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  1. Hotel. is the only masterpiece for me in December. Micchi highlights some RPG and - naturally - a game about 345 imoutos 1. Ever17 [111201] CyberFront 1 Ever17 is the tale of seven individuals who come to be trapped 153 feet within the underwater marine theme park, LeMU. During an apparently normal day at the park, a massive accident happens, placing almost half of the facility underwater. The path to the surface and the communication lines are cut off. In addition, LeMU is under constant assault by severe water pressure, limiting time to find a means of escape to 119 hours. Escape is not the only concern, however; many questions arise as to the legitimacy of the accident and whether or not those trapped there were brought there for a purpose. Remake 2. Kikouyoku Senki Gin no Toki no Corona 輝光翼戦記 銀の刻のコロナ [111216] Eternal 1 2 3 4 5 The fantasy SRPG Gin no Toki no Corona follows ETERNAL’s previous title, Tenkuu no Yumina. Touka isn’t a normal student: he has the ability to sense and interfere in the purple-lit space known as ‘shinya’ (true night). One time in shinya, he met a strange girl named Tokino who also had the same ability as him. Then a woman named Murial descended from the skies and entrusted a small girl Corona to them. Even though she is an innocent girl right now, she is a dragon girl who possesses enough power to destroy the world. Murial tells them if they raise Corona right then they will be able to save the world from ending. RPG has English reviews 3. Shin Kamaitachi no Yoru: 11ninme no Suspect 真かまいたちの夜 11人目の訪問者(サスペクト) [111217] Chunsoft 1 2 A mystery sound novel that’s supposed to be this generation’s follow-up to Chunsoft’s famous murder mystery, Kamaitachi no Yoru. There are English reviews 4. Appare! Tenka Gomen あっぱれ!天下御免 [111222] BaseSon 1 2 The famous Ooedo Gakuen is the home of students who will become the future leaders of Nihon. It is a mix of traditional setting and modern technology where students walk around with swords. Yakumo recently transferred to the school and he is very satisfied with the school life. There is a school rule that students must earn money to support their own expenses, in order to learn how to be independent. He helps out at a nearby tea shop, but soon after he starts some delinquents pick on him. A girl on a white horse, Yoshine, appears and dispatches them after a lively swordfight. Touched by her pure sense of justice, he ends up helping her in her quest to change the world. There are English reviews 5. Hanasaku Otome to Koi no Grimoire ~Guild no Nai Mura ni Guild o Tsukurou!~ 花咲く乙女と恋の魔導書~ギルドのない村にギルドを作ろう!~ [111222] Debo no Su Seisakusho Lime and Sheena are dragon girls who wanted to be of help to the world and joined an adventurer’s guild to undertake quests. One day, the guildmaster asked them if they wanted to start a guild in a town that doesn’t have one. They happily accept the challenge and head off to the remote village of Erile. Along the way, they saved a young boy Ein from monsters. He tells them that he used to be bigger, but was turned into a small boy by the monsters’ magic and asks for their help in returning him to his normal form. RPG 6. Hotel. [111222] Akatsuki Works Black 1 Keisuke is the vice manager of the Hotel Primeiro, a warm respite for the hearts of weary travellers. He is an overly serious individual who strictly enforces the hotel’s rules. In the comforts of his room, he listens to a melody over and over again. After he heard a similar music coming from the lobby, he headed there to find a girl playing the guitar. When he asked her for the name of the song she was playing, she rushed at him with a knife. Fortunately, he was able to stop her by grabbing the blade. She collapsed to the ground, not knowing why she just did that. She later apologized for the incident, introducing herself as Sarah and requested to listen to his tape after he mentioned it. The soothing melody made her cry and she explained that it was composed by her precious friend Lucille who had been murdered. It was Lucille’s wish to let everyone her hear music and become happy, so she was travelling around and playing her songs to people in order to fulfill this wish. However, she decides to stay in the hotel for now. There is an English impression 7. Imouto Senbatsu☆Sousenkyo 妹選抜☆総選挙 [111222] Latte 1 April 1st is the day when the world is full of lies, however to Kouta, it is his precious imouto’s birthday. His father returned that day after a long time away and told him: “Actually Kouta… you have 364 other imoutos”. He was still confused when his father brought him to Tachibana Gakuen. He was the only guy at the school. The other 365 students were… all his imoutos. There is an English review 8. Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi Portable いつか天魔の黒ウサギ Portable [111222] Kadokawa Shoten 1st year high school student Kurogane Taito is a disillusioned youth. He has thrown away the belief that hard work and effort will be compensated. Now, he simply exists as the days pass him by. However, there is something that he has forgotten. A stolen memory of a girl, a pact, and a curse. 9 years ago, the young Taito had met Saito Himea, the eldest vampire, and made a pact with her. Now, Taito's memories are about to be restored, and he will remember the girl which has been kidnapped and kept imprisoned for the past 9 years, waiting for him to free her. Anime spin-off 9. Koisuru Koto to Mitsuketari! 恋するコトと見つけたり! [111222] Fizz 1 The story starts off with our protagonist Kyou waking up to 2 girls lying on top of him and teasing him, and they both end up kissing him on the cheek. However, he then wakes up in the student council room where student council president Mira finds him and reminds him of the meeting. After said meeting, Kyou attends an assembly where Mira announces that all the students should strive to find love this year but anyone who wants to lay their hands on Kyou needs to go through her first! It seems the two girls from the beginning, Yukina and Towa, are Kyou's fiancées. As more girls join in, the fight for Kyou's love begins! There is an English impression 10. Manatsu no Yoru no Yuki Monogatari 真夏の夜の雪物語 [111222] Ex-One 1 2 3 4 The debut title from EX-ONE, a pure love story illustrated by Mikeou and written by Saitou Kenji and Fuuyama Yuuki. It’s the height of summer, but snow blankets the mysterious town of Aome-machi where it snows year-round and the legend of the Yuki-onna has been passed down for generations. There are hot springs, beaches and ski resorts in this popular sightseeing town. Yuuya transfers into Aome Gakuen and stays at the Snowflake Lodge which his relatives run. He meets his cousins Mana and Koromo who have opposing personalities, the public morals committee leader Nozomi who doesn’t seem to like him, and the mysterious Yukina who calls him her husband. What secrets do they hold and how will he solve them? And so begins the winter fairy tale in the middle of summer. There are English reviews 11. Nanatsu no Fushigi no Owaru Toki 七つのふしぎの終わるとき [111222] etude 1 2 3 Tomo is a student at Tokinodai Gakuen, a small traditional liberal arts boarding school that was built in the Meiji era. However, he has a secret – he has a clock passed down from him by his grandmother which allows him to control time – and he uses this ability to make his school life enjoyable. One time, Tomo found out that there is a link between the clock and the seven mysteries of the school. If one obtains any of the seven clocks linked to the seven mysteries, they will be able to use various time-manipulating powers. His interest perked, Tomo set out after school to the old school building to begin his search. During his search, he meets various girls and together they unlock one of the seven mysteries. They arrive at a space where time has stopped and find a girl in traditional dress sleeping there. She used to be able to manipulate time, but now she has lost those abilities. Will they be able to find all the clocks, awaken the sleeping girl and return her to her time? There are English reviews 12. Omae no Pantsu wa Nani-iro da!? お前のパンツは何色だ!? [111222] Molamola Software On Takato’s first day at Kojou Academy, an energetic girl Mitsuna ordered him to use his genius brain only for her sake for the next three years (and all this while he could see her panties clearly). For Takato who failed to make it into an overseas school of his choice and ending up transferring to Kojou Academy instead, of course he bluntly said no. However, she manages to convince him to join her unofficial club Tateyoko-kai that she is the leader of. The only thing that the Tateyoko-kai does is to "use words to help others". The other club members are just as weird as Mitsuna: masochistic rich girl Yomi, poor girl Shizuku who masturbates everywhere, his childhood friend Sae who’s a stalker no matter how you look at it, and the delusional denpa girl Sako. Did not block prequel, so can't block this game now. Just an ecchi comedy. 13. Seifuku Tenshi 制服天使 [111222] Sherbet Soft 1 Even though Kento was fed up with the monotony of every day, he doesn’t do anything to make it better. His only joy is sneaking glances at the angel-like girl Shion who sits next to him. One day at dusk, he saw her with wings on her back. As she tells him about her ‘angel sickness’, they are attacked by the ‘angel hunter’ Hiruta. He helps her escape and avoid the clutches of a man who harbours great hatred for angels. There is an English review 14. Suigetsu 2 水月 弐 [111222] F&C 1 Suigetsu 2 will feature a new story along with a new protagonist and heroines, while retaining the Japanese folklore theme of its predecessor. You play as Moriya Fumihara, who lives in the onsen (hot springs) town of Mizumori. One day during summer vacation, while taking part in practice with his school's archery club, Moriya stumbles across two girls playing in a lake. Like the manly man that he is, he quickly flees the area; but when he returns home, he finds himself greeted by those very same girls! It turns out that the two girls are the daughters of Moriya's father's friend, and they'll be staying at the Fumihara residence for the time being. Scenario is full of loopholes, and quality is very uneven. Individual routes have lots of duplicate scenes. Making it a sequel but with new protagonist and heroines to feed on ancient game's fame can only irritate. 15. White Album 2 ~Closing Chapter~ [111222] Leaf 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 The cold breeze chilled me to the bone, a singing voice reached my ear- That frozen song from 3 years ago, It once echoed in the classroom, in the empty cafeteria, in the silent campus. Born from passion, evolved by love yet ultimately, vanished as a "lying song". The winter where they were "three" was no longer. A new winter started as "one and one" The season is late autumn. A foreboding change is approaching although the scar of the severed bond is yet to heal. 2 lonely melodies attracted each other and hurt each other, summoning new one in the process. The new winter will arrive soon. The winter without her. There will be no more white album, because I won't sing again. There will be no more unreachable love, because I won't love again. There are English reviews BLOCKED 1. Boku no Kanojo wa Gatenkei/Kanojo ga Shita Koto, Ore ga Sareta Koto/Kyonyuu Tsuma Kanzen Hokaku Keikaku/Boku no Tsuma ga Aitsu ni Netoraremashita. ボクの彼女はガテン系/彼女がした事、僕がされた事/巨乳妻完全捕獲計画/ボクの妻がアイツに寝取られました。 [111208] Elf 1 2 This is a story of love between Masashi and his wife Misaki over the years. The different titles of this game refers to stages of their story. Nukige, but with English reviews 2. Kansen 5 ~The Daybreak~ 姦染5 ~The Daybreak~ [111222] Speed 1 Four years ago, Makoto Nakazawa lost family, friends, and even memory of the events during the outbreak of the Unknown virus epidemic in the Tohoku region of Japan. Now adopted by a female friend of his deceased father, he lives in the Shibuya district of Tokyo, struggling to rebuild a new life in a new land. However he doesn't suspect what Fate has for him when he accepts to go to a little (and not entirely fictional) island in the Inland Sea of Japan as correspondent for the newspaper club of his school, because that island is about to become one of the starting points of the second outbreak of the epidemic he barely survived once... Nukige, but with an English review 3. Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni - Dai Ni Ya 彼岸花の咲く夜に 第二夜 [111231] 07th Expansion 1 2 3 4 Continuation of Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni - Dai Ichi Ya. Doujin, but localized one and with English reviews. 4. ChuSinGura 46+1 Edo Kyuushin-ha Hen ChuSinGura46+1 -忠臣蔵46+1- 江戸急進派編-Edo radical faction [111231] Sequel with a new main heroine. Doujin, but with an opening
  2. Foreword: When I face Sengoku feminization in anime I facepalm and look away, but this setting was not as frequent back in the past, so it fascinates me to try and find that one source that impressed followers so much. Synopsis: Mitsuhide is an extremely poor ‘student ronin’ who gets by via part-time jobs. One day, he receives an enrollment letter to Sengoku Gakuen and readily accepts it. On his first day, a girl named Nobunaga points her sword at him: “How dare you show your face to me, I’m gonna cut your head off!”. Fearful for his life, he explains that he’s not the real Akechi Mitsuhide, but that their names are just the same by coincidence. One by one, he meets girls with the name of other famous generals, such as Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin, who all mistaken him for the actual Mitsuhide. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwGwDxf37gEnYFRQbAtQs5j5GLk8wnbq0 Character Design rating: 8/10 Protagonist rating: 7/10 Story rating: 7/10 Game quality: 8/10 Overall rating: 7/10 If you're still here, you're here for historical parody and cute girls, and I just can't give higher scores for such genre even though it must be the most hilarious historical parody I encountered. There are battles and even some kind of conflict, but for the most part it's done in a comedy manner. It's not wise to expect a serious story or romance game either. Moreover, some dip into Japanese history is necessary to understand at least historic figures behind heroines and protagonist. Game is divided into 11 episodes with common route taking 5-6 episodes, by the end of 7th episode flag is set, then there are 3 episodes of individual route, plus one ecchi epilogue with H scenes split is one for end of individual route and two for skippable epilogue. And I like this clear structure a lot for this lack of H content and taking it away in the skippable appendix with ability to choose option to return to main menu instead before it. Game has six different individual routes, and those routes can vary from total war to spokon, plus girls personalities are absolutely different. Game has Nobunaga in the title, and Nobunaga route has the most serious development, tension and impactful ending out of all. But at the same time it leaves a somewhat bad aftertaste, so it's nice to progress with the heroine of your liking (Shingen!) next and enjoy a light different development. But here is where repetitions of scenes kick in, and some stories felt plain bad for me. So the longer you go, the more tiredness accumulates, and it's best to skip heroines you don't like (Mouri!) So Ouka Sengoku is a surprisingly decent game with really good parody, comedy and so much cuteness that it can rival some moege even without tilting into H. Moe, chuni, action, SOL are mixed well in here. I don't have flaws section this time, because I don't see any taking genre in account. Moreover, high variability of routes and heroines allows for everyone to enjoy only favorite parts and safely skip the rest. That's a great recipe for a game done with talent and not pretending to be epic.
  3. Yurikago yori Tenshi made is VN of the Month. Another notable masterpiece is Hanachirutani Sanjinkou . Legend Seven ~Shirayuki Hime to Shichinin no Eiyuu~ would also fit those who liked Schatten. Zen finds merit in Mareni writing while Micchi goes full-scale moe with Shunki Gentei Poco a Poco, Hare Tokidoki Otenki-ame and even Sonicomi 1. Dare ga Koroshita Komadori o 誰が殺したコマドリを [111118] Smile Senki 1 Kotori is a reserved schoolgirl and is pretty much uninterested with anything around her. Weighed down by anxieties and insecurities caused by her home environment, she grow up unsociable like confining herself inside a shell. Ran is an outgoing nurse-teacher. She lives a life in the way like most other adult does. Kotori caught her attention and helps her in her own way. Kakeru in the nerdy stalker of Kotori. He tirelessly bear his unrequited love for a long time. He is persistent enough to approach her no matter how many times he is shot down. This is their story, the story of these three individuals, the story of their intertwining fate put upon each of their perspective. There is an English review 2. Toaru Kagaku no Railgun とある科学の超電磁砲 [111123] Shade Follow the multi-branching plot through five chapters of suspense, mystery, action, and comedy where your choices determine the outcome. When it's time to do battle, press the correct buttons displayed on the screen and watch the Railgun girls lay the hurt on their foes in awesome CG fight sequences. And of course no Railgun game would be complete without shower and swimsuit scenes! Anime spin-off 3. Tanteibu: The Detective Club -Shissou to Hangeki to Daidan'en- たんていぶ THE DETECTIVE CLUB -失踪と反撃と大団円- [111124] BOOST ON 1 Last in the four volume romantic detective story. The detective team consists of Maya, Tora and Natsu, three teenage girls and Sodom, a little robot with a useful set of skills. Each game in the series focuses on three different cases you have to solve. Detective 4. Hanachirutani Sanjinkou 花散峪山人考 [111125] raiL-soft 1 World War II. A young man seeks revenge for his murdered lover. He rides a horse searching through the mountains, chasing his bitter enemy. In the woods, where no man never set foot, he finds a mysterious village, where fantastic creatures live. In this story about revenge, you will learn what path this man will choose to achieve what he desires. There is an English review 5. Hare Tokidoki Otenkiame 晴れときどきお天気雨 [111125] Palette 1 2 3 4 5 6 Kasugai Yuuya lives in small town filled with rumors of a "God". Hardly differing from normal people, a "God" possesses the mysterious power to exterminate ghosts. If you ask, you may realize your wish - says one of the legends. One day, Yuuya, as a member of student government, participated in a new "God"'s welcome party. But somehow, that "God," instead of arriving by train, falls from above on the a head of our hero, clearly showing off her's panties! Thus, Yuuya's relations with the new unreliable and clumsy "God" started! ------How can I fulfill my wish? There are English reviews 6. Houkago Kitchen 放課後キッチン [111125] Atu Works 1 The cooking research club at Miyosaka Gakuen is in danger of being dissolved unless they can fill up the now-empty school cafeteria by the school festival. With not much time to spare, the club members (Yuna who is bad at cooking, the only daughter of a top hotel chef Ringo, first-year Maaya who likes sweet things a little too much, homely senpai and club leader Suzuno) try out new recipes after school every day in order to create dishes that will attract students to the cafeteria. Yoruhiko is a guy who eats a lot and even though he doesn’t have much experience in cooking, he ends up being enlisted into the club to try out their food. Will they be able to accomplish their goal and save the club? A normal clean school club pure love healing game similar to previous Atu Works games. 7. Ima mo Itsuka mo Faluna Luna 現在もいつかもふぁるなルナ [111125] MANATSU_8 The magic world exists in parallel to the human world. After a while, it became possible to travel between these two worlds and humans started to be able to use magic. Kokoro is a new transfer student at the magic user training school Ougetsu Gakuen and for some reason, he always sneezes when he is around girls. However, the principal Artemis knows that Kokoro possesses great magic power that rivals even the imperial family of the magic world. He stays with his imouto Misaki at the school dormitory Tokino-sou, where there are many girls. He loves girls a lot, so much that he has always dressed up as one since he was small. However, will he be able to fall in love while dressed up as a girl? Trap moege 8. Kanojo wa Sora ni Inoranai -quantum girlfriend- 彼女は高天(そら)に祈らない -quantum girlfriend- [111125] Escu:de A fantasy battle SLG that is very loosely based on Japanese mythology game. The fictional city of Kyouto-shi in Kansai is a traditional city full with history. There are many tales of first-hand encounters with gods and strange things. Wakahiko sets out to find the truth behind these rumours and three goddess appeared before him. He ends up being dragged into their affairs and is given powers to fight alongside the do-S queen of the heavens Amaterasu, ultra-sensitive god of war Takemikazuchi and natural exhibitionist Amanouzume. RPG 9. Legend Seven ~Shirayuki Hime to Shichinin no Eiyuu~ LEGEND SEVEN ~白雪姫と7人の英雄~ [111125] NONSUGAR 1 2 One day, the giant ‘world tree’ appeared and it was controlled by an organization known as the ‘Visioners’ who massacred innocents to achieve the end of the world. However, one girl and her soldiers stand in their way. They are Shirayuki-hime and the ‘seven heroes’ that protect her. Yuu is a normal student that has a high sense of justice who gets involved in this epic battle. Will he be the one that can lift the curse bestowed on Shirayuki-hime? There are English reviews 10. Mahou Shoujo to Koi+ 魔法少女と恋+ [111125] DisAbel There is a secret magic school on an island in southern Japan where only those people with magical talent are accepted. Normal people do not know about its existence aside from being an urban legend. It is the magicians’ task to help normal people secretly when strange events occur. Tsukumo has lost his memories and wouldn’t have known his own name if not for the sole thing that he was carrying – a student card to the magic school. It seems that he used to be a magician, but somehow his memories were sealed. At the school, he is assigned to the special S group, which is full of problem students who possess great magical power. He notices that everyone at the school is female except him. Will he be able to recover his memories? Last DisAbel title has annoying fighting mini-game and feels both unfinished and uninteresting. 11. Mashiro Summer ましろサマー [111125] Mana 1 2 Many years ago, it snowed even in summer. It was said that the snowfall can grant wishes, so the townspeople made lots of wishes and prayers. As time passed, everyone gradually forgot about that strange summer. Keiji is a normal student who wanted a peaceful school life, but he is surrounded by troublesome girls: his cousin Chihiro who’s only good at housework and nothing else, sports freak Aki, poor ojousama Sakino, Mio who always seems to get herself wet and do-M stalker Kaho. There are English reviews 12. Shunki Gentei Poco a Poco! 春季限定ポコ・ア・ポコ! [111125] Alcot Honey Comb 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 The third installment in ALcot Honey Comb’s mid-priced novel series. Even since his parents disappeared a year ago, Kanata did part-time jobs every day in order to take care of himself and his imouto Ai. He skipped classes and didn’t join any clubs even though he had entered the music academy with a scholarship, believing that music doesn’t help bring food to the table. However, it was natural that because of this, his scholarship was revoked. The granddaughter of the principal, Mana, gave him a second chance at his scholarship if he revives the legendary quartet. So, he picked up his cello for the first time in a year and was joined by bracon imouto Ai, my-pace and self-centered Sakura, and super cool beauty Natsumi. Will he be able to regain his scholarship, and more importantly, his love for music and lost friendships? There are English reviews 13. SoniComi ソニコミ [111125] Nitroplus 1 SoniComi is based on Sonico, an overly busty amateur idol and mascot of Nitroplus, and features players as her cameraman. Naturally as a cameraman, you will both film and court her. The game flow will consist of two phases: the adventure and action phase. The adventure phase deals mainly with your job as a cameraman, giving you the task of planning her photo shoots to the client’s requests. Gravure fans will be happy to know that they actually get to take pictures as Sonico poses around the set. The action phase is similar to what players are used to in visual novel games – building a relationship with Sonico outside of work. These get broken up into scenes that involve physical contact, eye contact, and talking. Talking seems to be pretty basic, , but physical contact and eye contact seem to be the more interesting aspects. These include holding her hands at the right time, eliciting either embarrassment or a romantic moment. Likewise, eye contact during a conversation will be important. This means that either players will be rewarded for paying attention to Sonico or get a scolding for letting their eyes wander. There is an English review 14. Strawberry Nauts [111125] Hooksoft 1 2 3 4 5 6 Seitarou starts his first year of highschool by moving to the Goukoukan school away from home. Of course he is to move to the dormitory so he is surprised when told that he will be staying in the girl's dorm! To be precise he will be staying in an appendage of the dorm because the boy's dorm is full. That day he meets with the other residents (who are of course, all girls), Asagiri and Aisa are his senpais, his childhood friend Itsuki, Houmi the school chairman's daughter, the timid and petite Yao, the bright Touko and the childish teacher Chiyori. One year later all the members of the dorm are like a close knit family, while everyone spend their time and energy doing what they love (be it club activities or student council duties) Haruto uses his now famous cooking skills to make sure food is ready when they wake up in the morning and come back after school. With the addition of two first year girls the clumsy Mikamo and the serious Suzume the new school year starts, who will Haruto end up with? There are English reviews 15. Tentacle Lord -Waga Te ni Ochiyo Yuusou Naru Otome- テンタクルロード -我が手に堕ちよ勇壮なる乙女- [111125] Yatagarasu On the continent of Septentrio, there are tales of the past when heroes and demon lords fought against each other. There was a maou that ruled over the fertile Kingdom of Grüngard. The imperial family was quite adept at magic and lived much longer than humans. The neighbouring countries feared history repeating itself and attacked, but they were always defeated. Now the kingdom is ruled by the young but skilled Dune Angrojia Grüngard, who is well respected by his people. He has the special ability of being able to control tentacled creatures to defeat enemies. Due to an unfortunate accident, he was put into a deep sleep for many years. During this time, the Kingdom of Rindveld which is full of heroes declared war on Grüngard with the intention of defeating him. When Dune awoke, the attacking forces led by Aria Ashtein had already reached the city limits. He decides to unleash his tentacled minions to defeat them and reclaim his territory. RPG 16. Yumemiru Tsuki no Lunalutia 夢みる月のルナルティア [111125] Arianrhod 1 In a slightly different future, there is an atmosphere on the moon and people study science and magic there. The protagonist transfers into a magic school on the moon aspiring to become an alchemist. His mahou shoujo imouto Satsuki, and classmates Asuka (swordswoman) and Enora (shaman), help him with attaining his dream. However, some residents of the moon find their adventures to be a nuisance and want them to leave… RPG 17. Yurikago yori Tenshi made 揺り籠より天使まで [111125] Akatsuki Works Black 1 2 3 4 Hiro spends his days attending school without a goal in his life. Two years ago, he inherited an unworldly object known as the knight frame, which can cause great destruction at a whim. He is determined not to use these powers because they would be a disturbance to everyone else. Even though he hates himself, he believes that this is the best thing to do. Along the way to school, he looks around after sensing a warning from the knight frame. There he saw a girl with a carefree smile, who quickly vanished before his eyes like an illusion. He then found himself in another world with a battle about to begin. There are English reviews LOCKED 1. d2b VS Deardrops -Cross the Future- d2b VS Deardrops -Cross the Future- [111125] Overdrive 1 A collaboration fandisk celebrating the 5th anniversary of OVERDRIVE, featuring a crossover between Kira☆Kira and DEARDROPS. Riho watches Kirari and Shouichi’s overseas performance on TV and sees that Shouichi is enjoying it more than before. She wonders if she would be able to beat Kirari. At that moment, she never thought that she would have a chance to do just that. Fandisc 2. Yaya Okiba ga Nai! やや置き場がない! [111125] Akabei Soft2 1 This is the fandisk to Okiba ga Nai!, with 4 after stories as well as a new story. The giant pure-white robot Velaltoides was returning home from a mission when he was hit by a meteorite and crashed to Earth. Unable to fly, he was stuck in Africa until the repairs are done. In the vast land, even a large robot like him could live comfortably, but he was soon confronted by a major problem: it’s too lonely! Fandisc
  4. Izuna Zanshinken is VN of October. But I also see merit in Midori no Umi . Zen and Micchi promote these two games as well while also picking Renai 0 Kilometer and some fandisc. 1. AKB1/48: Idol to Guam de Koishitara... AKB1/48 アイドルとグアムで恋したら・・・ [111006] Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. Dating is something the AKB girls are not allowed to do. But for you, they are going to make an exception. This summer, the girls invite you to the tropical paradise Guam, all you need to do when you get there is to spend time with them and choose your one dream girl from 48. The game boasts the largest set of heroines in a dating game. To gain your attention and affections, the girls are going to put on their bikinis and their summer dresses. The game becomes sexier, and the girls are more daring. Choosing one girl poses no difficulty, but do you have the heart to reject the rest 47 girls? Anything with AKB in title is crap by default 2. Tsugi no Giseisha o Oshirase Shimasu 次の犠牲者をオシラセシマス [111006] BOOST ON 1 When a bizarre chain mail about a serial killer becomes popular on the Internet, no one suspects that the murders are actually happening. This is the story of the people caught in this bizarre game. Serial murder escape PSP game is of zero interest to me. 3. Nekoguri. ~Nekura to Koi no Grimoire~ ネこグリ。~ネクラと恋のグリモワァル~ [111021] Frantic LABO. 1 Kyousuke accidentally embarrassed the new transfer student Misa. Unfortunately for him, she is fond of black magic and cursed him in revenge by locking him in the school and forcing him to search for a magic book in the underground bookcase. For some reason, she ended up cursing herself as well and also trapped his osananajimi Sayu, the timid Nono, and the rich ojousama Reika in the school. But the school grounds become a strange amusement park at night. Will they be able to find the magic book and dispel the curse? Game is relaxing and of B class. That's all you need to know about this one. 4. R-15 Portable R-15 ぽーたぶる [111027] Kadokawa Games R-15 is about a boy, Taketo Akutagawa, who attends a school for geniuses: Inspiration Academy Private High School. Taketo is a genius novelist and writes erotica. Despite negative perceptions many people have of him, he aims to be at the top of his class and be recognized as the world's greatest writer. This game mixes visual novel segments with interactive minigames where the player touches the girls. Such games are very important as rock bottom for assessment in comparison. 5. Rou-Kyuu-Bu! ロウきゅーぶ! [111027] Vridge Inc. Based on a light novel by Aoyama Sagu. High school student Hasegawa Subaru decides to stop associating himself with basketball, despite his love for the sport, when his school's team captain was suspected being a pedophill and the club is disbanded for a year. His aunt, Takamura Mihoshi, then assigns him to be an elementary school girl's basketball team coach. Initially, he accepts to train the girls just for three days, but after learning of their circumstances, he decided to keep coaching them. Anime spin-off 6. Tanteibu: The Detective Club -Haibu to Kaiga to Bakudan to- たんていぶ THE DETECTIVE CLUB -廃部と絵画と爆弾と- [111027] BOOST ON 1 Third in the four volume romantic detective story. The detective team consists of Maya, Tora and Natsu, three teenage girls and Sodom, a little robot with a useful set of skills. Each game in the series focuses on three different cases you have to solve. Detective game 7. Izuna Zanshinken イヅナ斬審剣 [111028] Akatsuki Works Black 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Koutarou arrives in Yuunagi City, in order to enter the service of the Kuzuryuu yakuza family. A slender young man with an apparently innocent manner, he reveals the other side of his nature during a rather abrupt test from his new 'owner', his cold eyes promising death. He is there to replace his father as Izuna for Yuunagi City, claiming the lives of true villains at the orders of his new master. There are English reviews. 8. Master×Re:master [111028] Silver Bullet Automatic 1 Kyuu and Nanami are childhood friends and they’re both members of the occult club in school, although Nanami is more interested in it than Kyuu. On day, the club’s chairman Saeko tells them that there’s a really good second-hand shop which might have some occult items in it. The visit the shop and Nanami ends up buying a book called “Grimorium Verum” which apparently allows the reader to summon Satan. On the night of the full moon, Nanami tries to perform the ceremony to call the devil and she actually manages it. The figure that appears calls itself Mephistopheles and says that in exchange for Nanami’s soul, he will give her great power. Kyuu tries to protect Nanami and obstructs the ceremony, however, he is thrown onto the ground and Mephistopheles announces that his contract is complete and that both Nanami and Kyuu are now “contractors” but they have to fight together. Battle scenes and bloodiness fascinate, but enemies are poorly done and development is similar for all individual routes. For this reason there's no meaning in playing more than one main heroine Nanami route. Scenario gaps and low production values prevent this game from being something bigger. 9. Midori no Umi 翠の海 [111028] Cabbit 1 2 3 4 5 6 In the middle of the forest, there is a beautiful lake and a spacious western-style building where 12 people lived. They had all lost their memories and woke up to find themselves in this place. With many books in the library, instruments in the music room and absolutely no troubles, it is like a paradise for the residents. Even if they wanted to leave, they can’t because it is surrounded by a sea of trees and darkness. No one has been known to have successfully left. Then, one of the boys disappeared and Kai gradually remembers his past. He wants to find out why he is here, but is warned against doing so. What would happen if he regains his memories? There are English reviews. 