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  1. Foreword: What is Petit KeroQ? Why creating a new brand was needed for this game? Those are the questions I seek answers for. Synopsis: The time is twelve years ago. A comet of unprecedented proportions appeared in our Solar System. Its magnetic field was such that when the comet drew closer to Earth, it interrupted radio waves worldwide. That time was nicknamed "The Day Television Disappeared". The day the world lost its signal, our protagonist, Mimasaka Shingo, lost his parents. At the heart of this incident is his father's former boss, Hosaka Kenichi, on whom our protagonist who knows the truth has sworn revenge. Twelve years later, Shingo meets Hosaka Nanami, a highschool student. Forlorn memories connect and bind, in their cement the truth. Hosaka Nanami is… Hosaka Kenichi's daughter. Shingo thus decided to make her life a living hell. Perhaps, when his loved ones are ripped and grinded to pieces, that man might know the misery he once taught others. Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p87vQKO7tXg Game type: Nukige with a twist Character Design rating: 5/10 Protagonist rating: 3/10 Story rating: 4/10 Game quality: 5/10 Overall rating: 4/10 As you can see from the scores, I'm furious. I've been tricked by KeroQ to play a full-scale sex slave training revenge nukige with a rapist protagonist, so I'm feeling pretty much like after MinDeaD BlooD. Not that description did not mention "make life a living hell", but is it really the only way for revenge? Rage minute is over, so let's discuss the merits of this game. KeroQ would lose face if they did not try to justify sex slavery in some way. And - not going to spoiler here - it is justified... in some weird logic. Moreover, what I see here is an ancient attempt to make a reverse nukige - present hardcore action and via it get to know the girl and fall in love with her. And - as I see it - this concept fails in this game. The reason is because slave training itself does not really bear any sense or sympathy. And Nanami humanity is shown only in normal talk scenes. Basically, I don't feel that H scenes are needed at all for game concept. But take H scenes out, and... you'll get my video, a cripple just 8.5 hours long. 30 minutes for introduction, 4 hours for H scenes and just 1 hour for each of four heroines endings. Now try to imagine what kind of quality romance content can fit into ONE hour, and you'll get the idea about this game. Other three heroines are humiliated by this one scene left for each of them. And I'd also want to imply that in their endings heroines need to get emotional super fast, so they just go crazy and bitch about something absolutely stupid. Thus pretty cool images of sub-heroines in the common route get smashed, in my opinion. But let's return to Nanami as main heroine and her ending. It's canonical ending, but lacks logic so much that I wonder why writer considers readers so stupid to swallow it without asking questions. Everything is super-convenient and anti-persuasive. Every heroine loves our horrible protagonist from first second. And if you look those writers up... there is no SCA-JI at all, and main scenario writers aren't really notable for any works. So, yes, either writers are bad or they consider readers stupid. Or maybe we're supposed to be shocked by the fact that Nanami is not as simple as she looks from the beginning of the game. Main character Shingo is a rapist, which is pretty bad by its own. But he's also both not smart and maniacal. He forgets faces of his relatives, so he wants to have his revenge by hurting Nanami, favorite child of a person who sent his relatives on a plane during the day of comet fall. And by hurting Nanami he wants to remember faces of his parents... And his best evidence is ... because he appointed that person guilty in his parents death. Shingo memory is fuzzy, he can hardly make logical assumptions, and his inner monologue is constantly maniacally shouting the same things about revenge. Shingo is a worthy candidate for worst protagonist ever. I wanted to mention title individually - the day when television disappared. Sounds cool, but it's nothing but a pretty image for pasting TV screens and adding TV noise sounds wherever possible. The concept is that a certain day 12 years ago a comet struck the Earth and damaged its magnetic field. And you know what... magnetic field became too weak to support TV broadcasts, but it's absolutely enough to support mobile phone connection. But because this connection got weaker, almost no one brings phones nowadays. And you know what - all characters except Nagaru have one. So many contradictions that it's just lousy. Plane with Shingo parents lost control with the magnetic field damage and crashed. That's the whole connection of TV with the game concept. It's close to zero. What I want to conclude about TV no Kieta Hi is that it has nice heroines and graphics. Because pretty much everything except that is bad. All those immature characters bring only negative emotions. So, why is TV no Kieta Hi published under new brand Petit KeroQ ? It's not because company had that many works to give some ideas to subsidiaries. It's because game is of too low quality to fit KeroQ standarts. It's even so dark that it can't be published under Makura brand. Petit KeroQ is not a small KeroQ. It's a black shameful side of KeroQ.
  2. I tried to make Hook Codes at least couple times with the tutorial, but never succeeded. Fortunately, hook databases had all the hooks I ever needed. Agth thread at old hongfire couple times also helped me with .bat files to make phrases be drawn in correct order for games like Kizuato and Shizuku. If I can't find proper text thread, I just use Cheat Engine + HookAnyText. It does not require any hooks, you basically just find and select memory piece where required text refreshes, and it works for at least for couple hours before Java hangs it all.
  3. Don't think I can call any game a masterpiece this month. I'd choose Ninkyou Hana Otome as VN of the month. I'll review TV no Kieta Hi. 1. Seinarukana -The Spirit of Eternity Sword 2- 聖なるかな -The Spirit of Eternity Sword2- [070803] Xuse 1 2 3 4 5 6 A journey across infinite worlds. The Time Tree. Countless branches extending through space, each a world of its own. In one such world, a boy holds within him the soul of an ancient god yearning to break free. He tries to live a normal life, but must constantly struggle against the destructive urges threatening to overwhelm him. Little does he know that his closest friends also carry the burdens of an age long forgotten. With this destiny comes power; Eternity Swords with incredible might and Guardian Spirits manifested from their very souls. The gods are reborn, friend turns on friend, and an ancient war erupts once more. Thrown into a world not his own, Nozomu must fight to bring his friends home. He must also discover the true nature of the being within him before it consumes him utterly. Thus begins a journey that will shake the very foundation of the universe. Game is localized and has English reviews 2. ×××HOLiC ~Watanuki no Izayoi Souwa~ ×××HOLiC 〜四月一日の十六夜草話〜 [070809] Tenky The protagonist of the series is Kimihiro Watanuki, a high school student who is constantly haunted by monsters, ghosts and spirits who are magically attracted to him because of his blood. These monsters are invisible to people without power, so other people brand him as weird or crazy when he is haunted by the spirits. Everything changes when he goes into a store that sells wishes. Anime spin-off 3. Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica - The Black 神曲奏界ポリフォニカ THE BLACK [070810] KuroCo In this city the police have joined forces with spirits to investigate crimes, resulting in the formation of a specalist unit - the "Spirits of the Dead" or "Ghost" Division. A murder occured in a quiet residential area, and the victim's daughter vanished from the scene leaving only mystery in her wake. The victim's contracted spirit was "Leon"... but is he really a criminal? Another kinetic low price story, this time of detective nature. This is the more serious work of the series, but it's a little too late for me to jump in especially considered that detective stories aren't my thing. 4. Gun-Katana - Non-Human-Killer [070811] Black Cyc 1 Humans, and the mysterious enemy who resembles them--collectively termed "Non-Humans". In the midst of this racial dispute, this is a story of various people who pursue their own objectives--writhing in agony, opposing fate. A heavy collar fixed to her neck, a robotic shackle that counts down to her freedom. Himena, released from countless days of prison to be reborn as a murderer. These were the words that were burned into her consciousness at the prison "Hate Breed": "These are the Non-Humans. Your enemy, the enemy of humanity. Kill, kill, and kill some more. That's your sole path to freedom." Slaves allowed to live only as long as they continue killing: the FR Slayers. A robotic counter on the collar increased with each enemy terminated. To survive, their only choice was to put their lives on the line, again and again. In the midst of this, a new mission was given to FR Slayer Himena. Long neglected, a no man's land that no one dared approach: the abandoned island Rumon. There hid an influential Non-Human. To score kills and raise her counter, Himena enthusiastically set out to Rumon Island. Yet this turned out to be a strategically vital region, so important that the elite squad "Saints" had been dispatched. Just who are the Non-Humans? And which side will prevail in the end? Humans and those who defy them--a survival game staking the fate of their species begins. Action hybrid 5. Apathy - Gakkou de Atta Kowai Hanashi ~Visual Novel Version~ アパシー学校であった怖い話~Visual Novel Version~ [070817] Nanakorobi Hachikorogari Sakagami Shuuichi, a member of the school newspaper, is asked to gather information about the school's seven mysteries. He meets with six other students after school to listen to their stories. This game is an adaption of the novels based on the original Gakkou de Atta Kowai Hanashi game for the Super Nintendo and Playstation. As such it has the same characters and setting but different actual stories. Old sound novel remake 6. Onii-chan Daisuki! ~Love? or Like?~ おにいちゃん だぁいすき!~LOVE? or LIKE?~ [070817] CUFFS Main character used to live together with cute twin sisters. This summer sisters will be spending at his home again while parents are away. He looks forward to hearing "Onii-chan" and playing just like kids again. But girls have grown up, and atmosphere has changed as well. Scenario is irrelevant and plain horrible. This harem moege is CUFFS biggest fail. 7. Tenshi no Tamago 天使のたまご [070817] Purple Software Main character is approached by an girl claiming to be an angel. She says that boy has been selected for the game where mankind destruction is on stake. Half-price game, so there are various handicaps like lack of description and length. It's all about love rather than battle. There are two heroines routes and H centered after-story. 8. Umineko no Naku Koro ni うみねこのなく頃に [070817] 07th Expansion 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Umineko no Naku Koro ni takes place in the year 1986 during the time frame of October 4 and October 5 on a secluded island named Rokkenjima (六軒島). The head of a wealthy family named Kinzō Ushiromiya, who lives on and owns Rokkenjima, is near death, and eleven of his family members arrive on the island to discuss how Kinzō's assets will be divided once he is dead. Also on the island are five of Kinzō's servants, and his personal physician. After the eleven family members arrive, a typhoon traps them on the island and shortly after people start to get mysteriously murdered. Game is localized and has English reviews 9. Clear [070824] Moonstone 1 2 Everything felt nostalgic. The smell of tide tickling your nose, the sounds, the sun bathing the surroundings in white, everything. Kouichi returns to the island where he grew up, the island of his memories. He notices that nothing has changed. Smells, sounds, everything is just as he remembers it. But it has changed, though not on the outside. Kouichi's new life begins as he starts to attend the island school. Believe it or not, but this game is about vampire protagonist... who seeks for simple happiness and peace with humans, so it becomes really boring on the way. It's quite curious though that protagonist solves his own problems rather than helping heroines to overcome problems. Unusual game, but lacking excitement. 10. Himawari no Chapel de Kimi to ひまわりのチャペルできみと [070824] Marron School days... Full of hope... You fall in love with a girl, and go forward to the future together... It's a slapstick love comedy story! It's a slapstick comedy that is nice at the beginning, but more and more tiresome as it lasts. There is NO voicing just as in previous games, which was understandable in 2001 and is plain weird in 2007. The setting after the world scale catastrophe is nice and allows for a wide degree of freedom. Old Marron fans will surely appreciate the game, but for modern readers it's much more difficult. 11. Piano no Mori no Mankai no Shita ピアノの森の満開の下 [070824] Pajamas Soft 1 Ryutaro cares about his younger sister Sakuno more than anything else in the world. But, she has an incurable sickness eating away at her. When the doctor announces that she only has a week left to live, he takes her to a sanitarium with some mysterious tickets, seeing it as her last hope. Upon arriving at the secluded building, tucked away in the mountains, they are greeted up by Konohana, the nurse in charge and the only human nearby. With only seven days left, just what can happen? Just what can be done? There is an English review. 12. Purely ~Sono Semai Aozora o Miagete~ Purely ~その狭い青空を見上げて~ [070824] Rune In a small spa town, Yuya's parents run a spa hotel. One day, he receives an offer from Yuu, the boss of the spa club. That is to revive the spa club. There is only one other club member, Kotori, who hates Yuya. Also, Manaka, Yuya's childhood friend, joins them. One day, he meets a girl in front of his house. "Shukuya...?" Though he doesn't know who Shukuya is, she calls him so. This encounter changes his life... In common route we rebuild the hot springs inn with four female friends, and nothing irritates here which is no small feat. Individual routes are pure love with only couple H events per heroine. Bugs spoil the impression to an extent, but overall it's a normal Rune game with usual emphasis on lolicon. 13. Specialite! すぺしゃりて! [070824] Stripe Main character receives chef training in France and returns back to Japan to become assistant in a patisserie. His former girlfriend and a lot new bright girls will make him company there. I just can't take Giga cafe moege games seriously anymore. It is so stupid to exploit the same setting over and over after success of Chocolat Second Brew. 14. Step×Steady [070824] Lover Soul "Hurry up, or you'll be late!" Chihiro is a high school student, who hasn't had a girlfriend ever since he was born. One day, a female student transfers to his school. While she is introducing herself to the class, she suddenly says to Chihiro, "I love you." He doesn't know what's going on...? Izumi, his childhood friend, gets confused, too... It's a charage with routes varying in quality, guess due to two writers. Protagonist also ranges from super-passive to pro-active. There is no twist in scenario, just gradual bond growth, that's why Step×Steady. Game feels average from all angles. 15. Gintama - Gin-san to Issho! Boku no Kabuki-Chou Nikki 銀魂 銀さんと一緒!ボクのかぶき町日記 [070830] 1 There are 90 short episodes based on manga and featuring familiar characters, full voicing and occasional action mini-games. Anime spin-off 16. Digital Light Novel 「Apoclitos-Geten」 デジタルライトノベル「アポクリトス-外典-」 [070831] Wavestar A digitalized light novel that tells the story of the battle between two angels that are supposed to protect people, and the ordinary girl that gets entangled in their fight. Low price kinetic novel. BGM is the main notorious feature here. There is no yuri element, just women friendship. 17. Niji-iro Aruke Mikan ~Magic of Alchemy~ 虹色あるけミカン~Magic of alchemy~ [070831] Shiratama Yudai is in his second year of a magic school, living in the school's dorm. He enjoys his school life with his classmates, Touka, Ayane, Rinko and Hikari. One day, Touka says to him that she will be able to make gold. "I'll let you know when I make it!" But, she needs his semen to make it. After twists and turns, he finally gives her his semen. A while later, she makes a seed that will bear gold fruit. But, what the tree bears are some rainbow color oranges. Are they just oranges, or...? A moege with magic comedy tilt. 18. Ninkyou Hana Otome 任侠華乙女 [070831] Shakunage One day, Ryota is at a loss what to do in front of an old house. "What...?" After two and a half hours from Tokyo, he arrives at a small town. His mother passed away a while ago and he came to the town following her will. He now stands in front of the house his mother indicated. However, anyone can tell that it's a gang's house... Development is school love rather than yakuza wars. There is a strong comedy element. Individual routes are short and lack satisfaction. Great debut work still. 19. TV no Kieta Hi テレビの消えた日 [070831] Petit KeroQ The time is twelve years ago. A comet of unprecedented proportions appeared in our Solar System. Its magnetic field was such that when the comet drew closer to Earth, it interrupted radio waves worldwide. That time was nicknamed "The Day Television Disappeared". The day the world lost its signal, our protagonist, Mimasaka Shingo, lost his parents. At the heart of this incident is his father's former boss, Hosaka Kenichi, on whom our protagonist who knows the truth has sworn revenge. Twelve years later, Shingo meets Hosaka Nanami, a highschool student. Forlorn memories connect and bind, in their cement the truth. Hosaka Nanami is… Hosaka Kenichi's daughter. Shingo thus decided to make her life a living hell. Perhaps, when his loved ones are ripped and grinded to pieces, that man might know the misery he once taught others. Why did not I know anything about this brand? I'm going to check it out. BLOCKED 1. Ryoujoku Jusei Kyouiku Jisshuu 陵辱受精 教育実習 [070802] Studio-74 Main heroine is an intern teacher who moves to her dream with the support of her fiancé. But one day everything crushes as she is detained in the back of the school and violated by students in front of her fiancé. Doujin Nukige 2. Aokan Rape 青姦レイプ [070803] Circle Billion My name is Nanbo Hayato. I'm just a poor student going to a well known university in Tokyo. However, I have another side. That's the side of me that controls women. Up until now I've tasted hundreds of women. Some I've even trained and turned into my slaves. However... I feel like there's something I still desire... and that's to have thrills I can't have normally. In order to feel those kind of thrills, the conclusion that I've come to is that I need to take some women by means I've never used before. Doujin Nukige 3. Dain Focus 堕淫フォーカス [070803] Eroro A collection of six violation works with different heroines: 1. Dain Focus ~Kougyaku Ganbou no Shoujo~ 「堕淫フォーカス~肛虐願望の少女~」 2. Dain Focus ~Rape o Sasou Shoujo~ 「堕淫フォーカス~レイプを誘う少女~」 3. Dain Focus ~Shikan Sareru Onna Kyoushi~ 「堕淫フォーカス~視姦される女教師~」 4. Dain Focus ~Ijou Seiyoku o Motsu Onna~ 「堕淫フォーカス~異常性欲を持つ女~」 5. Dain Focus ~Gishi to no Seikou - Kousoku Ganbou no Shoujo~ 「堕淫フォーカス~義姉との性交・拘束願望の少女~」 6. Dain Focus ~Seieki Kyou - Chikanzuki no Shoujo~ 「堕淫フォーカス~精液狂・痴漢好きの少女~」 Nukige Anthology 4. Erotic Psycho Story Inmu Danpen エロティックサイコストーリー淫夢断篇 [070803] MorningStar Main character accumulates a lot of stress at work due to his boss Reiko reverse sexual harassment. So when an innocent girl runs away from home and seeks protection at his house, he lets all his anxiety loose. Nukige 5. Houkago no Senpai 放課後の先パイ [070803] Noesis Masaya loves Mayumi, who is one year older than him. However, he can't tell her that he loves her. One day, he tells Sayoko, who is his childhood friend and one year older than him as well, about it. She promises to help him and starts taking her clothes off.... "I'll give you a sex lesson just in case, right?" Nukige 6. Ikusa Miko Akari ~Akki Ninshin Ryoujoku no Utage~ 戦巫女あかり~悪鬼妊娠凌辱の宴~ [070804] Crepe A battling shrine maiden is a virgin who uses her holy power to fight against the teachings of the demons. Akari is able to view her holy power as a halberd, and makes a living defeating evil spirits in various places for local warlords. Travelling together with her band of female warriors, they would topple the demons that disturbed the peaceful world of Bikor, and save its inhabitants. They were supposed to be a ray of light, hope in the darkness. But when the people she wished to protect are taken hostage by the demons, Akari is led straight into their trap. What awaited her was days of constant violation, until her orifices were overflowing. Her little sister Koyomi, an apprentice shrine maiden, and the female warrior Shizuka, also fell in the hands of the merciless demons. Stained and disgraced, Akari endured the treatment plotting revenge against the demons. But her heart goes in the opposite direction, and she ends up seeking to server the demons with her body, instead... Doujin Nukige 7. Anata no Soba de Waratte Itai あなたの傍で笑っていたい [070805] Skill Up Main character is a famous surgeon. He meets a girl one day who requires surgery, but who strongly dislikes surgery. Together with a new nurse protagonist begins cautious treatment activities. Doujin 8. Felix, Gaijin [070808] Felix, Gaijin tells the story of a German exchange student named Felix. Although he learned a lot about japanese culture and language he needs some help in dealing with the japanese way of life. While in Japan Felix fell into love with a female co-student who already fell in love by herself... German Doujin 9. Nyuuin Kansha Ayanami Rei Iryou Karte 入院姦者 綾×レイ医凌カルテ [070808] MoeMix.com Train a girl like a human guinea pig with the perfect sexual disposition by controlling every parameter of the experiment. Doujin Nukige 10. Hisui no Shizuku - Hiiro no Kakera 2 翡翠の雫 緋色の欠片2 [070809] Idea Factory When Suzu's big sister figure, Mao, disappeared, she was summoned back to her rural home town to succeed her role as Tamayori-hime, the miko who'd sacrifice herself to keep the land safe from the wrath of the sea lord. Suzu just knew that being Tamayori-hime has a small group of retainers, but no real idea of what she has to do to fulfill her role. She's just determined to find out why Mao disappeared, or who took her. Before Suzu could get used to her new life, however, the sea lord strikes, sending his demons to destroy the village. And the head of the demon troops, Toyotama-hime is none other than Mao. Otomege 11. Time's Tear [070809] ATP Projects Kazuhiko and his brother Hideo are orphans living under the supervision of their caretaker. Then, one night, Kazuhiko has a dream. Will it help him pass a test in school? EVN 12. Hiyoku wa Azami no Kanata e ~Kuon no Sou~ 比翼は愛薊の彼方へ ~久遠の想~ [070810] SandalDash This is a sequel of Hiyoku wa Azami no Kanata e -Miryou no In-. Shoukou and Kakkai regain power after a while to get back the throne. But, Shoukou needs to defeat the current king Kaikou, his younger brother, to get it back. One day, Sai, a neighboring country, begins to invade their country.... Boys Love 13. Housou Kinshi ~ Joshi Ana Ryoujoku Nama Chuukei 放送禁肢 ~女子アナ凌辱生中継 [070810] Kuro Hina Shigeru is a television producer. One day, the boss of a rival television company visits him for headhunting. For better pay, he needs to finish the TV news program that he is now in charge.... "How can I finish it...? Yes, how about broadcasting sex scenes of beautiful female newscasters...?" He now starts his secret plan.... Nukige 14. Otose... Iyagaru Ano Ko o Biyaku de Otose! 堕トセ… 嫌がるあの娘を媚薬で堕トセ! [070810] Morning Shibutada likes games, anime, and, of course, ero games.... Yes, he is a perfect otaku. One day, he receives a wrongly delivered package. But Sawa, his younger sister, opens it and eats chocolate inside the package.... A while later, her attitude gradually changes.... It seems the chocolate she ate is a love drug.... Nukige 15. Reijou Trader ~Koukan Torihiki~ 令嬢トレーダー ~交換取引~ [070810] Plum Zero Japan's top company is rumored to face bankruptcy soon. Director's daughter is approached by a man with an article that can bring doom upon the company. Innocent girl is violated and polluted as a tool in exchange for the article. Nukige 16. Seikishi Rui 聖騎士ルイ [070812] 7th Door Holy Knight Rui, a heroine who fought on many battlefields in the name of the Warrior Goddess. The battles were often long, her frustration grew day by day as the battles drew on. One knight, Rui left the castle, not satisfied by the battles of the day. What she found, was the nest of the infamous demon lord Zordi. What awaited her in there was a swarm of tentacles, and the wriggling of rice worms. As the once proud holy knight loses sight of her ideals because of the pleasure, she goes down the path of corruption... Doujin Nukige 17. Bishoujo Ryoujoku Seminar 美少女凌辱ゼミナール [070812] Milky Pearl Main character is a cram school teacher with lolicon fetish. He targets four loli students and lures them to his private seminar. With the help of his new sex slaves he desires to capture school idol. Doujin Nukige 18. Boku no Koto Karera no Koto 僕のこと彼らのこと [070814] J-am The moment Kuga Ryuuta enters high school, he's chased by resident delinquent, Yamaki Kyousuke, who doesn't even faze after he vehemently declines the confession. Appearing like saviours to drowning ukes are Mysterious Person Haruto and Weird Gaijin Axel Kings (no, really, that's his name) and long-suffering bearded teacher Nishio. A story full of laughter, punches in the faces, public baths and serious serious honestly serious drama! Boys Love 19. Nyuuin Shimasho! ~Momoiro Kango de Shinpai Gomuyou~ 乳院しましょ!~桃色看護で心パイご無用~ [070814] Momo Hina Breast milk disease have spread among the population. Main character adores rubbing big tits that pour milk. One day he gets invited to a clinic that specializes in milk disease treatment! Nukige 20. Naisho no Jikan ナイショのじかん [070815] Kidnap Company Twenty-three-year-old Daisuke Aoki has just landed his first teaching job as a grade school instructor at Futatsubashi Elementary School. He is placed in charge of Class 3-1, where one of his students, a mischievously precocious nine-year-old girl by the name of Rin Kokonoe, develops a crush on him and goes so far as to proclaim herself Aoki's girlfriend. She aggressively pursues her efforts to be with her teacher despite the fact that he will lose his job if she gets too close, a situation further complicated by the often complex, intertwining relationships existing between them and their respective friends, families, and peers. Doujin Nukige 21. Exile Gear Raynar [070816] Datie A young woman named Kuni's dream of becoming a robot pilot comes true when she's invited to the base home to the world's most powerful robot, Raynar. EVN 22. Ryoujoku Akumu ~Odosu Naguru Yaru~ 陵辱悪夢~脅・殴・姦~ [070816] elle-murakami As a born and bred advocate for modest oppression looks back on his sex life filled with assault, he remembers the school-uniformed girls he took captive, the wives of other men that he impregnated, and all those college girls Every woman is just a receptacle for dicks. If she gets you hard, take her where it counts -- that's the only rule there is! Doujin Nukige 23. Ainu Miko Choukyou ~ Yogusareta Daishizen アイヌ巫女調教 ~ 汚された大自然 [070817] Blue Devil Ainu Virgin Ecstasy Training is a training adventure game where you invade every nook and cranny of a beautiful shrine maiden's body. Doujin Nukige 24. Aki no Urara no Gaiden Mayu no Osanazuma Nikki 秋のうららの外伝 まゆのおさな妻日記 [070817] Bloom Handle Kouzue and Mayu have become official lovers, but Kosuzu continues to live together with them. One day Kosuzu leaves home for a training camp. The two lovers can't get enough of each other in her absence. Enjoy pseudo honeymoon experience with cute Mayu! Nukige 25. Arcus X ARCUS X(アークスクロス) [070817] eants Pict returns from his journey in search for father to his hometown of Ardour Forest. Soon he faces a sword stealing case. He chases the robber and saves Chinop from the claws of the monster, but both warriors are gravely wounded in the battle, so they can't move after fights is over. Elven girl Knee carries them to the village of elves. Story about Pict mysteries and destiny is told in five volumes with a different boss awaiting at the end of each chapter. Nukige 26. BUTLERxBATTLER [070817] GLYCO. Waka Hijikata is an ordinary high school girl except for one thing - her father is the most powerful man in Kanto. She lives peacefully with her father, butler and maid. But one day father introduces new butler to his daughter. She opposes this decision as there is already a good butler at this place. Joyful butler competition begins. Doujin Otomege 27. Dain Akuma 堕淫悪魔 [070817] G-Work@mi Once upon a time, there was a small, small church... In that church lived a novice priest with great ambitions, who one day finds two girls in very bad shape. However, the girls he rescued... turned out to be demons. To any priest, these would be an abominable existence. However, they both just looked like two lovable and cute little girls. He couldn't believe that they were demons. While considering what to do, he places them under house arrest within the curch. "I'm a holy man of the church, you know! Show me what you've got!" "Pervert." "So you like little girls?" "What!? N... no, certainly not! And that's not what I meant!!" Determined to force them to admit defeat, he finds a forbidden tome describing a way to repel demons. And just what is that way to repel them? Is it something erotic? I knew it, it's erotic, isn't it!? Are you really fine with this erotic way, Mr. Novice Priest!? "Well, there you have it... I hope you're prepared!" "You pervert! Going after young girls like that..." Will he really be okay? Will the novice priest be able to force the demons into submission? What will unfold in this unlikely setting with a novice priest and two demon girls living alongside!? Doujin Nukige 28. Eritia no Namida エリティアの涙 [070817] Pro-ZELO A collection of three short stories about Pro-ZELO featured characters: 1. Sky flowers『天麗花』is an episode about Ark Shelas, priest of Pal-Nu 2. Fellowship flowers『移風花』is an episode about Isa, the leader of Resistance 3. Moonlight flowers『月麗花』is an episode about Perm-Il Laxche, a girl from the Sak tribe of Kyin-Yak. Doujin 29. Figu@Mate Isshukango ふぃぎゅ@メイト 一週間後 [070817] Escu:de Keigo thinks that lovey-dovey relations with the magical girl Ifrina would continue forever, but one day magical girl takes her original figurine form. A formidable trial arises before Keigo if he wants to see Ifrina ever again... Fandisc 30. Fukigen na Natsumi-san 不機嫌ななつみさん [070817] Stray Moon Main character has an ideal pale skin sister-in-love who comes as if from a fairy tale. But she has a secret that no one knows. And one day it springs into intimate relations with her brother-in-law. Doujin Nukige 31. G-Cup Kyonyuu Gear Dizzy 2 Gカップ巨乳ギア ディズィー 2 [070817] ALEUTIAN Lover life with Dizzy goes on. This time she wears her battle costume to fire flames of love even further. Doujin Nukige 32. H24/7 -Twenty Four/Seven- [070817] Soft Circle Courreges The player takes on the role of a heroine who organizes a gang rape party and does all sorts of perverted things with numerous males in this adventure game! "Gang rape was something I had never even imagined. I honestly mean that. But there are times when I can't stand being alone any longer. Not just my heart, but my body, too... One of those times I was thoughtlessly surfing the net, and I found this website. My eyes were glued to the screen. One girl, violated by a great number of men. A website all about gang rape..." Doujin Nukige 33. Higan no Shigan 彼岸ノ此岸 [070817] nuko Main character starts to see light and dark shadows behind various people. He starts to meet new acquaintances and old friends who see a different world in their dreams with forest environment and hidden memories. Protagonist needs to approach this mystery by treating each such person's dreams. Doujin 34. Hikikomori Sekai no Tantei Jikenbo #02 D.C. Shoushitsu Jiken 引籠世界の探偵事件簿#02 D.C.消失事件 [070817] Yakiniku Banzai! Introduction is about a department store murder while main story is about disappearance on the island of Five Kingdoms. There are as many as 25 sites to conduct search, and protagonists from previous series join the search. Doujin 35. Iraira Yoku Bou 3 - Shiranui Hen - いらいら欲棒3 -不知火編- [070817] Inspire A new action game to manipulate mouse and open scenes with big breasted kunoichi Mai Shiranui from famous fighting series Fatal Fury. Doujin Nukige 36. L.O.V.E ~Kokuhaku~ L.O.V.E. ~告白~ [070817] Chain-Reaction A collection of love confession stories. Enjoy various situations and outcomes united by the common theme. Anthology 37. Love Love Boin Elsis らぶらぶボイン えるしす [070817] Flap Our hero Masaki and his sister Mami are overjoyed when their parents reconcile their differences, because that means they can be together again. However, when Masaki sees his sister's now voluptuous breasts, his body gets aroused. One night, he notices a crying kind of noise coming from his sister's room. Worried that she might be crying over something Masaki peeks inside, only to find her playing with herself! Masaki finds himself unable to keep his hands off himself at the sight. Realizing he can't possibly tell her about what happened, Masaki pretends everything is as usual the following day. But that night isn't like the night before... Doujin Nukige 38. Love of Curse [070817] asymmetry Main character is taken to the dark fantasy world on his 20th birthday due to a curse contract between father and his mistress. Protagonist gets to a large mansion of the Demon Lord under care of Demon Lord son Alex. Their strange communal life begins in this world of ghosts, skeletons, goblins and youkai. Doujin Boys Love 39. Mari∽kuri -Marriage Crimson- まり∽くり -marriage crimson- [070817] V.O.L A very short novel that discusses the virginality of heroines of games. Doujin 40. m@iLove! めるらぶっ! [070817] The sense of sight There's a lot of private stuff on a PC! A wonderful world of things about her loved one that she might not know just yet... But the pesky password is in the loving maiden's way! Doujin Nukige 41. Naisho no Shinroshidou ~Sensei! Mou Gaman Dekinai~ ナイショの進路指導 ~先生!もうガマンできないっ!~ [070817] Circle Billion Going to a university, looking for a job... these girls are standing at the crossroads with a lot on their minds... A novice teacher, through a strange twist of fate, is appointed as their guidance counselor and starts offering them a new kind of sexual guidance. The students are at first bewildered and shy at his advances, but before long... Doujin Nukige 42. Nakadashi Hara Maid なかだし孕メイド [070817] Chain-Reaction Yoshio lives an ordinary life until the day he finds out that he is a heir to a very rich family. After that, he starts living in a mansion, and gets his personal maids. His osananajimi also starts working in that mansion as a maid. So starts Yoshio's new life... Doujin Nukige 43. Natsuiro なついろ [070817] SouYoku Friendship, love... one step a time, the distance between them grows smaller... In the dazzling light of the season, a summer colored love story. Their examination results, their friendship, their love... all of it is up to you to decide from many options. Doujin Otomege 44. Nekomimi ni Hibiku Zetsubou 猫耳に響く絶望 [070817] Will Tame Main character happens to get a cat band. When his sister wears it, she turns into a real cat. Protgaonist is head over heels into nekophilia, so he can't keep his sanity when sister or her best friend take cat form. Doujin Nukige 45. Omega no Shikai -Shiki no Hajimari / Mikaifuu no Hakoniha- Omegaの視界 シキのはじまり/未解封のハコニハ [070817] Nekobanana 1 2 3 Text is heavily deciphered in cryptic language, abstract ramblings, archaic words, kanji and non-kanji puns, furigana abuse. Unveiling the mystery is the aim. Doujin 46. Orphan Drug [070817] Fusyro Main character dines at home with his partner. Protagonist feels ill, so he considers visiting a doctor or using a different means to feel better. Doujin Boys Love 47. Oshioki Princess ~Tenshi to Akuma no Ecchi na Tatakai~ おしおき☆プリンセス ~天使と悪魔のえっちな戦い~ [070817] Ariel Soft The demon world finds itself in a difficult situation because of the war against heaven. Rune Saber has managed to seal the demon overlord away. Karen, the princess of the demon world, consults the overlord's close adviser Lucifer, and together they decide to head for the human realm. Little does she know that it is all a scheme of Lucifer's devising... Karen enrolls in the school where Rune Saber, AKA Nozomi Yuzuki goes. As Karen interacts with Nozomi and her classmates, her feelings begin to change... Doujin 48. Payopayo☆Honeymoon ぱよぱよ☆ハニームーン [070817] Kagishippo The story of the slightly chubby Sawa, my bride who has been enjoying her newly-wed married life. Day by day I grow harder and harder, and by night, we share an erotic, sex-filled lifestyle to the full! Doujin Nukige 49. Physical Examination [070817] Fusyro A fan-fiction BL game starring Lloyd Asplund and Suzaku Kururugi from Code Geass. Doujin Boys Love 50. Ryojoku no Dilemma 虜辱のディレンマ [070817] Squeeze All The queen Eltansia with the help of loyal soldieress Letania successfully escape their castle under capture, only to be caught and sold on the black market among the commonfolk! Nukige 51. Sama ☆ Bake さま☆ばけ [070817] Sage Flirting with girls on the beach! They let you do anything to them you want, making this summer one to never forget! Doujin Nukige 52. Sawasawa Enikki 3 ~Mimikko to Chomechome Hen~ さわさわ絵にっき3~みみっこと××編~ [070817] X-BangBang The Lady Eri plans to support herself in the future. But Eri has a big secret... The reason that she is so painfully sheltered lies within her own body. That's right -- with her ancestry, when she looks at the moon, she become a mimi-girl (animal eared girl). Concerned about her body, she has our main character search her body to see if there isn't anything else wrong with her body. Be sure and look her over good. Doujin Nukige 53. Shuukaku no Juunigatsu ~Haru~ 収穫の十二月~春~ [070817] Talestune 1 Spring visits the town of Tagami, a snowy town where a god is said to reside. The strange, distant love triangle continues between Shiro, the guardian deity of the land, Towada Yuki, the only daughter of a distinguished family, and Konno Masaki, who has already confessed his love to Yuki. Masaki’s former lover, Tanoue Ao, chases Masaki, even going so far as to move to the town of Tagami. When Ao shows up chasing Masaki, her relationship with him undergoes a great change. Doujin 54. Tactical Striker タクティカル・ストライカー [070817] Atelier-G An original doujin game release by Atelier-G, in which one plays in an original card battle system to progress the story and get H-scenes with the heroines. Doujin 55. Wasuremono わすれもの [070817] Yuzusoft (Doujin group) Main character gets a letter with whereabouts of the Leiden Village, a lost place where he spent childhood years. Familiar rural scenery and childhood friends meet him when he arrives. And only now he can remember the secret of this place - inhabitants inherit beast features here. Doujin 56. Yandere やんデレ [070817] Nekomarudou 1 2 3 This is a kill or be killed brutal and deadly love story. Can you stay alive all the way to the ending? The girls are all violently possessive and go head over heels after sex. Every single one of them is sick!! Please be aware that there are elements in the story that the faint of heart may find too grotesque. The vocals are not part of the main program. They are only there as bonus material. Doujin 57. Yarisugi! Swimming School やりすぎ! スイミングスクール [070817] Rocket18Icecream Borderline Swim School is a bright and slightly naughty romantic comedy! With two beautiful sisters as the main characters, their never-ending parade of naughty antics and competitions just keep coming! Doujin Nukige 58. Juvenile Graffiti [070817] Murakumo During war six boys and girls get blocked in a rural school. It's up to them how to spend time and what to study here. Doujin 59. Hyouka no Gen'ya -Koharu Biyori- Special Episode 氷花ノ幻夜 -小春日和- スペシャルエピソード [070817] FAKE STAR This summer edition release includes many additional physical goods as well as additional Koharu Biyori scenarios and new CG event prepared. Doujin 60. E.E.click! Oppai ga Ookii Hou no Heroine ga Zutaboro ni Yararechaimasuyo Hen E.E.click! オッパイが大きい方のヒロインがズタボロに犯られちゃいますよ編 [070817] Urayoroduya Y*ko gets separated from her comrades in the middle of a battle, and is attacked by a band of beastmen. Y*ko tries to fight them on her own, but in the end the beastmen seize her. She is taken to one of the beastmen's cabins, and what awaits her inside is... Doujin Nukige 61. Rubble O'clock Clued Blues [070817] Gin no Hoshitei There is a "Piggy Stardust" taxi company that promises secure and fast delivery for both humans and half-beasts. Mick Angelo runs this company. One day young woman requests to bring attache case from a dangerous area. Mick's buddy Johnny takes the request, but never returns back. Yesterday's client shows up again to deal with this situation together. Doujin 62. BlueHeaven BlueHeaven-ブルーヘヴン- [070818] Canitz Mitsuru is a research assistant, content with his way of life. But when the leader, Kusuki, makes him put on women's clothing, he suddenly finds himself in charge of dealing with the men's sexual desires... * Distressing situations in women's clothing include: Forced to go in women's cloth, violation in woman's cloth, female cloth servant, female cloth 'lesbians', love-love in female cloth, man on man with female cloth on man and man on man on man! * The entire story is played back with dramatic animation segments! An overflowing excitement! Please enjoy the union between the man in female cloth and the beautiful boys! Doujin Nukige 63. Tsunapara Kimodameshi Hen ツナパラ きもだめし編 [070818] WORKS2 A short mini-adventure free game focusing on the cute sides of the same three characters as original game. Doujin Boys Love 64. 