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  1. Sry, couldn't make a working japanese demosaic patch yet. Had some encryption errors. Maybe I have some faulty version? Fixed the links in the OP. But here is the folder with all the patches: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1S9VFXbR_NEU5YR36e0rLMV-U_4kroxPk Maybe I should finally make it all in one patch.
  2. fixed the Link. Will find a better solution/host for the files. Thanks for Shaun for the links.
  3. STEAM edition Restoration & BandAid Removal Patch 09/20 - Released the BANDAID removal PATCH + restoration patch for STEAM ( as PATCH.xp3 ) Maitetsu 18+ Restoration & Bandaid Removal Steam Patch.7z
  4. sry for my late answer, had much stuff to do. Working on that patch too. If you can send me screenshots on which parts do you get crashing?... I had few crashes in the FAKKU version too, but I don't think is cause of the patches. The First problem is you don't have a patch.xp3 file, so you have to rename the patch2.xp3 to patch.xp3. Second problem is, it still won't work because I have to use the same encryption as the Japanese game, in other words. I have to have the Japanese game and recreate a patch for the japanese version. That's why we have 2 Versions of patches ( steam and Fakku ). If you want the problem be resolved you can send me a PM.
  5. You have the steam version. If you want R18+ ( adult content ). Then you have to buy the 18+ patch from fakku ( not the full game). After that if you dont want to miss any content (included adult content) then you have to use heliosaurus steam patch 1.3. And if you dont want to have mosaics in your game then you install the demosaic patch too. but if you dont want any Adult content, just play the original steam game and you dont need any patch from this place nor from fakku. If you like uncut adult experience then yes. Didnt test the achievements in steam game. But i think yes. The only official patch is from fakku. But still doesnt restore the complete content and still has mosaics in game.
  6. OMG. Whats with the weather. 3 nigths thunderstorms! Cant work like this T_T. I can work only at night. Sry for the lack of update. Making a better version of bandaid removal patch and nude patch. Dont know if you would like to see small separate patches. Or would like to wait for a complete patch with all the mods... I was thinking like. Separate nude patch, after that pregnancy patch and so on... Ps. Buying soon an wacom drawing tablet thx to great the support
  7. Well. Only if i would understand what the line of code says in the psb.... Ps. Making progress on pregnancy patch. Because i cant post pictures of loli here. If someone wants to be the judge pm me. Will send pictures but in return expect honest opinion.
  8. Bandaid patch works only on the new fakku version, if you have the old version you need to use heliosaurus patch 1.3 and this demosaic patch
  9. It looks nice, which games will include the english release? On VNDB there are some EXTRA versions and eternaly sky edition?
  10. Didn't use it, seems I was living under a rock. Great software, could come in handy. Thanks for the tip.
  11. Thanks to today's technology I am watching this post 24/7. And reply as fast I can. The mod itself gained much popularity how much it can, since is it an *underground* project. And I am thankful for it. Even If am a noob artist the community accepted it. So there be surely more projects coming. But I want to be sure that the next demosaic project makes "sense" so it has a good platform ( * there is an english translation * ) , and with my drawing style, the demosaic isn't too much off from the authors original style.
  12. Expired? No no plz don't buy premium acc. Gonna fix it. PS. Fixed. Download: Maitetsu 18+ Restoration & Bandaid Removal Patch.7z Sry for the carelessness. Soon gonna change the host for all files.
  13. Well... I know it doesnt make sense to make the mods. You could say the same to an author who makes new skins for weapons in a normal video game. Why does he do it then? Fun? Either way its a selfish thing, like the demosaic patch was. If no one ever made mods for VN why not try it.... As for trouble dont know if it would be a bigger trouble then the demosaic patch itself, isnt it more the same heat? Its not that the mods are going to make a kid friendly game into an adult one ( which it already was in the first place, well if you use the 18+ which is needed to for this patch to work ). Thats why i am trying to link to official sites and shops as much as possible. But we will see it... If you are worried that i am too much focusing on this game were I should already move to other games. Dont worry i am looking for another game. Its just i still need to improve a little more and polish this game. Its not that i am going to make all of these mods. Thats why i did a poll. But we will see.
  14. Well, this is a quick dirty edit. Because in Emote they use the dick to hide the background. So I improvised and added womans parts where there weren't any.