's summer camp. There, he gets caught up in Nanao's plan for the girls to lose their virginities this summer! The protagonist ends up as their minion. Will he be able to counter attack!? Nukige 11. Lesson!! ~Katei Kyoushi Funtouki~ Lesson!!~家庭教師奮闘記~ [080309] Verhangnis Puzzle Main character decides to work part-time as tutor while studying at university. But his first client has a rumor about him that his parents make poor tutors that child does not like to resign. Will protagonist meet harsh conditions by the end of the term or drop out from university? Doujin Boys Love 12. DeepOlgy The Embryo [080310] Melt Soft A scarlet lancing brigade who is known throughout the land. In that brigade is Milka, a woman known as the fastest and most skilled fencer. Captured by the enemy, Milka is forced into captivity in an underground room and subjected to gang violation. Milka is given a drug which allows her captors to not only have their fill of gang violation, but all bukkake, cumming inside her, impregnation, enema play, bellybutton play, and more situations to include nearly every type of violation there is in the book! Doujin Nukige 13. Lemm/ing ~Ushinawareta Mura~ Lemm/ing~失われた村~ [080312] Circle Al dEnte I am Toochika Sora, and I'm a freelance writer. We arrived in a strange village the name of which I don't know, after straying from the long mountain path. We were welcomed with a ritual slaughter. Can we get out of this village in one piece? Can we escape from our prison!? Doujin 14. Duel Love: Koisuru Otome wa Shouri no Megami デュエルラブ 恋する乙女は勝利の女神 [080313] Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. You're a transfer student in a high school who discovers there's a secret fight club after becoming closer with your classmates. You can help them win the fights by cheering them and then helping them clean up by washing their bodies. Console Exclusive 15. OtoZ [080313] Shinjita Baka ga Ore Datta Main heroine Chako is a female swordsman who loses beloved person by enemy general and swears revenge. Doujin 16. Shugo Chara! Mitsu no Tamago to Koisuru Joker しゅごキャラ! 3つのたまごと恋するジョーカー [080313] Konami This game follows Amu's adventures as she purifies X Eggs, as well as pursuing any of the love interests available (Ikuto, Tadase, Kairi, Nikaidou and Nagehiko). Console Exclusive 17. Chijoku no Uzu ~Nerawareta Futari no Niizuma~ 恥辱の渦~狙われた二人の新妻~ [080314] Gyuunyuu Soft Kouji's older brother suggests they play a "game". The game is to switch wives, and see if anyone can tell the difference. So they switch wives, and have an altogether different kind of sex. With this game as the incentive, both married couples spiral into corruption, which is is depicted in radical ways! Doujin Nukige 18. Gakkyuu Omocha 学級玩具 [080314] Will Tame Main heroine Chie passes exams to enter special class where only excellent students study. But her nightmare begins from this day. She is chosen by male students of this class to comfort them. Even pregnancy can't stop her everyday hell. Doujin Nukige 19. Kaseifu Onihei ~ Sumikomi Joshiryou de Shuchinikurin 家政夫鬼平 ~住み込み女子寮で酒池肉林~ [080314] Kuro Hina Onihei is a housekeeper. He starts working at a school dormitory for girls. Surrounded by girls..., great! Well, who goes first...? Nukige 20. Kichiku Nakadashi Suieibu ~Captain Hikawa Mirei Juujoku~ 鬼畜中出し水泳部~キャプテン氷川美玲・汁辱~ [080314] Guilty+ Mirei is captain of the swimming club. She is very beautiful and an expert swimmer. Kurumi is a member of the swimming club as well. But she is very poor at swimming. When she is about to quit the club, Yuya, vice captain of the swimming club, offers her to teach swimming after school. She accepts it and they practice hard at night every day. One night, he suddenly gets sexually aroused and rapes Kurumi... But he is not satisfied yet... "I'll rape Mirei as well..." Nukige 21. Shojo-tan Dai 2 Maku Goshujin-sama ni Shojo o Sasageru Genki na Maid Hen しょじょたん 第2幕 ご主人様に処女を捧げる元気なメイド編 [080314] Nail Twin sister of senior maid gets scolded often and looks up to her sister. She gives all her energy to master, and the day of ritual to establish master-slave relations comes for her as well. Doujin Nukige 22. Yuukuri Panic Miwaku no Mahoujin ゆーくりパニック 魅惑の魔法陣 [080314] Rolling Star Peace has finally come to the magical kingdom after repulse of demons invasion. But Demon King plans his revenge