7th Memory [070819] Mix Factor Main heroine becomes cultural festival executive committee member. Four acquaintances also get different positions for organizing this festival, so young people have a lot of time to hang out together with five of them. They go on a training camp to the forest and ask directions in a western style isolated mansion. Can they discover mansion's mystery and escape safely? Doujin Otomege 65. Tameike no Hito 溜池の人 [070819] Awatake Takahiro The hot summer days are almost over. When main character heads to the club room, there is a girl in swimsuit there for some mysterious reason. Doujin 66. Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach Daraku no Tenshi-tachi 愛天使伝説ウェディングピーチ堕落の天使達 [070819] Borneo PARA.SITE As a result of Rain Devilla's reformation, the demon world stops all fighting, and the human world is led to think that they will finally have peace. However, the demons continue to prowl after the Love Angels. A grand performance where Wedding Peach characters Daisy, Lily and Salvia are attacked and assaulted. Doujin Nukige 67. Boku no Kanojo wa Aitsu no Dorei 僕の彼女はあいつの奴隷 [070819] DIGITALG She's bright and cheerful, healthy looking and cute. She's a little strong-willed, but still, I'm the envy of everybody for being able to call her my most important girlfriend. Tsukasa. In return for the liquidation of debts that her parents left behind, her kinsman wanted one thing ... her body. Anal exploitation, cosplay, blowjob services, hidden vibrator play, exposure training, deep kissing. Without my knowledge, Tsukasa was having sex all day and all night, gradually growing addicted to sex. Steadily, her will to resist also began to weaken. Is it still possible to save Tsukasa from being modelled into exactly the kind of woman that HE wants her to be? Doujin Nukige 68. Chou Shiritsu! Onna no Ko-sama Gakuen 超私立!女の子様学園 [070819] Msize The main character is a painfully average boy with high school graduation looming before his very eyes. Unsure of what to do next in his life, and he wanders his way through his precious few remaining school days. But then one day... He runs into a girl, a former classmate who transferred schools 2 years ago. Her name is Minahara Rinko -- and she was his very first love, a love that only existed in his mind, never to come to fruition in reality. Rinko, smiling as brightly as ever, held a single mysterious DVD in hand... Doujin Nukige 69. Elementaler [070819] PERCEPTRON Tiartri Shemir (nickname Tia) is a curious girl. Since childhood she longed for adventures. There is a rumor that lost royal property can be found on the top of a certain mountain. Tia takes a request to find out whether there is something there or not. But the adventure turns out to be much more difficult than expected... Doujin Nukige 70. Houkago no Tokubetsu Jugyou 放課後の特別授業 [070819] Tange Kentou Kurabu Main character is left for supplementary classes for some reason. Female teachers is in charge of this training. With the two of them in the room even breath is felt. Woman is dressed suggestively, but she does not feel responsible. Teacher, what are you doing? Doujin Nukige 71. Inaka de Shiyou! Tottori Hen -Boku to Imouto-tachi no Natsu Yasumi- 田舎でシよう! 鳥取編 -ボクと妹たちの夏休み- [070819] Clic-Clac "Onii-chan is coming back---" The big brother that left home years ago comes back into his hometown for the summer vacation. At the time they had to part with their big brother, his young sisters cried, since they couldn't meet him anymore. After that they grew up themself. They aren't just always crying children anymore. "We'll surely meet again" Those two Imoutos always looked forward to meet him again. One of them has faint feelings in her heart... One of them is interested in sex... Doujin Nukige 72. Kyuusei no Ori 吸精の檻 [070819] Hiyokobanchou In the basement of a certain Western-style building vampire wakes up after a century-long sleep. He gets back to his masochistic play with his favorite toys - humans. Doujin Nukige 73. Ninja Nyuukenden 忍者乳剣伝 [070819] C-CUBE Final chapter of DOA series features erotic transformation scenes and ever more violation scenes with beasts. Doujin Nukige 74. Raki☆Kosu らき☆こす [070819] Tange Kentou Kurabu Lucky star cosplay sex game with Kagami Hiiragi as main heroine and Konata Izumi as sub-heroine. Doujin Nukige 75. School Lesson すくーるレッスン [070819] Tange Kentou Kurabu Main character is a coach for the swimming club. New member Aoi Sakashita can not swim at all, so she requires private lessons until she can reliably swim by herself. But protagonist can not resist temptation and loses self-control leading to an affair with the girl. Doujin Nukige 76. Tolacos とらこす [070819] Sherbet Soft A collection of five short stories with To Love-Ru heroines: ● Story 1. Haruna Maid [春菜メイド編] ● Story 2. Lala Cheerleader [ララチアガール編] ● Story 3. Haruna Tennis [春菜テニス編] ● Story 4. Lala Female Teacher [ララ女教師編] ● Story 5. Haruna Policewoman Tentacle Operations [春菜婦警触手編] Doujin Nukige 77. Watashi no Tamago-san わたしのたまごさん [070819] Sol-fa-soft 1 Shiina Rio is a shy girl. One day a train molester drops a pink rotor, which she picks up. While remembering the molester's techniques , Rio starts to masturbate in various places. Doujin Nukige 78. Yuuwaku Kazoku Ecchi ~Mama to Imouto-tachi no Amai Onedari~ ゆうわく家族エッチ~ママと妹達の甘いオネダリ~ [070819] Heiantei Main character loves his twin sisters and wants to monopolize them. When it becomes impossible to control such feelings, things turn naughty. What's more, even mother who approaches with scold intentions, gives in to the mood and joins the fun. Summer incest holidays begin. Doujin Nukige 79. Seishoku Ryoujoku ~Onna Kyoushi Kan'in~ 聖職陵辱~女教師姦淫~ [070819] ProjectSAKURA The main character is the principal of a private high school. The story all begins when someone discovers and exploits the weaknesses of the beautiful teacher, Nada Ryoko. Our main character becomes an unintentional witness to Ryoko kissing a student...and burning with jealousy, as he wanted Ryoko all for himself, the main character decided to uses this incident against Ryoko, extorting her so that she becomes his! To completely shatter the teacher's ego or not... it all depends on YOUR choices. Doujin Nukige 80. eroDQ3 ~Onna Yuusha Tabidachi Hen~ eroDQ3 ~女勇者旅立ち編~ [070821] Studio Ero House A band of heroines sets out on a journey to free the land from the demon king's oppression. Can the heroines overcome the many sex related trials, and ultimately slay the demon king? Doujin Nukige 81. Beniiro Mizuumi no Ouji 紅湖の皇子 [070822] Amagasa Higasa Jimusho Elven parents and children spend their days quietly in remote villages. But angry people burst in, burn houses and kidnap women. This is a story of an elven girl who is trained daily in the port quarter to become a prostitute. Doujin Nukige 82. D.Amazones [070822] Arekara4nen At a certain amazoness tribe, the women have to defeat 1000 monsters on their own as a rite of passage into adulthood. During that time, they may not for any reason whatsoever return to the tribe. It all has to be done using their own strength, nothing else will do... Doujin Nukige 83. Ryakudatsu no Rinbu Kyoku 略奪の輪舞曲 [070822] Will Tame Main character lives in calm happiness with his girlfriend Satsuki. But her sister Mai feels jealousy and sends thugs to rape Satsuki. Protagonist witnesses violation of his girlfriend and invigorates with revenge. Doujin Nukige 84. Anata no Shiranai Kangofu ~Seiteki Byoutou 24 Ji~ あなたの知らない看護婦~性的病棟24時~ [070824] G.J? 1 The main character has been hospitalized for a medical checkup. As nurses take care of him kindly, his sexual desire gradually becomes bigger.... "If they took care of my sexual desire as well, it would be great...." One day, he receives an email from someone unknown. "Do you know what will happen to the girls who have been sexually insulted completely?" The email arouses his sexual desire, and he finally starts raping the nurses.... Nukige 85. Arcadia [070824] GLoBLe Overexploitation of planet resources causes natural counterattack - seawater lever rises, climate deteriorates, and majority of alive species die with humanity being next in queue. Mankind hurriedly develops space colonization plans and sends a mission to planet Arcadia. Humanity rebuilds there to the best of its ability. Main character is an ordinary high school teacher. But he meets a boy who bears a mysterious secret able to change the fate of the world. Chinese Doujin 86. Bakunyuu Danchizuma Rinkan Kyousei Nakadashi Shinozaki Sakura 爆乳団地妻輪姦強制中出し 篠崎さくら [070824] MorningStar Shinozaki Sakura is a little dissatisfied with her sexual life on the fourth life of her marriage. She sees off her husband to work and notices her neighbor Kanae having affair with some unknown man. Sakura returns to her room and starts masturbating... Nukige 87. Kinku ni Saku Hana. ~Intoku no Mesu Shimai~ 禁区に咲く花。~淫徳の牝姉妹~ [070824] Blue Gale DL Shingo is a university student. He has two sisters, Eriko, a teacher, and Rio, a high school student. It looks happy at first sight, but they are a little bit different. Shingo loves Eriko and Rio loves Shingo.... Their relationships gradually change triggered by a small accident.... Nukige 88. Koibito Yuugi コイビト遊戯 [070824] Pil/Slash Yuuta has started living alone in spite of opposition from his parents. But, he sinks into poverty soon.... One day, his older brother, Shuuhei, is transferred to his town and starts living together with him. From poor life to rich life, thanks to Shuuhei. But, Yuuta forgets the fact that Shuuhei is a big worrywart.... Boys Love 89. Kyrie Eleison PCDX - Koyoi wa Shokushu de Haramase NIGHT キリエ・エレイソンPCDX-今宵は触手で孕ませNIGHT- [070824] Devil-seal Kisara is a Shinto priest. He has special power taken over from his grandfather. One day, he notices that something is changing inside his body.... At night, his power gets violent, and tries to assault people. Then, a monster who's been sealed up at the shrine speaks to him.... Nukige 90. Mashiro Botan Mini Fan Disc -Yukana's White Valentine- ましろぼたん ミニファンディスク ~ゆかなんのホワイトバレンタイン~ [070824] Fizz This is a mini fan disc of Mashiro Botan, featuring Yukana's after stories. Fandisc 91. Nee Ane Paradise ~Ore to Nee-chan no Amaama Seikatsu~ ねえ・姉パラダイス ~俺と姉ちゃんの甘甘生活~ [070824] Swan Main character starts to live in the countryside with two older sisters with different personalities - bullying one and gentle one. Under one roof erotic fun life begins. Nukige 92. Nono to Kuraso! ののと暮らそ! [070824] Hiqo Soft Are you happy with just looking? Nekomiya Nono starts to cohabitate with protagonist. She does the chores like cleaning or cooking and gives shy treats like cute gestures. Fandisc 93. Ryoujoku Fukushuu Gakuen ~Rinkan no Houkago~ 凌辱復讐学園~輪姦の放課後~ [070824] R/A software Junichi has a girlfriend, Ayaka. One day, when they are on their way home, he is hit by someone, and becomes unconscious.... When he regains his consciousness, he finds Ayaka being raped by several men.... A few days later, Ayaka regains her consciousness in the hospital. But, she has lost all of her memories.... Junichi gets mad, and decides to take revenge... Nukige 94. Shokushulien -Ingoku no Daichi- SYOKUSYULIEN-淫獄の大地- [070824] Dual Tail The city is in catastrophe due to a mysterious phenomenon. It's a revival of the dead. Miki is a freelance camerawoman, who secretly enters the city. She sees a lot of girls being raped by the dead and get infected. She somehow runs away from them, and arrives at a tower. Will she be able to get out of the city...? Nukige 95. Shopan! しょぱん! [070824] light Ryuichi and Kaori are childhood friends. They often have a battle for something. One day, Ryuichi tells her that if he wins the next battle, he'll get her "body".... Kaori loses, and they have sex at last. Since then, they have sex anywhere they like.... Nukige 96. Uchuu Kaizoku Sara 宇宙海賊サラ [070824] Black Lilith 1 2 3 4 Sarah is a most terrible pirate knight who dances her way around the galaxy empire that has been ravaged by war. In the galaxy ruled by a number of power-hungry rival warlords, an evil sadistic web is woven around Sarah, who is slowly guided down to her destruction. When the silver knight Sylia comes across the evil aristocrats who have run the gamut of corruption in the galaxy and the slave traders of darkness, the demonic twins, a desperate predicament is visited upon Sarah!! Nukige 97. Under the Moon ~Tsukiiro Ehon~ Under the Moon ~つきいろ絵本~ [070824] Sugar Beans This fandisc takes place before the original game, Under the Moon. Ashe is simply the princess of the demon kingdom, and has daily life princess problems to deal with. She has dance lessons, and other various activities that she has to deal with….however because she’s also a princess, she hasn’t been let outside of the castle doesn’t know much about the world outside. However she isn’t alone because she has her father there, her nursemaid Baaya, and her cute little cat friend Kyle! But….one day she meets two twins around her age, who were assigned to be her bodyguard by her father… Otomege Fandisc 98. Gokuaku Yuusha Kichiku Tabi Aliahan yori Tabidatsu!? 極悪勇者鬼畜旅 アリ○ハンより旅立つ!? [070825] MOON GODDESS Demon King releases a dangerous man after a year sentence. He takes what he wants and any women he wants and either sells them to slavery or gives to monsters for raping. A real villain comes to the scene, and even Demon King is not an authority for him. Doujin Nukige 99. Kan Densha 漢電車 [070826] Jojoen A molester violation game with young boys as targets. Doujin Boys Love 100. Hitozuma Saiban Toriko 人妻裁判虜 [070828] Meiousei Presents Bianca stops in a certain village on her travels. She has dinner, but then suddenly falls unconscious. Time passes and Bianca awakens, only to find herself surrounded by the villagers with wicked grins on their faces. Doujin Nukige 101. Houchou-san no Uwasa 包丁さんの噂 [070828] Tabun Osoraku Kitto I am a knife. I can kill anyone if there is a call for it. But instead I'm only used at the kitchen. In the past I was a kami, and parents were scaring children with my name if kids behaved bad. Now I am one of the urban legends at school. Call me, and I shall answer the call. Doujin 102. Temptation Naked [070828] Parthenon Goutou gained a brainwashing camera from a mysterious benefactor, do you want to help our 'hero' turn the beautiful Aya into a devoted sex slave before the brainwashing effect wears off? Doujin Nukige 103. Escalation ~Kuruai no Fugue~ エスカレーション~狂愛のフーガ~ [070831] Rolling Star 1 Rie is a shy and innocent girl who has just transferred to Saint Yale Academy. After the shock of lost love, she leaves her parents and tries to live out her transfer school life in the dorm. However, when going to class one day she happens to witness a lesbian scene with her upperclasswomen Naomi and Midori. With the academy as the backdrop, a sadistic corruption of pure love unfolds! Doujin Nukige 104. In Series Injoku Inkou Kaihatsu 淫シリーズ 淫辱淫肛開発 [070831] Erogos Anal sex.... What an erotic word.... "How can I control Saki...? Yes, I should teach her how good anal sex is." Miu, Saki's friend, gets interested in it, and soon becomes his sex slave. But, Saki doesn't obey him.... What he does next is.... Nukige 105. Jokujima 辱島 [070831] Love Juice There is an isolated island, famous for scuba diving. But, the island's been losing its population. The boss of the island decides to call a young man, Junichi. At first, he spends a lot of money to advertise that the island has beautiful dive spots, and it succeeds. His next plan is to make a sex island for rich people. They can have sex wherever they want on the island. He immediately begins to breed sex slaves.... Nukige 106. Qu Beifang 去北方 [070831] Yangwawa Girl loves snow so much that she sets off on a journey to the North. She is sure to find the meaning of her life in this journey... Chinese Doujin 107. Love Death 2 ~Realtime Lovers~ らぶデス2~Realtime Lovers~ [070831] Teatime 1 2 The main character is the grim reaper from another world called Fifth. He is in this world to get back a scythe. One day, he finds out that a man called Kuroda carries it. He tries to get it back by force, but he fails.... Also, he accidentally kills Mitsuru during the battle. He gets his body to conceal his death, and starts living as Mitsuru. He enjoys his life as a human being with his sister and childhood friends. One day, a new girl student comes to his school, and he gradually falls in love with her.... Nukige 108. Mizukoi 水恋~みずこい~ [070831] Rapapuru Akito is a handsome high school student. He is smart, good at sports, and liked by girls. One day, they are announced that the school will be closed down due to decreasing students, and the school building will be destroyed during summer holiday. On the last day of school, Yoko says, "Let's stay at the school during summer holiday!!!" Several days later, Akito and his friends get together. "Ok, we'll have a good time!" Yoko suddenly takes off her school uniform.... She wears school swimsuit! Other girls wear it as well! Akito gets panicked because he has a secret that he loves swimsuit. Four beautiful girls in swimsuit in front of him.... What will happen to him in the end...? Nukige 109. Muv-Luv Altered Fable マブラヴ ALTERED FABLE [070831] Age 1 2 3 The Extra counterparts of all the male and female characters (including Mitsuki and Haruka from Kimi ga Nozomu Eien) who were introduced in the second half of Alternative make an appearance, some of them as assistant teachers, some of them as senior students. The highly literate, even obscure Japanese the foreign teachers speak is a running gag throughout the game. The story also includes an extended parody of the American series 24. Fandisc 110. Renge 恋夏~れんげ~ [070831] Circus "Love Summer" is a collection of stories about girls in swimsuits, forbidden love and dramatic events that lead the lost souls into a strange world where a mysterious girl is tied with chains. Anthology 111. Trouble! Sister Room とらぶる! シスタールーム [070831] Undead Urara is an ordinary student, living alone. He lives a boring life, and wants to get a girlfriend. He has two childhood friends, Maria and Arisa. Maria is older than him, but she is beautiful, smart and kind-hearted. Arisa is her younger sister. One night, he has a dream of an octopus staring at him, and says, "You've been singled out. You must choose someone to save the earth." When he wakes up, there are Maria and Arisa sitting in front of him in strange clothes. But they don't know why they come to his place. At that moment, a voice comes from above, and tells them that Urara has been singled out as a representative of humans, and Maria and Arisa have been chosen by Urara. His mission is to choose a partner, or everything will be destroyed.... Their strange cohabitation starts now.... Nukige 112. Tsuma x Tsuma 3.5 ~Minato to Happy Love Harem~ 人妻×人妻3.5~湊とはぴらぶハネムーン!~ [070831] Discovery Koutarou has successfully defended Sakura Mart. He has now married his mother in law Minato and decided to have their honeymoon in a paradise called Bariri Island in the south, famous because its mystery island full of spirits and a hotspot for newly-married couples....what adventures await for Koutarou and Minato?... Nukige 113. Ne~pon? x Raipon! ね~PON?×らいPON! [070831] Navel "Where am I?" When the main character wakes up, he finds himself being in a strange world. He doesn't remember anything except for his name. When he is at a loss what to do, a girl suddenly appears in front of him. According to her, this world's been created to celebrate the Navel's four year anniversary and the Lime's one year anniversary, and he's been invited to the world as a guest. Though he doesn't know what's going on, he gradually gets involved in the festival. Ten days in a mysterious world. What will happen to him in the end...? Fandisc 114. Wasurenagusa ワスレナグサ -勿忘草- [0708] Mujirushi Labo Main character becomes manager of the dormitory. Cleaning, washing and cooking are among his responsibilities. Is it possible for dormitory to fall in love? And to have a date? Doujin Boys Love
  4. Foreword: There are so many superb English reviews (1 2 3 4 5 6) that it's already evident how great this game is. I'll only try to consider if flaws are big enough to prevent from playing. Synopsis: There are various races living together at Ocelot City. Land, who lives as a mystic one, is one of the most famous citizens there. Rick, the main character, is a butler, and works for Selma. Selma lost her ability to transform herself into a dragon after a certain accident, and is always depressed that is one of his concerns. But, he somehow enjoys his life with his friends and other butlers. One day, Rand is assassinated by someone unknown, and their life turns around 180 degrees... Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xbqE6QstoE&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_SVBPEImkjvqjI-o3xS99I Game type: Suspense mystery Character Design rating: 8/10 Protagonist rating: 8/10 Story rating: 10/10 Game quality: 9/10 Overall rating: 9/10 Infodumping. There's a lot of information to process on the history, geography and current state of events. It produces a rich in detail and characters world. Can hardly blame any story for it. Composition is a bit redundant with three story arcs where first two only reveal small details about villains and focus on different heroines stories. Heroine ends can't compare to True End in terms of action, but in my opinion they should be skipped only if you can'ts stand both Valeria and Yuki. But I can't say I don't like Yuki. There are people who absolutely like all the heroines here, so see for yourself. Erotic scenes. I see them as disgusting in this game. HCG with twisted faces and degraded from main style art look very alien to me. It feels much better without H scenes for me, but - again - there are people who love H scenes in this game. SOL scenes can be considered as sleepy fillers and humor as simplistic. But those scenes whirling around SD CG are often hilarious. Tsundere behavior adds a lot to the humor. It's not a game to read about. It's a game to play. And don't let any negative comments mislead you. All flaws are either insignificant in the long run or can be easily turned in advantages for many readers.
  5. Bullet Butlers is the only masterpiece this month. Oh, and I can't stand Little Busters!. 1. Landao Wuyu ~Shaonv de Yueding~ 蘭島物語~少女的約定~ [070706] Circle Entertainment There was a country called Lareland, which had been prospered for hundreds years. But their peaceful life suddenly ended when a group of invaders attacked them. Like this, the war between humans and a different creature broke out. Five months later, Hiro, a young soldier, finally killed the boss of the invaders. He, who was exhausted, somehow returned his homeland and met a girl asleep. She soon woke up and shone herself. The light covered the sky like rain and soothed every nightmare happened in the world. "Chiria...." She whispered and fell down powerlessly.... When she regained her consciousness, she didn't remember anything at all. Hiro and Chiria's life now begins... Raising SIM 2. Memories Off #5 Encore [070712] 1 Encore takes place in December, about half a year after the events of Memories Off 5, and ends in the following February. In this game, the player is able to experience the story from different perspectives besides that of Kawai Haruto. Encore also only focuses on three heroines whereas previous titles in the Memories Off series tended to feature four to six heroines. Game can basically be called fandisc of #5 since there are only three heroines and no branching endings, thus volume is low. Only few heroines of #5 actually appear. Thanks to zapping (female) point of view there is enough detail in narration. There is a feeling that KID went bankrupt midway and hastily wrapped it all up in a game. 3. Shounen Onmyouji: Tsubasa yo Ima, Sora e Kaere 少年陰陽師 翼よいま、天へ還れ [070719] Vridge Inc. 1 The protagonist of the series, which is set in the Heian era, is Abe no Masahiro, the grandson of the great onmyōji, Abe no Seimei, who passed his teachings on to his grandson. Unfortunately, Masahiro has lost his sixth sense and with it the ability to see spirits. Masahiro constantly feels overshadowed by his grandfather's fame. One day, Masahiro meets a fox-like creature which he names Mokkun who shows him his true potential powers after fighting a demon. Mokkun is actually Tōda, who prefers to be called Guren. He is one of the twelve shikigami called the Shinshō who has pledged his loyalty to Seimei and is helping Masahiro to surpass his grandfather. Masahiro's dream to surpass his grandfather will not be realised as easily as he hopes. Not only does he have to convince the other Shinshō that he is Seimei's true successor, he must also increase his power in order to stop demons coming from China, the other parts of Japan and the Underworld. In addition to this he has to deal with the schemes of rival onmyōji who want to destroy Japan not to mention keeping his promise to protect Princess Akiko of the Fujiwara clan. Anime spin-off 4. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou Detective Story: Inishie no Kioku 探偵 神宮寺三郎DS いにしえの記憶 [070719] WorkJam 1 2 3 4 5 6 A man named Ken Krause (Kenichiro Kosugi) has somehow gotten himself mixed up with some gangsters, and after being threatened he is forced to carry out some questionable tasks by them. He also finds out that these people have targetted Jake Hunter. Who are these people, and what are their true intentions? This is a story exclusive to the DS and doesn't have a number assigned to it. As a bonus this release also includes previous Jake Hunter games (1 to 5) and six chibi style minigames where Jake has to deduce a culprit by questioning suspects. Game is localized and has English reviews. 5. Iroha ~Aki no Yuuhi ni Kagefumi o~ いろは~秋の夕日に影ふみを~ [070720] Caitsith 1 2 There is an old village deep in the mountain. Riku lives there peacefully with Waka, a doctor, and his pet cat. But one day, Waka comes back to the village with a small girl. She is Yuna, but she doesn't know where she comes from. And Yuna starts to live at their house together until they find her parents... There are English reviews. 6. Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka あかね色に染まる坂 [070727] feng 1 2 3 One day, Junichi's fiancee, Yuuhi, moves to his high school. But, they have a quarrel on the day they first meet. Their parents discuss and order them to go out together once a month to restore their relationship. And if they can't do that, their engagement will be cancelled. Their school life starts, and various accidents happen... What will happen to their relationship in the end? There are English reviews. 7. Bullet Butlers [070727] Propeller 1 2 3 4 5 6 There are various races living together at Ocelot City. Land, who lives as a mystic one, is one of the most famous citizens there. Rick, the main character, is a butler, and works for Selma. Selma lost her ability to transform herself into a dragon after a certain accident, and is always depressed that is one of his concerns. But, he somehow enjoys his life with his friends and other butlers. One day, Land is assassinated by someone unknown, and their life turns around 180 degrees... There are many English reviews, but I can't avoid adding mine. 8. Chou Kanojo ~Ano Ko wa Tsuri Goro, Tsurare Goro~ 釣☆カノジョ~あの娘は釣り頃、釣られ頃~ [070727] Gesen 18 Born and raised in the city, Taichi isn't really that much of a city person at heart. Growing weary of his work, he decides to have a week vacation and take the opportunity to go traveling and indulge in river fishing. Fishing mini-game is featured as main attraction of the game, so you know... pretty stupid to use fishing as flagging condition. Apart of that, it's an easygoing simple game. 9. Izumo 3 [070727] Studio e.go! 1 2 Kakeru is always alone. He lost his parents when he was a kid, and has been living alone since then. He studies at school during the daytime, and visits hospital to meet his younger sister after school. He is considered as a bad boy, and has no friends. But one day, he accidentally becomes friends with Natsumi, and is forced to join the newspaper club. At first, he reluctantly takes part in the activities, but he himself gradually changes. A while later, several mysterious accidents happen around them... RPG 10. Little Busters! リトルバスターズ! [070727] Key 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Riki was a child when his parents died, leaving him hopeless and depressed. What saved him was a group of four kids calling themselves the Little Busters. They took Riki out and played with him during his time of need. He really enjoyed being together with them, and his grief gradually faded away. Now in his second year of high school they still hang out, fight and live together, and enjoy their school life. Game is localized and has English reviews. 11. Lyrical Lyric リリカル♪りりっく [070727] Marmalade 1 2 New life, the protagonist comes back to his hometown. On his first day at his new school, he collides with Rin, one of the most beautiful girls at school, in front of the school gate. There is also his childhood friend, Nanao and several students he knows well in his class. Happily or unhappily, his new school life starts... There is an English review. 12. Majiyome ~Majin-kun no Hanayome~ まじよめ ~魔神君の花嫁~ [070727] Creamy Trips Rukuto lives in an ordinary town. His school is ordinary. His house is ordinary as well. Rukuto's father, Jitarou, is an ordinary white-collar worker. Everything around Rukuto seems ordinary. But, there is one thing extraordinary about him. He is actually a son of the devil! Jitarou is the boss of the devil world! But one day, Jitarou gets injured seriously, and appoints Rukuto as his successor. But, there is another problem that Rukuto must get married to be the boss of the devil world.... And he starts looking for his wife.... Harem moege with H scenes inserted randomly. 13. Zoku Satsuriku no Django -Jigoku no Shoukinkubi- 続・殺戮のジャンゴ ─地獄の賞金首─ [070727] Nitroplus 1 2 The planet Sweetwater is a wasteland of burning desert sands, an abandoned utopia of thieves where the usage of galactic technology is strictly forbidden by advanced bio-mechanical lifeforms known as Protozoans who watch over the planet from the skies above. Here, a single legend is uttered with equal reverence betwixt the ranks of the corrupt nobility, the downtrodden farming peasants, and the bloodthirsty rogues who make Sweetwater their nest - this is the legend of Black Franco, a gunslinger-cum-revolutionary who managed to amass a hidden fortune, incite a revolution, and earn a 500000 dollar price on his head before vanishing ten years ago. Recently, however, there have been new rumors of a gunslinger appearing with Franco's trademark gun, the Black Hawk, in hand... Lily Salvatana, a particularly sagacious headhunter, takes it upon herself to claim the massive bounty set on Franco's head. However, Lily soon encounters a mysterious gunslinger who refuses to speak her name who seems to have the same idea - exactly who will end up claiming the bounty? And in the first place, who exactly is Franco? There are English reviews. I actually played it and was greatly disappointed. BLOCKED 1. Joku Dorei Tsuma ~Musuko no Tomodachi ni Okasaretsuzuketa Mikkakan~ 辱・奴隷妻 ~息子の友達に犯されつづけた3日間~ [070701] Tabito Iori Oku, a main character, comes home from his lesson early and finds his mother and his best friend having aggressive sex on bed. "I want to do the same thing ..." As he thinks, he imagines Chiaki Iwane, his best friend's mother. He was always having a feeling of pale love toward Chiaki. As he finds his desire, his deep sensual summer starts. Doujin Nukige 2. Kyomusume Koku Tokouki 巨娘国渡航記 [070702] I-Raf-You It is the year 1689 A.D., in the Edo period. Our protagonist who lives in Osaka is drinking together with Gulliver who has stopped by for a visit. He hits it off with Gulliver straight away, and decides to join him in his travels. However… they become adrift on a strange peninsula. There they then encounter a huge, towering giant girl… ?! Well that country turns out to be the country of Brobdingnag, where people are 12 times the size of normal humans! Doujin 3. Cheing ちぇいんぐ [070703] Solo539 A mysterious person is going wild in the city! Unfortunately, the defenders of justice have eaten too much chocolate and have been felled by their stomach-aches. Enter the W*ng Girls, here to save the day. Incidentally, the mysterious person has stolen the Dream Notes, and is writing whatever they want on them. What a situation! The three girls are captured one by one, then subjected to a dirty sort of punishment. Doujin Nukige 4. Tobira no Densetsu: Kaze no Tsubasa 扉の伝説 ~風のつばさ~ [070703] Door Lucia Maverick has worked as a maid in the remote village of Kast, home to many fleeing their pasts, for the last five years after the death of her parents. But her sick little sister, Anna, grows weaker by the day, and so Lucia plans to set out on a journey to Lestaria in hopes of finding employment as a Royal Guard on her fifteenth birthday, thereby securing funds for Anna's treatment. But things do not go as planned, and the return of a past terror is just the beginning of a small yet massive adventure... Doujin 5. Kimi ni Yuuwaku! Young Idol Suiei Taikai 君に誘惑!