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  1. [Tool] Sugoi Offline Translator Repackage The following are some repackages I did to strip down Sugoi Offline Translator v4.0 to only the barebones essentials but filled with as many features as possible from the available sources. Disclaimers Sugoi Toolkit Repackage Description fairseq and CTranslate2 PyTorch AMD graphics cards Microsoft DirectML HTTP servers available for fairseq/CTranslate2 Notes on the repackages (Windows only) Converting to the CTranslate2 model format Pick one of the following. - DL https://mega.nz/folder/ZORBTLAS#f2G4ih7crgWIN-_uSjbqAA - The different repackage versions have - Support for the Sugoi v4.0 offline model. - Support for the fairseq and CTranslate2 inference libraries. This includes CPU, CUDA, and/or DirectML support. - Support for py3fairseqTranslationServer since their documentation is the most readable. - A preconfigured batch script to configure an isolated local environment. Repackage Option A) Sugoi-Repackage-CUDA.7z - Description - Normal and most flexible version recommended for most users. Supports both fairseq and CTranslate2 using both CPU and CUDA 11 or 12. - Has a reasonable download+install time. - Does not include PyTorch or the Sugoi model. - Sugoi-Repackage-CUDA-Full.7z is the same as "Sugoi-Repackage-CUDA.7z", but comes bundled with PyTorch CUDA 11.8 and the other dependencies which bloats the compressed size from <100MB to ~2.48 GB. Since setup has been done already and it includes the both versions of the models. Sugoi-Repackage-CUDA installation instructions Sugoi-Repackage-CUDA-Full installation instructions Repackage Option B) Sugoi-Repackage-CPU.7z - Description - This version is for the bandwidth and GPU impaired that know they will only be using CPU inferencing. It supports only CTranslate2 + CPU. - If you know your GPU will not work with CUDA 11.x, then this is the best option. - Has the fastest download+install time. - Does not need PyTorch at all, thus saving lots of space and bandwidth! - The model is not included. - The model must be in CTranslate2 format. Sugoi-Repackage-CPU Installation instructions: Repackage Option C) Sugoi-Repackage-DirectML.7z - Description - This version is for gamblers who want to roll the dice with Microsoft DirectML on Windows 10 1903+. - Read "DirectML" above and then use something else. - Does not include PyTorch or the model. - Do not expect anything to avoid the inevitable disapointment. Only sometimes works with fairseq ...for now. - This PyTorch-DirectML repackage is provided as-is. No support is provided here if it does not work or breaks later. - If it does not work, I do not care. If Microsoft does not care about supporting their library, then why should I? Sugoi-Repackage-DirectML Install Guide: Repackage Option D) Sugoi-Repackage-Global - Description - These are the same scripts as above but slightly tweaked to use the global git and Python interpreter. I have not tested these much. Sugoi Model Links Linux users Windows 7 and 8 not so Frequently Asked Questions Licensing
  2. Hello, I'm ziege. My actual name is of course not ziege, but my username, it means goat in German. I don't know if you wanted any of this info, but now to the actual issue: In short, VNR translates visual novels, that's why it's called Visual Novel Reader. It has a database with user submitted subtitles for visual novels. The machine translators are garbage and VNR is so old that I never except for one visual novel got it working as it should. Regardless is it the only text hooker that has user submitted subtitles. So I think it's worth preserving. Also, even after I close the application, the cursor stays blue, why is that? Now to a project idea for all developers out there: Take the user subtitles from VNR and make an application that's similar to VNR (and actually works) and runs them. I'm not yet there myself (as a dev), and therefore I allow you to steal my idea (, because I want to play Shinigami to Shoujo so bad). But if no one implements this idea, I will and that's my announcement. PS: I will call this off if you tell me how to start VNR without it crashing. The website where you can download VNR: vnr.aniclan.com You have you make an account. The language options are in russian for some reason. I used a machine translator to make an account. ...