on the four witches. Will Alicia get in the this trap? Doujin Nukige 23. Sorenona -And to End- ソレノナ -And to End- [080316] Gintou School's rooftop has been closed for a long time. It's raining hard outdoors, only two people stay at school during this time. And the story comes to an end. Doujin 24. St/P in FEZ [080316] Komedokoro This is a Fantasy Earth: Zero mini adventure game featuring main scenarios involving tentacles and bestiality with orcs. Girls who are defeated in battle succumb to every kind of violation from monsters and enemy soldiers. Doujin Nukige 25. Voice -Be Quite in the Dark- [080316] Gintou Several months have passed. Story continues from the Good End 1 and takes place during a holiday in the town that survived the mysterious murders and now lives as if nothing had happened. Doujin 26. TO&HI: Vspomnit' vsjo. Viktorina na vyzhivanie TO&HI: Вспомнить всё. Викторина на выживание [080317] Dmitriy "KrisM" Fedotov This is a quiz game featuring Torako and Hitsuji. Russian Doujin 27. CO2 [080319] Tatewaki Year 30XX AD. Humans colonize space and genetically create many new life forms. Towns with forests and clean air are covered with domes due to heavy environment pollution. Main heroine is a student who is going to home town for summer vacations. But school main computer breaks down, and as a result barrier with the outside world is going to vanish in three days. Only two more students stay at this time at school. Will they succeed in preventing the disaster in three days time? Doujin Otomege 28. Inutomo - Aka Inu Kanchi no Yakedo イヌトモ 赤犬カンチの火傷 [080320] Blue One Kanchi suffers an unexpected injury after he comes to play at university during his vacation. And then he gets in a pinch again... Boys Love Doujin 29. Majirori! ~Shokushu de H de Hakudaku Mamire~ まじろりっ!~触手でHで白濁まみれ~ [080320] Pumpkin Town gets targeted by a devil. Little girl receives a magic wand and confronts the villain and his tentacle beasts. The fate of this town is entrusted to a little girl. Doujin Nukige 30. Oshiero! ~Aiyoku no Houtei Shiki~ 教エロ!~愛欲の方程式~ [080320] Harinezumi Koubou I'm a home tutor and my students are all very cute girls. Nonohara Miu is a girl who is athletic but has a little trouble with her studies. Tsukimiya Shiori is a high class girl from a prestigious family who is the perfect portrait of a girl with both brains and beauty. Now am I going to teach these girls about love or lust... Doujin Nukige 31. Yarisugi! Hitozuma Paradise ヤりすぎ!人妻パラダイス [080320] Dieselmine A single new employee ends up moving into the dorm for married couples by mistake! Living around him are 3 very charming and very horny wives... Doujin Nukige 32. Final Hara Dorei -20-sai Sennou International- ファイナル孕奴隷 -20歳洗脳INTERNATIONAL- [080320] Imagination scenery Her 20 year old body is gang violated in various ways by brutal tentacle monsters, who pierce her to the point where she gives birth to their spawn! Doujin Nukige 33. Ane Tea!? あねてぃ!? [080321] Rapapuru Taichi just entered high school and starts living at his cousin's house where four sisters live, Otoha, Kaguya, Momone, and Nora. They are all teachers at his school. On his first day there, he has a party with them and goes to bed early. When Taichi wakes up at midnight, he is surprised to see Kaguya, the second oldest sister, giving him blowjob! He can't do nothing except pretending to be asleep. On the next day, there is no sign of the event. Was it just a dream? Like this, their erotic school life starts... Nukige 34. Binkan Ecchi! ~Futari no Oyatsu wa Tokunou Milk~ 敏感♥えっち!~二人のおやつは特濃ミルク~ [080321] Morning The main character is a high school student. He is the captain of the student council and a teacher orders him to close down the Comic Club and Literature Club because they do nothing at all. He summons Sakura, boss of the Comic Club, and Yuki, boss of the Literature Club, but they try to persuade him by using sexual temptation... Nukige 35. Dobyurururuu!!! Sanane ga Kiru! Shasei Dorei Shin-kun no Junan! "Onee-chan-tachi Yamete! Kore Ijo... ドビュルルルゥッ!!!三姉が斬る!射精奴隷新君の受難!「お姉ちゃんたちやめて!これ以上出したら僕はもう……」下克上もあるよ? [080321] MorningStar A wet and wild birthday party where you cover some naught big sisters in as much cum as you can is about to begin! Nukige 36. Gakuen☆Shinsengumi ~Otome Gokoro to Kyokuchuu Hatto~ 学園☆新選組!