ヤングアイドル水泳大会 [070704] Makura Cover Soft Main heroine is a promising new idol. She moves to Tokyo for work and keeps distant love relations. She is arranged to participate in "Young Idol Swimming Tournament" annual program. But she does not perceive the true nature of underground celebrity world... Doujin Nukige 6. Doki Doki Majo Shinpan! どきどき魔女神判! [070705] SNK Playmore The player assumes the role of a junior high school student who is asked by an angel to locate a witch that has sneaked into his school. In order to find the witch, he must search the suspects' bodies for a "witch mark." The preferred method is by using touch (using the stylus to guide his hands). Console Exclusive 7. Shishiki-san 四色さん [070705] Tabun Osoraku Kitto There is no ghost Hanako-san in our school toilet. But there is an urban legend about three colored paper choice - red, blue and yellow. Choose one. Don't worry, it's not an old-fashioned story where phantom shows up and kill you upon making a choice. But if you don't choose one, you'll be definitely dyed black and killed. Doujin 8. Aniyome Dakara! ANI嫁だからっ! [070706] H+ Tsuyoshi has a childhood friend, Sakurako. They love each other, but she never lets him make love with her. The reason is that she is going to marry one of his older brothers!? He is so shocked to hear that, and his sisters-in-law give him sex lessons... Nukige 9. Ankoku 闇黒 -ANKOKU- [070706] StudioTiara Ankoku is a collection of two previously issued violation games with additional CG: 1. Sacrifice 『Sacrifice』 2. Fallen warrior - Fate upon defeat『堕戦士 ~敗北者の末路~』 Doujin Nukige 10. Metro Chikansen ~Kairaku Jousha Annai~ 牝トロ痴漢線 ~快楽嬢射案内~ [070706] Goku-Fero Goro is a white-collar worker, working every day earnestly. One day, he sees a man molesting a girl on the train. "It's so exciting!" He can't stop his sexual desire. After getting off, he says to the man, "Let me be your disciple!" He is full of indecent sexual desire now.... Nukige 11. Real intention ~Kokoro no Kusari~ Real intention ~ココロのクサリ~ [070706] Negative Gang A plain glasses-wearing girl ends up living with her teacher, is accosted by him, and eventually comes to love him. Doujin Nukige 12. Saikyou Chijo Kamitsukasa Reiko Zenpen 最凶痴女上司麗子 前編 [070706] MorningStar Main character sleeps on the train after drinking too much at his farewell party. The car is empty, but a woman sits beside him and suddenly starts to perform a fellatio. The next day this very woman is introduced as his new boss. And she initiates all kinds of sexual harassment. Nukige 13. Seirei-sama wa Haramigoro ~Kanojo o Sukuu Kozukuri Vacation~ 精霊さまは孕みごろ ~彼女を救う子づくりばけ~しょん~ [070706] Norn Keigo was trying to get through his summer break without any romantic issues come up. However, during this summer, his uncle, involved in trading, returned home to Japan. He brings Keigo a charm: a small glass bottle, which contained a young, female water spirit, who he saves. Separated from her home, the young spirit's very soul was on the verge of vanishing...and the only way to keep her soul from vanishing is to bear a child with a human being! Thus, she asks Keigo to impregnate her. This is how Keigo came to live with a beautiful water spirit and have the very best (and very luckiest) summer of his life! Nukige 14. The Nettestadt Troll [070710] DaFool You play the role of a young woman, Katja, in the quaint hamlet of Nettestadt, in medieval Bavaria. After a failed uprising, there is a new fear: The Nettestadt Troll. To appease this lost soul and leave the town alone, you are sent to live in an isolated cottage outside of town as the troll's concubine. EVN Otomege 15. Death Note L o Tsugu Mono DEATH NOTE Lを継ぐ者 [070712] Konami The storyline is based on the second part of the manga, featuring characters such as Mello and Near. Console Exclusive 16. Jitteh Dawn [070712] Ivlivs You are Hogi Hasekura, an eager student who wants to find out a secret about the once-glorious Ippongi family. EVN 17. Cafe Ehaburu ~Black Version~ カフェ・エハーブル ~Black version~ [070713] Pastelsoft After competition the atmosphere in cafe Ehaburu has changed. But protagonist likes old calm atmosphere of Ehaburu! He has to properly guide maids who start to act crazy. Doujin Nukige 18. Chikan Densha Otoko ~Densetsu no Target~ 痴漢電車男~伝説のターゲット~ [070713] Guilty+ Ono Norio is a businessman who works for trading company in Tokyo. On a certain morning he rode together in the same vehicle of the commuter train with two women who have the alias of the rare target of the legend even by public nuisance information exchange network "Public Nuisance Fan Club". The angle while playing the public nuisance increases as the game progresses. Play can be enjoyed by a free aspect. Nukige 19. Chikan Ganbou 痴漢願望 [070713] WendyBell One day, Saori is on the train full of people. "Molester...!" She tries to escape from his fingers, but she reaches orgasm by his finger techniques.... "Why...? What happened to me...?" Since then, she can't forget him.... "I wanna meet him again...." She gets on the train to taste his finger techniques again.... Nukige 20. Jokyoushi o Kurau 女教師を喰らう [070713] Kuro Hina Tetsuya is an ordinary high school student in appearance. But, he gets secrets of female teachers and students by tapping and secret filming. And he has sex with them by extortion. One day, a new female teacher, Chigusa, comes to his class. "I wanna shag her...." He immediately makes a plan to get her.... Nukige 21. Triangle Blue とらいあんぐるBLUE [070713] "Akane, I love you..." "......I-I...love you too, Asato......" Our relationship started after that. After going out for 4 years and graduating from the university, we decided to live together. I found a job at a publishing house. Akane enrolled at a vocational school as a step to realize her dream. "My drawing with Asato's writing, let's make a book together. That's my dream." Akane's smile, my most precious treasure. The thing I love the most. No matter how busy we become we trust each other. We love each other. I always thought these days would last forever. So, until he came... Nukige 22. Sotozuma 他人妻 [070713] Ex12 Main character is a city hall official. He has a wife and a child, but life is getting more and more stressful lately. One day a big breasted housewife from the same apartment comes to get his consultation on health insurance. His stress fires desire, so he invites her to the isolated room and starts to live double life weaving a net of lies. Nukige 23. Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Anata to Koibito Tsunagi その花びらにくちづけを あなたと恋人つなぎ [070714] 1 2 3 My name is Sawaguchi Mai. I always get myself involved with my classmate, Kawamura Reo. Reo is pretty short and has silky hair... In short, she's cute. But sometimes, she can be really obstinate. I'm trying to do my best to get her to get along with the rest of the class, but since we're both headstrong we always end up fighting. It's so frustrating, especially since she can't do anything without me around! But whenever I talk to her, Reo always acts like I'm bothering her. I wonder if she hates me... But then, just when I got all depressed Reo came up to me and told me, "You've got it all wrong! I love you, Mai! I love you so much!" Her confession completely took me by surprise. Could it be that I'm in love with Reo too!? The third in Fuguriya's yuri love comedy series! The creators have made sure to make this edition in the same spirit as the previous two productions. An erotic, bold yet shy, girl on girl love comedy. Doujin Girls Love 24. Taima Miko Yui ~Sanketsu Kakusei Choukyou~ 退魔巫女由衣~三穴覚醒調教~ [070717] StrawberryProject Yui is a shrine maiden who protects her shrine in spiritual battle with darkness once per month. Virginity gives a huge boost to this power, so darkness minion infiltrates her school in an attempt to deprive her of virginity. Doujin Nukige 25. White Nights [070717] ATP Projects In White Nights the story is that of a dreamer, set in nineteenth century Saint Petersbug, in Russia. A melancholic tale on the backdrop of the most romantic event of the city – the white nights. EVN 26. Onna Souryo Layla ~Mamono Sukuu Ryoujoku no Doukutsu~ 女僧侶レイラ ~まもの巣食う陵辱の洞窟~ [070719] Team-Tanabe This CG novel adventure game with decision branches features a priestess named Layla in a cave full of traps and perverted monsters who violate her in scenes full of shame and seductive depravity. The monsters are lying in wait to ravage Layla. Depending on the scene, you can change her clothing to a priest's garb, a revealing swimsuit, tights only, and apron only. Doujin Nukige 27. Ouran High School Host Club 桜蘭高校ホスト部 [070719] Otomate 1 Fujioka Haruhi earns a scholarship to attend Ouran Academy; a school reserved for the most rich and prestigious. Despite what other students may think of her, she cares little for physical appearances or the fact that she is a commoner. Haruhi's regular high school days take a sudden turn when she stumbles upon the Host Club; an elite club filled with super rich and beautiful boys who use their specific traits and charms to entertain young ladies. Even worse, Haruhi accidentally breaks an 8-million yen vase in the club. Since she is unable to repay her debt with money, Haruhi finds herself with no choice but to work for the Host Club, becoming a male host herself. Otomege 28. Fellatio Teacher フ○ラチオティーチャー [070720] Utamaro Soft Boys high school..., always filled with the smell of semen. Their next targets are new female teachers, Yuka, Miki and Reiko... Nukige 29. Inkou Karen Doukoukai 淫行可憐同好会 [070720] West Vision Airi has just moved to a new school. She has a friendly personality and makes friends soon. But, there is one student she never meets. It's Rikka. She doesn't come to school often. One day, Rikka comes to school, and Airi is surprised to see her pretty face. After school, Airi goes to a sick-room and sees Rikka having sex with a male student...! Nukige 30. Kichiku Megane 鬼畜眼鏡 [070720] Spray Katsuya is an incompetent white-collar worker, who is about to get fired. One day, a man suddenly appears in front of him, and gives him a pair of glasses. "If you wear these glasses, your life will change 180 degrees." Yes, it's true! While he wears them, he becomes a competent worker. But, he doesn't know these glasses also make him wild and violent.... Boys Love 31. Reversible リバーシブル [070720] EGIS 1 2 Misaki Yoshimori, your best friend Yuuji, and you, Tatsuhiko Saito. The three of you spent your days at school with a friendship that most would envy. Yet, it is so easily broken. Despite knowing your feelings for Misaki, Yuuji tells you he confessed to her, unable to go out with her if it meant lying to you. In response to your friend's honesty you can only support him in his relationship with Misaki. However, a small darkness is borne in your heart and mind. Since that moment, it's as if an invisible barrier exists between the two of you, and things become more and more serious. Feelings of guilt, more and more lies. You become torn apart, a different person by day and night. All this is because... you and Misaki have become addicted to the pleasures of each other. Nukige 32. Shocking ~Juunin Jusshoku Zenketsu Ryoujoku~ 触王 ~十人十触全穴凌辱~ [070720] Software circle Mercure Tentaku is a monster with a lot of tentacles who has been injured in a recent fight with a shrine maiden. He takes refuge in the crotch of Negame Kouichi, a boy with an ordinary life. Tentaku takes over Kouichi's mind, and with his loins transformed into a tentacle monster, Kouichi repeatedly assaults various women in order to heal Tentaku's wounds. In the process, he slowly transforms into a monster himself. Doujin Nukige 33. Warusa 悪鎖 [070720] Sukaradog Main character comes to a private school as an educational intern. He is supposed to follow instructions of his older colleague Oda Eiji who also majors in chemistry. But the problem is that Oda is a sadist and rapist. Will this acquaintance be cure or poison? Nukige 34. The dream of a Doll [070720] Gin no Ken Mansion at night. Countless butterflies. Butterfly tattoo. Mad doctor. Greedy millionaire. A ruthless person. A quiet maid. And the thread of the trap entwined by the vampire Kyle. A long night begins where one thought intersects - "You will definitely kill me". Doujin 35. Miina -Atashi no Namae- 深衣奈-アタシノナマエ- [070722] Canitz Cabaret Girl Mina has a secret she can't tell anyone... ...she's really a man! But when Hostess No. 1 Sari invites Mina to her room... Doujin Nukige 36. Toriko Kunoichi 虜くノ一 [070722] Meiousei Presents Without warning, a group of villains attacks the castle in search for the treasure. Can the hero and his group of female ninjas escape from their grasp? Doujin Nukige 37. Neko Raku Tei Sawa ~Negai no Kanau Koro~ 猫楽亭茶話 ~願いの叶う頃~ [070723] Lazward There is a cat store where people come to get happiness. Four stories happening at different nights are presented. Doujin Boys Love 38. Toorisugari no Satsui 通りすがりの殺意 [070725] FUNKY☆CANDY Main character goes with university friends on a drive during summer vacations. At the parking spot young people meet, and incident happens. Doujin 39. Kago no Naka no Valkyrie 籠の中の戦乙女 [070727] Anim No sex scenes with boys! Female knights are raped by tentacles and slimes one after another! Nukige 40. Kankin Ryoujoku Choukyou Hazuki & Mio 監禁陵辱調教 葉月&美緒 [070727] Morning My name is Keisuke, secretly called K. I'm quite famous among underground sex slave breeders. I've bred a lot of sex slaves as my clients wish. One day, I receive an offer from the boss of a certain company. Of course, it's to breed a sex slave. But, the girl is the boss's wife.... Nukige 41. Kowaku no Toki 蠱惑の刻 [070727] TinkerBell Within a western-style mansion located deep in the hills, an obscene ritual is taking place. Hongou Yukino, is being trained as the new shrine maiden via harsh and shameful methods. Trapped as she is, all she can do is silently pray for deliverance. One day, an investigator by the name of Mibu Kyousuke happens upon the mansion... Nukige 42. Ore wa Kanojo o Shinjiteru! ~Enkyori Ren'ai no Susume~ 俺は彼女を信じてる!~遠距離恋愛のススメ~ [070727] Lune Team Bitters Kensuke and Ayumu have known each other since childhood. It wasn’t until recently that they realized that they had feelings for each other that were much more than friends. While working in a PC Software company as a salesman, Kensuke is told to work at another branch due to a shortage of manpower. The big catch here is that he won’t be able to live at his apartment anymore so that he can easily commute to his new job. That being said, he won’t be able to see Ayumu for a very long time, but she’s been sweet enough to watch over his apartment while he’s gone. Well, you know what they say about long distance relationships; after a good amount of time has passed, Kensuke is in a mixture of loneliness and paranoia. He’s missing Ayumu, but also doubting why a woman like her would stick around for a guy like him. To add more confusion to the fire he’s come across four women around his new work that give him more temptation that he can bare. Will our hero hold out for love, or will he give into the pressures? Nukige 43. Princess Knight Catue ~Ochita Ryuuki Hime~ プリンセスナイト☆カチュア ~堕ちた竜騎姫~ [070727] Valkyria See the stout dragoon princess as an outcast among the demon tribe, and in the end also having her fellow humans forcing themselves upon her! With too much faith and too little doubt in mankind, she gets gangbanged by her very own servants... Screaming for breath, her virginity is taken by an ugly pig at the hands of the demon tribe... Tentacles crawling all over her, and planting their seed inside her... And then, she is violated by her mother, who had also fallen to the demon tribe! Nukige 44. Round a Go! Go! [070727] Liar-soft This is a fan disc for Liar Soft games, featuring characters from nine of their games as well as the original characters made for this game only. This world is called Yi Disc. In the name of development its inhabitants gave the control of everything to the machines and the world is about to be destroyed. Machine swallowed almost everyone except a boy and a girl. To save the world they summon nine heroes and together they try to save this world... Fandisc 45. Saikyou Chijo Kamitsukasa Reiko Gohen 最凶痴女上司麗子 後編 [070727] MorningStar Main character gets to live together with his boss Reiko. And she reverse sexually harasses him not only at home, but also at work and even during train rides. She stops treating people as human beings. And one day her true face gets revealed. Nukige 46. Tonarizuma 2 ~Inwaku no Keibou~ 隣り妻2 ~淫惑の閨房~ [070727] Gash Takahiro works as a system engineer. One day, he accidentally finds a secret file at his client's house. The file contains data on the client's wife having sex with someone. From that day, his life dramatically changes... Rich and beautiful wives... Everyone has a secret aspect... His personality gradually breaks down... Nukige 47. Black Beach [070728] Zero-One Yamato Jin, the president of the Yamato Consortium, invites his girlfriend Natsukawa Erika to an unpopulated resort island that he was left in charge of by his father. He intends to spend some time alone with her in this artificial paradise. Erika doesn't hesitate to accept his invitation. The island is supposed to be empty, except for the both of them... Doujin Nukige 48. Ojou-sama no Inu! ~Boku no Subete wa Kimi no Mono?~ お嬢様のいぬっ! ~僕の全ては君のモノ?~ [070728] Applemint Hitoshi Feburary is the son and successor of a noble family. However, the current head of the family has too many wasteful habits, and his father is now on the verge of bankrupcy. Now with no place to live, Hitoshi wanders the roads in despair, and he has no choice but to listen to those words in his fathers will: "Seek out the Grape residence." Greeting him upon his arrival are "Karen", the mistress of the house, and "Jasmin", the maid. At first, Karen seemed to be a graceful girl, but when Hitoshi accidentally snaps at her, she boils over and her personality changes drastically. After that, Hiroshi ends up serving as her butler, or perhaps he's more like a maid. His everyday life now consists of having to fulfill Karen's every selfish request... Doujin Nukige 49. The Missing Tickets [070729] Reccasoft After having lost some baseball tickets at a party, Jasper and Augustus investigate some friends to see who could have had the incentive to get them. In the meantime, time is running out as the game is about to start. EVN 50. Wagamama Princess ~Play a Practical Joke~ わがままプリンセス~play a practical joke~ [070730] Haikara Kissa Main character's parents leave home during Golden Week holidays. Protagonist remains alone with the selfish princess of the Patissier Kingdom who gets lodging in this family. He misunderstands the habits of the kingdom that it's "polite to cross body" and gets in trouble with the princess for the whole week. Doujin Nukige 51. Gesshou ~Tsuki no Terasu~ 月照~ツキノテラス~ [070731] Sakura Mint 1 This is the story of the unnamed protagonist — who finds himself suddenly without a means to support himself due to factors completely outside his control. This is the story of an entire generation — that finds itself attempting to navigate the treacherous abyss that lies in between childhood and true adulthood. This is the story of a nation — that finds itself struggling to come to terms with a lost decade and a rapidly-changing social climate. This is a story of these things and more. This is a story of us all. Doujin
  6. Foreword: Cotton Soft debut work Natsumegu did not snatch stars from the sky, but Reconquista seems to have a totally different, serious approach and thus arouses interest. Synopsis: There is a certain town on a reclaimed island. It was developed as an international residential area, but it's in ruins now. And there is a rumor that if you walk around there at night, a girl in school uniform will appear and cut off your head... Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esl-hAk-6M8&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_3HkMSokjrZXfwZiVI0FIR Game type: Suspense mystery Character Design rating: 8/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 8/10 Game quality: 8/10 Overall rating: 8/10 Due to mystery genre there are limitations to what can be revealed, but at least concept should be laid out to understand what to expect. So, different characters miss beloved dead people, and there is a technique to bring back the dead, but the key to it is urban legend about beheading woman. Game has three chapters that can be roughly described as present dimension, past dimension and true route that can be called future dimension just for sake of simplification. First present Chapter is the largest one, and it contains two protagonists zapping views and all the four heroine endings. We do approach beheaded woman in each of those routes, but in the same manner, so mystery does not really get developed, it's just observation from different angles. Past and Future chapters are focused on the mystery roots and nature, correspondingly. So mystery gets focused extensively, and everything gets explained, so even some emptiness is felt due to limited possible interpretations. But game touches important humanity questions for us to explore ourselves. Does one human life worth sacrificing another one? How does it cope with the concept of eternal soul? What will happen if everyone starts sacrificing other lives to save their beloved ones? Madness becomes the main theme of the game - and it contaminates not only maniac's mind, but even heroines minds who start to lose grip with the reality and ethics. Game actually reminds me old game Kurenai by light. Same madness dominates the air, same bloody scenes everywhere, even main heroine of the two games basically looks and feels the same - in this game it's Kureha (even name seems to bear reference). Different heroines sing famous Japanese horror Kagome song which becomes a symbol of madness. I should also mention great BGM that contributes to the atmosphere a lot. But aside from Kureha, heroines aren't developed much. Loli daughter Momiji is also greatly portrayed, but she is not a capturable heroine, luckily. Shiina also feels alive with her bitter attitude compared to more ordinary heroines Mahoko and Masaki who have their share of charm, but that's it, no development. Male characters in this game are especially subtle and passive. All characters are normal people without special abilities, so at times lack of excitement is felt. Reconquista story is not that complicated, but thanks to four protagonists zapping and different chronology it gets rich in taste and details. It's not our usual fluffy happy end game. It leaves reader with touching moment, heavy feeling, hope and afterthoughts to linger on.
  7. Foreword: It seems to be one of most popular games of AXL with multiple console releases and even almost full translation, such game just can't be missed. Synopsis: Current Assignment: To infiltrate the St. Theresia Gakuen for girls undercover under the guise of "Yamada Taeko" and protect Kasugazaki Yukino and Tsubakihara Ren against unknown attackers. Allotted Equipment: Standard gear as well as a bulletproof crossdressing kit. Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeK6imLT4z0&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv9VztLcaZ0eFX9gleag4CxR Game type: Youth comedy Character Design rating: 6/10 Protagonist rating: 6/10 Story rating: 4/10 Game quality: 7/10 Overall rating: 6/10 And ... I'm denouncing this game as masterpiece and game of the month. It's the worst of first three AXL games so far. My main concern is that I did not like common route at all. I tried to appreciate the humor here, but could not. The same cheap trap cliche elements are repeated over and over - girls try to see protagonist's pants/breast/nakedness with him being super-protective about it. Heroines are too bland for me. Basically, all of them are ojou-sama attending Nadeshiko club at elite girls school. That alone makes them share half of traits. I'm not a fan of this archetype, the only ojou-sama I liked was Kashiwara Sarina from Kira☆Kira. But in previous two AXL games there were several cool side-characters who contributed greatly to game's humor so that girls could bear more serious approach. In Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate gay teacher and weird chief Kachou did not impress me at all. I even have concerns about system. Common route is super long, but is filled with filler scenes mostly. So when we replay the game and skip all scenes that game allows us to skip... there's very little left for individual heroine route. And I find those 50 choices to make during each route super irritating. Why is such torture implemented instead of normal funny route and individual route fork? It's just a huge time waste implemented just to look at individual girl events early on. Even Marina the spoiled cute child could not justify watching those small events let alone the others. As for heroines, Yuuri felt most human-like since she guessed protagonist's gender identity early on and thus was fun to watch at common events. I rarely care about heroines; they are usually just worthy additions to the story. But here there's zero story. Those couple action scenes don't bear much significance for the plot. And learning the culprit identity makes replaying just not worth it. It's not the same AXL that I like, and it's not a work to represent the brand. I see Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate as the root of moege poison for the brand that spread to several future works in attempt to appeal the audience. Now I have a reason to skip some of AXL future works.
  8. Definitely did not try anything with tyrano script. Can only say that a lot of engines were added to Textractor in later versions. The most trouble I had were Java games like Tsui no Sora that perfectly attached to ITHVNR though. For the toughest nuts to crack I apply Cheat Engine + HookAnyText, works like a charm, but can't be used on general basis due to the fact that HAT works on Java and freezes every couple hours.
  9. Duplicate words and sentences only sometimes showed up for me with Repetition Filter 1. As soon as I changed it for Repetition Filter 2, never had problems ever again. This extension approach is very flexible.
  10. Basically, machine translators are Google and Bing. As for the tools, they differ mostly by support of Google/Bing/Dictionaries. Pretty much every mentioned program extracts text threads well or supports hook addition. It's good that there is choice. Older OS only support older tools while weak netbooks are limited with less resource-dependent tools. I recommend Textractor just because it's a single tool for everything and I don't want to explain nuances to everyone when I can just say "Textractor" and maybe give a link to the guide.
  11. Foreword: I'm not sure scenario author of Braban can provide a worthy chunige, but I'm ready to be surprised. Synopsis: There was a big fire at a hospital which inflicted serious damage. Touya's mother, Suzuno, fell victim to its flames. After ten years he still can't overcome his sadness. But he somehow enjoys his life with Makina, his younger sister, and Saya. One day he sees a girl who looks quite like Suzuno. He can't forget her, and goes after her. He finally talks to her and thinks she is definitely Suzuno. All of a sudden, she attacks him with smile, and he almost loses his life. But a girl with a sword appears in front of them and saves him. He doesn't know what's going on, but he thinks, "Is she still alive?" He starts to search for the truth... Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lnWrglrmx8&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv8D3DBUI_COeqaSMRVzBSnd Game type: School battle adventure Character Design rating: 8/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 7/10 Game quality: 7/10 Overall rating: 7/10 Scores are of minimal masterpiece, because the common route and the core of the story are very worthy to get acquainted with. But other elements are less lucky. ExE is a very unusual chunige, because it takes place in ordinary places like school and home, while most of characters are normal humans. There are few battles, and most of conflicts are against overpowered adversaries. ExE introduces magic, but not flashy one. Its main element is mind control, and using that alone it manages to create myriads of exciting backstories and developments. And it appeals to me. I quite favor alternative history since it's mostly familiar world with few changes, but at the same time with realistic approach. As I see it, ExE is an evolved version of Braban. And playing Madoka route feels just as Braban, it's same school moege. But two similar works in a row would look pale, so a mystery is introduced. And due to the dark nature of mystery, three main heroines are imbued with some magical skill and serious smart personalities - tsundere Yuu, kudere Natsuki and pragmatic adult Mio. This game actually has even two mysteries - one for the first half and another one for the second half. But mystery has such an effect that after one route there's no more mystery to uncover. Writer tried to separate the mystery among Yuu and Natsuki routes, so there is at least something new to learn. But other routes basically don't give anything new on a larger scale. And when mystery is solved and chuni is unsatisfactory (there are like two battles in the whole game with comparable power opponents) - only moege remains. And at this point irritation accumulates, because there is no after-stories of heroines, and ending feels really abrupt. So even as moege game produces mixed impressions. But I try to judge the game not by the final impressions, but by measured satisfaction level at different stages of the game. And I can say that there's a lot of thrill while mystery lasts, and there's a lot of power in these three main heroines personalities - I happened to like all three of them. Some parts have poor tempo, and it may feel boring at times, but I absolutely love concept and heroines here, so it's definitely a masterpiece for me.
  12. I'll review Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate - The Code Name is "Shield 9" , Reconquista and ExE. 1. ExE [070601] Yuzusoft 1 2 3 4 There was a big fire at a hospital which inflicted serious damage. Touya's mother, Suzuno, fell victim to its flames. After ten years he still can't overcome his sadness. But he somehow enjoys his life with Makina, his younger sister, and Saya. One day he sees a girl who looks quite like Suzuno. He can't forget her, and goes after her. He finally talks to her and thinks she is definitely Suzuno. All of a sudden, she attacks him with smile, and he almost loses his life. But a girl with a sword appears in front of them and saves him. He doesn't know what's going on, but he thinks, "Is she still alive?" He starts to search for the truth... There are English reviews, but I need to form own opinion on it. 2. Megami Taisen 女神大戦 [070608] LiLiM 1 Our hero was just an ordinary high school student. He finds a strange package addressed to him. He opens it and inside he finds a...melon? Seeing that he loves melons, he ate it quickly enough. Soon thereafter, he felt his body stiffen as he began traveling through space. He's caught by a beautiful black-winged woman. She tells him that he has eaten the "eroero fruit", and that's what brought him to her world. It also turns out that this woman, along with several others, is a goddess. What's an ordinary guy to do with all these scantily clad deities? There is an English review. 3. Simoun Ibara Sensou ~Fuuin no Ri Maajon~ シムーン 異薔薇戦争〜封印のリ·マージョン〜 [070621] Marvelous Interactive 1 It's a story of a group of girls who pilot mighty airships Simouns to defend their nation against potential usurpers. The attack of Argentum invaders is finally over. But when Simoun is sent to secure the area of ancient ruins, the neighboring principality Simulacrum ships are already guarding the place. Girls get caught up in a war. Anime Spin-Off 4. Sumomomo Momomo ~Chijou Saikyou no Yome~ Keishou Shimasho!? Koi no Hanamuko Soudatsusen!! すもももももも〜地上最強のヨメ〜 継承しましょ!? 恋の花ムコ争奪戦!! [070621] Marvelous Interactive 1 Inuzuka Koushi is a smart high school student who aims to become a public prosecutor. Unfortunately for Koushi, he was born into a martial arts family whose head (i.e. his father) only knows one language: violence. When Koushi was still a baby, his father made a pact with his biggest rival to marry Koushi to his opponent-turned-friend's daughter. The union of the two blood lines is supposed to bring forth Earth's strongest martial arts clan. Now, Koushi is in high school, oblivious to the marriage arranged for him at birth, when Kusuryuu Momoko shows up: a sugar bomb, airhead, young-looking martial arts artist and Koushi's self-proclaimed bride (the strongest on Earth, no less). Her wish for sexual intercourse meets with Koushi's square refusal as he has absolutely no desire to get it on with someone who looks like she could be his little sister, not to mention that he does not have the foggiest idea who she actually is. Meanwhile, a war has broken out between the martial arts families. For Koushi, this means that numerous fighters are out to challenge him. As if that were not bad enough, he also has a fight a phobia due to a traumatic incident that took place in his childhood. Now it is up to Momoko and her superhuman fighting skills to protect her "husband". Will the two sweethearts survive the trials and tribulations ahead of them? A visual novel inspired by the anime and manga by Shinobu Ootaka that introduces short battle segments inside its plot. Anime Spin-Off 5. Reconquista レコンキスタ [070622] Cotton Soft 1 2 There is a certain town on a reclaimed island. It was developed as an international residential area, but it's in ruins now. And there is a rumor that if you walk around there at night, a girl in school uniform will appear and cut off your head... In reality there are few occult elements. Basically, main theme is that characters try recover what they have lost. Composition is really neat with individual routes followed by past route and finally true route. Present and past often shift, but there is chronological table to orient yourself. There are two main characters with their viewpoints - male teacher who pursues beheaded woman legend and student girl who chases case of the present. There are three writers here, so some heroines feel particularly weak. The climax of the story is not super exciting, because protagonists are ordinary people. So it's a masterpiece with horror/suspense motive. 6. Boku to Go-nee to Umi no Year!! 僕と極姉と海のYear!! [070628] Syangrila 1 You play as the grandson of an egomaniacal high-rolling real estate agent. Through his business, he has made connections with many a powerful person. He has recently taken ill and has sent for you to see him. Gladly leaving your dull private school life for a little bit (summer break), you gladly head over to his estate where you used to spend vacations at. Upon your arrival, your grandfather gives you his final orders: to produce a grandchild for him. This should preferably with be done with one of five daughters of a man with a sizable (and highly desired) piece of land. If you succeed, you will become the president of his company. Your failure will result in your deportation to a life at a US military boot camp. Sounds like you better not screw this up! Moege 7. Que ~Ancient Leaf no Yousei~ Que~エンシェントリーフの妖精~ [070628] 1 You are Makoto, a high-school sophomore. One day, you receive a package with a virtual reality gadget that lets you experience a social networking service called Que. It just so happens that service is for girls only. As such, you create your female avatar and enter the world of an Ancient Leaf. While hiding your identity when talking to girls in virtual reality, many of your friends in real world have no idea about you, but at the same time you have an opportunity to find out more about them, things they wouldn't usually share with a guy. Main character is mistakenly invited to girl-only MMO, and all this girlish atmosphere with icons/emotes/slang is neatly drawn. Main problem in the game is lack of really attractive heroines. They are presented really scarcely during common route, and individual routes don't have much development either and are rather opportunistic. Our main otaku friend is pretty fun while shouting "moe" at everything. But in the bigger frame it's just console dating sim with the need to choose destination three times a day whether in real or virtual world. Events are few, and events CG are even fewer. You never know when each heroine is logged in, so it's easy to miss an important event. For me it's just another dating SIM in unusual setting. 8. Sugao no Hohoemi 素顔の微笑 [070628] JIN Products During summer vacation main character goes to the pool with a shy childhood friend Miwa and her cheerful friend Yui. And Miwa suddenly collapses there. Woman Kizuha runs up, and it triggers a series of strange events... Game is made of video segments, so it's more like DVD player game, just for PSP. So no saving for you, just passwords after chapters. Game projects very subtle impression. Animation is poor, scenario sleepy and ending suddenly dark and unsatisfying. 9. Giotail ジオテイル [070629] Kogado Studio One day, Shou, an ordinary high school student, is taken to another world. Another world.... It is completely the same as the world he belonged to a while ago. Same scenery, same students at school..., and Shou is there, as well. It seems the school is in danger now due to monsters that kidnap the students. Why was he taken to another world? Are there any reasons? Shou sets out on adventure with his classmates to solve mysteries.... RPG 10. Honey Coming HoneyComing -ハニーカミング- [070629] Hooksoft 1 2 3 HoneyComing's story revolves around the protagonist Kōichirō Ogata, a male first-year high school student who does not have any interest in matters such as love or romance. The high school he is admitted to, named Aikyō Academy, used to be an all-girl school formally named Aikyō Girl's Academy, and still carries a high population of female students. He starts school with his childhood friend Asahi Kamijō, his younger step-sister Mio Ogata, and best male friend Masanori Shinozaki. Kōichirō eventually meets two more female upperclassmen from the same school named Clarissa Satsuki Maezono, and Yuma Shichiri, along with a female underclassman from an affiliated school named Marino Tagaya; Kōichirō becomes friends with them. Since the school used to only have female students, there are certain classes oriented towards girls which are still required to take, such as lessons on love and romance. These lessons are known as Love-making Lessons, and students at Aikyō are required to take these classes on how to fall in love, and the ways of proper romance techniques. Each lesson, two people (of the opposite sex) pair up to make something, such as a meal for example, and they must form good communication if they intend to pass the test. There are also tests on practical skills which required note taking to later be studied for tests. During these lessons, students from Aikyō, and a nearby affiliated junior-high school, are combined for a total range of six grades from the lowest to the highest. Each time, forty new students from either school are chosen to taken part in a special class for the Love-making Lessons. The students in the special class this year include: Kōichirō, Asahi, Clarissa, Mio, Yuma, Marino, Kaoru, Masanori, and Hiroko. Two teachers are assigned to this class: Ichigo Raidō (who is in charge of the boys), and Tsukasa Kurebayashi (who is in charge of the girls). There is an English review. 