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  1. It's not that weird for JAST to have English exclusive remasters/HD versions, same also happened with the Sagara Family remake and the X-Chage Collection. Yeah JAST is special in that regard, just picked the game up a few weeks ago so it's quite nice for me and I appreciate it from them. It's not normal to give out remakes for free.
  2. JAST announced today that they will release a fully remastered version of Heart de Roommate from Angle Smile at the end of September 2022! Content in the remaster: The remastered version will be free of charge for owners of Heart de Roommate on JAST. PreOrder here to get a 15% launch discount. (sorry for the styling, I'm on a phone. Will tidy it a bit up once I am on a computer)
  3. Yeah it would be nice to have a website, but im not really good in webdesign , the launch parameter needs to be set only for a select few VNs today btw. If its needed its added above to the the VN in the list (example Dead End Aegis). If you know someone who can build a platform like ProtonDB with user submissions, i will gladly add all my findings to it
  4. HimeYoku: A Sacrifice of Lust and Grace which just released today by Shiravrune does work on Steam Deck (excl. audio in opening) with Proton GE and the adult patch from Johren! Edit: Doukyuusei: Bangin' Summer got fixed!! Its now fully playable on Steam Deck including Opening!
  5. Found new fixes together with another person, which fixes the text spacing issue in the System NNN engine as well as the mpeg1 splitter issue of KamiYaba. (and no more blog spam, hope that it will still say searchable on Google etc when I do it this way)
  6. PlayAsia also has Asia games which are normally pretty hard to come by and not found on amazon jp etc, as well as the Play Exclusives and unlike proxy shippers they offer DDP shipping which is quite nice if you dont wanna do customs yourself.
  7. Crosspost from JASTUSA Forum, thought it might be good to have it here too. We encountered some issues with Kana - Little Sisters together on the Discord and after finding a resolution we compiled it here for you Thanks to CanRanBan & Aglaophotis from the JAST Discord. Check the Windows Feature Menu if Media Features and Legacy Components are installed Check if old DirectX versions are installed, if not install DirectX 9 Install Magpie & LAV Filters 1 (select everything with LAV in the name during install), Magpie will need .NET 6.0.4 Desktop Runtime (DotN
  8. So I know who I can force to translate stuff for me
  9. Got back into playing a bit of No Mans Sky on my Steam Deck, the game did quite the turn over the years and nowadays is a great game to play
  10. Finished Vol. 3 of "I Kept Pressing the 100-Million-Year Button and Came Out on Top" yesterday and now I'm reading "Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs" Vol. 6.
  11. I'm new around the block here! While searching for a place to put my Steam Deck guide Hata said I should put it here! So I hope you enjoy it! See you playing some VNs on the go!
  12. It might help someone who stumbles upon it That issue still happens with newer releases & Locale Emulator is always a great help for those
  13. In the main post there is a section called "Visual Novels from JAST, MangaGamer and other third party stores via Lutris", if we now just ignore that I havent written the part yet its in there And yes you can add the games as non steam games to the launcher. Itll be all explained once I finished that guide. As its a bit more work, itll take some time.
  14. If you mean ingame settings, you can change them to your liking, Settings you need in order to launch and use the game are done with the Launch Options, Proton GE and Protontricks.
  15. As some of you might be interested in RPG Maker Games too, they'll be rated here too. Controller Layout for most RPG Maker games Analogue Sticks & D-Pad -> Arrow Keys A & Triggers -> Space B -> Escape Rating Grade A Chevalier Historie Steam ProtonDB Steam Deck Compatibility: Playable Magical Girl Celesphonia Steam ProtonDB Grade B Grade C Magna Fortuna Steam ProtonDB Steam Deck Compatibility: Unsupported Grade D
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