10. Ren'ai 0 Kilometer 恋愛0キロメートル [111028] ASa Project 1 2 3 4 5 6 A reckless mother with 5 daughters lived next door to a reckless father with 4 sons. The daughters wished for a boy in the family, while the sons wanted a girl. So their parents proposed that they swap one child between the two families for 3 months. Kyouichi, the second-oldest son, was selected and the girls, who were only osananajimis before, now treated him like their own otouto or onii-chan. The girl who was swapped out also had feelings for him and was extremely jealous that she cannot be part of the family as well. He felt both happy and very uneasy... how will this pretend-family turn out? There are English reviews. 11. Sekisaba! ~Shiritsu Sekigahara Gakuen Joshi Survival Game Bu~ せきさば!~私立せきがはら学園女子サバイバルゲーム部~ [111028] Spermaniax Yuuichi is starting first year at Sekigahara Gakuen, a school that is famous for having many clubs. But he has absolutely no interest in joining any clubs of them; he had chosen to attend this school only because it was close to home. His osananajimi Sonoka on the other hand desperately wanted him to join a club with her. While looking for Sonoka one day, he was suddenly taken down by people dressed in camouflage with face masks and guns. They demanded him to join their club at gunpoint. Military moege existence confirmed 12. Shinsei ni Shite Okasubekarazu 神聖にして侵すべからず [111028] Pulltop 1 2 3 There is a mansion surrounded by walls in a street situated in a corner of the city. Ruha lives inside this tiny Falkensleben Kingdom, which only contains her and two others: Hayato and his mother Yoshino. Hayato takes care of everything from waking Ruha up in the morning to cooking and cleaning. He feels that it is the least he could do for a girl that is alone. However, as summer approaches, both of them and the small kingdom all gradually begin to change. There are English reviews. 13. Taisetsu na Kimi no Tame ni, Boku ni Dekiru Ichiban no Koto たいせつなきみのために、ぼくにできるいちばんのこと [111028] Dandelion 1 "I want to cry in this gentle yet cruel world. But i must say 'goodbye', until we meet again…" After being hospitalized after an accident, the protagonist goes back to school after a year. Even though he’s a year older than everyone in his class, he fits in well and has a peaceful school life. In June, the school holds a festival to celebrate the birthday of John the Baptist (St John) since he is the patron saint of the school. During this time, the protagonist hears about the “6 secrets of the school”, and one of them is that, during the ongoing celebrations, every evening during sunset a beautiful old school-house appears beside the lake near the school. The protagonist is curious and on that day during sunset, beside the old schoolhouse, he meets “her” again. There is an English review. 14. Walkure Romanze ~Shoujo Kishi Monogatari~ ワルキューレロマンツェ ~少女騎士物語~ [111028] Ricotta 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Walkure Romanze's story revolves around Mizuno Takahiro, a student studying at an academy with jousting as its main focus for sport. Takahiro acts as an advisor to the riders of the sport. Takahiro goes through each day tediously until the time of the annual competition draws near. Due to some odd circumstances, his childhood friend Kisaki Mio is enrolled into the competition. She has never even ridden a horse before in her life, and Takahiro senses the fear in his friend and becomes Mio's coach. There are English reviews. 15. NOeSIS ~Uso o Tsuita Kioku no Monogatari~ NOeSIS~嘘を吐いた記憶の物語~ [111030] cutlass 1 A girl who can capture the memory of whoever she's in front of by just looking into their eyes. A childhood friend who lives with two red-smeared eeirie dolls, convinced they are her parents. A sickly little sister who manipulates persons by just smiling. The protagonist meets these girls who lack something, and gets involved in strange events. This slowly gnaws at his heart, like tracing with a fingertip the reminiscences of a distant day. A sad, and somewhat nostalgic, story about memories. Doujin, but from rather famous series and with an English review BLOCKED 1. Koiiro Soramoyou: After Happiness and Extra Hearts 恋色空模様 After Happiness and Extra Hearts [111028] Studio Ryokucha 1 2 3 This is the fandisk to Studio Ryokucha’s 2010 title Koiiro Sora Moyou, with after stories for each of the 5 heroines, as well as new stories for the 4 subheroines (Yuuki, Aiko, Kiyomi and Machiko). Returning to peaceful (?) days, Seigo helps the new student council out with the culture festival preparations. Of course, there’s also now more time for sweet love. Fandisc 2. Steins;Gate: Hen'i Kuukan no Octet STEINS;GATE 変移空間のオクテット [111028] MAGES. GAME 1 A non-canon extension of the True End of the original game. Unlike the modern visual novel format of the original game, this retro game perfectly mimics the style of graphical text adventure games from the 8-bit PC era (e.g. PC-88), with the player typing short commands to interact with and explore the game world. It features all backgrounds and characters drawn in a low-color pixelated style with emulated scanlines, chiptune music played through an emulated FM chip, and no voice acting. The premise of the game features Okabe receiving a D-Mail from himself in 2025 that states that he must save the future by reclaiming an IBN 5100 from a person under of the alias "Knight-hart". Fandisc 3. World Wide Love! -Sekai Seifuku Kanojo Fandisc- World Wide Love! 世界征服彼女ファンディスク [111028] Navel 1 This is the fandisc to the Navels’ 2010 title Sekai Seifuku Kanojo. Contains after stories for all 5 original heroines and will include a route for Yoshiko who was a sub-character in the original game. Fandisc
  5. There are over 20 games in September with masterpieces to cover everyone's tastes. Mirai Nostalgia is for nakige, Dunamis 15 for mystery, Kajiri Kamui Kagura for action, plus will decide on Code 18 status later as I want to play it absolutely blindly. Action game prevails for me, as usual. Zen agrees with me on the main favorites, plus features your diary. Micchi lists all kinds of moege with titles each more sugary than the other. 1. Corpse Party: Book of Shadows コープスパーティー ブックオブシャドウズ [110901] MAGES. GAME 1 2 3 Before, during, and after the events of Corpse Party—in the canon universe, as well as in several alternate timelines—the students of Kisaragi Academy, Byakudan Senior High, Paulownia High, and Musashigawa Middle School had far more experiences within the cursed halls of Heavenly Host Elementary than the stories typically recount. How would events have unfolded, for example, in a universe where each student went into the Sachiko Ever After ritual with an unconscious awareness of everything that was going to happen to them? What might’ve occurred to Mayu if she’d never interacted with the ghostly children in the school infirmary? What might’ve occurred to Yuka if she’d been caught during the harrowing chase in the second wing? What might’ve occurred to Seiko if Naomi had gotten to the bathroom just a bit earlier? On the other side of the coin, how did Naho actually get into Heavenly Host, and whom did she come with? What was Tohko’s relationship with Kizami, and how did that result in a lost tooth? And what connection did Ms. Yui have to the cursed elementary school prior to ever taking part in the Sachiko Ever After ritual? Most crucially, what happened to the survivors of the previous incident after their escape? How did the loss of their friends affect them? And what does all of this have to do with the mysterious tome known as the “Book of Shadows”…? Game is localized and has English reviews 2. Mirai Nostalgia 未来ノスタルジア [110902] Purple Software 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Youichi is able to move objects without touching them, but other than that he lives a normal life just like everyone else. That is until Anna appeared, claiming to have been rejected by his future self. After that, he met his step-sisters Nono and Hinano who lived apart from him, as well as the shrine maiden Iori who said she had been waiting for him. His life has suddenly become a lot more complicated. There are English reviews 3. Dunamis 15 [110915] MAGES. GAME 1 2 Takatsuki Tougo is leading a boring life at Ceres Academy, located on an isolated island called Dunamis Base. One day, while rushing to class after having overslept, Tōgo stumbles upon a mysterious girl in the school hallway. This brief encounter then changes Tougo's life forever. Time in the game will loop, so the player will end up experiencing the same story repeatedly. The player will need to follow the proper route in order to escape from this loop. There is one half-assed English review, but a game with such high votes definitely needs more attention. Suspense is not exactly my kind of genre, but I'll try to review it emulated at main pc after Second Novel, so at some rather distant point of time. 4. D-EVE in you [110922] Twinkle 1 Ren is the son of the president of Hiura Productions talent agency. While the company used to produce lots of top idols in the past, now it is managed solely by them with no current idols to their name. They wish to regain their past glory and a huge opportunity appears. The idol-raising Houou Girls’ School was recently built and the principal allows Hiura Productions to secure a classroom. However, his father Yukichi suddenly collapses and Ren is forced to take over as the role of lecturer instead. With limited knowledge about how to raise idols, will he be able to bring the 4-girl idol unit D-EVE to stardom? A fine idol moege with a weak story, but who cares for story in a moege. 5. Otomimi ∞ Infinity オトミミ∞インフィニティー [110922] Applique -Imouto- 1 2 Beast people are those hybrids that are born from a human and animal. They co-exist with humans, but are looked down upon as lesser beings. Yamato is a human who has a strong sense of justice, however he’s also a little bit different from other people: he loves beast girls! One day while trying to avoid his bro-con older sister Chizuru’s attacks of love, he ended up being struck by a delivery truck. When he came to, he found himself at the Otomimi carrying company where there are many beast girls. He didn’t remember anything about the accident and trusted that the employee saved him, so he starts working at Otomimi. However, the governor of the island, Iwahara Touchiji, declared that beast girls are crude beings that are no better than a walking dutch wife and ordered their segregation from humans. Yamato decides to devise a plan to oppose Iwahara, with the help of the 5 beast girls he met at Otomimi. There are English reviews 6. Shion no Ketsuzoku ~Kono Futashika na Sekai to Tenshi-tachi no Rondo~ シオンの血族 ~この不確かな世界と天使達の輪舞曲~ [110922] catwalk The female magicians of the Shionji family are designated as protectors of the royalty. They are actually vampires called Apneas. The only male in the family, Mikoto, lives deep in the forest with his twin older sister Ariha, his relative Shizuka and a sexroid Nowem. The girls attend the boarding school Shikyou Gakuen, however their normal lives are soon shattered by the appearance of a Catholic sister, Sofia, who is intent on exterminating all vampires, including the Shionji. Don't let an innocent enough setting mislead you - it's a nukige from a nukige maker company. Scenario ends very soon since there are many violation and harem scenes needed to insert. 7. Sucre ~sweet and charming time for you~ シュクレ~sweet and charming time for you~ [110922] Giga 1 2 3 4 5 6 Having been recently put of work when the restaurant he worked at closed down, our protagonist Keiichi — one year out of university — finds himself a bit down on his luck. Not wanting to move back with his estranged family, he gets help from his childhood friend Miharu and finds himself staying at her place. Upon a visit to one of his favourite restaurants in town, Riverlight, he discovers that the waitress manning the place seems to be all alone, and doesn’t seem particularly confident or able in the kitchen. When another customer arrives and she fails miserably at cooking his meal, he steps in to help. The waitress Chizuru, who is also now the shop owner after the recent passing of her father, offers Keiichi a job. Though not a professional chef, he’s able enough in the kitchen and loves to cook, and they slowly work to rebuild everyone’s confidence in the restaurant. He seeks the help of his University junior Ai, and is also accosted/assisted occasionally by Chizuru’s high school-aged friend Meika. Eventually, his former University Senior Sayoko starts hanging out at the restaurant as well, and offers them some advice on how to improve the place. But, as it turns out, she’s actually the daughter of local management company who owns a large restaurant chain, and she extends an offer to buy the place. There are English reviews 8. Yuyukana -Under the Starlight- ユユカナ -Under the Starlight- [110922] NanaWind 1 2 3 4 5 This is the debut title of NanaWind. In the downtown core is an old torii. Through this gate, one would find themselves in the resort island of Aoshima, full of trees and sunflowers and surrounded by the emerald green ocean. Akito lives in this lively city and attends Aohi Academy. One day, a new transfer student appeared in his class. This black-haired pretty girl embraced him, proclaiming that she had always wanted to meet him. There are English reviews. 9. Code 18 code_18 [110929] CyberFront 1 2 The story starts on September 11th, 2018. Hayato Hino is a high school student at Ryuusei Academy in Tokyo, and is a member of the school's Second Science Club. That day, he goes to the roof of the school to practice his "Dragon Unit", a flight pack. Just as he's about to test it out, he sees a girl falling out of the sky, wearing a similar device. He tries to save her, but fails and falls to his death. However, several seconds later, he finds himself having gone back in time a few seconds ago (though he has no memory of it) with the same incident occurring. It makes me very sad to find zero English reviews for this game. I'll need to review it myself. Update: Since English review is found, I'm relieving myself of duty to review it. Three console games in a row is too much fore me. 10. Dead End: Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dead End デッドエンド Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dead End [110929] TEXT. Capitalizing on the vampire craze the world seems to be in, players of Dead End will control some high school kids and fight society’s new favorite villain. Its gameplay is styled like a choose-your-own-adventure book. Remember those? Each action in the game (such as “Go left” or “Open the door”) is represented by a numbered “paragraph” in the story, and players spend the game jumping from paragraph to paragraph. This means that there are multiple story branches, and players could play the game several times without even seeing all of the story. Jumping from paragraph to paragraph will also be used to solve puzzles within the game. Fights within the game involve dice rolls, with certain numbers corresponding to different attacks and skills for both the player and enemy. RPG 11. Hakuisei Ren'ai Shoukougun 白衣性恋愛症候群 [110929] Kogado Studio 1 The story follows Sawai Kaori who almost died in a traffic accident at the age of 10 but was revived by hospital staff. Ever since then, Kaori became determined to take up ‘nursing’ as her means of saying thanks to the doctors who rescued her. And so at the age of 21, she begins her journey as a nurse… Game is localized and has English reviews 12. Tanteibu: The Detective Club -Angou to Misshitshu to Kaijin to- たんていぶ THE DETECTIVE CLUB -暗号と密室と怪人と- [110929] BOOST ON 1 Second in the four volume romantic detective story. The detective team consists of Maya, Tora and Natsu, three teenage girls and Sodom, a little robot with a useful set of skills. Each game in the series focuses on three different cases you have to solve. Detective game 13. Kajiri Kamui Kagura 神咒神威神楽 [110930] light 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 In ancient Ashihara no Nakatsukuni, generals fought each other to gain the favour of the emperor. They attempted to invade the uncharted eastern lands, but suffered total defeat at the hands of demons more intelligent than humans. Three hundred years later, the land of the gods, Shinshuu, has locked itself away from all foreign countries, but an air of gloom begins to drift in from the east. They are forced to head east again to drive away the demons. There are English reviews 14. Koikishi Purely ☆ Kiss 恋騎士Purely☆Kiss [110930] Effordom Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Since childhood, our protagonist Kaname has always dreamed of becoming a Knight. After a near-fatal terrorist attack nearly killed both him and a new-found friend, they make a childhood promise that one day they’ll meet again in their quest to become splendid Knights that can protect others. Now, many years later, Kaname is about to enter a special school run by his father, where he and his younger sister Yuu (a big-brother-loving genius who skipped a grade to be with him) will be part of a special Knights-in training club called “Esquire”. On his way to school, though, he spots a mugging on the street from outside his bus window as they drove by, and with little hesitation he opens the bus window and jumps out of the moving bus to help. As part of the effort to solve this crime, he runs into the other heroines who will all eventually end up being the fellow members of Esquire. As the only boy in this club otherwise full of girls, will Kaname be able to fulfill his childhood promise? And will he and the “boy” with whom he made that promise ever meet again as they vowed? There are English reviews 15. Kotowari ~Kimi no Kokoro no Koboreta Kakera~ 理-コトワリ- ~キミの心の零れた欠片~ [110930] C: drive. 1 When Mishiro was small, half of his soul was eaten by a toothed deity. Since then he has had to deal with spirits called kotowari that reside in the darkness of the souls of people who are related to him, no matter how distant. Kotowari are soul fragments created from a person’s suffering and they can normally only be seen, heard and touched by that individual. Even if the kotowari is destroyed, it will keep respawning unless the cause of the suffering is resolved. Shortly after transferring to a school in a history-laden sightseeing town, Mishiro encounters a kotowari and decides to search for its owner. However, there isn’t just one kotowari as many other girls harbour their own suffering. There is a small English review, but it needs an additional commentary taking in account high vndb votes. C : drive tries different genres, but all their games inevitably tilt to nukige. But on the other hand these are nukige with scenario, so even very straightforward Hypnosis theme becomes much more complex than normal Hypnosis nukige. This time game tries to be a dark horror suspense mystery, but scenario is opportunistic, lacks detail, suffers from multiple writers inconsistencies and carries no true route. As soon as five heroines with easy flags are captured, it's over. Kotowari excels as an atmospheric nukige with a flavor, but as plotge it has ways to go. 16. Love 2 Quad らぶ2Quad [110930] Marmalade 1 One day, the most popular teacher at Akakura Academy, Aoi-sensei, approached Wataru and informed him that his help is needed and he must take off his clothes immediately. She was an agent of the secret international defence organization Cradle and asked him to aid in the battle against the enemy ’4D’. In order to defeat ’4D’, he must engage in ecchi activities to gain energy and defeat the enemy with the power of love! His little sister-like childhood friend Honoka, classmate Ermalit, expressionless Mirai from the future and tiny Chitose from the past lend their help. However, they aren’t sure what to do?! And so marked the end of his peaceful single life. There is an English review. 17. Lunaris Filia ~Kiss to Keiyaku to Shinku no Hitomi~ Lunaris Filia~キスと契約と深紅の瞳~ [110930] Whirlpool 1 2 Two important childhood memories: one that mustn’t be forgotten, and one he’ll never forget. These are the memories of Sousuke’s childhood encounters with two important women in his life: the now-forgotten vampire princess Silvia, and his always-close-by childhood friend Yukari. Now, many years later, Silvia returns as promised to fulfill her blood pact with Sousuke, but things didn’t go as planned. Not only does Sousuke not remember her, but his blood has been “tainted” by another vampire without him knowing it. To a vampire, the relationship with their contracted partner is a lot like a “first love”, and it’s totally forbidden and taboo for another vampire to “steal” someone under another vampire’s pact. Unfortunately, the vampire responsible — someone very close to Sousuke — doesn’t appear to be aware of what she did. Before Sylvia can forcibly undo the improper blood pact to restore her own, Sousuke’s father proposes a special arrangement: since the blood pact depends on the mutual feelings of the contractor and contracted, within the next lunar month whoever Sousuke comes to love most will keep their contract. Not happy with the way things are going, Sousuke’s (adopted) younger sister Mai declares suddenly that she’s entering the “game” as well in order to protect her beloved older brother from these vampires. Sousuke’s peaceful days are over… There are English review 18. SuGirly Wish [110930] Hooksoft 1 2 Junpei is designated as the male dorm leader at the stylish western-style dorms for the new school year. While he is unsure about whether or not he can do the job well, his osananajimi Megumi smiles at him and assures him that he’ll be fine. Encouraged by her angelic smile, he decides to try his hand at it, but no matter where he looks there are problem children in love. Even the school has its own mysteries with a chapel that seems to be meaningful and rumours of a fountain that grants wishes. Then his imouto Hina stood on the podium for the entrance ceremony and declared that she loves her oniichan and she plans to make him hers, causing all the students to aspire to fall in love as well. There is an English review 19. Suika Niritsu 水夏弐律 [110930] Circus Similar to the original Suika, this sequel is a collection of mysterious love stories: Shinji and Ami, Mitsuhiko and Mei, Takashi and Haruka, and the nameless girl. From the director’s selection quick synopsis, it appears to be quite focused on the drama, similar to true tears. Once again, there’s a nameless girl, but it’s not the same one as the original. Sequel and anthology 20. Venus Blood -Abyss- ヴィーナスブラッド-アビス- [110930] Dual Tail 1 2 The game centers on a demon kingdom besieged by humans. The previous demon king sought peaceful coexistence with humans, but he and his human queen were lured to a peace meeting with one of the human kingdoms and murdered. Thrown into disarray by the surprise attack, and threatened by a mysterious plague that has completely prevented the birth of new demon babies, the demon kingdom is facing complete extermination. With the fate of the kingdom on her shoulders, the orphaned demon princess seeks out a lone alchemist--her tutor as a child--to find a cure for the plague and stave off their human attackers. The alchemist, a student of biology, comes up with a daring plan: use forbidden magic to conceive an army of fast-maturing, short-lived super-soldiers to combat the human menace while he searches for a cure. RPG has English reviews 21. Your Diary [110930] CUBE 1 2 3 4 5 6 Nagamine Tomoki tries to confess his feelings to the upperclassman he most admires: Ayase Sayuki, but he hesitates by seeing a deeply sad expression on her face. He continues to work alongside her in the school’s library committee, seeking to learn more about his loved one. A certain day, he visits a seemingly abandoned bookstore, where he finds a mysterious locked book called “Your Diary”. Misuzu – The owner of the place – says the book chose him and gives him the key. When he unlocks the diary, a cute little girl comes out of it and introduces herself as Yua, the goddess of happiness. She explains that her illustrated diary has become Tomoki’s property and it will fill itself with new content for each of Tomoki’s new happy memories. There are English reviews BLOCKED 1. Chu x Chu! On The Move ~Kenran Jikuu no Festival~ Chu×Chu!on the move ~絢爛時空の歌姫祭<フェスティバル>~ [110922] Unison Shift: Accent This game is the continuation to the Chu×Chu Idol series, consisting of a main story and an if story. In the main story, the now popular idol ChuChu is preparing for her new concert when three people showed up from the future, including the main heroine of Chu×Chu Idol 2, Chuuno! The two mysterious people with her had stolen Chuuno’s ‘songs’ and travelled to the past to take ChuChu’s too! After snatching her ‘songs’, they disappeared off to somewhere. Will the two vampire idols be able to regain what they have lost? In the if story, Daigo is left behind when Chuuno is taken to the past. Gradually the space-time begins to bend and so does the future. However, he finds out a way to fix it. Fandisc 2. Onigokko! Fandisc 鬼ごっこ! ファンディスク [110930] ALcot 1 This is the fandisk to Onigokko!, which includes a route for fan-favourite imouto Aoi as well as after stories for the main heroines from the original game. Fandisc
  6. Few normal titles get released during summer Comiket. Seriously, there's just one ordinary format game Diamic Days that I don't accept as a masterpiece, and it wins by default as VN of the Month... Micchi supports this idea and tries to focus on doujins to fill the blanks. 1. Seijaku ni Chain-saw 静寂に電気鋸 [110813] Chainsou ――The view I'd grown so used to seeing through the lens had been smashed to pieces―― Shinadojima, where two moons hand in the sky. Every inhabitant of this island, by way of what they call the blessings of the moons, possesses extraordinary powers. But to make use of these powers requires "compensation", in the form of the sacrifice of whatever the holder treasures most, and so it became natural for the people of the island to avoid utilizing them. Kou Sekine, the protagonist, is a high school second-year with a great interest in astronomical observation. In the company of Izumi Iwagami, his childhood friend, and their classmates, he lived a quite ordinary life. A simple and innocent childhood. The power a passing fancy drove him to use, the phenomena it caused, and the "compensation" thus required. From that point begins is a chain of events that will irrevocably change the fate of Kou and all those he knows. Doujin, but let's take a closer look - what if it's new Indigo. And ... it's not even though there is voicing here (sic!). Characters are normal children overall, just with supernatural abilities. But genre is suspense murder mystery. Each lap takes around three hours, and order of routes is fixed. Not my type of vn. 2. Kaitou Tenshi Twin Angel ~Toki to Sekai no Meikyuu~ 快盗天使ツインエンジェル〜時とセカイの迷宮〜 [110825] Alchemist 1 Haruka and Aoi are a pair of friends who become the magical Twin Angels in order to fight off evil as the Red and Blue Angels. Their story revolves heavily around tracking down and protecting Seven Amulets; magical pieces of jewelry capable of generating immense power when assembled from a mysterious man known only as Black Trader and his subordinates. They are eventually joined by Kurumi the White Angel. Anime spin-off 3. Tanteibu: The Detective Club -Tantei to Yuurei to Kaitou to- たんていぶ THE DETECTIVE CLUB -探偵と幽霊と怪盗と- [110825] BOOST ON 1 2 First in the four volume romantic detective story. The detective team consists of Maya, Tora and Natsu, three teenage girls and Sodom, a little robot with a useful set of skills. Each game in the series focuses on three different cases you have to solve. There is an English review 4. Akikaze Personal +Ore to Boku to Kanojo no ○○+ 秋風ぱーそなる +俺と僕と彼女の○○+ [110826] Lilac Soft 1 Hideto appears to be an average guy who works in his parents liquor shop, however, five years ago, he developed a split personality with the other side of him being called “Shuuto”. Shuuto is the opposite to Hideto and is strong and cocky whereas Hideto is quite a reserved character. The only downside to having Shuuto is that he can’t remember anything past 5 years ago. However, he spends his days quite happily with his group of friends. But one day, his childhood friend Nanami moves back after an interval of 5 years and realises that her friend isn’t the same as he was and gets suspicious. As Hideto’s second term at school starts, will he be able to keep his split personalities a secret? Setting is somewhat intriguing, but realization is rough with SOL scenes suffering the most. Common route tries to present comedy while individual routes are plain serious. There is no twist, so it's just not exciting. 5. Diamic Days ダイヤミック・デイズ [110826] Lump of Sugar 1 2 3 For Rei, his second year at school has started of pretty normally, however, one day he sees on a notice board that a new school has opened and that everyone has to move there. Rei thinks that this will be a bit of a waste of effort but decides to go anyways. This new school is unusual in the fact that it allows students to make many of the decisions in the school – effectively they get to control their own school life. The protagonist decides that he’s going to try his best for the school. What will happen to him now? There are English reviews 6. Doushite Daite Kurenai no!? ~Onna no Ko Datte Yaritai no!~ どうして抱いてくれないのっ!?~女の子だってヤりたいの!~ [110826] Chococo 1 2 Haruto loves girls a bit too much and confesses to them indiscriminately, ending up being rejected every day (the count is up to 665 now). One day, a cute girl transferred into his class and he quickly went to confess to her. The girl Misuzu responded with a question: “Do you want to make a girlfriend? To find love? Or maybe only to have sex?” Caught off-guard, he stutters that he might want a girlfriend. Hearing his answer, she smiled and cast a magic spell on him making him popular amongst girls. He didn’t believe it at first, but when girls he had never met before started confessing to him, he found himself in heaven. That is until she told him that the spell will wear off as soon as he has had sex with a girl and that girl will forget about him. There is an English impression which supports my thought that nothing good can come out of pheromone type of concept 7. Love-Bride Eve ラブライド・イヴ [110826] Whitesoft 1 2 3 Atsushi and Miyu are childhood friends who are known as the perfect couple by friends and family. They’ve been together since they were small, live next to each other, and are often teased by others for acting like newlyweds. However, there’s one big problem. They’ve never properly confessed to each other. Even though they are so lovey-dovey, it is too embarrassing for them to say those few words, believing that they do not have to say it because they know it deep down. However, Miyu wants to one day have the courage to say the words “I love you”. There is an English review 8. Rance Quest ランス・クエスト [110826] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 Returning from his grand adventure of unifying Nippon, Rance is back home and planning to take it easy for a while. Being Rance, though, he's barely into his vacation before he's getting into trouble and he's struck with a debilitating curse! Under the curse, Rance is unable to have sex with any woman under level 35, and if he goes without a woman for too long, he just might find himself turned off from them forever (if he can even hold out that long). Seems there's no time for a vacation after all! Rance sets off on another grand (though not always grave) adventure across the Continent: to find and fuck all the girls over level 35 he can get his hands on. Chasing his (ig)noble goal, you will challenge hundreds of quests and recruit dozens of characters. There's a huge variety of adventures, dungeons, missions (both weighty and wacky), and sexy things all waiting for you! Meet new faces and return to old companions' beds while you do whatever and whoever it takes to break Rance's curse. RPG with English reviews 9. Toraba! とらバ! [110826] Boot Up! 1 2 Due often business trips that his parents have in overseas, Shunsuke, who have no siblings, lives mostly alone. But, there always were two people who looked out after him. The kindly widow Ren and her daughter Ai who live next door. Ren always took care of him when his parents were abroad and Ai, who has been friend with him since childhood, was like a sister to him. However, as he’s gotten older, Shunsuke starts thinking differently about both girls, and they feel the same about him and thus love triangle between them blooms. Which a girl will Shunsuke eventually choose? There is an English review. 10. Zombie no Doukyuusei wa Princess -Fushibito Detective- ゾンビの同級生はプリンセス -不死人ディテクティブ- [110826] Abel Software 1 Aruba and his classmate who was also his childhood friend were kidnapped and in the struggle to escape, he died. However, he has come back as a zombie in order to find the person who killed him! However, he has no idea where to start but one day he meets Ruuna – a girl claiming to be an immortal demon princess who agrees to help him find the murderer as long as he becomes her slave! He reluctantly agrees and they set up a school club in order to find villans and Ruuna will punish them with her mystic sword. Will the pair ever find out who murdered Aruba? Eight months have passed since last Abel Software game, so there must be quality improvement. But no, there's no opening, no voicing, game story is short. Plus, there is this detective hyperlink system, so there is constant need to click at the pink hyperlink words to fill in glossary. Moreover, there is also zapping system, and game gives try again endings all the time without abusing it. All that makes capture absolutely irritating or infuriating just to cover game's lack of length. BLOCKED 1. White Heaven [110812] Zodiac Three friends go to a Western-style mansion in a snowy mountain on a graduation trip. But instead of confession a bloody murder happens there. Winter storm cuts the way back, and survival test begins. It's actually a Comiket Doujin, but noticed issue date late, so let's keep it for opening's sake. 2. ChuSinGura 46+1 Kanade Hon-ChuuShinGura Hen ChuSinGura46+1 -忠臣蔵46+1- 假名手本忠臣蔵編 [110813] raindog This is a sound novel by Rain Dog depicting the events of Chuushingura, where 47 ronin sought revenge for the death of their master, Asano. The twist here is the protagonist Suguha falls into a time slip and ends up in the Edo period, and the ronin are mostly girls. Doujin, but there's an opening. 3. Higanbana no Saku Yoru ni - Dai Ichi Ya 彼岸花の咲く夜に 第一夜 [110813] 07th Expansion 1 2 3 4 Marie is trapped in a horrible situation. She's being constantly tormented by her classmates and regularly molested by her teacher. With nowhere else to turn, she finds herself asking for supernatural help from one of the seven demons of the seven mysteries of her school. All she desires is the death of her cruel classmates and teacher. How far will Marie be willing to go in order to achieve the murders that would free her from her living hell? Doujin, but localized and rather popular one 4. World End Economica [110813] Spicy Tails 1 2 3 4 5 Roughly 16 years after the people who emigrated to the Moon had settled themselves. An age where a great number of people are chasing their wild dreams within the great skyscraper at humanity's frontier. A young boy named Haru, born and raised on the Moon, is one of those people chasing his wildest dream. His dream, is to stand where no man has before. In order to do so, he needed capital. A ludicrous amount of capital. The boy named Haru was facing a place that gathered up people's desires. Sometimes it granted them, and sometimes it crushed them mercilessly. There are only two key rules that govern that land. The first rule, is to never take a loss. The second rule, is to never forget the first. Only those who followed these rules were able to obtain enormous wealth. The stock market. A place that has gathered crowds of persistant men and women for centuries Doujin is localized and has many English reviews 5. The Beautiful World [110820] Moon Base 1 The Beautiful World is a VN released as a bonus with the eroge catalogue magazine Tech Gian. The first episode, Les Enfants Terribles, was released as 3 chapters in 2011 with the October~December issues of the magazine. Doujin (technically not), but there is an English review 6. Love☆Kiss ラブ☆キス [110826] Lime 1 Yousuke has quite an average but happy life at school, however, one day his parents phone him and say that he will be moving at the end of the school term. He is quite disheartened but tries to keep happy. He wasn’t really looking forward to Valentine’s day since he wasn’t expecting to get anything. To his surprise, he is confessed to by two cute girls – quiet Risa and genki Haruna. He tells them that he would be moving soon but they both say that their feelings won’t change because of that. What starts now is an ecchi pure love story… Nukige, but there's an opening 7. Ren'ai Katei Kyoushi Rurumi ★ Coordinate! 恋愛家庭教師ルルミ★Coordinate! [110826] Riffraff 1 Early April is the start of a new school year, when new relationships and new lives blossom. However, Ayuhisa spends his days in his room and doesn’t even go to school. Of course he hasn’t had a girlfriend before nor even held hands. One day, a private teacher of love Rurumi appeared at his door with the goal of bringing him out of his hikikomori state by restructuring his lifestyle, teaching him about fashion and even lessons about girls. Then Rurumi’s rival Mana shows up along with his non-blood-related imouto Shizuku. And how will he react to a beautiful oneesan that he met online Honoka and an ojousama Chieri? Let the private lessons of love begin! Nukige with an opening 8. Pochi to Goshujin-sama ♥ ぽちとご主人様♥ [110826] SkyFish poco 1 This is the first game by SkyFish poco, a sister brand of SkyFish which specializes in more extreme ecchi scenes. Hiro’s osananajimi Chiwa is like a little sister to him. Instead of a promise to marry each other, they made a promise with a toy choker to keep a relation like a dog and its master. When Chiwa left with her mother to England, she vowed to return to Japan one day and be in the same class in school one day. A few years later, she finds out that her mother will be remarrying his father. However, if she becomes his true imouto, does that mean that she can’t marry him anymore!? She hurries back to Japan and asks him if he remembers their promise. She offers to become her oniichan’s pet and wants him to love her a lot. Nukige, but with an opening and a review