  3. Here is another guide how to hack CMVS engine .pb3 and .ps3, tested on Amatsutsumi(English), Seishun Fragile, Kunado Kokuki. I haven't tested on older format like .ps2 and .pb2 so I can't guarantee, but it might work who knows? Tool requirement: _ Ps3 extract/insert tool (need python 3.x, also the line break should be \n) _ CmvsFileHook (need visual studio to build) _ GARbro (for extracting .ps3 and converting .pb3 to .png) _ xdb64 _ CFF explorer (or different tool to inject the dll) * The hook will help the engine jump to decryption algorithm (xor and decompress), that's why you just need to rename edited .png to .pb3 and put unencrypted ps3 in a folder which the hook preference to. * The process is kinda complicated so I recorded a video how to do step by step here: Link This is the final result: Kunado Kokuki: Amatsutsumi (Eng): (Because GARbro didn't work on this version so I use different tool to dump to bmp that explains why the image is not transparent) Seishun Fragile: All credit to Dir-A for his tool and guide
  4. The Steam Deck is a handheld console based on SteamOS from Valve. As the system does not run on Windows not every game will work directly out of the box, for that reason I try to aggregate as much information as possible in this thread Games get added after I played them for a time to look out for issues and fixes. Please also add your experience with VNs on Steam Deck in the comments so I can add them to the list I recommend using an external keyboard when setting up Lutris, Protontricks and Proton GE. The on screen keyboard can be opened with "STEAM" + "X" and closed again with "B". NEW GUIDE AVAILABLE UNDER VisualNovelWiki Website also has specific instructions for games like Dead End Aegis, Full Metal Daemon Muramasa and more. Steam Launch Options Some games require you to set custom launch options in Steam, if required the launch options will be listed with the game. How to set custom launch options Protontricks Protontricks is a software which lets you easily install adult patches and additional required software, you can check out the project on GitHub here. Installation Guide Using Protontricks Proton Versions: Click Proton comes in different versions, normally you'll be okay with using the default version, sometimes you can encounter issues though which can be fixed with Proton GE, Proton Experimental or an older version of Proton. Proton GE: Click Proton GE is a community fork of Proton which adds additional support for mediaplayback, you can check out the project GitHub here. Installation Guide How to install Lutris: Click How to setup Wine prefixes: Click How to enable Japanese Locales: Click How to get custom artworks to Steam (for Steam games and non steam games): Click Controller Layout for most Visual Novels A, L1, R1, L4, R4 & R2 -> Left mouseclick B, Start -> Escape X & L2 -> Right mouseclick Sticks & Tackpads -> Mouse with clicking down being left mouseclick Battery Saving Settings The Steam Deck is a portable system and runs on a battery, because of that I changed some options on my device in order to extend the playtime. You can use the "..." button to open the quick access menu and change the settings under the battery icon. All the settings can be made either per game or global for the full system. For my Steam Deck I usally limit the refresh rate of the pannel to 40hz & limit the FPS to 40, 20 or 10 depending on how motion heavy the VN is A TDP limit of 5-8w should be enough for most VNs too, but you can adjust this to your needs. For some older games (and RPG Maker ones) you can enable FSR to get a sharper image. Additional Tips When possible chose windows mode instead of fullscreen for the best performance. Gamemode will make those games fullscreen anyways. Only chose fullscreen for RPG Maker games or other which show content outside of the visible screen. Some more tips thanks to barjed on Reddit: All Unity based VNs should work without Problem (excl. Video). If a game crashes due to a video, a possible fix is the deletion of the video in the game files You can also prepear the games on Windows and use Warpinator to push the game on Deck. Videoguide Addtional Resources ProtonDB Sekai Project's Compatibility List (thanks to hubb2001 on Reddit) WineHQ Lutris Steam Deck Reddit Linux Gaming Reddit Discord Server for help with Lutris and Proton
  5. I got the first bad ending where the sister died in the freezing room. Now on the second playthrough. Got stuck so looked up some guides online. https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/26647-kara-no-shojo-the-shell-part-i-inferno/ got stuck here I m using guide for Mizuhara Toko March 16 OInvestigation segment (requires you to obtain scrap of paper, which you can find in the corpse's mouth after investigating the skirt and leg once each.) ** Investigate skirt for second time after investigating corpse's upper body, Obtain Neanis Scrap Flag I didnt have the corpse section. Instead skipped to the Investigation room session. This is a problem since I never obtained Neanis Scrap Flag This is what I needed for the March 17 deduction sequence where I need Dust Jacket Scrap as evidence against Tatsuhiko Kusaka. Thank vou!
