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  1. GARbro error.

    Hi ! Fuwa-forum. I start this topic, because, i have a problem with Garbro, the program cant repack the scnario files. At first it works. Say: "Hi, testing". But now, send me a error when i try to repack the files. Archive creation error: "Object reference not set to an instance of an object." ¿Any idea about?
  2. ShiniKiss cannot play

    Let's go to the chat, it's more faster than this way
  3. ShiniKiss cannot play

    Ok wait a second Did u change the unicode language in to japanese?
  4. ShiniKiss cannot play

    Nope, error 404, Gyazo doesnt work? It's to simple, only open the app and take the screenshot and the app autoupload the img into the net like this;
  5. ShiniKiss cannot play

    Try with Gyazo
  6. ShiniKiss cannot play

    Can u upload a screenshot?
  7. HELP!!! SCN Files from Dracu-riot!

    I gonna try, Tx!
  8. HELP!!! SCN Files from Dracu-riot!

    Shift-JIS, but...
  9. Hi! Everyone! I have a question, i extract the scenario files from the game Dracu-riot!, i get this: .scn files, so now how i read it? I tri with Notepad++, and this happend I can't edit that, what i do? Somebody help me!