  7. Irotoridori no Sekai is VN of the month while Tenshi no Hane o Fumanaide is another worthy masterpiece. Micchi only wants moar imoutos from Sis Koi 1. Kuon no Kizuna -The Origin- 久遠の絆 -THE ORIGIN- [110701] Xuse This is the fully-voiced remake of FOG/XUSE’s 1998 title of the same name. It adds a new scenario and also additional events for existing routes. With the arrival of new transfer student Mayou, Takeru is caught up in bizarre incidents and has unexplainable nightmares. He hasn’t realized yet that it is related to his destiny from thousands of years ago, in the Heian Era. Remake 2. Shinkyoku Soukai Polyphonica Plus 神曲奏界ポリフォニカ プラス [110722] Ocelot This episode, “Farewell Song’, details a spirit beauty pageant where the grand prize is the one-man orchestra of Corticarte’s previous contractor, Kuchiba: ‘Ibara-hime’. Corticarte, Eufinley and other spirits join in the battle for the vintage instrument, as the shrouded past of Kuchiba is gradually revealed. It's the third part in the series of scarlet Polyphonica, so only for fans. 3. Yomehapi ~You Make Happy!~ よめはぴ~You Make Happy!~ [110722] Chien 1 Hitori is in the doctor’s office after fainting, there are many people crowded around and asking the doctor questions like “What disease does he have? Leukemia? Cancer?!”. But it’s not any of these… The story starts 2 months ago, when Hitori starts the new term at school – he’s smart and athletic but he has no friends and he often worries whether or not he will graduate from school with any friends. One day, his father phones him and says that he has found some wife candidates for him. Hitori is really happy as he realises that he will actually have some friends, so he goes to meet them and sees 5 cute girls (including his childhood friend) standing before him embarrassed. However, only one girl can be his bride…What will happen to Hitori now?! Your worst guesses are right. Zero scenario value and H focus awaits Hitori. 4. Oiran Rouge オイランルージュ [110722] Liar-soft After his father’s sudden death, Kamon was forced to take over the family brothel Takaseya in the red light district of Yoshiwara in Edo. However, the debt collectors soon found out that the business had been passed on to someone who was inexperienced and came to take everything away. With the intervention of the local boss, he was able to keep the building which was now low on reputation, one lone tayuu Hisasa and several lower-grade courtesans, a handful of money and a girl that his father had picked up from somewhere, Amane. He decides to work hard to become one of the top tourist destinations in town. SIM 5. Nichijou: Uchuujin 日常(宇宙人) [110728] Vridge Inc. A visual novel inspired by the hit anime and manga franchise. Through map movement, the player encounters several situations and minigames and depending on their performance, the player will be able to see voiced scenes and gags. Anime spin-off 6. Ikinari Anata ni Koishiteiru いきなりあなたに恋している [110729] Makura 1 2 3 4 5 6 High-spirited Tane, bitter smiling Eika, cold gazing Ryou and new resident Tsumugu. How did Chouji’s normal life suddenly become like the Palace of Versailles? The story is constructed like a slice-of-life light novel, albeit with lots of ichaicha since there’s four heroines who are already at max affection with him. There are English reviews. 7. Imouto Style 妹スタイル [110729] C: drive. 1 Onii-chan lives with his 5 younger sisters. Yuzuna, Koume, Karin, Maika, and Mikan. He loves his wonderfully cute younger sisters and enjoys the life he shares with them every day. Unfortunately for their happy home life their parents call from outside the country and ask to live as a family together again. Since Onii-chan is busy with school they decide to take all his sisters away! It's too much for him to bear so their parents agree to let one sister remain behind with Onii-chan. Who will Onii-chan choose? There is an English impression. 8. Irotoridori no Sekai いろとりどりのセカイ [110729] Favorite 1 2 3 4 5 When he was a child, Yuuma received a special power from the “translucent magician”, Shinku. Just by touching someone with his hand, he is able to cure all of their wounds in return for some of his memories. In the furthestmost port town of Kazatsugahama, there is a link to a another world hidden in the basement of the Arashiyama-sou dormitory. Within this world he lives his life like a dream. One night while the full moon shone brightly, a girl descended from the sky. “Mister magician, please save me.” There are English reviews. 9. Kimi o Aogi Otome wa Hime ni 君を仰ぎ乙女は姫に [110729] PeasSoft 1 2 3 Ryokufuuin Gakuen is a world-famous school for the rich. Satoshi attends this school even though his family is poor. He had gained entrance to this prestigious school via scholarship after working hard, often placing first in the national exams. He looked up to his late father who worked as a doctor in a small town, and wants to become a doctor to help his ailing mother. His fellow students don’t know about his financial situation. One day, the top celeb of the school, Kana, told him that he will be the lead for this year’s school festival, Ryokufuusai. There are English reviews 10. Princess Evangile [110729] Moonstone 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Burdened by the incredible debt his father left behind, Okonogi Masaya is now destitute and alone. However, through a strange collection of events, he finds himself living at the prestigious Vincennes Academy, an all-girls charm school! His purpose is to mingle amongst the Filles De La Vincennes ("Maidens of Vincennes") as the single male "sample" to promote gender integration. How will these young, innocent, and otherwise pure maidens react to his presence?! And just like that, his life at an all-girls school began... Game is localized and has English reviews. 11. Shikigami シキガミ [110729] Akabei Soft2 TRY In the capital during the Heian era, there was a onmyouji named Douman who doesn’t fare too well in his studies. However, the talented noblewoman Michinaga told him that everyone is unique and he should be himself. Because of this, he continued to study hard and vowed to protect her. The most powerful onmyouji Senmei told him that he is useless and is just a burden to everyone else in the world, and end up taking Michinaga away from him. He devised a stupid plan to oppose her, but how can the weakest guy like him defeat a genius like her? On top of that, suspected of planning an assassination against Michinaga, he was driven from the city. Now alone except for with Michinaga’s cousin Akimitsu, who is just as dumb as he is, how will he be able to gain revenge against Senmei? This is an SLG using actual figures such as the protagonist Ashiya Douman and Abeno Senmei (although now female). Of course the setting is a bit different being in a girl’s school, and there’s robots and stuff as well. During the ADV parts, you can sneak in as a girl to gain intelligence, or go and equip yourself for the battles during the SLG part. A jankenpon system similar to Koihime is used although onmyouji attacks trump all 3 types (infantry, spearmen and archers). There are light and dark elements which also modify damage, and there are area elements as well. SRPG 12. Sis Koi ~Shisukoi~ 妹恋~しすこい~ [110729] Etoiles Yuuichi has twin little sisters, energetic Miyu and tsundere Yui. They keep appealing to him at home and at school, but he doesn’t see them as more than his little sisters. One day, he peeked at Honoka changing in the literary club room and somehow it ended with Miyu and Yui joining the club as well. Then his father called him suddenly and revealed that one of the twins was not blood-related to him! Suddenly, he saw them as girls instead of imoutos. How will he be able to withstand their advances? Siscon moege 13. Tenshi no Hane o Fumanaide 天使の羽根を踏まないでっ [110729] Mephisto 1 2 3 4 5 Over the course of history, there had been many prophets who predicted that the end of the world was near, but they were all just imposters. However, it really came true and people were at their wit’s end. Just like no one believed that the end of the world is near, the God that not many people believed in saved the world. It is in Saint Solyluna Academy that μ (Mu) is chosen – the only one that sits in the empty seat next to God and asks for salvation for mankind. There are English reviews 14. Tiny Dungeon ~Birth for Yours~ [110729] Rosebleu 1 Hime continues his battle with Dail Grande. Note watches him fight even though the difference in power is obvious and feels the faint hope to oppose the dark power residing in her body. She decides to tell him about the secret behind her birth. At the same time, Trinity is suddenly thrusted into chaos with the appearance of a bounty hunter Gen, who easily repels off the attacks of Vell and Note, the two strongest students. There is an English review 15. Toki o Kanaderu Waltz 時を奏でる円舞曲 [110729] Debo no Su Seisakusho This is the sequel to Debonosu’s dragon-raising RPG Sora o Aogite Kumo Takaku. A few years later, Adonis and a young Mint set out on a journey. Along the way, they met the missing dragon girl Thuya and were relieved to see her again. She had not been able to find a partner and made a contract with Adonis to accompany them on their journey. One day, they came upon an old dragon who knelt in front of Thuya and said he had been looking for her. He brought them to the beautiful water city of Alfheim where the princess and Thuya’s twin sister, Salene, wanted to pass on the throne to Thuya. However, Thuya doesn’t remember anything from her childhood and declined the position. Not giving up, Salene decided to join them in the hopes of helping her older sister regain her memories. RPG 16. Yamiiro no Snow Drops 闇色のスノードロップス [110729] Iris Preparing for the university entrance exams for the third time, Takashi lives an unemployed life without any goals. But one day, he gets a call from his aunt Tsubaki, inviting him to come to the countryside to help out with the newspaper stand until the exam time. He reunites with his cousin and osananajimi and feels like he is part of their family, but he is gradually drawn in to the darkness that surrounds them. There are both pure love and humiliation routes, so it's irrecoverably into nukige league for me.
  8. I'm not fan of shounens, but Dengeki Stryker is fun enough to be VN of the Month. Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi is another masterpiece with a thrilling sophisticated concept. Micchi also favors the latter one, plus a delayed fandisc and Rewrite that I consider a huge fake. 1. Natsuyuki ~Summer Snow~ 夏雪 ~summer_snow~ [110603] Silver Bullet 1 2 When he was a child, Katsu had an argument with his parents one summer and ran off to an address he found on a New Year’s greeting card. It was in this rural village of Takaragi that he met a girl named Natsuki, who treated him like a blood-related little brother. But then her parents died in an accident and she was taken in by his family. However, she decided to remain in Takaragi instead against the advice of all the adults that wouldn’t let a young girl like her live alone. Every summer since that day, Katsu returns to Takaragi to visit Natsuki. They swim in the sea together, catch insects together, play with fireworks together. As the years pass, the bond between them turns into love. There are English reviews 2. Kimi to Boku to Eden no Ringo キミとボクとエデンの林檎 [110610] Alma 1 2 One winter day as he was walking home after school, Ryuusei was suddenly pushed into a black car. Inside he meet his cousin Runa who looks just like him for the first time in 3 years. Runa is the heiress of the wealthy Kaburaki family and attends the prestigious Shirotae Girls’ School and is highly respected by all students. She had been chosen to be the ‘prince’ in the upcoming play, but she lost her voice and wanted him to take her place. Will he taste the fruits of love in this forbidden garden? There are English reviews 3. Sengoku Hime 3 ~Tenka o Kirisaku Hikari to Kage~ 戦極姫3~天下を切り裂く光と影~ [110617] Gesen 18 1 2 3 The third installment of the Sengoku SLG series, with even more female commanders at your disposal. You can actually have them all under your command via the "persuasion event". Obviously, the goal is to unite the country by defeating all those get in your way. TBS has an English review. 4. Aneiro アネイロ [110624] Alcot Honey Comb Kou returns to Japan after a few years overseas to attend school and reunite with his older sister Kaoruko and osananajimi Ena. They are overjoyed that he is back together with them. Little did he know that they are quite well-known at school: Kaoruko as the Jeanne d’Arc Scientist and Ena as the Emerald-Eyed Witch. There’s a huge commotion now with him around and the student council leader Sayaka declares that she will disband any club that doesn’t have anything to show by the end of the month. This puts Kaoruko’s science club and Ena’s astro-divination club in danger. Of course, they come and ask Kou to help them! Poor scenario with boring routes, scarce humor and even unsatisfactory H element. 5. Cafe Sourire [110624] CUFFS 1 2 3 4 Every summer vacation, while everyone is playing at the beaches or going camping in the mountains, Shinichi has a bored look on his face. Even though his father is getting remarried and he ended up living together with his older brother and childhood friend, it doesn’t trigger any excitement in his heart. However, this summer is different. Helping out at his father’s Cafe Sourire with his meddlesome friends, will it help him regain that ‘something’ that he had forgotten? ‘Sourire’ means ‘smile’ in French and that’s what this heartful love ADV wants you to do with its slice of life depiction of working at a cafe during summer vacation. There are English reviews. 6. Dengeki Stryker 電激ストライカー [110624] Overdrive 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Yamato has a great sense of justice and aspires to be a hero. He always tried to protect his childhood friend Haruna when she’s being bullied, but he always got beat down instead. One day, Haruna was going to move away and wanted to say goodbye to him. However, he despaired that he was never able to protect her once in the end. He met an old man called the ‘Memory Collector’, who could grant any wish in exchange for one’s memories. Yamato wished to become a Stryker, the hero from a manga he loved. Several years later, some people with superpowers called the Balbora Empire appeared in the city Haruna was living in. The police and army were powerless in stopping them, but one warrior showed up and beat them with one kick. He was the hero of the manga Dengeki Stryker. Game is localized and has English reviews 7. Fluorite Memories フローライトメモリーズ いつかきっと、約束の場所で [110624] Rabbit Kazuya’s parents passed away due to illness when he was small and he and his imouto Minatsu were taken in by his father’s acquaintance and they now live in the rural town of Sadogashima. His heart aches when he is lonely and he often goes to a pond in the forest to cry, while clutching a momento from his mother, “tears of a firefly”. One night, he saved a firefly that was ensnared by a spider’s web. The next day at the pond, a girl suddenly appeared and they watched the fireflies together. As they spent more days playing together, he began to feel happier as he watched her always have a smile on her face. Then one day when he asked her to play together again, she turned downcast and said that she couldn’t. He intended to give the “tears of a firefly” to her as a present, but she never showed up at the pond after that day. Time passed and he had gotten used to living in the town. In the beginning of summer, a girl named Mikoto transferred into his 2nd-year class. All the guys were excited at having such a pretty girl join their class, but Kazuya was the most surprised… because she was the girl that he had met at the firefly pond. Another rural story with mystery element. First half fares adequately, but later on quality drops substantially making it unmemorable. 8. Happy Factory はっぴぃふぁくとりー [110624] Grand Cru classe Nanahouka Gakuen was built as a test facility to solve problems with the escalator system that is a commonplace. Yuu’s normal school life turns upside down when the school board chairman declares that there isn’t enough happiness in the school and forms the Happy Factory Club (HFC). He is forced into the club so that he can enjoy a happy adolescence. Moege 9. Hyper→Highspeed→Genius [110624] Windmill 1 2 3 There are some people called ‘genius’ in this world who possess special abilities (Gift) and are responsible for protecting the world. There are three schools specially-designed to train them: Satsuki Gakuen, Saint July Academy and Minazuki Gakuen. One day, a hidden treasure ‘Noah’ which amplifies the abilities of its holder was discovered. Since whoever gained control of Noah would be able to rule the world, it was decided that the three schools merge together as Hazuki Gakuen and an election held to decide on who will become the world council leader. Kyuushirou wishes to gain control in order to change the world to his liking and makes a contract with the demon Mephisto. With his powers he would be able to persuade, cajole and control the election candidates, but what he actually wants is… love! There are English impressions 10. Lovely x Cation [110624] Akatsuki Works Hibiki 1 2 3 4 The protagonist lives alone in an apartment owned by his uncle and lives a carefree school life. One spring day, his uncle can’t stand seeing him confining himself in his room any more and tells him to go out and find love while he is still young. However, he doesn’t have any experience with girls nor does he have anyone that he’s interested in. SIM has English reviews 11. Nadeshiko Drip なでしこドリップ [110624] Apricot Plum It’s been three years since Takumi returned to his hometown and he decides to visit the local cafe for a cup of coffee that he loved. However, the cafe was in decrepit shape and his cousin Miu now is the manager!? She gets him and her friends to help out. At first, he wanted to get out, but soon he decides to help make it into his dream cafe, redesigning the decor, menu and even the waitress outfits by hand. Opportunistic harem moege. 12. Nemureru Hana wa Haru o Matsu. -spring come- 眠れる花は春をまつ。 -spring come- [110624] 130cm In the far away town of Tenshou-mura, Kazuma, the son of the famous Tendou zaibatsu, lives a life of misfortune. It has been 38 times that he had been kidnapped for ransom; most recently, he was saved by their household maid Youko. His imouto Ichika and another maid Kiko are worried for him and forbade him from leaving the house. However, he doesn’t want to cause problems for them and tries to find a way to get rid of, or at least lessen, his ill luck. By chance, he met a girl who is a zashikiwarashi. An overkill trying to dwell on Oni Uta success, so it becomes an unrealistic story with ugly graphics and abominable protagonist 13. Rewrite [110624] Key 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Rewrite is set in the fictional city Kazamatsuri where treeplanting and afforestation have caused the city to become overgrown with trees and flowers in much the same way that other cities are filled by buildings. However, while most of the city appears to be rural, there are many traditional city elements as well. While set in a modern setting, the city also gives off a strange sense of nostalgia. Tennouji Kotarou lives here. He's a high school student who has the ability to rewrite his own body; he can become stronger and faster at any time he chooses. He investigates supernatural mysteries with five girls from his school. There are English reviews 14. Shojo to Maou to Tactics 処女と魔王とタクティクス [110624] Chariot 1 This fantasy SRPG is the debut title from Chariot. Tatsuya doesn’t have many redeeming qualities other than being earnest. One day, the soul of a maou went into his body and willingly turned into a guy who loves to pick fights. Then while he was dealing with some delinquents from the neighbouring town, he was suddenly summoned to another world. In front of him was the new maou, Elis, who begged him to save the demon race from the angels. He gladly agrees to, in exchange for her virginity. SRPG 15. Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi すきま桜とうその都会 [110624] Propeller 1 2 3 In the midst of winter, two siblings strive to keep warmth in the snow. Under circumstances, Yuuma and Sakura escaped from home to seek refuge in the city, only to be spurned with harsh reality. In the moment of utmost direness they found a branch blossomed with Sakura petals, and it led them to a wonderland…Sakurano, the town under a giant Sakura tree where only liars may enter. Sakurano is a mysterious town filled with strange phenomena, other than everywhere filled with sakura petals, it is always the season of Spring in Sakurano. The town has districts resembling the “outside world”, can still contact the outside world, but is not influenced by anything of the “outside”. Of which the most peculiar rumour of Sakurano is of the legend of a god who has created Sakurano: That those who asks will have their “lies” turned into “truths”. There are English reviews. 16. Yukioni-ya Onsen-ki 雪鬼屋温泉記 [110624] SofthouseChara 1 Sakichi’s parents told him that their inheritance is his only if he can run the onsen ryokan for 3 years without any problems. Even though he doesn’t have any experience running one, he is used to them since he used to live in one. He recruits several of his friends to help him with his business. It is not as easy task as there are mountains of problems to overcome, from unruly guests and sabotage from other inns, to severe weather and even fairies. However, the biggest problem is… he won’t have any time to play with girls! Will he be able to successfully acquire his task without sacrificing his love life? SIM/Strategy BLOCKED 1. Steins;Gate Hiyoku Renri no Darling Steins;Gate 比翼恋理のだーりん [110616] Nitroplus 1 2 After repeated D-mail experiments, Okarin jumps to a world where 3% shift in world line was to be expected. And before he knew it, Kurisu as well as the rest of the members have been gathered and amidst preparations for a banquet. In this world, a new gadget had been created but the group is facing some troubles. They can’t afford to pay the electricity bill due to running too many experiments. Let’s see what this new gadget can do for us… The concept for this game is a love comedy with some sweet romance scenes and where 99% of the world is science but 1% is composed of … fantasies?! Fandisc 2. Maikaze no Melt -Where Leads to Feeling Destination- 舞風のメルト -Where leads to feeling destination- [110624] Whirlpool 1 This is the fandisk for Suzukaze no Melt. In addition to after stories for the 5 main heroines, a new heroine is introduced (the goddess Kureha) and there will be a harem route as well. Of course subcharacters also have their time in the spotlight with Yui, Fuu, Haruna, Reona and Mina all getting mini stories. Fandisc 3. Motto Nee, Chanto Shiyou yo! Afterstory もっと 姉、ちゃんとしようよっ! アフターストーリー [110624] Candy Soft 1 Fandisc containing an individual after story for each heroine, except for the twins who share it. Also includes a very short bonus harem route. Fandisc 4. Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Vol.2 マブラヴ オルタネイティヴ クロニクルズ02 [110624] Age 1 The second entry in the Chronicles sidestories series. Includes a continuation of the "The Day After" scenario featured in Chronicles 01, "Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles:Aspiration" (a story set in The Euro Front), a special episode of Radio Total Eclipse, and other bonus material. Fandisc 5. Stellar ☆ Theater Encore Stellar ☆ Theater Encore [110624] Rosebleu This is the fandisk for Rosebleu’s first title, Stellar☆Theater, focusing on the imouto Satsuki. With the ‘Sora’ events resolved, Daichi returned to his normal life with his osananajimi and newly added bishoujos. However, his imouto Satsuki still hasn’t given up on her dream to be his bride. The four zodiac girls also left, but then another one appeared: Mashiro of the Cancer Zodiac. She is touched by Satsuki’s deep love for her brother and helps her achieve her dream. Fandisc 6. euphoria [110624] 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 When he came to, he found himself in a white room that he didn't recognize... Takatou Keisuke was locked in a white, closed room with six other women: his childhood friend Hokari Kanae, class rep. Andou Miyako, junior Makiba Rika, English teacher Aoi Natsuki, same-year student Byakuya Rinne, and classmate Manaka Nemu. All of them were confused by this abnormal situation, when a "mysterious voice" suddenly announced to them: "The game will now begin." Keisuke must become an "Unlocker" and select one of the women as a "Keyhole", then perform a specified act with her in order to "open the lock" so that they can all escape from the white rooms. One of the girls went into a frenzy over the irrational, extreme and immoral contents of those acts, lashing out at the "mysterious voice". The lights suddenly went out and all the girls shrieked out of fear. When the lights came back on, the first thing Keisuke and the others saw was the rebellious girl from earlier, restrained to a torture device. "Withdrawal from the game will result in death." - the mysterious voice announced. Electric current began to run through the torture device the moment after the voice stopped speaking. The girl's eyes rolled up into the back of her head as she went incontinent, defecating and urinating herself. The women cried and shouted, clearly disturbed by what was happening before them. Keisuke, on the other hand, found himself inexplicably aroused by what was happening to the said girl. For he kept a dark secret. A taste for sexual assault and destructive urges against women... it was an abominable desire of his that he wanted to keep only to himself. Unfortunately for Keisuke, his classmate Nemu saw right through him this time around. And a cunning woman that she is, she won't skip this opportunity to start using this new-found information so that she can blackmail him and ultimately, make him submit to her. "This is a kiss to seal our deal." - she said when she suddenly sealed his lips. Despite being surprised by her unexpected actions, Keisuke resolved himself to only violate the other women as the means of escaping from the white rooms in order to protect his childhood friend Kanae. Will Keisuke be able to escape unharmed and return to his normal life? Or will his very desires consume him...? It remains to be seen. Nukige, but localized one and even with an opening
  9. Foreword: It's an all-ages non-trivial setting doujin work of the best quality I ever seen by Watanabe Ryouichi. If that's not enough... Synopsis: 1400 years ago first murderer demons get spotted 700 years ago western technologies start to get used for rebellion 500 years ago murderer demons learn to acquire human image in Transilvania 18 years ago a huge massacre takes part in Japan 10 years ago murderer demon is killed at the age of six in Japan Nowadays. Sakurano Mana gets worried by the murderous desire overflowing her body. Onose Kiri is troubled about her past when she lost one hand and one leg. Kaiho Kazuki investigates murderer demon killing at the age of six. Then Kaiho Kazuki meets these girls and other strong persons in this town full of death scent. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwGwDxf37gElQGPD7Adx5vix_objh5qlr Character Design rating: 9/10 Protagonist rating: 8/10 Story rating: 8/10 Game quality: 8/10 Overall rating: 8/10 I doubt I can rate a doujin game higher than this. Voicing alone always takes away a whole score point for me, plus there are other flaws. But do flaws really impede enjoying this game? For me flaws are absolutely neglectable. I'll list them after observing the structure. There are 6 phases or Chapters each generally having multiple sub-chapters. Phase 1 presents six introductory stories from different protagonists perspective. Phase 2 gives several sub-chapters for three protagonists - Kaiho Kazuki , Sakurano Mana , Onose Kiri . Basically, it's the most action-packed phase with not always good endings. Phase 3 presents three flashback stories. Phase 4 literally takes one minute where narrator says that there may be a better world without killings. Phase 5 basically presents same main stories as in Phase 2, but gives choices now and thus ability to see different endings, including bad ones. Phase 6 presents two side/bonus stories. With that covered it's impossible to say that Kaiho Kazuki is game's protagonist. He's merely one of protagonists, but it's just the most traditional boy character out of this colorful cast, so he's easier for reader to empathize with. But structure does not really reveal what this game is about. First of all, it's not a battle royale like FSN or survival like Abyss although there are some elements present here as well. So what is it? Hard to say, actually. I'd determine it as unique stories of different colorful characters in the town where murders is way of life and communication rather than crime. Wow, I made it even more complex, but there are no easy answers here. There is no single protagonist and there is no single antagonist. Of course there is a mysterious organization (several, actually), but multiple antagonists show up and leave the scene. We can even theoretically say that it's a love story as I've counted as many as five couples forged. I'll undertake another attempt to explain game's nature at the final word. Let's numerate game's multiple flaws. I've already mentioned that there is no main conflict in the game. Due to multiple protagonists the start is very slow as we're just thrown to different character's lives without much explanation. Even later on multiple protagonists structure has its painful moments as same scenes can be shown from different points of view. Watanabe Ryouichi is wordy, and for a number of occasions I was irritated by the fact that the same thought could be repeated several times in varying phrases. Conversations take about 70% of screen time while action scenes aren't that frequent. Moreover, overall number of unique CG is around 40, so don't expect them to be used at action scenes at all. Dialogue lines have no character name or icon, and it can be a mess since it's often not clear who is talking. Can't avoid a spoiler here, but ... how should I put it... not all the dots are put in the ending. And it's not necessarily a bad thing, will try to explain in strong points. On the other hand, this is arguably the highest quality doujin game in visual novel history, four years in the making. CG quality is outstanding, character design excellent, BGM deserves a separate CD distribution. There are a lot of really cool characters, both men and women ranging from elementary school children to middle-aged persons in late 30s. And thanks to Watanabe writing, characters feel developed. It's an all-ages game, but love plays a very important role both in plot and in jokes. Author is not afraid of vulgarities, so you will see discussing of nakedness, periods, rape, pregnancy etc all the time. So it's a surprisingly adult work not suiting newcomers who will get confused by character relations, bored by lengthy dialogues and offended by lack of conflict storyline. At the same time it's not a must have work that broadens readers horizons or gives new ideas. It's just a well written story with many well written characters who live, love and fight in a different world where demonic presence transformed traditional morals. And that's exactly what I seek in art - a detailed world with the logic behind it so vivid that I'm both persuaded by it and see this exact logic determining characters' actions, not author's whim. And open ending in Indigo is a hymn to this logic.