  6. Hello, I want to make a spanish translation patch for the Angel Beats visual novel, but I don't know what the process is to make a patch, and I would like to know the process. I have been looking for information both in my language and in english, but I have not found anything that goes in-depth into the topic of making a patch or hacking a visual novel to get the scripts out.
  7. Hello, world! I'm developing a visual novel engine. It already has a number of basic functions, loading lua, json and etc. I want to make something unique and modern, and most importantly, that everything works stably on all operating systems (Win, Android, Linux and etc. Source code: https://github.com/0xcds4r/VisualNovelCore/tree/main/stable 0.6-stable build (Source + test build for windows): https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/26303-visual-novel-core-06-stable-engine-for-2d-visual-novels-with-luajson-support-download-demosource-code/ Scene Editor (alpha-test): https://forums.fuwanovel.net/topic/26287-visual-novel-core-with-luajson-support/?do=findComment&comment=538025 Project is open-source and actively developed. If anyone is interested, then support my project on itch.io: https://0xcds4r.itch.io/visual-novel-core/community Thank you for your attention.
  8. Hey there. I'm making a tutorial for ONScripter-EN aimed towards people with only a very little amount of programming experience. It's currently a collection of text files, and while I'm going to turn it into a website, for now the content is done (although sections may be revised later). It can be viewed in its current state here.
  9. For later games: Link to video For older games: Link to video Requirement: you will need xdbg to do that
  10. Since I'm playing around with this game right now, and remembered this boob growth mechanics, according to VNDB there's an upper limit however there's one character's max size is still unknown (Megumino Sakon). I've found a few pics on a Chinese forum and they have publish some data on it, the maximum they get is to add 65.15mm to the bust size ,is there any cheat tools to bypass the tedious effort of playing with RNG? If not what strategy? Cheat engine manage to edit the "cum points" in game image link: https://imgur.com/a/aWbkDzX
  11. I have The game "Mahou Shoujo Ai plus" and i wanted to see if i can translate it but i can't extract the files. anyone knows how to extract .bnd files? Thank You.
  12. Here's a guide that can help you to Create An Otaku Corner. You can see some ideas there like what makes a design otaku, themes, and combinations.
  13. Hi guys, how are you? I am currently trying to create an interface patch for new Astronauts game 'Tou no Shita no Exercitus'. I have used arc_conv to extract files from gxp archives. Currently there are following archive in game installation direction: bgms.gxp (Background music) bincode.gxp (? two files containing list of game file paths, like cg, music and stuff) cg.gxp (game Cg, event cg, ui cg, character sprites) data.gxp (game fonts, card, character, skill, enemy details, maps and other texture, UI Buttons and other) patch01.gxp (version 1.01 update patch related stuff) system.gxp (?) voices.gxp (character voices) I am currently trying to translate dialog message that appear in game like choices, instructions, tutorials etc. But I cannot find where is the text for those is present, also I cannot find scripts for game. I've also tried to use Resource hacker with game exe but It isn't showing any text strings inside executable. Can anybody help me with this. Were can I find game scripts (text) and how? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanx
  14. My shy and completely asocial friend bribed me with cakes to present you with this message: As the message says, it's an online VN creator which doesn't require much time to learn (bonus points for people with basic programming knowledge) and can be played on virtually any device. For now it doesn't have the option to add music or images - but they will be implemented, as soon as we figure out how to avoid keeping zetabytes of data from every user. Feel free to ask any questions either on the subreddit or under this post.
  15. Hi, fellow VN hackers, Some of you might remember that I wrote the first part of visual novel reverse engineering guide a while ago. And now, lo and behold, today's the day that I've published the second part of reverse engineering tutorial - this time, I'm discussing the approaches to reverse engineer the script, find out what are the part it consists of, and extracting the Japanese text (to pass it to the translators, if you run a VN translation project). Feel free to ask any questions. Cheers
  16. Hi, fellow VN explorers, I've just published an article on basic reverse engineering of unknown file formats of visual novels. It requires little technical knowledge (actually, everything except for the optional latest part can be done without programming) and it tackles the basic process of discovering information about simple container format and exploring its structure to extract files from a game archive. Hope it would be useful Feel free to ask any questions.
