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  1. Your Favorite OP's and/or ED's

    I have many but i only gonna left this ... Taishi-sempai Also i like ... Nhato-sama remix.
  2. Insecure heroine

    Like Hanako from Kawata Shoujo?
  3. Mystery / True Route VNS like Ever17

    this one are untranlsated, but is the only one what i remeber with a true end :/ Srry.
  4. Happy New Year 2019

    Isn't are new year(at least here) yet but ... Happy new year. One more year here. Yay!
  5. Merry Christmas Fuwa!

    Merry christmas~ desu~
  6. cstTextProc

    dump a cst script (Cat system 2) to a txt file. Or that should do.
  7. cstTextProc

    Just i wanna know how i build this. I prefer a .txt file, is more easy-peasy to work.
  8. Helloooo

    I'm from of bottom of your heart ❤
  9. Helloooo

    Welcome, to Fuwafabulous forums, enjoy it.
  10. An Unintentional Return

    Evil always triumphs?
  11. Winter VN poll

    Mmm, Amakano, Kanon, Gin'iro Haruka, Hatsuyuki haruka. (Something like that?)
  12. How do you refer to fuwa members by name?

    ha (wa) mo.