  10. Vermilion -Bind of Blood- does not have competitors in May, but Taiyou no Promia is also a well done game. In addition 'll name Koi de wa Naku - It's not Love, but so Where Near. a masterpiece, because it's an original concept providing food for thought. Can't nominate AXL game this time since I'm tired of Hasegawa Ai writing when she does not come out of comfort zone presenting yet another different activity club story with too many heroines to make it special. Zen has similar favorites while Micchi is led astray by Hatsukoi Yohou , Kamikaze☆Explorer and even Henshin! 1. Cure Girl [110520] Noesis 1 2 Kazuki has difficulties communicating with people. However, he’s not alone. Pretty and popular senpai Kotone, cheerful osananajimi Miyu, tsundere kouhai Rena… Yes, they all have problems connecting with others. There’s a social networking site (SNS) called Communis which helps people with similar hobbies and interests meet each other. He is part of the ‘Ningen Shikkaku’ (unfit to be humans) community on Communis, which is frequented by people like Kazuki who fail at communicating in the real world. However, via this site, he soon improves his communication skills. Will he be able to take the next step and attend an offline meeting? Will this be the beginning of his love life? There are English reviews 2. Sakura no Sora to Kimi no Koto -Sweet Petals For My Dear- サクラの空と、君のコト -Sweet Petals For My Dear- [110520] Hiyoko Soft 1 It has been said that wishes will come true when the sky is full of cherry blossom petals. However, the number of sakura trees have dwindled due to recent re-development and one can no longer see such a sight. Ryou is the son of a famous artist and much was expected of him, but he decides to live a life of a commoner with few friends. One spring day, his childhood friend Kanata suddenly fainted and was hospitalized. Since that day, his days began to gradually change. Routes vary greatly in quality and thus leave a mixed impression. It's a compilation of different successful cases we've seen already somewhere, so it's generally rather good, but with zero originality. 3. Shutsugeki!! Otome-tachi no Senjou 2 ~Amakakeru Shougeki no Kizuna~ 出撃!!乙女たちの戦場2~天翔ける衝撃の絆~ [110526] SystemSoft Alpha Join Sage and take the girls to the battlefield. The war strategy game contains dating sim elements and lots of fan-service moments. Get to know the girls in their free time, chat with them to unlock events and free battles, develop their statistics and pit them against your enemies. The sequel of the popular Shutsugeki! Otometachi no Senjou! has a completely new cast of characters, 40 girls and 20 boys, a new story dedicated to it and much more weapons. Drive a tank or pilot a fighter jet, don't let the girls suffer damages, though, as their uniforms might rip. TBS 4. Derivara! -deliverance of strays- でりばらっ!-deliverance of strays- [110527] Parasol 1 2 3 Ryou has a fear of girls so strong that he cannot speak with any girl that he meets for the first time. He heads to the capital to help his cousins Asuka and Sumika with their cafe Murakumo. However, he is not used to being in the city, especially living under one roof with them. At his new school, he meets a true idol Kyouko, a classmate that for some reason keeps glaring at him Aya, and a strange girl that is affectionate to everyone Mikoto. Surrounded by so many girls, will he be able to rid himself of his fear of girls? There are English reviews 5. Hatsukoi Yohou. 初恋予報。 [110527] I.D. 1 The pure white snow descends on the street, turning it into a beautiful snowscape. It’s like it is a pure heart that hasn’t been sullied. However, that purity quickly disappears once touched. Koutarou lives alone and he often wonders how lovers pass this cold season. Do they become closer to one another and spend the holidays by themselves? It would a lie to say for him to say that he doesn’t feel lonely at times. Then this winter, he fell in love for the first time. A first love he cannot forget. Old-fashioned work with very short routes more suiting a fan-disc than almost a full-price game. Amateurish debut work beating around first love banalities. 6. Itoshii Kanojo no Mamorikata 愛しい対象の護り方 [110527] AXL 1 2 3 Yuuto enrolled in a military school in order to fulfill a childhood promise with Yui. But when he met her again, she demanded to know why he came there. He realized that her smile had disappeared. This is because their class is ridiculed for being weaker than other classes. Their classroom is not well furnished and his bed is more like a table. Their teacher announces that there will be a battle in which the rewards will be a proper desk and chairs… and an air conditioner as well! Yuuto decides to help their class win this battle and bring a smile back to Yui’s face. There are English reviews 7. Kamikaze ☆ Explorer! カミカゼ☆エクスプローラー! [110527] Clochette 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 In the near future, the living areas for humans reduce due to climate and terrain changes. As if in unison, some of the younger generation develop special powers called Metis. There are many types of Metis, from magic barriers to being able to breathe under water. Suminoe Gakuen was constructed to train and develop those students with Metis. Keiji doesn’t have any powers, but he was scouted by an agent from the school and ends up attending the school. He is then recruited into Argonaut, a club for helping people with their problems. One day, they hear about a strange rumor about the recently developed Kamigase-shi… There are English reviews 8. Koi de wa Naku - It's not Love, but so Where Near. 恋ではなく ―― It’s not love,but so where near. [110527] Syangrila Smart 1 2 3 4 5 6 This is the debut title by Shangrila Smart. There are two protagonists: Norifumi is a guy who has been taking pictures since he was small, and Yumi has been working as a model. Instead of a cast of heroines, this game rather follows a story told from both of their perspectives. Even though the title suggests that it isn’t about love, it tells a drama of adolescence set on the solitary island of Toshima. Their childhood friend Tasuku had wished that they can film a movie of their lives up to their graduation. Spending Christmas with everyone, a fateful Valentine’s Day, love and friendship… everything is captured by their pictures. But not much time remains until their graduation when they will go their separate ways. There are English reviews 9. Miinasan, Kakkee Desu! -Love Icha Doukyo Seikatsu no Susume- 美衣菜△です!-Loveイチャ同居生活のススメ- [110527] FIANCEE 1 Yuusaku confessed to Miina and they became lovers. She was an ojousama who had lived a sheltered life, but now they will be living together. However, it doesn’t all go smoothly, with their neighbours being suspicious of them, their classmates learning about them living together and other love rivals appearing. It also doesn’t help that he doesn’t understand girls well nor does she understand boys. The only thing that works to their favour is their strong love for each other. Will that be enough to overcome all their obstacles and come to a happy end? I refuse to understand those who expected a pure love game of of this one. Love triangle stories are generally more memorable thanks to several outstanding examples like White Album 2. But in profane hands it easily becomes a H-intensive NTR game, and this is exactly such case. 10. Taiyou no Promia 太陽のプロミア [110527] Seven Wonder 1 2 Kodama stood in the sun-basked streets of Milsant. Even though he looks like any young man, he doesn’t have any memories and there was a baby in his arms who he cannot be separated from. Milsant is ruled by 6 female priests known as the ‘six flowers’. Their powers come from the ‘six large trees’, which were suddenly all surrounded in darkness. He meets Flarerouge, the most powerful of the six girls and servant of the Sun God, and they embark on a journey to recover the light that was lost in the world. There is an English review 11. Vermilion -Bind of Blood- [110527] light 1 2 3 4 Toshirou is in charge of managing public order in the city. Along with a community of vampires, they purge those that commit crimes. However, they come upon a monster which is said to have massacred many in the past. There are English reviews. 12. Worlds and World's end [110527] Rootnuko 1 Waking up every day, Takumi believed that his normal school days would continue forever. Hearing about random mysterious attacks in the town and religious groups claiming that the end of the world is near, Souichi believed that it would never concern him. Tied down in a small village by bonds he cannot sever, Yuuji believed that there is a place for him to go to. Everyone has their own wishes and beliefs, but rests assured that even in the darkest night, the sun will rise the next morning. Even as the end of the world approaches… Eternal night falls down to the world, and a group of friends is in the center of narration. Without spoiling the nature of disaster can only say that extreme situation does not reach the Swan Song heights, but such trouble story inevitably invokes interest. Everything develops in intriguing way till the final part when resolution is sudden and unsatisfying leaving dulled impression. Story lacks action to become a serious plotge, so it's more of a unique setting unpolished charage. 13. Yamiyo ni Odore -Witch Wishes to Commit the Night- 闇夜に踊れ -Witch wishes to commit the Night- [110527] Yatagarasu 1 Witches and magicians have always been fighting each other since the beginning of time. It’s not because one is bad or good, but because their powers keeps the world in balance. So, in a time continuum separated from the world, they continue their long battle. Note that you can choose to be a male or female protagonist. RPG BLOCKED 1. Henshin!!! ~Pantsu ni Natte Kunkun Peropero~ へんし~ん!!! ~パンツになってクンクンペロペロ~ [110520] May-Be Soft 1 “Ahhh… I wish I was a girl’s panties” After Yuuji said that, his imouto Miko left him and is now staying at the girls’ dormitory. He debated if panties would be too stimulating and if he should be a skirt or a chair instead, all the while lamenting why he was born a human. Coming home one day, he came upon a talking cat-like thing that had collapsed. As thanks for taking care of her, she gives him a cell phone that allows him to transform into anything! Armed with his new ability, he heads out to fulfill his dream of teasing girls. Nukige, but I rarely saw Conjueror rate anything as 5/5, also an opening. 2. Fukushuu Saimin ~Tsuki no Himegimi wa Fukujuu no Yume o Miru ka?~ 復讐催眠 ~月の姫君は服従の夢をみるか?~ [110520] C:drive/F 1 The earth is ruled by an empire and the protagonist goes to an elite school to train to be a knight of the empire. One day, the school and the town is destroyed by the goverment on behalf of the empire. The protagonist is really angry at this and decides to plot against the government. The protagonists’ parents were killed by terrorists too so he has essentially lost everything. A girl approaches him and asks “Do you really want power? If you do, then you can achieve 'revenge'. Just tell them what to do in order to get justice.” The mysterious girl give the potagonist the power to manipulate people with his words. New hair, a new face, the protagonist approaches the girls who caused him so much pain – but can he really get his “revenge”? Nukige, but with an opening 3. A.G.II.D.C. ~RPG Gakuen 2.0 Circus Shijou Saidai no Kiki!?~ A.G.II.D.C. ~あるぴじ学園2.0 サーカス史上最大の危機!?~ [110527] STELLA 1 This is the first title by STELLA, a separate brand created from CIRCUS. A thousand years ago, the legendary hero defeated the maou. Now his descendant Masamune begins his own path towards becoming a hero, but then a girl with a great sense of justice wanted to become his disciple. However, she is the descendant of the maou! She creates the ‘Brave Rangers’ (i.e. student council) and drags him along to the dungeon to defeat evil. Fandisc 4. Akatoki!! -Hana to Mawaseyo Koi no Ishou- あかときっ!!-花と舞わせよ恋の衣装- [110527] Escu:de 1 This is the fandisk for Escu:de’s clothes shredding battle ADV title Akatoki!, featuring after stories for the 5 heroines as well as another stories for Miyu and Chikka. There is also a versus battle mode with rewards for winning. All the girls have new costumes, such as pajamas for Nayu and an idol outfit for Maki. Kukuriku also loses her clothes this time. Fandisc
  11. April benefits from titles delayed in March, but among 17 titles I can only acknowledge Aiyoku no Eustia for its detailed world and characters, although it's not the kind of game I can enojy. Micchi also empathizes a delayed title and some fandisc. 1. Duelist x Engage デュエリスト×エンゲージ [110408] Praline 1 Shidou Yukito’s mornings are always busy. Waking up before the sun rises, battling against the cold air and temptations to go back to sleep, every second is too valuable to waste. A regular day, regular people, and Monaka’s regularly forgotten lunch box, Yukito is content with his peaceful normal life. That is, until his estranged father died. Out of the blue, a woman who claims to be his father’s secretary informs him of a tremendous debt his father has left behind with his legacy and wants Yukito to succeed in his place or else Café Soleil, along with their house, will be subject to bankruptcy claims. A debt that can’t be cleared in any reasonable amount of time, let alone the deadline is in less than a year, Yukito’s only choice is to marry his fiancée from the Corangrane Kingdom in Europe, a descendant from the noble Soleil Family. And that fiancée is coming to meet him tomorrow. And as if that wasn’t enough, the first words coming out of her mouth was: “So you are my fiancé. En guarde!” Will Yukito be alright? The fiery duels between unshakable wills over marriage, the battle royale has begun! There is an English review. 2. Kyuukyoku Mahou Shoujo Zettai☆Aneki 究極魔法少女 絶対☆姉貴 [110408] Axis Akira’s older sister Hikari is amazing, placing tops in the national mock exams, almost setting world records in athletics and she’s even a ‘mahou shoujo’ that takes care of bad guys. As the school’s representative, she was given the opportunity to enact any proposition that she wants. She announces to everyone that she will be attacking any club that she wishes and if they lose to her, then they will be disbanded. With a smile, she wished everyone good luck. To save their ‘volunteer club’, they decide to fight back with all they’ve got. Older sister route is the only one properly done so others feel like subs. Magical girl here is just for flavor. Scenario just can't be called good. 3. Mecha-con! めちゃ婚! [110408] Onomatope* 1 A sudden change in law by the government ten years ago decreed that rich men must have multiple wives and father lots of children. Haruki’s parents passed away in a traffic accident and he inherited the family wealth while continuing to manage the Sakurajima business group. Even though he hasn’t had a girlfriend before, he now must propose to those girls that are closest to him. Harem comedy, but harem setting is not utilized well as it stops at 3P. Individual routes are nothing different from an average galge. 4. Sakura Iro Quartet さくら色カルテット [110408] Atelier Kaguya 1 In the near future, bioroids called Iris were created using genes from animals to be the perfect partner for humans. They now live together with humans in harmony. Ryouta is a meddlesome student at Kurama Gakuen who comes upon a stray Iris named Sakura. He decides to take her under his wing and to become her master, but then Sakura’s older sister Ui shows up, along with a suspicious guy Ogami Shingo. Even his schoolmates Ayano and Momoka get involved. It seems that she holds many secrets… There is an English impression 5. White ~Blanche Comme la Lune~ [110408] NekoNeko Soft Shigetomo is a 25 year old insurance agent who lives a pretty standard life with his imouto Hotaru ever since their parents’ deaths 10 years ago. One day he travels to a small faraway island for work, but was shipwrecked. When he awoke, he found himself in a seemingly different time and place, where everyone was pure and trusting. He wondered if it was a time slip or a parallel world and thought about looking for a way back to the world he knew, but he soon grew fond of this place and its people. In particular, a young pair of sisters take a liking to him. However there’s a hidden secret which he soon finds out about… Sicson game as there are as many as two sisters (real and sister-in-law) in the center of the story. But it's very similar to previous Sorairo that I fiercely disliked. Same past and present versions of girls, same attempt to summon a mystery. 6. Yuusha to Kimi ni Hanataba o 勇者と彼女に花束を [110408] Klein The magic city Reifan is where thousands of years ago, a goddess saved the world from being taken over by the demon lord. The protagonist is an adventurer who travels around the world and he comes to Reifan. Along the way, he saves a female knight who was attacked by a monster. Before losing consciousness, she says “to the magic school in Reifan…”. Upon arriving at the school with her, the principal informs him that she is Princess Cynthia from the neighboring country, and that monsters have been threatening the area lately. He asks him to become friends with her so that she will not be worried. When he was leaving the room, a girl named Teana calls out to him and she gets him to stay at the Crystal Goddess Inn where she works. Story is childish and everything else of doujin quality. 7. Kamidori Alchemy Meister 神採りアルケミーマイスター [110422] Eushully 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 In the Setetori region of the southern part of the Raulbhach continent lies the Mikelti Kingdom, and amongst the seven major cities of this region is the workshop city of Yuidora. This is where a young orphan named Wilfred lives, pursuing his dream of becoming an alchemist. However, soon after gaining his license he gets entangled with three girls with differing personalities and goals, and he soon agrees to hire them as his guards in order to help each other out. Like this, Wil begins his life as an alchemist, surrounded by the ever growing group of his allies as he follows his parents' footsteps in becoming a great alchemist. RPG has English reviews 8. Marguerite Sphere Marguerite Sphere -マーガレット スフィア- [110422] Meteor The coastal city of Shiromine is known as the town of flowers since marguerite flowers can be found everywhere. There’s a legend that the flower spirit will grant the wishes of pure and earnest boys and girls. Daichi lives together with his twin imouto Matsuri and they attend the Shiromine Gakuen together. Matsuri has many admirers due to her cute looks, but she’s very cold to everyone, because she is hesitant to show her true feelings. Daichi thought that his days would continue like this until he met a fortune teller who told his future without his consent. Only main heroine route provokes emotion due to unusual twist while other routes are just bad. All those urban legends stories are commonplace and easily forgettable. 9. Vanitas no Hitsuji ヴァニタスの羊 [110422] RococoWorks 1 2 Claude goes on a journey with the one he calls father, Eliphas, a magician who can alter other people’s awareness, making them think illusions are reality. When he was walking the streets of Engelbourg, he noticed something sticking out from an empty barrel. A couple guys asked him if he saw a girl around and he used his ‘color magic’ to trick their eyes and save the girl, Therese. At that time, he didn’t know that this chance meeting would have a profound effect on the fortress city, nor that there were engels (angels) sleeping there. There is an English review. I should probably say that I played it in the past, and it was worse that Volume 7 and even than Airy Fairy. It feels like story stops after prologue and what happens next is just endless filling the time with something random. 10. Aiyoku no Eustia 穢翼のユースティア [110428] August 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 After the surface of the world broke down, the city of Novus Aether floats in the sky, thanks to the prayers of the Holy Maiden. Years ago, when the Holy Maiden's prayer was interrupted, an incident known as the "Gran Forte" occurred, causing a portion of the land to fall and split the lower city into two, separated by a cliff. In time, the lowest layer became the dwelling of all kinds of low-lives, people who lost much of their former lives during the "Gran Forte", becoming known as the "Prison". However, a contagious disease which causes people to grow wings has spread throughout the city, and a unit has been formed to deal with these people swiftly. In this "Prison" resides Caim Astraea, a freelance ex-assassin who does odd jobs for his friends for money, refusing jobs that require him to kill people. During one request, Caim finds a girl who contracts the wing-disease, enveloped in a light that reminds Caim of the “Gran Forte” years ago... Game is localized and has English reviews 11. Daiteikoku 大帝国 [110428] Alice Soft 1 2 3 4 Years before the Universe was United, small Human fractions dotted parts of the vast Universe. Individual States were established and navigating to other areas of the Solar system required a few hundred years. Contact with other countries was virtually impossible. Soon the Eris Empire noted the strange stars that existed in the space region. As their Research advanced, they discovered that these stars can move instantly from one area to another area. Labeling it the “Warp Gate” This allowed many stars systems that had been isolated to make first contact with each other and so began the Age of Discovery. Through Aggression and conquest, Repeated Destruction and Submission, the Nations began to build civilizations from one star to the next. The “Star field network Diagram” – Became the New World Map. In 939 AD Space unity. Nations asked why the leaders of the three powers are seeking power... The National Eris Empire Council is the worlds largest empire able to restore the world order and suppress chaos. Imperial Japan was the world's oldest nation, and worn out during the prolonged war with the Chinese empire, it is the largest one being targeted. TBS has English reviews 12. Kagura Soushunfu 神楽早春賦 [110428] Debo no Su Seisakusho Another installment in the Kagura series, featuring the ‘baka trio’ from the previous game Kagura Gensoutan as the protagonist and main heroines. After restoring peace to the school, Seiichirou, Yayoi, Azusa and Shizuru all leave to pursue their own futures, leaving Akira, Kanade and Makoto to continue their studies. However, there’s a feeling of uneasiness since there’s still one corner of the school building which hasn’t been fully sealed and it is teeming with youkai inside. How long will the barrier hold up and will they be able to overcome this danger even though they aren’t that experienced at all? All Kagura RPG feel the same to me 13. Moe Moe Daisensou☆Gendaibaan 萌え萌え大戦争☆げんだいばーん [110428] SystemSoft Alpha This is an all-ages game with the heroines based off military aircraft and vehicles, and they are known as ‘maidens of steel’. There are three scenarios available: Europe during World War II, the Far East during the Cold War and the Vietnam War, and finally the Middle East during the Iran-Iraq War. The game is broken up into 3 parts: adventure (ADV), simulation (SLG) and communication (COM). The battle system has 3d sprites wandering about the map destroying stuff, although the mechanics are similar to the previous games in the Moe Moe series. SIM 14. Morobito Kozorite ~Joy to the World! The Lord is come~ もろびとこぞりて ~Joy to the World! The Lord is come~ [110428] CLAPWORKS Kyouya attends Tsukiyama music school, but he has lost sight of why he plays the violin. He spends his days with his cheerful osananajimi Mayuko, his carefree best friend Jousuke, his kouhai who considers him her rival Yukari, and his senpai Shiki, who is a genius composer but has zero life skills. On one chilly autumn day, a girl with an angelic voice moved in next to his room at the dormitory. After meeting Kano, he gradually remembers the joy of music that he had forgotten. Gentle musical school themed work. It's a nice work with nice characters, but definitely not Nodame Cantabile, so it becomes boring if heroines fail to grasp. 15. Primary Step [110428] Purple Software Delight Minato lives alone because his parents are away for work. He is friendly with many of the girls that live in the same apartment as him and attends school together with them. However, his parents inform him one day that he will be transferring to another school. His quiet days soon gradually become quite rowdy as all the girls want to show their feelings for him when they realize that this is the last chance they will get. A mediocre harem moege with graphics being the only prominent feature. 16. relations. sister × sister. [110428] Aile Soft 1 2 3 Kouhei lost his mother when he was young and now his father who had raised him up has decided to remarry. Since it’s been 10 years since his mother’s death, there was no reason for him to object. However, he was surprised when his new mother brought along two daughters. Suddenly he had two new non-blood related sisters: older sister Kaori, who is great at everything and very popular at school, and younger sister Chisato, who is just as pretty as her sister but has a fear of men. Other girls soon find out about this, including his osananajimi Haruka, resulting in his life turning upside down. There are English reviews 17. Temaribana 手毬花 [110428] TopCat When Kotora came to, he was on an old-fashioned bus alone heading to Murakumo boarding school. During the long bumpy ride along the mountain roads, he looked outside the window and saw a beautiful yellow-green scenery which warmed his heart. A girl got on the bus and looked at him coldly and asked him if he was a transfer student. He didn’t know why she didn’t like him. The next girl that got on the bus told him not to worry about it since she was always like that. I got seriously disappointed in previous TopCat same themed game Atori no Sora to Shinchuu no Tsuki. It's again rural mystery, but this time with no weird esoteric stuff. It's again heavy and cautious development in contrast to modern liveliness. It plays well with nostalgia and old-school feelings, but personally I'm glad it's the last TopCat work. BLOCKED 1. 11eyes -Resona Forma- [110415] Lass 1 2 This is a fandisk for 2008 release 11eyes that includes a before, after and ‘if’ story, with particular emphasis on Lizelotte. There’ll be a mix of both serious and light raburabu stories. Of course, the cross vision system makes a return. There are also some user-written short stories included. Fandisc 2. Nitou Ou Mono wa Ittou mo Ezu 二刀追うものは一刀も得ず [110417] Artemis. 1 You are a feudal lord in past Japan. You don't have a successor yet so lots of girls go crazy about you. They pull down their panties in front of you just so to have the chance to bear the next ruler. Frenzies of raging princesses that compete each other for your seed is a norm around your castle. Reverse rapes are common as well. Yet no one has ever been able to bear your child. No, no one has ever been able to have sex with you... Because you are an impo. One day, just as usual, girls are introduced to you in the hope that their gorgeousness might cause your little limpy to go stiffy... Instead of meeting a girl, your vassal introduced two katanas named Kotetsu and Muramasa. And right when you touch, the blades transform into girls... Nukige, but curious one and with an English review 3. Shuffle! Love Rainbow [110428] Navel 1 This is the fandisk to various games from the Shuffle! franchise. It features after stories for Sia/Kikyou and Primula from Shuffle! Essence+, Kaede’s story after she regains her memories in Really? Really! and an another story for subchar Ruri. Fandisc 4. Sisters ~Natsu no Saigo no Hi~ sisters~夏の最後の日~ [110428] Jellyfish 1 2 3 4 Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city lies a small rural town in a mountainous region. A young man meets a pair of beautiful sisters there along with their mother, and lives together with them. Their days together are full of happiness, but he didn’t know that there is a hidden secret. Nukige, but with English reviews
  12. A lot of titles got delayed till April, so we're sitting at 10 titles again just like in February. Onigokko! is the only masterpiece I acknowledge. Micchi basically only favors Onigokko and games that got delayed, so let's anticipate a hot April. 1. Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto - Ginga Bishounen Densetsu STAR DRIVER 輝きのタクト 銀河美少年伝説 [110303] Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. In Southern Japan, there lies the verdant Minamijuuji Island. One night, a youth by the name of Tsunashi Takuto arrives on one of the island's beaches. This youth, who had swam to the island from the mainland, subsequently enters Minamijuuji Academy's High School Division. Possessing a positive and forward-looking attitude, he easily develops relationships with Agemaki Wako, Shindou Sugata, and various other people he meets at the Academy. However, Minamijuuji Academy hides a big secret. Beneath it, 20 humanoid constructs lie dormant. In this land that lies under a blue sky and surrounded by blue seas, a story of love, dreams and friendship begins. Anime spin-off 2. Suzumiya Haruhi no Tsuisou 涼宮ハルヒの追想 [110324] guyzware This is a sequel to "The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya" movie, an adaptation of the fourth installment of the popular Haruhi Suzumiya light novel series. This sequel, The Reminiscences of Haruhi Suzumiya, is a direct continuation of the film's ending, taking place in the parallel world where the SOS Brigade doesn't exist. However, this sequel is a video game, featuring an original story; it just happens to be tied in to the plot closer than most Haruhi games. Anime spin-off 3. 12+ [110331] anisetta Anisetta’s debut game is based off Arthurian legend. In a period of chaos and war, the throne is vacated with the death of the previous king. Arthur becomes the new king and is attacked by the 11 surrounding countries, but he fights them off and instead is viewed as the king of all countries. With peace finally in hand, the magician Merlin tells him to marry a princess from a neighbouring country. Even though he had taken her advice many times, he refuses to do so this time. She believes that it is necessary to strengthen the newly-found peace and that he is just afraid because he’s not used to being with girls. Don’t worry, she has a plan and the Knights of the Round Table will gladly help out. Game is rough on all edges and with really weak scenario. 4. Bura Bura ぶら ぶら [110331] Wheel Takuji is a guy who’s pretty popular among the girls, but he already has someone he likes: Hitomi, his osananajimi who’s doting and is quite a cute… guy!? Their childhood friend Nakaba, as well as other girls, want him to snap him out of the trap and lead him back to ‘normality’. Silly bakage with all kind of trap/gay humor. 5. Hatsukoi Time Capsule ~Osananajimi to Kyakkya Ufufu~ 初恋タイムカプセル ~幼馴染とキャッキャうふふ~ [110331] Citoron Soft 1 When he was small, Kiriya buried a time capsule under a Camphor tree with his 5 osananajimis. Soon after, one of his osananajimis Kazuha moved away and they lost touch with each other. Ten years later, his other four osananajimis Yuuna, Mio, Maika and Anna all attend the same school and stay at the same dormitory as him, but hold back their feelings for him. One day, Kazuha returns and asked him if he still remembers the time capsule and their promise. With Kazuha’s return, the other osananajimis don’t hold back anymore and start making their moves, resulting in chaos. Which osananajimi will he end up with? There is an English review. 6. Onigokko! 鬼ごっこ! [110331] ALcot 1 2 3 A long long time ago, the oni (demons) collected many treasures on an island known as Onigashima and Momotarou came with his three friends to defeat the oni and recover the treasures. Now, there is a thief Ura that is said to be the descendant of the oni and who is stealing all the treasures. His actual name is Keisuke, the protagonist of this story. However, someone else posing as him sent out a notice and he wonders who it is. But soon his cover is blown as the descendants of Momotarou, Kintarou, Issun-boushi and Otohime also attend Onigashima Gakuen. And thus a modern fairy tale is born. There are English reviews 7. Rensai Kisou Camellia Note ~Yume ni Shinobazu, Kirisake Otome!~ 恋祭☆綺想カメリアノート ~夢に忍ばず、斬り咲け乙女!~ [110331] tritail Shouichi is a normal student at Raikou Gakuen, which holds an event called Meikousai where students fight for ‘camellia pages’ which hold mysterious power, with the winner getting their wish granted. Even though Shouichi lost his camellia page pretty early, he found himself still stuck on the battlefield. Game can be fun, but scenario and gameplay parts are no good. 8. Secret Game Code:Revise シークレットゲーム CODE:Revise [110331] Flat 1 Another time, another "game". 14 people have been confined to small rural village and fitted with exploding collars. Each one also has PDA with a unique ability and a condition to remove the collar. If anyone tries to leave the designated area or fails to achieve the condition in their PDA, their collar explodes, killing them. This is the "game" of death, where mistrust and manipulation run rampant and death is common. But this time there's also a catch, as when the "Rain starts to fall"... There is an English review 9. Trouble @ Spiral! とらぶる@すぱいらる! [110331] Aries Keisuke didn’t have much luck finding a job after his graduation, but he finally found a place to work at his father’s cafe Tenryuu. There aren’t many visitors at all, but it’ll do for now. He also helps out with renting out the nearby apartment Nazuki-sou and many cute girls live there. However, his father went missing and debts start piling up… soon he’ll be evicted! All the tenants help him out to renew the cafe and save their home. A banal setting for a banal moege. 10. Tsuyokiss 3gakki つよきす3学期 [110331] Candy Soft 1 2 A further retelling of Tsuyokiss and Tsuyokiss 2gakki, takes place a few months after Celeb has transferred to Leo's class (but before the game enters any routes). There are English reviews BLOCKED 1. Hotch Potch ハチポチ -Liar&raiL FanDisk- [110318] Liar-soft Hotch Potch is a fandisk which covers Liar-soft’s titles from Seiken no Inganock to Dosukoi!, as well as all three of raiL-soft’s works. Various characters from the ten works will appear and in the original story, they all seek ways to return to their own worlds. There’s a few original characters that help drive the story. Fandisc
  13. I remember enjoying Grisaia no Kajitsu a long time ago even though nowadays Frontwing eternal greed for releasing series in episodes and inserting ads in their official channel and everyone else's channels makes me sick. Micchi favors Lover Able and some fandisc. 1. Artemis Blue アルテミスブルー [110224] Applique -Imouto- 1 2 3 In 2040, a mysterious natural disaster causes all planes to stop functioning above 500 feet (150 meters) of the Earth’s surface, resulting in over 20 million deaths. The year is 2060 and it is forbidden to fly above this limit. Pilots call this stretch from 500 feet to outer space ‘Artemis’s hymen’. Now a group of people operate a transport agency from the abandoned building that was to be the New Third Tokyo International Airport (nicknamed Edowanzu). They wish to fly higher than what is permitted by aviation laws. Haru is a cheerful, honest, polite and hardworking girl who always wanted to become a pilot. Following her dream, she went overseas after graduating from high school and earned her pilot license after two years in an aviation school in San Diego. She applied to become a co-pilot and got an interview with the Kubo Air Transport Agency. There she met Katsura Keima, the test pilot who had broken the impenetrable barrier in Project Ikaros five years ago. There are English reviews 2. Flag Heshiori Otoko フラグへし折り男 [110225] Hamham Soft Kogorou is the assistant instructor at the Suzuhara-ryuu Kendo dojo in Minoudai. He lives alone at the top of a hill and his osananajimi Mahiru comes to wake him up every day, even though she knows that he will already be out of bed and dressed by the time she gets there. That’s because she is like many other girls who has fallen in love with him because of his honesty and seriousness. He is known as the ‘man who breaks flags’. A comedy with flat characters and eye-tearing graphics. 3. Grisaia no Kajitsu グリザイアの果実 -LE FRUIT DE LA GRISAIA- [110225] Frontwing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 Mihama Academy - on the surface, a closed learning environment established to nurture students who find themselves at odds with the world around them; in actuality, an orchard-cum-prison built to preserve fruit that has fallen too far from its tree. Whatever the circumstances behind its establishment, Mihama Academy is at present home to five female students, all with their own reasons for "enrollment." For better or worse, each girl has established a routine obliging of her current situation; life moves at an idle, yet accommodating pace within the walls of Mihama. Yet with the arrival of the institute's first male student, the nearly preposterously opaque Kazami Yuuji, the students at Mihama begin to fall out of step with their predetermined rhythms. Will Yuuji prove to be the element the girls around him needed to take hold of their lives once more, or will the weight of their pasts prove too steep a wall to overcome? And in the first place, just who is Kazami Yuuji? While the true nature of the "job" he is wont to alight to at the most haphazard of moments remains shrouded in secrecy, one thing is for certain - his encroachment upon the quiet orchard known as Mihama Academy will prove itself momentous in one way or another. And of course, one cannot discount the possibility that perhaps Yuuji himself carries the weightiest past of any of the students... Game is localized and has English reviews. 4. Hime-sama Gentei! ~Princess Limited~ 姫様限定!~Princess Limited~ [110225] Princess Sugar Celina is the princess of the prosperous western European country of Mellberg and came to Japan to study at a normal school while concealing her true identity. Since she is a distant relative to Yuu, she ends up living in his house. One day, the princess of the resource-rich country of Marualand, Olivia, was exiled to Japan in a coup d’état. Quickly gaining notice around the town, she was treated like a honored guest. However, Yuu disapproved of her snobby attitude since he had grown accustomed to being around princess Celina. Then, Celina told Olivia not to be near him as he is her most precious person. Not backing down from the challenge, she states that she will make him hers. Scenario is crappy and boring, so I'd call it a moege. Olivia's collapsed personality is probably the most memorable element. 5. Hinata Terrace ~We don't Abandon You.~ ひなたテラス ~We don't abandon you.~ [110225] Giga Yoshihisa doesn’t have any relatives, but he doesn’t feel sad or lonely. While there’s nothing wrong with his personality, he finds it difficult to connect with others. Upon acceptance to the school, the school director offered him a cheap room if he helps out around the apartment. He meets the other residents: dojikko classmate Hina, the class rep Natsuki, and his teacher and self-proclaimed guardian Fumika. One day, a girl arrives carrying a letter and introduces herself as his imouto. If it's Giga with unidentified scenario writer, it's a kusoge by default not worth anyone's time. Typical Giga moege. 6. Lover Able ラブラブル~Lover Able~ [110225] Smee 1 2 3 4 Haruki and his imouto Kaho move to a new town due to their parents’ work and are taken care of by their uncle. Due to a promise made between the adults, they have to help out at their uncle’s beachside cafe Fruitia. During the summer, he meets a girl that transferred in at the same time Chinatsu, quiet and mysterious classmate Satsuki, lively kouhai Tsugumi and fellow part-timer Nanako. Of course, Kaho is always by his side. This is the beginning of a summer romance. It sounds like a pretty standard love comedy plot, but what makes Lover Able different is the customization. Prefer short hair to long hair? Want her to wear a dress instead of T-shirt and shorts? The system allows you to tailor the heroines to hit all your moe sweet spots, making all those ichaicha moments even better. There are English reviews 7. Nekonade Distortion 猫撫ディストーション [110225] Whitesoft 1 2 3 4 Tatsuki’s imouto Kotoko is striken with an incurable disease and spends every day in her room reading books. He told himself not to enter her room to avoid giving her any stress. One night, he saw lots of shooting stars in the sky and wanted to let her know since she loved seeing pictures of stars and space. When Tatsuki opened her door, he found Kotoko without any vital signs. He blamed himself for causing her death. On another day much later when the night sky was full of shooting stars just like that fateful day, he visited her room just like before. To his surprise, Kotoko was there. The next morning, his parents thought that Kotoko had never died, and for some reason, his pet cat turned into a catgirl. There are English reviews. 8. Soukyuu no Soleil ~Fullmetal Eyes~ 蒼穹のソレイユ~FULLMETAL EYES~ [110225] SkyFish 1 Soukyuu no Soleil is a tactical battle SLG which is the successor to SkyFish’s previous “Valkyrie Saga” titles Shirogane no Soleil and Gouen no Soleil. The story takes place in another world where there is a white and a blue moon in the sky. The humans are constantly fighting magical monsters called ‘berserk’, which are weapons which activate using the souls of humans. Valkyries come from the white moon to aid them in battle. This is where the main protagonist Sora meets the valkyrie Odette on the battlefield and fight alongside one another. There is an English review. 9. Sweet Robin Girl スイートロビンガール [110225] ChuableSoft 1 The town of Levindom feels unchanged from the past, with red-brick buildings lining the stone-paved roads and overlooked by an old castle. In the Lower Town, there is a small and quaint cafe called the Birdies’ Perch, which used to be popular among the locals. But now, no one comes to enjoy coffee there anymore. The owner Sydney, burdened with increasing debts, drowns his sorrows with wine. As the payment date draws near, he prepares to lose the last thing that he owns. That’s when four young girls came to his shop. Their names are Fiona, Elen, Meg and Primrose. They all lost a place to call their own for different reasons. The leaves turn red and the wind becomes chilly, but yet these girls continue living happily while he just laments at his current dire situation. He realizes that he cannot just give up and, motivated once more, he opens the cafe with their help. There is an English review. 10. With Ribbon [110225] Hulotte 1 2 3 This is the HULOTTE’s debut title. Shoutarou had a dream where a very young girl who he had never seen before leapt at him, saying that she finally found him and she had wanted to meet her father. She said that even though he’s not her father yet right now, he definitely will be. With a kind smile, she tells him that will understand what she’s saying soon. After waking up, he walks to Tokimizu Gakuen like usual with his osananajimi Hina and saves a girl from being hit by a car. It’s the same girl from his dream! “I’ve come to support your love, papa!” There are English impressions. BLOCKED 1. Flyable CandyHeart [110225] Unison Shift: Blossom 1 2 3 4 5 Flyable CandyHeart features the full cast of the original game as well as cameos from Nanatsuiro★Drops, Alice♥Parade, Peace@Pieces and Kiminago. There are individual spin-off routes for each of the six FH heroines, the new routes for Yui and Suzuno are the final pieces to the multiple route mystery of the original game. FCH also features three bonus routes; one for everyone's favorite student council secretary Gumi-chan, one in which Shou has the opportunity to become even more intimate friends with Akira, and finally the mega crossover route. Fandisc 2. Koi Katsu! コイ☆カツ! [110225] Silhouette Rino is forced to join a club that involves sexual activities. She does not know anything about boys, so she asks Togo for help. He opposes this idea, but agrees after threat to reveal his small secret. The mysterious club awaits. Nukige, but with an opening.