11. Koisuru Otome to Shugo no Tate - The Code Name is "Shield 9" 恋する乙女と守護の楯 The Code Name is "SHIELD 9" [070629] AXL 1 2 3 4 5 Name: Kisaragi Shuuji Parents: Deceased, adopted by the chief of the VIP protection Division of Aigis Job: Bodyguard for Aigis Security Codename: Shield 9 Current Assignment: To infiltrate the St. Theresia Gakuen for girls undercover under the guise of "Yamada Taeko" and protect Kasugazaki Yukino and Tsubakihara Ren against unknown attackers. Allotted Equipment: Standard gear as well as a bulletproof crossdressing kit. Expected Complication: Shield 9 having problems with pretending to be a girl and interacting with ladies. Unexpected Complication: Error - data disk failure... There are English reviews, but I'm not yet ready to miss an AXL game. 12. Koitore ~Ren-ai Training~ こいとれ ~REN-AI TRAINING~ [070629] Gindokei The main character is Yuu, who has just entered a high school. One day, he is forcibly taken to the club room of the love and romance club, and he finally joins them. What they do is to enjoy love and romance based on certain rules. The main purpose of this club is to help the members be able to enjoy communications with other people. Concept and common route are actually nice. There is even mystery solving included. But protagonist is a super donkan without any skills for life, so it irritates a lot. Each heroine has her own romance power, so we need to encourage her to develop it with appropriate lines. And it's not fun. 13. Kura no Naka wa Kiken ga Ippai!? 蔵の中はキケンがいっぱい!? [070629] Fairytale Ethix Taiki comes back to his hometown during summer holiday. He meets his childhood friends, Kazushi and Yui, and they hang out together almost everyday. A few days later, Aki and Yuuki start to live at Kazushi and Yui's house since their parents have passed away in an accident. They become friends soon, and Taiki gradually falls in love with Yui and Aki. Which girl will become his girlfriend at the end of summer...? Game is presented as relaxing rural romance adventure, but it's actually a suspense game with violation and punishment. It's hinted in the title "there's a lot of danger in the warehouse", but nowhere else. A scam, no less. Pretty unpleasant game. 14. Maid to Majutsushi メイドと魔術師 [070629] Waffle There is a maid, Lapis, living alone in a small town in a small country. She has been waiting for her master's return. One day, a boy, Act, visits the town to meet a magician to get back his lost memories. They meet by chance, and start to live together... It's weird how Waffle manages to make both nukige and rather innocent works at the same time. Fantasy work with a calm atmosphere. Main character has immortal body and no memory. Each scenario is just some seven hours long, but no mystery gets solved, so satisfaction remains thin. Carefully organized work with well developed mystery, but in the end it's only worth to play for the atmosphere. 15. Niizuma Kapriccho! にーづま かぷりっちょ! [070629] Libre Four brides including angel, demon and wizard suddenly approach, and the "newlywed life" begins! They try to live with a motto "Everyone is good friends". However, it cannot last forever. Time to make a choice approaches. Protagonist is a super bad at socializing, at least in the beginning of the game. It's a school comedy, but also with fantasy elements. H scenes are paid much attention, so there are 3P and some extreme practices. 16. Ouzoku 王賊 [070629] SofthouseChara 1 In a world where the victor gets to be king (王, "Ou"), and loser goes down in history as bandits (賊, "Zoku"), the kingdom of Visto started a large scale military expansion to dominate the continent. The main character, Zin, was a famous strategist defending his nation against the invasion and had much success leading his "Ouzoku" unit in a guerrilla campaign behind enemy lines, but due to traitors back home, his nation was eventually conquered. Now, the kingdom of Elt seeks his expertise to help them defend against the Visto army. To Zin, this is a great opportunity for revenge against Visto, and well as a chance to get a kingdom's ransom worth of... women! There is an English review. 17. Seien Tenshi Eleanor 聖炎天使エレアノール [070629] Saga Planets Protagonist awakens in a forest and encounters a battle between a monster and a nun in torn clothes. In addition to these surprises, he also doesn't remember anything but his name, Neon. Judging from his attire, he assumes that he's part of the local Christian school. The people at a seemingly all-girl school accept him, but they don't seem to know who he is either. While working there, Neon tries to piece together his past, as well as help the strange angelic woman who saved his life. Nun transforms into an angel and fights enemies. Description is rather innocent, but contents is not. From midgame there are a lot of card battles with clothes damage and H event with the defeated one. And since three types of cards basically correspond scissors-stone-paper , it's all luck dependent (but at least skippable after one win). After route is clear, another one opens up. There are 36 main characters, and H scene is prepared for each one, which totals 35. 18. Senjou de Shoujo wa Kokoro o Sagasu 戦場デ少女ハ心ヲサガス [070629] Cyc Masato is a soldier. He lives happily with his fiancee, Emi. But one day, his city is heavily bombed, and Emi loses her life.... A few months later, he still can't overcome saddness, and lives vacantly. One day, he is appointed as General of the army. "Perfect timing to die." He accepts the offer, and a female-type battle android appears in front of him as his battle partner. A man who looks for a place to die and a battle android who looks for emotions.... Their battle now starts.... Strategy game with lots of battles. BLOCKED 1. Ane wa Erokomi Henshuusha ~Injuu Bukkake Seishidou~ 姉はエロコミ編集者~淫汁ぶっかけ生指導~ [070601] 13cc The main character is a rookie erotic comic writer. One day, he meets Kotono, his older sister, and finds that she is his editor. When he is in trouble writing his comic, she gives him advice using her body. She tries various costume plays for her brother, and gradually gets absorbed in it.... Nukige 2. Futanari Clinic Karte #2 Satou Natsuki ふたなりクリニック カルテ#2 佐渡夏樹 [070601] MorningStar Classmate with peculiar body condition is invited to Shibaura Clinic and gets trapped by her friend and doctor. Nukige 3. Midaraninden Sakura Ryouran 淫忍伝 さくら繚乱 [070601] Applemint Daidabashi Kenzo is your usual student living on his own... His only real concern is that he can't get "it" up.... Carrying the weight of his burdens, one day Kenzo discovers a girl, asleep, and clinging to his ceiling! The girl, called Kugeyama Sakura, explains that she's a ninja, sent to protect a seal placed on Kenzo's body. Doujin Nukige 4. Miwaku no Mahoujin -Hime X Hime Inyoku Boukenroku- 魅惑の魔法陣 -姫様×姫様 淫欲冒険録- [070601] Rolling Star In the previous game "Magic Circle of Charm", Alicia and Janne magnificently managed to suppress the evil devil. The heroine of this story however, is the princess of the Pan Tumalmia Kingdom, "Misty". Misty is a princess of very noble social status, but she spins, as the daughter of a king who has a very perverted hobby... ... Everyday she grieves for the circumstances in which she was born... Misty's one and only happiness is her secret late night trysts with the commanding officer of the Imperial Guard, Garcia. Every night they exchange an affectionate passion. When she opens both her mind and body to Garcia, her icy cool exterior is dissolved, and melts away into nothing. But one night, the mystery of the young girl who wears the wind, "Kantaro" appears, predicting a danger that will come to threaten Garcia. Already itching to do something about it, Misty decides to leave the castle in order to save him. Yet the things she has in store for her are... the genitals of an obscene beast, dripping in slime, and a rough peasant oozing with stench that puts her through a sexual assault hell!! We hope you enjoy the sight of Misty's high class dress being smeared all over with the reek of her sex! Doujin Nukige 5. Tsukushite Ageru no ni!! つくしてあげるのに!! [070601] PeasSoft Kadono Haruki, a skilled artist, is made to enter contests at a young age. Pressured because of his talent, he is troubled about what to draw. One day he takes a walk outside at night with his painting tools and enters a forest. There he finds a beautiful young girl. It's so unexpected that he thinks she's a fairy, is immediately captivated and asks whether he can draw her. After showing her the picture, the girl says that when they get older, she will make him his bridegroom. Being a child, he agrees. Flashforward to the present. After entering high school Haruki has never met the girl. And all his paintings since then have all fallen short of that masterpiece. One day, a girl shows up at school and immediately kisses him, asking him to make good on his promise. Unfortunately, it happens in front of all his female childhood friends. Rushed by the sudden bold action of this newcomer, the childhood friends take action in order not to lose Haruki. Things will change from this point on... Nukige 6. Winter Shard [070602] F.I.A's Sanctuary "Winter is a harsh season. No beings yearn for its coming. However,... only during it can I find peace." EVN 7. Toriko とりこ [070603] Meiousei Presents Three digital novels. Lucia, the protagonist's fiancee, is trained as a slave by Royd, the antagonist (Screenshots 2-6). The protagonist never got a chance to profess his love for the heroine and spends his days in envy. Then, a mysterious package arrives (Screenshots 7-8). The protagonist wakes up in some kind of institution. His memory is gone. Something must have happened (Screenshots 9-10). Doujin Nukige 8. Kabu Trader Shun 株トレーダー瞬 [070607] Capcom The game is about a young stock trader named Shun Aiba. Shun's father was a trader who went bankrupt and disappeared when he was 13. Five years later, you are summoned by your father's former trading partner, Toru Narasaki, who wishes to teach you the tricks of the trade. Shun is joined by Hanako Kirikagura, the daughter of a family of entrepreneurs and Toru's pupil. The gameplay is split into two parts: adventure and trading. Adventure mode is apparently much like Capcom's Ace Attorney series, where Shun travels around town furthering the story. Trading mode consists of Shun battling against rival traders, earning a set amount of money, or trading with an AI partner. Shun can purchase or gain Trading Arts to increase his skills in this mode. Console Exclusive 9. Celeb Komochizuma Inwai Choukyou ~Ryoujoku Kanrinin~ セレブ子持ち妻淫猥調教~凌辱管理人~ [070608] Cybele Tetsuo is an apartment caretaker, and is the personification of sexual desire. This time, his target is Etsuko, who has just moved to his apartment. He approaches her with Sayaka, who is Tetsuo's first sex slave. Nukige 10. Ninshin Injuu Shoujo Rei 妊娠淫獣少女・零 [070608] Idle Fancy A visual novel about a shrine maiden facing down a sex demon! It is the first day of summer vacation, and I have taken a part-time job at the local shinto shrine. Tsubomi told me that the shrine is used to seal away people who have been possessed by sex monsters, and who have turned into sex monsters themselves. And to return those people to their former selves, one needs to go to the "forbidden place"... Doujin Nukige 11. Reika Mesuinu Choukyou ~xx ni Okasarete…~ 麗佳牝犬調教 ~××に犯されて…~ [070608] Delta There is a Western-style house deep in the mountain, in which beautiful girls are being trained to become sex dolls. One day, Shuujirou receives a phone call from one of his customers. According to the customer, his sex doll, Reika, has run away from his house. Shuujirou decides to retrain her, and hires a new trainer. His name is Hayama Suguru, known for his severe training. Reika hates him and defies Suguru's orders, but he gives her extremely severe training.... Nukige 12. Zoku Hitou Meguri 続・秘湯めぐり [070608] Riddle Soft Main character falls in love with a woman on a travel pamphlet. However, her face is hidden, so identity remains concealed. He decides to this hot springs ryokan in attempt to find the woman. Nukige 13. Purepuri 3 Hoken'i no Himitsu Lesson プレプリ3 保健医の秘密レッスン [070609] Haikara Kissa Shizuka is the most popular and beautiful nurse at the school. She has an aromatic adultness and mysterious, indescribable charm. The protagonist was among the many pubescent boys attracted to her. He watches her over a year and his passion grows, until the kiss of fate... There starts the secret sexual lessons of the two. Doujin Nukige 14. Tartarus ~Naraku no Shounen-tachi タルタロス~奈落の少年たち [070609] Di Garakutizu Boys are taken away from real world to the world "Tartaros" where they are trained with the use of suspicious magical medicine. Doujin 15. Shoujo no Michikusa ~Houkago "Ura" Jijou~ 少女の道草 ~放課後『裏』事情~ [070609] Sage A rumor is spreading around campus that there is this girl who will have sex with anyone! A school festival is coming up, let's find out if this rumor is true. Doujin Nukige 16. Maranda [070610] The Real Brickroad A Final Fantasy VI fanfic. EVN 17. With His Father's Sword [070610] The Real Brickroad A Chrono Trigger fanfic. EVN 18. Shindou-san no Yuuutsu: Toki o Kakeru Otome 進藤さんの憂鬱 時をかける乙女 [070612] Champagne☆ The stage is set one year after Yuki's ending from "Sakurayuki". Obviously, Kenji and Sakura are still madly in love. But Shintou is still lonely. Who'd have expected him to warp through time and arrive in the past!? A past in which Kenji and Sakura haven't started dating yet. Doujin 19. Mijuku Hanjuku Futago Hime みじゅく☆はんじゅく ふたご姫 [070613] SIPPO-SOFT Twin sister princesses from anime Twin Princess of Wonder Planet are violated by the minister of the Moon kingdom. Doujin Nukige 20. Fuuko Sanjou! Kamen Henner: Version☆Hitode 風子参上! かめんへんなー・ばーじょん☆ヒトデ [070613] Champagne☆ Mask Henner Okazaki Tomonari is a remodelled human. The man who remodelled him, Choker, hatches an evil plot to take over Hitode. Okazaki Tomonari must fight Choker for the sake of Hitode's freedom! Doujin 21. Kansen 2 ~Inzai Toshi~ 姦染2 ~淫罪都市~ [070615] Speed 1 Kansen 2 (like the first episode) takes place during the initial outbreak of the Unknown virus epidemic, but the protagonists here have a much harder lot because they are stuck in the middle of a contaminated city immediately after its destruction by a mysterious cataclysm. Stalked by hordes of infected maniacs, Hiroshi Ookura and his friends seek safety inside a mostly intact shopping mall, but madness and death are everywhere... Nukige 22. Miko Shibari 巫女縛り [070615] Karen Soft Takuro is a high school teacher. He likes Miko and is a tie-up mania. One day, he receives a parcel from a friend of his. It's a rope with magical powers. He plans to use it immediately, and finds his targets, Kanae, a female teacher, and Yuka, his student. They are sisters from a small shrine, and allowed to wear Miko uniform as campaign girls for tourism, even at school. Perfect timing for Takuro...! Nukige 23. Momo x Momi ~Watashi, Iyashichaimasu~ もも×もみ~私、癒しちゃいます~ [070615] Black Package Our protagonist is a master of therapeutics, and is so prolific that he’s opened his own practice despite his young age. However, despite his skills, the industry has hit a bit of a slump recently. Despite that, he’s found a practically angelic woman who has sworn her help until the end. With the boost of confidence, he has devised a new angle to his business. Under the guise of a “Relaxation Room” our hero gets commissioned by a both a schoolgirl and a college student interested in the practice; a bisexual who’s seeking eternal beauty; as well as an unsuspecting married woman. Nukige 24. D's [070616] Project Lips Game tells a story of two little devils Lute & Mute who served wizard master before the events of Mahoutsukai no Mita Yume. Doujin 25. Fella‐Fetish! ふぇら・ふぇちっ!~Fella‐Fetish~ [070616] Parthenon Main character decides to help his childhood friend and classmate Momoka with her summer homework. He promises to make three wishes come true if everything is done in time. To his surprise Momoka remembers this promise and suggests having a date at an amusement park. The second request is a kiss on a ferris wheel. Protagonist proposes third wish himself by unzipping his pants. Naughty lessons continue from there. Nukige 26. Gakuin Onna Kyoushi 学淫女教師 [070616] Sage Our hero is Teppei, a boy who is changing schools due to his beloved mother's unfortunate circumstances. The teacher in charge of Teppei's new class is called Rikako. Teppei sees his mother in Rikako. Rikako realizes what's on the boy's mind, and tells him to come see her after school for a "special" course. An obscene sexual education ensues. Nukige 27. My Pet Kirche マイペットキュルケ [070616] MOON GODDESS Main character enjoys an outdoor bath alone when Kirche suddenly intrudes. The border between reality and magic gets erased by her body. Doujin Nukige 28. Ninin ga Kasumiden Hardcore ニニンが霞伝 は~どこあ [070617] C-CUBE When it comes down to it, breasts are made to be rubbed... experience those amazing breasts one more time! Ah- what wonderful, motherly soft peaks of breasts! Breasts open up new possibilities for mankind...This breast-game is bound to get you hot and horny! Come on and join the ranks! Doujin Nukige 29. Shiro Akiha 白濁秋葉 [070617] PERCEPTRON Akiha from Tsukihime gets publicly humiliated and violated. Doujin Nukige 30. White Dolls ホワイトドールズ [070617] Sherbet Soft A To Heart 2 fan-fiction eroge featuring Komaki Manaka,Yuzuhara Konomi and Kousaka Tamaki. Doujin Nukige 31. Katekyo! ~Oshiete Ecchi na Koto~ かてきょっ! ~おしえてエッチなこと~ [070618] Applemint Yoshida Ayumi has lost his mother at an early age. Therefore, the daily household chores fell to him. As a result, he has grown up into a very kind boy both in appearance and in spirit. In Ayumi's family, there is a tradition of serving in the nation's defence forces. Ayumi, too, is called to serve, and this has always been his dream. Unfortunately for him, he is not a very manly man. Because his father firmly believes that those serving in the military must be true men, he fears to send off his son. He employs two special instructors for Ayumi to change his personality. However, the instructors turn out to be women! The first is Morihara Ai, Ayumi's classmate, and the second is Morihara Ran, her mother. Ayumi's father leaves for a trip overseas, leaving his son in the care of the women. What lessons have the two in store for Ayumi? How will they turn him into a "real man"? Doujin 32. Days of Memories ~Junpaku no Tenshi-tachi~ Days of Memories 〜純白の天使たち〜 [070619] SNK Playmore 1 It takes place in a large hospital with secrets buried under its pure white exterior. Solve the mystery and discover the tragic pasts of the girls before the evil that lurks in the wings of the hospital overtakes them. Console Exclusive 33. Nigatsu Muika 2月6日 [070619] Uracil It's Yamazaki birthday. Main character gets so busy with the investigation at work and reporting to Hijikata that he does not have time to prepare a present. Doujin Boys Love 34. 7 Gatsu 28 Nichi Ni. 7月28日に。 [070620] Guerilla Corps Ares x Mars short encounter that happens during the events of FINAL GAME. Doujin Boys Love 35. Juukan Ace No.07 2007 July 獣姦ACE NO.07 2007 7月号 [070621] yosino Main character is a dog. It's a story of a girl making love with a dog. Doujin Nukige 36. Injoku Studio ~Haitoku no Misshitsu Audition~ 淫辱スタジオ~背徳の密室オーディション [070622] Kuro Hina Shunsuke was a promising scenario writer. But, his future was destroyed by Yukari, who was a voice actress. He makes a living as a scenario writer of adult video games now. One day, he meets a rookie voice actress, Maya, in the recording studio. "....!?" He is so surprised to see the face of her personal manager.... It's Yukari.... His revenge has just begun.... Nukige 37. Iyashinbo ~Sekai de Ichiban Suki na Hito~ 癒しん母~世界で一番好きなひと~ [070622] Guilty+ Makoto is a high school student. He lives together with his mother, Tamami, because his father passed away when he was a kid. One day, his dick gets erected as usual when he wakes up, but never gets small. Tamami finds it, and immediately takes him to hospital. According to the doctor, he has a continuous erection disease, and is required to ejaculate periodically. Since then, she gives him a blowjob everytime necessary. However, she gradually gets sexually excited.... Nukige 38. Mama to Imouto to Boku to Sensei ママと妹と僕と先生 [070622] Utamaro Soft The protagonist's mother is an erotic novelist and she is commited to write a new story with the help with a teacher. But in order to have new material and better sexual ideas, she is violated by the teacher. And now, the teacher violates his younger sister too! Teacher is using his mother and his sister as sex tools. Who will you defend from the hands of this terrible demon? Your mother, your younger sister or both? Are you really fit to defend them? Nukige 39. Nyotai Saishuu ~Onna no Mata ni Hisomu Chou~ 女体採集~女の股に潜む蝶~ [070622] Haoh During summer holiday, Kousuke, an insect mania, stays at his aunt's house and enjoys insect collecting. There are Akari, his aunt, Soyogi and Tsumugi, his cousins, at her house as well. One day, he suddenly gets interested in girls, and starts girl collecting. Who will join his collection next? Nukige 40. Rururu to Sasara no Sensei Oshiete ~Boku wa Onna no Obouchama~ るるるとささらの先生☆教えて~ボクは女のお坊っちゃま~ [070622] Undel Yasuhiko is hired as a home tutor of Rururu during summer vacation. At first, Yasuhiko thinks Rururu is a boy. Rururu is smart and there is nothing he can teach. But he later finds out Rururu is a girl. The problem is Rururu is brought up as a boy, so he has no sex knowledge. Now, his mission is to give him sex lessons. Nukige 41. Sensei o Choukyou Shiyou! 先生を調教しよう! [070622] Lilith Soft The older sister who was adored when they were kids, the feelings of love and tenderness that still have not disappeared, and then… a reunion. This has nothing to do with married wives! I’ll take Professor Keiko back, no matter what! I’ll make her mine! The attractive Keiko, the sexual harassment teacher Ayako, the childhood friend Haruna... Watch out for what is sure to be the outbreak of scenes of training war!! Nukige 42. Shutterchance Love シャッターチャンス・ラブ [070622] Puzzlebox Makoto always enjoyed the art of photography; that's why he joined the photography club while in high school. However, he appears to be the only male student that's interested in such things. Much to everyone else's loss; each of the student members, as well as the teacher in charge, are all female hotties. Somehow club incurs a sizable debt during summer vacation. Running out of options to repay the sum, the idea of taking lewd photographs comes on the table. Well, it looks like the ladies will have to take one for the team! Nukige 43. Toumei na Yasashisa 透明な優しさ [070623] P.o.l.c. Brother and sister used to fight a lot, but also had much fun. But brother gets seriously ill and spends all the time in the hospital now. Sister tries to cheer him up. Doujin 44. Gokukan Ryoujoku ~Zetsubou Animation Koku~ 極姦陵辱~絶望アニメーション・酷~ [070625] elle-murakami Kiriya Ren is the president of the student council in a private school. Everybody loves and admires her. However, with the appearance of the genius transfer student Sawada Ria, her school life drastically changes. Though all she ever wanted was to live in peace, Ren finds herself fallen from grace. She loses her position as well as her lover, and she swears she will take revenge. She succeeds in capturing and imprisoning Ria, after which she begins her cruel abuse. Doujin Nukige 45. Ken Ma Ryou Joku 剣・魔・凌・辱 [070628] Varieta Our hero Itsuki is the most average joe you could ever expect to meet. On the last train of the night, he dozes off. When he wakes up, he finds himself in a mysterious forest he has never seen before. As Itsuki wanders about the forest looking for a way out, he stumbles on a lady warrior who has been trapped by a slime monster. Evidently, this is not present day. This is a world of fantasy and heroism like the ones you get in games or anime! Many women have been captured by orcs, goblins and even fairies, becoming their playthings. Can Itsuki save them all? Nukige 46. Tsuma Emiko 妻・絵美子 [070628]STARWORKS My Wife, Emiko, had given birth to our first child, and we all lived happily as a family of 3 until one day... The company I was working for went bankrupt after a scandal broke. While trying to understand the scandal and all that happened, as well as find a job, my wife... my wife said she'd get a job to support our family while I was looking for new work. Doujin Nukige 47. Beppin Mama ~Love Love Boshi Yuugi~ べっぴんママ ~ラブラブ母子遊戯~ [070629] Mocking Soft Akira, studying for his entrance exams next year, spends his spring break alone with his beloved mother, Chizuru. Chizuru is the envy of all his friends, and his favorite beautiful mama. She teaches him kindly and slowly all he needs to know for his exams. But it's not studying Akira needs to worry about, it's his Aunt Kanae, who's come to live with them! His real mother, a widow and a former teacher who spoils her son, and his Aunt Kanae, an active spartan teacher who laughs at Akira's weaknesses. Akira starts to learn about the sweet and harsh world of adults. His full-figured passionate mother and aunt become his tutor in the arts of ejaculation! He becomes a slave to the wills of these hot-tempered women, full of sexual desire... Doujin Nukige 48. Chichi Ijime Bakunyuu Shimai Kyouentan 乳いぢめ 爆乳姉妹狂宴譚 [070629] Discovery Mars Orie, a rookie English teacher, and Kotone, a high school student, are sisters. They are beautiful and have big breasts. Their father is the president of their school. One day, Georg comes back to Japan from Europe. He is their father's secret son and his purpose of return is to take revenge on them. At first, he fools them by being gentle, but he gradually shows his real personality.... Nukige 49. Choukyou Diary 調教ダイアリー [070629] Rolling Star "Since I was young, I've kept a diary". Ever since starting to date him, all I've written about are things about him. All my memories with him, each and every one of them are important, and I just can't imagine that I would ever be able to forget them. Or so I thought, but now I'm going through my diary, turning the pages and reading them in order to get a vivid memory of what that time was like. And what I found in my happy but also embarrassing past was... all in my diary, a diary for my eyes only, in which I spelt out all the things that he and I did in those days we spent together, in complete and utter frankness... Schoolgirl Kyoko's first boyfriend was an older guy, who was already working full-time. Usually, they should have been meeting, falling in love and getting closer to each other, but... "You must dedicate yourself completely, mind, body and soul to me. I'm not satisfied with just your love. I want your unconditional faith and loyalty. Give all of yourself to me, and accept all of myself in return. Can you do that?" What he was saying was absolutely ridiculous. Compared to such a level of devotion, the idea of being simply lovers paled away to nothing. It wasn't a sweet kind of relationship that he dreamt of when he determined that Kyoko would save herself and give her virginity to him. Steadily losing her bearings as they continue to go on dates, and as the activities they engage in become more hard-core, Kyoko gradually begins to weaken, both mentally and physically. And then recently, her little sister Choko falls prey to the clutches of Kyoko's boyfriend, despite already knowing about her older sister's sex life. Thus, he begins training in double time... What will be the shocking conclusion of the training received by the two sisters......!? Doujin Nukige 50. Double Sensei Life だぶる先生らいふっ [070629] Alice Soft After transferring to a new school our hero is trying to find a new place to live (with the help of his parents). He finds a posting of a woman wanting a couple of roommates. When he responds he finds that one position has already been filled. Feeling that time is running out, he heads over to find that the women are in fact total bishoujo. Not only that, but they teach at the same school he's going too. How will he hold up; living with the very women who grade/judge him in his daily life? He has only about three weeks until he can find another place to live. Nukige 51. ~Etsuraku Houshi~ Obscene Service ~悦楽奉仕~ Obscene Service [070629] schoolzone he Kuranashis are a young couple who live in the lap of luxury and enjoy a comfortable wealthy lifestyle, when they suddenly have a visitor, unplanned and out of the blue. They are informed that she is a younger half-sister by a different mother in relation to Takashi, the Kuranashi husband. The bright, cheerful girl is invited to stay in the couple's home; however when doing so they fail to notice the dark side she has to her personality. Sayaka prostitutes herself out for money and for pleasure, and she eventually compels Masumi to offer her own body up to men she does not know. Sucked into a trap, she receives training, and experiences many strange excitements... Doujin Nukige 52. Hara Hara!! ~Nakadashi Gakuen Se~katsu~ 孕ら☆ハラっ!! ~中出し学園せ~かつ~ [070629] Swaneye 1 The main character and his friends organize a club called "Sex Pleasure Club". The main purpose of this club is to give the girls sexual pleasure. But, the girls object to it, especially Natsuki, who is the main character's childhood friend. Their battle has just begun! Will the boys be able to give the girls sexual pleasure, and make them approve it...? Nukige 53. Hime Dorei ~Mesu e to Ochiyuku Futago no Oujo~ 姫奴隷~牝へと堕ちゆく双子の王女~ [070629] Bishop 1 There is the Luvence Kingdom in the northern part of continent, which takes full control of the region. The king has beautiful twin sisters, Tita and Liese. And he decides to give Tita the heir to the throne. Liese gets so mad to hear that, and starts to hate Tita. One day, a man, Waldo, comes to the kingdom. He is a magician, and his country was destroyed by the Luvence army. His purpose is to take revenge on them. Waldo and Liese meet by chance. A man who plans to take revenge on the kingdom and a girl who hates Tita.... Their revenge just begins.... Nukige 54. In Series Inbaku Kankin Choukyou 淫シリーズ 淫縛監禁調教 [070629] Erogos What does "confinement" mean? Ryosuke thinks about it. Yes, just do it. There won't be any problems. His target girls are Mika and Saki.... Nukige 55. Junketsu Yori Nao Akaku 純血よりなお紅く [070629] Will Tame Main character's friend who is less that a lover suddenly wants to become an idol. She asks protagonist to become her manager. But she gets deceived by producer and makes her debut as AV actress instead. Shady events change each other. Doujin Nukige 56. Kanjiru Majiru Bukkake Seikatsu 感汁・魔汁・ぶっかけ性活 [070629] Swanmania A mysterious girl claiming to be a magical girl suddenly appears before main character. He does not believe the girl, so she casts a strange magic spell. Protagonist's dick enlarges and becomes constantly erected. It is going to burst unless it ejaculates enough times to restore to normalcy. Nukige 57. Nee, Nee? Dou Suru!? ~Nami to Mina to Tokidoki Boku~ ねえ、姉?どーする!? ~ナミとミナと時々ボク~ [070629] Luchs The main character has an older sister, Minami, who is also his homeroom teacher. One day, a mysterious phenomenon happens to them. Her body is divided into two bodies, and becomes two girls, Nami and Mina!? Their strange cohabitation starts now, involving their neighbor, Hisoka. What will happen to them in the end? Nukige 58. Oppai Baka -Oppai Igai wa Mitomenai!!- おっぱいバカ -おっぱい以外は認めない!!- [070629] OLE Youta is a high school student, and moves back to his hometown. But, it looks like something has been changed. Their residential areas are divided by their breasts cup sizes. Breasts are now the center of everything! Just enjoy Oppai (breasts) life!!! Nukige 59. Puru Moe Angel Idol Aiko ぷる萌えンジェル アイドル・あいこ [070629] Cage 1 Masashi works for a talent agency as a personal secretary. One day, he is ordered to take charge of Aiko, a very popular idol. But he accidentally knows that Aiko is actually a boy...! Nukige 60. Shojo Dakkan ~Ojou-sama o Lady ni~ 処女奪館~お嬢様をレディに~ [070629] Interheart Three maidens live a quiet mountain area. Main character is a butler who raised them. As he sees them grow up and doing obscene things with their bodies, his manhood wakes up and eventually bursts with the news of house master's approaching death. Nukige 61. Toiro Komachi ~Kurenai ni Somaru no Toki Made~ といろ小町~紅に染まるそのときまで~ [070629] Gekka Hyoujin The main character is Akane, a uni student, whose parents run an eel restaurant in a small town. She is now on summer holiday, and lazes around every day. But one day, her mother gets sick, and she starts working at the restaurant as her substitute. While spending a busy summer holiday, she accidentally finds a letter sent to her mother. The letter says, "My daughter.... Is my daughter getting along...?" "What!? Where is my real mother?" When she is at a loss what to do, a boy comes down just in front of her.... Will she be able to find the fact of her birth...? Otomege 62. Toriko no Hime ~Inma no Chouritsu~ 虜ノ姫~淫魔の調律~ [070629] Atelier Kaguya The main character is Claude. His job is to breed girls to be sex slaves. By following the contract with a female devil, Nora, he begins to train three heroines.... Nukige 63. Koriko no Machi no Majo コリコの街の魔女 [070629] A Kiki's Deli**ry Service Adventure Game! Days upon days of learning... Creating relationships with many types of people, and growing up in both mind and body... This is the story of what happens after that. Doujin Nukige 64. Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica - Memories White 神曲奏界ポリフォニカ Memories White [070629] Snow serves the dantists of the Granado family, however their "commandia", which gives the spirits strength, has been waning in each generation. What does fate have in store for her? Otomege 65. Tea Party [0706] Princess Crown Magical moon diadem is passed in royal family of kingdom Amuria from generation to generation. Young princess reaches 16 years old, but diadem rejects her. Princess only has two months to become worthy of the artifact. Intrigues, assassinations and death traps await her on the way to learn popular support and true love. Doujin Otomege
  13. Foreword: Vampire stories fail to impress way too often. Tsukihime, Hellsing and Masquerade are the only positive examples I can remember. I would not mind trust reinstalled with some new title. Synopsis: Draculius begins when Ogishima Jun, the male protagonist, suddenly finds himself face to face with a childlike maid who introduces herself as Elshlant D. Annoyance. The encounter quickly brings two monumental facts to life: the first is unequivocal proof that vampires exist; the second is revelation of Jun being the sole heir of a royal linage that rules over them. Years ago, Id Demon Brandle – Jun’s vampiric father and would be future emperor – ran from his aristocratic duties to hide among the humans, eventually falling in love with a Shinto priestess named Ogishima Yukari. For reasons unknown, Jun’s father abandoned his mother during pregnancy, and upon this act, Yukari placed a magic seal on her unborn child, locking away the infant’s supernatural abilities. Following the tragic death of his mother four years earlier, the spell has been slowly unraveling, awakening Jun’s latent powers and allowing the vampire nation to determine his location and deliver an ultimatum: Jun would be allowed to continue his existence and assume the mantle of command over his people, but only under the guidelines of three conditions. Condition One: He would be placed under the watch of Elshlant D. Annoyance, serving as his evaluator and mentor in the ways of the vampire. Condition Two: The newly awaken Nosferatu would need to perform a deed that proved him worthy of the inheritance. Condition Three: He would take a bride from one of the noble families to ensure the continued survival of the royal bloodline. As one can imagine, Jun is quite taken aback by all this. It quickly becomes apparent to Jun, that the life of a vampire is far more perilous than he could possibly imagine. As he learns that many of the legends concerning the powers and weaknesses of Nosferatu are outlandishly erroneous – mostly due in part to the vampires themselves spreading such fictional myths – the young noble is forced to completely reevaluate his own existence while needing the assistance of an experienced vampire in the process. Were the difficulties of self discovery not challenging enough, Jun inevitably finds himself caught within a deadly web of intrigue thanks to the machinations of rebellious factions within vampire society. It also becomes clear that humanity is not entirely ignorant of the supernatural world that hides from them, and agents of an ancient powerful organization dedicated to the extermination of “hellspawn abominations” violently pursue his destruction. These factors make it imperative for Jun to maintain as low a profile as possible: for his own safety and innocent human friends. Unfortunately, keeping a low profile is not something his enemies are going to allow. Then there’s the whole matter of marriage… Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPpca-sq_hs&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_KS4dmsklTo0jTjDHvRyG4 Game type: Vampire action Character Design rating: 10/10 Protagonist rating: 10/10 Story rating: 10/10 Game quality: 9/10 Overall rating: 10/10 There are so many English reviews around (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) that I already feel intimidated. I played blindly, and the only question after finishing it was whether it's a 9/10 or 10/10. When game is this good, I have to follow reverse approach and look for shortcomings. The overall impression did not contain any irritations, so I tried to analyze separate elements in search for flaws. Protagonist is one of the most prominent features of the game - really strong and memorable. Heroines are very different, but all of them are interesting, developed and just great. Story is thrilling from beginning to end. SOL scenes are full of good humor, on the same level with AXL that I still consider paragon for it. Ero exists in harmony, it does not abuse screen-time. I love character design and graphics there, but those black screens made me paranoid at times. There were black screens after video insertions, so I needed to move mouse cursor downwards around Start button to get picture back afterwards. But game also seems to use black screens in game a lot, so I found myself hysterically pushing mouse at those moments. I don't think that lack of individual routes is a problem in this game. It's much better for me to have clean structure and one great route than several half-baked ones leading nowhere. My review is really not needed with so many great ones around, so won't waste my breath here. Great game. Play it by all means.