~乙女ゴコロと局中法度~ [080321] May-Be Soft There is a girls boarding high school. It is known as a prestige high school, but the number of students are decreasing. Vice school principal suggests the school should become a coed school, but school principal refuses it. As a result, students divide into two groups.... Several days later, a boy is transferred to the school as a test. Like this, a battle for him breaks out.... Nukige 37. Kangoku Suieibu ~Kyouei Mizugi ni Kuikomu Inbi na Shitai~ 姦獄水泳部~競泳水着に食い込む淫靡な肢体~ [080321] Marry Bell Wataru is a high school student. He belongs to a swimming club and his future as a swimmer is promising. However, he has a secret that he gets sexually excited when he sees a girl in swimsuit. Also, he secretly takes pictures of girls in the swimming club every day. One day, he loses his self-control and decides to rape them.... Nukige 38. Oppai Life Ohayou kara Oyasumi made Momisui Seikatsu OPPAIライフ おはようからおやすみまで揉み吸い生活 [080321] Blue Gale ON DEMAND Naoto is a university student. One day, he meets Ayane, his old friend, by chance after an interval of several years. Also, Chika, his old friend as well, suddenly appears in front of him. She tells him to become her tutor and they start living together... Nukige 39. Rinkan Kurabu 輪姦倶楽部 [080321] Anime Lilith The main character is a senior who attends Rinin High School; the only school among the mountain town of Rinin City. The main character, who is the student president of the high school, has another hidden persona. The persona as head of the “Gang Rape Club”... A dark ceremony existed that had been handed down for thousands of years in the old town of Rinin; the name of the ceremony, in particular, in the oldest of records. That ceremony, enacted to protect the region from disease and crop failure as a curse from the region's guardian deity, Hime Iwanaga, occurs in the evenings between the new moon and full moon, in which a maiden is disguised as Konohanasakuyabime and gangraped to appease Hime Iwanaga's anger. In regards to the maiden, there must be an important man participating in the gang rape, in other words, that man must be related in blood to their wife or lover, mother or daughter, younger sister or older sister, and the like, and after the gang rape, if a pregnancy occurs, Hime Iwanaga's anger is abated, and a good harvest and safety upon the region will be promised. However, if a pregnancy does not occur for the sake of suppressing Hime Iwanaga's anger, the maiden is supposed to be covered with semen, and floated down the river alive, as a sacrifice. And now---After the Tashio era, the ceremony itself had vanished into the dark history, but had still continued on at Rinin High School; the cruel, improper traditions being inherited over into a secret society through actions carried out by the Gang Rape Club. For generations, the student president of the High School has served as the head of the Gang Rape Club, not allowing even one day to pass uneventfully, submerging numerous women to the dark, suffocating pleasure. Nukige 40. Saiin Haramase Keyword "...An, Sonna koto Iwaretara, mou Watashi... Watashi..." 催淫孕ませキーワード「…あぁん、そんなコト言われたら、もう私…わたし…」 [080321] UnderMoon Kouhei works for a cleanup company. One day, when he cleans an apartment room, he finds a notebook. He opens it and it says, "This magic word changes any girls into nymphos." He puts the notebook into his pocket.... The next morning, he whispers the magic word into Yumi's ear, his sister-in-law. She gets sexually aroused soon and presses herself against him. He now gets the magic word.... Nukige 41. Seido Choukyou Shidoushitsu ~Hentai Kousoku Kyouiku Katei~ 性奴調教指導室~変態拘束教育課程~ [080321] Ail Touya is a teacher. He is popular among other teachers and students for his gentle manner. However, he has another personality that he gives female students sex training and makes them sex slaves.... Nukige 42. Souin Ningyou ~Jogakusei o Ayatsuru Otoko~ 操淫人形 ~女学生を操る男~ [080321] Eroro Nagumo has recently married a widow only because he wants the money from her life insurance (he's plotting her murder since their first date... ), but after seeing Wakana, his new adopted daughter, he happily adds filial rape to his master plan, striking an alliance with a mysterious group specialized in brainwashing young girls... Nukige 43. Kakuu no Kyoukai -Hallucination- 架空の境界 -hallucination- [080322] Soft