  14. Bloody Rondo is the only real deal in January. Zen supports this idea while Micchi sees this month as a slow start of the year with only fandisc and some moege looking appealing enough. 1. Smile☆Shooter ~First☆Ticket~ スマイル☆シューター ~ふぁーすと☆ちけっと~ [110114] Kuroneko-san Team The latest all-ages musical action ADV from Kogado Studio features new idol group Smile☆Shooter, which has been popular on cell phones and Twitter. In the game, you have to help the girls (Yurina, Airi, Mayu) with their debut. It’s a mix of ADV and musical action parts, using the same system as Angelic Serenade and Symphonic Rain. Game would suit well on PSP, but on PC competition among better titles is too strong. So it becomes the last game of Kuroneko-san Team. 2. Noblelige! ノーブルリージュ! [110125] Mana This is an all-ages cross-media series by bishoujo game company mana and light novel publisher MF Bunko J. It is written by Okano Touya and TAMAMI. The light novel covers the first part of the story, while the kinetic novel DVD that comes with the special version of the paperback details the second part of the story. Magic item appraiser Lang visits the house of an impoverished noble to collect debts. There he meets a proud girl named Charlotte who has a great sense of justice and duty to her followers. Even though she had already given out most of her possessions away, he plans to salvage some assets, but… Light novel spin-off 3. Dream Club Zero ドリームクラブZERO [110127] Tamsoft Corporation The "sequel" to Dream C Club that takes place chronologically 4 months before the first game. Our protagonist (named by you) gets a one-year free membership to "Dream Club", a host-club where he pays by the hour for girls to chat and drink with him. Can he succeed in finding love? Includes all the characters of the original, plus 3 new girls. Not much has changed since SIM prequel 4. Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai 俺の妹がこんなに可愛いわけがない [110127] Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. 1 2 The first TV series may be over, but the story of Oreimo has only just begun! Now you can control the destiny of Kyousuke as you interact with the cute girls in your life and deal with your little sister Kirino's otaku whimsy. Packed with over 20 possible endings and dozens of great in-game CG, the regular dialogue is enthralling as well as it's powered by the "O.I.U." graphics system, or "Ore no Imouto ga konnani Ugoku wake ga nai" system ("There's no way my little sister could move like this!). It's a 2D real time feature animation system that has the characters reacting emotionally and with gestures to the dialogue choices you make. Live out your dream scenarios with your favorite Oreimo characters in this great "what if" game! Anime spin-off 5. Tsukumonogatari つくものがたり [110127] Killaware Ltd. “That is unacceptable now. You've known the secret. There is a story of a boy who can see AYAKASHI, not visible to human eye.” In the present world, crime rates keep on increasing every day. This is happening because evil spirits have crossed over from the spirit world to the human world. These spirits are invisible to the naked eyes. One day, Yūto Ishigami was pushed out of the third floor's window by a classmate who suddenly turned violent, but he miraculously survived without a single scratch. However, since that day, Yuuto began to see strange things. These strange things are known as "Ayakashi". The fact that he's seeing them is proof that the ability that was sleeping within him has been awakened. RPG 6. Aqua [110128] SORAHANE 1 2 3 In 2056, it is possible to create holograms with mass using AQUA computers. The city of Tsukigahama is the home of the Center of AQUA Research and Development, ECReD, and an antenna on the horizon called Ruka which maintains all AQUA. Souta returns to this city after 7 years, but he hates this place because it reminds him of his dead osananajimi, Chisa. However, he meets a dojikko girl who calls him Sou-chan. There’s only one person in the world who calls him that, Chisa, and this girl not only has the same name as her, but also her kind smile. There are English reviews 7. Bloody Rondo BLOODY†RONDO [110128] 3rdEye 1 2 3 4 5 This is the first game by 3rdEye. Shinkurou leads a double life. During the day, he leads a normal school life with other students, but when the sun sets, he heads out to the town to hunt the vampires that have slipped in among humans. One night, he comes upon a girl surrounded by vampires. He takes care of the vampires and takes the fainted girl to his home. However, he soon finds out that she isn’t human. How will a vampire hunter like Shinkurou deal with Luna, the last vampire princess who doesn’t know much about humans at all? An action-based game featuring vampires (including man-made ones), lycanthropes and vampire hunters. There are English reviews. 8. Canvas 4 ~Achrome Etude~ Canvas4 アクロウムエチュード [110128] F&C FC01 1 2 Ryou was selected for a prize at the yearly Sakurabana art contest and was accepted into Nadeshiko Gakuen on a scholarship. He ends up living with his osananajimi Kotono. It’s been half a year since then and in additional to the cultural festival this fall, there will also be an art festival with surrounding schools. As the ace of the art club, Ryou was selected as the school’s representative. However, he has a problem: he can’t draw people. Even though he can complete the drawing technically, he feels that there is something off with it. There are English reviews. 9. Damatte Watashi no Muko ni Nare! 黙って私のムコになれ! [110128] ensemble 1 2 On the second day of the new school term, Naoki was walking to Seiran Gakuen with his imouto Fumuko when he witnessed a group of men forcing a girl in a dress into a car. He jumped in to help her and with help from his friends was able to get her away from the kidnappers. That’s when a a butler appeared beat the kidnappers and scared them off. His relief turned to bewilderment when the angered girl ordered the butler to fire a rocket launcher at the car the kidnappers were in. She smiled at him and invited him to her house as thanks for saving her. Of course, he declined the invitation and ran away as fast as he could. However, that’s not the end of it. When he reached the school gates the next day, he finds the girl from the day before, Rin, arguing with his arranged fiancée, Reona. Rin notices him and gives him a kiss, telling him that she’ll make him her groom. The school ends up getting involved and a ‘bride poll’ is held to decide who he will marry. Wait, why is his future being decided by a popularity vote!? There are English reviews. 10. Gokudou no Hanayome 極道の花嫁 [110128] Galactica 1 2 The Gokudoujin Family. Just hearing the name of this legendary family brings chills to mafia and politicians alike. Well, that was a long time ago. Yuuichi is the heir of the Gokudouin household, which is just a normal family in this peaceful time. That is until Asahi came to his house. Her family (Habutae) has been declining in power and she came to him intending to marry him! There are English reviews. 11. Hoshi no Ouji-kun 星の王子くん [110128] Leaf 1 Hoshino Ouji is a super handsome boy at the school and popular among all students regardless of gender. He is surrounded by his osananajimi Purin, ojousama Ringo, robot Chino, beautiful Cocoro and trap Yuri. Will they be able to overcome their problems and also find love at the same time? There are English reviews 12. Oborokomachi 朧小町 [110128] Concerto Soft Blessed with good quality trees, the village of Oboro had prospered in the forest industry in the Heian era. It has been passed down for generations that the girls from this area are very beautiful. This is because they are descendants of Oboro-hime, a woman of unsurpassed beauty who lived in this fog-covered area. Now, the town is renamed Tsumagoi-shi, but the story of the Oboro maidens still continues. Scenario is terrible, heroines lack individuality, system is flawed. It even lacks liveliness to be called a moege. 13. Otakano -Konna ni Kawaii Kanojo ga Otaku na Wake ga Nai- オタカノ -こんなに可愛い彼女がオタクなわけがない- [110128] DisAbel 1 Eiji is a 2nd year student at a regular school with normal grades and average athletic prowess. He lives by himself, spending his free time playing MMOs. He has friends, but none that he would call a best friend. Girlfriend? Forget about it. One day, he completed as SS-level quest with his online friend and he thought it would be nice to meet him in real life. They arrange a meeting and his supposedly male friend is actually a girl in his class, Moe! Not only that, but she’s the bespectacled class rep that doesn’t talk with other people much. And here she is standing in front of him in a cute mini-skirt and top, wearing contacts instead of glasses… what a change!? After the initial surprise, they decided to create a social networking club so that they can meet others like them. Then she adds that seifuku are prohibited in the club room! A parody otaku moege, a rather amusing one, but still remaining a moege. 14. Sorairo Memoir -Precious Summer Vacation!- そらいろメモワール -Precious summer vacation!- [110128] Ex-iT Ryuu and his osananajimi Ichigo return to their hometown for the first time in 8 years. They decide to race to the top of the mountain. What reacquaintances and memories lie beyond the mountain? A doujin level debut work in all the areas. Even if atmosphere and heroines are to your liking, it's mediocre work at best. BLOCKED 1. T.P. Sakura ~Time Paladin Sakura~ T.P.さくら~タイムパラディンさくら~ [110127] Circus 1 Time Paladin Sakura is an all-ages D.C. spinoff, featuring the eternal loli Sakura as an even more loli mahou shoujo. Sakura is a lively 3rd grader at Kazami Gakuen who spends the day as a normal girl with her best friend Kotori and osananajimi Jun'ichi. However, she is actually hiding a secret… She can use the powers of the space-time tree to travel through time and change the past! The game is split into two parts, and an hour-long anime OVA will come out at the same time too. There’s also mini games included. Fandisc 2. Jangokuhime 雀極姫 [110128] Gesen 18 This is the mahjong fandisk for Gesen18′s Sengokuhime series, including a story mode and free mode. It features 21 heroines to choose from. Basically, you get sucked into the mahjong world and have to win in order to get back out. Oh, and declaring thirteen orphans grants a wish. Fandisc 3. Mousou Protocol! -Hime x Miko x Robot- 妄想ぷろとこる! -姫×巫女×ロボ- [110128] Triangle If you’re not into imoutos or onee-chans… how about some witches, mikos and robots? In Triangle’s latest ecchi title, Shinpei is an otaku that loves anime and games. Currently, he follows many late-night anime on TV and jerks off to the heroines while watching the heroines on screen and imagining them in ecchi situations. Then, the girls came out of the TV and started living with him! They return to the anime world only when it’s time for that week’s broadcast. Nukige yet with an opening
  15. Year 2010 is as lively as ever. I don't think there was another such year where I was able to find at least one masterpiece in each month. The overall number 18 is slightly less, but it only shows the continuing tendency for increasing charage share, and I blocked quite a lot of charage from getting into masterpieces just because did not see a story-driven plot or some spark. There even was one 10/10 game for me, and that does not come often. Visual Novel Openings 2010 with songs just because I still into openings. And I seriously hate it when openings are interrupted with ads, so I try to cut out all such tracks from playlist, like Rewrite opening. And you know what - the same few companies demand ads insertion in their property everywhere. And they are such cheapskates that even monetize their own official channel openings, as if customers attraction is not enough. Basically, they are so greedy to insert ads inside ads. Here is a list of those shameful companies that I noticed so far and am going to hate even more - Key, Frontwing, Leaf. Shame upon you, cheapskates.My list of masterpieces in 2010: Akatsuki no Goei ~Tsumibukaki Shuumatsuron~ Comsome! ~Combination Somebody~ Deardrops Evolimit Fortissimo//Akkord:Bsusvier Harukaze dori ni, Tomarigi o. 2nd Story ~Tsuki no Tobira to Umi no Kakera~ Indigo Kashimashi Communication Ore no Tsure wa Hito de nashi Ouka Sengoku ~Nobunaga-chan no Koishite Yabou!?~ Para-Sol Rune Lord Second Novel ~ Kanojo no Natsu, 15fun no Kioku~ Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~ Tasogare no Sinsemilla Tsubasa o Kudasai Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete White Album 2 ~Introductory Chapter~ Those who were following monthly issues already know the name of the game in 2010 that I evaluate as 10/10 - it's Subarashiki Hibi ~Furenzoku Sonzai~. I'm still somewhere in the mids of playing it, but after weird introductory chapter it's such a fast-paced and ever-thrilling narration I doubt I've seen anywhere before. Since there is no poll this year, let me at least provide an update on the results of the previous poll. 10 versus 5 votes support the idea that no video version of playthrough is needed. And because of that I'm in no hurry to provide reviews. But at the same time I like it to have videos to check things afterwards or find answers to questions, to compare real game lengths, things like that. Unfortunately, there are very few services that are eager to provide space for that: - Niconico limits number of videos to 50 for free users - Vimeo no longer has free plans, it's basically just a hosting now - Bilibili demands to answer some 100 otaku questions in Chinese with majority being correct ones to gain access. - Youtube ... you know, minus two channels - Dailymotion has severe limitations on upload, but it's the amateurishness that kills. All my 720p videos only show there as 380p, and things change only after support ticket resolution. Then comes new video and it's again 380p. For one game I need some 100 one-hour videos, I'm not going to address support 100 times. And according to users, it's a problem that persists for years without any solution. One video playthrough on average takes 15gb of space, so with clouds I can backup like... 5. HDD is not the safest and cheapest option, plus I'd prefer it to be accessible. So I'm going with two variants - another youtube channel with BGM cut, plus video insertion inside blog post. Those videos should be no longer that 100 mb and no longer than 15 minutes to not take up cloud space, so there will be hundreds of videos under each review, and I can only hope that blog itself is not shut down because of those videos, because finding pretexts for closure without explanation is the thing Google excels at.
  16. There are several notable works this month, but I'm only going to call Ore no Tsure wa Hito de nashi a masterpiece. Micchi lays hopes on Hello,good-bye that rather disappointed me, Akatoki with gameplay elements and some fandisc. 1. Let's Kaitou! Nusumi Kei!? -Ano Ko no Heart no Nusumikata, Oshiemasu♪- Let’s快盗!ヌすみ系!? -あの子のハートの盗み方、教えます♪- [101210] SQUEEZ sweet Tomoki comes from a family of second-rate thieves and is relatively normal aside from his skill in billiards. In order to become a first-class thief, he enrolls in the famous thief school Kaisei Higashioka Gakuen, otherwise known as Kaitou Gakuen. Surprisingly, he ends up in the same group as Ai, a descendent of the world-renowned thief Arsène Lupin, as well as her friends, revolver-toting Ooka and sword-wielding Koyomi. At Kaitou Gakuen, in addition to normal classes, there is a ‘hands-on stealing’ class and subsequent test, which is full of ecchi traps. Will he be able to help them steal the targeted treasures with his superior decision making? How will things end up when their rival group Cats Pad and various detectives and other mysterious thieves also get involved? Phantom thief parody setting did not help this moege much as motivation to go on diminishes rapidly over its course. 2. Yuurei to Koi Shitai! 幽霊と恋したい! [101210] Flap Kouichi doesn’t believe in the supernatural, even if it appears before his very eyes. He has an osananajimi, Aoi, who treats him roughly all the time, but he doesn’t mind it. One day, his house burned down and he was forced to move. However, his new home is haunted by a ghost, Nana. Kouichi isn’t fazed at all and actually tells her to just sit and be quiet. One hour later, it’s Nana that ends up pleading for him to let her stay with him. Aoi hears about this and isn’t happy at all. What will happen to this strange 3-way relationship? If it's not evident already, nukige happens to this strange 3-way relationship. 3. Tantei Opera Milky Holmes 探偵オペラ ミルキィホームズ [101216] bushiroad The story takes place in an imaginary world in "the Age of Detectives", where private detectives and phantom thieves overwhelm the cities. Both detectives and phantom thieves have special powers known as Toys. Former great detective Kobayashi Opera, who lost his Toys five years ago in a battle with Phantom Thief L, is tasked with leading a team of four junior detectives as they battle against the newly formed Phantom Thief Empire. Anime spin-off 4. Axanael アザナエル [101217] Nitroplus 1 2 3 4 "Shoot - and your wish will come true. But one of the bullets is real. Pull the trigger if you're ready to risk your life." Deep below Akihabara, a version of Russian roulette called the Kagome Game is being played on New Year’s Eve 2010. Six people take turns shooting a gun called Axanael, which has the ability to grant wishes. However, there is a price for equaling the hopes, and it is paid by one of the players' lives. There are English reviews 5. Hello,good-bye [101217] Lump of Sugar 1 2 3 4 5 6 "Toubu Kaito" That is the fake name assumed by a young military officer from the United Provinces of Japan. He has been tasked with infiltrating Tenshudo Academy, located in Special District Morino, impersonating a transfer student. He is to cast aside his former identity, and 'become' Toubu Kaito. Special District Morino, also known as the neutral zone, is a region of historical significance, and right now, it is the one area which 'both Japans' have their eyes on most. Upon first entering Morino, Kaito decides to walk around and familiarize himself with his new home. After visiting many different places, he then ends up in a park harboring a memorial statue that honors a certain peace treaty. Kaito wanders a little too far, and finds a remote area where he is presented with a vast flower bed that covers every inch on the ground. And he is not alone. There is a single girl there, tending to the flowers. "Why hello there. How do you do, sir. Ah, I suppose I ought to say 'good evening' considering the time of day. " The girl gently smiles at Kaito, and asks for his name. "Toubu Kaito's my name... at least, it will be during my stay here." He responds to her, quickly, and in doing so, inadvertently reveals his 'secret.' Little did Kaito know, but this slight 'slip of the tongue' would be the single action to put an end to his hapless fate. One tiny mistake, and his life forever changed... "If it was a mistake that came about through love, then I think there can be nothing more wonderful than that." There are English reviews. I managed to play it in the past, and no sweet feelings were gained. 6. Sangoku Hime ~Ransei, Tenka Sanbun no Kei~ 三極姫~乱世、天下三分の計~ [101217] Gesen 18 1 There can only be one dragon (emperor), however heaven sent a 3-headed dragon to the world. Soon an uprising called the Yellow Turban Rebellion happened, marking the beginning of a battle for supremacy. This is known as the period of the Three Kingdoms. TBS 7. Princess☆Strike! プリンセス☆ストライク! [101222] Atu Works After the passing of the King of Nippon, a lottery is held to decide who will be the next king. The one who was chosen was Ataru, who up until now hasn’t had any luck at all. That morning when his osananajimi Hiyoko came to wake him up, two girls dropped down through the ceiling. Milfy and Sera were princesses, and they both wanted to marry him! Since his house was broken, he gets to live in the royal palace with them. Hiyoko couldn’t stand leaving him and came to live with him as a maid. Who will he ultimately choose as his bride? Scenario is too shallow, other than that a usual comedy moege. 8. Akatoki! -Yume Koso Masare Koi no Mahou- あかときっ! -夢こそまされ恋の魔砲- [101223] Escu:de 1 2 “This world will now be ours!” With those words, various things called ‘kurayami’ appeared. It’s as if they came straight out from a fairy tale, since they were somewhat cute robots, dolls and miniature cars. The police and self-defence forces somehow were scared of these weird things and ran away. However, humans have not given up as there is one way of defeating the kurayami… with magic! In Akatoki, there is a magic academy that specializes in training students to become magic users. Mayuto isn’t that skilled in magic, but he gets dragged into it since his childhood friends Miyu and Yuuji all aim to be magic users. There are English reviews 9. AKB1/48: Idol to Koishitara... AKB1/48 アイドルと恋したら・・・ [101223] Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. In AKB1/48 Idol to Koishitara, 48 girls are in love with you, the main character. And they aren’t going to wait for you to woo them. They all want to happily proclaim how much they love you. The thing is, you can only have one of them. So you have to avoid 47 girls so you can get with the one you want. PSP Idol crappy sim 10. Hatsukoi Sacrament 初恋サクラメント [101224] Purple Software 1 Yuuhi is entering Millenia Academy this spring. Since he wanted to live by himself, he found himself an apartment room. However, when he stepped into the church next door, he found a girl lying there. Her name was Hikari and and she doesn’t remember much except that her goal is to help people. She ends up living with him at the recommendation of the apartment manager, Noa. He thinks that if they go about helping people, Hikari may regain her memories. So, together they start up the "Big Sky" club to solve students’ problems. There is an English impression 11. Kagura Gensoutan ~Ayakashi no Hime~ 神楽幻想譚~妖かしの姫~ [101224] In the Showa era, Seiichirou trains various young boys and girls within a facility hidden deep within the forest on how to defeat youkai. One day, the director Sakura-hime instructs him to choose candidates from among the mikos to become the ‘omamori-sama’. Two girls were chosen – which of them will be selected as the ‘omamori-sama’? What is this role actually? RPG 12. Knight Carnival! [101224] Nomad After the death of the strong king Uther, the land of Avalonia was in disarray. The witch Morgan’s desires to conquer the whole country made reunification of the land seem impossible. However, there was a legend that whoever can pull out the legendary sword from the stone is the rightful king. This girl was Arthur, the child of Uther, also called the “destined king”. When she pulled out the sword, instead of a sword in her hand, a man stood before her. His name was Caledfwlch, the God of War, and he was sealed within the sword due to too much debauchery. Now that he is free, he lends his overwhelming powers to her cause, but in return he requires ‘energy’. Bakage with M tilt as heroines treat protagonist harshly all the time. Probably can be funny for specific mindset. 13. Marumeru ~Soushinsha wa @ Mirai~ まるめる~ソウシンシャは@未来~ [101224] Abel Software When his parents moved because of work, Yuuichi ended up on a small island in the Pacific. It’s a relaxing place and the school only has around 10 students. One of his classmates is his cousin Nagisa, who he also lives with. However, this tranquil island is shrouded in mystery and there are many traditional rituals and folklore. Yuuichi is excited about such things and one day, he came upon a strange cell phone. But why is there a cell phone here when there is barely radio reception? He meets a girl in front of the sacred tree at the local shrine. She tells him that this cell phone allows him to write messages to his past self and that she wants him to solve the mysteries of this island. Three more times have passed which means Abel Software has crafted something new. Game has some 18 endings with one giving different tip in email from the past. But there's no big mystery behind it all, so disappointment is big. Graphics is good though. 14. Noble ☆ Works のーぶる☆わーくす [101224] Yuzusoft 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Takumi is a normal guy who barely gets by with part-time jobs. One day, he was asked to attend the prestigious private school Rokuroku Gakuen while impersonating a rich student that looks just like him. Although he was hesitant to accept this strange request, circumstances (mainly financial) compelled him to agree to do it. However, he knows nothing about the celeb world. Will he be able to keep his cover? Game is localized and has English reviews. 15. Ore no Tsure wa Hito de nashi 俺の彼女はヒトでなし [101224] Whale 1 Yuuma attends Hanafusa Academy in the town of Minamihata situated on the peninsula. As the autumn air is starting to get chillier, he continuously sees strange things appearing before him. Trying to escape them, he heads to the school roof and thought things would be fine here. That’s when he looks up and sees his childhood friend Chikae in the night sky… flying on a vacuum cleaner. There is an English impression, and it has a point. No one expects much from the debut work of the brand, but game proves to be surprisingly funny and with characters developed properly. True route compliments individual routes well. 16. Sekai Seifuku Kanojo 世界征服彼女 [101224] Navel Yukito is waken up every morning by his cute osananajimi Yumeko. Normally one would feel blessed to be in such a situation, but she’s actually a mad scientist who wants to take over the world! She would even create a robot just for this purpose, scaring the heads of state around the world to surrender without a fight. All he wished for is to live a peaceful life until graduation. Then he saw her at a press conference on TV declaring that she will be taking over the world before the end of the year. In the commotion that follows, another girl named Ako transfers into the school to stop her. Will Yumeko be stopped by New Year’s Eve or will his dream of a peaceful life vanish forever? A decent charage with gags, but with enough boring moments and with all four routes having the same development. Not my type still. 17. Tiny Dungeon ~Bless of Dragon~ [101224] Rosebleu 1 The school Trinity was founded for people to hone their skills and to promote cooperation between the demon, god and dragon races to prevent another war. Despised for coming from a race that once started a war in the past, he came to gain strength so he can protect others. He became close to three powerful girls: Vell of the demon world, Note of the god world and Uluru of the dragon world. One day, Uluru met a suspicious robed person and fought them off. A few days later, a girl from the demon world named Von transfers into Trinity. Uluru’s maid servant Opera has a sense of uneasiness from her and warns Uluru. No one realizes that Uluru will soon confront her own past. There is an English review. 18. Yotsuiro★Passionato! よついろ★パッショナート! [101224] SkyFish Otone is a normal boy, but his family is anything but normal. The day before he was to transfer into Fujimi Gakuen, his older sister Otona said that she was tired of being a girl and switched bodies with him using the ‘mind change’ special ability. Meanwhile, Kanade wanted to join the band club since she loved the band’s performance during the town’s Christmas Festa when she was small. However, the band club has been closed and she sets out alone to find people to join the club. That’s when she bumped into Otone (♀) and gets him (her?) to join the band. A normal story with a trap and a music band. Everyday scenes are well done, but overall can't call it all interesting with this kind of setting. 19. Kon Kon 魂々 [101231] Festival On the last summer day of middle school, Masaki is walking home and notices a transfer student and chases after her. She tells him that there is a god at the shrine next to them who can grant wishes. Since he doesn’t believe in spiritual beings, he’s more interested in her than this god. However, he feels like he’s being surrounded by smoke and leaves the area. The next morning when he wakes up, he hears a voice behind him: “If you don’t follow what I say, you will die”. Festival made Abyss, so can't block their next release. It's a rather short kinetic novel this time. First half is a normal comedy while the second part is a bizarre fighting thing. A decent work for a doujin, but overall not so much. BLOCKED 1. Insai no Shima ~Chi to Hakudaku no Nie~ 淫祭の島~血と白濁の贄~ [101210] hourglass 1 One day, Shinji and his friends visit a deserted island. However, a big earthquake suddenly strikes and the island is completely changed. Yes, there are people living on the island. They try to get out of the island, but their ship is gone somewhere. It gets dark and they decide to stay at a house nearby. At dawn, they hear someone playing the musical instrument. To check it, they leave the house, without knowing it is just the beginning of tragedy... Nukige with English review 2. D.C. Dream X'mas ~Da Capo~ Dream Christmas D.C.Dream X’mas~ダ・カーポ~ドリームクリスマス [101224] Circus DCDX is a Christmas fandisc for the D.C. series. The highlight are crossover stories where the characters from both D.C. and D.C.II appear together (in a wide array of santa outfits). In D.C. ~Christmas Mirai Koi Yume~, Junichi and his friends get caught in a sudden burst of light and end up 53 years in the future. Is this really what the future looks like? How will they return to their original time? In D.C. II ~Day Dream Believer~, Yoshiyuki is preparing the ‘sexy sushi party’ at this year’s Christmas party at Kazami Gakuen. He’s called by Sakura, but when he gets to her office, he finds a small iron door that he had never noticed before. Curosity got the better of him and he went through door, ending up in the school’s hallway during Christmas party preparations… half a century ago! He went back and got his friends to check it out too, but soon there’s trouble. Fandisc 3. Toshoshitsu no Neversista 図書室のネヴァジスタ [101229] TARHS Entertainment 1 During a stormy summer night, a student met his death. He left to take a picture of the rising waters in the river and never returned. All that was left of him were his belongings and the camera by the riverbank. Even after days of desperate searches, all anyone could find was one of his shoes. In the end, he was treated as a casualty of the river...but soon other, sinister rumors of his death began to emerge. That the five friends who used to live in "The Haunted Tower" with him -- one of them, some of them, all of them -- may have had something to do with his cursed death. Enter two people. One, the student's older brother. He receives a mysterious letter about his brother's death, and as soon as he begins to investigate, he's hit by a blunt object and loses consciousness. Only to wake up again in a dark room with five students surrounding him, interrogating him, and knowing that they will never let him leave... Two, an idealistic assistant teacher who just arrived in town. He receives a cryptic warning from an intruder in his dorm, "The Haunted Tower," to "never think those five are children" -- the poor, sad, well-behaved five students who undeservedly suffer from bad rumors. Caught between paranoia and the desire to trust his students, one day he finds a book titled "Neversista," which holds a startling truth... Doujin, but with an English review 4. Snow Drop ~First Step in Spring~ Snow Drop ~First Step in Spring~ [101231] R7 Akito had always lived with his two sisters – lively and optimistic oneechan Sakura, and shy and pessimistic imouto Himawari. He thought that it would continue to be like this forever, but then one day Sakura was killed in a traffic accident. As the months passed by, he grew depressed and couldn’t move past her death, and his relationship with Himawari became distant. One day, he found a girl lying on the ground on a sakura petal-strewn hill. She couldn’t remember anything but her name: Yuki. He couldn’t just leave her there, so he took her home with him. Then a few days later, Sakura appeared before him, just like nothing had changed. A doujin, but with an opening.
