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  1. lol, too late already excited
  2. I'm excited since you said Hapymaher was even better than Chrono Clock which I also enjoyed a lot
  3. Chaos;Child....maybe? there are normal choices but one of the key elements of the game is the delusion system and story changes later down the line depending on whether you kept choosing a positive or negative delusion Steins;Gate i heard does something similar but i've yet to play it (just bought it on Vita!)
  4. What is a newbie-friendly VN?

    uhhh..something that doesnt creep someone out too badly i guess? Gotta ease 'em in to the dark side
  5. What kind of VN do you enjoy the best?

    Dont really have much choice tbh, i'll read anything and then decide for myself if i'll keep reading after diving a bit into it personally I hope for more Chuuni stories such as Comyu and also perhaps some more VN trilogies to be released like Grisaia (Akatsuki no Goei anyone? ) Atleast we got Tokeijikake no Leyline coming
  6. Regarding MoeNovel and what can be done.

    I just dont buy their releases, i played both of their games through other means rather support even Sekai instead
  7. Birthday thread

    nobody likes me thanks though
  8. Birthday thread

    Thanks mate!
  9. Would VN ever recieve a Nobel Prize?

    I mean this is still one of the least popular form of entertainment outside of Japan, anime manga LNs outclass it by miles many people still dont know what VNs are and only heard of 'eroge' through anime
  10. sooo....an Otome game?
  11. For translated releases there has been no better time then now with multitudes of English releases every year, I started reading VNs myself like around 2011/2012 and even as recent as back then you'd be lucky to get one or two releases every year, moreover releases of stuff you'd like to read. With stuff like Majikoi never fully translated, Grisaia's sequels were years behind completion (who knows how long it would've taken if it wasnt localized) and many more examples i cant think of atm, It was frustrating back then. Much better nowadays dunno about Japan itself though
  12. Magical Marriage Lunatics released on MangaGamer!

    vndb always full of trolls
  13. Just noticed this while browsing, releasing in less than a week actually http://store.steampowered.com/app/820730/Adventure_of_a_Lifetime/ uh...looks like a Pulltop title but i'm not sure Edit: https://vndb.org/v22304#main
  14. Magical Marriage Lunatics released on MangaGamer!

    I wish it had scene jump like in Fureraba, i always like it when a vn has that feature
  15. Monika After Story

  16. Tsujidou-san no Jun'Ai Road Discussion

    Also Virgin route itself is like 20 hours, which is huge for a fandisk The routes arent anything worth mentioning either tbh, This VN shines with Tsujidou only afterall Also the translators apparently didnt like either of the VNs they translated lol and they did it because HoshiOri was way too big for a first project if i remember right, they are doing Hatsukoi's append disks now, idk if i ever wanna read anything related to Hatsukoi ever again though, god that was an infuriating VN
  17. Magical Marriage Lunatics released on MangaGamer!

    Been too busy with Yakuza 6 to play this but i am about half-way through the common route The MC is decent, he isnt dense and he's got balls for a change All of the girls are nice too, no annoying Tsunderes
  18. Magical Marriage Lunatics released on MangaGamer!

    if it has decent comedy and some memorable moments then i wouldnt mind SoL stuff I hate drama, thats why Fureraba was a breath of fresh air
  19. New Moenovel title announced (Adventure of a Lifetime)

    well its out, anyone bought it?
  20. Magical Marriage Lunatics released on MangaGamer!

    Wait it has 6 routes? Wow thats big, might consider buying it
  21. What's the most unique VN that you had read and why

    I mean it had no traditional routes and you are meant to play the whole thing to understand the story which is something I wasnt used to seeing, I usually dont do all the routes of a VN, only the ones i enjoy
  22. What's the most unique VN that you had read and why

    Ever17 i guess, It was so bloody long, thank god i was still in school when i read it or I wouldnt have had the time to read and get immersed in it. Its unique in the way it delivers the story and the way all the threads come together at the end. Cross Channel is another one with an unique setting, starts off as ordinary but gets creepier and creepier as story progresses. MC and ending spoilers: G-Senjou no Maou also gets a special mention since this is the first VN I read where there was a 'strong' male read, I was pleasantly surprised and it definately was a nice change of pace
  23. I try to do 'second best' route first or the character that impresses me the most in the common route then I'll either go for the other heroines(If they arent boring) or go to the 'best' girl directly before i start getting bored of the VN/start to want to play other games. I'll rarely 'finish' VNs anyway since i refuse to do routes of annoying characters
  24. New Moenovel title announced (Adventure of a Lifetime)

    hope you are right, story looks decent enough atleast it aint about stars or flying lol
  25. What is the most garbage VN you ever read?

    I wouldnt recommend Hatsukoi to anyone, I am surprised that i didnt drop it lol, maybe i had too much free time then... but seriously most of the drama was silly and the MC was gross, thankfully Fureraba's MC was miles better oh and also recommend Chrono Clock if you are looking for Moeges, decent story, loved the heroines and MC