  14. Draculius is VN of the Month. There are several other games with high scores, but I'm not ready to vouch for any of them. 1. Minami no Shima ni Furu Yuki 南の島に降る雪 [070511] M ni Aqua Endless blue sky and the shining sun.... There is a small southern island. Ryo and Kanae are childhood friends, who have grown up on the island. They are like brother and sister, but Ryo gradually starts to love Kanae. One day, he tells her that he loves her. But she says, "I'm leaving this island after graduating high school, and never coming back." When he is depressed, he meets a beautiful girl, Saina. According to her, she is a legendary princess of the island. She asks him to get back the special coral to break the seal. He is skeptical at first, but she tells him that she will make his wish come true, if he breaks her seal. He finally accepts it because he doesn't want to separate from Kanae.... When he wakes up, he finds himself lying in front of a small shrine. It seems nothing has changed.... It must have been a dream.... But he finds her kissmark on his index finger.... It is a story of searching for five legendary corals and getting in love with heroine on the way. So it's a straight road with just one heroine, and other only sub-heroines. There are lines that indicate cut sub-heroine endings and twists like betrayal, but it all is scrapped, so game feels cut abruptly. Game has additional elements like quiz game, roulette mini-games and rpg-style combat. 2. Tokidoki Seiten o Miagete... ときどき晴天を見上げて… [070511] Sots Main character lives in the small town happily. But father remarries bringing step-mother and sister-in-law to the family. Soon both parents get into a traffic accident and die. The children decide to live together as a family and keep positive attitude. Each heroine in this game has a broken family. First half is very tiresome with cheap drama and noticing signs of affection, but in the second half a new problem arises, so it gets much more lively. 3. Narcissu Side 2nd [070515] Stage-nana 1 2 3 4 5 6 Narcissu: Side 2nd's plot revolves around Setsumi, the heroine from the original visual novel, and the people and circumstances that formed her into the character presented in the first game. She will share the limelight with new characters, including Himeko, Yuka and Chihiro. There are English reviews. 4. Minna Daisuki Kozukuri Banchou みんな大好き子づくりばんちょう [070518] Anastasia 1 2 3 4 To counter the declining number of childbirths, government decides to activate a plan. All schools across the country will enter contests against each other. The losing school will be shut down and its students will enter the service of the winners. Thus re-igniting the spirits of the lost young generation and hopefully producing healthy couples capable of childbirth again. The protagonist realizes that this is his chance to realize his dreams and makes a grand plan. First he "acquires" the help of the goddess of fertility, allowing his children to grow up in weeks instead of years. Then he starts leading the fight against other schools and "collecting" girls to grant him superior children on the battles to come... Gameplay is divided into two modes; Global mode plays like an adventure game where you talk, date and have sex with your followers. There is a minigame to make babies and also the simulation part is here as well in which you configure your troops and select which school to attack next. Arcade mode is where you lead the contests and fighting against rival schools. Leading your hero, who doesn't have any special powers at the start and making yourself a team with the mothers and children, who actually grant bonuses to mothers and special powers to you. Game is localized and has English reviews. 5. Draculius ドラクリウス [070525] Meromero Cute 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Draculius begins when Ogishima Jun, the male protagonist, suddenly finds himself face to face with a childlike maid who introduces herself as Elshlant D. Annoyance. The encounter quickly brings two monumental facts to life: the first is unequivocal proof that vampires exist; the second is revelation of Jun being the sole heir of a royal linage that rules over them. Years ago, Id Demon Brandle – Jun’s vampiric father and would be future emperor – ran from his aristocratic duties to hide among the humans, eventually falling in love with a Shinto priestess named Ogishima Yukari. For reasons unknown, Jun’s father abandoned his mother during pregnancy, and upon this act, Yukari placed a magic seal on her unborn child, locking away the infant’s supernatural abilities. Following the tragic death of his mother four years earlier, the spell has been slowly unraveling, awakening Jun’s latent powers and allowing the vampire nation to determine his location and deliver an ultimatum: Jun would be allowed to continue his existence and assume the mantle of command over his people, but only under the guidelines of three conditions. Condition One: He would be placed under the watch of Elshlant D. Annoyance, serving as his evaluator and mentor in the ways of the vampire. Condition Two: The newly awaken Nosferatu would need to perform a deed that proved him worthy of the inheritance. Condition Three: He would take a bride from one of the noble families to ensure the continued survival of the royal bloodline. As one can imagine, Jun is quite taken aback by all this. It quickly becomes apparent to Jun, that the life of a vampire is far more perilous than he could possibly imagine. As he learns that many of the legends concerning the powers and weaknesses of Nosferatu are outlandishly erroneous – mostly due in part to the vampires themselves spreading such fictional myths – the young noble is forced to completely reevaluate his own existence while needing the assistance of an experienced vampire in the process. Were the difficulties of self discovery not challenging enough, Jun inevitably finds himself caught within a deadly web of intrigue thanks to the machinations of rebellious factions within vampire society. It also becomes clear that humanity is not entirely ignorant of the supernatural world that hides from them, and agents of an ancient powerful organization dedicated to the extermination of “hellspawn abominations” violently pursue his destruction. These factors make it imperative for Jun to maintain as low a profile as possible: for his own safety and innocent human friends. Unfortunately, keeping a low profile is not something his enemies are going to allow. Then there’s the whole matter of marriage… There are many English reviews, but it does not stop me from adding mine. 6. Isamashii Chibi no Iinazuke いさましいちびの許婚 [070525] Studio Kagura Nagato is an ordinary high school student, and Miku is an ordinary teacher except for her short height. They are childhood friends, and enjoy their life at the same school together with other classmates. But just before the summer holiday, Nagato is ordered to tidy up the school library with Miku. And that night, Gennosuke, Miku's grandfather, tells them that they are fiance and fiancee. They get totally confused to hear that. Their a little bit different summer holiday starts now.... Main characters realize mutual sympathy during library work, but then it's a normal school story without distinctive story and with side heroines occasional interaction. Just a heart-warming story, and only a single heroine route has some twist. Common route is quite long, but individual routes feel too short after it. 7. Katakoi no Tsuki 片恋いの月 [070525] Studio Ryokucha 1 You are playing as a student that has lost his mother while he was young, and your father is always away on business. You do have a liking towards forgotten Japanese culture and folklore. Luckily you have a classmate who shares the same hobby as you, and she helps you to form the Folklore Club at your school. Along with your childhood friend, student council member and underclassman; you begin to plan for the upcoming school festival, much to everyone else's chagrin. It's a time loop story till school festival. Basically, common route is comedy with bakage elements, but individual routes touch heroines problems and thus bring seriousness to it. There are first lap routes, second lap routes and also a True route. It's a decent work overall. 8. Kimi ga Aruji de Shitsuji ga Ore de 君が主で執事が俺で [070525] Minato Soft 1 2 Due to family troubles, Ren Uesugi and his sister, Mihato, leave their home. They end up moving to the city but find themselves with a lack of money. Somehow they are able to find work in the form of the Kuonji family's mansion, being employed as servants to the three sisters of the Kuonji family: Shinra, Miyu, and Yume. Being a servant also associates Ren with the mansion's additional servants and the Kuonji sisters' friends. There is an English review 9. Koufuku no Shokutaku ~Shiawase no Hane~ 幸福の食卓~しあわせのはね~ [070525] Honey Soft One day, when Hiroki was about to get on a bus, a girl asked directions to him. Due to this, he missed the bus. But he was surprised to hear later that the bus he had missed had a serious traffic accident.... Shortly afterward, his father gets re-married, and a new younger sister, Otoha, starts to live with him, whom he met at the bus stop the other day. One day, he wakes up late, and leaves his house without eating breakfast that Otoha cooked. Since that day, various ominous things happen around him.... Nakige with good atmosphere and taste. There are only three heroines, and volume is thin, but price is also only half the usual one. Graphics are mostly rough. Sentences are very simple, but feel sincere. If feels more like a doujin game. 10. Meikuru! Welcome to Happy Maid Life!! めいくるッ! Welcome to Happy Maid Life!! [070525] ASa Project The protagonist is an ordinary student, enjoying his school life with his friends and classmates. One day, his homeroom teacher tells them, "We are having a training student from Japan Maid Academy." Maid? Academy? They don't know what's going on. On the next day, the maid comes to his school, and they panicked. This is a slapstick school maid adventure game. It's Giga partner brand. Not exactly a moege, just comedy main route + serious individual routes. But scenario is half-hearted, so it ends up neither scenario-oriented, nor moe-oriented, nor erotic-oriented. Individual routes are very short, under 2 hours time, so not too deep. 11. Scramble Heart [070525] Bonbee! Hayato's parents went abroad on business one year ago, and he has been living with his sister, Yoko, since then. It didn't take long until they became close..., meaning they slept together. But one day, Natsuki, his classmate, tells him she loves him, and they start dating. Sex life at home and pure love life at school.... Which will he choose...? Is there such genre as half-nukige? Because this game is exactly like that. Following Yoko intimate relations at home inevitably ends up a nukige, but if school girls are targeted instead, it becomes pure love genre instead. Can't block it because of that, but it does not worth any further discussion either. 12. Touka Gettan 桃華月憚 [070525] Root 1 Touka Gettan is set in the land of Kamitsumihara, where traces of magic and legend can still be seen. The land has been under the protection of the Kamiazuma clan since it was founded. The story revolves around Touka Kamiazuma, the main protagonist, who has lost all his memory, and his body has stopped growing. It sounds like he is in misery, but he somehow enjoys his life with his mother. One day, he joins a high school located nearby, believing it will bring back his memory.... Dating SIM with unique atmosphere and initially zero voicing (fixed only seven months later with new release). Will watch at least couple anime episodes to taste it. 13. Tsukutori つくとり [070525] rúf 1 2 Kaoru meets Kudou on his way to work. Kudou is on her way to the scene of the murder to investigate. By following her request, Kaoru starts to investigate the murder case with her, and they find another dead body hanged from a tree soon after. According to people living nearby, a hanged dead body is found every year around the annual festival. They treat it with care as a sacrifice to Tsukutori, the local deity. Kaoru and Kudou don't believe it, but they face a series of mysterious accidents... rúf managed to get author of Steel - Ajishio Rockets - for their last title. There are two impressions that tell basically the same - it's a good long mystery game with perspective shift midgame. Can't say I'm a big fan of ordinary life mystery to pick it up right now, but it's a good candidate for extra review of the year. BLOCKED 1. SOS Dan no Houkai SOS団の崩潰 [070501] Akiyama Production When Haruhi, Mikuru and Yuki are shipwrecked on a tropical beach, many hardships befall them, but none more obscene than Kyon's strange contraption that f*cks them into quivering sex slaves. Doujin Nukige 2. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou Series No.15: Shingi no Hazama 探偵 神宮寺三郎 Series No.15 真偽の狭間 [070501] WorkJam Jinguuji gets attacked and during a job to find one woman's missing fiancée. When he regains consciousness, the sees a woman getting stabbed before him. What does it all mean? Console Exclusive 3. Funi-kun no Obenkyou Spin-off ~Home Room #1~ Furano-kun no Obenkyou フニ君のお勉強スピンオフ ~Home Room #1~ フラノ君のお勉強 [070503] Nest. Life was boring for Furano-kun who never knew love. But suddenly he falls in love with Funi-kun. But he does not understand yet that it is love. He goes to the sea and unconsciously starts to masturbate which ends up having first sex experience with another person... Doujin Boys Love 4. Kami-sama o Korosu 102 no Houshiki 神様を殺す102の方式 [070503] ONE'S BRAND An ordinary high school girl fights against evil spirits with a sword. She is bullied by sempai at school and is sexually harassed by the priest, but she believes she can still find her quiet happiness. Doujin Otomege 5. Ouka Roman 桜花浪漫 [070503] Utsukiyo It's rise of exorcists, cults and assassins. Allen and his friends chase the black order and capture its general. General confesses that he dropped anti-akuma weapon "Innocence" somewhere in Japan, so friends start their search in Japan anew. Doujin Boys Love 6. Tsunapara ツナパラ [070504] WORKS2 All-age dating game at junior high school with three Anime Reborn characters available - Hayato Gokudera, Mukuro Rokudo and Kyouya Hibari. Doujin Boys Love 7. Bokura no Petto Gakari ぼくらのペット係 [070506] SisterBreak A simple visual-novel game in which you make pets out of three female classmates. Doujin Nukige 8. Tokyo Futari Kurashi. ~Kyousoukyoku~ 東京二人暮らし。 〜協奏曲〜 [070506] Mujirushi Labo Main character loses memory from a trifle. He lives with another person and has to pretend that they are lovers. But this false life can't last for long. Several incidents happen to protagonist. Can he play along? Doujin Boys Love 9. Diagnosis 2 ~Gouyoku no Note~ Diagnosis 2 〜強欲のノート〜 [070511] Bluewater Mamoru Kujou is just another otaku drowned in his own delusions. He thinks that Rika loves him as much as he loves her. But the reality is that Rika has a boyfriend named Shinya and they are bullying him together. One day he picked up a notebook... a notebook that allows him to change his life. Doujin 10. Onsen Okami Yogari Naki ~Yukiguni no Miboujin Oyako~ 温泉女将よがり鳴き~雪国の未亡人母娘~ [070511] Kuro Hina There is a small inn near ski resort. It's run by only two people - landlady and her daughter. Tourist association tries to buy this place to build a large hotel, but owners oppose it. So association sends a thug who does not mind using illegal means to find girls weaknesses and force company's will on them. Nukige 11. Pritanism ~Puritan no Senka no Yuuki~ Pritanism ~プリたんの戦火の勇気~ [070511] Bluewater Main character is an adventurer who belongs to a guild. He needs a support for a big battle, so he trains a rookie girl as a priest which is another name for "puritan" profession. Education includes both magic exercises and euphoric sexual rituals. How will it all end? Doujin 12. Project Nattsu [070514] Lux Visual Novels The protagonist is a young man, Shoichiro Yoshizumi, whose grandfather has a job as a summer remedial instruction teacher. However, his gramps' has to have a surgery, so Shoichiro will be a substitute teacher for a while... And then he discovers that he's going to teach three girls, not very far from his own age! EVN 13. Suzumiya Hachiruhi no Inyoku 涼宮八ルヒの淫欲 [070514] Pham! SOS club secretly practices naughty activities. There are three stories of private lessons given by Suzumiya, Asahina and Yuki. Doujin Nukige 14. Itoshii Ryuujin no Sodatekata 愛しい竜人の育て方 [070515] Mikanbako no Yume Dragon family controls this country and governs over humans. Once in dozen years dragon king can peel off his scales and starts to look like a human. He wants to use this time to produce a child. A child born between dragon and human - how will he grow? Doujin 15. Konbini Shoujo コンビニ少女 [070515] Beelzebub I am the manager of a convenience store. One day, I catch a shoplifter in the act. "Shall we take this down to the police station? Or maybe..." Doujin 16. Hitozuma Dorei Injoku Choukyou 人妻奴隷 淫辱調教 [070516] Studio-74 Married woman can't resist husband's order and gets trained as sex slave by a shady person. Eventually she begins to accept her instinct as a female. Doujin Nukige 17. Inokori Dorei Kurabu ~Hentai Youmuin no Ryoujoku Choukyou~ 居残り奴隷クラブ~変態用務員の陵辱調教~ [070517] Pumpkin The protagonist of this game is a janitor who has a peeping fetish. One day he succeeds capturing a female student on film who is playing with herself. Then he proceeds to assault her! Doujin Nukige 18. Ka 飼 [070517] Labrusse Meet an unknown girl in the street. She is a runaway. Lure her to an abandoned building, capture her, confine her, tear off her clothes. Her only garment is her collar, and she is yours to raise as your pet. Doujin Nukige 19. Fuhou Hinnyu 不法貧乳 [070518] Trust By the side of recently renovated Hanamura family mansion there is another lonely building. Carefree girls who live there don't take any precaution measures against spying which is treated by architect main character as an invitation to another sex adventure. Nukige 20. Fuhou Sounyuu -Ikesu no Juunin- 不法挿入-生簀の住人- [070518] Trust Toru is an architect with high reputation. But he has a secret that he secretly installs the video cameras and microphones into the buildings to tap and peek, and rapes the girls in the end. He recently finished another work. There are beautiful girls, mother, sisters and a son's fiancee living in the house.... He starts to take an action as usual.... Nukige 21. Hide Mind [070518] West Vision This is a story of a little bit future. Everything has been automated, and the world has been changed dramatically. As a result, people need more mental care than physical care. The patients who have serious mental problems are called Rank S, but there is no way to cure them. So they are isolated from other people. One day, a doctor appears, Itsuki. According to him, he can cure the Rank S patients. He is a psychiatrist and hypnotist, and uses hypnotism to cure them. One day, he receives a patient. Her name is Iori. Her parents ask him to remove her, and leave a large amount of money and her maid, Mayumi. Iori, Mayumi, Kana, his nurse, and Itsuki.... Will he be able to cure her...? Nukige 22. Imouto Shokushu Rape ~Fukushuu no Shojo Kantsuu~ 妹触手レイプ ~復讐の処女貫通~ [070518] Finish! One day, the main character suddenly gets tentacles. He is totally confused, but he comes up with an idea.... He has a younger sister. She is so cute, but always cold to him. "I might be able to revenge on her...?" Just when his indecent sexual desire arises, his tentacles start moving against his will, and a tentacle rape starts... Nukige 23. Injoku Miko Oyako ~Kindan no Majiwari~ 淫辱巫女母娘~禁断の交わり~ [070518] Finish! Main character Yuji is constantly pressed to inherit Shinto shrine by his mother and sister. He has a special ability to talk to the tree in this shrine. One day, in response to Yuji's desire for power, plant gets into boy's body and grants him ability to use tentacles... Nukige 24. Suika Kyonyuu Hitozuma Onna Kyoushi ga Kounai de Kyousei Renzoku Chitsunai Shasei スイカ巨乳人妻女教師が校内で強制連続膣内射精 [070518] Bishamon A married female teacher is gangbanged by her students and soaked in the semen of many men. Successive abuse! Forced anal sex! Mother's milk flying all over the place. Screams from a female teacher! They grow more passionate with each round! After a few months her belly is large with pregnancy, but her pupils abduct her and use a variety of toys on her, pregnant though she is. Doujin Nukige 25. Toshiue Lesson ~Mama to Oba-san to Sensei to~ 年上Lesson~義母と叔母と女教師と~ [070518] Puzzlebox Mitsuo has many girls around him - younger sister, mother, aunt, English tutor, company secretary. One day tutor sees obscene images on Mitsuo computer and seduces him. He gets curious about women and enters the depths of a new sensual world. Nukige 26. Harami Hime 2 孕み姫2 [070519] Gyuunyuu Soft Women start to disappear in Bermuda kingdom. One day princess Daria is led to the room where all the disappeared women gather to undertake a "containment ceremony". It's a strange atmosphere with so many pregnant women moaning, and evil hand already extends in search for a new prey... Doujin Nukige 27. Sister Armor [070519] Arekara4nen The place is famous as a haven for wounded travelers to rest. And it is said that it is kept by a single, young woman... One day, a wounded monster stumbles upon it by accident. Doujin Nukige 28. Kakurenbo 隠恋慕 [070520] Nora A historical nampa novel where main character strives to get intimate with local tea-house girl, kunoichi or samurai girl. Doujin 29. Mame まめ [070520] Pelpan OMT A collection of nine short stories featuring only sex scenes with Onegai My Melody heroines. Doujin Nukige 30. Senki Ryoujokuki 戦姫陵辱記 [070521] Gesshoku A digital novel about the captain of the royal knights, who has been charged with training seven princesses. The novel describes how he wears down their resistance. Doujin Nukige 31. Sakurayuki さくらゆき [070521] Champagne☆ A fangame based on NekoNekoSoft's Mizuiro. Doujin 32. Deliberate Distortion Сознательное Искажение [070522] 1 Traveling through the madness. Doujin Russian 33. Koukanma 肛姦魔 [070523] Circle Oshare Main character breaks in the park toilet and violates girl from the rear. Doujin Nukige 34. My Sweet Home [070523] Mischievous Yoshifumi has come back to his hometown for the first time in several years. However, there is no one at his house.... It seems his parents have gone abroad for travel. When he is at a loss what to do, Mutsumi, his neighbor, takes him to her house. Mutsumi has a daughter, Io, and she wants him to become her home tutor.... Like this, he stays at Mutsumi's house. But one day, he accidentally sees Mutsumi masturbating, and his life changes from that moment.... Nukige 35. Anna-chan ni Onegai!! 杏奈ちゃん☆にお願いっ!! [070525] Studio Ryokucha Action 60-layer labyrinth game with encountering other girls and fighting enemies and bosses. Fandisc 36. Babydoll [070525] Libi Even adult women sometimes pretend to be innocent little devils. It's not that they want to stay young forever, but they just can't hide essence of their charms. Babydoll is a nightwear that has a girlish taste. This is a collection of stories about such playful girls in babydoll. Nukige 37. Cheer Moe ~Watashi Ouen Shiteru Kara~ チアもえ~わたし応艶してるからっ~ [070525] Red Label The school looks normal at first sight. There is the cheer leading club and the members practice hard every day. Do they only cheer during games? Well, actually no. The cheer learders also leave stress of sport club members using their bodies.... Nukige 38. Eikyuu Koutei Shoujo ~Shima no Mahoutsukai Hen~ 永久皇帝少女 ~島の魔法使い編~ [070525] Shizuku Gumi Main character hears mysterious words from the teacher upon leaving the hospital: “Be careful of traffic accidents”. After a certain incident he gets acquainted with Nene, a magical girl who hates using magic. He gets interested in this girl and soon becomes involved into "emperor's legacy". Doujin 39. Dorei Shigan Site ~Hitozuma Shouko no Kiroku~ 奴隷志願サイト~人妻・翔子の記録~ [070525] Black Lilith A woman posted an explicit message on an Adult BBS. She posted it just for fun. But it caused her, a woman of virtue, to be a naughty bitch. The story proceeds from the player and the housewife's points of view. Involves her husband, son, and daughter! Nukige 40. Fuurinkanzan "Kono Mi Ikutabi Kegasareyoutomo..." 風輪奸山「この身幾たび汚されようとも……」 [070525] Lune In 15XX, the world is in chaos.... There are two rival countries, Hizen and Higo, fighting violently day and night. Higo gradually gains the upper hand, and is winning the battle. One day, a mysterious girl appears, and leads the Hizen Army... Nukige 41. Gakuen Milk Tea 学園みるくてぃー [070525] Dieselmine Three glasses-wearing female teachers are squirting from their nipples! When the women reach orgasm, milk erupts from their breasts(!). Together with the protagonist, they embark on an erotic yet heartful comedy. Doujin Nukige 42. Hamedori Sareta Teishuku na Bakunyuu Tsuma no Ura no Kao Takahashi Kanae ハメ撮りされた貞淑な爆乳妻の裏の顔 高橋かなえ [070525] MorningStar Main character starts to notice changes in behavior of his beloved wife Kanae. One evening he receives a video tape labeled "J Cup Big Breasts Super Nasty Wife" where main heroine is his wife... Nukige 43. Ina☆Koi! Fandisc いな☆こい!ファンディスク [070525] Whirlpool This is a fandisc for Ina Koi. Inlcuding new stories puzzle games and various fan materials. Fandisc 44. In Series Inshoku Chikan Densha 淫シリーズ 淫触痴漢電車 [070525] Erogos One day, he sees a man molesting a girl on the train. But she never resists it. On the next day, he molests the same girl on the train, but she doesn't resist. "What about other girls?" He molests other girl, but she doesn't resist, either. His molestation gradually becomes bolder.... Nukige 45. Kyouin Kyoushitsu ~Sensei no Okiniiri~ 教淫教室~先生のお気に入り~ [070525] Juice The main character is a teacher. He works very hard during the day, so his students, their parents and other teachers have absolute trust in him. But he has another side that he secretly enjoys having sex with his favourite female students.... Nukige 46. Kyun Kyun Dou ~Otona no Tame no O-isha-san Gokko~ きゅんきゅん堂 ~大人のためのお医者さんごっこ~ [070525] Utamaro Soft Main character is a skillful acupuncturist who knows a secret technique passed from generation to generation, but which involves sex. A foreigner woman visits this center and gets helped by this technique. She stays at the center and swears not to leave until she learns this technique herself. Nukige 47. Nozokima II ~Joshikousei Chijoku no Angle~ NOZOKI魔II~女子校生恥辱のアングル~ [070525] Maika Main character has a hobby of peeping. But older women don't excite him, so he chooses school girls as prey. He chooses girl dormitory to peep at girls and young female teachers. Nukige 48. Ore no Megami-sama! 俺の女神さまっ! [070525] Honki Shiru 1 One day, Yuya starts to live at his uncle's house alone. But two weeks later, a goddess appears in front of him. Her name is Rean, and she comes to his place to be his wife following the god's order. He thinks it must be a dream, and orders her to give him a blow job. On the next day, when he wakes up, there is still Rean in the bed together with him. Aira, Rean's older sister, and Cachua, Rean's younger sister, also come to his place, and they start to live together.... Yukiko, his girlfriend, gets furious to hear that, and starts to live at his place as well.... Nukige 49. Oshiete ♪ Futaba Sensei Lesson 1 Toujou! Futaba Sensei おしえてっ♪ふたば先生レッスン1登場!ふたば先生 [070525] MorningStar Futaba sensei is near-sighted and can't give proper tutorship lessons without glasses. But when she puts these glasses on, she starts to misunderstood everything as erotic! Nukige 50. Rasen Kaidan Scenario II 螺旋階段 シナリオII [070525] Soft Circle Courreges This is the 2nd installment of Spiral Staircase, an adventure game that specializes in cum bukkake. You progress through the game by staying overnight at a Shinto shrine you visit and joining up with two other men to have sex with a girl. As each character's stamina meter goes down to 0 they will cum as soon as the sex comes to an end, though the main character also has the option to cum any time he wants to. The scenerios and bukkake paterns change based on which characters are cumming at the same time. For example, if all 3 guys cum at once then the girl will end up soiled by 3 men's semen. Additionally, the cum she gets covered with will stay on her throughout the sex scenes that follow. Nukige 51. School Mate すくぅ~るメイト [070525] Illusion 1 Returning to his home, Kimikage Island, after many years, Himura Kazuki enrolled in the Himeyuri Academy. Somehow he got forced into joining the "Mystery Seeking Club"... Nukige 52. Shokku ~Gakuen Youshokutan~ 触区~学園妖触譚~ [070525] Lusterise Aramaki is asleep to refill power, used up for a series of battles. However, it is suddenly interrupted by Asuka, an exorcist. He thinks of obtaining her power, but Asuka is very strong. So he decides to transform himself into a human and approaches her. As a result, they become boyfriend and girlfriend. He still waits for a chance to embed the seed of monster into her body. Once embedded, she will never escape from its pleasure... Nukige 53. Tsukushite Ai DOLL! ~Master Daisuki~ 尽くして愛DOLL!~マスター大好きっ~ [070525] Swanmania Main character goes to throw away trash and finds a broken "doll" in the dump. He manages to fix it at home and even registers as her master. It turns out to be love doll who eagerly provides sex services to beloved master on daily basis. Nukige 54. Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke o: Watashi no Ouji-sama その花びらにくちづけを わたしの王子さま [070529] Fuguriya 1 2 I am Kitajima Kaede, and I am not really good at dealing with people. I'm also the class rep. In school, I run into my cousin Sara, and suddenly I find myself sharing a passionate kiss with her! In the years that I haven't seen her, she's grown into a cute, outgoing girl who has become a famous model. Even fashion magazines know about her, and many in my school idolize her. She makes me look extra dull by comparison. And yet she calls me out from afar and clings to me, heedless of the stares people give us. Because I don't like to stand out, I instinctively act coldly towards Sara. But then she suddenly pushed me down. She whispers to me, "I want everything there is you." Such joy, such bliss and such embarrassment. What's to become of me? Girls Love 55. Prince Panic [070530] Leda The main character is a 16 year old girl who grew up fast in the kingdom of Alstroemeria! She is now being tested in order to become a maid in Alstroemeria castle! And a week from now she will be staying in the castle for training, gradually nearing the final examination!! A maid☆ examination with three princes... of course her first choice is urged on by her acquainted friend Ayame who is also thinking “Wouldn't it be good to try to become friends with the people who work in the castle?” The princes, the castle workers are all really unique with lots of personality!! Can she peacefully become friends with the princes!? And become lovely-dovey with the person she has in mind!? Doujin 56. Panic Palette [070531] Takuyo In a small town called South Aose, a girl has just started high school this spring. Her name is Itou Aki. One night while coming home from her part time job she meets a strange man on the beach. For some reason he looks like some kind of Arab oil sheikh and talks in an old fashioned tone of voice. Before even introducing himself he lays something called the "Contract Mark" or in other words clearly a "spell" on Aki. Soon after, he says he is a "Prince" from an other dimensional world called Meldicia, also that... If the contract isn't released, then Aki has no choice but to become this oil sheikh looking man's WIFE. In order to be released from this unwanted contract Aki is forced to create a liquid called "Shell Aura". In order to create it she has to go to school in the daytime, and wander around the town at night... Now then, what will be Aki's fate... Otomege 57. Tori to Hanako 鳥と花籠 [070531] 8094 Saiten Boys love short novel in two episodes about relations of master and butler. Doujin Boys Love
  15. Foreword: Clock Up team Dyo creates pretty conventional SF games unlike its older brother, so Zwei Worter is a good time to get acquainted with it to get ready for Rune Lord. Synopsis: In 2005, a group of meteors deals a big blow to humanity. But thanks to advanced science and technology, mankind overcomes extinction by creating new intellectual living creatures called "Dissolve". In 2007, incredibly powerful outer space creatures called Elcid launch their onslaught against earth. Extinction is only avoided because of the advances made in the recovery of the previous disaster. But in the end, in just two years nine-tenth of the population loses their lives. In 2017, last surviving members of the human race, "Dissolve" and an another new race intellectual living creatures called "Hybrid" all band up together for their final stand against Elcid.... Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FvszhxhP2Xs&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_fPiCjwROyNolcwq9mBQGv Game type: SF mecha battle story Character Design rating: 7/10 Protagonist rating: 6/10 Story rating: 6/10 Game quality: 8/10 Overall rating: 7/10 It's minor masterpiece scores. There are many reasons for it. So every element needs separate explanation. First things first. It's Evangellion! Just really, same bright atmosphere with some mecha battles and some psychological drama. Yukie is a copy of anime Asuka, and Sakuya is so much alike Rei. And these are two main heroines as well here. Zwei Worter actually has three main heroines with the third one being Illuda, guess just because she was the most memorable heroine in Dyogrammaton. As for prequel-sequel link, I did not play Dyogrammaton, but people who played say that there is very little connection between the games, so it's safe to play right from Zwei Worter, but of course many elements like Shigure twin sisters are a welcome adaptation in the new game. But the story is not really special, pretty much copy of Evangellion, and that poses trouble. Writers basically tell us to imagine that it's something like Evangellion and don't care to build a unique world. Explanations are lacking, and story becomes rough. Game also tries to be bright and preserve anime-like atmosphere, so it actually loses in comparison with Evangellion due to less serious approach. No deep mysteries are uncovered, it's mostly about heroines and mecha robot action scenes. But when it comes to heroin routes, it's not that simple. There are four different writers for five heroines + one sub heroine, and that determines quality shifts. Basically, Sakuya is a paragon one with all elements fit in place. Illuda route is almost as good, but with some deterioration in the second half. Alias is really moe with her constant "nya" and nekomimi. But Yukie route is flashy and bland while Piano... plain weird. There is also Append Story and Final Story. Append one is just one hour long and it's basically about side heroine Shigure and... suit! The suit is actually the most memorable heroine. She does not have a head, but is so funny that it looks really hilarious. Final Story actually has a revelation at the start, but ending is kind of meh. Overall, game is of high quality and good variety. It lacks excitement, and active gameplay in battles with fast clicking only irritates (especially in one route when there are four battles in a row and you urgently need to do something), but those couple good heroine routes and couple crazy side characters pull it through.