  17. Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete is the only masterpiece. Micchi is of the same opinion, but also with high hopes for Kicking Horse★Rhapsody 1. Dangan Ronpa Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei ダンガンロンパ 希望の学園と絶望の高校生 [101125] 1 2 3 4 5 6 Spike Chunsoft Hope's Peak Academy is a government-funded private high school recognized all across the nation as the cradle of hope and prosperity, providing a complete education for "ultimate" students of all stripes. Thanks to a national lottery, one extremely lucky but otherwise ordinary student—Makoto Naegi—has been chosen to attend this prestigious institution. But when Makoto arrives for his first day of class, he suddenly falls unconscious, and when he wakes up he finds himself in a classroom within the school—with the windows barred and the doors locked. As he explores the abandoned, dirty halls, it becomes clear that something is very wrong. He and his new classmates make their way to the gymnasium, where a demented robotic bear, calling himself Monokuma and claiming to be the school's headmaster, makes a declaration: "You're all going to be living here from now on. If you want to go free, your only choice... is murder." And so... fifteen high school students gathered from across the country have been imprisoned. Their strength, their commitment, their very humanity will be tested time and time again. Why must they clash in these class trials? Who's the mastermind behind it all? And what is this shadowy figure really after? The battle against the looming, invisible enemy known only as despair is about to begin... Game is localized and has English reviews of which I covered only the tip of the iceberg - untranslated vn sources 2. Jinki Extend Re:Vision Jinki Extend Re:Vision [101126] Giga Akira is a normal student who falls in love with his classmate Akao, who is also a miko of the nearby shrine. One day while walking together in the nearby forest, they come upon a mysterious container. They meet a man with murderous intent and a group of robots. This was an omen of the ‘lost life phenomena’ and the intense battles with the ‘Jinki’. Will they be able to survive this battle? Anime spin-off 3. Kazegahara Gakuen Spy-bu! 風ヶ原学園スパイ部っ! [101126] Sputnik Kyouichirou belongs to a strange club at Kazegahara Academy called the ‘Spy Club’. It’s not actually a real club, but an unofficial one. The club members are all very eccentric: the club leader Chikae, unrivalled in leadership; his childhood friend Karin who is a hacker; super-mechanic underclassman Uta; and reckless, ex-gymnastics ace Haruna. They go around the school every day, completing various missions. One day, a strange person by the name of ‘Ghost Dog’ who causes mischief in the school. They start a mission to uncover ‘Ghost Dog”s true identity, but the student council is watching their every move in the shadows… Game lacks polish a lot and only starts to get interesting by the end due to case developing into parallel world connection. 4. Kicking Horse Rhapsody キッキングホース★ラプソディ [101126] Alcot Honey Comb 1 There’s a saying that goes: “Those who disturb the love of others should be killed by a horse’s kick”. However, it’s not only people that are obstacles in love. There’s lack of money, lack of time together and other little accidents that threaten romance. And of course, there’s actually no horse to kick people. So that’s why the “Kicking Horse Rhapsody” is here! They’ll get rid of all the nuisances so couples can focus on furthering their love. Souta realizes that he’s surrounded by three attractive girls within the group. However, how can he possibly fall in love with a girl when the other girls will be jealous and try to get in their way? There is an English review. 5. Nanairo Kouro なないろ航路 [101126] Journey Sakuta is quite hard done by at the moment - his parents have left the country so he is currently homeless. One day, he is walking down the street when he feels something wet fall onto him, looking up, a young girl named Enishi falls onto him too. Enishi claims to be an apprentice goddess of marriage and tells Sakuta that what fell onto him was actually "God's Pheromone" which means that every girl he meets will fall in love with him and that this pheromone cannot be collected until he falls in love too. Just after this, Sakuta saves a rich girl called Mirai from some thugs and she falls in love with him (due to the peheromone's power). Then she decides to let Sakuta transfer to her school as a reward. However this is no normal school, Mirai attends the Princess Mary - a high-class school on a cruise liner! Now his new life starts, what will happen to him now? I've yet to encounter a single decent work centered around pheromone. And it's not this one. Opportunistic harem-oriented kusoge, as expected. 6. Ren'ai Saimin ~Tsun na Kanojo ga dereru Saimin~ 恋愛催眠~ツンな彼女がデレる催眠~ [101126] C: drive Takumi is a guy who always helps those in need. A person that he helped rewarded him with the ability to use hypnosis. However, he has no desire to use this for his own personal gain. However, one day, the mood has turned tense due to the banning of love within the school. He realizes that those girls opposed to love actually are afraid of being hurt in relationships, so he decides to use his ability to make all his classmates become honest with their feelings. Everyone goes works well, except that 5 girls all confess to him… and they’re all tsunderes! Hypnotism is not any better than pheromone. It always ends up a harem nukige. 7. Shaman's Sanctuary -Miko no Seiiki- しゃーまんず・さんくちゅあり-巫女の聖域- [101126] Alice Soft Post-war Japan makes religion a mandatory part of education to heal those with wounded hearts. A few decades later, Japan is 99% religious with many different religions, some of which cause problems with their illegal recruitment of followers. The government decides to unite all the religions by selecting the ‘god amongst gods’. Itsuki has the power to heal injured people. His childhood friend Mizuno knows about his special ability since he saved her in the past and she persuades him to join the battle. Itsuki summons protection mikos to battle with mikos from other religions. However, there is an unusual side effect where he gets sexually aroused when he uses his powers. SRPG 8. Venus Blood -Empire- ヴィーナスブラッド-エンパイア- [101126] Dual Tail 1 2 There is an empire controlled by devils. They have an epic battle against "five countries of virtue," but the battle never seems to end because of a barrier between two sides created by goddesses. One day, a group of devils successfully destroys the barrier and invades their enemy. However, no one knows yet that this attack will be the trigger of a devastating war... TBS has English reviews 9. Shiei no Sona-Nyl -What a Beautiful Memories- 紫影のソナーニル -What a beautiful memories- [101126] Liar-soft 1 2 3 4 5 6 The year is 1907. The 20th century is still young. This is a world that experienced a 19th century very different from our own. A world of innumerable steam-powered Engines. The unnaturally rapid development of this steam civilization filled the air with smog, robbing humanity of the blue skies they'd once known. There is one place in particular where the sky is darker than anywhere else: the ruins of the Engine city New York, perpetually shrouded in grey clouds and polluted rain. Five years ago, a mysterious disaster known as the "Great Disappearance" reduced this entire metropolis to a deserted, crumbling wasteland. Sealed off from the world by the United States government, it stands in utter silence. Not a single soul now walks its streets. But today, a woman named Elysia quietly sets foot inside it - guided by a singular purpose. Her destination: old Manhattan, said to be the epicenter of the catastrophe. Unbeknownst to her... There is a place said to be the city's "Underground." This is an enormous subterranean realm, permeated with a dim purple light. No one on the surface world knows of its existence. In this place, the Skyscrapers that crumbled five years ago still stand tall; but their forms are warped and twisted. "Underground New York" is a place of black and violet shadows. A prison with no exit. And beneath its unnatural "sky," the men and women who vanished five years ago still exist... Cowering in fear of the seven monsters known as the "Messengers." Suffering terror, agony, and death at the hands of the "Messengers." They linger on in this twisted underground city, as if waiting for something. A girl named Lily sets foot in this place, her mind devoid of memories. There is only one thing she's certain of. She doesn't have a reason. She doesn't know who or what awaits her. She doesn't even know why she feels this way. But even so, she's absolutely certain. "Manhattan. The ends of the violet sky." "I have to go there. I'm the only one who can." ─The girl sets off for the tower of violet shadow looming far in the distance. ─With every step, she finds the shades of those yet to fade away. ─She isn't aware of the tears she sheds. There are English reviews 10. Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete 失われた未来を求めて [101126] Trumple 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Uchihama Academy has seen an increase in enrollment in recent years and as a result, a new school building will be constructed. The story takes place during the final school festival in the old school. All the club leaders decide to give it their all to make this the best school festival. Sou is a member of the notorious astronomy club, which basically solves the various issues in the student council's place. On one day, he stays in the school late at evening because he got slightly injured by the judo club and is healing his wounds in the infirmary. Suddenly, the building shakes. Shocked, he runs up the stairs to where the shaking seems to have centered, and there he encounters a mysterious naked girl, whom at first appears to know him. On the next day this girl, Yui, seeks out the astronomy club, expressing her desire to join. There are English reviews. BLOCKED 1. Sakura no Shippo ~Sakura Tale Fandisc~ さくらのしっぽ~さくらテイルファンディスク~ [101126] Fizz This is the fandisk to Sakura Tale. It features after stories for each of the 6 heroines from the original game, as well a route for Natsumi. There’s also an extra story featuring a crossover with Asanagi no Aquanauts, however characters from that game will not show up. Fandisc 2. Ningen Debris ~Konna Jibun ni Dare ga Shita?~ 人間デブリ~コンナジブンニダレガシタ?~ [101126] Elf 1 2 The protagonist sees his female childhood friend hugging his male childhood friend on the rooftop of school. The heart of the protagonist then burns with uncontrollable jealousy. He feels himself betrayed by his female childhood friend, since he has finally noticed that he loves her very much. The protagonist then begins a revenge strategy, a revenge plan. He wants to hurt the girl, hurt her deeply. He will do whatever that is necessary to hurt the girl and damage her in the same way, or more, that he is feeling damaged now. And this is the start point of the game... Nukige with English reviews
  18. I'd only call Ouka Sengoku ~Nobunaga-chan no Koishite Yabou!?~ a masterpiece this month since other candidates don't have strong enough story component though can be great charage for someone. Since there aren't English reviews, I feel the need to make one eventually. Micchi calls October 2010 a "moe" month favoring two most prominent titles in this regards - Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate and Kisaragi GOLD★STAR 1. Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi 星空へ架かる橋 [101015] feng 1 2 Kazuma moved to Yamabiko-chou due to his younger brother Ayumu’s health and ended up staying at the Yorozuyo inn, owned by his father’s friend. On his first day at school, he got lost and asked for directions from a fellow student, Ui. She led him on an offbeat path and he accidentally fell and kissed her. Coincidentally, this was all seen by Ui’s friend, Ibuki, who thought he was a bad guy and declared him to be an enemy. There are English reviews. 2. Ore-sama no RagnaRock 俺サマのラグナRock [101028] Akabei Soft2 TRY 1 A long time ago, there was a great war known as Ragnarok where many Gods and Demons were thought to have perished. Now in the northern most part of Japan, the demon lord Njord spends his day being irritated. Is it because of his poverty? Well, that too… but it’s because of those ‘Gods’ on TV. The Gods were the ones that actually won the war and now they’re all over the TV, singing their heavenly songs. He can’t take it anymore and drags his imouto Nerthus along to fight against the Gods in a battle of songs. This is a new Ragnarok… no, RagnaRock! Strategy has an English review 3. Uni. [101028] Circus This is an all-ages love comedy ADV which takes place in a girls-only school and the main character is a girl. Hoshizora Kirara is the perfect girl with great grades and personality, but she has one thing that worries her: her own name. While some friends think that it’s a cute name, most of her classmates think that it’s weird. She resents her father who used to be part of a motorcycle gang, and wishes to leave her home and live alone. Even entering Fuumi Gakuen doesn’t help her downcast feelings until she notices a recruitment poster that was looking for a member to join the Hatsunejima student discipline committee. Work that does not understand what it wants to do. Work to kill time at best, trash otherwise. 4. Chu x Chu Idol 2 -Melodies x Memories- Chu×Chuアイドる2 -melodies×memories- [101029] Unison Shift: Accent This is the sequel to ChuxChu Idol. Some years later, the popular idol Chuchu is missing! With the entertainment world in confusion, Chuchu’s ‘sister’ Chuuno Churam takes the stage for her debut under the same name. But she has a secret! She’s actually the combined form created when a female student Yukino and a vampire Ruuchu kiss. Having accidentally seen them kiss, Daigo is forced to be her servant. I don't understand the need of a sequel, much weaker on scenario side, stronger on H scenes, only has value for those who liked prequel. 5. Kisaragi Gold ★ Star キサラギGOLD★STAR [101029] Saga Planets 1 2 3 4 Six friends live together in an apartment Kosumosu-sou. Even though it is old and run-down, their are always positive and enjoying their time together. Even now they are attending the same school, Kisaragi Academy, and each of them has a special talent, except Futami. He’s just an ordinary student and has always watched over his friends like a mother. Even though his childhood friends are all talented, they cannot do anything without him. Together they have a big dream, which will bring happiness to them all. There are English reviews 6. Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 恋と選挙とチョコレート [101029] sprite 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Two childhood friends attend Takafuji Gakuen: Yuuki, who wants to fall in love, and Chisato, who hates chocolates. They are part of the food research club along with their friend and classmate Mifuyu. Even though it’s a food research club, they don’t actually do anything except for buying candy with the club budget and enjoying their time together. It is an irreplaceable place to them. However, the club’s existence is in danger with one of the student council president candidates, Satsuki, vowing to close all clubs that don’t do anything. Since their club is in this list, they do their best to save it but there’s no other way but to participate in the student council president elections and defeat her. Yuuki is persuaded by Chisato to run in the election. At first he isn’t interested at all, but since the club members are trying their hardest, he too wants to win to save the club. There are English reviews 7. Lovekami 恋神 -ラブカミ- [101029] Pulltop In the future of a slightly different Japan, people are worried about the declining birth rate. To solve this problem, many gods come to the human world to help. One of them is a childlike kami-sama named Tsukuyomi who comes to live with Souta. Even though she is very wise, she also lacks a lot of common sense. And so Souta’s new rowdy school life begins. Humor is ok with much parody, but scenario rather unsatisfactory. More suiting for novice than veterans. 8. Ouka Sengoku ~Nobunaga-chan no Koishite Yabou!?~ 桜花センゴク~信長ちゃんの恋して野望!?~ [101029] Apricot Mitsuhide is an extremely poor ‘student ronin’ who gets by via part-time jobs. One day, he receives an enrollment letter to Sengoku Gakuen and readily accepts it. On his first day, a girl named Nobunaga points her sword at him: “How dare you show your face to me, I’m gonna cut your head off!”. Fearful for his life, he explains that he’s not the real Akechi Mitsuhide, but that their names are just the same by coincidence. One by one, he meets girls with the name of other famous generals, such as Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin, who all mistaken him for the actual Mitsuhide. A surprisingly worthy work. Heroines are full of charm and individuality. Game is interesting even from scenario point. This is the good old Apricot we remember by Ayakashi. 9. Sacred Vampire Sacred†Vampire-セイクリッドヴァンパイア [101029] Silver Bullet Automatic 1 2 Kiryuu Kazuma is one of the last representatives of an endangered breed: Vampire. In a world guided by teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, the organization that brought his species to near extinction, Kazuma condemns the existence of God. It is an irony that does not escape him, upon discovering he has fallen in love with a woman who seeks to devote her entire life to the Lord. To win her heart, Kazuma must conceal his predatory past and inhuman nature, for if she ever learned the truth of his origin, a Child of God would never accept a Spawn of Satan. There are English reviews. 10. Zettai ★ Imouto Genri Shugi!! 絶対★妹原理主義!! [101029] Nounai Kanojo As the heir of the family dojo and their only brother, Takuma wants to set a good example for his four imoutos and trains hard every day. However, the oldest imouto Mizuki suggested one day that they tear down the dojo and build a shop instead. All the other girls quickly agree and so it becomes a battle between him and his imoutos for the fate of the family dojo! In order to win him over, they plan to seduce him all the time. Will he be able to fight off their advances (and his own primal urges) and preserve the family dojo? Funny work, but needs fetishist affinity since it's basically about M protagonist living together with yandere (depending on route) heroines who make a pet of him. Harem development and H focus are inevitable. BLOCKED 1. Maou o Seifuku Suru Tame no, 666 no Houhou 魔王を征服するための、666の方法 [101001] Crowd This is the fandisc to Sekai o Seifuku Suru Tame no, 3tsu no Houhou. The premise is based on a hero, a demon and a gender-changing potion. Fandisc 2. Crayon Tulip ~Chidori to Koruri no Yuuwaku Jugyou~ くれよんちゅーりっぷ ~ちどりとこるりの誘惑授業~ [101029] Score Jun is an aspiring teacher who has non-blood-related twin imoutos, Koruri and Chidori. One day their mother and older sister tell him that they are actually succubi. Succubi require a man’s essence to become adults and they wish that that he will help Koruri and Chidori become adults. He gets help from chibi teacher Tsubame to enter the girls-only boarding school that they are attending. For his precious imoutos, he will do anything... Nukige, but with an opening 3. Futsuu ja nai!! 普通じゃないッ!! [101029] ALL-TiME Yuusuke is back to his hometown to meet Shiori again. She is now a teacher, so he studied hard to enter her school. Yes, his new school life just starts. However, there are lots of strange students... Another Nukige, still ... a safe opening 4. Oyome-san Kouho ga Arawareta! Command wa? お嫁さん候補があらわれた! コマンドは? [101029] Sugar Pot One day, three girls suddenly appear in front of Sora on his way to school. They say that they are sisters and wife candidates of Sora. Mikoto, Nanaka and Yuki. Sora is totally confused what to do. However, they start living at his house. "What's going on?" No one knows why. Nukige. You know the drill. 5. Seinarukana Gaiden - Seirei Tenshou ~Crystal Friends~ 聖なるかな・外伝 精霊天翔~Crystal Friends~ [101029] Xuse This is the fandisc to Seirei Tenshou and is an ADV/STG just like the original, but with more ichaicha episodes. The game consists of 40 short stories featuring many alternate scenarios that might have occurred. In the STG parts, you can now play as Liolina and Liliana (with frying pan as a weapon). Fandisc 6. Shukusai no Campanella! 祝祭のカンパネラ! [101029] Windmill Oasis This is the fandisc for Shukufuku no Campanella!, featuring after stories for the four main heroines, as well as another stories for subheroines Nina, Salsa, Ritos and Avril. There’s also “Garnet Quest”, an extra quiz battle AVG featuring over 1000 questions. You get points for winning quiz battles, which you can use to buy items to help with other battles. At the same time, it will raise affection points and you can try to win over your partner. Fandisc
  19. Fortissimo//Akkord:Bsusvier in its EXA version is the only masterpiece of the month. Michi thinks alike while also highlighting one moege and some fandiscs. 1. Trick x Logic Season 2 [100916] Chunsoft 1 Once again, all of these stories are loosely linked by the story of prosecutor Yoshikawa trying to solve his own murder by reading underworldly Akasha (crime records) and young camera-woman Tsukasa who keeps getting involved with murder cases. There is an English review. 2. Durarara!! 3-way Standoff デュラララ!! 3-way Standoff [100922] Netchubiyori Ltd. In this one-player only game, you play as Yoshimune Miyoshi, a student who transfers to the same school as Kida Masaomi, Ryugamine Mikado and Sonohara Anri. You get to talk to the characters and explore Ikebukuro where the DRRR!! story is set and learn about the gangs, Dollars, Yellow Scarves and a rumoured headless rider who haunts the streets on a motorbike. Anime spin-off 3. Chougen Yuuki Mugen Finity 超限勇希 ムゲンフィニティ [100924] Dandelion Eight years ago, the Voldan tried to invade the world, but were repelled by one man who risked his life for the future of the world. His name was Touma and he piloted a robot with the help of a young boy and a masked girl. After this incident, he left the world to fight other enemies. The young boy, Tamaki, was viewed as his successor, but he soon lost his powers with age. Now no one remembers him until he meets ‘him’ and ‘her’ and the story begins once again. Battle mini-game is too horrible, presumably no one made it to the end. Game is that bad. 4. Green Strawberry [100924] Lover Soul Spring has arrived and Hiroki prepares to transfers to the prestigious Sennosha private school. However, he is always unlucky and due to illness, he ends up starting school two weeks late. When he arrives at the dorm, he’s told that he no longer has a room. So many cliche at one place make me sick. Just a moege with 6-8 H scenes per short individual route. 5. Koi to Mizugi to Taiyou to ~Sumire-jima Life Savers~ 恋と水着と太陽と ~スミレ島ライフセーバーず~ [100924] Bloom Handle Eiji, a member of his school's swimming club, attends a high school on the mainland separated from his parents and family. For the summer the club decides to visit Sumire Island, Eiji's home town, for a mixture of training camp and vacation. Eiji is glad to see his mother again and meets lots of old friends and acquaintances. However, in recent years Sumire Island has become a hot spot for summer tourists and is overcrowded, so the group has trouble finding a place to stay. Luckily, they all can stay at Eiji's place and even decide to start working as life guards, helping to protect the crowded beaches. Eiji's exciting summer can now begin. If you suspect a nukige, you're right even though it's not 100% clear from synopsis. Can't even call it a moege since heroines aren't moe. 6. Orange Memories [100924] Purple Software Delight Entering the fourth year of university, Hiroki received a call from Nagae Yujirou-sensei who asks him what he aspired to be in the future. He tells him that he wants to be a teacher and his former teacher invites him to his current school to gain training as a practice teacher for 3 weeks. This school is located in Hokashi-chou, where Hiroki had previously lived. Purple Software hits new bottom records each time. In this game every heroine can be H sampled right during common route. That's all producers could make up to discern from hundreds of average moege out there. 7. Rakuen no Rukia 楽園のルキア [100924] Muscadet After the passing of his grandmother who was his only relative, Kazuma returns to a boarding school Meikyou Seigakuen in his hometown. Located in the mountains, it is a quiet school. There he meets his childhood friend Mikoto who he thought had perished in the great fire ten years ago. Likewise, she thought that he had died, so they were happy to be back together once again. However, on the night of every full moon there is a ‘bloodsucking incident’. He noticed that Mikoto acting suspiciously and soon he is wrapped up in events that he does not understand. Muscadet only made nukige by this point, and I see this work as an attempt to get a bite off Tsukihime fame. Art is the best thing here, but even it fails when it zooms out of faces and focuses on bodies. Scenario is straightforward and same type for all heroines, plus after first lap criminal is already known. And it's especially lame to call blood sucking desire a disease, more than so to miraculously cure it. 8. Sakura Bitmap さくらビットマップ [100924] Hooksoft In the quiet town of Koisaki-chou, it is very rare for a boy to be born. Fumitaka is the lone boy among girls and it was quite problematic. Many years have passed and it is still the same. There’s a local festival Koisaki-matsuri that lots of girls attend since it is said that one can find love there. He has a feeling that he too will fall in love. Moege that's of above average level and with more attention than usual, yet not really hitting charage league. 9. Shiomizaki Gakuen Engekibu Koi Pure ~Anata to Ichaicha Roleplaying!~ 汐見崎学園演劇部 恋ぷれ ~あなたといちゃいちゃろーるぷれいんぐ!~ [100924] Meteor Shiomizaki Gakuen is a gigantic boarding school with over 1000 students. It prides itself on the learning environment and requires all students to be part of an extracurricular club. Junya transfers to this school to watch over his little sister Kokoa who is starting first year this spring. While walking around the campus to decide on what club to join, they meet the drama club leader Sena. Easily persuaded by Sena’s smooth talk, Kokoa decides to join the club and Junya follows her. However, the drama club doesn’t actually do anything… it’s more like Sena’s private room, complete with a maid Ayuka. One day, Sena suggests that they do a love role play. Is this just acting, or is true love? Scenario is boring, and H element is high. Don't make me say M word yet another time today. 10. Sword World 2.0 Replay Tanodan ~Inishie no Fune o Oe!~ ソード・ワールド2.0リプレイ たのだん ~いにしえの船を追えっ!~ [100924] Ocelot This is an all-ages kinetic novel based on the Fujimi Shobou’s fantasy novel TRPG series Sword World 2.0. Tanodan is short for ‘tanoshii dungeon’. Sherry runs away from a planned wedding and meets an aspiring dwarf adventurer named Chirol. With no place to call home anymore, she decides to join Chirol on her journey. Along the way, more people join their party including healer Lexus, ‘bunny’ magician Popo, swordswoman Justine and elf Cety. Visiting new cities and exploring dungeons together, this is a tale of love and friendship. Ocelot once again after Demon Parasite adapts TRPG into a kinetic adventure game. There are five episodes each of two hours on average. Puzzles can be switched off. It's nice, but lacks volume for something really decent. 11. Walpurgis ヴァルプルギス [100924] Kai One winter day, some humans suddenly turned into monsters that massacred those around them. With glowing wings and halos on their head, they looked like angels rather than monsters. The sight of angels slaughtering humans is surely a sign of the impending end of the world. No one knows what their purpose is, and a school was built to train students to be mahou senshi fighting against these angels – ‘the four halos’. Ren looks like a normal student, but he actually has a magic bloodline and was scouted to be a teacher at this school. Despite my hopes it's just a tentacle violation nukige. 12. Fortissimo//Akkord:Bsusvier Fortissimo//Akkord:Bsusvier [100930] La'cryma 1 2 3 4 Reiji is a typical student on the remote southwest island of Tsukuyomi-jima. However, due to an unexpected event where his life was in danger, he awakened as the 13th magical summoner. After summoning the spirit and magical superweapon Sakura, she gifts him with the special ability ‘Da Capo,’ which allows him to summon anyone who he met in the past 24 hours or reverts items back to its previous state (up to 24 hours ago). Now they must participate in a battle they cannot avoid. There are English reviews 14. L@VE ONCE [100930] Maid meets Cat 1 Shouji has a secret that his mother is a mermaid. It's true. He met mermaids when he was a kid. One day, his father passes away.... Two months later, twin girls visit his house. Their names are May and Meru. Yes, they are actually mermaids he met before. Since his father died, he will be able to fall in love only once. Shouji is totally confused.... May and Meru say to him, "We'll support you, so enjoy your love...." Sister brand of Princess Soft. But for portable format it's a rather decent game. Heroines are drawn realistically, and there's no opportunistic development. Still out of my interest zone. 15. Moekoi Ishin! ~Atashira, JK, Shinsengumi!~ 萌恋維新!~アタシら、じぇいけー、新閃組!~ [100930] Abel Software Tsubasa is normal in every single way, except that his family left him in severe debt, so he is constantly doing part-time jobs. However, his luck changes when he becomes the fiancé of a girl from a famous family due to a promise by his late grandfather. If he accepts the marriage, the debt will be paid off for him. He ends up transferring into Gose Gakuen where the head of this household was the schoolmaster. The girl he is to marry, Kurumi, is a cute, proper and prim ojousama who is guarded closely by a group of girls. They declare that they will not allow him to marry her until they deem him worthy to be her fiancé. To this end, they train him to be a great man in all ways, including in bed. Abel Software manages to pull out battle moege each season. The thing that surprises me the most though is how it's possible to fall even lower with each new attempt. BLOCKED 1. Tenshi no Nichiyoubi "ef - a fairy tale of the two." Pleasurable Box 天使の日曜日 “ef - a fairy tale of the two.” Pleasurable Box. [100917] minori 1 2 3 This is the fandisc to the ef series. It consists of three parts: After and another stories for the ef cast, a sd chara side-scrolling action game and a Blu-ray animation movie. The after story takes place in the January following the end of the game, with the returning of Renji and Shuuichi. In the another stories, there are three additional routes for Yuuko, Nagi and Mizuki (Renji’s cousin). Yuuko’s route does not include any H-scenes. Fandisc 2. Rui wa Tomo o Yobu Fan Disc -Asu no Mukou ni Mieru Kaze- るいは智を呼ぶファンディスク ―明日のむこうに視える風― [100923] Akatsuki Works 1 2 This fandisc for Akatsuki Work’s 2008 title Ruitomo is comprised of routes for subchars Yenfei, Megumu and Miyawa, as well as a side episode. All the main heroines from the original game will have short stories with H scenes. Ruitomo was a great game about overcoming hardships together and this fandisk will help resolve those hidden truths that remained. Fandisc 3. Baldr Sky DiveX "Dream World" Baldr Sky DiveX "Dream World" [100924] Team Baldrhead 1 2 3 This is the fandisc for GIGA’s Baldr Sky series, featuring a variety of different stories and mini games. Included are Dream Stories original another stories, survival mode dungeon crawlers, battle arena, and more. There’s also a collaboration with NekoNekoSoft (Scarlett), Minato Soft (Majikoi) and Nitro+ (Muramasa). Fandisc 4. Haruko Maniax ハルコマニアックス [100928] Age 1 Kashiwagi Haruko fandisk. Tha main story is about Haruko's brother Taichi, who spots a suspicious girl stalking his big sister and gets to know from her that Haruko might be going out with her brother. Taichi being a siscon and Saki being a brocon, they join forces to ascertain whether their older siblings are really dating or not. Additional content includes short comical side-stories about Misae and Touko's relationship, Yuuhi switching places with Meiya and the following confusion of the A01 team, a contest pitting the whole team A01 against Commander Radhabinod, and everyone's favorite hard-as-nails strategy game Akatsuki Haruka Nari 2 Fandisc