Circle Courreges "Boundary of Fiction" is a game allowing you to become the main character with a special power. You can take your partner to the fantasy world, manipulate tentacles and attack the heroine. Hero: Since you are a beginner, I guess …this is it. Looks like you really enjoyed it more than I thought you would. Girl: No, I did NOT enjoy it. Don’t think I agreed to it, when you used such a nasty trick. I don’t like this at all. OK. Then, I am going to make you enjoy it. All girls are the same. I can make you go crazy with pleasure. Doujin Nukige 44. Taihou Daigaku Byouin no Kyouki - Dai Ni Ya 大鳳大学病院の狂気 第二夜 [080322] TKH Soft In a laboratory bathroom, Hiroko receives enemas, has her mouth peed in, and is forced to lick the floor. Doujin Nukige 45. Voice ~Kimi ni Tsuzuku Oto~ VOICE ~君に続く音~ [080323] nicot Vocaloid fan game featuring KAITO. Doujin 46. Kegasareta Miko Shouzoku ~Nakadashi Houjou Hakudakusai~ 穢された巫女装束~中出し豊穣白濁祭 [080325] MorningStar Deep in the mountains there is an isolated village. Shrime maiden is sent by father priest for the shrine in the depths of the forest to participate in fertility festival. Younger sister runs after the girl and gets abducted on the way. Nukige 47. Sweet Sucre スイート・シュクレ [080325] Yin-Yan honey Main character dreams of his cake shop, so he participates in a cooking contest. He needs to choose opponents and fight against them in sweet duels. Doujin Boys Love 48. Kunoichi Ban くの一番 [080326] Arekara4nen A huge breasted woman is left panting and gasping at the mercy of a Kappa. Doujin Nukige 49. Dream Hunter Remu ~Ingyaku no Yuuenchi~ ドリームハンター麗夢 ~淫虐ノ遊園地~ [080327] Borneo PARA.SITE A murder case that occurred in a closed down amusement park. Ayanokouji Remu has been called in to investigate the mystery. But what was waiting for Remu was a demon's amusement park full of slaughter and perverse delights. Doujin Nukige 50. Nurujiru Tsuu ぬる汁通 [080327] Courreges Ace During break time, during class, after school... this girl always answers protagonist's call and comforts him in any suit that he desires to see. Doujin Nukige 51. Ame no Koe 雨の声 [080328] Rainforest Heart of the moon. Worlds of leaves. Ice of stars. Sea of fossil. Voice of the rain brings sea full of memories. Doujin 52. Aneimo 2 H's [080328] Boot Up! This is the fandisc of Aneimo 2. One day, Takumi's father gives him an airline ticket to a southern island. He and his friends, Mizuki, Satsuki, Saori, Yui, and Kazumi, go there together. Who will he choose and spend time with? Their battle for Takumi now breaks up... Fandisc 53. Biniku no Kaori ~Netori Netorare Yari Yarare~ 媚肉の香り~ネトリネトラレヤリヤラレ~ [080328] Elf 1 2 3 Takuya is a university student. He plans to earn money so that he can go travelling with his girlfriend, Yuki. He starts working as a live-in home tutor at Otoha's house. One day, he finds a hole in the wall. He looks into it and sees Kaori, Otoha's mother, doing her hair. It seems it is Otoha's parents' bedroom. Who made this hole? What for? Nukige 54. Daylight -Asa ni Hikari no Kan o- Daylight - 朝に光の冠を [080328] Senz The protagonist of the story, Luca, moves at the begining of the new semester from a private room to a double room. His new roommate is peculiar and gloomy senior, and he starts to arise his classmates' curiosities. After that, he has been nominated for the Morning Messenger at the school festival, which will take place 2 months later. It is an important role, which has to do with the mysterious ceremony. Not only he has to deal with this role, he also has to solve seven mysteries of the Academy, which will lead him to the secret of the "Legend". Boys Love 55. Gyakushuu 3 虐襲3 [080328] Anim Salado is a boss of Giran Empire, but his country is about to fall due to attacks by Mockzoas. Iras and Mimy are female soldiers of Mockzoas. They try to kill him, but he somehow escapes from them and arrives on an uninhabited island. "Oh, I want you, Iras! Iras!" Giran falls in love with Iras at first sight. At that very moment, a girl appears in front of him and offers him special power in exchange of certain conditions. With the power, he can control tentacles as he likes. He immediately accepts her offer.... Nukige 56. Hitomi no Rakuin ~Inbaku no Mesu Dorei~ 瞳の烙淫~淫縛の牝奴隷~ [080328] WitchFlame Main character's sister finally returns home after long hospitalization, but