  16. I only consider Zwei Worter a masterpiece in April. 1. Setsu no Hi セツの火 [070404] Media.Vision Another world is discovered. Creatures there look a lot like primitive human barbarians, so discoverer names it "Inferior". The only link between the worlds is a 5mm hole, so government establishes trade and keeps its existence in secret. But "Inferior" starts to pierce reality of human world, and monsters start to show up. A group of young people with special powers stand up to oppose this threat. Game is royal road and genre is called "digitized drama" which justifies wide use of manga strips. Battle CGs are constantly reused. Game is composed of 7 episodes each starting with OP. It's recommended to be played on auto-mode since with manual operation screens can break leaving only voice. It's not written who is talking, so reader needs to guess himself. Basically, disease starts to spread that turns humans into demons, so there is definite eschatology feeling like zombie apocalypses. Overall, a nice chunige. If only it was easier to get. 2. Figurehead [070406] Stronger Several generations after the settlement of Milky Way. On a planet far from the galactic frontier, a boy from slums named Howell sneaks into a pirate ship landed nearby. There he finds a girl named Twin, thinking that she is a captive he decides to rescue her. While running from the pirates together, they become friends and he decides to protect her, no matter what. Unknown to him, she actually is the central part of the most powerful battleship in the universe, Zephyrus! He gets pulled into the center of a war that spans the galaxy... I really wanted to review this game and I even started it... only to be miserably crushed down by its system. There is no autoreading (it turns out there is and it's ON by default, but it's super slow and non-adjustable), there is no reading with keyboard, there is no instant appearance of lines, there is no hooking possible (did not play with cheatengine though). Game system is worse that java games of the 90s. But ofc these inconveniences are probably already fixed with some patch. Japanese reviews say that there is patch version 1.01 with some ridiculous fixes like ability to load game without the need to shut it down to get to menu. They also name freezes and self-termination among so many bugs and issues. So let's at least try to see what other people write. It's science fiction, but not intellectual one. There are some video insertions between the scenes, but these constantly get skipped due to mouse click control. All scenarios are pretty much the same, so it could easily be royal road. CG are beautiful, but lots of cheap 3D CG are used. Character sprites and dialogues often don't match. Setting of space pirates is unusual, but difficult to understand. Explanations and descriptions are lacking. Scenario is not particularly interesting and definitely not fun. There's definite inconsistency like when protagonist says that we wants to protect the loved ones, but when his friend dies in front of him, there's no reaction, and next scene follows normally. Battle scenes are monotonous, basically, just exchange of shots. Only surface is scratched, but insides are shallow. 3. Gyakuten Saiban 4 逆転裁判4 [070412] Capcom 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney (which takes place chronologically seven years after Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Trials and Tribulations) is the first game in the series that does not feature Phoenix Wright as the main protagonist, though it isn't the first time a different attorney has been playable. The game takes place in what seems to be a mock of Los Angeles. New gameplay elements The bracelet on Apollo's left arm can be used to "zoom in on witnesses to gather information about them", and is called the Perceive System. It is used primarily in court to look for motions or actions made by witnesses that show nervousness, like playing with one's fingers. The move even comes with a new phrase, "Gotcha!". The game also includes a "Crime Recreation Mode" that "allows players to reveal hidden clues by re-creating the scene of the crime. There are English reviews 4. Folklore f o l k l o r e [070415] Inspire 1 Earl is a simple guy whose life consists of working in the rice fields. One day, a mysterious girl appears. The girl knows what Earl really wants, and teaches him the art of fighting. He decides to live by the sword from now on, and visits disaster on his village. Volume is small. NVL format and no character sprites really hurts tempo, and wall of text with rare CG (just 28) dominates the scene. Game feels slow and old-fashioned, revolving around melancholy. It's rare for Inspire to include fantasy elements, but it's exactly such case. Game takes place somewhere in Northern Europe, and Norse mythology is present here. But basically it's just a violent story of conflict between villagers and outsiders. 5. Madogiwa! [070418] MUYM Main character helps a stray dog on the way home from school, and a bald fat angel wearing only pants appears in front of him. Protagonist takes it as a joke and agrees to borrow power, but what he gets is impossible to imagine abilities like flying and moving objects remotely. With that he can cause a lot of trouble in the city... There is basically no story, just different tricks and abuse on different days. 6. Hoshi ni Negai o... 彗星に願いを… [070420] Sky-High Kousuke is an ordinary uni student, living in the country. It is announced that a comet will come close to the Earth this summer. He is not interested in it, but his life changes a little. He is given an old radio from his neighbor. The radio airs a radio drama every night. "This story is about an ordinary uni student, living in the country, and his experience of one summer." Since then, the things aired on radio last night happen to him on the next day. His a little bit strange summer experience starts now... Concept is quite elaborate since it's done by Tanaka Romeo. It's not just radio stories coming true, but also flying comet with 13-year cycle that become key elements of the game. There are enough surprises in the concept, but realization is mostly formal and disappointing from scenario point of view. Retro-atmosphere is good, but personalities are lacking. 7. Iinazuke 許嫁 [070426] Princess Soft 1 A young man called Kate and his sister Serina lived in a small rural with a population of only 40 people. This village will be taken over by Count Michel of the Kingdom of Itzamna who is their grandfather because their mother passed away due to illness It becomes. Even more, Kate was bethroded to Riese's, Count Michel's daughter, and must start living with her! While moving into the same school as Riese and working hard to become the next head of the Michelle family, he is surrounded by many beautiful girls such as classmate Karin, Maid Licia, and Riese's older sister Laura. Princess Soft with their banal sugary stories should just die already, seriously. 8. Ah, Ojou-sama ああっお嬢様っ [070427] Sumikko Soft Rei cries out to the sea, "I'm terribly disappointed!" His parents have gone missing, leaving their debts to him. He suddenly remembers his good old days..., his childhood friend, Kaori. But it's all gone. He throws himself into the sea.... When he wakes up, he finds himself on the beach and is saved by Kaori, who happens to go by. She is happy because she thinks he comes back to keep their promise, "Let's get married, when we grow up!" She takes him to her house. He tells her about what happened to him, and Kaori pays off his debts instantly. "You are mine now. Watch your language." While he is at a loss, she decides that he goes to her school together as her butler... Story is flat - tsundere scoldings mix with H scenes. There's hardly any development or excitement. Moderate erotics and thin content. 9. Amesarasa ~Ame to, Fushigi na Kimi ni, Koi o suru~ アメサラサ~雨と、不思議な君に、恋をする~ [070427] CUFFS 1 2 Haruichi is an ordinary high school student. There is nothing special with him except he is a rain man, it always rains when he has special occasions. He still enjoys his school life, and a day rolls on peacefully until he gets a mysterious key... There are English reviews. 10. Hitoyume -Autumnal Equinox Story- ひとゆめ -Autumnal Equinox Story- [070427] Star Link The last day of summer holiday. Ryuichi walks around taking pictures as usual. He finds a girl sitting under a big tree in school uniform. He unconsciously takes a picture of her face. But just when he approaches her, she vanishes.... A few days later, she appears in front of him as a transfer student.... A painful work. CG and music are probably the most prominent features. Very little attention to side characters, really boring school. Individual routes are even worse than common one. Scenario is inconsistent. 11. R.U.R.U.R ~Kono Ko no Tame ni, Semete Kirei na Hoshizora o~ R.U.R.U.R 〜ル・ル・ル・ル〜 このこのために、せめてきれいな星空を [070427] light 1 2 3 4 5 6 The game places the player in the role of Ichihiko. At first glance, he is a fairly ordinary young man who lives an (almost too) ordinary life. He lives at home with his two sisters, Mizubashou and Shirotsumegusa, constantly gets into arguments with his next door neighbor Hinagiku, goes to school with all three and spends the days enjoying life in a virtually perfect world. There are, of course, some oddities. Firstly, the only humanoids in the world seem to be Ichihiko, his older sisters, Hinagiku and their teacher, Kobatomugi-sensei. Everyone else looks like something resembling old sci-fi movie drone robots that communicate by repeating the phrase "oui monsieur" known as saberhagen-class droids (and are understood the same way Star Wars characters understand the beeps coming from R2-D2). This is a world where it never rains. Where weather conditions are always convenient. Where Ichihiko's favorite shows are always on TV and his favorite foods are always served. Yes, this world is clearly fake. As the story progresses, the player discovers that Ichihiko is actually the "last mankind" (in other words, the last human left in the universe). He was found in a stasis capsule by the robots that inhabit the spaceship Saint Exupéry-go. Feeling that he is too young to govern over the ship and perform his role in bringing about the second coming of humanity, the robot R-Mizubashou proposes that he be awakened and raised by them, and that a suitable "happy" world be built just for him; a world where he has a loving family, lots of friends and feels no hardships or pain. Having been without any humans to serve for nearly a millennium, the robots draw upon on almost every possible source to build what is to be Ichihiko's perfect world. To this end, they have used data from "older" robots on board, books, movies and even manga. While the majority of the robots involved willfully continue the ruse (and do everything they can to dispose of dissenters), there are some who wish to tell the "last mankind" the truth. There are English reviews. 12. Tone 冬音 -Tone- [070427] FragiLe Main character leaves his hometown and enters an urban school without having any particular goals. He does not go home even on vacations, but this winter he goes back because of a worried letter of his sister-in-law. As he meets friends, he feels that time frozen back then starts to move again. Nostalgia overpowers him, and with that love approaches. Low production work, so only heroines have voicing, but not sub-characters (and they get very little attention from artist as well). Volume is thin, and most routes are plain boring. Some routes include violation. 13. Zwei Worter [070427] In 2005, a group of meteors deals a big blow to humanity. But thanks to advanced science and technology, mankind overcomes extinction by creating new intellectual living creatures called "Dissolve". In 2007, incredibly powerfull outerspace creatures called Elcid launch their onslaught against earth. Extinction is only avoided because of the advances made in the recovery of the previous disaster. But in the end, in just two years nine-tenth of the population loses their lives. In 2017, last surviving members of the human race, "Dissolve" and an another new race intellectual living creatures called "Hybrid" all band up together for their final stand against Elcid.... No reviews? I'll be the first. BLOCKED 1. Castle Fantasia ~Arihato Senki~ キャッスルファンタジア〜アリハト戦記〜 [070401] Studio e.go! Hewie and Ducis's stories in the military academy before Castle Fantasia ~Seima Taisen~. Fandisc 2. Elven Relations [070401] Chronoluminaire Takuya is a swordsman in the Royal Army of the Kingdom of Reachfar, who is sent on a unique mission into the Endless Forest to establish displomatic relations with the elven people. Could there be love awaiting him in the depths of the Elvenglade? EVN 3. Open DayS [070401] Mirielle youhei is your ordinary protagonist in an ordinary school with extraordinarily hot classmates and of course, a hot teacher. And since the school is boring, what else is there to do than have dirty thoughts and try your luck? Seriously a hentai parody. EVN 4. Realizations [070401] KyuKuru When Jake is told by his father that they will move, a lot of things change for him. But the new environment also holds new possibilities for him. Good or bad, it depends on his decisions how the realizations about his life and friends will turn out. EVN 5. QP Kiss きゅぴキス [070401] QP Kiss is a short parody Boys' Love visual novel with shoot'em up elements, released by the developers of the Orange Juice franchise as an April Fools' prank in 2007. The characters are genderbent versions of characters from other Orange Juice games. The plot revolves around Kyupita, a dog-eared boy, and his perverted lover Kyousuke, who had gone mad. Doujin 6. Eidolon [070402] Green Fairy Games he protagonist is a lost spirit who is given a second chance at life and at love by a sudden twist of fate. Will he accept his destiny or risk everything by challenging it? EVN 7. Host Love [070402] mokenju When Cara's love life seems to be going nowhere, her best friend Moe insists on them having a vacation at the Bahia Royal, a "special resort where love and lust are waiting for you at every corner". Paying for love... will this work? EVN 8. Shakunetsu Hime 灼熱姫 [070402] Pawn 1 An unusual piece about a teenaged girl's rage and her sudden urge to destroy the world. Doujin 9. Days of Memories ~Koi wa Good Job!~ Days of Memories 〜恋はグッジョブ!〜 [070403] SNK Playmore 1 Main character's hobby is taking photos, so he is happy to get a job at a professional photographer office, but the ends up just carrying apparatus and making unexciting photos for local news. This summer he wants to take such a photo to astonish everyone. A lot of different girls surround protagonist. What kind of summer will it be? Consolve exclusive 10. Meitantei Conan: Tantei Ryoku Trainer 名探偵コナン 探偵力トレーナー [070403] Bandai Namco Entertainment A "Ranpo meter" is invented to measure detective power consisting of judgment, analysis, concentration, memory and observation. Detective Conan solves incidents while raising his parameters. Will he win competition with numerous rivals? Consolve exclusive 11. Une chaine d'une infraction [070403] Namikaze no Uta I have always dreamed of it. It's a dream of an unknown man staring at me from the darkness. Pain and sorrow in his eyes don't allow me to avert gaze or run away. He always asks me "Why"? And I realize that I am sinful. How can I pay for this sin? I will carry this burden and search for redemption. Doujin Otomege 12. Gyakushuu 2 ~Miko no Saidan~ 虐襲弐~巫女ノ祭壇~ [070405] Anim Giran plans to invade the Yurarian Continent. There is a peaceful country called Wanokuni on the continent, where beautiful and pure girls live. Giran decides to conquer Wanokuni at first to gain a footing in world conquest... without knowing what will happen to him.... In Wanokuni, at the same time, Mononofu, who is the boss of Ayakashi, and his group are about to fight back against Miko.... On the other side, Miko, Ayakashi's big enemy, await them.... Nukige 13. April Fools' エイプリルフール [070406] Tabun Osoraku Kitto Girl says: “Mom will live until tomorrow.” But today is April Fools today. Does she lie? Doujin 14. Club Romance e Youkoso クラブ・ロマンスへようこそ [070406] Ume Soft The main character is an entrepreneur. One day, his father tells him to become an owner of a high-grade night club and double its sales. He accepts it and starts to train the hostesses, including erotic customer service techniques.... Will he be able to achieve his norma...? Nukige 15. Nagomibako Innocent Grey Fandisc 和み匣 Innocent Greyファンディスク [070406] Innocent Grey 1 Innocent Grey fandisc featuring short stories and mini-games based on Innocent Grey works such as Cartagra and PP-pianisimo-. Fandisc 16. Netorare Oku-sama wa Shojo Kousei ~Ryakudatsukan~ 寝取られ奥様は処女校生~略奪姦~ [070406] elle-murakami [A flower is beautiful because of how it looks when it blooms] Watching a beautiful thing be defiled is what excites you... A beauitful young girl with good morals being defiled...Watching that is what excites you!!! [A new wife] X [A high school student] X [A virgin] = Heaven Destroy her happy world... Threaten, intimidate and blackmail her, anything goes! Doujin Nukige 17. Chikan-san Taiken Tour ~Pool Hen~ 痴漢さん体験ツアー~プール編~ [070409] ProjectSAKURA You received a invitation letter for a one-day tour where you can be a one-day molester. This time, it takes place in pool! Doujin 18. The Loyal Kinsman [070410] Tall Tales Productions In the 14th century, Gunther is a page on Castle Berwartstein on the verge of becoming a squire. However, when the knight who was meant to train him dies unexpectedly, Gunther suspects murder and begins to investigate... EVN 19. Lolita Jutai ~Kawaii Imouto Futari wa Boku no Nikudorei~ ロリータ受胎~可愛い妹二人は僕の肉奴隷~ [070411] Pumpkin Main character is an ordinary university student who loves his twin sister. One day he gets aphrodisiac and uncontrollable desire bursts out. Doujin Nukige 20. 12nin no Onna Kyoushi Re-Innovation -In- 十二人の女教師 RE-INNOVATION 「陰」 [070413] Carmine At the first day of the second semester, Shin is on his way to a new school that his uncle has become the president of. He has fired all the teachers and hired beautiful female teachers instead. The reason is to seduce male students and their fathers because his school is an elite school. He just wants to have powerful connections with them. And Shin transfers to this school to give the female teachers sex training, and make them sex slaves.... Nukige 21. Katei Houmon 家庭訪悶 [070413] Kuro Hina Yuusaku is a high school teacher. One day, Hikari confesses her love for Yuusaku, but he is interested in married women only. Several days later, he visits Hikari's house to talk to her mother because her test scores are not good recently. When he opens the door, there is an attractive woman.... He falls in love with his student's mother at first sight.... Nukige 22. M-Scramble! えむすくらんぶる! [070413] Skill Up An eroge based on/parodying The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Doujin 23. Ryoubo -Maternity Insult- 凌母 -Maternity Insult- [070413] Ail Yuji hates his mother since she suddenly disappeared ten years ago, leaving him being ill. His father brought him up since then. One day, his father gets remarried, and he is happy to hear that. But it is her, who left him and his father! "How come she's come back... with smile!?" His anger reaches its peak and... Nukige 24. Taijoku no Ori 胎辱の檻 [070413] Black Package Try Main character undertakes robbery in attempt to rub off the debt of a playmate, but during it lender suffers a serious injury. Our guy destroys evidence of debt and runs away, but eventually gets arrested by the police after his fellow's confession. Companion gets two and a half years of sentence, and protagonist gets seven years of sentence as main offender, but in a different prison. Such betrayal can not be pardoned, so an exquisite revenge plan is invented over these seven years. Nukige 25. "CoO Geass" -Inyoku no Terrorist- 「コー○ギアス」-淫欲のテロリスト- [070414] Team-Tanabe Eroge based on Code Geass (just with C.C. and Karen). Doujin Nukige 26. Secret Home -Himitsu no Ouchi- Secret Home -ヒミツのおうち- [070415] Kihara Corp Secret Home is a BL-style produced visual novel. It is a story of a young boy who is taken in by a strange home and have various things happen to him. Includes 40 pieces of CG and 27 insert illustrations including content cuts and backgrounds. Juices and wetness are featured predominantly. Also includes many images featuring nude and muscular characters. Doujin Boys Love 27. Hot Spring Lover [070416] Labrusse Spend some time with Akari, your girlfriend with nice big breasts at a hot spring resort! Doujin Nukige 28. Sailor Moon Dating Simulator: Moon Maid [070417] Anton-P The goal of the game is to win love of Usagi Tsukino by asking her out on dates, giving her gifts or playing mini-games. EVN 29. Gakuen Alice ~WakuWaku★Happy Friends~ 学園アリス~わくわく★ハッピーフレンズ~ [070419] Kids Station There are rumors that Gakuen Alice will disappear. In order to prevent this, we will save money in the piggy bank. The method of saving is to synthesize items collected in forests, create items, and submit them to the auction. All items that can be synthesized are specially made by firefly. You can make ketchup bullets, Pigler No. 3, pengie badges, etc. that appear in the original. You can make many other items without getting bored. There are events from previous GBA game such as the Kurigo rice competition as well. Conxole Exclusive Otomege 30. Aniyome wa Ijippari 兄嫁はいじっぱり [070420] TinkerBell Tsutomu's parents used to run a flower shop. But they passed away several years ago, and he lives with his older brother and his wife, Mai, since then. Mai runs the flower shop now, and he is forced to help her. One day, a beautiful woman comes to the shop. She is Kozue, Mai's former senpai back when they were still students, also starts to work at the shop. Unlike his elder brother who prioritize work over family, Tsutomu proves to be the man Mai can rely on. One night when Mai got drunk while being frustrated of her husband... Nukige 31. Bye [070420] TRAUM BERG HAUSNUMMER 7 Winter. The season when it snows...A world of only white. The people who live in this world are unblemished. In this town the seasons reel by as always. And as for today, time should've just went by as usual. However, what we call time always swung by... This is the bubble that people flow into. The snow keeps falling...It flutters about like cherry blossoms. It constantly falls...As if to cover up a painful past. Our ups and downs. 2 worlds that living beings take hold of and balance. The people who live in that bubble only had to this in order to keep living. A life of maintaining only this delicate balance. This story begins around the time when... The time when this balance breaks down. A sad story. People; why do they live? People; why do they pass away? People; why do they love others? People; why do they become sad? People; why... We have no choice but to be happy only half the time, but if we bring everyone together... Then surely we could recover 2 halves of that happiness. Doujin 32. Chichi Chichichichichi! ~Milk Mamire Cafe~ 乳ちちちちち~ッ!~ミルクまみれカフェ~ [070420] Valkyria Milking sex party of gorgeous women with big breasts! Grab and pinch their breasts until they release milk!! Nukige 33. Osa★Tsuma Onii-chan ga Danna-sama おさ★つま お兄ちゃんが旦那様 [070420] MorningStar Onii-chan finally becomes childhood friend's husband. The newlyweds can't get enough of their love. Nukige 34. Ruby Striker ルビーストライカー [070420] MorningStar 1 2 With the power of the Jewelstar called "Ruby," Ruby Striker, the transformed heroine of justice with the power of immortality, infiltrates the enemy's hideout and is captured in the trap of the enemy's supreme ruler, "Zodiac." Her immortality backfires, and she is thrown into a sea of pleasure and pain no ordinary human could withstand. What will be her fate...? Nukige 35. Shion ~Zankoku na Mahou no Tenshi~ シオン ~残酷な魔法の天使~ [070420] Lilith Mist Are you still... a human being? The girl who adores cosplay appeared before you, but you did not know who she actually was. She was staring mutely at me. Unfriendly at all, though she was wearing funny clothes. My life was completely changed by the encounter with the beautiful girl Sion who once attempted to kill me... Nukige 36. Trouble Days とらぶるDAYS [070420] Studio e.go! Haru happens to see Tsukimi, his classmate, masturbating at a sick-room. Though she notices him, she doesn't stop it..., and they have sex in the end.... At that moment, Yuki, a sick-room teacher, comes back and finds them sleeping together. Yuki thinks Haru raped Tsukimi, but Tsukimi defends him. According to Tsukimi, her family members are nymphomaniac. It can't be cured, and her symptom is getting worse. Following Yuki's proposal, Haru regularly has sex with Tsukimi. While that, Yuki looks for someone, who can cure it. And since then, other girls start to approach him. Tsukimi gets jealousy, and he receives a threat letter.... His sex life just starts now.... Nukige 37. Venus Blood ヴィーナスブラッド [070420] Dual Tail 1 There is a religious country governed by the sisters Alfina and Yufy. Since the land was once invaded by the monsters, people now live together in a small area, just around the sacred tree. Lenard, the main character, is employed by the Kingdom, but he hates this country. One day, the female devil appears and offers him to destroy the country and create a new utopia together. Their plan is to contaminate the sacred tree by insulting the princesses... Nukige 38. Yuugeki Keikan Patvessel ~Kochira Shutoken Joukuu Aozorasho~ 遊撃警艦パトベセル~こちら首都圏上空青空署~ [070420] May-Be Soft 1 The deterioration of law and order.... This is one of the biggest problems for the police. What the police wanted was the symbol of authority, and it was constructed with spending a lot of money and time. A huge airship called "Patvessel"! It was planned to be used for people's peace at first. But the boss of the police arbitrarily gave it to his daughter, Hikari, a big troublemaker. What will happen to the police and people...? Nukige 39. Bikini Junkie ビキニ・ジャンキー [070421] Blue Gale ON DEMAND Main character is a student at a vocational school. One day cousin Tomoe contacts him and invites to work part-time at cafe by the sea. All waitresses there serve in bikini. And among them is his favorite cousin Fumika. Nukige 40. Starlit Sky [070421] Team BG A sweet story about a boy, who departs on an epic adventure to find a way to reach the stars. Along the way, he meets a young witch who excels in making potions and they search for her sister, who can make anyone reach the stars. EVN 41. Hatsujou Tenkousei 発情てんこうせい [070422] Sol-fa-soft Kaguya transfers to Taichi's class and proceeds to seduce him and their classmate Miyabi. Under her influence, ecchi becomes popular in Taichi's class. It is up to Taichi, whether to give into temptation or not. What will he do? Doujin Nukige 42. Sakayaki 月代 -SAKAYAKI- [070422] Aya no Kuni Today is the entrance ceremony for Kanrai senior high school. The heroine, Haraoki Rei, while hurrying on the way to school collides with this one single boy. Having a helping hand entended to her, what she saw when raising her gaze is…!? It’s the love story of deep love, that the boys and girls + Sakayaki inerveawe. Doujin 43. Shinra Youchien (Kadai) しんらようちえん(仮題) [070422] Reimonya Fan game on the card game sold by Bandai. Various tribes in this world gather together to hold back the Demon King. Main character follows mysterious letter and enrolls to the school where elites from all tribes study. His days full of enthusiasm begin. Doujin 44. Kazoku Choukyou 家族調教 [070425] Poashara Main character lives with father, step-mother and sister-in-law. But father disappears one day after accumulating a huge debt. It turns out that he is detained by a shady lender. Protagonist has two choices - either allow father to be dismembered and sold for organ transplantation or train the remaining members of the family as sex slaves. Nukige 45. Shokushu Shoujo 触手少女 [070425] Courreges Ace You'll play as Asada Mayu as you interact with a mysterious inhuman girl who seduces you with her otherworldly powers (and appendages). Doujin Nukige 46. Orange Honey ~Boku wa Kimi ni Koishiteru~ オレンジ♥ハニー ~僕はキミに恋してる~ [070426] guyzware The heroine, Kaze Aiha, is facing a crisis in her life. After a certain incident, she suddenly isn’t able to paint even though she’s an award-winning member of the art club. Unable to handle the pressure, she decides to quit the club while using her student council duties as an excuse. Oh, will she ever be able to paint again…? Otomege 47. 12nin no Onna Kyoushi Re-Innovation -San- 十二人の女教師 RE-INNOVATION 「散」 [070427] Carmine At the first day of the second semester, Kei is on his way to a new school that his uncle has become the president. He has fired all the teachers, and hired beautiful female teachers instead. The reason is to seduce male students and their fathers because his school is an elite school. He just wants to have powerful connections with them. And Kei transfers to this school to give the female teachers sex training, and make them sex slaves.... Nukige 48. Aneimo 2 ~Second Stage~ あねいも2~Second Stage~ [070427] Boot Up! 1 2 3 Takumi lives next to Mizuki and Satsuki's house. They have been good friends since they were kids, going shopping and skiing together. One day, Kazuyoshi, Takumi's father, brings two girls, Saori and Yui, back to their house, and accepts them as new family members. At first, he is confused, but gradually becomes closer to them. Mizuki gets impatient, and begins to approach Takumi boldly. And Satsuki falls in love with Takumi as well. The winter holiday starts... The days full of sex with Takumi... From "like" to "love"... "I love you. I'll do whatever you please." A love story full of love and desire starts now... Nukige 49. Aneimo ~Natsu no Zanshou~ あねいも ~夏の残照~ [070427] Boot Up! Communal life with Manami and Madoka continues in a lively manner this summer. Fandisc Nukige 50. Angel's Tale: An Extraordinary Love Story Angel's Tale: An Extraordinary Love Story [070427] StudioGU Main character Prach lives with his sister Fa. One day he sees what he should not have seen - girl being harassed by strange creatures. He turns out to have an ability to see things that ordinary people can't see. His sister and other girls around him also start to behave differently. Thai Doujin 51. Ayakashi no Maki ~Nyonin Ingoku no Wana~ 妖巻~女忍淫獄の罠~ [070427] Skunk Works nano. The season is summer and the stage is a small castle owned by Naohide. He digs watching innocent people being tortured, and the main character is one of the torture excuters. But he is never given a job because of the trouble he made before at another castle. But one day, he is ordered to torture two "Kunoichi (female Ninja)". He starts to torture them, but it gets bolder.... Nukige 52. Crime Rhyme 4 クライミライ4 [070427] FlyingShine Black The newspaper club is about to close down because they always make troubles. Members of the club have a talk, and arrive at a conclusion. The problem is their money waste, so they decide to earn money by themselves. Ayame knows it, and plans to add Masaki to her collection. It is necessary to remove other members at first.... Ayame offers them good part-time jobs at a restaurant and maid cafe. But they are actually owned by her relatives, and she doesn't tell them what's going on inside... Nukige 53. D.C. II ~Da Capo II~ Spring Celebration D.C.II Spring Celebration ~ダ・カーポII~ スプリング セレブレイション [070427] Circus Features spring-time stories set after the endings for each of the six D.C. II ~Da Capo II~ heroines. It also has two scenarios set before the events of the main game, including the one featured in Harukaze no Ultimate Battle! Fandisc 54. Delta! ~Onedari Tenshi to Hitotsu Yane no Shita~ で・る・た!~おねだり天使とひとつ屋根のした~ [070427] Atelier Kaguya Yuuki met a beautiful angel once when he was a kid.... He works at a vet now, which is owned by Setsuna, his childhood friend. He lives peacefully with his friends, Setsuna, Shizuru, a nurse, and Wakaba, his younger sister. One day, he meets an angel again.... "It's urgent!" Her name is Seles. According to her, the world is now facing a serious danger, and there is only one way to stop it. She says, "Please believe me.... If I and Yuuki have sex, we might be able to create a savior angel...." "What!? Tell us about it more!" Yes, all the girls living there are in love with Yuuki. But there is no reason to deny it for him. He makes up his mind, and their erotic rituals start now.... Nukige 55. Figu@Carnival ふぃぎゅ@謝肉祭 [070427] Escu:de This fan disc includes "Short Scenarios", "Figu@Mahjong" and "Desktop Accessories". Fandisc 56. Futanari Clinic ~Karte #1: Midou Haruhi~ ふたなりクリニック ~カルテ#1:御堂春日~ [070427] MorningStar Main heroine looks like a normal high school girl. But in fact she has a secret physical problem about her body. One day she goes to a female consultation clinic... Doujin Nukige 57. Hissatsu Shigokinin ~Gakuen Kouman Onna Giri 必殺シゴキ人~学園高慢女斬り [070427] Kichiku Yarou The main character is a white-collar worker. But he secretly works as a substitute assaulter as well. One day, he receives a job offer. The targets are two female high school students, Ryoko and Aki.... Nukige 58. Kankin Shiiku Hotel 姦禁飼育ホテル [070427] Dark Swan "ROYAL APPLAUSE" is a luxurious VIP hotel where top politicians and idols gather. But under the beautiful facade hotel owner confines and enslaves famous women there. Nukige 59. Love Love Boin Hoken'i no Kyonyuu らぶらぶボイン 保健医の巨乳 [070427] Flap You play Aizawa Yuta, a male student who happens to make love with a female teacher Fukano Mizue. Doujin Nukige 60. Ma ga Ochiru Yoru Demonic Princess 魔が堕ちる夜 デーモニックプリンセス [070427] Mille Feuille 1 Sheliss Elleness Zurbach suddenly appears out of the blue in modern day Tokyo. Destiny has brought her to the human world, destiny in the form of an evil adversary named Gilva. Needing help in tracking down her enemy, she enlists a sexy demon killer. What Sheliss didn't count on was that a crazed, slimy, tentacled magician would paralyze her and turn her into a sex slave. The slimy tentacles slither all over the paralyzed princess' body. A long night of sexual punishment is about to begin... Nukige 61. Okami Shizuka ~Ureta Kajitsu ga Ochiru Toki~ 女将・静香 ~熟れた果実が堕ちる刻~ [070427] Mini-mam Shizuka is an innkeeper who has her husband disappear one day. One day shady man Soma comes by and declares that husband owns him a great sum of money spent on the mistress. He also bears photos with direct proof. But debt can still be repaid if Shizuka agrees to cooperate... Nukige 62. Pia Carrot G.O. Toybox 2 ~Spring Fair~ ぴあきゃろG.O. TOYBOX2 ~スプリングフェア~ [070427] Cocktail Soft Contains 4 mini adventures: -Rumi no Engage Ring -Kanae to Sana no Kyuujitsu -Yamana Kaede wa Otoshigoro -Love is friendship set on fire Fandisc 63. Princess Nightmare プリンセスナイトメア [070427] Karin Entertainment Little is a vampire girl. Radou treats her like his little sister and Vlad Dracula is like her father, though they are not blood-related. One day, their hiding place is found by vampire hunters and they are forced to get out of a town. Where they arrive is Japan. They sleep at an old house during the daytime and act as vampires at night. Little meets a boy and longs for human life. Radou denies it, but Dracula allows her to join a school. She makes friends and enjoys her school life. But one day, a messenger comes to their place and tells them to go back to the devil world.... Otomege 64. Shakkin Shimai 借金姉妹 [070427] Selen Hiroyuki is a high school student. He happens to know that Kaho, his classmate, and Kasumi, his classroom teacher, have a lot of outstanding debts their deceased father left. He feels sorry and offers Kasumi to lend some money, but she refuses it. Her attitude makes him mad and he decides to make them his sex slaves... Nukige 65. Tentacle Busters Taimi Kakunin Seimeitai Koushou Gakari テンタクル☆バスターズ 対未確認生命体交渉係り [070427] Mischievous Main character is a part-time employee at an organization that hunts down and destroys unknown life forms that threaten humanity. Only females have the power to fight, but they need to replenish this power with semen from men. One such girl loses permanent partner and needs to find a new one at school as soon as possible to oppose monsters effectively. But more difficult targets require super-power that's only unlocked if partners love each other sincerely. Can they save the world? Nukige 66. Tosatsu no Sono 屠殺の園 [070427] Catear Somewhere in the world there is a place where soldiers tune up their skills - it gets called Slaughterhouse. A group of society cast-offs including futanari and transvestites live here. This is a hymn and requiem dedicated to them. Nukige 67. Touki Inbaku 2 -Ryoujoku Senki Enassuku- 闘姫淫縛2 -凌触戦記 エナッスク- [070427] Team-Tanabe Part 2 in the favourably received tentacle monster assault ADV. In this title, fantasy RPG style characters are thoroughly assaulted by the tentacle monsters. The tentacle monster ghost Nidhog breaks free of the seal of the heavenly temple that binds his being, and escapes to a continent on the illusional world. He sets out to assault and kill would-be avenger Valkyrie, turning the tables on Valkyrie when he himself is set on hunting and killing him. Also, Nidhog has set his sights on a new trophy... Receiving the ultimate pleasure, in order to make an offering that wrings out an aura that will become one's nourishment... Nukige 68. Tsukaima-sama wa Makai Princess ~Kanchigai Suruna! Naka ni Dasu no wa Tada no Maryoku Hokyuu da!!~ 使い魔様は魔界プリンセス~勘違いするな!中に出すのはただの魔力補給だ!!~ [070427] Norn Yuma is a smart uni student whose grandfather is a magician. One day, he gets cornered by gangs, and he calls up the devils by using his grandfather's ring. The devil who appeared is called Lieselotte. She gets rid of the gangs quickly, saving Yuma, and says to him, "Give me your life in return." If he proves that he is a real summoner in ten days, he will be saved. Lieselotte treats him roughly, but there is also one surprise: she needs his semen to refill her magic power. Nukige 69. Unbalance ~Kanojo no Kokoro wa Ubaenai?~ アンバランス~彼女の心は奪えない?~ [070427] Winters Kenichi is a spineless whiner (especially around women), clearly he badly needs some help to attract female attention. Now he's got an ultra-powerful aphrodisiac for his personal (ab)use, but think twice if you believe things will grow better for the male protagonist... Nukige 70. Xross Scramble [070427] Team Baldrhead Xross Scramble is a conglomeration of all the Savior fan discs into one semi-cohesive game, a couple relatively short and vapid new Duel Savior stories, and Baldr Force Re-Action. Duel Savior: The Two Princesses is a new story based around our delightful little antagonistic Princess Claire and a doppelganger who shows up. Xross Savior is a bit more esoteric. You’re in control of Taiga again, and we get to see our sexy new martial artist, Eska as Taiga gets pitted one on one against every single person in the extended Savior universe. As you beat them, you’re allowed to replace Taiga’s moves with their’s, literally substituting their sprites and attack animations for whichever moves you choose for your own. Scramble Savior is basically just the old survival mode plus Giant and Tiny modes worked in and a few random challenge courses that really are pretty nasty to try to get through, especially with the smarter AI. No info on the Baldr Force Re-Action. Fandisc 71. Yakuchu! ~Tadaima Biyaku Kaihatsuchuu~ やくchu!~ただいま媚薬開発中~ [070427] Score Main character is a 4th year student at the medical college. But he is also a genius who secretly studies new drugs in the laboratory. It's high time for him to do job hunting, but he misses the best season for it. His acquaintance invites him to a hospital that has majority of staff left due to director getting ill. It's only a matter of time until this facility closes down, but it's a perfect opportunity to test different drugs and maybe even a pharmaceutical company as a result. Nukige 72. Zoku Ryoujoku Sou 続・凌辱荘 [070427] Interheart One year has passed. New apartment complex has been built by the station, and old facility faces financial challenges due to lack of demand. Main character needs to infiltrate this new building and learn its secrets to protect his old workplace. Nukige 73. Boy Meets Wives [070428] Complet's Tooru has been socially withdrawn since his parents' divorce. One day, Mariko, who lives nearby, takes him out for dinner, and they become closer (physically). As being with Mariko, Tooru gradually expands relationships with other wives... Nukige 74. Shinnin Kyonyuu Jokyoushi Nana ~Owaranai Kounai Ryoujoku~ 新任巨乳女教師 奈々~終わらない校内凌辱~ [070428] Crepe Nana is a new teacher at Tenga school. "Just keep away from Koga Masao. Don't ever try to talk to him, " It is what a male teacher said to her at the end of orientation held in her first day at the school. But she is filled with a sense of mission to reclaim him from a life of vice. Doujin Nukige 75. Shokushu Kangoku ~Maid o Musaboru Nikuyoku no Katamari~ 触手姦獄~メイドを貪る肉欲の塊~ [070428] Noir Soft There is an old house, in which many maids work. Mary starts to work there as a maid, but there is a rumor.... "Cries of girls come out of the house at night, and the girls who once enter the house never come back...." Mary still doesn't know what will happen to her... Nukige 76. Rinkan Gakkou ~Chirasareta Junketsu~ 輪姦学校 ~散らされた純潔~ [070429] Studio Sepia Makihara Miki, a member of Karate club, attracted the attention of the student gang, by her courageous act of saving a girl from getting humiliated by bad guys... Doujin Nukige 77. My Sweet Shadow [070430] WhiteMoor There is a serious innocent girl who has sexual desire accumulate and erupt. She starts to masturbate daily fiercely. One day she finds a letter at the bedside that makes her life deviate from now on... Doujin Nukige 78. Shinjitougeki Carnival 神事闘劇カーニバル [070430] Talestune Rokushiki Island is an island far separated from the mainland. The Rokushiki festival is still celebrated on the island, a festival where a young girl who bears the power of a god because of ritual must fight, and in doing so give herself to the god. More than anyone else, Rokushiki Nanaki wished to appear in the festival, and fight. However, as the Rokushiki shrine maiden in charge of selecting which girl was to have the role of receiving the god's power, Nanaki could not permit fighting to occur and break the laws of the island. That year at the Rokushiki festival, an unprecedented situation lay before the island. For the sake of victory, pride and promises made, the girls must take up the challenge and fight. A visual novel about romance and fighting, the story begins here! Doujin 79. Mahou Gengo Lyrical ☆ Lisp 魔法言語 リリカル☆Lisp [0704] Mahou Gengo Lyrical ☆ Lisp Team Learn the programming language Lisp with Arisa and Suzuka. The premise is that LISP (actually it's Scheme they're teaching you in the game) is the language used to program the AI's of the intelligent Devices used by the mages in the Lyrical Nanoha world. Doujin
  17. Foreword: After these two great reviews (1 2) I could not miss the birth of this multiverse. Synopsis: She is a battle heroine Valkyrie. There is an ancient ruin called Time Ship, in which Berserk is sealed tightly. But one day, Berserk comes back to destroy the world. A boy meets Valkyrie, and the story starts... Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcJ3y0BmyNY&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_BSM1nzcW4i0ja49_nCPA9 Game type: Scandinavian myths Valkyrie fantasy story Character Design rating: 8/10 Protagonist rating: 6/10 Story rating: 7/10 Game quality: 8/10 Overall rating: 7/10 I decided to settle with minimal masterpiece score 7/10. It's my first Skyfish game, and I played it blindly only reading English and Japanese reviews after main theses were written in order not to be influenced. I also treated it as a single finished product as there was no multiverse at that time yet. As for the scores, protagonist poses a lot of questions, and story composition leaves much to be desired. Main character is very weak until the very end, and price of using powers is super large, basically his life-force. So for the whole first half of the game all he does is running away. But I'm more concerned about his perv nature. It's not really explained why, but every girl loves him from the start and does not mind cuddling. And by the time Miori can boast of her special relations with childhood friend Ryuuhei, she kind of learns that every single girl already had her share of love. I never liked harems, so harem nature of the game adds to the negative impression for me. Another unpleasant feature is lolicon heroines, namely Peorth and Sol. But the cherry on the pie here is focus on H events. All of the six heroines have at least several H scenes, but as if it's not enough every H scene is long, with camera moves and zooms and many even with choice between cute and perv dialogues. Add to this tentacle violation scenes in numerous bad endings, and you'll understand why Japanese reviews say that this work can be played as a practical work, e.g. nukige. I never recorded bad endings and cut all the H scenes, but still had to put adult rating on the videos - it just pierces reality here. Moving to more pleasant elements, story is actually nice, but not outstanding. There are a lot of "but"s. It's modern time mixed up with Scandinavian mythology, but there is little explanation on this mythology for readers. Ryuuhei is familiar with it, and readers can pick it up themselves. Basically, the story is royal road, and this division on Sol and Hagar routes is not needed. Both individual routes coincide for the major part, and only epilogues are distinctively different. There's little explanation, so it took me a great amount of time to figure out that Sol, Hagar and Brünhilde are the same entity divided by time... it's already in spoiler area, but I figured it's needed to be said to warm up interest for game concept and just in order not to miss it for the majority of the game like I did. From the second part game becomes fight-intensive, but last villain is weak and unimpressive. I still consider Shirogane no Soleil a masterpiece, but it's the fist work in the series, so it's natural to have rough points. As I see it, even creators realized flaws of the game and remade it in alternative version Shin Shirogane no Soleil -ReANSWER- later on. Did not play it, but looking forward to it if I ever make it to reviewing year 2014. This series has huge potential, so I'd love to see it grow to full 10/10 epics.