  20. Fewer normal titles see the light due to Comiket rivalry this month. As a result, I can only call a doujin game Indigo masterpiece and winner by default. Probably I should review it one day for popularization purposes. Micchi has to choose among the published works, so lays hopes on Suzukaze no Melt. 1. Framing Summer フレーミングサマー [100813] Wavestar Kou joins the camera circle since he wants to take pictures of shooting stars. He meets there Rui who loves taking pictures of everything, especially cute things. He summons up the courage to talk to her about his dream and soon new members join and they aim towards achieving this goal. All-age photo shooting with just one route and one heroine. It could not get more disappointing. Released at summer comiket, so it's a doujin level work. 2. LyricaL! りりかる! [100814] Yumemisou 1 Uchida Makoto calls out a girl who he fell in love with, Kittaka Ayame, to the school rooftop and confesses his feelings to her. However, she bluntly rejects him and quickly walks away. As he’s lamenting his timidness and inability to convey his love properly to her, another girl shows up and says that she is a witch who will help him by using magic. Actually, she is his senpai Tomomori Yuumi. She brings him to the gym storage room and gives him a bag. Inside are a wig, ribbons and girl’s seifuku and underwear. She gets him to reluctantly dress up as a girl and brings him to the light music club which Ayame and her are a part of. She introduces him as Mishiba Kotono, the new keyboardist for the club. Will this little bit of ‘magic’ help him get closer to Ayame? What happens if his cover is blown? There is an English review. 3. Indigo [100814] Hanpamania-Soft 1 1400 years ago first murderer demons get spotted 700 years ago western technologies start to get used for rebellion 500 years ago murderer demons learn to acquire human image in Transilvania 18 years ago a huge massacre takes part in Japan 10 years ago murderer demon is killed at the age of six in Japan Nowadays. Sakurano Mana gets worried by the murderous desire overflowing her body. Onose Kiri is troubled about her past when she lost one hand and one leg. Kaiho Kazuki investigates murderer demon killing at the age of six. Then Kaiho Kazuki meets these girls and other strong persons in this town full of death scent. Doujin, but with an English review 4. Akizora ni Mau Confetti 秋空に舞うコンフェティ [100827] etude 1 2 3 One autumn day, Hayato met a young girl who was standing with an umbrella in the pouring rain. Picking up the notebook which he thought was hers, his normal life gradually changes. He visits the drama club to look for the owner of the notebook. There he meets various club members: Saya, the girl he met before, who is also a screenwriter; Yuki, his classmate who is an amazing actor; Nanami, his tennen dojikko apartment manager who is also the club leader; and Kanae, a mysterious girl with amnesia who he found collapsed on the roof. He joins the club to help revive it and becomes the lead in the upcoming original play about an urban legend. With each passing day of practice, his monochrome world gradually turns into color. There are English reviews 5. Elle:PrieR ~Shiawase no Kakera o Sagashite~ Elle:PrieR ~しあわせの欠片をさがして~ [100827] Etoiles Ryou lives in futuristic city of Oozora-shi and his normal life changes with the arrival of a girl named Konomi. She is an android created by his father who doesn’t have any memories. In order to regain her memories, she attends school and he brings her to many places, talks with her a lot and even does ecchi things occasionally. Who is Konomi and why does Ryou want her to regain her memories? It's not exactly a nukige through and through, rather a moege, but there is a system to initiate H events, so game is a disappointment if bought for other purposes. 6. Favorite Sweet! ふぇいばりっと Sweet! [100827] Lost Script The protagonist’s relatives are leaving overseas and plan to close up the cafe they work at. He decides to try to be the new owner himself. But the patissiere who works there is a tsuntsun girl who had dumped him at school. She tells him that if he doesn’t do a good job and sell all the sweets that she makes, then she will quit. He’s now not sure if this will go as smoothly as he thought it would. Lost Script without casting dice? Yeah, but it suddenly becomes a SM training game as a result and thus not worth my time. 7. K-Ten けい☆てん [100827] k-ten An all-ages mahjong game for beginners and experienced players alike. In the kaibutsu world, the student council president declared that the fate of the light music club will be settled by playing mahjong! However, they don’t know how to play. Mahjong gameplay is all I need to know about this game. 8. Links! ~Kimi to Seirei to Tsukaima to~ りんくす!~キミと精霊と使い魔と~ [100827] Flap The world of Lacrima was created during the war between the demon world Wespel and the god world Ecra. Since the demon world often tries to invade Lacrima, magic users protect the world. It is difficult since there are not many people who can use tsukaimas or the ‘elemental linker’ power, but the legendary spirit user Grande Links comes to their rescue. Hundreds of years later, magic is still prevalent, although it is closely watched by the government to prevent misuse. A young magician Heliodor raised the idea of alchemy so that those who don’t know magic can use magic as well. Ten years after his disappearance, the Krauselung Alchemy Academy was founded. Half-price work with no opening and only three heroines. Main character hardly has any magic while heroines are top class magicians from the start. It's a normal magical academy growth story with sudden quality dents happening from time to time. 9. Majino Complex まじのコンプレックス [100827] light Majino Complex is the third and last of light’s low-priced series with Sakashiki Hito ni Miru Kokoro and Don-chan ga Kyuu. All three of them together are also lumped into one package coming out on the same day under the title Kamisama no Ringo. In this game, popular wagamama tsundere imouto subchar Majino becomes the main heroine. The story begins from Noriko’s graduation when she tells Majino that it’s now her turn to find a good boyfriend. With Noriko’s impending marriage, her fan club holds one last party before disbanding. The club members are heartbroken and many of them cry, but one boy wishes her the best with a smile. As the seasons turn to autumn, Majino meets this boy. As the third bullet in the series, useless to say anything. Only for fans of prequels. 10. No Pantsu!! のーぱんつ!! [100827] Molamola Software One day, the student council president Chinu announces unexpectedly that all members are prohibited from wearing underwear. The reason for this was because she wanted to get back at Seigo, who is in charge of general affairs. While protesting her decision, he thought that this might actually end up being something good. The other girls demand that he make her change her mind, but they are unable to do so. No miracle here, ecchi comedy inevitably becomes a nukige even with full-scale harem. 11. Prism ☆ Magical ~Prism Generations!~ プリズム☆ ま~じカル PRISM Generations! [100827] Pajamas Soft This is a comical and heartful magic ‘girl’ battle ADV where everyone, including the protagonist, is a magic girl. A normal boy Raika wishes to live a normal school life in a seaside town Misaki-chou with childhood friend miko Ibuki and his maid Yuri. However, his father was a magic girl and other magic girls are coming to the school to find the hidden magic stone Mana Prism. Because of his lineage, Raika can turn into Crimson Red using the Magical Prism! Now he has to battle other magic girls... who are his allies and who are his enemies!? Gameplay-heavy magical girl something is all I need to know to forget it. 12. Suzukaze no Melt -Where Wishes are Drawn to Each Other- 涼風のメルト -Where wishes are drawn to each other- [100827] Whirlpool 1 2 Whirlpool’s 5th title is about the bonds between humans and spirits. Akihito lives in Mishiro-machi, a town which is said to be protected by a local god and spirits, but not many people nowadays believe this. Every 10 years, there is a large festival at the local shrine. Akihito serves as the priest during the festival due to his lineage, while his childhood friend Nazuna is chosen as the miko. There are rumours of a strange being around town and he doesn’t believe them until he saw the spirit himself. It seems that the spirit was lost and they help it return deep into a forest where normal people cannot enter. There he meets the beautiful god of the land Suzu. He decides to protect all the spirits in the town and return them to the forest. There are English reviews. 13. Yokoshima!! Pandemic 邪!! ぱんでみっく [100827] Kur-Mar-Ter 1 Rei attends Nagi Gakuen which is well-known for strange happenings. Since he was small, he has been able to sense spirits. One day, he met a mysterious girl at the abandoned old school building and many strange things kept happening afterwards. Deemed as the main culprit, he is invited to the 4K club (kagaku de wa kaimei dekinai kaii genshou o kenkyuu suru kurabu – club to investigate strange phenomena which cannot be explained by science) by club leader Otoha, but he doesn’t want anything to do with it. There is an English impression that I agree with. BLOCKED 1. Osananajimi wa Daitouryou ~My Girlfriend is the President.~ Fandisc 幼なじみは大統領 My girlfriend is the PRESIDENT. ファンディスク [100813] ALcot 1 2 3 This is the official fandisc to the romantic comedy "My Girlfriend is the President", extending the story of the characters we love. Welcome back to the White House! All your favorite characters are waiting in this new extended story, like President Ohama, Irina Putina, and the adorable spaceship girl Ell! In Ell's Side: Remi and Qoo come to spend Christmas with Junichiro and Ell. When Junichiro and Ell keep sneaking off at night, poor Remi isn't amused. Meanwhile, Qoo wants to see Ell and Junichiro have kids, so she's been hatching some devious plots to get them to hook up even more. In Irina's Side: Irina Putina returns to Japan after many months, eager for some quality romantic time with Junichiro. Unfortunately it's not going to be that simple. A faction in the Japanese government is plotting to get Junichiro and President Yukino together, so they arrange for Junichiro to live with both Yukino and Irina. Now both girls must compete for his love. Fandisc 2. Soukou Akki Muramasa: Janen Hen 装甲悪鬼村正 邪念編 [100813] Nitroplus 1 2 The official anthology DVD of Soukou Akki Muramasa, which includes sidestories written by guest scenario writers, wallpapers, Twitter icons and backgrounds, new songs by Ono Masatoshi and VERTEUX and much more. Fandisc 3. Himawari Aqua After - The Day the Moon Stood Still ひまわりアクアアフター The Day the Moon Stood Still [100814] Blank Note 1 2 3 4 Fandisc taking place a year after the events of the main game, focusing on Aqua and Cosmos. Fandisc 4. Siskon 姉婚 [100814] Artemis. 1 Acchan and Hiro get engaged. They’re both working adults and their parents died when they were young so they live alone together. The story details their everyday lives and a few small events that occur during their engagement. Doujin Nukige, but with an English review
  21. Wow, I'm going to call as many as three games masterpieces this month - Tasogare no Sinsemilla , Para-Sol and Second Novel ~ Kanojo no Natsu, 15fun no Kioku~ . And the last one is something special, so it wins. It's definitely in my review queue. Micchi awaits cuteness from Sugar+Spice2 and fandiscs. 1. Executor Script エグゼクタースクリプト [100702] Triangle In a world where some people possess magic-like special abilities, Yamahito is a student who can use a power called ‘executor’. Together with his friend Shin they cause a commotion and one day, they were defeated by a girl named Primity Lumina, sent by the international organization Aproca to protect against ill-use of abilities. A few days later, Shin starts to use his powers to destroy the town to conquer the world. Primity Lumina approaches him to request his help in defeating Shin, while Shin also wanted him to join his side. Which he give in to the dark side or fight for justice alongside a cute bishoujo? Card battles is all I need to know about this game. 2. Fate/Extra [100722] Type-Moon 1 2 3 4 5 6 According to Nasu, Fate/EXTRA is a JRPG which takes place set in an alternate universe that split from the Fate/stay night timeline in the 1980s to 1990s. The Story is set in the in a school called Tsukumihara Academy, a fictional place existing with an artificial environment called the Moon Cell. There, the Moon Cell orchestrates a replication of the Holy Grail War using a system called Serial Phantasm or SE.RA.PH, which handles the summoning of Servants. Servant data is taken from the Automaton (Moon Cell Automaton), a spiritual computer system built on the lunar surface by a pre-human civilization and discovered by humans in the year 2032. The Automaton has monitored and recorded all occurrences on the Earth (including the activities of human heroes) since time immemorial. In this sense, it is similar to the Throne of Heroes, but it's possible to summons beings which aren't present in the Throne. Each of the 128 participants in the war must duel the other Masters in a place called the Arena, where failure results in deletion from both the real and digital worlds. When only one remains, the "Holy Grail" shall grant the victor's wish. RPG is localized and has English reviews 3. Tasogare no Sinsemilla 黄昏のシンセミア [100722] Applique 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 There’s a legend about an angel’s robe in the scenic town of Minakami-mura, in the middle of which there is a large shrine. An university student, Kousuke, visits his mother’s hometown during the summer break to do some part-time and reacquaints with some old friends while also meeting some new ones. However, their normal lives are altered by the presence of a mythic drug that can cause living beings to become abnormal. This is the local story of the monster named Yamawaro. There are English reviews 4. Trick x Logic Season 1 [100722] Chunsoft 1 After being pushed off of a building, prodigy prosecutor Yoshikawa Itsuki wakes up in Hell. Where the judge of human souls, Yama, asks Yoshikawa for his help with some unsolved cases. Yama usually reads a record of human deeds, the Akasha, to pass judgement on human souls, but in some cases he can't figure out whodunnit just by reading the Akasha. Hence the need for Yoshikawa's mind. He is to read the Akasha and figure out the culprit. If he cooperates, Yama promises to return him to the land of the living. There is an English review. 5. Albatross Koukairoku 信天翁航海録 [100723] raiL-soft 1 2 3 4 Aboard the Albatross is an odd captain and an equally crazy crew. With no map in hand, they sail to unknown islands, meet ghost ships and cross paths with giant monster fish. No one knows where they are heading… including the captain. But they still all stay together since there’s no other place for them. There are English reviews. 6. Classy ☆ Cranberry's クラ☆クラ CLASSY☆CRANBERRY’S [100723] Atelier Kaguya P-ch 1 The protagonist, Honda Rei is the only son of the world-famous Honda zaibatsu. While his genius scientist mother and his world renowned actor father are often busy abroad, he has his sister-in-law, an attractive college student, his childhood friend and best friend with him leading fun happy student lives. They attend a school for the ultra wealthy elite where the majority of the students are sons or daughters of financial heavyweights. However, there are also commoners attending the school, possible due to scholarships, too. Once, Rei saved a commoner student from a predicament and they became close because of it. And then comes the turning point. The school's boast, the legendary event, the "Advent Festival". Besides the fact that its events are different from normal schools' festivals, it has a school wide ball participated by all students. The center-point of which are the year's so called MVP, two students which are given the title of "Prince" and "Princess". It's not only a high honor, there's a well known legend that the two people selected will be forever tied to each other living happy lives. As expected Rei was selected as the prince. Unfortunately they have difficulty selecting the princess. The school chairman said, "I leave the decision on who would be the princess to you." Who would he select as the princess? You are invited to this erotic and moe ball! There is an English review. 7. Geki Tama! ~Seiryou Gakuen Engeki Bu~ げきたま! ~青陵学園演劇部~ [100723] Cassiopeia Ikumi transfers to Seiryou Gakuen, situated at the foot of Mount Fuji, in the second school term. He is approached by drama club members Kikka, Rin and Yurina, who force him to join their club, which is short on members and is in danger of being closed. Even though he has never acted in a play before, they were all highly expecting him to help out. Then suddenly, something strange happened and he was possessed by the spirit of a general from the Sengoku! Will the play at the school fair be able to go smoothly now!? Moege. If you ask about discerning features, it's theater club theme that is focused mostly in final fourth route. 8. Gothderi -Gothic Delusion- ゴスデリ -GOTHIC DELUSION- [100723] Lose 1 Takamichi’s is troubled by his unsuccessful career as a teacher. One night he comes across a girl alone on the side of the road. She introduces herself as Lo, and acts unexpectedly mature and collected. After taking her to a police station, Takamichi leaves her in the hands of the authorities, when an explosion engulfs the station in flames. Unfortunately, the explosion is just the beginning of the hunt: Lo has become the target of bounty hunters. Takamichi returns to the police station and Lo, convinced by Takamichi’s determination to help her at the risk of his own life, invites him to become her minion. There is an English review. 9. Ore no Tamanokoshi ni Notte Kure ~ Itoko to Maid to Kouhai to Senpai to Sensei to ~ 俺のタマノコシに乗ってくれ~従妹とメイドと後輩と先輩と先生と~ [100723] Patisserie Kousuke is just an average student. But one day, he is kidnapped by some men on his way home and taken to a big house. The man in front of him says, "You, take over my position!" His a little bit erotic and slapstick life now starts.... It's not clear from the description, but it's inevitably a nukige. Basically, we get kidnapped and delivered to a rich lady house who eagerly learns things from common life from absolutely horrible protagonist. 10. Para-Sol [100723] Root 1 2 "Now", let's talk about the future for a little bit. In an SF world where cyborgs and androids are near reality, for some reason rumors of fantastic creatures such as werewolf and dragons started to spread. That time, one girl silently sent a mail to an unknown someone. A mail that's unknown to reach someone. Written inside is only one sentence. "Save Our Ship" But, by a stroke of luck the mail definitely reached somewhere. And, the girl received a reply. "wilco" There are English reviews. 11. GA Geijutsuka Art Design Class: Slapstick Wonderland GA 芸術科アートデザインクラス Slapstick WONDERLAND [100729] Russell Inside an airplane heading for Japan, Mari is clutching a sketchbook which once belonged to her grandma, who is now deceased. The sketches on it are what her grandma had drawn before she died, reminiscing about the days spent in Japan. To color the sketches: a promise Mari made with her grandma. What will be Japan like, the country the grandma so much loved? Feeling hopes and fears, Mari drifts off to sleep. The place she is heading toward as a short-term international student is GA (Geijutsuka Art Design Class). What kind of story will unfold, casting Mari and the members of GA? Anime spin-off 12. Memories Off: Yubikiri no Kioku メモリーズオフ ゆびきりの記憶 [100729] KID 1 2 The player takes on the role of Naoki Serizawa, the protagonist of Yubikiri no Kioku. Naoki used to live at Chinatsu's home but is now living alone. Naoki is a second year student at the private Tourin high school. Chinatsu Amakawa is also a second year student at the private Tohrin high school and is a classmate of Naoki's. As Chinatsu is concerned about Naoki at all times, she commutes to school with him and is always around him during school hours. Kasumi Nagumo is a runaway girl who suddenly arrived at the doorsteps of Naoki's place and is forcibly living with him at the moment. Orihime Hoshitsuki is the new math teacher for Naoki's class at Tourin high school. Lisa Caycy Foster is an American girl who has gone to Japan to study abroad temporarily. Lisa works part-time at a restaurant called Fuuruuyan and is where he meets Naoki. Lisa's reason for studying in Japan is because of her interest in Japanese history and culture. Shiina Kodou is a first year student at Tourin high school. She is very outgoing and loves gossips. There is an English review 13. Second Novel ~ Kanojo no Natsu, 15fun no Kioku~ セカンドノベル ~彼女の夏、15分の記憶~ [100729] Nippon Ichi 1 2 3 "Do you know this story?" Ayano starts telling a story. The scene is high school and characters named Ayano and Yuichi appear.... Naoya and Ayano trace back their high school life through her story. In the summer of the second grade, Naoya lost two important things. One is Yuichi, his close friend. He fell down from the top of the school building and lost his life... Also, Ayano, whom Naoya loved, fell down from the top of the school building as if following Yuichi. Five years later... Ayano can remember things only for fifteen minutes. She still doesn't know why she fell down. The story Ayano tells is about her high school life. By knowing the fact, he might be able to find the truth behind Yuichi's death and Ayano's behavior... There are English reviews. 14. Bunny Black [100730] SofthouseChara 1 2 3 4 5 Dierks is a perverted adventurer entered a labyrinth known as the Maou’s forest and was defeated by the maou himself. But taking pity on him, the maou kindly recruited him as part of this demon army. Given a second chance, Dierks has two goals: to rise in the ranks of the demon army, and to defeat and have sex with those girls who come to attack the maou. RPG has English reviews 15. Enbou no Felshis ~Horizon of the Earth and Sky~ 遠望のフェルシス Horizon of the earth and sky [100730] Ninetail 1 2 The Emilia Republic is situated on the northeast area of the Reindil continent. In the eastern town of Felshis is Voromia National Academy, which is well-known for training adventurers. Adventurers specialize in searching for and retrieving an important resource to all nations: dragon bones. Many young people aspire to be adventurers for different reasons: to satiate their curiosity, to become rich, to follow in their ancestors’ footsteps, to envision a world they have never seen. RPG has English reviews. 16. Motto Nee, Chanto Shiyou yo! もっと 姉、ちゃんとしようよっ! [100730] Candy Soft 1 2 3 4 Souma goes to an all-boys school by himself in Hokkaido. One day, he received a call from one of his older sisters, telling him that their father had become sick and collapsed. He quickly returns to Hakkakubashi and seeing his five downcast sisters and sickly father, he decided to stay to take care of his father. There are English reviews 17. Nanapuri. ななプリ。 [100730] TopCat Enor lives by himself in the wilderness of the Gullfoss continent. One day, he came upon a fallen girl by a nearby riverside and took her home to take care of her. Her name is Katarina and she is actually the Seventh Princess Edelweiss’ personal knight. They were pursued by attackers and now the princess is missing, so Katarina asks Enor to pretend to be the princess. So, he dresses up as a girl and goes on a journey together with her. It only looks like a fantasy plotge. In reality scenario is based on the seven princesses that we visit one by one through the loop (although only three get visited as a result). Same heavy repetitive development as in previous Topcat game. 18. Sora o Aogite Kumo Takaku 空を仰ぎて雲たかく [100730] Debo no Su Seisakusho 1 Adonis practiced under Danang to be a dragon trainer. One day, he came upon a young dragon girl Mint in the forest. She calls him papa, but it seems that she doesn’t remember anything except her own name. He takes her to his master’s house, where Danang tells her that as a dragon trainer, he was destined to meet her. They set out on a journey to discover her memories. RPG has English reviews 19. Steal My Heart ~Rhapsody of Moonlight~ すてぃーるMyはぁと~Rhapsody of moonlight~ [100730] Palette 1 Akitomo enjoys his peaceful school life, but one night, he met a mysterious thief and his world suddenly changed. All the unexplainable events and environment changes made him totally confused. What fate awaits him in the future? Phantom thief setting is not utilized properly outside of one route with other routes devoted to normal heroines. Scenario is plain weak.. 20. Sugar+Spice 2 [100730] ChuableSoft 1 2 Hibiki moves in with his older sister after his father went abroad for business. However, his cousin Fuuka also lived there and he worried about being able to get along with her since they are unfamiliar with each other. However, they get along nicely. One day, Fuuka asks him to come shopping with her and a friend since they need help carrying bags. He agrees, but when he arrives, he meets a senpai who he admires, Ginga. She asks him why he’s here and what he wants to do. Realizing that he doesn’t have a goal or a dream to pursue, Hibiki decides to begin living with a new purpose. There are English reviews. 21. Vestige -Yaiba ni Nokoru wa Kimi no Omokage- Vestige―刃に残るは君の面影― [100730] Alcot Honey Comb Kurou was reading a book in the library when he saw his older sister Shizu fall from the roof. Fortunately, she wasn’t hurt badly. Kuro and their osananajimi Ruri are happy that she’s fine and don’t ask her what happened. Later, he finds out from his classmate Wakaba that she was fighting against some mysterious men. It is because they are after him, as he possesses the elixir of immortality ‘ochimizu’, so he decides to take part in the battle as well. Youkai confrontation work with lack of explanations and persuasive power. BLOCKED 1. Shin Koihime † Musou ~Moeshouden~ 真・恋姫†無双~萌将伝~ [100723] BaseSon 1 2 Moeshouden is the final game in the Koihime series. In this fandisk, there’s no more fighting among the factions. Instead, all 52 heroines fight for Kazuto’s love. Or maybe he can settle for a harem in the true sense of the word. Fandisc 2. Muv-Luv Alternative Chronicles Vol.1 マブラヴ オルタネイティヴ クロニクルズ01 [100730] Age 1 2 3 4 5 6 New chronicles of Muv-Luv universe featuring director cut verisons of previously released Chicken Divers and Rain Dancers, along with a brand new Muv-Luv Unlimited The Day After, which details what happened following the end of Muv-Luv Unlimited. There’s also desktop accessories, movies and radio clips. Fandisc 3. Ore-tachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai AfterStory 俺たちに翼はない AfterStory [100730] Navel 1 This Oretsuba fandisk has after stories for each of the 4 heroines, plus over 20 short-stories, a new OP and ED, as well as character songs and a tachi-e and scenery viewer. Also, the protagonists will be voiced except during H scenes! Fandisc 4. Otome Renshin Prister Fandisc ~Motto H ni Koi Seyo Otome!~ 乙女恋心プリスターFANDISC ~もっとHに恋せよ乙女!~ [100730] Escu:de This is the fandisc for Prister, with after stories for each of the 12 heroines, another stories for 6 popular subheroines, as well as a possible harem route. Fandisc
  22. Deardrops and Comsome! ~Combination Somebody~ make the only masterpieces for me in June. And first one is more polished. Micchi for once agrees with me although anticipating even more from Angel Ring. 1. Deardrops [100618] Overdrive 1 2 3 4 5 6 Shouichi was known as one of the ‘nobles’ of the violin world. Having started playing the violin when he was 3, he won the national violin competition when he was in middle school and went to Germany to play in orchestras. However, due to unknown reasons, he returned to Japan, gave up playing the violin and became a freeter. One day, he starts working at a live house and meets many other amateur musicians who are living their lives their own way. Together they will have to overcome obstacles in both their personal lives and as a band. To Shouichi, the live house is a new beginning in a new place… a new world which has opened to him when he thought that his future as a musician had closed. Game is localized and has English reviews. 2. Kourin no Machi, Lavender no Shoujo 光輪の町、ラベンダーの少女 [100624] Akabei Soft2 1 2 3 It’s the beginning of summer in a normal town. Sousuke is your standard guy going to a normal school along with the typical cast of characters: the childhood friend living next door, the cute loli, the blonde twintail tsundere, the bespectacled discipline committee member… This couldn’t be anything but a slapstick school love comedy… until a girl with long black hair appeared. “I want to cry too…” Even though Hikaru is very strong, she is also weak at the same time. Everyone else is the same way – they are fragile when they are alone. That is why they seek bonding with others. There are English impressions 3. Narcissu 0 ナルキッソス ゼロ [100624] Stage-nana 1 2 "Life is like a waiting room, except people don't leave in the order they enter." Japan in the 1970s. Before the first hospices were established in the country. A boy grows up helping the family business, a senior citizen's home. Regularly skipping school to help at home, he gets left behind a year in school. One day, he meets a girl that had also been left back, and they become friends. This is a story about two kids growing up. About the wall between those leaving, and those left behind. It is about the origins of the Seventh Floor hospice. And finally, the origins of "the rules". Game is localized and has English reviews. 4. Ama Ane あまあね [100625] PeasSoft Daisuke attends Touka Gakuen in Miou-jima, a small town which is an 1-hour ferry ride from Tokyo. He is great at housework and studying, but because of his scary looks, people mistakingly think he is the worst deliquent. He works as the caretaker of the Yashima-sou school dorms where his two older sisters Otome and Megumi live. They know he is an earnest and kind person. One day, he receives notice from the school that Yashima-sou will be torn down. Despite the allusive setting, main character does not attack girls, but dutifully patrols dormitory. Band performance is organized as a mini-game, but has no influence for the story. It's even possible to finish the game without the girl if by the time of final even none is flagged. So it's again rather interesting common route and disappointing individual routes (especially due to weird drawing at times). 5. Angel Ring [100625] Moonstone 1 2 Satoru likes the 2D world and loves 2D girls. One day, he took care of a weakened pure white dove. When he woke up the next day, a beautiful girl who he didn’t know was hugging him. Not only that, but she was naked. His imouto Sana comes to wake him up: “Hey aniki, hurry and get u- ehhhh!!?#!※‡?々♂☆♀!!?” The game is based around two concepts: ‘love angel’ and ‘angel ring’. Love angels come from heaven to support love between people. They don’t have any special abilities except for flying. They feel a great sense of responsibility towards 2D maniacs like Satoru. If there is someone who loves someone else, but doesn’t have the courage to take the next step, the ‘angel ring’ floating around the love angel’s neck will begin to glow. It helps the love angel realize people’s feelings. There are English reviews. 6. Bitter Smile. [100625] Giga 1 2 Yuu returns to his hometown after being away for many years and meets the Todoroki sisters, who run a takoyaki shop named Senju. He ends up living on the 2nd floor of the shop with them. There are English reviews. 7. Bokura wa Piacere ボクラはピアチェーレ [100625] ad:lib This is the debut title from ad:lib. Masamichi was raised by his father who is a shrine priest. On the night of the day he began attending Souei private school, someone snuck into the shrine grounds. He thought that it was a thief, but it was actually Sakura, a girl who he had seen singing earlier in the day for the light music club. Her dad had left the family entrenched in debt, so she ended up homeless and came to the shrine to find a place to sleep. Having heard her troubles, Masamichi allows her to live with him. K-On club has different outdoors activities with band itself as a side hobby due to recent light music boom. And for the same reason game stylized for anime. Scenario is very boring because nothing interesting is happening, even moe level is low. Compared to Deardrops there's very low focus for music. Another debut work that tries to ride the wave without investing in scenario. 8. Can Fes! ~Itazura Majo to Naisho no Gakuensai~ きゃん☆フェス!~いたずら魔女とナイショの学園祭~ [100625] Pumpkin Soft When the protagonist was small, he took care of a lost witch who would not show her anger even if she was teased. She didn”t talk much, but occasionally said “If I get my powers back…” One day she disappeared. Ten years later, the witch Prim comes back and declares that he will now be her servant! A normal moege. At some point you just decide who to protect since you can't protect everyone. 9. Comsome! ~Combination Somebody~ こんそめ! ~combination somebody~ [100625] Silver Bullet 1 The protagonist Kyoutarou transferred to "Senshu school" to catch up with his deceased aunt - a troublemaker, infamous for her anti-social and destructive activities. Kyoutarou's objective is to find his sister, who mysteriously disappeared about ten years ago. One day, he finds a girl that's caught in trouble with some ruffian. He helps her escape and treats her a meal, but in exchange she steals his bag and runs away while he is in the washroom. A few days later, she came to his house and said she was his sister. Obvious lie, but she had his aunt's business card. He allowed her to live in his house, believing that it was sort of a sign. A traumatic memory for me since this game had huge number of choices and without walkthrough I faced gameover too many times before giving up. But it's mysterious Silver Bullet brand and Hino Wataru who brought us Rui wa Tomo o Yobu and Coμ , so miracles happen even to ordinary school setting. Things start to surprise from the start as opening and style is done in 8-bit RPG flavor as a battle against maou. There are a lot of fighting heroines. And "comsome" is actually a finished dish in french... But generally it's about a circle of friends, and their help is required to achieve the goal. Everyday scenes are a pain to read. A nuclear and unrefined mix, but with strong sense of individuality. It's not Ruitomo by shreer quality, but absence of trap protagonist and RPG-affinity makes this game special for me. 10. Dual M -Sora no Kioku- デュアル・エム ―空の記憶― [100625] Abel Software Mika and Loki run a VA detective agency at Chesterland School, the Japanese branch of a British school for foreigners. Of course since they’re amateurs, they don’t get many cases. However, Mika is a psychometrist, able to understand the past of someone or something just by touching them. It comes at a price though. If used on a human, the target will lose all their memories related to him. Due to a past incident, his mother has lost all memories of him and so he now always wears a glove on his hand. One day, Loki read about a story about the murder of the owner of the club Couples Apples in the newspaper and wanted Mika to try to solve the case, but he is hesitant since he doesn’t want to use his power. Then, he was approached by two girls who say they are being threatened and want him to stop the culprit. Abel Software must be desperate to even pollute detective setting they are probably best known for. Basically, it's four detective episodes with some H scenes. Protagonist has supernatural powers, so it's not great as a mysery. 