at the same time parents go overseas leaving children to live alone. Sister asks to check on her classmate at night classroom, and protagonist witness classmate having sex there. Sister meets brother with red eyes and cries that she feels lonely. Peaceful school life changes dramatically since this day. Nukige 57. Ijiwaru MyMaster いじわるMyMaster [080328] Sugar Beans 1 Kurumi believes there is a blue rose somewhere in the world. One day, when she is on her way home from school, she is suddenly surrounded by a flash of light and loses her consciousness. When she regains her consciousness, she finds herself lying deep in the forest. She finds a man, Ryuka, and asks for help, but he captures her. As a result, she is hired as a live-in maid and starts working at a house where various unique boys live. As time passes, she falls in love with them.... "Well, my master. Can I fall in love with you?" Otomege 58. Ikusa Otome Valkyrie 2 "Shuyo, Midara na Watashi o Oyurushi Kudasai..." 戦乙女ヴァルキリー2 「主よ、淫らな私をお許しください…」 [080328] Lune Leia is a valkyrie. She is captured by Duke, a boss of a monster group, and just when she is about to get executed, Aaliyah, an another valkyrie, appears and beats up all monsters. She tells Duke to free Leia and he does so. But Leia suddenly robs Aaliyah of a silver ring, which gives Aaliyah power, and runs to Duke.... Aaliyah loses her power and finally gets captured.... Like this, Leia and Aaliyah become their sex slaves.... Nukige 59. Itazura Real 悪戯極~いたずらリアル~ [080328] Interheart Shunsuke is a white-collar worker. One day, he is mistakenly arrested for on-train molestation. He denies it, but no one around him proves his innocence, especially three girls. They tell the police that he is the culprit. As a result, he is arrested and gets fired.... Several days later, he finds the girls on the train by chance. He gets mad and decides to take revenge on them... Nukige 60. Lovelove Choukyou Futago Shimai ら・ぶ・ら・ぶ・調教 ふたご姉妹 [080328] Swan One day, Kengo's father comes back home with twin sisters. According to him they are his friend's daughters and they had some circumstances, that they'll live together with them from now on. Shortly after, living together with twins takes an interesting turn for Kengo... Nukige 61. Mahou no Shoujo Silky Lip ~Sannin no Joou Kouho~ 魔法の少女シルキーリップ~三人の女王候補~ [080328] Waffle Lip is an unskilled magic girl. One day, she is nominated for the next Queen. Though she doesn't know what's going on, she is ordered to stay in the human world for one year as training. Surrounded by various people, what will she learn? How will she grow up...? ----- Twelve years later, the Queen finally passes away. At the same time, the Magic Crystals, sealed by the Queen's power, explode and scatter around the human world. The King tells Lip to collect the Magic Crystals.... Nukige 62. Natsu no Kotou no Yami no Koe 夏の孤島の闇の声 [080328] Black Cyc It's pretty much a Gore Screaming Show / Yami no Koe crossover where the girls of Gore Screaming Show visit Yami no Koe's. Fandisc 63. Netotte Megami Neo ねとって女神 ネオ [080328] Vitamin The son of Medusa ran away for a long time. But after his power accidentally awakened, turning someone into stone, the hero Perseus has come to hunt him along with 3 goddess. His only chance is now to get the goddess on his side and face Perseus. Nukige 64. Oshikake Gohoushi! ~Boku no H na Maid-san~ おしかけ御奉仕!~僕のHなメイドさん~ [080328] Rose Tiara Main character is a good-looking boy. He has everything since childhood, so now decides to live alone and pass exams to the school he chooses. But parents send maid Akiko to assist him at new place. And she sneaks into his bed to assist with any remaining needs he might have. Nukige 65. Oyako Ninjutsu Kunoichi PonPon!! 