  17. Hi guys! :3 This is my first time here ^^ I was wondering long time ago how to do a fan translation of a VN from english to other language (because I don't understand nothing of Japanese XD) and I searched, and searched... AND I CANNOT FIND ANYTHING! D: Well, at least I found this blog where you can help me, right? RIGHT??? (-ok stop-) So this is everything I wanna say! ^^ Hope you all help me out! See ya ~ P.S: If there are any errors it's because I am Portuguese, sorry :P
  18. I have seen so many users saying "I can make a visual novel with [name_engine] , its so better than [name_engine_2] because [name_reason]." Yet they forgotten that there are always bad things in a engine, you could fall for paying such engine to only discover that it has no way to make that dream game. This is why why i'm listing well known vn engines and their cons, I hope the guide will help you pick the right engine for you not the company. renpy - One of the most known engine in the world (i'm not kidding), it uses python language to make vn. It's being updated as much as it can and also people have been able to make rpg from it. The main reason people choose this over any other engine is due to the freedom to add anything, learning python takes a while but most people have the novels stay in dating sims or storyline. Another key reason it's used is due to the fact that it can make windows, linux, mac, android, and IOS, which is very great advantage for anyone wanting to build games in a certain area or so. Finally it can be use for commercial and non-commercial use, however the art is not free but that is another topic itself. tyranobuilder - The main problem with this engine is the price but if you willing to overlook that it offers almost the same has renpy. HTML is the reason people have buy the game, however there have been problems with the HTML from not being able to click anything to buttons not working. It claims to be the fastest VN maker but that is something the user has to figure out. If you are able to code 2 scenes in renpy under 30 minutes thats fast progress, tyranobuilder is drag&drop meaning you have to waste 50% of your progress to clicking on a button. lastly tyranobuilder script language is javascript, almost no indie developer even dare use javascript, the reason is due to the fact it was never built for games. It's the main reason why tyranobuilder games lag campre to any other engine in this list. Also the maker of tyranobuilder fail to understand that it was Processing.js that make games work better in javascript not ECMAScript. Novelty- its the same idea of tyranobuilder but it was first built way before tyranobuilder, also its free so there is no reason to even buy tyranobuilder other than the HTML that lags. Novelty use C++ and java to script the language, this is a huge advantage since you can use this language to get jobs faster in the world and people from unity will hire you for just knowing how to code a vn in C++. As far as i understand, the main reason no one goes there is because its only windows OS which limits everyone who is not windows. Belle - Another VN engine that works like tyranobuilder, one big difference is that it's free. If you looking for tyranobuilder alternative for its HTML, this will be the one (again it was build first). Another advantage is that it really does run well in HTML but the bad news is that it only builds HTML which is the only thing it can build the game. Unity plugin: Fungus - Now i dont know much about this engine (reading things off google), it does seem like it another no code engine. what really makes this one different from all other engines that i list is its ability to run animated sprites, unity build (standard build, no consoles included), and the script is whatever unity has right now. Since this is Unity you will face these problems, Poor graphics quality as compared to Unreal Engine, Unfriendly User-Interface (even if you download the plug-in you will still have a bad time on it), and lastly dependent of unity, if their web browser stops working you have to wait for them to fix it, if unity discover a hack bug you have to update, if they going to upgrade you have to upgrade. Cloudnovel- A website browser to make VN, the reason i put this one so low is because it does a poor job to help developers. You'll find that there is no scripting language so you cant really do anything new with it. Another thing is that you cant use it outside their website so it stays in cloudnovel with no way to gain money. The drag&drop has pages that you must click and wait for the website to load your pictures, music and your gameplay. Lastly on why it makes such a bad vn maker is due to the fact that its only in english, sure it might be possible that someone might do it without reading but most of the great stuff is in english writing and in english videos. Thats everything, I didnt add GM because its design to build platform games not VN, construct is way too basic gaming that offers unneeded elements in VN, RPG maker is only build for RPG, adding long dialog will not help in a rpg (only the boss does that) 80% of the game is fighting not learning about the story. I hope this little insight of what each vn engine offers and what doesn't offer will help you. If you have any questions post here or want to ask why [engine_name] is not added it's because i can't post all of them.
