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  1. so it took them 6-8 months to do that? Nice Leyline isnt even that big compared to most titles
  2. Nothing in this world is worse than bloody Tsundere
  3. The front page would be different almost everyday, now a lot of peeps seem to have left or gone to reddit instead i guess?
  4. Purple Software's Unique Take on Text Boxes

    Its there in Sorcery Jokers tbh it doesnt really make a difference, it was a bit of a different experience at times thats all
  5. Sorcery Jokers was released on January 12th

    already finished it, my solution was to press quickly each time i thought he was gonna say something stupid lul I also skipped most of Haruto's fights, they were boring and shounen as fck, no thinking no planning just shout and u power up To be fair, i liked this VN, Noah best grill
  6. Sorcery Jokers was released on January 12th

    if i hear 'fair janai' one more time....
  7. Sorcery Jokers was released on January 12th

    Just a question, is there actual routes ot choices in this game?
  8. the ability to go back to a previous scene with the history log(u know the click to jump to scene thingy) is something i wish more VNs had, its handy
  9. Sorcery Jokers was released on January 12th

    nah mate i meant discussion about the translation quality not the VN itself, the VN is good but Haruto is retarded, along with Asahi yeah i agree, Senri was always gonna be the more popular, i doubt many people will like Haruto's dumb sense of justice That Ageha character on Senri's story though, she dresses like she belongs in a nukige (and the collector on Haruto's side i guess)
  10. Sorcery Jokers was released on January 12th

    Just started this, never read a VN where u choose what part of the story u read and where there are 2 male protags lol seems interesting so far and translation is fine, so why is there such a big discussion about it lol
  11. What VN's Have You Stalled On? Or Outright Dropped?

    Its rare that i 100% a VN, i usually skip routes of characters i hate or the loli routes (not my thing ;c). Examples would be i never did Makina's route in Grisaia, I cntlred through the whole of Chisato's route in Koichoco (seriously most annoying childhood friend ever) and ignored the Kouhai route (forgot the name), I've also stopped SakuSaku after reading 2 routes (kouhai and student president routes) cuz the protagonist stinks and many more which i dont remember lol About VNs that i got and currently stalled would be Tokyo Babel (Its huuuugeee....but i heard its good, premise seems intriguing) Princess Evangile W Happiness(i started on the presidents route i think but got bored halfway, i still have it installed though). I was also looking to start reading Steins Gate but never finding the right opportunity for it yet, maybe soon! seconded, i really enjoyed Chrono Clock, its much better than most Moeges
  12. Hell no who wants to read realistic romance? That'd be aids, there'd probably be a divorce or 3 in every VN
  13. I always ask for Akatsuki no Goei and White Album 2, there others but i usually dont remember their exact names lol As for LNs, wouldnt mind seeing Classroom of the Elite localized or maybe even B-Group Shounen, both has those akabeisoft type MCs ;P
  14. See an anime---> Ending was shit----> Feel bad for days----> Found out there is a translated version of it as a visual novel--->Tries it out and now i'm hooked, though dont read as much as i did at first but still around 5+ vns each year
  15. [NSFW] Question regarding Koichoco..

    lol wut
  16. Favorite Grisaia Heroine

    Yumiko best grill
  17. Yumiko is the only one with no bad ending best gril confirmed
  18. Unrated Eden of Grisaia released at last!

    man idk what the DC3 adaptation even was, they did 1 and 2 so much better though DC3 is a boring game, never finished it
  19. Not gonna lie, i usually dont fully read any ero-scenes in VNs unless maybe if its a heroine i really really liked but even then if there's more than one per heroine i sometimes just press Ctrl through it altogether since by that point i probably just wanna know where the story is going. Thats why i liked the way Chrono Clock did its H-scenes, its completely separate and the drama in the end wasnt interrupted by a random ero scene and when i finished the game and went and read those it felt a bit more satisfying
  20. Unrated Eden of Grisaia released at last!

    Speaking of Anime, adaptations of Meikyuu and Rakuen are pretty good might be one of the best VN adaptations out there even just forget Kajitsu
  21. How do you feel about VN's with Gameplay aspects?

    I have never and will probably never play a VN that has RPG elements in it, like Dergonu says i wanna read and relax
  22. What do you think about vn's that

    thats ironic since the best route in that game is the true route only Hisoka comes anywhere close to that actually
  23. A Sky Full of Stars - How is it really?

    I did not know about the restoration project, nice yeah actually now that you mention it there is no 'hints' or any lines that says that the MC and the heroine did it so it was probably cut, but it didnt feel too unnatural atleast liek IMHHW
  24. A Sky Full of Stars - How is it really?

    I pirated this because fck Moenovel and read 2 routes, its...okay i guess but unless you like Astronomy you'd find it a chore to read, i had to skip a lot of stuff when they were explaining about Stars and shit as for character routes, the 2 i did were okay...there are too many 'Childhood friends' here for my liking lol instead of Korona why not give that route to the Sensei? Why put that in FD ;c The positives are they trimmed down on the censorship to just the ero scenes, so the bath scene kiss scenes are all intact and the translation is not machine done...