  18. Shirogane no Soleil -Successor of Wyrd- <> is the only masterpiece of the month. 1. Keitai Shoujo ケータイ少女 [070302] Kogado Studio Chihiro is a second year high school student. He is a bit impatient since he's got no girlfriend even though he gets closer to Christmas. One day, while he is on the mobile phone internet, he finds an interesting web site and downloads it. When he finishes it, his phone suddenly flashes..., and a tiny girl appears in front of him. "I'm Rin. What's your name? You have no girlfriend, don't you? I'll be in trouble if I don't make you happy." She tells him that if he doesn't find a girlfriend before Christmas, she won't be able to go back to her world. Will he be able to find a girlfriend before Christmas for himself and Rin...? Just a dating SIM with a dozen of places at school to check, favorability for each heroine, email to send, all the usual unpleasant stuff. 2. Moero Downhill Night Blaze 萌えろDownhill Night BLAZE [070302] TOP 1 2 3 4 The Downhill Night saga concludes with this explosive final chapter, presenting the first ever dating sim game to put you behind the wheel in real time auto racing action! The cast from the sequel reprises their roles as you once again take the role of Akito, now going steady with Rinka. It seems she might be straying though, toward the charismatic captain of her racing club Yuu... When you hear about the Touge Grand Touring Car Championship (TGTC) you realize this will be the perfect time to prove your skill, finally taking the wheel to race against opponents in real time! Will your elite navigator's skills prevail as you cruise the game's several courses, and will you be able to navigate the equally curvaceous route to love and romance? Action and adventure await in Downhill Night Blaze! Game is localized and has English reviews. 3. School Love! 2 ~Koi Suru Parfaittic~ すくぅ~るらぶっ!2~恋するパフェちっく~ [070302] DisAbel The main character is Haru, who has a secret magic power. But it has a side effect. It causes pain to his brain, if he uses it. One day, his father, who also has the power, tells him that Haru needs to let someone reliable know the presence of his power within a month. Otherwise, his side effect will get worse to death. What will happen to him...? Kusoge sequel of kusoge 4. Princess Maker 5 プリンセスメーカー5 [070303] Gainax 1 2 3 4 5 The player in this game is a retired hero of a human realm parallel to the modern world. The daughter is a girl from a royal heritage, and one of many candidates to assume the role of princess. However, following the assassinations of the other candidates, she became the target as well. Her entire family is killed during the attempt on her life. As her protector, Cube saved the player's daughter and requested the player to take care of the daughter until she reaches the age of 18. So the journey of parenthood unfolds with Cube's help. Game is localized and has English reviews. 5. Amagoushi no Yakata 雨格子の館 [070308] FOG “Can Nagomu solve a murder case by the end of the seventh day? Can he stop the culprit from taking full revenge?” This is an adventure game based on a classical mystery novel. Running out of petrol and lost in the mountains on a stormy night, Ichiyanagi Nagomu, a university student has no choice but to leave his car and ask for help from the nearest mansion within the woods. However, a shock is waiting for him in that dark night. He finds the corpse of a middle age man lying in the rain at the backyard of the mansion. Without any time to recover from his shock, somebody sneaks up behind him and attacks him. When he wakes up, he is in the company of a troop of actors and actresses there to train for new play written by the famous play-writer Boushiya, and being mistaken as the ninth actor, nobody believed what Nagomu saw at the backyard. Because of the injuries he has suffered earlier and the storm still raging outside, there is no alternative for him but stay in the mansion. Later that night, the troop and Nagomu discovers a message that reads "Revenge" in the green house. Afterwards the troop realized that the tires of their cars have all been punctured and there is no escape route. Fear permeates the air that night, but that is only the beginning of their ordeals. The next day, one of the actors is found dead with his corpse arranged in a peculiar way. Panic erupts when a landslide cuts the mansion off from the rest of the world and being overpowered by fear, the only thing the actors and actresses think of is to protect themselves. This leaves the case solely upon Nagomu's shoulders since he is the only one unrelated to the act of "revenge". Detective game 6. Rozen Maiden: Gebetgarten ローゼンメイデン ゲベートガルテン [070322] Taito Corporation Gebetgarten is the second stage of Duellwalzer. Game introduces air combat and improved relations with all seven dolls. Anime spin-off 7. Chu x Chu Idol Chu×Chuアイドる [070323] Unison Shift 1 2 Kensuke is an ordinary uni student, living alone. One day, he happens to know Chiyu's secret. Chiyu transforms into a popular idol by kissing Chuchu, a vampire girl. Chuchu finds Kensuke knows their secret, and curses him not to stay away from them. As a result, they start to live together... Will he be able to get rid of the curse? There are English reviews. 8. Kimihagu きみはぐ [070323] Frontwing The main character is in his second year of high school. One day, he falls in love with Kasumi, who has just moved to his school. But he is too shy to talk to her. Minami, his childhood friend, advises him to join the "Love Club". This club is to help the students who are in love take action. He immediately joins it, and Kasumi also joins the club. It seems she is in love with someone but has no courage to tell her love to him. He is happy to become friends with Kasumi, but she loves someone else.... There are five (sic!) scenario writers, so writing quality is very unstable. Common route is quite lively, but individual routes are mostly neglected even though there are couple nice ones. Basically, mediocre work for a rainy day. 9. Lili:Miesta リリミエスタ [070323] Smee There are two worlds, this world and the heaven. Humans go up to the heaven after death, and come back to this world after they die on the heaven. The energy, which makes this circulation, is called "Felicita", a feeling of gratitude. Tomoharu is a training student at Aria Curare, which is an organization to collect "Felicita". One day, he is sent to a boarding high school with Naoko, his childhood friend, and Airi, his friend, for hands-on training. Their new life at school starts now... Comfortable slapstick development with drama at the end. Composition is simple. Scenario is a bit rough. At least it has some plot and there only two H scenes per heroine, so it does not fall in moege stage. 10. Mashiro Botan ましろぼたん [070323] Fizz Tokiya and his cousin Mashiro, are high school students. One day, a transfer student joins his class. Her name is also Mashiro. He is surprised to see her, because he met her a couple of days before. Mashiro asks, "Do you know her?" "Hmm... yeah...." "...?" We met in January, the coldest time of the year... The start is really boring, but pace is recovered by the middle. Main heroine Mashiro has a classic pure love route with a bit of fantasy, but some side side heroines add real spice. Writing is good, so writing and heroines are main feature here, not scenario. 11. Miageta Sora ni Ochiteiku 見上げた空におちていく [070323]Applique 1 Yuto lives with his mother since his father passed away in accident. But he somehow enjoys his life with Mao, his childhood friend, Kokone, his friend, and so on. One day, a girl named Yuki appears in front of him. It seems she met his deceased father before. He gradually gets to know the facts happened in the past... There are only three heroines, but everyone is nice. Tempo is bad. There is actually a True Route where the truth of incident five years ago is revealed, but after it individual routes feel weak - in this sense it can be called suspense mystery work, and details of it are scattered around. It does not feel like a full-price work, but still a good debut. 12. Shogun 8 SHOGUN8-ショーグンエイト- [070323] Liar-soft The planet "Ooedo", onto which many tourists used to visit from other planets, is isolated from other planets after the galaxy war. And there is now a government ruled by samurai, ninja, American ninja and geisha girls. One day, people from another planet find them, and their isolated life is finished. But the boss squanders the money, and is up to his neck in debt. He needs to pay off his debt in three years. Otherwise, their planet will be sold as collateral. Will they be able to pay back the money, and get back their planet? As you see, setting is a mess and is a fertile soil for various violation scenes. Items are created during daytime, and the same items are used at night H scenes. Too many SIM and abuse elements for me to be able to appreciate the game and its crazy setting (as usual). 13. Tobu Yagi wa Sakasama no Ki no Yume o Miruka 飛ぶ山羊はさかさまの木の夢を見るか [070323] Kotonoha There is an old-fashioned Western-style building on the hill by Tokyo. Main character has to substitute for his grandfather and become its landlord. He gets to know people there and even falls in love. He thinks that this calm gentle time will last forever... Concept is quite hilarious as all heroines routes proceed simultaneously. But writing is mediocre, so it gets very confusing. Entering other heroines ends becomes troublesome very soon. Even fantastic development by the end can't save this game. 14. Gakuen Utopia Manabi Straight! Kira Kira Happy Festa! がくえんゆーとぴあ まなびストレート! キラキラ☆Happy Festa! [070329] Vridge Inc.1 The game consists of several different scenarios, but the main one takes place during the summer festival. In the scenario, Manami needs the cooperation and comprehension of the town people in order to ensure the success of the event. Manami and her friends go through various missions in the game while they work and help the people in town get ready for the festival. As an original system built into the game, Manami has the power to give her friends "Hustle Points" that she uses to cheer her friends up during their various missions. It's nice to play a kindergarten game from time to time (NOT) 15. Kimi no Katachi ga Utsuru きみのかたちがうつる [070330] Take Out Main character is a ghost member of science club. One day he is called by his sempai to investigate mysterious scientific phenomenon at school. He goes with two friends at night school and witnesses some male and female students have sex there. On the next morning it turns out that that at night there was a phenomenon of mirrors. There are various rumors about doppelgangers, death, happiness and other dimensions linked to the mirrors. The investigation is only beginning. Story is a royal road. There are some elements that are introduced to excite, but mystery itself is lacking. There are no horror elements here. 16. Mahou Senshi Symphonic Knights ~Megami o Tsugu Otome-tachi~ 魔法戦士シンフォニックナイツ~女神を継ぐ乙女たち~ [070330] Triangle "The repeated invasion from the other world has started to change this world's structure. The "Magic Power" which did not originally exist has emerged and became the new axis of the world. Upon the birth of the new powers, came the evildoers and the creatures from the other world who are attracted to the power. Meanwhile, there are young girls who use the their own magic power to transform themselves into magnificent warriors. They stand in the battlefield as allies of justice to protect people from the danger and monsters. Those girl are called 『Mahou Senshi』(Magical Warrior). On the other side, there exist those who would get their hand on the "Magic Power" to experiment, understand, or use it to conquer the world. One of those men is Ametsuka, who is a talented and ambitious man as well as one of the researchers of 『Imperio』, the company that quickly realized the potential of magic power. One day, when Ametsuka was frustrating about his position, he met a man named 『Metzer Heinkel』 who became can make his ambition into reality. Thus, Ametsuka begins his fight to realize his dream of dominating the world using magic. However, standing in his way are the lovely warriors of the combined power of magic and science in the beautiful outfit『Symphonic Knights』. Ametsuka begins to strategize against the innocent girls to corrupt them with his new powers and monster minions." RPG 17. Shirogane no Soleil -Successor of Wyrd- <> 白銀のソレイユ-Successor of Wyrd- ≪運命の継承者≫ [070330] SkyFish 1 2 3 She is a battle heroine Valkyrie. There is an ancient ruin called Time Ship, in which Berserk is sealed tightly. But one day, Berserk comes back to destroy the world. A boy meets Valkyrie, and the story starts... There are good English reviews already, but I'm joining in as well. BLOCKED 1. The Silent Maiden [070301] mokenju After Emily Whitman suddenly dies with her last words being that she is engaged and part of a new family, her sister Jane travels to London to find out the truth. EVN 2. Cafe Junkie カフェ・ジャンキー [070302] Blue Gale ON DEMAND Even though Masaru is about to graduate from a technical college he still has no job. His one and only pleasure is to spend time at a cafe called "Hidamari." The cafe is owned by his childhood friends Nanami and Kurumi's parents and they are working there too. One day, he learns another one of his childhood friends is coming back to his town. He says, "I wanna meet her soon." Triggered by his words, Nanami and Kurumi starts to approach him in a very different way than they ever did before.... Nukige 3. Makoto Nee-chan no Boku Kyouikuhou?! マコトねーちゃんのボク教育法?! [070302] Authoring Heaven Hikaru is unreliable, can't talk with girls. Makoto, his older sister, can't stand it, and plans to train him severely. Meanwhile, he peeks into the dressing room for girls with his friends, but they are detected. Of course, Hikaru is forced to do it. Makoto's training program starts to punish him. But Mari, their relative, tries to train Hikaru in her own way. Will Hikaru be trained properly...? Nukige 4. Narimono♪ なりもの♪ [070302] Skunk Works Miyako has a secret... that she has a cock. But she doesn't care about it, just enjoys sexually teasing Tomoharu, her childhood friend, with it. One day, when she sexually teases him as usual at a classroom after school, Miwa, a female teacher, sees it, and tells Miyako to stop it. Miyako gets angry, and decides to revenge on her. She gets a love drug, makes Miwa drink it, and takes some pictures of her being indecent. And then Miyako pulls down her skirt.... Nukige 5. Nobashita Kono Te wa Todokanai 伸ばしたこの手は届かない [070302] Anim One day, Hiroto and Ayano, his girlfriend, are abducted and confined by strangers. It seems Ayano's father borrowed money from an illegal loan company by offering Ayano as collateral. They are confined in a small room separately with a TV monitor for each, on which they can watch each other. And Ayano is raped and insulted by several men. Hiroto just watches her being insulted on the monitor.... Will they be able to get out of there...? Nukige 6. Tsukigami ツキガミ [070302] LoveDelivery Oosaka Jin moved to a new school because of his parent's job transfer. Rumour has it that some students from that school have gone missing recently. While trying to find the roof, he hears a voice calling for him and finds himself transported to a strange place. He is in a cave of some kind and in front of him is an altar with a sword in it. He feels nostalgic at the sword, even though he hasn't seen it before. When he holds the sword, it vanishes. Suddenly, he sees a white wolf in front of him. The wolf is a tsukigami spirit named Kouga and he has been sleeping for a long time. Their meeting is interrupted by some weird monsters which attacks them. They are saved by three students wearing the same uniform as Jin and finds out they have their own tsukigamis. These Tsukigamis can change from animal form to different weapon forms. He is asked to join them in a fight against an enemy tsukigami & his keeper (who may be linked to the missing students) and soon, Jin finds himself caught in an ancient fight between light and darkness that started 1500 years ago... Boys Love 7. Kimi to Tasogare no Owaru Yoru キミト黄昏ノ終ワル夜 [070303] Circle Al dEnte The day was supposed to begin just as usual. But as I was opening the front door to go school, I was drawn into black space! When I opened my eyes, I found someone watching me straight in my eyes!! Where is this? Who are you....?? Doujin 8. Koushin Houjuu ~Usamimi Choukyou Shiroku Nureru Nyotai-tachi~ 口唇包柔~うさみみ調教白く濡れる女体たち~ [070303] Ark Shell Kurou is a good-looking guy. Many women approach him, and he enjoys it. But he gets sick of it, and starts to live stoically. Since then, his real older sister, Riho, starts to approach him, and they finally sleep together... That's no good. They make love every night. But their parents find it, and he is kicked out of their house. On his first day at his new apartment, when he wakes up, he finds Riho giving him a blowjob... Nukige 9. Miko Minyo. ~Miko Shimai no Saiyaku na Ichinichi~ 巫女みにょ。~巫女姉妹の災厄な一日~ [070303] Applemint Main character receives a parcel that contains a double-headed snake that possesses his head. So when he reunites with two shrine maiden distant relatives, snake poisons his mind with sex thoughts. Nukige 10. My Teacher [070304] Team BG MY teacher is a fully voiced original English-language visual novel. It tells the story of a boy who is not good at school, and the private teacher his mother hired to help him study. Will it work, or will it be one big failure? The game contains three endings for you to find. EVN 11. 15 Sai Datta 15歳だった― [070309] Arkham Boy and girl get acquainted via a dating site. They quickly get attracted to each other, but boy's life expectancy turns out to be very short due to strange disease spreading intensively. Death and love compete with each other. And only one person knows the truth ... Doujin 12. Chokosu ~Maid-san no Gohoushi~ ちょこす~メイドさんのご奉仕~ [070309] Melty Koubou Main character is a director of drama club at formerly girls' school. He chooses main heroine for his next big work and starts her special training which very soon turns into cosplay sex play. Nukige 13. Fami☆Resu ~D~ ファミ☆れす~D~ [070309] Sage The lead character mistakenly calls a family restaurant Magnolia which offers sexual services to customers. The ultimate sexual service has begun! Doujin Nukige 14. Hakekyo! ~Haken Kyoushi no Nurunuru Lesson~ はけきょ!~派遣教師のぬるぬるレッスン~ [070309] Pumpkin Features four characters with different personalities. They have sex in many situations!! Doujin Nukige 15. Lovers Collection ラヴァーズ・コレクション [070309] Ribbon Magic The story is about Hinako whose dream is to be working in fashion. She lands a job working in the ladies section of a department store. A few months after working there she finds out that she has to get transferred to the men’s department because of some lady getting pregnant and quitting her job. She’s hesitant at first but her childhood friend Satoru (who happens to be the store manager) gives her words of encouragement and so begins her new position in men’s clothing. Otomege 16. Sakutto Panda ~Onihebi~ さくっとパンダ ~鬼蛇~ [070309] agony/Kinshiiku Woman hands publisher a picture of what happened five years ago. Those events are depicted from nine different perspectives of nine main characters. Doujin 17. Rindou Aika りんどうあいか [070310] Shigen Main character's parents pass away. He enjoys his school days together with a shrine maiden girl. Despite various obstacles, they lived happily. Until that day... Until that day ... Doujin 18. FF T*fa Niku Benki Renzoku Nakadashi Jiru Mamire FFテ○ファ肉便器連続膣内射精汁まみれ [070311] Ryuusen Tifa becomes horny and allows to do anything with her body while enjoying animated scenes. Doujin Nukige 19. Magical Boutique [070311] Chibi Goddess Welcome to the Magical Boutique! My name is Framboise and I will be your guide. The shop is based on a daily routine. Every day, our owner assigns tasks. The owner, who is a talented brewer, can make new potions using the ingredients. And at the end of the day, we look at the sales. If a potion has sold particularly well, it might be good to brew more of it the next day. EVN 20. Kin'iro no Corda 2 金色のコルダ2 [070315] Koei This is a sequel to "Kiniro no Corda", a love simulation game in which you take control of Kahoko, a female student. The stage is Seisou High School, six months after the previous title. She plans to have an ensemble concert with her friends. It is necessary to enhance their playing techniques and keep good relationships with other members. Have a successful ensemble concert! Otomege 21. KuruKuru Princess: Figure de KiraKira Koori no Angel くるくる◇プリンセス ~フィギュアできらきら☆氷のエンジェル~ [070315] Spike You begin the game by meeting May Summers, a legendary coach who's previously produced the top three female figure skaters in the world. Their careers and successes are paraded before you early on, and form the foundation for the game's plot of rivalry and training. Your skater (one of three default characters, named by you) looks up to Coach Summers' past prodigies as idols, and wants nothing more than to meet and exceed their considerable accomplishments. Console exclusive 22. My dear... [070315] beads of dew Main heroine is a high school girl. She is in the arts department, but is in a slump as of late. She wishes she could get along with a boy in her class and forget about her worries... Doujin 23. Kizumono no Gakuen 3 -Heaven's Door- 傷モノの学園3-heaven’s door- [070316] Rasen There is a gentle girl Isuka who belongs to arts department and studies in isolation only communicating with members of theology department. The head of theology department forces himself on Isuka one day. It triggers a major confrontation between the two departments while teachers declare non-interference and wait. Violence engulfs this school. Nukige 24. Resort Boin リゾートBOIN [070316] Crossnet-Pie Daisuke is a high school teacher. He starts off on a journey to the southern islands during summer holiday. Blue sky, blue sea, white sand and girls in swimsuits.... But all his money is stolen by a monkey along the way..., and he reluctantly starts to work part-time at a restaurant near the beach. He meets six girls with big breasts there, and his exciting summer holiday starts.... Nukige 25. Asuka Bakunyuu アスカ爆乳 [070316] Aglaia I am at home with Asuka alone during Misato's absence. Asuka took a massive dose of special strong pills by mistake, and it makes her boobies so big! Doujin Nukige 26. Voice [070317] Gintou Six years ago Momoka Tomaki passed away in an explosion accident at a department store. But his letter is discovered only now. According to this letter one of his five close friends called and invited to the department store and asked to find the criminal within an hour or the whole place would blow up. Who was that friend and what's behind the mystery? Doujin Boys Love 27. The Rolling Pumpkin [070320] Anamnese Once upon a time there was an old woman who had three daughters. All of the three had married and left her house. So she lived alone. One day she was so bored of loneliness that she told herself: "Since my youngest daughter has married my house has gotten so dim and silent. I better go and pay her a visit." EVN 28. Colorful Education からふるエデュケーション [070321] Parthenon Main character becomes newly appointed teacher and can finally realize his dream of creating a harem from high school girls. Doujin Nukige 29. May Queen ~Kotori Afterwards~ May Queen ~小鳥 Afterwards~ [070321] Soft Circle Courreges As a sequel to our previous very well acclaimed title, “May Queen”, here comes an adventure game that describes the everyday life of the small but beautiful devil queen “Kotori”, told from the point of view of the dickgirl “Yuki”. Here we see the life of our protagonist Yuki who has become Kotori’s pet on the whim of the moment, and only by coincidence. Act out actions day by day in the “campus” and “at home”, speaking with Kotori at each place, painting pictures of their hobbies, receiving training from Kotori. You are also able to deal with your own sexual desire when it becomes too much to handle… Doujin Nukige 30. Cherry Blossom ~Saigo no Sakura ga Chiru Maeni~ Cherry Blossom ~最後の桜が散る前に~ [070322] This is the story of Hibiki – a girl who turned to live like a social recluse, after she failed in the university she had applied (yet her friend DID). Many years later as a steady OL, she reminisces on the period of time when she met the person who had changed her life (and helped her reconcile with said friend). Doujin Otomege 31. The Worthy Bride [070322] mokenju Jane Whitman arrives to Woodhouse estate to celebrate announcement of engagement between Ashton Woodhouse and Miss Chaterel. She is waiting for approval with Frederick Woodhouse herself. This meeting becomes a place for detective mystery to unfold. EVN 32. Ren Ai Adventure Love x2 Kiss 恋愛アドベンチャーゲーム Love×2 Kiss [070322] Gebet Ink You can enjoy a date with idols Yua-chan and Mihiro-chan at the height of their popularity on a tropical island where young people go on vacation. Console exclusive 33. Akki Yakou -Kouzen Waisetsu Souseiji- Twin Impact 悪鬼野交 -公然猥褻双性児- TWIN IMPACT [070323] Morning Toru and Satoshi, handsome twin boys. Their secret hobby is to sexually assault girls. One day, when they are on the train, they see a man molesting a girl. But, a girl with red hair stops him, and takes him to the police. It seems they are close friends. "Yes, we've found our next target girls!" They immediately start taking an action.... Nukige 34. Ane Suku ~Wagamama! Ane to Sukumizu Yuuwaku Tokkun~ 姉☆スク~わがまま!姉とスク水誘惑特訓~ [070323] Pure Milk Mitsuyoshi has an older sister, Kotomi, who is always bossy to him. But she is special.... One day, he drowns in pool, and loses consciousness. When he wakes up, she is looking down his face worriedly. He is saved thanks to her artificial respiratory.... Since then, their relationship becomes closer and... Nukige 35. Hoshi no Oujo ~Uchuu Ishiki ni Mezameta Yoshitsune~ 星の王女 ~宇宙意識に目覚めた義経~ [070323] Mirai Her brother Shanaou was killed by a member of the Heike clan. For vengeance and to restore the Minamoto clan, the protagonist Sakurako vows to destroy all the Heike. Introducing herself as Shanaou in place of her late brother, along with her childhood friend Kisanta she goes off to Kurama Temple for training. One day a merchant named Kichiji appeared in front of them. He had been told to come and pick them up by order of Fujiwara no Hidehara. In order to defeat the Heike, they couldn't afford to stay at this tranquil temple any longer... So Sakurako decided that they should go to Oushuu Hiraizumi where Fujiwara no Hidehara was waiting. Hiraizumi where Hidehara ruled was a peaceful land that had no relation to war. There the protagonist trained her sword arm in the dojo of the famed teacher Satou Tsugunobu. However, Kichiji brought news that would smash that peace. Sakurako's big brother Minamoto no Yoritomo, was raising an army to defeat the Heike. She wanted to run to her brother's side immediately, but as she was now she was powerless. Once again she went to the capital. To find a man whose name reached even Hiraizumi, the "Demon of Gojou", and become his retainer. She advances deeply and quietly into an entangled destiny like many heroes before her. Otomege 36. Houkago Lesson ~Yamitsuki! Futari no Ecchi na Kagai Jugyou~ 放課後☆レッスン ~やみつき!二人のエッチな課外授業~ [070323] Pure Milk Seiji is a rookie teacher. But there is his ex-girlfriend, Mizuka, at his school. They are surprised to meet again...., but it doesn't take long until they fall in love again. They meet secretly after school, but one day, Midori, a school counselor, finds out their relationship.... Nukige 37. Kangoku Senkan ~Hidou no Sennou Kaizou Koukai~ 監獄戦艦~非道の洗脳改造航海~ [070323] Anime Lilith The next target of the captain of the battleship Jasant, Major. Donny Bohgan, is beautiful army officers Rieri Bishop and Naomi Evans who have an inordinate level of popularity among people, and also, are Donny's hateful enemies he got hurt by. Brainwash the two female officers in the space battleship and give them a hard time to change them into someone else. Nukige 38. Nangoku Sakunyuu Island ~Ninshin Sasete!? Chichi Shibori~ 南国さく乳アイランド~妊娠させて!? 乳搾り~ [070323] MBS Truth -Deep Blue- The main character drifts ashore to the island, where only girls with big breasts live. He is welcomed by them, and starts to live with them. One day, a man, whose job is to milk the girls, has gone missing. The girls need him because they make a living by selling their breast milk. As a result, the main character is forced to take over the job. He has a good cause to ejaculate inside the girls... on business? Anyway, his sex life soaked in milk starts.... Nukige 39. Ohime-sama Ecchi ~H no Tehodoki! Oshikake Futago ni Omakase~ お姫様☆エッチ~Hの手ほどき!押しかけ双子におまかせ~ [070323] Pure Milk Kazunori is an ordinary student. One day, twin sisters Sera and Seri suddenly come to his house. They are princesses he met when he was a kid. "We've been waiting for you for more than ten years!" Yielding to their love approach, he finally sleeps with them.... Nukige 40. Onna Keieisha Eriko 女経営者 絵里子 [070323] Yui Koubou Eriko runs an old hotel. One day, Kenji, her ex-boyfriend, and Maya visit there. Kenji suddenly swears revenge on her and rapes her. But this is just the beginning.... Eriko is trained to become his sex slave and... Nukige 41. Palais de Royale パレドゥロワイアル [070323] Kogado Studio Fandisc features race game for the throne utilizing system of original game, musical rhythm game and 7 short episodes including ones chosen by readers vote on the site. Otomege Fandisc 42. Renzoku >>> Rape 連続>>>レイプ [070323] Stellar Kazuya almost died in accident, and was unconscious for a year. When he wakes up, he can't move his finger, and has lost all his memory. One day, a doctor touches his body, he becomes the doctor. It seems his spirit takes over and controls the doctor's body. He gradually learns how it works. And he remembers how he got involved in accident, and makes up his mind... to revenge on the girls for what they did to him... Nukige 43. Ryoujoku Maniacs ~Mesu Dorei-tachi no Inya~ 陵辱マニアックス~牝奴隷たちの淫夜~ [070323] A.S.S. A collection of three stories: 1. Addiction to beauty 『美肉耽溺』 2. Nymphomaniac 『淫乱性癖』 3. Brutal sacrifice 『加虐の生贄』 Nukige Anthology 44. Seishun Dynamite!! ~Ikenai Houkago~ 性春☆ダイナマイトっ!! ~イケない放課後~ [070323] Anime-seal The protagonist Miyao Yo is kind of all over the place. But one day, he is asked out by a girl. Since that moment, his life dramatically changes. 90% of CG pictures are hentai! Multiple endings are featured. Which girl do you choose to be your girlfriend??? Nukige 45. Souin ~Chijoku ni Somaru Trauma~ 操淫 ~恥辱に染まるトラウマ~ [070323] Heat-Soft Main character is a novice teacher, but students treat him without respect. He attends a seminar where he learns that to regain self-confidence he must overcome his fear of students. Instructor dresses as school girl and taunts protagonist so that he is able to leash his anger at her and violate her. After several sessions main character is invited to become instructor himself. So here is an innocent girl who comes to his seminar, and former instructor suggests using learned methods on her... Nukige 46. Yakata Jukujo ~The Immoral Residence~ 館熟女 ~The immoral residence~ [070323] Guilty Ryo and his stepmother Madoka lived happily together, lusting after each other but content to just watch each other from a distance without doing anything about it. Until one day Ryo discovered that his stepmom was indebted to the Yotsuya family. In order to help her he offered to sell himself and work for Akie Yotsuya, the head of the family. But he had no idea what awaited him in the mansion… At first it was just Ryo, Akie and Fumi, the maid. But soon two more people moved in: Reiko, Akie’s sister… and Madoka, Ryo’s mother. And as time passed Ryo discovered that the four women he was sharing the mansion with are connected in more ways than one… Nukige 47. Ninshin Injuu Shoujo 妊娠淫獣少女 [070324] Idle Fancy A young priestess is humiliated by tentacle monsters and a teddy bear she named Kumatan. Doujin Nukige 48. ~Shinsei Kishi Ryoujoku~ ~神聖姫士陵辱~ [070324] Studio-Sakura There were many countries on Meautliana continent. Hundreds years of war across the continent. A new religion was born as people wished world peace, and it was not long before they ruled the world. A hentai adventure game of three holy knights. Doujin Nukige 49. The Wandering Child ~神聖姫士陵辱~ [070324] mokenju Aunt Petunia comes to visit Jane Whitman's mother, but eventually requests Jane to solve Lord Carlton's murder case. EVN 50. Makan no Toriko 魔姦の虜 [070327] Will Tame Main character is a self-proclaimed treasure hunter. He buys a treasure map from a merchant and starts new adventure. But he and his female swordsman companion face a monster that they can not beat. Protagonist manages to escape and meets princess Sophie getting drawn into a whirlpool of conspiracy. If he makes wrong choices, girls get mercilessly violated. Doujin Nukige 51. Minna de Mawasou Hitozuma Jutai Rando ~Betobeto Nikubenki~ みんなで廻そう人妻受胎ランド ~ベトベト肉便器~ [070328] Bishamon A housewife is abducted and gang raped by multiple guys and becomes pregnant at last. But it is only the beginning of the nightmare. Doujin Nukige 52. Myuu-tan ni Omakase みゅうたんにおまかせ [070328] Yumemisou Main character takes a nap when door opens and beautiful girl jumps in. "I'm a helper from the future! I will solve your love troubles!" From this day his life becomes anything but ordinary. Doujin Lolicon 53. Double Essence ダブルエッセンス [070328] Suiren Shimazaki Kasumi is a girl recently visited the hospital where the protagonist Matsuyama Takayuki is working, to have an examination for problems with her clitoris. Kasumi's clit is unusually big and it makes Takayuki turned on...... The story proceeds by the protagonist's view and Kasumi's view. Kasumi cums over and over again like hell! The size of her cock and breasts vary at your treatment and care. Doujin Nukige 54. Vitamin X ビタミンX [070329] HuneX The game is set at Seitei Gakuen, an elite private academy that teaches every level from kindergarten until college in Tokyo. Minami Yuuri is starting her second year of teaching here, and she is now moving up from teaching middle school students to the assignment she had sought after: grammar for high school students. Unfortunately, she gets assigned to "Class X," an infamous group of seniors; it is said that all of their previous teachers have retired due to ulcers or neurosis. Minami must try to reach out to these students and get them into college. Otomege 55. Houkago no Hoken'i ~Ane Juujoku~ 放課後の保健医~姉・汁辱~ [070330] Guilty+ Mai is a sick-room teacher. She enjoys her life at school, but there is one thing she concerns. It's her younger brother, Tomohiro, a student at the same school. He is so wimpy, and comes to the sick-room quite often. One day, a student comes into the sick-room. That is Takuya, Tomohiro's classmate. He suddenly tries to rape her. She resists it at first, but he says, "Let me shag with you, and I'll stop teasing Tomohiro." She finally sleeps with him, but this is just the beginning.... Nukige 56. Inmai Love 淫妹LOVE [070330] Swanmania Yuuta catches his sister in his room masturbating and saying his name. Will he walk in and gently ask what she's doing? Or will he go in and rape her? The future of their relationship hinges on this decision. Nukige 57. Kohonya 古本屋 こほにゃ [070330] Vallel There is a quiet antique shop on the corner of the city. If you lost something, you should visit this place. Beyond the door a mysterious girl sits at the counter. "Welcome to the second-hand bookstore Kohonya". Doujn 58. Miwaku no Mahoujin -Wakaoku-sama to Ecchi na Shoukan Mahou- 魅惑の魔法陣 -若奥様とエッチな召喚魔法- [070330] Rolling Star Alicia is a newly-fledged summoner, and a housewife with a little body. One day, she finds out her husband, a poor, lower-class soldier, has a large debt. Abandoned herself to despair once, but she has a great chance to life herself out of poverty, but it is not that easy..... Doujin Nukige 59. Nama Tama なまたま [070330] Rapapuru Takuto had a quarrel with his father and left his house. He lives alone now, making a living as a part-timer. One day, Ayase comes to his apartment..., "Your father broke down!" According to her, she comes to his place to make a baby. Nanaha, his childhood friend, suddenly breaks in, "It's no good!" Takuto says, "Yes, it's impossible, right? I agree to make a baby, but I don't want to marry yet." This is a make-a-baby project for his father in coma! He agrees with it, but doesn't want to marry! Great inside ejaculation life, but he is out if she gets pregnant! What will happen to Takuto in the end...? Nukige 60. Oku-sama wa Zansatsu Shoujo 奥様は惨殺少女 [070330] Tabun Osoraku Kitto Main character is a promising office worker in a trade company. His wife Sayuri is a cute junior high school student. The newly-wed couple enjoys each other during a period of one week. Doujin 61. Pretty Devil Millium to Issho -Aku Chuunyuu After- PrettyDevilミリオムといっしょ -悪注入アフター- [070330] Matsuri Kikaku Pretty Devil Millium finally leaves for at least 60 years, and main character has to spend this winter without his libido satisfied. He notices some activity in the garbage big and pokes its contents with a stick. To his surprise a precious person crawls from there... his precious devil. Nukige 62. Rasetsu no Koku 羅刹の刻 [070330] Melty Koubou Main character settles in the mountains and forgets about his past. He attacks travelers and commits women. He can't control his lust with this beautiful woman around, and two bodies overlap. Nukige 63. Shiofuki Mermaid "Dame... Coach! Nanika ga Dechauu!" しおふきマーメイド「だめ……コーチッ!何かが出ちゃうぅ!」 [070330] Marine Makoto is an ordinary uni student. There is a swimming pool near his place, and he often comes there to swim and enjoy watching swimsuits women. One day, he is asked to teach swimming to Marina. It seems she can't swim at all. While he touches her body, he gets erected. Marina notices it, and gives him a blowjob. When he touches her vagina, she cries out in pleasure and achieves female ejaculation. His unknown erotic ability comes into bloom! Make all the women from a uni student to a married woman ejaculate with your fingers! Nukige 64. Tomorrow [070330] Mr. E Aurora, a consumptive woman that has lost all hope of surviving the disease. Alvin, a grief-stricken husband that is helpless over the cruel fate of his wife. Aldous, a calculating, inflexible man with shadowy intentions. These are the actors of this little tale, a tragedy in three acts. EVN 65. Cell Phone Love Letter [070331] Love Conquers All Games Two stories of two separate, young girls: Hazuki, an artist struggling to find recognition or purpose, and Yamazaki, a hacker who inadvertantly falls in love with a girl. Their stories are seperate, but they are both connected by a single theme: long distance relationships, love via e-mail. EVN 66. Mesuniku no Oshie ~Injoku no Jusei Seibo~ 牝肉の教え〜淫辱の受精聖母〜 [070331] PichiPichi Gallery R St Mary's Church holds many big breasted sisters. Some of them crave for uncontrollable pleasures. And today wishes come true. Doujin Nukige
  19. Foreword: Caramel Box is loved by me for rich in detail worlds, so I'm approaching Utsurigi Nanakoi Tenkiame with high degree of skepticism as this is just a story of seven school wonders written by four different writers. But Caramel Box is full of surprises. Can it redeem even this setting? Synopsis: There is a school in town. The story of seven mysteries is told among students from generation to generation. Ren is an ordinary student except for the fact that he has a mysterious childhood friend. Triggered by meeting with a witch, he gets to know a little bit about the mysteries. Ellen, Kazusa, Hana, Miu, and the other girls. The story of seven mysteries and romances starts now... Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rc5EJqRlSeQ&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv83QEHMQ6WsJxdFDJwtBhdb Game type: Everyday fantasy Character Design rating: 7/10 Protagonist rating: 6/10 Story rating: 5/10 Game quality: 7/10 Overall rating: 6/10 As you see from the score, Miracle did not happen. Seven school wonders usually assumes horror story, but there is neither horror nor battle in here. It's actually seven light romance stories where school wonders exist just to make each heroine unique. It's not a plotge, it's a pure charage. Prologue is actually nice with these three mascot animals and Ellen in witch clothes. But then comes the screen with girls icons... and magic is gone. The biggest problem of the game is isolated heroines. They rarely interact with other heroines, so don't really have the chance to build up atmosphere. Ellen seems to be main heroine since she is a witch who pushes us in prologue to investigate seven school wonders, but in reality she disappears almost instantly in other heroines routes failing to be mediator between heroines and the reader. Flagging takes quite long, but flagging scenes are often repeating and not too funny. Individual paths feel short. Moreover, turning points in these paths feel forced and unnatural. Utsurigi Nanakoi Tenkiame is neither boring, nor funny. It can only offer a romance story tête-à-tête with the heroine in unusual circumstances. Heroines are made unique by adding specific features like nekomimi or miko with steel weapons (who never fights anyone) to girls themselves and putting them in special environment that usually means some kind of ghost story. This way game feels very similar to One2, yet theme is wider than just disappearance and fantasy elements are used more boldly. But there's nothing beyond these seven stories. There's neither True Route nor omake, because nothing really unites these heroines. If feels lonely. Japanese reviews compare Utsurigi Nanakoi Tenkiame with earlier Caramel Soft games like Blue or Shamana Shamana. But those games at least had single writers and organic cast of heroines. This one is artificial mosaic hastily gathered together just to keep brand writers busy with something.
  20. Cheat Engine + HAT ("Hook Any Text" script published at github) worked great for me. As for emulator, it does not really matter, I tested it on all the popular PS1 emulators of different versions with the same success. I prefer using emulator xebra because it's the most precise one managing to launch everything while popular emulators failed to launch some 20% of visual novels. There are cases when there is no renewable thread, just a wall of text. At rare cases no threads are found at all. I experienced some 2/3 of success cases.
