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  1. Cheers guys. Yeah I don't doubt for a second that the corrections are right that tip about always being suspicious is a good one, I'll adhere to that definitely. I've found the two types are the translations that are debatable, and the translations that are just plain wrong. Of course I want to have no translations that are straight up wrong, but if the debatable ones are debated this loc isn't going to be finished! Besides, that stuff can be picked up in the editing phase. Draft phase is inevitably going to have mistakes. Of course, however, I will always listen to feedback when
  2. Thanks, but we could already recompile the psb files (sorry, I should've been clearer!), we just can't rebuild the archives the psb files were inside. I'm hoping that someone can eventually make a program to do that since it's beyond my capabilities (just a simple js dev...) but in the meantime I'm starting on the translating.
  3. Hi everyone. So since we are able to extract (but not yet recompile; this is being looked into) script files from NEW GAME: THE CHALLENGE STAGE, I've started a repository for translating the scripts (link below). The source script files are in JSON and are pretty unwieldy to translate, so the files on the repo are in a intermediary format created by my psb-translator program (also on my Github account) for ease of translation. If anyone wants to contribute, just read the readme and get started. https://github.com/Slynchy/nyugemu-translation EDIT 12/08/2018 - I made a Google
  4. Since we have access to the decompiled files at least, I started on tools to make translating easier for non devs (or just easier in general). Source here: https://github.com/Slynchy/psb-translation
  5. Awesome, you're a star. I'll take a look at it after work and see what I can do. One thing I'm not clear on; you say we can't rebuild or just that with modification to one of the applications we can? EDIT: Just understood what you meant by replacing index 1's key. I'll see about rebuilding from exm2lib's source code. If anyone else wants to take a stab feel free. EDIT2: Can't compile exm2lib (latest) since I can't find the "as-ps3" and "as-zlib.h" headers. Any idea where to find them? EDIT3: Yeah you weren't joking, author of exm2lib has made some crucial parts private and only
  6. Hey everyone. I managed to get my hands on a PS4 copy of NEW GAME: THE CHALLENGE STAGE and decrypt the disc. As the game is by 5pb, the files are a familiar "_info.psb.m" and "_body.bin" format, but I cannot seem to extract them, much less repack them. As this game was a JP-only release, I'm very keen to get started on translating it. It's worth mentioning that this game was released closely to the Re:ZERO visual novel, and while I've only got the PSVita version of that, I can venture a guess that it has the same file formats (PSV + PS4 are both little-endian as well). If anyone wants to
  7. Great work guys, keep it up! Well my offer always stands; if you ever want to test it, just send me a repackaged script file (with just a string changed to "hello world") to try out. I have a couple of hacked Vitas and a copy of Sakurasou
  8. Just want to say I'm rooting for you guys; doesn't matter if it's slow or fast progress, take your time! And just my two-cents on the PSVita situation: the PSP version and PSVita version were released simultaneously, which tells me that the file formats will, in all likelihood, be the same. If you would like, I can try and acquire a copy of the PSVita version and confirm this? EDIT: Checked anyway; files are contained in CPK archives (nothing new) and scripts/translatable strings are held in (I think) SSB files (strings are in plaintext but the file is compressed/encoded). Seems t
  9. Oh yes, it definitely requires a bit of elbow grease first; the script needs to be trimmed to exclude content from branches you don't want (e.g. remove textB if you want to keep textA). But it's a 20 minute job, depending on the complexity Although, you say "you want to make a book from VN", but as I said I already have; I am actively reading an arc from Katawa Shoujo from an output produced by this tool, so I know it works (if the elbow grease is applied... ). The tool isn't necessarily designed to 1:1 convert it (although I did prototype a version that could, albeit poorly) but is de
  10. Depends on how the flags are placed into the text. Currently working on making the parser work with KEY scripts, and they have the flags preceded by a backslash, whereas with Ren'Py, most (if not all) of the flags are within {} parentheses. If the flags in Remember11 are placed within {} then the parser would work fine. But hey, won't know until it's tried!
  11. If anyone's interested, I just pushed a binary release for Windows for anyone who doesn't want to compile their own code; you can find this on the releases section of the Github page. I'm currently reading Hanako's route of Katawa Shoujo from this tool, so I know it works if setup correctly!
  12. Hello again, Fuwanovel forums! Just stopping by incase anyone is interested in a project I'm currently working on. It's a C++ parser that reads through uncompiled .rpy code and filters out all the unnecessary text, and formats the necessary parts into a plain-text file for further formatting, but the text file will work fine on a Kindle as-is. A technical wizkid can probably program a regex to do the same job, but this is much easier to pick up for the user. Please note that the software is not designed to 1:1 convert script; it is designed to cut the amount of time required to conv
  13. Snow Sakura (or Yukizakura, whatever) is decent but not free unfortunately, although easy to find online I myself just finished the most "normal" arc (Shizune, but this is debatable I guess?) of Katawa Shoujo... I enjoyed it, but didn't live up to the hype. Going to play the other arcs anyway, since people recommend it so highly
  14. Here you go: I also updated the PSD file to include these changes. Same link
  15. It's horribly noticeable at the full 1280x960 resolution
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