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  1. Any Audio Tracks You HAD to Mute?

    Chisato from Koichoco, rather fall off a cliff than listen to her rambling on
  2. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    Patch 1.1 released and adds the voiceline bookmark feature, I was wondering where the hell it was when I was playing lol, bit too late now Still no "Perfect Edition" tho
  3. "My Fair Princess" has been released

    Almost every release of theirs are obscure VNs that not many people are interested in
  4. Basically says its delayed till December and subsequently effects all other releases, wonder if that means Making Lovers is delayed because thats 80% done curiously nothing was said about Hello,Lady which was supposed to be their next release and looks like the TL/Edit for that is almost done (90% TL/80% Edit) Making Lovers as mentioned before is much further along than Senren being at 86% TL, 71% Edit
  5. "My Fair Princess" has been released

    cant wait for Sol Press to complain that its not selling well
  6. [NekoNyan News] Senren Banka delayed

    Another project update was given recently, Hello Lady and Making Lovers are essentially done(over 90%) and will probably enter QA and engine work soon Senren Banka is still under 70% done and thats supposed to be their next release in about a month. Not sure what their plan is here, I hope there arent any more delays. Need some releases for the break! Also as a nice surprise, one of their secret projects is 100% tled and edited and slated for early 2020. Wonder if thats just a short VN or a fan disc.
  7. Don't have all day to read like I used to so ya ofc it changed. I only read what interests me now and even in those usually I do not go through every single route
  8. Uh your guess is as good as mine, should be interesting tho Minori's recent releases are not that good tho
  9. feng is filing for bankruptcy

    Yeah I remember that but its Sekai so god knows when we'll get it
  10. feng is filing for bankruptcy

    Not to mention nothing was ever translated nor localized
  11. [NekoNyan News] Senren Banka delayed

    Yeah seems so, their next release is going to be Senren Banka, whether thats because of contractual issues or something else is not known Anyway, not too long of a wait, Yuzusoft Moeges are always interesting so here's hoping no more delays (and this is nothing compared to sekai project's "delays" lol)
  12. Hot on the heels after fixing payment issues, been a long wait for this lol
  13. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    Highly debatable, Rika was a good side-heroine and her route was awesome, spirte thankfully did not skimp out and focus exclusively on the main two but in the end, it never did poke at main story and Masaya's past was largely ignored even though she knew about his FC days. Also Misaki's route kinda blows it out of the water imo
  14. [NekoNyan News] Senren Banka delayed

    As far as I know on their road map Hello Lady was next not Senren Banka so I think only Making Lovers will be delayed
  15. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    Unless its by MoeNovel isnt all ages just removal of the H-Scenes and any nude scenes? Don't remember if Rika was completely nude there but magical sunlight was probably used
  16. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    When Aokana physical was being funded or even when a release date was announced I wasnt really that excited about it, not sure why but maybe I thought the FC stuff would just be stupid (and maybe the anime played a part in it). Was far more excited about the following release Hello Lady as it was from the creators of Comyu. Man I was wrong, this was a solid 9/10 read. Buying this was the best decision I've made, its been a long time since I've binged a VN all weekend long plus the public holiday even. I'd give that score for the common route+Misaki's route alone but they went even further by putting in effort in the 'side' routes Rika and Mashiro as well. Asuka's one wasnt half-bad as well, even though I dont really like her personality too much it was a fun read. spirte's art is fantastic, Koichoco's one was already pretty good and unique and this improved on it even further. The music and sound effects during the FC parts went a long way into making me enjoy those parts. I hardly skipped a line (and in Misaki's case even read her h-scenes lel) which means the writing was top-notch. I get that sprite probably put too much time into developing this leading to losses and their eventual 'downfall' but atleast they were able to produce such a masterpiece. It was so good I probably wouldnt mind re-reading it once the "perfect" patch comes out but I do hope they make it easy to get to the 'new' content. Misaki def needed a bit more SoL stuff as I've mentioned previous Also, lastly thanks Nekonyan for actually localizing this. I thought this would never get picked up after all the google drive fiasco from years ago . I hope they pick up ImaImo as well, thats the only one left from sprite that needs a translation (and maybe localize Koichoco too ;D)
  17. HoshiOri Discussion

    Full patch is out now:- https://tsurezurescans.wordpress.com/2019/04/03/hoshi-ori-yume-mirai-update-27-full-patch/ I started reading this with their partial patch last month, its an improvement over Hatsukoi 1/1 for sure, went through 2 routes and its not as frustrating to read
  18. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    Eh, maybe I'll change my mind once I get to it but cant deny Misaki did 'save' Masaya at the end there like he asked her to Cant really say i'm too interested with Saki's conclusion since she's kinda bland and her second (Irina i think) is annoying with her taunts. Wish we saw Shindou VS Misaki again after she improved though!
  19. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    While Rika's route was really good, Mashiro's route was a bit boring and Asuka's seem ok so far (havent finished it), Misaki's route is leaps and bounds better than anyone else's. Just the dynamic she has with Masaya, the jokes they make, the way they train Loved her development in FC as well as she went from completely giving up to being a top contender. Just a bit sad they skipped out a bit on the SoL stuff like maybe it took Masaya a bit longer to convince her to come back or meeting her grandma or maybe someone from the club finding them out on a date during the summer period. Also this time we know who's the mysterious masked person that sprite always likes to put in their titles, spoilers for that Its also good to see side characters like Shirase and Shion get so much exposure, makes the world filled alive and not just constrained between the MC and his heroines I can see why this VN won awards in 2014, i know sprite says its not profitable but thats hard to beleive when they barely release anything, like doing 1 title every 2 years is not even close to enough. There was probably some internal issues that we'll never know about. Maybe one day we'll get something extra for Aokana . Wonder what extra scenes Misaki gets in the PS4 stuff though, probably a date? Hope they release that soon and hope its something we can easily access To end my post, are we sure Asuka is the 'true' heroine? Glad they didnt skimp out on Misaki's route because of that, it was like Shinonome's one in Koichoco to be honest but probably even better Read it asap
  20. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    I find Asuka's endless optimism a bit more annoying and Mashiro doesnt really interest me so just went for her route first lol Also I like the dynamic Misaki has with Masaya more than the other girls but who knows maybe I'll change my mind after doing Asuka's route as well
  21. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    Doing Misaki's route now, she's a bit annoying at the start of her route, hope she gets less depressing
  22. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    Finished a route atlast, man Rika is just adorable isnt he . I liked the pacing, route didn’t feel too bloated, i thought it would be unnecessarily long. Even the FC matches dont drag on too long, impressive that they managed to balance it Btw if anyone can tell me without spoiling too much
  23. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    I think they declared bankruptcy like 5 months ago? I cant confirm though. As for VNs, they barely make any so ofcourse there's not gonna be much profit. The ones they made were fairly popular in Japan and won some accolades so its weird they made no effort to make more Oh well, we'll have to see what happens with that. I doubt we'll get anything but the demand for Aokana is certainly here judging from the massively successful kickstarter. Its sad though, sprite makes a lot of interesting characters, like the Sensei in Koichoco and Madoka in Aokana and never does anything with them lol
  24. Aokana Release by Nekonyan [UPDATED]

    Oh damn I didnt know there was stuff planned, I guess Aokana was really costly and they couldnt break even? sprite hasnt really released anything after that I believe, did they go under? Btw does anyone knows whats the extra PS4/PSV stuff? Are those in the steam version?