  19. How To Read Moege 101 - A Comprehensive Guide Preface Many people struggle with learning a second language. If it just so happens that you're trying to learn Japanese, you can probably already tell by now that it's not an easy task. I can relate to the tormenting frustration of desperately wanting to read a certain VN, but being unable to merely due to a lack of Japanese proficiency. Having to look up every word in the dictionary is not only time consuming - it's also actually not that productive because chances are, you won't remember half of what you read. You shouldn't dive into a visual novel that's way above your difficulty level. You need to prepare body and soul with some hearty foreplay. Yes, foreplay. But alas, you don't have the slightest idea as to how you should go about doing that. You have my condolences. That's why I am writing this guide - not to teach you how to read Japanese per se, but to make it easier for you to read your very first untranslated 'moege'. After reading a few on your own, you will start to get the feel of Japanese writing, humour, expressions, and maybe even pick up some kanji. I am merely dropping you off at the doorstep - you still have a long road ahead of you. Good luck. 1) Understanding How Moege Work Moege is derived from the two words, "moe" and "game" (self-explanatory). You're usually going to be paying attention to the characters more than anything else in the game. Sure, they look nice, but what I really mean is their personality. Indeed, personality. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that personality is more important than looks! That only happens in 3D (but let's not get to that right now)... Anyway, there are a select few 'generic' and frankly 'stereotypical' heroine-types that you will find in pretty much every moege. I won't go into too much detail, but I'll describe a few of their unique traits. This will not only help you connect to the heroines better, but it will also help you guess or 'predict' what they are saying (even if you can't read the Japanese) which will be further explained in the next section. I am only going to list five, though I'm sure there are many more out there waiting to assault their onii-chans.The stereotypical heroine archetypes I am going to expand on are: The Tsundere The Senpai The Onee-chan The Klutz The Osananajimi (Childhood Friend) Now, I realize that there may be a tsundere senpai onee-chan klutz osananajimi somewhere out there, but let's leave that for now. Due to popular demand, I will unveil a brand new section for everyone's favourite (including mine) - the imouto. The Imouto 2) Reading Between The Lines Now that you have most of the basic heroine-types nailed down, it's time to learn how to read between the lines (or, "I don't know these words, but judging from their facial expressions, tone, the situation at hand, and their stereotype, I can probably guess what's going on!" for short). The point is that you shouldn't get stuck on a few words you don't know. Sometimes it's best to read through context instead. Like I said before, foreplay. You can grind (hue) all those difficult kanji symbols (that you may or may not ever see again) later. That's all just memorization, and a whole lot of studying. But right now we're tackling a more technical aspect of the Japanese language. Now's the time to sit down and enjoy a moege. 3) Kanji/Vocab You Should Probably Know These are kanji or basic vocab words that you will see in almost every moege. I will add to this list as necessary, so feel free to leave a comment if you think I missed anything key. I will cut it off somewhere so people don't get overwhelmed though, so pick the ones you think show up in 99% of exclusively moege. For now, I will briefly go through them all: 4) Where To Start Honestly, there isn't really a list of VNs I can give you. Besides, that wouldn't be fun. You should read things you think you'll really enjoy. But if moege are not for you, then suck it up. You have to learn to walk before you can learn to run. I guess all I have to say for now is that Cube, ALcot, and Favorite (albeit games by Favorite are harder reads) are all companies that make great moege that are, at the same time, relatively easy to read. If you find yourself bored to death starting out, feel free to pick another game. If you think it's still too hard for you (this is kinda late but make sure you've mastered basic hiragana and katakana), push on through. Don't stumble every time you come across a word you don't know, or you don't know what's going on. Just playing through will help you, even if just a little.