母娘妊術くのいちPonPon!! [080328] Flap During the Sengoku Era of Japan, Tsubaki is a kunoichi (female ninja). When she fails her mission and gets injured, Kotarou, the second son of the lord she was set to kill, takes her to his house and takes care of her. She is impressed with his kindness and falls in love with him. One day, another kunoichi, Kikyou, comes to his house. Actually, Kikyou is Tsubaki's daughter. Tsubaki says to him, "Please accept Kikyou as your wife...." Nukige 66. Pure My Imouto Milk Purun Pure My 妹ミルクぷるん♪ [080328] Cage Reiya is a university student. One day, three girls suddenly come to his place. According to them, his grandfather sends them and he needs to choose one girl to marry. He doesn't know what to do at first, but he gradually becomes close with them. However, he finds out a surprising fact that they all have a dick... Boys Love 67. Sacred Ground セイクリッドグラウンド [080328] Triangle There is an "Infinite bell" in this town that rings every 400 years. The person who hears it becomes next generation ruler. Town has always lived in prosperity this way. The year of bell ringing comes, and five ambitious people gather to receive its judgement. Who will receive Creator's revelation in the sacred ground? Nukige 68. Tomodachi no Mama to, ~Hirusagari no Eroero Kozukuri Lesson 友達のママと、~昼下がりのエロエロ子作りレッスン [080328] MorningStar This story is about Keigo, a boy whose class thinks of as 'the cute boy.' But for as long as Keigo can remember he's had a crush on his best friend Yukito's mother, Aya. One day Keigo comes to play at Yukito's house and suddenly gets a lot closer to Aya. "Keigo-kun, I'll teach you everything. E-V-E-R-Y-thing." Nukige 69. Tsuribaka ~Gakuen Taikou! Joshikousei Tsuriage Adventure~ 釣りバカ~学園対抗!女子校生釣り上げアドベンチャー~ [080328] OLE The main character starts working at a girls high school. But there is a unique tradition that they have a competition against a girls high school nearby as a mutual exchange every year. This year's event is "fishing". The more they flip up skirts, the more they get score points. Students object to it, but the competition starts.... Nukige 70. Uchuu Kaizoku Kagura 宇宙海賊カグラ [080328] Mocking Soft The infamous space pirate Kaguya and her robotic minions invade the royal space vessel of the Einjia kingdom, aboard which is Sakuya, the protagonist of this game. Using a mysterious power, she abducts Sakuya and his sister Mikuni. What is the sinister goal of the evil space pirate? Doujin Nukige 71. Winter Tale ~Shiro no Kyouai Kuro no Injoku~ ウィンターテイル~白の狂愛 黒の淫辱~ [080328] Applemint BLACK Mikami Satoshi is caught in a snowstorm. He manages to find shelter at a nearby mansion. In the mansion he meets two women who call themselves Aries and Erias. Though he was going to stay only a short while, Satoshi finds himself fascinated by the women's secret. Was their meeting mere chance? Or was it destiny? The gears of fate are slowly starting to grind together... Doujin Nukige 72. Yami no Koe Zero 闇の声ZERO [080328] Black Cyc Five people have come to a fishing village. Ikegami Kiyohiki, a professor. His impatient wife, Kumiko. And three students, Minamida, the psychic Miki, and Eri who senses spirits. They finally find a boy, Tachikawa, willing to ignore the local legend of a sinister island and take them out in pursuit of it for their research. They set sail for the island and land successfully, but the mistress of a mansion on it, Sayoko, prevents the boat from leaving so she can play with them. As the six search for answers, she begins to influence them. Nukige 73. Kimi ga Nozomu Eien Another Episode - Kanashimi wa Kaze no You ni 君が望む永遠 another episode 悲しみは風のように [080328] Age This is a story told by Shinji about the tree on a hill that unites people forever upon making a confession. Fandisc 74. Kankin DL Bishoujo - Kieta Sailor Joshi Kousei - 監禁DL美少女-消えたセーラー女子校生- [080329] Torara Studio There is a new software with the ability to confine women launching it to a strange world. Will girls be able to repel assaulters and resist their humiliating fate? Doujin Nukige 75. Koitsura Ero Sugi! こいつらエロすぎッ! [080329] Fiction7 Main character Hiroki is a college student on vacations. His sister comes to live next room and visits protagonist with another neighbor girl. Hiroki is not really interested in neighbors at first, but he plays a trick on the girls, and it triggers the start of new entertaining and exciting life. Doujin Nukige 76. Forget Me Not [080330] Painapple Teriyaki Production One day, an ordinary college student encounters a not-so-ordinary girl. A short slice of life story with a hint of romance. English Doujin 77. Real Life: A Bishoujo Adventure [080330] The Baka Trio A 20-something year old otaku and student somehow winds up living with 4 girls. Visual novel parody and light romance undertones. English Doujin 78. Tsukushite Ageru no ni!! Okaeshi Disc つくしてあげるのに!!お返しディスク [080331] PeasSoft A free append disc issued to meet fans demands to capture heroine Nana unavailable for capture in Tsukushite Ageru no ni!! Her story of the same length as other heroines routes of the main game. There are also short erotic after-stories for Mitsuki and Yukari. Fandisc
