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  1. I just hope they do more titles from Purple Software, the 2 we got so far were pretty good
  2. Koi ni, Kanmi o Soete - what is it?

    Says its "Indie" so dont expect much
  3. koichoco - need save files

    As I've said in this forums many times, just 'skip text' through all that bullshit, doesnt take long Then read best grill Satsuki
  4. Ever played a VN twice?

    As far as I remember I re-read only a few, Grisaia comes to mind since there was a huge gap (4 years?) from when I read the first game and the second/third so before the January release of the 18+ version of Rakuen I re-read common route+ 2 routes in Kajitsu. Other than that I remember re-reading the stuco pres's route in Koi to Senkyo no Choco a few times since I loved that character and I still lament that there's no sensei route ;c I plan to re-read Kono Oozora with the re-translation soon, maybe when the Fandisk has a release date
  5. Nekonyan's Two August Announcements

    So it is Aokana, this VN is pretty hyped up, is it really that good? Never liked these 'sports' type ones tbh (esp the anime was horrible but thats not a good judge ) Btw wasnt this already getting a Western release through ps4?
  6. Nekonyan's Two August Announcements

    This is nice, I always wanted some more stuff from Akatsuki works after reading Comyu
  7. Sol Press just announced the Daresora series

    I hope its a less obscure title this time lol
  8. Nekonyan's Two August Announcements

    Nekonyan is more or less going for a game release every 4 or so months, quite ambitious seeing as they came out of no where
  9. I just dont read it, in Deardrops I never did the one that was considered the 'true' route, never liked the heroine and never enjoyed the story all too much either oh and in special cases like Koi to Senkyo no Chocolate where you gotta do the bitch route for some reason, i put on skip played some music and browsed the net til it was gone, fck that I aint reading that shit. Read all the other routes though ;D but in the end VNs for me are like..less than secondary form of entertainment, i'm primarily a gamer so i just go back to playing those games till I feel like finishing it (if ever, there are some i never go back to...like recently Magical Marriage Lunatics lol)
  10. Moenovel announces next Title

    https://twitter.com/Moenovel/status/1032902604685303808 Kono Oozora Flight Diary announced You know I wasnt expecting them to return to this, not really something I wanted either but I do need to reread the title after the re translation was released This is gonna be a FD without any 18+ content though which is kinda what most of those side stories usually has
  11. Moenovel announces next Title

    I skip a lot of H-scenes too but this company takes the censoring even beyond that Miagete Goran was much better though so we'll see.
  12. Moenovel announces next Title

    Miagete Goron's translation was actually not that bad, it was readable and I never felt too uncomfortable reading it Pulltop sells i guess? Kono Oozora actually sold quite well (which is why they are doing this obviously) is that why they translated boobs to eyes in the original?
  13. Its out isnt it? Anyone played it?
  14. hey atleast its not like Aokana's TL being deleted and apparently they had no backup
  15. Something happened at Sekai Project?

    Guess Leyline 2 and 3 isnt gonna come out till 2020
  16. same, i know its famous but i read a 'not-so-legal' copy of it for a bit before deciding if i want it and it was kinda boring and didnt really click with me, maybe it gets better later on but There's so much other stuff to read so didnt want to waste time
  17. you'll understand when you read it just remember this is a VN about dreams
  18. I'd love the FD but more than that i hope they keep up the partnership and go for Amatsumi next, that one also looks interesting and has good reviews. Also i rather they do it than SP
  19. Finally done, man that was a long ride Firstly about routes, Maia one is not really a route Keiko's route was also shit, It was short and the pair didnt really click together imo. Yayoi's one was so-so, I was expecting more, i didnt like her dream phase Saki and Alice(true route) were the best and most fleshed out routes, Saki's one was as big as the true route if i am not mistaken and we learn a lot more on the story on her route and you also get hints of who Alice is in that route as well (more or less ignored in the other 2 routes). I wish they showed Saki's parents though or atleast showed the scene where MC met them also Takahara never showed up after they started a relationship either, missed opportunity, they gave freaking Keiko's dad a sprite and kind of a minor role too, why not others lol. Btw I recommend reading like this Yayoi->Keiko->Saki->Maia->Alice, Saki's route has the most relevant content and a completely different chapter 5-6 so its worth saving it for later, you can even skip Keiko, nothing really happens, just a few scenes has her instead of Yayoi Also some true route questions
  20. there are parts that could have better grammer but it lives up to Mangagamer standards
  21. so i'm 8 chapters in and i think i've finally entered a route? Thats a long-ass common route though, it was a fun read though sometimes the transitions get really confusing
  22. Just played 2 chapters, so far so good For once MC's friend is not a loser and is already in a relationship? Thats a first i think lol But as Clephas says above, there is a sense of 'dread' in every chapter, not a typical happy moege Edit: Also an observation, Saki's VA isnt that Kazuki's one too? Since the start of the VN its been nagging me i heard that tone of voice somewhere lol
  23. hope it lives up to your hype, gonna try to read a bit of it over the weekend ;D
  24. How can we make visual novels more popular in the west?

    Its already more popular than it was 4-5 years ago when i first joined Fuwa, the only 'big' company localizing titles was mostly Mangagamer