  20. A few months ago, I figured that I knew enough about visual novels to post a Beginner's Guide to Visual Novels onto Talk Amongst Yourselves (Kotaku's user community) because I didn't really see a guide to the genre that was up to snuff. I've been working on it ever since, tweaking it to improve it and make it better, and now I'm currently working on a video version of it, which is in the process of editing. I figured, since i'm now on Fuwanovel and I think there would be a few people who would appreciate it, I'd go and post it here. I'm no pro to VN's in comparison to alot of people here and it's not perfect, so if you have any constructive criticism, please comment about it below. What exactly is a Visual Novel? Why should I care, and why do you care about them? The Visual Novel Genre is a confusing genre, especially if you have no idea what it's about. I'm here to try to help. This is is my Beginner's Guide to one of my favorite genres in gaming, Visual Novels. Before we actually get started, there is one thing I need to clarify; i'm talking about Visual Novels as a genre, not about dating sims. NOT ALL VISUAL NOVELS ARE DATING SIMS. Dating sims are a Sub-Genre of Visual novels, if that. A lot of them aren't even VN's. Get it? Ok, good. Let's move on. What is a Visual Novel? A visual novel is Genre of video games (Personally, I like to think of it as an interactive storytelling medium, as there isn't really much gameplay), that's similar to choose your own adventure books and adventure games. As the name implies, Visual novels are text heavy, but they usually have music, voice acting and stills of characters to help you get absorbed into the story. The biggest gameplay aspect of a Visual novel is choices; The player has to decide what the protagonist does in the form of options. The options can lead you to different story plotlines called routes, or they could just lead you to a bad end and you'll have to try again. Visual novels without choices are usually referred to as Sound Novels or Kinetic Novels. Why should I care? Visual novels are a very flexible genre, storytelling wise. Visual novels have very little restrictions, story wise, as they can go on and have a ton of exposition without making a book HUGE, they have the flexibility of multiple routes, they don't have to comply with arbitrary rules set by TV companies and using the genre to mess with you. The Fate Stay Night Visual novel is a good example of this, as it's 50+ hours, had 3 separate routes, and having Shirou as a narrator can skew your viewpoint. The flexibility leads to many visual novels to have amazing stories. Because of the excellent stories from this genre, many popular visual novels get anime adaptations. Some of the most well known adaptations are Clannad, Fate Stay Night, Steins;Gate, and Higurashi. Some of you may be asking, why would I play Visual Novels if I could watch the anime? There are many parts of the visual novels that do not get adapted, and sometimes the adaptation is kinda bad. Also, there are some great visual novels that have not been adapted, like Phoenix Wright, G-Senjou no Maou, 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, and Tsukihime that I'd recommend you check out. What is it like to play a Visual Novel? How exactly do Visual Novels play? It's like watching a really long anime, or reading a book that's kinda animated. It's easiest to describe as a mix between a book and an anime. On average, they are usually much longer than the anime counterparts, which give them time to flesh out the characters and the world. Usually, Visual Novels have branching routes, where stories have some similarities (known as a common route), but overall could be considered their own stories (ex: Heaven's feel in Fate/Stay Night). In any Visual Novel, usually you have to go on a path and stick with it. When you stray away from the route you are in, you'll probably run into what's known as a BAD END, where something horrible or pointless happens. Also, i'll insert the OBLIGITORY EROGE WARNING here; Many Visual Novels are Eroges, meaning they have NSFW content. Many have censorship patches, or none of this content at all, but if type of content is not up your alley, be prepared. How would I get my hands on a Visual Novel? The fact that Visual Novels are not popular in the west means that most of them are kinda hard to get over here. Many companies do not translate and make english versions, so you are pretty much have to rely on fan translations. If you know that the game has an official US release, I'd go and support the publisher, but if it's not, the best place to find a visual novel is at Fuwanovel. It's important to note that many Visual Novels do not find their way outside of Japan, which can be depressing if you found game or series really like. Terms used in Visual Novel talk: Visual novel - This is an umbrella term used in the west to designate a type of game which is particularly story-focused, or containing novel-like narration in its writing. In Japan, such games are generally referred to as "love adventure games" (恋愛ADV/AVG), or novel game (ノベルゲーム noberu gēmu, in short: NVL). Routes - The name that refers to a story line in visual novels. Non-linear branching story lines are a common trend in visual novels, and these branching story lines are routes. Kinetic Novel - Kinetic novels are visual novels without choices, so all you do is read. Sound Novel - Sound novels is a trademark from Chunsoft. The term is the original word referring to novel type games.However "Visual Novels" became prevalent due to other companies using it in order to avoid the company's trademark. This term later was known because of Higurashi, which used it because the sound was more important than the actual visuals, so they called it sound novels. 