  24. kivandopulus

    Aster [RusK]

    Foreword: I'm not really good with nakige and you want me to play an utsuge? Oh, well, I'll try. Synopsis: Aster tells the story of four young men, whose lives are connected by one incident. It all begins with Hiro Sakaki. He is a high school student, and enjoys his life with his old friends, Saki and Saya, twin sisters. Under the summer sun, their relationships change little by little... "There is no miracle but hope..." Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_PLH2Q-nMbv9gQbzxI31ky Game type: Utsuge Character Design rating: 8/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 6/10 Game quality: 8/10 Overall rating: 7/10 First of all, there are other English reviews 1 2 3 4. And since game is not story-focused, they cover pretty much everything I would. So I'll try something eccentric - compare this utsuge with the only nakige I still remember well - Moshimo Ashita ga Hare Naraba, or Moshiraba for short. So, despite spirit extension of Moshiraba, two games have actually much in common. Both have older sister and younger sister as main heroines, as well as a cast of several side heroines. In both games we date older sister, and younger sister has to love quietly. In both games older sister dies (oh, come on, everyone spoilers this about Aster, seriously, can't discuss anything without this spoiler), and younger sister becomes her substitute. It's overall a good move since we can constantly see different traits of older sister in younger sister, and this common love for older sister is a good enough tie already, as well as a tearjerker. But there are even more differences. In Moshiraba younger sister Tsubasa is seriously much younger than Akiho, so she has to compete for protagonist alongside two other side heroines - Tamami and Chihaya. In Aster all the competition is eliminated since side heroines have different protagonists and don't really intervene in other girls' routes. Saki officially becomes main heroine, furthermore because she looks identical with Saya. The biggest difference among the two games is that Tsubasa dies right in the first couple minutes of Moshiraba and then is only present as a ghost, so can't participate in normal human romantic relations. When there's a will, there's a way, so in Tsubasa route we make it work and also look for a way to revive her in some way. But Aster is purely realistic. Girl dies. Full stop. Move on in a different way. But let's cast aside obvious differences and focus on what makes us like both games. In Moshiraba focus is on the supernatural elements and close relations between sisters. But Tsubasa also has inferiority complex over her sister, so she cries a lot. In Aster older sister Saya can't have screen time after death, so prologue is devoted almost exclusively to her while main route becomes fixed on younger sister Saki. Saki's advantage is that she is a mature nice girl who does not have dire complexes and does not really cry. Basically, Saki's pleasant personality becomes the thing that makes us love Aster. But what makes me love Moshiraba is cheerful older sister Tsubasa, other heroines pale in comparison to her. So in the end it is two sides of one coin - you either forget old love and try to substitute it with new relations or stay true to initial feelings. But in Aster - and thus in reality - there is no choice available, reality sucks. The fantasy concept of dating a ghost is more to my liking. But with all the differences both games are more or less on the same scale. Then why one is nakige and the other one is utsuge? Actually, I don't see a reason. Core definition of utsuge is that it leaves reader depressed, and most of the time these games have no happy end, no help, no hope... That's absolutely not true for Aster. We get happy end in all of the four routes. Yes, Saya dies, but it happens in the end of prologue, basically before the very game routes themselves even begin. So why should we be depressed over prologue in four big routes to come next? It does not make sense. Yes, in all four routes there is some sort