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  1. The Hungry Lamb: Traveling in the Late Ming Dynasty VNDB By Ling Chuang Youxi Description: Trek across ancient China in a dark, boundary-pushing visual novel inspired by traditional Chinese art with modern animation. Escort four girls to the prosperous city of Luoyang in a branching narrative with themes of revenge, cannibalism, involuntary servitude, and more on a redemptive journey. True endings + Bad endings
  2. Yahoo, thank you for your hard work, I'll gladly re-read the whole story after the last main event of GF1!
  3. SNOW VNDB Fan-Tl Patch By Studio Mebius Description: The story of Snow starts when the main protagonist Izumo Kanata visits a small village called Ryujinmura (village of the dragon god) to help his cousin Tsugumi manage a local hotel with hot springs. In the village there is an old legend: In ancient times, the village is protected by the dragon goddess. However, one day the dragon goddesses fell in love with a human, which is strictly forbidden, and this incident finally caused the village to be always covered by snow after that. The game then tells the daily life of the protagonist in the village, and finally links the story to the legend of dragon goddess. Ending Guide Sumino>Asahi>Legend>Shigure>Ouka>Meiko>Mysterious Girl There is an enforced playing order after the first 2 routes. (H) = Hentai scene Sumino Asahi Legend Linear Route. Shigure Ouka Meiko Mysterious Girl
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