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  1. Siglus engine troubleshooting

    Send me the siglusengine key, i gonna try something.
  2. hello

    Hi, Hi Welcome.
  3. La verdad, hasta hace poco vi el anime, y no esta mal para echar el rato, pero supongo que así como las demás adaptaciones, no dan la talla, pero veré si puedo "comprarlo" y ver que tal esta la novela. Btw, no deberíamos estar hablando en español. Lmao.
  4. Nice one. Oh, cierto, se me olvidaba, buena suerte en el proyecto.
  5. What game is this image from?

    seems like touma kazusa, but isnt she ... fuc
  6. BGI tools

    Hi, guys, sorry for be annoying, but anybody has bgi tools (http://bit.ly/2x7qklK) ? I lost my backup for those tools, and the link is ded.
  7. What's your favorite VN/Anime OP?

    I dunno if call it my favorite vn op, but the 2nd opening of Astraythem remixed by Nhato Remix : Original : Anime i dunno this i guess: *Could be the op from the fourth stage.*
  8. Hello!

    Hola. ww
  9. When Do You Play Visual Novels?

    As in another post i said, during night with coffee and cookies. Before bed.
  10. Good romance anime with a non wimpy male mc

    ¿Tsuki ga kirei?
  11. Recommend me some anime based on my favourites?

    Let's see, if you are bored: Bakemonogatari. Blood + Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou. Higashi no eden. Initial D - Full volume pls - Koukaku Kidoutai aka Ghost in the sell. Shiki Sidonia no kishi Phantom requiem for phantom.
  12. What snacks do you like to eat while reading a VN?

    Chocolate crispy cookies. Basically normals.
  13. What snacks do you like to eat while reading a VN?

    Cookiescookiescookiescookiescookiescookiescookiescookiescookies And coffee! Because I read novels during the night. I do not know why, but is more easy for me.