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  1. Yes, you have to have the DLC from fakku. There is no other way. Not at the moment, The restoration patch doesn't restore the whole +18 content, it only restores some scenes in the main story, and standing sprites like the bath towels to nude sprites. And yes you must have the fakku dlc installed.
  2. DeepCreamPy's DEMOSAIC of VNs LATEST GAME: 7/11/2020 聖奴隷学園祭 ~Remaster Complete Box~ DOWNLOAD - decensored CG All pictures were decensored using DeepCreamPy https://github.com/deeppomf/DeepCreamPy together with hent-AI https://github.com/natethegreate/hent-AI Description: This post is a placeholder for future releases of patches with deepcreampy's software done. How to install each patch is written inside the installer. If you find any glitches or bugs ( now showing images, black screen or gaming breaking bugs ) please report.
  3. I think we could do merge the japanese version with the English FAKKU release and then translate only the parts which aren't present in the old version. But to avoid any legal issues, it would be only possible if make patch a which looks for the folder of the FAKKU release and transfers files from that folder to the japanese version ( like for example the tales of two wastelands works for fallout 3 and new vegas) . So in that case we would have less work to do. I know it's a dirty way around, and ppl would have to own two versions of the same game but at least we have some hope that the patch
  4. Great work. Of course I will look into it. And if you want, once you are done, I can put it in the patch, of course with proper credits.
  5. Sry, for my late answers, but still if someone will return... here are the answers The patch only supports the official latest Fakku version or Steam versions, if you try to put it on any other version It would go black ( japanese version, chinese or others ). It wasn't made on purpose, it's because each version has a signature key ( steam has 1 signature, fakku has another signature ), and both patches were made to support each signature, that's why you can't swap the patches. So if I want to make it work on any other version, I would have to literally own each version so I
  6. Wow great work didn't know you would do it so fast. Yeah problem in the exported script It doesn't says who speaks the lines. But yeah in the ending scene is just monologue. You have to go directly in the code to see who is who, If it helps i have I have made a pic with the name tags of the speakers. Only missing is the tag with "???" - which can be the girl at the beginning because the main char doesn't know the gender, or sometimes can be unknown ppl. But the girl speaks rarely, mostly is the MC talking and his monologue
  7. Well... if someone would do the translation of the new script which isn't translated, I would gladly do the decensor once more, even on that level that I would fix the old ones which needs a revision. It is safe to say that fakku won't do a re-release of the same game with all the DLC and expansions. In the west, no body released a non-all ages VN twice ( prove me wrong :) ). Here is the script in CSV format, https://www98.zippyshare.com/v/Ry2wMffT/file.html you can open it with OpenOffice or similar programs which opens spreadsheets and don't forget the comma opt
  8. For Fakku: Maitetsu 18+ Demosaic Patch - v0.9a and Maitetsu 18+ Restoration & Bandaid Removal Patch ----------------------------------------------------------------- For Steam users Maitetsu 18+ Demosaic Steam Patch - v0.9a and Maitetsu 18+ Restoration & Bandaid Removal Steam Patch ---------------------------------- New poll is up
  9. About 2013 lines of text. If you want I can give you the whole script, which was extracted from the game. More like wanna be -> this is my past work. Too big project for me...MAITETSU 18+ DEMOSAIC STEAM-FAKKU PATCH [COMPLETE] I don't think i am going to do another project on that scale.
  10. If you want to use just the CG, check the Save Backup option in the installer ( by default it is already ) . After installing the patch from the backup folder just replace the Exe files, and you will have the original japanese text with the decensored images. Will have in mind for future project/releases to just give an option for the decensored images. Next project will have better artwork ( redrawn - not AI ) Yes, i didn't believe it myself at first... lol...
  11. Features: - translation This is a machine translated game patch, please don't expect any high quality translation. All story events, names, choices and main menu buttons were translated. The system menu and everything not part of the game isn't translated. - decensored CG All pictures were decensored using DeepCreamPy https://github.com/deeppomf/DeepCreamPy together with hent-AI https://github.com/natethegreate/hent-AI and in some pitures used ESRGAN - with GUI Image Enhancing Utility model: 4x_FatalPixels_340000_G.pth https://github.com/ptrsuder/IEU.Winforms.
  12. Sry, couldn't make a working japanese demosaic patch yet. Had some encryption errors. Maybe I have some faulty version? Fixed the links in the OP. But here is the folder with all the patches: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1S9VFXbR_NEU5YR36e0rLMV-U_4kroxPk Maybe I should finally make it all in one patch.
  13. fixed the Link. Will find a better solution/host for the files. Thanks for Shaun for the links.
  14. STEAM edition Restoration & BandAid Removal Patch 09/20 - Released the BANDAID removal PATCH + restoration patch for STEAM ( as PATCH.xp3 ) Maitetsu 18+ Restoration & Bandaid Removal Steam Patch.7z
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