  21. Utsurigi Nanakoi Tenkiame can be called VN of the Month, but I'll decide whether it's a masterpiece or not in the review. 1. Natsumegu ナツメグ [070202] Cotton Soft Atsushi is in his second year of high school. His school is going to get merged with another school after the end of the first period, so this is his "last" summer holiday. He enjoys it spending with his friends. One day, the news comes out that Yukako is going to transfer to another school. He decides to gather his friends, and set up a club to make memories for Yukako... Heroines are attractive. Common route takes most of the time, and club activities are emphasized. Content is pretty simple, and this normality becomes main feature of the game. Individual routes are very short. It's not a high level story, akin to moege. 2. Primitive Link プリミティブ リンク [070202] Purple Software Fifteen years ago, "Gate", which is an entrance to another world, appeared in some places on earth. The name of the other world is Landlork. The two worlds started to exchange since then. People of the earth started to get interested in Landlork since people in Landlork can use magic. Haruta, a high school student, visits Landlork as an exchange student. He is taken to Tricia High School, which is a school for magic. Cultural exchange with another world, including exchange with the girls. Everything common to him is new to the girls. On the other hand, Haruta gets to know the power of magic. And there are more first experiences to him... Scenario in the individual routes ends abruptly at the time when it starts to get interesting. But after normal routes True route opens up that answers couple questions, but a lot more remain obscure. It feels like writer should have just utilized fantasy school setting rather than try to build grand global scheme on top of that. Basically, it's a moege in fantasy setting and pretense for not so successful epic scheme. 3. Shuukaku no Juunigatsu ~Fuyu~ 収穫の十二月~冬~ [070214] Talestune 1 Tagami, a town of heavy snowfall. In this village is the commonplace idea of the existence of God. Due to his parent's situation, Konno Masaki moves into this village. But on the same day, he is ordered by Shiro, the God of Tagami, to become her husband. Overwhelmed, Masaki accepts, and on the following day transfers to his new school. Yuki, the daughter of a family that wields the utmost power in Tagami, falls in love with Masaki on first sight and confesses. Once again, Masaki accepts. And so starts a strange relationship between a god and a human, two girls and one guy. Surrounded by new friends, he experiences days filled with bliss. However, just as he was becoming accustomed to his new life, Yuki makes a suggestion. "I want to make a child with you." With this one line, their lives drastically change. There is an English review. 4. Zero no Tsukaima -Koakuma to Harukaze no Concerto- ゼロの使い魔 小悪魔と春風の協奏曲 [070215] Marvelous Interactive Saito is summoned to the another world, and gets involved in "Love" and "Adventure". Staged on Tristheine Magic School, he is teased and loved by Luiz. Luiz has the likeability parameter and dislikeability parameter. If you hang around with other girls, her dislikeability parameter rises. And if it hits the limit, a horrible event happens to you. Keep an eye on them all the time, and have a love-love life with Luiz. Anime spin-off 5. Hoshitsuguyo ホシツグヨ [070223] Grooming Yuri Takamura lives in a small country town in Japan with his elder sister. He has a fascination with the stars and aspires to be an astronaut. When the night sky is clear, he ventures off to a secluded spot and watches the sky. Upon one visit, however, he comes across a mysterious girl who sets off a series of events in this small town. Occasionally met girl in yukata only looks like a classmate, but the atmosphere about her is totally different. First half involves a lot of explanations and mythology linked to constellations origin. Second half is all about rapid development. Both mythology and romance are depicted roughly not leaving much room for motivation. Dialogues are lacking. Final brings epic scale development to this ordinary small town, but it's questionable whether it justifies the ride or not. 6. Kissy Kissy ~Watashi no Tamago~ Kissy Kissy ~わたしのたまご~ [070223] Mini 1 The story centers around Junichi, a student and convenience store clerk. Upon his way back from work, his peaceful life takes a sudden stop as he finds an unconscious girl on the beach. Being the nice guy that he is, Junichi rescues her and brings her to his house. After waking up, the girl draws a blank in her memory. Who she is, where she came from, things that we usually take for granted was lost to her. Still, even with all that she has lost, she has one strong desire. That desire was to stay here, with Junichi. There is an English review. 7. MP ~Maid promotion master~ えむぴぃ ~Maid promotion master~ [070223] Palette Riku's job is to deliver the unhappiness to people. One day, he knows that the next delivery is to himself. He gets on the train immediately to escape from the unhappiness, and arrives at a village in the backwoods. He rents an old house along the coast. When he opens the door, there are maids inside, actually the house is for a hands-on training for new maids. His mission is to train five training maids... wit this, his lewd and comical life with the five girls begins now... A moege with no scenario writer claiming script authorship. There is basically no story and even protagonist identity remains unknown. There is no drama or conflict. Just constant girl teasing and fighting among themselves over pervert protagonist. 8. Shikigami ~Kikyou no Hana ni Himetaru Omoi~ 式神 ~桔梗の華に秘めたる想い~ [070223] White Cyc There is a city, which has two different faces. The city is filled with people during day, and a monster called "Hizumi (strain)" appears during night. Tsukasa is "Shade", who protects this world from the monster with his sword. The unescapable fate awaits him.... This exorcist story is thin and has little mystery in it. Atmosphere and world view are ok. Heroines are rather poorly developed. H events are only pure love ones. Card battles soon become tiresome as they can't be skipped and there's always luck element involved (usual battles can be skipped starting with 2nd playthrough). 9. Utsurigi Nanakoi Tenkiame うつりぎ七恋天気あめ [070223] Caramel Box There is a school in town. The story of seven mysteries is told among students from generation to generation. Ren is an ordinary student except for the fact that he has a mysterious childhood friend. Triggered by meeting with a witch, he gets to know a little bit about the mysteries. Ellen, Kazusa, Hana, Miu, and the other girls. The story of seven mysteries and romances starts now... I'm reviewing it blindly myself. BLOCKED 1. Uruwashi no Seito Kaichou wa Rinkan Dorei 麗しの生徒会長は輪姦奴隷 [070202] Cybele Kuroda Yusuke is a student at Sakurato Gakuin. He behaves rudely to anyone, through the influence of his parents. But just because he came of a good line, he and Soma Kanan, the school-council president who is also from a distinguished family, are engaged to be married in the future. But Kanan breaks off her engagement to him because of his glaring immorality. Yusuke hated her of being a goody two shoes at school, but cannot bear to give up her beauty and heavenly body. He rapes her with his cronies. The next day, she swears that she will never succumb to him under any circumstances. It makes him go berserk!! Yusuke and his cronies plans to rape her everyway possible until she changes her mind. Nukige 2. Tonari no S Tsuma ~Ijimete Ageru♪~ 隣のS妻~虐めてあげる♪~ [070203] Gyuunyuu Soft My parents were away on a one-week trip. I am alone at home, till the beautiful woman next door Motomura Keiko came to see after me. My parents asked her to take care of me during their absence. So, I started to live with her at my home for a week. Until then, I had never dreamed that she was such a slut... Doujin Nukige 3. Master x Master ~xx o Kimeshi Mono~ マスター×マスター ~××を極めし者~ [070204] a.m. Masturbation master finally found his love, and it was a man. The object of his love can be chosen among five candidates. Doujin Boys Love 4. OneLove R ~One Love Recover~ おねらぶR ~ONE LOVE Recover~ [070204] VENUS This is a story of the sisters in next ten years appeared in the previous ONE LOVE. Their love is about to be broken.....by a single man. Forbidden incest sex of a man and his daughter..... sibling sex...... In the immoral, who will you love and who will you dump...? It is all up to you. Doujin Nukige 5. Tantei Jinguuji Saburou Series No.14: Takusareta Yubiwa 探偵 神宮寺三郎 Series No.14 託された指輪 [070207] WorkJam A man is killed and the suspect is declared wanted. Victim's daughter has doubts about official version and asks Jinguji to investigate the case. Consolve Exclusive 6. Drawn To You ~ Art School Romance ~ Drawn To You ~ Art School Romance ~ [070209] Reccasoft Liany is a freshman in the north Ashburg Institute of Art. Somehow though, her paintings still come out dull. Liana's best friend thinks she knows the answer - so can Liana find something that will inspire her? Or... someone? EVN Otomege 7. Juurin 蹂躙~じゅうりん~ [070209] Black Package XXX Yuji robbed an armored car with his partner a few hours ago. It was a perfect planning..., but his partner made a stupid mistake. As a result, they left their car and ran away deep inside a mountain with the money. Yuji shot his partner dead along the way to get all the money. He gets tired after a long run. He finds a house in front of him, and hears some girls talking. He decides to rob the house, and stay there for a while to make another plan, remembering he hasn't slept with girls for a while.... Nukige 8. Kaseifu Onihei ~ Sennyuu! Miboujin Ikka Nyotai Mamire 家政夫鬼平~潜入!未亡人一家女体まみれ [070209] Kuro Hina Onihei is a housekeeper, employed mainly by a family without a man, who needs male help. At first sight, it looks like he works hard. But his secret purpose is to get their secrets, and make them his sex slaves.... Nukige 9. Live x Evil -Nessa no Prometheus- Live x Evil 熱砂のプロメテウス [070209] EDGE You are a newly recruited Secret Ops member who's sent to a remote desert city to gather information on the activities of a rising terrorist group. Boys Love 10. Oshiete! Onetei 教えてっ!おねてぃー [070209] Tryset One day, Toko, Makoto's cousin, starts to live with his family because she starts to work at his high school as a practice teacher. And his parents leave them and go abroad on vacation. Makoto used to play often with Toko when they were children, but he is surprised to see her body. She's become sexy! What will happen to his life with Toko...? Nukige 11. Shirudaku Settai Shiru Darake no Machi 汁だく接待 汁だらけの街 [070209] Waffle Since Nero is wanted for serial rape, he hides himself deep inside a mountain. As always, he rapes a girl every day there. One day, he meets Nukeme, an adult video director, who saw Nero raping a girl the other day. Nukeme offers Nero to appear on an adult video. Nero accepts it, and comes back in town. Nero prepares himself for a rape video. His targets are a nurse, a teacher, a uni student, a married girl and so on. Now he is ready.... Nukige 12. Adamas Zero [070211] A parody game featuring Gun*am SEED DESTINY. Ne*, defeated by Kira and saved by AA. At the same time, Asl*n gets injured and saved by AA. What destiny awaits the three? This is a novel adventure! Doujin Boys Love 13. Despair Witch [070211] Bluewater Satoru is a wizard who stays in human world for magic training. Here he meets a girl who is a wizard as well and he decides to make her his slave... Nukige 14. Happy☆Valentine ハッピー☆バレンタイン [070211] PROJECT.S Valentine day comes, and Hitsugaya receives a valentine card. But who is the sender? Doujin 15. Guy Luke Evolution ~Fabre-tei de Dakishimete~ ガイルクエボリューション~ファブレ邸で抱きしめて~ [070212] GEL Seisaku Iinkai "Tales of the Abyss" fan game. Doujin Boys Love 16. Gakkou Nanafushigi 4 学校七不思議 4 [070213] Gin no Ken One day I got acquainted with a girl in the classroom. Beautiful black hair cover her shoulders, and face shines with bright expression. And above all, she calls me out... Her name is Mika Saito, and her presence feels unnatural... Doujin 17. Heart no Kuni no Alice ~Wonderful Wonder World~ ハートの国のアリス~ Wonderful Wonder World ~ [070214] QuinRose Alice is realistic; especially about love. One day, she is taken to the world of heart, which is full of danger. For example, an owner of a hat shop is a gangster, and every theme park worker carries a gun; almost all of the people are dangerous. She somehow starts to enjoy her life there, after she is forced to take a drug which prevents her from returning to her original world. Will she find a way back? Will she fall in love? Otomege 18. ~Tifa the Limit~ Final Heaven ~TI○A the LIMIT~ FINAL HEAVEN [070214] M.A.F Tifa rushes to a scene where she heard a female scream from. Doujin Nukige 19. Hiiro no Kakera ~Ano Sora no Shita de~ 緋色の欠片 ~あの空の下で~ [070215] Otomate A fandisc of Hiiro no Kakera 1. Otomege Fandisc 20. Bodatsu ~Kindan no Shokushu Soukan~ 母奪~禁断の触手相姦~ [070216] Finish! Main character wakes up with tentacles growing from his body. Mother screams in horror upon entering the room. This situation leads to forbidden incest relations. Nukige 21. Kouhou Miko ~Junketsu no Kouiku Shimai~ 肛奉巫女~純潔ノ肛育姉妹~ [070216] Ail There is the God in this village.... Local legend says people in the village were attacked by outsiders, and ran away deep inside a forest. Just when they were about to be killed by them, the God appeared and beat them up. People adore the God since then, who likes an anus of a virgin girl. Every year, a festival is taken place to offer a virgin girl to the God.... Nukige 22. Owarinaki Houkago ~Hitozuma Kyoushi Koukai Choukyou~ 終わりなき放課後~人妻教師公開調教~ [070216] Sanmadou Honpo Don't do it now! Pleeeze!! Ya bitch!! You don't deserve to even talk to me!! Lusty studs exploits vulnerability of a sexy female teacher. She is used like a sex toy, and humiliated countless times. Doujin Nukige 23. Uwaki Tsuma ~Kyonyuu Hitozuma Midare Manshon~ 浮気妻 ~巨乳人妻乱れマンション~ [070216] West Vision Main character's wife is a planning manager of the boutique's planning department. Employees families live in the same complex. Protagonist gets tempted by president's wife and hopes to get a high management position via her connections. In exchange he needs to satisfy her perverted libido in secret every day. Eventually, housewives in the neighborhood get involved as well... Nukige 24. Yuuwaku Ren'ai ~Jitsu wa Kyonyuu de Muchimuchi de~ ゆ~わく恋愛~実は巨乳でムチムチで~ [070216] Swan Yousuke is sullen and withdrawn since his family moves frequently. He has no close friend. But one day, his life changes dramatically! He finds Yuko's secret beauty, and gives her small advice. Yuko gets happy, and decides to become beautiful for him. Her deeds gradually get bolder and bolder! Mio also gets involved to get Yousuke. What will happen to Yousuke in the end...? Nukige 25. Shokushu Injoku ~Gyakukan Tengoku Kairaku Jigoku~ 触手淫辱~虐姦天国・快楽地獄~ [070216] elle-murakami The genius scientist Saburo Kuroiwa has invented the ultimate in sex toys: "Tentacle." The tentacle escapes and goes on a wild rampage raping the young women it comes across. Three different women characters are raped and all are fully voiced so you can hear their cries and screams. A young aristocratic woman is humiliated as her asshole is expunged and violated. The class president has her holes clogged with semen while in the school gym. In a gloomy grotto a young girl is impregnated and gives birth! Doujin Nukige 26. Soudentou no Mimei 送電塔のミメイ [070217] Satomi Shiba 1 A lone maiden with the ability to perceive the eminent future traverses to the abandoned island Haikyo with a single task, to exterminate every Kogori Demon that inhabits the place. On this island, clad in ambiguity as extensive as the mysterious electric towers erected about the premises, lies a meager population, and these ghastly apparitions, exclusive to the island, birthed from the strong desire of their hosts. Immediately upon arrival, Mimei met Yato, a man who shares her same goal, albeit for a very different reason. That is, to instead consume these demons. This story tells of how these two parties, borderline foes, yet still companions, passed their days side by side. Doujin 27. Deep Princess III [070218] Oyama Dennou Giken One year after the fall of the holy city of Elk the world has become a huge livestock reproductive farm managed by monsters. But even in this desperate situation princess knight keeps fighting for her country independence. She released numerous slaves, but her luck did not last long and she got into a trap. She is at beasts' mercy now. Doujin Nukige 28. Chocolate Love [070219] in the air Main heroine is an ordinary student and calligraphy club member. She loses in lottery and is appointed chairman of physical education committee. On a Valentine day of the second year of high school fate brings her closer to a junior who participates in the same committee. Doujin 29. My Pet Sakura マイペット桜 [070219] Chapter 3 of My pet series Fate edition. Rider says that Sakura is going to be the next sacrifice and disappears. Sakura sets off to find Rider, but finds only humiliation and violation. Doujin Nukige 30. Bonyuu Kangofu ~Inkou Byoushitsu~ 母乳看護婦 ~淫行病室~ [070220] Erojishigumi I (Yuya) had n affair with my mother in hospital where she works as a nurse.... Doujin Nukige 31. Kemonomichi -Ichi- けもの道-壱- [070220] Rascou VIP*R-RSR adventure game, featuring Ka**ra and I**ta. Includes 3 new stories. Doujin Nukige 32. Machi Tsuu ~Unmei no Doukasen~ 街痛 ~運命の導火線~ [070221] Neko no Jimusho Three protagonists find themselves isolated for three days in Sayama City which exists between fiction and reality. A casual choice can have severe consequences there. What will happen to them? Doujin Nukige 33. D.Armor's 4 [070222] Arekara4nen Elf summons a monster to defeat the enemy, but becomes monster's toy herself. Doujin Nukige 34. Reijou Tantei ~Office Love Jikenbo~ 令嬢探偵 ~オフィスラブ事件慕~ [070222] Tomcat System From a young age I attended an Escalator style Girls High School. Even though I was deeply interested in my studies and club activities everyday life was slow and full of boredom. During those high school days I met a wonderful person. Kurahashi Yukari... She was like a big sister to me. She went to the same St Agnes Women's College and learned from lots of interesting books. They were fun days that I never want to forget. After graduating Yukari started working at a certain company. In order to chase after her I applied to that same company and got an offer. When I told her her the happy news she replied with a smile. "But I'm probably going to retire soon." Surprised I suddenly said, "But I really thought it would be nice to spend every day working together..." Saying those words filled with dissatisfaction was a bit selfish of me, but Yukari just smiled kindly and whispered in my ear. "You should know by now too, how wonderful love is... right?" When she said that I felt a weird flustered feeling. A love so wonderful that you can just declare it like that, could I feel that way too someday? But coming back from my study abroad I was struck by some sudden news. Yukari killed herself!? There's no way that happened, she was so happy the last time I saw her. In order to find the truth of the incident I'm going to work at the same company in the same secretary role that she had from today on. Otomege 35. Soshite Kono Sora ni Kirameku Kimi no Uta XXX そしてこの宇宙にきらめく君の詩 xxx [070222] Datam Polystar Lumina’s father has died of some disease and the 2 twins, Edios and Michael have died in battle. One day Lumina goes on a scavenger adventure with Pelmo and opens a Pandora’s box. From there comes out a ghost who takes over Pelmo’s body and tells her that he can revive any people who did not die of natural causes. She doesn’t listen to the full rules of the contract and agrees to revive both Michael and Edios. Unfortunately this causes everyone to forget that she’s the Queen or who she is period. Instead Michael becomes King and Lumina finds herself running around the castle hoping for someone to recognize her face. Otomege 36. Ayase-ke no Onna ~Inka no Ketsumyaku~ 綾瀬家のオンナ~淫華の血脈 [070223] Sukaradog Two sisters Mizuki Ayase and Hinata Ayase have transferred to a rural school. There is a secret about them that they stimulate sexual arousal in men unconsciously. Classmates and teachers become captivated by them. School girls become jealous and start to harass newcomers, and school plunges into chaos. Nukige 37. Ayatsuri Haramase Dream Note 操り孕ませDreamNote [070223] UnderMoon Masaya is a uni student, who works as a home tutor part-time. One day, he receives a parcel. That is a notebook. He frowns when he reads a letter, which is also in the parcel. It says, "If you write a girl's name in the notebook, you'll be able to control her as you like." He thinks it is ridiculous at first, but he decides to give it a try. The name he writes is Yumi, his student.... As a result, it comes true, and he shags with her. "This notebook is proved to be real. I can now have fun with it...." Nukige 38. Boku ga Kowashita Ojou-sama 僕ガ壊シタオ嬢サマ [070223] Black Lilith The girl is mine! She's my girl at last!! Humiliate the pretty girl Rinka in various locations in school! The ending scene may vary at your command choice! She might be pregnant after all! Nukige 39. Dain Miko 堕淫巫女 [070223] Utamaro Soft The main character is the grim reaper, who has been transformed into a crow. He tries to make some Miko his slaves, Mitono, Kana and Marika. But mysterious and erotic accidents happen one after another.... Nukige 40. Examinator エグザミネイター [070223] Magi White Masaya lost his parents when he was small. His father was a famous treasure hunter and so is he now. He completes various missions by using "Ooparts", which has a mysterious power, given by his father. Now, he searches inside the cave where "Ooparts" was found, and many "Ooparts" still remains there... Nukige 41. Gohoushi ★ Princess ご奉仕★プリンセス [070223] WendyBell Kazuki is an ordinary uni student. One day, he is taken to another world, which is almost in a ruin. It is necessary to satisfy the God's desire to save the world. There are Fiana, a princess, and Parsley, her follower. Fiana says, "I'll do anything for you to save the world!" It seems they mistakenly think he is the God. And his sex life starts... Nukige 42. Haitoku no Gakuen 2 ~Yami o Tsugu Mono~ 背徳の学園2~闇を継ぐ者~ [070223] Liquid Tatsuya had a serious accident and now lives with some difficulties. He is helped by his old friends, folks, and teachers. However, he is somehow unsatisfied. One day, he has a dream that a girl named Dominik appears and says she will cure his body if he accepts her offer. He accepts it halfjokingly, but it is not just a dream. From the next day, his teachers, classmates, childhood friends, and folks offer him their bodies one after another. He is confused at first, but he gradually gets involved in Dominik's conspiracy.... Nukige 43. Hakarena Heart ~Ta ga Tame ni Kimi wa Aru?~ はかれなはーと~誰がために君はある?~ [070223] Russell.pure Yukari is a high school student. One day, a boy appears in front of her when she is on her way home from school. He says, "Give me back the precious stone you stole." She doesn't know what he is talking about. He suddenly holds her tight and says, "Give me your life." She tries to escape from him, and she is scooped by another man who rides a horse astride. He says to her, "Give me back!" She is totally confused, and cries out loud in panic, "What are you doing? I don't have the precious stone!" Since then, her life is changed. There are other men who try to get back the precious stone from her. What will happen to Yukari? What is the precious stone? Otomege 44. Himekishi Angelica ~Anata tte, Hontou ni Saitei no Kuzu Da wa!~ 姫騎士アンジェリカ~あなたって、本当に最低の屑だわ!~ [070223] Silky's El and Chris are lovers. But one day, Chris is chosen to be a princess. They decide to elope, but she doesn't come to the place of the appointment. Instead, some men appear, and beat him up. He is somehow saved, and informed that Chris has become a princess and his father and friends have been killed. He decides to take a revenge on her... Several years later, he catches Angelica, Chris's daughter, and makes her his sex slave. This is just the beginning of his revenge... Nukige 45. Hitozuma Sentai Aisaiger Powered 人妻戦隊アイサイガーPOWERED [070223] Discovery Six months have passed since Aisaiger destroyed Darakuza. Hikari is a high school student, and wants to be Aisaiger. One day, a PE teacher transforms himself into a monster, and tries to rape Hikari. At that very moment, Aisaiger appears in front of them, and smashes the monster up. A fierce battle against Nekuroia starts now... Nukige 46. Inka Gakuen Taisen ~Joshikousei Injoku~ 淫渦学園大戦 ~女子校生淫辱~ [070223] Maika Yuuga is a high school student. One day, he receives a mysterious email. It says he is the last successor of "Inka Kempo". "Inka Kempo" can gives girls sexual pleasure and control them freely. His boring life suddenly changes.... Nukige 47. Kurokami Shoujotai Exte! 黒髪少女隊えくすて! [070223] Honey Pot Five additional stories and one special movie of "Kurokami Shoujotai" are included. Fandisc 48. Kuruwa ~Yuukyou Kan Yoiyamizakura Dai San Shou~ 廓~遊興館 宵闇櫻 第三章~ [070223] ProjectSAKURA Yokyokan Yoiyamizakura The place only VIPs are allowed to enter. It's not just plain sexual pleasure, but they desecrate women into sex slaves. Doujin Nukige 49. Mahou Shoujo Nayuta 魔法少女ナユタ [070223] Pink Question At another world. A mysterious disease has been rampant for several years. Some of the sufferers transform themselves into monsters, and attack humans. But one day, there appears a girl, who suffers this mysterious disease but hunts the monsters... Nukige 50. Mimi x Mimi! ~Hatsujou Chuuihou~ みみ×みみ!~発情注意報~ [070223] Fukuneko Girls suddenly acquired different beast ears. And somehow their behavior also becomes animal-like. It's so irresistible! Miya gets cat habits, Natsuki - dog ones. Will peaceful days ever get back? Nukige 51. Mirai Fandisc ミライファンディスク [070223] FlyingShine Black Fandisc for the Crime Rhyme series. Contains: 7 short scenarios 1 quiz mini-game Early playable demo of Crime Rhyme 4 All the previous OP movies A couple of wallpaper and sounds Fandisc 52. Oishii Mahou no Tonaekata おいしい魔法のとなえかた。 [070223] C: drive The world was suddenly fused with the fantasy world for some reason. Several things happened after that such as beating and sealing up the monsters or something like that. Anyway, people use magic today. The main character is a teacher of magic, and he does anything erotic he wants to his students under the guise of teaching magic... Nukige 53. Osananajimi to Ama~ku Ecchi ni Sugosu Houhou 幼なじみと甘~くエッチに過ごす方法 [070223] Atelier Kaguya 1 Sousuke has a childhood friend, Asuka. His family often moves due to his father's business. One day, Emily and Kotone, his other two childhood friends, start to live with his family. Emily finds a diary, which Sousuke used to keep when he was a child, and some erotic games they played are written in it. Inspired by it, Asuka, Emily and Kotone start to fight to decide who is the real Sousuke's childhood friend by playing the erotic games they used to play... Nukige 54. Pia Jong ぴあ雀 [070223] Cocktail Soft Mahjong matches continue every night at Pia Carrot employee dormitory. Main character is a beginner who gets defeated instantly. He starts to train seriously and continues to challenge girls. Card game 55. Rankou Jigoku ~Nukarumi ni Ochiru Onna~ 乱交地獄 ~泥濘に堕ちる女~ [070223] Dark Swan Main character is an adopted child in a well-off family. But parents get into difficult situation and stop giving money. Protagonist can't last long at part-time jobs, so he just drinks alcohol and smokes all days long with bad friends. When sister Karin reprimands a bad friend, young men get mad and violate her, and then her teacher over and over. Nukige 56. Shin Onna Kyoushi Yuuwaku Shinro Shidoushitsu 真・女教師 誘惑進路指導室 [070223] Cattleya Kousuke has come back to Japan from the medical treatment abroad. He has fully recovered and resumed to study at school. But all his friends have already graduated and he has no friend except three teachers. They know it's a forbidden relationship, but they have sex at a classroom, a gym, and the top of school building.... Nukige 57. Shoujo Rensa 2 ~Doutei Shounen. Kairaku Choukyou Seme~ 少女連鎖2~童貞少年・快楽調教責め~ [070223] Zero Main character's training is finished, and he becomes part of this mansion. So mansion owner Mayura invites protagonist's tutor to the mansion, and another round of M training begins by the unusual mansion staff. Nukige 58. Tsubomi つ・ぼ・み [070223] Cyon The main character loves Chika, whom he's known since she was a baby. He studies hard to be a teacher to work at her school, and finally he starts to work there. But on his first day of school, he molests Chika on the train, and is arrested. He tells the school he is innocent, and is told to find a culprit in a week. Will he be able to tell his love to Chika by then...? Nukige 59. Tsuma Youji ~Boku wa Hitozuma Kanrinin~ 妻ようじ~ボクは人妻管理人~ [070223] Shiratama 1 Shun graduated from university, but hasn't got a job yet. One day, his grandfather, who is a caretaker of his apartment, gets sick and Shun replaces him. On his first day as a caretaker, he meets beautiful married women, living there. He gradually becomes closer with them and... Nukige 60. Neko Kano 猫カノ [070225] Rocket18Icecream Girl with cat ears is raised in such way that sex is not allowed before marriage. But her tail and ears are so arousing that she breaks this taboo with her boyfriend. From this day she requests to have sex at all kinds of places. Doujin Nukige 61. The Sight of Autumn [070225] M12 The protagonist finds out at the beginning, that due to a congenital disposition, he will soon turn blind. And who would not be hit hard and collapse by such a cruel fate? The hero of the story locks himself into his room and refuses to leave it. After all, why would anything be interesting, why should one look forward to anything? Up to the point, when he is visited by a beautiful girl named Cindy, who invites him to one last time dream with his eyes open and walk in the world "out there". EVN 62. Mukae ni Kuru Onna no Ko 迎えにくる女の子 [070227] Tabun Osoraku Kitto A usual breakfast in the morning. Friend comes by to go to school together. He tells a short ghost story about a ghost girl who ways on the way from school to pick up different students. Doujin 63. Shokushu Onii-chan to Futanari Imouto 触手お兄ちゃんとフタナリ妹 [070227] Soko ni Hanage Kai One day, you wake up to find you have become a tentacle man. So naturally you decide to explore the town to find girls to molest with your new appendages. Doujin 64. Ukishima ni Meguru Omoi 浮島に巡る想い [070227] Aozora Youchien Young people live happily on a small island. But one classmate decides to enter an urban university after graduation, and everyone is sad about it. Then one day teacher comes and declares that island will sink in seven days. How will this week pass? Doujin 65. A Happy Valentine [0702] ZIGZAG 1 The side story taking place after 40 days and 40 nights of Rain. It's a special day, and Kyrie is trying to celebrate this special day for Yuu. Doujin
  22. I waited for like 5 days while was busy with other stuff, and at that time there was just one vote for H2O. I even noticed that first three days are most important for taking a decision. So there is no room for H2O. It's still curious to watch how votes change over time. E.g. Fuuraiki 2 beat Toki no Kairou to dust over time. But it remains only a matter of curiosity.
  23. Foreword: I see girls crying as disgusting, so I'm ill-suited for reviewing nakige - checking out different reviews might be a better idea (1 2 3 4 5 6). However, Dear My Friend by the same scenario writer and artist left a lasting impression on me, so I don't mind checking their new work that even contains fantasy elements. There are several heroines who don't cry all the time, anyway. Synopsis: To Hatoba Kazuki, Nonosaki Akiho had been an irreplaceable being. For as far as when she and her sister, after the loss of their parents, were taken in long ago, she had taken the role of his big sister, his mother, his sweetheart. To him, the loss of her figure meant the world had crumbled down, for him who had managed to gather up courage and confess, days before summer break. A couple of months later, as the pain of parting still remained vivid, the ghost of Akiho appears before his eyes, save little for warning. "I still had memories left here", she said softly, a soft smile attached to her face. Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltZdNlAFmms&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv8GVE5uGaaga-vYlwP48xxP Game type: Nakige Character Design rating: 8/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 6/10 Game quality: 8/10 Overall rating: 7/10 Whys is it evaluated lower than Dear My Friend? Exactly because of nakige nature of the game. Every time Tsubasa shows up, I just have to skip some time because Tsubasa either cries already or will cry in couple minutes. Mukatsku... Introduction with Chihaya also occurs under girl's heavy cry, initial impression is spoiled already and I'm kinda skipping these two routes for evaluation completely if I'm going to get any positive emotions out of this game at all. Compared to Dear My Friend quality and great SOL scenes remain same exciting. But score for heroines and protagonist is lower. Story was never much of a thing, but this time development is very slow, and common route occupies five of six chapters. On one hand it allows to introduce a lot of funny SOL and zapping scenes to show girls' point of view, but on the other hand leaves only a single chapter to actually fall in love with a heroine and date her. Some words about heroines. The problem with Akiho is that she is quite light-minded and that she is everywhere (not just because she is a ghost). She is girlfriend from the start, and after her death no other romantic interest is found by Kazuki. So when she shows up again as a ghost, Kazuki suggests dating again, and it continues the whole common route. Her route is definitely main one due to her special status and miracle happening to her. But it poses problems for other heroines. It does not really look convincing how Kazuki can shift to another heroine after loving Akiho all his conscious life and 5 of the 6 chapters of the game. Of course, other heroines are humans, but it does not make it much easier. So Akiho route should probably be played last as True one. As for exorcist miko tsundere Tamami, she is really nice, but sort of simplistic. I favor more complex and mature archetypes. It was pretty strange for me to discover that many Japanese reviews find a lot of elements to criticize. I find treating death lightly as a good thing here. It provides a generally funny atmosphere and deserves praise for not trying to squeeze a tear everywhere possible. Nakige is built upon heroines' complexes and relations mostly, so different readers may choose which heroines to prioritize and thus focus on comedy or nakige. Overall, a great game. My seemingly low score only follows from nakige nature of the game and direct comparison with Dear My Friend. Every fan of the genre should definitely try it, but even haters like me can find elements to appreciate.
  24. Foreword: All the previous complex meta-textual intellectual novels got the highest score from me. Itsuka, Todoku, Ano Sora ni is exactly this kind of novel. So... is it 10/10 for me as well? Synopsis: In this town, there are "clouds" covering the nightsky, that the starlight won't even pierce. Because of this, constellations would always be too far. Born and raised in the Tatsumi noble family, Saku has failed to meet the expectations that lie on every male member of the family. One day, he receives word from his strict grandfather "to live life the way he wishes." Estranged by his family, Saku travels to the estate of Kuumeishi, a town that has never seen the stars. He went without hardly making sure of the details of arrangements for a wedding... Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wQOtL0k7pXk&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv9cLlVyGlSgO3KP-VwxGWLb Game type: Mindscrew Character Design rating: 9/10 Protagonist rating: 8/10 Story rating: 10/10 Game quality: 9/10 Overall rating: 9/10 There are enough English reviews for this game (1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8) and especially Japanese reviews (1 is one of the best ones). But game has such complex nature that there is still room for discussion. Minor spoilers are inevitable for discussing game concept, but I'll hide big spoiler under the bar. I played the only available at the start Futami route blindly before reading anything on the game... and I did not like it at all. After rather fun greeting of our supposed fiance in this ancient town nothing much really happens for the bigger half of the game. There's astronomy committee at school and Futami who tries to roleplay a perfect wife at home (and she studies at the same school as well). Futami wants to become protagonist's wife and wants his help in ritual for clearing clouds by the festival, and she constantly demands answer, like five times, really. And Saku never gives one. Then I was absolutely pissed by the fact how writer crosses out previous development with just one sentence "And it was the last night before Futami returned to her parents' house". The reason is not explained, and strange scenes start to snowball at this point. Basically, Saku kind of continues to live alone. At this point he is visited by three girls frequently - Mememe, Konome and Asuku San - and it becomes the fork for the routes to initiate. Then there's sudden burst of conflict with many antagonists showing up, and everything loses sense almost completely. There are constant time shifts, recollections, recollections inside recollections and what not. It gets really messy instantly followed by battles and really unsatisfying unification with Futami under weird circumstances. I'm telling all that just to say that first playthrough can be really bad, it's normal. Game still managed to rise from 6/10 to 9/10 somehow. I'll try to explain how. So the concept of all routes turns out to be slightly different. This town is ancient town of several mighty clans dating from Heian period with heroines belonging to different ones. And these clans have both powerful warriors and magicians. A very important day approaches, so in each route protagonist Saku has to deal with the clan of route heroine. Problems and antagonists vary greatly for each heroine, so each route manages to provide an absolutely fresh experience. Concept looks much simpler now, but only because I try to simplify things on purpose. These clans exist at the same town and have a mutual co-habitation history. It means that in different routes all the heroines and sub-heroines and even lots of antagonists act simultaneously, and these arcs intersect. Positions of these clans are absolutely different, hierarchy and heroines positions are absolutely different. Even the purposes of clans are absolutely different. There's a lot of infodumping to chew. And after all three routes are finished another small story shows up which actually puts most of the dots at the right places. It explains both the origin of this town and clans, the history behind most important personalities, the ritual day and even role of Saku. It's a very strange structure where we get to know what the game was about after game is actually finished already. But this move gives incentive to recall or reread parts of heroines routes that made little sense beforehand. And it actually gives room for theory-crafting. My insight is under spoiler. Itsuka, Todoku, Ano Sora ni is a complex meta-textual intellectual visual novel. But why is it just 9/10 for me? The answer is because I did not really like the process of reading it. It's basically mindscrew where nothing is explained until the end and you are hit in the head over and over and over. But I really appreciate direction, text, concept, attention to details and discussion that it provokes. It's not a natural masterpiece, but an artificially kneaded one. The process is not really good, but the aftermath is. There is a feeling of accomplishment afterwards and recognition of something absolutely new done within a scale of visual novel. That's why I can't really recommend it. But if you read all this and still want to read it - it's worth it, at least for the after-taste, but it will be anything but easy.
  25. Foreword: Year 2006 had like only three chunige, so I'm starved for any action by now. But there are great reviews out there (1 2 3 4), so I can give just personal impression and be done with it. Synopsis: The story is set in Belmonte Calabro in Italy. Belmonte is the city of filled with Automatas and boasts the biggest number of Automatas produced a year. Automatas are androids. Mechanical beings created from nothing. Most Automatas can be easily distinguished from humans due to their robotic faces but there are the Antique Dolls, which looks exactly the same as humans with only their eyes giving away who they really are. You start off as Romeo, a slack taxi driver who absolutely stinks at going around the city with his taxi. Or that’s what he looks like from the outside. But the truth is, he’s a runaway werewolf from the Orma Rossa, the only remaining werewolf clan. He lives together with Anna, an Antique doll he picked up from the dump after he left the Orma Rossa. She doesn’t have any memory of the past. So she’s living happily with Romeo. But pleasant times never continue for long. Orma Rossa do not feel like ignoring Romeo any longer and the group called Luparia (the archnemesis of the werewolves), is moving behind in the shadows. Romeo will find himself surrounded by both new and old foes. This time, their target may not only be him… Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTFdwpem_8Y&list=PLs4Gp5VU4Fv_ono4QiF3XsZo_7NkPTfJz Game type: Unique atmosphere action story Character Design rating: 8/10 Protagonist rating: 9/10 Story rating: 4/10 Game quality: 8/10 Overall rating: 7/10 Skipping introductions, game is freaking long. I keep hearing about 20 hours with manual reading, but took me as much as 65 hours on auto excluding repeatable parts. Had some unpleasant moments re-encoding all that volume. And this difference in reading time already shows the amount unexciting, skippable and partially repeating scenes that game has. Well, at least it's not filler scenes as with Hello, world. First couple hours are pretty majestic. Bad-ass protagonist, Italy-ish town atmosphere and blend of retro-androids (not in the cyberpunk way, but in "Hello, World" way) with werewolves do their thing. It's all cool, but it does not really go anywhere, so it starts to be a torture akin to Bittersweet Fools where nothing happens in SOL-like scenes. Here at least there are antagonists who we meet soon. But antagonists here are one-sided, evil and pretty simple. Enemies exist just for battles and defeating them. And that brings the main flaw of the game. There is no mystery. There is no big twist or big enemy. There is no serious development. We just get to know different girls while being pressed between two warring groups. And it's not good. Jingai Makyou had big enemy and mystery. Angelos Armas had nice mystery to witness. Here it's just following after a chosen heroine. I play games for concepts, not for heroines, so for me it's a great miss. But as for heroines, the only one that I appreciate here is Rebecca. I'm pretty old myself and like serious independent composite personalities. She has past dimension and enough unconcealed bitch personality to respect her. Her route also has the biggest twist in the game. Oh, well, and the looks. But her route is great contrast to romantic routes of other heroines. What we see here is rebirth of old brainless Nitroplus concept vividly presented by most hated by me Urobuchi Gen in the old days, but now done on a much better technological level and with much more depth into heroines. But even battles aren't exciting here at all - flashy and artificially prolonged. And that brings a difficult question. What do we even expect of Nitroplus? It presents great protagonist and great heroines in a unique captivating setting. What else do we need? In this regard game is definitely a masterpiece and fresh air among moege. But I expect absolutely different things from Nitroplus. I expect surprise, strong concept with real development and catharsis. Take all that out and you'll get a charage in an unusual setting. That sums it up. Purely positive reviews bring even greater dissatisfaction if our expectations aren't met. I see at least three people who took the bait in Accany review and dumped the game as a result at different stages. I played blindly, but had expectations really high. And this is my only advice in regards of Gekkou no Carnevale - don't expect much of this game. It can be a masterpiece for people who are either relatively new to visual novels and thus falling for action scenes or who play visual novels for heroines. I don't care for romance and heroines much, so it's a miss-miss for me. I still evaluate Gekkou no Carnevale as a weak masterpiece as I can apprehend the strong points this work has.
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