11. Okitsune-sama no Koisuru Omajinai おキツネ様の恋するおまじない [100625] chorus Yasuto confessed his love to the school idol Kyouka, but not having talked to her at all before, not surprisingly she said no. Broken-hearted, he went to the shrine where he had prayed constantly before the confession and cursed the god, calling them a liar. A darkness surrounds him and a large white fox appears. He apologizes profusely, but she sends tons of snakes after him as retribution. Evading the snakes by climbing a nearby tree, he thought he was safe until he heard a creaking noise. Then, suddenly the tree fell on the shrine, which was demolished. Fleeing to his house, he was surprised to find a miko with beautiful pale hair in front of him, angry that he had destroyed her shrine. Lousy debut work. It looks like a nakige, but scenario is too short, so nothing even has a single chance to develop. Let's just pull minimum number of heroines together - four - and make it full price. Heroines other than kitsune are hardly noticeable. 12. RPG Gakuen あるぴじ学園 [100625] Circus A school founded by a legendary hero 1000 years ago is now on the verge of bankrupcy. Ikumi wonders why the school entrance exam is exploring a dungeon. He didn’t do well at all, but somehow he passed! Something must be wrong since there’s only girls around. It seems that the school will now focus on adventures in love… Ikumi’s hectic hero life has begun! RPG 13. Shirogane no Cal to Soukuu no Joou 白銀のカルと蒼空の女王 [100625] Kogado Studio 1 Following a final war with the dragon race thousands of years ago, the remnants of prehistoric technology called Pashiate is left. Lately, this technology has been used to create E-technology, the basis of wealth in the Fulcrum empire. However, there are people who wish to use Pashiate for ill purposes. Cal Ruslan is a student at the Imperial Junior Academy, and also a government agent known as a ‘Library’ who protects the Pashiate technology. She operates the giant heavy robot Alper, which is the only thing that can defeat the ghosts of the past. There is an English impression 14. Soranica Ele [100625] light The world ends. What will you see in the sky at that moment? Marine Academy City Noah has gathered people from around the world who can use Wings, powers that manifest themselves as seals on their chest. On the island, there is a Colosseum. It is rumored that the person who wins 13 battles in a row will become an Ark. Until an Ark appears, these students live a peaceful life. One of them is Tsukasa Hayasaka, a second year student with no particular ambitions. A mysterious new student, Zenobia A. A. Axelrod, has joined the school, and Tsukasa's best friend Kikunari Souma is talking about the end of the world. Ophelia U. Diefenbaker is the student council president. Honoka Yamamura, Naki's friend, helps her out. Tsukasa also has to deal with his feisty cousin Naki, the eccentric Kaguya Patelliere, and the only seemingly normal person at the school, Saya Sayado. Until one day the news is broken that the world is already ending. What will Tsukasa and his classmates do? Let's save the world seven times in loop with five times normally, then once epically and one in a harem to bring all memories from previous routes. Writer failed to make routes interesting, and harem one is redundant. With proper realization it might shine. 15. Ten no Hikari wa Koi no Hoshi 天の光は恋の星 [100625] Eternal Mitsuhiko attends Seiyou Gakuen and one night, his childhood friend Rio was going to confess to him when there was a loud noise. He sees his classmate Koiboshi on the rooftop with a blank look on her face. Not listening to their calls, she falls from the roof. He runs to catch her, but her body is surrounded by a mysterious light and he falls unconscious. When he wakes up and found himself and the school in a very deep hole. He gathers the remaining students and teachers and begins to find a way out of this hole. RPG 16. Tiny Dungeon ~Black and White~ Tiny Dungeon ~Black and White~ [100625] Rosebleu 1 2 3 4 The young heroes from the demon, god, dragon and human worlds meet at the Trinity school to hone their skills. There was a world-destroying war 25 years ago caused by human greed. Now, one young man has a vision of the past human hero who tells him that the future is in his hands. Which future will he choose: Vell of the demon world, Note of the god world or Ururu of the dragon world? There are English reviews. 17. Kurai Heya 暗い部屋 [100630] Kurai Heya Seisaku Iinkai 1 2 Seitaro Hino has lived a life secluded from society, together with his mother since childhood. He easily gets ill whenever he inhales the polluted air outdoors, so he spends his days by indulging in self-studies and literature in his apartment, darkened by the boarded-up windows. One day, when his mother suddenly dies, Seitaro is forced out into society and surprisingly his respiratory disease seems to have been cured by itself. Nevertheless, all these sudden happenings and new impressions are too much for him, and he is soon struck by aphonia. His aunt, Yoko Oshikawa, decides to take care of him until he has adapted himself to the new environment and is able to stand on his own. Doujin, but with English reviews 18. Otome wa Boku ni Koishiteru ~Futari no Elder~ 処女はお姉さまに恋してる ~2人のエルダー~ [100630] Caramel Box 1 Occuring some years after the original game, this follows a new crossdressing boy and the lady-like girls who surround him at Seio Girl’s Academy. Chihaya is a boy with beautiful silver hair who was teased in class due to his looks and ends up transferring into a girl’s school run by his relatives. There he meets a girl named Kaoruko who tells him to be totally honest no matter what happens. They soon become close friends and are both nominated to become the next Elder! Trap games can have sequels? That's new. Just spare me from it. BLOCKED 1. Clannad - Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi de CLANNAD -クラナド- 光見守る坂道で [100603] Key 1 2 3 4 A "visual sound novel" adaption of the Hikari Mimamoru Sakamichi De short stories. Fandisc with English reviews 2. Manken! まんけん! [100621] atelier773 1 2 3 Comedy fanatic and high school student Mairu Hibisu has decided to set up a comedy club in her school, but her nemesis and the head of the student council, Chitose Karasuyama, isn’t about to make things easy… The school rules require a minimum of 5 students to set up a new club and Mairu is 3 people short! Spring break has just started and Mairu has until the end of April to recruit the 3 new members she needs to start the club or Chitose will have the last laugh! Guide Mairu through idyllic Cherry Tree Town as she makes new friends and endeavors to persuade them to join her high school comedy club in this anime-style comic adventure game. ~Laugh and the world laughs with you~ Doujin, but localized and with English reviews 3. Eroge! ~H mo Game mo Kaihatsu Zanmai~ えろげー!~Hもゲームも開発三昧~ [100625] Clock Up team Anise 1 2 3 4 5 The player takes the role of Mochizuki Tomoya, a guy that lives on his own with only a day job at a convenience store keeping him afloat. While he really likes eroge, he can't draw, isn't much of a writer or composer, and doesn't know much about business. Still, his dream is to get a job at an eroge studio in hopes of creating what he loves, eroge. Tomoya's luck takes a turn for the better when he sees a help wanted ad for the local studio Flower, and after a meeting with the company president (who to his surprise looks like an elementary school kid), manages to get a job as administrator of the company's website. Tomoya's glee at being part of the eroge industry is short-lived, as he soon learns that Flower is on the chopping block due to their first title being a massive failure. After playing through Flower's first title, Tomoya realizes that his co-workers don't know anything about eroge, lacking the insight and understanding needed to make a good game. After some nudging from the president of Flower's parent company and some soul searching of his own, our protagonist takes it upon himself to save Flower by teaching the four girls on staff the ins and outs of what makes an eroge good. The story thus focuses on Tomoya's role as a pseudo-consultant while getting to know the four heroines of the story as the player is given an interesting look at the world of eroge development. Nukige, but localized one and with English reviews 4. Kud Wafter クドわふたー [100625] Key 1 2 3 The Little Busters' trip was a complete success, and summer vacation has finally begun. Everyone heads home for a bit to see their families. Everyone, that is, except for Riki (who has no family) and Kud (whose family lives in another country). One day, an accident occurs that floods the men's dormitory, which leaves Riki with no place to stay. Luckily, Kud is willing to lend a hand, and she's also looking for a roommate. Fandisc
  23. Oh, wow, Tsui no Sora remake is out already. My final preference will depend on the number of jokes and weird talk. SubaHibi took all the fine jokes from Tsui no Sora original and expanded on it. But structure-wise Tsui no Sora was sharper. Putting those things together would be ideal. Probably I do not remember White Album 2 Closing chapter that well already like it is news to me there are sub-heroines there. Introductory chapter interested me and then made me infuriated, provoking emotions. During Closing chapter I was mad at Setsuna all the time, so only irritation made a lasting impression.
  24. Evolimit is the only real masterpiece here. I'll review it eventually, but with Dailymotion limit of two hours per day it would take over a month of real time, so it's the only thing I review in 2010. Micchi falls for nekomimi You∞Gaku just because of cuteness. 1. Nadeshiko Ranbu 撫子乱舞 [100521] White Cyc Focuses on the Yamato Nadeshiko archetype – the ideal Japanese woman, Takahiro resides in Misaki-shi where there is a competition to determine who most depicts the Yamato Nadeshiko. In the past, there was a woman who protected the country during the period of war. The one who excelled in fighting was called the Nadeshiko Ranbu, while the one who excelled in the arts was called the Nadeshiko Ranka. He has to decide which out of the six girls he will support in the competition. Heroines are skilled in fighting from beginning. We pick one and watch the outcome. Short, low quality, weird. 2. Fight Ippatsu! Juden-Chan!! CC ファイト一発!充電ちゃん!!CC [100527] Russell Plug is from another world, Life Core. She is actually a charger (Judenchan) who gives vitality to people!! She lives a busy life with Sento, who can see Plug, and Aresta, another charger. One day, a rookie charger appears in front of Plug and asks for training. Well, will she be able to train her smoothly? What is the purpose of the rookie charger? Anime spin-off 3. Okiba ga Nai! 置き場がない! [100527] Akabei Soft2 1 2 On his way back to his home planet after completing his mission, the steel giant Yarusenaizer collides with a meteorite and crashes down to Earth. Being badly damaged by the crash, Yarusenaizer can't go back to his home planet until his repairs are fixed. Taking pity on him, the protagonist, Amanogawa Seiji, takes him to live with him. Like that, the story opens! But in the small Japan, it's not easy for a giant robot; many problems face him! There is an English review. I actually played it, and it was too weird, did not like it. 4. So-Ra-No-Wo-To: Otome no Quintet ソ・ラ・ノ・ヲ・ト 乙女ノ五重奏(クインテット) [100527] Compile Heart There is a small town called Seize in Helvetia. Kanata is a girl who is inspired to join the military after witnessing a rendition of Amazing Grace by a mysterious trumpeter of the Helvetian Army. Becoming a bugler, she is assigned to the 1121st Platoon stationed in the town of Seize, where she is taken into the care of 2nd Lt. Filicia Heideman, M/Sgt. Rio Kazumiya and the rest of the 1121st Platoon. One day, Filicia receives an offer to perform a concert at the festival. Though all other members are reluctant to accept the offer, Kanata gets excited. "I wanna listen to your performance again. Also, it'll be great to play all together!" Like this, they decide to accept the offer... Anime spin-off 5. Strike Witches: Anata to Dekiru Koto - A Little Peaceful Days ストライクウィッチーズ あなたとできること A Little Peaceful Days [100527] Russell One day, the world is invaded by a monster called "Neuroi". One and only hope for the humans is the "Strike Witches". The witches are sent to an isolated island for exercises. However, they are attacked by Neuroi on their way to the island! Since the aircraft carrier gets damaged, it leaves them on the island and returns to the base. Therefore, they will need to stay on the island until the support arms join them.... Anime spin-off 6. Amatsu Misora ni! あまつみそらに! [100528] Clochette 1 2 3 Takahisa lives on Misora-jima with Kanna, a goddess who came to his house when he was a child and started living with him. He also has an imouto Miyu who is a gravure idol and is often away from home. That doesn’t mean things are quiet though, since Miyu’s best friend Serika idolizes Kanna and often causes a big ruckus. One day Serika comes in with big news: there’s a miko coming to the island! There are English reviews. 7. Evolimit エヴォリミット [100528] Propeller 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 You start out in a flashback, the last remaining two humans fighting against him. Of course, after that you wake up in a place unknown to you along with a bishoujo and you lost all your memories. The girl with you explains that this is no longer a world you once lived in, a world where trains, bus and bicycles no longer exists. People travel by flight, literally. Not only that, but people transforming into colossus form, reading invisible books, and opening doors that cut through space continuum. Yep, welcome to Planet Mars. There are English reviews. 8. Famima! ファミ魔! [100528] Puzzlebox Yuuji had been living by himself for a month. Just when he was starting to feel lonely, a girl comes to his house and tells him that she’s his imouto from a past life! The other girls accompanying her explain that he used to be a maou, and they all decide to live in his house. Puzzlebox always made borderline nukige. There's even no opening this time. Writer at least tried to have fun and just throw in humor everywhere, but it's still a H focused B-class work about so convenient sudden co-habitation. 9. Gratin ぐらタン [100528] Cotton Soft Haruki used to live with his mother, but now moves in with his relatives: 4 sisters born from 4 different mothers, but the same father. Their father was a traveling magician who used magic on them before disappearing. There is only one way to remove the magic: all 5 of them must build a close family bond to each other. However, can Haruki resist temptation being with such cute girls and view them as just family? Setting is too aggressive even compared to tons of other moege. It's a harem from the start and we move towards individual relations all the time. Basically, another reincarnation of Natsumegu type of Cotton Soft works. 10. Hapi☆Sama! ~Miyanomori Mura e Youkoso!~ はぴ☆さま!~宮乃森村へようこそ!~ [100528] Sugar Pot Yuuta lived with his father in the city after his mother’s death when he was young. One day, his father suddenly left for work overseas and Yuuta ended up getting evicted from his apartment and moved to his mother’s hometown, Miyanomori-mura. Living in the countryside with his grandparents for the first time, he is surrounded by girls who are interested in hearing about how it’s like in the city. He’s exhausted from this scenery change, but more unexpected things happen to him when he accidentally broke and awakened the goddess who was asleep. He ended up being possessed by the goddess of wealth and fertility (in chibi form)! However, she has to absorb his luck making him unlucky. So many irritating elements for me. It's just a warm summer moege. 11. Hime to Majin to Koi Suru Tamashii ヒメと魔神と恋するたましぃ [100528] Orange Pekoe During the Heian Era, the queen of the demon world sent her two daughters Kaguya and Sakuya to the human world for training, with the one with better results becoming the successor to the throne. Kaguya used her power to make humans suffer, while Sakuya blended in with the humans to control them from within. However, Sakuya fell in love with an onmyouji and thought that living in the human world isn’t that bad. She then received a request: to eliminate her older sister Kaguya. With the help of her lover, she successfully sealed Kaguya and brought peace to the land. However, her lover soon passed away due to illness and she returned to the demon world. Thousands of years later, Sakuya will be crowned the new queen, but she must marry some one. There is only one person in her heart, so she heads back to the human world to seek the her reborn lover. Card battles is all that I need to know about this game to safely ignore it. 12. Little Rabbits -Wagamama Twin Tail- りとるらびっつ -わがままツインテール- [100528] Whitesoft Miyako loves her onii-chan Ryoutarou a lot, more than just as siblings, and makes daily advances on him. Somehow he’s been able to withstand her temptations, but now his older sister Azusa is coming back for the summer vacation and she loves him just as much. He decides that he can’t keep going on like this and decides to get a girlfriend – his kind classmate Rina. However, this only makes things worse as his sisters team up with his osananajimi Sayo to gain his attention. Even though he has a girlfriend, it doesn’t matter... They will keep loving him! Another harem battle. Only for siscon lovers. 13. Meguri Megureba Meguru Toki!? 廻り巡ればめぐるときっ!? [100528] Caramel Box Ichigo-aji 1 Other than not being interested in any girls under 80cm bust size, Masayuki is pretty much your standard oppai-loving student. However, due to a traffic accident, he gained the ability to use astral projection (the mind leaving the body) and now can see the spiritual world which is full of ghosts and youkai. One day while he’s enjoying this world, his body was possessed by someone else! When he returns to his body, he receives criticism all around and has been branded as a pervert. What happened when he was gone!? There is an English impression 14. Oshikake! Entremets おしかけ!アントルメ [100528] Kamille Nagayoshi is great at housework and likes sweet things. One day when he was deciding on what to do in the future, his parents decided to go to France for training, entrusting him with running the family cafe Large. Of course he couldn’t do this by himself, so his parents got him some help. However, not only are Renon and Sunao going to work with him, they are both vying to be his bride! His childhood friend Wako who also has feelings for him hears about this, declares herself a candidate as well and moves in with them. Doujin level work about nothing since it's another H focused sudden cohabitation. 15. Princess Hunting ~Maou-sama no Shukakusai~ プリンセス・ハンティング~魔王様の収穫祭~ [100528] Kanisky The story starts when Shaddy, the third princess, investigates the ruins just to kill time. She finds something sealed up and opens it... However, it is actually a devil king, who lost a battle against a soldier long time ago. The devil king soon does away with her guards and shags with Shaddy... He now moves to conquer the world.. Tower Defense 16. Prism Rhythm [100528] Lump of Sugar 1 2 3 4 5 On the night of the Algaro de Monde festival to thank the Spring Snow tree which brings blessed water to the people, Kazuki sneaks into the forest to find the rumoured fairy. He instead meets a girl named Caroline, one of the six holy dancers also known as “Eldis Bertina”. Inspired by her words, he decides to enrol into the prestigious School of St. Bertina and manages to do it even though everyone said he couldn’t. There are English reviews. 17. Real Imouto ga Iru Ooizumi-kun no Baai リアル妹がいる大泉くんのばあい [100528] Alcot Honey Comb 1 2 3 4 5 6 Ryou has played lots of eroge and loved lots of (2D) imoutos. However, one imouto has stolen his heart. Voiced by his favourite seiyuu and drawn by his favourite illustrator, Mai is not like his real imouto, Shiori, who treats him like garbage and sees him as nothing more than a disgusting eroge-playing maniac. No, Mai would take a bath with him, hold hands with him on the way to school... it’s totally different from reality. One night, Ryou had a strange dream. When he woke up in the morning, he found Mai straddling him... “Good morning, onii-chan!” There are English reviews. 18. Utatemeguri うたてめぐり [100528] Flat 1 2 Waking up his childhood friend, going to school and getting lectured by his diligent underclassman, watching his close friends have a battle that rivals the intensity of Phoenix Wright’s courtrooms over their lunch is all part of Hidaka Satsuki lives his normal and peaceful life with no complaints. One day, the mysterious transfer student, Rebecca, who just transferred only recently called out Renka, Satsuki’s childhood friend, to the rooftop and said “How much longer are you going to pretend to be human, you monster?” In the midst of all this confusion, a bullet shot broke the silence, and the rooftop was painted with red. No! What has happened, why did Rebecca shoot Renka? And the plot thickens further as night falls upon Yoiha Academy... There are English reviews 19. You∞Gaku ~You Gakuen no Mirai wa Kaichou Shidai!?~ よう∽ガク~妖学園の未来は会長次第!?~ [100528] Powerful Soft 1 2 This is Powerful Soft’s first title. Hokusai Youkai Gakuen, also known as YouGaku, is a school built for youkai to learn to live in peace with humans. Ryuuji is a half-youkai who was recently elected as the student council president for YouGaku. He is born to a family of great power, but his power has not awakened yet. He had planned to enjoy the school life, but then a bunch of Western youkai appear and decide to split the school, changing the rules to their liking and causing a commotion among the students! Not only that but sensing Ryuuji’s hidden powers, they have begun making moves on him too! There are English reviews. BLOCKED 1. Momiji wa Akaku Sono Mi o Somete モミジは紅く其の身を染めて [100521] Berial 1 A boy has driven a girl to death. It might be not intentional, but sin is a sin. Fearing punishment, he ran away from the sin, and it remained secret. Then, five years passed. But as time passes, the weight of sin increases proportionally. Will the boy get crushed under its weight or resist the feeling? Doujin, but with an English review
  25. Akatsuki no Goei ~Tsumibukaki Shuumatsuron~ finally can be considered a masterpiece as story actually moves somewhere this time. Micchi sees some merit in Iro ni Ide ni keri Waga Koi wa . 1. Eien no Ikusa Hime 永焔の戦姫 [100413] Eushully Eien no Ikusa Hime contains the novelized versions of Ikusa Megami Zero, Genrin no Kishougun and Genrin no Kishougun 2 for those who want to jump into Verita without missing the previous story developments. Remake without gameplay parts 2. Akatsuki no Goei ~Tsumibukaki Shuumatsuron~ 暁の護衛 ~罪深き終末論~ [100422] Syangrila 1 2 3 4 With helicopters in the air and thousands of police surrounding the ‘forbidden area’, where those who aren’t recognized as humans reside, the normal lives of Kaito and his friends is coming to an end. There are English reviews. 3. Ikusa Megami Verita 戦女神VERITA [100423] 1 2 3 4 5 6 Eushully The wandering God-Slayer Serika, who's still searching for his purpose. The half-demon king of Menfill, Loui, who just won the war, but lost his wife in it. This is the story of two infamous heroes and how their paths in life inevitably cross each other, and the conflict that it brings. While on the backdrop of the setting, various ancient forces rear their head and the temple of Marsterrie starts moving. RPG is localized and has English reviews 4. Kokoro no Sumika ココロの住処 [100423] Yatagarasu Chihiro likes his imouto Rina, but she doesn’t want him around. In fact, Rina loves her older sister Matsuri, who in turns likes Chihiro! In the midst of this (taboo?) love triangle, their scientist parents sent them some packages and Chihiro opened them and found some weird stuff. His father returns shortly after with a strange girl and introduces her as an android named Kokoro. Heartwarming love comedy that keeps being nice only before individual routes. Graphics is very uneven. Low budget - low quality - is felt everywhere.. 5. Noblesse Oblige ノーブレスオブリージュ [100423] Clock Up Kouji was surprised when a beautiful girl appeared one day and said that she would be his maid. Yuria is part of the famous maid servant group called “Noblesse Oblige” (N.O.) which caters to the wealthy and famous. His grandmother had told him that wanted him to be the most loved in the world, but he never expected to have a maid servant. Not only that but shortly after, another girl showed up, as well as his childhood friend Ayana. What is going on here? Non-nukige Clock Up work? Seriously? Don't get hopes up. Setting of super-maids is not explained. No serious story is developed, as expected. Maids provide all kinds of service and excel at everything, so H tilt is inevitable, 5-6 H scenes per heroine. 6. Chou Jikuu Bakuren Monogatari ~door pi chu~ 超時空爆恋物語~door☆pi☆chu~ [100428] PrimRose Yoshitsune lives with his childhood friends, sisters Orihime and Otohime. Otohime likes delving in black magic and one day makes a drug that bend space and time. Yoshitsune ends up getting this power and summons lots of historical figures. However, he can’t make them return to their original time, so they end up living together with him. Comedy with celebrities of the past like Kleopatra as sub-heroines (what a shameful stealing from GIDYY), but reality acquaintances as main heroines. Good light funny game if you can appreciate such smelly concept. 7. Marriage Royale ~Prism Story~ マリッジロワイヤル ~プリズムストーリー~ [100428] Vridge Inc. Marriage Royale's story revolves around the male protagonist, a high school student named Hinomoto Tsukasa, who is told one day by his parents that he was adopted. Furthermore, they tell him that his real father is a manager of a large company, meaning he is very rich and holds a lot of power. Tsukasa's real father wants his son to marry a good woman, so he sets up an event known as Marriage Royale where beautiful girls from all over Japan will come together at a school built especially for the event and vie to become Tsukasa's fiancé. The school is located on an isolated island near Japan, and Tsukasa himself is taken there to live in a mansion in the care of two twin maids: Miku, the elder sister, and Miu, the younger sister. There are various paths the player can take in the game beyond the main marriage path provided that the player fulfills the correct requirements to open those paths up. These paths are designated by different colors and include a red route which involves investigating dangerous ruins and a yellow route which involves the girls aiming to be idols. Another PSP crap with all kinds of sugary banalities pushed together. 8. Iro ni Ide ni keri Waga Koi wa 色に出でにけり わが恋は [100429] Windmill 1 2 3 Autumn has arrived in Tenshin and Yuuto is attending the prestigious Reimeikan girls’ school since his old school closed due to financial difficulties. He lives at a shrine, so he helps out occasionally. One day, he was asked to be an observer for a duel between two Tenjou sisters, Rio and Kikyou, to decide on who is deemed the successor of the family. However, there was an accident and somehow Rio ends up living with him. I tend to block games with sudden cohabitation plots, and Windmill has rather poor reputation, so expect an ordinary moege. To make things worse, protagonist is pretty much a pervert. This all gives room to many silly gags. 9. Acchi Muite Koi アッチむいて恋 [100430] ASa Project Kousuke just transferred into rural Harusaki Gakuen, but the school accidentally didn’t reserve a room for him. After much searching he found a free room, but it’s at a girls’ dorm! Thus begins his double life: as a boy at school and as a girl named Mae in the dorm. A pretty common scenario, and one in which his cover is bound to be blown eventually. However, he has his imouto Runa on his side, who followed him to the dorm so that no other girl can take her oniichan away. Also, the most ojousama-like chara in the school is actually a trap. The obligatory trap game of the month. Pretty ordinary stuff with humor concentrated in common route. 10. Custard Cream Taiyaki カスタードクリームたい焼き [100430] Axis One day while returning home, Raikou gets in trouble and meets his childhood friend Aira who he hadn’t seen since he was small. He wondered why she came back and she said that she has an arranged marriage with him, however she just wants to keep her promise with him. The next day, Aira transfers into his school and announces to everyone that she’ll be marrying him, which surprises everyone since no one knows of their relationship. Aira moves in his house, as well as Kanae and Ayaka, since they find Aira too suspicious. It all very soon turns into a harem with uninteresting characters. 11. Floating Material -The Hill Where the Star Born.- Floating Material (フローティング マテリアル) -The hill where the star born.- [100430] Biscotti Shun is the only male teacher at Kyoukasen Girls’ School, a well-known high class school also known as the “Water School” since it is situated in a forest and there is a lake on the school grounds. It is a place to heal the wounds of those girls who are hurt. He meets girls who shut off themselves from the world, those who don’t have confidence in themselves, those who are still traumatized by their past. He decides to help them move forward with their lives. Heroines are just cute, but without appealing personalities or charm. Not the worst work especially if you like healing games, but definitely mediocre. 12. Ikinukissa ~Kakushiaji ni Ai o~ イキヌキッ茶~隠し味に愛を~ [100430] Noir Soft There are various girls at my cafe. Which girl will you choose? You can spend your time freely here! Enjoy... Plain and simple, it's a nukige, no block only because it's not 100% clear from synopsis. 13. Neko☆Koi! ~Nekogami-sama to Nekomimi no Tatari~ ねこ☆こい!~猫神さまとネコミミのたたり~ [100430] Whirlpool 1 Tsukasa is the head of the Toono shrine, which he and his sister Sayaka take care of. However, they’re being forced to move out under pressure from his childhood friend Misaki’s father’s company. One day, Misaki’s father’s car crashed into and destroyed the small shrine for some reason. Two cat spirits Hina and Sakuya appear and Sakuya casts a curse, which accidentally hits Misaki, causing her to grow nekomimi and a tail. Now they have to find a way to lift Misaki’s curse, while solving the shrine’s eviction problems at the same time. There is an English review 14. Petapeta ぺたぺた [100430] Lime Tooru is the grandson of the president of the world-famous Sakurai group. His sister Miki was named as the successor to the group, so people don’t really care much about him. However, Miki made him pretend to be her when helping out the company. This spring, Tooru will be attending Zuikou Academy. Will he be able to protect this secret under in a new setting and at the same time, fall in love for the first time? Royal road school game. All characters and kind, so it becomes boring very soon. 15. Shu ni Majiwareba Akaku Naru 主に交われば朱くなる [100430] Gummy Soft Hajime is a normal guy who transfers into Elde Gakuen, a school for the wealthy. He soon learns that he needs to enter into a ‘master-servant’ relationship with another student. Surrounded by various different kinds of ojousamas, his school life has become more exciting. Game starts nice and has worthy everyday part, but due to the concept has to shift to SM, and that's too big of a contrast. Don't think it can work without some fetish affinity. BLOCKED 1. Kotori Love Ex P ことり Love Ex P [100423] Circus 1 Kotori Love Ex P is comprised of three parts: Kotori LOVE (Kotori's stories from D.C.P.C., D.C.W.S., D.C.A.S., and C.D.C.D.), Kotori Extasy! (18+ port of PS2 D.C.I.F.) and Kotori Plus!. The last part is a brand new story focusing on Junichi and Kotori’s life as newly-weds. Fandisc 2. Kansen 4 ~The Day After~ 姦染4 ~The Day After~ [100430] 1 2 Most events in Kansen 4 take place "The Day After" the endings of Kansen 1 and 2, during the reclamation of the contaminated areas by the Japan Self-Defence Forces. Daisuke Sendou just enjoys his school life with his classmates. One day, they go camping just before summer holiday (therefore escaping the initial outbreak of the Unknown virus epidemic), but... A cruel result is awaiting them there... Nukige, but with English reviews
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