07th Expansion's sound novels are essentially kinetic novels with a focus on sound to create an atmosphere. Dating Sim - Technically, this term refers to simulation games focused on dating. However, this term is frequently used by English speakers to describe any romance-driven game, regardless of game mechanics used. Chuuni - An umbrella term for games that have melodramatic characters, and they are typically focused on the protagonist. Nakige - A game that produces emotional catharisis (touching your heart, making you cry, etc), with a good ending. Think of games like Clannad. Utsuge - games that are made with the intent of making you depressed, kinda like how nakige is to make you cry. Moege - A VN where the focus is on Moe (not even going to try defining moe....) Charage - Sub-genre of Moege where the focus is on character development Eroge - An eroge (エロゲー or エロゲ erogē); a portmanteau of erotic game: (エロチックゲーム erochikku gēmu)) or Ero-ga is a video game that features erotic content. AKA Hentai Game. This is a blanket term for any game that includes NSFW content. Nukige - A sub-genre of Visual Novels which focus on the erotic content. Harem - A trope characterized by a protagonist surrounded by three or more members of the opposing sex who are usually love interests. Harem usually refers to a male protagonist with female love interests, while stuff with females with male love interests are referred to as reverse harem. Occurs in manga and anime as well. Bishōjo game - This term designates any game involving a male lead dating pretty anime girls. The word "bishōjo" literally means "pretty young girl". "Girl game" and "gal game" are also used to describe this sub-genre. Not really used here in the west. Otome game - This term designates any romantic game involving a female lead dating pretty anime boys.... so the exact opposite. Translated literally, Otome game means "maiden game". They are also referred to as a "reverse harem". Boy's Love game - This term designates any game involving a male lead dating pretty anime boys in a homosexual relationship. "BL game" and "Yaoi" are terms also used to describe these games. This sub-genre is primarily geared toward a female audience. If I missed any terms please post a comment below and i'll update this post, or check out Fuwanovel's document of Lexicon​ that should have pretty much anything I missed. Recommendations A beginner's guide really wouldn't be that great of a guide without some recommendations, right? well, I have quite a bit of recommendations broken into sub-genres, so click on the ones you are interested in, or just watch them all. I'll be giving out one main recommendation per sub genre, with extra recommendations if you liked the main recommendations. If there's anything you think that's missing, that's probably because I haven't played them yet, or I didn't care for them too much. If these aren't enough for you, check out Kaguya's list of 50 translated VNs you should read before you die. Sci-Fi This is the same Sci-Fi you know and love, Science fiction; but the Japanese usage may skew more twords fiction than science. This is my favorite sub-genre of Visual Novels, I haven't played one of these I disliked. 999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors (DS,iOS) Why this rocks: This game has an amazing atmosphere, great writing, and it keeps you engaged with an interesting premise. This series has an atmosphere that is unmatched by any other game, and it's a must play. If you like this one, play Ever 17, Remember 11, Never 7, Zero Escape Virtue's Last Reward (3DS, Vita), Steins;Gate, Chaos; Head Romances Romances are all about relationships, dating included. This includes the sub-genres of Nakige, Utsuge, Dating Sims and many others. Clannad Why this rocks: All of the feelz ;-;. It's pretty much like the anime, but there are a few routes that are in the game that go further or are totally missing from the anime. If you don't know anything about clannad, it's a great story with excellent characters, excellent writing, and is just amazing overall. This game really impacts you with a great message, great charecters, and it floods you with feelz. If you like this one, play Anything made by Key: Kanon, Rewrite, Little Busters, Planetarian, Katawa Shoujo, and the fantastic White Album 2 (no English translation yet, but it's going to be great when it comes out. Check out the anime). Horror Horror is… well horror! These are games made to make you afraid. Pretty self explanatory. Higurashi - When They Cry