of drama, but just as in nakige we get over it together with the girl and become stronger. It's an absolutely nakige trait. There is one more "utsuge" addition in Aster - it's the 10-minute after-story showing us Saya last moments that were omitted in prologue. So what? It's just extension of prologue, a touching scene to infuse reader with additional emotions before making a judgement and putting the game a score. It has zero conceptual meaning. There are nakige with deaths too, and Aster is exactly such case of a nakige with death. Main characters bear this burden of death all the time, but it's what we do in real life. We suck it up and move on. So do main characters of this game. Nakige is not what Key privatizes with its stupid humor first half and squeezing tears absolutely everywhere possible. Nakige is much wider than this. Ballade for Maria is an Utsuge. For Elise ~Elise no Tame ni~ is an Utsuge. Before calling something an utsuge, ask if it leaves you depressed. Calling games like Kira☆Kira and Aster utsuge is plain stupid as these are not depressing experiences.
  25. Foreword: Battle CG and presumption of some other dimension made me choose this game. Synopsis: The main character is a university student. One day, when he is asleep, he feels something strange. And when he wakes up, he finds some girls standing in front of him. What leads the girls to his room...? For what...? Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv-PRbf5MgThNHI6HBeSjdkg Game type: Mindscrew moege Character Design rating: 6/10 Protagonist rating: 5/10 Story rating: 7/10 Game quality: 5/10 Overall rating: 6/10 Wow, what an unusual experience. Let's start with the title, it's "Switch! What I think of summer". We inevitably picture some rural moege, probably with some trap or body exchange. And there's nothing like that in the game. Main character Tatsuya goes to school with childhood friends, meets other girls and plays video games at home. Bah, what a banal setting. Except for one this - all this also happens in the game that protagonist plays... Wait, what? So he's basically just our alter ego? He actually plays a romantic school ADV comedy which suddenly turns into eroge after opening movie, and some girls become really proactive. But what happens in the second part of the game is... real world... where girls from game world are present... Well, that's the best I can explain. Which is not that bad compared to game's explanation... which does not exist. Game utilizes a very strange difficult to understand setting, and it's not really clear, why. Is it just for that fantasy battle between a mage and a warrior? The development of the game is pretty simple. Period is about 20 days, and each day we just wake up, go to school, face some event, return home and sleep. Main part feels longer than needed. There are a lot of gags scattered around. Fun atmosphere dominates. H scenes can pop up unexpectedly. There are all signs of moege, so it must be one, right? Not sure, connection between events is weak, explanation does not exist, and questions without answers pile up. Tatsuya is a sissy, and everyone manipulates him as desired. Only childhood friend Sui likes him from the start, and tsundere Eri is drawn to him out of jealousy. Choices with heroines in game world affect relations in real world Relations develop in opportunistic manner. Endings are sudden. But then comes heroine Natsu route who hardly had any screen time at all. And she suddenly becomes main heroine while holding the keys to the setting and to the meaning of "switch". Moreover, we get to suddenly realize that title is not "What I think of summer", but "What I think of Natsu". She is this big of a loli heroine to be in title. And to throw another hook I'd even say that during the game we meet three different Tatsuya. It's not a spoiler since you would not guess why, anyway. So, "Switch!! ~Boku ga Natsu ni Omou Koto~" is a really strange game. It actually is a serious story that hides under a gag comedy facade. It's poorly directed and written, with average graphics, but it bears that mindscrew puzzle that an attentive reader might want to collect in his head. And I love such experiments. We need different visual novels. And this one is different among different.
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