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  1. According to the reply above, yes he fixed all the highlighted errors and some more.
  2. Dropping by to check out the progress. Nearly 3 years have passed and the team still going on a good pace. I hope we can finally enjoy the final product this year!
  3. Its been a while since I come here and check the progress. I can see that you guys are working crazily hard on this project. Thanks a lot for your dedication, hope you guys will hang on till the end
  4. I see the translation on Licia route nearly complete, so high hope for the team to finish the game anytime soon. Good work guys!
  5. Today is April Fools so please don't play some prank on our fragile hearts
  6. Wow, I just realized it's been nearly 2 years (18 March 2017) when this project was announced @@. Based on the progress check I think the team has done a pretty good job, you guys are not so far from finishing this.
  7. Hey there, just drop by to wish everyone here a good year ahead. I hope we will see the first patch of the project be released soon in the future.
  8. Congratulation on your team progress on Fione's route. I see you guys have finished Editing her route, the partial patch can probably be released this year I assumed?
  9. The game progresses in a linear order: In order to process to a new "Route", you have to pass/finish the routes before that. @eplipswich Btw, may I ask what is "TLC" in the translation progress, and why it usually takes much longer than Editing?
  10. I'm on the other hand would like to see a partial patch up to Eris's route. Since it's been a while since the project started, having partial patch release sooner will definitely please a lot of people. It might also draw more people back to this game when they hear a patch has been released.
  11. I just hope we can get a partial patch which includes the translation for Eris route by the end of this summer tbh. The TLC for Eris is progressing very well, even surpassed Fione's.
  12. I have to create an account just to comment on this topic. It's been five years waiting for me to see somebody decide to pick this VN up finally. Thanks for your incredible effort to revive it. Best of luck to your project.
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