Why This Rocks: It's a horror mystery. it has some of the most interesting scenes in any series ever, and is unlike anything you'll ever see. Personally, I haven't played the game so I can't speak personally about it, but I did love the anime. If you like this one, play Umineko, Corpse Party (PSP), Saya no Uta (on a totally different lvl of messed up tho....), Kara no Shoujo Mystery G-Senjou no Maou Why this rocks: I like to call this the Death Note of Visual Novels. If you want to learn more about this, check out my review Here. If you like this one, play Sharin no Kuni, Any Akabeisoft2 game, Higurashi, Hotel Dusk, Last Window Action Fate/ Stay Night Why this rocks: This, along with Clannad are pretty much flagships of Visual Novels. Fate Stay Night has a very well written plot If you want to learn more about this, check out my review here. If you like this one, play Tsukihime, Fate/hollow Ataraxia, everything Type-Moon... and Muv-Luv. Phoenix Wright Why this rocks: Some people may debate that these are actually visual novels, but personally, I think they are. If you've made it this far without knowing what Phoenix Wright is, i'm disappointed in you. You play as the defense attorney Phoenix Wright, and it's quite fun. If you like this one, play the rest of the Ace Attorney series, It's spiritual Successor, Ghost Trick (DS, iOS), Danganronpa, Hotel Dusk Weird Visual Novels Visual Novels usually come from Japan. You kinda have to expect stuff like this. I've never played a lot of these, but from what I've read about them, I'm very curious. Go! Go! Nippon! My First Trip to Japan- This one's about an okaku going to Japan. It has an interesting concept, but it's really not worth your money…. can finish in one sitting. Hatoful Boyfriend - YOU ARE TRYING TO DATE PIGEONS. AND GUESS WHAT? IT'S COMING TO THE STATES. Osananajimi wa Daitouryou: My Girlfriend is the President - This one is self explanatory. I'm very curious. School Days - A game that defies expectations with the most assholish protagonist ever. Edit: Thanks to our friend Richard Eisenbeis, I'd seen some pretty weird VN's as of late. Interested in dating Sushi or slabs of meat? Well, NOW YOU CAN! That's about it for the basics of Visual Novels. If you see anything missing, post it in the comments and I'll update this post.
  21. Monster Girl Quest 1 Toroto Resistance | 2011 | RPG / 18+ Summary In a world, where monsters take the forms of women who lust after a substance only men can give them, one boy is fated to change everything forever. And to continuously get raped doing so. Route Guideline **NOTES** Ilias (Continent) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  22. Rance 7 (Sengoku Rance) Alice Soft | 2006 | RPG / 18+ Summary Sengoku Rance picks up where Rance 6 left off. Rance, after saving the nation of Zeth from destruction, ran away so he wouldn't have to marry the princess. He and Sill ended up in Japan for a hotspring trip, upsetting the power balance of Japan, and setting the unification of its provinces in motion. Meanwhile, an ancient evil power stirs from its slumber... Route Guideline Differences between various playthroughs Notes Incident at Honnou Temple Event ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oda ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hara ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ashikaga ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Iga ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tokugawa ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tenshi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Asai Asakura ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Miko Institute ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Imagawa ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Uesugi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Takeda ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Houjou ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- One Eyed ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tanegashima ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Akashi ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Takuga ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mouri ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Demon Army / Shimazu House
  23. Tom

    Rance 4

    Rance 4 (Legacy of the Sect) Alice Soft | 1993 | RPG / 18+ Summary After the events of Rance 3, Rance and Sill find themselves on a floating island of Ylapu, where they have to deal with Helman agents and stop the awakening of an ancient super weapon from the lost times. Route Guideline **NOTES** Chapter 1 - Ylapu ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 2 - Secret Passage ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 3 - Let´s find Rance ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 4 - Reuniting Athena 2.0 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 5 - Toushin ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chapter 6 - Showdown Attribution This walkthrough is based on info attained on alicesoft.wikia.com with some adjustments made by me.
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