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  1. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    Whats the Drama CD about?
  2. VN with combat/action and romance

    Comyu- plenty of action and life/death situations. Tsujidou-san no Junai road- There's action but its more of a romcom with overpowered girls
  3. Well this is the decade I ruined my life by finding yet another hobby, aka VNs. Cant say I regret it much tho Since I officially graduated a month ago doubt I'd be able to play so many titles the next decade Firstly hoping to get a decent job so I can stop being poor and afford to buy more stuff for my hobbies As for specific VNs, I dont really have any but hopefully we keep getting good releases in 2020. 2019 was a pretty solid year esp with the long awaited Aokana release, maybe sprite will announcement sth for that this year
  4. Noticed this got released a week or so ago, has anyone played it? Is it just some rom-com routes with the cast? and is it good?
  5. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    probably wouldnt have sold after so long so they are just gathering the good will instead, good choice i guess Sad that no releases this month but I was expecting their releases to lose steam sooner or later after shoving in Aokana into their already busy release schedule and Sekai still has no release date for Leyline 2 and 3, its been 2 fcking years At this point no way I'm buying that
  6. STEINS;GATE: My Darling's Embrace

    Nah would be foolish to expect plot or anything heavy from this lol I know its like Chaos;Child Love ChuChu, just rom-com routes
  7. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    Same reason as Mashiro, the Japs love Lolis. Saki is pushing it though, she has no personality and is kind of annoying. Atleast Misaki won deservedly, maybe we'll get something more for her next year I dunno how anyone could beat Madoka out of the side characters though, she was hilarious. Aoi as well, not as good as Koichoco's sensei but she was a pretty interesting character, shouldnt be last and esp shouldnt be behind Minamo who barely appears. On a side note, Sad that we got no releases this month, probably only getting Perfect edition in a week from Nekonyan and thats it. All this free time, nothing new to read ;c
  8. /cast Revive @ Sprite

    @Infernoplex Basically what he said and Majikoi released around 7 Fan Discs, almost a release every year after the main game came out
  9. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    Perfect Edition to be out by the end of this month, its in QA atm
  10. /cast Revive @ Sprite

    if you are talking about milking you should be mentioning Majikoi not Aokana
  11. Any Audio Tracks You HAD to Mute?

    Chisato from Koichoco, rather fall off a cliff than listen to her rambling on
  12. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    Patch 1.1 released and adds the voiceline bookmark feature, I was wondering where the hell it was when I was playing lol, bit too late now Still no "Perfect Edition" tho
  13. "My Fair Princess" has been released

    Almost every release of theirs are obscure VNs that not many people are interested in
  14. Basically says its delayed till December and subsequently effects all other releases, wonder if that means Making Lovers is delayed because thats 80% done curiously nothing was said about Hello,Lady which was supposed to be their next release and looks like the TL/Edit for that is almost done (90% TL/80% Edit) Making Lovers as mentioned before is much further along than Senren being at 86% TL, 71% Edit
  15. "My Fair Princess" has been released

    cant wait for Sol Press to complain that its not selling well
  16. [NekoNyan News] Senren Banka delayed

    Another project update was given recently, Hello Lady and Making Lovers are essentially done(over 90%) and will probably enter QA and engine work soon Senren Banka is still under 70% done and thats supposed to be their next release in about a month. Not sure what their plan is here, I hope there arent any more delays. Need some releases for the break! Also as a nice surprise, one of their secret projects is 100% tled and edited and slated for early 2020. Wonder if thats just a short VN or a fan disc.
  17. Don't have all day to read like I used to so ya ofc it changed. I only read what interests me now and even in those usually I do not go through every single route
  18. Uh your guess is as good as mine, should be interesting tho Minori's recent releases are not that good tho
  19. feng is filing for bankruptcy

    Yeah I remember that but its Sekai so god knows when we'll get it
  20. feng is filing for bankruptcy

    Not to mention nothing was ever translated nor localized
  21. [NekoNyan News] Senren Banka delayed

    Yeah seems so, their next release is going to be Senren Banka, whether thats because of contractual issues or something else is not known Anyway, not too long of a wait, Yuzusoft Moeges are always interesting so here's hoping no more delays (and this is nothing compared to sekai project's "delays" lol)
  22. Hot on the heels after fixing payment issues, been a long wait for this lol